3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For A Job In The Trump Administration

With the election over and done with, America is turning its attention to the transition from President Obama to President Trump. In barely two months, the Donald will take office, ejecting the Democrats’ coterie of corrupt courtiers and beginning his mission to right America’s wrongs. But President Trump can’t do it alone: he needs good, talented people to work under him and carry out the hard work of making America great again.

That’s where you come in.

The Trump administration is now soliciting people to apply for jobs for when the man himself takes office in January. We are officially calling on all ready and able Return Of Kings readers to submit their applications and take up any job offers. Here’s why you should consider a job in President Trump’s administration (beyond obvious reasons such as money and prestige)…

1. It’ll help keep President Trump accountable


While the media is lying about Trump reneging on his campaign promises, it’s still a good idea to give the man more reasons to keep his word. By staffing his administration with committed nationalists, we’ll make it easier for President Trump to fulfill his political program, as well as make it more difficult for him to go back on his promises. Remember, it was rank-and-file FBI agents who forced James Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton; a leader needs loyal men in order to carry out his agenda.

2. You’ll be able to make history


Given the momentous task of rebuilding America after eight years of Obama’s perfidy and failure, you almost have a civic duty to help President Trump in his mission. Expecting America to become great again all on its own is delusional; we need to do our part to restore this nation’s glory. By working with the Trump administration, you’ll have a direct role in reshaping America for years—possibly decades—to come.

3. You’ll help trigger the left


Despite their massive losses in the election—beyond Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the Democrats now control only a handful of state governments and failed to dent the GOP’s Congressional majority—the leftist mainstream media is trying to order Trump around and persuade him to staff his administration with the same flacks who filled Bush’s and Obama’s. Right now, they’re freaking out over Breitbart executive chairman Stephen Bannon being appointed as Trump’s chief strategist.

By joining the Trump administration, you’ll have a hand in helping trigger the left into conniption fits and spasms of impotence. Nothing horrifies them more than losing access to the levers of power, which they’ve controlled for decades. Watching leftists squirm and cry is one of the biggest fringe benefits of Trump’s victory, and we need to keep the triggering up for years to come.

If you think you have the job skills, Return Of Kings highly recommends you apply for a job in Trump’s administration. President Trump may have started the fire, but it’s our job to help the fire rise.

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293 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For A Job In The Trump Administration”

  1. I want to be part of a new fashion police, like the kind they have in Iran. Anyone caught with unnatural hair colors that look like they stuck their head inside a cotton candy vat (blue in particular) will be automatically subjected to arrest.
    Cleaning up feminist influenced degeneracy is a noble pursuit. haha

        1. Interesting how a Gay Jew was made to be the leader of the Alt. Right by the media. Its like having a black KKK commander

        2. Was made leader? He is not a leader of anything. He has a well-visited site. Probably largely due to his ‘gaiety’. That doesn’t make him a leader. In fact, I dare challenge the idea that a thing like ‘altright’ even really exists.

        3. Was thinking the same thing. The Leftist media doesn’t get to appoint our leaders for us.

        4. Reminds me of a video where Mike Cernovich, if you know him, was having a video chat with some leftist anti-Gamergater.
          This guy told Mike that GamerGate should become an organization with accountability and management, while Mike argued: Dude, there is no ‘Gamergate movement’. Its just a hashtag that many people with a lot of variable beliefs use. We are not a movement.
          The hivemind can’t wrap its head around that.

        5. They do not grok decentralized leaderless resistance. This is why this is the preferred strategy to defeat Leftists across the globe. Their minds are wired to hierarchy and following “leaders”, they have no real idea how we’re able to act independent of each other and yet work effectively towards a common goal.

        6. On the other hand, their hivemind gives them power, you gotta acknowledge that. Streamlined brainless efficiency, but efficiency nonetheless. At least in the one aspect it focuses on while everything else goes to shit.

        7. I’m not stating that they’re powerless. Rather, that they have a system that they cannot understand that is more or less equally as powerful, when it shows up. Clearly hierarchy has helped achieve many things in history.

        8. Of course they do. They get to label whomever they want however they please.
          I’m still highly amused at the work of Yiannopoulos and Shapiro. They’re really kicking in the doors at ground zero these days.
          And the only reason it’s allowed is because they shuffle into the stack at a more oppressed privileged position and can’t as readily be relabled, ostracized and dismantled by our mentally deficient opposition.

        9. They can label however they want, but that’s not appointing a leader in the sense I meant. They can declare Al Franken the leader of the alt right but who among us would give that any credence? I wouldn’t.

        10. Well, this leaderless stuff works as soon as people get REALLY pissed, which seems to take a while. Meanwhile those leftards just organize (((get organized))) buses to go to election, elaborate and conspire schemes like voter fraud etc. They invest a lot of energy in that shit. I don’t think we do the same.

