Man Charged With Murder After Girl Who Attacked Him Climbs Off His Balcony And Dies

There was no medical evidence the 26-year-old [Warriena Wright] was strangled before her death, but her body bore multiple scars suspected of being self-inflicted.

— Brisbane’s Courier Mail

She [pathologist Dianne Little] said there were no physical signs the New Zealand tourist had been choked, but was instead covered with wounds likely self-inflicted including on her right leg, chest and wrists.

The Daily Mail

Australian man Gable Tostee is presently on trial for the alleged “murder” of New Zealander Warriena Wright in 2014. Wright, aged 26 at the time, had met Tostee in person that same night after communicating on Tinder. They had drank alcohol, watched a film, and had sex throughout the evening at his Gold Coast, Australia apartment. As the night progressed, however, Warriena Wright attacked Tostee and partially upended his apartment, including to the point of throwing rocks at him. The man then restrained her and put her out on his balcony, locking the door. Wright, without assistance, then climbed over the balcony and fell to her death from the 14th floor (15th floor in American parlance). Murder charges against Tostee soon followed.

We know most of what happened because of a combination of witness accounts and, crucially, Tostee’s surreptitious audio recordings of his time with Warriena Wright. Nevertheless, the bone of contention at the trial is whether Wright “feared” for her life enough to want to try and escape the balcony, leading to her death. Despite the absolute lack of any medical evidence that Warriena Wright was strangled, the prosecution is now sensationally claiming that the audio recordings feature “guttural” sounds of her being choked before being put on the balcony. Go figure.

Importantly, Warriena Wright appears to have been severely mentally ill. The presence of self-inflicted scars around her body is a factor that needs to be emphasized again and again, especially as Tostee’s alleged (now disproven) autism first became a media talking point a long time ago. Wright also threatened to call the police on him (for reasons no one understands) well before he moved her onto the balcony. Add to the mix her inebriation (a BAC of 0.156, over three times the Australian driving limit) and you can see why Tostee struggled to deal with her. That her body showed no signs of him assaulting her (in self-defense) is a testament to his patience.

Tellingly, Wright’s outlandish behavior, self-harm, and intoxication have not been seriously entertained as reasons for her climbing off the balcony and dying. This is an ominous sign for any man accused of a crime involving inexplicable female actions.

Tostee is hated triply because of his womanizing, game, and association with’s Misc section

Man who takes his physical health and sex life seriously – bad. Woman with bull-ring and self-inflicted scars over her body who attacks that man – unquestionable angel.

Make no mistake, Gable Tostee became an even bigger target from the day he was described as a “playboy” by the media. This targeting has gone above and beyond the usual insinuation that any man accused of harming or killing a woman must be guilty. In a society where females are declaring their “emancipation” by slutting around or shouting their STD “status,” men who have options and refuse to settle down are bizarrely described as creeps and sexual predators. In this vein, social media is currently replete with user comments on news stories admonishing Tostee for supposedly objectifying women (isn’t this a trial about the death of one woman?), purportedly “preying” on girls, and being an all-round “douche” and “asshole.”

Amplifying this disdain for Tostee is his involvement in organized “misogyny,” namely through his posting on’s Misc section. The principal thing that prevents the Misc section from being as hated as Return Of Kings and the Roosh V Forum is the more superficially vulgar banter and less overtly politicized discussions that take place there. Aside from the Elliot Rodger Isla Vista killings, it largely escapes all SJW radars. In a brilliant demonstration of subtlety, huge numbers of the posters are highly intelligent, astute guys who just happen to use vocabulary you would typically link to a building site. Regardless, once it became obvious that Tostee posted there, he was vilified.

Recording the incident has saved Tostee from a certain murder conviction

Enough men in recent times have been saved from certain criminal convictions for rape, domestic violence, and even murder because they recorded visual and/or auditory evidence of their encounters with women. What judgment the court will make about Tostee in these circumstances remains to be seen, but having audio of his interaction with Warriena Wright has bolstered his defence substantially. Without such corroboration of many elements of his story, this would be an open-and-shut case. Not open-and-shut in the sense of a fair trial and conviction, but another example of a man immediately presumed guilty and given the lip service of “due process.”

There is no question that Warriena Wright comes across as an unhinged, mentally disturbed dingbat in the audio recordings, and a drunk one at that. Imagine the even greater bias the media and other corners would indulge in if these recordings did not exist. That prospect should send chills down your spine as they are already rounding on Gable Tostee badly. After reviewing the relevant laws in your jurisdiction, you might seriously consider using visual or auditory recording to protect yourself from false allegations or charges where legally possible.

Understanding Gable Tostee

Bull-ring, hair dyed with an unnatural color…

There is no doubt that Gable Tostee has some unusual characteristics and his behavior on the night could have better, as well as his documentation of it online thereafter. His recorded reference to her being lucky that he did not throw her off the balcony is a good example. As for him eating pizza in the Gold Coast nightclub precinct after Wright fell and died, what is a man to do in this situation? Men are immediately judged and assumed to be guilty, a parade that endures throughout the legal process and often greatly influences/determines it. Whilst it would have been better if Tostee had not gone for pizza, the shock and disorientation he undoubtedly felt after Warriena Wright climbed off the balcony and fell to her death is understandable.

The same goes for Tostee not evicting her from his apartment. He claims the balcony was closer than the front door and that he wanted her to stop attacking him as soon as possible, without a prolonged physical altercation. Wright can be heard screaming “no, no, no” and that she wanted to leave, yet this was in the context of her just having assaulted Tostee and acting like a drugged-up pork chop. It is very easy to judge from afar. For the man in the middle of things, though, it is decidedly less clear-cut. If he “assaults” her back, even to the extent of self-defense, he faces criminal charges. If he does nothing, he gets things thrown at him and attacked further, and his property is at the risk of more damage. Warriena Wright’s massive volatility that night would have been a big concern of Tostee’s. You can let people like this free and they go crazy again (remember Indian-American fruitcake Anjali Ramkissoon?).

Tostee has been diagnosed with social anxiety, after claims of autism were dismissed. From conversations I have had with people, he had apparently undergone some impressive changes since leaving school, where he showed limited signs of the “playboy” inclination. He has taken his self-development physically and game-wise seriously, even if some on the Misc section were quite baffled by some of his posts at times. The problem he faces is that the media is portraying him as both the manipulative womanizer and the creepy outsider at the same time, particularly as he has previously been depicted as a semi-loner. It’s bad from both ends and outlets have sought to capitalize on the hatred against him, which frequently incorporates threats of violence.

What’s next if Tostee is convicted of murder or manslaughter?

“Why couldn’t this man just patiently wait while the crazy girl attacked him and tried to trash his place? Misogyny!”

A jury can alternatively convict Tostee of murder or manslaughter. Either outcome would be deleterious. Just as “domestic violence” has been progressively expanded through extra legislation, the scope for homicide is being widened through very tenuous judicial decisions. I am not entirely familiar with Queensland’s homicide laws and court precedents, but the general test in non-direct murder cases is that a person needs to have a reasonably founded fear for taking the action that causes their death (think someone running into traffic and being killed because a person is pursuing them with a knife).

Men have a very raw deal when it comes to a woman who acts violently. They are severely and unfairly scrutinized whatever option they take to deal with it. Once more we face the prospect of a man being convicted for a “crime,” involving a situation that could have been avoided completely if the woman in question had not gone crazy.

The world sucks, heh?

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  1. If he loses his trial it is needed to be understood that there is no more law just emotion anymore, that means that men need to become celibate, there will be not even any pretence anymore of justice. If the near certainty happens and Hillary wins, the situation concerning the whole world will be on a free fal. Consider this the first warning for the brave new world to come.

    1. I’m going to predict a not guilty verdict. The jury is 6 men and 6 women, and it must be unanimous to get a guilty verdict. I don’t think they’ll find him guilty at all.

      1. Same. It advertises “Yes, chain me up” without any ambiguity. I like that in a girl.

    1. I find this disgusting. Somehow I imagine a dirty slut that took 999 dicks in mouth. No fine woman would wear that shit. Only and only sluts and crazy bitches. Maybe teenage girls can wear it like one in Leo: The Professional. But! I would not let mu daughter wear that shit.

  2. The great thinkers; those who built legal and constitutional principles, have now been openly abandoned to the tyranny of emotional go girlism, woe is me victimhood, slatternry, and outright debauchery.
    It’s the phyric victory of feeling over fact. Emotion over reason. Anti-values over values.
    But … they’re in the process, as we speak, of jumping the shark. They’re entering the final days of Rome!!
    Ask yourself, could this fucking bitch mentality put men on the Moon, design a nuclear reactor, plan a farm … even make a decent cup of coffee without flashing an ovedue credit card at Starbucks?!!
    Of course not. They’ve had a good run of it these last few decades … but reality is catching up fucking fast.
    Brexit 2016
    Trump 2016

    1. I hope he wins I really do. But remember Trump could only be the first of many needed steps to return to normalcy and after that we must make sure that these lunatic ideas should never again be allowed to be believed again, even their sprouts.

