Hollywood Has Forgiven Mel Gibson, But At What Cost?

Ten years after a DUI arrest and the release of his war film Hacksaw Ridge, Hollywood has officially forgiven Mel Gibson. The American-Australian star, best known for his portrayal of slightly unhinged characters like Max Rockatansky in Mad Max and Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon, also directed the critically lauded and Oscar winning Braveheart, a film that became an instant classic with its graphic depictions of medieval warfare.


However, Mel dwarfed those accomplishments with the success and controversy of The Passion of the Christ, a film that despite its foreign language dialogue and the fuss it caused among prominent Jewish leaders, won over the faithful everywhere, showing there was a market for masculine oriented Christian themed fare.

Then after all the success and media attention, Mel’s wife, and mother of his seven children, said she wanted a divorce. Then he went drinking in Malibu and got pulled over by the police…

The Arrest


Was this DUI so bad that the man needed 10 years to wait for exoneration? Of course not. A star or starlet getting arrested for any disorderly conduct is de rigeur on TMZ or Access Hollywood. Was someone murdered? Was someone raped? Was a child abused? No. Then why? Why did it take so long to publicly acquit this man, this celebrated actor and Oscar wining director with a solid box-office record and huge international appeal?


His comments to police about “Fucking Jews” and how they are “responsible for all the wars in the world” and then asking the arresting officers if they were Jews didn’t do him any favors. News spread quickly in the small world of Hollywood, an industry with a heavy Jewish population.

Hollywood power agent Ari Emmanuel (Donald Trump’s agent and brother to former Obama Chief Staff, now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel) said the industry could not “allow Mel Gibson to get away with such tragically inflammatory statements.”

Misogyny, Racism, Homophobia

If that wasn’t bad enough, four years later, recordings surfaced of Mel saying his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva looked like “a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault.” In a separate conversation he told her:  “I am going to come and burn the fucking house down… but you will blow me first.” He was also recorded saying “I will report her (one of his employee’s) to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks.”

So, in the span of four years, in a business where memories take a while to fade and is sensitive to the most puerile forms of political correctness, Mel Gibson made “anti-Semitic”, “racist” and “misogynist” comments.

Add to that earlier comments about homosexuals to foreign publications: “They [gays] take it up the ass. [laughs, stands up, bends over, points to anus] This is only for taking a shit.” And now you have a textbook case of career suicide in a business that employs many the “discriminated” groups Gibson spoke ill of.

In Wine (And Stress), Truth?

But is that really it? Is that really the reason they found need to exile this man from the big screen? In reality, his actions contradicted his language (as it should for any man). Regarding antisemitism, journalist Allison Hope Weiner (herself Jewish), said Gibson “worked in Hollywood for 30 years without a single report he was antisemitic.”

In fact, Gibson tried to quell those charges immediately by reaching out to Jewish leaders and interest groups, even announcing he would helm a film based on the life of Judah Maccabee a so-called “Jewish Braveheart”. But that all cratered when screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (author of both Basic Instinct and Showgirls), another man shunned by the Hollywood elite, released a recording of Gibson in another angry rant.

Some say it was just Eszterhas’ way of deflecting negative attention away from his lackluster script, but whatever the motivation, it scotched Gibson’s chances of a Hollywood comeback (but hey, Eszterhas did get an e-book deal out of it).

His other statements were chalked up by journalist Weiner as a man under intense duress during a custody battle with a woman allegedly blackmailing him. The L.A. District Attorney’s Office charged him with misdemeanor assault but also considered charging Grigorieva with extortion, noting she probably tried to provoke Gibson in to saying inflammatory things.

Just One Of The Guys

So, a man, Mel Gibson, big Hollywood star, gets drunk, and says some things about Jews under the influence. If it was in any other city and any other person, the police report would never have seen the light of day. This same man, after one to the biggest divorce settlements in history, is being extorted for cash by his baby mama and is goaded in to saying some regretful things. Once again, if it were you or I, there’d be no public shaming, but it was Mel.

Then while trying to do his job of making movies, he yells at a hired hand (Eszterhas) for not doing the job he was assigned. As someone who has worked in management, I can confidently say we all have those moments. But that’s the problem. Mel was one of us. He was a man.


Men are rare in Hollywood. Eszterhas pointed out in his Hollywood satire The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood that most leading men were secretly gay (novelist Bret Easton Ellis also confirmed this on his podcast), and that unless the lead was played by Mel (or Russell Crowe), it was a fool’s errand to write heavily masculine roles. So Mel Gibson was like most of us. He was a man’s man but one of the few in Hollywood.

Christians Are Rarer

But even worse, Mel was a Christian. Catholic, to be exact. But Mark Wahlberg is a Catholic you might say. But Mel is a traditional Catholic, an observer of Vatican I, which celebrates the Latin Mass.

Eszterhas, a man obviously envious of the star, stated in his aforementioned electronic tell-all (Heaven and Mel) that Mel believed there was a strong communist influence inside the modern church to weaken it. Even worse, Vatican I was allegedly more hostile to Jews (salvation can only come through Catholic church) than Vatican II (salvation may possibly come from elsewhere).

However, none of this was a secret. When he won his Oscar for best director for Braveheart, it was commonly known he had conservative Christian beliefs and held traditional views on the sexes (note his seven children).

Good Christian Films Are Even More Rare


But The Passion of the Christ changed everything. Mel self-funded the film. Rumors were rampant during production and before release that the movie was “anti-Semitic” (it seems the script borrowed heavily from The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ—a tome that doesn’t speak highly of Jesus’ Jewish accusers). Jewish leaders spoke out before even seeing a rough cut. 

Despite the swirl of controversy, despite it being in Latin and Aramaic with only English subtitles to guide the viewer, despite the R-rating due to graphic content, the film about Jesus’ crucifixion was a box-office colossus, grossing over $370,000,000 in the US alone. Catholics and Protestants of all stripes embraced it.

Due to the profits, Mel acquired the highest net-worth of any Hollywood A-lister. Mel, the Conservative Catholic Alpha Male had fuck you money.

Powerful (And Rich) Masculine Conservative Christians Are Rarest

Hollywood (and Satan) could not abide that. It wasn’t an overt conspiracy. There were probably no boardroom meetings at William Morris on how to take down the star. But Mel was different, he wasn’t one of THEM, he was more like one of US, and everyone knew it and probably resented it.

The general wisdom is the power brokers will tolerate certain behaviors as long as the money is pouring in but once it’s verified the troublemakers are box-office poison, then the knives are drawn. The DUI arrest and the comments he made were just the knives they needed.

The divorce took all his money. And as his personal life spiraled “out of control” with baby mama drama, his career followed suit. Apocalypto, his next film, did “disappointing business”; his last directorial effort for 10 years.

In an industry that celebrates all sorts of sexual vice and degenerate behavior; an industry that pleads for a director to be allowed entrance in to the USA despite his conviction of raping a minor; an industry that has been accused of being a den of pedophilia; this industry could not abide a straight, white, traditional Mel holding any sort of power.

The “Comeback”

He struggled, he continued to star in movies, most not very good, but when the time was right, Hollywood, as is its specialty, put on a show: It green lit a big-budget war picture—Gibson was always good at filming carnage—and started slowly leaking stories they were ready to “forgive” him.

Why now? Because they were calling the shots. This new effort would not feature Mel’s traditional heroes. No warrior leading his people in rebellion for freedom while bedding French queens in his spare time, nor the Savior of the world taking a beating for humanity’s salvation. No, Hacksaw Ridge is a war movie about a pacifist.

But Mel agreed to direct it. Mel received a standing ovation with tears in his eyes. Mel walked the red carpet lamenting the “tragedy” of the 2016 election. The critics wrote their reviews praising Hacksaw Ridge as a masterpiece. But the bearded Mel in front of the lights now is not the one we remember in Mad Max or The Patriot. No, this Mel looks beat.


Are You Listening Guys?

It sends a signal to all the other alphas in Hollywood—especially the rare ones who hold to traditional Christian beliefs instead of the miasma of New Age pap so rampant in Southern California. Marky Mark you’ve been put on notice. You can tell the world of your Catholicism but be careful. You don’t want to end up like Mel.

Same for you Rock. Same for you Vin Diesel. You listening, Jason Statham and Liam Neeson? You like your jobs right? The men of Hollywood know who is in control. They know who is calling the shots. Hollywood has forgiven Mel Gibson. And to that I say, so what?

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    1. Bob. Been reading the autobiography of Norm MacDonald. I was thinking. While reading it, that you totally need to pick it up

        1. Yes but a big time Vegas gambler who made some very bad decisions lol

        2. a little of both…and booze, hookers and heroin. Also, most of the auto biography is outright lies. It’s excellent reading.

        3. apparently he had a 300k line of credit during the hey day of his fame at like 4 or 5 different casinos and went on a bender that, well, he is still doing shitty gigs to pay back

        4. Sounds interesting; especially the “lies” part. I’ll have to pick it up. I’m not worried about my gambling sideline. Here’s why. It’s a clip from Super Bowl 48 (Feb. 2, 2014) – watch the Seattle running back give the thumbs-up sign to the Bronco defender, so the defender will “miss him high”, on the fake tackle attempt; the running back scored a touchdown. Yeah, that really happened. Seattle “won it all” and “beat” the Broncos. (I had Seattle +3 points, and they “won” 43-8, heh-heh.) –

        5. Ha! Yeah his problem was apparently that he was a good gambler until he got drunk and high.

        6. He has a great story about how he was betting baseball for days on house credit and was up a lot but was about to bet a game (that it turns out he would have won) but saw someone put 1m on an underdog boxer at 11-1 so he followed suit and wound up in the hole big tim

        7. Bet small. Under $500 per wager. Stay under the radar. No such thing as a sure thing. Except in the case of that Super Bowl in the film clip I featured…every once in a while you get a sure thing. Or it seems that way, until somebody puts a huge chunk of change down, and fucks it up. But in the Super Bowl, they’d have to put down $100 million, to really move the line. High-volume games are the shit. Always.