        11. I didn’t say their labels held any validity with anyone outside of the echochamber… Just that they’ll do it ad nauseum regardless.

        12. much of their power is in “brigading” against a perceived enemy (everyone not like them)
          Is powerful, and reason we are presently anonymous…

        13. Nice icon! I think the Alt Right is going through being co-opted just like The Tea Party was. The Tea Party was righteous at one time, but they got diluted.

        14. It’s a pretense. They have to paint everyone else as ‘inhuman’ because else they couldn’t convince people to fight the fight.
          Reminds me of a great comment someone made on Facebook regarding the constantly expanding definition of rape. He said something like: Do you realize that when you tell a man that it is rape not to ask for consent for every little action you are basically telling that man that he deserves to be killed?

        15. I don’t think so. And I don’t think that the tea party is either. There is no leadership, there’s nothing to “co-opt”. When I meet with my neighbors and discuss politics and what to do, there are no giant mega-millionaires standing there controlling the conversation. I think that they want you to think that it’s co-opted though, so they invent a fictional hierarchy that nobody down on the ground believes in, take it, and then proclaim victory.
          The manosphere is run on ideas, not hierarchy. Being red pill I think it would be pretty easy to see if somebody came in and started suggesting blue pill ways. We see it now. We mock them mercilessly.

        16. proves that we are not ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ and ‘faggist’ or whatever they say we all are…

        17. I’m sexyist. I have a strong bias towards sexy women.

        18. There’s a fag working at the Coffee Fellows here who gives me the creeps. I swear I almost feel like running away when I see him. Not that he’s strong or anything, but he has this weird vibe.

        19. the suffix “-phobia” on the end of bigoted terms makes no sense: Some people just plain DON’T LIKE gays or foreigners or what have you. Not necessarily fear-driven.

        20. Ohemgee what a CREEP!
          Where’s that article on street-legal self defense weaponry?
          Haha poor Tom.
          When I was in Kaiserslautern, I shit you not we got a brief on the first day that we should always travel in groups because they had a rash of man-on-man rape attempts. I chuckled and paid it no mind, imagining some poor guy being chased down the street by a mob of Justin Bieber lookalikes, but one night when a bunch of us guys went out, some dude at a bar told me he had some friends he wanted me to meet. He was holding a meter of beer, so I followed him to the side of the bar where there was a dining room. I’d assumed he meant there would be women, or maybe just some people that wanted to pick the brain of an American.
          I walked up and was introduced to three guys sitting at a table whom spoke little English.
          I said: “Uhh. What’s up guys? I’m [redacted], how we doing tonight?”
          One guy said hello and they all just sat there staring at me, silently nodding their heads with the scariest soulless grins on their faces.
          I put down the beer that one of them had just handed me and promptly excused myself.
          And that is why you never go wandering around a strange city without a battle buddy (wingman).

        21. Yeah, -phobia crap has to go to. Even if something is fear driven, that’s not necessarily a phobia. A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something. Like, if I was afraid of back scratchers, that would be backscratcherphobia (or whatever). But if I’m afraid of being dunked into a tank of great white sharks? Hell no, that’s perfectly rational to fear that.

        22. Actually, if it WAS fear-driven, leftists should be ashamed of attacking people who are afraid … after all, they are all for tolerance and shit and little crybabies themselves.

        23. Oh yeah. Pure Hillary-tee.
          Watch your back out there Tom.
          Im pretty sure your country invented assless chaps 😉

        24. My fear of heights is WHOLLY irrational…
          To your point, any sane human would be scared if they were dangling off a balcony, but my hands sweat standing on the roof 20 yds from the edge!

        25. Mine is spiders, and going past ankle deep in the ocean.
          Back when off shore Libertarian islands being proposed was all the rage (early 1990’s), I was thinking “Well, fuck, guess I’m stuck here in tyranny”.

        26. I used to love waves and the ocean until one day on Crete there was kind of a little stormy weather and the waves were like 1-2 meters high. I jumped in and immediately realized how much more big they seem from in there. But I didn’t wanna be a chickenshit, so I went in more and got trashed by one. That was actually fun, BUT as soon as I was underneath the water surface, an intensely strong current started pulling me outwards. I almost panicked and hastily swam back to the shore as quickly as I could. Since that day, I have respect for waves. Heh. Although in hindsight, it may not have been that dangerous if one was clever in dealing with it. Dunno.

        27. Well shit. I mean that doesn’t even compare to 5 years earlier when I was in the country for a student exchange program and a guy at a hostel tried his damnest to convince my group to leave our chaperones and go with him to Prague.
          He was dressed like the understudy for Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat and said he had just traveled from the “Six day psychedellic festival”
          He promised us that everyone there would love Americans. They would provide us with everything we could want for; free stay, food, drugs, women. All we had to do was come with him and his ‘friends’ would take care of the rest.
          I found it incredibly disturbing, but needless to say the other teens in my group found it enticing. Regardless of what they wanted to do, we were on an itinerary visiting points of interest in Berlin for a week, then would travel north to Kiel to land with our host families…
          A month later, I returned home and the movie Hostel came out.

