How Hedonistic Game Became The Gateway To Virtuous Truths

When people ask me about my current position fighting in the culture war, years after starting my writing career with “Bang” books, I simply say, “I just wanted to get laid.” From these hedonistic beginnings opened a path that I find myself in today. A reviewer of my new book Free Speech Isn’t Free also noticed this transformation:

I’ve been following the ‘Red Pill’ community for a a few years now. The members therein have been engaging in some of the most relevant conversations anywhere on the net. Roosh is one I’ve only recently become familiar with as I tend to appreciate and relate more to the more traditionalist members like Vox Day, Dalrock, and Roissy.

What is so fascinating about guys like Roosh is how their journey to acquire more sex and attention from highly attractive women has led them stumbling across uncomfortable truths about the world that we men of the West find ourselves living in.

This book is a very straightforward account of an encounter that an iconic Red Pill pillar had with the traditional media community that exposes a truly shocking level of laziness and corruption on the part of an institution that we are supposed to respect for some reason. I remember watching from a social media distance as these events went down and I had no idea just how bad it was.

I really admire the stones on this kid and I hope he stays motivated and encourages more people to be bold with the truth (which is always unPC). I’m not a fan of lotharios but I appreciate intellectual honesty and bravery. I hope Roosh’s Neomasculinity gets legs. I really do.

How did game serve as the gateway drug? Simple: I kept asking why, as if I was an annoying 8-year-old child.

  • Why are woman attracted to me when I dance and act like an entertaining clown?
  • Why did my father not have to act like a clown to attract my mom?
  • Why has society changed to encourage women to pursue exciting “bad boys” and clowns over good men?
  • Why are institutions like the media and universities pushing women into behaviors which harm them and the family unit?
  • Why is there a concealed group of elites who seem to control politicians and the most important institutions?
  • Why are those institutions attacking me for speaking the truth?

There wasn’t only one step from having fun into the nightclub to fighting back against social justice warriors and the media, but several steps that had to take place over the past 15 years. My path weaved through sex and gender relations, but there are other paths as well, which I describe in The 5 Paths To Realizing Truth. For example, minimalism is another point of entry:

When you live below your means, you begin to see that most people are unnecessarily living above theirs. That leads to the conclusion that they were trained to live a life of excess by corporations with the complicit help of a government that wants to keep society in a neverending state of indebtedness and distraction so they ignore everyday injustices while losing any will or desire to fight the establishment. The easiest stepping stone out of The Truman Show is to realize that consumer lifestyles are not the path to happiness, and those those who chase material possessions are misguided.

Many other men have also had a similar path as myself, whereby promiscuous sex was a device for understanding the world and deciding on behaviors that are more sustainable to the male soul. While not every man gains wisdom during the stage of his life where he wants to sow his royal oats, many do, and they use that wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems. I do not at all regret engaging in shallow sex with many dozens of women throughout the world, because it has developed my thinking into what you read now, even though the sex itself wasn’t especially memorable and didn’t give me much except momentary pleasure.

From my current vantage point, it really does feel like it was all pre-determined, as if I was supposed to participate in shallow intimacy in order to arrive at true understanding, but that would imply some sort of divine providence. Whatever the mechanism, it’s clear to me that many of the behaviors and ideas we hold now could be mere way-stations for a grander, more universal truth. Whatever individual journey you’re a part of, I hope we’ll find out soon enough.

To see the whole story of how the media attacked me with an incredible attack of 1,600+ media articles, along with my analysis of the establishment’s master plan, check out my new book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It has a balanced mix of narrative and ideology that will also give you actionable advice to help defend yourself against establishment attacks. Click here to learn more about the book or order it now on Amazon.

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200 thoughts on “How Hedonistic Game Became The Gateway To Virtuous Truths”

  1. “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom…You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.”
    ~William Blake

  2. After a man hits 20 notches, he realizes that there’s more to life than chasing fresh shiny poon.
    Men who don’t reach this number still arrive at the same conclusion … when their testosterone drops.

    1. Yes, when one reaches their arbitrary notch it’s like why bother? The occasional urges are still there but logic kicks in with why subject myself to another crazy bitch to satisfy a biological urge lol. Of course many times logic gets thrown to the side, usually with the help of alcohol. But yeah much better things to do than chasing skirt every day.
      On a sidenote, I find it hard to get rid of the bitches anymore. My kicking them to the curb makes them want me even more. It’s like dread game on steroids for them I guess. I know beta game could probably do it, but that has a very real chance of backfiring.

      1. Use beta game until she throws you a hard shit test, then go full dread. Its like a bucket of cold water in their face.

        1. I can see a natural advantage to lowering testosterone, at least for the period when a child is young. Based on my own personal experience, it doesn’t seem to be a permanent thing at all. When the kids get older and/or move out then there’s no point in a male remaining more docile. I have one out the door and another heading out after her last year of high school, I feel like my T is through the roof most of the time now.

        2. Good point. My T-level came roaring back during my divorce. I hadn’t realized that it was gone until the beast reappeared. I spent a month absolutely *tearing up* a very willing young lady in every way, every day.

        3. That’s encouraging, I have six little ones at home. I noticed it is tougher to keep the belly fat off.

        4. Six little kids?! Jeez man, when do you get time to sit down? heh

        5. One of my fears is that a time will come when I will become a depressed fat fuck because of low T. Good to hear that that is not the case, or at least it will take much longer than I initially thought.

        6. I should preface this with the fact that I stayed active in the gym the entire time, I’ve never really stopped for any length of time since I’ve been 18 years old. That helps, a lot.

        7. I’ve heard Kegels for men help a lot too. They increase the blood flow in the area, like any other muscle exercise, thus increasing the T producton.

        8. I don’t even need that. Just seeing some of the cute younger women at my work have helped. Plus the wife’s instantly jealous, which makes things more fun at home.

  3. I have no bedroom memories of probably 60-70% of the women I’ve slept with. The ones that you end up remembering are the outliers — the sexiest mama you laid pipe to for three straight hours, the coldest fish you ever endured for five minutes.

  4. For me it was a combination of just trying to have sex with women as well as having been in serious relationships.
    Chasing ass taught me what women are really attracted to, and being in relationships taught me about how women’s sense of justice is fundamentally different from a man’s.
    Women just typically don’t operate on principle and are stuck in the moment, so when they run shit everything becomes a shady investment. Gradually I realized this goes all the way down to the very basis of civilization, and that The Bible starts with Adam and Eve for a reason.

    1. “Women just typically don’t operate on principle and are stuck in the moment.”
      Perfectly stated. Getting laid is, in many ways, just about being the right man, in the right place, at the right time. Rejection from a woman at the grocery store one night could have meant banging her the same night if you caught her when she was two weeks out of a recently severed long-term relationship. The woman who will reject me at Walgreens when I’m in shorts and a t-shirt would have gladly given me her number if I was in my work uniform. And on it goes. A hot bitch is a hot bitch to me — I’ll smash regardless. With them, it’s largely circumstantial, and, quite frequently, has nothing to do with you. That’s why guys shouldn’t fear rejection. In many instances, you’re just getting rejected because you weren’t what she needed you to be at that exact moment.
      Their moods, values, love, morals — all of it is only current for the moment they’re expressing it. It might not mean shit in three hours, and chances are it probably won’t. This is what makes them so hard to deal with, and even harder to take seriously. Their free-floating morality has ruined society, and the thing that will drive a man crazy is that they’re so delusional they have no idea that they’re even fucking doing it.

      1. It was never the rejections that bothered me. I fail at most the things I attempt. It’s giving the attention (validation) to someone that doesn’t deserve it that irks me.

        1. Same.
          If wasn’t for the fact that pussy feels good, there’s no way in hell I’d have talked to any of these creatures.

        2. It goes back to the time management. I, and any healthy man, can respect a direct “not interested.” It’s the time wasting games that infuriate me.

        3. It goes back to their twisted morality. They think by being indirect, or by being “nice,” or by dragging things out and wasting your time that they’re doing the “right thing”; letting you down easy.
          Wasting someone’s time, blowing smoke up their ass, lying (sometimes pathologically), and being an all around shady bitch is the direct opposite of being nice and doing the right thing.
          Try telling them that, though.
          All of this makes it so easy to treat them like shit and disregard their feelings, which makes getting laid significantly easier.