        8. I was in a stall in a restroom in Vegas once, and this guy was crying near the sinks. “What am I going to tell my wife. I lost the house, I lost the car.” Only idiots play table games. Sheesh. Some people have to learn the hard way.

        9. I can’t even imagine. Apparently Norm was very good at sports betting and then would start doing heroin go on benders and wake up hundreds of grand in the hole and have no recollection of it. Anyway, I saw you post here and I was thinking this afternoon while reading that you would enjoy

        10. I can’t imagine either. When I bet, I have made the picks long before I plunk down the cash. I have a script for the whole day. Usually, it doesn’t change. So I don’t binge-bet. However, I have dumped a couple grand in a strip club, and have woken up, and wondered, “What the fuck?”…heh.

        11. I used to know a guy in my unit who would poor his pay check into the slots at the NCO club. I never understood it. End of the month he was panhandling to buy toothpaste.
          One of the few bits of good advice my father gave me, “if you cannot spare the money to be lost, do not even sit down at the table.”

        12. Sound wisdom. And if you sit down, make sure you’re mixed in with the guys at the top…or have a serious edge of your own.

        13. I occasionally play poker with the boys (nickel-dime) and buy a lottery ticket once a year. LOL. I will never be in your league, but I do enjoy hearing about your exploits.

        14. Never say never. All you need is knowledge…a different perspective on what is going on. Then it becomes just like working any other job.

        15. I am employed to do a lot in regards to financial performance of companies.. analytics, KPIs, reporting, obtaining bank financing, etc… so I get statistics and the rest. I simply never had the gumption to look into it.

        16. NFL rigged? The duce you say.
          My old man said the same decades ago. He would actually bet on the NFL occasionally and win. After he retired, he did some work as a bag man for the bookies. Funny that.

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          I know a lot of people (bartenders, managers, musicians etc) and I tip well. Going out on a Friday night is nearly a guarantee to eat laid. That said, it also would involve getting out of my pajamas, getting myself all ready to go out, folding pocket square and the such 🙂 and when I feel lazy and lethargic I don’t like to be seen. I like it that people only know my energetic self. When I’m tired I just stay in

        14. but it looks like a leaked manual or something, which as far as I can tell isn’t the case

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        17. Define your niche market. Work to own it. We have the same outlook on a lot of things…yes indeed.

        18. Sick of page after page of unsolicited and contradictory advice? Walking stick recommendations? The constant stream of 80’s movie and TV references? The recipe sharing? The exciting anecdotal (and most probably bullshit) stories? Sick of being told to read garbage like an autobiography on Norm fucking MacDonald?
          I was too. Just ignore him mate.

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        22. you’re on the wrong track. I go to so much trouble because I’m interested in the issues. I actually think there needs to be more open talk about the kind of things the article touches upon, but I believe any such talk has to me done mindfully and responsibly. If you look at my comments you’ll see I am supportive of Mel Gibson and think he was treated unfairly

        23. do you need to trust me? You’re worried about disinformation. You posted a ‘shill’ manual and I checked it to see if it was genuine. It was featured on the daily dot, but no provenance was demonstrated and there was a suggestion that it wasn’t genuine (i.e not really leaked) so I pointed you to a shill manual where the provenance was clear. That’s all part of me encouraging responsibility with respect to what amounts to difficult territory

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        25. lol – I’m such a big nanny aren’t I? Personally I like to see honest debates about things that matter. I see these things degenerate quickly sometimes, and even sometimes go full nazi, and I want nothing to do with that. The people on these forums are a good bunch in general. We all have agendas and its inevitable that others will too: that will include shills / representation from governments and other organisations of different types. It’s all part of that wonderful thing called err..diversity.

        26. This homo has been ruining RoK for over a year now. I identified him as a disruptive influence after only a few comments, but nobody came to my aid. He endlessly creates these retarded beta comment strings with a bunch of other fags, giddily discussing cartoons and pop culture like a pack of fucking schoolgirls. It’s hard to find any article on RoK that doesn’t have a mile-long strand of ridiculous, inane comments from this fucking d-bag. In between trolling RoK all day long, he brags about how he’s a successful alpha banging hot chicks every night. Any real alpha can see right through his fantasy LARPing. He’s thoroughly blue pill – not a single one of his statements or positions has ANYTHING in common with the philosophies espoused by this site.
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        33. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. To be honest, the way lolknee rallied all these other betas and created their own little safe space in the comments turned me off from coming back here. But I will give it another go. Cheers.

      1. Haha! Brando knows vaginas. I was watching the John Wayne movie, “El Dorado”, out of the corner of my eye yesterday. There’s a line it, Dean Martin’s character turns into an alcoholic, and Wayne is his friend, so he asks this guy why his friend became a drunk, to which the guy said, “He tangled with a petticoat.” Heh. So fucking true. “The horror…”

        1. Yes…we must try to remain emotionless, just like they are, when tangling with females. They are merciless, heartless, incapable of remorse. “And then I realized–like I was shot…like I was shot with a diamond…a diamond bullet right through my forehead.”

        2. That is a great flick most people don’t eve know. I think it still holds the longest fight scene in a movie– 18 minutes.
          Best line of the movie, “So the IRA is in on this too, eh?” “If it were Will Danaher, not a scorched stone of your fine house would remain standing.”
          Filmed in Cong, Ireland, in 1953 when the town was just getting electricity hooked up. Went through Cong in 2000 and the whole town is a tourist attraction centered around a movie made 60 years ago.

        3. It’s really good, I think Wayne does his best work in it. That’s interesting about Cong, Ireland. Funny how a film’s notoriety can change even a town’s look and feel. Maureen O’Hara was totally bangable in that film. Sheesh.

        4. Maureen O’Hara… oh yeah. Her and Wayne did a few films together before that (westerns I never bothered to watch), their contracts from the studio demanded it, and they were a good mix.
          Long after John died, Maureen was doing an interview about herself as she was getting up in years and was asked if she ever desired a particular man. Her reply wasn’t actually surprising, “Yes. John Wayne of course. You think I was actually acting in some of those scenes after all these long years?”
          Women are predictable if you understand them.

        5. Yes. They remained friends until he died. Friends with benefits, no doubt. I have found that one of the biggest turn-ons for women, is when you can see through all their shit tests. I’ll bet Wayne was good at that.

        6. “I have found that one of the biggest turn-ons for women, is when you can see through all their shit tests.”
          They are defenseless. Same when a guy really gives zero fucks about her and openly displays it despite social norms.

        7. Yes, spot-on commentary my friend. You have experiences in this very thing, I’m quite sure. I have an ongoing one that is the same old shit. This gorgeous blonde bartender, all the guys want her, they all orbit her. The first time I saw her, I checked her out, and she checked me out. After that, I ignored her. Kept going back to the place because it’s close. She tried shit-testing me several times. Each time, I got up from my bar stool, ignored her completely, turned around and left. Every single time. So now, when I go in there, she literally swoons. She makes it clear, against her own will (by her facial expressions and body posture), that she wants me between her legs. And everybody can see it when I go in there. It’s childishly simple, just see past their beauty and let them know that their inner child has been exposed, and you see right through all of it – and as you said, let them know that you just don’t give a fuck.

        8. So true. They’ll act ‘offended’ at first. And then they come back again & again. Cuts across different cultures of women too I’d guess.

        9. It’s a keeper no doubt-my fav is The Searchers-very poignant flick, directed by John Ford with Natalie Wood

        10. I was more of a Rio Bravo guy. I used to get a giggle out of Walter Brennan when I was a kid.

    2. Interpreting Femispeak, 101 –
      “You’re abusive.” (Translation – she wants to fuck somebody else.)
      “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything.” (Translation – she is already fucking somebody else.)
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  1. The cost is yet to be seen (we’ll probably know for sure at the Oscars) but Hacksaw Ridge is an execellent film with no cucking, be it to women (who portrayed spot-on), blacks (who never get past a few background shots), or homosexuals (none). Instead it’s about a man with an iron will who never compromises and never gives up.

    1. It would be a shame. Mel was one of few who did not surrender grovelling at the feet of the Cabal transforming to a subservient robot.

  2. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Nowadays, you can’t fight the system anymore on your own. You need a wolf pack. A traditional one to hunt down the Angry Birds of modern leftism liberalism socialism feminism etc. Mel Gibson is still a brave maverick.

  3. Mel Gibson was one of the few actors i liked. Masculine, always promoting traditional values, where Christianity was key. But, as we all know, there is one thing one cannot say in Hollywood: bad things about Jews, gays an other “minority” groups. So they ostracized him showing no mercy or respect.
    It does not surprise me. Those degenerates preach forgiveness and love, respect and inclusion, but are the first ones to spit on these values if someone dares to say something other than the official creed. They do not give a fuck when one of their own is down. As far as i am concerned, if i was Mel Gibson, i would told them to fuck off and made my own movies and my own agenda.
    The addiction to fame and bling, is however to strong, and Gibson seems to be another man incapable of escaping the matrix. What a loss.

  4. So mediocre has been actor with alcohol problems and some mental instability kisses ass in Hollywood to revive his career. Got it

      1. Ha. Yeah. He was ok in his prime, is an alky and hasn’t been relevant in a decade. He kissed a little ass and got himself in the spotlight again. Not sure why this is an issue

        1. I’ll watch it. Hell how bad can it be. He has always been all right. I’ll torrent it and take a gander as soon as I find a well seeded copy. But let’s not make the man out to be more than he is — an ok actor

        2. recently watched lethal weapon. Big 80s mane, crazy eyes, pre-fag-era australian. He’s still a bit of a treasure in my opinion

        3. I mean yeah…I liked lethal weapon as well. He had a couple good flicks.

        4. yep. He’s outspoken maybe. It’s not the worst thing in the world is it. People can handle it

        5. I think Mel defines the outer limits of what Hollywood will tolerate. If he really told the truth in his films, those films would never get released.

