Buzz Aldrin Is A Warning Of How Success Can Lead To Depression

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are household names because they were the first men to land on the moon. And while Neil is perhaps the more-remembered of the two because he was technically the “first” to land on the moon, Buzz is just as remembered because of his unique name (while I bet most of you don’t know who the third guy was). But technicalities of who landed where first and who had cool names aside, Buzz Aldrin will forever be one of the world’s greatest historical figures because of his unrivaled accomplishments and will die a better man than the vast majority of us.

But did you know Buzz Aldrin was an alcoholic? And after retiring he fell into a severe depression? And after his divorce his days consisted of drinking alone in his apartment, fetching KFC and booze until he entered rehab?

It’s a hard fact to believe. Where a man who seems to have everything (fame, a super-accomplished career, and least of all, the titanium-strong professionalism and self-discipline to become an astronaut), yet he ends up down, depressed, drunk, and perhaps even suicidal like any other ordinary piece of trailer trash. But while it doesn’t make sense at first, and you can’t see how this relates to you, realize there’s a VERY good and simple reason for this fall from great heights.

The Buzz Aldrin Syndrome


Understand as we use the internet to accumulate the wisdom and knowledge to rocket past our contemporaries and excel in life, a problem is festering that you are unaware of. Additionally, much like Alzheimer’s, it is not prevalent today, but as humans advance more and live longer, it will become increasingly common. Therefore, we have the option to identify it today, prepare for it now, and thus avoid the pain and insanity that comes with having a problem we can’t identify


we can have it devastate our lives later.

It is the Buzz Aldrin Syndrome.

The Buzz Aldrin Syndrome is where a man achieves such greatness, such accomplishments in life, that he is truly unrivaled and peerless. While exhilarating at first, perhaps even earning one fame, riches, and fortune, the success also unintentionally alienates the person from the rest of society. At the time Buzz Aldrin only had three or four other astronauts who he could REALLY talk to, confide in, and relate to. The remaining 3 billion people on the planet (at the time) were just star-struck, wide-eyed sheep. Alas, Buzz Aldrin could be surrounded by scores of fans at a party, but still be completely alone mentally.

The syndrome is also exacerbated as one’s pinnacle achievements in life are likely correlated with retirement. You typically progress in your career, right up until the day you retire. However, here you leave the environment and network you’ve come accustomed, thrived in, and derived your entire agency from. Thus, in a very short period of time you go from the center of attention, the life of the party, the engine of the machine…to a retiree in California, drinking scotch, and eating KFC, longing for the days you could go back to the office again.  Without the environment you derived all your worth and value from, you lose purpose in life, you lose mental stimulation, you lose your peers, and very likely sink into a crippling depression.

The Perfect Storm


There are seven factors that, when combined, create the perfect storm for the Buzz Aldrin Syndrome to form. And most ROK readers either have these traits are affected by them:

1. Technological Advancements

Technology has always advanced, but in this particular case it affects us in two specific ways. Making living expenses cheaper and allowing for more and easier ways to make money.

As opposed to the 1800’s, most of a man’s life was spent toiling in the field. He didn’t have time to contemplate loftier or heavier subjects much like the purpose of life, what is man’s reason for being, etc. You had to worry about the plague, tetanus, your wife dying in labor, and whether there’d be enough crops to survive the coming winter. But today, through economics, capitalism, agricultural technology, etc., a single man can basically eat for near-free at Wal-Mart or the local grocery store.

Technology has also freed us from work. Not so much from the fact we have to work, but in terms of how much time we need to spend on it in order to survive. No more than a decade ago a young man had to work 40 hours a week, 10 for a commute, and likely for an inept baby boomer boss who was never going to let you get past the cubicle plantation. Now, with the internet not only can a man give the proverbial finger to rush hour and a commute, but his boss as well, making whatever minimalistic modicum of money he needs to survive through online entrepreneurship.  In short, it has never been easier to satisfy Maslow’s first three and vital hierarchy of needs, freeing a man’s mind to pursue his own excellence, not to mention ponder his point and purpose in being here.

2. Minimalism

It is no secret that red pill men practice, or at least pursue minimalism. We know that material things do not matter, as it is the love and friendship from our fellow man, friends, family and loved ones that matter most. You know that it would be “nice” to have that Shelby Super Snake Mustang, but you’d never trade it in for a lifetime of conversations and cigars with your best friend. Additionally, we value our freedom above all else and refuse to subjugate ourselves to becoming debt slaves by buying things we plain don’t need.

Jettisoning these material desires liberates more of our finite lives from work and a commute, to once again pursue our passions, our fields, our adventures, and our lives. In simply refusing to buy a McMansion and take on a car loan, we guarantee we will live more interesting and rewarding lives than 90% of our peers.

3. Avoiding Divorce And Unwanted Children

Further saving us more time is the disproportionate number of us refusing to have children or marry (in fear of divorce). And for those of us who do marry, we are fully aware of what to look for, more or less immunizing us from divorce.

4. Knowledge of Women

To be blunt and honestly assess the good the “manosphere” and red pill community have done, we have saved the lives of MILLIONS of young men, and prevented older ones from wasting what remains of theirs. If I were to estimate it, every boy born today will save at least a decade of time that would have otherwise been wasted at nightclubs, chasing tail, dating the wrong girls, and perhaps even marrying the wrong ones.

Being a product of the 70’s, I have often talked with my Gen X peers where we estimated what we could have done had we not wasted the 80’s and 90’s chasing women we were either never going to get, or would regret catching. We could have easily had doctorates, houses built by our own hands, much better careers, not to mention better mental health as we would have avoided all the batshit insane women we sifted through. Young men today, especially those who consume the Red Pill, will easily have a decade of time on us by simply learning from our mistakes.

5. Self-Improvement

Unless you are in the VirginTOW community, you know how important self-improvement is to a man’s life. You have this one finite life on this planet, and not only is it imperative you enjoy it, but you must ensure it is a masterpiece of art in whatever endeavors you choose to excel in. This may not land you on the moon, but you will achieve greatness and excellence in some capacity or another. Music, literature, innovation, philosophy, being a good dad, something. You will not idly stand by, sitting on your ass, majoring in sociology, or collecting a welfare check as you knock up baby mama after baby momma. You will be notable and leave a positive legacy on this world.

6. Entrepreneurship or STEM

Most of you know not to major in stupid, worthless shit. You also know that for the majority of us, entrepreneurship or self-employment is the only form of employment that we can tolerate. Because of this, two things will happen in your life. One, you will save an inordinate amount of time spent trying to make a go at a career that just isn’t in demand in the real world. You will work as an engineer, a programmer, a doctor, or some REAL profession/trade, which will not only pay you a handsome wage, but make your life incredibly easier. Two, at some point in time you will come up with an idea that will either cement your success in your career or outright launch a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. This will free you from your dependence on traditional employers, ensure your financial future is sound, but it will also likely lead towards you achieving your legacy in excellence.

In the veritable sea of liberal arts majors, not one of their millions will ever make anything of themselves. They will simply waste away, doubling down on masters degrees and doctorates in their hopelessly worthless fields. Worse, they will be crippled until death with student loans and inadequate compensation as they beg and vote for other people’s money. They will die like most, unmentionable, irrelevant, and forgotten.

You will not.

7. A High Intelligence

To make all of this a reality you need the raw intellectual capacity to bring this to fruition. While no studies have been done, if you have the independent mindedness to be reading ROK, I’d estimate the average IQ of ROK readers to be 120. However, keep in mind while being highly intelligent is an asset, it is also a curse. Like ROK, you are on “the fringe.” And because of that you are not only going to receive an inordinate amount of flak from the rest of “normie” society, but relating to the rest of it, let alone finding a healthy and rewarding social life in it, is going to prove next to impossible.

When you combine these traits and conditions, you have what is arguably the perfect environment for a great life to form.  You need very little to survive because you won’t waste your resources on frivolous material things in life. You also have very little liabilities or responsibilities, not only because you’re a minimalist, but are likely not going to marry or have children. The lion’s share of your time and energies can be dedicated towards achieving excellence and greatness in your life.

And if you’ve done it right, you’ll be two decades ahead of your Gen X peers since you avoided worthless degrees and leap-frogged your philosophical understanding of life. You will be accomplished, you will be successful, you will have paid a fraction of the mental toll to get there, and you will indeed be an amazing man, the world’s most interesting perhaps. You have reached the so called “finish line” much earlier and faster than Buzz Aldrin…

and that’s when your real problems start.

You Weren’t Meant to Be Here


Understand that while the goal of man was to secure unlimited food, resources, and security so that he may pursue an unlimited and happy life, the human mind has no experience being here. The entire existence of humankind has been struggle, suffering, fighting, and striving for such a life, but also 99.9999999% of the time failing. And over the course of human history the human brain has had 2 million years experience and conditioning in failure, NOT success.

This leads to an ironic and perhaps the most tragic instances in human experiences. A man finally gets what he wants. Wealth, health, success, excellence, legacy, everything. But upon attaining it he can’t enjoy it because the human mind is not programmed to.  He not only realizes this rare success doesn’t result in happiness or a perpetual life-long glee that will see him to his grave, but there’s nothing left to conquer. There’s nothing left to do. The game of life is over, and like Red Dead Redemption, it gets mighty boring just riding your horse around after you conquer the game.

Worse, because of the unique characteristics required to attain this excellence any man “lucky” enough to be this successful is in one way or another ostracized from the rest of his peers. Professionally, romantically, intellectually, some way or another, to be in that .000001% you have to be a statistical freak. Alas, you get to suffer the true symptoms of The Buzz Aldrin Syndrome.

Peerlessness – While your friends are pumping out children or your colleagues are trying to get out from underneath their McMansion mortgage and impending divorce, you may be avoiding these dreaded fates, but you are also alone. No longer are these the college days where your intellectual peers in equal life-circumstances can hang out, chat, philosophize, and in numbers that seem endless. Slowly, but surely, they will get picked off like German Messerschmitts in WWII by the forces of life and you will be left alone.

Understand this has nothing to do with your pursuit of greatness or achieving excellence in life, but is outside of your control as these people fall within the bell distribution curve of averageness. They choose these lives, meaning it’s not the statistical freak leaving them, but them leaving the statistical freak (no matter how loudly they claimed in college they were going to live life “differently”). And don’t think that you can simply recoup your former social life by joining them by being average, putting on a sports jersey, ordering some Buffalo Wild wings, cheering on the local sportsball team. Your mind won’t tolerate it.

You are peerless. Get used to it.

Boredom – Without people you get bored. No matter how intelligent you are, you are still human. And humans are indeed social creatures as they derive their entire life value from others, not things. But the paradox those suffering from the Buzz Aldrin Syndrome face is that while you would like to be social with people, the vast majority of people are either too common, too stupid, or just too boring, especially when compared to being by yourself.

Go to that same Buffalo Wild wings to hear loud, drunk, divorced SWPL men in their 40’s cheer on the local swingystick team?

Or read Marcus Aurelius?

Go to a movie where Jason Bourne discovers another mole in the CIA…again…who set up his father…again….where he drives around Europe shooting the place up….again?

Or binge on some history podcasts?

I know! How about you go to a party where you’ll hear the same conversations from men about the sportsball game they just saw at Buffalo Wild wings, as they lament their inability to get out from underneath their mortgage, while the wives gossip about their painfully pointless government-make-work careers while talking about how great the cake is?

Or road trip out west and do some hiking in the desert?

The larger point is not only are the VAST majority of people not intellectually stimulating enough, but good luck finding enough of them who have the freedom and finances to do anything besides hit up happy hour when wifey lets them out of the house.

