5 Ridiculously Stupid Things Men Keep Doing For Women

Forget the movies that set aloof men against love-seeking women. It is men who are the hopeless romantics much, if not most of the time. And they express this extraordinary naivety by engaging in stupid behaviors that their fathers and other male role models should have beaten out of them. Though feminism, demographic trends, and socioeconomic realities encourage women to be entitled prima donnas, men add to the feedback loop by rewarding modern-day princesses.

Of course, there are sensible exceptions to avoiding the following behaviors. A time and a place, for example, can be found for defending a woman, most notably your mother or wife, from someone else’s verbal or physical attack. Likewise, sometimes emergencies or certain serious events mean you should put your priorities aside to help a high-quality woman who gives long-term value to your life. That said, in the vast majority of cases acting in this way is unnecessary, time-consuming, resource-draining, and plain self-destructive for a man.

So, here are the five things many men perversely and uselessly keep doing for women:

1. Fighting for them

I lost count long ago of the number of times I have seen a man step in to save a woman from either herself or a slight (usually deserved) against her. A girl will behave like a pork chop at a restaurant, club or elsewhere, picking a verbal or even physical argument with an employee or fellow patron. Along comes Captain-Save-a-Ho, who might not even know the girl, to protect her honor. The expectation of many women that men will do this for them is bad enough, let alone when a man does it of his own volition, without being requested.

In return for risking a physical or similar altercation with other people, the white knight invariably gets a smile, a few words, and perhaps a phone number. From this point onwards, though, the interaction between Mr. White Knight and the Entitled Damsel Who Causes Her Own Distress invariably fizzles out. And it is not just members of your typical white knight crowd who act this way. Men who are nominally good with women fall into this trap, too, confusing it with the opportunity to be “alpha” and dominate over another male. The most common outcome, sadly, is that a woman’s very poor behavior is condoned by a man falling over himself to be her medieval champion.

2. Fighting over them

Not only is this bickering usually ill-advised, it is often exactly what she wants.

This stupid behavior is only marginally better than fighting for women and the two activities consistently overlap. Whilst competition in life, including between men over women, should be largely encouraged, swathes of men are effectively scrapping over last Sunday’s leftovers on a Saturday, three days after the refrigerator stopped working.

Remember: a woman can be attractive but, because of her attitude and behavior, have very little long-term value for you. Countless men live with the illusion that if they toil hard enough to get the good-looking girl, it must be worth it. That’s simply not the case in modern times. To boot, a lot of sexually thirsty men nowadays are chasing physically low-yield women that their fathers and grandfathers would never have noticed.

At best, the majority of men who fight over women are dueling over the prospect of snaring a girl who one of them will probably fuck a few times, if at all. And if they do manage to secure the girl for a long-term relationship, the pairing usually implodes down the track. The man either realizes he wasted his time or suffers greatly in material terms, such as by being draped (divorce raped).

In the meantime, the girls being fought over have their egos stroked time and time again. Unattractive girls see themselves as attractive and attractive girls with foul, entitled princess personalities find themselves validated once more. Everything in these situations is predicated on the men fighting and proving themselves, rather than the women reaching an appropriate standard of physical and emotional femininity.

3. Paying for them

What are you getting from the transaction with her? And yes, everything is transactional in male-female relationships.

Unless you are completely sure you have claimed the world’s best girl for yourself (and even that belief is probably based on very false or temporary appearances), you should ideally be investing less financially in the relationship than she is. This may seem counterintuitive, especially when a man is sexually valued by women for his status, achievements, and resources. But we are not living in a time when almost every woman is marriageable. A man providing for a woman can only justify it if she is of high-quality and gives him something substantial back in return. On both these counts, most men are paying for dud deals.

In every long-term relationship I have had, I have put less into the relationship financially, proportionally-speaking. Almost always, even the girl’s gross investment has either approximated mine or surpassed it. For dates and during casual relationships, too, I pay for a woman’s time about as much as she pays for mine, if not less.

When relationships end, girls can and do play petty games over money or property you may be owed. What matters, however, is how you conduct yourself overall. Only when a woman has materially invested in you or invests in you should you invest in her. When patriarchy returns, the male-female dynamic will alter. Before that time, be sure she does her fair share financially.

4. Shifting or sacrificing their priorities for them

Meanwhile, he should be do everything else for himself.

Unlike many other self-destructive behaviors concerning women, this one can be very incremental and hard to spot. It is very easy to procrastinate on your work, final exams, self-development goals, and the rest of your social life when what you feel is a high-quality woman comes along. In fact, nature has basically designed you to do that by throwing your biochemistry into a drug-like dependency at the beginning of a courtship. In addition to these problems early on, men are apt to continue the shelving of their other, more personal demands after the relationship is well established.

On a topic I will explore in more detail in another article, there should be certain hours in many days (or simply days in general) in which women do not even enter your mind. Contrast this with your average man, who will throw away opportunities to further himself to please his girl. And often she’s not his girl for much longer, as his neglect of himself becomes apparent in her less attracted mind. By devoting yourself to a ho, you become dispensable to a ho, not just psychologically, but physically, financially, and socially as well. Don’t let yourself rot.

Your body, finances, education, and other forms of self-improvement need to be your number one focus. After all, they are the only things you have (or don’t have) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Individual girls may come and go, but your obligations to yourself remain. Paradoxically, keeping these obligations to yourself is what attracts girls in the first place. A man who takes proper care of his money, career, body, and social life gets women.

5. Moving to them, for them


This is the one even my leftwing father warned me about. But it’s something a lot of guys are yet to learn. Like shifting or sacrificing one’s priorities, moving to a girl for a girl is conducive to throwing your own needs into utter disarray. Every time I moved to where a girl of mine lived, I did so mostly for myself. Whether to explore a new country for three months, or find a new, refreshing place to get my work done, the relocation benefited me. This is qualitatively far different from upending yourself to some new city for the mere chance to thrive and the overwhelming desire to please a girl.

Perhaps the saddest thing about the man who moves for his girl is that when he wants even a fraction of the favor he gave her, he’s often left in the lurch. Don’t make this mistake. Either she must move to you or you move to her for a lot of reasons that don’t revolve around her. If the relationship fails (and most of them do), you leave yourself in an equal or better position than the one you would otherwise have been in.

Don’t follow the crowd of thirsty males

Too many men slave away in a female desert. Girls are not non-existent, but they’re too often low-quality relative to what a man is willing to do for them.

Snap yourself out of these behaviors and help your friends shake them off, too. You may not indulge in them regularly, but the temptation to perform them at least sometimes is likely to be there. More broadly, we need to see a seismic shift in the way many men act. Become part of the solution.

So what’s just as bad as an entitled woman? A man who encourages her entitlement with obsequious validation.

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441 thoughts on “5 Ridiculously Stupid Things Men Keep Doing For Women”

  1. 6. Giving a girl your winter coat because she forgot to bring her own … and then getting severe pneumonia a week later.
    Learned that one the hard way.

      1. It’s easy to be a winter boy when you live in the South, bro. Heh.
        Up here it can be fatal.

        1. Up there I’d still wear half the layers that most people do. Went to Michigan in December a couple years back and all I wore was a light hoodie over a tshirt all week while I was trudging around in the snow.

        2. How do you survive summers? Right now is absolutely perfect weather for me. The problem is it only lasts about a month. But I love these 75 degree days and cool nights. Summer time I sweat walking to the car. It’s ridiculous.

        3. You remind me of a neighbor I grew up next to. His daughter and I would go off to school together, and he’d be standing outside seeing us off in the North Midwest with 3 feet of snow and sub-freezing temps in shorts and a tank top.

        4. Didn’t you just have the biggest American political rally ever for Trump this week? Something like 50,000? That’s approaching a bad college football team, down here in the south. Approaching.

        5. I was in -65 degree weather in Saskatchewan years ago. Stood outside on the back porch in shorts and a vest. My girlfriend asked me what the fuck I was doing. A couple minutes later, I swear I could feel my lungs freezing…

        6. For sure. There are extremes, and then there are huge extremes. I went to a meeting in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and I thought I’d wear a leather jacket with a sweater underneath. Heh. My girlfriend just shook her head. After being outside, walking for 10 minutes, I darted inside a building because I couldn’t take it. My ears were dark purple…you can get frost bite really fast when it’s -50 or worse.

        7. Doing some marketing for my business, and banging this girl I knew for a couple of months. Canadian women are awesome.

        8. I think those reports are utter lies. I can count on two hands the number of Hillary signs/stickers I’ve encountered since August on my two hands. I cannot even begin to estimate the countless Trump signs. And this is central Ohio, not Farmville, Ohio.

        9. Yeah, heh. Two winters ago it was -10 to -20 below zero, and that was NOT with the wind chill.

        10. The overwhelming support is just too obvious this time around. Usually Ohio has a “I can’t really tell” feel because normally it’s a fairly close number on both sides. This year, landslide. There are even Trump signs in and near Cleveland. If you can imagine.

        11. Cavs win the Finals, Indians in the WS, Signs for Trump. Cleveland’s looking up.

        12. That’s encouraging as hell. Tough to steal a state when 80% of the people are so obviously going the other way. And I think Trump is going to win now, more than ever…the new FBI investigations of Hillary’s emails are perfectly timed here. Hot damn!

        13. Consider also the RNC convention here. How many Leftists showed up. A dozen or so. How many right wing types (and bikers) to confront them? Thousands.
          Some hope breaking on the horizon. Thank God.

        14. Hillary’s done. Trump is going to take it or this new revelation would never have seen the light of day…another Brexit here.

