US Navy Has Surrendered To The Gender-Neutral Agenda By Abolishing Job Titles With “Man”

The US Navy overturned 241 years of tradition recently when it officially abolished all job titles for enlisted personnel.  The decision has turned out to be extremely unpopular, and by the time you’ve finished with this article, you’ll understand why.  The change was ultimately ordered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, but the original idea came from the top enlisted man Master Chief Petty Officer Mike Stevens.

For those who don’t know, the US Navy uses descriptive titles to describe specific job functions:  e.g., aviation ordnanceman, hospitalman, legalman, naval aircrewman, aircrew survival equipmentman, etc.  The “problem” with these job titles is that many of them have the letters “man” in them. And that, of course, is deeply offensive to the guardians against political incorrect heresy.  Therefore—in Secretary Mabus’s world—the job descriptions have to go.  And just like that, 241 years of tradition are consigned to oblivion.

To those tempted to say, “So what?” or “What’s the big deal?,” I would remind them that these job titles are part of naval and maritime traditions that date back many centuries.  Naval warships are their own self-contained world, and these job titles become part of each sailor’s identity.  Tradition matters in this world—despite the fact that this is not understood by the pencil-necked geeks in Washington—and to tamper with it without any advance warning shows just how little respect the civilians who run the Navy really have for it.

And beyond that, it shows a deliberate attempt to erase masculinity from naval tradition.  Words matter, and they matter more than people think.  Language is being used to elevate women at the expense of men in an area that has always been—and will continue to be—a masculine world.  Mabus himself only served in the Navy for twenty-four months.  He was also the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  He authorized the naming of naval ships after gay rights leader Harvey Milk and US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, neither of which were military heroes.  It’s difficult to imagine inspiring a sailor’s fighting spirit being inspired by serving on a vessel named after either of these two people. Mabus, as I see it, has insufficient respect for naval tradition and never should have been made Secretary of the Navy.


Mabus actually named a naval ship after Gabrielle Giffords. She is neither a naval nor military hero, but someone who was shot by a lunatic

Promoting “gender neutrality” has been a big focus of Mabus’s tenure as Secretary, and he’s made no secret about it.  This change was announced quietly on September 29, and the reaction has been near-universal outrage and disgust.  And justifiably so.  Stevens—now safely retired with his own fat pension, of course—says he was supported fully by the top admirals.

Of course he was.  Everyone at the top knows the way the political winds are blowing, and will not hesitate to throw their men and their traditions under the bus when it suits their own career advancement.  It’s an old story, about which more will be written when the United States loses its next major war.  Until then, all we can do is stew in our rage.  Sailors in the fleet feel angry and betrayed; a petition to reverse the decision was begun in early October and has already gained 66,000 signatures.  Once that number rises to 100,000, the decision must be reviewed by the commander-in-chief.

The timing of the decision lends itself to speculation.  This year is an election year, and Mabus is likely to be out of his current office no matter who wins in November.  Why was this done now?  Of course Mabus and the top brass have trotted out all the usual diplomatic palaver to explain their decision:  it was done to help sailors “cross-train” and “improve their job performance” and even, incredibly, to “help them transition to civilian life.” As if the point of the military is not to fight wars, but to prepare enlistees and officers for “civilian life.”  Unbelievable.


Mabus also tripled maternity leave for women in the Navy and Marines

But for the men who are affected by this decision—and make no mistake, it is men, not women, who fight wars—the message couldn’t be clearer.  That message is this: you don’t matter.  We don’t value you.  You exist as props for our social engineering agenda.  But it doesn’t just stop there.  Despite all the bending of the rules of nature and biology, and despite all the legislation and game-rigging that has been going on for years now about the gender issue in the military, some people say that men still need to do more to help legislate themselves out of existence.

One recent LA Times article entitled “If We Really Want Women In Combat, Men Must Do More,” writer John Spencer asserts that men still aren’t doing enough to help women step on their heads and walk over them.  Spencer at least is willing to acknowledge reality:

All close combat units have high entry standards. Infantry troops, for example, have to be able to carry heavy weights on their backs over long distances. The physical and mental demands of close combat are extreme. The job is not for the average soldier. A year-long Marine Corps study found that all-male infantry units were faster, more lethal and able to evacuate wounded soldiers in less time than mixed-gender test groups. Simply put, the study found that the average man was stronger than the average woman.

Despite this, however, Spencer is unwilling to draw the necessary and logical conclusions.  Instead, he retreats safely into the gender-neutral, politically-correct fantasy world of the US military in 2016.  He sternly lectures us that

Because it’s crucial to maintain the same physical standards for men and women in close combat assignments, the military should put into place long-term physical training programs to help women develop the abilities to meet those requirements.

So now men are supposed to “help women” overcome the limitations of their biology.  And then we are treated to the boilerplate admonition that we as men must “step up,” take the initiative, and participate in our own marginalization and obsolescence:

The military must identify the best female candidates in high schools, colleges and military academies, sell them on the importance of their presence in the newly opened combat roles and get them proper training. Military men — husbands, bosses, coaches and friends — can help on all those counts.

