HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Return Of Kings Has Turned Four Years Old

On October 16, 2012, Roosh V officially launched Return Of Kings.  The original idea behind the site was to create an “online magazine” that offered content that could be found nowhere else.  In 2012, the landscape was basically a wasteland for masculine men.  Roosh once told me:

If you think back to 2012, there really wasn’t any content geared towards men that was not infected to some degree with political correctness.  Yeah, there were some general-interest blogs dealing with masculine subjects, but there was just something lacking.  All the other large sites offered ‘approved’ and ‘filtered’ masculinity in a lukewarm, insipid format.  In other words, everything was sanitized to make masculinity acceptable for women. The market was one vast echo-chamber, endlessly repeating the same feminist pablum and neutered masculinity that offered nothing to us except submission and surrender.

I knew I could do better, and I had the men to do it.  I didn’t need the permission of the mainstream.  I had a vision for what I wanted…maybe the best word to describe it was resonance.  I wanted to create something that made an impression, something that spoke to our generation, and something that was absolutely independent from the mainstream.  And what we have created here is nothing less than historic.  No one helped us:  we did this ourselves.

And that was how it all started.  If you hit the archives tab at the top of the screen, you can see what some of the early articles looked like back in 2012.  Back in those days, ROK had a very personal, intimate feel to it.  It was almost as if the writers were sort of “feeling” their way along as they entered uncharted territory.  Readers may be surprised by the number of book reviews that Roosh put up in the early months.  There were many.


None of the other sites put out the consistent content that ROK did, and none of them attracted the diversity of writers that ROK did.  No other voice existed for men who were tired of being lied to, put upon, or forced to feed from the trough of the mainstream media.  The reactions of advertisers was mixed.  Some of them were willing to take a chance with us; some were not.  Some stayed around for a while, and then bailed when the shit hit the fan.  The fact that the site is consistently profitable is an impressive achievement in an age when the mainstream media does nothing but lose money.

And this is why they’re losing.  And they know it.

ROK exploded onto the scene with a defiant tone, but it’s also important to remember that it ran a wide variety of articles, from those extolling man’s noblest impulses, historic personalities, and struggles for survival, to those articles where bawdiness and hilarity was the point.  It was all here.  It isn’t easy to do this on a consistent basis, and those who think otherwise should try it for themselves.

The guidance to us writers from Roosh back then was simple: write about what you want.  There are no real limitations.  See what suits your interests, knowledge, and experience.  You’ll do best when you write about the things that you really understand.  It must be said that it takes a lot of confidence for a chief editor to allow his staff writers this degree of autonomy.  I doubt that any other major website would be willing to take such a risk.  But this is the magic of starting a new thing: all the writers were imbued by a degree of idealism—even zeal—that made them want to put out the best product they could.

And the results were sometimes startling, often shocking, and always memorable.  The original lineup varied from month to month, but began to take shape within a year and would eventually include such names as Tuthmosis, Athlone McGinnis, Law Dogger, Black Knight, Western Cancer, Edward Thatch, Billy Chubbs, 2Wycked, Samseau, and myself.  There were a few other names, but those formed the basic weekly core of material published.


Those who have followed the site over the years will be amused to recall its evolution over the years.  The early viral articles by Tuthmosis were followed up by the notorious “Fat Shaming Week.”  The next big events were the coverage of Roosh’s lecture tour and the “contested” lectures in Montreal and Toronto.  Yet despite these headline-grabbing events, regular readers checked in every day to find consistent, relevant content that spoke to them specifically, without any of the effeminate filters imposed by the mainstream media.  As the 2016 presidential election loomed, ROK began to take on more of a political tone, but never lost sight of its core mission.

“What I like about you guys,” one reader once told me, “is that there is no filter.  You just put it all out there, and let the reader judge for himself.  I can respect that.  I may not agree with all of it, but at least we have here something that is like a bucket of ice water dumped on someone’s shoulders.”

Every reader is going to have his own list of favorite articles.  I know I have mine.  These articles below have stayed in my mind for one reason or another.  I thought I’d mention them in case you’ve never read them.