        15. I mention above, the FBI may know the direction the wind is blowing and are covering their ass for previously being in the pocket of Clinton.
          Or this may have been the plan all along, and the FBI is getting revenge for Clinton blackmailing them through the DOJ.

        16. Yes, I saw that comment of yours. And that is totally feasible. The “tell” for me is CNN (totally pro-Hillary) putting that new FBI story front and center on their website…rats abandoning the sinking ship?

        17. Im Canadian, I confirm you that Canadian women are hardcore brainwashed feminist just has ROK describe the american one. Your only hope in canada is to date a immigrant women/ Asian are pouring in, in large quantity, … at least their women are awesome, unfortunately asian man don’t give a shit about white Canadian women…
          By the way: VOTE TRUMP, TAKE THE POWER BACK!!!

        18. Each year I become more of a pussy about the extremes in temperature. Too much indoor livin’.
          I must reverse this.

        19. We rarely hit 100 but it’s humid as hell most of the time. Ohio used to be part of an ocean.

        20. Same here. Not one Hillary sign, but I have seen various Trump signs. I even saw one that said WOMEN FOR TRUMP among others. I remember seeing more Palin signs compared to Hillary.

        21. It is shocking, yes, but way to go Rust Belt Cleveland making an astonishing comeback, of sorts.

      2. I see people here in Arizona wearing mittens and coats when it’s 60 degrees. That being said, I’m from the wintry north, and my blood has thinned after being in the desert for four years. I used to laugh at those people when I first saw them, now I get it…

      3. Is it just you or are others in your family the same way?
        Those in my maternal-side lineage all seem to have a similar low threshold for heat tolerance. Like you, I only consider wearing a coat if it drops below 40. 55 degrees is shorts and T-shirt weather for me. Above 70 and I have to start limiting my exertion.

    1. You just gave her your winter coat? You are supposed to lay it down on the muddy ground in a rainstorm so that her feet don’t get dirty.

    2. Depends on the girl. IS she worth keeping? Offer. If she is of high caliber, she will accept and trade off or refuse. That small gesture of respect could be something she remembers forever in this world of men who refuse to open doors.

      1. I was 18 yrs old. She was a 4 at best, and she was just a friend. But she was a very *good* girl, very religious, definitely virgin. The kind of girl you want to do good things for. It was the one and only time I played the white knight … and paid dearly for it.
        We all gotta learn sometime.

        1. Not as much of a friend if she didn’t trade off that jacket. It is good to learn young when it is expected.
          I was in college before I was offered a jacket. He was Canadian so our winter was mild for him. I almost went to fealty for that gesture.

        2. Apart from the fact that you don’t actually get pneumonia because of cold weather…

      2. Men who hold open doors for women all too frequently get the stinkeye. It happened to me at the grocery store yesterday. Some woman around 30. I haven’t been thanked for doing so once by a Millennial I didn’t previously know. Guess who won’t be doing that for any female under 50 from now on?

        1. I hold doors for everybody, men and women, young and old, hot or not. It’s basic civility.

        2. I’ll hold a door for a woman, but only if it’s a revolving door and she’s inside.

        3. It is a gesture of respect not an acknowledgment of weakness. Feminism has turned us into idiots. Would she have barked at you if you were a woman? She is the sexist. It is not impolite to ask the offender that question if it happens again. It would be a shame to see you compromise your standards because of a stupid woman’s lesser standards.

        4. I for one do not care what some feminist might think. I hold the door open for people that are right behind me and ANYONE (male or female) with something in their hand.
          I did hold the door open for a woman a while back, and she started lecturing me on my being a masculine jerk and that she did not need any help with the door. So I walked through the door and slammed it behind me. I heard her say, “How Rude!”. I hope she heard my laughter.

        5. You know she did. What a crazy person. No self-awareness and no manners.

        6. Me too. I cant stand it when you open a door for someone and they just walk through without any acknowledgement, like you’re their bitch or a doorman. Makes me want to grab them by the back of their hair, yank them out, and say “now lets try this again”. I’m not saying I do things for a thank you, but at least a smile for fucks sake.

        7. Do it anyway, man. It’s a good reflection on you. If she is ignorant about a common courtesy its on her.

        8. Yeah that ones a piss off… I hold a door open in public to just be polite. Women, man, young, old doesn’t matter, it’s just polite. Old women see this and love it, girls under 30? Some of the reactions I get you’d think I Just touched someone without permission.
          Nowadays I look for eye contact first before opening a door for a young women. Sometimes I let a few people in and slam it shut for the pretty tart… with a smile. Or randomly yell “Your Welcome!” If the fail to recognize that a stranger is just trying to be polite.

      3. A hot Emory coed with a nice smile lingered a few seconds at the liquor store door after her friends had exited to hold the door open for me. That’s the only time I can remember a woman holding a door for me. I was so surprised I forgot to get her number.

  2. A woman, simply by virtue of being a woman or being beautiful, deserves no loyalty or service. While these principles largely apply generally, I felt like adding on.
    Fight for those women who are your tribe – traditionally, that would be your wife, sisters, mother, etc.
    Fight over no woman – you change no minds and waste too much energy.
    Pay for a woman in the same way you would pay for a friend (usually a reciprocal measure, occasionally a gift, never a bribe).
    Live your life, not another’s. Sacrifice your goals for no man or woman.
    You help your friends move in exchange for expected reciprocation. With a woman, help her move only if she agrees in advance to the reciprocation.

    1. I once helped a girl move and didn’t even get a hug.
      Some time later I had this idea that I had to be retrospectively honest with everyone I ever knew, so I wrote her: Girl, I was such an idiot for helping you move whne I didn’t even get to fuck you. (among other things)
      She responded with a thumbs up emoticon.

        1. Naaah, no use running after bitches. 🙂
          I gotta publish an article someday about this time when I ended up speaking my mind to all the people I used to know. It’s a little embarassing and a little funny, heh.

  3. What would it take for the Cuck-comic corporations out there, Marvel / DC to actually publish a comic-book, or even better a movie starring Captain-Save-a-Ho? He could be massive

  4. Good article. I am not quite sure what to think of the ‘fighting over women’ thing. If we look at the animal kingdom, it seems very typical to (at least symbolically) fight over or compete for the girl.
    Hell, even Disney (!) incorporated this dynamic into Bambi.

    1. I used to do that and it could be argued that it’s an instinct given the dynamic in the animal kingdom. However, I noticed after the adolescent years that I lost interest in such things and often the girl already has her mind made up.

      1. Still … as long as it is not too extreme or harmful, why not give in to those instincts … say, with outcome independence. Can be joyful after all.

        1. I’m not sure where the YouTube video is, but I saw footage once that showed something similar. Couple of race car drivers are competing and are given the choice between a fatty and a €250 gift card. The driver chose the gift card.

    2. I think a big part of the issue is we’ve gone past directly fighting for women.
      Why do animals fight for a mate in the wild? To prove they are big enough to fend off predators and/or prove they are strong enough to provide food to the mate and their offspring.
      Men fight to prove the same things, just in different ways nowadays. You still need a good foundation of strength to prove you can protect your wife and kids from a mugger, but you also need to be able to support them financially.

    3. It depends on the dynamic. I’d say you have to be willing to fight, or just display that you have the capacity towards it, if you’re already ingratiated with her.

  5. Men who feel the need to step in and “rescue” some chick they don’t know when she’s getting, or on the verge of getting, an ass-whoopin’ need to check themselves. If a man and a woman are fighting in public, and it’s on the verge of coming to blows, then just imagine how those two act behind closed doors when nobody is looking.
    Do you think that’s the first time they’ve ever had an intense argument?
    Do you think that woman has never had a chance to break away from that “abusive” man?
    Just keep on walking if you see that shit going down. This abusive boyfriend scenario plays out far too often, and more likely than not, it’s the woman starting shit with the guy to stir up drama. She’s not going to leave the dude, or press charges against him; this woman is getting exactly what she wants. It’s not their first or last fight — in private or in public — so never risk your own livelihood to protect some shit-head skank who chooses to be with that kind of guy.
    There’s no reward for white knighting.

    1. If you ask those women how they really feel about it, they will tell you they ‘need’ that drama and are glad their boyfriend is able to give it to them.

    2. Somwhenetimes I like to troll domestic violence video threads on YOUTUBE when I’m bored.
      In those threads, you notice a general trend. Young women in their primes refusing to leave abusive relationship because they love their abuser. One girl, from the looks of her picture, between 17 to 20 years old very attractive said she was in an abusive relationship with a drug addict, but she couldn’t leave because she loved him.
      Take that, college educated, tax paying, law abiding beta male who respects women as his equal, but can’t get a date. And I’m sure that this abusive relationship between her and the drug addict is a very sexually active one. Youd think his being a drug addict alone would disqualify him from her life. But never fear, twenty years from now when she’s “found herself” and “knows what she wants” , you can swoop in and pay thousands for a ring and wedding. Of course, she may have or be losing her looks and only gives you missionary position sex bi annually, not like all the wild sex her drug addict abuser gets now while she’s in the prime of her beauty. But you get a consolation prize, she now has maturity and experience and can have intellectual conversations with you
      It’s funny how women can leave the nice guy beta at the drop of a dime, but will suffer beatings to be the cum dumpster of an abusive man.
      Maybe it’s because an abusive man makes them be submissive. While a nice guy beta makes her equal or even superior. The politically incorrect truth is that women crave the submissive role and will suffer beatings just to get it.

      1. I wont excuse abuse, but I can say that it seems those who tend to get abused always seemed to hook up with those who tend to abuse….

