The Strange Life And Times Of Pamela Anderson

If you’re within plus or minus ten years of forty, the image of lifeguard CJ Parker poised to do her duty on the beaches of southern California wearing her red, one-piece, high-cut swimsuit is surely an image that’s indelibly seared into the lustful recesses of your brain.  Like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch and Farrah Fawcett, Pamela Anderson was THE sex bomb for a generation of American men.  In fact, given the global reach of the Baywatch franchise and her Playboy fame, she was likely an image in the masturbatory fantasies of countless non-American men of all colors and creeds the world over.

For her female prototype is, arguably, the most desirable of all but, certainly on a global scale, the rarest – white, blonde and slim with medium stature but busty with well-proportioned hips and a shapely derriere.  Their overrepresentation in entertainment and pornography – supplied as it is almost exclusively by the northern and western hemispheres but consumed globally – belies the fact that this is an endangered species of female because of both global demographic change and the degradation of beauty within the nations that form the natural habitats of such women.

The pretty gal from Ladysmith, British Columbia

The pretty gal from Ladysmith, British Columbia

The blow-up sex-doll from Hollywood, California

The blow-up sex-doll from Hollywood, California

I was a young college lad when I discovered Pamela Anderson and I was always intrigued by her rise to fame from the obscurity of a small town on Vancouver Island. Over the years I’ve caught bits and pieces of her story through her evolution.  Perhaps devolution is the more apt term for it?

I’m likely one of the few that remember Pamela Anderson from her early days as a Labatt Blue girl and, like every woman, she hit her prime in her early 20s with a fetching natural beauty quite different to the image most people would associate her with today.  Certainly, she maintained and even amplified her sex appeal for much longer than most women but her beauty never retained quite the same quality it had when she was the young gal from Ladysmith, British Columbia discovered on the jumbotron at a BC Lions football game.

Fast forward twenty plus years – past the Baywatch and Playboy fame – and it’s remarkable that she’s still standing. Three failed marriages, two widely publicized and circulated sex tapes of her fellating her rock jock paramours of the time (the first with her then boyfriend Brett Michaels of Poison and the second with her then husband, Tommy Lee of Motely Crue), three sets of cosmetic breast surgery (first to a D cup, then to a DD and, finally, removal altogether), an inability to establish herself as a serious actress after several terrible movie and TV roles and, last but not least, the Hepatitis C contracted from Tommy Lee are but a few of the difficulties she’s faced.

(Quick aside: she’s a vegan which is likely motivated more by her PETA sympathies than any nutritional considerations. However, I’m puzzled by the cognitive dissonance of women who espouse healthy living, avoidance of GMO foods and vaccines but don’t see a disconnect between that and the act of deliberate anesthetization, chest incision and implantation of petroleum-based by-products into the human body.  I once worked with such a woman and, although her breasts were certainly pleasant to look at, her endless harping about the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle was tiresome given her habit of strutting around the office like a peacock wearing low cut tops and flaunting her silicone-enhanced breasts.)

Pam, you had beautiful natural breasts. Why did you mutilate yourself?!?]

Pam, you had beautiful natural breasts. Why did you mutilate yourself?!?

Not paying much attention to Hollywood these days, I was surprised to stumble across Anderson’s name in a recent news piece. To promote a speech she was giving at the Oxford Union, the now 49 year-old was on a British talk show together with a rabbi discussing the issue of pornography and the damage it causes to real relationships between men and women.  An interesting subject but not one I wish to delve into here.  My focus is on a comment that she made in the interview – “I recognize that I’ve been part of the problem“.

“You probably shouldn't have swallowed. I forgot to tell you. I may have Hepatitis C.”

“You probably shouldn’t have swallowed. I forgot to tell you. I may have Hepatitis C.”

You mean our damaged sexual culture is not all because of men?  Women possess moral agency, make choices in their behavior and are responsible for the outcomes too?  While quite obviously correct, her statement was remarkable for a woman in today’s day and age and I’m surprised it didn’t get more attention.