Photograph Yourself In Your Prime.  This unexpectedly poignant article by Tuthmosis repeated a message that I’ve found to be confirmed from my own personal experience.  It’s something that might seem obvious, but yet it’s something we need to be reminded of.  Life can move very fast, and if we don’t take the time to record its key moments, we will regret it later.  Sincerity matters, and the reader can sense here that the author is sharing an observation confirmed by the passage of time.

Stop Being Such A Fucking Faggot.  I’m probably going to get a lot of heat for praising this article, but so be it.  It gets better with time, believe me.  Read it out loud or—better yet—read it to a trusted friend or two.  It lends itself easily to dramatic readings.  There is just something about the rawness, the in-your-face honesty, and the brutal sincerity of this that makes you feel like you’ve had a bucket of ice water dumped on your head.  We lost a lot of advertisers over this article.  Most of them couldn’t get past the title.

The writer of this piece—the mysterious Loftboy and his Ron Jeremy avatar—only wrote one article for Return Of Kings, and then faded into obscurity.  But that one article landed like a bunker-buster bomb.  When you really think about it, the gist of this article is applicable to just about everything a man does every day of his life.  When is this article’s advice not applicable?

It should be said that this opinion is not shared by everyone.  Many readers in the comments section were outraged by the article; some called it puerile, shallow, and nothing more than a ream of juvenilia.  But I don’t see it that way.  Sometimes in life we have to strip things down to the essentials, and to cut through all the accumulated bullshit and pointless equivocation.  The article works because it grabs you by the throat in the opening few sentences and holds your attention right until the last bitter word.  Well done, Loftboy.

How To Get Laid On Amtrak Trains.  Some of you are going to be scratching your heads when you read this.  “What the hell is he talking about?  This article is strange as hell.”  Yes, it is, and that’s just my point.  Where else but at Return Of Kings would you be able to find an article about how to chase women on an actual train?  This one stands alone as unique.


There have been so many memorable articles that it’s just impossible for me to list all of them here.  But the three listed above are ones that have made an impression on me for one reason or another.  Sometimes an article may not be the best one out there, but for some reason it just “speaks” to you.  Maybe it reminds you of something, helps recall an experience, or assists you in solving your own problems.  That’s why reading is an adventure.

So to Return Of Kings, I say this: happy birthday.  It’s been a wild four years.  And somehow, I get the sense that things are just getting warmed up.

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162 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Return Of Kings Has Turned Four Years Old”

  1. Born of the end-times, the last bastion of free men has held against the tide.
    Four years have tested mind and mettle and for the scars we’ve bourne we see our pride undeminished.
    To the pioneers of this resurgence of masculine fortitude I salute and solemnly honor.
    My single life among a vast uncounted many owes gratitude to what has been provided here.
    Viva La Résistance

      1. Ah yeah, Barbie and Ken in Space. What a strange movie to claim to have been inspired by Starship Troopers.

        1. So what was the book about? It wasnt about the whole “perpetual war for perpetual peace” thing put forth by the movie?

        2. You haven’t read Starship Troopers?
          It more of an overall society evaluation (not just about war) as well as just good old fashioned masculine blowing shit up and killing things. What it did not feature was loads of beautiful women in positions of command, that I can recall anyway. Been a long time since I’ve read it though.

        3. The book was about training men not to be whiney babies and criminals, taking responsibility over wanting rights and standing up for humanity in the face of adversity… 1950s style red pill.
          Read his books and you can come to the conclusion that Hienlien saw the left coming way ahead of his time.
          I like to think he’d be proud of what’s been done here, however he’d probably call us all pussies for not organizing into marching formations in reality already

        4. Ah, okay; I know youve been singing its praises for a while. Looked 700 or 800 pages long, kinda big for me

        5. seawyze sums it up nicely actually. At the time Hippies called it “fascist” and in some ways Heinlein did mirror some of the society on fascism, but not quite how the Leftists meant it. They were basically mad, at the time, because he tied military service to voting privileges. You could be a rich industrialist tycoon, but if you never served in the military, you were basically a second class citizen politically.
          And it was pretty clear that the Bugs were an analogy for Communists. Heinlein *loathed* communists.

        6. Actually from what I remember his fiction held some pretty accurate predictions of the “late 20th century” in terms of social decay….and how humanity rose above.
          Might be worth another look

        7. Never read it. I like campy movies, so its always been a favorite of mine. The clip is just for the very end.
          “They’ll keep fighting.
          And they’ll win.”
          Been a very long time since I’ve read fiction. I’ll check it out.