        1. In our close primate cousins, chimpanzees, it has been shown that female promiscuity increases the rate of sexual and nonsexual violence of males towards females. As the males willing to perpetrate this violence enjoy more reproductive success than nonviolent males.
          It has also been shown in humans that male violence whether against other men or women is a fitness indicator advertising genes fit for breeding as you need to be very strong and healthy to successfully carry out violence.
          Male violence has big reproductive benefits for men. This is why most violent crime is committed by young men generally 14, 15-34, 35. And is relatively rare among 10 year old boys or 60 year old men. And, as we know, women get moist for violent men.

      2. Go on fetlife. There are crazy bitches who post selfies of the black eyes they crave for and begged their doms to give them. Other crazy bitches compliment them on how “pretty” the colors of the bruises are in the comments section and even write how jealous they are!

        1. I can believe it. I used to wonder why would any rational person stay with someone who beats them? Or why would a woman support her pimp in court?
          But all of this assumed that women were my rational equals. I know better now.

      3. The submissive role is one of the things she enjoys from those “relationships”. Another one is the unpredictability and the thrill she gets from such messed up guys. She never knows when the next hit will come. Women get off on this emotional rollercoaster/turmoil.

    3. If anything, do a tap dance on HER head after she has been ktfo by the other guy for mouthing off, pissing him off and disturbing you instead of knowing her fucking place.

    4. Yo, A.V. Yader, where have you been, man?
      When will you write some more articles?
      Your articles are pretty sick and insanely on points!
      You don’t know me. I’m new here. But I’m just gonna let you know that you’re my favorite author.
      My favorite from you is the one with Dr. Princess in it.
      ‘Cause I’ve seen it myself. These broads are everywhere. They’re so proud of their “status” as a doctor when they can’t even boil an egg.
      No life skill or social skill whatsoever.

      1. bro you sound like a stalker
        Learn how to give recognition without sounding like a little faggot

        1. Some red pill fellow sent me a link to one of his articles. Which then led me to this website.
          Fuck your opinion.

      2. Thanks, man. I’ve been writing, I’m just not happy with what I’ve been producing. It’s just not good enough, in my opinion. I’ll keep hacking away at it and eventually get back to posting on here eventually once I’m pleased with the final product.
        I’m my own worst critic, and I’m very strict on my quality control — if I think it’s not good enough, I won’t submit it. It’s just that simple.
        I’m glad my older writing has struck a chord with you, and I appreciate the props. Ignore the hate.

    5. A mate of mine (no, it’s not myself, it was some dude) told me the story of how he stepped in that scenario, just to have the hyena squeal and random punch at him to leave the douchebag alone
      His conclusion: “every bitch has the male she deserves”.

    6. Exactly, meanwhile she gets wet from the drama of watching two men fight for her. The white knight gets a black eye and her boyfriends gets to crush puss.

  6. All comes down to one word: Pedestalizing. Always be willing to catch and release.

  7. To avoid becoming Captain-Save-a-Ho, use situational awareness and remember the golden rule: Do on to other as you would to do on to you”. If the maiden you are trying to save won’t follow the law of reciprocity, don’t bother help her.
    Personally, if I help a girl in need of something, its random act of kindness or I have personal know her. If I want to fuck a girl, I use game.

  8. One flaw in the actual Matrix movie is that no woman would actually want to be pulled out of their comfortable skyscraper battery pod program and would probably just want to chill in their virtual Manhattan condo. Can any of you really imagine a movie where Neo is a girl that risks her entire life to discover “the truth”?

    1. Rofl.
      Trinity is kind of a butch, tho.
      Come think of it, she effectively rapes Neo. He never actually expresses interest in her, but somehow in the end, her love means he is the one and she just kisses him and he is revived and never even asks: Wait, why did you think it was okay to kiss my dead body without my consent?

      1. A corpse can’t consent, it doesn’t even have moral agency. So she has a moral “out”. Heh.

        1. Oh, but I’m not. Just like to examine all angles. Heh.

        2. After you field dress dozens of deer, you kind of lose your squeamishness.

    2. Hahahha.. Excellent point. Actually I think almost everyone would prefer the Matrix, but yeah there would be zero females. If any girl chose to escape it would be some fat chick who only did it because she would be the only vagina out there and would hope that would work out for her, but she would have immediate regret when she found out there were no cupcakes nor lattes.

      1. I dunno. Morpheus might teach her how to use her massive gravitational pull to draw objects towards her fat ass.

        1. I don’t understand how people get to/function at that weight. I’d kill myself several hundred pounds before that stage.

        2. Yeah, it’s over my head, too…I mean, you have to pretty much just sit there and not move, while chugging milkshakes and eating donuts all day…

        3. I’ve been a complete lardass at points in my life. Pure, lazy scum, and I’ve never crossed 195 (I’m 5’10).

        4. I hit 210 once (5’11”). That was it for me, I saw myself in the mirror and did a 180…

        5. Yeah. One day I just asked myself: Why the fuck am I carrying this shit around? So I opened up the zipper and slipped out of the obesquarade.

        6. Yah. I have grown somewhat overweight again recently. but I’m sure I’ll be able to get rid off that easily once I resolve some deeper seated issues.

      1. I thnk it’s intentional, suicide by cholesterol because they can’t bring themselves to just jump off a balcony

  9. Oh, I’d fight to defend my wife, daughter and mother (and aunts). All other girls are on their own. A high percentage of fights women get into with men is with a “lover” and if you get in between that there’s a huge chance that she’ll turn on you and then you’ll have both of them on your ass. Screw that.
    Paying loads of money for her company is foolish. She’ll use you, then walk away with nary a peck on the cheek more often than not. If she’s fucking you often and like a sex maniac, ok, buying her a meal is ok. This isn’t to say that going on a date and paying for a meal one or two times before sex is wrong, but you’ll know pretty quick if she’s just using you as a meal ticket.
    Fighting *for* a woman? LOL! No thanks. He’s welcome to her. If she can’t make a choice, then I’ll make it for her. Captain Meathead, dude, she’s all yours. And five years later I’ll come back and congratulate you on your being cucked by the fifteen other men she’s had behind your back (not being, you know, a woman who can make a choice and stick with it).
    As to white knights, openly mock them at will.

    1. Groucho Marx: Remember men, you are fighting for this woman’s honor, which is probably more than she ever did!

      1. Poetry….
        I swear the one thing preventing my Full Citizenship in Philly is that I’ll always take the Marx Bros. over the stooges (local boys)….

        1. I still like the stooges – its just the Marx’s (not Karl – he was a dik) add far more wit to the physical humor.

        1. Ugh. Dude. Mental health clinic. It’s hard to watch closet homosexuals faggoting their low IQs around town

    2. Broads try to get dudes they are interested in into fights as a shit test. Fighting is a failure. Take physical damage because some psycho scrunt can’t hold her booze? I don’t think so.

      1. Yep, that’s my take. Want me to fight some dude for you? Fuck off, I have ten more lined up and you don’t mean shit to me, he can have you.

      2. On the other hand, nothing worse than a bitch who will try and get in your way to prevent an idiot who deserves to be torn a new one from getting what he was asking for by fucking with you. A good girl perjures herself by you saying you were not even there but at her place on the other side of town to give you an alibi to get off on any court bullshit

    3. “A high percentage of fights women get into with men is with a “lover”
      and if you get in between that there’s a huge chance that she’ll turn on
      you and then you’ll have both of them on your ass. Screw that.”
      Fuckin AY!
      Ask any cop responding to a domestic dispute!

      1. Indeed. I’ve seen it first hand too. Tried to tell the dude to stay out of it, but he insisted on getting in between a fighting couple. A broken nose and stitches on his forehead I consider a good lesson for him.

        1. No, I didn’t mean I was harming her. We were walking out of a bar with our crew (about 5 of us) and some dude was squaring off with a bitch we’d seen him with earlier that night. She was going psycho “knowing” that he wouldn’t hit her or that somebody would jump to the rescue. One of my buddies started the “Bullshit, leave her alone!” thing, I tried to restrain him with reason, but he apparently needed taught the hard way.

        2. I get women who bring their boyfriends right up to me, and then the girl gives me a big hug and/or tries to sit on my lap – and then she introduces us, while sporting an evil grin. This is a new thing, they must be teaching this method in Cosmo or at some Secret Cunt Stunt College. I just fucking roll my eyes, ignore the bitch, and immediately make friends with the guy. They truly do love watching guys get jealous, or angry, and come to blows. Evil little masochistic children who hate themselves, way down deep…so it goes.

        3. I see this same disgusting shit all the time. Women with husbands/boyfriends constantly stirring shit up, being overtly sexual, etc. They know they have all the power, and the doofus is usually clueless and desperate enough to put up with it.

        4. It’s sickening. I just can’t figure out if it’s a recent thing. I never saw it happen to this degree…

        5. Dumbasses abound. I’ve never gotten in between two strangers. I have gotten in between parties that I knew.

        6. Some couples also do that as a scam. They will try to set some poor guy up and will try to start some drama to see if they can get something from him. Strippers are particularly well known for trying it on their customers,

        7. Good warning there. In my case, it’s been done solely to start fights and inspire jealousy. But I’ll keep my eye peeled for that one now…

        8. Scammer couple pretends to have a violent fight. Dumbass white knighter tries to intervene. The couple beats the crap out of him, take his wallet and jewelry.

        9. @disqusbobsmith:disqus
          They deal with catty and jealous behavior from other women and try to project said behavior onto the other gender.

      2. Started working in Atlantic City as a bus boy when I was 18. Coming out of work one night a guy was hitting this girl in his car, I turned to my coworker who was from Romania and said we need to do something. He basically told me never get involved unless you want to get your ass kicked or even worse killed. Very thankful to have received this advice when I did.

