4 Goals For The Neomasculinity Movement During Trump’s First Term

Gentlemen, I am filled to the brim with joy. We have successfully thwarted the globalist’s plans to ruin America—we’ve fought against the big banks, we’ve fought against the Satanic pedophile Elites, and we’ve fought against the corrupt mainstream media.

But, the battle is not over yet. We still have much to do if we wish to make America great again. This will not be an easy fight, for we will certainly face much resistance along the way. Expect the cucks and liberals to throw temper tantrums as their safe spaces come tumbling down, expect the mainstream media to demonize the alt-right, and expect the elites to do everything they can to stop us.

They will not stop us, though—no, we are far too powerful. The wheels of truth do in fact turn slowly, but alas, they turn! And they are growing in speed as we blaze towards victory. Here are four goals that we must achieve on our path to victory.

1. Dismantle The Mainstream Media

mainstream media

As more and more of us start to wake up, the media will begin to sense this—in fact, they already have. Have you wondered why they’ve started to cover anti-Hillary stories? It’s because they realize that they’re losing credibility.

The mainstream media is very well aware that they’re losing their chokehold on the American public’s mind, so in a last ditch effort, they’re trying to seem unbiased. Do not buy into their lies—it’s all a giant farce; an attempt to regain their former credibility.

Over the next four years, it will be extremely important to start dismantling these outlets. It’s time to call them out for what they are. Start sharing alt-right stories on Facebook and Twitter, get our message out there. Don’t watch any mainstream media. Don’t buy mainstream magazines, don’t watch their news shows, hell, don’t even pay for cable. Do everything you can to bleed their pockets dry.

As more and more money moves away from the mainstream media, it will naturally move towards alternative news sources—sites like Return Of Kings, Info Wars, Matt Forney, and Danger and Play will become the new media.

Don’t expect this to happen at first, however. In one final cry, before its gory death, the media will proclaim that there is a new “racist, xenophobic” enemy that helped Donald get into office: the alt-right. Expect them to demonize us. Expect them to lie about us, to scream and shout, and to protest. This is fine, however—for we are anti-fragile. The alt-right is in a very unique position.

Any and all hatred towards the alt-right will be a net win for us. Why? It’s simple: any publicity is good publicity. A single mention of an alternative news site by the MSM can, and often does, net us tens of thousands of new viewers. In other words: if they ignore us, we continue to grow in power. If they attack us, we grow even faster. They can’t win.

2. Drain The Swamp

Everything that we’ve done up to this point to get Donald in office will be completely pointless if we don’t drain the swamp. This is our one chance—we have four years to do this.

In order for us to bring about permanent change in this country, we need to hold the cucks and libtards accountable for their actions. Anyone who pushed the pro-Islam agenda, rape culture, or feminazi philosophy must be called out for the traitors that they are.

The elites, the corrupt bankers, and the globalists must all be brought to light. In order for us to bring about true change, and to prevent a globalist dictatorship from happening in the near future, we must ensure that at least 25% of Americans are aware of the elites’ “conspiracy” by the next election.

This is a grass roots movement, and it is growing in power—but we must take away power from those who tried so hard to fight us. Now is the time to cause a ruckus and email your representatives. Now is the time to demand Hillary be thrown in prison. Every single person involved in Hillary Clinton’s private email server must be thrown in jail. Pedophiles and Satanists such as Anthony Weiner and Marina Abramovic, and traitors such as Huma Abedin and Comey must be thrown in jail for their crimes.

Now is the time to clear out the murky waters—to sift through the dirt and rotten garbage lurking below. I believe, that once all is said and done, America will enter into a new age of prosperity. The patriarchy will return.

3. Normalize Straight Males

For too long have men been oppressed, by the very civilization which we created. We have let the SJW’s and culture warriors back us into a corner, but we’ve finally started to fight back. More and more men, upon being exposed to the manosphere, are starting to wake up and take the red pill. We’re starting to realize, as a nation, that there is no reason to be ashamed of being white or being a man.

Once we start to dismantle the mainstream media and drain the swamp, most of this should happen naturally—it was only through the artificial social engineering that being a white male became a crime.

But, we can’t stop here—it’s time to start slowly red-pilling our blue-pilled friends. The best way to do this, is simply through osmosis. Don’t try to convince them with logic, because they did not arrive at a blue-pilled position through logic. They did so through emotion.

Simply be a beacon of masculinity. Be confident in yourself, be assertive, and don’t cave into ridiculous HR requests or political correctness social pressures. Again, once the mainstream media is dismantled and the manosphere grows in popularity, our movement will gain strength exponentially.

The normalization of males, especially white males, is essential for our culture to continue—the second that we started to become ashamed of our heritage and of our nationality was the second that the cucks started closing in. We cannot give them an inch, or they will take a mile.

This is not to say that our country shouldn’t accept immigrants—IF they go through the legal process. How did it get so far that it became socially unacceptable to shame ILLEGAL immigrants? Again, ILLEGAL immigrants? Like I said, it got this way due to an overwhelming amount of white guilt. Do not be ashamed of your heritage, men.

We have made a gigantic step towards national sovereignty with Donald Trump being elected as president, and we cannot let this victory go in vain. We must push onward and continue to normalize what is NORMAL. Being a straight male, white or note, should be the norm, not being a transgender, green-haired, SJW.

4. Get The Law On Our Side


As our grass roots movement picks up more and more steam, I believe that the pressure we create will naturally push judges and lawmakers to change our corrupt legal system.

First things first, we must create laws that treat men and women as they should be treated. Too many laws are skewed in favor of women. Now that women have the right to work, we must remove alimony—it’s ridiculous that men should have to pay $10,000 a month to their ex-wives, because she “got used to” a certain living situation.

We must remove corrupt anti-male divorce laws, ridiculous “hate-speech” laws which infringe on our freedom of speech, and ultimately, SJW “rape” laws. I, along with many other ROK men, have been falsely accused of rape. It’s time to remove all of these ridiculous laws that make it illegal for men to simply talk to women, and that were built into the system by the elites in order to wage war against men.

The law should encourage freedom of speech; the fact that Twitter has not been held accountable for banning Milo Yiannopoulos is absolutely absurd. Information and social media platforms should be held to the same standards that the American people are.

Google needs to stop censoring search results—and if they don’t, it’s time for us to create laws against this type of behavior. Allowing Google to filter search results is like a regression back to Medieval times. For one entity to selectively edit our version of reality is unacceptable.

Most importantly, judges and lawmakers that have taken bribes should be thrown in jail…indefinitely. Anyone who took a “donation” from George Soros or any other member of the Bilderberg group should be imprisoned for crimes of treason.


We are on the path towards victory, men—but it will not be without many hiccups. The first thing that the mainstream media will do is demonize the alt-right, but again, this will only make us stronger. It will expose our view points to a larger audience.

Expect it to get darker just before the dawn. Expect feminists, SJW’s, cucks, and libtards to protest and scream and shout—but, it will all be in vain. Too many men are starting to wake up. Too many men are starting to see the lies that have been shoved down our throats, and there is no going back.

The next four years will be more important than ever. Our primary objective is to dismantle the mainstream media through natural means. It’s time for them to be exposed as the liars that they are. Simply eliminating the MSM will be most of the battle—remember, this is a war of information, and when the alt-right starts to control the news, there will be sanity.

We must also focus on draining the swamp. We must rid our corrupt political establishment of the people who’ve betrayed us. We must normalize the family unit and white men—no longer shall we feel ashamed of our gender or sexual orientation.

Then, from here, the laws must change. Remember: this will not be easy. There will be much resistance along the way, but we’ve come this far. We’ve beat all odds and elected Trump as the president of our nation…and it’s time to make America great again.

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457 thoughts on “4 Goals For The Neomasculinity Movement During Trump’s First Term”

  1. Gentlemen, the truth is that Trump will only be able to do whatever Congress will cooperate on. That’s where the fight is. Let those fucks know they better cooperate, or in two years they’re out on their asses in the next election.

    1. Upvote x1000.
      Trump is going up the entrenched positions, and the only way he will be able to accomplish much of what he has promised is through the bully pulpit.
      Well, that and memes.

  2. #5 – attack the education system. The future of America depends on the uncorrupted minds of its youth, especially in regards to falsified history.

    1. The educational system is too far gone. You had tons of kids ditch HS yesterday, wandering aimlessly around LA, waiving Mexican flags. You had teens in NY protesting in front of Trump Tower, 15 yr olds in braces yammering on about trans rights, we are all Americans, etc. Its nasty to trot out teens and use them as political pawns, but what can you do at this pt?

        1. Thousands of tankers worth of Liberal salty tears from last week being weaponized as cannon ammo…. 😀

  3. All good intentions but how is apart from blogging this movement going to achieve these goals?

    1. If it inspires political activism, then that is a good start. From what we’ve seen thus far, it’s inspiring political activism and we now even see some actual change on the Federal level from our influence.

  4. Drain the Swamp is always a vague thing to me. You can get all of the figureheads and leaders put into the right mindset (or fired) but nothing will change until we do a deep dive cleansing, which is to say, fire the army of unelected bureaucrats that have accumulated in Washington D.C. (and vicinity). They are the ones who hold the actual power. Elected officials come and go, but the huge unelected bureaucracy remains and exercises it’s will across a myriad of agencies.
    When I say fire, you can take that either as them losing their jobs, or, if you’re so minded, a more direct application of large quantities of napalm. Either or.

      1. The napalm option is fully valid, as long as it’s done in the morning time. That way it can smell like victory.

        1. Personally, I don’t mind if it smells like the devil giving a homeless dudes ass hair a perm, I want results !

    1. I don’t think it’s that vague. Drain the swamp didn’t necessarily mean Washington alone. Realistically, he’d also have to get rid of some in society that push this type of ideology. Historically speaking, the people have been next in line, not necessarily the leaders unless they are killed.

      1. Enlighten me what it means precisely? What does “call out” mean? Ok, we call Harry Reid a sniveling little evil toad. Great. Now what? Or, ok, we come down hard and expose their leadership…great….they don’t care. Now what? We fire a few heads of big agencies, great, the bureaucracies remain in place. Now what?
        I understand that I’m coming down on a call for an abstract. Basically I want concrete details on what exactly is going to be done to “drain the swamp”.

        1. I think you know what it means. I don’t recall anytime in history where change did not occur without some type of a coup. The Civil War can be seen as an interesting example. Of course as a country, we were highly overdue for one anyways. However, we still feel the need to keep the peace and comfort at the moment. We will see come January how this all rolls out though.
          What do you think about Steve Bannon as White House strategist? He is in the position to get things kicking down the road.