If men don’t step up, we risk that so few women will apply for close combat jobs that their value will be little felt on the battlefield, or worse, that the women who are accepted will only just make the cut. That could confirm the biases of those who think that women never should have been on the battlefield in the first place.

I’ve always believed that the most dangerous forces operating against the modern man are the careerist delusions and willful treachery of other men.  These men are all the same:  they parrot and enforce the party line, and it’s all done for reasons of narrow self-interest.  And make no mistake:  social engineering is fully underway, and it’s being done quietly, in the hope that most people won’t notice.  But you can see it, if you know where and how to look.

To those pushing this gender-neutral agenda, nothing men do is ever good enough.  More sacrifices by men always need to be made.  More hand-holding of women always needs to be done.  Of course, there is never any reciprocal obligation intoned on the part of women:  that would be heresy.  The modern women has no gender responsibilities, as any Western man of dating age quickly finds out.  The needs of men are irrelevant.

The US military has not really fought a war of survival since the Second World War.  All this social engineering nonsense, I have argued before in these pages, is a luxury of peace.  It will go out the window once the first real fight comes along.  That is, unless we’re not so hollowed out and gender-neutralized that we can’t even fight back against a determined enemy.  And in the meantime, many people will die unnecessarily, and a great deal of money will be wasted in misguided efforts to change biology and human nature.

I was just reading this weekend, for example, that the US Marine Corps is going to be phasing out it’s  time-honored slogan “The Few, The Proud.”  Some may think this means nothing.  But it does:  it very much does.  Wait till you see what they replace it with.  I can only imagine.  I’m sure it’s going to be some gender-neutral, aseptic, chickenshit mantra.

Yet one day men will wake up and find that they’ve been marginalized right out of the military, the workforce, and almost everywhere else.

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  1. 1. Enlist
    2. Cushy desk job
    3. Make a vague accusation of sexual harassment
    4. Retire with full benefits before you turn 25

  2. Fellow sea-person, can you tell me which midship-person was supposed to person-age the crew schedule? The ship is flying blind.. er.. that is to say it is not handicapped in any way but it is currently without a helms-person. Ah, forget it, I’m just going to find the com-person-der and ask Ze myself.

    1. Did you just use the word handicapped? It looks like someone needs to spend just a bit more time in the re-education camps. You’re not fully cured, yet.

      1. Ha, after writing that, it reminds me of how we can’t really understand Middle or Old English today, and how if SJWs take over, no one in the future will understand language today.

        1. Forget the future. The language is hard enough to keep up with right now. How many new personal pronouns were invented last month? How many new genders were invented last year? At this rate, it’s only a few more months before we run out of letters to add to LGBTQIAPKFRYWCMXS.

        2. You can’t read Middle English? Dude, seriously?
          I can get not knowing Saxon. That’s more or less Frisian-Dutch with a lot of “th” sounds thrown in. But Middle English is pretty easy to read, and once you grasp a few nuances it’s easily understood.

        3. gotta go with GOJ here. Middle English is pretty easy to understand. Sure there are a few colloquial terms that need to be researched a little to get a bunch of inside jokes, but it isn’t that bad. On a side note, there was, some years ago, a interesting paper written by some well known oxford linguists who say that in the time of Shakespeare, the English accent was more than likely closer to the Arkansas accent than anything else.

        4. the English accent was more than likely closer to the Arkansas accent than anything else.
          Actually that is likely correct. If you take Shakespeare’s rhymes and “Make them rhyme” (as many of them do not any longer regarding how we pronounce words) you’ll come across sounding much more “not modern English” than you’d think.
          There’s an area in England, I think its miles south of London, where they still retain many aspects of the actual Saxon tongue, including some really twisted fucked up pronunciation (by modern standards). I believe that they are (were) mocked as “dumb” but it turns out they’re closer to “real” English than the modern Englishman’s pronunciation is concerned.

        5. yes, the rhyming method on a lot of different literature and poetry was how they came to this conclusion. I am sure with enough googling I could find it. It was really interesting and the methodology was laid out very clearly and intelligently. I remember being thoroughly convinced of the thesis.

        6. Well Old English (Saxon) is foreign-ish. It is almost literally (Hitler) a Frisian-Dutch dialect. I spent a lot of spare hobby time studying Saxon (esp. the Wessex dialect, along with some Mercian dialect/spelling). I think I can competently read the original Beowulf with about a 60-70% comprehension after I get rolling in it after a few pages. Well, I could at one time anyway.
          Middle English, yeah, it’s pronunciation is rather skewed but it’s still not terribly challenging. And who speaks with a middle English inflection these days anyway, heh?

        7. I’m surprised they haven’t created any new symbols to use yet. That’s actually saner than calling someone Zeir or whatever the hell they want you to do. Prince may have been weird, but he correctly identified that he was uniquely weird.

        8. give it 2 generations before kids learn to sing LGBTQIAPKFRYWACMXS to learn it the way the do now (I assume still) for the alphabet

        9. Sheesh, small wonder Latin was the language of the learned folk back then…and for quite some time thereafter.

        10. And who speaks with a middle English inflection these days anyway, heh?

          The video reminds me a bit of a “stereotypical” impression of a Minnesotan.