      1. He’s already won. He’s taken common sense self-preservation to the upper end of politics.
        Unthinkable even 2 years ago

        1. After Pussygate I really got scared that he was going to give up. But no, he used it to turn things around and put the focus on the Clinton rape team.
          The guy is masterful, he is a hero, plain and simple, and years from now I have no doubt that there will be movies made about this entire ordeal. It’s just incredible what is going on right now. It’s like watching Neo vs The Matrix, or Luke Skywalker vs the Death Star, happening before our eyes.
          After last week I have no doubts that he’s gonna keep trucking and win no matter what. Even if there is fraud, he will catch it and make things right.
          2016 is the year that we shove the red pill down the throats of all the faggots, and they will learn to love it or they will be destroyed.

        2. I don’t know. I want to be positive like you, but unless Forney and Heartiste are right and the polls are absolute bunk, I’m worried that we’re looking at going from the de facto gyneocracy we’ve been suffering under to even-worse literal gyneocracy here in the West. The mass hyteria and virtue signaling over Trump’s alleged and totally unproven nuzzling of a few ladies years ago, while totally ignoring Bill and Hillary’s outright rape and rape victim-shaming and threatening is mind boggling. I want to believe it’s all the media and that most people are sane enough to see through it, but I just don’t know.
          Further irony is that if Hillbilly actually wins on a platform of protecting women from evil, bad, white heterosexual men, they’ll bring in the same Islamic rapefugees that are ravishing Europe already.

        3. Ah…the polls – i love the polls.
          It’s like in June when they said the Remain Camp would get 58% and then Brexit won.
          Or when they do polls at the Federal Elections here in germany the AfD is always portrayed as non-existent – then gets double-digits (still not enough, the AfD should have much more support, but you get the point).
          Polls only have one purpose: Discourage the true democrats.

        4. I’d like to take the time out and post a few sources for you, but you should really put an hour or two into investigating western media.
          A couple hours of honest intellectual effort will inoculate you for some time against the deception and manipulation of western and European media.
          I am not a credulous or hopeful person. I think he’s going to win the popular vote.
          I also don’t find it ironic. She doesn’t believe in this shit. I don’t think she has any true beliefs, just some broader concepts that she sticks to most of the time (most notably world federalism).

        5. Yeah I agree with this now. Their samples are ludicrously skewed in favour of leftist parties

        6. Not the Vegas oddsmakers though. They have money at stake and their lines are unbiased. They have Hillary as a massive favorite. Prepare for it.

        7. Yes, the Brexit poll fiasco gives me hope. Didn’t know that about Alternativ fuer Deutschland (hope I spelled that right, my German is rusty) but it also gives me some hope. Were Trump to win, the utter discrediting of the US mainstream media would almost make me happier than Trump’s actual victory.

        8. No need to investigate the integrity of the US MSM. I know the result: they have no integrity. I just find it hard to believe that the polls could be THAT far off, sometimes and that the pollsters could be that far removed from reality. Don’t they realize that if Trump really wins in a landslide, no one will take the seriously anymore? I hope you’re right though. As I said above if Trump wins, the total discrediting of the MSM and SJWs in general would the greatest thing about it.
          Btw, there was a story on Yahoo news yesterday about nutcase Rose McGowen acusing some Hollywood bigwig of rape. Trump was mentioned IN THE HEADLINE even though as far as I can tell he’s never ever met Rose McGowen. That’s where we are with the MSM now. It’s astounding. It’s hard to imagine even Pravda and Trud being as full of lies and misinformation as the 2016 American MSM.

        9. Yes, this is the kind of thing that worries me. Even my favorite right-wing bloggers are capable of wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

        10. Yeah. I’m just the messenger. It’s an easy google search; “las vegas presidential election odds’ or go to ‘oddshark(dot)com. She really started running away after pussygate and these victims emerging from the woodwork. They never tried to shake down a billionaire for the gropings over the last twenty years. Yeah right.

        11. “They never tried to shake down a billionaire for the gropings over the last twenty years. Yeah right.”
          I could go on and on about how dumbfounded I am about that. There’s that AND the non-stop virtue signaling from feminists and white knights WHO ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR CLINTON about how they’d “kick his ass” if they saw a guy behave like Trump and how much they supposedly care about women. Even if we suppose that all the allegations against Trump, Bill, and Hillary are true, Hillary’s threatening and mockery of actual rape victims (we’re “believing women” unconditionally here, as their side tells us to do) is far worse than a stolen kiss or grope here and there.

        12. No, I meant it specifically in the sense of rape, although ravaging would also apply to what we’ll see from Hillary’s minions if she wins. It’s an older, more poetic definition of the word (see all but the first definition on ). Donne’s use of it to address God in one of his holy sonnets always stuck in my mind:
          “Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
          Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
          Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.”

        13. It’s not too late, with Trump. I’m tempted to put $100 on him, on the off chance that the alt.right is correct. Could probably pay a few months of my mortgage with my winnings.

        14. Yeah, man. The wife and I might step up our plans to emigrate to Central America permanently if Hillary wins. Although, I worry that as the US goes, so will pretty much all of Europe and the Americas. Wish Russia or Hungary had a refugee program for Westerners who would like to live somewhere where men are men, women are women, and traditional values are upheld, rather than trampled upon.
          It will be a glorious day though, if we’re wrong and Trump pulls it off though, won’t it? Do you have any idea if the oddsmakers were giving odds in favor of Brexit failing?

        15. Ok because I have yet to find these immigrants “ravishing”. Oralia Cortes on the other hand…

        16. It happened before with Regan, who was predicted to lose by everyone. Landslide victory. I doubt it will effect them, because they are more of a constantly adapting concept now, rather than a legitimate institution.
          You should check out that CNN clip of them coaching their “independent focus group of undecided voters”. I couldn’t believe it at first man.
          I doesn’t take full blown lies to skewer the truth and deceive. That’s a stupid approach in fact. Manipulation is better applied with a syringe than a sledgehammer.
          As you stated with that yahoo reference. Just playing on concept/word association will be enough to sway a few people at the polls. At least, its worth a try to stop literally Hitler.
          Even if its just some hysterical journalist’s rationalization, it has the same cause striving for a desired effect.

        17. Their profit comes from setting the line as tightly and accurately as possible.
          “Please shut up”
          What kind of faggot says something like that?

        18. That’s not how they make profit.
          Faggot? I’m not the one who keeps talking because he desperately wants a dick in his mouth to keep him quiet.

        19. if something can’t go on forever it won’t. Just a matter of how violently or peacefully the change occurs..

        20. Was listening to a Petry speech last night, she was talking about how AfD is totally against Bargeldverbot.. Man the MSM is just pure propoganda, the AfD talk so much reason and are treated like by the press like dirt

        21. Wooahh, let’s keep personal fantasies out of this.
          So Vegas just loves to fuck up their prognostications and get them way wrong. That’s the ideal for them, right? To totally fuck up? That’s when they really cash in right?

        22. Yeah. I really fantasize about putting my dick in your mouth to shut you up.
          Vegas doesn’t work like you think it does. Shuddup!

        1. The five families in the tri state area would like to offer a belated “thanks” to you dumb broads- we wouldnt be here without ya

        2. Prohibition occurred before women had suffrage. Even without the vote they were fucking up politics.

    2. Trump won’t stop gynocracy but he can halt benefits given to feminism non-profit organizations to peter it out a bit

    3. Hey remember when Amanda Todd was seen as guilty because people said she was a huge slutty Satan worshipping whore? I’m sure that was the mentality of many a man on this lovely site. Welcome to 2016 lads, I hope being prosecuted the way women have always been prosecuted hits you right in the balls.

  3. They really want to charge him with “reckless endangerment of a child” but of course the fiction that females are legal adults eligible to vote has to be maintained so they pick the nearest charge they can find and everyone involved in the trial will play along and mentally translate the allegations as if he locked a little girl on his balcony

    1. I really believe that most women have degenerated to only be kids. For the time being they have the goods of being a child but nothing of the bads. Men are always thought as responsible adults. So under these case women should not be allowed freedom, that is why they stick to the state which has become their husband/daddy.

      1. They were always bloody children. They’ve never understood what’s good for them. That’s why normal societies don’t let women vote or own property and insist they have male guardians, either their fathers or husbands.

