How The Cloward-Piven Strategy Is Driving The United States To Collapse

As most of our readership is aware, America is in deep decline on multiple levels. Economically, our nation is largely a service-based economy, where the ever-dwindling supply of good paying jobs are either taken by foreigners on H1B visas, or fought over tooth and nail by young and old alike. Militarily, our nation no longer cares about winning conflicts or supporting its active-duty personnel or veterans, instead choosing to corrupt it from within by promoting disastrous social engineering or outright incompetence. Finally, on a cultural level, our society is on the verge of outright conflict between races, genders, and different generations. These metrics, as well as others, clearly demonstrate that America could possibly collapse within the next few decades.

Although some might diagnose our decline to incompetence or idiocy, the true answer is that our precipitous decline was deliberately orchestrated by our political, intellectual, and cultural elites in order to achieve a utopia that they themselves have never experienced. In order to understand why, it is necessary to understand their favorite tool of choice: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. If we can understand how this strategy works, we stand a better chance at surviving whatever specific endgame the elites have in store for us.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy


Eventually, the cow will cease to exist.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy was born in the midst of the fiery and violent leftist protests of the 1960s, as the brainchild of two sociology professors from Columbia University: Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Dissatisfied with the Antonio Gramsci style of cultural marxism, they sought a quicker and more explosive method of destruction that would cause America to collapse within a matter of years as opposed to decades.

In a paper entitled The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to end Poverty, Cloward and Piven argued that the only way to end poverty was to enroll as many individuals as possible in government welfare programs. In doing so, the massive influx of new recipients would cause the system to collapse, at which point leftist activists would take to the streets and demand the establishment of a government that could address their “grievances”. In the mind of people like Cloward and Piven, the ideal government was a totalitarian one that would implement Marxism and crush any and all opposition.

While the Cloward-Piven strategy was initially created to specifically address the issue of poverty, it also resulted in an effective 3-step process that others could use to destroy any advanced civilization. First, the political elite must indirectly stretch governmental and societal institutions to their breaking point, the idea being that once these institutions reached that point, it would only take one push to collapse the system entirely. Next, they must enable the creation of a flash point that would initiate society’s collapse, be it a series of violent riots, a hasty military conflict, or unwise economic policies. Finally, after society collapses, the political elite would then initiate an overt power grab, thereby ensuring the existence of a leftist totalitarian regime for decades to come.

Although there are many examples that can be used to prove that this plan is the one being used by America’s political elite, the three most compelling consist of the threat posed by illegal immigration, the Left’s reaction to Black Lives Matter, and the Federal government’s attempts to disarm law abiding citizens while also arming federal agencies to the teeth.

1. Illegal Immigration


They want to bring THESE people in.

Illegal Immigration on its own is already one of the most important threats to the future of the United States, because it reflects a deliberate attempt by our political elite to displace and supplant its native population with one that will always vote for them, remain dependent on welfare, and take jobs from Americans by working “under the table” at wages that American citizens cannot survive on.

This raises a logical question: if illegal immigration already displaces such a great number of Americans and creates so much controversy and strife, why keep bringing in as many as possible? A further question to ask is why do so now, as opposed to waiting until the economy is better? Our nation is nowhere near the point of recovery since nearly 50% of Americans are already on one form or another of government assistance, our nation has an interest rate and student loan bubble that will both burst soon, and an economy that is either being outsourced or stolen by thieves with H1B visas.

All of these factors clearly show that our nation is at its breaking point, yet we have a political elite that wishes to first enact unconditional amnesty and then import migrants from shady 3rd world countries. Any rational observer will realize that adding 13 million MORE welfare, public assistance or student loan recipients may likely cause the entire system to collapse due to inefficiency and a lack of adequate funding.

The reason that the political class is respectively pushing amnesty and sanctuary is that they, like Cloward and Piven, have realized that importing people who lack viable job skills and also possess values antithetical to those held by Americans, can help to create an atmosphere of distrust. They also understand that if a climate of distrust persists long enough, then it will eventually explode into outright conflict. As a result they have aggressively pushed these causes and will continue to do until our society explodes outright.

2. The left’s response to Black Lives Matter


This is what they actually believe.

Although distrust and discord among different parts of society can serve as important catalysts for massive upheaval, they still require a violent spark order to fully initiate. This spark consists of Black Lives Matter and their activities that have taken place over the past two years.

The rise of BLM is difficult to trace because it seemingly appeared out of nowhere with a mandate to supposedly end structural racism, stop blacks from being shot by police, and force police departments to conform to dictates that Black Lives Matter supports. However, if one looks closely, there is no logical reason for Black Lives Matter to exist at all. This is because not only has violent crime largely been decreasing everywhere but the ghetto, but also due to the fact that many of the token cases cited by BLM were instances where the police were justified in their decisions.

If an astute observer notices the disconnect between BLMs raison d’etre, the reality surrounding violent crime trends, and the specifics of these publicized cases, they may conclude that BLM only cares about getting attention. Such a conclusion would be accurate, because not only is BLM an illogical movement, but it also exists solely due to generous funding from George Soros. This is both important and disturbing because if an organization receives funding from Soros, it is because elites like him have a plan for that organization, one that even the movement’s leaders may not even be aware of.

In Black Lives Matter’s case, the political elite allows them to exist and treats them with kid gloves because they intend to use them to spark outright conflict between various segments of society. Their hope is that if BLM burns enough cities down, takes over enough schools, and savagely attack enough whites, that whites will respond in kind, thereby triggering a race war that they could actively influence. If an open racial conflict arises in the near future, and if it is combined with the massive strain and societal distortions created by illegal immigrants, our government would be powerless to contain it, thereby collapsing in the process.

3. The plan to disarm the American Populace while arming Federal Agencies


Respect authority figures, they said. It’s patriotic, they said.

The final component of the political elite’s endgame, though not specifically called for by the Cloward-Piven Strategy, consists of establishing the framework for a totalitarian government that can pick up the pieces of a society shattered by an overburdened safety net and civil unrest. Unfortunately for them, they cannot do so unless they disarm law-abiding Americans while simultaneously arming federal agencies to the teeth.