        2. I don’t assume when I ask what you or anybody means.
          I also don’t go to violence as my first tool of choice in affecting societal change. I’m not against it per se, there are times when it is in fact justified, and we may well be living in such a time. But it would be silly to throw away all of our actual *good* progress when other methods might be available. A good cleansing of D.C. (I know, fat chance) would help a lot. I’m willing to see what happens in the first 100 days after he’s inaugurated. One of the very first things he does is fill Scalia’s seat, we’ll see how that goes and move on from there.
          I like Bannon.

        3. I didn’t even know until just now after I checked on Wikipedia that there was such a thing as vampire squids. Strange world.

        4. They are native to the wall street area. They tend to high net worth compared to the average squid

        5. I agree,we would have to wait and see before any further action can be taken. I do want to note that for all of the changes due to feminism, I’m surprised at the level of restraint that has occurred in this country. I would have given the push back about 20 years to be honest.

    2. If you drained the swamp…wouldn’t that mean its inhabitants would be less likely to drown.

      1. Bob, simply put, it’s hard to set people on fire when they’re damp. Physics 101, dude.

    3. When the time comes to do a deep clean of the house, I will concentrate on one room at a time, start at a corner and get that little area to perfection and then move on. It is time consuming, but I think that is how we need to approach this in order to get anything done.
      Start with something like the bloated welfare system. Pick some random office(s) and do a thorough audit of who is getting money and what decisions are being made. Go on to the next like to the Dept of Energy or whatever.

      1. That’s sound. But it needs to be done by teams, each focusing on one room. Reagan tried this approach, but went only after one agency (Department of Education) and couldn’t manage to get a 2% cut in their budget due to the hordes of Leftists that took to the streets. Our strategy, if there is to be one, should be to attack on multiple fronts, overwhelm their protest-network, give them too many targets to shoot at. When it’s only one issue at a time, they can mobilize and make a big crying game for the cameras. Have ten teams focus on cleaning ten “rooms” at a time, and they’ll be flailing around trying to find a focus to make psychological points with on camera.

        1. I see what you mean. I guess my clean house analogy does fall short in that the house is inundated with dirty bums who want to shit on the carpets, especially when they are cleaned.

    4. The CIA FBI NSA DEA etc. Alphabet soup (notice googles new cynical name). It is its own corporation its own parasitic country with no borders. You cannot change what you cannot see.

  5. Trump winning an election over a leftist is great, however, i don’t see huge changes on the horizon. Trump is going to nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice and maybe more, that will have a bigger impact than most anything else he can do in the long run. As for what we as individuals can do, the most important thing is VOTE. The next is contact your local elected representatives when you have a problem with what they are doing, it does make difference. Since evidently most democrats don’t work for a living they have plenty of time to march in the street and hold up cheesey signs. It’s kind of rare for elected representatives to hear from people like us. We need to change that

      1. It helps but we have a long way to go to ever get all this straightened out.

    1. You cant fix a broken engine by putting more gas in the tank. The US govt. was broken so long ago – nothing will change for the better in a meaningful way until it finally collapses. Look at 2016 Russia verses USSR. USSA is still the same monster it always was and will be until it is over thrown. Most likely via a bankrupcy just as USSR was. Then we will finally see the US for what it is. Just another corrupt tin pot American state. Is there any difference between Mexico Honduras and USA other than in size and location ? Not really. At best Trump is Gorbachev the surprise leder the presides over the collapse.

  6. You just gotta love this article.
    Pure testosterone !
    Purosterone !
    USA !
    USA !
    USA !

  7. oooooorrrrrrrr Everyone get back to work it is business as usual only slightly more orange and ridiculous.

    1. I’d like to see Pelosi vs Ryan on the Congressional version of The Apprentice.

    2. Going back to work and being apathetic is what has gotten us a nation where 200+ pages are added to the Federal Registry every single day of the year and our choices become more and more limited with regard to our liberties.
      I like the idea of shaking up these cockroaches and stomping on a few. Letting them continue to have power over us by shrugging our shoulders just gets us more of the same.
      Some folks out here don’t like being lorded over by government. People like farmers, ranchers, coal miners, etc.
      Y’all in NYC can go back to work though, honestly that’s a valid option. We’ll get the heavy lifting done on your behalf.

      1. This city is too divided to change anything. Its the blueprint for the rest of America

      2. To do this you elected a NYC playboy real estate developer and reality star? You do realize how absurd this is. It is right up there with people pretending that dubya was a cowboy and not a blue blood new England yale legacy.
        As for the heavy lifting….whatever makes you guys feel important is fine by me 🙂

        1. I don’t care about his optics. I care about his SCOTUS appointees. That is the beginning and end of my actual care about Trump. If he manages to pull off any meaningful immigration reform, then that’s just gravy, but I’m not counting on it.
          What will be important are the people who follow in his camp who assume power. Taking steps to deal with the actual real problems coming out of D.C. will be a good thing, if they happen. Ignoring them and going back to eating Lotus leaves only gets us more of the same. And again, that may be great where you live, but we’re chaffing out here. Sound minds will just try to work harder or more effectively to deal with this, but there are a lot of people out here a bit less…diplomatic. I’d prefer we deal with it now, while we can.

        2. meh…I am starting to get the feeling that this is just a game to keep people occupied. Really, we agree on a lot, but you will never convince me that the whole set up isn’t an absurd shell game. It seems like a lot of the country is restless and if playing this game will mollify them then I see no reason to begrudge it. Its sportsball or Hollywood. They should make playing cards.

        3. It’s always been a shell game. But things have gotten really bad out here, as I’ve noted to you before, and which the huge surge in the election proves rather handily. Trump may or may not be a con man on this, but the forces putting their hopes on him are genuinely getting very, very fed up. If he betrays them, and he may, things may go hot.
          Politicians have a lot of wiggle room when things are relatively normal or even a bit worse (or a bit better) than normal. They can play the game, and we can all swoon (or seethe) at the candidates and then everything goes back to normal. But going back to “normal” today means nearly half the workforce sitting unemployed. That never bodes well for any society, in history. There is no normal to go back to for a hell of a lot of people (94 million I believe is the number to date).
          Farmers are being bullied relentlessly. Ranchers are on their last legs. Coal country is destitute. There is no manufacturing left to fall back on. Lots of very angry men out here in “doesn’t exist land”. Trump may be playing the normal shell game, but these people are not in a gaming mood.
          I just think it’s dangerous to ignore the groundswell that put him there, even if we can safely ignore him as an individual.

        4. I get that and I am sure they will be thrown enough of a bone to help them out. It is upsetting the ox cart to have them all upset. I don’t mind that trump is a huckster. I assume that, with a small margin of error, 104% of people who have run for public office are hucksters. There are some angry people and I do think that they will get some of what they need….enough to stop being so angry…which boils down to money. Ranchers don’t need social change. Ranchers need money. I get that there are some serious economic problems. Those are the kinds I understand and while they will never be fixed in their entirety I do see them getting better, at least somewhat, over the next few years. To think that this is a social revolution and upheaval though? Meh. That is the fairy tale stuff that keeps the plebes busy. We aren’t going to “drain the swap” we aren’t going to have a “cultural revolution” we are basically going to make sure that the people who got totally fucked in the ass financially by our jigaboo in chief get a bit more of a fair shake. This is a good thing. A VERY good thing. But people who think that Trumps election is the harbinger to some kind of great cultural change are just watching Notre Dame on Saturdays and begging their fat wives for sex after too many beers.

        5. Don’t sugarcoat it, Lolster, tell us how you really feel (that was funny as fuck by the way)…

        6. You’re not speaking to somebody who glorifies in Trump or makes him into a deity. Was a Rand Paul guy, and then a Cruz guy, until Trump got the nod. I’m aware of his huckster qualities.
          Handing money to people isn’t going to help. Ranchers want money, but giving them a handout won’t cut it. They need the EPA reigned in and, if possible, neutered, so that their cattle can get water. The problem has an economic component, clearly, but that is a symptom of the larger problem of an overreaching, arrogant government. Now if we can see federal agencies neutered or reigned in, that’s as good as a revolution in the modern age (it actually is). If we can get that, great. If not, there’s going to be a lot of problems.
          I just want the problems that stem from real issues addressed. I don’t care about the sideshow shit, I don’t care about the messianic types, I don’t care about the Trump worshippers being mad. I care about the actual on the ground people being destroyed. If that gets staunched, then I’m good. That’s why I’m still participating. I like modern life, I’d like to avoid a civil war.

        7. of course I am not speaking to a glorifier of trump…hence me taking you seriously. No, no one wants a hand out. They want the policies that fucked them in the first place to be curbed. They won’t go away, but I can see them being eased up enough that people can make a living. There is an old saying that I have always found true. You know a negotiation is finished and fair when all parties are thoroughly miserable.
          We will see not enough of the kind of stuff you want (and many people need) to make them happy but enough to make the other guy miserable. Somewhere there will be a medium and balance will be restored to the force.
          Stuff like the faggotization of young men? Level with me GOJ…did you know any generation that didn’t look at the next generation and think they were a bunch of sissys. That is the way it has always been. Unfortunately, they were always right. Success breeds complacency breeds an easier lifestyle breeds a shift in priorities. What makes me laugh is the idea of a bunch of 60 year old hipsters calling the enxt generation a bunch of pansies. You wait and see. We will have a good laugh about it. Don’t believe it? Look at all the Woodstock boomer peace and love hippies talking about the gen x slackers who in turn are laughing at these hipsters.
          Civil war will be avoided the way it is always avoided, with money. Not a big dump truck of 100s but policy shifts as you say that will be just enough to calm the natives. In the end it is the only thing that matters. The one thing that America has realized that is truly revolutionary, if the word be permitted, is that a well fed public will never rise in revolt. Things got a little out of whack and there has been a response to it and they will get better. Either that or the world will implode….either way…meh.

        8. I see it like Blackjack.
          Dealer’s showing 20, we’ve got 17. A lot of us chose to say “hit me” instead of standing pat. We’ve little to no chance at not going bust, but we’re staring it in the face and daring it to come on with it.
          Maybe we can’t change it all, or even any of it, but then if that were true then this entire “manosphere” thing was a guaranteed failure from the start so why are we still sitting at the table chomping our stogies and sipping our sour mash?
          It’s good that we stay skeptical of Trump, he’s what we were given to cook this up with whether he was choice Angus or leathery days-old brisket, and this election hasn’t toppled the SJWs yet.
          They can still grief us (social media is gone completely Gestapo and banning people under new fascist guidelines), feminists can still destroy us in a biased legal system just with an accusation, the media isn’t mass firing (the only way to rebuild trust) or even reporting the majorly hate crime hoaxes or the fact that some protest leaders are convicted child abusers, but the bullies have been sat on their collective asses and are (literally Hitler) shaking in bewilderment that the hibernating Gentle Ben finally got irate and swatted them.
          The entire election wasn’t a movement, but it was a giant red Ex-lax pill and something is going to come out regardless.

