How The Elites Are Using “Divide And Rule” To Control Us

It wasn’t long ago that the Left represented the anti-establishment wing in politics. They used to fight against globalism (remember the anti-globalization movement?) even if their motives were different from those of today’s anti-globalists, as well as being against censorship, imperialist wars, and the expanding powers of governments and corporations. But today, you see leftists protesting against Brexit, attacking and censoring anyone who disagrees with the establishment (using Twitter on their Apple products while sipping on their Starbucks coffee), and are calling for war in Syria to challenge the Russians. So, just how the hell did did they end up becoming the patsies for the elites?

To understand, we must go back to 2011 when the Occupy movement was ongoing. The Occupy protests, which now seem like ages ago, came about as a response to the economic downturn with the people realizing that they were being screwed by the system. We can debate endlessly about exactly who these people were and the motives behind them, but the important fact is that, to the elites, it was a sign that the people were waking up and challenging their power.

The elites were in a panic as this was the first time in post-war history that the people of West mobilized in mass to threaten their rule. So, the cabals decided that they needed to act fast before the whole movement evolved to a full-blown revolution. And they already had a plan in mind: the never antiquated strategy of divide and rule.

The Diversion

When the people are discontent and angry from being powerless and dispossessed, the pressure will mount and it won’t go anywhere. The people want to vent out their frustrations. The elites know that responding directly with repression only inspires greater desire to rise up, so instead of fighting it, they prefer to re-channel that pent up energy elsewhere.

On February 2012, with the Occupy movement still raging, the elites were given that golden opportunity—or, rather, they created one—when a black teenager was shot dead in Florida: the none other than the infamous Trayvon Martin case. The shooter wasn’t even a full white, but the elites jumped at the chance and used their control of the media to throw everything they had on it; anything to divert the public attention away from them. With their efforts, it quickly became the biggest story of America.

But they didn’t stop there. Police shootings, which have always been happening and to all races, were also highly publicized by the mainstream media to stoke liberal outrage and racial tensions that led to the creation of Black Lives Matter movement—a movement that is financed by George Soros and others to stir up unrests across America.


Did the elites convert Occupy protesters into SJW patsies?

The diversion was complete as the people were now more interested in racial issues than the “1%” who were dictating their lives. The Occupy movement faded away and the people were now venting out their anger elsewhere. Although I don’t have as much proof as with the rise of BLM movement, I strongly suspect that the resurgence of social justice warriors around the same time is also the work of the elites who want the Leftists to target fellow citizens over asinine cultural issues rather than the established order.

The Strategy

Back in 19th century, Karl Marx claimed that religion and nationalism was being used to distract the masses from the fact that they were being oppressed under capitalism. If we were to apply this concept to the world today, the culture wars going on now are distractions to keep the masses from undermining the power of the elites.

The goal the elites is simple: divide the masses and let them fight each other so that they will never come together to topple those in power. Meanwhile, they themselves focus on expanding their own wealth and continue to implement institutional control to further their globalist plans. The worst case scenario the elites want to avoid is to have the common people unite as one, so they must do everything they can to fragment them by creating as many divisions as possible.

My understanding of their modus operandi is this: 1) Use hot-button issues to stir up controversy (something that doesn’t affect them like gay marriage, race issues, and all other politically correct nonsense). 2) Have the Leftists either get outraged or do something that will provoke a reaction from the Right. 3) Let the people vent out their anger onto each other and get at each other’s throats. 4) When the issue fades away, foment a new controversy to repeat the whole process. By cycling through them over and over again, the elites are able to maintain the status quo and keep the people from uniting against them.

Thus, we have our current situation where the masses are divided with blacks against whites, women against men, Islam and atheism against Christianity, Left against Right, and so on, but no more anti-globalization, Tea Party movement, or Occupy Wall Street.

As long as those on the left continue berating the right as racists, sexists, and bigots who are controlled by corporations and the right in turn accuse the left of being degenerate, socialist slackers who just want freebies from a nanny government, nothing will change. As long as the two sides see each others as enemies who are stupid and ignorant, and getting in the way of creating a decent society, the people will remain divided. As long as the rest of the population go berserk over wedding cakes for homosexuals, the latest “misogynist” outrage, or how a lion named Cecil got shot, the elites will continue to win.

A Couple More Points To Consider

I know they look like an occupying army, but there’s nothing to be alarmed about. They’re just your friendly neighborhood police doing their jobs to protect you from the “terrorists.”

First, while this article has been focused on how the Left has been toyed by the globalist elites, let’s not forget that the Right are not totally immune to their influence either. Remember how Neo-cons (globalist puppets disguised as conservatives) effectively lured the conservatives in America through faith and patriotism? The support they got from that base was the impetus to launch their war against Iraq based on bullshit evidences of WMD’s and Saddam–Al-Queda link. While the Right has changed a lot since then, there are still “conservatives” today who are itching for a war with Russia because… USA! USA! USA!.

Second, it is crucial to remember that although the main goal is to maintain divide and rule, it is not the end of it. The elites have far more sinister aims. By raising hell in societies through demographic conflicts and terrorism, the elites are preparing for a total social control. I get the feeling that the elites are letting the chaos and violence run its course so that the people from the two opposing camps will join together in their approval of new government measures for social control.

No matter their differences, when the people get terrified of savagery and disorder, they’ll welcome the state to intervene in the name of security. Europe is already getting used to large military presence on their streets while the US government is seemingly preparing for a war against their own citizens. A leaked Soros memo also reveals that the BLM movement is potentially being used to federalize the US police. While many people seem to be concerned about violence and terrorism, it seems those are just tools used by the elites to justify a totalitarian state in the near future.

The Culture Wars: Necessary Fight Or Engineered Distraction?

The issue of culture wars is not an easy one as they are important in many ways, but are still forms of distraction implemented by the elites.

On one hand, we are playing into the hands of elites by raging against social justice and feminist pigshits instead of trying to stop the globalists, Zionists, bankers, mega-corporations, and the governments from undermining our existence. Really, do the issues of politically-incorrect Halloween costumes and whatever bathroom trannies use matter more than the fact that the middle-class is being destroyed, revelations of massive corruption in the DNC, the coming police-state, and the globalist wars that are causing death and destruction around the world? All the drama of outrage and counter-outrage is silly when the elites are snickering as their new world order is taking shape.

On the other hand, culture does matter in many ways. Uncontrolled immigration, anti-male laws, and censorship are all very relevant issues. And as much of the Leftists are now serving as pawns of the establishment, the situation isn’t exactly the divide and rule model I described above. In a way, we are now forced to fight the Left and everyone else who are getting in the way of fighting the globalist elites.

So, does this mean we should ally with those who scorn us? Or should we continue playing the elite’s games and bicker with their SJW drones? I don’t have a good answer, but whatever we choose to do, I believe it is crucial for us to focus our battles and not get trolled into petty issues that the mainstream media wants us to focus on. We should always keep in mind that it is always those at the top who are the true enemies of mankind.

Conclusion: Is There Still Hope?

Although we no longer see grassroots movements and popular mobilization, the current US election has shown that the people are still awake and sick of the establishment. To me, that alone is a hopeful sign that people are still willing to challenge the ruling class.

With Bernie Sanders brought down by the establishment and his supporters scattered into different camps, the only anti-establishment movement now is the presidential campaign led by Donald Trump. This is why we are seeing unprecedented efforts by the elites to bring down Trump and use disgruntled Leftists against his supporters.

I have my doubts about Trump, but he is thousand times preferable to the certain nightmare that Hillary Clinton will bring to America and the world if she gets elected. But besides voting, I believe that it is more important for the people themselves to wake up and be aware of the methods of control that are being implemented upon us. We can’t constantly expect some knight in shinning armor to come rally us; we must take the initiative ourselves and be willing to fight for our own destiny.

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179 thoughts on “How The Elites Are Using “Divide And Rule” To Control Us”

  1. The elites were in a panic as this was the first time in post-war
    history that the people of West mobilized in mass to threaten their

    The unfunded and grassroots Tea Party had the Soros organized and funded OWS beat by a good three years (2008).

    1. “People of the West”, not just the US. It’s possible that the Occupy movement, too, was created by the elites to counter the Tea Party until it spiraled out of control.

      1. It’s more than just possible, it’s pretty clear that it was. They show up with buses rented and food vendors in tow. Somebody was paying for that shit, and it sure as hell wasn’t the unwashed hippy wannabes out shitting on cop cars.

        1. Its a false statement by the author to state that the ‘left’ was anti establishment back in the day. It wasn’t. It’s goal, then and now was to create a global, Marxist establishment and to do that it had brainwash the masses into believing it was ‘fightin the man’.
          When in fact the ‘left’ has always been ‘the man’ as Marxism is focused on control and authority. None of this is new. Perhaps new to North America but, exactly the methodology that was used in Europe since WW1 to turn it into the Marxist shiithole it has become. That in essence was what WW2 was about; Nationalism vs. Globalized Marxism. And Nationalism lost.

        2. Although it is in how you define the establishment. At the time of progressives assuming power (around WW1, give or take) the “Establishment” was fairly Classical Liberal and friendly to liberty and free trade, at least to an extent. Now the “establishment” is them, and they are absolutely “the Man” these days.

        3. Koch brothers and Soros are accused of funding Tea Party and OWS respectively; both denied the charges. Buses and food vendors aren’t that expensive and they did receive donations from ordinary people.
          But I feel like the whole point of the article is now lost due to this debate of who funded who, who’s controlled by who, which is the good side and which the bad, which just confirms that we are divided. I guess some things never change.

        4. Sorry man, but I didn’t bring up OWS, the article did. They were so astroturfed that I can’t even pretend to take them seriously as legitimate protest. When you have Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the bulk of the Democrat party cheering them on, that should give a moment for pause. On the flip side, the Tea Party was reviled by the Dems AND the GOP simultaneously.