        11. Latin is much more difficult actually. Middle English is easy peasy. It’s not difficult at all. Saxon (Old English) is more difficult but no more so than learning Dutch today, which is pretty easy in and of itself.

        12. It’s not the perceived difficulty IMO, it’s the hick-ish, lilting sound that the speaker affects.
          Maybe this next take is simply more unique to my experience but it really reminds me of the cheesy, over-the-top impressions of the Swedish immigrants of yore.
          Public schooling had me going through “untranslated” excerpts of Canterbury & Beowulf just so we’d get some perfunctory experience with the predecessors to English but I’ve forgotten it.
          Unfortunately my schooling didn’t embrace the more modern “Shakespeare’s works actually rhyme, and are bawdier than the Billy Bush tapes” theory. On a side-note, maybe proliferation of that theory could take Shakespeare from being the exclusive domain of snobs today back to being more of the “everyman” entertainment that it was in its day?

    2. Exactly. If it sounds this retarded & clumsy on paper, imagine how effective a similar communique will be in an actual scenario..

    3. Relax! Men will know they are makin a comeback when we get a Read Admiral Shitlord

  3. What will they replace those words with? Sea-snowflake? sea-eunuch? sea-trans?

  4. This is just absurd. At this point they should just make the sailor from the village people the Navy Chief of Staff.
    I suppose they will still keep using rear admiral and poop deck as terms.

    1. Did you know that there are actually two rear admirals: “upper half” and “lower half”? Not making this up.

    2. Given the lyrics of Macho Man, the Village People’s sailor would be infinitely more masculine than the top brass of the USN.

  5. Coming from the Army, I was still pretty angry that somehow Harvey Milk and Gab Giffords got ships named after them.
    Seriously, when naming WARships, we should at least name them after someone who did something significant in a WAR. I’m cool with the HMS Duke of Wellington or even the U.S.S. Winston Churchill.
    But for FFS, Giffords was never even in the military, much less the U.S. Navy. Even the U.S.S. Caesar Chavez is stupid: Chavez was a communist who considered his time in the Navy “the worst of my life.”
    Naming a warship the “Harvey Milk” is like naming your warship the “U.S.S. Rainbow Sparkle.” The only saving grace is that Milk at least was in the Navy, during wartime. But didn’t really do anything significant, other than be a gay man in the Navy…oh wait
    On a side note: I think Trump should name the next warship, “U.S.S. Kratom”

    1. While I think it’s bullshit too, Gab Giffords at least saw more combat than the average sailor these days. Boom. Inter-service rivalry confirmed.
      And while we’re on this subject, is it any surprise that we would name a navy ship after a prominent gay man given sailors’ general penchant for buggery?

      1. She was more of a “shooting victim” than “combat veteran.” The difference is that a shooting victim basically just gets shot. A combat veteran is someone who also may get shot, but was also actively trying to shoot or do harm to the other person.

        1. Sure, but she’s still been closer to combat than most sailors.
          Also, Trump should name the next warship, “U.S.S. Pussy Grabber.”

        2. But the question is… did he need to buy them bedroom sets to get the bang? Or was the shopping just a ruse to finger some star-fuckers on a floor model futon?

        3. I am going with no game beta trump masquerading as alpha hotshot trying to play off gay best friend game and get laid by taking her furniture shopping.

        4. I have a feeling that in terms of what we actually consider game, DT probably never had to do too much and wouldn’t have had to pick up and hone any tricks. SMV is naturally and effortlessly abundant for a billionaire after all.
          At the end of the day, I view a drop-in-the-bucket purchase of some furniture as his version of “yeah yeah, I’ll take you out to dinner” but then he goes in for the kill, grabs ’em by the pussy and its all over.
          You’re Fired.

        5. I agree with never having picked up tricks. Even me, not a famous billionaire, I readily admit I really don’t have much “game” per se. I am moderately successful and moderately good looking and in good shape in a city with a huge advantage population wise of women to men and where just having your own apartment puts you in the top 5%. I find it incredibly difficult to get laid in LA or at clubs when tons of guys pour in to grab some pussys. My ability to get laid has to do with me improving myself to a point where I am a desirable commodity which triggers women’s innate desire to move up. I am sure Trump has similar experience.
          That said, while he is not the evil shit hole that Hilary is, I do think trump is a total dick weed who displays every single tendency of over compensating beta chump.

        6. Getting shot is not “seeing more combat”. I’m sure some of the sailors got into fights in high school, but we wouldn’t include that as ” seeing combat”. Combat in this case refers to something very specific.
          Not that the purpose of the Navy is to “see combat”.

        7. Well then. You have just proven without a doubt that life is indeed not fair.
          For my failure to achieve victory in the name of masculinity by superceding the achievents of undeniably lesser men, the only hoborable action is seppuku.

        8. Yeah half the african american community of Chicago would be consider serious combat vets.

      2. LOL. I always love it when I hear another army branch accuse us of buggering. The only buggeing we do is your wife. Like every other branch doe when you’re away. Try to drown your tears in a man’s drink for a change. Perhaps a strong Bourbon. Besides, we’re glad you are where you are. Chair Farce just gets intelligence. We get intelligence, and strength. Enjoy your time in the sand box. I’ll keep her warm for ya.