        28. Some scientists think titties evolved since buttocks became smaller in females. I think this picture proves this ain’t so. This is just perverse scary stuff. No way we were once apes!

        29. That’s actually helpful, facing your fears and all. If, after doing that, you’re still filled with unexplained dread and terror THEN you have a phobia.
          I’ve tried a million different ways to ‘conquer’ the height thing and nothing changes.
          Never wanted to be a roofer anyway.

        30. Being a Czech, I found the Hostel movie extremely ridiculous.
          Just an example.
          They arrive at a train station and nobody is there … scary!
          Truth is, it’s absolutely normal. In those little fart towns, why would anyone spend their time at the train station?
          But the movie uses some dramatic music and dark colors to make it appear ‘scary’. Total horseshit.

        31. While stationed in Texas, I encountered a whole *mess* of scary ass spiders. Face them down as I may, I still loathe the little hairy fucks.
          Fun story: It was summertime in San Angelo Texas. The sun had set about two hours earlier. I was driving down some deserted highway in my 1983 Ford Mustang 5.0 Liter 5-speed. Captain Suave, just riding the old West. Suddenly there was this huge….void inky black thing on the road. It wasn’t a hole and I had nowhere to steer to around it, so I just marshalled through it at 90mph. It sounded like I’d run over ten miles of really loud bubble rap.
          Pulled into the base, got out of my car, and the entire lower half, including my wheel wells, front bumper, the entire skirting around the car was covered in guts and big hairy spider legs.
          Turns out, tarantulas like to head out in herds to lay on the roads after the sun goes down, to keep warm.
          Fuck if that didn’t give me nightmares for a few weeks afterward.

        32. Yeah, I mentioned this to you once before. In America we don’t have a station in every town like in Europe, so that would seem out of place to a foreigner I guess…
          Regardless, it was much more the luring away to eastern Europe of young ignorant Americans on fantastical promises, then imprisoning and brutally dismembering them that was so horrifying to me, because I believe I may have almost lived it.

        33. Speaking of movies and Your People, you should Czech out “Anthropoid” That was some hard-core shit! And true even!

        34. Movies don’t bother me. Nothing on a movie screen bothers me, if it’s not a snuff flick. Real life though, get those hairy little shits away from me, or I’m clearing leather.

        35. My mother/grandmother owned a house in such a small little fart town in Czech, so it doesn’t scare me the least. Most normal thing in the world to me.
          Movies always dramatize stuff. For example, you may see some mean face, right? And the camera zooms in and creepy music comes and the characters feel in danger. While in reality it was just some local guy in a bad mood who didn’t really give a shit about the tourists either way.
          This movie makes great fun of this:

          While I have never been to something like what you described, I don’t think you were in real danger. I doubt that this kind of stuff is as common as the media leads us to believe.

        36. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is some seriously funny shit. I really enjoyed that movie.

        37. I just considered telling you about some cool (?) therapy idea, but then I realized: Who gives a damn. Not everything has to be obsessively fixed.

        38. Its in a man’s nature to try to ‘fix’ things that seem out of whack.
          Nothing wrong with that impulse.

        39. Yeah. They really never fail as long as you listen. That was an incredible trip otherwise.
          If it were relevant I would recount the story of how my 17-year-old classmate was detained by Norwegian customs on a ferry trip on suspicion for drug smuggling and was never found out by the chaperones, or the time we were handed off to 5 different Turkish couriers and ended up in (an entirely unfamiliar and frightening) undergound train station to buy some hash on our first day in Berlin…
          Americans man…

        40. The thing is, it’s not out of whack. GOJ surely has no problem with it and it’s more of a funny trait of his. No need to dramatize stuff that doesn’t bring any harm.
          In the realm of psychology, I’d say it’s typically bitches who try to fix. Only that their ‘fixing’ is more a kind of ‘become dependent on me, please’ thing to make themselves indespensible.

        41. I’m exaggerating a bit. Somebody puts one on me, and I will in fact punch him, I don’t care if it’s a defanged do nothing harmless spider, I will come down like holy hell on his ass and not relent until I see blood and him unconscious.
          That being said, I live in farm country. We have some really bizarre looking giant corn spiders out here that will give you the willies free of charge all the day long. I’ve learned to keep my distance and not freak out, and if I have to walk a corn field (and sometimes you do, out here) I bring a nice big stick with me to clear the path in front of me so that I don’t walk face first into their almost stainless steel strength webs.