        4. In my fuck and chuck prime I identified 3 types on the pub and club scene
          1. Definitely will fuck
          2. Maybe will, if you bust your balls.
          3. Definitely won’t
          Picking 1 is the obvious skill. But my biggest gripe was 3s pretending to be 2s to waste blokes’ time for an ego boost.
          Usually these sociopaths can be identified by a wedding ring and cesararian scar

        5. There’s also a duality with this kind of behavior.
          They keep you at arms length in case you serve some other useful purpose.

        6. wedding ring + cesarean scar = a married/a mother with kid(s)
          Why on earth did these moms even go to club/pub? What the fuck. Were they trying to prove something? Twisted fuck. Did you fuck one anyway?

        7. “If wasn’t for the fact that pussy feels good, there’s no way in hell I’d have talked to any of these creatures.”
          ROK writer Thomas More in his review of Manipulated Man:
          “No man will ever be loved or cared about as a human being by a woman, ever. It was once said that women are not good nor bad, they just are. And for philosophical perspectives perhaps that is true. One cannot blame a wolf for being a wolf, it’s simply nature; and it behooves us to be aware of the true nature of women. The flaw may very well lie in men as it would appear that we have been handed down a congenital defect in our brains, or perhaps this is all one big joke played on us by the cosmos or evolutionary biology; in that men desire something that does not care for us outside of tangible resources.”

          The Manipulated Man: A Holy Bible Of Red Pill Wisdom

        8. Not true. A man can develop a very strong bond with a woman, but that love will never be like that of his mother or daughter. Men always expect that mother/daughter type of love from a woman but it never happens. But, you can still have a satisfying relationship with the right woman. I was married for a long time and really enjoyed it. It ultimately turned to shit, but for many years it was good.

        9. Agreed. I see my friends who are married and or in relationshits. Fallen soldiers. Its a lack of self esteem and passion that keeps them in that shit. I get laid more than they do, and its with a different woman every time. Zero benefit to a relationshit with the average american woman.

        10. A married woman was chatting me up last night. I was extremely mean because she was nasty, but then I saw the ring and went full retard! I said ” can you go bore someone else to death?” And she loved it. Wouldnt leave me alone! Wtf? I kept saying mean shit to get rid of her.
          Eventually I was just looking away telling her she smelled and I was embarrased to be seen with her. Still kept laughing and tell me how funny and cute I was.

        11. thats the kind of game that we should
          use on hotties but alas to no avail because, a hot woman is diferent looking which makes us treat her diferently

        12. I’m trying — just not really pleased with what I’ve been producing. I’ll get my shit together eventually and we’ll be back in business. Thanks for the support.

        13. I’m from the Caribbean (St.Lucia) :), and your posts are really awesome, I can relate, tried a few of the things you said and I haven’t failed as yet, your material is priceless! keep it up! looking forward to more from you man.

        14. Glad to hear that, Louis. Feels good to know my words have helped you out in some way. Thank you.

        15. So true.
          In my case, I am not shy or introverted at all, and never had much stress interacting with women. But as you say, “it’s the time wasting games that infuriate me”.
          I personally think this is one of the problems many manosphere autors have not yet addressed. Roosh has acknowledged it with his “men are nothing to clowns to the modern woman” article, but it still remains underappreciated.
          The advice in these sites focuses on psychological tricks, attitudes, habits, etc. but fails to show how you are going to need to invest quite a lot of time (and/or money, because they are related) to get there.
          This might be some rationalization of failure on my part, but I get the feel that the key to success with women in the current year has maybe less to do with certain habits or attitudes and more, much more with your willingness to put up with all the social rituals and events. Initially I did not realize this, but it was later on that it stroke me how hard some friends of mine I envied were toiling to get laid. Grooming, clothing, exercise, constantly hitting on sb… it becomes a sort of second job.

        16. You have to enjoy the process otherwise it will be “work.” I do agree that for all but the most elite men in society, chasing women requires a lot of time. Some people don’t like the process at all and I think that is a lot of the MGTOW crowd. I don’t hate the process though it gets exhausting over time. Often, even when I do succeed, the reward doesn’t seem worth the effort.

        17. Absolutely agree on that point John. That’s why I just don’t game anymore. I’m just to content and honest to put up the front any longer and pretend that whores are somehow worth more than 50 Euros for a quick bang.

        18. I married in my 30’s and we were together for 23 years. I was totally blue pill. I made every classic mistake. She made more money than me although I was a high income person myself. She wore the pants. It was not until red pill came along that I realized I had done it all wrong. When I started not taking it any more she actually started to gain respect for me, but it was too late. I now spend my time between Colombia, Thailand and the USA. I am getting more pussy (20-30 year olds) now that ever in my life.

        19. Thanks Steve. So is it safe to assume you are probably in a better place than her? I mean a single woman in her fifties cant have many options. More questions: Are you working during your travels, employed online, or retired? Would you live in another country?
          Reason I ask: Ive been feverishly studying spanish and building a career that allows some travel. Every trip is a blast… women, food, culture etc. I’m doing this because I saw my dads life ruined by my mom, and my sisters are both man haters now too. I need a solid international presence or I need to move indefinitely at some point. The women here are miserable to deal with and my looks wont last forever. Do you have any advice? Im 33, having fun in San Diego but I am thinking about my 53 year old self too.

        20. Its a tough choice for you. I dont think I would want to raise children in Colombia. American schools for middle and upper middle class are pretty good. Job opportunities for educated persons is pretty good. Perhaps you could raise your kids down there in private school then send them to college in the USA.
          On a personal level you will be much happier in Latin America. I am flexible in my work schedule now but I should be able to retire within the next few years. You can live in Latin America for about 1/2 the cost of America. Despite my age, I have unlimited opportunities with attractive women. I have a lot of fun. I lose weight when I am abroad and I more satisfied and less stressed.

        21. I think there’s value in developing social skills that can be engaging enough to entertain women and their child-like personalities. However, for 95+% of men that don’t possess a competitive advantage (fame/fortune/attractiveness), we have to dedicate a lot of time to gaming women to be effective. It’s simply not something that can be done “part-time” with strong results. Frankly, I don’t want to spend so much time on it anymore.

        22. And I don’t spend time on it anymore.
          Even after you spend all the time and money approaching, gaming, escalating, overcoming objections, and closing a girl, you’re often disappointing because frankly, many of them are just lousy lays. It took me years to get my ex to where she wasn’t such a sack of potatoes in bed and could please me the way I wanted sexually. There ain’t no way in hell I’m investing that kind of time in a female again.
          So, it’s a crap shoot to get a girl who actually knows what they’re doing sexually. And, if they do, it’s likely because she’s a slut, whore, or a freak, in which case you spent all the time effort and money for not maybe a few lays before you want to next her.
          Women don’t know how to please men in any way, and they certainly don’t accept any responsibility to learn such things. The don’t want to learn to cook, clean and maintain a home. They certainly don’t want to learn how to be good in bed, assuming they just are because they possess the equipment for procreation. I’m still amazed at how many women (even mature ones) don’t even know where their own G-spot is or how to enjoy it. I took the time to learn things like that to please women. But they can’t even Google their own anatomy to figure it out, instead, like everything else in a women’s life, leaving it to a man to figure out.

        23. The best looking girls I’ve hooked up with are not the best I’ve had sex with. It all stems from weak western men. If our men weren’t so pathetic, they wouldn’t allow good looking women to do whatever they wanted. But they are pathetic so attractive women can do ANYTHING THEY WANT and still get excessive amounts of attention. And I suspect you, like me, will not consider pursuing a girl that isn’t commensurable to your own SMV. So we end up pursing girls that have more options than they deserve. Consequently, they don’t have to make any effort and most of them rarely do.

      2. “rejection from a woman at the grocery store one night could have meant
        banging her the same night if you caught her when she was two weeks out
        of a recently severed long-term relationship. The woman who will reject
        me at Walgreens when I’m in shorts and a t-shirt would have gladly given
        me her number if I was in my work uniform. And on it goes”
        ^^ This

        1. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss out this time around. Never seen them live, either. I’m ashamed.