        1. I was not in the army. Marines. I have as much contempt for the army as I do for the navy – our sister service. Basically my inter-service hierarchy goes like this: Marines > Navy > Army > Faggots > Air Force/Coast Guard. Only change to this is when Coast guard is part of the Navy during times of war, but then its “Navy/Coast Guard(FagDiv).”

        1. Imagine an air craft carrier named USS donald trump 10 years from now. Oh shit what about the USS hillary clinton. god damn i’d have to join ISIS for that.

    2. Yeah, this seems right to me. However, if they change the USS Caesar Chavez to the USS Caesar Romero I would totally be on board.

    3. Cesar Chavez was a Navy veteran and very much against illegal immigration. He was a union organizer but not quite a communist like Obama. Even so Cesar Chavez has more claim to have something named after him than Milk.

      1. Yeah, being in the military at all should puts him above Giffords.

    4. > I think Trump should name the next warship, “U.S.S. Kratom”
      no because then everyone would try to burn it for that mellow feeling

    5. I was surprised that Chavez was picked for a ship name as he was stridently opposed to illegal immigration.

    6. As you mentioned, I’m waiting for the Navy’s newest gaydar sweeper, the U.S.S. Rainbow Sparkle. But I think the next the next one will be the channel dredger, U.S.S. Dirty Sanchez

  6. You have pipe wrenches & screwdrivers. The pipe wrenches need to do more in ensuring that more screwdrivers are able to plug leaky pipes AND turn screws. The screwdrivers need empowerment…& help.
    Those pipe wrenches that plug leaky pipes so effectively & efficiently are sexist…

      1. I was joking I’d never diss American history.
        But the way things are going I agree with a post I read recently saying that due to America’s modern (i.e., female) sensibilities we might never see a straight leader ever again.
        I’m preparing for the worst.

  7. Dammit. When they make a remake of Captain Pugwash they’re going to have to rename one of the main characters Seaperson Staines. How can that work?

  8. Why am I not surprised that a semen came up with this? Shit like this makes me glad I got my DD214 ten years ago.
    Also, the Marines getting rid of “The few, the proud” is as asinine as the army getting rid of “Be all you can be” and switching to that “Army of one” before the current crap slogan.

    1. “Be all that they allow you to be” was the running joke when I was in. “Army of One” always struck me as nihilistic or a comic caracurture.

      1. Even the recruits from that period found it ridiculous. When the latest “Army strong” came out there was a collective groan from the bottom up to the top. I remember the SMA of the time was even going a tour and told everyone, “You don’t have to like it, but you will support it.”

        1. First black SMA who was brought up on charges of sexual harrassment and convicted. He was busted in rank and forced out.

        2. Ah, now I remember. He was SMA when I was ETSing. I never heard the details but I wouldn’t be surprised if they busted him as an example, but never mind what’s going on down range on Iraq or Afghanistan.

      2. Interestingly enough, it works wonderful if you apply it to the original thought on military defense in these united States.
        Militia of One.

    2. I hadn’t heard about the Marines ditching “the few, the proud,” so I looked it up. From the Marine Corps Times, “Caldwell did not say specifically what the new advertising campaign will show, but he said it is based on three concepts: fighting self-doubt to become a Marine, fighting the nation’s battles and fighting for what’s right in our communities.” That last part is fucking revolting. What the fuck does that even mean? Who determines what’s “right” in our communities? Some SECNAV who thinks trannies should serve openly and women should be in MARSOC? I remember swearing an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I don’t recall any provision of the Constitution that allows the military to “fight” for what’s “right” for civilians to think, do or feel. Glad I got out ten years ago too.

      1. I’m not even a Marine and it pisses me off to no end. I’m tempted to tell my wife’s cousins who earned the title and see what they think. I doubt it will be favorable.

        1. I am a Marine and I find it fucking unsat. Not that I can do much other then ride my last two years out until retirement.

      2. fight for what’s right in our communities?
        I wonder if that’s softening up the guys for the prospect of direct involvement and subjugation of civilians?

  9. “That is, unless we’re not so hollowed out and gender-neutralized that we can’t even fight back against a determined enemy.”
    The most important line in it, as that will mark the end of patriotism within the armed forces and the subjugation of the general populace by the elite.
    “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” – TS Eliot.

    1. I imagine in the new Navy there will be a lot of swallowing of seamen even if you can’t call it that.

        1. As awful as the 70’s sound to most people through the lens of history it really did have some good aspects. This was before HIV/AIDS was known so sex was basically always on tap and expected. If you thought the “hook up” culture of today was something you should have lived in the 70’s. I couldn’t imagine what working on an actual cruise ship was like back then. Probably got laid every night or multiple times a night. (OK I sort of do through a guy I met once…he said they basically passed out penicillin to every crew member to take for their entire tour of duty). There was also some style left in the air (the whole bell bottoms disco thing was an exception to the norm much like hipsters today). Feminism was rampant but no one paid attention back then. Minorities were mad but again most people didn’t care. Booze also flowed like the Nile. You could get a beer for a dime in some bars. Singles bars might as well have been whore houses where the price is the drinks you buy a lady. Women were also not a bitchy. If you a bought a drink for a woman and she didn’t have an interest in you she would decline.
          The 80’s were fun but after the whole HIV/AIDS thing broke out and PC hit around 1988 it was all over. We both won and lost the Cold War at the same time.
          A lot of people will say the 90’s were fun with the tech boom, but I think it was just OK. Compared to the 70’s though it sucked.