Traditionally, it was always understood that, in the sexual interplay between men and women, part of the responsibility for keeping men’s lust in check was modesty on the part of women – modesty in dress, speech and conduct.  As men, we all know the craziness of the testosterone-induced sexual appetite of our physiology and, notwithstanding the protestations of today’s sexually-empowered promiscuous female that it’s the same for women, the estrogen-testosterone mix in women has nothing like the power of the testosterone levels in men.  Much like mastery of physical appetite in the interest of maintaining optimal body composition in the face of countless readily available  junk-foods, it can, at times, require heroic levels of self-mastery in today’s culture to keep sexual appetite in check if you’re committed to a wife and family.

In bygone times, there was a widespread understanding – a social contract – that women would assist in helping the cause.  In fact, that’s still evident in traditional religious communities be they Amish, Orthodox Jew or Muslim.  And, while I certainly don’t wish to live in a place like Saudi Arabia and the aesthetic drudgery of burkha-clad women, I’ll confess that, in ways, I respect the moderate Muslim traditions. Their patriarchal culture does not allow its women to indulge in their inherent craziness and poor decision-making as it relates to the formidable sexual power they hold over men.

Moreover, many Western Muslim women that chose to don the hijab (a veil that leaves the face exposed), do so not because of the pressure from their patriarchal cultural but rather of their own volition because of the message that it sends – an emphatic “No!” to the idea of becoming a secular, sexually-liberated Western female. (Pity though the Christian or secular girl that tries to espouse a similar modesty. She’ll be roundly mocked for it.)

Oh you’re not a Muslim? You’re a modest Christian woman? In that case, Pussy Riot will be arriving shortly to desecrate your liturgy while Western media and celebrities defend their freedom of speech and artistic expression.

Oh you’re not a Muslim? You’re a modest Christian woman? In that case, Pussy Riot will be arriving shortly to desecrate your sacred liturgy while Western media and celebrities defend their freedom of speech and artistic expression.

In today’s Western culture of entitled and promiscuous women, Slut Walks and FEMEN agitation, openly discussing such sentiments as a man will get you harassed, fired and driven from polite society.  Consider the poor mild-mannered academic who has the temerity to point out a valid analogy in response to the insanity of the Slut Walk phenomenon.

To say, “While the burglar is still guilty of theft, the homeowner who has left all the doors and windows of his home wide open while on vacation is certainly reckless”, is a blasphemy when applied to the behavior of today’s Western woman.  Such common sense has no place in today’s rape culture-obsessed climate of misandry and so, naturally, the man’s message must be completely distorted and he must be shamed and blacklisted (not unlike the similar experience of our very own Roosh).

I submit that Pamela Anderson’s acknowledgement was a remarkable piece of honesty for a woman.  She acknowledged female moral agency in our damaged sexual culture (obvious to all us red-pill men but rarely acknowledged by women themselves).  I haven’t followed the story since and perhaps it was a careless piece of honesty on her part that she’s since retracted in the face of a PC onslaught. (Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders faced such criticism for stating in her autobiography, “Reckless”, that she bore responsibility for being sexually assaulted by a group of bikers in her younger days because of her careless stupidity in maintaining their company alone late at night while drinking and flirting.)

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

For whatever reason, I have an affinity for the long-gone cutie from Ladysmith British Columbia and perhaps my respect for her honesty is foolish sentimentality.  Yes, she’s still a total loon.  And yes, the anti-porn activism is likely just the prevarication of a post-Wall woman seeking meaning to compensate for the loss of her seductive power to elicit lust in the eyes of the men around her.  How painful that loss of power must be for a woman!  However, I respect those who take responsibility for themselves, their actions and the part they’ve played in a dysfunctional dynamic or conflict.  It’s always easy to point the finger at others but so difficult to look critically at ourselves.

Aside from her tumultuous celebrity, Pamela Anderson has had her share of challenges.  From several years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of female babysitter (What?!?  A female perpetrator of sexual abuse?), to her rape as a teenager (a real rape – not one of those drunken, mutually careless college hook-ups that’s later regretted and called rape by only the female party to it), through her crazy days of superstardom, you have to give the woman some credit for surviving it all.

As red pill men of the manosphere, we can see her journey as a by-product of the breakdown of patriarchy and tradition.  A patriarchy and tradition that, at one time, perhaps would have protected this woman from the malignant forces around her and the self-destructive decision-making and confusion so often a feature of the “liberated” female mind.  Yes, even in a bygone era she could very well have ended up working in a brothel but, compared to the number of women today engaged in everything from mindless promiscuity to pornography to the sex trade, both the absolute and relative number of harlots was surely lower then than it is now.