        8. You won’t be disappointed. Heinlein always delivers.

  2. If RoK just turned four, can we report thousands of feminists to Child Protective Services for the attempted murder of a three-year-old?

    1. I wanted to buy the Esquire mag featuring the Eastwood interview where he called most Americans “pussies”. I went to a few places, it was either sold out, or some sjw in the area bought em all and dumped them in the trash…

      1. I found it off a google search but I believe it’s legit. There were some fake covers but they were obviously fake.

  3. I just re-read the “Stop Being Such A Fucking Faggot.” article. If that article saved just one guy, and changed his life for the better, then its a victory.
    Anyone who would be offended by that article is a….well, a faggot.

    1. I’m not offended, but I couldn’t read it all because the incessant swearing was so childish.
      Less is more.

      1. He was a 17 year old in high school who made valid points and did not mince words, as he was going through the “piss and vinegar” phase of his young life. However, he wore a ten pound badge when it came to banning anyone who didn’t kiss his ass, that was part of the controversy.

  4. Happy Birthday, Big Boyo! Have a belting one and keep pissing off the freaks.

  5. The website may be 4 years old, but of course the sacred brotherhood behind it is far more ancient and venerable. Some say it dates back to the time of the knights templar. Others say the article “Stop Being Such A Fucking Faggot.” was translated from an original aramaic scroll discovered in the caves of Qumran

      1. I think you’ll fine the ancient wisdom contained in ROK articles is more divinely inspired

        1. you’re being a party pooper Tom. Plus, no implants of any kind tolerated at ROK. It’s all natural

        2. I just googled Trump zodiac…. and the first auto-complete suggestion was
          “Trump zodiac killer”
          Surprised the MSM hasn’t got hold of that one

        3. Aquarius has a bit of a new age, occult vibe to it. Surprised that hasn’t been co-opted too, but maybe serial killers prefer operating on dry land

        4. forney wrote an article on jeb bush! That must mean he wrote an article that wasn’t about Trump.

  6. Happy birthday and Deus vult!
    I don’t see the Kratom cake. Someone brought a Kratom cake, right? I could really go for a big slice of Kratom cake right now.

      1. I thought that was next year! Because, you see, I went ahead, and year-wise, I was counting forward from the last previous– D’oh!

        1. Oddly enough Kratom is also the reason I don’t pull out. Usually I shoot my nut right through to top of the girls head while on Kratom.

    1. Really need to get the shoehorn out to rhym birthday to you with SJW

    2. How about
      Hapoy Birthday to you
      Happy Birthday to you
      Fuck you manginas
      And the dirty (((feminists)))

    3. Happy birthday to you
      Happy birthday to you
      I don’t know how to rhyme
      go fuck off and die

      1. Very nice…and now, my poem for the girl who broke my heart –
        I wrote your name in the sand today
        But a wave came along and washed it away
        So I fucked your sister…

        1. Girl who broke your heart, eh?
          Bob, let me sing you a song about my last girlfriend.
          “Well she laughed and she giggled
          and her little titties jiggled,
          if she only had a brain!”

  7. Yeah !
    nice to have been around you guys !
    Wisdom is being formed here !
    Cheers !

  8. Happy BDay ROK and much love to all the posters who make this such a great place to hang out.
    One article from way back that left a lasting impression on me was Billy Chubbs’ “My Beta Daydreaming” (http://www.returnofkings.com/41233/my-beta-daydreaming). I think he really captured what taking the red-pill feels like when it all first starts to hit you. I can thankfully say for myself that I’ve moved passed this sinking feeling and have a broader perspective now, but for guys just cluing in it really can be an overwhelming experience and it helps to know that it’s not just you.