Since Obama took office in 2008, the political elite has tried everything from smuggling illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels, attempting to make ammunition expensive through regulation, to convincing banks to refuse to extend credit or loans to gun store owners. Schemes like these are intended to make gun ownership such an impossible venture, that eventually no one will own any, thereby making any attempts to establish a hard tyranny slightly easier.

Although disarming law abiding Americans is an important step in implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy, the political elite must also establish an enforcement mechanism for the new government they intend to create. Coincidentally, over the past five years, reports of numerous and excessively large transactions have occurred between federal agencies and ammunition manufacturers. While some agencies need ammunition for training purposes and to do their jobs, why do agencies such as the EPA or the Department of Education require ammunition and weapons as well, especially in an era where there isn’t even enough for the military?

One possible answer to this vexing question is that even if the political elite succeeds in gutting the military completely, they likely don’t trust the average soldier or Marine to carry out orders for a hard tyranny. Therefore, the political elite likely intends to use federal agencies to carry out tyrannical orders, all in the name of “law enforcement”. If this is the case, it would likely explain the comments made by President Obama during a speech he made in Colorado, where he argued for a domestic force that was equally as well-equipped and funded as the military.

The endgame at a glance

The Cloward-Piven strategy represents an effective high-level blueprint for collapsing an advanced nation such as the United States. By stretching the pillars of society to their limits, fomenting civil unrest to cause the existing system to collapse, and disarming the populace while empowering the government; the political elite can easily enslave an unwitting populace.  We can only survive if we recognize their plan for what it is, and take affirmative steps now to prepare for the worst.

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  1. From Wikipedia –
    Piven was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,[2] of Russian Jewish immigrant parents,[4] Rachel (née Paperny) and Albert Fox, a storekeeper.
    From Wikipedia –
    Cloward was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Esther Marie (Fleming), an artist and women’s rights activist, and Donald Cloward, a radical Baptist minister…Cloward became an assistant professor at Columbia’s School of Social Work in 1954, and had visiting posts at the Hebrew University.
    From Wikipedia –
    One of the visions of the Zionist movement was the establishment of a Jewish university in the Land of Israel. Founding a university was proposed as far back as 1884 in the Kattowitz (Katowice) conference of the Hovevei Zion society.
    The cornerstone for the university was laid on July 24, 1918. Seven years later, on April 1, 1925, the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus was opened at a gala ceremony attended by the leaders of the Jewish world, distinguished scholars and public figures, and British dignitaries, including the Earl of Balfour, Viscount Allenby and Sir Herbert Samuel…
    So Piven and Cloward had hard-core Israeli connections. Cloward had visiting posts at Hebrew University, in Jerusalem. Hebrew University was the vision of the Zionist movement (aka, the New World Order). The opening gala ceremony for the university was attended by British Dignitaries, the Earl of Balfour (who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Viscount Allenby (British Imperial Governor) and Sir Herbert Samuel (Cabinet Minister of the British Liberal Party).
    Nothing to see here…move along.

    1. But the flaming faggots who camp out on this board will turn purple screeching about how Jews are innocent, and real men don’t blame the perpetrator for their problems.

  2. There is no way anybody can do anything to change what has been already planned and decided many years ago. Hillary has already been (s)elected and what has been planned is going to be realized. Why not accept the inevitable? Sorry about that.

    1. Because we’re men.
      1300 Greeks refused to accept the inevitable at Thermopylae, and the few days they bought allowed their countrymen to regroup and drive the mighty Persian army back.
      A few hundred Tejanos refused to accept the inevitable at the Alamo, and the few days they bought helped Texas win its independence.
      So long as we remain men, it will be within us to acknowledge the odds against us and fight anyway. We might lose this battle horrifically, but fighting the battle is what we do.

        1. They say Obama and Clitler are already fighting over who gets to push the “99 luftballoons” button – but they have to wait for an answer from George Whore-os.

    2. They planned and decided to have Hillary beat Jeb, but Trump screwed up their plans and ripped the mask off.

    3. Why not just kill yourself when you’re a sperm, on the way to an egg?
      For you surely know the moment that sperm touches the egg, and they combine, at that instant of conception when Life begins is the exact instance when the march, slow or fast, long or short, also begins to Death.

    1. I give people the same advice about this. Stop caring about this bullshit and focus on making enough money that it becomes irrelevant.

        1. Financial freedom allows the worries and woes of the nonsense above to appear as it truly is — meaningless.
          Also, not Jewish. Just shame men who cop out of being men.

        2. Damn, that was good, but you could’ve hit it out of the park if you’d have responded:
          Literally (((Hitler)))
          It would also probably fuggup any algorithms designed to parse the shite in these ((())) things…

        3. I am indeed but take a lot on that site as tongue in cheek. That blog is my version of comedy

        4. Yes. It is from the perspective of the paranoid Jews who are just as annoying as the WN fags. I’m an equal opportunity man when it comes to mocking people

        1. Aha, another one who in the sins of one’s youth “flogged the bishop”, “spanked the monkey”, etc., due to that hot Veronica being easier to gaze than a Playboy centerfold…

        2. We are all sinners. And God and his priests in the confessional know all I have done. At my age, I will be the first to leave when Jesus asks who is it without sin to condemn another with sin. Thanks be to God he sent us the same Jesus as saviour to save us from our sins.

    2. The Force Awakens!?
      Look the “rebels” were so pathetic I’d give serious thought about joining the “First Order”. At least… I would have until the whiny, big nosed force guy showed up. They just don’t make villains like the Emperor or Vader anymore….. 😀

      1. The entire premise of the Alliance was ridiculous. The Empire was a much better form of government for such a large, balkanized galaxy.

    1. This guy being a complete crony, selling out the US military for personal gain with the Theranos debacle (he was on their board), undermines his image.
      Retiring? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Mattis. Maybe there can be a cell on Hillary’s block for you.

      1. Could be that was part of his plan to kill everyone he meets.
        Board participation in a blood diagnostics venture that couldn’t deliver.

      2. Guy’s a standard general, just comes equipped with a few cute soundbites. Anyone with any respect for Mattis should’ve lost it after the debacle in Tampa with Petraus and the whooas.