        6. But worse than being outspoken he has done the absolutely unforgivable. He has become old and boring and irrelevant. I think this is much more likely why Hollywood is turning their back. Christ he looks like a bloated whale, like all alcoholics do when it catches up on them. Hollywood is in the business of selling beauty not some fat washed up alcoholic has been

        7. pretty much. So Hollywood is what it is. People should be able to speak their mind, as long as they do so responsibly. Whether Mel did that is something people have to judge for themselves, but I don’t entirely get why it isn’t either factually the case or not. Probably best to leave the issue, but I’m not entirely sure why. It would probably be nice to live in Israel where they discuss issues like that openly and often in an honest and upfront way, presumably because they feel safe to do so.

        8. that’s why you should definitely see the blood father – it would definitely change your opinion about him. Sure he went off the rails, but a part of that was touching upon what is effectively a holy cow (sorry to bring hinduism into this:) – he said what he said in an adversarial way that was guaranteed to get backs up – biting the hand …etc – but when its done right, talking about things is a good thing not a bad thing; he just did it in a bad way

        9. I’ll absolutely watch it. I like most Gibson movies. I assume this one will be ok at least and probably better. But let’s not go turning the guy into a national hero. He is no Ed Washington or Neil Armstone–just an ok actor

        10. Every time she is on tv annoying old women pull out their wallets. Entertainment is a business. It’s not about who is more talented or who has a more jewy nose it is about dollars and cents. If Streisand is on TV (I haven’t even heard that name in god knows how long) it is because someone thinks they will make money on her.

        11. Oh, the guy who made The Passion of the Christ and got blind drunk and baited a Jewish cop is just an ok actor in your opinion? Shocking.

        12. But the drunken moment of Jew-baiting he allegedly committed was particularly unimpressive to you, right?
          This from the same lolknee who just went on and on about how we shouldn’t criticize the great Jewish poet Allen Ginsberg just because he was an avid boy fucker.

        13. You’d have a point…were it not for the millions of dollars wasted on all sorts of non sensical shows that lose money and have to be cancelled just to be replaced by the same shit repackaged and the cycle begins anew…knowing their topics, plot etcetera is so heavy in propaganda that most of these shows they are incapable of having good plots and attract people. The film industry is a similar status. Even today where Christian religion is in decadence there are thousands of plotlines they could borrow from the good book amd from the western european history and make guaranteed bestsellers, the Passion proved the potential of a historical well done film. Even from Roman Antiquity good movies could be made, from thousands of real life feats and real life stories of real heroes and villains. For example the struggle betweem Hannibal and Scipio Africanus, the battle of Lepanto, el Cid, etcetera. However the odds making of such films or decent sci fi stories are the same of seeing winged two headed pigs flying over Manhattan and saying hi. And inthe rare chance they get made one can bet tge male hero would be a gay or would need help in combat from A strong independent woman…or would distort the history so much that only the names of the characters are the same, with pc sensibilities added of course.
          It’s obvious even to me a foreign westerner whose mothertongue is not english that the point of those shows is to push an agenda. Money is just to fuel the machine, not the end it itself, much like movies in islamic countries or in the old soviet union or modern Russia and China. Otherwise fembusters or the Farce awakens would never see the light of the day just to mention a few.

        14. I don’t really have any disagreement with what you said. I’m sure some of it is to push an agenda. Some is a bet on making money. Almost all of it is garbage which is why I cancelled my cable service. The truth is, agenda or no, we are men and can decide what we feed our brains.
          I’ve no doubt that there is an element of agenda pushing. The ghostbusters remake is proof positive.
          That said, I don’t think it is all that. Some is. There is a danger in seeing monsters in every corner even when there are monsters in some corners

        15. And I didn’t criticize any of Mel’s movies. In fact, if you had a reading comprehension higher than that of an 8 year old who had recently fell on his head, you would see that I enjoy his movies both the ones he acted in and directed. I have certain moral issues with passion of the Christ yet enjoyed in and so am conflicted. What I said is that I’m not looking to make a hero out of the man as he is nothing more than another celebrity drunk. This is the same I said about Ginsberg (though Ginsberg was a real genious). Simple that you need to separate the odious men from the body of work. So yeah. Learn to read and stop being dumb

        16. You are right on that. In my case i get free cable and I almost never use it. I’d rather download movies and use netflix. My point was that Hollywood priorities are far from being purely commercial as would be a business run by any of us mere commoners.

        17. Yes, a lot of people in Hollywood have enough money to blow on vanity pieces often pushing a social or political agenda. I would never deny that. I just think there is a danger here to think it’s every single one. That is a road that leads us to a lunatic fringe rather than being the rational dissenters to bad pop culture that the world needs. Much of it is just business and some of it is agenda pushing. Almost none of it is worth watching.

        18. I can read the Urban Dictionary:
          It is often the case that idiots describe themselves as ‘genious’ but are ironically ignorant to the fact that the word is spelt ‘genius’ – much to the amusement of us intelligent people.
          “Like, woah, yeah man, I’m like, such a genious, dude!”
          “Well, you’re retarded…”

        19. Yeah I did enjoy that one. And I usually dislike action flicks because they become so long, boring, and silly. I also like the underlying theme that women will constantly fuck up your life, and are always causing problems.

        20. WTF??? Him and Glover against apartheid SA???
          He might have well have played George Michael in the restroom before he got arrested

        21. Ha, great film: all I remember is the bad guy saying ‘bleks’ and Patsy Kensit snuffing it.

    1. “So mediocre has been actor with alcohol problems and some mental instability kisses ass in Hollywood to revive his career.”
      That covers pretty much all of current actors in Hollywood.
      I do consider Mel a mediocre actor, but I do enjoy his films when he directs. Yes, I liked “Passion of the Christ” despite what the JDL had to say.

      1. Same. I enjoyed lethal weapon and braveheart. I thought Passion was a good movie but at the same time felt it was using Christ and the emotions of simple and honest believers to make money which I felt was kind of smarmy so I have jury out.
        I think Brad Pitt is a much better actor and Terrantino, Guy Ritchie, Woody allen and Roman Polanski are all better directors. You put Mel in a movie either behind the camera or in front of it and I’ll probably enjoy it. But I am not about to join a cult of celebrity because he said some anti Hollywood stuff while drunk ya know

        1. “I thought Passion was a good movie but at the same time felt it was using Christ and the emotions of simple and honest believers to make money..”
          And if it had no potential to make money, the movie would have never have been made. The only money losing movies are SJW/ leftist agit-prop… Hollywood seems to have deep pockets for that tripe. Clinton had celebrities shaking their ass for her a few weeks ago..how did that pan out? The cult of celebrity has limitations despite if they recognize it.

        2. I get that which is why I won’t out and out criticize — especially because I think it was a well done movie. That said, I feel that there is a ickiness to making money off of this…the same way I think ezekiel bread should be boycotted by men and women of faith. So yes, a good movie that was well directed and it was cool that it went as mainstream was very cool but something doesn’t sit 100% right with me

        3. Brad Pitt came alive to me during 12 Monkeys. After that I took him very seriously as an actor. Hate the man personally, but on screen he has some chops.

        4. Personally he is a shit. But I have followed his career and loved his acting since A River Runs Through it and there are very few movies he has been in that I didn’t enjoy and very few roles he has played that I don’t think he has killed.
          My cobbler sure knows how to tend to shoes. He may rape and murder 4 year olds in his spare time, I don’t know. But even if he does that doesn’t mean he isn’t a damn good cobbler

        5. “..a good movie that was well directed and it was cool that it went as mainstream was very cool but something doesn’t sit 100% right with me”

        6. It’s the same bit. The sensationalism of biblical stories bugs me. Using the brain numbing power of movies to bring across the message in the Bible can be tough but I am not a fan of the gore and blood and violence. I get that that is important for the passion (used biblically not the movie) but something about it in a movie just hits me wrong. Again, that is my opinion and I am not trying to make an objective judgment which is why I won’t criticize the movie only say that something doesn’t sit right with me

        7. I’m of the same mind regarding Leonardo Di Caprio. The man personally is a nightmare, but his acting is so freaking amazing once he grew up (no longer teenie idol). I don’t give a shit if he’s for ovens and Zyklon B, he gets my vote at the box office.

        8. Same. And hey it works the other way. I know loads of good guys who I wouldn’t want to see in a movie….

        9. I have heard the same from others over the years, hence I asked.
          The “gore” was probably a bit visual for our current tastes, but considering the time period… blood and gore were the norm. Try to scrunch that into a 2 hour film. I do appreciate the whole film was kept in aramaic.

        10. But…the Bible has a lot of very graphic things in it. I think that past cultures, without television, radio or mass entertainment, probably had a much more intimate acquaintance with the violence than we do, hence, the need for some directors to emphasize it today. Your average Boomer (and younger) thinks violence means that you don’t get a participation trophy.

        11. All very true which is again why I won’t say it’s bad just that it hits me wrong. There is just something about it that hits me wrong especially when it is so sensationalized.

        12. Again, agree. But I just feel odd about it. That’s just my personal feeling.

        13. Interesting take. You’re scuttling close to a moral code here man. 🙂

        14. I was about to say the same… when you consider the time and energy and what is needed to become a hot shot movie star, I’m not surprised at all that these guys have close to zero game. First, they don’t ever have time to learn / practice it and second they don’t need to because they can always attract women with their fame.
          But that means once in a relationship they can and usually are the bitch, and have no frame whatsoever. Maybe guys like George Clooney who hold out on marriage for 6 decades are better, but I wouldn’t expect a famous movie star to have any sort of real game if you put him in a room full of women who didn’t know him. They would probably have better than average confidence, but that’s it.

        15. Years ago, my grandmother read the bible cover to cover, and was telling me how it was just full of rapes and pillages and this guy getting pierced through the chest by a spear, etc. Nothing like the calm sheltered life we know today.

        16. Fuckin hell, dude, Clooney waited six decades to marry an ugly Lesbanese dude with long hair – he shoulda just come out of the damn closet 20 years ago.

        17. Ha ha ha. Yeah, she’s ok looking for the average guy I suppose, and all made up and dressed in the best clothing and makeup Clooney can buy, perhaps a 6.5, but she’s definitely way, way below his SMV. Plus she’s 38! WTF, guess the dude doesn’t want kids. So then why the hell did he marry?