    1. Ouch, depressing but relatable story. That’s the kind of guy that needs to take a LONG trip abroad.
      I was having some similar thoughts this morning. Much more self satisfied and content than that guy, but just disgusted at the way our culture and life here is in the west. I know I’m lucky to have been born in this nation, happy for the good monetary wealth I’ve accumulated, and greatly value my passport which lets me travel freely to more countries in the world than any other (tied with UK), but I also just have a general level of mild misery when I consider the females over here.
      I feel like I’m missing out on some fundamental level of happiness because I simply don’t flirt or game much because I’m fundamentally not attracted to girls who grew up in and enjoy this culture.
      It’s getting colder, so likely a little seasonal depression and I must be careful to get my sunlight and Vitamin D in the coming days, but still, it’s a realization that in another time, I’d either have slain so much poosy, and/or have been happily been married with a family by now, but instead I’m just sort of drifting through life accumulating more currency and lacking real direction.
      I’m probably a good candidate to do like Roosh and get the hell out, but as I get older it’s harder mentally to do that. I’m looking forward to the articles here in the coming year, which will help me come up with a good solution to life’s problems.

      1. I feel the same about American women. The quick solution to such pussennui is to date foreign women who have come to the U.S. to live.

    2. “…my night ended with thirty seconds of masturbation and a hefty deposit of my potential children into a sweaty gym sock.”
      That line was literary gold. Billy Chubbs for president.

    3. Thanks for posting that article. I don’t recall seeing it before. His working 14 hour days to be hit with nearly 40% in taxes speaks volumes. I think this is one of the many reasons men are opting out of the workforce. Besides dealing with cunt HR regulations, more and more of your income is taken by government to fund endless programs for women and minorities.

      1. Chubbs is a Canadian like me and it’s true we get raped in taxes.
        There’s a reason so many Canadian men go the MGTOW route, as it’s just the only financially sane option for working class guys.
        You should see our local public newspapers in Toronto man, every single one has some article about how we need more of this or that for women. Meanwhile we’ve probably got the most comfortable population of women on the entire planet.
        As a Canadian I’m praying for a Trump win, even if it hurts Canadians in the short-term.

        1. I recall a couple years ago video of a guy who was divorced up there. The State mandated him to dish out an absurd amount per month to maintain a comfortable life for ex-wifey. I wish I could find the video because it was unreal. I believe they expected him to give her more than he earned a year. When he lost his job he fled to the US as Canada was going to jail him for not making payments to ex-wifey.

        2. With you. Toronto’s an OK city if you just put your head down, earn and do your thing. But it’s stifling in terms of permitted thought and politics. I’m hoping for a Trump win too but I dare not express that thought in mixed company. I think it might be marginally bad for Canada in the short-term but, the fact is, if the US goes to shit so will we (despite what all our smug fellow CBC/G&M brainwashed Canadians think). And it will go to shit with the Clintons and the DNC running it.
          Despite all his personal flaws, if you sift through all the distractions, misinformation, distortions, half-truths and outright lies, Trump has a good plan to unify and build-up the USA (assuming it isn’t too far gone in terms of being fractured along racial and ideological lines). The 100-day plan that he shared in Gettysburg struck me as superb and he did a great job presenting it.
          I don’t see it but, if he’s really just conning the US population with that in order to simply gain the Presidency to feed his ego and narcissism (as the mainstream media would have us believe), he’s the best conman in human history. In any event, if I were an American, I’d rather take a chance with Trump. Clinton will be an absolute disaster. The Clintons and the DNC are a corrupt machine with so much money from so many elite donors, they’ll be doing favours for the next 100 years.

        3. Clinton is just the front for George Soros and other financiers that are gaming the entire world. Maybe Trump is a con-man, but at least it’s a gamble. It’s pretty clear Hillary will push the US to lose its identity for good. And then what?
          Despite Trump’s flaws I do get the sense that he actually loves the US, and is actually smart enough to understand the effect that globalism has on host countries. There are already plenty of examples of globalism hurting native cultures around the world (e.g., Jamaica, Singapore) and combined with the refugee crisis it’s a full on assault on Western civilization as a whole.
          I am absolutely against this madness.
          And yeah Toronto is manageable if like you said you are focused on some goal… For me I’m focused on financial and educational goals. But without that I find this city to be stifling in many ways. It’s frustrating seeing the city I grew up in being taken over by wealthy foreigners and to be shoved out of the housing market I grew up in.
          If you want that on a national level vote for George Soros I mean Hillary.