      2. Possible??? Occupied moved was CREATED by Elites for many purposes (that deserves a separate article of its own)
        Leftist liberal were all for occupy movement until those occupier started saying unmentionable thing in their slogans which was “Jewish Bankers”
        See leftist are very comfortable railing against those faceless bankers but as soon as you identify the true face of those bankers they pull the plug from the movement

    2. Oh please. Most free-market libertarian organizations are astroturfed by the Koch brothers. They’re every bit as insidious as the left, being the pro-free-trade and pro-immigration people they are.

      1. Spare me your Leftism. I took part in them, they were locally organized and unfinanced, basically we just showed up (here in central Ohio) when a college sophomore at OSU sent out a mass email to various local groups.
        There is absolutely nothing wrong with free trade, and not all libertarians are open borders/pro-immigration.

        1. I concur whole heartedly. The tea party movement was a locally organized movement and stood for ideals that made our country great…….which is exactly why the left lied so hard and loud about it.

        2. What it became later of course is up for discussion, I’m only referencing the first year or so. After that, who knows?
          Now that being said, yes, they were hot as holy hell about us, and we were accused of everything short of genocide by the BSM.

        3. Free trade is what caused all the factories in the rust belt to close and outsourced all of American industry.
          The Koch brothers themselves, the one that fund things like FreedomWorks, GMU and certain elements of the Tea Party (simply because they weren’t directly involve in events does not make them not involved). They themselves are pro-immigration.
          I’m not a leftist in the slightest. Being an economic nationalist does not make one left-wing.

        4. Give me a break. Nobody “funded” us. There isn’t even a leadership hierarchy to fund. That’s what you people don’t get, it was a decentralized movement, which gives it a lot of advantages that other movements do not have. It’s why we can’t be “funded” as monolithic group.
          “Free trade” didn’t give us the current situation. The government now, and at the time of NAFTA, so regulated the market and taxed it to the hilt that it’s laughable to even suggest that it’s “free” in any real sense. The best you can say about it is that it’s mercantilist, which funny enough, is one step away from “economic nationalism” aka national socialism.

        5. > Give me a break. Nobody “funded” us. There isn’t even a leadership
          hierarchy to fund. That’s what you people don’t get, it was a
          decentralized movement, which gives it a lot of advantages that other
          movements do not have. It’s why we can’t be “funded” as monolithic
          BLM is also highly decentralized. Doesn’t mean it isn’t funded.
          > “Free trade” didn’t give us the current situation. The government now,
          and at the time of NAFTA, has so regulated the market and taxed it to
          the hilt that it’s laughable to even suggest that it’s “free” in any
          real sense. The best you can say about it is that it’s mercantilist,
          which funny enough, is one step away from “economic nationalism” aka
          national socialism.
          There’s a difference between regulating industries and imposing preferential tariffs and lavishing companies with subsidies similar to how China does. They’re the ones winning, in case you haven’t noticed.

        6. BLM has a hierarchy, a chain of command and this is easily seen by going to the website of the people who started it.
          If the government is out granting favors (or restricting access) then this is not a “free market”. Adam Smith would spit on the economic system that America, and by proxy, most of the West has adopted since the 1930’s.

        7. > BLM has a hierarchy, a chain of command and this is easily seen by going to the website of the people who started it
          Yet the fact it can’t keep the rank and file in line (as evidenced by the endless rioting) speaks to this command structure not working.
          > If the government is out granting favors (or restricting access) then
          this is not a “free market”. Adam Smith would spit on the economic
          system that America, and by proxy, most of the West has adopted since
          the 1930’s.
          Funny you mention Adam Smith, because he argued for a social safety net and a tax on beer to pay for it. Free-market fundamentalists love to ignore this.

        8. Yet the fact it can’t keep the rank and file in line (as evidenced by the endless rioting) speaks to this command structure not working.

          They don’t *want* them to be “in line”. Their entire existence is to create chaos to necessitate “change” at various levels. They are doing exactly what they’re told to do.
          Sneering at Adam Smith does not change my statement at all. We are not now, nor have we been since at least WW1, a “free market”. Not even freaking close. So the position you hold, I reject entirely.

        9. > They don’t *want* them to be “in line”. Their entire existence is to
          create chaos to necessitate “change” at various levels. They are doing
          exactly what they’re told to do.
          Do you honestly think that people trying to win the majority over to their side would encourage beating the shit out of the majority? BLM, for all its failings and Marxism, has lost the media war it was trying to win.
          > They don’t *want* them to be “in line”. Their entire existence is to
          create chaos to necessitate “change” at various levels. They are doing
          exactly what they’re told to do.
          Free-market capitalism is impossible in a situation where the state can easily be used to slant the market in its favor. Corporations, especially big ones, don’t really like free markets.

        10. Who says that they’re trying to win the majority over to their side? This aggitation is meant to spur a new set of “rules” and enforcers and empower certain political groups at the expense of others.

          Free-market capitalism is impossible in a situation where the state can easily be used to slant the market in its favor. Corporations, especially big ones, don’t really like free markets.

          Exactly, this is *exactly* what I’m pointing out. Blaming the “free market” for things like NAFTA thus, is incorrect.

        11. > Who says that they’re trying to win the majority over totheir side?
          This aggitation is meant to spur a new set of “rules” and enforcers and
          empower certain political groups at the expense of others.
          The people who are most able to facilitate change are the voters and the organizations that control cops. Coming across as a bunch of thugs certainly doesn’t help them.
          > Exactly, this is *exactly* what I’m pointing out. Blaming the “free market” for things like NAFTA thus, is incorrect.
          “Economic internationalism” (i.e no tariffs) would be a better term then.

        12. The people who are most able to facilitate change are the voters and the
          organizations that control cops. Coming across as a bunch of thugs
          certainly doesn’t help them.

          You don’t understand, this isn’t about organizing voters. The changes I’m talking about are not even vaguely connected to “democracy”. Their entire point is to be the firebomb throwers that enable a “crackdown”. This is an old script.

          “Economic internationalism” (i.e no tariffs) would be a better term then.

          That, I can accept.

        13. > Their entire point is to be the firebomb throwers that enable a “crackdown”. This is an old script.
          It isn’t working, which makes me wonder if they intended to do it in the first place.

        14. It’s just the beginning. My hunch is that they will be fully mobilized after Trump takes POTUS. The violence from the Left and their group of retards will escalate an awful lot, I suspect.

        15. Nah, the election is over, he’s going to landslide. The only people who see it as “iffy” are the mainstream media, and they’re just trying to cover their own asses at this point.

        16. You’re still at that magical thinking level where you think grassroots movements just spring up? How quaint. The Tea Party was always funded by billionaires. The Tea Party cult members acted like it got co-opted, but in this country everything is lead from the top, they just pretend its grassroots so you’ll buy into something that really isn’t in your best interest. As for people saying America was created on Tea Party principles, it wasn’t. The Founding Father opposed the British Empires Free Market model which dumped goods onto the colonies and prevented industry from developing. America is inherently a high wage, high tech, protectionist nation state. Free Trade is the opposite – cheap labor, no workers rights and monopoly, which is really feudalism rebranded. For those who think the battle is Free Trade vs Marxism, read what Marx said about British Free Trade (he was employed by the Empire), he was wholly in support of it and David Ricado. Orginially Marx was in favor of Freidrich List, and wrote essays on his system, then he got got hooked into the Freemasonic networks, joined the British Library (spooks) and pushed Free Trade, i.e British (jewish Freemasonic) Imperialism. There was a left wing that was pushing our values, before the kikes took over it.

        17. Why would Adam Smith oppose the current model, when it is a continuation of the British Empire he worked for, except that at least Britain forced Free Trade on everyone else but themselves, this system asset strips every country. BTW you show what an idiot you are mentioning ‘what the West has adopted since the 1930’. You do realise that we have had multiple conflicting economic models since the 1930s? There was the Bretton Woods System, which Rockefeller and Kissinger crushed to bring in the floating exchange rate, then Clintons 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagil Act, which set off the last 17 years of madness, so there is no 1930s-2016 Western model Adam Smith would critique, as the current madness is Smiths model. Free Trade was never some mom and pop trading freely with each other utopia you might think, it was all about monopoly and gunboat diplomacy. I thought that cult had ended 5 years ago? There is only 1 working economic model, a high tech, high level education national socialist republic with a national bank, where kikes have no control of finance, with one and only one racial group, whites; no niggers, muds or kikes, then everything we work towards is for Our Posterity.

        18. Free trade doesn’t exist in the real world. The closer the West got to that idea was in the 19th century. Moreover should we have a free trade, then agreements and other binding documents wouldn’t be necessary. A free trade agreement is an oxymoron. Regulated trade agreement would be closer to the truth.
          Moreover China doesn’t practice free trade, it practices mercantilism at a high price: the suffering of its own people (check the working conditions and the environmental costs). Had we (the west) exercised the ideas of free market, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

        19. Really? Which country practised the uptoian Free Trade? Britian didn’t practise it; it forced Free Trade onto everyone else to keep rival countries from developing, whilst using its own working class under worse conditions than Africans-in-America slaves. Workhouses, borstals, child workers in mines from age 6, 14 hours a day 6 days a week, dying on average at 28 years old. The good old days of Free Trade!

        20. When you can contribute more than sneering and tired old Nazi cheerleading, give me a shout.

        21. You can go to Hell if what you search are utopias. In Earth and probably in this universe you will find none. Moreover you misrepresent what I wrote. No matter how you define it, in the 19th century there was more economic freedom than now, at least within the countries. It was not a coincidence that that century marked the zenith of European greatness.
          By the way, I never said worldwide free trade is possible…because it’s not. Intra-national free trade is possible and necessary along with a smaller government, however not even within the European nations or within the U.S. there is free trade. Endless Regulations, currency manipulation, finance speculation are stifling trade and labor, and are making ever more attractive the replacement of human labor via automation due to the high costs and risks of hiring human beings (sex-lawsuits, constant pay rises) and the currency loss of worth (devaluation).
          By your writings, I can infer that you are just a racist communist. So I guess the pogroms and gulags will continue until the morale improves.