      3. “Their free-floating morality has ruined society, and the thing that will drive a man crazy is that they’re so delusional they have no idea that they’re even fucking doing it.”
        And societies that are successful always have their females on a tight leash. Islam is an extreme version, but there was a time when Christians maintained a moral compass and had social constraints that enabled a healthy, stable existance.

      4. LOL!!!! That’s so true. It’s all about circumstance – being in the right place at the right time. As long as you’re somewhat good looking, and the girl feels relaxed around you, then no “game” is really required.

    2. Re: women’s sense of justice. I have been hanging out with a former FWB, we have very similar interests and somehow we were able to end things but still remain friendly–she helps me wingman and is good social proofing for me. Anyway, every complaint she tells me is just so absurd.
      I notice it much more now that I’m not in a relationship with her–not sure if it’s because we all get blinded and want to take our girl’s side in a relationship or what. The alternative is admitting that you’re dating a psycho.
      Anyway, they get so bent out of shape about the slightest accident, imperfect wording, or failure to improperly greet her as a customer (which is hilarious because this girl herself never smiles).
      She doesn’t like it when a bank follows its policy and doesn’t bend the rules for her. The manager explained this but she is now considering switching banks–I suppose he didn’t adequately apologize to her. The Starbucks barista failed to inform her that pumpkin spice is now available, so, fuck him, I’m not going back there. The post office told her she needed to buy stamps instead of using the automated meter machine if she was buying something for a future mailing. Which is the actual policy. But she didn’t know that so she opened a complaint with the postal inspector.
      Really sick stuff. It’s a wonder businesses stay open with women and their fickleness.

        1. For maximum effect, I would have had the women wearing micro-mini-skirts, with giant dildos dangling out from beneath them…but that’s just me.

      1. Exactly. Rationalization hamster. The Bible has a part about seeing the speck of dirt in another person’s eye yet ignoring the big log sticking out of one’s own.
        It can be fun calling these women out on it at times. The sheepish smile of realization from the cute ones can be amusing.

      2. Women say what they’re not going to do until they do it. As the old red pill trope goes “pay attention to what they do not what they say”.

        1. Yup, learned that after getting same night lay from a Chinese girl living in the US for 6 years who told me she hasn’t been on a date in 2 years and doesn’t like guys who are focused on only one thing.. few hours later I’m banging away at her place.

    3. The difficulty i find, as a religious man is reconciling the self cucking nature of most religious men and orders today [“women should be treated as queens”-fuck off] with the need to pick virtuous [if any] women.
      You need enough experience to realise what you don’t want and realise how the game works, but paradoxically you also need to know the shit that even religious girls pull [many people of faith ignore that little susie is out getting anally fucked by her bf on the side because “its anal so it doesn’t count as losing mah virginiteee”] and filter accordingly.
      I think we’re at a point now where men who want an arranged marriage type deal or something similar are essentially fucked unless they go foreign, and even then there is so much shit with golddiggers and such
      Massive ballache to be a religious man in the 21st century

      1. You need to understand Protestant churches are heretical and bend over to keep their customers and the Catholic church is being lead by an open heretic. When you understand this everything falls in place…

        1. i don’t get into sectarianism particularly just because its a massive ball ache. there’s eastern orthodox too as well, etc etc

    4. ultimately the fact that women don’t operate on morals is essentially why our society has gone down the shitter. If women choose men only based on resource ACQUISITION as opposed to exactly HOW those same resources were acquired (i.e. corruption and scandal), then men will simply choose the easiest route to acquire resources, which is violence and corruption.

      1. Yeah… It is perhaps historically inevitable.
        Cycles of growth and then cycles of corruption.
        I like Evola’s characterization of the modern age as the Kali Yuga.

  5. The sad thing is even if 10% of your claims on elites are true we are fucked .we can’t rebel in anyway as media controls the information,army controls the physical and propaganda controls the cultural rebellion. I guess we are in the quiet before the massacre ,a massacre which will throw us into never experienced darkness that is if we and the earth survive ……well for the sake of earth let’s hope you are incorrect and if your predictions fit ,truth prevails over the lusts of the human heart

  6. Roose you were once the most shallow of them all. And your game came off as simplistic. It was what I learned by 22 years old. Ok it works and works well, but it is just not deep nor exciting to discuss.
    Something happened with you. Whatever happened, it brought out a deep guy. I never miss a thing you have to write now.

  7. More and more the answer to me appears to be leaving the west.
    The WHYS are interesting questions. But even if we all knew WHY things today are different, and bad, would they change? Electing Trump would be one small step that would need many, many follow up steps that could eventually lead to America fixing some of these problems, but I am a realist and I see the possibility of this occurring in my lifetime as zero.
    So let’s also ask WHAT.
    What happens when a society encourages women to ride cock carousels?
    What happens to relationships and leadership when men routinely must dance and act like entertaining clowns during their 20s and 30s?
    What happens when everything is permitted and nothing is forbidden?
    What happens to civilization when institutions that man built and maintained throughout all of recorded history, like the church, higher education, and male-only and female only organizations and spaces are eliminated?
    What happens when family social roles, gender roles, and preservation of unmarried women’s virginity are removed?
    What kind of society will we have when pursuing these goals? Has any society on the earth ever advocated these goals? Was any nation successful with them?
    When you consider the answers to these questions, it should terrify you about the future world you will live in.
    The answers to these questions provide more guidance to us on an individual level to help answer how we should live our lives, and how we should attain happiness. To me, the answer is like a huge alarm bell sounding that the iceberg has been sighted, and now is the time to abandon ship.
    And indeed, emigration is occurring in record numbers as people leave the US. But the vast majority say that it will be different this time. This new Titanic is stronger, better, and operates under different rules than prior boats. The US will adopt trannies and gay marriage and casual sex and immorality and somehow turn it into gold. The problem is “this time it’s different” is never true.

    1. Your questions are depressing because I have been closely following a few examples of it. Here is a simple one
      “What happens when a society encourages women to ride cock carousels?
      What happens to relationships and leadership when men routinely must
      dance and act like entertaining clowns during their 20s and 30s?
      What happens when everything is permitted and nothing is forbidden?”
      Below in this old picture are two amazingly good looking 15 year old kids. In love. It lasted 5 years until the girl went the way her friends and family said she should.
      She jumped on the carousel … so the boy became a player
      She is now a whore, a real one. She has tried to kill herself twice.
      The man is now a drug dealer and uses girls like toilet paper. He is better off than she is by far. But nether are happy. Once they both were very happy, but the girl did what our culture now tells girls to do.

      1. And this is why it wouldn’t hurt to also have boys on a tight leash as soon as they hit puberty. Partly moral reasons, but mostly so they start grasping adulthood as a whole, not just the fun hedonist side of it.
        Plus, at the risk of being labeled as pro gender equality, if you’re going to make girls swear to preserve their virginity, you might have to do the same to boys for one simple reason: boys are horny ravenous horndogs. And like locusts, if you don’t put a check on them, they will ravish every field they touch. And let’s face it, we were all like that as teens.

        1. Well back in the day boys were taught to have some respect. we didn’t get our sex ed from porno. and the girls said no. We would get it when we could, which wasn’t easy. There have always been whores, but they were far fewer in number

        2. Probably the only good by-product of the cock carousel phenomenon is that the world’s oldest profession has grown less visible. We just haven’t needed as many whores.

      2. $1000 bucks says she moved away from the rural mountains to college / city life at some point.

        1. Damn good guess. the whole transformation only took one year. Though it was more than a year ago and nothing has gotten better.

        2. My son had a girlfriend in high school for a couple of years. She was thin, extremely beautiful (her parents were both Amish until they left the order, so she had a clear Germanic charm), really long hair, could cook and was polite to a fault. “Ma’am” and “Sir” were common when talking to her.
          So my son graduates high school and is about to head to college. Her mother (her newly single mother, btw) literally talks her into a slut lifestyle, and kept urging her to “not settle for the first man she’s been with”, going to the point of sabotaging their entire relationship.
          Fast forward two years. The girl has gained some serious weight, cropped her hair, now has at least two visible tattoos and is (or was, she may not be viable any longer) going through men at a mile a minute. At age 18-19. Her *fucking mother* talked her into this.
          My son simply moved on and is studying engineering and has a great future ahead of him. She missed out, thanks to “Go be a slut!” mom.