  9. Happy Birthday and thank you Roosh, Quintus, all other article contributors and the entire RoK community.
    I have learned much from RoK and this website has greatly helped me with my personal development and spiritual journey.
    What I like best about RoK is that it caters to ALL MEN, including the young player, the mature spiritualist and everything else in between.
    Keep up the great work and stay safe.
    Thanks again and I wish RoK and the entire community all the best.

      1. looks like he is already developing roid gut- his idol must be ronnie coleman…wtf?

      1. Yes. Scot Gaelic to be precise. The Irish have their own way of saying it, which is pretty much still mutually intelligible to Scot Gaelic without being precisely the same.

        1. I think that they throw the “Là” on the end of “breith” and omit “dhuit”? Like “Beithlà sona” or something like that (I really haven’t looked at Irish in a long time)? It’s barely a difference, kind of like saying “You all” instead of “y’all” or “youze”.

  10. Great article Quintus..First discovered ROK in 2013 but I think it peaked in 2014…Consistently good articles and great dialogue in the comment section week after week with guys like AV8R, Lance Christopher, Raywolf, Bridagon, Relampago to name a few and most of the Mods spitting some some sound wisdom, game etc…
    ROK is still a great website but its a shame you guys don’t write anymore book reviews, religious/existential/philosophical articles

    1. Not to mention we’ve been having more and more mental midgets populating the comments section of late…

      1. Eh, thats not it- every site reaches peak commentary; the old timers drift away, because there isnt much left to say that hasnt been said before

        1. I disagree. Ghost of Jefferson, Lolknee and Unabashed still comment frequently. I’d also put you in the list of ROK regulars, as well as Michael Mobious and Red Hood’s Assault. Englishbob and GoingSane don’t comment as often as one might like, but they still pop in now and then.

      2. Maybe a good bit of mental midgets lately, but if you go back in time, most of the comments are either whining, or posers daring each other to whip out across the internet.

        1. Can’t argue with you there. I was as guilty of that (whining, anyway) as much as anyone. Still, I’d rather we see that kind of commentary than what we’re seeing more of now.

    2. Lance Christopher’s comments were off the scale intense. He would have made a great demagogue for better or worse (probably worse)

      1. Wonder what happened to lance Christopher. he stopped posting all of a sudden and never returned.

        1. he has probably assembled a band of followers about him, ready to lead them moses like out of captivity

  11. I…I just can’t describe this, without using words…..it’s just…..just…

    1. You’re not alone Ghost, I’ve gone on many a magical journey video hoping to the strange side of YouTube. Everybody’s got to go down that Rabbit hole at least once in their lives.

  12. I consider myself a better, stronger and more educated men since ROK entered my life. Thank you all brothers!!!

  13. Question from an ignorant Disqus user – how in the fuck can I edit a post with an image in it, and take the first image out, and put a replacement image in…anybody?

    1. You highlight the URL for the first image, Delete, then paste in the new URL?
      Sometimes you have to exit the article completely and come back in to see the change, Disqus seems to cache posts sometimes and it requires a full refresh to see edits.

      1. No static URL. Drag and drop image…I feel like Helen Keller but thank gawd I don’t look like her.

    1. Mr. Smith-If you make a few posters and sell these on amazon, I’ll buy a few myself and send them out as Xmas gifts to like minded friends. I really think there’s a market for this type of humor.

  14. ROK, we first met in 2013. To be honest I can’t recollect the circumstances of our initial meeting. Its been a roller coaster of a relationship, many harsh truths had to be faced. You presented me with a new perspective of modern male female relationships.
    The whole experience has been life changing. To read the many informative articles, posting and conversing online with like minded males has given me consolation in these troubled times.
    Happy Birthday ROK…..you are still in your infancy….

  15. Here’s a little birthday gift for anybody who’s interested (sorry, you can’t take it back for a refund if you don’t like it). Monday Night Football tonight, take Houston +9 at Denver, on the spread side. I estimate that you have an 80% chance of nailing that puppy, but caveat emptor, brothers. (It’s +8 at most books right now, but you can get +9 at some of them. And +8 is fine. If the line drops – say to +7, +6.5, +6, by kickoff, pounce on it for double the money. Cheers.)