  3. That’s the huge problem with America, unlike many other countries, you’re essentially established on a multicultural basis from the get go. If, I’m a French or Austrian man, I can stand up and say what it means to be such a person, but, if you’re an American, you’ve such an array of ethnicities that’s its nigh impossible to get a sense of what that means unlike in nations which evolved organically.
    The Jews, Blacks and Hispanics are all part of American “white” culture and if either wages war on the other, it’s well nigh nothing more than a form of mutually assured destruction.

      1. Well, what are you going to do about it? The only option for the 40% who’ll have long, lugubrious faces after Hillary puts her hand on the bible, will be those, who never liked him, but want something different from the collective amnesia and myopia of left wing democrats.
        William Blake, the English poet oddly enough nailed it a long time back, when he said that a day shall come when “the men of spirit will have to destroy the literal minded destroyers of Jerusalem”. What he means, is that a time shall come, when our values shall prompt us to be more than to be passively concerned about our self preservation to a system that will bequeath nothing but misery and ennui to future generations.

        1. Women voters and their lack of any historical and cultural nexus in the “real world” in human destiny is a problem that will haunt and plague future generations. Women as a sex are temporal and have no real appreciation of the past or future, so their current floppiness about the positive whims of gay marriage, abortion, obesity acceptance etc, will usher in a world of terminal decline and defeat for the human species. But, why should this be a surprise to any of us?

        2. It is not a surprise for us, for still for many men who live under the blue pill. Although I think that this is slowly changing: yesterday, with the #repealthe19th was one of the first times this red-pill idea appears in the mainstream. But as always, our main primary problem in the West is demographics.

        3. Good point getting the wife to think about the future, especially things like retirement, has been very difficult but since I control all funds I guess it’s more about “theory” than anything for her..

      2. Y’all are falling on your own, without us. Merkel is YOUR issue.
        And it’s “Trojan”
        Why you hate freedom loving Americans is a mystery to me. We’re on the same side, end of the day.

        1. The US didn’t “earn” those parenthesis until shortly before V-E day. FDR did not appear to have much love for the Jews.
          Oddly enough, even though Truman seemed to have an affinity for the Jews, he also subscribed to a policy of Europe and the USA being strictly for whites.
          The USA is not multiracial in its foundation. The multiracial crap didn’t come in until Ike and LBJ; in the 1860s we had a President who wrote that the USA was founded by and for whites and he was going to endeavor to make sure it remained so:

          This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men.

          (Andrew Johnson)
          You might find it interesting but the powers that were in the US federal government were pro-white eugenicists by and large (especially TR and Woodrow Wilson) until Hitler killed that movement.

        2. Most of our issues with the 16% stem back to the original Republicans, who opposed the BTA movement, as a means of punishing the South for their transgression.

        3. And remember, many European ethnicities at that time, such as the Irish and Italians, were not considered “white.”

        4. If only some of ’em could’ve been alive to see LBJ completely co-opt the voting bloc that the Reconstruction Republicans created because they thought that bloc would keep ’em in power.
          Dumbest part was the horribly-written, hastily constructed 14th Amendment that was quasi-legally rammed through. That thing has been the basis of pretty much every horrible SCOTUS decision.
          Maybe Trump can bring it “full circle” and carve out some of the black bloc for himself.

      3. As the famed female Ruskie Rand famously presaged, Europe must fall before America can be saved.
        If the USA falls, I certainly hope that all y’all Euros can speak Russian. China and India won’t be able to intercede as their economies are lies, lies predicated upon the US economy. The Gulf States won’t be able to either, they’re too weak militarily.

    1. The Jews, Blacks and Hispanics are all part of American “white” culture
      Not really. And they’ll never be. If anything, things are going backwards.

      1. I’ve not lived amongst the Jews, but I did live among Mexican and Black citizens of the United States. I observe that the Mexican and Black cultures inside the US are as different as the Islamist and the Hindu cultures.
        And neither of them is “white” culture. I would suggest that “white” US culture contains within it Christian moral values, a lust for knowledge and wisdom, and a desire to give one’s children both a past (from their ancestry) and a future (from their own abilities, from wise instruction, and the work of the parents). I find these factors lacking in both “Black” and “Mexican” US cultures.
        If you want to see the difference, spend an hour with my redneck extended family and then spend an hour on BET. It’s night and day.

        1. you just likened redneck family members to “a lust for knowledge and wisdom.”
          your math does not add up.

        2. Damn. You didn’t flag my comment did you? Maybe it was ROK. Mexicans atleast here in Phoenix are hardworking, traditional people. They hold a majority of the same values as whites and are equally as civilized. They are ignorant on government and politics is all.

        3. Redneck = farmers. Red neck from tending crops all day. It was the first Progressive insult against hard working men.
          Make of that what you will.

        4. Oh, maybe it’s the type of individuals that go to the those cities, I don’t know. In an ideal situation I would prefer Mexicans in Mexico, so I’m with you. I just wonder if we wouldn’t be better of getting some of the population on our side. I’m convinced they could be effective and loyal allies.

        5. My experience with this has been quite the opposite. Richard Nixon’s comments on Mexicans vs Blacks was right on, though the Mexicans that tend to be in the USA are more like the US blacks than their Mexican kin.
          Though that’s not surprising as Mexico is sending us the dregs of its society in addition to the “dreamers”, taking a page from Cuba’s book.

        6. I thought “redneck” stemmed from a name given to Scots back in the Old World and those folks kept the moniker when they came here and went out into Appalachia.
          Always made more sense to me than the more logical explanation of the sunburnt neck…seems to me that these farmers of yore would’ve hit upon covering up their necks from the sun.

        7. I’ve thought about this as well. Many Hispanics have European genes in them also.
          I don’t see them as a weaponized enemy of whites, even if the elites would wish it so. There’s large neighborhoods near me with big Mexican population density.
          Whenever I eat in the Mexican restaurants I always see families together and involved with one another.
          Then I feel grief when I think of some corporate mcshitburger connected to a plastic bolt on community of upper middle class whites and all I usually see is singles, one child families or single parent families.
          Complete atomization and I find it disgusting. These immigrants don’t even realize the poison, the bile, the noxious puss straining out the fault lines of the pretty picture they have of this “land of the free”. They are going to inherit the worst of it. The worst of us.
          Get out of the cities. Form your own strongholds.

