Shopify Review: They Erased Our Store From The Internet While I Was Fulfilling 55 Orders

To launch a Return Of Kings t-shirt shop, I decided to go with Shopify because of how much easier it is to launch than a self-hosted store. I signed up with them, paid for one year of service, and did a pre-launch with a small group of readers, which resulted in 55 orders. As I began fulfilling them, Shopify pulled the plug on the entire store without warning, both the public storefront and the administrative backend with all our data.

Because of Shopify’s decision, my customers couldn’t access their order status, I had no way of informing them of what happened, and I couldn’t fulfill remaining orders. They put both me and 55 individuals in the lurch for no legitamate reason, forcing me to threaten legal action in order to get enough information to complete fulfillment of all orders.

The Backstory

There are many open source solutions for hosting a web store. The problem with them is that it takes extra time to create the store and maintain it, compared to services like Shopify, Squarespace, Bigcommerce, Magento, and others. To get the ROK store up and running as quickly as possible, I picked Shopify because of their competitive prices, not knowing that I was in for a far greater price down the road.

After I set up the store, featuring photos of yours truly in our first t-shirt, I collected email addresses of those who were most interested with participating in the pre-launch. I sent this group an email announcing the store and 55 of them took action, ordering a t-shirt or two.


The shirt in question

During this time, I received an email from a Shopify risk analyst by the name of Justin. He asked me to send in identification, which I was happy to do, and then asked me for more information:

Thanks for signing up with Shopify Payments and providing your ID.

In order to complete this initial review and ensure payments continue to be sent to your account we would need a little bit more information.

If you could send me any documentation you may have to validate the business that would be great. Examples would be a business bank statement, business license or business registration documents.

Could you also confirm where you’re primarily operating your business from?

I sent in my business incorporation documents, my IRS employer number designation, a recent bank statement (from my US-based bank), and a note of how I often travel through Eastern Europe, but that my business, bank accounts, and tax status all reside in the United States. In spite of that, Shopify unjustly classified me as a foreign business and gave me no means to dispute it.

Unfortunately, Shopify Payments is currently only available to companies that are based in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, so we are not able to help with payments for your site right now. It’s frustrating for us to have to turn down good businesses, but we need to make sure we’re abiding by both US and international regulations. This means that any successful charges you have will be transferred to you on schedule, but you won’t be able to use Shopify Payments to accept any further payments.


Despite the information provided, our payment processing partner needs to ensure that the shops are based, operating from and have a substantial presence in the United States.

Ultimately, their decision is final and we must respect it.

According to the United States Federal Government and the IRS, my company is American and liable to pay American taxes, but to Shopify, I’m not an American business. The repercussion from this was that I couldn’t use Shopify’s own payment system (Shopify Payments) and had to pay a 2% extra commision on all orders, but this wasn’t a huge setback since there were many other payment options. I stayed the course because I wanted to do an on-time opening for my readers. I could always change stores later when it was convenient for me.

The Disaster

I have a worker based in the United States who maintains the shirt inventory and is charge of shipping them out. He printed most of the shipping labels for the first batch of orders and got ready for shipment. Before he was finished, I tried to log into the admin area of the store to monitor his progress and saw this:


The public storefront was also taken down. There was no longer any way for me to know who my customers were and what they ordered. I couldn’t even send them an email. I then received this from Justin:


I’m afraid that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk for customer disputes that we will be unable to support on Shopify.

We will transfer your existing payments to you, but will be unable to accept any additional payments on your behalf from Shopify Payments.

I’m sorry we won’t be able to help with your business.



After I read this email, I was absolutely livid. I’ve been doing business on the internet for over fifteen years, and have never had a situation where a company pulled the rug out from under me and my customers in a way that I would personally classify as fraud.

They allowed me to take 55 orders, begin processing them, and then removed all access so I could not complete fulfillment. Imagine if you bought a shirt from me and then tried to access the store to see the status of your order. You would have no way to know what’s going on and would probably think that I took your money and ran. Shopify created a situation of unneeded worry for 55 individuals while directly hurting my reputation as if I’m running some sort a scam operation.

The Phone Call To Support

I called support and got on the line with a Level 1 support tech. I told him the situation as calmly as I could. His response: send an email reply to Justin. This was unacceptable because politely complying with him through email beforehand had only resulted in the deletion of my entire store without warning. I demanded to speak with someone from the risk department but the support tech told me there was no way to patch me through since he was working remotely. I was not calling Shopify’s main office but someone sitting in the middle of nowhere in his pajamas.