And then there’s…

Frustration – Being unencumbered by the daily scourge of chores, children, finances, mortgages, and commutes, your mind will be unshackled to pursue whatever intellectual pursuits it wishes to pursue. You’ll solve world problems in an afternoon that politicians are taking eons to not solve. You’ll come up with some and many viable business ideas, discarding most of them because you have not the time to put them all into execution. You’ll see the obvious solutions to making your friends’ and love ones’ lives infinitely better, but they’ll have the horse-blinders on so tight, they’ll ignore your wisdom. Or you’ll make a great scientific discovery at work, while your boss dismisses it away and threatens to fire you for having an independent thought.  It is simply the real world telling you, “You don’t control everything, and matter of fact, most of this world was not meant for you.”

Obviously, you can see where depression, alcoholism, and ennui set in. You can see where the pursuit and successful attainment of excellence in life can lead to unintentional alienation and ostracization from the rest of society. And since society is where all humans – geniuses or not, successful or not – get their value, you can see the downside to zooming past the “finish line of life,” especially at increasingly earlier ages as technology and minimalism permit it.

The solution is in part to find quality people who can be life-long friends, colleagues, peers, and comrades. Perhaps even get married if you find the right girl. And no matter what, keep yourself and your mind occupied. Hobbies, interests, pursuits, etc. Inactivity is death. But ultimately, what is going to best prepare you for what’s coming is to simply know it’s coming.

Nirvana and heaven are not at the other side of that finish line. An active and rewarding social life, full of close friends and loved ones are the not the reward for success. And it certainly isn’t a life-long party until you die. It is a mentally-barren landscape much like the moon, a place Buzz has been to both literally and metaphorically.

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310 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin Is A Warning Of How Success Can Lead To Depression”

    1. To retire from a great vocation and stagnating since retirement which is what retirement is not supposed to be.

  1. Makes sense. I’ve been going through some of this myself after going from gameless and sexless to oversexed and setting the bar high on notch counts & flags. I think the key is finding new things that can respark interest in life, but when do those things run out?

  2. “3. Avoiding Divorce And Unwanted Children”
    I have a 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Being a father to them is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s manly to be a father and head of household (my wife is no feminist).
    Of course, you have to choose your wife carefully. Dalrock has some outstanding advice on wife screening:
    Not suggesting that everyone should have children.

    1. “Not suggesting that everyone should have children. ”
      If you don’t want kids, IMO, you shouldn’t get married.
      Congratulations, LC, on your happy family life.

    2. Congrats on great family.
      I think is one of the most important goals – kids – for both men and women…
      So many fucked up cat ladies…who made the wrong choice.
      But for men — serious fucked up shit can happen…and is best to avoid for now.
      I have a kid and have been thru the most evil repugnant shit – mostly not even heard of…
      Now is great. In fact my family life is perfect. half time with my kid, half time bachelor bastard…

      1. I have a buddy just like you. Went through hell in his divorce. His wife was a lawyer and really cleaned him out.
        Now he splits custody. Half the time with the kids, the other half on his own playing the field.
        It was hell and cost him a bundle. But there’s a silver lining in every adversity.

        1. I don’t know if there was enough room in the LEM to carry all of Buzz’s alcohol, let alone a golf cart, oxygen, scientific equipment, and space enough for two dudes. But yeah, if you buy him a drink, he’ll probably spill his guts…

        2. They drove a golf cart around the moon? It fit inside that module? The landing is a bit before my time, I dont recall every seeing that footage

        3. I don’t particularly like conspiracy mvies, but there is this one scene where one of those two astronauts is asked by someone to swear on the Bible that he landed there and he refuses. Maybe he was just annoyed by that person … or maybe …

        4. I don’t like conspiracy movies or theories. I get my facts from the Associated Press. It’s wire service news or nothing. And history books.

        5. Conspiracy movies are as manipulative as the mainstream media. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were themselves planted by the government. What person with an enlightened mind would feel the need to put those scary soundtracks and audiovisual distortions n there as a dramatic effect?

        6. That’s irrefutable. But so is the photo of the Lunar Entry Module. If a person can’t see that it’s fake, well…they are part of a huge, indoctrinated crowd with bulletproof padlocks on their brains. Hope they don’t send me an invitation to one of their reality discussion parties, because I’d have to make up an excuse about why I wouldn’t be attending…heh.

        7. It is a bit strange.
          But you know what, Bob. Being on the fringe between two worlds right now, I can’t feel but be annoyed to be called indoctrinated. It alienates me from those ideas. But then, I do the same about things I know better. Hm.

        8. I don’t know. I just know a cardboard contraption when I see one…beyond that, I’ll have to defer to a guru I guess. Know any? Heh.

        9. Well, as it just so happens…my mother is in the same field as Dick Sutphen. (Past-life regression, etc.) She knows him well. I’ve read his work. And I’ve even edited articles of his that I have posted on websites. (Truth being stranger than fiction and all – wink.) He’s on point with all of that, regarding the link you sent me, IMHO. Mind-control. It’s easy if you polish it and refine it. Like they do in churches. And on TV. Etc.

        10. No. Because then you’d have my real name. And I’m not into giving that up just yet, good sir…

        1. Where’s the blast crater from the LEM landing. Why was aluminum foil so effective in spacecraft design, back in the day. Hey, I’ll trade you Cam Newton for Tom Brady…

        2. Come on bud. Really? Are we going to delve into the kooky ‘We didn’t land on the moon’ conspiracy again?

        3. Not sure how people can tell it’s cardboard on such a low resolution pic tbh.

        4. Hell no. It’s obvious that an aerodynamically sound spacecraft such as that one is above reproach. Case closed.

        5. Might be some sort of super-polymer material. Those gaps are classy, though…and the nails and foil. If it was on TV or in a history book, it must have happened. That’s power. Complete power.

        6. History books say we won, the ussr is gone, and most of the people from 69 are dead or dying, so as far as I’m concerned, we did it.

        7. Look pal The New York Times refused for a time to publish pictures of the Wright brothers first flights. People thought the pictures of geysers at Yellowstone were hoaxes. And people who believe we did not land on the moon are just gullible souls looking for some attention. All these supposed hoaxes or so called false flag operations are just nonsense. How many people do you suppose it takes to create these incidents? Hundreds? Thousands? And never does anyone come up with any proof.

        8. You’re smarter than I am. I’ll give you that much.
          If there’s ever anything you might like to bet on – sports, in particular, or presidential elections – just let me know. I’ll be glad to give you my money.

        9. Perhaps evidence of a conspiracy…
          But also just as plausible that a staffer stole them and sold them, and they’re sitting in Elon Musk’s private vault.

        10. No shit. I’d like to be the keeper of the Apollo records. I’d put them in my sock drawer. Better security all the way around.

        11. So youre saying that replica of the LEM I built in 3rd grade for my science expo woulda worked? The kid who built the volcano with the phony lava always won

        12. The gaps amaze me. One of their shuttles crashed apparently because some tiny piece of ice created some slight irregularity on the surface and that created some turbulence or whatever and the hull breached. How did they get away wit hthis ….

        13. People were really gullible back in the 1960s and 1970s. You could show them anything on TV, and they would believe it. The Vietnam war was going on, and this was a huge diversion from the gloom and doom of war. “U-S-A! U-S-A!” etc. “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich explains it well. It’s kind of tedious, but very interesting stuff. Basically, people are lab rats. Some are smart lab rats, some not so much. Most are somewhere in between the extremes.

        14. Because NASA is about political correctness and globalism, instead of getting results, nowadays?

        15. It’s no secret that the LEM is covered in gold foil. How do you tell a nail from a rivet from a screw in those images? Aircraft have countless rivets and screw heads exposed on the surface along with panel seams. I see nothing abnormal for 1960s construction.

        16. The LEM was never exposed to re-entry heat.
          It operated entirely in the vacuum of space and was left there.

        17. Oh. Interesting. What’s an LEM? And why does it look so card-board like? And why is there all kinds of colored surfaces and colored foil on it (in different colors!)? And what is that thing that looks like a wind-measurement device in front and what are those ‘loudspeakers’?
          Maybe your book has some good answers.

        18. Gold foil was a cheap good enough light weight reflective shielding for what the LEM was designed to do. The LEM was to land on the moon and then get back up to moon orbit. That’s all it had to do and all it really could do.
          If you marketed a model T ford today people would string you up for selling an unsafe car. However a model T will still do the job of getting a person from A to B.

        19. The real space program is likely a black budget operation of the military. There are glimpses of it from time to time.

      1. I don’t know about the curvature of the lunar surface, maybe they used a fish eye lens. But the cardboard, black gift-wrapping paper (??) and the aluminum foil on the LEM – along with the gold foil and gold tape – look just a little bit sketchy. I mean, maybe that’s just me…

    1. Maybe he didn’t really land there. But I used to be a photographer and I find it hard to find any fault in the photographs. Hell, they even released 8400 extreme-high-resolution scans from the hasselblad cameras. I looked at some of them. If it is fake, it is executed better than any Hollywood movie from back then or even today.

      1. I’ve researched the Apollo landings at length. It’s interesting stuff. Like the Lunar Entry Module. Show it to a little kid, they’ll see that it’s fake right away. An adult? Nope. Cardboard, nails, foil, obvious bullshit. But it’s in the history books. So the indoctrination overrides the brain’s capacity for rational thought in an indoctrinated adult. You could show a true believer a steaming pile of shit with wings, and they’d have no problems believing it flew to Jupiter – provided the media said it happened. Powerful stuff.

        1. What’s also interesting on second sight are the reflections in that aluminium. In a highly reflective material, you would expect to see mostly very small dots reflecting the sun and the rest to be rather dark. (cause there is no sky to generate ambient luminance).

        2. A possible explanation, though, would be that this was not the shuttle itself but rather some instrument they used up there. To save cost, they might have forgone some expensive coating and used aluminium instead to prevent heat from building up (like a heat preserving claok used to “treat” burn victims).
          Although why would they use gold tint for that …
          And what are those speaker-like things and micro-sattelite dishes all over that thing?

        3. Science is the new religion. The best audiovisual producer is NASA-Hollywood, practically monopolizes the audiovisual production of space, good luck trying to find videos from Russia for example. This Hoax was possible in 69 because they could, at that time, justify the absurdities in the images. But with the advancement in the quality of today’s images is too complicated, do not even risk. It happens with the satellites that approach comets or asteroids, when approaching a “technical” fault it disables the camera of high resolution. The most complete site on the moon hoax:
          Another very complete forum:

        4. We call this a smoking gun, in the business of bullshit-detection. Middle of page at link below, “NASA Exploration Design Challenge”:
          “The goal of the Exploration Design Challenge is for students to research and design ways to protect astronauts from space radiation. NASA and Lockheed Martin are developing the Orion spacecraft that will carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit and on to an asteroid or Mars. Protecting astronauts from radiation on these distant travels is an important — and very real — problem that needs solving. NASA would like your help!”
          Why would NASA need anybody’s help with protecting astronauts from radiation? They already sent a bunch of guys to the moon, didn’t they? All they have to do is use the same protection for the astronauts that they used back then. I mean, assuming we actually went to the moon. (Wink-wink.)

        5. Because in the 1960s and 70s they didn’t give a shit. That was fresh off the era of putting troops out by an A-bomb test to see what happens to them. Long term problems? Things that would happen to them later in life? Government didn’t give a shit.
          But now it has to be considered. Also missions years long force a consideration that missions days long don’t have.