No, sorry Pam, no stirring in my loins. Nada. Zero. Your sexual power is gone. Can you cook?]

No, sorry Pam, no stirring in my loins whatsoever. Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Your sexual power is gone. How’s your cooking?

Of course, we understand that there are women who are victims of exploitation and desperation and they deserve our mercy, compassion and aid. But it is a red pill truth that attractive women learn very early the magic of their sexual spell on men and they become adept at monetizing it if they can.  Some do so based on ill-conceived and confused short-term thinking based on the values of our decadent age with the results of their decisions doing damage to both themselves and the culture around them.  Others still operate within the latent fumes of traditionalism and patriarchy and make more prudent long-term decisions allowing them and the culture around them to flourish. Maybe one day our society will be honest enough again to acknowledge that and admit that women too possess moral agency in these matters.  Even the blonde bombshell from Ladysmith British Columbia had enough sense to do so.

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111 thoughts on “The Strange Life And Times Of Pamela Anderson”

  1. ” . . . require heroic levels of self-mastery in today’s culture to keep sexual
    appetite in check if you’re committed to a wife and family.”

    Sure does. The solution is one society has abandoned over the centuries- even times in history many would consider highlighted by “patriarchal” sentiments- plural marriage. Some men are satisfied with just one wife. However, ancient cultures, most notably Biblical cultures, understood and practiced plural marriages.
    As long as society views a man having more than one wife as “immoral” it will take heroic levels of self-mastery to maintain societal norms. Also, the answer to dwindling Caucasian demographics is the moral principle of plural wives. Self-mastering morality has to come before mastering sexual appetite, of course. Most of history’s true patriarchs had more than one wife. Within the red pill movement, producing moral men with multiple wives should be an ultimate goal. Biblical law lays the blueprint for this.

    1. Unless you have a LOT of men dying through war, etc., polygamy is a massive destabilizing influence. We’re seeing it now with polygamy on the rental or installment plan.
      Trust me, excessive Puritanism is not the current problem.

      1. To be fair, polygamy is completely normal in a premodern society where countless men died early in war or work. I figure it wasn’t such a bad arrangement for a poor girl to enter a rich man’s home, have some kids for him, and live in relatively stable conditions for the rest of her life.

    2. Polygamy is good for women bad for men. If you aren’t rich or famous or both forget finding a woman, that looks passable, she’d prefer to be the 200th wife to a fat Raja or Kanye West rather than having a man exclusively.

    3. Maybe in a culture where you lose 20% of the men to war a LITTLE polygamy is a good thing. Like, the chief gets 4 wives, a couple others get 3, and well-respected men get 2. Otherwise, it fails miserably. Look at some of the fundamentalist Mormon communes that tried it.

      1. I think Mormons are a bad example. Biblical marriage, and by extension polygamy, is arguably an economic principle as well.

  2. When all her sexual power is gone, they have ridden the “cock carrousel”, had their “fun”, theeeen some seek G-d. They are still searching for something to fill their vacuous, pathetic lives. All those “accomplishments”, all that attention, eventually comes to an end. They become old and then discarded from a system that does not need them anymore. A new crop of younger flesh will replace them. Sure they make lots of $$$, participate in insatiable debauchery but this is only temporary. At the end they end up empty and alone.

    1. It’s not just carousel riders that wake up alone and start looking for God. Even the alphas:
      “Remember your Creator
      in the days of your youth,
      before the days of trouble come
      and the years approach when you will say,
      “I find no pleasure in them”—
      (Ecclesiastes 12:1, King Solomon writing near the end of his life)

      1. nothing wrong with an Alpha seeking from a patriarchal religion. and btw your extracting half of the story of Solomon excluding its context. So not the best analogy in my opinion. secular Alphas rarely seem to seek G-d they are too proud and they take that pride to their grave.