        3. Yeah that’s not too different a story than that couple had. except the boys took it hard droped his apprenticeship and became a drug dealer. In this case the mother was the Only member of her family telling her not to be a slut. Brother sister father grandmother all telling her to sow her oats. And she has also grown fat

        4. My son took it in stride. He has girls falling all over him, so we had a talk about not getting oneitis and he went about his business in life after passing the “my first real girlfriend” milestone none the worse for wear. The poor girl though, God, what a horrible destruction of such good genetics and upbringing, all because of a newly single mom wanting to live vicariously through her (I assume).

        5. What is up with becoming a slut and getting fat? Is it that they stop caring about themselves? Tattoos, blue hair, a nasty attitude, and vulgar language are also related. It seems to be two symptoms of the same mental illness (liberalism).

        6. I just watched a girl do this recently (unrelated to my son’s former girlfriend). The temptation to ask her “What in the hell, girl? You were beautiful two years ago, now you’re overweight and slovenly, why? Why?”
          But I figure it will lead to a whole lot of hamster and a whole lot of nothing else.

        7. I see a common reply these days is: “Jealous because I got the curves? I get all the sex I want.”
          I have a niece in her second year of college getting this mentality. Sad to see her into this self destructive behavior. She used to be a beautiful young girl into rock climbing, now she drinks, smokes, whores, etc… I’d give her 4-5 years until she hits a depressing wall where she is just a shell of her former self.

        8. I’d openly laugh if she said that to me.
          “Yeah honey, sex with skanky, nasty ass Millenial hipsters. Bet you feel proud deep down inside. Meanwhile men of my quality you’ll never have a chance at if you continue this kind of thing. Your loss”
          I’m nothing, if not an arrogant asshole. Heh.

        9. Yes this girl now colors her hair in all but natural colors. pierces everything and loves her new tats..
          Its as if there were laws requiring whores to do that to themselves

      3. That is so sad and is yet another example of fact that says… leave. You can’t raise children in The West anymore because THIS will happen… unless you literally home school them and never let them out of your sight.

      4. In the past, love between two lovers were usually challenged by social class, family disapproval, distance, different background, etc.
        Now, only one thing is enough to ruin and end love once and for all : FEMINISM.

    2. Maybe TPTB dont care anymore? They are planning to move to Mars or live underground Fallout-style, until most people on Earth have perished?

    3. “More and more the answer to me appears to be leaving the west.”
      This was my answer to the eternal question: “What does it all mean?”
      My answer at 24 was the “Not sure but the answer certainly isn’t here, leave.. ” and I did…
      My first Red Pill move in life…

    4. This… really resonated with me to know I am not alone. I did just write a post about feminism being dead, and in the future, things will get better.
      But… what about now? 5, 10, 20 years? It took 50+ years to fuck everything up, it could take twice that long to fix it (breaking is always easier than building).
      My existential life question right now is this.
      Am I crazy… or is it possible that the country I love… is simply not going to survive in my lifetime in a form that will allow me to not just survive, but, dare I hope, thrive?
      What born and bread N. American… seriously… looks to Russia in his mid 40s… with no better prospects there than here (you only bring what you have already)… to pick up his stakes, learn a new language, integrate into a completely foreign culture… for the chance, just the chance, to be surrounded (in theory, reality is unknown)… by “normal” people?
      Even more crazy… to be in a country that could be the last (Eastern Europe as a whole) bastion of white, anglo-saxon, Christian/Greek, culture, values and philosophy?
      This is where my brain goes on dark days and I shake myself and go “Nah man, it can’t be that bad.”
      Then I read this…
      Southern Alberta child who chose to dress as girl needs transgender expert, mother pleads- Child’s father and court-appointed lawyer refuse to allow psychiatric assessment
      And your brain snaps back to the reality that THIS… is the current state of societal collapse in your country. We have no Trump up here north of 49, and unlike you Americans, we never grew the cajones to give the monarchy the middle finger, so I don’t think a Trumpening is coming to Canada in any way.
      And even if Trump wins, and there is a flood of people north/south trying to “escape” the disaster their own country has become, America still has a long way to go to rebuild. Do I have the time, the desire, the will, to do that when I could go to Russia and just START with a sane and normal country that is not completely fucked up?
      I don’t want to give up on Canada any more than Americans on America.
      But if you are a young man (or old like me), with no ties, no debt, no obligation to save anything or anyone but yourself… why stay? What does a guy have to lose by leaving and having an adventure? If things turn around, you can always come back. And if things truly go to shit, you were smart to get out of dodge when you did.
      As you said… the why’s are good questions to know the answer to. But when answered, the next logical thing to do is ACT on that knowledge and move forward knowing the conditions.
      And like you… I don’t know why this scares me (free to admit and no shame)… it means leaving the country I love, that has abandoned everything it used to mean to me.
      I really hope Trump is what he appears to be. That he wins, and a cataclysmic change happens in America (jailing the guilty alone will be a huge start).
      But again… maybe you are asking of your country as I am of mine… is this a Titanic moment? A brave man trying to save his beloved country and republic, but the iceberg has been hit, and the ONLY right course of action is to get to a lifeboat and get off that fast sinking ship.

      1. I feel ya, brother. I’m just a few years behind you but in the same boat. As I told a friend last night, I think in any sane society, I would be married with a family 10 years ago already. But instead I’m in limbo in America. We have this silly attachment to our homeland that makes us not want to leave.
        The only thing I will say is don’t be too quick to point the finger at monarchy. Monarchy is in many ways the opposite of democracy. The idea that a powerful, educated, intelligent rational figure knows best, and that we hold to principles, not simply swaying to whatever 51% of the plebes want. If 51% want anal marriage and bestiality, democracy dictates that it must become the norm. Monarchy stands firm and says no, we have a tradition and history of the sanctity of marriage, passed down from God himself (regardless of whether you believe in a diety, there is power in the sacred and divine).
        Is it coincidence that monarchy has been all but wiped off the map (what England has today is a mere figurehead, a mascot, and not much more), and we are seeing societal collapse everywhere? I don’t see monarchy as returning in a real way in my lifetime, but consider that it is what made western civilization what it is today.
        And I wish you well in your journey, whether it takes you to Russia or wherever.

        Is Democracy Dying?

        1. Nah, the English Industrial Revolution made Western Civilization what it is today, and they’d already swept out the old aristocratic/monarchic model of governance 150 years before that, back during the English Civil Wars. England in fact led the way with parliamentary representation, killing the divine right of kings, and it became the most successful country in Europe bar none.
          Don’t forget, a few years before the Industrial Rev, our forefathers ran the fuck away from the monarchs, and waged a revolutionary war against them, precisely because those monarchs were NOT educated, intelligent, or rational.

        2. The time I pine for is immediately prior to the Great War. There was still a strong monarch, he was still loved and respected, and he still set the standard for the people. He wasn’t autocratic nor authoritarian, and I consider that a positive trait.
          I don’t fault the American rebels, and indeed have much respect for them. But they were mainly tired of following the single rules for morality instituted by the one church, and came here where in just a couple of generations, created hundreds of denominations where one can believe in whatever one likes and still be considered “special” and holy. I don’t think it worked out well.

    5. I would have used the term “biological roles” rather then “gender roles”. Personally I refuse to use the word “gender”. It was invented for trannies and other mentally defective individuals to make them feel like they’re normal people which they aren’t.