      2. I’ve always found the black back-drop of space in these photographs very odd. The back-drop is just too uniform in nearly every frame. There are no back-ground stars or refractions from other objects, it’s just too perfect, which has always made me wonder a bit.

        1. This particular image seems to have used a method called “levelling”, which means you raise or lower the level of maximum/minimum brightness in a picture to increase or decrease contrast. Scanned pictures can appear a little pale and the blacks not “punchy” enough, so you basically lower the general level of lower brightness values until you get a darker black. This, depending on how strongly you do so, loses a bit, a lot or practically all detail in the darker areas, especially if they are rather uniform in general. On film scans, this leads to the odd effect that these areas seem to lack the typical film grain that is to be found on the rest of the picture.
          Of course, you could argue that on a high resolution photograph, you would at least one or two distant stars that have equal brightness. I haven’t done the math on that, maybe it’s true.

        2. I don’t know much about photography so your comment was very interesting, perhaps the levelling effect is indeed the reason for the absence of other, occasional objects like background stars

        3. Do you see this very bright big area near the top? If you are looking at the full size image, zoom in there, where it borders at the dark. You can see how the ‘glares’ a bit into the dark. In this glare, you can see noise. But after a short distance, it just becomes pitch black. You can see it in other spots too, wherever there is a bright highlight nigh the edge of darkness. This is pretty much 100% proof of leveling. It is not proof of the picture being real of course, because they could have used leveling on purpose to fool us, but I have no doubt about this. I have scanned many slide images and negatives and grain does not magically disappear in dark areas.
          Note though that leveling is a very typical method, not some magic trick or well-crafted illusion. This is kinda the first thing you learn as a digital photographer. In fact, I consider it a little primitive, exactly because you lose detail in the dark areas. But it’s fast and relatively effective and I don’t think most people can even notice that loss of detail in typical images, so I guess there’s nothing wrong in using it.

        4. Looka here, I used levels myself to raise the level of bright areas very extremely, resulting in all detail that was in the dark to be revealed. As you can see, there is not much. Most of the area is really black (0 red,0 green,0blue). They clipped it pretty close to what is acceptable to the eye without looking terrible. Now, there are many small white spots to see now, but this could just as well be noise from either the photograph itself or the scan.

      3. Those photos, I have a book that was published before the scans were released, simply destroy the fake moon landing concept.
        However, the government lies. It is lying to us as matter of SOP. When people see the lies they like to create conjecture and jump to everything being fake. That’s rarely the case.
        The government is lying about something regarding the moon, but landing there is not the lie.

        1. Dunno. Haven’t yet browsed through all photos, because frankly, I don’t give much of a fuck. But Bob has good points. It does look like cardboard. It could also be metal that has been grossly shaped by the cold temperature, but … hmmm!
          Also, the moon landing was many decades ago, right? Why have we not done it again recently?

        2. Looks like typical 1960s space program construction to me. The stuff isn’t as carefully made as we are led to believe. It was engineered to be good enough and no better.
          I’ve gotten to see and touch some the technology of the period. I forget where it was but I remember a gemini capsule just out in the parking lot of some museum. People just didn’t care so much about this stuff back then so we could touch it and climb on it and get a feel for it.
          Applying today’s mentality to the 1960s space program is where most of the disconnect is.
          This book gives a pretty good idea of the mentality of the time. At least from a technical standpoint in its coldness about things.

          I assume copies in the wild are pretty rare, but they do appear for sale from time to time. It was a book I was able scavenge many years ago.

  3. I’ve never found high intelligence limiting in the social arena. In fact I use it to adjust and fit into just about any group I encounter. There are highly intelligent social misfits, but some of us clue in real early that we can figure out group dynamics and then conform to the norms and exceptional behaviors within any given group. I think the difference comes down to introvert vs. extrovert. Introverts become that stupid show about nerds on television (Big Bang or something like that). Extroverts become people who can enter a room and within twenty minutes be the focus of everybody in the group due to a keen ability to observe and fit in. Think the highly social and engaged and successful CEO of a given company. I can literally transition from dealing with a group of IT nerds into being the alpha male biker, nearly effortlessly.
    I’ve never quite understood depression. Getting sad occasionally, sure, but it seems to me to be something more chemical than anything. Whenever I’ve gotten down in the dumps in my life, I recognize that I’m being useless and get up and change my environment. I’d think that most people would at least have the potential to do this, so why they don’t confuses me, ergo, I suspect it’s some chemical imbalance (no proof of that, just conjecture).

    1. I’m the same. Sometimes, I have my moments of disappointment (more than exactly sadness), but I can self-prescribe a few workouts (open air, gym, either is good), and if that’s not enough, I simply travel to an interesting place or go to a concert… Depression must come from stagnation, it’s my theory.
      *the chemical imbalance you mention is already described as a lack of serotonin, especially around the area of the hypothalamus. A number of deficiencies cause this (iodine, folic acid, zinc, etc.), as well as some substances (most importantly, alcohol).

        1. You should describe that to your doctor. Central, non pulsatile headaches MUST be investigated, as they can be symptomatic of serious pathology.
          Of course, if you use neuromodulator drugs, if you have a long history of migraines or if you have a sleep disorder, I wouldn’t worry much. But just to be safe, you should have a word with your family doctor/general practitioner.

    2. Part of it comes to your age in your specific generation. Interfacing with the vast majority of my peers makes me want to brain myself with a hammer.

    3. Being socially calibrated is the deciding factor.
      I personally lean towards being an introvert who makes the smart observations in most of my groups since my school days. But I’ve gotten more comfortable with being extroverted (bawdy humor & being direct & crude if warranted) over time. I’m guessing my work & social circle changing has probably influenced that. Mostly men who aren’t afraid of being men & a few women who like men like that.
      I would think a major part of being intelligent is recognizing one’s limitations & generating solutions to cope with that.
      I don’t know though. Perhaps some highly intelligent types can’t or won’t drag themselves out of that socially awkward blind spot.

    4. Depression is largely situational, theres nothing wrong with most peoples brain chemistry that requires zombie pills to fix. Diet, fitness, and staying productive and active and focused are the cures for depression. People who spend their whole life on happy pills end up with their brain chemistry completely wrecked and they get neurotic and tweaked out. Victim culture convinces people they need to be sedated and coddled with happy pills, and they need to keep trying all these different meds to find “the right one for you”. Every person I know who is on psychiatric meds is overweight. Then they piss this stuff out and it ends up in wildlife. I have argued this at length with people, youre suddenly telling me in the last 40 years that humans need to be on psychiatric meds to properly function? How did we get by for the rest of human history? Furthermore, “being happy” may not be nature’s intended baseline state of being, life is supposed to be a constant challenge and struggle.

      1. Completely right. However, I was called a fascist for standing for that, back in the years of the deinstitutionalisation.
        You see, “life as a struggle”, is something cultural marxism rejects (it has the corollary that “utopia” is impossible), and our days’ medicine is all about SJW, “feelings”, and avoidance of pain (at all costs), responsability (free abortion, obesity as a random fatality and not as a result of personal choices, etc) or identity.

        1. Cultural marxism, like all the forms of collectivism is about a tiny elite’s self-serving idea of utopia. Or what I say repeatedly, the problem with a collective is that someone has to run it.

      2. I’ve thought about this a lot. When you work against human nature humans lose their minds, just like dogs who aren’t disciplined like dogs, they start chewing their fur off.
        This is why a certain amount of libertarianism works really well; its internal permission to do what you know makes you function best. Struggling for something YOU want can be really fulfilling. Struggling at something you hate because of fear, social or financial, will drive you up a wall.

      3. Excellent comment. The reason for weight gain with psycho meds is just the side effects of the pills. I had a very brief stint on an anti-depressant med and let me tell you, getting off the med is hell. I think a glass of wine, a nice doobie and a good walk cures most ills.

      4. It is situational, you are correct. The situation we’re all in to one degree of another is the cause. I’ll skip the discussion of why we are in it and how we got in it. The approach of those who manipulate society and thus control it at present is to treat symptoms. The pills treat the symptoms but the cure is to fix the situation. But if it’s fixed a lot of people will lose their power and wealth. So it’s patched in a way that just sucks people’s wealth, the fruits of their labors up the pyramid.

    5. I think it may come down to being a weird combination of factors that makes this article true for some: Having excellence in one field, but severely lacking in some other aspect of life that is the real cause of depression. But, being famous, people expect one to be a leader or “above them” and this makes it hard to learn the normal life.

    6. I’m somewhat of a social chameleon. I can fit into any social group going, find some common ground, rapport and connect. I then stay under the radar until I know the group dynamics, once that’s known I start to assert myself and establish myself as the leader, or within the ‘alpha’ of the groups leadership circle….. I’ve always struggled to make an immediate impact as the ‘boss’ guy, but give me any group and a time frame, I can then later take control and/or influence the group.

    7. Depression is combination of environmental, psychological, and biological factors. In terms of human biology, some people are wired differently in their heads. A depressed person that needs a medication has been a bad hand in terms of genetic lottery giving them the predisposition to become depressed. Depending on the person’s psyche and physical/mental environment, a person with the right mindset, coping skill, or stress free can overcome biological predisposition for depression. We see more depression in out society today do to poor upbringing and coping skills to handle stress situation we call life.
      Now speaking from personal experience, depression mental is being stuck in through pattern. You brain can only focus on negative emotions and builds that emotion up as your only see things in negative light. A person has to train to breakout of such thinking. Hence the best way to treat a person with depression is meds and cognitive behavioral therapy.

    8. When it comes to men, depression is linked to low testosterone levels. That’s why they don’t change their environment even if they can. They just lack the guts.
      Last April/May (mostly May) was a very busy period for me. Every Thursday night was a no sleep night for me. I didn’t have much time to sleep during the rest of the week either. No sex, of course. I needed that energy. Eventually, all that built up and, not proud to admit, but I started to feel suicidal.
      After I finished all my tasks, I spent an entire month not working or studying anything. I was perfeclty fine at the end of the month.
      So I guess it’s chemical, but I feel it made me stronger. I can endure much more now.

      1. Human Performance Laboratory has done great work on this. All the discipline in the world won’t make you a god. You need the recovery periods that suit YOU not anybody else. Limitations are real and fighting them burns you out. Good recovery though and your limitations get stretched out further.

    9. depression is a circuit breaker designed to let you know that you’ve been defeated and shut you down so you don’t repeat the same mistake again and again – because back in the day that mistake could get you killed – it’s basically a cooling off period. Unfortunately if a person focuses on it, it becomes all encompassing and debilitating….

    10. I find boredom leads to depression. Also, there is seems to be a group of people who are determined to obtain a label and then grab onto that label (depression, OCD, BPD etc.) like a crutch. They love the crutch, they hobble around on the crutch and they love marinading in their own toxic crutch shit. Being a nurse, I on occasion meet people who will regale me with a laundry list of their maladies and afflictions. I guess in some ways it is a self-fulfilling prophecy and they have an excuse for never moving on.
      When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

    11. “I recognize that I’m being useless and get up and change my environment.”
      This. I suppose the follow up would be, “useful to whom and how?” It is obvious to me, but not to many, it seems.