  3. If she had as many dicks poking out of her as she had poked in her she would look like a porcupine.

    1. She has had more longshoreman dicks in her than the Iron Islands (game of thrones reference joke)

  4. Ah… Pammy. The single best example of superior female genetics one could ever find. Yes, even today. Sadly as the author states, she came of age as girl power was just getting started and even if a strong, masculine man were to have come into her life to help steer her straight, she would have given him the boot. Such is the curse of raw, female sexual power in the mind of a 20 something woman in her prime. Assholes “win” because they are assholes, the only ones that will put up with a woman’s shit to get a piece of her ass, and she chooses him BECAUSE he simply does not give a shit.
    Early 40s myself so I remember Baywatch and the Playboy issues well. But in later years, as you were able to find more interviews of Pam on YouTube and watch them in totality, you begin to see precisely WHY Pam was so alluring and attractive to the vast majority of men (and not all will find her attractive).
    She was naive, trusting and truly genuine. Everything that is hyper-feminine at its core. Without these, you may have the beauty, but you won’t have the attraction. Lust yes, but not love and it is love as much as lust that Pam inspired in many men.
    Yes, she has her diva side, but at the core, she just loves to smile and make people happy. This was her most beautiful blessing, and her greatest curse (as it is with most beautiful women). She never found the strength inside to stand up for herself and demand more respect, so she relied on the power of her sexuality to keep others in line (and at arms reach) by either bestowing it, taking it away or using it as a shield.
    Pamela Anderson is a lesson on what happens when a father, or any strong male role model, is not present to help guide and build a young woman’s self esteem and belief that she is INHERENTLY of value, no matter how beautiful (or not so much) she is. You can learn this over time, but Pamela’s life is a clear lesson on how hard learning as one goes can be on a woman.
    In the end, Pamela is the last, the last, of the generation of women that still had some sense of the feminine in her. As she and the other 80s/90s supermodels faded from the scene, we were given the grunge/feminist and it has all been downhill ever since.
    To prove my assertion, I give you this video. Watch the reaction of the man at 3:29 still standing and clapping… and realize Pam is not wearing the skimpy, near naked dresses MOST other women WOULD have worn who still had the body she does to “get attention.”
    When you KNOW you are a feminine & alluring woman, you don’t need to flaunt it. You simply ARE.

    1. I agree in part. Certainly helping a daughter to craft an identity apart from beauty is helpful. But is it the main factor in raising a virtuous daughter?

      1. Yes. If you don’t teach your daughter her VALUE is in her SOUL, as a person, then society/culture today will teach her her only value is as a SEX OBJECT. Pamela Anderson is the lesson to all men who have daughters, especially ones that will grow up to be 8s and up. If you do not teach her how to THINK about herself, someone else will.

    2. You forgot the part where some newsman from Kazakhstan stuffed her in a sack and ran off into the parking lot

    3. I guess its a kind of a compassionate thing that when women hit the wall they pretend doesn’t exist anymore, they can continue their self-deceiving hypocrisy and preposterous self-delusions with a good dose of 4th wave feminism. Definitely got the thousand cock stare as well, which is probably about her number.

      1. “I guess its a kind of a compassionate thing that when women hit the wall they pretend doesn’t exist anymore, they can continue their self-deceiving hypocrisy and preposterous self-delusions with a good dose of 4th wave feminism”
        True. So true. Nothing is more vomit inducing as when some saggy titted grandma who forgot she’s not young nor pretty puts the make on a younger or far better looking man – complete with her varicose veins and liver spots showing.

  5. Going back a few years Lynda Carter has interviews now where she is mad at men looking at her famous Wonder Woman poster and she says she knows what those evil men were doing when they looked at the poster because they write and email it to her… Funny but I didn’t hear her complaint about the money she made as the last PC free Wonder Woman… Now it’s LGBTQRS Woman because it’s 2016… It’s time!

        1. Actually it is normal for a silly show, in which a woman in a scant costume, a tiara, boots and arm guards beats down crime and has super powers…
          I never understood the fascination with super-heroes, even if I like batman.

        2. Batman was different. Batman was like America’s Beowulf and Odysseus, all wrapped up in one impossible package.
          A lot of his character elements come from a much older character called “Spring Heeled Jack” who used to bounce around rooftops, use gadgets to fight crime, had a cape and a mask, had a secret layer with all his shit, etc.. Sound familiar?
          But when I was kid, hearing that Wagner-esque soundtrack and seeing that ashcan aesthetic, man, nothing was cooler.
          That fascination with the character never really leaves you all the way, even as a grown man.