        8. Give me an effing break. I love a lot of Mexican people but your claim is total shit. They are very aggressive and hostile toward Whites, just beneath the surface, and their ingrained desire for Socialism and Communism makes them incompatible with Western values. There are a lot of really good Mexican men, but they do not belong in our country. They need to go back home and fix their own mess.

        9. Latinos are naturally socially conservative. They are very family oriented, much more so than your typical American. They are more religious. They are more anti-gay. The problem is in our two party system the party that holds these social beliefs also hates them and wants to send them back to another country, instead of embracing and welcoming them. And yes, as said below they are essentially Spanish (European) mixed with local Natives (Aztec, etc.)
          There is a reason Latinos are the target of the anti-immigration movement. It is both to target and weaken conservative Latinos, preventing them from fostering conservatism in America, and to distract from the real illegal immigrants (Asians–mostly Indian and Chinese).
          Just as there is a reason we must bring western liberal democracy to the Middle East. It’s not because Muslims are some threat to world peace. It’s because Islam is a conservative, traditional, patriarchal religion and must be destroyed by the globalists.

        10. They are hostile to whites only in that they think whites are hostile to them, once you show this is not the case they then view you no different then how they look at other Latinos. This is my experience in the southwest. Their political beliefs and the role they think government should take is pure ignorance, nothing more. But I think that if we take your attitude, the next generations of Latino Americans will certainly be a bunch of White hating communists.
          Edit: I do agree that they would be better off at home fixing their own mess.

        11. Yeah, I think traditional Hispanics are our allies. With the right outreach, we may not win over the entire community, but we can bring enough men on board to make a big difference. I live on the outskirts of Phoenix, it’s probably 50/50 out here white and Mexican. I talk and work with these folks a lot. I’ve been fortunate to have political conversations with them and these guys are 100 percent conservative on every issue. All they need is knowledge on certain things like big government and the ills of social programs. These people know the real reason Mexico is in the shitter, so I also have trouble blaming them for going to the country that fucked over theirs. A two pronged revolution would be ideal to me, one here and one down there. Where true conservatism reigns free in both. But I’ll settle for them up here on our side.
          Like you say though, they don’t know the kind of mess their in for, and ultimately they will have to either accept it or resist.

        12. Maybe it depends on the location. Mexicans here in the southwest are as a whole not great scholars or intellectuals but they embody the ” common folk” to a huge extent, hard working and traditional in social and familial beliefs. I can only speak from my experience as I have never lived amongst them in other places of this country like Chicago or any liberal sanctuary cities.
          I will add that even down here, the youth tend to adopt a lot of black culture and this is a huge issue that needs to be addressed but you do not see it in the thirty plus Mexicans.

        13. Could be the case, I know from watching on tv the protests in California and the types of signs and attitudes I seen, these would never go down here in Phoenix. Maybe it is because down here there is a lot more pressure to assimilate and accept US culture than places like San Fransisco.
          You often find Mexicans down here who look at this whole ” make America Mexico again” bullshit with pure disgust. A lot of them still listen to their music and watch their tv shows but let me say that after listening to Mexican music through work, the music is actually good stuff very similar to old American country music. Same message and similar lyrics.
          Down here you see a lot of Mexicans dress and act very similar to American ranchers, country folk, and so called rednecks. Most I’ve met and know do not want hand outs, they want to earn off the sweat of their brow.
          Seeing as I’ve come accross differing points of view, it must be location dependent. These people probably select where in the US they choose to go based of the values of each section. Phoenix and rural Colorado vs Chicago and San Francisco, for example.
          Edit: I’m my discussions I’ve chose to leave out the gang and drug issues plaguing mexican immigrants as I think it is such a small population, not affecting the majority atleast here in AZ. You have a majority traditional and then a minority who are delinquents.

        14. Im not saying all lower blue collar people are dumbasses. I know a few that are good, smart folk.
          The majority, however? White trash, defined.

        1. Blood is thicker than water. These principles you speak of may have worked for northwest European Christians, but trying to make them apply to the much more clannish, nepotistic races that make up most humans was naive at best, and will prove to be disastrous at worst.

    2. I think US can still survive, however they will have to adopt a Swiss type of government or face civil war. Such a thing would imply a massive reduction of their government and an abandonment of welfare…which means repression for a while and possibly a civil war.
      Blacks have been an element since the formation of the nation they shall be subsumed or expelled and/or exterminated (extreme case). Mexicans even though are closer to the west in cultural terms than Islamics are invaders and will have to be expelled due to their amount (to many to be assimilated). US (or whatever comes after it) cannot be a nation in the sense of an Austrian or German because it’s not that old. Thanks to its demented immigration policies, it formation process has been set back hundreds of years.

      1. I agree, but, even unlike a Nation like Canada, the US is founded on the premise of being a Nation of emigrates. Who has the right to say they’re a true American, yes if I’m a Austrian or Spaniard, I kind of know the answer to that question, but, if I’m an American, there must be a type of existentialist uneasy about who can definitively answer this question with confidence?

        1. This whole “nation of immigrants” thing is a modern left-wing myth.
          The way that the system was supposed to work was that small numbers of people would immigrate here and become Americans, forsaking their prior nations.
          However, the turn of the 20th century saw the breakdown of this and the rise of the “Hyphenated American”, a concept so offensive and disastrous that even the uber-leftwinger Theodore Roosevelt railed against it.

    3. We were established as Europeans, and imported a bit of blacks to pick cotton. The “welcome the world” shit happened long afterward, after the initiation of the “progressive” era. Ezra Kline was a cunt.

      1. But, even after the white Europeans arrived, the States couldn’t be defined as culturally homogeneous in the same way as Austria or Switzerland. There isn’t that “same sense” of rootedness in American white culture as there is in Germany for example. How can there be after a few 100 years? That’s why the nationalist cause is so difficult to define in the US.