  4. “I know! How about you go to a party where you’ll hear the same conversations from men about the sportsball game they just saw at Buffalo Wild wings, as they lament their inability to get out from underneath their mortgage, while the wives gossip about their painfully pointless government-make-work careers while talking about how great the cake is?”
    This!! Painful. Actually painful.
    Worst thing is the men now talk like women. Just about shit they’ve accumulated and petty gossip

      1. Yeah. Some bloke with another guy’s name on his back. He’d probably let him fuck his wife such is the depth of their hero worship

        1. A conversation I had with a middleclass pussy husband at a neighbourhood house party.
          Cuck: (smugly) I worked 2 weeks worth of overtime last month to buy this new leather sofa. The old one was only 2 years old but the boss didn’t like it
          Me: I hope you got dick sucked well for that
          Cuck: (laughs nervously and moves away)
          Fucker told his wife to tell mine!! He actually grassed me up/snitched!!! Not that mine cares. She knows I’m an asshole. I’m gonna tear him a new one at the Christmas party

        2. Sick. This sort of thing is becoming more and more common. You should buy him a dress for Christmas, too. And for maximum shock value, be sure it matches that leather couch of his.
          Speaking of cucks, simps and fantasy sports, etc., I’ve got some NFL plays today that should rock anybody’s wallet…and for anybody who’s interested, you still have an hour and a half to get the bets down. I really like these games – so do with that what you will.
          Take Philadelphia -1 on the spread side, for $200, against the Atlanta Falcons.
          Take Pittsburgh -2.5 on the spread side, for $400, against the Dallas Cowboys.
          And take the same two plays above, in a $100 parlay (have to win both to cash), at 13/5 odds.
          Cucks need not bother. This shit is for men only…

        3. Buy the douche a dildo
          Put it in his sock
          Then on Christmas morning
          His asshole will rock

        4. When you get a chance after the meeting, post what happened here. I think it will be priceless to hear how it went.

        5. Its very hard to have “guy talk” with most males. Especially with millenials. Any conversation involving women and sex, and the beta white knight reaction is, ” dude, that’s kinda creepy” or “that’s kinda degrading” or ” wow bro, that’s really disrespectful” and the real beta males will say “that’s kinda Rapey bro”.

        6. The lines have shifted late, so I’m adding three plays to the early NFL betting program –
          Take Jacksonville -2.5 on the spread side for $100.
          Take Tennessee +3 on the spread side for $400.
          And take Minnesota +3 on the spread side for $100.
          The other bets stay as they are. See you in the alley…counting our winnings before we go to the club, I hope.

        7. His wife = boss?
          This became one of my major pet hates from a couple years back. Men who willingly gift their wives their balls in a lockbox & throw away the key.

        8. Suburbia is full of males who actually describe themselves with pride as under the thumb.
          It’s fucked up

        9. Tom Brady could probably fuck anywhere from 10-30% of the women (including the married ones) in Massachusetts simply by ringing them up and asking point blank.

        10. Cuck: (smugly) I worked 2 weeks worth of overtime last month to buy this new leather sofa. The old one was only 2 years old but the boss didn’t like it

          I used to work men’s retail years ago on straight commission and I can’t tell you how many men would call their wife, “the boss”. After awhile I started using the phrase, “let’s ring up the boss and see what she thinks” to close sales.
          High success rate and never a single complaint to management.

        11. Snitchy bitches. I thought you meant his boss at work. I had to read your comment twice before I got it.

        12. Here are my final results for Sunday:
          Philadelphia covered for +$200 (2 units)
          Tennessee covered for +$400 (4 units)
          Minnesota didn’t cover for -$110 (1 unit)
          Jacksonville didn’t cover for -$110 (1 unit)
          Pittsburgh didn’t over for -$440 (4 units)
          Parlay Philadelphia to Pittsburgh -$100 (1 unit)
          Net for games: 6-7 (units), -$160
          When Pittsburgh didn’t cover, I smelled a rat on the Sunday Night game and plunked $400 down (4 units) on Seattle to cover on the spread (+8) and $200 down (2 units) on Seattle to win on the money line +320.
          Lo and behold, Seattle beat New England and I wound up in a positive position for the day –
          Net for games: 12-7 (units), +$880
          Some days are like this…you have to stay fluid and not get hung up on your early selections, while keeping an eye on the big picture…

        13. in boating forums the wife is called “the admiral”. and not tongue in cheek.
          Same context. Must get permission from Admiral to: work on, go to, refit, etc…

        14. my buddies did fairly better than me around 20 yo – and married.
          So I traveled, and traveled, and ran cool business, etc. much drought, but also much younger and younger international pussy. All good.
          Upon returning home, discovered they are with 40 year old fat harridans. One was divorced and gave up his payed of house. “No problem I’ll buy a new one.”
          Another did the same – she sold the house – blew the money. married him again and took his next house.
          One brags smugly – he is “permitted” a “rub and tug” once a week with an ancient Asian immigrant…
          sad and pathetic…

        15. a vision of hell….
          I got married fairly young, and the only “rules” she put forth were simple: stop fooling around with other people and don’t do any drugs.
          Any women who expects less is not worth marrying.

        16. He should have AT LEAST had the dignity to break your fukkin jaw for talking about his wife like that!

        17. Had this happen to me. Some beta faggot was kinda participating in a conversation between me and one of my best friends. The women were inside talking and we went out for a smoke. We’re talking about this girls tits, or some bullshit we did when we were younger. The cuck went and told his gf everything who then went and told our wives.
          Our wives didn’t give a fuck but that fucker has it coming to him.

        18. It’s like having a “man cave” in the house. The whole house should be your man cave especially when you are paying for it.

        19. More than that @titan000:disqus ; it goes much deeper. Were Sigmund Freud alive today I think he’d say it goes down to a “mommy approval” issue

        20. No, that’s too straight forward. Freud would say it’s because men are not allowed to masturbate in public which conditions men to be more submissive in all of their relationships lol…

        21. What I find especially entertaining about this type of man; he has absolutely nothing to contribute in terms of athletic technique or training regimens. ALL of them are stats junkies. If I find myself watching a sport with one of these idiots I will comment on a technique and it’ll go in one ear and out the other. At this point I’m instantly bored. Then of course the response is, “yeah last week he threw for 300 yards and the week before he threw for 320 yards and….” And let me guess, he threw more balls and accumulated more yards. They do this shamelessly. Then of course who can forget the argument where they take the top two athletes in a sport and argue who is better which usually involves using phrases like, “he fucking sucks!” Are people really this stupid? To use the word “sucks,” to describe a top athlete coming from a man who would probably dislocate his shoulder if he tried to throw a nerf football at his half fag son who’s sitting on the couch smearing his face all over his iPad screen. These conversations are enough to put a gun in your mouth.

        1. Interesting read. Bankers have financed every major modern war known to man. Whether or not they are “Jewish” is a matter of debate. It’s a deep rabbit hole. I believe the real men behind the curtain use the Jews as cover. Insofar as WWII goes, that’s a fascinating subject. I have read so many different accounts of what really went down, that it’s pretty hard to discern what happened and what did not happen. One thing we can be sure of is, whatever they told us in the mainstream media, and in the history books, is untrue…no surprises there – same shit, different day.

        2. “Whether or not they are “Jewish” is a matter of debate. It’s a deep rabbit hole.”
          Yep, and I agree with you.

        3. Freemasons along with bankers who are in fact Jewish (Roethschilds). But not all of them are Jews

        1. I find them inflicting their boring dribble insulting and anti-social. Of course there are social graces and etiquette which works as glue, that should be upheld, but inane natter for the sake of inane nattering grinds my gears. If you’re going to engage in small talk with me, at least have he common decency to ask my opinion on something, and if I’m giving you obvious conversation topics as ‘hooks’ for you to respond to and build on don’t sit there blankly at me, expecting me to carry the weight of conversation. Urgh… I’m ranting now..

        2. I’m not particularly good at having solid conversations either. Sometimes there are people with whom I get along excellently and have lots to talk about and we never run out of topics. With other people, I hardly find enough common ground to exchange two sentences, which makes me feel kinda embarassed.

    1. Sometimes in order to fit in I feel the need to talk sports. It doesn’t bring much comfort but I guess in my case it’s better than nothing.

    2. Been there, done that. Before the manosphere came into it own, I discovered how pointless and dull the Standard American Dream (SAD) was — having had it and then some in my early 30’s. I moved away from my home, neighbors, and American dream because it was just so depressing to see how pointless that life was.
      My peers were were stuck on life’s treadmill, working towards some mythical retirement, which I had attained in my mid-30’s. But instead of having freedom to travel and experience new things as I did, the most exciting things in their lives was the passing of the seasons: football season, baseball season, basketball, hockey, etc. The wives were even more sad, talking about how much of their husbands money they had just spent on “renovating” a new room or whole home, or what new car they had just stupidly spent too much money on — all while drinking way to much wine in the evenings after work and on the weekends. Time was marked by the seasons, and the kids’ school calendar and summer breaks, with a few made-up holidays peppering the blandness.
      I confirmed this a couple weeks ago when I dropped in at the old hood for the annual Halloween for the annual trick-or-treat hangout, only to observe the same ol’ shit/different year, with everyone looking older and even less interesting than I remembered in the past. It was a startle reminder to keep moving forward and not settle for what most people call settling down. It’s a death sentence of the soul.
      My dad didn’t tell me these things, but I’ll pass them on here. Life is a trivial pursuit for 99% of people. Survival, even if it’s a good career and comfortable 4/3 in the burbs with a couple of kids, cars, and mortgages, is still just survival. It’s living in terms of functionality. But it’s not living in terms of fulfillment and lifestyle. Here’s a clue: fullfillment will not be found in wife, kids, house, cars, etc. A man needs to grab life by the balls and get what he really wants, whether that’s banging hot girls, making fuck-you money to buy a fuck-you lifestyle, or just sit in his man cave building cool shit like cars or drones while binge-watching the original Star Trek series and drinking cheap beer. Whatever your thing is, you gotta grab it and fuck the rest of the world who tells you to chase the stupid empty things I just mentioned.
      However, beware! Once you’ve gotten it all, you’re going to have to come up with new shit, or do a Buzz Aldrin. I know. I’ve been there and done that too.

      1. You know being an Elon Musk with ambition to mine asteriod’s or build cheap rockets or funding cancer treatment or eradicating genetic disease or discovering the wonders of earth and space. Being adventurer and explorer.

    3. I’ve know the third man was Michael Collins ever since I learned literacy, simply because one of my training books gave me a quick lesson of Man’s journey to Luna.

    4. The discussion like space colonization interesting things in science and technology or history is the only thing I can find interesting. Its a bloody shame the rest of life is actually at the end of the day very banal. Even though man in truth is meant for higher things and for a higher plane of existence.

    5. I occasionally frequent dive bars to play high-end dive bar pool.
      The flashing lights of multiple tvs is quite amazing. I’m not annoyed by it, but amazed by it…and most guys are there engrossed in the games.
      And I have observed with utter astonishment grown men shrieking like girls in conversation…I shake my head…

  5. I find that 6 stands in direct contradiction to 2.
    If I go for self-employment I want to make it big, create a business (leverage) rather than my own job.

    1. YES! This is what people don’t get. Just because you are a drug addict, miserable, self absorbed sack of shit doesn’t make you special.

  6. I can relate to this article. I started winning around 15 years ago (professionally and personally) and I noticed that my circle of “friends” got much smaller. All of a sudden, my cool “pals” were now jealous and two-faced.
    To quote Hulk Hogan, “If you don’t have enemies, you ain’t making money.”