  10. Ok, so it’s really unpopular. What are the sailors doing about it? This is a pretty big thing. What’s their response?

  11. Purportedly they did this to line up with other services who refer to their personnel by rank and then a sub-specialty (MOS in the USMC, not sure what they use in the Army/USAF).
    But, the vast majority of ratings weren’t referred to by …man. It was … mate, or just the letters— Electrician’s Mate, PR (parachuterigger), Boatswain or Boatswains Mate, AM H, E,..(Avation Machinists mate- Electrical, Hydraulic, Airframe)

  12. Promoting women over men has been going on for decades. That isn’t new. The pussy privledge got alot skanks far who should have been drummed out for non-performance.

    1. Its strange how far it’s come.
      When I was in the army in the mid 1980’s there weren’t many women. There were some, yes, but not like today. And we were not allowed to “notice” that they were women. The expectation was speak to them as a generic “soldier” and nothing more when on duty (and likely, off).
      Now, with this move, we’re being told that *men* aren’t allowed to even notice that *they* themselves are men.
      I don’t know who thought women in the military was a good idea, but needs to be dug out of the grave and his ass kicked.

      1. I noticed on my way out the rise of EO compliance and bitch fests that ensued. I ran into a female NCO a few years later who was a BN EO investigator.
        She confirmed that 95% of the complaints are dismissed. Reason being, a white male NCO ordering you to do your job is not grounds for raising an EO complaint.
        That was over 15 years ago.

        1. And 15 years ago we at least recognized insanity even if it was placated in official publications.
          Had a friend just leave the Army because he said his officer position was mostly human resources. He processed paperwork all day, held administrative hearings, and was essentially the complaint department even though he was the executive officer of the unit. Said 90% of complaints were by women or minorities who just had a grudge against someone. Half the time he would end up sanctioning the reporting party for filing a false complaint. The way he described his job sounded like absolute insanity.

      2. There is nothing inherently wrong with women in the military. In fact, in the history of the US they have always served at some level. It was also preferred to have them around because a bunch of guys without access to pussy hemmed up on testosterone is never a good thing. (That’s why the MPs always let the obvious whore house right outside of base slide as long as they kept it quiet).
        The problem though is that they were confined to ports, bases, and administrative positions. When in combat they were in the back areas providing aid and comfort to the wounded. Throwing women into combat units or on ships for a year at a time is just crazy. Sheer insanity.

        1. There is nothing inherently wrong with women in the military.
          Yeah, there kind of is. I get what you’re saying about REMF’s and that’s fine to a point. But they are not an effective addition to combat teams of any sort.

    2. I read a rumor that Hollywood was going to remake Top Gun with an all female cast. That really made me laugh and thought even the (((funders))) in Hollywood aren’t dumb enough to dump their money into that fire pit.

      1. Actually Cruise is on board with Bruckheimer and the script is set in the present. I would think he would be a Top Gun trainer at a time when the military is trying to phase out manned flight and switching to drones. But when our pilots start getting downed from unmanned jets, it’s time to get Maverick up to show everyone how it’s done, proving we’ll always need badass pilots, ha.

        1. No fucking way. Is it going to be an all female cast (with the exception of Cruise who is only arguably a woman)?
          This is going to be the biggest box office bomb since Ishtar. (OK Ishtar actually wasn’t that bad).
          I forced myself the other day to watch an episode of Supergirl or whatever it is named. I only made it half way through. What a horrible horrible horrible television show. No wonder it almost got cancelled like six times and was only saved by the PC nazis protesting.

        2. Ha, no so far it hasn’t been hijacked by the go girl movement. And Jack Reacher was pretty good if you give it a chance though I haven’t read the book. And while I like to test my fortitude I don’t know how you endured watching Supergirl. Any porn would have a better plot and ass I’m sure.

  13. And this is why America will not and cannot win another war. Do you think the emasculated military full of women, homos, and trans-illness-people are going to fight? Heck no.
    And here is a truth about women in the Navy. Had a friend who served for 20 years. He said every time a carrier group was set to deploy there would be a spike in pregnancies in that group. Like hundreds within the months before deployment (they usually got a few months notice before sailing out). Why? Because pregnant women cannot deploy as most tours of duty are longer then carrying a child to term and providing maternity services on board a ship would be extremely difficult. So basically they are getting knocked up to shirk duty.
    My friend said that the months before setting sail were like an orgy. Women sailors would turn into predators grabbing any guy who would have sex with them. He said it was a ton of fun for him because he had a vasectomy so no liability, but also said the number of guys who were greeted with paternity suits when they were getting off the ship 10-12 months later was pretty high. In fact, it was so normal a list of who was to report to a “special” room for debriefing was circulated before port. There were even a large team of civilian lawyers there to advise men of their rights.