    4. We had this problem solved back in “the day” as Americans thought of themselves as being of their states, giving them an identity greater than simply “American”.
      Eg: Robert E. Lee turned against the US Federal Government primarily because his state of Virginia did and he thought himself a Virginian.
      Sadly, not 50 years later we had already largely lost this.

    5. The US was NEVER intended to be a giant melting pot of all different races and cultures. From day one it’s purpose was to be a WHITE homeland. Then You Know Who came in and fucked everything up with their horseshit. “The Melting Pot” was the name of a play written by, you guessed it, Israel Zangwill. The bullshit poem on the Statue of Liberty about “give us your tired….huddled masses” was a pile of horseshit written by a Jewish poet. From day one, a hostile alien invader has been trying to usurp this country for their own purposes.

      1. Wrong, yet again.
        The US was meant to be for Anglo-Germanic protestants and NO ONE ELSE. This country was never meant to be “whiteopia” like Jared Taylor spouts. The Anglos looked down on other European groups as inferior, such as the Irish. Hell, the blacks were viewed as more valuable than the Irish laborers. I’ve said it many times before, I’ll say it again, if you’re not a white Anglo Saxon protestant, you are not the founding stock of this country. Shall we send back everyone that isn’t, including the Slavic women the alt-right loves so much?
        And don’t even try to use this “they were white, they assimilated” bullshit. They did not assimilate. Assimilation doesn’t happen. Ever.

      2. “I am for open immigration but that sign we have on the front of the Statue of Liberty, ‘Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…’, can’t we just say, ‘Hey, the door’s open, we’ll take whoever you got.’? Do we have to specify the wretched refuse? I mean, why don’t we just say, ‘Give us the unhappy, the sad, the slow, the ugly, people that can’t drive, that they have trouble merging, if they can’t stay in their lane, if they don’t signal, they can’t parallel park, if they’re sneezing, if they’re stuffed up, if they’re clogged, if they have bad penmanship, don’t return calls, if they have dandruff, food between their teeth, if they have bad credit, if they have no credit, missed a spot shaving, in other words any dysfunctional defective slob that you can somehow cattle prod onto a wagon, send them over, we want ’em.” – Jerry Seinfeld.

    6. This is why I can’t get behind nationalism. Perhaps I would feel differently if I lived in a European microstate, but then again it was nationalism which led European powers to war with each other in 1918 which was the beginning of the decline of western patriarchy.

  4. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  5. You Americans are late to the game. The marxists destroyed most of Latin America with this strategy.
    Let people become dependent on doles and food stamps until the country becomes bankrupt. Then threaten to remove the dole because there is no more money left. The people will support any marxist measure to keep sucking the sweet milk of the government.
    It is a fiscal strategy. It only works if the country is poor enough to desperately need the dole. America is still too rich for it to work.

    1. Everybody forgets South America isn’t a total basket case historically like much of Africa. You guys built real industry, real architecture, real culture. Problems, sure, but who doesn’t? Montevideo looks like a European city, Argentina was a top ten economic power for years, etc. Brazil was a real country and really on its way up.
      Ditching the faith and ditching the kind of free opportunity that attracted millions of Italians, Germans, Japanese took a good thing off the edge.

      1. Argentina has been a basket case for years, going from a 1st world economy to a 3rd word economy outside Buenos Aires, millions of Km have been sold to Monsanto and other corporations and in the last 15 years its socialist scum have opened the doors to all its neighbours (Bolivia, Paraguay, Perú), thus altering the demographic landscape. Uruguay I don’t know but Brazil is going down the drain so they can make Venezuela feel a lot less lonelier.

      2. Ditching the faith and ditching the kind of free opportunity that
        attracted millions of Italians, Germans, Japanese took a good thing off
        the edge.

        Yes, that was the problem. For many years the local oligarchs ignored the masses and disregarded their instruction, thus leaving the door open to socialism, especially after they abjured Christianity in favor of liberalism. The rest is history.

      3. South America was run by a corrupt, moribund empire for centuries and, over that time, had rampant importation of the lowest dregs of African societies and held the world’s longest miscegenation orgy.
        The flagrantly corrupt governments seen in the modern era are just insult to injury, as is the rampant communism.
        With that kind of handicap, it’s no surprise that South and Central America can’t hack it.

        1. Moribund empire due to corrupt English pirates. The same English pirates that came up with a heressy to divide Christianity even more. The same pirates that sheltered the jews for centuries. The jews that the moribund empire had expelled.

        2. Huh? English pirates? Dont borrow money if you can pay it back. Its always easy to blame foreigners for your own failures.

        3. In this case I think he means actual, not metaphorical, pirates, like Sir Francis Drake and others who got letters of marque from the English crown and looted the Spanish full time.

        4. Well, dont know for sure what he is referring to. But, many in countries like Argentina blame English Banks (Barons) for their strangled economies. The blasted lymies lent them money and now want to get paid back.

        5. Jewish banksters are responsible for untold economic ruin across all developing economies. Nobody but Jewish shills call them “English” Banks. Everybody knows who they really are.

        6. Pretty sure the Latinos create their own problems. Especially socialist countries like Argentina. They borrow the money, but cannot pay it back. But, guys like you see jews in everything you see. You got jew on the brain buddy.

        7. You sure about that? Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and get back to me- its their “playbook”

        8. I have a better one for you: download pdf version of Twisted Roots by Carlos Alberto Montaner. Spain and the Catholic Church are the reasons Latin America is so fucked up. Sorry, but you guys cant blame the jews for that mess.

        9. No, pirates weren’t responsible for the sorry character of the Spanish and Portuguese empires.
          They contributed to its demise by siphoning off its wealth but the real rot in those empires was from internal forces, not external forces like piracy.

        10. Thats a pretty big blanket statement. Argentina is 95% Spanish or Italian with some German and English influence, and some Bolivian and Paraguayan latecomers. They are probably whiter than Spain or Italy now.

        11. What a coincidence. Argentina has the highest number of Jews in all of Latin America, and the 6th most Jews outside of Israel. Bet you didn’t know that, fagboi.