        9. It isn’t a failure from the start….it is just another meaningless distraction which helps some people vent frustrations. That is a win. A lot of the problems that people here, myself included, get annoyed by are really just better ignored.

        10. Don’t be silly. I’ve nothing against your dreams. I know a guy who hopes the Rangers win the hockeybowl one day. It’s fine.

        11. As teens we used to play poker with tarot cards but had to stop when people kept dropping dead around us and pestilence kept cropping up in unusual places.

    1. I will never understand why women will come to blows over a waffle iron with an 80% discount

      1. Or stab each other over the last piece of KFC. I know what you mean, I have no clue either…

    2. wonderful.
      You know, if Walmart wanted to make a fortune they would offer a pay per view subscription to their security cameras during black Friday so I can watch fat people trample each other for 20% of a Vizio flat screen. Seriously, there is almost no amount of money I wouldn’t pay to watch that shit.

        1. Position a bunch of guys in various Walmarts that are likely to see some mayhem…cell phones with an uplink to the Internet for live video…two-week subscription…I think this could work.

        2. why bother. I can only imagine that Walmart has a pretty good security camera system and, if it is anything like the ones I use from my buildings, you can log on remotely and see all the screens and if something is going on click on that screen to make it bigger.

        3. Another dream dashed. “Black Friday Free-for-Alls…live on Sheeple TV…only $19.99 for a full two weeks.” You and I are probably the only guys who would watch it anyway…

        4. no way. There is no way that people wouldn’t watch this. I would assume you could charge 89.99 and sports bars would stream it. Vegas would find a way to bet on it. This could be huge.

        5. What about a reality show. Contestants have to snatch up the most items on sale at various locations around the store. They have five minutes to grab as many sale items as they can, per round (five-minute rounds). There are only two sale items available at each location. Contestants have no idea where the items are located, they have to search quickly. Each sale item placed in their shopping cart gives the contestant a point. The contestant with the most items in their cart, wins…

        6. I don’t know…do we really need to jump the shark before the first season even starts? I am a simple man of simple tastes, watching video camera footage of fat people trample each other for discounts at Walmart is quite enough for me. That said, with the success of the first season the idea would be to sell the rights to Vince McMahon.

        7. I’d visit the night before and leave small canisters of pepper spray around all of the places where it’s expected to get crazy. They’ll turn on each other, it’ll be good tv.

        1. With most everything else I would wait for the free but for this I would want to see it live.

        1. ha, that is 85 dollars cheaper than the 1984 alpha romeo spider that I got and fixed up and used as my first car. To be fair, I had to put new brakes, plugs and an alternator, my wipers didn’t work and there was a hole in the floor board.

        2. really though, how to they justify the price tag. Is there a small solar engine in it? Rear air bags? (for you old timers) An undercoating?

        3. It probably has the same battery as that Samsung phone- gonna be a lot of roasted princesses in training

        4. I was going to make a similar comment. My 1968 Plymouth Fury II, my first car, came to me for two crisp clean Benjamins.

        5. Plymouth Fury was an awesome car! Did that have the push button transmission? Some did. My second car which was the worst piece of shit in the history of man was an AMC Eagle 2. Brown faux leather interior, 4 on the floor, a flame decal on the hood and a cb radio.

        6. No push button transmission, but it did have a dash a mile wide horizontal that held all of the functions that you’ll find on your modern turn signal. And a *snazzy* AM/FM radio. On the plus side, it was the size of Mt. Rushmore, and one could comfortably stretch one’s legs in the room between the front and back seats. That’s says a lot, when you consider that I’m 6’3″. That also made it an ideal make out location, almost like my own mobile hotel. It had the maneuverability of an aircraft carrier, no tight turns there, but on a straight it could punch up to 100 like nobody’s business.

        7. Oh heck yah, lots of cars had push button start. My grandfather’s 1948 Mercury had push button start.

        8. fucking faggots today with their power steering and cars made out of platic. Why when I was young, being able to parallel park on a tight city street was a fucking talent.
          I just looked it up, it was the ’63 that had the push button transmission. My aunt had one. I drove it a few times. I never understood why this shit didn’t catch on.

        9. Can’t tell if that is the convertible. Mine wasn’t. I had the…wait for it…….the fucking T top. That’s right boyo

        10. Also electric cars. Kinda makes me believe those sci fi fantasies that we had a great civilization and then destroyed ourselves and had to start over.

        11. The funnest cars I’ve owned would be my (former) 1976 Corvette, and my 1983 Ford Mustang 5.0 5-speed. I drifted to motorcycles pretty shortly after that in the “cool to own” thing though.

        12. When gasoline is $0.15 a gallon, who cares about fuel economy? Heh

        13. Wow, bet you loved that ’76 Vette. That was a badass car. Not to mention a chick magnet, eh.

        14. I had a ’69 Chevy Pickup with a 350 and a big bench seat. I picked it up from this mountain man for $700. He had it geared so low that it would top out at about 60 mph. You would step on the starter button on the floorboard. I used to carry a sleeping bag and crash on the seat if I got too drunk to drive home.

        15. have you seen the video of the guy who created a hydrogen add-on for car engines? He claims you get up to 50% better fuel efficiency per gallon. He has a small biz, he will install it for a few thousand dollars

        16. why? we arent awash in oil anymore- why wouldnt car companies embace it at this pt?

        17. I miss front bench seats. They were prefect for enabling comfortable road head for your gal.

        18. agreed….or just having your girl sit right beside you. I don’t know why they went to bucket seats.

        19. Bond drove the coolest cars. So did his adversaries. You would get pussy galore with a car like that…

        20. no no no not push to start, push button transmission. The clutch was on the dash along with different buttons for different gears. It was awesome!

        21. the push button start was one thing but the clutch and gears on the dash were just a thing of freaking beauty

        22. Nice. My favorite Bond film – “Casino Royale”, Daniel Craig. I know I’ll get shit for that, but I can take it…

        23. Solitaire – Jane Seymour
          Fiona Volpe – Luciana Paluzzi
          Strawberry Fields – Gemma Arterton
          Aki – Akiko Wakabayashi
          Honeychile Rider – Ursula Andress

        24. 1) Ursua Andress Honey Ryder Dr No
          2) Daniela Bianchi Tatiana Romanova From Russia With Love
          3) Lana Wood Plenty O’Toole Diamonds are Forever
          4) Berenice Marlohe Severine Skyfall
          5) Anya Amasova Barbara Bach The Spy Who Loved me

        25. No, it’s a good one, it was time they moved toward the more serious Connery, Dalton and first Brosnan film again.
          Mine is probably Thunderball or Live and Let Die (for entirely different reasons mind).

        26. fine choices. I can’t take anyone seriously who doesn’t put Ursula on their top 5 list. Not only in bond decisions but basically wrt all things. I am close to feeling that way about Bianchi but I will accept some measure of subjectivity. There is non when it comes to Honey Ryder though. Auger is the surprise here for me. Holly Goodhead from moonraker was bumped off my list for Berenice Marlohe who I think is hot as can be.
          Here are the ones you missed with me
          Plenty O’Toole
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1429bc8544a8918761dc6b6d6960e76a1c1d33f250d295d59a9751753724ae6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/895716859cd6c2f066f511dd5248cf19e98d5acf5dd609d1ddcc24f7de3f0079.jpg
          and Anya Amasova

        27. When women are that hot, it gets down to personal hot-button things, I think. Eyes, cheekbones, whether or not she looked like some older woman you jerked off to as a kid, etc. But fine choices all the way around. I’d take Claudine Auger over all of ’em, except maybe Ursula. And that’s a tough call. It would depend on the day, probably. Ursula could have Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Claudine gets the others. The rest of the Bond girls are pretty far down the list for me.

        28. agreed….but Ursula has to be on the list. No ifs ands or butts. I was thinking of this in another context just yesterday. See I am neither an ass nor a tits man. I feel that big ass is the ghetto attraction and big tits is the pedestrian blue collar attraction. I am more of an aristocrat and prefer bone structure over all of that.

        29. Very tough call. She has legs that go to next week. And yes bob, I feel our tastes are aligned….

        30. It’s not a class thing to me. I prefer the perfect build as has come down to us from Antiquity. And God smiling benevolently down, I’ve been able to achieve attracting that with relative ease over my lifetime. The level I’ve been able to lay hands on drive most men to petty jealousy and rage. I like it that way.
          The big ass thing I’m with you. Big natural tits, eh, I’m a C-cup man, but always seem to have the bait out that attracts the more…gifted…of women in that field. Not complaining.

        31. Okay…now let’s ramp this up. Past conquests. Any guys here bang a celebrity, model, actress, porn star, or pinup queen of note…

        32. ? Push start is a very common and simple type of ignition switch. They were around at least of purpose built vehicles forever.

        33. I snagged a Miss Ohio back in the mid 1980’s. Not quite celebrity, but it sure gave me some serious cred at the time.
          BTW, if you have a chance to get a Miss (any state), run away.

        34. Aaaahhhh….. Breaker breaker, what’s up with your ugly, underpowered, unreliable piece of shit there copy ?

        35. Corinne Alphen, Penthouse Pet of the Year, 1982. Was married to Ken Wahl at one time (who has also faded to obscurity). She and I know each other. Yup, in the way you are thinking. Still talk to her. Done bragging. For now. Heh.

        36. Whew we were starting to agree yesterday and it was scaring me. I guess the super moon is gone now. Boobs kind of have that primal antiquity thing like you say. I’m more about modernity. c is way too big for my taste

        37. I did meet Christie Brinkley not too long ago and she looks great. Chatted for a few minutes. But no bang. I did pull a hilarious attempt at getting her phone number which she laughed at.

        38. Yeah, I’m cursed to only be able to attract buxom bikini model types. It’s a burden that I bear alone. Pray for me.

        39. yes. I have a picture I shared with some of the boys. I was out with an entertainment lawyer (not a bad looker herself) and we ran into CB who she knew. CB sat with us and BS’d for like 5 minutes. That was it. Nothing really more. She was a fucking smoke show. So I said “let me get a picture of your two girls” (mind you this is a first date…thank you alcohol) and when I did I said “Christie, if you give me your number I’ll text you the picture” I would really be remiss if I didn’t try.

        40. I wonder if this is another place where my motorcycle analogy works. When you change lanes or turn you don’t “steer” so much as you look at where you want to be and let the bike follow you. I have always attracted the girls I find hot. The easiest solution would be that I wound up liking the type of girls who like me. But I don’t really buy that. Another is that I actively pursue girls that are my type and so I wind up with them, but I find that even passively I usually wind up with girls that are my type. So I think it is the motorcycle logic once again.