        42. There’s a reason that they still live in the stone age. Heh.

        43. Funny. I think I had a phase in my life where I had fear of heights, but these days, I’d say I have far far less fear of heights than the average person. I can sit with my feet dangling down a cliff without feeling uneasy.

        44. Maybe they wouldn’t have melted our eyeballs out with a blowtorch. Maybe they wouldn’t have sliced our Achilles tendons. I don’t know.
          But when in a foreign land as a teenaged American, rule one should be don’t follow a guy to Prague on promises of free drugs and whores.

        45. Hey, I also hate insects. Spiders, big moths etc.
          Once I decided to confront that fear by catching one of those big moths with my bare hand and squeezing it to death. All the time, my body was shaking and tense like crazy and I had to force myself to keep control of my limbs.
          Can’t say it did anything but make it worse, lol.

        46. I thought he was making fun of your common tendency to transcribe your apathetic monosyllabic laugh to the majority of your posts…

        47. Like I said. The movie was released right after we came home. In the moment I wasn’t afraid. I was actually sitting at a table with travelers from 7 different countries and thought it was one of the most amazing things in the world.
          I thought the guy was missing half a brain and wasn’t to be trusted, then went on with my life and had a good time.
          But I’ll always be left wondering what would’ve happened if the other fork was taken.

        48. Yeah. I mean, I was -almost- killed a few different times (two instances of falling power lines, car accidents, almost run over by heavy machinery, etc…). Except I wasn’t so its really irrelevant, but they make for interesting conversation

        49. Yeah, that’s true. Like that one time I got lost in the mountains in late autumn and without any provisions or a mobile phone … the fact I still live is really pure dumb luck.

        50. Or the time I went walking through the Bronx looking for a taxi after leaving the Zoo…

        51. Well, he rode the many boxes of “lost ballots” that kept showing up when it was clear that he lost the election.

        52. I liked the old one better. I always pictured Jefferson as the Most Interesting Man in The World

      1. (((Milo Yiannopolous))) and (((Sasha Baron Cohen))). what difference does it make. Equally obnoxious geniuses.

        1. They can get away with a lot of stuff that regular lumpen like us would get into big troubles for because they’re members of the (((tribe)))

        2. They can get away with a lot of stuff because they don’t use it to play the victim card.
          It’s nothing about any “(((tribe)))” (and for the people who don’t know, the triple parenthese means “jew”), but about people who are brave human beings instead of spoiled snowflakes. Fuck off your antisemitic remarks.

        3. It is not antisemitic to suggest that there is a significant Jewish influence in the entertainment industry.

        4. I would like to see you fighting in the Middle East against several armies, any of them bigger than yours, and fighting them at the same time, knowing that if they win, they will exterminate your, “brave boy”.

        5. As a combat vet, I am probably not the one you should be getting snarky with about “bravery.”
          The few jews in the US Army and Marines are virtually never in combat arms MOS’s.
          Always admin clerks, etc. Just sayin’

        6. Ofc they’d never be in combat arms. Their line of thinking is most likely let the other suckers get their heads shot off, and not them.

        7. If you’re a combat vet and you don’t show some fucking respect for what Israel has done since the 48, against all odds, you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a stain for your people.

      2. Cohen is getting triggered right now by Trump. Funny how all of a sudden he wants us to become serious.

    1. All men have to wear tailored suits with red power ties at all times (work, the beach, the gym)

      1. On noooooo, let them keep it. Just be certain that wherever you go, you call it a Diaper Pin.

        1. thats so FUKKIN FUNNY!
          I just learned about it this morning at work – I asked someone what it meant, didn’t let him answer, and just said I guess you’re diaper’s loose!
          Great Minds, eh?

    2. Nah, arrests are for serious criminals who are a real threat to society, not some limp wristed pansy or fat feminist studying women’s studies. This is far more effective, cheaper, and a direct way of combating the problem.

    3. RoK has totally turned my head about parrot head coloured hair. I work with a someone that has bright blue hair (looks awful) and I immediately thought “how screwed up are you?”.

  2. Pardon me for hijacking the thread, but nothing would please me more than to see the removal of the White House Press Corp. Take them out, and MSM loses all relevancy. Sure, there’s probably more important things than that, but I’d sure like to see it happen.

    1. Even though the MSM hence The White House Press Corp seems to be over run with flaming leftists, they still serve a purpose, to let us know what the president and the rest of government is up to. The whole purpose of “Freedom of the Press” is to watch and hold the governments feet to the fire so to speak. They just need to be reminded to hold the feet of BOTH parties to the fire.

      1. That’s been tried before. They only feet they hold to the fire are non-Democrats, and even then, by “hold their feet to the fire” I mean “Invent lies out of whole cloth and conduct smear campaigns”.