        18. No…his break out role was Floyd in True Romance. Truly a great (and hilarious) performance.

        19. River runs through it was a year before true romance and his character in that movie was great…if you haven’t seen it check it out. One of my favorite flicks

        20. Oh yeah. River Runs Through It is classic and he was great in it.
          I just like Stoner Floyd because it is such a departure from his other movies

        21. Live Floyd too. Pitt really is my favorite actor. He is such a talented cat.

    2. His direction is actually top notch. He’s not a top talent like Eastwood who can act and direct, but he sure as hell can direct. And, frankly, I liked Braveheart and The Patriot.

        1. Remember AgrarianBarbarian? He was my nemesis. I loved winding that faggot up. Hopefully he killed himself, though I thought I detected his stench at StreetCarnage

        2. Oh yeah I do. You may recall about a year I posted a screen shot on Takimag of an old post of his saying he was Latino on a different website before he erased that post from his disqus history. He never expalined how he was a Latino and a good ole farmboy from upsate NY.
          He was another one of those deflect from the real topic at hand frauds whenever a Jewish topic came up.. Like Bardon, Anton etc.. Luckily there seems to be some new young blood at Takimag who call these chumps out saving me from having to do it.

        3. Ha ha ha! Awesome. Good job. I loved AgFag’s narrative about how he was a “goose stepping” Nazi as a young man, who read Mein Kampf three times, before he had his epiphany and realized that real White Nationalists should suck Zionist cock.

        4. They infest all corners of the internet. They will stoop to any lengths of deception playing both sides of the argument.
          People aren’t even aware in Israel they have government sanctioned internet armies trained to police the web for Zionism.
          The American tax payer probably funds it all with the 3billion + dollar aid that annually flows into their coffers.

        5. Just like the Australian midget who made that gay anti-South Africa [before the terrorist Mandella] propaganda film with that well-hung spade boyfriend of his, Danny “fits Mel’s anus like a” Glover.
          Then all of a sudden little Melvin makes a sado-homoerotic film blaspheming the Lord’s only begotten bastard Jewish son, and he’s a pariah just because he got drunk, didn’t take his happy pills and talked some shit about how they must be Jews to some AB LA cops.
          He’s lucky those cops didn’t have one of the motorcycle clubs ride a train on his loose old manpussy.

        6. Wow, you’re hoppin’ mad, aren’t you boychik? Good. It’s fun getting under your skin. Those “cops” as in plural? Get it straight–those cops hate that fucking little pussy who made the anti-semite claims about Mel. They know Officer Mee is scum, and as for your jackoff fantasies about Gibson getting a beatdown, Mel could have easily beaten the shit out that little twerp.

        7. Ferfukksakes jungermaiden, Melvin is shorter thanold one-balled Adolph, and has the strength of a 6 year old girl in real life.
          FYI, I’m laughing at your idol worshipping of weak faggots, pearlnecklace.

        8. Thanks for officially outing yourself Art. You cowardly little fuckers hiding your true identity. As they say, you squash one cockroach five more come scurrying out.
          Here’s the kicker, you Ashkenazi types are the real Nazi’s with your master race bullshit written into your religion and your genocidal fantasies of Palestinian’s and Europeans.

        9. Poor Drano, probably works for honest Abe at the ADL or some fag at the SPLC, you failed kike shill.
          Cut the fake rhetoric trying to weasel into real Nationalism, douchebag.
          All you ignorant pussies don’t even know that Hitlet was a (((shill))), just like Marx, Lenon, Stalin, etc.?
          And a blasphemous money-grubbing nigger-loving midget weakling Australian fag movie actor gets your little thong all knotted up?
          LOL, hornswallower.

        10. Deception is like masturbation to your ilk isn’t it.
          What a perfect way to give the middle finger to god by turning his chosen people into the most vile evil fucks to ever walk the earth. Satan’s chosen one’s.

        11. Drano, you miserable cuck, kindly dig this:
          Either you’re a fake shill trying to make it look like The Cause is filled with drooling morons, or you are genuinely a drooling moron.
          You ought to learn a little more about The Cause before you hurt your brain tripping over your dick in public.

        12. Listen (((Art Garfunkel))) You played your cards with your angry little diatribe about ‘Anti-Semitic’ Mel. You’re now back peddling and making a further fool of yourself.
          Consult your Hasbara or Jewish internet defence league manual on how to play that deception correctly next time.

  5. I appreciated the commentary on Mel’s career. Braveheart was my #1 favourite movie for well over 20 years until I saw Swedish House Mafia’s Leave the World Behind. Anyways I digress — Hollywood continues to have so much power because they continue to produce movies and content for the masses to insatiably consume. Until the Alt-Right gets serious about producing content, we will be forever poking holes at Hollywood’s glaring weaknesses while doing nothing about it.

  6. I am a fan of Mel Gibson so I’m not dissing here, and I know this may be pure speculation, but a while back Roosh did a story of how the Hollyweird elite hold special satanic ritual parties and invite A-list stars to decide who gets starring roles in the next feature films.
    The shit that goes on includes, but is not limited to: getting fucked in the ass with a strap on by queen latifa, eating a plate of shit that one of the producers defacated on, being forced to blow a goat, sucking off the producers etc… you get the picture. All activities are always video taped to manipulate and control said movie stars.
    I kinda doubt that Hollywood is that forgiving, so one has to wonder what
    Gibson did to get back in their good graces.

    1. I have speculated about that before. I mean, there are lots of guys walking around in LA or anywhere that have every bit the looks and even more charm than a Brad Pitt or Depp, but what is the difference between those guys and the “stars”? Because, neither Pitt or Depp have family connections in hollywood that guaranteed them acting gigs. There has to be something that sets them apart, like the willingness to do something behind the scenes to land those roles. Plus I’ve heard that some of the biggest power brokers in hollywood are gay. Put two and two together, you can draw some conclusions.
      Take Kirk Cameron for example. That very well could have been the case in which he opted out. Especially as a young teen “heart throb” back in the 80s/90s, he could have landed some good movie roles and even still be casted today. The gay producers probably wanted him to jump through a few “gay hoops” first before offering him his guaranteed fame & stardom. Now, Kirk is literally spat upon by the hollywood elites. I’ve also noticed how peculiar it was that some child stars revealed they were gay when they became adults. I think the gay producers and power brokers of hollywood are able to tell if a young boy is gay when casting for roles in sitcoms and movies, and that’s who they give movie roles to and make them “child stars”. The only catch is the young male actors need to attend “hot tub” parties at the gay producer’s mansions while their parents pretend nothing is going on. Corey Feldman dropped enough hints to suspect that. I think he just never fully revealed any names or actual situations because either there is a contract out there against doing so or he’s using it as leverage to help him continue his nonexistent career and have some small doors opened here and there for him. Because as washed up as he his, he has still made some appearances on various shows over the past couple years.

      1. Regarding what you said about Depp and Pitt, it reminds me how in any random English class I taught as a younger man in the former USSR there were always a few girls at least as good looking as Kunis, Fox, or whoever the flavor-of-the-week most beautiful woman in the world is currently.

        1. Unfortunately Kunis let herself be seen without makeup and sadly that can’t be unseen.

        2. Dude, I’ve sat in front of Mila Kunis on two separate occasions at public events. I’m still scratching my head over why men think she’s sexy. She’s totally ordinary and very annoying.

        3. That’s kind of what I’m saying. In a place Ukraine or even any big city in Texas you’ll see girls at least as beautiful as any Hollywood star walk by every few minutes.

      2. ^^ this ^^
        You make a solid point on just who is determined to be the next “star” in Hollyweird. As you pointed out, LA has tons of aspiring actors – plenty of talent to choose from – so this begs the question: who gets the gig? One has to wonder…
        I too recall interviews I watched with Corey Feldman discussing this topic. Didn’t his close co star and friend Corey Haim commit suicide? Or was it simply drug abuse?
        With respects to Kirk Cameron – yeah I agree that he did have the potential to successfully cross over to grown-up actor – he also had the momentum of fame to easily do this. Again… one has to wonder.
        That, and Cameron is also openly Christian which is probably the worst thing anyone can do in Hollywood today. Understandably I get annoyed when the born-agains are constantly preaching the word – and supposedly Cameron was doing this on the set of Growing Pains. He has appeared in Christian themed movies such as “Left Behind” – this has to be career suicide.
        If all the sick shit that allegedly goes on behind close doors is true – and if they do video record famous actors doing absolutely demeaning stuff like eating shit or blowing goats, one has to wonder what will John Q Public’s opinion will be about all the actors should these vids get leaked out – there is always that chance.
        One has to wonder just why the fuck the Fast And Furious movie franchise is going so strong to this day – the first F&F came out in the late 1990’s and it never impressed me. Diesel is a good actor, but the whole premis of that movie is a joke. What is it now? Fast And Furious 8? What is Vin Diesel doing behind closed doors with the producers?
        Honestly if this allegation about the movie business gets revealed to the mainstream I’ll have a hard time not associating a famous actor with an image of cum on his face. And I don’t think that anyone will be able to look at another mainstream actor again without thinking the same thing.

        1. jennifer lawrence with a glistening face was no bad thing but if there were ever a male star version of the fappening I’m losing my internet connection without ado

      3. I used to be close to a guy who worked on the sitcom Growing Pains. This old man was a big name in Hollywood, behind the scenes, and he was/is a stand-up guy with a great family.
        So once I made the mistake of mentioning Kirk Cameron’s name. This man shook with rage and explained how the kid was a total self-absorbed prick, as a teenager, and literally not a single person on set wanted to be associated with him. Keep in mind this was 30 years later, which means that Cameron really is an extra special brand of shitty celebrity, “Christian” or not.

    2. There is a lot of truth in what you say. I personally know an actress who starred in a few major films back in the 80/90’s whos career basically got kicked to the curb in part because she wouldn’t fuck Spielberg.

      1. You do not need to mention her name, but I do like many Spielberg movies – was she in any of his signiture films? But if you prefer not to say, that’s cool too.