        22. I’m going to install a disco ball and light-changing dance floor and dance to “That’s the Way I like It” by KC and The Sunshine.

        23. Free trade means freedom for the most prosperous country to flood foreign countries with goods. There are two kinds of systems: overt mercantilism (tariffs) or covert mercantilism (free “trade” with the WTO backing it).
          If free trade benefitted the elite, they’d accept it.

        24. That’s why I said global unfettered (free) trade was impossible. Too many differences. Free trade between two or more similar nations might be possible. But free trade between unequal nations…it doesn’t work out as intented. However we don’t even have free trade within our borders how can you try to have free trade with another nation?

        25. Resorting to the ‘nazi’ jibe. Great response. You have obviously donwloaded the full jewish lexicon and parrot it without question. Well done.

        26. Not exactly. Free market within a country is possible and the ideal condition. Communism is just hellish ideology that ignores human nature, for the “common good”. Global or international free trade is most likely impossible due to the human nature.

        27. I make something that you want, you have money and wish to buy it from me. We agree, you give me money, I give you the object.
          Ta da. Free trade.
          Not quite as utopian as you seem to think.

        28. Resorting? Fuck dude, you bring up “kikes” and go full dick sucking admiration about “national socialism” which, I’m going to go out on a limb here, is what the *FREAKING NAZIS* practiced.
          And of course, when I note that you’re for Nazism, that means that I’m under jewish influence.
          This whole “congruity” thing is new to you isn’t it?

        29. Wow, is it so simple now that simple minded man has explained it. Now how do you suppose you protect your own economy (that your ancestors gifted to you) from being flooded with cheaper imports, or your companies closing down and moving to slave plantations to under cut wages? You do realise that Free Trade, as an economic model (as opposed to the fantasy interpretation you have deduced), was created with the sole purpose of looting and undercutting prices to keep competators down? We can have a world of nation states – ethnic nation states – where we have borders, regulations, protective tarrifs and a central bank owned by and for the poeple, as opposed to the Roschild family, and have a system of fair trade. It can’t be free trade as you will basically give every incentive to people who are not your people to undercut you and practise economic and intellectual/ copyright espionage (like China does). You do realise that this economic system since the start of the Industrial Revolution, was created by known people, it was a conspiracy against the feudal powers by the likes of John Baptiste Colbert and the French Academy of Sciences. This Industrial Revolution didn’t just happen by men who were trying to make money and trade. There was a conspiracy by top scientists and mathematicians to unlock nature through technology, in the face of the feudal powers that tried suppressing it, such as the pressure Denis Papin had against his work. There was literally government money all over the Industrial Revolution from the start, and government regulation to protect it.

        30. You do realise that national socialism is far older than “the nazisssssssssss”. It simply means a nation, as an ethnic group, and a government of the people for the people. Most European countries have been national socialists except the one major factor – they didn’t have control of the issuance of currency (as the Founding Fathers planned), ergo, it was a socialist hive for jewish financiers/ central banking cartel. The nazisssssssssss were pretty much the first country (other than Britain briefly after WW1) to get control of the issuance of credit for what the Founding Fathers coined The General Welfare. And look what happened, an economic miracle in under a decade. When whites are given heir own space, free of jewish parasitism, they are completely unbounded and can achieve anything (that was until jew brainwashed America and allies fucked it up).

        31. Yeah, but then the state and the International bankers come in and demand 20 percent of the proceeds. Utopian in the sense it isn’t possible given the circumstances.

        32. If you have a Free Market within a country, that means you are excluding foreign competition, ergo it is not Free Trade, its just trade within a protectionist country.

        33. Which is when it is no longer free trade.
          It’s completely possible and happens all the time, in the black and gray market. If left to our own devices, it would happen naturally and organically among normal people.

        34. Could be. I never said global or international free trade was possible. However today we don’t have free market even within one’s own country.

        35. It simply means a nation, as an ethnic group, and a government of the people for the people

          Oh please, save that for people who have no grounding in socio-economic theory.
          Nationalism means what you say (in essence). SOCIALISM does NOT mean anything of the sort. Trying to combine the two as a package deal is not going to fly. Simply put, that dog don’t hunt, son.

        36. The Industrial Revolution from the very start, was a product of what the French called Dirigisme. It was planned, financed and exectuted as a state run project, both in Britian and France with the investment into science and the creation of the canals, which laid the route for sending coal to the factories. Americas developement was all through the same means, actually the US govenment poaching the best scientists and miners etc from Britain, to use in America. I guess you have never heard of Alexander Hamilton and is Report on Manufactures. It is socialism minus any sick minded jewish involvement, ergo national socialism. The left has been completely co-opted by jewish financiers with Marx. Before Marx joined Masonry, he was a proponent of Freidrich List – the true left, before kikes/ Freemasons hijacked it.

        37. Your life must be so exhausting, surrounded by enemies at every turn.

        38. Your “Argument From The Sneer” really doesn’t go over well, chief.
          You can keep your slavery qua socialism. No thanks.

        39. BLM has exceeded spectacularly. George Soros doesnt make many bad bets. The police are against blacks, now blacks can justify killing cops, and cops can justify killing blacks. Divide and conquer and no one sees that we are killing you all.

        40. Just imagine, BLM if it got big enough could be the justification for a police state. And when they raise the minium wage to $15 an hour, and even more blacks have even fewer jobs….a desperate man does desperate things. Its BS that blacks won’t work, they had a higher employment rate in the 50’s than whites. And if you can’t get a job you turn to crime. And families get broken up, and welfare and divorce laws break up the family. And what has happened to them is happening to everyone else, they were just the canaries in the coal mine.

        41. Its only the first step, its like celebrating because you got a sucker punch in on Mike Tyson.

        42. With the caveat that there is no coercion. Coercion has managed to take on incredible forms these days. I poison your food and try to sell you a health book that promises a trade? I bribe researchers, to fake studies, then sell drugs that don’t work and share the money with doctors who are accepted to be experts. Free trade? The more of a difference in intelligence and money two parties have, usually the less free trade exists.

        43. Communism is just rebranded dictatorship. Everyone owns everything? Not quite, the person who decides how it is used is effectively the owner.

        44. Open borders is fine, as long as you have zero welfare. Once you start giving gibsmedats (welfare, health care, even free road use), then you need to lock down the border tighter than a muslim’s 9 year old bride.
          Similarly (though more complex), free trade is great, as long as there is little to no interference by the government, or at least similar business crushing regulations on both ends (which is why free trade between Canada and the US is a problem for neither country). Regulations, minimum wages, maternity leave mandates, and such are the reason that free trade results in jobs going over seas. Get the government to remove the regulations, and you eliminate 99.9% of the problem.

        45. Wrong. Free trade didn’t close the factories. Labor arbitrage is NOT a function of free trade. That is how the masters have modified the language to suit their needs.

        46. You are correct. The original Taxed Enough Already movement was designed as a “headless” organization in an attempt to prevent the co-option of the group by the Big Tent Republicans. Didn’t work because Sarah Palin and the FreedomWorks goons would show up in their Koch supplied buses and act like they organized the events.

        47. you had a great argument going until you started with the racial horse shit. color and race dont matter to me. Its big government and big business against everyone else, and those on top see no difference between black or white poor people. to them, we are all trolls.

        48. The word you’re looking for is arbitration. As for what destroyed the rust belt, the fact the car industry went international and sought to produce cars closer to markets meant that the old industrial heartland went to shit. Free trade (or economic internationalism, just so GOJ doesn’t call me out on this) is partially to blame for this.

        49. Being thankful to your ancestors and proud of your ethnicity or race is one thing. This guy however, he takes it to the next level.
          Not white = not good enough.
          All non-whites are enemies.

    3. Occupy always stank to me. I don’t know. It’s as if I have some bullshit meter in my head. This bullshit meter goes off when I see Obama. When I see people going crazy over their country losing at football. When I see celebrity gossip. And when I see OWS.

      1. It stunk to me too because they didn’t even seem to have a goal. Im mad so I’m going to sit here stinking up the place. I’m mad, so we should close the federal that would have struck fear into the elitists!

        1. I guess it stunk to me for two reasons:
          1. Big organized movement with streamlined ideology. I always get a weird feeling around my stomach when great numbers of people gather.
          2. This super-focused blame on bankers, as if they were responsible for everything wrong in their lives. I mean, most of those people aren’t even the underprivileged ones. They’re probably students who just love the thrill of protesting and get fed by mommy and daddy.
          I experienced no.2 a few years back when a guy came to visit me to go to a protest. So we were there walking with the crowd. A few people shouting through megaphones attacking the police verbally. Police all around the movement. Everybody kinda just walking like a zombie for some nebulous cause. Totally pointless. I don’t even feel the thrill. It’s just boring to me. I would call it scary, but it isn’t even that. Those people are harmless. They aren’t killers. They have just enough courage to keep holding up a sign with some slogan. When they shout, they don’t even shout with passion. Or in other words: They have just as much courage as the elite wants them to have in order for them to not feel totally powerless. They get a little ‘high’ from the thing and feel like they are changing the world, while nobody really cares. And this guy who I was there with, he just loved it for fun. He didn’t really care about the cause either.

        2. There were a bunch of enviro protesteres once at an event I went to, and I started talking to them and asking basic enviro questions like ” What causes the ozone hole?” They had no clue. For many its a social club, maybe more of a religion, they show up for their protests on Sunday and have a barbeque after, and maybe get laid. But I agree with that guy you mentioned, there is a very famous quote that he who controls the money controls the world. You might like the movie Zeitgeist. The consipiracy theories arent theories, now with the internet the proof can be so strong. I thought there was just NO WAY 911 could have been faked-NO WAY. The fact that they pulled it off shows just how much power the elites really have. 911 was a good deal all around, the new owner made a fortune, the strongest reinsurance companies got stronger, US got the go ahead to invade a few countries, and laws got passed depriving us of more liberties(fear is always the best way to accomplish that). Win win win.