    1. Success is a two edged sword…. but the example of a spaceman is pretty poor since he had almost no outlet whatsoever to channel his creativity and passion into. I don’t see Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Warren Buffet looking all depressed – – because they have stuff to do… at worst they can start up charities and help the world a little, at best they can build and fund new businesses and mentor younger men to achieve greater things than they did, under their own flag.
      It pays to choose the right career. If you choose ‘young pursuits’ spaceman, footballer, rockstar etc. it’s easy to wind up being irrelevant before 40 with absolutely no outlet, attention, friends, family, colleagues etc – no challenges, no direction nothing… terrible….

    2. You claim to be winning professionally and personally, yet you now have way less friends and you are quoting Hulk Hogan?
      Something is not adding up here.

  7. Reminds me of King Solomon’s experience:
    ““Meaningless! Meaningless!”
    says the Teacher.
    “Utterly meaningless!
    Everything is meaningless.What do people gain from all their labors
    at which they toil under the sun?
    4 Generations come and generations go,
    but the earth remains forever.
    5 The sun rises and the sun sets,
    and hurries back to where it rises.
    6 The wind blows to the south
    and turns to the north;
    round and round it goes,
    ever returning on its course.
    7 All streams flow into the sea,
    yet the sea is never full.
    To the place the streams come from,
    there they return again.
    8 All things are wearisome,
    more than one can say.
    The eye never has enough of seeing,
    nor the ear its fill of hearing.
    9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
    10 Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.
    11 No one remembers the former generations,
    and even those yet to come
    will not be remembered
    by those who follow them.”
    (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11)

  8. Only criticism of Buzz is in later years he was talking about setting up basecamp on Mars’ “moons” which are nothing but small captured asteroids, rather than setting up base on Mars itself. Makes absolutely no sense what he was on about, why would we send humans millions of miles all the way to the red planet and stop short and camp out on asteroidal moons instead of conquering the planet itself. Weird.

    1. I think there was a fear about possible contagious wild bacteria residing in Mars’ surface. They’ve been developing a special protocol to contain unknown microbial extraterrestrial life forms, at NASA.
      And then, there was also the issue of the fuel needed to come back, which would be much less because those moons have a particularly weak gravity…

      1. Right but then still you’ve gotta shuttle back from one of the “moons” to the planet.. so either way our space vehicles would have to be launching off Mars if we’re gonna explore it. I’d think if we can make it to Mars we can get off it with ease with its 1/3 of Earth’s gravity.
        Besides who could resist getting on the planet itself and go exploring? Until we have the technological means to visit Mars itself and solve all these problems, I say there is no point in sending humans there or anywhere else, just send robots. Further, we really have no business spending money on sending humans to other planets until we fix the mess we’ve created here.

        1. We’d have to schlep enough fuel to Mars to break free of its gravity. That still strikes me as being an enormous sum of fuel to fit into a rocket atop the fuel to escape Earth and power over to Mars.
          Sending robots to Mars hasn’t turned out all that well, for whatever reason. CBS’ The Big Bang Theory joked that this was because the engineers crashed the rover in a bid to get laid and, dumb as that was, the truth might be stranger than fiction.

  9. You really hit liberal arts majors hard. while i agree that that a bachelors degree in the arts will make you less money than a stem field, you can go to law school after like I plan to do

  10. Maybe it’s because they never actually went to the moon…? Food for thought. Look it up, it’s on the internet, so you know it’s true.

  11. Common in post-military life as well. For a good many, those 2.5 years that ended with them getting kicked out for DUI will never be matched.

    1. Knew a guy who did something like this intentionally. He seemed to drop off the face of the earth afterward.

  12. A good point that Cappy hinted at in the article: don’t turn your career into an idol. You can be proud of your work if there’s something to be proud of, but it’s just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

  13. This won’t happen for a long time, if ever. The possibilities are endless. Plat out your own journey man.

  14. “we have saved the lives of MILLIONS of young men”
    I wouldn’t be surprised at thousands, but millions? I would expect more variety of commenters in that case.

    1. I’m willing to bet almost all websites get a tremendously low level of comments compared to the amount of people actually reading content.

      1. Yeah, that’s true. But how many people who just read one or two articles are actually “saved”? I’d say that even for a far above-average person in terms of resilience, skills, intellect it takes at least a few months to absorb it all and then maybe a lot longer to truly accept it. Someone who is reading this stuff for months … you would expect to see at least an occasional comment from them. But I seldom see many new commenters on ROK.

  15. Has it entered your mind that Aldrin didn’t suffer from depression and alcoholism because of his excellence, but perhaps because there is something about his excellence that he knows and you don’t? Okay okay, I’m taking off my tinfoil hat. But even if his story is real … what did he really achieve? Landing on the moon … wow. So what. What skills did he need for that that put him above 99% of all people?
    Not every person who are great at something suffer depression. I find it hard to believe that. Also, surely, excellence is very specific. I bet there are many subjects Buzz would have been a total newbie at.
    One thing I can think of that can be a little disappointing, though: When you work in a place where you are by far the best, people always look up to you. They want your help and you give it and it feels great. But you are never really a “part of them”. They do like and respect you, but you don’t get the same experience from the social setting as they do. You are, at least in that regard, a kind of leader to them. Although maybe this was in my case just a result of two incidental factors: Me being very good in the field combined with me having poor social skills.

    1. I was going to bring that up too. Likely they found or saw something on the moon. What is conjecture.

  16. Great piece.
    Also, Michael Collins was the third guy. It really sickens me how America has abandoned space. The moon landings were half a century ago.

  17. Great thoughts again, Clarey. I love coming to RoK, I’m by no means a genius, but I do feel in my home town there is very few people ‘on my level’. It’s great to read, discuss and debate here. Even when we disagree it’s courteous and respectful, and when it gets heated a metaphorical pint is bought at the end of it. We need to strike on through with these meetups!

      1. Maybe I’m not much of a social person but I’m with you guys. I just need some sort of intellectual stimulation.

        1. I think Roosh has stated in the past — not thru them. As they can control it/ shut it down..perhaps?

        2. Well then, you may be right. Lots of SJWism on that site it seems. Saw lots of LGBTQ2582RVM groups and even a black feminist book club. I’m pretty introverted and am trying to work on social stuff.

      2. Perhaps a country/region area on the website, allows for communication in comments section, if you find you two or a group get on arrange something via a burner email???

    1. Wisdom and intelligence aren’t the same thing. IQ is like athleticism, a hand you get dealt. Wisdom is a choice. Are you smarter than the average bear? Maybe. How much does it matter?
      Wise guys beat smart guys all the time.

  18. Well said Mr. Clarey.
    “The solution is in part to find quality people who can be life-long friends, colleagues, peers, and comrades.”
    A life long endavor and you will probably be able to count your real friends on one hand at any given time in your life.
    Most men will hit low points through the course of their lives, some more extreme than others, and slide into depression for a little while. It is how you learn to deal with it which will determine how fast you can snap out of it. No matter the circumstances, you owe it to yourself to soldier on and seek to improve your conditions as no one else will help you. A conditioned mind and hardened resolve will be your best assets, but also being able to be able to be honest with yourself regarding current circumstatnces, resources at hand and the best path forward.
    I also find when searching for agency or what aims a man should strive for, one should temper them regarding what is realistic and what is simply out of reach. The greatest asset a man has is time and as it is finite. Kierkegaard was right. “Between man’s purposes in time and God’s purpose in eternity, is an infinite qualatative difference.” It helps to keep both feet on the ground.
    Enjoy your work and keep it coming.

  19. This article perfectly describes the reason why even though I have the balls to talk to women, I find them so intelectually unappealing that I lose interest before I get them in bed.
    There was a single woman in my life who could stimulate me on all possible levels. That one night stand turned into a two-month romance and everything about it was flawless. Except that it didn’t last forever. I know what kind of woman to look for now but god is there a lot of sewage to weed through!

  20. I used to be the cool uncle. world travel, adventure, international business, etc. Wild and wonderful shit…
    But, not anymore I am “rich” evil white man. They are so fucking brainwashed by the liberal media…
    One nephew finally spoke to me after election day – but sensed I am a Trump supporter, and get the thumbs down…no contact.
    I wish I had/can read more philosophy — most important I think. Not like the other crap we are forced to learn…
    Purchased few books – Marcus Aurilius(s), Schopenhauer, etc
    First bit of Schopenhauer pertains to this issue — we wish to be in state of unhappiness/stress/desires etc. Which is also what Agent Smith said in the Matrix…
    So key is to not be too successful?!?!

      1. that looks well worth it. I love books, libraries reading…
        unfortunately my library of unread books is increasing…
        I don’t read anymore…at least a year since I read a book…
        Only forums — addicted to the real time interaction and drama…

  21. I read half this article then stopped.
    To stop ‘buzz aldrin syndrome’ you need to believe in a Creator.
    That is the only way I have found that depression can fully and comprehensively be abated.
    If you believe that we don’t even know a thimble of an infinitesimal amount of shit as creation compared to the creator, it makes you humble and it makes you strong.
    Yes I’m aware of stoicism and I do think there are some useful aphorisms in there I think in the Abrahamic faiths the books therein have wisdom that can be eternal and immeasurably useful if one was to implement and meditate on it as well.
    And why go back to pagans when you have faith in your monotheistic faith right?
    Nassim Taleb has an awesome bit in his book antifragile about phenomenology and basically the idea that aphorisms from scripture and homespun wisdom dripfed from countless generations of family can be much more useful in many situations then the rigidity of formal BIG SCIENCE today.
    In BIG SCIENCE you’re either a heathen or a zealot, there’s no granularity to say yes this appears to generally linked to this but it’s not one to one and we certainly shouldn’t make policy because of it.
    Examples, renaissance period, da vinci and so on, the way academics teach this shit now is that they posit that the renaissance men were theorists first and then applied their theories to make great works. Which is of course bullshit.
    Their work and adaptive behaviour with their skills, tools and hands informed their designs and thought.
    This reverse rationalism of formal theory onto practical skills happens all the time.
    That’s why engineers get pissed off with physicists so much, because often a physicists models are not at all approaching reality.
    And the mechanic gets pissed off with the engineers because it’s one thing to be taught to make a thing, it’s quite another maintain it. There’s shit you can’t learn in a recommended course textbook.
    So if a man has worries that he will reach a point of achievement and find himself lacking, ofcourse he will. That’s not the point, moving towards God while perfecting ourselves is a goal worth pursuing. And as we see from the story above, a man without a mission quickly becomes no man at all.

  22. Great article. I haven’t even passed the “finish line” of life yet but I already prefer reading Marcus Aurelius, listening to history and science podcasts, or hiking in the desert, when compared to another inane conversation about sports. If I could find a similarly situated friend with red pill awareness and a desire to get out and do things (instead of living vicariously) I’d be ecstatic. But as things stand, I’ll be backpacking alone next week with a copy of Enchiridion.