I also told the support tech that there was no further information asked of me, that this was a unilateral closing of my shop while I was in the middle of fulfillment. If Shopify is so worried about fraud, why would they leave 55 individuals in a position where they would believe they got defrauded and start initiating chargebacks with their credit card companies? I had no choice but to threaten legal action. I told the support tech that if Shopify doesn’t give me a way to complete these 55 orders, I would pursue all legal means as a response to what I saw as fraud.

The support tech put me on hold. After a few minutes of chatting with the risk team, he said that they have given him permission to send me a CSV file of all my orders. I decided that this was enough to satisfy the 55 individuals who purchased from me, but it still didn’t allow me an easyway to process exchanges or refunds if one of my customers was unsatisfied with the shirt.

Before ending the call with the support tech, I told him to relay to Justin and his team that they have created so much ill will by the way they have treated me that I will ensure that everyone knows exactly what they did, not just to me but also to my customers, who had an unfortunate experience because of their e-commerce platform.

Using the CSV file I received, I was able to contact my customers to let them know of the situation and complete fulfillment. Many of them have already received their t-shirts in the mail.

The Lesson

Shopify has every right to choose who to do business with, and I would not be particularly upset if they said I have to go elsewhere after fulfilling open orders, but the way they removed all access from my store is absolutely reprehensible and the stuff of nightmares for a business owner. No owner wants to wake up one day and find that everything is gone with no way to contact his customers. I have never been treated so poorly by an American internet business before, and I’m confident that any business who treats people in this way won’t be in business for long.

Maybe my situation was special, as I am often abroad, but Shopify operates as if its customers are not even allowed to take a vacation out of the country. If you log in from a certain IP address pool, their algorithms go crazy and here comes Justin to hit the delete button on your store with one click.

Whatever the reason, it’s important for existing and potential Shopify customers to know that it doesn’t take much for them to shut you down at any moment and for any cause. They will take all your information and prevent you from contacting customers or fulfilling orders. Your only recourse to receive your data is to threaten legal action, and that may be no guarantee of success. If any of my friends ask me about which web store platform to use, I will strongly warn them against Shopify.

As for the ROK store, I’ve decided to try the open source method. Hopefully we will be ready for orders again within two months.

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178 thoughts on “Shopify Review: They Erased Our Store From The Internet While I Was Fulfilling 55 Orders”

  1. Well I’m glad I got mine! I’ve been wearing it proudly to the gym on my college campus. I’m rocking the ROK Sticker on my laptop and the Roosh V magnet on my fridge, thanks for the bonus swag Roosh!

    1. To be honest, I am expecting it. SJWs in the company decide to have the store closed after being trigger one to many times by RoK.

        1. if that gentleman ever encountered manginae darkening his doorstep he would be sure to thrash them and box their ears but only of course in strict accordance with marquess of queensbury rules as decorum requires

    2. This should also be a lesson on backup data. Don’t trust outside sources with all the data. Always consider what might happen to the business if the earth opened up and swallowed your host’s servers. It is a good thing it was in the beginning with only 55 customers rather than 5500 (imagine the nightmare). There should be a way to have some kind of on-site data backup or secure cloud storage just in case. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

      1. Posted as much further down. The only web services I use allow me full control of my data (amazon AWS). Even then I don’t put confidential information, leads etc…on anything but my personal servers, and I retain backups on site. If I was shafted by one sytem I would be backup in a few hours.

    3. “No pussy was ever grabbed.” Well, given that I see two pussies in this picture, and they undoubtedly grab each other, I’m calling bullshit.

    4. THIS is why I always for “forward observation” on all businesses I deal with. If I don’t see fellow shitlords runing it, I don’t bother.
      There are some exceptions: the bigger ones that don’t know who they are dealing with, and I do a little “shadow corp” stuff as well via the mailing addresses and accounts I use. Thus I can look at one company in New York that sells electronics and it’s SJW infested, right down to manginas and fat women with black lipstick, and still use them and bask in the fun fact that I’m using their products for firearms related projects. Something they would freak the fuck out if they knew about.
      And if they did find out I can go somewhere else. I use a lot of free resources from them too, and all that is just a virtual machine away (if they start blocking by MAC address).

      1. And that distinguishes you from feminists. You look ‘is this a person I wanna do business with’? Feminists are more like: This person SHOULD abide by my values and SHOULD do business with me the way I want and if NOT, then I’ll force them.