        1. My first would be Jaws but that I will assume was before her time. And Spielberg was many times a producer, not director. Close Encounters comes to my mind – E.T. – what else… but greatness is an opinion. I said his “signiture” films which would be films he is most noted for, not necesarily great.

        2. I’ll give you Jaws and just that doesn’t equate to greatness. If Spielberg was Portuguese, he would never get this type of acclaim and profile.
          Also regarding your last paragraph, I believe you may have me confused with another poster.

        3. “Also regarding your last paragraph, I believe you may have me confused with another poster”
          You are correct – sorry ’bout that.

        4. Back to the future movies, Indiana jones movies, blues brothers, poltergeist, the goonies, Rodger Rabbit, gremlins, cape fear, Jurassic park, Schindler’s list, twister, saving private Ryan, true grit…the problem with guys like Hugo and the other faggots that come over here from stomcuck echo chambers where they get together and try to act tough so they can convince one another that they aren’t gay or stupid or worthless or the genetic swamps of imbeciles is that they need to hold on to the psychological mechanism that makes them think they are special and not total losers no matter what facts or reason or reality suggest. For them to ever cede any ground, even the most minute ground, against their narrow and, frankly moronic world view they would get dangerously close to admiring to themselves how mucj they are just small, shitty mongoloids from a long line of failures. This can ever happen. It is the exact same psychological mechanism that leads to feminism, black lives matter activism and the pushing of the homosexual agenda….no different at all.

        5. The only person trying to act ‘tough’ is yourself.
          You come across as a foul mouthed little Hebrew faggot projecting his own insecurities.

        6. Quad west demonstradum. See how that works. Things that point out that you are a small and insignificant shit wrapped in defense mechanisms instantly get lumped in that category. Not sure why. Probably found your sister giving a rabbi a rim job of maybe your dad left your mom to go be a homo with a jew
          but Ok bucko whatever you say. I don’t want you getting your panties in a bunch again tonight.

        7. None of those are horrible and you’ve just proved my point. Do we believe that there arent thousands of directors who could’ve done those movies just as well. So why the big hype about Spielberg?

        8. Lincoln
          War of the Worlds
          Schindlers’ List
          Jurassic Park
          Raiders of the Lost Ark
          That’s just off the top of my head.

        9. Nah to those. Not surprising though as reading your political posts you and I are gonna part ways on much.

        10. I’m not sure what fsb stands for but if it means closet homosexual and moron probably right 🙂

        11. right. this ‘great Hollywood superstar” and we struggle to come up with more than 2 or 3 movies. Just goes to show us how overrated they are and how much of Hollywood is self promotion.

        12. Sure he’s made some ok movies but, if his name wasn’t Spielberg he wouldn’t get the same hype.

    3. He had to fuck your mom, which he almost wasn’t willing to do because it was so fucking gross. I’m not dissing him for it, though.

        1. You aren’t a particularly smart fellow are you? Well…I wish you the best

        2. I can buy and sell you intellectually, you sad little fuck. Did I offend your pristine morals? Here’s some of your boy-fucker Jewish genius’s “art” to help you get over it:
          “The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand and asshole holy!
          The bum’s as holy as the seraphim! the madman is holy as you my soul are holy!
          Kerouac holy Huncke holy Burroughs holy Cassady holy the unknown buggered a…”

        3. Well sir glad you can buy and sell me with all your money you got in understand the history of poetry.
          Let me teach you something son. If one day you grow a dick and a brain you will realize that you are just another worthless little shit nipping at the ankles of much better men. That moment is when you might actually start to grow.
          Now scram. I’ve no more time and patience for idiots

        4. You’re a joke. You’ve been exposed. Find another place for your transparent habara-lite bullshit. Or don’t. Nothing I love more than shooting fish in a barrel.

        5. I don’t know what much of that means. But boy are you one sad fuck. Anyway. While you are out buying and selling me I’m gonna be here enjoying myself. Now I said scram son. I’m done with you. You bore me

        6. Mmhm. Just like you’re “bored” with Mel Gibson, right? Nothing short of lots of Jewish-penned references to homosexual ass-fucking will please you, will it, boychik?
          This is what they should put on your tombstone:
          “I don’t know what much of that means.”

        7. Lol! notice he prefaces a lot of his bullshit with this as an act of innocence without bias.
          Its like when he pretends not to know anything about the holy book’s then writes essays contesting philosophical views of the bible coming to such conclusions that Jesus was a lowlife fraud and his mother Mary a common whore. Essentially regurgitating Talmudic scriptures.

        8. Ha ha. Yeah, you nailed it. That’s their basic m.o. Probably right out of some fucking handbook we are paying for with our tax dollars.

  7. Hollywood is owned by the Dark Side (so is Mel, apparently) – but then, who or what isn’t?
    It’s a fucking bloodbath in the college football games today – I love this time of year: turkey, family get-togethers, and suckers being parted from their cash.
    Speaking of which, here’s a clip from Super Bowl 48 (Feb. 2, 2014), watch the Seattle running back give the thumbs-up sign to the Bronco defender, so the defender will “miss him high”, on the fake tackle attempt; the running back scored a touchdown. Yeah, that really happened. Seattle “won it all” and “beat” the Broncos. Heh-heh –

  8. Hollywood is the main propaganda tool of the global establishment and it will remain so ’till someone opens the movie market. It’s hegemony was put up by the securing on the distribution market of films. This makes it a worldwide monopoly. This translates that if a film studio makes a good movie and that is not located into Hollywood that movie will never manage to find a world-wide release.
    Now why movies are so successful as a propaganda tool. They look real even if they are not. You see humans in flesh doing things realistically even if these things are total post-effects. Even actors who do their own stunts do it under “laboratory” conditions in which everything is being made to look possible. This ability of the film is its greatest strength which makes it very convincing to the average person. Make a slim tender woman able to beat an MMA fighter and this becomes suddenly quite convincing.One can make also in a movie a successful liberal society that will be able to convince anyone of its success and even moralize upon modern social problems. In short films are a very good rhetoric tool that manages to bypass most of the intellectual shields of people mainly because no one expects to be lectured or propagandized.
    Through the power of films the left managed to pass it’s ideas as true and it will cling to its monopoly on films ’till its dying breath. The moment it falls the global establishment would already be fallen and part of history.

  9. The cabal of Hollywood never forgave him for ‘Passion of the Christ’. A strong white Christian uncorrupted male making bank producing non Kosher art on the goyim had to be taken out.

    1. It’s not just Gibson, of course.
      Hollywood and Obama have purged conservatives and cultural leaders (and potential leaders) from the American scene. In the former case, destroying the careers of actors and directors from Caviezel to Bruckheimer. In the latter case, sicking the IRS on Cage and Snipes, two generally pro-American superstar actors. Others are simply “offed” such as the scion of Star Trek, Michael Piller. Even Stallone has been run out of Hollywood, forced to “transfer” his franchises to the Hollywood executives. Meanwhile, those same Executives and the multitude of leftist actors from Corzine to Streisand get away with outright embezzlement and racketeering in plain sight.
      It is important to understand that these executives from Iger to Spielberg actually don’t have much talent in producing movies. Their power comes from “printed money” which is funneled into their investments from Disney to Lucasfilms. From this, they “buy” (and often extort) the real talent. No matter what new franchises and firms try to break into the market, from Rocky to Pixar, these executives just use their Fed-funded unlimited money supply to buy out (or destroy) their competition. Then they slap their names/brand on it in the credits. Profit.
      Which is to say, they have no competition – they have “farm systems”, a monopoly, just as the MLB is a protected monopoly that operates weaker regional farm systems. No matter how powerful the farm team becomes, it will never be allowed to “compete” with the MLB team.
      The caprice and unprofessionalism (malice, really) with which this Hollywood elite exercises its will truly befits the worst elements that they pretend to be champions against. In truth, nobody in the world smears, lies, and creates monsters like Hollywood. Which makes sense because they are, after all “actors”, the most highly paid fakers and liars in the world.
      The evil of the Dark emperor in Star Wars has nothing on the outrageous and infamous sadism and evil that is George Lucas in real life.
      Part of this is that Hollywood knows all too well what Reagan did to their ideology and “progress”. Though Reagan is revered in America, he is privately reviled in Hollywood’s inner sanctum. In fact, they’re even more rampant now that Trump, another one of their stars, seems to have escaped their purgings (though that is as much due to their hubris and lack of foresight that Trump could rise against them).

      1. I remember reading Caviezel was warned playing Christ would hamper his career; he did disappear for a few years after that role

      2. “. Others are simply “offed” such as the scion of Star Trek, Michael Piller”
        That whole hollyeood “star whackers” theory is disturbing – I’m hoping it’s tin foil hat nonsense, but this day and age anything is possible.
        This is why I simply do not know what to think of actor Randy Quaid who is on the run and destitute.

      3. Part of what Reagan did was get residual earnings for actors. Something the unions would never have wanted.
        Some believe that things like respecting Jenner are a loyalty test to make sure another Mel Gibson gets their career killed before it takes off.

      4. Hollywood has pretty much always been used for propaganda purposes by the US Government. In particular the “military and cop worship” that comes through from Hollywood is immensely powerful, such that it has even strongly influenced people who consider themselves red pill.

    2. Look I have long been an admirer of Mel Gibson but if you’re going to behave like a lunatic nobody is going to want to do business with you. This won’t happen to Stallone or Statham because those guys have their shit together. In Mel’s case it’s not about being masculine, it’s about the fact that he is halfway to psychotic.

      1. Nope. There have been numerous actors who have displayed far worse behaviour and faced little backlash. Mel upset the Judaics and that is a no no. They will tolerate no dissent.
        Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

        1. Quoting Disqus user ‘Bill the butcher’

          I would be inclined to agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that Roman Polanski is one of the most celebrated directors out of Hollywood, this despite that he was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl and is awaiting sentencing. Nearly every major player in Hollywood is some type of sexual degenerate or drug addict and would quickly be fired in any other profession, yet Gibson makes a few statements outside of work that hurt people’s feelings and his career is destroyed. I think the author pretty well sums up why Gibson was destroyed.