        41. She said “aren’t you on a date” and laughed and I said “yes. first date. so do you want me to text you the picture” She AND the date laughed. I banged the lawyer. Christy got away.

        42. You are already thinking “next time”, for when you run into her again. Atta boy, I like your style.

        43. I popped a reply on Telegram to take the convo out of the public sphere.

        44. This was in the mid 1980’s and way before “cash for clunkers” so there was a heap o’ used cars on the cheap here in Ohio.

        45. long legs, high cheek bones….an pronounced clavicle. I love me some good clavicle.

        46. My first was a ’70 impala with a 350 hi-po. It was fun to dust the boys in the gtis with it. Now I’m driving a ’71 Citroen Ds. The thing is a damn pussy magnet and mechanically revolutionary.

        47. Always. I think I mentioned about when I used to run into Leonardo DiCaprio at a fruit store near my old apartment. I was always trying to make small talk with him because I know I can bang Victoria secret models. It isn’t talking to them or fucking them that I have difficulty with, it is access. So I tried to make friends with leo. I figured it he was like “hey kneeman, want to go to a party?” then I would be set

        48. Oh yeah, mine wasn’t convertible, I didn’t even notice that was a soft top, good catch. No, mine was hard top.

        49. Hey, it could happen. And if somebody tells you it can’t, stay away from ’em…I’ll bet Leo scores five-star pussy better than I pick winners. I’d like some of his cast-offs, for sure.

        50. I had an apartment about 15 years ago with a window facing the street and I was buddies with a guy who lived 2 doors down who had a girlfriend who lived in Long Island. When she would come over he would call me up and tell me to watch as she parallel parked on 6th. We would laugh our fucking asses off on the phone as she pulled in and out. Every god damn Saturday.

        51. I’ve drank beers with Kid Rock a couple of times, just hanging out and shit, no groupies around, just him, his band, me, and the open skies of South Dakota. Turns out, access to the kind of women he has access to, are the kind of women I already have no problem getting. It was a wash. But hey, it’s cool to hang out with Kid Rock, so…

        52. I have a personal anecdote about Kid Rock and my ex-gf, but I’m not going to relate it because it’s so far out there nobody would believe it. But I am familiar with Kid Rock. Down to earth, I hear, at least in public…

        53. Freckles, slender ankles, slightly askew nose or mouth. Agree on legs and clavicle. Love some nape, especially with/from a picturesque rear view, and especially a bit of abs going on.

        54. He’s just like any other midwestern redneck-ish type, only with money. Decent, no pretenses, bullshits like a pro, you’d expect to find his kind in any given biker bar on a Saturday afternoon.

        55. They’re roomier than you think. The problem I always had was that it was so low to the ground. Stooping down like that was really uncomfortable. Once seated though, it seemed to work out. The seat pushed back *just* far enough that I didn’t feel like my knees were tipping the steering wheel/column.

        56. Of course he does. He is rich, famous and handsome. The thing is, if I could get access to the parties that people like this go to I have no doubt I could do well. The problem is, these parties are in places I have never heard of with a guest list that I am not on.

        57. Might turn out to be like that scene in “Eyes Wide Shut”. Which, admittedly, has a strange attraction for me…

        58. ha. maybe. I think it is a lot more likely that there are parties in restaurants which have been booked out, yachts, penthouses, large hotel rooms……people just hanging out. You should have seen my sad attempts to talk to Leo in the fruit store. “Nice plums today huh” “warm weather we are having” It was hilarious.

        59. You’re probably right about the locales for those parties. I’ve got a bunch of celeb stories…and this is a good one. It’s a Merv Griffin story.
          So I was on “Wheel of Fortune” years ago. Got a gig afterwards working with Merv Griffin Productions, developing pilots for new game shows. So this guy who is a pretty well-known actor and comedian was playing the role of the host for the game show that we were working the bugs out of…I was playing a contestant. Merv Griffin was there, watching. So we went to this mock bonus round, where I had to solve a puzzle in like 15 seconds. The actor stood behind me, and pretended like we were actually on TV. He says, “Bob, you are going to have 15 seconds to solve the puzzle,” etc. And then he pushes his dick against my ass. (I shit you not.) So I figured he just made a mistake. So I move forward about a foot. And, bam, he does it again. So I turn around and say, “What in the FUCK are you doing?” And he just smiles…
          A couple of weeks later I get a call from Merv’s right-hand man. He asks if I, “Want to come over and work on our little game again.” And I tell him, no, I’m done. So he asks, “Bob, do you have any other male friends who might be interested in playing our little game?” To which I replied, “Fuck no, and don’t call me again.” True story.

        60. wow. that’s pretty wild. heh.
          One of my favorite stories (obviously not me) involved Chico Marx who, from what I can tell, may have invented game. he was a notorious ladies man (hence his name Chico because he was always after the chicks)
          A young Tallulah Bankhead had come to NYC and Chico made no secret about the fact that he wanted to meet and fuck her. So when he walked in the room everyone got really quiet. He was known to be quiet outrageous. He walked up to Tallulah Bankhead
          Chico: Ms. Bankhead
          Tallulah: Mr. Marx
          and apparently everyone in the room kind of finally relaxed. Then
          Chico: You know, I really want to fuck you
          Tallulah: And so you shall, you old fashioned boy
          See bob, these are the parties I need to get invites too. I was born to be a member of the rat pack ya know.

        61. My first car was a 1966 Chevy Impala SS that I bought the day I got my drivers license in 1975…paid 400.00 cash…it would take off like a scalded dog. I wish I still had it.

        62. One of my best buddies in high school had one of those, but I think about a 1973 or so…scary fast.

        63. While I have Tallulah Fairbanks on my mind here is another funny one which has been confirmed by many others. Tallulah was on the Loretta Young Show. Loretta, notoriously a kind of prudish stick in the mud, had made the rule on her set that anyone who cursed had to pay a 25 cent fine. Now mind you, this is in like 1955, Tallulah Bankhead handed Loretta a $20 and said “Fuck you, Loretta, you big cunt”

        64. I used to have a 75 Chevrolet K20 pickup with a gun rack. The gun rack was very important because I hooked the bungee cord that held the driver side door shut to it. I also drove a 54 Chevrolet one ton truck around for a while, there was no such thing as an emergency stop, you always had to be planning ahead. It wasn’t too bad though because about 50 mph was wide open and it was screaming going that fast. Vacuum operated windshield wipers and all.

        65. Goddamn that is fuckin’ funny. It sounds so old-school Hollywood, behind the scenes, that it just has to be true (or pretty damned close).

        66. NICE! Especially on the vacuum operated wipers. I remember my AMC Eagle 2 had a bad battery. Wouldn’t hold a charge worth a damn. Good alternator though. Also, second gear jammed a lot so what I would do is fire it up in first until about 8k rpm and then just jump to third. Because of the bad battery I used to have to drive around looking for a hill to park on. Now this is no easy feat in NYC. First you have to find the hill and then you have to hope you can get a spot. I remember I had this girl named Jenny I said I was going to give a ride home. I was wanted to know all about this girl….specifically I wanted to open her open and find out what made her tick. Anyway, I say I will give her a ride home and off we go walking up this huge hill over in a less than savory part of town. Like a gentleman I open the door for her. Black AMC with flame decal on the hood. I go walking around, open the drivers door, put the keys, take off the brake and start pushing. She is looking at me like “Wtf is going on” well I jumped in the car about after about 3 tries I fired it up good and was going at a good clip. Engine sounded like it was going to jump out of the hood and tell me to go fuck my self when I popped it into third and everything kind of calmed down. I turned and smiled and looked at Jenny and knew for a fact that I would never get to fuck her.

        67. That’s hilarious. I would have paid to see that one. Supposedly, the following women were well-known by insiders to be total sluts and expert cocksuckers in Hollywood – Nancy Reagan (best BJ’s in Hollywood), Doris Day (loved getting gangbanged), Jane Fonda (had a thing for animals), Catherine Zeta Jones (was a prostitute before becoming famous), Raquel Welch (also was a prostitute), the list is endless. I think sex for those people, behind the scenes, is like blowing their nose. No big deal.

        68. I had a neighbor in the early 80’s that had to ‘go away’ for a spell. He had me look after his cars for him. A 1970 Jaguar XKE & a 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto. That was a great summer.

        69. The story was told in a Marx Brothers special by Dick Cavett who claims to have witnessed the entire thing.

        70. I mean it is accepted here in NYC too. The truth is, if you put a lot of good looking people, alcohol and cocaine in a room together some people are bound to get gangbanged. Now let those people all be famous good looking people at exclusive parities (especially prior to camera phones social media etc). Of course they got up to some shit. Hell, I have been up to a lot of shit and I don’t command 8 figures per movie, have millions of fans and unfettered access to the best booze and dope in the world.
          This is why I tend to give Beiber a break. Of course he is a fucking twat. He has had hundreds of millions of dollars, tens of millions of idolizing fans and if he pulls his cock out to take a piss thousands of women in the area would fight to the death to hold it. You think he is a fucking asshole. Give me that power.
          Young good looking people with little responsibility, cool clothing, unlimited money at parties fuck. That is how it is supposed to be

        71. Nothing says class like a flame decal. She just didn’t know how to appreciate the good things in life. Haha

        72. As you’ve said before, ACCESS is key to many things in life. You could be the best whatever in the world, but without access to those who want it, you’re sunk!

        73. I remember it well….
          My father sold our ‘71 Challenger (383, 4spd) for peanuts….
          A Dark Time….

        74. hi, I’m murican and I wouldn’t drive an American car anymore…no way. FT-R is a cool car. I don’t think I would put it up against the Aston Martin in terms of straight cool chic. That said, you could always drop a 2100 HP engine in it

        75. Man, that’s tits. It would be like an entire summer of Ferris Buhler’s Day Off, except you’d have to spend a week flat rolling back the odometer by putting the car in reverse.

        76. ME? nah, I’m a self-hating spawn of Lawn Guyland, residing in Cosbyopolis for the last 20 years – that gives me the right, nay, the OBLIGATION to mock suburban weenies who can’t park.