        12. Immigration to Italy occurs from a variety of countries. As of 1 January 2015, there were 5,014,437 foreign nationals resident in Italy. This amounted to 8.2% of the country’s population and represented an increase of 92,352 over the previous year. And I’m guessing many Foreigners have been nationalized. Not too many immigrants moving to Argentina especially considering the economic conditions.

      4. Almost every country in SA is cyclical. Brazil isnt a basket case? You havent been to Brazil. The only reason they had success was a mineral bubble, and a good president, and most of the money was earned in Sao Paolo. A bubble bursting and a prez or two later and they are back in the shit. Same with Argentina, they are super tolerant of corruption, as is Venezuela, and they end up with the very worst corruption. Last I heard the largest bill in Venezuela is worth 20 cents, and my friend in Argentina is buying a shotgun that he never thought he would have to own. Uruguay and Chile seem to be the only exceptions, and we’ll see about Colombia.

    2. The fastest growing immigrant group in the United States according to the US Census are East Indians. They are all coming here on student visas and h1b work visas to milk our system, and our government is allowing them to come. These aren’t the elite scientists of India from the upper caste system. These are the bottom barrel scum who have a worthless degree and no real skills, but yet American corporations and scum Indian consultancy companies are sponsoring their h1b visas. Everywhere I go in San Francisco now, all I see are Indian people. In the apartment complex that I live in, it’s 60% occupied by Indians on h1bs now. America is going to be nothing but a place full of shitty looking Indian people. And just remember, Indians are massive breeders. They all want that birth right citizenship for their kids. Our country is fucked.

      1. Asians in general are the #1 immigrant class. And as for the “anchor baby” thing, I’ve never met a latino who has done that (it’s often just the males who come here, leaving their families back home) but it’s rampant with middle class Chinese families, who come here, have a baby, return to China, and then process paperwork for the entire family to get green cards. But of course, all the talk is about Mexicans, who have actually had negative net immigration to the US for several years now… Distract and entertain.

        1. Absolutely correct. That’s the one thing I hate about Trump. He keeps going after the whole “illegal” immigration thing, and that’s what has damaged his reputation. I agree that we need to get rid of criminal “illegal” aliens, and that we should not give them green cards or citizenship. But had Trump argued against the h1bs and the legal immigration threat, I think that would have made his polling numbers even greater. Not once has he discussed the displacement of American workers in his debates, and that frankly, is what Americans are more concerned about.

        2. I agree that he should be talking more about the H1B issue, but we have to remember that we live in a news cycle dominated by 15 second soundbites and “feels”.
          Which generates more feels? A kid shot by an illegal immigrant who was here in spite of being deported five times already, or a college grad who loses out on a job offer to an H1B?
          To understand the letter requires discussing how the H1B system works, how it’s abused, and why it’s anti-american. Most Americans don’t have time for that kind of discussion.
          That, and I’d rather that he fix the H1B issue quietly, i.e. the whole “not telegraphing to the left” his plans and such.

        3. Trump has made so many fatal mistakes on minor issues like this. You think he would lose a single vote if he dropped the BS about building a Berlin Wall on our southern border? No way. But he could pick up several percentage points.
          I was really hoping he would pick up a populist issue that no one touches like seriously reforming the income tax, abolishing the TSA, or fighting the central bank. He gets the big picture stuff, yeah we are pissed and shit sucks right now, he just doesn’t know how to fix it.

        4. The problem with an immigrant is when there are too many or are poor and essentially stealing welfare. If they bring skills or a business, and they aren’t getting welfare, they are a benefit.

        5. Don’t knock the feels, they’ve been spending a generation knocking our level of intelligence down to that.

      2. I work for a big bank that shall remain unnamed… the H1Bs are EVERYWHERE, and I hate them with a passion. Why? Because I know the jobs that they’re taking could’ve been taken by a college grad who actually grew up here in the US.
        They’re the new carpetbaggers…

        1. And they cant go work for a competitor- keeps wage low. I believe, a few yrs back, a memo or conversation between Jobs from Apple and some other CEO(maybe Schmidt at Google?), and they were talking about how h1B’s would be great for their bottom lines…

        2. Facebook can’t bring enough H1Bs in, apparently. As for the ones I’ve encountered, they’re not even that great at their jobs (tech support, IT, etc.)

        3. I hear Facebook and Google’s frustrations with not being able to hire enough h1bs because of the quota being filled. They however go about it wrongly and ask congress to increase the quota cap not realizing that it’s Indian consultancy companies like Tata, Cognizant, and Infosys that hoard all the H1bs applications. Increasing the quota will do nothing because these consultancy companies will come in and swoop all new spots available. Mark Zuckerberg and his posse should be trying to put a stop to consultancy companies, instead of fighting for congress to increase the h1b quota. Because Facebook and Google truly hire exceptional people. Not someone who they can pay a lower wage to.

      1. My bank had a article they posted “How to save 1000 dollars over 6 months” Wtf? I save at minimum 2500 per month.

        1. People are living way above their real means, renting out condos instead of modest apartments, too many holidays, gadgets and stupid technological devices.
          I worked for six months in NY in 2011, the office was female dominated, some of the girls would go clothes shopping on lunch breaks and then talk about how much they spent. They used to order sushi online and have it delivered at the office(I’m from Italy originally, a rural area at that, I can’t even get take away to my home). They used to go out drinking on most night.
          Consumerism is out of control, sorry for the banal post.

  6. The US will survive just fine because it is such a large country. The poverty and dependence is largely concentrated in urban areas. Any sizable insurrection in one of these areas will remain there because these areas are surrounded by heavily armed citizens who are “holding the line” so to speak. When an area is devastated economically and depopulated there is a return to vigilante justice. I live in one of these areas and 95% of the time a horrible murder is dealt with before it reaches any court. These people greatly overestimate the capabilities and loyalties of the ghetto folk.
    Being an urban citizen comes with great convenience and great risk. Marxism and cultural Marxism do not play well with less urban environments. My money is on smaller cities and rural towns easily defeating the urban movements. Democracy and Imperium are very different things

  7. Aside from Soros funding unrest… which isn’t exactly a new concept….. nope, I’m not buying it. The US is falling over itself due to extreme stupidity and ineptitude. It’s not some master plan. Look at Hillary! Her emails alone are proving she’s a complete airhead. (As if anyone needed more proof.) She is supposed to be some kind of mastermind controlling mindless puppet people!?
    Or how about Obama? I’m not exactly struck speechless by his intelligence. And I’m not sure if Congress could break an 80 IQ if they pooled the IQ’s of both the house and the senate. 🙂

    1. 1) So why would he be funding unrest? Therefore you concede.
      2) Hillary, Obama, Merkel, Bush et al. There is a difference between being a puppet and being a puppet master.