        3. That cartoon on batman really did give me shivers when the music was played! Batman is the classic nobleman: keeper of the peace and killer of criminals invaders etc. For me he represented the natural elite of Europe, in an American version, and that was what probably draw him to me. Also he was a human who did great deeds and in the original conception he even killed his beyond repair enemies! He truly is the right’s superhero.

        4. Couldn’t agree more. That vibe Batman used to give in the animated show, like a natural nobility or something Nietzschean, but on a level that wasn’t divisive, and something we could grasp as kids.
          Stuff like that just wouldn’t get made these days.

    1. “the last PC free Wonder Woman”
      Impossible. The character was conceived by the most blue-pilled cuck you can imagine. He created this character explicitly as feminist propaganda, and has spoken about this on several occasions. He thinks women should rule the world.
      I was at a Dr.’s office getting a procedure and read about all of this shit, in some terrible article a feminist wrote, trying to explain the need for female heroes. And that this notion of a professional female warrior wasn’t absurd, because they actually existed.
      She used the ancient Amazonians, who she claimed existed and had kids with Scythian men, as a prime example of female warriors in antiquity.
      She rationalized that, because archeologists found some slightly larger-than-average bones of women in an excavation west of the Eurasian steppes, that the actual Greek-beta fantasy porn of the Amazons was a real warrior culture.
      This woman is considered a professional writer. The whole thing made me want to fucking throw up.

  6. The good news is it’s not that many more years until the Kardashian sluts are aged out. They are following basically the same model as Pam. Take lots of drugs and cock, pimp yourself out to the highest bidder, modify your body, make degenerate sextape, do anything for money. This is a good followup to the what-to-teach-your-daughter article. Point to a chick like Pam, and show how this is what they will turn into if they choose poorly.

    1. They will, but think how the Kardashians became famous: they sold all their life on social media then on tv and had a tremendous arse enlargement…
      Remind how many women can be found fulfilling these criteria?

    2. Kim The Black People Cum Dumpster Kardashian is now try to pull seemingly noble and altruistic fast ones by speaking out for acknowledgement of The Armenian Genocide. Maybe if she actually learned to pronounce her last name correctly (the -ian of most Armenian last names should be pronounced “-eeon”, not “-eein”, as most Westerners do) I might half-assed start to take her seriously!

      1. “I might half-assed start to take her seriously!”
        You should always consider a woman’s actions by what you know to be true when judging her worth. Also, consider her reputation and how she built it (or, more often, how it was built for her).
        The history you’re talking about is tragic and still divisive in some circles. The west is still clouded by ignorance on the Armenian genocide, and generally all geopolitical events. Most are more concerned with the pleasant distractions the west can provide.
        If they consider political matters at all, its rarely for anything worthwhile. But given her reputation, I would not accept her voice for my cause, no matter how much I believed in it. Unless it was absolutely critical.
        It my be a separate matter if her “support” (just more fucking words) were critical to a cause. But its for nothing other than salesmanship. Marketing the suffering of her ancestors, the same people she would disgrace, to add to her victimhood credentials.
        That’s how these people’s minds work. Victimhood is a currency in current year. I have no doubt that, if voicing her opinion were necessary and risk-averse, she would do it. But right now, its just worthless words, and words I wouldn’t accept if I were a self respecting Armenian.
        It’s my hope that this absolute fucking social cancer of a “family” just goes away, permanently.

        1. Well they will all inevitably age, and get fatter.
          Granted, when they get fatter, they’ll still have massive appeal to black men.

  7. Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
    She had charm, she had beauty, but time has taken them both. What a wise woman would have at his point in her life is a husband that cherishes her, not a gaggle of ex-lovers and fleeting fame as the hot whore of Hollywood. She has made her bed and now the she is bitter that she lacks power over men, so she becomes a crusader against the very thing she once was and wishes she could be again.
    If she really wanted men to resist porn she would be a crusader for better marriages. She would tell women to marry a good man when they are still young, treat him like a king, satisfy him sexually, follow his lead, stay faithful till death, forget the career and raise children instilling in them virtue and then enjoy a happy life when time has taken your charm and beauty, because you are not alone and miserable and your children and your children’s children call you blessed.
    It is a different plan then chasing independence, riding the carousel, attention whoring and finally settling down with cats.