        1. Without them though there’s no one else to watch, most internet news sites don’t have the funding/personnel to follow/watch. That may change but it’s going to be awhile.

        2. That’s kind of where I was pointing, they don’t “watch” at all. For their precious Dem officials they look the other way, and for GOP officials they invent lies and stir up trouble just to frustrate any attempts to roll back government. I don’t see them as a functional institution, iow.
          I’m not for abolishing the press corp, but I am for opening it up to *anybody* and not just their credentialed, martini sipping elite.

    2. Removing the press core. The closest comparison I can think of was when Jesus whipped the money lenders out of the Church.

    1. How was this film? I suppose I saw it and forgot it. It’s Oliver Stone, who typically makes incredible films, but this one got really bad reviews. On paper it sounds like an instant hit, cool subject material, great direction, interesting story and good costumes.

      1. has bad revues, acting etc.
        many releases -> “directors cut”, etc
        I like “the final cut”
        After watching a few times and being engrossed in the battle scenes, etc I now see some terrible acting…
        But mostly good!

        1. So far, it is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Starts really strong, has great battle scenes, has some amazing red pill dialogue (With.. is it Aristotle, teaching the young Alexander?). Then it drags on and has some gay overtones. Which I suppose if historically accurate maybe it’s not out of place, as it seems to relate to the issue of why Alexander isn’t producing an heir yet. What a long film, 3.5 hours, I watched until the intermission and will have to see the rest later.
          Alexander does come across as something of a dick, I mean, after the conquering he doesn’t return home but keeps pushing east for no perceptible reason, and the film implies he is forcing the army to go with him on this adventure, instead of celebrating and enjoying their victory (many have wives back home).

        2. yea its Aristotle – Phillip hired him to teach the kids…
          I wonder if Alexander was some philosopher-genius/warrior amalgam of Phillip and Aristotle. Or as a Roman once said “Phillip’s drunken son”…
          Some great actors, and scenes. Then some guys particularly black cleitus and young ptolemy may not even be actors???
          Love old Ptolemy(hopkins), Phillip(kilmer), Aristotle(plummer)-Excellent!, and of course alexander-Farrel and hephastian-leto great but some scenes acting were terrible. time constraints/over site? who knows.? and of course lena dunham as beaucephalus
          the old Ptolemy at Alexandria, flash back to guelgamala at the beginning was by far the best scene..
          He did have heirs but assassinated by Cassander (who was not n Babylon)

  3. I voted for Trump but, he’s not the new messiah sent to deliver us to the promised land or anything. While it is a step in the right direction, American leftists aren’t going to move to Zimbabwe or anything of the sort. They are still here and after the Trump adminstration there’s a very good chance we wind up with someone more to the left than Obama and Hillary.

    1. American leftists aren’t going to move to Zimbabwe or anything of the sort.

      Move is such a malleable word. I pack up and move out of my house. I move a piece on a chess board. I move the person standing on a jump platform of a C-130 by kicking him in the back before he has a chance to get his chute on.
      It can really go many ways, if you think about it.

      1. It can but, the fact remains is for whatever reason there are a lot more leftist type voters than right. The whole democrat “get out the vote” thing will be hard to overcome next time around. The press also won’t hesitate to blame most anything that goes wrong on Trump regardless of whose fault it is. Even if he does a magnificent job it’s still an uphill battle.

        1. Off season elections always heavily favor the right. The next time the Left has a chance is 2020.
          As to the press, who cares? They’re fading in relevance with the average person as the internet takes up more and more of their place.

        2. The thing about the press though is they still have a lot of power because people are still exposed to it every day. Think of all the public places now that has a television on when you go there. Even sitting at home when people watch network television there are news blurbs during commercials. For people to find “good” news they have to hunt for it on their own, unfortunately most won’t do it.

        3. But, and I’m not trying to be argumentative, don’t you think that this election cycle busted open their myth of objectivity to even normal people? Based on what I’m hearing out in public, they are really reviled now.

        4. Very much so. I think a lot more people are aware of their B.S. Which isa good thing. Most of the time they are reporting “the truth” but they do it in such a way as to have one form the opinion that they would like one to form. This election has woken (is that a word?) up a lot more people that normally would just fall for their line no questions asked.

      1. Well he did raise a valid and reasonable point mate. Now it’s not the time for us to rest on our laurels. Who knows maybe someone even more radical than Obama might smooth talk his way into the White House promising Hopey Changey!

      2. He’s not a concern troll, he posts here in a very honorable fashion almost daily. I think he’s just trying to be realistic and temper down the somewhat overzealous enthusiasm some have that suddenly the Left has vanished overnight.

    2. “While it is a step in the right direction, American leftists aren’t going to move to Zimbabwe or anything of the sort.”
      They will still demand that we listen to them…which will be grating. Agreed.