  8. This one is the one that burns me the most:
    Why are institutions like the media and universities pushing women into behaviors which harm them and the family unit?
    I cannot stress enough the damage said institutions have done by convincing women that motherhood is prison. Its awful and disgusting what our women do to themselves in the hopes of fitting in with this vile and poisonous narrative.
    Think of it this way guys.
    How many women have rewarded you for having good intentions towards them, vs how many have fucked your brains out for treating them like a disposable diaper?
    Am I alone in this? I’ve been with approx ~40-50 women in my life, not a ton but WAY more than most men (I’m tall, I’m handsome, I have solid game). And every one of them I got what I wanted by showing them I would be a POOR choice for a long term partner (unavailable, not that interested, not interested in her as a person etc…).
    Have we always been this crazy and or self destructive? I don’t know…but I am beginning to despair over this, because quite honestly, when you meet a woman that meets exactly what you want in one, it goes against your EVERY basic genetic instinct to treat her like a disposable diaper. What you want is to impregnate her and protect her and the new baby, this is natural, this is normal, this is what was intended by the creator. Why must we suffer for expressing that which comes naturally?
    Why must we condition ourselves to be so cold and hard to get? Why are so many women pricing themselves out of the sexual marketplace?
    Perhaps the purpose is to depopulate north america, they destroy the relationship between men and women to weed us out of existence…just a theory I don’t know…

    1. It’s fine to search for the “why”, admirable really. But it doesn’t alter the reality that we’ve been given.
      The shorthand answer, I suppose, is found in Karl Marx. From there it all flows, that’s the source.

      1. That’s true. When this country was at the top of it’s game between WW2 and 1964 the communists infiltrated American society by telling women you don’t have to be a slave to that man you call your husband and convinced them that they can have it all. They undermined Christianity, they got the youth hooked on drugs and sex. The past 10 or 15 years pushing homos and homo marriage. Now we have transgenders which is basically trying to do away with genders so there is no mom and dad, brother or sister or son and daughter. Next will be the acceptance of pedophilia. It is sick but the communists knew if they did not undermine the culture and normalize perversion and deviancy they could not win. A very small percentage of their efforts were spying and espionage.

        1. In some nations, these infiltrators are called (((communinists))) while in others (((capitalists))). But the result is that (((they))) have instituted these changes throughout the world. Kind of like how some states are controlled by Republicans and others Democrats, but they end up enacting basically the same laws.
          On all the things that matter, (((they))) agree.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Even from a highly religious, low notch guy like myself, I know exactly what you are talking about. It is like women are conditioned to think that any guy wanting to show any sort of commitment is a “stalker” or needy, or whatever. So, you find a particular girl that you wouldn’t mind settling down with, what do you do? Can’t be “friend zoned”, they seriously want to be treated like garbage………..women are weird.

    3. Haha, 7-8 years ago when internet dating was relatively new, I used the profile headline “Unemployed, aloof, and undateable” and got a shit ton of responses. Fuckin’ women…

      1. Haha. A buddy of mine and I both recently went through brief stints of unemployment. During those time periods, both of us received a sharp increase in female attention. As in, our phones kept blowing up and we had dates set up for practically every night of the week. Then when we got jobs, it regressed back to the mean. Fucking women these days…

        1. I am broke as a joke and live on my cousins couch(temporarily for fuck sake)and I have to beat the random easy puss away with a tee ball bat. Makes no sense to me. If this electrical apprenticeship works out and I move into a new apartment I’m worried I may hit a dry spell!!!

      2. Dude I just changed my profile to this. genius idea. Im a handsome guy too so I wouldn’t be shocked if my inbox was flooded in a week. Im also going to go back to just messaging “Hey What’s up” instead of messages that imply I read their profile and actually care.

    4. Women have been fed this feminist nonsense for the last 50 years and it only gets more vulgar and course. The media has been pushing it, corporations push it in every commercial, every TV show shows women being superior and the man a complete boob. It’s not just women it is an all out war against white men. The black man is always the high powered attorney or doctor and the white guy is pushing a mop around. Everything and everyone that is not a white man is superior. It is truly despicable but the fact remains white men built western civilization and only white men can uphold it.

    5. I have a few Nigerian guys in my Facebook friend list. Due to self-selection, most of them are at least skeptical about feminism, but there’s still an equal amount of them who support it full-heartedly.
      And in their country, they say, this evil patriarchy actually exists. Hah. They are following the West. They do not yet see what feminism does. I showed them a few videos and infos from the West, like the fact we have those ‘anti-rape’ schoolings. One of the guys in full support of feminism openly called such a thing ‘insulting and disgusting’.
      I don’t think they know what they signed up for. If they think they can somehow do it ‘right’ and not end up in a mess like us, well, good luck.

      1. They see the West as successful in economic terms and believe that by adopting Western social mores(without actually understanding their potential implications on their society) their countries will too develop. It will do the opposite

    6. @disqus_vqdlMYBRvK
      Many posting here wish to believe because they have fully bought into Machiavellian practices, that it is the only and most effective, means to an end (BTW, this has NOT been true for majority of modern man’s existence on the planet earth). There was a time when strength, toughness, loyalty and wisdom (not necessarily high intelligence) were ALL required to gain enough consensus among the group to be recognized as a “leader”, that men wanted to follow and women wanted to be with.
      Modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000-300,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, which has rules that we are FORCED to follow, is a little over 200 years old. What this means, is that MANY of the people whom are THOUGHT OF as Alphas today, may in fact, NOT be Alphas at all. Simply put, the last 200+ years has given LEGAL advantages to crafty, backstabbing, two-faced, Betas, Deltas & Gammas, whom gain undeserved Alpha status, due to LEGAL protection from PHYSICAL retaliation, whereas in the previous 199,800 years of “mans existence”, these guys would have been quickly dispatched through physical retaliation of the masses.
      If you have any doubts, just think of people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Could either of these schmucks have lead men and convinced them to give their lives for a mere “personal conviction” in BATTLE? Like say, ALEXANDER THE GREAT or HANNIBAL? Of course not, BUT, people like these guys are given a type of “Alpha Status” today because they are allowed act TOUGH, without any real threat of losing their heads or getting Tarred & Feathered by disgruntled peasants. Western women are “falling” for this “theater performance” in droves.
      To clarify what I mean, with some humor, here is Bill Burr’s take:

      EVERY DAY, I see and work with “ripped” guys, that “lift” and have a Type-A personality, with high flyin’ jobs. However, if for some reason, you need to stop and get gas in the ghetto, on the way to a client meeting, they suddenly become scared of their own shadow. “Women” don’t get to see these guys under a real “fight or flight” circumstance, they only see the ripped arms, arrogant facade and 6 figure+ job
      I’ll clarify further, “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”, are winning in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been designed to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics that were used against stubborn business owners and how you don’t see similar tactics being applied any longer. Once you recognize the overt influence of “undue physical & legal protection” by government, it becomes easy to understand why “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership, nor because of any amount of endowed masculinity. It is because these “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these “leaders”, limb from limb. The current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the times of the Teamsters or Tarred & Feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
      In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. “Successful leaders” in those times tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be “bold” versus “when to hold back”. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth or children in a world based on hand-to-hand battles and hunts.
      What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
      Well, it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men” and “yes women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule, with no exceptions being made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of poorly run projects, useless conversations or bad policies. Once people get past a certain age, their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “endowed masculinity”. Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas when they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden Mangina” with a perfectly crafted OkCupid or Tinder profile.
      So, do real Alpha types still clean up with the ladies? Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of both “first looks” and “last looks”, than they would have received in the previous 50 years (heck, even the last 6,000 years of civilizations existence for than matter). These days, this situation applies to both the career track and the surface preferences of females.
      Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (we all know they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners and hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” list of traits, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with, an “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well.
      I frequently use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds”, from 1984, as an ANOLOGY, that illustrates where we were and the transition to where we are currently, as a society, today.
      When the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior was tolerated and everyone was having a really good time, with few harsh consequences for bad behavior (hence the antiquated term, “boys will be boys”). As we all know now, in hindsight, when the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (“use your best judgment” was a commonly applied principle), people didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good FOR NEARLY EVERBODY.
      Then one day the “metaphorical NERDS” gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started sucking, people had to kowtow to PC behavior (so as not to offend anyone), EVERYONE became micromanaged (i.e. Lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences for uncouth behaviors were jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
      So I ask, was “life” better for EVERYONE, under the rule of the “metaphorical JOCKS” whom were like my grandfather or better today under the rule of the “metaphorical NERDS” like Jeff Bezos, whom are nothing more than “Pseudo Alphas” with “appointed authority”?
      Long live the “Betas of Nature” wielding “Appointed Authority”, I guess.