    1. Reading that, the parallels between that and the stereotypical hipster come to mind. Just swap “Marcus Aurelius” for “Howard Zinn”…

      1. Sure, you eat, and I eat, so we must be the same. I’m sure you also served in the Army, went to the desert as a sergeant in SF, and then became an Infantry platoon leader, just like me. Just a couple typical hipsters. Hahahahaha

  23. I can’t believe people still believe man went to the moon with all of the information available nowadays

      1. I’ve seen a shitload of ‘flat Earth’ sites pop up lately. In fact they’re crowding out the legitimate geology sites. If you google search “the Earth is round” all that comes up is a bunch of ‘Flat Earth’ postings. Since 2012 the flat Earth story has been gaining steam but it’s not officially enforced on humans by the Elites. But it may once again return as legally enforced teaching.
        At first I thought the flat Earth conspiracy sites were funny as shit because they were trying so hard to use logic to prove the Earth was flat. I noticed also with the sites that they used some familiar propagandese. They even used some clever new propaganda lingo jingo that I found interesting, but the propaganda tone gave it away as bullshit.
        BUT WHY? Why push the flat Earth stuff on people? The answer to that came to me when I put my mind for a moment into wrapping my brain around the flat Earth explanation. Then it came to me. What if I were an Elite? I imagined the Earth as flat as they explained and then I imagined myself in the shoes of a person looking down on the ‘dome’ model laid out on a table. How easy it would be to control people and keep them Earthbound. It is like looking down on an ant farm on your coffee table or at a fish bowl full of betas or goldfish. You control and define their universe.
        In the early middle ages, the secret societies were privvy to the spherical Earth model but the blue bloods who were basically carnal Earthly vampires were in the dark. The royalty only ruled the dominion under the perscribed flat Earth ‘tropodoma’, a world that was defined for them and manipulated by the mystery religion elites. Man was kept by the elites as lowly and servile stone chisellers, and the masonwork became magnificent but man still wasn’t allowed to fly. Man was kept servile, immobile and bitchcucked.
        The flat Earth story seems to be taking off and promoted by CIA and other lowlife snakes and assorted sewer tunnel inner Earth morgs, but what we need to watch out for next is the ROMAN NUMERAL SYSTEM (RNS) being enforced upon us. It is a slave system that cannot be used to compute. No multiplication or division, nothing. It’s only good for sequential numbering and issuing identification numbers on parcels, goods OR PEOPLE. It’s a dead ‘toe tag’ system.
        PEOPLE ARE DUMBED DOWN and can barely compute on their fingers anymore. We take calculators for granted but what if the base 10 system were outlawed. Smart screen addicts are trained to only enter info and the answer is spit back at them instantly. People could enter Roman Numerals if that’s all they had and the big bitch beast mother whoreboard computer would crunch back to them the perscribed answers. They may plan to eventually ban the base 10 number system and only teach the Roman Numeral System (RNS) to the non elites. If the elites were the only ones with mastery of base 10 then non electronic computing devices like slide rules would be confiscated. It’s almost impossible to find a good old slide rule anymore. Think how no one can use one anymore. They were great. They could compute logarhythms and more but who knows what a ‘log’ is anymore with the bitchcuck dead RNS when base 10 calculus isn’t even drilled into 98% of humans? With a sliderule, you can compute numbers on the fly without electricity and can outsmart , outmaneuver and outfigure the enemy . . but not if sliderules are banned like ‘dangerous’ swords and firearms. So keep sharp with your base 10 math and calculus. Sharpen up the rusty sliderule tricks and techniques. Keep paper hard copy advanced math and physics books guarded and the bitchslave Roman number system can’t take root.
        Elites have been bitchslapping the common citizen with confiscatory decrees to bitchcorner and bitchcontrol them ever since the first ‘governments’ emerged in history. Government is shit. Elite controllers are shit. Take that for granted.
        Keep an eye on this flat Earth stuff. I used to bring it up with people where I was like “check this shit out”. But now keep an eye on who’s discussing it only light heartedly with curious amusement versus who is trying to give it steam and proselytize it like it is the coming new brand of sunday school. The hard pushers of flat earth reveal themselves as hard drivers for the elite reptoid bitchcontrollers.

        1. My theory is, use ANYTHING to destabilize and misinform the dumbed-down masses, to keep them divided and bickering.

  24. It’s no wonder Buzz fell into despair. THIS is the pathetic Earth creature that fleeced one of the greatest space cowboys of our age in divorce rape court >>>
    And she RRRAPED him. Divorce raped him to the bone. Chewed him up and spit him out just like that. Can you believe it? Divorce rape for the mighty and brave Buzz! Who would dare think to do such a thing? Who would frivously drag this great man, name and all over the coals? . . . Why a CUNT without a conscience that’s who. To backstab an icon of our culture and break their trust like that, it would be like commissioning some crack ape off the street to mug one of our founding fathers or like gangland style squeezing the trigger of a sawed off shotgun to the chest of George Washington or Gallileo. That’s what divorce rape amounts to. Who on earth would be so out of touch with the human community to do such a thing? To take a lethal swipe at a great man like Buzz Aldrin?. . . A bitch entitled feminist enabled CUNT that’s who. We see across our land so much of this. ANY CUNT who’s entitled, spoiled and not kept uniformly wrangled straight by the iron rule of the patriarch would do the same to their man. And it happens on the regular. It is the normal bitch nature of women. So men you must MANAGE MANAGE MANAGE your women always. All women need managed constantly, reamed at will aha the will of their master and kept pruned like any wild growing invasive bush.
    And then it happened to our great space cowboy. Honestly what man would forge into uncharted space for the glory of some surgically altered halloween mask faced cunt? What is taking your balls in hand and treading space when you’re told that it’s all just a vain attempt for mankind to advance the level of creature comforts and extending the shelf life of crazy pedestalized EARTH BITCHES that look like Mrs Rubbermaid?
    Just look at her plasticized skeleton head. I doubt there’s more than 2 grams off pea brain inside that fucking dingbat skull of hers.
    “DING DING” – (bitch goes into a neurotic panic) – Buzz: “calm down cupcake, it’s only the toaster remember?” And the nemesis of our culture, the predatory legal cabal can weaponize a dingaling like her to reap the sweat and blood of a true and proud man of achievement like Buzz Aldrin!
    What man would even bother to voyage in space if it were only to serve an Earthly dingbat? Or ANY Earthly entitled dingbat for that matter? We know that for one thing, many men voyage far and wide here on this Earth, and they travel to foreign lands in search of better pussy, die-hard LOYAL PUSSY, pussy they can claim and plant their flag upon. But what if. . . . imagine what if there were undiscovered pockets of fresh tenable pussy in space? SPACE CHICKS!
    Buzz was one of the few who broke the threshold of Earth’s atmosphere. But what is exploring space with the promise of arriving at nothing more than a pussy desert, and thence to return to an Earth that is just as much deserted of quality surmountable snatch?
    And just what if . .what if there lie beyond this atmosphere young sweet nubile nymphs so sweet that their pussies smelled like pumpkin spice streudel?
    And even their assholes tasted like butter toffee and with hair so green, their natural color being that of tasty pistachio pudding
    (hair not artificially greened for some sjw fad, but greened by the cuprous halides and oxides present on the moons of Saturn)
    Men of balls would bust out the surley bonds of this place in a heartbeat you can count on that. Imagine if there indeed awaited SPACE BITCHES that were inhabiting the wild uncharted cosmos.
    Whooh. Those nipples could cut glass.
    Buzz was one of a handful of true space cowboys but he represented and served under a world order that was pinned under the throes of cuckery and bitchslavery. To colonize and tread where no one has ventured before is a man’s job. But first we must tame and redomesticate the herds of wild bitches on our home turf. We learn from Buzz as we enter an age of patriarchal realignment here on Earth. We will venture skyward again and this time we won’t be quite so PC in our demeanor. From the legion of man, THE PATRIARCH greets you with 23 pairs of chromosomes. Weilding his divine rod of power, it will be your true nature, your humble duty and pleasure to your master to serve and service.
    Where the patriarch plants his flag, the natural order is codified and the wild shebeast creatures succumb to the call of tribeline and species.×9-1024×575.jpeg

  25. OT: Years ago I took an intetrest in the “fake moon landings” rumor and from looking around and compiling the evidence — we were there. This seems to crop up every decade, but there was more than enough debunking of every point brought up below that has been going on from the 70s until today. However, believe what you will.
    What I can’t believe, is Conor McGregor beat Eddie Alvarez like a dog to take another UFC belt.

    1. Awesome fight right? I want to see him fight someone like Brock Lesner now. 5 foot 9 155 versus 6 foot 2 280. That is some roman gladiator match up shit. It would be the best.
      As for moon landing deniers…do people realize that there are retroreflectors on the moon that you can shoot a laser at and have it bounce back to earth? Anyone denying the moon landing is just plain dumb.

      1. Conor putting his hands behind his back in complete mocking form. Taunting his opponents at every opportunity when a camera is in his face. He isn’t just beating them physically.
        Considering the soviets, NASA, contractors, military, studio producers, etc… would all have to be compliant regarding a conspiracy of this magnitude simply susggests there wasn’t one.

        1. That is correct. Even the ore fight chair incident. He is owning their heads before bashing them in

        2. Indeed. He picks them apart in and out of the ring. Awating the day a fighter comes along and doesn’t take his bait.

        3. That is why I think a fight between him and a guy like Lesner would be so amazing.

        4. True.
          I was watching a couple of European boxing (don’t ask) matches on TV a few years ago. The first boxer comes out with usual fan fare and jumping about the ring. They announce the other boxer– big slav from G-d knows where– who simply lumbers down in silence by himself. No one with him. The slav knocks the other guy out in the first 30 seconds, ref raises his hand as the winner and he lumbers back to the dressing room in silence without ever saying one word.
          One of the most satisfying fights I ever saw.

      2. Lesnar would kill him. Just play the old Final Fantasy game if you want matchups liek that.

    2. If a man doesn’t believe we landed on the moon repeatedly, he can’t even be considered a rational man, as a rational man will have enough intelligence and knowledge to work out the truth.

  26. Buzz Aldrin is a piece of shit.
    Great article, but wasted on the wrong man. Robin Williams may have been a great example for this article.
    He, like Hillary, does not deny his crimes. He is a depressed man who cannot get along with anyone because he is sworn to secrecy — and it’s killing him on the inside.
    RoK indeed is a red pill site. However, it’s only about 25% awake (hint: there’s more to life than women). If you knew about the lies Aldrin and his buddies played on the whole world, you’d still only be about 50% awake. Conspiracy theories are not always true, but when there is a mound of evidence that supports the theory that 9/11 was an inside job (completely contradicting the official story), you just gotta ask yourself — what else are they lying to us about besides women, the moon, and 9/11? I’ll provide a primer below, but the last thing I want to comment on is this: maybe the Bible is right. And if it’s right about women and the shape of the earth, maybe it’s right about Jesus Christ.

    1. “Robin Williams may have been a great example for this article.”
      Getting divorced raped twice and hanging yourself?

      1. I suppose I should’ve elaborated on that. What I meant regarding Williams was that he was super successful — but even so, he had severe depression issues. He struggled with the truth, of whether God was real or not — but instead of chasing after that truth, he kept chasing more fame and fortune. It goes to show that even the highest success can still leave you quite empty — or dead.

        1. He had a long history of abusing drugs and alcohol for quite awhile, though I heard he cleaned up, but I won’t pretend to know what condition he was in when he checked out.
          I liked Williams, but he belongs to a big club of not handling fame and fortune very well and I wouldn’t consider him a man to emulate.

        2. As for “men to emulate” in regards to this article, probably some of the best examples are right here on RoK in the comments. It’s often that we see a man who not only woke up to the RP, but decided to do something about it. As for celebrity figures, maybe Robert Downy Jr. could be a good example — battled (battles?) heavy drug abuse, but he’s doing okay now. Albeit, he’s following a very similar pattern to Williams, only time will tell. I’m rooting for his win, along with the men here that are awake.

        3. Well said and I don’t disagree with that assessment. Downy has definitely made a come-back for himself and seems to be doing quite well. Though some men will fail and not bounce back, thats why the RP paradigm is important— to keep from becoming apart of that group.

        4. Robin Williams was suffering from Lewy body dementia, a disease that has features in common with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. He wasn’t of sound mind when he hung himself.