        77. Love cars. Sunbeam tiger was the most fun for me, and the most work. Sold before they were worth the big bucks. Ah well

        78. You might be onto something with that one. I see a lot of girls in the day to day where I think “Yeah, she’s attractive” or even “Yeah, she’s hot”- but that’s it. I don’t actually feel any particular pull towards them. I can chat with these girls but it rarely goes beyond a pedestrian conversation that’s quickly forgotten. Unless they’re digging me from early on, I can’t be bothered pretending to keep giving a fuck…
          On the other hand- when I see/ meet a girl and think “Wow- there’s something about her I want” and feel this almost gravitational pull towards her…my record in getting them to reciprocate towards me is pretty good. It must be an involuntary thing- the way I talk to them, the way I look at them or something. I’m 6″1 and reasonable looking and been told by enough people that I’m a “conversationalist” which helps no doubt. Aside from that? I can only lay it down to that whole “women’s intuition” thing.
          Unfortunately, there are not many girls who give me that involuntary “Wow” feeling. My “type” is (generally) tall, long nose, big brown/ dark eyes, long hair and a smile that makes the clocks stop ticking when she looks at me. I especially dig Eastern European and Latina girls…in Australia we have a lot of the former (thanks to immigration from Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Poland etc) but not too many Latina’s. I mean there’s plenty of Brazilians, but they generally seem to only hang out with other Brazilians which is a piss-off. Don’t know if it’s just Australia or they’re like that everywhere?

      1. What kind of person buys electronics at a retail store? I mean I get it when youre desperate and want some Blu Ray or sth, but electronics are the cheapest online and you also get better information.

    3. At best the Trump victory was genuine and it will be flipped into more of the same…. the song remains the same……. there will be no trial of hillary just as there was no promised open whitehouse that obama was elected on….. at worst trump was allowed in to power deliberately as a release valve for the alt right… just as obama was a release valve for the liberals post Bush II…. in the end Bush created Obama who created Trump and Trump probably gives us the first psychotic transgender or gay liberal communist president in 4 to 8 yrs.

    4. the thread below is case in point… now we’ve ‘won’ we can relax and chat about cars and hot chicks…
      “conservatives and liberty activists are not “winning;” we are being set up as scapegoats for a financial crash that the globalists already created.”
      “The reality is, half of America is ALREADY primed to blame Trump for everything that happens over the next four years (if we even make it that long)”

  8. Jon, we should have a full moratorium on immigration, illegal and legal. There is no reason to take more people. Our country has plenty. Diversity + Proximity = War so I’m not sure why you’d want to increase any of those factors, unless you are overly concerned about certain members here getting butthurt that they can’t import their relatives. We are already Balkanized as a country, no need to add to that fire because of muh feelz amongst this crowd.
    We should stop being a sink for all the shitty 3rd world countries. They need incentive to make the hard choices needed to become 1st world tier.

        1. While gold may be a good place to start, any kind of commodity based currency would be the goal I’d think.

        2. Empty plastic bottles. That way, we stop dumping plastic in the ocean, and we can finally fill Fort Knox again with something, anything

        3. I wouldn’t want to go back to medieval times where you have to carry gold or other metal pieces. I think this rejection of fiat currency comes from an erroneous view that money is wealth, whereas it is just a store of value and a way to quantify value as opposed to have to barter trade. Unwinding the current fractional reserve system would probably create a huge rush on gold and generate massive deflation and panic.
          I personally don’t mind inflation as it is good to keep money flowing and favours the borrower (apparently the “evil” lenders didn’t mind either as they enjoy other benefits but then it is win-win, I wouldn’t think a system that disfavours lenders or borrowers alone would last long)

        4. Medieval? LOL.
          Up until quite recently in history, we have gold and silver certificates, backed by actual bullion. They looked just like regular dollar bills, but had a red (gold) or blue (silver) emblem on them that noted what kind of certificate they were.
          I don’t subscribe to Kensyian economics, and really don’t care if we unravel the monetary structure that keeps all of the evil people at the top of the pyramid.

        5. I still have 100’s that say that I can return them to a federal reserve bank in exchange for silver. They were in a safety deposit box my grandfather left.

        6. With the current silver strike price just above $17, you may want to hold on to those. When it hits $4 or less, trade’em in!

        7. don’t need to carry it, but we do need our money backed by something other than people’s good intentions.

        8. I am not sure you actually can anymore. Not sure how that works. In theory you used to be able to go to any federal bank and ask for the silver equivalent for any bill

        9. Yeah, I don’t know either. I put no faith in anything like that holding sway in this day and age. I like real silver and gold. Lots and lots and lots of silver.

        10. meh…jews are bankers? what’s new? If there wasn’t some absurd ban on usury it wouldn’t be a problem. Also, when did the Rockefeller convert?

        11. or multiple types of commodities, you see mutual funds which are a conglomeration of stocks. I don’t see why you couldn’t back a dollar on more than one commodity.

        12. yup. I am not biting money. I am pretty much going totally off cash just because I don’t like touching it.

        13. That’s what I’m suggesting. If we can pin currency value on a basket of commodities, that works for me. Just stay away from frozen orange juice concentrate. That’s dangerous stuff right there.

        14. I love the anonymity of cash. The powers that be know that I pay my normal bills digitally, sure, but my personal spending habits are an utter mystery to them. Sure, I take out $X.XX every week, and put some back for bigger things, but they have no clue what I’m buying. Even away from the paranoia angle, it’s also a nice blunt to women, who (in a relationship) love to track your spending. That applies to all women, because “Our money, honey”, so cash is a good way to go. And, it keeps barmaids from skimming extra tips on your credit card after you leave the bar. Heh.

        15. I’ve bought things for silver before actually. The nice thing about it, is that it’s money in any nation on earth. You walk up to the bank, exchange a couple of silver rounds for the currency of the nation, and you’re in like Flynn. It crosses all borders and holds a set value in every nation on earth.
          The U.S. used to issue airmen who flew over enemy territory a bit of gold in their survival pack. The idea was, exchange the gold for the uniforms/clothes necessary to disguise yourself as a local, let you acquire some food, which allowed you to hopefully beat feet out of enemy territory, if you were shot down. It’s the commodity that works even in enemy territory, heh.

        16. I like the anonymity as well and I always have 200 cash on me at all times. This is especially important in a city. Some fucking crack head sticks a gun in my face I want to have enough dough to send him on his way. I never thought of the relationship angle, but that makes sense. I don’t really care who is tracking me. For christs sake I have a standing reservation with an open tab at a restaurant. My schedule works like a swiss watch. If they want to know what I am doing they really don’t have to work too hard to find out. That said, I now put my entire life on my 2% cash back card and pay it out at the end of the month like a charge card. I get the trade off. Life is 2% cheaper for me and in turn they get to know everything I am doing. It is worth it to me. IN NYC my monthly expenses are high….very high. I have such a routine life and can’t remember the last time I did anything the law.
          On a side note about relationships…I have an uncle who is some ways is very alpha and in others is very beta. He has a stay at home wife and they have discussed how much money she needs per week. That money is deposited into a bank account in her name and she has a debit card for it. She has an amex for emergencies which she is expected to either not use or have a really good story about why she did. They have a fuck ton of money and he keeps her on a very tight leash despite having 3 adult kids and nearly 30 years of marriage on them. His position is not their money. It is his money and his wife

        17. Damnit, am I the only one who got that reference?!?? Heh

        18. Thank you!
          Every year more and more of my references and sub-references fall flat. Eventually I’m going to be some feeble old man in a nursing home, being attended by buxom beautiful nurses, muttering something about seeing attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and having not one living person know what the hell I’m talking about.

        19. Next thing you know, we’re going to discover that Orientals produce Chinese food.

        20. The Thanksgiving movie we watch is “Train, Plains and Automobiles.”
          “..feeble old man in a nursing home, being attended by buxom beautiful nurses..”
          In that case, hope we end up in the same home. We can set up a still in the back woods and get a game of Texas holdem or D&D going. Heh.

    1. I actually agree with this. We should have at least a ten year moratorium on immigration so that we can get our shit together and get our citizens back to work. Then we can think about letting more people in.

  9. “But, we can’t stop here—it’s time to start slowly red-pilling our blue-pilled friends. The best way to do this, is simply through osmosis. Don’t try to convince them with logic, because they did not arrive at a blue-pilled position through logic. They did so through emotion.”
    As long as you don’t try to shove Young Earth Creationism or otherwise alienate the atheist right wingers because I wouldn’t take an alt.right media that censors evolution any more seriously than a media that ridicules straight white males in favour of degenerate beta trans-cucks. We need a neutral, intellectually honest media.

  10. A battle has been won but the war is far from over.. Expect it to intensify. Strengthen yourself and support each other. Stand together.

  11. I wonder what kind of chance there is of getting The Hearing Protection Act passed since we have a republican administration and congress?

        1. oh come on! You are supposed to respond “The Hearing Protection Act!” So I can reply “WHATTTT!!!!!!!”

        2. to be fair, I am usually in favor of things that suppress noise. If they would be more egalitarian about it I would be in favor. You get to suppress the noise of guns if I get to put something over children’s mouths so I never have to hear them again

      1. Yes. But ONLY if the licensing remains at the state level. No federal carry permits, ever. Treat them just like driver’s licenses.

        1. That’s the preferred model.
          And I will take a trip, immediately, to New York City with my sidearm secured in my IWB holster, just to flaunt the fact at the natives. Heh.

        2. I have a friend in NYC whom I worked bar security with.
          He moved on to VIP bodyguard – and has NYC pistol permit.(not former cop)
          But, must check in the pistol with custodian before and after work…

        3. I can’t imagine living in that world. I really can’t. Lots of people here carry, and you’ll even find open carry when out and about. It’s just not that big o’ deal, people don’t panic, swat teams are not called in, and crime is low.

      2. Yes, I don’t understand why we already don’t have it. If one can pass the Brady Act background check one should be able to concealed carry.

        1. “If you think about it, if somebody is a legal and responsible gun owner, let’s say in Massachusetts, why when he crosses the border is he suddenly an outlaw?” Stern says.
          Howard Stern – who’d a thunk it?
          he announced that he supports national conceal carry

    1. Why suppressors are on that list in the first place is anybody’s guess. They’re nothing but hearing protection, and they do not ‘silence’ a weapon, except maybe a subsonic .22. Most suppressors are used for much larger calibers, for hunting purposes.

      1. I read somewhere that in some of those enlightened European countries that have very strict gun control that one can walk to the local hardware store ons pick one up for his registered fireman no problem. I think in some places it’s regarded as being polite by having a suppressor so as not to disturb the neighbors.
        I would like to have one for hog hunting but, I don’t want to go to the trouble of it. However if they were unrestricted I would have several. Lately I’ve had a real hankering for a 10mm auto carbine. One of those with a suppressor and night vision would be a nice hog hunting outfit.

  12. The best way to attack the media is to not give it presumed credibility on any issue.
    For example, they are now claiming that one of Trump’s advisors, a guy few people heard of until 2 days ago, is a white supremacist.
    When confronted with this, simply refuse to accept the premise.

  13. We got the first real opportunity since a long time. We have to strike fast, and hard, and continuously.
    Trump Victory took the establisment by surprise, but be sure it will do whatever necessary to block his ways. And to block any real progressive movement, by using the regressive left.
    We have a window of opportunity, but it may close itself quite rapidly.
    We’d better keep pushing our advantage, because what those Hellspawns will try to strike back as soon as possible.