    1. That always got to me. And I imagine God only knows so well – that is the damn truth.

  9. You can also be repentant without regrets. Sometimes you have to journey through the world of sin to find righteousness. It doesn’t mean the sin is any less evil, only that the world is fallen and everyone sins – merely differently. And each generation has its own particular temptations and failings which we must fix and rebuild that part of the wall that separates civilization from the barbarians. You don’t know if there is a hole in the wall until the barbarians enter using it.

  10. G. K. Chesterton:
    “A man knocking on the door of a brothel is knocking for God.”
    The feminine beauty is a divine gift, and men desire that gift too. We seek Truths, even when we game, bang, and party as all these are reflections of providential beauty.
    Fortunately, followers here are looking for ostensibly wide trails to game but then find themselves on the narrow path.

  11. tbh im well over the double century mark of notches and after discovering red pill truth I can see that it was mostly the women I was fucking who were conquering and using me not the other way around. It pissed me off so much that I resigned to to never be a slave to the pursuit of ego driven pointless sex again. Since then my body language towards unattractive and predatory women is wholly dismissive and at times im utterly enraged. To the contrary and an unintentional side benefit, my eyes and senses only go to women I’m absolutely attracted to.
    I could say alot more about this but just echoing that indeed my own pursuit of pointless sex led me to dig in deep to serious red pill truth. Wont ever go back.

  12. Just think of this term – “settle down”. As a young man, I was taught incessantly that one fine day I would find a nice girl, marry her, settle down, raise kids, and put my nose to the grindstone and provide for my family. To my way of thinking, that was like volunteering to have handcuffs put on my wrists, as well as four or five balls and chain, dangling from my rear. It held absolutely zero appeal to me, and I fought it as hard as I fought every single thing that teachers told me, which made no sense.
    By going against the grain and opting for the lothario route, a man is going against the norm. And the only way a man can expand his field of vision to the point where he can see things as they really are, and not as he is told that they are, is by going against the norm.
    Once a man starts interacting with lots of women, he quickly realizes that all of that “special snowflake” crap that he is told about women, from the time he can crawl, mostly by his parents and the media, is completely untrue. And that is one hell of a first step up the ladder towards enlightenment.
    Any young man who goes the normal route and has a steady job, along with a wife and four kids, by the time he is 28, has zero time to contemplate wider truths. His time is completely spoken for, which only allows him to hop from one foot to the next, while trying to keep his head above water. He is very unlikely to encounter any situation that isn’t banal, commonplace, and totally ordinary. And it’s only those types of encounters that afford a young man the opportunity to expand his mind.
    But that does not mean that this is a pathway filled with daffodils, bright sunshine, butterflies and rainbows, because everything has a bad side – if you are a player all of your life, you just might wind up sitting on a bar stool, at the end of each day, in the same dimly lit bar, just another fat, unattractive dude who constantly talks about how things used to be back in his glory days. You know, kind of like actor George Wendt, from that old TV show, “Cheers”.
    Which proves, yet again, that the only way a man can truly free his mind, is by going against the norm…

    1. I think it’s in what you make it. I went the married and kids route, found plenty of time to contemplate life and even gained some serious insights when raising the kids, and now on the tail end of it I’m out and about and enjoying life and about to quit the corporate world forever (come next year). It’s all in the approach.

      1. You can’t shove everybody into the same slot. Now that I think about it, that would be as boring as sticking one’s schlong into the same slot…go against the norm and question everything. God gave us a brain, and that was done for a reason, I think. How we use it is up to us. Unless we cave in to the norm, and just wind up doing what we’re told.

        1. Oh, granted. I was posting more for the lurking readers, to let them know that no path ends with an inevitable conclusion. 99.9% of men who get married turn into schlubs. They didn’t have to, but they accepted the programming and defaulted to “oh well”.

        2. I get where you are coming from. “Never” and “always”. Whenever I use them, those two words never fail to always bite me in the ass.

        3. Ugh, it’s awful. Being in my late 30’s I witness my dude friends getting married all the time and become so fucking beat down. One old roommate stopped by the house after work for some reason and we hung out and smoked a bowl before he left. As he was leaving he said “don’t tell [wife] I was here.” As soon as he left, my wife and I were both wtf, you can’t tell your wife you stopped by somebody’s house who your wife knows??
          Just the other week, another friend had to run it by his wife if he could go hunting for a few hours on a Sunday. Not double check to make sure we don’t have plans, but ask permission. You seriously have to ask permission to do a healthy activity that may acquire meat for the family? For real??

        4. Haha, Gundog, we are around the same age and your experiences describe my interaction with my friends to a tee.
          I am in a band with late 30s / early 40s married guys, and they act like literal (Hitler) teenagers when they have the opportunity to be around young women or alcohol or drugs. They get insanely high and/or too drunk to function, and go crazy over the prospect of possibly seeing a set of real life boobs at the strip club when their wife is out of town. They are a bunch of kids trapped in mens bodies. Let them have a couple of drinks and soon they open up to you about their unhappiness living a consumerist life married to a strong empowered independent woman.
          I enjoy having a few nice wristwatches, and follow an online watch forum that talks about new models, discusses deals, etc. There is a regular theme that the majority of the guys post there, saying “I really want this but how can I sneak it past the wife”.. Half the time they actually call her “the boss.”
          I cringe every time I read stuff like that. I understand working with a budget, and maybe some of these people have debt they need to pay off or something (in which case they shouldn’t be on the site at all, or considering luxury purchases like watches), but it’s just so sad that a man needs to ask his wife for permission to buy something nice with his own money.
          Did you marry a traditional woman? Where did you find her?

        5. Traditional in that she is ten years younger, a big fan of traditional gender roles, and strongly desires to have children (while young (starting that process within the next few months)) and be a mother. Non-traditional in that she is a divorced (married an army idiot at 18 and annulled a year later) liberal-leaning (agrees a lot with libertarians) atheist. Found her in Alaska, bought her a cheap ass ring, and had a courthouse wedding for only a few hundred dollars.
          I too don’t understand “sneaking” things past your wife. I assume it is because most dudes are financial idiots and likely buying stuff on credit. My wife knows that I am in control of my money and doesn’t have to play mommy. If I want something, I buy it. Even my childish shit like Warhammer models that would probably send most modern woman into a fury doesn’t get a peep. Big purchases I may consult her on, but usually those advantage both of us, so it has never been an issue (I’m sure if I came home with a CanAm Spyder like I have been threatening to would illicit a reaction). On the other hand, she asks permission to order sale items off modcloth.
          My old roommate is in a band like you describe. He has become a wet noodle since getting married (e.g. they proposed a two week tour of the Pacific Northwest but he (his wife) didn’t want to). As a contrast, one of the dudes in the band is married to a traditional Russian broad who dutifully raises the kids and doesn’t say a thing about him playing rockstar.

        6. All of your married friends will be divorced when the kids are 10 or older or the wife is in her late 30’s. Those men are basically good men following the blue pill lie of trying to please their wife. A good thing for a man to do in a sane society. With it being blue pill it is a lie and their wives will never respect or appreciate their men. All will grow to hate them.
          Civilized society and the bible are and never were about pleasing women. Nor about making it safe for women to mate with bad boys. It was about good men understanding truth and ensuring their place as respected members of society. Female nature being what it is can then and only then can respect such men. (gina tingle)

        7. Haha. I just recently watched the uncut version of the movie Hallpass. Which is basically about a couple of married betas, not knowing what to do when they are “free” from marriage for 7 days. But there was this scene where the group of married fellas where going to have a boys night out. One of the dudes had to scale out of his 2nd story window just to get out the house for the night. Crazy!

      2. I would have to agree. I’m honestly looking forward to having kids. My father seemed like he had a pretty great time raising my sister and I. Now he’s married to a woman 12 years younger than himself and has another daughter. Couldn’t be THAT bad. Takes her rafting, kayaking, and camping all the time and manages to do his thing and pursue his interests.

        1. pardon me, but, what about your biological mother? did they divorce?