        3. But now its so clear how much control the elitists have, and how much they are exerting now, I’ve had several posts insta vaporized from various places. One was regarding threats to Trump and the other about a high level murder. What they try to contol the most is what is most dangerous to them. They really don’t want Trump to win, because then they have to try to control him with bullets, and that never looks good when you murder the highest guys. Because then people notice. Putin is their nightmare, the elites set him up and pretty soon some elites were floating in the river, and some were locked up. He let others stay in their places, but it was clear a new sheriff was in town. I’m enjoying watching them sweat.

        4. Reminds me 1:1 of a former friend who is now a Scientologist. Scientology has that “Say No To Drugs” campaign. They are against all drugs, no matter what. My former friend happened to be at one of their stands so I went there and confronted him, asked a few questions. The simplest one: Have you ever taken drugs?
          He said he took alcohol. And that’s enough for him. He took alcohol and by that he judges all drugs, including psychedelics. He gave some vague examples of some cases where LSD supposedly hurt someone or whatever. But he didn’t have much answers either.
          Only that Scientologists don’t get laid is my guess. They attract and select for the weakest of society. They appear to me to be mostly like sheep with zero confidence, looking for a cause and a leader and a set of rules that explains everything and blah blah.
          Guess what. I told him I took LSD. He told me that that would probably disqualify me from becoming a Scientologist. Hah! So you have thousands of people working against psychedelics … but not a single one of them has actually taken them. 😀
          The more ironic that some people think Ron Hubbard came up with most of his ideas on LSD…
          I read something about 911. Has it actually been proven to be true? That would be a great thing to throw at people.

        5. Hmm… but then, if “we” send people floating in the river … are we actually better or any different than the elite? Sounds like a perfectly mirror-reversed behavior.

        6. Well at the very least I would say the second was revenge while the first was murder, however revolutions often produce the same tyrants they seek to depose. And Tyrants create the same revolutions that kill them. They have a goal to cull the worlds populations through social engineering(you might notice for example all the porn now with incest one pornhub now) through toxins(drugs, contaminated food and water), and financially. Sounds like a perfect program to create a superman.

        7. Amazing video. Truly breathtaking.
          Reminds me of some comment on Youtube by someone who met one of those ‘reptilians’ and asked why they are causing suffering and that thing replied ‘to make humanity stronger’. Heh.
          Yeah, I suppose it is that way. There will always be the oppressed and underprivileged and there will always be those who enjoy being in the current mainstream. The truly oppressed will never be equal with those in power, that’s a fever dream.

        8. I’ve been learning alot about psychedelics lately too-a few interesting things about them. They are all chemically related to adrenochrome-oxidized adrenaline. oxidized adrenaline is a psychedelic(asthmatics take adrenaline, which as it goes bad turns pink red then brown oxidizing), and it looks like schizos are merely producing an excessive internal amount of this. To me, there is a progression of behaviour modification..from normal, to borderline, narcicism and ending with schizo with increased stress. Schizos are narcissists by the way. But to me its adaptive, when you are under a great deal of stress is when you drastically need to learn something and change your situation. Another thing is that it appears mushrooms, reduce brain activity, which to me links it to sensory deprivation and meditation. As for 911 heres a few good videos, the simplest is the amazing stories told by the owner, that have to change because they are so bad. And a multibillion dollar operation and he only lost 4 people..and profited handsomely from the investment! Truly jewish lightning.

          its fantasyland stuff that you can demo a building in an afternoon. Which is probably why he changed his story. Oh and he had plans drawn up for WTC 7 a year before the attack. Perfectly normal.

          this guys says some interesting things

          very good complition,and analysis by a guy who actually demos buildings.

        9. Hmm. What do you mean by chemically related? Is that some stuff you have deeper knowledge that I probably wouldn’t grasp? If so, that’s cool. And what do you mean by “it looks like” when you refer to schizos producing an excessive amount? And where does the link between schizos and narcs come from and where did you get that succession from (normal, borderline, narc, schizo). Seems a bit inconclusive to me, especially since those are all groups of symptoms that, as far as I can tell, have not been somehow linked to a real thing, but rather those people are simply linked together because of similar symptoms. And the symptoms of those 3 things are quite different, I’d say, and not really the same or in some way successive.
          Maybe you have a few good points, but I can’t logically follow you because I don’t understand the links you make.
          You also use ‘it looks like’ when you talk about mushrooms. What leads you to that conclusion? Psychedelics have been shown to greatly increase brain activity (not decrease). There was a test with LSD, the video is floating around Youtube etc. Basically, they observed that there was a lot more activity and what they called ‘interconnectivity’, which basically means all brain parts lit up at the same time.
          In other cultures, schizophrenics have been considered as those who walk among the dead and given great respect. It’s all a matter of perspective. My experience with psychedelics is that they greatly raise awareness. They are like an amplifier to all perceptions. I think you have to try it to be able to make a conclusion, but maybe you have…
          But even then, schizophrenia is probably not even a real thing, just like narcissism and borderline. More like a group of symptoms that don’t necessarily all have the same cause. So it is arguable that one schizophrenic is not the same as another, which rings true from my experience in the nuthouse. One was diagnosed with schizophrenia and yes, I would call him narcissistic. Others were rather quiet and beaten down and shit (partly due to medication probably).
          Also, I wouldn’t say meditation has much links to sensory deprivation, although you could say that if you just think of some guy in a cave sitting still. But that can be a good thing, too, because reducing the input from the outside leaves more attention for the stuff that’s inside, which can greatly help you be mindful of your emotions and deal with your demons. Psychedelics can help with this, although I use them scarcely. I see psychedelics a bit like signposts for meditation. You take them and kinda know the direction you’re going and then you do the rest ‘on foot’.
          Thanks for the video links. I thought it was something that was officially acknowledged, but it still seems to be kind of a borderline thing where you have to do your own research, so I’ll abstain from that for now. (Other stuff on my mind)

        10. Hey, I checked on that adrenochrome thing.

          Quite interesting, I have to say. I am wondering how that can be reconciled with my experiences. Maybe extreme stress is a precursor to death to the body, hence it prepares itself to enter the world of the dead, in a sense. I think it was proven (or hypothesized?) that the brain generates DMT on birth and death, a potent psychedelic substance. It’s like the mother of all psychedelics. Let’s you talk to God and shit like that.
          This could indicate though, that schizophrenia (if the link is valid) is less a result of a malfunctioning brain than some kind of constant stress that is so severe that it creates those chemicals, leading to a ‘disconnect from reality’. If you think about it, death is a form of disconnect from reality, so schizophrenia may be a … half-way thing. That doesn’t mean though that you have to fight those chemicals with neuroleptika. In fact, I’d say the body produces these things precisely because they are helpful in extreme stress. I have also read here on ROK that extreme stress during lifting can create an almost transcendental experience where you become one with the universe (or perceive so) and stuff like that. If those chemicals create that kind of awareness, it makes sense to me that it can be used constructively if the ‘patient’ practices a lot of mindfulness or meditation.
          Now, I will readily admit that I had something you could call a psychotic episode on psychedelics. Only that I don’t see it as pathologic. I am glad I had that experience and I think it was important. Psychotic only describes the symptoms. But a person that looks like he’s freaking out from the outside may be having a great experience on the inside that is actually healing and helpful. Which is why indigenous tribes used psychedelics for thousands of years … as a cure, as a guide, as an initiation rite. Hah, and since we’re creating links: Initiation rites often deal with a lot of intense pain or even symbolical dying. Christianity also talks about dying and being reborn. I think there is a lot of truth in it. That to enter manhood fully, one has to die in a sense and be reborn. Which is what those experiences can do … they literally rip you apart and put you back together in a better way.

        11. Yeah those guys had an 80% ish success rate curing schizo. Looks like toxoplasmosis(common infection) can cause it too. Orthomolecular was started by Linus Pauling a double nobel prize winner. There are numerous things like this where there are amazing cures, and no one cares to study further. Most medicine is a scam. It would be horrible if it turned out simple herbs could cure cancer, I mean they would lose about $50k per patient. Number two monopoly according to Milton Friedman the famous economist. Japan and Germany seem to be exceptions.
          Thanks for the info on DMT and lifting, Ill check it out. Maybe DMT is an even more potent one? I noticed that most of the greatest mathematical discoveries happened during grave illness and a year before death. Look up Riemann or Ramanujan as good examples. Now in my experience heart rate seems to be a good measure of adrenaline..and from what Im reading it seem LSD and mushrooms increases heart rate. As for rebirth in religion watch that movie I mentioned Zeitgeist, it has a very interesting take on it. Many religions share the same beliefs and it seems to be taken from the movement of the Sun.
          Those rituals about killing the boy and going through hardship to be accepted into the group of men seem very important. In a way its the classic heros quest. A man can no longer run from danger as a child would, should no longer cry from pain. Very important lessons that are rarely taught.

        12. By chemically similar I just mean similar molecular shape, if you read more about the guys on that page you found they get more into it. Its good to talk to you sounds like you have much experience on the subject.
          Who knows, maybe my theory is wrong. To explain a little better my theory I should say, a man usually goes through normal narcissism and then schizo, with increasing amounts of stress. Borderline is more for women. And it seems like environmental toxins might be able to cause it as well, and since they tend to lodge in different places, that could cause different specific effects and maybe they don’t cause some of the same effects as adrenaline caused narcissism. Now if you look at alot of the typical aspects of Narcissism you’ll notice that they would be good for say fighting or fleeing- black and white thinking(no time for gray areas) more impulsive(no time to reflect), lack of empathy(again there isnt enough time to consider nuances). One interesting study found that narcissists actually can read emotion in others, just for some reason they don’t react to that info . Do you find that people with narc/schizo have really really good memories? If so thats high adrenaline. If they also tend to have a high heart rate, that would also tend to confirm my theory.
          I had an interesting experience with a woman I know who had a resting heart rate of 110(!) and a borderline personality. Just giving her a gram of sodium ascorbate a day brought her resting heart rate down to 70, and she could sleep 8 hours now, and her personality actually changed. She went from being always cold in a warm environment to absolutely radiating heat. This took place over a few days.
          Oh and for sensory deprivation, you can do the lite version, find some white noise music and put something redish over your eyes. When I did this it was like having a waking dream, very bizarre.
          Yeah 911 is not officially debunked, everything is misinformation wars, and people seem to be finally waking up to it this election.