    1. Heard the same from army BCs. Majority of women get knocked up before deployment and da men get to pick up the slack.

      1. I’m sure its true across the board. Now women get extended leave, which just leaves men to pick up more slack.

        1. When I was Sgt greyghost in marine corp I learned that 12 people with 2 being women got less done than 10 men. It was against all propaganda but it was better just to go with out and that was not something told or a story but actual experience

    2. When I was in the guidance was to handle it as a naturally occurring condition-
      – Could not be used as a justification for lowered marks/writeup on their evaluation report. Realize- in the Navy, evaluation reports are competitive and you are ranked against your peers. So, a Navy electrician making a full deployment doing the job he/she was supposed to do would be ranked against the female who got pregnant and didn’t go on deployment. (I ranked the person who deployed higher; based on having demonstrated performance on deployment- regardless of the reason someone else didn’t make the deployment)
      – Pregnant women would not be replaced, they were just left behind and the division/shop operated short-handed for the deployment. More/longer watches, more work than designed/planned for the deployed. Navy policy was to not short-change other commands by pulling their personnel to replace pregnant women on deploying units.

  14. Just wait until “male and female” connectors are rebranded. I wonder what it will be. “Hey Ed, hand me a component connector” “Sure Tim, do you need an oppressor or oppressed one”

    1. Maybe that is what Trump meant by “grab em in the pussy” he really just wanted Billy Bob Bush to push a male connector into a female one.

  15. Sorry boys, I really tried to avoid posting this but I just couldn’t help it

    1. I really tried to avoid posting this
      The time between you thinking of posting it and the actual post appearing was three quarters of a second, wasn’t it?

  16. And that war of survival is probably going to happen sooner rather than later – the CIA and/or White House have let slip that they’re prepping for a cyber-strike against Russia for the DNC e-mail hack. They talk of a no-fly zone in Syria, despite the fact that any half-witted mouse-turd knows that’ll lead to a shooting war with Russia. This president and Shrillary behind him seem quite determined to stir up a war – and it won’t be pretty for the US.
    The only hope is that the ranks that matter – the O5s and lower – have the balls to not obey an order that would start WW3 for no good reason except the ego of an insane POTUS or Shrillary.

  17. another nugget confirming the US army’s going down. music to my ears. as trump will inevitably lose the old hag will further destroy the US’ military might. excellent. the world will be a better place without a strong US army

  18. On a more positive note: a flick about the USS Indianapolis is about to come out. I cant imagine what those seaMEN went thru

    1. I know I know, Nicolas Cage, but Im going to pretend its a younger Nick Nolte in the lead role 🙂

    2. If he asks for a package of pampers at any point in the movie, well…

    3. Was released direct to video/iTunes last week, never a good sign, lol. Too bad, because in the right hands that could be a good movie.

  19. I lost most of my respect for the Navy when it gave JFK Jr. a sea burial on a destroyer. The guy wasn’t in the Navy, and he was also an incompetent pilot as evidenced by the fact that he killed himself and two passengers, but hey. He was the son of a leftist, so let’s spend tax dollars and people’s time to give him a naval burial, lol.

    1. Oddly enough, he was just about to win the nod for the Senate against Hillary (within the party ranks) before his crash.
      Coincidence, surely, but still.

      1. Hillary and Bill have about 140 other coincidences like that one on their collective résumés…

        1. They can kinda make an airplane accident seem deniable-ish. He was not IFR certified and had no business flying in bad weather at night. None.
          That said, the ones who “kill themselves” by gunshots to the back of the head…eh…not so plausible.

        2. Yeah, those “suicides” featuring double-tap shots to the head look kinda curious, eh…

        3. I thought the weather was ok, but it was a very black night with no visible horizon over the water. So he was good to go to fly VFR based on visibility and ceiling, but should have stayed over land where the city lights would have assisted in keeping him oriented. Plausible accident given the most common cause cited for general aviation accidents is spatial disorientation in IFR by a VFR rated pilot.

        4. Correct. He was an inexperienced pilot with no training in inclimate weather or night flying.
          You do know why he was behind departure as scheduled? His wife was late showing up.

        5. I am not a pilot, but, if I were flying and couldn’t see shit, shouldn’t I look at my artificial horizon gauge, my altimeter, and my airspeed gauge to determine attitude, altitude, rate of descent and speed over the ground and to the air respectively?
          I’d be scared shitless, but I think I could keep a plane in a straight line.

        6. That’s the right idea. It may even be easier nowadays to get a least a basic feel for it now that there are some good computer flight simulator games. Issue has always been getting the pilot under training to completely ignore his sensations of motion which can be deceptive and hard to ignore. IFR training foundation is learning to scan your instruments to absorb the right information often enough to stay oriented. My second civilian instructor had me fly on instrument way early because there’d been a period of bad weather and I was getting rusty having no stick time. I did it but was sweating like a pig and exhausted after 1 hr ( I think I had about 30 hrs total at the time, past solo but prior to getting my private pilot license). My first military instructor had a saying
          – Faith in God, Faith in your instruments, Faith in yourself.
          Interesting airline accident in Brazil about 30 years ago when both pilots happened to have the same attitude gyro selected for their artificial horizon (supposed to be separate gyros). It failed. They didn’t try selecting alternate (since the assumed they were on different gyros already) but ended up rolling the aircraft inverted and then into a steep dive, mid-air break-up at high speed when they couldn’t make the other performance gauges correlate to the attitude being displayed. Discrepancy between the turn needle and ball the artificial horizon, altitude, airspeed and vertical speed indicator (VSI)- should have gotten them to ignore the attitude display Know how you can tell an aircraft broke apart at high speed? Bodies are missing most of their clothing since the airblast tears them off.