        1. Any male relative will do if her father dies and she is too unappealing to be desired for marriage

      2. Men were obviously the evolved form of social interest of humans. Women have no understanding with basic manners.

    2. When convicted women are treated like children but are given all the privileges and zero responsibilities of an adult. Make sure you keep very minimal contact with dyed haired women even if they’re just your customer, client or paying rent keep your senses sharp and your audio recorders set on record because anytime she screws up they look for a nearby man to blame

  4. I saw this guy and read about his actions and knew he was red pill.
    I think the selective reporting of the case has been bullshit.
    If you see this Gable then just know that it’s not all been pointless. You’re a hero showing massive determination and patience.
    People are starting to wake up.
    We are expected to believe a ‘murderer ‘ recorded himself murdering someone and then didn’t delete the recording. It’s obviously total nonsense.
    Another case from the UK involves Ched Evans. 2 footballers bang a slut who went home with one of them… well that’s obviously rape.

    1. Its really gotten out of control. some chick agreed to a gang bang which included basketball star Derrick Rose. She was hoping he would call her (bc he was the prize of course), he didnt, then, weeks later, it became rape. Enough is enough.

      1. It’s changing mate. We are fighting a culture war, which we are going to win.
        Keep talking about these to cases to the uninitiated, keep gaming women with red pill memes. . And always be recording.

      2. Idk about that case.. Rose and his boys werent all the way on the up and up…..
        They very well might have rapef her.

        1. Impossible to rape a gold digging whore who hangs out with whole sports team unsupervised by a male relative/chaperone. At worst it was petty theft if they didn’t toss her a $100 each

        2. If you read the material. Its most likely they “found” a way into her apt. After being outside for over an hour trying to convince jer to let them in.
          Nearly all instances of an athlete being accused of rape are false and just some money grubbing whore.
          It seems like this is not one of them.

        3. Yeah right, she says that she would never consent to such an act because she was too sexually prudish… She’s been fucking nba players for years lol. What were THEY exactly not on the up and up about ?

      3. Nothing new, in the 90’s I knew a skank who had a MFM threesome to impress one of the half a fags into being her boyfriend. That only works if it is a FMF 3 way!

  5. Fellas, when you see a girl with that type of nose ring, know that it means BAT SHIT CRAZY. Stay clear.

      1. Well it’s not like they teach this stuff in school. Life lessons. I stay clear of them kind of bitches. Same goes for broads with lots of tatoos. Maybe he was too thirsty.

        1. Yes, tatoos on a girl freek me out. I only accept them, if they are one or two, hidden and fucking minuscule.

      2. For the sex not a relationship. She likely made it clear she was a sure thing for the night. Lots of guys drop their standards for easy nookie, and he would have had no idea of her nature as he only met her that night.

        1. Saw some of the initial Reports, according to the family back in NZ, she was a good Christian girl…
          WTF was she doing on Tinder?
          More reason for the Patriarchy to strike back…

        2. Families rarely know anything about their kids, in particular their girls. I watch girls get trains ran on them, or witness them sleeping with double digits worth of guys when they come down to my neck of the woods, but their families back home think they’re sweet virgin prudes, out conquering the world and doing wonderful things.

  6. Here is the best audio recording I could find of Gable Tostee’s encounter with Warriena Wright, which includes Tostee threatening to throw the “psycho little bitch” off his balcony, and later, telling her he’ll knock her the fuck out if she doesn’t leave. She begs him, toward the end, to let her go, and he responds by saying, “I would, but you’ve been a bad girl”. The whole thing is pretty interesting although it bogs down in spots (it’s about 8 minutes long); you can check it out here –

    1. Weird, they both at times sound like they are black out drunk. Why would he stop the recording after putting her on the balcony though? I would have kept the tape rolling until she was in a taxi, but then again I probably would not be in that situation to begin with heh.

      1. That’s the whole thing. Why put yourself in that position to begin with…but even better – why record it and turn it over to the police, when it basically condemns the guy who recorded it, by making it look like he might have killed her? The whole thing is more crooked than a dog’s hind leg. It doesn’t add up – which means it’s probably bullshit, on myriad levels. But I’m cynical, so…there you go.

        1. It sounded like he was using passive aggressive beta tactics in his horrible attempt at controlling the situation. For example the threatening to throw her off bit, then later locking her out there likely in an attempt to fuck with her head. It all does seem fishy. Maybe she did at that point attempt to climb down and of course fall because drunk. Regardless, he handled that situation horribly. If you don’t know how to handle crazy bitches, better not be sticking your dick in them… but I digress heh.

        2. God no shit. I’ve personally been there and done that, though. Guilty as charged. You know, you see a crazy slut and you know she’s crazy but she’s too hot to pass up…ah, we’re all gonna die anyway. Might as well have some fun. Hope she had an orgasm or three before he tossed her…er, sorry, before he “locked her out on the balcony.”

        3. LOL yeah once you go crazy you can’t go back or something like that. They are in a way the ultimate test in maintaining frame heh

        4. They are! Great point. It’s like sparring and training for a huge fight you know is coming, eventually…might as well stay in shape.

    2. Alright, I only heard that one from the news site …. this is fucking weird. ‘Because youve been a bad girl’. Who talks like that?
      And … why did he put her on the balcony in the first place? I don’t get it. What’s the point?
      And yeah, in this longer recording, he does seem a bit robotic in how he talks.
      All in all, human weirdness. I am not sure we can conclude anything from this.

      1. We can conclude one thing – the media lies. Constantly. So I’m going to keep my mind open, but if I were that girl’s daddy and I heard that audio, I’d be very tempted to bury Tostee in a hole in the desert. And I think that might be part of this whole thing, if it’s scripted. Divide and conquer. In one camp – feminists and SJWs and protective fathers and mothers. In the other – red-pill men. This thing triggers people, doesn’t it, polarizes them. Who knows, I want a pizza and a six-pack and a redhead. There’s just no way to be certain…

        1. I don’t see how this would make you feel that way as a daddy. That would presume you being totally ignorant to the bullshit in the head of your daughter. Although he does sound a little psychopathic.
          But yeah, interesting point.
          And I also like redheads.

        2. Sounds like you have some experience in that regard…RITH/FITH. Red in the head, fire in the hole. Crazier that shit, too. They are.

        3. I do actually, but that’s a story best told around a campfire with an ample supply of beer in the cooler.

        4. Well maybe we’ll have to set something like that up, or something similar, at some point. A few ROK guys, getting away, maybe (without any advance advertising that might bring down the media heat). Just thinking out loud here. I do love hearing stories of encounters with wild women. Forewarned is forearmed, etc.

        5. Well we have several others here who like the sound of it…hopefully we’ll make it happen at some point. I’m down.

        6. She asked to leave, he refused, your child is dead. Bullshit in her hear or not that guy is getting fed to something at the end of the day.

        7. He did, and he tried to let her up so she could go but she kept attacking him when he tried to release her, and he said fuck it, and dragged her out on the balcony. He’d have been smarter putting her in the hall, but I think he was just so fed up that he put her out there for spite.

        8. The father should go ahead and shoot himself in the head. His failure as father led to this unless she rejected his advice and guidance.

        9. Yeah, I think that he really fucked up. He sounds kind of like he didn’t really “earn” his status and was at heart not really on point. He struggled for dominance and confused that with control. Something is fishy about this whole deal. You want her out, then let her go. The guy seems like he maybe made a foolish decision to “teach her a lesson”. You don’t get to do that.

        10. This “teaching someone a lesson” thing is quite a popular pretense for letting out some anger. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. Then again … if the official story is true, it’s just fucking weird she jumped from the balcony. She must have been already badly damaged if this incident pushed her so far.

        11. I get your point however in most cases the upbringing (mainly lack thereof) is the factor responsible for a Warriena. By the way what kind of imbecile names her daughter like that. I guess they are kiwi equivalent of the american ghetto blacks.
          My point was that it was highly likely that her lack of paternal guidance was the main factor that led to her demise not this guy whose responsabilty in her demise as far as we know doesn’t go beyond being a stupid asshole.

        12. That is a spot on point, were for results not efforts. I only commented that to illustrate the importance of offering a measured response to such behaviour by young women who would be much better served by biology rather than our legal system and to acknowledge that many men are prevented from being fathers in any meaningful sense.

        13. Personally I think that the evidence of her being damaged is her presence at the guys place that night. She was shown to be damaged BEFORE the “incident”. Her trying to climb off that balcony seems to be the most reasonable part of her behaviour. Is this guy coming back with “friends” ? Is he coming back at all ? Once someone wants to leave, and you want them to leave unless you’re calling the cops you let them go regardless. This guy has been brainwashed from that Australian feminism, he has no clue how to handle himself.

    3. Look at his chest waxing, iron pumping, ovecompensating bitch ass. He probably locked her out on the balcony so HE could call the cops on HER like the ultimate blue pill delusional beta. He actually thought males have any chance of fair treatment by the pigs when they show up to a domestic disturbance call

      1. You sound like you’re projecting your own inadequacy. We have no real context on Gable’s actual character. He could be Chad Van Dooshe, or just some guy who cares about his appearance and likes getting laid.