  4. Not gonna happen, man. That would mean that I have to move in or near D.C. and have to deal with all the anti-self defense crap of that area. Second, I work from home now and don’t wish to have to go into an office, ever again, for any reason, period, full stop. Third, I’m about to retire at age 50 to a nice farm out in the middle of nowhere and live among nice, solid, honest down to earth people. Why would I even think of entering a viper’s den of back stabbers, power mongers and hate filled toads?
    I’m all about Trump succeeding, but I don’t have any skills he’d need to begin with, so even if all of the above were not applicable, I got nuttin’ to give, that I can’t give at the local level here in Ohio much more effectively.
    On a somewhat related note, Jeff Sessions got the nod for AG. This guy is *righteously* against illegal aliens and has worked hard in Congress for years trying to staunch the flow. His appointment as AG will mean that all of the legal blocks that Obama is putting up which is stopping enforcement of immigration laws goes away *FREAKING OVERNIGHT*. I didn’t plan on getting more than a SCOTUS judge or three out of the administration, so the Sessions appointment has me giddy that I’m getting some Gravy right up front.

    1. First things first your new avatar is pretty rad. Second, I am very pleased indeed that Senator Jeff Sessions was picked as the AG. Remember at a time when Republicucks like Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse were busy denouncing Trump, Sessions threw his weight behind Trump confidently. Bannon is a good choice to be in Trump administration as well. I’m waiting for his other appointments. Hopefully he can skip over many neo-cons like Ryan and Juan McPain. They are nothing but disaster.

      1. 1. Hey, thanks man.
        2. Agree with everything you said.

      2. In my opinion one of the things that sets Trump apart from the neocons is- Ass kissing the press and Democrats. It’s like they think, if I’m nice to them and pander to them and offer to compromise they will like me. It’s not going to happen maybe Trump can help them see the light.

    2. If you’re really going to have all that free time for the last 30 to 40 years of your life, maybe get into local politics. Probably more effective anyway.

      1. That could happen. The problem (it’s not really a problem) is that where I live now, and where I’m moving to next year, has almost 0 Democratic people present. As a right winger basically I’d run uncontested. Ok, great. But then as a result, everything is locked down tight in regard to liberty in both places, which is fantastic, so I’d be basically a place holder and little else. Not sure what the point would be, is where I’m going with this.
        The last election, of the 13 local and state offices up for re-election, only 4 had a Democrat challenger. The Dems don’t even keep party HQ’s here in my county any longer, they just up and gave up and left. Heh.

        1. Sill, there’s more to good governance than just keeping out the democrats. You could kick out any shitty republican place-holders too.

        2. Well see, that’s just it. There aren’t any bad local ones. Normally out here, the pillar of the community types get the local offices. And it works out well, because you don’t become a pillar of the community in small town Ohio unless you are actively involved doing *real* things here for the common good. Just declaring yourself a moral man and a good advert campaign have an effective range of 0.0 meters.

        3. You’ll have to forgive my urban east-coast-edness. The concept of an honest or even effective politician is entirely alien to me.

        4. I lease my acreage to a farm family. One of them is an alderman. Dude works sometimes 18 hours a day, hard work, gets his hands dirty. Then he’ll go to meetings and discuss things like road improvements, etc. It’s really small town stuff out here.

        5. But where is the civic engagement with prominent rights groups like BLM? What about banning large sodas?
          I bet your dog park doesn’t even have a safe space for trans-species cats.

        6. We’re so back woods we don’t even *have* dog parks. We instead of “fields” where “corn” “grows”.
          BLM is mostly a theoretical group we read about in the news in these parts.

  5. No thanks. Trump is a cool dude, but I hate politics. If that had been the choice (and I had been an American), I would have chosen no president over president Trump. Government is always government, no matter how cool its face. I hate government.

    1. Pro comment. You win the thread.
      This nation (hell, all nations) desperately need a “None of the Above” selection when voting. If NOTA wins, all parties have to go back and select new candidates and a new vote is held 2 weeks later. There are actually some states out West where this occurs.

    2. Not that it would or could ever happen, but supposing an offer came up to serve as Secretary of the Department of Education? I’d take the position, and use it to dismantle the agency.

        1. It likely depends on your boss and your ability to sell it. In this case, Trump? He has made public statements about wishing to devolve responsibility for education away from the federal government. I hope a real hatchet-man ends up there.

        2. It controls federal agencies that lay under the executive branch. So he could actually do a lot regarding what policies these agencies enforce or don’t enforce.

        3. Let me try putting it this way. The agency was created by congress, and congress funds the agency. Over time, people were hired and their scope was expanded, without any further input from congress.
          There is nothing that says 100% of the money allocated must be spent, and there is nothing to prevent the leadership from lowering headcount in the same way it grew. There are only a few key organizational positions specified in legislation. So, effectively, it can be all but abolished by the executive.