        7. A lesson to all rich folk: hire a driver/pilot.
          There is, or at least was, a Congressman from PA who prided himself on driving himself between his PA home and DC.
          Seems to me it’d be easy to have someone like that whacked, even former Governor of MD-Martin “OweMalley”-was able to arrange to have someone (Sade Baderinwa) meet with an unfortunate traffic accident.

        8. Instruments are fine, but it is real easy to lose your sense of direction/invertedness when you don’t have outside points of reference. One of my flight lessons way back in the day had the pilot (a commercial pilot) fly us into a cloud bank so it was all “blank white” with no points of reference. It was really, really strange to keep the plane straight and level just because you’re just going to naturally look outside the windscreen now and then. Very disconcerting.

      2. Makes me wonder why she couldn’t repeat that feat with 0bama and had to instead have that secret meeting on the campaign trail in 08 where she settled for SecState.
        barack 0bama, the one person immune to “arkancide”?

  20. My asian female professor said in the past straight men didnt drink lite beer because it makes men look gay. The room went silent, I felt it was my duty to laugh to make it less awkward. I could never see an american female prof saying this

    1. She’s right of course.
      Men should drink hard liquor, neat or on the rocks. Accept no substitutes.

      1. I agree I see these supposedly straight men with their pink drinks and shake my head, to me alcohol is dranken to get a job done, I buy thd highest proof I can find and take as many shots as my stomach allows

        1. I always thought that sweet and/or fruity drinks was so they could sell more alcohol to females and fags.
          If you like fruit in your beer, you like it in the rear.

        2. I like vodka tonics on a hot day myself. I love beer and that becomes an issue when actually trying to accomplish something

        3. I always had to wait until knocking off time because if I starting drinking i forgot about trying to get something done pretty quick…..except for getting more beer.

      2. Hard liquor don’t cut it after a 100 degree day in the sun. Nothing worked like Bud Light….. at least until those recent silly commercials with that fat loudmouth girl and the dipstick guy with nappy hair. I’m not buying that swill ever again…..well, maybe not forever ever but a long time anyway.
        However in cold weather Wild Turkey warms like no other.

        1. The 5.5% alcohol is a standard. It is the proven mix to avoid dehydrayion. The 8% natty daddy and 12% joose will eventually take a toll if you drink it solely when you’re perspiring. That’s why they sell so much of the light and the 5% stuff. You can drink one after another, piss, drink more, piss, drink more. . . But hard liquor the alc/H2O mix is too high so you have to chase it with H20 and electrolytes if you’re swigging it and out moving or hunting, doing yard work. Keep swigging just liquor without H2O and before you know it, it’s time to rest.
          Also a guy here once told me if I ever find myself in the county jail lockup for whatever reason, then I should request kitchen work. He said once you go to the back of the kitchen to look on top of the big refrigerator towards the way back against the wall. There’s about A DOZEN plastic milk jugs filled with:
          *sugar packets
          *yeast (from the breadmaker)
          *orange juice and apple slices (cleaned off from breakfast plates and half drank OJ cartons)
          He said the jugs have been there for awhile. It should be some killer strong shit by now man 🙂
          **try at home with fresh ingredients for best results

        2. IN another lifetime I was a corrections officer, the way we found “buck” ( the recipe you described) was by simply walking around and sniffing for it. That’s some bad smelling stuff, I don’t recall ever wanting a drink bad enough to want to try it 🙂

      3. There’s a reason I brew my own beer instead of drinking commercially-bottled faggy swill. If you can’t get a meal’s worth of calories from a beer, it ain’t brewed right.
        Brandy, Cognac, tequila, rum, and proper Vodka – all good beverages as well.

    1. All soldiers must wear pink camouflage every October. Whats the worst that can happen?

  21. The USS Milk? Shooting rainbow colored Tomahawks at homophobes the world over. Probably should change the name of those Tomahawks in order not to triggerNative Indigenous Peoples and self loathing SJWs, maybe change it to Feather Boas.
    What’s next, USS Gay Pride? USS Gender Neutral? USS Gender Fluid? Or better yet the USS Blow Us Up Because We Are Idiotic Pussies.

  22. This happened within the Marine Corps first. Once they had a victory over the last bastion of masculinity they knew they could run roughshod over the remaining services. It is almost as if they want to lose the war with Russia they are picking.

  23. There needs to be a rule that in order to be Secretary of Defense, you actually have to have served in some military unit for some decent amount of time. This is beyond ridiculous

  24. Anchors away my people, anchors awwwwaaaaayyyyy….all aboard the USS Rupaul.let’s fight those big bad Russians…and let me say seaperson Paratestes you look ravishing in those Gucci heels

  25. “Because it’s crucial to maintain the same physical standards for men and women in close combat assignments, the military should put into place long-term physical training programs to help women develop the abilities to meet those requirements.”
    A good portion of women break down from the minimum standards. The attrition rate from IOS and SOI would be egregious, particularly if you added long term training programs. You’d have an entire command full of injured women who’d be able to do nothing over their entire enlistment, and would get out and collect disability for the rest of their lives.