        1. Agree, but how about writing down the number of the license plate and calling the police? And if you don’t want to be seen writing down the number, you could walk away to get some distance from the car and still try to get the police to the parking lot.

        2. Yer right.
          I just mean its always hard to walk away, even when its in everyone’s best interest.

        3. I get it. We were all raised to be gentlemen. It’s ingrained. You just have to be aware of that and overcome it by force of intellect.

    4. There were 2 guys I went to middle school with and both incidents happened in 2005, both were 19 at the time.
      The first guy got into it with another guy over a girl. So he decided to throw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the guys house. In my state, anytime someone dies during the commission of a felony, in this case arson, that’s a mandatory life sentence upon conviction.
      A few children died in the fire. His intended target wasn’t home at the time. He was convicted of arson, felony murder and attempted murder for those who survived. He got a life sentence and will die in prison. All over a girl who I’m sure since 05 has had a fair number of penises in her and likely has forgotten all about him. Meanwhile, he’s in a place where the closest thing to a girl is an effeminate homosexual in drag. As of today’s date, he’s a guest of the state.
      The other involved a guy who was with a group of other guys that beat up a guy over a girl. Well the one guy who was beaten up got into his car and plowed into the group. The person I knew, Alex, was caught up under the car, dragged for a distance and ended up with his skull crushed. Dead at 19 years old over a dispute over a girl who I’m sure has moved on to numerous other men since 2005. Fighting over a girl isn’t worth the effort.

      1. “the closest thing to a girl is an effeminate homosexual in drag”
        He is probably that prag. If he wasn’t a complete pussy he would have had the balls to get up close and personal instead and made sure he got the job done on the guy he had a beef with instead of throwing a firebomb and running away like a little bitch.
        The other coward who got run over isn’t dead over a girl, he is dead because he jumped a lone guy as part of a group, which means he got what he deserved. I hope the driver got away and didn’t even get arrested/held or need to go to court with a resonable self defence due to disparity of force plea to get off

        1. Last I heard he was wanted for vehicular manslaughter. But it all depends on several factors on whether or not it’s a legitimate self defense claim. You are allowed a self defense claim during the actual attack. I don’t think that you can come back after the fact to get revenge and claim self defense because the danger had passed.

        2. In most states for it to be considered “self defense” you have to call the police immediately after the incident and report it.

        1. This is true. Even many of the violent offenders usually aren’t in the habit of being bad people. What they lack is any sort of impulse control.

        1. These were guys I went to Jr high school with. I didn’t hang with them everyday. The second one I hung out with him but that was while I was back in Jr high.

    5. “If she’s fucking you often and like a sex maniac, ok, buying her a meal is ok”
      Unnecessary, their is enough protein in semen to keep her energy up so she can keep going.
      Suggest that you and Captain Meathead spitroast her with no intention of actually going through with it because you aren’t half a fag. Being a slut she will be all for it but he will most likely not. No fighting required “to win the prize” and if he is into it then let him have her.

    6. One thing is to appeal to women’s greed. Dark triad men do it all the time, it’s called love bombing. When they first meet a girl, they give her lots of attention and may even buy her gifts and what not and promise her the world, etc. That’s only to lure her in. Then the gifts and attention stops, the promises never materialize and the real fun begins.
      I have no problem promising outrageous and extravagant things to women. I’ll even say I have a lottery win for a hundred thousand dollars and that the checks in the mail and how we’re going to this exotic place and how I want to take her to NYC on a shopping trip to high end stores. And, just to wet her appetite, I may spend a little cash (emphasis on little) to help her to buy what I’m selling.
      Women, especially the segment of women we most care about, young pretty women, tend to be incredibly naive. The fact that you sound like you believe it’s true and the fact that they want it to be true will make them believe it is true.
      And, she wouldn’t want to let the possible hundred thousand dollar man get away.

    7. Absolutely Agree! Fighting to defend my wife, sister or mother – 100%. Everybody else is definitely on their own.

    8. Dad always said, “there’s only one kind of woman men fight over”. If two guys started fighting over me I got up and left!

    9. I might be able to understand if it were in the old days. People used to actually defend a ladies honor, but now its just desperation. I’d bet good money there’ll be more Supreme Gentlemen attacks next year than this year.

    10. Depends on what you mean “fighting for a woman”. I truly think most men don’t give a toss about whether they actually have a particular woman or not, but they sure need to “defend their territory”. Letting another man move in on my woman signals to other potential male aggressors to come and eat my food and shit in my house. It’s like allowing yourself to bleed in a sea of sharks. I know of a number of cases where a man has fought off rivals for his woman, only to dump the woman as she brings him so much drama and puts him in potential dangerous situations by courting attention of other male aggressors.

    11. “Oh, I’d fight to defend my wife, daughter and mother (and aunts). All other girls are on their own. ”
      I agree. I think the author is speaking of men who are single with no duaghters.
      “Paying loads of money for her company is foolish. She’ll use you, then walk away with nary a peck on the cheek more often than not. If she’s fucking you often and like a sex maniac, ok, ”
      I hear ya. This is where the argument of getting an escort instead of going on dates comes in.

  10. These are indeed all ridiculous things. And I imagine the readership here has mostly eliminated them from possibly occurring. For me the question is what to do when you come across guys making these ridiculously stupid things?
    I mean if some drunk stranger at a bar starts white knighting for a girl, I’m not going to do anything, but at some point don’t we have to end this behavior in our friends and neighbors if we’re going to make any ground?
    I really believe guys have to fuck up on their own and see the light, kind of like how you can’t be inoculated for chicken pox but instead just have to experience it, but at the same time, I think if you at least dropped a few words of wisdom, maybe it would help wake them up… like if a guy is moving cross country for some slut, just look bewildered and say something like .. that’s crazy as hell, you’re making a huge mistake. And then a few months down the road when they realize that, maybe they’ll see how you were right?
    At the end of the day we must be thankful to feminists for all the meetup outrage because I guarantee it is translating into more guys discovering game.

    1. Depends on the relation to the guy, how well they take small tips, and their ability to change, or to keep repeating the same mistakes ad nauseam.

    2. I think most guys have to learn by experience…you can offer guys pearls of wisdom and they simply won’t digest them, because most guys are NAWALT. They have to get run over by a few trucks before they have a chance at seeing the light. But there are no absolutes. Anything is possible.

      1. It’s good to plant the seed. They will not believe it at first, but as life throws shit at them time and time again, this seed will start to sprout and ‘infect’ their mind.

        1. Yeah I’m thinking more about the planting the seed part. I was into my 30s before I woke up to things, but I think just at least knowing there was an alternative theory about the world out there, my mind could seek it out and analyze whether it was true.
          I think I first read some Matt Forney article (not on ROK) about how foreign women were superior, and eventually started to see how the points were all true.

  11. Delaying your own life goals for a pussy …. men who do this deserve, (yes deserve) to die.
    You wanna climb Everest, gain a PhD in Physics, traverse Antarctica on a snowboard, and you don’t because of a well worn piece of cunt … well then your genetic lineage deserves weeding out. I hate people like this more than I hate ANYTHING
    Second on that list is White Knights.
    AV, in a previous article, mentioned girlfriend (and implicily Wife) privileges. If you’re not blood related or my woman, then go fuck yourself, whatever your problem.
    Edit: that’s actually a little harsh. I’m still chivalrous enough to protect women from direct harm. I was referring to abstract and self-inflicted shit

    1. Since universal suffrage, feminism, and “equal” rights (preferential treatment before the law at this point actually) none of them are really “your woman” anymore.
      Many blood relatives are exploitatve, disloyal, self centered fucking useless anchors around your neck

      1. Was Trump in the middle of holding a rally when it was announced? If so, it;s very suspicious timing.

        1. It’s all suspiciously timed. And I love it. The backers have turned on her, the elite have spoken, and she is done. They are crucifying her on live TV, right now. Crucifying her. I fucking love it.

        2. See 2 min of her live rally and it’s all filmed up close probably to mask the lack of supporters. Says everything about it really.

        3. Yes, he was. He made off script comments, then said “Geesh, now anything else I was going to say is going to seem boring by comparison”. It was magnificent.

    1. Right, so then when the FBI exonerates her anyone bringing it up again will look ridiculous?

      1. Too short a time span, elections are looming. The FBI does not move quickly, regardless of elections.

        1. This was timed perfectly…and it’s a good indication Trump is the choice of the well-heeled Big Boys.

        2. I meant after she wins the election to mention her being exonerated so no one can ever bring it up again.

        3. Actually I suspect, and this is just my own off the cuff, military intelligence trained hunch after watching other nations work from the back end, that the FBI may well be thinking that Trump is going to win and does NOT want an investigation into *them* for covering for Hillary.
          Speculation. Sheer speculation. But it’s how banana republics work as I’ve observed first hand. We’ll see.

        4. I have to agree with your assessment.
          It’s plausible that Comey understands the damage the earlier investigation did to the agency, and is throwing up some window dressing in an effort to contain and control it. But given the timing, I find your analysis more likely.

        5. That is also a fair assumption. I think one thing we can be sure of, however, is that the FBI knows and has known that there are shenanigans and their reopening of the case for a probe is 100% CYA on the part of the top guys at that particular department and has nothing to do with actual law enforcement. Whether that is to help a newly elected Hillary by ensuring no questions will be asked again or to keep a newly elected trump from cleaning house and pointing to them as shills I don’t know. More likely than not it is both and they are hedging bets. This is not dissimilar to Thomas Hobbes waiting to finish Leviathan after he knew which way the war would turn in the 1700’s. This case will be closed after the election benefiting whomever is in charge of doling our bonuses I suspect.

        6. That’s what they want you to believe. Trump = controlled opposition to get people out to vote so ZOG can keep pretending the JUSA is a democracy and they are spreading it when they go steal oil in the mid east.