        1. Government, yes. Leadership, well maybe, but not necessarily government leadership. The leadership can come in the form of institutions that guide morals and virtue, such as the ancient Church.

  6. *Sigh* I thought we had seen the last of Matt Forney. Guess I was wrong.
    I must admit, however, this is one of his better articles.

  7. OT, but interesting:
    Someone told me US oil consumption is down to around 15 million barrels per day. I thought that was telling, as consumption peaked here around 2007 at 20.5 or 21 mill a day(I forget which). Consumption is down over 25%, and some think our unemployment rate is over 25%…

    1. All “news” and “statistics” are delivered with a dose of Agenda from the reporting party…

  8. I have no political experience. What are the odds of me getting hired?
    Update: I clicked the link and I doubt any of the people reading this article are applicable for these jobs other than secretary (which I doubt any of the guys here want to do).

    1. Hey, Obama became president, so anything is possible.

      1. I suspect we’ll find out more things about Obama’s “background” after he leaves office that will make the conspiracy theories about him sound like lucky guesses.

        1. It will be good to finally know some truth about this gay little twit.

        2. No metaphor –
          He has an African biological father, but there is nothing ‘Afro-american’ about his cultural upbringing.

        3. Who cares? In a couple months he will fade away to live out his years on the board of some useless non-profit group, popping up only to cash in on ‘Speaking Fees’ from those left who actually CHOOSE to listen to him….

        4. Obama’s father even came from the wrong side of Africa, not from the western equatorial part where black Americans’ ancestors came from.
          I’ve gathered that many of Brazil’s blacks descended from slaves brought over from east Africa, however, because the Portuguese had a colony there that later became Mozambique.

        5. I care. I want this shit constantly exposed. Every time they slip one of these nutbars into office, we’re supposed to pretend that he’s normal and decent. A long train of “every other person you’ve sent is a felonious thug” helps fight future appointments.
          The habit of letting the departing regime retire to safety after destroying us as much as they can, has to come to an end, imo.

        6. I metaphor once, but ended up fucking her 8 sister instead.

        7. The Obama Myth looked like a huge con job from the very beginning, especially after he mysteriously won the Nobel Peace Prize. Even the Clintons could see that, but they had to play along while they waited for Hillary’s shot at the White House.

        8. When I started reading this comment, I thought: Oh well, here goes GOJ again with a joke I will not understand.
          But I actually got it. Heh.

        9. I don’t know where that purple lip MFer is going when he’s out of office but it won’t be far enough away.

        10. Evidently he had a communist upbringing. That guy has more skeletons in his closet than the Paris Underground.

        11. He was making what we here in the professional Humorology community call a “joke”.

        12. Probably back to Chicago. Their motto is too dumb for New York too ugly for LA.

        13. The word, and I think it’s actually from the Obama’s, is that they’re going to set up shop and live in D.C. Basically he’s going to be the Community Organizer in Chief and rally all of the scum every time Donald farts in public.

        14. Jesus. At least Jimmy Carter had the decency to do some good in the word after being POtUs

        15. Plus, he was chased by a mad rabbit. Most entertaining event in Presidential history during my lifetime.

        16. That was great. Imagine if there was an intertubes back then. The memes would be great

        17. W nearly being killed by a pretzel would be number one I think if there was video

        18. We’re never going to not to have to listen to his shit anymore are we? I reckon if they stay in D.C. we will still get to hear CBS every day saying how beautiful and stylish that Wookie is(is that racist?).

        19. We are never going to not have to listen to his shit ever are we? I reckon if they are staying in D.C. We will still have to hear CBS talking about how beautiful and stylish that Wookie is too(is that racist?).

        20. Never turn your back on those Georgia rabbits those little mothas are treacherous.

        21. I met three fours twice and had two foursomes with them, besides proving “all cats are grey in the dark” does that mean I did a twenty-four?

  9. Can we apply for the right-wing paramilitaries and death squads to round up and disappear Trump’s enemies?

      1. Let’s make Laci Green’s nightmare come true.
        BTW, another YouTube personality mocked Laci by saying that she’ll have to pick a gender and get a job now.

    1. We can model ourselves after the Freikorps. But change the name to Freecorps, so that they will totally not see it coming.

      1. Ah yeah, just like they did with the PATRIOT act, direct translation of the Fatherland Gestapo Directives.

      1. Yeah, yeah, easy for you to say, Mister lol-“Clitler for the Win”-but I don’t give a fuck ’cause I Love the Big Crapple-knee.

        1. Not sure I get that. I do love the big apple. I still think it is the only actually important city in the country and I love it here. Trump is an assclown. He is definitely the president that a country which made Kim kardashia rich and famous deserves

        2. I was just joking about how you were pretty sure Clitler would win, but didn’t care because Trump’s a boor and NYC is da place ta be.
          No offence, pal.