    1. Yep. A wise woman builds her own house. When her beauty fades, she has a husband she has supported on the way up, children, a good reputation, and wealth.

      1. There’s been a huge cultural failing in both men and women in terms of understanding just how much energy, time, organization and commitment it requires to raise well balanced children. Not just the bare logistics, but also in creating quality family time and also appreciating how much young children can benefit from having a hands on mother.
        No one cares for children like their own mother and in reciprocate fashion the children especially when very young tend to be far calmer and easier to cope with when the mother is in the vicinity. Day care and kindergarten creates balling kids because they have to whine the loudest of 20+ brats to get any attention from the low paid nannies that are on hand in a 10 to 1 ratio. It’s an unnatural mixture. No women has 10 x 3 year olds to deal with at once except in day care. We are not mice that have litters of 5-10 and one becomes the runt. Hands off mothers create runts in all young children.
        It’s a vicious circle, mothers run off back to work, children are more difficult and attention seeking because they don’t get enough and mothers find them harder to deal with and rather be back in the office with the child in day care.
        It’s a huge cultural failing… they did a better job 1000 years ago.

        1. Not to mention the huge amount of underreported child abuse when handing your kid to some random strangers. Pedos are attracted to these kids of jobs.

        2. “It’s a huge cultural failing… they did a better job 1000 years ago”
          Ironic isn’t it? Yet so true.

    2. “If she really wanted men to resist porn she would be a crusader for better marriages. She would tell women to marry a good man when they are still young, treat him like a king, satisfy him sexually, follow his lead, stay faithful till death, forget the career and raise children instilling in them virtue and then enjoy a happy life when time has taken your charm and beauty, because you are not alone and miserable and your children and your children’s children call you blessed”
      ^^ THIS ^^
      This is typical case scenario of some shit-for-brains hosebag who whores her way through the Hollywood (Lucifer, Inc) machine —then after she has advanced in age far beyond her prime, contracted a few incurable STD’s, and looks like a train wreck, she conveniently decides porn is a bad thing. Pure hypocrisy. I gaurentee you all that if she woke up the next day with her youth and beauty restored, she’d forget about her little anti-smut crusade.
      Proof positive that a woman will give herself to God when the devil has no use for her.

      1. Wow…well put. Reminds me of Farrah Faucet when she was old and dying of cancer. She all the sudden was clinching a crucifix and talking about her faith in God. But she wasn’t singing that same tune when she was young and hot and whoring her way through hollywood doing every drug in sight.
        And now you’ve got social media that allows for the average looking non-famous female to show her face boobs and ass to the general public and receive applauds & compliments from pussybeggars around the entire state they live, amplifying their false confidence and allowing for them to always maintain an open door to hook up with any given pussybeggar the moment she decides her current “boyfriend” is getting a little too boring for her, or to use as a pacifier while she is in “dating limbo” and doesn’t care to have a boyfriend since she has beta shills throwing themselves at her daily through facebook, instagram, myspace,, POF, Tinder, etc.
        This will all come to a crashing end one day.

        1. Good observation about the “faucet” – I was just a pre-teen when the entire country was preening young boys to worship that signiture poster of her in a sitting in a bathing suit.
          And indeed you are correct how social media allows any half ugly to attention whore herself to the world.
          There has been theories on when it will come crashing down – the way I see it is that the grid will have to crash i.e. permanent collapse of the net, which will probably have to coincide with the crash of the dollar; a real major world reboot, which given the way things are going, I’d almost welcome.

  8. Pamela looked ratty 10 years ago. She must of had too much cosmetic surgery, especially around the nose. Probably too many drugs as well. Poor life style habits will age you badly.
    I lived in Japan during the 90’s. So, I largely missed out on Pamela’s influence, although I heard about her second-hand.

  9. As a European I can say that she was the male fantasy for a generation of men in the west, also the archives of her young self still influence highly male fantasies. Let her life be a warning to young women… and men.
    On an other note one needs to acknowledge traditional morality and how far we lost in the name of progress and science what was known as true for millennia. Today science starts to acknowledge the usefulness of that tradition and so the left promotes progress on its own merit based on feelings.
    Also, I need to point that Kitty Riot now is… a rap band! Literally Russia throws away it’s trash and we give them and make them gods, the current establishment has lost even its ability to faint restraint.
    That is the video on Trump, it is a song, proceed with caution you need to understand that many people really think that this will literally happen:

  10. This article is well-written and should be bookmarked for future reference in the long war against sexual liberation.