      1. History is full of people funding unrest though. That’s all I was saying.
        Oh I see, so it’s somebody -else- that isn’t… Obama, Hillary, Merkel, or any of the other brain dead idiots claiming to be “leaders”? Then WHO? Soros himself is an ancient barnacle. (Probably with about the same IQ. :-D)

        1. Don’t send me links like that! Unless there’s at least one alien. 😉
          It would be easier for me to buy into the end of the world business if I was still stuck in the US. It’s a big planet…. 🙂
          Besides, if the migrants keep leaving Africa, maybe Europe should just move there and turn it into something finally. 😀

        2. Maybe it’s just too late but I don’t know what the heck that page is even trying to say. 🙂 Something about Babylon and several Revelations quotes.
          I’m sort of immune to Revelations anyway. I’ve heard too many preachers go on and on and on about the end of the world… instead of what you can do -today-. (Maybe that’s why protestant churches are just garbage in the US? Easier to just give up and say the world’s over than live your life. Hmm.. :-D)
          Speaking of questions.. why doesn’t somebody start digging around and get the names of the various “photogenic” protesters that show up for staged photos all over the world? That would be an interesting story. (Yeah so that has nothing to do with this. :-D)

        3. It’s just a coincidence that the mass media all run with the same pro-Hillary and anti-Trump stories at the same time.

    2. It’s not so much a master plan as it is indoctrination packaged with emotional triggers that certain people eat up. The likes of Obama and Hillary are victims of the indoctrination. They internalized it, carried it forward, taught it to others, and acted in their own right to further it. It doesn’t need to be an actual written solid plan.
      It’s an idea, refined through trial and error, but a flawed idea that humans can be more than their biology. It operates on an abstraction of how humans naturally behave toward one another.
      When it doesn’t work, the adherents resort to increasingly extreme measures to force it to work – increasingly contrary to human nature and biology. We’re witnessing a mid-to-late stage of this forcing in the western world.

        1. They’ve internalized it. They’re willingly, of individual initiative, acting on what they believe is the truth. This takes the form of seeking out like-minded individuals, talking, coordinating their actions, and forming or infiltrating organizations. It might appear to be orchestrated, but it it’s more organic than that.
          I hesitate to use the word stupid. They’re not stupid. They’re sophisticated enough to accomplish their goals. That isn’t the domain of stupid people. It’s the domain of misguided people who latch on to what feeds their emotional needs.

      1. Does that explain how Communism was forced upon the peoples of China, Russia, North Korea, and Cuba?
        The flawed idea of humans being more than their biology, I mean.

        1. No. Of course not. I’m answering a question about the dynamics in the United States that was posed upon an article about the potential collapse of the United States.
          Incidentally, North Korea being included in your question is a bit of an aberration, in that it was created by the influence of Russia and China. Laos and Vietnam might be marginally better examples.
          As far as Communism being forced upon the Russians and the Chinese? That’s a terrible question. Communism was nascent, and hadn’t undergone the tests we now know as (Maoist) China and the Soviet Union. That particularly Asians, eighty years ago, believed in a new collectivist theory isn’t surprising.

    3. I tend not to believe the master plan stuff either. I mean unlike some of the elite families, Hillary Clinton was just an average basic bitch in college, a literal 5 in both physical appearance and ambition. She just happened to marry the right guy and is now in a position to be the strongest bravest bitch in the USA.
      I really think most of these people are not that bright, and they really don’t have time to learn all the nuances of every issue. They understand we live in a Democracy and they are making decisions on emotional feelings of the voting population, not rationale or reasoning.
      Trump’s wall was a huge example of this. He doesn’t really care about Mexican immigrants, he picked that up as a popular issue to win the nomination and hasn’t mentioned it since.
      Hillary is fed a constant diet of bullshit by advisors, donors, political hacks, and powerbrokers. She is not that bright of a person. She makes decisions based on what these people tell her. And that’s how 99% of politicians operate. You think they know more than you do about Syria, or the cost of health care, or the effects of trannies, or the price of tea in China? Fuck no.
      That being said, perhaps there is some agenda among the major power brokers and donors, the ones that control all these candidates, but that would have to be proven. Some people like David Rockefeller have made rather incriminating statements, but at the end of the day whether they are collaborating or not, just realize that every political candidate is an actor, someone picked to play a role just like in Hollywood. And just like the actors they are reading a script.

  8. BLM is just a tool for the DNC to get Hillary elected. It whips up the minority vote effectively against most right wing law policies. Same with the misogyny accusations being leveled against trump, it goes up the female vote.
    We won’t hear much about it a few months after November.

    1. They don’t want to, because all they care about is bread and circuses, as well as doing the minimum to get by.

    1. “They” leave nothing to chance. If there are 2 mainstream candidates for president, you can guarantee there is a strategy for each of them. Maybe something like: Trump: pass some sneaky tax law stuff to make the elites all even richer, while everything collapses and we can blame it all on electing a shitlord, vs Hillary, pass all the social change lunacy laws we have written and ready to submit now instead of waiting 4 years after a failed Trump presidency. There are contingencies for every situation.

  9. Cloward and Piven wanted to crash the welfare system to try to force Congress into enacting a guaranteed income. Like a lot of ideas wrongly attributed to 20th Century Jews and Cultural Marxism, proposals for a guaranteed income started with white men back in the Enlightenment. Thomas Paine proposed a guaranteed income for British citizens, paid out of a national land tax, in a pamphlet he published in the 1790’s titled “Agrarian Justice.” Today’s transhumanists like that charlatan Zoltan Istvan have revived it because of their fantasies that robots will take all of the jobs and make humans at all levels unemployable.
    As the example of the guaranteed income shows, a lot of our ideas about “the future” really have more of a Victorian steampunk feel to them.