    5. Of course it was politically motivated. They just invented the excuse that Roosh was operating a foreign business to knock his storefront offline because Roosh stands for everything that the rabid progressive left shits their pants over. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Shopify is providing grief counselors at its own expense to help the simpy, effeminate manginas and rabid blue-haired feminist cunts in their employ to “cope” with a Donald Trump presidency.

  2. You can set your own shop using WP+WooCommerce or Prestashop and some cheap template ($35-$55) in less than a day (with the help of someone web-savvy it can be even quicker), these SaS e-commerce platforms tend to be expensive crap.

  3. Sounds like they realized they’d be selling “rapist” shirts and had a quick staff meeting, the results of which were basically hahahaha, let’s fuck this guy and his readers!
    Liberals and ethical business practices rarely intersect.

    1. Conservatives do the same by refusing to cater gay weddings, etc.
      We are a divided nation. I’m thinking of scramming for a while.

      1. Lol, nice illustration of your defective liberal brain. Roosh’s example has nothing to do with a company choosing whom to serve (or not). It involves screwing a customer that they already agreed to serve.

        1. Its all in the timing, chief!
          Like lokneee said before – they should have said right off the bat: “sir, I don’t care for the cut of your jib and I wil not do business with you.” or somesuch.
          Instead, they changed their minds effectively mid-transaction!

        2. Um, no, they already committed to serve him and then pulled the rug out after orders had arrive, exposing him to potential lawsuits from dissatisfied customers. If you can’t see a difference, then you are fully blinded by your foggy, vague leftism.

        3. Dude, you would be the first person in my entire life to call me foggy, or vague. Anyways, this isn’t about me.
          I already stated above that since the orders were in process, it was an extra helpingof stupid. Call off your one-man attack dogs.
          BTW, that conservative pizza parlor in INdiana that refused to cater gay weddings? Raised $55,000 from supporters.

        4. Cake shop. I was talking about cake shop. And they were screwed over hard for daring to not violate their religious beliefs for two twits who purposely targeted them to get a court case.
          And I said your “foggy, vague leftism”.
          It was stupid, but it was also highly unethical and likely could have resulted in many lawsuits. All to preserve their apparent SJW identity. Why would you go to bat for this with your constant Argumentum Tu Quoque?

        5. Nothing wrong with playing devil’s advocate. Just make sure you apply logic and reason evenly to both sides.
          Holy hell I just sounded like parochial school debate coach….

        6. Um, you were doing argumentum tu quoque. Nothing more.
          So anyway, off to other posts. Slainte.

        7. Yes, AFTER they realized who the customer is and AFTER they had already started a business transaction.
          Apples and oranges comparison when you’re talking about bakery owners who tell gay people thanks but no thanks before any money changes hands.

      2. “Conservatives do the same by refusing to cater gay weddings, etc.”
        And they sue for discrimination, homophobia, racism, sexism etc. Seems like it’s always tails we lose, heads they win.

      3. Roosh should open a gay wedding cake bakery. Then when the happy couple and guests tuck in to the spongey goodness, they’ll reach an extra layer of ROK trigger shirts

        1. Step 1: Create False Identity of Bruce Fagginton
          Step 2: Learn to Bake
          Step 3: Open gay bakery
          Step 4: Build loyal clientele
          Step 5: wait for just the right fags to troll
          Step 6: ??????????????
          Step 7: Wedding cake that says “Happy Wedding You Degenerate Faggots”

        2. of course you would have to reveal the entire plan as above in your request for a business start up loan. Immediate 200k approval guaranteed

        3. This is basically the way Al Queda operates. What you need to do is have Osama Troll Laden who gives out individual funding for trolling operations.

        4. Trump will divert UN HeforHer funds from third world women’s groups to brave rebels such as the men of ROK just as Hillary diverted Libyan arms to Al Nusra.

        5. Step 1: Create False Identity of Bruce Fagginton
          I suggest going a shade more subtle. Try Patrick Fitzhenry or Henry Fitzpatrick.

        6. YES!
          Thank you, Yossarian. Heh. I feel sometimes like I’m the only person left alive who read that book.

        7. You kiddin’ me?! That is in fact my favorite book of all time!
          At the end of his life, Joseph Heller lived about 2 hours away from me. My friend and I were planning to drop in on him but alas, we waited too long…RIP

        8. Heller was a one hit wonder, but oh, what an amazing hit Catch 22 was. One of my favorite books as well. When you wrote “Irving Washington” the first thing that came to my mind was Yossarian sitting in the medical ward censoring letters in amusing ways.