  7. I wish some fucking idiot would come here and try to defend this lunacy. That would be hilarious.

  8. Being an Aussie this case has been worth following its not the first time we have had a tramp go crazy and get violent with the man defending himself getting ostracised – the interesting thing about this is the warning signs that she was potential nutter the dyed blue hair and nose ring.

  9. Talk about the Thousand-Cock Stare. Our ancestors had the right idea when they shamed women like Warriena Wright.

  10. What did he think was going to happen? If you invite crazy into your life bad stuff can and often does happen to you. He’s in very real legal danger right now and what has likely already been life altering has got a good chance of getting worse, but it’s every bit a result of decisions he made.
    I’m just not one for double standards. If women choose bad men they have to recognize it was their choice to be with those men. When men choose obviously crazy women off tinder and bring them home well, that choice has to be recognized as well.

    1. He chose her off tinder, or more likely she swiped on him with his 6pack body shot pics, and was up for sex so he went with the flow. He had not met her before so had no idea if she was bonkers or not, or that she would show up to his place already inebriated I gather. You could argue that he could have changed his mind on the encounter once he met her, but maybe his plan was for sex, then pizza then hustle her out of there, but straight after sex she went feral.

      1. Did you see her photo? He’s old enough to know better.
        Also your posing the same excuse women use when they rationalize ignoring signs of danger to themselves.

        1. There’s millions of young women that look like her and clocking up lots of random sex encounters, but a ‘male nightmare’ story such as this is not making the papers every day. More often than not the savvy guys are the ones that have ONS/F-Buddy with her, and its poor suckers that are the ones that tried to have a relationship with her with the ‘nightmare ex girlfriend’ stories. Seen that scenario play out with my friends. The pump n dump players are not the one dealing with the BS nearly enough as the regular joe guys.
          This is a pretty extreme outcome to use as a warning standard for never have sex with young women who dye their hair or have tatts or have piercings, even if she is pretty and telling you she is DTF that night. She was from out of town so he didn’t have to worry about her stalking him after that night. Also that blue/white haired photo may not have been her tinder pic. There were other pics of her in the media where her look was more conventional. This dude had slept with nearly 200, and I am sure this was not his first piercing girl.

        2. I’m not making the argument that the consequences are always this extreme. Only that he should have understood the risk he was taking. Of course most of the time it’s going to be something that never makes a news story. This whole woe-is-him story is the same bullshit women do when one decides to date some guy she should damn well know has a controlling and abusive personality and then she cries… ‘he seemed like such a nice guy at first’.
          Of course it’s a distribution of severity over odds of anything occurring at all but this is the game he decided to play. He lost this time. And if you’re correct that he has pumped and dumped 200 women then well, he damn well knew what he was getting into and what he was doing. He lost this time. If you keep rolling the dice eventually they come up snake eyes. As it has been said many times, the house always wins if people play long enough. Eventually one of them goes psycho far enough to cause serious problems.
          He’s an adult playing a game he fully understands. He lost this time. Too bad. He’s on tape which he recorded imprisoning her on the balcony. Her failed escape attempt is now for a jury to decide his culpability. If he’s lucky his money will keep him out of prison.

  11. While half of me feels bad for him, his red flag was staring him right in the nose….

    1. I put an eight-minute clip of the audio of the encounter about five posts down…Tostee says some very interesting things during the encounter…things that would definitely get a prosecutor’s attention. Being a betting man, I’d wager he threw the bitch off his balcony, based on the recording. Either that, or the whole thing was a scripted event, designed for mass-media dispersal on a sensationalistic basis. (But then, I don’t believe anything I see in the news.)

      1. If he threatened to toss her, then he’s definitely gonna get charged with something. No way he goes off free, whether guilty or innocent.

        1. What’s going to get him is the last part of the eight-minute snippet of audio. She definitely begs for him to let her go, and he definitely and very clearly says, “I would, but you’ve been a bad girl.” At which point, allegedly, he drags her to the balcony. It’s interesting that he supposedly called his father and recorded that, too, after he, of all things, took a couple of minutes to order a pizza. (Daddy must have big bucks, which financed his lifestyle.) The whole thing smells fishier than a single mom’s pussy after a cock-carousel-riding session, but if it’s a real event, he’s definitely going down – probably for manslaughter.

        2. In some parts of the audio, I swear it sounds like he’s reading from a script, like he’s at a TV audition and isn’t that familiar with his lines…and she just sounds like a drunken slut who can barely even babble. I’m trying to dig out the information on who his father is. I’ll bet he’s some highly connected dude, either in government, the military, or big finance. In which case, Tostee might walk. Fucking weird, whatever the actual truth is…

        3. I just read up over the sequence of events. Don’t think he tossed her. Looks like they had sex, had a fight, he locked her on the balcony and left to grab a piece of pizza. Came back to find his apartment surrounded by police, and guessed it had something to do with her. Made call to daddy afterwards.
          The prosecution has even acknowledged that there’s no real possibility that he threw her.

        4. I don’t share that perception, but what I hear in her … pure BPD craziness. You may think she screamed Noooo Noooo Nooo, because he was so heavily abusing her. Yeah, keep dreaming, fool, you haven’t experienced the nice world of female madness.

        5. he’s definitely going away for something. If he was forcing the girl on to the balcony not only could that be seen as forced imprisonment but she if the context and the recording is anything to go by she would have been a risk to herself even if he had no ill intention. But the last part of the tape needs to be interpreted. It’s not clear what is going on there. It seems almost bizarre that he records this presumably to protect himself then says the things he says, while she is gasping / remonstrating in the background.

        6. This is the weird part for me. I’m not an SJW-enabler by any means, as you know. But everything in that 8-minute audio I posted, points to him tossing her. And yet, nobody is saying that this is a possibility…which is very, very strange. The audio of the event, and the allegations by the press and the Crown, don’t match. If I were a prosecutor, I’d be trying to pin a murder charge on him, too. I wonder if there were witnesses who saw her fall. Whatever the case, as you said, even the prosecution is alleging there is no way he pushed her off…uh…that’s odd in itself, given the content of the audio recording.

        7. It’s really weird, all around. Brings me back to the root of this thread: stf away from nose-rings.

        8. I don’t think that’s bizarre at all. He might have sensed something is fucking wrong with her and made the recording. Or he wanted to bang her and did the recording as ROK often advises men to do.

        9. That’s my issue, too, and that’s why I’m leaning toward the whole thing being a scripted, non-event, made for public consumption. Who the fuck would record, and then willingly turn over, the very evidence that will probably convict him?

        10. Wiggum: Hey I crack cases all the time. Like the case of the symphony conductor who murdered his star cellist.
          Lou: That was an episode of Columbo, chief. They show you who the bad guy is at the beginning of each one.
          Wiggum: Yeah but you have to remember.

        11. I get what you’re saying, but I can’t see why he would co-operate with anything like that. My feeling is that these are both fucked up people. The only time she speaks (except when she’s saying ‘no’ at the end) she is barely coherent – in fact I’d say she isn’t coherent. He on the other hand is working himself up in order to take control. A more assertive male or whatever) wouldn’t need to do that and probably wouldn’t get themselves into that situation. Complaints, (false) rape allegations etc tend to follow after the woman has left. But here she is the one who appears to have been creating havoc (why exactly?). He slowly manages to get control of the situation, but because he isn’t naturally assertive he can’t calibrate his actions properly. My theory is this is an almighty fuck-up where incompetence with women is compounded by wounded vanity.

        12. It’s not bizarre that he recorded the interaction. It’s bizarre that he did so, and then had so little control that he even mentioned something about not throwing her over the balcony, and that he should by rights knock her out or something. Neither of them are fully in control.

        13. If that’s true then he’s not as innocent as it appears. If she was trapped out on the balcony, perhaps she wasn’t committing suicide but really panicked and trying to escape and in trying to, she fell and accidentally died. Which to me makes him somewhat responsible for her death. If he actually left the apartment and abandoned her there alone, that could be pretty scary..

        14. And especially considering prosecutors push the line WAY over, particularly when charging (ie not uncommon to be charged with 8 counts of bullshit, then if you go to trial, they only try you for one tiny charge because they know they could never prove the others).

        15. Exactly. I’m just not buying it. I’m leaning towards a scripted event that never happened (to divide and conquer the viewing public), or a rich kid who killed somebody and his familial connections are helping to cover it up. It just doesn’t make any sense, given the climate of the times and as you mentioned, the zeal which prosecutors display in similar instances (and they only display zeal, I’m convinced, if the accused isn’t someone who’s ensconced high up on the greasy flagpole)…

        16. “It’s interesting that he supposedly called his father and recorded that, too, after he, of all things, took a couple of minutes to order a
          either innocent or guilty that’s bizarre…unless she fell when he left to pick up the pizza.