      3. I find it interesting how there is a spike in divorce rates just as the last kids leave home. I was talking to a friend who went through that. He said that once the chaos of kids is gone, twenty to thirty years later, he changed, and his wife changed and found themselves incompatible.
        I don’t know if there is some magic formula to prevent that. I try to take my wife out at least monthly and I think we are getting along fine. But that is always in the back of my mind.

    2. I am in the middle of the rat race as you describe. It is not nearly as bleak as you describe. I love taking the kids out hunting, canoeing, or teaching them something new. Of course, there is less time to spare and logistics are more complex, but what do most people do in their spare time anyway?
      Going against the grain is fine, but there is also much to be learned from people who already experienced life.

      1. Agreed, there is more than one path. But nobody caught my Norm joke. That’s what distresses me the most…I gotta work at being less subtle. Being routinary has its bad side for everybody…

        1. So somebody got it. Whew. As my old man used to say, when I tried a joke out on him, “I got it, but I didn’t want it…”

        2. I got it too, I just didn’t say anything. Still, being Norm would be better then being Barney on SImpsons

        3. I really liked Cheers. Also was a fan of Frasier as well.

    3. “And it’s only those types of encounters that afford a young man the opportunity to expand his mind.”
      I reccomend living abroad as one way to do this.

    4. Bob you are right. And when you’re right you’re right. And you? You’re always right

    5. “He is very unlikely to encounter any situation that isn’t banal, commonplace, and totally ordinary.”
      It took me years to finally understand that and find joy in this banality, especially seeing my boy and my daughter grow up. I’ve learned more spending time with my kids than anything else in this life. Ah the good laughs we had ! This, I will remember on my death bed as the only thing worth in this life.

  13. Since Adam and Eve, Samson and Dalila, Ulysses being tied up not to be sucked in by mermaids, Zeppelin “Since i’ve been loving you”…that men have been warning other men of the danger of women…True, we can only experience wisdom by living and knowing things, but if we do not have the capacity to have that ascetic logic (as Roosh did), we are sure to be drained and suck dried like the female pray mantis, that eats its mate…

    1. Zepplin was ahead of its time. If you listen to their lyrics now you’re struck by how red pill they were regarding women “…the soul of a woman, was created below…” (and many other red pill lines), plus they seemed to easily embrace their ethnic identity with vigor (Immigrant Song) with what today would be considered “problematic” lyrics. Dudes had their heads screwed on straight.

      1. The blues and the rock that followed it, are mandatory for men to listen to. The wisdom on women its mind blowing. So, its no surprise that all music that is inspired by it, is red pill. Here is own of my favorites of the moment…Although not perfect, it has some balls to it.

        1. This song by the tubes didn’t make much sense to me when I was younger, but after the red pill and changing just the one word “in” in the lyric to “of”, made a difference. “She’s one OF a million girls.”

      2. My friend and I noticed that when we discovered Zeppelin back in the nineties. The lyrics almost always take a dim view of women. “Your Time Is Gonna Come” … “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” … etc.
        The Eagles too. “Already Gone” became my theme song during my divorce. LOVE that song.

  14. Normal men aren’t programmed to rely on a nanny state or on some higher authority to grant comfort and easy answers to life.
    Having to figure out that being a typical nice guy in my early 20’s wasn’t going to unlock some pussy filled treasure chest, dealing with fickle exes & realizing how unworkable the advice about how the working world really worked from my well meaning elders made it dawn on me that I had to step up & find my own answers.
    I think every functional man has to be put through a gauntlet. And either he chooses to stay asleep at the end of that or he can come to terms with the human condition & find solutions.

  15. “I will not say that women have no character; rather, they have a new one every day.”
    This is a quote from a poet who died in 1856. Women have always been women, it’s in the Bible in the Quran in whatever scripture you want to read. Western culture has only further weakened women, lied to them as to what makes them happy and manipulated them into giving up their power as mothers so they can become working consumers.
    Women make 85% of all consumer purchases; they are sheep and slaves, forced biologically to follow the mainstream.

  16. Women want best of everything. If you can present to them the best you can offer to her for her pleasurable benefit, it’s game on.
    Of course, the more you isolate her from her friends, the easier the game works. Chicks always try to use social proof to look “less slutty” by public and her friends will become jealous and try to intervene and this is why isolating the girl is important.

  17. In all the things I’ve come across with females and what I’ve seen some do, there’ s one thing I became aware of with some females that made me paranoid. It has happened where some females that were involved in relationships that got into arguments or conflicts with their boyfriend or even husband could not win, would secretly perform a sex act on some random guy they know or just met somewhere as a secret act of revenge against their boyfriend just to make themselves feel better and to feel like they got revenge. Any female that isn’t too ugly, can easily find a random guy on any day of the week to have sex with.
    Being how slutty females are today, the next relationship you are in, you have no idea if you do ever get into a disagreement or ever do something to piss your woman off, that she might give a bj to some guy in a bathroom at a bar somewhere or something like that just to make herself feel like she got revenge on you. And there’s no way you could ever prove anything.
    About 15 years ago, I briefly dated a really hot girl. Turned out she wasn’t even single and her big stud boyfriend was blowing her off because he bartended and was a big partier and ditched her a lot. I didn’t find this out until later on. But her and I did hook up one night, and or course not long after that she stopped talking to me. Then I found out that she had a boyfriend all along. When I finally got to talk to her and asked her why she had sex with me, she said her the boyfriend got into a fight one night at the bar he worked at and she had sex with me out of revenge. He had no idea and never knew about it. It made sense why she was so big about me using a condom. LOL

  18. QUOTE: “From my current vantage point, it really does feel like it was all pre-determined, as if I was supposed to participate in shallow intimacy in order to arrive at true understanding, but that would imply some sort of divine providence.”
    The itch that never goes away. Man, I really hope I get a chance to sit down with you one day and chat.

  19. Roosh, I love you man, but when you said you don’t regret all the girls you banged and left because it gave you your perspective you have now, just know that each one of those girls are that much less likely to be able to bond with a man and stay with him to raise children. I regret what I’ve done.

    1. lol. You act like they were all ready “to settle down” when Roosh came along and tricked them into spreading their legs like peanut butter only to rip their hearts out to never bond again ….that is about as blue pill as I heard on this site in years. Your reasoning is the reason men struggle.Bad Bad Bad and more bad. The simple fact is he stuck his viener in a hole and pumped for an average of about 2 minutes- the average male sex act if wikipedia is accurate. All he is saying is he screwed a lot of gals and in the end he found nothing because there is nothing to find. You are part of the female hypergamy- and you will perform. You say you have regret? Regret she was size of a sperm whale? Regret that you acted like chump instead of a man? Regret she liked you and you were not all that digging it and got caught in her plans?

      1. Even as a religious guy, I find the same fallacy in his (articstorms) argument. If he said something like, “I would regret it because of the damage I have caused on my own psyche and the pain I caused my Savior” I would understand. These bimbos knew what they were doing. The women are the ones who should be sorry for the damage they are causing to society, their future families, and their own bodies. Unless there is rape, or knowingly spreading some disease, Roosh has nothing to apologize to these women for. Same way that these sluts have nothing to apologize to Roosh for, unless they knowingly spread disease or intentionally get pregnant.
        Any form of sin is an empty pursuit. Achieving a meaning to your life comes from the God instilled desire to build and create, whether through work, or your family. It takes time to learn to overcome self-centered behavior and look to the improvement of others around you. Some never learn it. I think Roosh is learning that through creating ROK.

      2. If you don’t want to have kids, then fine, act like an animal. But if you want children, realize that women are merely children like brains in adult bodies, they don’t have agency to the same degree as men. The more women you degenerate, the less there will be to be mothers, but go ahead and keep destroying civilization to get your rocks off.

    2. dont think of it that way. if her parents raised her well enough and if she was a quality-enough girl, she wouldve rejected his advances. she wouldnt have agreed to go out 1 on 1 to a bar for drinks. nah, it’d be like the godfather when michael corleone courts the italian girl.
      so roosh didnt do anything bad. he did anyone who came after roosh a favor. and thats how i look at all the girls that let me fuck them after initially meeting. its retarded that i swipe right on an app, go meet a girl in a bar, and that same nite bring her home and fuck her. you think this girl deserves true love & a happy fmaily? no fuckin way.