        2. Nick nolte, gary busey, hugh grant, roman polanski, Josj Brolin, Justin Bieber, Kiefer Sutherland, Heathed Locklear, Winona Ryder, Pee Wee Herman,R. Kelley, Rip Torn, Michelle Rodriguez, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, TI…

        3. Sean Penn tied either Madonna or some other woman to a chair and beat her for hours. He also tried to cover for his son, when the kid had a public racist/homophobic outburst. But he couldn’t.
          I only remember the latter event because Penn is so incredibly left wing. I was shocked, though I shouldn’t be.
          The thing is, the dude is an incredible actor. Even knowing this stuff, I would still watch a movie he made, if it wasn’t shit like everything he’s done in the past however many years.
          I think that all of ability and eccentricity usually comes at a cost. Some people just aren’t capable of social consistency and full time sanity. I know I’m not. I’m just glad some asshat with a camera wasn’t around when I fucked up.

        4. To be fair saying you support such bad behavior as the ones mentioned as worse shows (((Them))) that you will not be a future Mel Gibson.

        5. I don’t think Madonna would still be breathing if Sean Penn did that to her. As far as I know, it was an accusation of domestic abuse made by a woman during a divorce. A familiar story.
          Sean Penn is an incredible actor although he has definitely had his struggles with movies. He’s really more of an alternative actor rather a blockbuster actor of the Lethal Weapon/ Mel Gibson variety. I actually think he is better than Mel although he literally went Full Retard in one of his movies….

        6. I don’t think it was his drunken anti-Jewish rant. There are tons of things that people say drunk that they may not truly believe but are just saying it because they’re angry.. trolling in real life. I think they were hunting for an excuse to get him, to make him a pariah. There have been so many more things other than just words instantly forgiven in Hollyweird where actual innocent people got hurt. They wanted to punish him for not taking his hat in his hand and demurely not making The Passion of the Christ. They wanted to punish him for the success of that movie. Hillyweird has a narrative, and certain specific taboos, and one of those are, Christian movies are verboten from being good. My thoughts are if Passion had been instead about the gay sexual desires of Jesus, his rant would have been swept under the rug.

        7. Oh shit I forgot about that I Am Sam travesty. Yea, I agree, he is a more talented actor than Mel.

        8. Its a fundamental principal mate. He who asserts must prove. Since you can’t even be bothered to substantiate your argument I can only assume that you have no faith in it.

        9. Mate don’t be a dunce. If I have to explain something so rudimentary that rattling off a list of names proves absolutely nothing then you’re far too stupid for me to waste any more time on you. I’ve been far too charitable in giving you multiple chances to form something resembling an argument.

        1. I believe it was actually Mel Gibson who paid for the insurance to have RDJ on set that helped him re-establish his career.
          As the studios at the time thought he was too risky because of his drug issues.

        2. And that is precisely what other people here are willfully ignoring. That if you present a risk (like Mel did, like RDJ) your career will go to Hell. To reduce it to “he is too masculine” is a gross simplification of the issues. You can be of ambiguous sexuality like RDJ and Tom Cruise and still get dropped.

        1. Are you to say that Mel was outcast from Hollywood and ‘literally hitlered’ from the media because a drunken rant somehow condemns him as a psychotic lunatic.
          Your definition of psychotic would seemingly encompass a large percentage of the population.
          Lets just completely overlook the extremely sensitive/vengeful Jewish Mafia running the whole operation and the witch hunt that took place.

        2. More than one rant. Mate if I was to sound off at work like Mel I would get fired. So would you. Would that be the fault of the International Jewish Conspiracy too?

        3. The fact is, Jewish and non white actors/producers have made worse derogatory accusations towards white people for years and the industry applauds them.
          An industry that consistently shits on and befouls Christianity and Catholicism yet Judaism/Zionism remains above reproach with severe consequences.

        4. Technically, he wasn’t “at work” though.
          Would you get fired for losing your shit at a bar on your own time?

        5. You might. You can definitely get fired for bad behavior if it is observed by work colleagues.
          In Mel’s case, he is always “at work” because he is a public figure.

        6. I don’t entirely disagree with you on that. I just don’t buy that Mel was sidelined merely for being straight, white and masculine, which is the suggestion of the article. Tom Cruise very nearly came close to getting the boot for acting crazy and as far as I know he didn’t make any anti-semitic comments.
          That said, offending half the people you work with/for regardless of who they are will always get you into trouble.

        7. Good point. Part of the Devil’s Bargain of being a bona-fide Celebrity is that your public face is your “work”.

      2. I agree with this.
        But I disagree on the comparison. Stallone and Statham are action stars, though Stallone has written a few truly great movies. But they are in it for the money, before anything else. As an artist, Mel surpasses them.
        And those elements of creativity and intelligence (and weirdness) often come at a cost. Mel is a deeply emotional dude and prone to the bottle. Plus, his upbringing, with his dad being a little different, to say the least. His outbursts prove this to be true.
        Few contemporary filmmakers are on his level imo, as a visual artist and a story teller. That’s why I, like so many others were severely butthurt that he hasn’t done anything behind the camera for so long.
        10 years between Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge. He could have been doing something, or maybe a couple of truly great projects behind the camera in that time frame. Instead, he’s done like 3 minor action films and a depressing drama, all just acting. Sad!

        1. My point was not acting ability but rather their constant and continuous display of masculinity in their movies. I agree that Mel Gibson is a rare talent.

        2. One of my biggest worries about the future of western filmmaking as a whole is that masculine element. It was that consistency by some performers you’re talking about that’s so critical.
          And I’m not sure where our next Steve McQueen/John Wayne types are going to come from. It’s like a social void in cinema sometimes.
          Men like Chris Pratt and Tom Hardy show promise, especially in terms of ability, but they aren’t consistent in their masculine presence. They’ll go in for the quirky rom-com money, or make a decisively feminist film.
          That triggers me, Bob.
          Hopefully they were just building their filmography. Stallone and Denzel did some goofy/off the wall projects before they really made it, too.

        3. I think the best bet will be independent film making via the Internet. What triggers me is that virtually every show has to have some gay element or girl power element. Can I just have one show that doesn’t have fags and tiny girls beating up big men?
          Sadly Tom Hardy lost me the moment he did Mad Maxine. I will never go to watch another of his movies unless its by accident. Chris Pratt I’m not sure but I’ll give him time.
          Ben Foster though, he seems pretty consistent but he lacks star power. Born in the wrong decade I guess…

      3. Agreed to a point. I mean look at Tom cruise and Scientology, he’s a fruit cake but they still work with him.
        I think Gibson’s eratic behaviour but also his anti abortion, anti gay, anti jew, and staunch Catholocism have also played a part in his time in the woods..
        Of course being the talent that he is the exile wasn’t permanent..

        1. Actually Tom Cruise ran into problems and Steven Spielberg turned against him. You’ll note that he’s been acting normal since (no pun intended).

    3. I mean, that’s the whole story–from start to finish. Why even discuss it any further? When I saw that film, I was like, “How the fuck did he get away with this?”
      He didn’t.
      Mel was O.G. Alt Right, yo.

      1. Contempt is held for all gentiles even the compliant. The Goy that defy or expose them must be crucified.

  10. You can almost hear this beta Jewish media pawns miniscule nuts retract when alpha Mel doesn’t take his shit. How anyone can believe the media machine is not compromised by the cabal is beyond me.

  11. You can wish a man like Mel Gibson would understand that their (establishment) opinion of him does not matter, but for most men, it does matter.

  12. Mel does seem like a tired old man in some of his interviews but I think his Blood Father was a good movie.

  13. Interpreting Femispeak, 101 –
    “You’re abusive.” (Translation – she wants to fuck somebody else.)
    “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything.” (Translation – she is already fucking somebody else.)
    “You’re an asshole, and I’m sick of you – I’m leaving!” (Translation – she is late for her Tinder date, and needs to leave at once in order to go and fuck someone else.)
    “I like it when you wear this shirt.” (Translation – she is trying to mold you into a compliant monkey-on-a-leash so she can go and fuck anybody she wants to fuck, without you questioning it.)

      1. It’s mentioned in the article. Even better if it would be a reminder that today’s Jews (even the Orthodox) do not have the same religion as the Jews of the Old Testament.

        1. jewish beliefs are peculiar. A lot of it is down to kabbalah, which is interpretation that may depart very considerably from what non-jews understand as the torah. They should be more open about this, but it’s generally all in the jewish encyclopedia i think

        2. Don’t talk about that you might make someone shit their pants, I think it was lolknee who shit himself last time that came up

        3. Wait a minute. Really? He was just yapping here today about how pissed he was that people couldn’t separate Allen Ginsberg the boy-fucker from Allen Ginsberg the “genius” poet. I’m starting to see a pattern.

        4. There’s articles? I’m just here to check out the pics. And darn it, this article just didn’t deliver.
          😉 😉 😉

        5. Many Jews will dishonestly attempt to misdirect you on this subject. Its practically a law in the Talmud to do so.

  14. poor Mel i feel so bad for him 🙁 last time i felt that bad was when i saw Lady Gaga crying in her Rolls Royce about the election results. i like Mel Gibson but give me a break. should we build a safe space for oppressed masculine millionaires of Hollywood?

    1. You’re totally missing the fucking point here, man. Mel got blackballed by the power in Hollywood. This isn’t about Mel. It’s about all of us, and our culture.

      1. Don’t mind D18kv178, he is part of Lolknee’s crew. Only makes an appearance to discredit sensitive Jewish/Zionist criticisms.

      2. Didn’t little Melvin brownball himself when he shit his panties after he found out the cop he was Jewbaiting was AB?

        1. Ah, that ol’ Catskills hilarity! It’s genius, man! It must be genetic! You have no idea how glad I am to have drawn you out.

        2. Pearlcuck, you ignorant slut.
          Do you know what AB stands for, you kike shill?
          Quit yer fake shit, heeb, trying to ingratiate yourself to genuine Nationalists.
          Go swallow some Drano, shlomo.

        3. Pearlcuck, guess who:
          “After returning to the United States in 1935, she continued writing prolifically and became a prominent advocate of the rights of women and minority groups, and wrote widely on Asian cultures, becoming particularly well known for her efforts on behalf of Asian and mixed-race adoption.”