        17. If it doesn’t add up as the media claims it adds up…well…something else is going on.

        18. It’s because a neighbor 2 floors below heard a lot of banging and screaming and went out on his balcony to see what was going on. He saw her dangling from the railing, told her to go back inside (he couldn’t reach her being 2 floors between them) and then witnessed her fall. He has also testified he heard her screaming for help and yelling “no!”. Also, in the recorded phone call to his dad did he not say something like “why does this keep happening, I swear I didn’t push her!” This guy is super rich and a little weird, so while I don’t trust the media, I also don’t trust an uber rich psycho with a protective daddy.

        19. I haven’t been following the case, but if not that could just be because they’re going after the more serious charge. Charging him with the former might imply that he had no intention of hurting her

        20. I was thinking the same thing. Still, he fact that she didn’t call for help remains. It’s established that the neighbours could hear some ruckus when they were fighting, but she didn’t call for help. If I were stuck in the balcony I’d call for help. Unless of course I wanted to keep it quiet. I wonder if he recorded their session.

        21. “why does this keep happening” was a really f-ing weird thing to say. How many girls have jumped from your balcony, son?

        22. And why is he recording the call to his dad? He claims she was freaking out so he locked her on the balcony…. And went to get pizza??? You leave a supposedly bat shit crazy virtual stranger on your balcony??? None of his story adds up.

    2. He was certainly not looking at dating her in the lead up to a relationship. She was on tinder, got pre gamed inebriated, and met him for their date late in the evening at his place. They were both into random hookup sex. Nose rings, eye piercings, lobe earrings, skrillex haircuts, lots of tatts, its all fine and good to go in that context.
      My guess is knowing he had audio surveillance in his place (*) he would not have said he would throw her off the balcony, if he did intend to or really wanted to. That’s crazy to create gift evidence against yourself. My guess is that in her drunken (drugged?) state, that since he locked her out there till she calmed down, she tried to outsmart him and attempted to climb to the apartment below/above her and slipped and fell.
      (*) weird having audio surveillance and not video since he was a player and would get more kicks out of the videos of his encounters I would have thought.

  12. If they convicted me for this same scenario and I was innocent I would be fucking some shit up when I got out with a machete.

  13. Why haven’t the SJWs changed the legal term, “manslaughter”, to “personslaughter”? I mean, like, it’s sooooooo bigoted and misogynistic. (Smirk.)

        1. Heh. Sounds like a good deal to me. I’ll have to check with my blue-haired feminist friend first, because she’s like, realllly smart and you know, women are so much smarter than us guys…

        2. please do bob. Even I figured out how and I am basically 1 step away from totally computer illiterate

        3. I’ve got the chops (that’s what I do, design websites), I just don’t know if it there’s a market for it? Seriously. I don’t know squat about blogs.

        4. so make one. If there is a market it will show up. If not you wasted like 50 bucks and hand some fun. Win Win.

    1. I believe feminists already have dibs on manslaughter for whenever they get around to annihilate those cis bastards.

    2. because only men can kill because of privilege.
      That said, I am doing a good job at getting back at women this weekend. Fishing with dynamite. I swear, some of the things these birds say.

      1. Take ’em down Kneeman. And I want a full report. I am living vicariously through your sexploits at the moment, having gone Cold Turkey when it comes to women the last couple of weeks (speaking of “birds”)…

        1. I am doing the real benton ad. Las night was italian from italy. This afternoon was a Korean from georgia (the accent was strange on an asian). Tonight the asian wants to come back but I have an Indian chick in the hopper and I have an afternoon no pretenses, i am leaving for moscow for a month i want to come over with the russian fashion model tomorrow afternoon.
          Bob, I always do pretty well. But this weekend it is just on fucking fire. I am home now cooking a NY Strip steak medium rare because I need the nutrients.

        2. Man, that was tasty. I love it when you bang the hotties and take no prisoners. That strip steak sounds tasty, too. Me? I’m watching the sports scores, seeing how it all pans out in college football today, while waiting for my betting partner to return to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area on Monday morning. So I’m a prisoner, tied to the computer and the phone. Work, work, work. Thanks for the update, glad you are on fire. Dance, dance, for tomorrow we die, my brother…

        3. Every now and again you just get a hot hand. My dick will smell like the UN come monday. My cousin is a big college sports guy. He placed so many bets last year on thanksgiving he went through every human emotion possible. In the end he broke even. We all have our vices Bob….good luck on the day.

        4. Thanks bro. (Smell like the UN…guffaw. Nice one.) I do well at this or I wouldn’t do it (sports betting). Like shooting tuna in a barrel, if you know your shit – just like you, when it comes to scoring pussy. Research, prepare, execute.

        5. I have heard people say that the casino doesn’t get rich on gamblers it gets rich on tourists. I guess gambling is like anything else…something you can get good at.

        6. Trust me when I say it is. And it isn’t gambling to me. It’s investing. (Taking money from suckers, like they do on Wall Street…)

        7. Sonny Boy Williams and Bo Diddly are my playlist. The hardest part bob is having to keep re cleaning my apartment lol

        8. Jaysus, I hope you don’t have to wash your sheets in between conquests? That would fuck up a Saturday fast…

        9. I am absurdly OCD Bob. I change sheets constantly. The upside is that you could perform surgery in my apartment. The downside is that I am constantly cleaning.

        10. I have heard this from guys I’ve met before who gamble. I buy it. natural inclination plus years of practice equals excellence…no reason that surgery, plumbing, gambling and guitar shouldn’t all be the same.

        11. It’s true. When you find an edge you exploit it – at work, in business, banging women, etc. You just have to want it badly enough and find your edge.

        12. Is it true that you get banned or kicked out or something if you consistently win with decent sized bets (over 500?) I don’t think it’s true. I’m pretty decent when it comes to combat sports.

        13. Based on the people I know and have talked to – yes. They don’t like consistent winners in Vegas. So you have to be smart about how you go about it. DGG is the law of the jungle – Don’t Get Greedy.

        14. And this applies to all online betting? If there’s a resource you could point me to in regards to this sort of thing, I’d really appreciate it.

        15. Online betting – I wouldn’t risk it. Those outfits operate offshore. So there is zero accountability. I have never made an online wager for that reason (plus, it’s technically illegal in most, if not all, of the USA – at least last time I checked). I know people who have gone up big online, and their accounts were closed and that was that – the offshore books took all the money.
          That’s why it’s wise to do it at a sportsbook in Vegas. As far as being banned goes, here’s a little more info – let’s say you go to the same sportsbook week after week and you make bets of $500 or more on a slew of football games and you win consistently. They will politely ask you not to come back. If you come back, you’ll be banned. If you are banned, they will network with the other casinos to keep you out of the action. Which is why using beards (guys to run bets for you) is a popular thing there. It’s wise to rotate books if you are a winner. Show up one place one weekend, and another place the next weekend. And never bet $500 or more on games or fights or whatever else you bet on…
          A lot of the info you will find online is bullshit, designed to make you lose your money. The best thing to do is to go to sports betting forums and sift through the information, and use your brain, and maybe interact with some of the posters. Hope this helps.

        16. You’re spending a month in Moscow? Did I read that right?
          Might be interesting to be there during the ascension of The Donald. To the media, he’s Putin’s bestie but to Assange Putin and Hillary are joined at the hip so I wonder…

        17. Putin doesn’t trust Hillary at all. She’s way more antagonistic, and likely to stir pots. Trump sounds like he’s interested in actual diplomacy, where you find mutually beneficial arrangements for each other, as opposed to the Left’s ‘Do everything I say without question, or else!” brand of diplomacy.

        18. Thats really amazing- consistently winning paltry amounts like $500 will get you banned? How many months do you think a guy can go before they tell you not to come back? Two? Three?

        19. Vegas has ungodly surveillance systems and security systems – the type that would make bank security specialists feel second-rate. If you win, say, 60% of the time over a six-month period, and you bet $500 a pop, what I’ve been told by wiser guys that I, is you’ll get banned. I’ve never met anybody who’s been banned, but I’ve read comments from people who claim they have been banned in online forums about sportsbooks. If you are betting on one game a week, well, it might take them a couple of years to notice – heh. But if you are betting several games a day on the NFL, for example, and cleaning house, it won’t take as long. Stay under $500 per wager and rotate sportsbooks (there are tons of them in Vegas, and well over 100 in the entire state of Nevada), and don’t play every single weekend, and you should be fine…but there are no guarantees there.

        1. Yeah I dont remember getting my “Male Privelage” either. Is that something that comes in the mail? Because if it is my mom probably ripped the letter to shreds.

  14. Fascism and Communism were defeated, Liberalism is about to crumble (I hope). Nationalism is a next logical step, but what will replace the Global Banking System which is the very embodiment of Globalism?

    1. We don’t need to replace the Global Banking System. We just have to make sure our guys run it and not (((their guys))).