  14. Liberals’ and progressives’ reactions to the Trumprising interest me, because they look like the responses of guilty people. They know they have based their lives on fantasies and lies, the Trump Revolution has busted them, and they see no redemption for themselves now.
    Compared to their childish utopianism about race, immigration, feminism and sexual degeneracy, many of the people who voted for Trump show a more sophisticated, reality-based world view about the nation’s problems and how to solve them.

        1. By mocking straight people, then all the degenerates would think to themselves that by normalizing deviancy, they are no longer part of the counter-culture, so if they want to continue being degenerate, they have to straighten up and fly right.
          It’s a brilliant plan.

      1. I would hope he will clamp down (they might like that) on the flamboyant parts of the community that think prancing around in nothing but a little leather cap and leather chaps in front of children is an expression of their individuality….

        1. Do you see this very often? I mean, I know it is out there. Here it is in the west village at the fag bars but I wouldn’t be caught dead there. If you are seeing a community of leather cap and chaps clad fags prancing about I suggest you turn around 180 degrees and start walking to where they aren’t. I don’t mind that they have their thing as long as they keep it to themselves.

        2. In and of itself, I agree with you. But the parades where they basically perform porn on the public streets needs curbed in. There are decency laws that the rest of us are forced to obey at gunpoint, there’s no legitimate reason that they should be excused from these same laws. Believe me, I’d love to be able to fuck two hot chicks on a float rolling down the road, good fun there, but the law says that I can’t. The same law needs to be applied to them as well.

        3. That’s what it’s primarily about as far as I’m concerned (otherwise don’t try to hassle me when my girl and I go to the park and get all PDA on the picnic tables), along with that, it would also be nice if activists didn’t go looking to cause trouble for people who they already know don’t share their opinion so they can use the fist of the government to take away someone’s livelihood, especially considering their usual hypocrisy on marijuana and sanctuary cities. Either we all follow the law or no law means anything.

        4. I agree on the parades. In fact, I think that the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade ought to be the only legal parade and if it had to go in order to get rid of the rest that’s fine. Other than absurd lust parades of fags I am fine with their being a gay part of town where they get up to whatever they want as long as the borders are well defined. It also ought to be a rite of passage for straight men to stumble into that part of town when new to a city and run like the wind.

        5. agreed with you on the parades (then again I think all parades are at least kind of gay and should be banned). There is a place for this stuff and it is in faggot neighborhoods.

    1. Are you Advanced Atheist or that Cecil Henry guy? The three of you just seem to spam the same three or four comments on every article.

  15. A lot of thought needs to be given to the issue of ‘dismantling the media’. The first issue may be that it is corrupt and has become an almost monolithic propaganda machine, both for the monopoly ‘owners of capital’ (at the risk of sounding like a commie scum) and the political elites (who are usually the same thing, but not always). The second and related issue is that it is the ownership and configuration of the media conglomerates that has made this corruption and propagandistic nature possible. They should be broken up and the profession systematically reformed at a root and branch level (rather than Erdogan style) to ensure journalistic integrity and except where the bias is upfront and open, impartiality.
    That might sound less revolutionary than could be, but it would be a mistake to think the Trump revolution, is a total revolution. It represents the triumph of the idea of the popular will, and to some extent its reality, but this also reflect the triumph of one set of elites over another. (Some) neo-cons are out (others are stil around), Soros is under pressure (old man is being sacrificed), the foreign policy of the last twenty years is going to be repudiated, but other than that the rest of the revolution up top will be more of a re-configuration. It’s worth remembering that Trump probably owes the election not only to wikileaks but also Newscorp (one of the ‘evil’ media monopolies) whose articles on Comey’s links to the Clinton Foundation pretty much forced the latter to re-open the investigation (deliciously Comey was always Clinton’s man so probably has very mixed feelings about the result).
    As such the media certainly needs some dismantling and a root and branch reform (which given its nature and composition – personnel wise – is hard to imagine) but there may be a need to stay reality-bound with respect to how that can happen.
    The other area that has been missed is academia. You can try to write off the academy as being entirely ‘walked through’ by hard left, but unless you can depend entirely on ‘the end of the MSM’ or alternative media taking off and replacing the MSM (and that requires money and sponsorship doesn’t it …so how long is it likely to remain alternative or independent?) there will be a need to focus on the universities as the extremist recruiting ground for the progressive jihadi journo terrorists who tried so hard to skew the election for Hillary.
    These may be two separate industries but the issues are almost identical. If with the media the problem is (journalistic) integrity and impartiality the same is true in academia. The Gramscian march through the institutions ensured that academia was re-configured to change (distort and lie about) truth and knowledge rather than pursue it as a goal – one can see the whole of post-modernism as designed to serve this function of subverting truth / knowledge / reality in order to recreate it in the image of the social engineers mind.
    Trump needs to address both of these festering bogs of corruption.
    Oh, and he should investigate the SPLC and its connections with the FBI. How an organisation like that can more or less function an affiliate branch of the FBI is beyond me.

    1. I think it’s become a self solving problem. WIth the Internet, the alt-media popping up on it, and the increasing lack of credibility with the MSM, they are basically starting to fade in power. BreitBart, an internet only media, has become huge because of this. There really is no need to force what is already starting to happen organically.

      1. I agree and disagree. Breitbart is great, but given that there’s a good chance that Breitbart’s Steve Bannon will soon be Trump’s chief strategist it will be hard to regard it as an alt-media. There is a paradox with Trump which isn’t necessarily bad thing – depending of course on how it pans out: on the one hand he’s got powerful friends, and is part of the establishment; on the other hand he’s tasked with cutting out or at least aggressively treating a cancer that has spread throughout the whole establishment body. This includes going after or limiting the influence of lobbyists. Will that happen? I’m sure it will in part, but certainly not in whole – it will be a question of ‘which lobbyists’. It’s similar with the media: there has been a demonstration (by Trump) that the MSM has lied and lies habitually, but in itself I don’t see that as necessarily a death-knell. It’s power has been diminished, but remember the dems still won the popular vote (assuming there was no cheating!!): many people still are beholden to the monopolies. Maybe root and branch is unrealistic, but there definitely needs to be systematic scrutiny of how the media and the profession of journalism (and separately academia) has been corrupted by ideological / social justice priorities. It doesn’t have to be instituted by Trump, but it doesn’t do to be complacent. Just because the MSM etc is down doesn’t mean its out

        1. The point wasn’t just “BreitBart”. If they go crazy, then other alt media will pop up. This is a fluid thing, it has no barrier to entry, and no gatekeepers.
          The “popular vote” thing is a lie. They aren’t even done counting in Michigan yet, and it’s speculated that over 3 million illegals voted for Hillary. Even discounting the illegals, there’s no way to say she won the popular yet, further, it doesn’t matter. Bill Clinton didn’t come close to winning the popular vote in either of his terms.

        2. well lets hope so. Breitbart is well funded and alternative media may still need support and funding (although the decline of progressive, gawker style sites is evidence that that’s not enough). I think things are good at the moment and the world is full of promise, but it doesn’t do to be complacent. The progressive ideology has taken a battery and some of it seems increasingly unsustainable but one could perhaps overstate that. In terms of media the New York Times etc are already trying to spin things; owning up to slight failings, while saying they’re still basically about the highest quality journalism etc. re-positioning themselves for a post-Trump world. I’m not sure of the readership figures, but they’re not necessarily out yet.
          As for ‘the popular vote’ I hope you’re right, and that can be demonstrated, but at the moment the democrats are still powerful enough to be able to claim the popular vote if that should be disputed, and of course the MSM is right behind them

      1. And that’s all the corrupt elites can produce ? a fuckface. Man they really need to improve their gene pool.

        1. What’s worrisome is that they’re winning. Well, they were until recently. We really need to get our groove back.

      1. Cruz is not a bad guy. Who you need to watch out for are the fairweather Republicans who will side with the liberals to be favored by the media. Bush, McCain, Murkowski Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Snow, Susan Collins and the other so called “moderates” who want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

        1. What about Dick Armey. I don’t know anything about him, but based solely on his name I feel he should be given a high ranking and very public position.

        2. So many bad people with good names. Imagine a crack team of commandos with Dick Army as the comamnder and Wolf Blitzer as the giant Aryan Ubermench who strides onto the field and fires a shoulder mounted cannon that destroys battalions of enemy tanks in a single shot? How cool would that be?

        3. Yup. The idea that all conservatives are warmongers is utterly ridiculous. Look at the last century, Wilson was in power when we started WW1, FDR with WW2, Truman with Korea, Johnson with Vietnam, Bush Sr. (a Neocon with Iraq 1, Bush Jr. (a neocon) with Iraq 2. Not saying all of these wars were intentionally started by these leftist politicians, but their foreign policy sure encouraged foreign aggression. Meanwhile, Korea ended with Eisenhower, Vietnam ended with Nixon, and the Cold War ended with Reagan. All of them were branded by the media as warmongers.

        4. Man, do you remember after the A-Team jumped the shark and they brought in the Mexican demolitions expert Frankie Dishpan Santana.

        5. Up through the 1950’s the GOP was (rightly) billed as the “party of prosperity and peace”. People are so ignorant of history, or willfully blind. If anything, historically the classical liberal (now right/libertarian) has been constantly criticized as being too peaceful and isolationist, at least until the 1970’s.

  16. “Don’t try to convince them with logic, because they did not arrive at a blue-pilled position through logic. They did so through emotion.”
    Bullseye. People are wired to defend their position, no matter how asinine. Your actions must lead them.

    1. We all have been guilty of trying to reason with an emotional hamster wheel at one time or another.

      1. Yep, I’ve done it far too often myself. However, it’s a thing of the past—I’ll make an exception for some guy/gal who makes a comment that suggests they might be catching a glimmer of light.

        1. I agree, there is the occasional individual that is truly trying to see the other perspective. However, if all they are wanting to do is argue, it is not worth your time.

        2. Depends. If there is a watching audience of people who are quiet or express no real opinions, sometimes it’s good to calmly and logically flay an SJW in public.

        1. That, actually works on occasion. “You will get food if you go back in your cage”……….Hamster scampers in and eats its food.

  17. The fucking librards are out there spray painting walls with white power slogans and swastika’s all over the place. They think people are so stupid to believe this is being done by Trump supporters. I was watching Newsnight last night and all the feels and safe space shite was unbelieveable. How did these people even get through each day without crawling under their beds?

      1. Reminds me of the refugee who did exactly this at a refugee camp in the city where I study. It was big news and they organized a big protest march against nazis because of this. Of course it was the biggest march the city has ever seen and there wasn’t a single apology.