        9. I read, a lot, and Catch 22 never really spoke to me. I tried it again a couple years ago and put it down halfway through. Of course, my favorite book is Starship Troopers, so maybe I like my commentary a little more biting.

      4. there is a difference between refusing to do business with and pulling the blanket out while outstanding orders are in process. If shopify would have said “no roosh, we have ideological differences with you and your business and don’t want to be in business with you” I wouldn’t think it is a problem at all. To go in to the point where 55 orders are pending and then just delete his site is bullshit.

        1. Agreed, if the orders were in process, then that’s just an extra helping of stupid.
          Whether on the left or on the right, it all seems pointless to me. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

        2. why not? Why can’t a house divided not stand? Since the birth of this country it has been divided. I would think that a house that doesn’t have healthy divisions and debate stagnates and dies.

        3. And a) the house is still divided and still standing and b) I just checked my IPhone, it is no longer the 19th century…different rules apply

        4. yeah, but I am pretty certain that had to do with him wearing that really ridiculous and, frankly, totally unnecessary hat in a theater.

        5. I’m sorry, but if you wear a top hat in a theater you are just asking to get shot in the head. Very inconsiderate! We are trying to have a civilization here

        6. I fear men who stand 6’20”. Fucking monsters they are.
          Abe Lincoln had a thin, high voice. When you think of him speaking, you think of this deep masculine voice that has a profound dignity to it. Turns out, he sounded a bit like Elmo.

        7. Its saddened me to know he was undone by a night of drinking and rich food…I mean RICH food, but I wasnt expecting it…osso bucco, 5 martinis, 18 canoli, and some sambuca…maybe that coffee bean put him over the edge

      5. The conservative bakery in question was clear from the outset about not baking a cake for the homos.
        This incident with the T-shirts was at the stage of payment made & completion of order fulfillment implied. What they did demonstrated straightforward lack of professionalism & business sense.
        The type of snivelling, sneaky, low T behavior that warrants a mass face punching along with loss of business.

      6. Um, no, those “conservatives” are sued and put out of business for not violating their own well known religious beliefs. Nice try though.

        1. On “No Double Standard” day, Roosh can take those Shopify douchebags to court and make them cut a check for his feels.

  4. I’m reading this at a time where I am considering shopify. This is not good to hear I’ll be looking at other eCommerce companies now.

    1. and if they fuck you over you can say “fool me once, shame on me….fool me twice, shame on WOO!”

        1. Homer: Okay, Artie, you get her for the weekend – but no funny stuff. And by “funny stuff” I mean hand-holding, goo-goo eyes, misdirected woo – which is pretty much any John Woo film…

  5. This is a warning to anyone who does business with anyone called Justin. Roosh, you need to reach out to Peter Thiel, and get him to back a legal action against these cunts.
    Liquify shopify

    1. No need. After all, it’s a free country, right? If they want to alienate potential future customers, they should be free to do so. Just like Roosh should be free to ridicule them for their stupidity.
      They made good on the list of people who ordered, so no real harm done, except to their own reputation.

      1. it would be quite funny to see Roosh sue them for damage to his business reputation.
        No, I don’t mean his reputation with the MSM. If you think about it ROK has provided a consistent, reliable service, and a hostile, and arguably ideologically motivated ‘attack’ such as this could have damaged that reputation

  6. “I’m afraid that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk”
    ” reviewing your information and website”
    “reviewing your….. website”
    I smell discrimination.

  7. In these paranoid PC times where having a voice outside the approved script makes you a target, you gotta roll your own or get rolled.

  8. Site like Shopify, Twitter, Facebook are designed to monopolize the internet and impose control. The trap they use is called convenience. We as men should always be suspicious about services whose main selling point is convenience.

    1. Convenience is a bad thing in general.
      I had to learn it the hard way by ruining my dim light vision with higher order aberrations induced by a LASIK eye surgery.
      I quote myself from the comment section of Rooshs podcast on Stoicism:
      “This is what you get from going the comfortable way instead of going for the stoic way (being humble and appreciating what you have).
      You can climb a mountain (stoic) or fly on top of it with a helicopter (comfort).
      You can hit the gym (stoic) or eat at McDonalds (comfort).
      You can wear glasses, which are totally safe (stoic) or risk your eyesight because not wearing glasses would be more comfortable.
      Do not choose comfort, guys. Be humble. Work hard. Exercise hard.”
      Or in this case: Code hard.