      1. Youtre under the assumption that women have agency to the same degree as men. They have childlike brains in an adult body, and taking advantage of that to get your rocks I believe ends up adding degeneracy to society, not lessening it.

  20. Women tend to be conditioned to not appreciate things that are real and authentic. If they do not add drama or “excitement” to their lives, then it has no intrinsic value to them. I’m not exactly sure when it changed, but my guess (as well as many of your guesses) would most likely be when rampant 2nd and 3rd wave feminism took over.
    My dad asks me all the time why I don’t have a girlfriend and while there are many reasons why, I tend to tell him, “it’s just not the same as when you were my age.” And that is the unfortunate reality of the situation. My dad most likely dated a lot of virgins and had his pick of the litter as a man who had strong principles, was attractive/fit and wasn’t an asshole. Nowadays as many have talked about here, you have to be an entertaining clown, different and “mysterious” in order to attract women. I tend to have very strong principles as a philosophy major who enjoys uncovering truths about the world and reading dense material, am attractive and fit and unfortunately I tend to be a genuinely nice person. That is definitely held against me.
    My attitude has changed over the past 6 months when it comes to women. I miss having sex but it’s just not worth my energy at the moment to go out and compete against hundreds of other clowns just to get a night of action. So I focus on a lot of other things like working out, studying philosophy, working and using time for hobbies I genuinely enjoy. The philosophy part has opened my mind to a new reality and it has really helped in the transition from being really beta (thanks mom ;D) to learning alpha game. It’s not a useless degree if it works to make you a better person and someone who better understands the realities of the world.

    1. “Nowadays as many have talked about here, you have to be an entertaining clown, different and “mysterious” in order to attract women.”
      This part gets easier as you get older. Nobody expects the dancing monkey routine from an older man, and you naturally acquire an air of mystery with a few more miles on the odometer. Maintain your looks, or even improve them through diet, exercise, and clothing choices, and you’ll have less trouble with the initial attraction.
      How old are you?

      1. I’ll be 27 in less than a week! I already dress fairly well (have invested money in a lot of nice dress clothing, fitted jeans and suits).

        1. Age 27 is precisely the age when you should notice a shift in women’s attitudes towards you. It’s like god sprinkles you with magic pixie fairy dust that makes you irresistible to women. I compare it to shifting from second to fourth gear. You’ll see.
          Also, in this zone, any woman from age 19 to age 40 is fair game. They’ll all find you attractive.

        2. I definitely plan on utilizing that full age spectrum. I’m just now refining my game and working some things out and in due time I’m sure everything will fall into place!

  21. the choice to start improving my game back in 2013 changed my life entirely. ROK was a big part of that. thank you real talk

  22. my notch count is somewhere near 80 now (age 27). 70 of those notches came after being introduced to ROK in 2013. insane.
    the better u are with women, the more u understand their nature, and the more u in turn understand society. i was a clueless beta pre-2013. massive white knight w little grapes for balls. i was a leftist and was proud to call myself a feminist.
    fast fwd to today. improving ur game leads you to understand what women respond well to. this begs the question, “why do they respond well to this?” the answer inevitably is: biology. attraction to dominance, leadership, confidence, size, money, resources, etc. that realization leads you to shatter all leftist beliefs you may have possessed before then, about holding women up as goddesses and that promiscuity is good and that gender is a social construct, among a plethora of other poisonous beliefs taught as fact in our edu institutions today.

  23. “When you live below your means, you begin to see that most people are unnecessarily living above theirs. That leads to the conclusion that they were trained to live a life of excess by corporations with the complicit help of a government that wants to keep society in a neverending state of indebtedness and distraction so they ignore everyday injustices while losing any will or desire to fight the establishment. The easiest stepping stone out of The Truman Show is to realize that consumer lifestyles are not the path to happiness, and those those who chase material possessions are misguided.”
    It’s a lonely existence outside of The Truman Show unless one searches out like minded individuals.

    1. Or you can stand tall and share your experiences and make your own like minded individuals.

  24. I lost my virginity at 23, to the same girl I’m fucking 7 years later. The sex is incredible – she’s a real gusher. I got lucky with this one. Blonde, big tits, thick thighs and calves and a nice, sturdy build. Oh yes, and a nice, luscious, hairy vagina. She’s on birth control, so no condom required :D. We’re not having kids. I don’t have any desire to go out and meet more women, when I landed a blonde 10…in Toronto, I might add, and she’s not a whore, except for me. She’s not a feminist either. I could go out tomorrow and meet chicks and get laid, but I hate condoms – they hurt. I also hate babies. I wouldn’t trade this one in for a lesser model. This site’s a fucking joke. Oh, did I mention that I have no job, no money, and no game? I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and landed the perfect woman.

        1. Not at all, good for you. You are being an arrogant blowhard. I have a great looking, traditional wife, and six kids. Oh, I also have a great job (civil engineer), a nice home and all that. Others on this site are in the same boat, still others are still going through their gaming phase, some are successful, others, not so much. Personally, I don’t care. This site is a good forum to discuss men’s issues, and get others’ take on things. Gloating about your sex life is fine, but your story doesn’t add up.

    1. What was the reason for your post? Frankly your post reads like you are the person you are trying to brow beat and get a lift from.

    2. I think that you are trolling the wrong site, most of the regulars here have either great sex lives with multiple 10s or are married to one like myself with a great job and 4 kids (one on the way). I feel sorry for you that you have no motivation to have a job, money or game.
      I promise you one thing, and there is absolutely zero chance I’m wrong. If your girl is how you say she is, she will leave you or string you along while cheating on you ( I dont know why she would string you along, you provide nothing of value to her) if you don’t get Game, A job and Money. I don’t care if she has a rich family or whatever excuse you can give me to tell me im mistaken. Im not.
      100% certainty.. enjoy it while you have it bro.

      1. ”I think that you are trolling the wrong site, most of the regulars here have either great sex lives with multiple 10s or are married to one like myself with a great job and 4 kids (one on the way).” Just because they wrote it, right? LOL were you born yesterday? If you post frequently on this page you are either MGTOW or TFL in denial which majority of posters here are. I drive a Ferrari too, prove me I am wrong.

        1. Its true for me, why would I not believe the guys I conversate with here on a nearly daily basis at times. How’s your life going for you? What’s your reason to doubt someone’s claim of how their life is going? Where on here are guys bragging about cars and money? Saying you live a good life with comfortable success and have game with women or have a happy marriage is hardly fodder for the braggadocios’. If some are lying? ok that’s fine, it doesn’t hurt me one bit. It takes a stronger will to be a strong masculine unapologetic man in this day and age when conforming is the norm.
          Funny how you attack what I say about my brothers here and not the facts I stated about how likely this Perfect chick just fell into old dudes pennyless, worthless arms and he thinks she will just be there forever. lol thumbs up bro. find a better way to use your energy than doubting people based on the merits that “its the interwebz”. smdh.
          Why would I care to prove that you don’t drive a Ferrari?

        2. It’s because succesful men don’t need to brag about anything, women at the least of all. A hapilly married man with kids and all, has no reason, will or need to go on a site like ROK to talk shit about women or other stuff. Not if he is normal. You know who does? Self pretentionus losers with much to much time on their hands. Someone with ten of thousands of comments can’t be that much out of sight of their computer.

    3. Youre a narcissistic selfish Tool, unless you’re a third world er. Then fine, don’t have mutt children.

  25. This reminds me of King Solomon’s journey in the book of Ecclesiastes. He realizes sex is fun, but ultimately not fulfilling, and goes in search of more virtuous truths.

  26. Studying PUA brought me to other mens sites where I encountered comradery. Then I looked for comradery in real life. Now I’m aware of mens rights and the gender war we inherited.

  27. Your six questions are extraordinary and are certainly things I have wondered.Thank you for putting so many mens feelings into words.Bravo.

  28. They don’t call JOOs “nation wreckers” for No reason.
    Feminism, the pill, abortion, war, communism, integration, fiat money usury.
    Et al

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