    1. You just never stop with the lying and squirting your (((squid ink))) all over every topic you paranoid, nebbish little beta boi.
      And now you’ve invented a new sockpuppet to spread your lies with. One that makes you look like an Englishman. LOL!

  10. If your interpretation is correct, and reading Cloward & Piven’s original paper suggests that it is, it only shows how stupid leftists are. They think that if they blow up the world, the pieces will fall back together into the perfect leftist utopia that this world is not.
    More likely to emerge from the chaos would be an extremely patriarchal, undemocratic, homogeneous society where troublemakers are fed into tree chippers. Leftists are incapable of making anything except trouble. How many leftists are farmers, miners, loggers, electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, etc.?

  11. This is what they actually believe.

    Want to throw up in your mouth a bit?
    The person in that photo is a dude.
    I’m sorry that I was the one who had to break that to you.

    1. Whoever it is looks eerily like Harry Potter. It would’ve been very cruel if that’d been a female.

  12. Do the global elite really think that they can survive the destruction that they are bringing upon the world? I think that they are deluded!

      1. Sure, the do not care, but they will also eventually help destroy one another due to greed and desire for more power. A destructive mind eventually turns on himself.

  13. Good read. Regarding the arming of the various and unlikely fed agencies, I never really believed the ammo purchases were really intended for those odd agencies like the dept of Ed. I always viewed it as a way to hide the true recipients (whoever they may be) from having to evade legit questions.
    The bottom line remains the same in my opinion. There is no point in going after the peeps that have lived off the taxpayer for the past 60yrs because of the coward-piven hate strategy. They’re just hapless, low hanging fruit. Those responsible for implementing and weaponizing the strategy, and those that advocated it at the national level (the elites, the media and bureaucratic facilitators) should be in the hot seat. They deserve the punishment for what they’ve done to the country.

  14. You know…I don’t recall these levels of self destruction when Bush was President. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like him and his disastrous invasion of Iraq caused a lot of the shit storm that is happening today. But it’s during Obama’s reign when all this race and gender warfare erupted and is causing America to tear itself apart. It’s a complete calamity if you ask me about my opinion on Obama’s presidency.

    1. The social issues are certainly worse under Obama, hugely. But the fiscal destruction caused by those pointless wars probably doomed America to permanent decline. I have a wise relative who is a corporate exec in NYC and was a lifelong Republican until W, and he said after his re election to a second term, said there’s no way the US will dig themselves out of this financial crisis in our lifetimes.

      1. W wasn’t the best (or even a good) president, but if your relative is pinning the blame on Bush for the collapse, he’s woefully misinformed. The collapse started in 1999 via bipartisan legislature. Cat was out of the bag all the way back then.

        1. I don’t know about the collapse per se, but the out of control spending, the unfunded prescription drug freebie to all seniors, and creation of the TSA, but mainly the two endless wars he started in the Mideast which have cost trillions and the funds to conduct them were simply borrowed from the Chinese. If we had gotten some new amazing technology out of those battles that would allow us to dominate over the next century that would be one thing, but the funds were basically just lit on fire in the desert–if anything they made our safety worse and accomplished nothing good, and the difficulty of paying back these trillions to the Chinese with interest will permanently stifle our economy.

      2. You could argue that this is what (((globalization))) was intended to do: turn developed nations into large debtor states.
        In a way, it’s easier to control a nation if it lacks a border, strong economy, and is saddled with debts caused by stupidity.

  15. In the process of identifying the key issues that need to be addressed & assessing how we can position ourselves in lieu of the outcome of the November election, I offer some levity, gentlemen.

  16. That’s not actually the Cloward-Piven strategy.
    Their point was that if everybody applied for the welfare benefits they were eligible for, the system would quickly collapse.
    That would have been fine by Cloward and Piven, because they actually wanted every adult to get a no-strings-attached payout from the government instead, much like the “national dividend” plan of economist Major C. H. Douglas (except paid for by taxing the rich, not with freshly painted money as Douglas proposed), thinking that would actually cost a lot less.
    The welfare state is only viable at all because working-class white men have so far been discouraged by decades of propaganda efforts from giving up on working and paying taxes in the formal economy, and living off the state like their slutty sisters and their sisters’ black pimps have—even when in principle white men are perfectly eligible for benefits.
    If white men insisted on the all the government assistance they’re theoretically entitled to, never mind the more generous assistance the “oppressed” enjoy, governments would be forced to either finally radically reform the welfare state or go bankrupt.

  17. Can the manosphere just vote on a city somewhere on earth where we can all start over? We go there, start businesses, take the place over, and instill the cultural values that men and women were meant to live by.

    1. Look up Keene, New Hampshire and the Free State Project. Cool ideas, right on tack with your suggestion. I don’t know much about it, but it seems like a cool idea. Perhaps we could learn from them

  18. Could this be the year that the Jewish globalist
    miscegenation and mongrelisation program ceases metastasising and begins
    to retreat? I certainly hope so. Lets hope that enough of the public
    can see through the lies and propaganda of the legacy media like the
    “Clinton News Network” (CNN).
    Brexit 2016
    Trump 2016

  19. The truth is free market capitalism is part of what allows Judea control. I would be all for it if we didn’t have snakes grabbing us by the neck. Why else do you think one of the first things the French revolutionaries did was free them and allow them reign. If we can find an alternative to central banking and keep government local and close then and only then can we have a free market without the evil forces manipulating it.

  20. I’ll say it again, like a broken record, like a mental case.
    You people recognized where the left gets it’s theories, methods and energy – Marxism.
    Now, since Karl Marx is dead for quite a while, who the fuck is propelling his soviet agenda ?
    Is it …. ?
    No, it couldn’t possibly be that country.
    It did not openly threaten Kennedy for disarming Cuba ( a soviet controlled country ) – murder that was never openly solved – wonder how come…
    Could it be….
    No, he’s such a great leader, and americans really love him. They want a leader like him.
    Anybody ?
    The answers are under your soviet nose.

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