        3. I was really sure. 8 really dropped that one. I think GOJ had the right of it. It’s hard for me to see a national viewpoint from where I stand. We all make bad bets. I paid up :).
          no offense taken. We are all men. A good poke in the ribs never hurt anyone

    1. That fact that such a position exists is proof that the government has a long way to go in terms of not wasting my money….

  10. Hey, one fun fact that came to my mind.
    Leftists claim they are for equality.
    But in order to declare equality, they actually first go about declaring 1000 different fine-grained boxes for everyone, only to then declare those boxes equal (not all boxes ofc).
    Like, all those sexualities …. Jesus, get a grip.
    So you see they are not really about equality. Else they wouldn’t bother with that shit. They are about creating much more rigid and dogmatic stereotypes, only to then classify some of these stereotypes as ‘oppressive’ and others as ‘minorities’. And equality is not to say they are all equal, but that the categories tagged with ‘minorities’ are actually above those who are called ‘oppressive’.

  11. Hillary is going to prison.
    Feminists are getting fired.
    Pussy is getting grabbed.

  12. Korea, Korea
    I just banged a whore in Korea
    And suddenly that dame
    Will never walk the same again…
    (Show tunes. Ah.)

  13. Hillary got run over by the voters
    Walking to D.C. Election Eve
    You may think there’s no such thing as karma
    But as for me and Hillary we believe…
    (What can I say, I’m in a festive, holiday mood.)

    1. Jingle Bells
      Hillary Smells
      Billy laid an egg
      The Clinton Foundation
      Had a spill
      And now they’re all going to fucking prison for life! (screw rhyming)

      1. Fuck rhyming, “Get it done.” (Trumpism)
        Christmas Classics for Cucks:
        I saw mommy blowing Santa Claus
        On the couch on Christmas Eve…

        1. I saw mommy blowing Mister Santa
          They laid upon our couch on Christmas Eve
          Heard my daddy in the back room weeping
          While Santa chuckled
          “I am fucking your hot wife, here, Steve”

        2. You just might. Say your prayers and be a good lad, and bang the hot girls whenever the chance avails itself…

  14. now that trump is in the real test begins. Every politician makes bold claims on the campaign trail. Whether they actually stick to them is another. I’ve seen reports that trump is already changing his tone on the wall, deportations and obamacare. His official stances on these have all been changed slightly on his website and he isn’t draining the swamp at all. He is forging alliances with the very neocons he butted heads with.
    Don’t get me wrong I would love to see liberty and prosperity restored but it’s far to early to see if trump will actually follow through with his promises entirely. Keep your wits about you and remember politics is all about pleasing the ears. Remain skeptical. Or trump and his cronies will make fools of us all.
    Trump may buy America some time, but don’t be fooled America will never be as great as it was. Not with the federal reserve supplying the money. All empires fall. America is no different. The collapse will still happen. Don’t be naive

        1. Ah. Yeah, I see, it’s a bit convoluted. At the bottom of that page, there is a ‘Serve America’ link, and then from the middle of that Serve America page, there is an application link.
          Or you could just click here:

  15. FWIW, all of the Affirmative Action laws will still be in place, and you’ll only get hired if you’re a member of a protected class, regardless of who sits in the White House.

  16. I’m in Canada and support Trump. I hope Trudeau learns something from him over the next little while. How can Canadians support Trump ?

  17. I’m Australian, so I’m out, but for those genuinely interested in serving, would it be best for the average ROK reader to state their sincerely held concerns, or to be pragmatic about gaining an appointment and influence? e.g. one of the Desired Policy Areas on the Application form is “Women’s Rights”:

    1. “Women’s Rights”:
      seriously??? wtf?
      perhaps the job is to make things “fair” and roll back a few thousand of those “rights”

      1. Donald Trump has been talking about his admiration of women in high-level roles since at least 1987, when “The Art of the Deal” was published, and had his daughter on campaign stumps reminding everyone that most of Trump Enterprises managers and executives are women. Whether this represents his sincerely held beliefs, or just expediency and an indication of employment ratios in the tourism/hospitality industry, who knows.
        I agree with a point I think Roosh was trying to make in one of his videos, that some men are putting too many of their hopes and expectations on Trump.
        Under Trump, it is likely that sites like ROK will continue to be allowed to exist, people’s lives and interactions won’t be micromanaged nearly as much as they might otherwise have been, and we will be free to continue to lobby for and seek change; none of which were assured under Clinton.

  18. No harm in applying as a symbolic gesture but I am sure there will be a million plus applicants for the 4000 spots.

  19. I am sending my resume in. Went from holding my nose for Trump a few months ago to true pride by election day.

  20. You’ll fit right in, he seems to be staffing it with all other kinds of incompetents anyway.

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