        13. Some interesting info.
          Personally, I’ve gone through phases that would apply to pretty much all 3 of the categories. In fact, I dare say most of my life I’ve been stuck in a fight or flight without realizing it. I think it’s spot on. It allows black and white, pretty much. In my case, it’s a little more weird, because it kinda conflicts with some other desires, leading to me being somewhat unpredictable (borderline maybe, heh). I also seem to tend to have very high heart rate. Guy at the gym told me this once despite me having not done much work or anything beforehand. It was really just the stress of my social anxiety.
          I find that this kind of stress creates a kind of sensation in my body that may very well have to do with adrenaline. It feels kinda … dead-ish. A bit like the taste of blood when you get it into your mouth. Hard to describe. Numb, a little sizzling, dark, oppressive, hot. Well yeah, dead. Also get it during intensive training and too much of this … makes me almost faint and gets me into extremely weird states for a short amount of time. Like when I totally power myself out, I can feel it coming. It’s like I know … shit I went too far and in the next moment, I almost black out. Extremely extremely uncomfortable. It’s like I can feel my whole personality being deconstructed very quickly into nothingness and then coming back again.
          Interesting tip with the white noise … I’ll keep it in mind.

        14. You might try paying attention to your heart rate more, either feel the side of your neck, time for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4, or there are even programs for smart phones that use the light and camera and can see the blood pulses. What is likely happening to you is that when the heart beats excessively fast, it actually stops pumping effectively, it seems to be a defect we have-horses on the other hand have a max heart rate and wont go beyond that even if they run faster. Now like I was telling the woman i know, its like she’s running a marathon, but she can never sit down, its a very unhealthy thing. I think I saw a study in men where it correlates with a 400% increase in mortality rate. There are many consequences of excess acid production(co2 dissolved in blood is acidic). A little talked about fact of the human body is that it goes to extreme effort to maintain PH. When you exercise, your body aggressively and actively releases alkaline bone mineral to help maintain PH, and when you rest it is rebuilt. You also eliminate acid through breathing, urine and to a small extent through sweat. Excessive acid, can cause kidney stones, gout, collagen breakdown, mild scurvy, acne, joint pain, feeling of coldness. You might try like the woman I was talking with some potassium ascorbate around a gram dissolved in a glass of water, take maybe two to three times a day and see what your heart rate does, and if it improves some of your other symptoms(potassium ascorbate I’ve learned is much better than sodium ascorbate). You may see some initial negative effects too, because sometimes all of a sudden you are eliminating toxins from your body that you werent before. It isnt a panacea, but it can correct some of the basic problems going on. For example the basic problem could be hyperthyroidism, which most likely that woman had, and you have to treat that to decrease hormone production. I suspect heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier may be able to cause it as well.

        15. Mad that reckless gambling by financial institutions caused a massive economic crash and global recession, millions of people losing their jobs and their homes, job market and middle class still hasn’t recovered from it. How do you not know any of that??? It’s been in the news for 8 years now.

        16. I looked up the reptillian stuff. It works perfectly if you relace reptilian with”jewish banker” and half reptillian as “collaborator”. Sometimes they have to act crazy to even be allowed to spread ideas without getting murdered like say kubrick after eyes wide shut.

        17. Dont be and idiot everyone knows that.b Being mad isnt a goal. If they had said we want to break up all of the biggest banks that would have been a goal. Sitting there because you are mad inspires nothing and no one. And not surprisingly they changed nothing.

        18. If being mad wasn’t a goal, Fox ‘news’ and Breitbart wouldn’t exist.
          You’re sadly uninformed about the occupy wall street movement. But you already made up your mind about it, it seems, dismissing people braver and more involved than you who actually went out to risk their safety and freedom protesting the criminal recklessness of financial institutions and their failure to take responsibility for their actions. What was the goal? to show American politicians and the financial industry that American people are fed up with their behavior so much they’ve shaken off their apathy that infects the brains of so many.
          THAT is what the people in power fear – that the sleeping sheep would wake up and get informed and start fighting back.
          The movement inspired a lot and it’s a pity you can’t see it ( or simply refuse to ).
          You’re the one who is sitting there. These people actually got off their asses to go out and try to make a difference. Doubt you can say the same.

        19. Zeitgeist is that controlled opposition material the elites love to put out. 98% truth 2% lies – just like David Icke.

        20. Honestly – do your own research. I know that’s a redundant statement, but that’s what it has come down to. Zeitgeist promotes things such as the Horus/Jesus theory – which has been debunked numerous times by mainstream secular scholars. And that’s only one among many other lies it propogates. When it’s so glaring that info is false – one is forced to look into their own knowledge gathering

        21. Doing your own research includes getting info from others with common interests. The term “debunking” is a shit term. There are only better theories, and better evidence. Many mainstream researchers are shit too, I talk alot about medicine, and so much of what they do is provably crap based on their own studies of what they do. And here as we’ve learned in the manosphere, studies about men and women interactions are often gamed, to show that men are horrible and women are saints. Someone producing a paper showing the wrong results will almost never get published. Just like if you control the media, its easy to have the appearance of authority, when in reality, money bought a fake authority. SO do you have anything good to recommend?

      2. It stank to me as well because the stock exchange isn’t some evil globalist tool. Everybody can buy shares and, you know, they don’t always go up making you filthy rich, quite the contrary. They are a useful financing tool for companies though.

        1. Do some reading about Goldman Sachs and other fatcat banks, their criminal and reckless and unethical behavior.

        2. So? That would only prove that GS etc are bad guys, not that the Stock Exchange itself should go.

        3. Who was proposing abolishing the stock exchange in it’s entirety? Total straw man you made up. OWS was about the criminal executives who gambled and crashed the global economy, wanting accountability and new laws to prevent a similar disaster from occuring. I’d think anyone with common sense could agree on that.
          As it stands, they avoid any criminal liability by paying fines as part of a settlement and admitting no guilt. And the fines are a small fraction of their profits so there is no incentive to follow the laws. It’s seen as the cost of doing (shady) business.
          They came to the government hat in hand after they screwed up, and got a fat bailout at the taxpayers expense. This is why I can’t stand conservatives. They’re all for socialism for the rich, but rugged individualism for the poor and middle class. It should be the reverse. Goldman and the others should have been turned away and homeowners bailed out instead.
          Can you imagine going to a casino, recklessly gambling, losing it all, then begging/demanding the government give you more money?
          This is what really stinks.

        4. Is this what you really imagined happened? You put no blame on the American middle class which effectively tanked the economy due to their own greed?

    4. that was just a bunch of ignorant conservative rednecks who didn’t like paying taxes. Astroturf. That joke of a movement isn’t even worth mentioning. But it’s funny when they eat their own, like with Eric Cantor. Now he has to take a job as million dollar a year lobbyist subverting our government, how sad.

  2. Great article, and probably true. Part of self-development is seeing through this shit.
    The thing is, if we as Men focus on our own self-development, and on expressing our bigger and better selves by dominating our environments, none of this stuff matters and will eventually change anyway.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
    Oh, and vote Trump on the 8th…

  3. Occupy and Tea Party had one thing in common. How quickly they suckered the masses into thinking they were for the people. Movements that large don’t suddenly appear overnight.

    1. If somebody does something heinous, like nationalize 1/6th of the economy (health care) you bet your bippy that great amounts of people will gather suddenly overnight. Same for the nationwide pro-gun demonstrations that happened after the CN shooting.
      Technology has made organizing and getting large groups together in a flash pretty easy. Not everything is some nefarious conspiracy.
      Now if the Tea Party had shown up with organized busses, vendors and pre-selected college faculty in tow, like OWS, then you’d have something.

    2. Some do and they start out as a emotive grassroots network, but get quickly comprimised. I had relatives active in the Tea Party and after awhile it gets hijacked and ran into the ground.
      Did you read about the Oregon uprising against the feds and how they were acquitted? The evidence revealed half the people involved were paid FBI informants. Thats what happens over time to any organization deemed a threat.

    1. You’ll not get many thumbs up here, given half the idiots are unrecovered Tea Party Free Trade dupes, that like cheap labor being imported, so long as their jobs are not threatened.

  4. There has always been elites who have tried to control the masses through divide and conquer. Even if this crop is eliminated, others will arise. The only way we can come together is if we have a common guiding set of principals to go by. Throughout history, violent revolutions that have resulted in a loss of freedom, (French Revolution, Bolshevik, Nazi, Cuban….etc.) all had an anti-christian element, or a bastardization of Christianity.
    In retrospect, as a people, we need to be continually reminded of the principals that enable freedom to exist. Integrity, work, charity, self determination, etc. are taught in church. Go to church, work to strengthen those virtues, and expect virtue from your neighbor. If we as a whole, reject the crap spewed out main stream media and leftists, we will have a stronger society.

    1. You are exactly correct, and this is *precisely* why the Marxists, back to Marx, targeted things like the church, family and traditional social constructs for destruction. He understood what you’re saying perfectly.

  5. You forget the women vs. men division.
    Btw, isn’t it fascinating that they manage to divide exactly 50:50? How statistically improbable is that?

    1. It is no doubt the media is behind this. THey have been in overtime for quite awhile propping up the left to maintain the balance.

      1. Makes it even more fascinating. Media being pretty much indiscriminately pro left and still there’s enough people who vote right. Heh.

  6. The Left has been successful appealing to Angry Destructive People but since the seventies they have run out of people with legitimate grievances so all they have are the angry anti-social dregs of society, the lazy Delta Males, Ugly Feminists, Perverts and assorted scum.