  15. That poor man can you imagine all the stupid shit he had to put up with that night just to get laid? And finally when its over she goes ahead and throws herself off a building.

    1. just wait. 20 years from now when he is applying for jobs….this will never, ever, ever fucking go away.

      1. Ya what will be saying to the hiring manager? Yes I knew she was crazy, but c’mone I just wanted to get laid, we’ve all been there…. right?

      2. His daddy is richer than god, based on my research, and the kid has bank, too (he’s allegedly a Gold Coast playboy, probably got it all from daddy). So I don’t think he’s going to have to apply for any jobs anytime soon. He probably will, however, take applications from whores who want to give him blowjobs. Heh.
        Her: Is there room for advancement?
        Him: Maybe, but you can fall pretty quickly if you don’t watch your step…

        1. But he still chooses obviously crazy women on tinder? At some point he deserves the consequences of his decisions.

    2. “Just to get laid” – This guy was no struggler when it came to getting girls. His good looks & 6pack body shot on tinder reeled them in, and he was up near 200 notches. He did not have to wine & dine her to get her back to his place as I gather she showed up at his pace for the hookup date. Likely the stupid came on after sex. Maybe he said something negative about her or was extra rough and she felt used and went off. I suspect she didnt throw herself off but tried to climb down to the apt below to escape, and slipped and fell.

    3. If not for the ensuing cops/court bullshit that would probably have been the most satisfying part if he actually got to see her hit the pavement

      1. This is the fourth consecutive psycho idiot comment you’ve made this topic. There’s a world of difference between understanding and accepting what we all are and hating women.

  16. Lesson: Buy hookers, use a condom – continue with your business and fuqq bieeches. Game and chasing women is just a waste of time and dangerous.

    1. Um, yeah. Ok. Because hookers can’t cry rape or otherwise ruin your life.

  17. It sounds to me like she went crazy, threw his things around, expected him to take it because he fell into the nice guy category, or whatever, or simply because she was too far gone to know what she was doing. He then slowly gets more and more worked up. I would say that everything up to the point when he locks her out on the balcony (assuming that’s what happened and he didn’t actually murder her, a possibility which appears to have been ruled out) reflects the dynamics of him turning the tables on her (in terms of aggression). Unfortunately there is a sense in which he comes across as “empowering” himself. She was out of control, so much so that he presumably feared some kind of further retaliation from her – an allegation of some sort – abuse, rape? – something leads him to record the interaction. He appears to successfully subdue her but since she doesn’t have a mark on her it’s not clear how this happens – the rest of the tape is disturbing, and doesn’t reflect well on him, but beyond him being some kind of improvisatory evil genius who intended to throw her off the balcony and made the recording as a cover I’d say this is a bizarre instance of a worm who turned, someone who met an unstable girl, had the kind of poor social and ‘relationship’ skills that ensured a bad outcome, managed to upset her somehow (or was simply in the vicinity when she went crazy) watched the girl trash his place and then slowly worked himself up to the point where he was capable of taking control of the situation. By the end of the tape, he might not have murder in mind, but he is not composed, or entirely in control of himself, let alone the situation. People with social anxiety, don’t always get angry in the way others do. They need to get beyond a certain threshold before their blood is up, and when that happens they are functioning in an abnormal psychological state. I would be interested to know if people who know him think the person on the tape is who he normally is. Personally I reserve judgement on this one. The tape is a window on a bad sequence of events and there is no point when I can fully read what is going on. All I know is two damaged people hooked up on Tinder and it was a disaster waiting to happen

    1. Killing her would have been legally sanctioned self defence after she assaulted him, not murder

      1. A male killing a woman after a ONS is going to prison for life if she did anything less than pull a gun and shoot him with it.

        1. Its about jealousy. Men in this generation have become weak, lost authority over the women, have no real balls, and so when they see a man who self developed make a mistake they take out all their self hatred on him.
          This is why what Roosh said re SJWs is important. The second they start to swarm, dont apologize. It only makes you a target for those gutless maggots

      2. No he couldn’t, in Australia (generally speaking, the states are all different), one is entitled to defend oneself, but it must be a reasonable method of defence. So if she starts hitting him with a wet fish, he can defend himself with a salami stick, he can’t shoot her.

  18. This guy should have known better.
    One look at Wright, and it’s very evident she’s a feminist loon. The dyed blue hair and the bull ring thru her nose just screams messed up feminist nut job.
    The guy should have run in the opposite direction the minute he saw her.
    Sad that it is now becoming necessary for men to record their encounters and involvements with women in order to protect themselves.
    Sad – but necessary.

      1. Yes, that Tammy Faye Baker look should definitely put up a huge red flag, along with the hair, bull ring, and self inflicted scars – it should have been very evident this woman had one oar out of the water.

    1. I surmise They hooked up and he dropped his guard a little and probably made some innocuous offhand comment to her like “roosh doesn’t advocate rape” or “not every one in college who gets accused of rape is automatically guilty.” and set the crazy off

  19. Well, those kind of things is why i stopped to be a full time member od PUA community and getting more and more engaged in the MRM (that and the thing that lots of would be PUA became SJWs of their own). I don’t mean it the case here, gentlemen. 😉
    Trust me, this guy is lucky. i’ve seen dozens of cases where the man is condemned to jail on false accusations (or just for defending his life), being freed and loosing everything (job, familly, study…), or be beaten to death by SJW ‘friends/familly’ of the damzel in distress…
    Things are getting worse thanks to feminism AND things are slowly changing . People become more and more aware of the anti male narrative (toxic masculinity, boggus wage gap, boggus stats about rape and vioence…)
    I know there have been struggles between MRM and PUAs, but, ultimately, we are on the same side.
    Buy the way, there are some good news about kicking feminism where it hurts…

  20. I guess these special little feminist snowflakes melt down in Queensland’s climate.

      1. Not one spot of ink.
        How odd is it that in this day and age I can look back on a slut from the mid 20th century with a finger in her vajayjay and think “What a fine, decent young lass”?

        1. This is how far we’ve declined. This one even let herself be photographed, and it’s still so much better than what the young men have to deal with today.

        2. Fast forward to ROK year 2036 and we’ll probably be extolling the timeless sex appeal of classic beauties like Miley Cyrus in the comments below an article on fembot game

    1. She was actually pretty hot, especially given her day and age. Nice round ass, no flab, pretty face. The whole package. A total slut hose beast, but objectively an attractive woman.

  21. What has the world come to when you cant pick up a bat shit crazy girl for a night of sex. Damn they are so good in bed

  22. One hint here guys. That girl was past a little drunk. If you want to meet insane or end up with puke in your bed. Let a girl get that drunk

  23. You want to bang some crazy broad off tinder? Ok.
    First fuckup was bringing jer home.
    Dont let ons , esp crazy ones know wheree you live.
    Second fuckuo, letting her get really drunk. No good comes from that.
    Third fuckup is not kicking her out after banging.

    Fourth fuckup. Does he not have video capability on his phone? Video!

    Theres more.
    Bottom line is dude played with fire and got burned

    1. The only way that guys gets pussy is if it is drunk and he can bribe it, even if she regularly blows hobos on street corners for free

      1. So are you stupid professionally or is it a hobby?

  24. The law permits the use of lethal force in self defense. A man’s home is his castle, stand your ground etc.,
    To avoid the hassles of dealing with dumb pig cops and going to court he should have fed her to those majestic Australian great white sharks though. No body = no crime

    1. How was he supposed to even consider that after she’d reenacted the opening scene of Lethal Weapon?

  25. Governments need to decide if women are people capable of making their own decisions. If they need to be treated like children so be it, they should have the rights of children. If they are adults, so be it they must accept responsibility for their actions like adults.

    1. If that had been more widespread when slave trading was going on with the New World, perhaps that problem never would’ve happened.

    2. Afro centrists will have you believe the E1B1A1 Bantu pictured above somehow built the E1B1B1 Ethiopian and Egyptian civilizations of north Africa. E1B1B1 is entirely absent from black sub-saharan Africans.
      Normally, I hate discussing race, but after a few run-ins with BLM this year, I’m inclined to speak truth.

      1. just from memory I think E1b1a1 is defined by markers DYS271/M2/SY81, M291, P1/PN1, P189, P293, V43, and V95
        Just thought I’d mention that

        1. A co-worker showed me a video of Louis Farrakhan blabbering racial theories that fly in the face of nucleotide sequencing. Why people spend time debating races of ancient civilizations instead of improving their current lives is beyond me.

        2. I cut and pasted that from wikipedia, as you probably suspect. But absolutely, I hate those kind of debates, as they go absolutely nowhere

        3. The gold extraction was completed and the hybrid worker drones were left to their own devices and to their squalor. Then came evangelist missionary preachers in church busses to see if they could revive the inhabitants to at least a sputter and commence simple projects like irrigation.