        7. Trump is directly calling out globalists/corporatists/elitists. People that most folks don’t even really think about at all. Why would you draw attention to somewhere no one inside the mainstream is looking?

      2. It could go either way, but I’m barely following the election for the sake of it, instead I just want to see some big fish getting fried.
        I’m pretty much on par with your average French Revolution pleb who craves a public execution.

    2. With all the efficiency of their first investigation.
      They’ve already given most, if not all, the significant figures immunity and destroyed their devices for them.
      Yeah, I’m all a-tingle at the prospects for this one.

    3. The best part is that they found the e-mails while investigating that horrible straight male Weiner for committing the unspeakable crime of trying to get some strange. The irony is delicious

      1. If Huma had been doing her job as a wife, he wouldn’t have had to do that. Huma’s missing hummers might end up sabotaging her Bitchmaster’s candidacy.

  12. I really love and agree with this essay. That said, regarding paying…not doing it is good general advice. I, however, always pay. I have never been out with a woman where she pays a dime. Let me explain: When I go on a date I think of it as my night out. I have a budget for nights out. The girl is there as an accessory no different than my watch or my pocket square. He job is to look beautiful, act polite and flirtatious, be good company and then drain my balls. My job is to be the leader of the night (I have never asked a woman where she wants to go I just tell her where we are going and what clothing is required of her), to be courteous, to make her laugh and to make her squeal. Going out on a date is all about me. It is a luxury and I will pay for it.
    Have their been miscalculations where the woman wasn’t worth it? You bet your bippy! But they didn’t get called back. Whereas the ones who did a really good job are often invited back.
    With this mindset I think it is always appropriate to be the one to pay. She needs to know that when you go out together you are going to have fun and to the degree that she plays the part correctly she will be rewarded with future invites. I will (and have) picked a woman up and looked her up and down and flat out told her to change or I will leave. When you pay you have the power over the evening.
    One other time I believe it is appropriate to pay (thought this is theory and I’ve no experience here) is if you are genuinely courting an old fashioned girl who you are looking to make the mother of your children. If you are not willing to behave in a way commensurate with old fashioned values then you really have no right to expect that of her.

    1. Upvote +100.
      More or less my take on it too. If you pay for a dinner or two, that’s cool, but there better be escalation and sexualization and receptivity to it on her part during these events. If she’s just there stuffing her pie hole and wisks away without so much as a hug, she’s out, new girl comes to bat.

      1. If she stuffs her pie hole I get to stuff hers! HAR!
        And it is more than that. Most bitches are 2 apple martinis and the right song on a juke box away from licking a strangers asshole. When I pay for dinner I need to know that this girl is going to make me look good. She is going to dress right. She is going to be entertaining. She is going to walk with an easy grace, not be a cunt, laugh at my jokes, act like a flirt with me, not get too drunk….I mean, this is a fucking job. Women love this job too…..once they get past all the bullshit that they think they know.

        1. I hear ya’ brother, we’ve had this conversation before offline. Our only difference is what constitutes “dress right”. You’re for the high end NY female executive in a dress, where I’m happy as a clam with a girl showing up in a short skirt, cowboy boots and country charm.

        2. absotively. And it is all about taste. That said, I just found out of a bar with a mechanical bull down in midtown. So I might need to find me some cowpoke to, well, cow poke.

        3. cure girl…I bet if you put her in some proper clothing and taught her how to hold a fork correctly she would be a lot of fun 🙂
          Seriously though, proper table manners including properly holding utensils is an absolute essential. Lord I miss that Russian bird.

        4. Fork? You wouldn’t believe how sexy it is to eat from a knife, like good country folk, bro. Heh.

        5. lol. I would literally (hitler) stand up, take out my wallet, drop enough money to cover the dinner on the table, swig down my drink, turn on my heels and walk out right there in the middle of dinner without saying a fucking word

        6. Just joshing you man. We don’t eat with knives, in polite company. We save that for camping. So when she takes you camping, don’t be surprised when she eats from a Bowie, just go with the flow.

        7. You know I am usually good at picking that stuff up but I wasn’t 100% sure on this one. LOL. Meanwhile. You know my stance on camping. I don’t stay in hotels without a full time concierge

        8. Well just a fair warning, one man to another. Them country girls, they play for keeps. If you don’t agree to a camping trip in Arkansas you’ll find yourself staring down a .44 magnum as her five brothers stand around you asking why you don’t love baby Jesus and do the right thing and marry up their kin.

        9. Ha. That is why I don’t leave manhattan. I wait for them to show up here to see the sights and then defile them and send them home to get married to some local and name her dog lolknee while her poor schmo of a husband never knows why.

        10. “Most bitches are 2 apple martinis and the right song on a juke box away from licking a strangers asshole.”
          I’m falling off my fukkin chair….

        11. It’s actually kinda true in some places, heh.

        12. It’s kinda the same in S. America. Act manly on first date, and she’ll insist on introducing you to all forty members of her family on the second one. Drink some aguardiente with her male cousins and throw beanbags at mounds of dirt rigged with M-80s. Yeeeah boyeee.

        13. similar – I flipped over a trike (with her on the back of it) when I met her back-woods brothers.

        14. Same here. A granddaughter of German immigrants who moved to Ohio after WW2 (we don’t talk about why or the war here, heh). Blonde haired, blue eyed and in her day would have found herself on a National Socialist “Save Our Beautiful Women” recruitment poster in the year 1941.

        15. Yeah, flyover culture is somewhat similar to other machismo cultures across the globe, no doubt.

        16. What do Arkansas girls say after having sex.
          “Get off me, daddy, yer crushin’ my smokes…”

        17. Aha! I knew what you 2 old queens discussed offline was licking strange men’s assholes

        18. Wtf, It’s all about the taste of the strange men’s assholes!?
          Cow to poke? I thought you said you liked the coke head, anorexic, fashion models who are built like coat hangers?

      2. Take her out for a hot dog, buy one for yourself but just get a bun and stick your dong it it for her

    2. “…and then drain my balls”
      the last of the True Romantics!
      Reminds me of my brother, late of this earth,:
      “love is…..tit-fukking a girl and shooting a load in her eye”
      But seriously, lolknee, what you are saying is fundamental to the attitude of a Real Gentleman.

    3. Sounds like a waste of money. Unless she is MY girl, she gets nothing of what you describe financially. Now if I have already “known” her, then yeah I have no problem with meals and drinks on a date. But Experience has taught me to NEVER spend money on a American woman you have not slept with in expectation of a good time – even when your expectations are non-sexual. They are far to fickle, unrelaible, and frankly, dishonorable to even hold to common standards of social edicate, let alone genuinely care about you.
      Thankfully, I’ve paid my dues and know that when a chic is really about you, she generally offers pussy up front. So when I go out, its with a proven female, or just for comradery with the fellas.

      1. It’s a bit of a waste of money. But so are sports cars, high end scotch, dry aged steak and vegas in general. Sometimes it’s fun to waste money

    4. Not the way for everyone, but I agree your way is one valid option. As always, maintaining frame is key.

      1. Agree there are many paths. This isn’t my way though. This is the way of St Paul. My way is to fuck 22 year olds until you die

  13. FBI just announced that they’re re-opening the investigation on Clinton! New emails apparently have surfaced! Hooo-yaaaah!

    1. I am usually not into conspiracy theories but Trump obviously has far greater chances of being elected than fed to us by the media in pussy-whipped europe. Maybe this can be a last shot for the media to not be too embarrassed when he will win though they always denied him having any chances.

    2. Ok, that’s good, but Comey is still the Director and Lynch is still the Attorney General. They have demonstrated that they will not prosecute regardless of what she did.
      Unless there is a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states an individual can not run for public office while under a criminal investigation, she will still have a chance of being the POTUS.

      1. Or, the Obama DOJ came down behind the scenes after previously after the tarmac visit at the behest of Hillary, and this is the FBI wreaking revenge? It’s a possibility.

        1. Technically correct. They didn’t accept the bribe, they just promised to not bring it up in public, for free, no bribe needed.

        2. As I read, they “requested” and his mouthpiece agreed. To me that’s as bad as taking a bribe.

    3. Project Veritas just released a new video as well! Heh.

    1. I’ll do a lot of things, but I just cant bring myself to do that or hold/carry her purse….
      Call it a hang-up but I’m too damn old to change…

    2. I had four sisters, and more than once I had to buy tampons/pads. If a clerk commented, I’d tell them they’re great for soaking up oil under the car when changing the filter.

  14. Here’s why I truly believe Hillary is guaranteed to lose now. All that crap about Trump’s dalliances with women. It didn’t come out today, about a week before the election. And now this FBI bombshell hits the stage. I mean, if Hillary was the choice of the well-heeled, behind-the-scenes crowd, that scenario would have been reversed – hell, the FBI wouldn’t even investigate her if that were the case.
    Plus, check out this bombshell – I just went to Bing and typed in “Presidential election”. The top-fold banner covers the whole screen, and it’s all about the FBI’s latest news regarding Hillary’s emails –
    So if anybody types anything into Bing today, that deals with the election, they are going to get hit with that nuclear bomb…heh. That isn’t an accident. That’s intelligence showing their true colors; intelligence runs the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! – Bing powers Yahoo’s search results, so all Yahoo! surfers are seeing the same thing). That, in itself, is HUGE.
    Next, I went to Google and typed in “Hillary Clinton” (usually they have glowing stories about her, crammed up top; not this time) –
    Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!

      1. I’m a big skeptic when it comes to things like this, too. But the timing of this thing…and now the search engines are stuffing this story at the top of pretty much all search results that deal with the election, no matter what type of search query you utilize. It’s a total about-face. She’s going down.