  26. John spencer… spoken like a true liberal fuck boy who doesnt have a fucking clue about war or combat. While were at it why dont we sign an engagment treaty with ISIS to make sure they shoot at everyone equally because we wouldnt want them taking unfair advantage of our speshal snofwakes out in the field now would we?
    When shit actually goes down you can fucking bet theyl be more pieces like this blaming men for not diving on grenades to save some broad whos barely able to shoulder a weapon.

  27. Lol, sometimes I wish I lived in Afghanistan/Iraq. I know that sounds weird coming from a white individual such as myself, but… traditional gender roles, no women in the workplace, men being men, that’s my thing. Iraq/Afghanistan with beautiful women in demure Western clothing… yeah.

    1. The Boondocks was spot-on when it described the unfortunate reality of women in Iraq/Afghanistan:

      I was lookin’ for bitches but they had that carpet shit all over them and I couldn’t see what they look like.
      All that was really exposed was the eyes and that wasn’t enough for me, cause you know shit I’m lookin’ at the eyes, the eyes be pretty and I take the carpet off and then I got a tragedy.

      Women from these muslim countries seem to range from fugly to homely, their maximum is the minimum elsewhere in the world. To say nothing of FGM.

      1. Eh, not sure you’re on base here. One of my daughters best friends is a Muslim whose family *legally* came here (and became citizens through the legal channels). She is as pretty as the day is long, and they’re from Jordan.

        1. My post was about the regressive muslim nations, specifically Iraq, though I extended it to Afghanistan.
          Remembering the fugliness that was Tashfeen Malik, the “jihadi bride” of San Bernadino, I’m comfortable with extending it to 0bama’s “Pockey-stahn” as well.
          Jordan doesn’t seem to fit that bill as it is a more progressive muslim nation that has closer historical ties to the West and whose ruler(s) was smart enough to import foreign wives to spice up the gene pool.
          …which has had the interesting side effect of Jordan’s erstwhile Crown Prince having a more legitimate claim to being an American than too many US politicians…
          On a side note, I can’t say that any pre-Trump “legal” immigration is worth a bucket of warm spit as we have not been vetting.

  28. “sell them on the importance of their presence in the newly opened combat roles and get them proper training. […] If men don’t step up, we risk that so few women will apply for close combat jobs that their value will be little felt on the battlefield, or worse, that the women who are accepted will only just make the cut”
    Rofl. That is an apocalyptic vision. A world where only few women will apply for close combat … I can’t live in that world. What an abomination.
    Well, if one needed any proof this is just about symbolicism and blind ideology, here it is. It’s just a measure from the paper for the paper. It means nothing, improves nothing. It’s just a fixed idea gone havoc.

  29. This is not surprising as the LEFT in the US will always destroy history, culture, and traditions of organization to create a new of its own design. Such a design is hollow and weak that will not stand the sand of time.

  30. If the top photo of the navy broad is anything to go by ?? How do those ugly broads get pregnant ??

  31. ”The US military has not really fought a war of survival since the Second World War.”
    US military never fought a war of survival. They were always cozy on their own continent, selecting wars to fight with the most benefits to them, like WW2 for example.

  32. He authorized the naming of naval ships after /…/ US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
    What’s wrong with these people.
    You name these things after DEAD people, so that MEMORY of their ideas and work LIVES ON!

  33. FTN, I spent 20 years, and I am so glad I retired in 03. I saw the Navy get rid of the Anti, as in Anti Air Warfare, Anti Surface Warfare, …..ect….(ASW). and I saw Tailhook. and the the stationing of women on ships. Luckily, I missed the overturn of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the upcoming women as Seals. Getting rid of men in the rate names, is embarrassing and bullshit. But I knew traditions did not mean a thing in the Navy, when the old uniforms went away, and the new bullcrap ones they wear now were implemented. Not to mention, when Beards were abolished for a completely bogus reason. Off topic, I was reading the other day, that Freshmen are called Freshers now. so the insanity is spreading. Now I await two Transgender squids getting married. I spose that will be a great day. I wonder what a Corpsman is called now, or hell, the basic….Seaman. The atmosphere this new Navy is visable as the Nav when I was active, would have sunk those Iranian boats. What a joke, I do not look forward to seeing our modern pussified Navy fighting a war.

    1. Your non-biased objectivism is inspiring. Too bad you don’t have a law degree. You are SCOTUS material.

  34. The sad think is most women, especially enlisted women do not want the Combat Arms jobs and openly tell the SJW’s pushing the garbage to get lost and do not reenlist in them.
    Just think the Super Carrier USS Trump with gold fittings and world class luxury.

  35. Masculinity is not the problem. There’s a mental disorder to address. These people are so far removed from the battlefield to be calling the shots. Mabus concerns are on naming of titles and hurt feelings rather than on important details such as getting equipment to soldiers and military funding. There must be a reason Mike’s title is a “petty” officer

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