      1. Could you tell me a little about the downsides of LASIK? I have bad vision that is perfectly satisfactory with contacts and glasses, but I am beholden to the optometrist and the survival of western civilization to be able to see well.

  9. why do you need Shopify? You can use the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress, its easy and very reliable to use

      1. a good deal; its not that great for huge stores but for small ones is very good, plus you have the total control of the stock, prices, deliveries etc

    1. Did you read the article? Shopify is not being used any more. The t shirt sales will be hosted directly, not by a third party.

  10. This smacks of political motivation. Your tax is id and IRS records should be enough evidence that you are domiciled and based in the USA.
    But it would not surprise me in the least if they knew who you were – and don’t forget what you said in your video about the future of the world on how those eho are anti-globalists will get subjegated within 5 years.

    1. Whatever they motivation, this is just awful customer service. It shouldn’t be done like that. Level of escalation is just crazy. It is like going full retard.
      But you might be just right. It is not hard to google roosh.

  11. Roosh that shirts looks dope as fuck. I love the color and design. I can see myself walking extra tall while wearing it. I shall be requesting my brother (who thinks i support a rapist (you)) buy me one for christmas.

    1. It’s Latin. “God Wills It,” is what it means. It was a battle cry of the Crusades which was effectively western, European culture against militant Islam. As we stand for patriarchal values, we sort of share the sentiment.

  12. I run a few shopify store myself. I’m living in the US. I’ve had consulting clients who have had issues with getting approved for shopify payments since they are only available in the states and a few other countries. Idk why they would just shut everything down with your store. Ive never had any of these issues. Here are a few suggestions: Sign up again but this time use a family member’s information (USA address, bank account and SSN) You shouldnt have an issue with that. Another issue i see is that again as i mentioned Shopify payments isnt availble in most places. Look at services like and Net billing for your credit card processor. If you decide to go with a family member’s info then look into signing up for Stripe and use them for your credit card processer. Let me know if you have any questions ,I’ve been doing Shopify since janurary of this year I’d be happy to help.

      1. I really am shocked as to why they would do this. I know plenty of digital nomads using shopify traveling the world and using shopify. I have Virtual assistants in the Philippines that log into my store to help me out while im traveling all over the states. Really is a very rare unusual situation for sure. I still think shopify is the best e-commerce platform out there hands down. Maybe it was political?

  13. That sucks, Roosh!
    But I received my T-Shirt today and I’m very satisfied!
    The 2 stickers that came with it are a nice touch, I will be sure to glue them in a spot that will trigger the maximum level of butthurt possible (near a college campus for example).
    Good job, keep up the good work, and I will be sure to order again once you get a new shop up and running!

  14. That passive aggression in his email, lol.
    Grew up with a family business, one that was moderately sized, not a 50k a year mom and pop store. I can’t go into details due to legality, but assume everyone is secretly a shithead and could screw you at any moment.

  15. It’s always best to roll your own store front. There are many open source shopping carts out there that are pretty quick and easy to setup on your own server. In fact all the major blog platforms have cart plugins too, you could probably sell them directly off of this site with a wp cart plugin.

  16. Meanwhile storefronts catering to completely, totally, and in all ways immoral degenerates, are up and running just fine.
    Interesting times indeed.

  17. While ao feel the pain of getting screwed. Its yet another reason to never succeed control of any part your business to anyone. All of the services these web paltforms offer can typically be duplicated with a $100 template and some downloadable script from your preferred financial processor

  18. Tell me if you need to set up a store. I’m a mechandiser and “brand enhancer”, based in India, a lover of “womanism” and a hater (strong word) of feminism, and an RoK regular (man with balls).
    If you’ve already found a solution, a tip: go for your independent solution. Don’t dilute your brand by mixing with other existing solution. It will pay big time in the long run.
    To balls!

  19. Got my shirt in the mail today. I wasn’t sure what happened after I put my order in, as Shopify never even sent out confirmation – but they were happy to charge me.
    Your Integrity is as solid as I’ve come to hope. Cheers, Roosh!

  20. By the way an article is great to get the word out. It certainly got me on the fence about going with shopify. I’d recommend you do a video about it. This is something people need to know about! A lot of people think it’s easy getting into the online business. It’s valuable information to share on youtube that will get people wondering if this company is worth their time and money!