  7. To directly address the argument of the article, I’ll offer this.
    Divide and Conquer is a known strategy and yes, politicians use it (as do generals on a battlefield). It’s legitimate to note the tactic and try to avoid falling for it. That being said, if we go so paranoid that we don’t ever, ever take positions based on principle or form opposition groups, we’ll have given these very same powers the victory that they’re looking for with divide and conquer.
    The moment you form a group to “counter the controlling elite” I guarantee you that it will be attacked and discredited because “divide and conquer!”. Even if it succeeds (let’s be optimistic) it will simply install itself as the new elite. This is human nature. It may not happen immediately, it may take a few generations (think the early united States, where Washington refused to be a “king” and instead deferred to the new Constitutional Republic) to happen, but it will happen eventually (think the same nation in the 1930’s).
    Last, not every mass movement is ‘financed by nefarious sources’. Sometimes, people just get pissed off. That said, lots of mass movements are financed by unsavory types. The problem becomes that we tend to default accept “all” instead of taking each group individually for what they are.

    1. Yeah, there’s no easy answer as to what we should do.
      But I want to ask since you said you were involved in it: What happened to the Tea Party? Did they achieve any of their goals?

      1. They kind of ebb and flow. I really haven’t kept up much the last couple of years. My focus since 2010 or so has been pro-2nd Amendment advocacy, to be honest.

      2. They made significant gains at the local and state level. The RINOs are clinging to the national GOP, but as their candidates just got punked by Trump they are on borrowed time.

      1. Not only can, but almost always does if it doesn’t collapse under it’s own internal contradictions.

  8. I heard that after the death of Muhammad Ali, the Orlando shootings happened to prevent people’s unity. I strongly suspected, after his death, an attack would happen in the US by a Muslim to prevent American Muslim and nonMuslim cooperation and understanding. Media won’t say, but the shooter was gay.

    1. We don’t need mulsim/ non-muslim co-operation in America. America was designed and built by and for whites, for Our Posterity. Freedom of religion clearly meant the sects of Christianity and secular deists. There is no place in America for Islam or muslims.

      1. How about natives? Or perhaps we need to reintroduce pox in certain areas? And let us not forget 3/5ths. Designed and built by and for whites, on the red mans land, upon the black man’s back.

        1. Lets talk about Natives, who, like Stone Age tribes the world over, were in endless inter-tribal warfare with each other. The colonialists that arrived in America often sided with peaceful tribes and co-operated, as they did in New Zealand with the weaker (more peaceful) Maori Iwi, who begged the colonialists to buy land as a buffer between waring tribes. The less technologically developed in terms of producing food and storing it, the more scarcity and the more war. That is just a smple reality, and Stone Age primitives are always at war. Since they are always at war, its an open invite to conquer. Native Indians now have technology and means of living 3000 years in advance of what they had 400 years ago. You are welcome.
          The issue of smallpox is just mythology. Most colonialists either had smallpox or were semi-resistent. Indians were not, and it hit them harder. Are you going to also bring up the Hollywood History theory that whites raped native woemn…when the records show that the more violent tribes kidnapped other tribes women and sold them to colonialists for goods – the women were them married off and lived at higher living standards that they otherwise would have, so some good came out of that bad situation.
          As for 3/5th, blacks were classed as 3/5ths yet they were dumped onto America by Jewish Dutch slave merchants, having been bought from African tribesmen. Less than 5% of whites owned slaves, yet freed slaves – who were paid btw (so they were really indentured labor) – bought slaves at higher rates than any other people – except jews, of which 70% owned slaves (as they created the hatred of blacks with their Curse of Ham bullshit). Blacks are not 3/5ths human. They are worthless and have no place in any advanced country. Personally I would wipe them out and have Africa as a big Safari Park for Asians and Europeans.
          Blacks labour didn’t build America. There were more whites in indentured labor than blacks. Blacks were freed from slavery by the technological inventions (o white men) which made their labor surplus to requirements. Again, like Native Americans, blacks were given a leg up from Stone Age savages, of at least 3000 years of know-how and technological progress. There is every reason to believe they are incapable of even making metal of their own volition. So again, you are welcome, you are a beneficiary of my ancestors superior creativity.
          BTW, British working class had higher productivty that black slaves, were paid less, worked longer hours, died 5 years younger on average, had to endure Northern Winters often with no shoes and simple clothing, while slaves worked as seasonal farm workers. You have no idea how hard whites worked to build this civilisation you benefit from, and you probably don’t care so long as it magically appears to you via your welfare cheque.

        2. You’re pretty ignorant of actual history aren’t you?
          I’ll bet you can’t actually explain to me why blacks were counted as 3/5 of a person in the Constitution, can you? I mean the real reason, not the Malcom X bullshit.
          Blacks barely built anything, most of them worked on plantations in the South. I collect antique photos, your sneering little “reality” bears no resemblance to what was actually going on, at the time.
          As to the “red man’s land”, well, he should have made a real claim to it instead of doing that stupid hippy “no man can own the land” crap. And, he lost the war. It was a war, he lost, that’s what happens when you lose a war. Get, the fuck, over it.

        3. According to the 1850 census blacks were 12.5% of the population.
          Most of the rest of the 35,000,000 of the population at the time were white. Those 3.5 million slaves didn’t build everything.
          As for the natives, they had no boundarys no government, no property rights ,they were cavemen who were conquered and white folk started a country with government, property rights and civilization.

        4. -Politics and elections. Blacks were property, southerners needed voting power, etc. is what I was taught in school.
          -Worked on plantations, yes. And a lot harder than whites, because they were slaves. Therefore, their contribution per person in labor was greater.
          -Typical justification to do what you want. Sounds exactly like a Jewish method.

        5. But those 12.5% were slaves, so they were doing more labor per person. Mass cheap labor. I agree that the natives needed codified law, but it would be ridiculous to think that was the reason that was justification to conquer. It was just Manifest Destiny, something that is happening today via western imperialism.

        6. I cherish my time more than educating you. But you have the leftist talking points down pat.

        7. -“Open invite to conquer” By that reasoning, I guess Muslims would be justified entry and establish traditionalism over feminism in the US. Technology=/=happiness.
          -I was referring only to the smallpox, which killed the majority of the native population.
          -Distribution is irrelevant. Mass cheap labor.
          -“Blacks were freed from slavery by the technological inventions (o white men) which made their labor surplus to requirements” Stabbing a guy 9″ deep and pulling out 6 doesn’t mean you did him a favor. Progress, which was built on previous civilizations, which is the case for all great nations. But as for your example-I suppose you’d have your mother raped and killed in exchange for technology. I hear kids these days kill for PS4’s sometimes.
          -“Had higher productivity” and had freedom of choice. Willing labor>unwilling labor.

        8. Politics and elections. Blacks were property, southerners needed voting power, etc. is what I was taught in school.

          It was to help out blacks. In order to stymie the South and keep them from enshrining slavery as a permanent institution through Congress, the Founding Fathers thought ahead and counted each black slave as 3/5 instead of a full person to keep Southern state representation manageable until slavery could be abolished.

          Worked on plantations, yes. And a lot harder than whites, because they were slaves. Therefore, their contribution per person in labor was greater.

          Oh please. Picking cotton is hard work, no doubt, but it’s no harder than being a free man carting around marble and laying down foundations for great buildings, or steel work or any other kind of highly labor intensive job.

          -Typical justification to do what you want. Sounds exactly like a Jewish method.

          LOL! Yeah man, because only Jews say “Woe to the defeated” in regard to war. Well, them and every other ethnicity on the planet. But yeah dude, (((jews!)))

        9. – Which wouldn’t ever be enough. Sticking a knife in 9 inches and then taking it out 6 via 3/5ths isn’t doing him a favor.
          -A free man is willing labor. Also, they get more say in their hours. Job flexibility.
          -Didn’t say something was yours? I’ll take it. Oh you’re living in it? I’ll take it anyway That’s basically it in a nutshell, in this regard and with the Jews in regards to Israel-Palestine.

        10. Actually, it was enough. Which is why they passed a law eliminating any more slave states being admitted to the union, which then resulted in Kansas being a bunch of dicks, which then brought on the civil war (in summary).

          A free man is willing labor. Also, they get more say in their hours. Job flexibility.

          You are thinking that “then” is like “now”. It wasn’t. Good luck trying that attitude in 1830.

          Didn’t say something was yours? I’ll take it. Oh you’re living in it? I’ll take it anyway That’s basically it in a nutshell, in this regard and with the Jews in regards to Israel-Palestine.

          And the Celts who first sacked Rome. And the Germans in France. And the English across their empire. And Rome across its empire. And China in regards to Mongolia.
          But they’re probably all Jews, yeah. My bad.

        11. Yes I agree the slaves would have worked more man hours but all those other people were not just sitting around.
          The natives just were not was was simply the way of the world at the time. It just is what it is.

        12. -Talking about initial justification. If the blacks weren’t that good, never should have brought em. Slavery was the 9 inch.
          -Not as much flexibility, sure. But relative to slaves, I meant.
          – If Empire A was peaceful, but Empire B attacked and lost, then A has the right to conquer B in self defense and simultaneously grow. This is just one example of an ethical conquest, but it has happened. America was anything but.

        13. I expect the unwillingness to work was a big factor as well; lack of incentives. My main issue is that some people today are still trying to justify that what they did. Just because many other nations of the past did so, does not a right make. This goes the other way too of course- there have been times where whites were massacred and enslaved and driven out, which is also wrong.

        14. Shoulda Woulda Coulda has nothing to do with the reality as they then faced it. Slaves were already there, long predating the births of the Founding Fathers. Telling me what they “shoulda woulda coulda” is irrelevant, they had reality, and they dealt with it in a way that ultimately helped end slavery.
          Flexibility. Heh. Yeah, like, none.
          The point on empires is that they did the same thing and used the same justification, just like every other ethnicity on the planet. You trying to make this into “Jeeeewwwwws!” is silly. There are instances where you can call out the wrong perpetrated by some Jews, but this is not one of them. You may wish to cede this point to remain honest and consistent.