  16. Ahhh ROK, the homestead of truth for us and the house of terrors for the cockeyed feminist cumscum. I liked the message and came back for more like monks atop of a hilltop monastery going for their prayer. Truth is, this website is very much steeped in reality and no man no matter how much he denies it in an effort to conform (to MSM bull ideology), known it’s 99% true. It’s locker room talk and everyone does it, but some do it on the internet, other get recorded.
    Not many who have stumbled upon this site have left and many more are still at their “peeping Tom” stage yet to make a comment. I know I was barely a guest in my first year.
    I found ROK at the best time possible,right after I finished uni in 2013 and about to get serious with life.After a graduation summer where I decided to travel for a bit, got in shape and started to pick up women. I went around Europe and it wasn’t a fruitless 2.5 months.Got laid a bit, made some new friends, but I couldn’t, for the life of me make out why beautiful Czech or Canadian women were so responsive to me but Scandinavian mediocres were flaking like mad. They’re not like British chicks who have a load of jug eared beta co-nationals swooning over them everywhere.
    So I took to the internet where I found the Roosh V forums,then the Don’t bang Denmark article soon followed; it was at this point where I realised the potential of this website. Since then it’s been banging and to think how empty out life would have been without the daily Kratom jokes.
    Thank you ROK, it been emotional…………………….
    Edit: this post has well spaced paragraphs but Disqus is taking the mickey!

  17. I first found ROK in 2015 after someone mentioned it in the comment section over at TRM. And from here found the alt right. Been a strange and wonderful ride since then.

  18. I remember when RoK came out and i was a bit skeptical about how much more there was to say outside of the forum and rooshv.com but its steadily grown and grown and its a cool online mag man, i don’t read as much as i did in the early years but still check in with the odd article for the comments section and kratom memes. good times.
    Hsppy birthday RoK!

  19. I discovered this site about 6-8 months ago when I became progressively disenchanted with my dating environment. A simple google search and a catchy article title (cant quite remember the specific article) snagged my interest.
    I don’t necessarily agree with every article here, but vast majority of the stuff keeps me interested. I try to get my friends into the articles as much as I can, but they all think im crazy haha. I already had a lot of red pill ideas in my head, but couldn’t quite rationalize them or put them together so that it all made sense. And some of the articles here definitely helped in that process.
    Surprisingly enough, what really kept me coming back was the comment section. Without kissing ass too much, there are a lot of good people here who share ideas and genuinely are interested in helping others better themselves. And that is what I want to do as a man as become a better version of me, every day. So kudos guys and thanks for the daily help!

  20. I spend more time on ROK and Rooshvforumthann my RL friends. I’m sick of wearing a mask in RL where if you talk about anything outside PC, your ejected and can lose your job! Betas fucking everything in RL…

  21. Happy Birthday ROK, my favorite website of all time. Discovered this through the viral articles in 2012, couldn’t keep my eyes away ever since. I love all of Roosh’s work, all the writers, but I’ll admit until very recently the comment section was my favorite! I’ve never seen a better collection of uncucked alt-right intellects on the web.
    The only thing missing from the site is in person meetups. We need them. Badly. We are on the brink of civil war. We need a network that we can count on in times of strife.

    1. I found this site back in 2013-14 when some person I knew posted the article on how to nail skanks at comic con on Facebook. All the triggered and beta white knights were in full swing down by the comment section. I took a gander and come realize it, it was the first ROK article I ever read and was confused at there the vitriol is coming from. See guys, Facebook isnt all bad!

  22. I notice how some articles that have appeared on ROK will all of sudden appear on other new sites a few days later (either in support or response).
    They are watching us, they know we are great, and they are scared.

  23. I swallowed the red-pill a couple years before RoK and was reading numerous sites back then. Out of all of them RooshV and RoK are still in my daily reading list.
    Well done Roosh and all the writers that make the daily return to the watering hole worthwhile.

  24. During what should have been the prime and best years of my young life as a man, for 10 long years I was an INCEL and a SMACK ADDICT, looking forward to a lonely death.
    RETURN OF KINGS and the Manosphere literally SAVED ME.
    THANK YOU!!!