      2. I assume the A1 group denotes the ‘A’ (Adam) group predating the flood (60,000+ yrs). The origin can be traced to Kenya pending any other undiscovered sites.
        The ‘b’ group precipitated (or was mixed with contact) with a b group 50,000- yrs ago. Northward and also westward to another puzzling crossroads in the region of present day Cameroon, also the origin of the Bantu. The new R1b group appears suddenly about 20k yrs ago displaying the common euro package of recessive traits, fine straight hair and blue/grn eyes. This group is dominant by a landslide in both the Iberian peninsula and also a jump over to the British isles and strangely in Cameroon! The R1b has its oldest traces to the Iberian penensula (Portugal) dating back 18,500 yrs. With no linguistic link from bantu/swahili to the celtic or indo ‘celtiberian’ language 3000 yrs ago, HOW THE HECK does R1b date back as far in Cameroon and how did it get there, FLY?? Check out the oasis of R1b IN CAMEROON of all places.
        Cameroon, rich in sub tropical foliage
        And TITTIE MILK ON TAP!!
        And bananas dangling ripe. Tell me it ain’t heaven on earth for a nigga.
        But the R1b cluster in Cameroon just blows my mind. No migrations or direct contact whatsoever linking western Europe and the British isles to inland west Africa whatsoever. The euro traits are un noticable with the overriding dominant flat kinky hair, thick lips and dark pigment. The R1b obviously didn’t arrive by boat or by foot. EXTRATERRESTIAL SEEDING is the only explanation. Or perhaps the original ‘a’ group was managed by overlords from elsewhere such as the ‘alien king’ Akhnatan with the big head.
        The big question still is WHO BUILT STONEHENGE? That will provide the answer to a few missing links. Get this shit, mummies in Peru also had RED HAIR, which is recessive moreso than blonde. It’s rarer. Annunaki-Celt?

  26. Tostee

    So close to Lolknee. This is why I warn you away from psycho sluts dude. All that glitters is not gold.

  27. “What is a man to do in this situation?” Presumably call 911, given someone just fell off his balcony. Not go for pizza. In any event, he doesn’t claim he went for pizza after she fell. He claims she was going nuts and wrecking his place etc….so he locked her out on the balcony. Fair enough, except then he went for pizza. So, you have a raging lunatic in your house and you just up and leave her unattended? The balcony is still a part of your house, after all.

  28. It is very unwise, despite feminism anti feminism, to let a psychotic individual to your house and especially balcony. During university a friend of mine got in trouble for another student trying suicide from the balcony of his house. Generally in our era, it is best to immediately avoid and keep distance from an individual who shows signs or has history of mental illness. Hard but true. Practically mental illness nowadays is a free card to commit crime. Also the left progressive anti traditional movement which has normalized many deviant vices and behaviors like homosexuality, promiscuity, drug culture, antichristianity, they have also successfully passed the deinstitutionalization of mentally insane, the antiphyciatrist movement. Crazy is almost an alternative worldview, not an evil manifestation of disease in the fallen world.

    1. Conclusion made. Not guilty.
      I was hesitant to figure this guy was completely innocent. But all considered, he seems to be marginally more level headed, she seems to be strung out on more than just alcohol. But that isn’t even what is important. The prosecutor is trying to jump through some tight hoops to get the conviction.
      Tostee needs to hope the jury is fair and honest.

      1. One thing that wasn’t in that article was the evidence given by the pathologist. She said that the dead chick had no signs, internal or external of any signs of strangulation or of being held by the neck.

        1. That was discussed in the article on this site. It’s not relevant to my conclusion, and in fact I completely discounted it. The article here is absolutely not a fair presentation of the facts.

        2. It’s an opinion piece written as a defense of Tostee. It had a feel to it as if it were minimizing his faults and responsibility. Given this was the first time I was reading about this case, I just found myself unable to trust it to make an informed determination.
          The article Shane linked to seemed to be a bit more comprehensive in listing facts with less bias.

        3. That article I posted seemed to be a good report of the facts that came out during the trial. The bullshit floating around at the time of her death was terrible, the feminists seemed to have come to the conclusion that he was a murderer on day 1. Some of the things that were submitted as evidence had not been heard prior to the trial. The prosecution was saying that he put her into a choke hold, the pathologist’s evidence said that there was no choke hold at all.
          The judge is summing up the case as I write this, will be interesting to see what he says, but I’d bet a penny to a pound his summation will be criticized.

        4. Fair enough, however unless there are proofs that he pushed her off the balcony, if he is declared guilty, it’s just one more confirmation that the rule of law is dead in the West.
          So far he is only guilty of being a stupid asshole. As far as I know that in itself is not a crime…yet.

      2. Tostee needs a male riot. The actual men in his country have to make it clear there will be hell to pay of he isnt released.
        Haha. Yeah, right.

  29. Those eyes. It cannot be said enough times:
    “Do not, repeat, DO NOT, stick your dick in crazy”

  30. Great writing, great facts. I saw the news video and heard some audio. This guy was patient and this chick wrecked herself. For him to get anything other than a not guilty would be cruel.

  31. Seriously guys, this is why you should give the flick to tinder and internet dating. Do the real work of self improvement. Dont take the easy way out, especially with insane feminists with bull ring piercings. A girl has to be absolutely off her rocker to think imitating a farm animal is a good idea. Be a man and approach a decent looking woman in person instead. The saying “Don’t stick your dick in crazy” exists for a reason… you bring a mentally ill slut back to your place and there is a high probability of bad stuff happening

  32. Guys just do not get it today. They are so freaking stupid. You got guys that are “TFL” or “MGTOW” or guys that complain how hard it is to get a woman and how women are promiscuous and how 80% only chase the top 20% of guys and blah blah blah……but yet at the same time, they think it’s perfectly ok and great for a guy (like the one above) to sleep around and have sex with as many women as he can. Do you see the problem this creates for OTHER guys? Sorry, but you cannot have it BOTH ways. If you want to have more available women for the guys that fall out of the 20% range and have a more even playing field in the “dating game”, then each guy should only be able to have ONE woman and ONE woman only. And no sex until AFTER marriage. Get that? That way, when Mr. Brad Pitt stud guy gets his ONE woman and gets married and stays married for a lifetime, he is then OFF the market. This gives other guys a better chance at finding a wife.
    When you have the top 20% of guys sleeping around with and dating a different girl each week OR getting married and cheating on his wife, what you end up creating is a situation in society where the women that have access to the those top 20% guys are off the market from the other 80% of guys which creates a huge imbalance in the dating field. Average looking girls end up being able to play as many men as they like since their much hotter looking counterparts are all busy chasing the same alpha stud.
    I’m no blue piller and I’m not “captain save a ho” kind of guy, but complaining about how slutty women are and then somehow legitimizing and celebrating a guy that has sex with multiple women is just irrationally stupid. Guys like that above are what help create the dating imbalance we see today. Instead of Roosh going around and promoting promiscuity, he should be preaching 1 woman for every 1 man and sex until after marriage. THAT IS WHAT OPENS UP THE DATING FIELD AND GIVES OTHER GUYS A CHANCE AT FINDING A WIFE!!!! CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!

    1. Relax, guy. Most guys that are getting ass that aren’t married are getting ass from sluts. You don’t wife up a slut, you kick her to the curb – so this shouldn’t be an issue. You wife up the one that is inexperienced or with very little experience. Why? Because that makes a dominant-submissive (you-her) relationship easy. The sexually inexperienced will always submit to the sexually experienced.
      And another thing; you aren’t limited to just the pussy in your immediate area. Travel for it if you have to. There’s plenty of decent, wholesome women to go around.

    2. I agree with your perspective on the dating/hookup scene but your alternative solution is too extreme the other way. It would be good if there was a balance between the two ends of the spectrum. (70s/80s/90s style), but I cant see it happening. I thought I read this Gable dude was up around 200 women from online dating within a few years. The dating market where it is today is not going to change unless there is some major new sociological element thrown into the mix. Guys like GT are not going to get oneitis in his 20s when plenty of tinder girls are DTF for him. Women can go yolo with 6 pack dudes easy enough so they do.
      Its of no advantage to celebrate the player/slut culture for average joe shmoe, though I think some do hoping that they can get some. The more beta dudes standing on the sidelines that see their more desirable mates get plenty of no strings attached sex, the more they want in on the action. It snowballs. If good catch men only slept with top tier women it would not be such a problem for other men, but the nature of men is such that many are fine dropping their standards quite a bit for a no effort enthusiastic lay, but when it comes to the below average men dropping standards 2 levels for nookie its not quite so appealing.