  21. I signed up with them, paid for one year of service, and did a pre-launch with a small group of readers, which resulted in 55 orders.
    I mean, it’s kinda shitty of them to do that, but maybe it wasn’t a smart move to pay for a full year when you could’ve had a 14 day free trial to test the waters before fully committing. Plus, it’s a Canadian company.
    I sent in my business incorporation documents, my IRS employer number designation, a recent bank statement (from my US-based bank), and a note of how I often travel through Eastern Europe, but that my business, bank accounts, and tax status all reside in the United States.
    Why would you even bother telling them you travel extensively throughout Eastern Europe, when they didn’t even ask for that info??
    No owner wants to wake up one day and find that everything is gone with no way to contact his customers.
    Dude, this was an order for 55 shirts. It wasn’t like your entire livelihood vanished without warning.

  22. I’m sure Shopify is run by feminists. Like most large companies with some form of affirmative action, the women or manginas who reside in them will take matters into their own hands to suppress any pro-male activity. Men should start taking their business from Shopify elsewhere.
    PS. Roosh, got my shirt. Looks great and thanks

  23. I stopped in at the local county fair last summer and the local Republicans had a tent in the row of vendors. Next to some biker dude selling swords was the Republican’s tent. I chatted up the old ladies running the Rep’s booth and commented how real red pill women should be at home tit feeding. I told them to pass it on to their daughters or grand daughters. We’re a nation of young developing junior red pillers. The nation’s babies are HONGRY for tittie maw maw and their growing brains, teeth and bones need the colostrum and calcium to prevent the bow-leggedness we see in the flat chested shitlib’s poor kids.
    Well they offered me free pencils, a republican logo beer can koozie, refrigerator magnets and a tee shirt.
    A TEE SHIRT. I accepted the tee shirt but told them I have a million tee shirts. What I really need is socks and underwear. We discussed the idea of printing up SOCKS for the next year’s fair.
    WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA one of the blue haired ladies quipped. Knee socks printed up with logos are like a moving advertizement. It’s ingenious and socks are cheaper (three to one) to purchase and print up.
    Roosh you should try ROK socks!!

  24. I had the same problem with Gumtree now that Ebay bought them. Don’t get me started with the PC policies I have to follow. The cunts terminated my ads cause I made changes to it while on holiday overseas. Can only changed it in my home country.

  25. Worth running by your attorney. When clients or other businesses try to screw me I always drag them through muni court myself, even at a $ loss. Sets a nice precedent.

  26. Do not worry Roosh. Brothers who ordered the T-Shirts are very well aware of the situation. We all know that Pussies are trying to stop us in every possible way they can.
    Here’s my appeal to the Brothers who ordered T-Shirts: Let’s stand united and fight for justice. Please co-operate with Roosh.

  27. relay them a message:
    tell them – DEATH will come straight for them.
    Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  28. Did you send out a second notification? I have revived the message with the password and the approximate time. Every time I have gone to the store it says ” We are currently performing some scheduled maintenance. We will be back as soon as possible.” Did i miss the window of opportunity or are they cock blocking you harder than originally thought.

  29. Though their reaction may not have been content based (they might not have cared about anything political going on over at ROK), that they so capriciously struck down your store with no warning is total bull – they could be more professional than leaving it to some kid’s mouse click while working remotely in his pyjamas.
    Unfortunately I’ve come to expect this level of treatment from silicon valley dweeb-run companies staffed by millennials from poor upbringings. I guess nowadays it’s a plus you didn’t get referred to some call center in India.

  30. Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m disappointed. I have used shopify in the past
    for online furniture company as an independent contractor and I was satisfied with their customer service and liked their functionality and ability to insert HTML codes in their css tabs. I will probably reconsider doing business with shopify after reading your story. Sorry to hear that you had to go through this.

  31. Sorry that happened to you Roosh. I used Shopify in the past and they never asked for any of the kind of documentation they requested from you. I started a business on a whim and within a couple weeks was already collecting payments from customers. Seems like they targeted you in particular for other reasons.
    This is the problem with using any platform that’s owned by someone else. I made my living on Amazon all this year before having my whole product line pulled without warning. I think this was a blessing in disguise for you…you don’t want to be dealing with switching away from an out of the box solution once you get some real sales volume going. It makes sense for you to start doing more of your book sales on your own site anyway….who knows if Amazon will pull your books some day, plus you won’t have to deal with the negative reviews from trolls.
    Best of luck with everything.

  32. I received my shirt in this week. Thank you again Roosh and RoK for all that you have done and continue to do for all men.

  33. Never give any financial or internet company details of your out-of-country activities.
    It always causes problems with banks, insurance, Amazon, Ebay.
    If you are a US citizen, you live in the US and never leave.

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