        1. She’s done. This makes Watergate look like a walk in the park. It’s going to dominate the news on all networks until Election Day. Nobody can see what’s going on and vote for Hillary at this point. Sure, some will, but the perfect scenario for a Trump victory is exploding in bright neon lights. Basically, the subtext is, “If you vote for Clinton after these revelations, you are insane.”

        2. In a strange way, it’s also a convenient “out” for the Democrat party. They know she was going down in a landslide, they have real life people on the ground who report to them, no matter what the polls say. When you lose Ohio, you lose the nation, and they know they’ve lost Ohio. So now they can say “But but but Comey is Republican and this was all a setup and a trap and it’s not fair and waaaaaaah!”.

        3. It really is, GOJ. Very convenient. If they tried to rig this for Hillary, there might be a full-on revolution. So it’s perfect cover in that regard. Laying cover for what’s already in the wind…sweet.

    1. Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!

      I’m going old school and am going to party like it’s 1989. As soon as I dig through the closet and find my old Frankie Says shirt and Party Naked shirt.

  15. Hillary just touched down in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and she is supposedly about to speak regarding the FBI’s new revelations…turn on CNN if you want to check out her response, it’s supposed to come down fairly soon…the CNN crew is painting a really bleak picture of her chances now, while simlutaneously being apologists for her, as usual…heh.

    1. “This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues affecting the middle claaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaass. Upon my coronation, I will put a stop to this FBI nonsense once and for all.”

      1. I don’t think so, and I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to this sort of thing. Not with the tone CNN (Clinton News Network) is taking on this latest revelation; they are totally pro-Hillary, but I actually heard a female talking head say something like, “How can she possibly get out from under this dark cloud.” This is a deliberately created avalanche and I believe she is going to get buried and all those people who took Donald Trump to win at +$500 (or whatever the line has been lately), are going to give the Mob a big, fat, juicy payday. Yeehaw!

    2. Women and children! And women! And children! And children and women! And children…and women!

      1. Brother they are doing the opposite on CNN. I can’t believe what I just heard. SJW women anchors saying things like, “This is a huge setback for Hillary Clinton”, and “How can she get out from underneath this dark cloud.” If she doesn’t acknowledge anything about the new investigation at this rally on CNN, which is starting soon, she is going to look like a fucking criminal. If she acknowledges it, as the female anchor on CNN just said, “Historically she has bumbled and stumbled when answering questions about the email scandal”…heh. She’s being cruficied by her biggest backers. And I fucking love it!

    3. Reading the BSM interweb news you’ll be hard pressed to find it among all the “Trump is doomed” news….

      1. That’s all changed. Google this – “Hillary Clinton”. Do this search at Bing “presidential election”. The rats are jumping off the sinking ship and this is a freaking avalanche and she’s toast…

        1. do you remember when someone did something so if you typed “waffles” into google al gore campaign would come up. That’s back when the intertubes were fun.

    4. Dude, she’s doing the “women” thing still. In fact, she hasn’t been asked about this by the lapdog BSM yet.

    5. And now “Trump is a mean old bully!”
      God I can’t wait to see her torn apart later this evening and over the weekend.

      1. Like a pack of wild dogs, my brother. The media is going to shred her…and every SJW in the country is going to experience so much cognitive dissonance their heads will explode…YEAH!

  16. This reads like “Rules For Adults”. There is a converse from the high-quality female perspective. Not every man is a good “catch”, as ROK contributors acknowledge.
    #1 teaches women to behave badly for attention from men; also that the said bitchy behavior is “okay” in general. Grace Kelly would never have required this type of “protection”. Equally unattractive is the petulant man.
    #2 is also odd because a woman is going to choose who a woman is going to choose and men fighting over her only impresses a low quality woman. A woman of high quality will wonder why these people are acting like they are in rut and it can put her in an awkward position. Bad manners. Two men who pursue without showing that they are openly competing is another matter entirely and is usually acceptable. A high-quality woman will make certain that such dual pursuit is not protracted in length.
    #3 A man who pays always is a man who cannot be certain he is appreciated for the man he is.
    I discovered that there is a type of man who does not value what is not expensive. My rates went up until I ascertained whether he was quality material, notwithstanding this oddity, and I could live with that. Some may call me bitchy for not ever paying under those circumstances, but I never chose the venue for the dates. I also made certain to cook at home for him. That was also part of the vetting process. As I have walked the path, I have discovered that the man who values things in monetary terms is usually insecure even though he is manly, handsome, wealthy and admired by most. It breaks my heart, but I moved on. A relationship based on pity is crap.
    Financially, people need to treat each other respectfully. If he or she doesn’t respect the other’s money, they won’t be a high quality acquisition. As a high quality female, there is absolutely no way a man who “makes” me pay is a high quality catch. However, there is no way (except if I hadn’t decided about the guy who values things by dollars) I would “make” a man pay for everything once we got past the second date. Also, a man who tips too generously, or not enough, is man with boundary issues or stingy. Scratch him off the list. Money is an odd beast.
    #4 and #5 The same goes for quality women.

  17. Holy shit…this is manna from heaven, boys…CNN is showing her rally, live, but only the video. And the anchors are talking about the latest scandal, while showing only the video of the rally. And the anchor just said, “IF she starts talking about the latest revelations regarding her emails, THEN we will let you hear the audio of her rally.” But in the meantime, they are just showing her, standing there, talking and laughing, while they talk about the severity of these recent charges. They are immolating her live on TV. She’s done!

      1. Given how they won the World Series in 2015, right after the new holographic Jaws movie came out, this gives him reason to be optimistic.

      2. Aw, pfft…little cubbie bears, oh, the cute little cubbie bears…the hell with you New Yorkers and your Yankees. (Yeah, I’m jealous.)

        1. The Mets ruined my life in 1969. But I am not holding you responsible. Misplaced allegiance is a matter of perspective.

        2. Born in Mets Country, always liked the Yankees, then realized I was cheering for uniforms, logos, and stadiums….re-examined life, and eschewed professional sports.

        3. I wasn’t alive for that one. However, I will take the blame from any Bostonians who are looking to be mocked about Bill Buckner. Ha. Suckers.
          I am one of those rare NY Fans. Usually it is split up into Jets Mets / Yanks Giants. Often this is thought because it is the losing teams versus the winning teams. But the jets and mets shared a stadium as did the giants and the yanks. I, however, as a young man in high school in 1986 with no real family affiliation to teams, latched on to the Giants and the Mets — two of the most awesome teams in sportsball franchise history.
          As a side note there is a book called something like The Bad Guys Won It about the 86 mets and their hilarious drug fueled antics. They had one sports writer mention the time when Strawberry rushed to the infield and took a swing at Keith Hernandrez. The comment was “well, that was the first time Daryl hit his cut off man all year”

        4. Haha. I love everybody today, Mets’ fans, Yankees’ fans. Hillary is being pilloried as a setup for the insinuation of Trump as president and nothing could make me happier. I don’t usually give a fuck about elections, but I can’t stand Hillary and I am glad as hell we will not have a woman in the White House. That said, I really admire Lenny Dykstra (“Nails”). That guy is the shit. Even though he did time for fleecing some people. He has huge balls.

        5. Lenny Dykstra was the only sports Jersey I ever owned. I bought it in 1986 at the game when I watched him dive for a ball in left field and go straight through the fucking wall. He took the wall down. Then get up and just continue to play. He was totally a mad man.
          Enjoy your pre election festivities dear bob. And remember, don’t count your chickens before they come home to roost or whatnot.

        6. Thanks, my man. I will do just that. And I already counted the chickens and put them to bed. Fuck, I am in a great mood. You guys here are the best, FYI. One of these days some of us will have to get together out in Vegas and we will take them down just like they did in “Ocean’s Eleven” – but legally. Heh.

        7. Me too, these days. My primary interest is monetary. But I can’t get the Cub fan out of me…it’s a hereditary disease and it’s terminal but WTF…

        8. No. I’m betting on the Indians tonight but I’m a Cubs fan. Weird situation there. I like Cleveland’s chances. Strictly business. I’ll root for the Cubs, though…

        9. No. I’m from Northern Indiana. My great-grandmother was a Chicago Orphans fan (before they became the Cubs), and that was the source of my Hereditary Cubs Fan Disease. She used to listen to Three-Finger Mordecai Brown pitch on her old Motorola radio, back in the early 1900s (he was her hero – heh)…she lived to be 102 and she was around for both of their World Series championships, in 1907 and 1908.

        10. I have not stopped laughing at this since the first time I saw it back in the late 70’s

        11. If you’re into Auburns, Cords, or Dusenburgs or old cars in general I would highly recommend it.
          No fish.

        12. The name of that team is soo racist. It must be changed immediately, how can you be so insensitive. Cultural appropriation is unacceptable, it’s the current year!

    1. Thats astounding- have to listen to “journalist” carl bernstein yammering

      1. Yeah Bernstein was being apologetic for her but the CNN anchors’ tone has gone completely 180 degress in the other direction. I can’t believe they are showing her video ONLY, at her rally, while saying the only way they will let people hear the audio is if she addresses the latest email scandal. They are publicly destroying her on TV. God I love America! Drinks are on meeee!

    2. She smiled and waved and ignored the question.
      She looks *so* guilty now. This is FAN FUCKING TASTIC.
      Look, I’m probably going to be really pissed at Trump when he gets in office at various times, but I am so freaking happy to see this Witch go down in flames. Hopefully she takes her daughter with her and we’ll never have to hear the name “Clinton” in relation to politics ever again.