    3. I don’t really see the problem when being part of the 20 % is accessible to almost everyone.
      You TOTALLY can train yourself until you get a very lean/greek body, you totally can learn enough game to master social interactions, you totally can a lot of things to better your situation unlike 100 years ago when you were basically born into a social position.
      You see I made a conscious decision that “wasting” my time on the rat race to being one of the 20 % and getting laid like a king was a waste of time to me. I’d rather live my life and enjoy it because I don’t derive much satisfaction from women. I use hookers and fleshlight and it’s just as good to me. I respect the 20 % because yes some of them are born perfect physical specimen but others worked for it and they got the body/game/whatever they deserve.
      Basically if you aren’t doing anything to be the best you can’t be you don’t have the right to complain about being unlucky with women. And if you are the best you deserve to fuck any women you want. That’s just human nature, NOBODY want to settle for second best.

  33. When somebody grabs you by the pussy do you
    a) Moan erotically
    b) Giggle and ask for more?
    At $97 beans an hour you best well be doing more than laying there!

  34. Record everything men!!!
    He’s screwed, but without that audio there wouldn’t even be much of a trial. I feel he had video, he might have been saved.
    You may never need evidence like that to save you, but the one time you might it will save you 20 to life.

  35. I’m glad I read ROK. I first saw this story on the Daily Mail. That publication straight up convicted him and made me think he did it at first glance. They spun her social media photos showing her scared face as proof that he was making her uncomfortable and ready to kill her.
    The conspiracy is not that the media is liberal. It has always been liberal. The media is gynocentric, meaning it is staffed by and centered around women and their opinions and biases. This is why regular newspapers and hard news outlets carry stories about the Kardashians. And what it does is automatically convict men of crimes without due process or investigation, unlike lawenforcement and REAL journalists.
    The lesson in this case is that we should be prepared for the worst if we invite strange or familiar women into our homes. Roosh told us few years ago that young men should have cameras in their homes, and record their interactions with women, sex or not, in case those women would come back later and claim rape. Mental illness among women is high and it’s getting worse. As we can see, false rape accuasations aren’t the only threat to your freedom. She may re-encact Jack’s smirking revenge.

  36. Tostee’s error in judgement is obvious — bull ring nose and blue hair? And he invited her to his home?
    Come on, these women are poison.
    Avoid all women who dye their hair unnatural shades or display other attention-whoring body modifications. They are always – ALWAYS – dangerously unstable.

  37. I said on my latest article if Hillary wins that men will probably have to record not only their sexual encounter, but EVERY and ALL parts of their interactions with women at the present rate. California just changed its “rape” definition to include essentially anything, and California is always the wider test lab in the US.

      It shits me how politicians rush through knee jerk changes to criminal legislation in response to one particular case, just because there is a whole lot of hullabaloo in the media over that one case. For sure the reporting on that case was not of the full facts that the judge took into account, but rather on selected facts which would have been exaggerated to manufacture maximum outrage with women. The perp did get a good deal but you deal with that specific case and dont broardbrush changes on extending the law or creating new laws on the fly to appease social media petitions.
      The msm pat themselves on the back for making social change, but where were they for the lenient sentence on the Microsoft executive’s sugar baby who murdered him and got extremely light sentience, or the dearth of convictions on wall street execs for the GFC debarkle.

  38. The hi rise is to blame. Modern whore culture and wild psychotic hypergamy clashing with masculine technology. The girl thought she could rope and ride another stud or roll another beta and run on her way. It would have worked in a ground level sand dune culture or in the jungle where you can fall no farther than the tree you climb, but technology is a limb we’ve carefully climbed out upon with acute male guidance. Crazy bitches start bouncing the limb and it’s mutiny.
    THE FIRST hi rise built was the ten story Home Insurance Building in Chicago (1884).
    Women knew their place and it wasn’t swinging from the balconies like monkeys on kratom. It was at home TIT FEEDING!
    Technology is forged by strong motivated men. Tit milk and technogogy. The perfect combination.
    Know your role ladies. It’s TIT FEEDING!

  39. “Don’t stick it in crazy”
    This old maxim so fundamental and so hard to follow in practice even for high SMV men.
    “Don’t brag about it”
    Again, so hard for most men to shut the fuck up about their sexual lives.

    1. LOL – That’s what I said to my wife about this case and she couldn’t stop laughing

  40. Women are allowed to do pretty much anything they please and yet men are expected to follow every rule to the letter of the law. If some ditz decides to go apeshit on you you’d better make sure that you handle everything 100% correctly or else there will be hell to pay. If the situation were reversed any attempt to blame the women would be met with cries of outrage from the public at large.

  41. Men build buildings in the shape of an erect penis because they fantasize about trapping women within their penises and then spurting them out to the ground like cum. He is obviously guilty and may even be a high ranking member of the patriarchy.

  42. These are the type of women you meet of tinder or your typical american nightvenue, and you guys wonder why Roosh would rather date foreign women….

  43. This sort of thing makes a strong case for one of my golden rules: Never EVER bring strange back to your place. Any time I had a fling, it was always at her place. You don’t want to unknowingly open your door to a psychopath like this poor bastard has.

  44. Guys. It’s just not worth risking your future on some psychocunt on a dating site. I’m pretty much convinced that 99.99% are psychotic and just there for the ego gratification.

  45. Duke Lacrosse all over again. The DA should be removed over the prosecution of this case.

  46. I’m going underground if Killary wins…Until the Left destroys civilization, this shit is NEVER going to end. After the fall, we can come out of hiding and finally hunt these people down.

  47. How would this have been different in 1950 I wonder, would society and the media have quickly dismissed her as woman of loose morals given the nose ring and blue hair and biased the trial in the other direction? I somehow manage to live my life almost completely clear of these troublesome individuals although I had did have a situation once with a women (not a girlfriend) where I steered clear, felt the threat of a violent situation and then the legal system being biased against the man. Have heard in the Ukraine it’s socially acceptable for a man to slap a woman in public if she behaves badly, which is some food for though for a better balance for society’s laws and codes for acceptable behaviour.

  48. a bull nose ring! sign of insanity. This guy should have heeded the warning sign.
    Men, it’s gotten so crazy that you can’t even invite chicks to your house anymore. Always meet at the hotel and pump and dump and move on.

  49. Man, the West is fucked. How long can a society function like this before it just implodes?

  50. BREAKING: Tostee found to be innocent

    #BREAKING: The jury in the trial of Gable Tostee has found him not guilty of the murder of New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright.
    Posted by The Australian on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

  51. So he was found not guilty today which is great considering the jury had access to the same evidence the media reported on. On BBC, they still only mention the quotes from the recordings that make him sound guilty. Even with the verdict decided they don’t include any possibility that he had nothing to do with her death, instead leaving the quotes inferring his guilt in the article. I know it’s the same old sensationalist media song but they want him to be guilty. It wasn’t an op-ed piece either.

  52. Just remember someone’s article in RoK about having a hidden camera in your apartment when you have sex with unknown women, nay with girlfriends, nay nay, even with your own wives. Times are changing, tyranny is the order of the day now! Audio evidence saved him from the jail but not from the media and his future is most probably in jeopardy.
    Remember! Use hidden cameras for one night stands, girlfriends and wives. Let this case be a chill down your spine, so take action now!

  53. Found not guilty. On a legal basis that was the only appropriate outcome but I was skeptical they would reach such a conclusion given how the jury system is laughable-the average person being able to understand the nuance of the law boggles the mind and how many times have we seen circumstances where juries are manipulated by a good attorney or by emotion? They should be scrapped and decisions should be made only by those who are learned in the law (albeit you have asshole activist judges and all that).
    Still a fool though for having let things escalate to that. The moment things started to get violent and strange is the time you remove them from the premises/out the front door. I do not buy this whole front door being further away from the balcony and not wanting a prolonged physical altercation-you’re a male and therefore bigger and stronger and should be able to restrain them and frog march them out. Going by the account it was allowed to escalate to a ridiculous extent-maybe my tolerance/patience is very short but the second they give me lip then it’s time to say ‘goodbye and adios; I do not tolerate any shit from anybody let alone a woman.
    Having regard to the posts-they speak for themselves really. You had someone who was socially retarded trying to make up for lost time and being a faux Alpha; that is, it was veneer and superficial without the substance hence leading to the situation that transpired. A man with a pair of testicles would never have allowed someone psychotic like that to get to 1/10th of the antics they did.

  54. I’m betting he read the ROK article on how to avoid a false rape accusation (murder in this case). This poor bugger would be falsely imprison for the next 20 years if it wasn’t for his phone!!
    Fuck western women… It’s been 6 years and counting for me to even lay my hands on one. I just pay $200-300 to fly my Eastern women over that cooks, cleans and puts out without question for a months or two then I rotate her with another one of my girls. 10 years of fucking western women was the most traumatic part of my life. The amount of bullshit you have to deal with a western girl is worst than having your balls on fire!

  55. Tinder: Any ‘hot’ woman who uses such a site is going to have a cocktail of psychological problems. Approach with caution.

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