      2. Life is immitating art these days.
        “Leftist students Anthony Morales, 19 (at left), and Matthew Kafker (at right), 18, vandalized the campus church with Swastikas. They wanted it to look like Trump supporters were behind the hate crime.
        Two freshmen at Northwestern University were charged with vandalizing the campus church.
        The two Jewish students painted a Swastika and “Trump” on the church walls.”

        1. no it’s still art imitating life. You can’t make this stuff up. They are masters of false flag.

    1. my favorite is the people chanting at the white house Not Our President. Do they realize he is not there and they are shouting at the Obama people?

  18. Speaking of getting the law on the side of men—I’ve always wondered why cops who are (I think) mostly male and understand the dangers of risking their lives in service to an often ungrateful populace would be so eager to side with women in his word vs. her word situations. Is it fear of losing their jobs, just the overarching bias of laws that they feel duty bound to defend, or more?
    I don’t know. I haven’t thought deeply about it. I’m just putting it out there. Any ideas guy?

    1. Because underneath the uniform and guns, they are probably the *ultimate* in blue pill white knight mentality. Plus, it gets them laid (it does) and that’s great for a blue pill guy no matter what. When you or I white knight (I don’t, not suggesting you would, just being hypothetical) we get nothing. Dude with a gun and uniform white knights and two hours after the man of the house is taken to the jail, Officer Friendly comes back to take a “personal report”. I know police in real life, this isn’t idle speculation.

      1. Okay, the ‘personal report’ action sounds plausible. I’m sure there a blue pill cops out there who are reaping the ‘rewards’.
        I suppose I’ve just always thought of cops as ex-military alphas who would rightfully quash perceived beta behavior in other officers. Especially since one too many military guys or guys they know have come home after a tour of duty to find out the ‘faithful Mrs.” has cheated, taken the kids, and left.

      1. Eh, not quite. They have a measure of discrepancy. When they bust into a home where a man called the police on his violent woman, and he’s not raised a hand against her, guess who goes out in cuffs most of the time? The man, assuming that the bitch woman doesn’t assault the cops. That has nothing to do with enforcing the law.

        1. I have to say for all the fuckupery over here the cops will more than likely do the opposite within reason. I know guy wife was being violent, reported it to the cops so it was on record. Next time she got violent she was the one taken away in the car. That’s not to say it happens all the time.

    2. Laws like the Violence Against Women Act state that the male in such situations is presumed guilty.

    3. yep.they have to.
      not think, just obey…
      reminds me of the city bus in NYC. there is an announcement that is illegal to assault the bus driver…
      luckily otherwise I would think it ok…

  19. Here’s something to consider… Maybe rather than having daddy force them, we can all simply not use google.

  20. From BreitBart:

    “Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage,” R. Emmett Tyrrell reports.
    “Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began
    yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up
    objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an
    uncontrollable rage.”

    Imagine, we were a pussy hair’s width away from having this demonic witch receive the Football.

      1. I’m hoping one surfaces. I’m not into porn, but I could almost justify fapping to that.

        1. You do realize you would be fapping to Hillary Clinton, don’t you? I see why you said “almost”.

    1. Oh well heck it’s from Breitbart, I mean, that isn’t even a credible source. Only NYT, CNN, WSJ, etc. (rolls eyes)…

      1. Actually, the source it The American Spectator. Heh. BB is just reporting on their report.

        1. It’s like it is in Hollywood. You’re only famous if somebody powerful says you are. Total horseshit, credibility and all that…

    2. but someone farted in the middle of the Pacific ocean and thanks the butterfly effect she was crushed.

    3. As far as I was concerned she broke it down herself. Who do we want with a finger on the button?
      A guy who has trouble finishing a complete, coherent sentence in public or an episode of COPS.

  21. trumps’ initial real politics is a great start – if actually implemented.
    Politicians are permitted to accept bribes, insider trading, K street influence etc.
    Politicians rolling in and out of executive jobs…
    That’s where the swamp is deepest, and darkest…
    First: I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order.
    Second: I am going to ask Congress to institute its own 5-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.
    Third: I am going to expand the definition of lobbyist so we close all the loopholes that former government officials use by labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are lobbyists.
    Fourth: I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.
    Fifth: I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections.
    Not only will we end our government corruption, but we will end the economic stagnation.

    1. An excellent initial salvo against the revolving door which exists between lobbyists and government…

  22. 2 & 3 are much easier to implement at a day to day level.
    1 & 4 can hopefully happen over time.

  23. I recently saw information that the average age of the 6 o’clock/evening TV news viewer is now 63…the MSM is already falling on hard times, about to get harder still. I’ve not had TV for most of my adult life…been getting my news online & by radio for decades.

      1. Yeah, “parent of the year”, how ’bout we start with that?!!?
        and why the fuk would you listen to an 8 yo?

        1. and why the fuk would you listen to an 8 yo?
          People just find it easier to relate to others that hold the same level of emotional maturity and intellectual depth.

      1. Always with the perfect models of white people, are Nazis represented. I mean fucking always. Every book, every movie, every television show, every single one, they portray beautiful people as Nazis or “evil”. No exceptions.
        My daughter’s high school is overwhelmingly beautiful young blonde kids. I mean its amazing. When we travel to the nether reaches, outside the comfort zone of central Ohio, it’s like we’re the Scary Horrible Nasty Eeeeevil team come to swoop down on the dark haired hordes and force them to take etiquette lessons or something. They trot out their multi-cult band/football team, and out we come in shining new uniforms, a team of nearly perfect young blonde kids, and you can hear the opposing teams sphincters tightening in unison.

        1. I guess I take it really personally. My wife is F2 generation German (her grandparents came over). I’m F2 generation English/Scot on both mother and father’s side. We have blonde haired kids who are attractive. We’re attractive. The entire area I live in could be Germany If They Never Entered Either World War. Beautiful blonde people everywhere. Shockingly beautiful.
          And somehow, all of this goodness, all of these super nice people who will help you out even if it means personal sacrifice, are all lumped in as the Evil White Hordes(tm)! Fuck Hollywood and fuck the MSM.

  24. If we define the alt right as a movement that views preservation, if not expansion, of the white race as indispensable to the functioning of a civil society, it will always be easily denounced. I’m not talking about by leftists fanatics, but by reasonable people who value character, ethics, and fairness above identify politics. They can easily view the alt right as being the flip side of the SJW coin.
    While I applaud the irreverence for the fascist PC culture that has developed in this election cycle, supporters of neomasculinity (including myself) must remember that ridicule and mockery should be used as tools to further objectives that are backed by sound ethical reasoning, even if that reasoning occurs in the background. It’s better to find ways to mock the ideological stupidity of the left rather than racial characteristics that are beyond the control of given individuals.
    On the other hand I realize in practice this balance can often be a challenge to achieve–effective mockery, trolling, whatever often requires a certain crossing of boundary lines, and given that the Left trafficks in identity politics, it seems difficult to ridicule the message, without also ridiculing the messenger as well. And I think one of the weaknesses of earlier traditional conservatives is that they focused excessively on principles, trying to take the high road, when the culture had deteriorated to the point that the Left could successfully launch ad hominems, and successfully undermine attempts at reasoned discussion. So the question remains how to fight in the trenches, without completely losing the credibility of the moral rightness of our cause.

    1. mostly SJWs cycle thru victim->attack->victim->attack
      defined as:
      attack: initiating personal insults, and violence.
      victim: witness to non-personal facts.
      they seem to be unstable, unstoppable, brainwashed, destructive robots…

    2. “They can easily view the alt right as being the flip side of the SJW coin.”
      You hit the nail on the fucking head!

  25. Can we end this pussy cuck myth of “men can do some things better, and women can do other things better”. I can’t stand hearing, seeing, reading this fucking lie everywhere. We have to start at the roots, and this is one big fat fucking root. In all honesty I don’t see this ever happening. With that said, we will never recover and are doomed for some serious ass fucking.

    1. Women, for a fact, do much better at breast feeding, than men.

    2. Men can do 95% things better. Women 5%. That should calm you. Everything else is equality propoganda.

  26. Jon, I love your work and agree with this article.
    I’d warn being a fan of Milo, however, as he is the textbook definition of an elite infiltrator.

    1. Thank you. And all his loyal followers who aren’t neomasculinr as much as they are anti-sjw

  27. “hell, don’t even pay for cable”
    This is the number one thing that everyone can and should be doing. Cord-cutting will have a devastating effect, it’s easy, and it’s immediate.

    1. Seriosuly, unless you enjoy watching sports and NEED access to live sporting events then cord-cutting is very very easy and TV shouldn’t be watched in general (I understand if you wanna relax by watching a game of (insert favourite sport here) because that’s very hard to replicate online). It only sucks that Netflix is large enough to be part of that elite scum. It’s still cheaper (probably) than regular TV service so keeps more money in your pocket and out of theirs.
      Also, you can still supplement with the free over-the-air channels that cost literally nothing and still show bigger events like the Olympics and shit (and some MSNews if you ever wanna check to see if it’s improved). At least it’s like that in Cuckada, but everyone should look into availablility in their area.

      1. I still follow my alma mater’s football and basketball train wrecks the old-fashioned way: FM radio, lol.
        It’s free, I turn it off during the ads, and I get other shit done while I’m listening. Haven’t missed ESPN or other live sports programming for going on five years now.

      1. Depends how much of a slave you want to be I suppose. I don’t need smart phones, streaming movies, or any of that, so unless they come put a gun to my head and say “you must pay for cable,” I simply don’t pay for it.
        That aside, they are in fact pretty stupid. The writing was on the wall for the big media business model as early as 1999 thanks to Napster. Here we are two decades later and they’re still bundling a bunch of channels people don’t want, charging 20 bucks for a couple of Cokes at the movies, and failing to realize that people can entertain themselves quite well with nothing more than a basic (and dirt cheap) internet connection.

  28. As to #4, as long as we can have “gay marriage”, how about a FEDERAL “covenant marriage”, entirely voluntary, but it would go to the old rules – you must prove adultery, abandonment, or abuse (violent felony, not quarreling), and the at-fault partner gets no or restricted visitation, has to pay alimony and child support. Women could still abandon at any time, but would suffer the consequences. It would also have to override some “domestic violence” laws to some extent.

  29. You support LEGAL immigration? So according to you, we should then be fine with all the Muslims, Somali Refugees, East Indians, and Chinese that are coming in hoards to our country. They all seem to be coming in legally, and yet, they are mostly from third world countries. Interesting and what a joke of an article to allow this point to go through.