      1. Someone on another site said if she became prez, airforce one would be renamed broomstick one lol

        1. God the beauty of this. The orchestration. They are doing a psyop on all Hillary backers while they watch Hillary cut her own throat. Amazing shit.

      2. You know it, man. I’ll take Trump over Hillary any fucking day. Right now CNN is showing Hillary speaking at Iowa (with no audio of Hillary’s speech), while showing Trump in a split-screen, while he talks about Hillary’s corruption, and the crowd was shouting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” All while we see Hillary speaking with no audio, at her rally. It’s over. It is fucking over and I will take anybody’s action and give them 2-1 odds…

        1. “I will take anybody’s action and give them 2-1”
          Sounds like you want to talk about licking strange men’s assholes offline also. Might as well make it a 3 way boys

        1. I think that this is the pre-given conclusion, so they may not even mention it.

    3. Hate to rain on your parade, but those emails weren’t from Clinton, they weren’t from her private server, and they weren’t related to the prior investigation.

      1. And wikileaks is now saying that their next release or so will be enough to see her put into handcuffs.
        Put some butter on her, because she’s toast.
        Heh heh heh heh heh.

        1. see her put into handcuffs
          They’re saying this for the publicity. If what exists in the public record right now isn’t enough, it’s not going to happen.

        2. Depends. If there are direct links between her and a murder, that would be the end of not only her political career, but also of her time outside of a penitentiary.
          She’s got a body trail a mile long behind her, I do not count this outside the boundaries of reality.

        3. Wikileaks has been holding back that ultimate body shot. But her head has already been knocked off. President Trump it is. There is zero chance for her now. None. She is toast…and it will be burned toast, over the next 11 days. Until she crawls under a fucking rock…

        4. If she doesn’t resign from the campaign my hope is that they go ahead and release on her a few days prior, hopefully linked to a “suicide” in her past. A man can dream.
          Dust off and nuke her from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

        5. I’m with you there. Love to see it. But regardless, they could try to spin it as the Republicans putting pressure on the FBI – but that would just burn Hillary faster in the eyes of the public. Because there can be no way, in the eyes of the public, that the FBI would be part of some sort of “conspiracy” – heh. There’s nothing Hillary can do here. Or say. And the FBI most likely won’t provide any details regarding why they are investigating Hillary, until after the election. Heh. What a perfect master-stroke. It’s beautiful.

        6. The window is now because of the folks mailing in ballots/voting early. Wait too long and in some places it won’t matter as the majority are mailing in.

        7. “The majority are mailing in…” Really? In any event, the election is offically over and the media is laying the groundwork for the inevitability of a Trump victory.

        8. From the New York Times, October 6th, 2012 –
          “Nationwide, the use of absentee ballots and other forms of voting by mail has more than tripled since 1980 and now accounts for almost 20 percent of all votes.”
          I’m going to have to go way out on a limb here, and say that the majority of voters are not using the mail, to cast their votes…not four years after the last presidential election, as the NYT quote shows. (Just a long-shot mathematical assessment there.) The vast majority of people have not cast their ballots yet. No doubt about it, when you look at the math involved. If less than 20% cast their votes by mail in the last presidential election, and that less-than-20% figure tripled since 1980 (a period of 32 years), there’s no way in hell that the number of voters who will cast their ballots in this election, only four short years later, is over maybe 25% (let alone over 50%). It’s statistically impossible.

        9. A female prsion would be one non stop orgy for that old dyke, not really an appropriate punishment

        10. I stand corrected.
          I do think that some location the percentage is higher. But the problem is there are hardcore Rs and hardcore Ds that will vote the party line no matter what. So, to shift the election you do need to get a substantial number of the folks doing the write in.
          I do know of one election in SoCal where they tried this last minute revelation thing– and it bombed as the mailed in on an off-year election were substantial.

        11. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media has been spreading the notion that most people voted early this year. I haven’t watched much MSM lately, but it wouldn’t surprise me. They have spent a lot of time, until today, trying to make it look like a Clinton victory was inevitable. So that would fit.

    1. I don’t know if this is satire or Hillary is really supporting this. But I want to see feminists melt the polar ice caps with the fiery heat of their anger.

    2. This kind of satire really makes a guy understand how phenomenal Western men have been for the sake of women. We are so much better than they are. To think that a bunch of cunts would EVER willingly die for the sake of their males is beyond laughable. Yeah, I know there are a handful of females badass soldiers, but exceptions are not being discussed here. The general idea of FEMALES being drafted to protect the livelihood of males is outrageously comic. Let it sink in. The degree of humor/unlikelihood is directly proportionate to how subservient we have been to Western women. No more. They would never do SHIT for us. NEVER. Understand that well youngbloods.

      1. Most of the women in WW2 happily bedded invading men (the Russian women were notoriously resolute and determined and stand out as an exception for the most part).
        The women today are an entirely different generation. At least the French women waited until the Germans were in their towns before welcoming them. Women today? I shudder to think how they would behave when the shit hits the fan.
        Just look how they are *already* siding with the hordes of invaders, before they even arrive. Can you imagine French women, prior to the battle, openly advocating for a Nazi invasion?

  18. The worst on that list is white knighting. It is a bigger cancer than feminism because it is what makes feminism possible in the first place.

  19. haha- anthony “carlos danger” weiner might jtake down hillary…this is hilarious!

    1. Ya know, if this actually keeps Hillary from becoming president, a life insurance policy on Weiner might pay off in fairly short order.

  20. -Don’t blow your life savings for a woman
    -Don’t fight over these women
    -Never change important plans for a woman
    -And never ever change your environment for a woman unless you need to for other reasons.
    Overall: These Hoes ain’t loyal so why should you be?

  21. CNN just cut from a longggggg discussion of Hillary’s latest problems…and what was shown on TV? A Trump commercial. “Donald Trump will clean up Washington…” Brilliant. Feminists’ heads are exploding everywhere. Their self-esteem will be so low, fucking them will be as easy as staring at them and smiling in open derision. Oh man. What a Red Letter Day…

    1. Trump now polling higher than Hillary in PA.
      It’s *so* over.

      1. Dead. Bang. Fucking. Over. Florida is next – “Trump edges ahead in Florida”. And the Mob cleans up on all those Hillary wagers. The way of the world, brothers. The way of the fucking WORLD. I am going to go out in about two hours, and watch my Cubbies, and gloat over the impending Trump victory, and then burn a hot girl down via some overpoweringly mesmerizing game – and maybe her mom, too. What the hell, anything is possible!

        1. Trumps numbers were already easing upwards in Florida, this can only help.

  22. Reminds me of the guy who tried to steal Donald Trumps sidewalk star. He said he was planning to sell it and give the money to the women that Trump mistreated. I just want to grab the guy by the collar and shake him silly while yelling”YOU IDIOT,DOING STUPID SHIT LIKE THAT ISNT GOING TO GET YOU LAID!”.

  23. By the way, I hope that Hillarys ass is in a crack that she can’t get out of. Evil ass old bitch.

      1. Imagine that, they thought pussy was going to cost Trump the
        election but, Weiner is going to cost Hillary the election.

  24. An ABC News poll that was taken BEFORE the latest email revelation, had Hillary’s support cratering by eight percentage points from Tuesday through Friday (today). Can’t wait to see the ABC polls next week…heh. Also, here’s another way that today’s FBI revelation has made/will make big money for the uber-rich insiders (besides the Mob cleaning up after the election, on all those Hillary-for-president wagers that most bettors made) – the Mexican peso and the U. S. dollar took a huge hit shortly after the word came down, as did the NYSE. You can bet that some wise guys had big money on that one happening, a few hours before it actually occurred…

    1. Biologically, 7 years, especially with no kids. The 7 year itch is an evolutionary adaption.
      Edit: Just read the article. Valid.

  25. Unrelated, but huge news here. George Soros just said in an interview that Donald Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide, but it doesn’t matter, because what happens in the electoral college is what counts, and Hillary Clinton being the eventual winner is a done deal; this video just went online and is going viral as we speak –

    1. Trump supporters are ready to stand behind Trump and contest the election if need be. And his supporters are many. Magnanimously many. They’re not going to toss Trump into the can after the election like the shitlibs do with their spent candidates. Has beens like Gore and Kerry. Trump’s work is American’s work and must be done regardles. Just try to stop us. Try to stop we the people. The ‘mania’ for Trump is really a mania to resurrect America and it runs deeper than just the party election. The elites know this well and they know if they dorp a bombshell on us like a walloping shitface lie, like declaring a Hillary victory with such a great popular landslide, they know the best they can do is delay the results and tally, and tally again and re tally, and recount and recount again. That buys them time. WATCH the other hand. They’ll pull shit. They’ll pull false flag shit. They’ll bide for more time and more procrastination. Count on it they’ll try their whining and spinning and they’ll lose their battle in the end to circle jerk the American people once again. This is the last circle jerk they’ll do. They’re finished.

        1. Who’s defining reality here? In this decade there has been achieved 100% smartphone interface with the big motherboard computer that provides feedback and that defines reality on a personalized and individual level. Is this really an election?
          The two side by side clips – was Soros’ voice dubbed or did he make two takes or is it a digital creation? Just as I suspected. The circle jerk and the rabbit hole is as deep or deeper than we know. That much we do know.

    2. Very interesting and not at all surprising to me. IMO, people are naive that Trump will be next POTUS. We would love that, but this is fantasy.
      It actually don’t matter if its rigged, whoever gets into WH is immediately put down so that he/she dances on the music guys like Soros and 1500+ NGO’s play. Hillary is openly one of theirs and Trump may not be, but if he would win, they would instantly put him on leash. That is how its done since Eisenhower.