        4. That’s great stuff, boychik. Anyway, the Chief Rabbi of Israel had this to say:
          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel…
          In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…
          This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew…
          Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”
          When he died, it was the largest funeral in Israel’s history. A million Jews showed up to cry. All the top leaders of the Jewish state were there, singing his praises. Bibi, in particular, LOVED the guy.
          Any thoughts on this? I’m really curious. We all are.

        5. Oh, shit… the Jew cop who claimed that Mel said some naughty words whilst drunk and then faxed a bunch of bullshit to TMZ was actually a member of tha Aryan Brotherhood? Whoa, dude, what a revelation! And every thinking reader here is TOTALLY gonna buy into that theory! Good job, boychik! You deserve a GOLD STAR!

        6. For fuck sake, rockhead, clearly you could have benefited from being the product of your mother miscegenating with a sub-saharan african.
          You are such a dumb shit – can you even understand what you read?
          Try slowly mouthing the words when you read – many a tard surpasses functional illiteracy using that technique.
          One last time, meathead:
          Little gay Melvin (almost certainly literally a flaming cuck, too, raising 7 other men’s children) is a weakling alcoholic and drug abuser who blasphemed his Lord and Saviour in the ugliest homoerotic way, got pissed off that the shylocks wouldn’t let him have much of the $300 million the almost-snuff blasphemous gay porno he mainstreamed, totally lost it when his feminist nordic mudsharking “hotwife” wouldn’t let him have creampie anymore.
          Of course, all this was because of (((them))), as he so eloquently cried to the cops.
          When they couldn’t stop laughing at the sloppy drunk midget cuck crybaby fag, he came to the brilliant conclusion that they must be (((jews))), even though *the cops* were AB affiliated.
          They (the cops) leaked it because little Melvin is an embarrassment to their race.
          Don’t they have free or low-cost remedial reading classes in English at your local public Hebrew library, shlomo?

        7. Sure, pearlcuck, later, but first, if your Hebrew school teacher explained the quote I gave you that you’re ignoring, let me solve the mystery, genius:
          The quote is from Pearl Buck, ballsack, look that up and ask your rabbi to explain who she was.

        8. Wow, what an amazing tale. How convenient this convoluted illogical gibberish benefits the Jewish narrative.
          So you still haven’t told us why Israel supports ISIS and why the revered late chief Rabbi of Israel openly preaches that non Jews are mere donkeys to serve the people of Israel.

        9. I said I’ll get to that, let me conclude with this, first:
          At least you finally got to the point that you attempt to conclude that my factual (although admittedly colourful, but describing a pygmy peacock like mini-Melly is what it is) presentation was somehow in favour of (((anyone))), rather than just me exposing the dwarf cuck boozy drug addict nut from down under some monkey’s ballsack.

  15. “I am going to come and burn the fucking house down… but you will blow me first.”

    Is it just me or is this one of the most freaking hardcore macho things in the world? I don’t know why, but this line makes my socks roll up and down. It’s funny as fuck, it’s candid and real and it shows a big middle finger to everything in the world regarding modern man-woman dynamics. Bravo sir, bravo.
    As to Kid Rock, ain’t nothing going to take him down. He’s gets power from being a giant middle finger to the Left, he basks in it, he loves it. No worries with that man.

    1. Yeah, I love it. A guy’s getting fucked over by some hot ho and he unloads on her with heightened vitriol. So fucking what? It’s great, and we’ve all been there before, and anyone who hasn’t is too much of a fucking pussy to deserve an opinion.

    2. “As to Kid Rock, ain’t nothing going to take him down.”
      Especially not after “Government Motors” gave him that surprising cash infusion by selecting his song for the last batch of respectable Chevy commercials.

    1. I enjoyed it up until the part where
      the main guy took a javelin through the gut and was basically OK a minute later and continued sprinting through the jungle. Too hard to suspend my disbelief there.

  16. “also directed the critically lauded and Oscar winning Braveheart, a film that became an instant classic with its graphic depictions of medieval warfare.”
    LOL! That movie was so bad it might as well have had dragons. It had almost nothing to do with actual war, and its depictions of “medieval warfare” were borderline fantasy (again, could have had dragons)…

    1. Yeah, sounds like a lot of stuff written by that other hack. Whatshisname again? Oh, yeah–Shakespeare.

      1. Shakespeare didn’t attempt to tell true stories or history, Shakespeare wrote fiction – and anyone with even basic reading comprehension can understand that. Mel Gibson was attempting to tell the (true) story of the first Scottish War of Independence, and despite how much I enjoy the acting and directing of Mr. Gibson, frankly, he FAILED.

        1. “Shakespeare didn’t attempt to tell true stories or history”
          You’re a dipshit! Slink away in shame, idiot.
          Shakespeare’s Histories:
          Braveheart is inspired by:
          “The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace (English: Acts and Deeds of the Illustrious and Valiant Champion Sir William Wallace), also known as The Wallace, a long “romantic biographical” poem by the fifteenth-century Scottish makar of the name Blind Harry probably at some time in the decade before 1488. As the title suggests, it commemorates and eulogises the life and actions of the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace who lived a century and a half earlier. The poem is historically inaccurate, and mentions several events that never happened. For several hundred years following its publication, The Wallace was the second most popular book in Scotland after the Bible.”

        2. “Shakespeare’s Histories”
          Yeah, that is HISTORICAL FICTION…
          “Braveheart is inspired by…” Yeah, so again, its about the First Scottish War of Independence, during this war, the Scottish forces were led by, you guessed it – William Wallace.
          “The poem is historically inaccurate, and mentions several events that never happened.” That a real understatement, it should say “It involves historically figures who were alive during or roughly during the same time period (late medieval) as the as the actual events of the Scottish War of Independence, the events within this story are not true.” Its just the historical inaccuracy, its that the film makes itself out to be historically accurate, right in the intro: https://youtu.be/zApQRWFNo_k?t=1m

        3. Yeah, Henry V, Richard III and Braveheart are in the same category of HISTORICAL FICTION based on real historical figures and events, but shot through with fictional devices, poetic license, etc.
          Henry V starts like this:
          For ’tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings,
          Carry them here and there; jumping o’er times,
          Turning the accomplishment of many years
          Into an hour-glass: for the which supply,
          Admit me Chorus to this history;
          Who prologue-like your humble patience pray,
          Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.

        4. Did you bother reading the second part of my comment? Braveheart is made out to be reenactment. Even if they didn’t do this, it wouldn’t even be justified to call it historical fiction, it literally has almost nothing to do with any historical events.

        5. You mean like Shakespeare? Yeah, man, Braveheart, Henry V, Coriolanus… all take lots of liberties, yet Shakespeare’s plays in this vein are called “The Histories.” And you know that movie Rob Roy? Yeah, that’s mostly fiction. And most movies that start with “Based on real events” include a lot of fiction, as do most biopics. Let me rephrase that: virtually ALL biopics. And that movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer? Hate to break it to you, but… Abe was a real guy, but vampires are made up.

        6. “And most movies that start with “Based on real events” include a lot of fiction” It doesn’t say based on real events, which just makes it more apparent that you haven’t bothered to go back and watch the clip I sent you. The movie acts as if it is portraying real events and the traditional interpretation of events is “English Propaganda”.

        7. Maybe a really, really, really stupid personal would forget that Braveheart is historical fiction and forget to suspend his disbelief. The same person might think that Henry V is a totally accurate account of Henry V’s wartime activities. Admit it, a guy that liked Braveheart beat you up in high school.

        8. Well, that’s s different issue. You can’t argue taste. I loved that movie when I first saw it. If even won an Oscar of some sort despite being very un-P.C. I also like raw oysters. What’s the point of telling me I’m wrong?

        9. I’ve watched, you stupid asshole. It’s like you’re at a dry erase board diagraming why I’m stupid for enjoying oysters. Fuck off, man.

  17. No love around here for The Road Warrior. Rat rods, leather pants and sawed off double barrel shotgun, what’s not to love?

  18. Dude is one of these guys that simply “Did it to himself”.
    I don’t care how “Alpha” he supposedly is. You do reap what you sow at some point on either end of the spectrum.
    He did on both ends…

    1. What, for calling jews out? So you agree with their mafia style tactics to control entertainment and turn it into satanic propaganda to encourage degeneracy?

    2. All kinds of degenerate and criminal activities from celebrities are turned a blind eye too, but if they dare call out their masters Hebrew name or criticize the Zionist regime they are finished.

    3. I would be inclined to agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that Roman Polanski is one of the most celebrated directors out of Hollywood, this despite that he was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl and is awaiting sentencing. Nearly every major player in Hollywood is some type of sexual degenerate or drug addict and would quickly be fired in any other profession, yet Gibson makes a few statements outside of work that hurt people’s feelings and his career is destroyed. I think the author pretty well sums up why Gibson was destroyed.

      1. I agree with you on that scum, Roman Polanski but I’m not giving Gibson a pass on racism.(and to a lesser extent bigotry)
        And it’s not like this is imagined,Left Wing racism claims. He actually said the N word.
        He lived and died by the shit he said and nobody else. Granted He made a boat load of cash so i’m sure he’s just fine.

  19. Is Hacksaw Ridge any good? The previews look overacted to me, and the pacifist protagonist of it brings to mind the scene in We Were Soldiers where Mel himself tells the namby-pamby reporter to trade in his camera for a firearm.

    Same for you Rock. Same for you Vin Diesel. You listening, Jason Statham and Liam Neeson?

    I can’t see any of these guys falling from grace like Gibson did as they aren’t even trying to be the “threat” that Gibson was.

  20. About fucking time someone wrote an article on this.
    All of the Christians out there, everywhere, will do well to learn from Jesus Christ himself.
    Knowing the cost of unveiling the truth of God = self sacrifice.
    You guys out there, holding the strings…you know the price.
    The price is exactly the same like in year ZERO.
    You will be publicly humiliated by hoards of ….
    And crucified.
    But then the bliss begins.