        15. Hunter Gatherer peoples do not have concepts such as nations. They have not created property rights, they merely have inter-tribal war, endless revenge killings. In such a society, yes, it is an open invite to walk in and claim unclaimed land. Muslims coming here is exactly the opposite, they are trying to extort property rights we created. If you haven’t even grasped the basics of anthropology and patriarchy vs matriarchy (stone age primitivism) then perhaps you are on the wrong website.
          As for smallpox, I was aware that you were talking about smallpox. Smallpox wasn’t spread deliberatly, it was just the nature of the airborne virus.
          You comment on native indian women is disingenuous. Colonialists could have bought the women or not, if not, they’d be raped and killed by other tribes (who wholesale slanghtered women and children); why would they not buy them under such circumstances?
          Willing labor vs unwilling labor? Really…did British working class have a choice? They didn’t own land, and couldn’t open property. They were renting as serfs for hundreds of years, and serfdom was really just renamed. They were still a class of tennents, so were they willing workers? They could have refused to work, and be beaten by their master and put into workhouses, where people lasted on average 2 months before dying of injuries. Slaves had an easy life compared to white Irish and British workng class, extremely easy, and in a moderate climate. No sensible person could suggest otherwise.
          You know oppression isn’t just a thing niggers have suffered, just because those worthless pieces of shit constantly whine about slavery – slavery their own ancestors sold them into. They wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a Northern English or Welsh coal mine from the age of 6, as was standard practice.
          Say what you like, the fact is, blacks sold blacks into slavery, to Dutch Jews. Rich land owners used them to undercut white labor. It isn’t the responsibility of the 95% of whites that didn’t own slaves, and who worked under worse conditions. Whites freed slaves through technology, so your analogy is bullshit and you know it. You do realise that many niggers went back to African – Libberia, and threw their passports in the sea in protest at America. 2 weeks later they were all in the water looking for their passports to return to the Land of the Free Stuff. They are just worthless parasites like kikes, so why defend them? Can we even really consider them human when their history is basically no better or more advanced than other lower primates? They are just niggers.

        16. Founding fathers supported slavery. Ending slavery wasn’t enough. Equality is.
          So slaves and free men have equal freedom of labor?
          Not all empires have done this. Most have, yes. But essentially my point is that you insist that conquering was a good thing and the natives and blacks should be grateful for getting killed, raped, and enslaved in exchange for a television. Same in the middle east. They don’t want democracy. Everyone else did it so I should do it too? Well in that case, so does the hate, hence blm and why the world hates america.

        17. Oh bullshit. Now you’re back to square one. Some supported it, many were against it. This is precisely why they did the 3/5 thing, which I’ve patiently explained to you.

          Most have, yes

          Correct Ergo your sneering “you sound like a Jeeeewwww!” is rendered meaningless.

        18. Claim unclaimed land land is one thing, unused land is another. I suppose you submit a written consent form before a bang as well. The US has invaded many muslim lands and the government created isis by proxy, which has led to the refugee crisis in the first place. So the US owes something to refugees (although owing something back in such a form will be a failure of epic proportions, I think.)
          -And you think that if they knew, anything would have been different? Smallpox was considered a triumph for them.
          -Not all. If there were a way to tell which ones would have been raped and killed, and which not, I could understand. They just did the same thing. My point still stands; control for benefit. They did not have the natives interests at heart- it was a matter of what method would be best to subjugate and control.
          Slaves in the US vs other nonslaves. If working class whites had it worse off, they could have asked to be slaves too. But that wasn’t the case.
          Blacks sold blacks because there are sellouts of all races so they can be on the winning team. Its easy to say the US is better if they take everything if value and leave the other country worse off .
          Does Mansa Musa count?

        19. So are you. Admit it- it wasn’t justified, and 3/5ths wasn’tt near enough. Get rid of the white hero complex. Its the reason America is so hated around the world.
          No, you claim victimhood from blacks and all the other people you take from and still claim to be the savior. Hatred outside and within the US takes a special kind of people. It is just retribution. And the Islamic empire, at least the Rashidun caliphate, did not.

        20. Right, but what do you consider white. I mentioned the other day that a girl who was a member of the daughters of the American revolution, had membership to the union club etc called me a “gateway minority” because 5 generations ago my forebearers came her eyes from Italy

        21. Remember when Americans used to be proud of winning wars rather than feeling bad for the vanquished foe?

        22. I don’t know, I guess those damn ole wops are white too 🙂
          I get a really really dark tan every year I guess I’m white too.
          What in the hell is a gateway minority anyway?……….now I’ve forgotten the point I was trying to make anyway.

        23. I have never had a (((tan))) in my entire life. I go from pale to burned directly back to pale

        24. Usually by about the middle of May I start looking funny when I take my hat off because my face,neck,arms and legs are dark brown and my head is BRIGHT white.

        25. Your emotive points are not based on fact, but feel free to source your agruement. But slogans like “pox… on the red mans land, upon the black man’s back” are simply leftist slogans. The “pox” Thing was debunked years ago. Red man lands? Which tribe and under what conditions? One Million Indians inhabited North America until the White man showed up. Now there are more reds that have ever lived in the old days. Black mans back did very little. Most of America was built on white Europeans backs… no blacks in the wilderness in the old days and most of the swamp draining, coal mining, tree cutting, etc.. was done by us poor white folk.
          Believe your myths if it makes you feel better, but your bullshit exists to bridge your inferiority complex and has little to do with the truth.

        26. The pox did wipe out a good chunk of natives, but let us say that was not the case, intentionally or not. Tribes and conditions- does this imply that, were there a formal written declaration, it would have been unethical and they would not have attempted to gain control? More reds than before argument cannot hold water- populations tend to increase in the long run. Blacks did nothing for the same reason economic communism does not- lack of incentives. Why work for your slavemaster if you’re not getting much out of it?
          You assume inferiority complex is the cause of these arguments. I have friends of all races but also recognize that all races have their bloody hands. I am simply pointing out the case of the origins of American here, as this is what the conversation became. I find it ironic, as far as the title if this article goes. Also ironic is how I mentioned the possibility of Muslim and American peace and then get opposed while the same people praise the traditionalism of muslim women. Everyone claims they’re objective and truthful.

      2. As usual, you are full of shit.
        America was built BY Anglos, FOR Anglos. This country was never meant to be “whiteopia.” The alt-right looks at the 1950s as the glory days of America. The founding fathers would have been disgusted at all of the “lesser European” groups that were in the country at that time, such as the Irish. The blacks have more of a right to be here than many European immigrant groups.

        1. Historically you have a point. But the circumstances are pushing the European derived ethnicities of that country (U.S.) towards the formation of multiple “white” identities (Southern, Midwestern, etc) which are the combination of all types of Europeans. For European observers like me it seems a ridiculous development if it were in Europe, but once again It’s happening in America and I am not American. It just is (the phenomenon I just described). Hence your argument is out of date.

        2. Total bullshit made up from your pathetic negro brainpower. The Irish, Scttish, Germans and French were invited as immigrants from the start of America as a Constitutional Republic – INVITED TO SETTLE. You stupid cunt, you don’t even realise that the Founding Fathers got many of their ideas from the French and the French Academy of Sciences, as well as German economists. It was created by white Freemasons, some of whom were Scottish not Anglo YOU STUPID CUNT. You think slave owning Alexander Hamilton was an anglo, dumbshit? Blacks have no right to be in America, they were never part of the Founding Fathers vision. You think they were fucking retarded and wanted the dregs of the bell curve as citizens? OUR POSTERITY means European.

        3. Well, there already were significant differences between the regions of the United States, even when the European population was majority Anglo. Compare the aristocratic, agrarian South to the liberal urban North.

        4. The Irish were INVITED? The fuck are you smoking? The Irish were viewed as little, if any better than the Negroes. If you had told Washington or Jefferson that they were the same race as an Irishman, they would have laughed in your fucking face. Franklin viewed the Germans in America as a problematic presence in the United States. OUR POSTERITY meant the descendants of the (largely) Anglo-Germanic Protestants who founded this country, not all European peoples. Get your head out of Unkie Adolf’s ass and learn some history, provided you have more than a single-digit IQ, something which I think you lack.

        5. You are making shit up as you go. What an absurd way to argue. The Irish were invited to settle, its an historical fact. Jefferson was even a proponent of the Irish independence. There were Catholic Founding Fathers, even at a time when in Britain they were persecuted. Oh now America is Anglo-Germanic, not Anglo like you previously stated? What about the Scots such as Alexander Hamilton, or Benjamin Frankin being a product of French schooling, and the American Revolutionary War was funded by… Russians, French aristocrats such as Marquez de Lafayette. What about the Dutch colonies, which New York is from. Go and make up some shitty historical fantasy with someone who doesn’t know history. America was European – white, from the start.

        6. “Irish immigrants of this period participated in significant numbers in the American Revolution, leading one British major general to testify at the House of Commons that “half the rebel Continental Army were from Ireland.”[14] Irish Americans signed the foundational documents of the United States—the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—and, beginning with Andrew Jackson, served as President.”

        7. So now you have been proven incorrect, lets talk about why you elivate the worthless nigger over fellow Europeans, in light of the evidence that Irish, Russians, Italians (there was an Italian involved with the Founding documents – look up Founding Fathers by Country of Origin), Prussians, Dutch, Scottish and especially French were intimately involved in the creation of America.

        8. The United States of America was founded by Anglo-Germanic Protestants, mostly Englishmen. The Dutch, French and Spanish had colonies in North America, but they did not create the country that would become the United States of America. That was almost entirely the English, with a few Scots thrown in there. First point refuted.

        9. This first wave of Irish immigrants were the SCOTS-Irish, Scotsmen and Englishmen who had settled (and in many ways colonized) Ireland. Second point refuted.