  25. Things were a lot more raw in the early days (pre-2014). Starting in 2015 the site has often wandered in directions I don’t like, especially the comment sections, but that’s just the point I suppose. Before ROK there were scattered blogs with no semblance of organization, but ROK brought them all together, and it’s because I stumbled here in early 2013 that I was eventually able to meet Roosh, Mike Cernovich, and many others on the forum all while taking my life in directions I didn’t quite expect but have worked in the long run.
    And then there’s the opportunities that ROK provides to people at the grassroots for exposure, and that is worth lauding all in itself.
    ROK really did change the landscape and gave us new voices, which contributed to making GamerGate and the rise of Trump possible. Yes, I think ROK did have its own remote role to play in both. When we were almost lamenting in the early days, who’d have guessed the power we would wind up having now so soon?
    It’s been a job well done.

    1. Great points. There are so many men who have valuable ideas to contribute, but haven’t yet.
      This is a great platform for it and I always encourage others to do so.

  26. I’ve enjoyed RoK I think since some part of 2014. Especially when I hit the red pill in a hard way. I think I recall coming here from Rooshv.com and after a lot of Google searches of related topics.
    2015 was a very interesting year. I went to the NYC lecture and met Roosh, who’s a pretty cool guy. The men I met (nearly all, save a few) were fairly successful, intelligent guys who have their stuff together. Then I helped with arranging our local meet-up during the time that the SJWs made us and Roosh the most hated men in the world. Wow, the tension was intense.
    Locally the same bullshit was pushed as everywhere else: when the story of local meet-ups was reported, it was spun as a “rape meeting” and the same nonsense as everywhere else in the world by emotional, ignorant man-children and the hostile bitter women too.
    I’ve enjoyed seeing RoK articles like the one on short haired and pierced/tattooed women going viral and the RoK servers got INCREDIBLE traffic as TRIGGERED broken women, white knights, and crazy feminists came to lay on the hate, with of course no logical arguments to the writer’s points.
    It’s been great being able to contribute articles myself and I enjoyed hearing from other men that they enjoyed them as well as their thoughts on how it related to them.
    The comments, as I’ve learned, are sometimes as informative as the articles.
    Here’s to a great future for Return of Kings!

      1. They were pretty vicious, but extremely tiresome. Same old stuff, same insults and death wishes, blah blah blah blah.

        1. everytime they “blah…blah…blah…”, I always “meh…meh…meh”

    1. I was at the NYC lecture. I may have met you without even knowing it. This is the reason places like this exist, building an army of like minded men that we would never have known if not for here!

      1. I bet we even said “Hi”! I was wearing a blue short-sleeve shirt, and I’m a bit muscular in build. I orginally went to the restaraunt (arrived late) and after the lecture went to some bars & Times Square when the group left afterwards.
        Good stuff!
        And I agree totally with your comment. This site honestly, I think, has had quite a bit to do with 1) letting other men know there are answers out there (and that they’re not “defective”, but facing common issues men are forced into today), and 2) providing a lot of good info and discussion.

  27. Started reading Return of Kings articles in May of 2015. All I can say is, it has really helped my life in a lot of aspects. Cheers to you ROK!

  28. When I stumbled into this website by accident, I started to binge-read it every-nights. Now I find myself more and more distance from society in general.
    Without even trying.
    Good job, Roosh and you guys!
    Happy Birthday, ROK!
    And oh, my favorite thing on ROK beside its articles?
    Triggered old feminazis on the comment section.

  29. Thank you Return of Kings for being there when it mattered the most. I came stumbling in the dark, lost, only to find a wonderful and powerful presence. Come to realize it was the presence that found me.

  30. Thanks to ROK and to all the posters. Reading all the great articles and responses from you guys has been a life changing event for me. A lot of free advice and wisdom to be gained here. It has also been a great motivator. I havent felt this motivated and driven since I was 18 and I owe a lot of it to ROK. Sounds like a lot of you guys are a little older than me. You should feel gratified knowing my punk ass learned a few lessons. I guess you can say I’m the type of guy always searching for gold nuggets. I’ve destroyed a few bad habits and formed quite a few good ones. I found this site less than a year ago and since then, I’ve had a lot of good days and very few bad. A few months ago I made one of the biggest achievements of my life and I did so by using knowledge gained here at ROK. We are kings living in the land of zombies. With all the ugliness going on in the world today, I can honestly say it’s been kinda fun. A sincere thanks to all of you. I look forward to reading more.

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