  21. When Robert Downey Jr was at his drug induced low point no body would insure him so Mel Gibson put his own money up to cover insurance, the same happened when Britney Spears was at her low point it was Mel Gibson who stepped in and pointed her in the right direction – don’t be conned by all those media reports guys.

  22. Liam Neeson? He who bleated that Americans shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons while at the same time, chalking up high body counts in his movies??
    Wrong guy to put in that list.

  23. Castro finally died. The MSM is taking it easy on him. “He brought universal healthcare and literacy to the country.” Must be great to have 100% literacy when the only book in the library is the Communist Manifesto. All the people could also read the “help not wanted” ad in the newspaper too

    1. You must have been watching CBS this morning too. To hear them tell it a a great benevolent leader who enlightened his people and brought them universal healthcare passed on.
      They never would have mentioned the prison time or executions for dissidents had they not interviewed a Cuban descended Florida congresswoman.

      1. bounced from abc to nbc to cbs- pretty much the same. cnn less flattering, actually mentioned he had jesuit schooling, current pope singing his praises(also a jesuit). Hmmmm….

        1. Nobody should be singing Castros praises much less the Pope. If Kennedys CIA had actually trained those Bay of Pigs guys we probably wouldn’t even be talking about him today.

        2. Geraldo Rivera praising him now on Fox…disturbing…lets you know what the press is really about

        3. I’m watching the the same thing. I really dislike Geraldo. He’s talking about how proud Cubans are of his legacy.

        4. When he had his own talk show, I watched one time when he had a group of neo Nazis on . One of them called him Jerry Rivers and he got tongue tied arguing with him about it.

    2. Batista, who overthrew the government in a coup, was the dictator who used secret police, torture, assassination, and purges, until the Cuban people had enough and overthrew him. JFK called him “one of the most bloody and repressive dictatorships in the long history of Latin American repression” and
      Castro was instrumental in his overthrow.
      At the time of this overthrow Castro condemned communism, and even visited president Nixon under invitation by the American government. However, the Americans shunned this new leader (remember, there was nothing ideological about this, as Nixon made yuge trade deals with communist China), and as the Cold War broke out, the new country, in need of support, trade, and help, and refused it by the USA, took the offers of aid from the USSR, and thus fell under the label of commies. Here, one could say to the degree Cuba is/was communist, it is the fault of the Americans.
      People get so caught up in ideology, they want to praise him if they are sympathetic to communist beliefs, and condemn him if they’re not. Fuck that. He did a lot of great things for the people, and was an improvement over (and direct result of) the Batista regime. He also did many things that repressed freedom, and jailed political prisoners. But he faced a harsh embargo from the US, and being an island nation, relies on imports and exports for a functional market economy (again, one could argue that it was the US that denied Cuba a market economy, by blocking them from bringing their goods to market).
      My opinion is that he was a better than average leader. However, I’ll temper that by saying I have yet to visit Cuba, and the opinion of a non-Cuban about how well a Cuban leader governed should be taken with a huge mound of salt. I remember a Russian ex-gf telling me that Stalin did many good things in addition to the purges and deaths, and remained popular. It’s easy for us to sit in ivory towers and cast judgements and aspirations on others, dictating that they must use our criteria when judging what their leaders should prioritize, but the facts are these people have different problems and concerns than we do, and fuck us for trying to impose those on others.
      Cuba had a huge problem with corruption, health care, and illiteracy, and huge strides were made in all 3 areas. Saying they should have focused on building a free press or allowing foreigners to own property there or whatever your beef with Cuba is, is just as bad as SJWs saying they should have first focused on gay marriage and tranny rights, before worrying about feeding the people.
      Russia had to fight off the most powerful modern army the world had ever seen, that never lost a fight until it faced the Red Army, and Stalin, for all the negatives he achieved, also prevented the destruction of Russia, and perhaps the fall of the world to Nazi Germany.
      So I say a kind STFU to anyone trying to tell foreigners what we think about their foreign governments, particularly when it doesn’t involve us one iota.

      1. “Batista, who overthrew the government in a coup, was the dictator who
        used secret police, torture, assassination, and purges…” You can also replace “Batista” with “Castro” in that sentence. What positives did Castro achieve? Everyone being able to read state-sanctioned books? I guess only the Cuban ex-pats dancing in the street should have an opinion on the matter?

      1. When the USSR collapsed, at least the Castro regime had the good sense to let the people plant food wherever they possibly could in order to stave off mass starvation. The North Koreans did not, so theres that I guess. He also made famous the black-rimmed glasses so loved by the avg urban hispter

        1. yeah better than the cheese eating pig boy but that’s not really something that can go on your CV though

      2. Both Castro and Che had epic Rolex collections — Fidel often wore 2 on the same wrist!! True story.

        1. Didn’t know that. No doubt they would soon after have sold them to raise money for the poor starving Cubans

  24. The premise of this article, that he’s back in Hollywood’s good graces, seems a little suspect. There’s still a lot of anti-Gibson sentiment in Hollywood, in the press, etc. Besides that, the behind-the-camera production team are B-listers. Producer Bruce Davey has been working closely with Gibson since Braveheart and has done little else besides Gibson’s Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.
    I saw the film and it’s blatantly over-the-top in favor of Christianity. Which is great, I personally enjoyed it, but I doubt very much that the powerbrokers in Hollywood did, other than the zeroes it’s putting in their accounts.

  25. I thought I knew Mel Gibson’s story but this article added a lot of the missing pieces and makes perfect sense. Glad he’s back but not if he has to plead at the feet of the gatekeepers. Not to compare but I worked on some big titles in post-production and for many of the VFX houses in town. It truly is crazy here when after you have excellent references and nail the interview you are told “thanks but we are hiring for diversity.” That’s the phrase that is somehow legal. And I can tell people here don’t always believe me that I’ve heard this on more than one occasion, despite that prevalent attitude in Hollywood. Recently I was asked if I could recommend someone for a board seat and after she listed the qualifications she added “but no white men.” “Too many white people” is not uncommon to hear and it’s white people who say this. What I’ve learned is blacklisting did not end with the Red Scare of the 1950’s. As far as the gay actors go, I’ve heard there are more because there are a disproportionate number of gay agents and gays who work in casting.

    1. I remember reading an article with some Indian Bollywood producers and they joked for Hollywood to even look at their work they would need to change their last names to sound Jewish.

  26. Ok I get the overall message but just to be fair Hacksaw ridge was an amazing movie. A guy willing to risk death to uphold his beliefs is always an inspiring thing to see.

  27. Watched Hacksaw Ride last night and thought it was good; enjoyed the first part of the movie very much — a PC-free depiction of white America and positive depictions of life in the South.

  28. Hollywood is run by homosexuals and occultists. Both of which are the biggest enemies of freedom and righteous morality.

  29. Yes, Mel is now beat down. The piss and vinegar has been taken out of him. Reminds me of “disgraced” British historian David Irving (“disgraced” for saying what most intelligent people know – the Holocaust is bullschit). Pull up some YouTube vids of Irving back in the ’90’s. They are amazing to watch…his attitude was FU, come and get me! Then, after an insane level of persecution that included destroying his career, pulping his books, multiple arrests, going after his family, banning him from entire countries, and sending him to prison for a year and a half…he is now completely beat down and compliant. So sad to see, when you remember the old David Irving.
    And all because of the opinions and conclusions he reached as a professional historian, based on the evidence. Verily, the holocau$t god is a jealous god.
    P.S. Now they have this new movie out, called “Denial”, to slander him some more. Just from the trailer you can see that the movie is full of outright lies. Disgusting.

  30. I think Get the Gringo was quite ok…but the sound of VW Golf MkII 1.6 diesel was outstanding 🙂

  31. Apocolypto is one of the best movies i have ever seen. Amazing stuff. Hes a genius. Hes the last of a dying breed thats for sure.

  32. Politics aside I have to say he is one of the best directors in Hollywood and has made some great masculine films. Apocalypto is one of my favourite movies of all time. Up until recently he was one of those guys who made films like they don’t make anymore. Now the cathedral have him.

  33. Bravo article. Really unique as Mel is a Catholic had no idea he was. Catholics have a special place of hate among the anti-christ hordes and will stop at nothing to destroy them.

  34. FWIW Mel Gibson has refused to say that he does NOT support Trump, which would be the fashionable thing to do. And “tragedy” could be referring to any number of things, including the media pile-on on Trump.

  35. 1) Catholics aren’t Christians
    2) fuck Mel Gibson for selling out
    3) Satan IS Hollywood (or at least another small extension of his being; we are legion for we are many)
    4) khazars will make you their bitch

  36. Who here has seen Hacksaw Ridge? Desmond Doss comes across like someone who has the ideals we would all strive to have. Humble, brave, and moral(though I’d hope we’d all be a lot more skeptical of going to war). This movie must be flying under the radar of the communists, it promotes many things that they are the opposite of. In fact, you probably couldn’t come up with a better movie that would inspire men and women to become soldiers in the infowar against cultural Marxism. I doubt very man radfems would step foot into some place like Hacksaw Ridge, even if to defend their own home from invaders. The real story of this movie is even more unbelievable than what you see on screen. Desmond Doss should be a lot more well-known than he is, but he never tried to use his experience for profit or self-glorification. It’d be great for one of the writers here to do a full write-up on this story.

  37. I personally thought Hacksaw Ridge was a fantastic movie. I don’t believe Mel is a pacifist for a second, although he is generally anti-war (except in self defense, but when was the last time the US fought a war in self defense)? Obviously Mel would have disagreed with Desmond Doss about many things, he was a Seventh Day Adventist which is a pretty anti-Catholic denomination. The point of the movie and what Mel was glorifying was following your convictions with courage, refusing to compromise, and risking your life for your brothers. Agree or disagree with pacifism, but Doss did that. He could’ve avoided the war easily, or held a gun and just not used it, but he was unwilling to take the easy way out when it meant being untrue to his principles.

  38. No mention of his voicemail outbursts that came from his GF/plaything a few years after his first DUI arrest? It wasn’t the DUI so much as the profanity-laced voicemails. Which i still have to this day and still listen to at times for a good laugh.

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