        10. Correct. These are the people still pissed that Joe DiMaggio go to to play. Ethnics in the major leagues?
          I’ve mentioned it before, but there is a great quote from the movie The Good Shepherd. Matt Damon plays an OSS office, Yale, skull and bones, American pedigree, founding member o the CIA. He talks to Pesci who plays the mob boss that the CIA tried to get to kill Castro.
          Pesci: let me as you something. Us Italians, we got our families and the church. The Jews have their traditions. The micks have their homeland. Even the niggers have something, they have their music. What do you have
          Damon: we have the United States of America the rest of you are just tourists
          If you don’t date your family back to the mayflower than you are no different than the Muslim invaders. Alt right would do well to remember than in some people’s eyebrows most of them are just light skinned niggers

        11. The Irish and scots were brought in to do the slave labor. Blue bloods don’t mate with the help

        12. The alt-right, like their SJW counterparts, don’t care about facts. You could lay it all out for them in the simplest terms imaginable and they’d still be living in their fantasylands.

        13. I had an Irish forefather who fought as a private in the Revolution In the PA Militia and another Irish forefather who came to America to fight the British in the War of 1812. Johnny Bulls were still looked down upon in the 1950s by Irish and vice versa. LOL!

  9. While I’m sure there’s some truth to the notion of elites using divide and conquer, I nonetheless get tired of fence-sitting rhetoric that implies that coming together with leftists is the only way to defeat the elites.
    Rank-and-file leftists want to BE elite, that’s the main thing (other than provably broken ideology) that differentiates them from me. I don’t want power, I simply want people to tell the truth and pull their weight. If you can’t do that, I’d just as soon kill you as look at you, because you are a cancer on this planet. I’m certainly not going to join up with you to defeat some separate but equally evil group, lol. I prefer to fight and destroy both groups.

      1. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately but I don’t have the answer. I do know that trying to find common ground with people who are part of the problem is both the wrong answer and a waste of time.

  10. It started in July 2012 at the Anaheim Riots. The whole thing was started by the white anarchist anti authoritarian who s tired of taking shit from the cops.

  11. I’m afraid your solution on a large scale basis is too ambitious. Most don’t want to get involved in any unpleasantness, much easier to go along to get along. Most don’t want to observe what’s going on around them, it’s much more important to walk around with one’s face in their iPhone or have it up to their ear. Most don’t want to read, it’s easier to watch a video and have it summarized and spoon fed them. There is no right and wrong, it’s all relative.
    Until the unthinkable happens to them or close friend or family most don’t care,and if said unthinkable DOES happen, it’s Plan B time. Demand government find a solution to the problem, any solution that makes them feel like something was done. And sure, they’ll give up privacy, their own ability to protect themselves, or agree to pay a little more as long as a “feel good” measure is taken.

  12. I was involved very early on in the Occupy movement, and I must say there were a lot of good people in it who simply wanted to limit global finance capitalism from destroying the American economy. Most of these people were older whites who were more in line with the leftists we picture from the mid to late twentieth century. Unfortunately, the Occupy movement already had the SJW seeds sown into its fabric from the very beginning. During the meetings and marches I attended, it was made VERY CLEAR to me that if you are a white male, it is your job to step aside and let the women and non-whites run the show and set the agenda. And indeed that was the case. I stuck around for a little bit, listening to what these angry black/brown women, socially retarded white women, and the token while male faggot had to say. It started off as more anti-bank/capitalism, but the writing was on the wall and I could see exactly how this movement was going to turn into the anti-white male patriarchy, pro feminism, pro faggot, pro degeneracy movement it has transformed into today.

    1. “It started off as more anti-bank/capitalism, but the writing was on the
      wall and I could see exactly how this movement was going to turn into
      the anti-white male patriarchy, pro feminism, pro faggot, pro degeneracy
      movement it has transformed into today.”
      Most movements and social-justice groups start out benevolent, like many religions. Soon, those whom I call the “Crazy Elements” infiltrate that group/movement and alter its definition. After not long, the “crazy” becomes the movement, and attracts more bat-shit insane types faster than water seeking its own level. Once the lame-stream media get bored, the ranks thin out, and everyone goes home, until the next group of aggrieved shitheads gets loud (i.e. BLM, etc.). This shit is so easy to see from miles away, though.

  13. We’ve never had a natural form of capitalism which accords with the natural strengths of people and nations. Instead, the natural instincts of what capitalism in its true sense was meant to signify has always been undermined by the State and creeping socialism along each step of the way. Civics, culture and customs, including religion were meant to be the natural bulwarks against unfettered capitalism, not the State with all its forms of social ideologies.
    When will people ever get it- socialism is the natural blood and substance of modern States in all its forms- the State’s future (any western advanced State) is tied up intrinsically with the “guardian” role of “social nanny” who’ll protect her downtrodden children from the nasty boggy man (who pays all her bills, including her socialist programs) of libertine capitalism. The truth is that the entire system is rigged this way and if we had a more conservative or traditional set of values (like religion etc) we wouldn’t need the socialist State to “protect us” from the free market, ispo facto, end of the State control of peoples lives. Imagine, a world were people could survive in a state of liberty and happiness without the need of the State? A Utopia perhaps??

  14. The news about the Christian cartoonist Jack Chick’s death, and the various reactions to it, got me to thinking about how our elites view religion. It looks to me as if they think about religion more rationally than they think about their childish utopianism regarding globalization, race, immigration, feminism and sexual degeneracy.
    Defenders of the elites’ world view just laugh off religious obsessives who threaten ordinary people with hell, especially straight white guys who ogle women, like the one in Jack Chick’s early tract, “This Was Your Life.”
    But they condemned Chick as a homophobe when he published tracts which threatened gays with hell, even if they don’t believe in it.
    What accounts for the difference? Gays exist and hell doesn’t, obviously. But also gays have privileged status in our elites’ project to destroy and remake traditional societies, and they simply must remain immune from criticism, regardless of how much damage they cause along the way, even from some religious nut who draws comic books which threaten them with imaginary harm after death.
    By contrast, notice that Chick also propagandized the fantasy that Israel’s existence somehow fulfills “bible prophecy,” instead of showing the ordinary reality that people get ideas from books. Not a peep of criticism from our elites about that delusion, curiously. And not because our elites share Chick’s belief about Israel, but because the Jews among them have used this belief to play American Christians for suckers to make them support pro-Israel policies in our government.
    Funny how that works.

  15. South Park Season 20 examines the concept of trolling. Here’s my take:
    trolling is defined as doing something to get a reaction from those defending the person you insulted, which then brings a reaction from the other side. Sit back and watch the fireworks.
    We are being trolled when we fail to identify where the latest ‘outrage’ is coming from. We allow ourselves to waste time and energy when the messenger dictates the terms.
    By, for and about are the three key words with any message. Who is sending the message, who is the message directed at, and what is the message itself. Basic critical analysis is where the alt-right leaders (could) make the most impact.

  16. Excellent content, Cory. Left and right should unite to fight against billionaires globalists stealing from us. GO TRUMP!

  17. It is a revolution against the middle class. With elite usiing weaponized poverty, zombies and misfits against the middle clas.sRather than the top 1 percent, the left attacks the privilege of the white assistant manager at Pizza Hut.

    1. The concept of a free, middle class would be the historic exception. Throughout most of history it was mostly made up of masters and lords as well as slaves and serfs.

  18. Good article except Soros funded Occupy Wall Street and of course he switched to funding BLM and stiring Racial hate since it was much more effective.

  19. Read or view Milton Friedman on youtube. Every deep recession has been caused by a drastic drop in money supply. The great depression was caused by the fed so that the bankers could purchase the pieces for pennies on the dollar after. For those of you who dont believe in conspiracy theories there has been so much time since 911 and all the videos of all the people have been looked at and analyzed. Amazing stuff. Even better just look at a few videos of speeches that the owner who just bought the trade centers not long before(99 year lease).

  20. The Me generation is the worst of America. And now they are in politics. America will be better off when the self-serving, self-absorbed flower children are long gone.

  21. “Thus, we have our current situation where the masses are divided with…”
    Socially engineered ‘Useful Idiots’ are engineering…
    1. Tavistock: the best kept secret in America
    2. The Truth About America’s Survival.
    Demographics and the 2016 Election

    3. Race Differences In Intelligence

    4. The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

  22. Think about this – the elites know that white America is developing an awareness. They also know that whites will revolt and correct the issue eventually. As a psychological diffuser, they put a person in like Trump that appears to be everything he is. This will allow whites to relax their defenses while the elites move to limit and censor information that will oppose their long term goals. They do this under a president like Trump so whites will remain docile. After 8 years, they continue their main agenda now with limited, if any real independent news agencies, etc. It allows them to buy time, diffuse white opposition, then continue with their program. Did Trump really “ditch” his inside team?

  23. Agree. The radicals of the 60’s supported the URSS against the US, today they want to fight Putin, what is more puzzling is that they oppose Christians because we want to live our faith, but they willingly accept sharia law that forbids women to wear a dress, are shunned and considered second class, honor killings are frequent, feminists say nothing, atheists say nothing, LGBT lobby is quiet, why? Because their leader, Soros has not given the cue. Group thinking!!!

  24. The occupy movement was a bunch of spoiled middle class suburban brats who were in the top 1% globally. If they thought they were protesting the economic downturn, they were fifteen years late. The Clinton administration signed the death warrant for the economy. It just took 10 years to show the effect.
    The housing bubble in 2006 ( which influenced the economic crash in 2008) was caused by affirmative action policy in the big banks. The Clinton administration pressured the banks into “not descriminating ” against the poor. AKA giving hundreds of billions of dollars in loans to people who were too irresponsible to pay rent. Then that debt was sold and resold, until 1 by 1 the floor fell out.
    A great explanation is in the new movie ” The Big Short.”
    It was that terrible series of events that scared americans into voting for Barrack Obama.
    Then we had eight years of feminist propaganda, and here we are.

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