      2. It was Williams’ personal character that was kind of impish around needy and demanding women. He fit in to the part playing a doormat perfectly in Mrs Doubtfire and ‘Vacation’ with Jojo Lavesque. I remember well his tight smile, his shrug and his calm retorts and mumbling comebacks to the vapid witches. Sally field in character wouldn’t last a munite around any red pill crowd like we have on here.
        I don’t believe Robin connected with other men enough to get a red pill crew going. And gold diggers encroached on him. In his movies, when his co-stars were chewing his balls off, he’d tighten up like he was in a straight jacket, unable to grab the bitch like scarface. He’d sit there and make some comment how his bodily functions would be affected if the bitch continued chewing his balls. I’ve never heard him play a part where he bitchslapped a woman straight or kept frame and dominated the hamster. He did marry some overpriced vagabond women who knew how to play on his type. He was similar to Johnny Carson, unable to break out of the midwestern Victorian queen house bitch pacifier with his assuming that women must come at a price. He believed his honesty would be under scrutiny or judged if he didn’t shell out fair and square to a woman’s wants like he’d been taught.
        Women grabbed him by the balls and not the other way around. If only he could have shed his chivalrous conservatism. If only Robin williams had known to grab women by the pussy.

    2. I think Robin Williams is a good example for the article.
      Also Kurt Cobain from Nirvana…He achieved “nirvana” but depression was so overwhelming as there was nothing left to attain, no hope, just the abyss…
      And Williams, makes me so angry to see his movies and know some no-name divorce raping cunt gets all the royalties…lesson to learn…

    3. why is he a piece of shit? For taking a swing at this fat cunt bag? Hell, if I see him I will throw him a jab and tell him it is from Buzz.

      1. If all the stories about the moon and Aldrin are true, then I’d be on his side — punch that fat fuck in the face.
        But if it’s not true, and I do not believe that it’s true — then it means he is a liar, and partakes in stealing my hard earned tax dollars via NASA — the biggest liars of them all. That makes him a liar and a thief as it DIRECTLY relates to my life. I have never lied to him or stole his money. Dunno but ya’ll, but I’d much rather see my hard earned cash go to my family and I.

        1. The moon landing was real. Any claim to the contrary is patently absurd. Secondly, even if he was lying, which he isn’t, no it does not directly relate to your life. You are, of course, free to spend your cash as you will. There are man made reflectors on the moon that lasers can be shot at which will sent the signal back to earth. Moon landing conspiracy theories are all ridiculous.

        2. That’s fine if you want to belieeeeve in all that. I just don’t want my taxes going to someone else’s religion. I don’t make anyone pay for Christianity with their taxes, so why the double standard?

        3. There is no believe. The moon landing happened. Furthermore, the cost to the tax payer was insignificant compared to the importance of the moon landing itself. If you want to believe in Christianity or Barney the purple dinosaur or whatever that’s great man. I’ve got nothing against your hobbies. But being an ignorant dumbass hurts society far more than anything you are griping about

        4. No need to start a fight. Look, the facts are there. If you believe otherwise, it’s fine — I got nothing against guys like you, honestly. My enemy is not my peers, it’s the people that lie to us.

    4. just watched the little old guy smack that annoying fat fuck.
      the eagle landed a good one.
      How all such harassers should be handled…
      I remember Sean Penn was engaged in altercations with paparazzi.
      He also stated he tried anti-depressants but made him dopey and missed the highs…
      I get like that — bit dull for a day or two, then back to manic working… have learn’t to go with my flow…

        1. If Flat Earth is true, how do you account for:
          1. The near total darkness in winter and the near continuous sunlight in the summer, in the extreme northern hemisphere?
          2. Timezones? A flat Earth would be continuously lit (or not) by sunlight (see #1).
          3. The Coriolis effect. Objects rotate in opposite directions, depending on hemisphere. Look at the rotation of hurricanes in the northern and southern hemispheres. Toilets flush in different directions. Stars rotate differently in the night sky.
          4. Inverted moon. The moon appears inverted, when viewing it in the opposite hemisphere.
          5. Ships disappear over the horizon, bottom-first. A flat Earth would have almost no horizon.
          6. Why am I bothering with this???

        2. 6: I hate to use movie quotes, but as Morpheus from the Matrix said, “You can feel it, but can’t describe it.” You’re bothering with it, hopefully, because you’re curious.
          With that said, these are all perfectly valid questions — and they all have answers. I’ll do my best to answer them briefly, but I’d highly suggest checking out some of the latest content on youtube for a real primer, and then going out and repeating some of the experiments.
          0. Before answering any question, it’s probably important to describe the flat earth model. The best model to-date is here:
          1. Alright, so based on that model, you can see the sun has a circuit around the earth. In the winter, it is closer to the edge (the South Pole is anywhere near the edge, and a giant ice wall). So, in the North, it is darker longer during winter. In the summer, the sun is closer to the North Pole (the bullseye on the map). So, that explains how there is extended daytime in the summer.
          2. In this model, the sun is not as large as we we’re taught. It is small, roughly 32 mi. in diameter, and only about 3,000 mi. high off the ground. This would give it a limited area to shine its light. Had the sun been bigger, and higher, then yes — it would illuminate the entire plane, but that is not so.
          3. I won’t claim to understand the Coriolis Effect entirely, but I will say this. In my own experience, I have travelled to many countries, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. As soon as I hit port in Darwin, Australia, the first thing I tested was the toilet thing — and to my surprise, no change. I was then told by my peers “it depends on the toilet”. Hmm… Also, snipers never correct for the Coriolis Effect. As a former infantryman and the best shooter in my platoon, I can tell you this is a fact first-hand. Other Coriolis Effect issues can be explained by “the four winds”, but I’m not ready to publish information on that yet.
          4. So, same thing with the sun — it’s about 32 mi. in diameter and only 3,000 mi. above earth. So depending on where you are on the plane, yes — it would be inverted.
          5. Roads also disappear. . .but from the top first as the cars drive away (as seen in a plain desert like in the Mid-west). The point here, is that it’s perspective. Nothing is going over the curve (and by the way, even ball-earthers claim you can’t see the curve unless you were about 200 KM high in the stratosphere or whatever. . .so of course on earth, you wouldn’t see a curve from only ~60 mi. away neither). What’s really happening, is that objects get smaller as they get farther away from our eyeball’s viewing range. They eventually become so small, that they disappear out of our site from our horizon line. To prove this, you can get a high-power telescope or digital video camera, and bring the objects back into view after they disappear from human perspective.

        3. 1. It appears in your model that the Antarctic Wall is extremely thin in some areas. What would prevent humans (or the oceans, for that matter) from exploring and/or breaching the thin parts of the wall? How (and why?) are there direct Antarctic flights offered between Auckland, New Zealand and Santiago, Chile in 11.5 hours (LATM 800)? Between Sydney, Australia and Santiago, Chile in 13 hours (Quantas QF27)? This is only possible (and practical) on a spherical Earth.
          2. No star 32 miles in diameter would produce enough energy by nuclear fusion, to sufficiently illuminate or heat a planet the size of Earth. Add to this, how do you explain the other planets in the solar system appearing not only spherical, but being heated and illuminated by a 32-mile-in-diameter sun?
          3. Very-long-range snipers DO compensate for Coriolis effect. The bullet curves in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres. This happens because the Earth is spherical and it is rotating, while the bullet is on a straight trajectory. If it travels far enough, it lands to the right of target in the northern hemisphere, and to the left of target in the southern hemisphere. This is true for any ballistic trajectory.
          4. How do you account for total eclipses?
          5. You cannot see New York from Philadelphia, for instance, no matter what telescope you use. If the Earth had no curvature, you would be able to see for hundreds, if not thousands of miles, with a telescope.

        4. 0. Again, gotta look more into the model. The map I provided is one of the best, but there’s more to it than that. Another piece is that we believe a giant dome is over our heads. That helps keep the waters and ice inside. It’s also why NASA hasn’t taken a decent photo or video of earth — because they can’t get high enough (no pun intended).
          One more note — there are billions, if not trillions of dollars that go into teaching everyone about a ball-earth in public school. The only real science about flat-earth never makes it past the White House (have you noticed how Trump recently looks like he’s seen a ghost?). There is NO public money that goes into researching flat-earth things. Even so, I’ll do my best to answer.
          1. Yes, the dome keeps the ice and the waters in. We don’t know at this time how far south the ice wall actually extends. Could be short, or it could be super-vast. Unfortunately, Antarctica is a restricted area — so in this era, it’s not possible to research that. About the flight times — there’s a lot of errors with that, both for and against the FE. For one, people are booking “fast routes”, but after booking, they find their flights “changed” from non-stop to 1 or 2 stops. Seems fishy doesn’t it? Again, we’ll just have to see for ourselves by taking a flight.
          2. There must be tons of different FE theories on how the sun and moon work. I can give you my opinion — I think they are angels of God that give light. They are not “things”, but rather “beings”.
          3. I’ll be honest and say that the very first time I was learning how to shoot, we were told, “Eventually you’ll have to compensate for Coriolis, but not today.” It turns out that day never came for us. One of my platoon members went on to Regimental Sniper School (USMC @ Pendleton), and he said the same thing: no correction taken into account. Other factors keep snipers quite busy anyway, like compensating for wind-change which is a real bitch.
          4. Total eclipses — I don’t got an answer for you on that one unfortunately. I’m still learning about the ball-earth model eclipses before I take a shot at the FE eclipses.
          5. True — if you had the eyesight, you would be able to see across the entire earth — presuming nothing was in your line of sight like fog, mountains, etc. The whole idea behind a telescope is to capture the loss of light that your eye misses, and re-focus it into a small lens for the human eye to see.

        5. There must be tons of different FE theories on how the sun and moon work. I can give you my opinion — I think they are angels of God that give light. They are not “things”, but rather “beings”.
          Is that what you believe??

        6. “For indeed the sun, the great light, often addressed the Lord saying: Lord God
          Almighty, I look out upon the impieties and injustices of men; permit me and I shall do
          unto them what are my powers, that they may know that thou art God alone. And there came a
          voice saying to him: I know all these things, for mine eye sees and ear hears, but my
          patience bears them until they shall be converted and repent. But if they do not return to
          me I will judge them all.”

        7. As soon as the words, “I believe” come out of someone’s mouth (proverbial mouth, in this case), I immediately know they have no argument based in science. To debate further is pointless.

  27. The article says “exhilarating at first”, if you watch the interview the three did(Neil, Buzz and Michael Collins) with the media right after the Apollo 11 mission, all three of them look dejected, stressed and sad. I believe there is something else that we don’t know. Maybe they saw stuff that make them question their faith(both Neil and Buzz were religious), maybe they were made to sign confidentiality papers about some secrets they had to keep until death.

    1. There is a lot of evidence that is only on the “fringe” that all three saw something during their moon trip. Yeah the “theories” range from the astronauts made actual contact with ET, they saw ET civilizations, to they just saw weird things. I don’t believe or know if any is true but it leaves one to wonder why we stopped going to the moon all of a sudden and why we have never been back. Also leaves one to wonder why the Russians had plans on going, but scrubbed them after the last Apollo mission. The Chinese also have pledged to land on the moon, but soon lost their bullishness after a visit from NASA. There is probably nothing up there, but maybe I am wrong. Who knows.

      1. Could be because there’s nothing up there at all. No tangible benefits at all sitting on the moon.

        1. Aside from all the conspiracy theories, the one benefit of controlling the moon is to “weaponize” it. There are international treaties against doing so but when has that stopped any current nation from violating said treaties?
          But, yes, off all the reasons to not go back is there was nothing to see. I think that is a viable explanation. I’ll just let people decide what they want to believe from ET spooked us off to it is just a giant rock in orbit with nothing more interesting then your local park.