    1. Hoardes would be the wrong word…trickle is better…never over 2% of the population.

  30. I’m generally not a guy into vengeance, but those who have put us through the last eight years really need to be held accountable. I would even go as far as saying America needs its own truth and reconciliation committee. Not so much Obama, but those he enabled, did to this country is tantamount to treason. Anyone who worked in his administration should be banned from ever working again in government, at any level, federal, state, and even local. And that should just be the beginning. We should start documenting and blacklisting “protesters” who refuse to accept the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. They should be publicly shamed in the same way the Left would shame an innocent man who made a joke about a usb dongle some feminist did not like. There should be a registry that has their contact information, picture, and vital statistics so employers and individuals can search them out. People should be employed to go to these protests, take pictures of these idiots, search social media to find their identity, then place them in the registry.
    This all must end and it must end now. Enough is enough. I think even if the writ of habeas corpus must be suspended to get it done then it needs to be done. The time for action is now.

  31. You know over the past 8 years there have been a lot of comments by Obama and his minions about a 3rd term, well when Obama met Trump the other day, the standard proceedure is to be photographed meeting outside the White House – this has been done for as long as cameras have been around. The Obamas didn’t do it, suggesting they do not accept the transfer of power. Obama and Hillary also mentioned recently the neccesity for smooth transitions of power, which is again unheard of (that it would be mentioned as even an issue)- why does that need to be stated, especially by hardcore professional liars. I’ve been waching some ‘out there’ videos on all of this, and these elites are almost certainly using something they call lesser magic, i.e tell the victim what is going to happen in the future, but by indirect/ subconscious/ cryptic means, and Obama has stated some pretty shocking opinions masquerading as jokes, i.e lesser magic. I can’t mention it all here but I’m pretty sure that something major is going to happen in December and Trump will be removed, or Obama will suspend the election process. Part of this lesser magic can be seen by Obama when he joked about conspiracy theorists thinking he has a plan to subvert and destroy America, then joked “You’re absolutely right” (without any expression of him joking). Earlier in the year he as doing another speech and mentioned “winning the war on Christmas” (i.e the left wing war against the celebration of Christmas), but if we look at it from the perspective that he was practising lesser magic, and given his angry expression when he said that, and given 6 days (a highly significant number of days in the occult) will be between the Electoral College and Christmas, and given what we are now hearing about the potential for the electoral college to change their votes as unfaithful voters on the 19th, I have to say I think we are being set up for a major crisis that will keep Obama in power, and where he wil activate his National Defence Autherisation Act, which will be the end of America. I’m just putting this out there as a warning, a warning not to take their civil war bait and to look into this yourselves, as everyone is so happy about Trump, they are forgetting there is a half-jew half-nigger (the 2 lowest forms of life) President who doesn’t want to leave office by his own admission (multiple occasions).

  32. Personally I think priority #1 should be to deport as many illegals as possible and pass laws to prevent them from ever returning, without illegal immigrant votes(which possibly number at over 20 million) the DNC and cuckservatives in the GOP will have no chance of ever getting elected again unless they start doing whatever normal working class and middle class Americans actually want them to do.

  33. EXCELLENT post sir!
    We need to think in concrete, winnable goals. And these are great areas to focus on.

  34. Drain the f’n swamp. Put real term limits in place for congress and eliminate the concept of a career in politics.

    1. Trust me Obama will leave office on time. In fact he can’t wait to get out of there. He’s having a personal melt down along with the rest of them. This is happening all at once. There’s more to the crying and snivelling than most people are aware of. The shitlibs all seem to be dissolving right before our eyes. The forces at work causing their mass breakdown are universal and cosmic. We are now riding a wave into a grand and glorious AGE OF MAN (patriarchy).
      It is a natural flux of the forces of nature within the cosmos. The changing vibratory states are in such disharmony with the shitlibs that they can’t keep their composure. They certainly cannot dictate or rule. They’re all falling apart. Their ‘crying’ is only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that their sacred cows are dying. THE SHITLIBS TOO die as they cling to their dying cows.
      Again THIS IS A WAVE we’re riding and the shitlibs are getting sucked under. They don’t have the octive state of vibratory life force to even live in this time. They’re dead. Flatlining as we speak. The uncontrollable projectile crying tears speak for themself.
      WE PATRIARCHS must not take it all for granted though. We must be self aware and know that it is our place to lead in this time. We aren’t in control of this transformation, NATURE IS and luckily we’re in sync with nature now. But what we can do is name the storm of straight line forces that lies before us. We can call it the AGE OF MAN. We’re not gods above wielding spears or lightning bolts, we don’t create the forces, but only the patriarch has licence now to direct the forces. So we’re not doing this entirely of our own accord, we’re just in sync with nature at this time. We’re riding it all like master surfers. We’re riding a cosmic wave, a wave in cosmic forces that only THE SUPREME PATRIARCHS can surmount and can withstand (shitlibs all drown).
      THIS IS OUR DAY . . and we riiide, we surf the big one. In that sense we’re on top. We’re preserved, our sanctity and will is the law of the land and is the religion of the house and home. For shitlibs this is a very sad day and the hardest of hard times but for the Patriarchs – – WE LIVE! For us riding atop the patriarchal wave of masculine realignment is a cinch. It’s our calling. Any shitlib would only die trying. To them it’s a dangerous and deadly storm. To us the transformation courses through our veins and invigorates us. For us the breaking in of the new age will be like a song, like being engulfed in a symphony or a synchronistic alignment of all our faculties with the elements. We are getting a taste of what it’s like to finally be ‘all empowered’. Female feminist ‘bitch empowerment’ negates everything that’s happening in the field we’re entering. The old guard of manginas and feminist bitter clingers to the bitch dogma are rendered without tongues. They’re speechless. Only tears. Words can’t even come out. We’ve seen the inexplicable outrageous tears haven’t we? They’re dying and we can all feel and sense it but don’t bother empathizing with them. STAMP THEM ASUNDER for their crimes. The ones who persecuted and dispatched traditional men, they’ll be SMASHED and ploughed under and covered with cement. Those who signed death warrants for patriarchs and their families in effect signed their own. Those who promoted emasculation will beg to be shielded from the lashings of nature’s coming storm. And remember when we demolish and destroy who and what we must, we must also build an equal and ultimately much greater quanta. In the universal order we replace what we take. It is a raw powerful storm but THE PATRIARCHS will steer and make a grand order of the forces.
      Then THE FIELD will lay before us. We will take the field and it will be a clean field, devoid of shitlibbery and shitlibs. Ours is a fresh and pristine clean slate. If any shitlibs remain, their only course is to surrender their all, their hearts, their carnal bodies and to raise their arms and cry out “HAIL THE PATRIARCHY”. Otherwise they perish, self destruct, deconstructing themselves and uncreating their every thought and false premise. POOF they’re gone. Their vibratory life force and mindstate is out of sync and the dominant forces have a lethal cancellatory effect.
      This is no time to party. It is a time for men to prepare to lead. Otherwise some queen bitch with the balls will attempt to sieze the grail as men leave the shitlib trashpiles uncollected. They’re not dead until crushed. Otherwise the shitlib piles will turn zomboid and spread every festering pathogen transmitted by bite.
      So yes. The answer is yes, Obama will evacuate the White House on schedule or sooner. The forces pushing him and others out will be like winds blowing them outward and to the horizon in rear. The shitlibs will make an exodus from positions of authority and will be blown out before they even reach the door, like being sucked out of a depressurizing aircraft cabin door, excreted like a projectile bowel movement by the entire ailing body politik.
      THE GRAIL, THE STAFF, THE DIVINE ROD OF POWER is coming into our hands. It is a heavy coat of arms to don.
      But again yes Obama will leave the keys in the door on his way out.

      1. If you say Obama is having a personal meltdown, and we know he is a narcissist, and we know narcissism is the most destructive personality, as it will destroy everything to get supply, then it isn’t as guaranteed as you’d like to will into effect that he will leave. You know these elites, including Obama, practise lesser magic- i.e tell the victim what is going to happen to them through indirect means; Obama has consistently mentioned having a 3rd term, and it is likely that some major event is going to happen between the 19th of December and Christmas, when we look at the electoral college vote on the 19th, and how Hillary kept mentioning ‘6 days’, and given Obama joked about “winning the war on Christmas”, which the sheeple think he means the left wing assault of the celebration, but watch him say it, he has the most steely expression ever seen by him. If we consider the lesser magic those freaks are using, “winning the war on Christmas” has a much more sinister meaning. After everything Obama has done, and after his comments (again lesser magic) that the “fall of the republic has never looked so good”, I cannot see a smooth transition of power. Obama and Hillary both recently mentioned the importance of a smooth transition of power – why does that even need to be stated by career liars, when it is taken as a given by every other Presidential transfer. Obama met Bush in a ceremony outside the White House, like all Presidents and President Elects do, but Obama has an extremely low-key meeting with Trump, and he looked pissed off. It just seems to me that the chips are falling in place for a major event to happen, possibly using BLM, that will kick everything off and allow Obama to enact the NDAA and martial law. Obama didn’t create the NDAA so Trump could use it. They will do everything and anything to stay in power.

        1. We know what the bitchboy will try to pull. Our groundswell is the deal breaker. On Hillary’s “6 days” it’s eye of the needle if they can pull anything off. The more brazen their attempt, the deeper and more widespread they will find themselves all buried. The psychopaths of them are screaming at the ocean or at the sky. Raw force.
          But more on the number ‘6’.

  35. 5. Full-Scale Liberal witch hunt – get them fired, rediculed, exposed, mocked, fined, jailed, destroy their livelihood, secretly add meat to their vegan meals, provoke meltdowns, pit them against each other, and so on.
    Dont forget, dont forgive

  36. Twitter did a purge of many alt-right figures lately and it seems we’ll be heading over to the free speech equivalent (gab.ai).

  37. need to get neocon warmongers out as well. some globalist warhawk cucks are itching to start fights kill innocents to then import illegals from there into the country.
    As Cernovich said in one of his recent periscopes “Invade then Invite” seems to be the global warmongering policy

  38. Damn, those SJW’s really have it out for white guys. What they’re doing to ya’ll is bullshit.
    Glad I voted Trump.

  39. I feel like the Battle for Helm’s Deep has just been won.
    Now we have the even bigger Battle of the Pelennor Fields to consider.

  40. Cocksucking media and the faggot Republicans are at full throttle attacking Trump, worse than pre-election, it seems.

  41. Left-liberals are still stronger in real world activism. Look at BLM, attacks at Trump rallies, rallies against Trump election. If it was another result, it is certain there would not be anything. Of course it is not a natural spontaneous phenomenon, as wikileaks showed they are paid organizers by Sοros and others of similar ideology. Alt right must have real world present, and a network in USA and European countries to support activists and parties.

  42. We also need to deport the illegals, reform H1B visas (less of them), and change our immigration quotas(cut off immigration from non-white/christian countries). Our goal should be to make the non-hispanic white race ~75% of the US population. Additionally, we also need to drastically reduce the black population(aggregate number and %of total). That in of itself will Make America Great Again

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