  26. 5. Moving to them, For them. You see it all the time. Beta western men packing their bags and moving to places like South East Asia and Eastern Europe all for the sake of women. Western Civilization has the best quality of life in the world yet these losers would rather live in 3rd world countries just to find women who’ll give them the time of day. Admittedly there are many alphas in America so competition is at an all time high. No wonder these weak men have to look for an exit

  27. Again, for the trillionth fucking time, we ARE LIVING IN AN ARTIFICIAL SOCIETY!!!!! That means there are laws that have been implemented in a female’s favor to redistribute wealth and earning potential from men. Without affirmative action and EEO and welfare and child support, no female could support herself. She would be 100% dependent upon a man to do so. THIS ALONE IS WHAT MADE WOMEN ATTRACTED TO MEN 100 YEARS AGO!!!!!
    A bunch of jews come along. They establish the federal reserve central banking system of which is privately owned by jews. They finance feminist laws and legislation and politicians as an act of war against white males to create a feminist matriarch society. They also use mainstream media that they own and control to normalize females having sex with multiple men. What you end up with is a society in which females do NOT need men at all whatsoever to put a roof over their head or food on the table. They then can use their physical sexuality to go “play” and jump from guy to guy avoiding relationships until they feel like getting into a relationship.
    What you end up with is men fighting over females and throwing away their dignity and lives just to get attention from a female.
    I don’t care if you hate religion and Jesus Christ or not. it is a fact, that Catholic prophecy says that Russia will bring salvation. it will happen. It’s right around the corner. Russia will convert to Catholicism, and when they do, the full force of God will be behind them and freemasonry and marxism and socialism and “democracies” and feminism and matriarch societies will come to a crashing end. Men will finally be free once again and we can retain our place in this world under natural law created by God. It will happen.

    1. I recall seeing an old ’60 Munites’ tv segment from the late 80’s that showed young Russian protesters who were nationalistic chanting to rid the country of “Freemasons and Jews”. One of the big network talking heads narrated the piece. It may have been Mike Wallace or Ed Bradley but I can’t recall exactly. I can’t find the piece on yutube. It’s quite old. At the time it struck me how out of the loop Americans were about power structures. Russian youth were saying “Freemasons” and “Jews” in the same sentence, something you never hear in the US.
      ‘Freemasons’ eeh? Every old rotting rust belt American city has goddamn Masonic temples for every friggin zipcode. Some states even allow Masons to mount a Masonic badge on their vehicle right over the licence plate. The circular Masonic logo is placed directly over the numbers on the licence plate. I’ve never seen a Star of David obscuring a vehicle plate but the Masonic plaques are common in a few states that have prominent lodges.
      Masons are bitch goddess worshippers with their reverence to the Eastern Star and Jews genitally mutilate their newborn men. Severing the nerve endings of the foreskin renders Jewish men (as well as any other man for that matter) into the stereotypical uber beta domestic whip. A ‘whacked’ man becomes a bitchwhipped man. The lack of neuro-feedback stimuli from the chopped and cauterized dickhead has the effect of retarding the neuro information feedback loop between the cranius major and the scronogulus minor. Simply put, the dickhead point being shaved sacks them as lifelong domestic and domesticated peasants. The dickchopped Jewish men live as compulsory gladhanders and eventually as spent grunts to their ruling domestic Jewish princesses who are some of the worst whores ever to hatch.
      A ‘whacked’ man grows up to be a ‘whipped’ man. Never the master of his own house, but rather the other way around. A ‘whacked’ man who never becomes bitch dominated for reasons, maybe he looks like an ogre with one ‘bug-eye’ and has patchy fur about his torseau, he’ll still likely live his life being ‘MOMMY-DOMINATED’. You steal a man’s manly powers when you trim his genetalia. The more you clip, the less man he becomes. The Jews got it down to a science like a gay celebrity haircutter/surgeon, knowing exactly how much and where to snip without completely killing the workhorse. Just keeping him trim enough to comply with BECKY.

  28. There are lots of women out there looking for chumps that will do these things for them. Expect men to do them. Deny them and they won’t build attraction they’ll go away.

  29. Even when I was a child, my own mother told me #2. She recounted when she was in school and girls would spread rumors and start shit so that they could say boys were fighting over them. I never forgot that lesson.

  30. hmm agree w all except the financial thing. honestly it just sound like the author is being a jew, or doesnt have money. i dont feel good when a girl pays for me, regardless of whether she wife material or a hoe.

  31. No. 1 rule iv always followed, never fight over pussy. Not only can it get you killed or seriously fucked up (rok had some articles on that here) but it just makes you look like an all around bitch. It never ceases to amaze me how guys will catch their women whoring around and then go try and start shit with the guy they cheated with… like its all his fault or something lol

    1. If anything he should be thanking the guy with whom she cheated. It makes it that much easier to move on!

  32. One thing Men do that is pathetic is try to get women into male space.
    A man that is clueless about women cannot be trusted. Seriously. I’m dead serious. Please get a male friend who knows the true nature of women.
    Do NOT allow women into your male “space” which means that if you are a man and you want to spend time with your male friend to bond with brotherhood then do NOT allow a female in UNLESS you are participating in some sort of gangbang consent fuck. Otherwise, females are one primary source that CAUSE cracks among brotherhood.
    I’m dead serious.
    If you a man and you want to pamper to females because of their vagina then pity on you.
    I’m a man and I can control my horniness and my sexual urge. If I want to spend time with my male friend for judo, football and other contact sport then I do NOT invite my girl friends or even any of the females I know even if they beg to want to be part of it. NO THANKS .
    I don’t even allow any of my male friends to hang out with my female partners or my girlfriend. WHY? not because I’m jealous or anything but because I know nothing good comes out of it.
    For me, girlfriend comfort hanging out and sex is TOTALLY different from hanging out with my male friend for bonding. If I played football or wrestling with my buddies, I don’t want my female friends to be in it.
    If I’m fucking my girlfriend or enjoying my time with my female sex buddies then I do NOT want my male buddies to come over and I do not share with them what I did to my female partners.
    It’s SEPARATE and I don’t brag about any of conquests I made.

    1. I’m not so sure that you are in control of your urges with your comment about sex with your gf or your other female toys, as you all kind of sound like whores, and good luck to you finding a real intimate relationship (beyond just the banging) with one, worthy woman.

      1. I’m in control of my sexual urge. I don’t fuck any girl. I fuck the ones I want.
        Since I’m care-free with rejection and have abundance mindset, I’m not hoping to fuck any vagina. I do have standards.
        Hard to find real intimate relationship when I’m semi sociopath.

        1. When I meant “high standard”, I was talking about that I have high standard when I look for women (in terms of their physicality and certain phenotype) Not about me.

  33. 1) Fighting over a woman is good. The winner takes it all is natural selection. If you never brawl, you are not man.
    2) Buy a woman is not bad. You own her then. This is not the silly beta male who gives here a 15K diamond ring. I am talking about the guy who makes it perfectly clear that with this transaction (whatever it is, like a paying her rent or something) he will own her ass and she will be his sex slave and do whatever he commands. You state that clearly in these words. This is alpha.
    3) She comes to your house. If you dont have one, you pick one. Never move to her or worse her parents place. No alpha you can be under somebody elses roof. Same goes for work. If you work for her father/family you are in da shits.
    4) SHE has to adjust her life to meet your needs, never the other way around. Be an asshole whenver you see fit. Makes you happy and gets you laid.

    1. Before you get into the fight, you need to ask yourself two things….
      1) are you being manipulated into fighting to satisfy her shallow ego?
      2) Is this slutty hamster wheel on a neck worth it?

      1. To make it clear.
        I dont fight for her. I do fight for myself.
        The great feeling beating the other guy is the true prize. Sure you will get the pussy, few things make pussies as wet as a winner in a bloddy fight, but you may discard her tomorrow. No big deal.
        Watch Conan – the original movie with arnold or better yet, read the original book and you will understand and can answer this question: “What is the best in life?”
        A hint: Sitting on your ass in some office or following some political correct vegan lifestyle is not the answer.

  34. I don’t mind defending one woman against another woman. Usually the one thing bitched out loves getting a cock in the kisser a short time later. Interesting how that works, but never stick around afterwards. Unload, then go about your quick exit.

  35. Most western women just aren’t worth it anymore. They don’t take the commitment to marriage seriously, and will jump ship if they don’t get their way or if they have any problems. Many women enjoy having drama around them, and go out of their way to start it.

  36. I need to stop taking breaks from this comment section. I come back and all these new posters. Its good tho, the Legion is growing gents. ::diabolical voice:: exxxcellent.

  37. Solid Reminder. Print this article and tape it next to your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

  38. A general rule of “sliding scale” is useful. If she’s a 21 yo starbucks barista on subsidized stafford loans un nursing school, i’ll pay for everything. If a stripper with four sugar daddes, she’s paying for everything. If in corporate and paid well, we go dutch. Some of the best girls you’ll find are nurses and accountants – kinky, self reliant and generally not self entitled. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with paying for sex outright. The best sex you’ll ever have is from pros which is why celebrities who can have anyone outsource it as soon as they get real money. You’re paying them to do what you want, not back talk or argue, treat you like royalty and as Charlie Sheen says to leave when you’re done.

  39. OK. I have to agree on these 5 stupid things. Been there done that and learnt a lot from my mistakes. Now that I’m at the stage where I am in search for a very serous relationship and my preference is an Eastern European woman to be with. Someone who is family orientated and have atleast a child. What’s the best way to determine whether she is of high value and integrity? I understand that women with children have a different point of views in life compare to a single woman. I can see the reason why. If I go and search in Eastern Europe, how long do I have to stay there and find the one that matches my expectations? Any tips?

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