      2. It’s well known the Soviet Union couldn’t compete with the United States, at that time, on the technological playing field. Also, as has been said, there really isn’t anything there except dust and rocks.

      3. I didn’t want to be ridiculed so I didn’t mention those things, I’m almost certain that they did in fact see something out there. Every place humans have ever set foot, they colonized, even in extremely harsh conditions like those found in Antartica, man still managed to set up research stations with thousands of scientists. It really surprises me that no effort has been made to set up a scientific research base on the moon.

        1. Who says there aren’t moon bases or a more advanced space program? The US military does all sorts of things we don’t learn about. Just glimpses here and there of little bits. Out in the nevada desert the military flies some remarkable craft on a fairly regular test schedule. Hackers uncovered a personnel list some years ago that listed people as being ‘off world’. True? who knows?

        2. Having a moon base makes more sense in a scientific basis then a giant space station floating above earth. It would be easier to resupply as you could basically have unlimited storage. The moon has some gravity which keeps down on long term health effects. Maybe getting personnel on and off would be harder as you would need some type of reusable entry/reentry vehicle, but come on pretty sure modern science could jump that hurdle. Such a base could be staffed up with hundreds, if not thousands, as opposed to the ten or so crew on the ISS.
          I also wonder why we haven’t sent a manned mission to Mars yet but keep on sending endless rovers and satellites. We have had (arguably) the technology to do it since the 80’s.
          Lack of will? Lack of funds? Nothing worth seeing? Did ET give us a big fat warning not to try? Maybe we have already done it (I mean the Air Force does have a big space ship that goes up on a regular basis)? Was ancient man already there and left markers that would complicate our entire understanding of humanity? Who knows.

        3. The only reason that I don’t think we have some type of top secret, black budget moon base is that it would be too hard to keep under wraps. Traffic to and from the moon would be spotted by the countless private eyes in the sky monitoring space. Even sending up regular resupply missions would get noticed. Rocket launches are really hard to cover up even if done on a secret base in the middle of the desert. (Although I do concede that there might be some highly advanced secret tech that could get the exit velocity necessary to escape the atmosphere which the government has and does not require traditional rockets.)

        4. If the leaks are to be believed they aren’t using rockets. Everyone who sees activity on/near the moon is a kook. You don’t want to be a kook, right? It’s not like people haven’t seen things, they have. Those that talk about what they’ve seen are kooks.

        5. Yes I understand the public pressure not to speak up. But if there were regular supply missions to the moon, in the age of the internet, something would have come out. But, I don’t dismiss the fact that something might be going on up there.

        6. Took me a couple seconds to find people with videos as proof of activity on the moon. Is at least some of it really that? I don’t know. I started watching one video showing something move on the moon. Is it what he says? Is it unaltered? I have no idea. But that’s the bin any private evidence would go into.
          Aliens could land at half-time on the fifty yard line of the superbowl and if the government said it was swamp gas and the light of venus or something just about everyone would accept it.
          That’s just how it works in this society. Until authority agrees it doesn’t matter how much evidence there is of something.

        7. Most of the evidence is the lack of it. You are talking about communication outages, missing photos, obviously doctored video, off the cuff comments made by astronauts, missing “moon rocks” that were catalogued but now can’t be found, etc. But, then again, it is hard to prove a positive with only the negative.
          My best guess is that there is “something” on the moon and there is probably also “something” on Mars which authorities know they just can’t dump in societies lap as it would completely blow up the narrative. I believe that the current surge in Mars related popular media, news, and emerging themes of “ancient astronauts” are just a way to groom society so we can get one big dump of truth in the next 5-10 years that has been known since probably the 60’s without blowing up the system.
          After seeing Trump blowing up a small amount of the narrative and the public reaction, could imagine what would happen if Obama just came out tomorrow and said “yeah aliens they are up there and like hanging out on the Jersey shore”?

        8. If something is going on somewhere in that big mess is a real sighting. Let me make my point another way.
          Since the government first started snooping on telegraph messages there have been people leaking the scope of how government snooped on our communications. There were people that talked about the NSA rooms at the phone company buildings, the taps on internet cabling, all of it. It was all kooky conspiracy theory. Every time mass snooping was brought up in public conversation it was shot down with ‘if it was happening someone would have leaked it’. It was leaked. Nobody listened. Then one day Edward Snowden came along leaked some stuff and authority didn’t blow it off. They decided they wanted to lock him up. Now it’s all real.
          He could have simply been accused of manufacturing every power point presentation and everything else that he released. Ridiculed and dismissed like others had been for decades. But authority this time wanted to make an example of him. So now it’s real. When government or the scientific establishment wants to hide things it goes into the noise of kookiness. The media will amplify the kookiest theories too. It works. Any serious questioning automatically gets ridiculed. The ancient aliens guy with the hair. Can’t have a serious discussion of lost ancient technology now. Thanks TV.
          Then when authority decides it wants to bring something into the open they’ll do so in some manner and all that ridicule fades away. It’s no longer kooky paranoid that the government snoops on everything. It’s accepted. It’s a good thing now. That’s the arc over and over again.
          Normal people don’t believe something until authority says it’s ok to believe it. Then they go along with it. So yeah sure. Someone has probably leaked real information on moon bases if they exist. We can’t see for it the noise. Keeping secrets is hard. Creating noise to hide them and social isolation for those who tell them is rather easy.

    2. I imagine the entirety of the whole thing must’ve overwhelmed them. Travelling that far, that fast and not being sure if you’ll come back – not like a family road trip to Disneyland.

  28. The ending of the movie Concussion is the perfect solution.
    Nobody wants to listen to what I have to say…fine.

  29. Most people will deal with depression at least once in their life. Reasons for it are wide ranging. Sometimes it is just body chemistry. If it happens to you the main thing is don’t blame yourself. Get treatment. Stay the heck away from anti-depressants though unless you cannot literally get out of bed. The answer to getting through is some combination of diet, exercise, and counseling.

  30. There’s some validity to your theory but there is no validity to your applying it to Buzz Aldrin. I’m not great socially. It took many years to realize that I’m less funny, less interpersonally engaging, and though I have only good intentions and wish the best for everyone, I’m just less fun than many people. That causes loneliness which can lead to substance abuse, etc. I wager this is more likely to be the case with BA than that he has no intellectual peers which is kind of a goofy premise.

  31. White men are said to have something called the ‘Faustian Spirit’. In short this is the drive to discover, conquer, and explore. If the white man cannot express his Faustian Spirit, either directly or indirectly, he becomes depressed, purposeless, and suicidal. I think this is why whites under Obama were the only demographic to experience a decline in life expectancy. Obama’s programs for gibs, pointless, wars for the benefit of Jews and other non-whites, and no great goals or achievements in space exploration has led whites to one of their lowest points in history. Alas, Trump represents the rise of the white race, and it’s going to be a very exciting time as we become revitalized and filled with energy and purpose.

  32. “The solution is in part to find quality people who can be life-long friends, colleagues, peers, and comrades. Perhaps even get married if you find the right girl. And no matter what, keep yourself and your mind occupied. Hobbies, interests, pursuits, etc. Inactivity is death. But ultimately, what is going to best prepare you for what’s coming is to simply know it’s coming.”
    To find this, you have to actually search for it, wich means to be conscious about it.
    In a society where being really conscious by yourself is seen as a flaw.

  33. Purposefully avoiding marriage and kids guarantees a meaningless life where the rightness or wrongness of an action can only be determined by it’s alignment with preference, taste, urge, likes and dislikes. One is left logically concluding that the pursuit of endless novelty is the highest moral good as it is the only way to maximize sensory stimulation, however ephemeral and unsatisfying it ultimately is.
    It’s cowardly and selfish. It’s the antithesis of the universal masculine virtue of courage. It guarantees a life of existential angst. Dissatisfaction, diffidence, restlessness, discontent, boredom, and peripatetic wandering is all but guaranteed. All transcendent truths are paradoxical in nature. Discipline sets you free. Self actualizations requires aelf transcendence. Sacrifice imbues your life with an irreplaceable value which affirms your unique humanity. Veneration of the self as the highest relegates your existence to a fungible cog (no matter what the accomplishment), doomed by history to be remembered as one of untold interchangeable carbon units.
    Don’t let fear condemn your life to be ruled by the limits it imposes.

    1. So… other words, happiness comes from creation, not in the pursuit of pleasure. Got it.

      1. The turnover of puas to higher pursuits tend to agree. Hedonism is entertaining for a time but will get boring. Read rooshs articles on it

  34. I had no idea that Buzz Aldrin suffered through this episode. He seems to have recovered and looks happy today. I really hope he is!
    He’s in his 80s and is extremely active. Plus he is still a major bad-ass for smacking that moon-landing conspiracy moron in the face.
    He’s a great American – I wish we had more people like him

    1. Why did he smack the moon conspiracy so called moron in the face ?? I never get upset at someone telling bullshit to me ?? But maybe I could get upset if someone caught me telling porkies ??

  35. Roosh, ROK site loses database connection since early A.M. wed 16th. I can post so long as I’m on this page but a new page won’t open. It goes to blank screen with “error establishing database connection”. Meanwhile RV and RVF are fine.

  36. I don’t know if they went to the moon, because I was not on the ship when it went. But, some of your logic is ignorance based. For example, members of my family worked for a large company which produced the communications equipment for the Apollo program.
    That company was paid and spent millions just on the communications equipment. It was designed at great expense. It was tested every possible way.
    Everything that was done, was done multiple times. IF they had resistors in a box, three people counted them, separately, and had to document that counting three separate times.
    All solder work was not only inspected but inspected by more than one trained inspector.
    They made what was called a visual comparator.A “Golden” version of every subassembly was created by extreme and repeated inspections, and included testing. The visual comparator had a system of lights and mirrors so one could put the perfect sub on one side, and the sub to be inspected on the other side. The lights switched on and off fast enough that even the smallest difference between the two showed up a blinking component, very easy to see any difference at all.
    They ran every possible test under heavy vibration to make sure nothing failed during the trip because of vibration.
    A large number of people were involved. Design people; engineering people; documentation people; quality control people; assembly workers and procedure writers; electronic technicians and test engineers.
    Someone sent me an obituary the other day. A woman died and it was stated in her obituary that she had worked on the Apollo program. There have been many such obituaries over the years. That is how much it meant to all those people who worked on it.
    Yet, after spending all this money, millions of dollars, on a small part of the project that according to you guys was never going to be used, THEY MADE A FAKE LEM OUT OF CARDBOARD AND ELMER’S GLUE?????
    I have a suggestion for you guys.
    1. Reach down.
    2. Grab ears.
    3. Pull.
    Always, when time has passed th skeptics come out of the woodwork, like cockroaches, to emit all sorts of wisdom to show it never happened. Even more after all the parties are deceased. Now that most people who lived through the sinking of the Titanic, some smart aleck White Knights make a movie showing the men on the Titanic being cowards and rapists. They would have not done it when the women survivors were alive because those women would have physically attacked those lying bastards.
    Ditto for the Jewish holocaust. Once almost everyone who survived was dead, it was stated that the Holocaust never happened. But, in Germany they know how to deal with those punks. State that the Holocaust never happened and you go to prison for a long, long time.

  37. Buzz Aldrin is a huge liberal and an asshole. I had the displeasure of meeting him once. He accomplished a lot and that’s admirable but he is still a moron.

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