  11. Excellent point about lust and the need for female modesty. It used to be understood that it was men’s responsibility to drive out impure thoughts, and it was women’s responsibility not to put the thoughts there in the first place.

  12. I’ve never found her attractive but then I’ve always had a thing for Indian girls.

    1. Jeebus. You’re lucky if you find 1 out of 10 that are attractive. Go to India and it’s 1 in 100. Even the Indian and Paki guys admit this.

      1. Well I don’t know about you or most guys but I find blonde and ginger girls very repulsive. Indian girls are opposite of that.

    2. I never saw the big deal about Pamela either in the 90’s. I’m not a fan of too much make up.

  13. Its amazing how gals hit the wall; and then become protectors of the feminine young. Its like clock work.

    1. The wall can be largely avoided through avoiding alcohol and tobacco in youth and doing hard exercise (weights, yoga, HIT) and eating right. It’s just that very few women care enough to make the effort. I know a lot of you guys see any woman over 25 as a wizened crone, but I occasionally see women in their 40s who still look good, and all of them do the stuff I listed above.

      1. Bucky, I can testify that there are women in their 50’s who have kept in great shape by hard work and treating their bodies correctly. They’re NOT in the same class as a woman half their age, BUT I’m really not interested in a girl in her 20’s or even 30’s…I want maturity, and physical fitness.
        I consider myself one of the men in this category. The secret to keeping in shape? Pain. Pure and simple, pain. You must endure physical pain to fight the ravages of poor behavior and disease. My buddies can no longer hit from the long tees, they’ve all gone to the old man tees…I REFUSE.

  14. Excellent article. I didn’t read any of it, of course, I just looked at the pictures. But I estimate I was able to infer ~90% of the points being made this way. 😉

  15. Nice read, well done.
    You deserve an explanation regarding your question:
    “I’m puzzled by the cognitive dissonance of women who espouse healthy living”
    This is no cognitive dissonance at all.
    There are some women who go vegan because of mental issues. Like herd mentality or the need to be “special” – in the sense of “better than you”. These are young girls who dont know any better.
    Pam is not one of these. She turned to vegan later in life. When her star was in decline. Like a falling rock. She does this in the hopes to keep the party going for a little longer. Fits perfectly with make-up or plastic surgery – all tools to keep the wall at bay for a few more years.
    For me this is perfectly legit and was i a woman, sure as hell would do the same. HRT included, whatever it takes. There is nothing more cruel than beeing an old woman with pictures of the old days as a perfect 10.

  16. It’s funny how the vaunted beauties of Hollywood are surpassed in beauty by women I’ve met walking down the street or at college. Yes, Pam An WAS hot but I have met women (and once in a blue moon, # closed) women who induced a far bigger stirring in the loins than she did in her prime. Lusting for Hollywood celebs is what I did between the ages of 9-13. Real life experience tends to quickly put in perspective how un-hot many celebs (Mila Kunis and yes you too, Jennifer Lawrence) are.

  17. My problem with modern women is how fat so many of them are. 80% are fat/obese…slim pickings out there…..let alone relationship material.

  18. Another one bites the dust. I used to admire Pam’s camel toe – now she just looks like a camel.

  19. This is usually when the cray-cray stops being sexy…a certain pendulum swing in time as inconvenient truths bring tragedy to many previously “hot” women.
    It was fun while it lasted, then they caught that “Too-Late Syndrome” around 33-38, seen it several times…lots of scurrying about trying to negotiate their middle-aged reality. Some of them were my girlfriends. Some of them are family members. Men simply do the aging thing better, by and large. That’s no mystery. The majority of women these days seem very disturbed by their passages out of youth and easy good looks. Some of them are just being lazy, on all sorts of levels.

  20. she did not get hep C swallowing but because they used one needle making a tattoo together.
    Thre are new, very good drugs for hep C so she cured it last year.

  21. It’s an illness…”Beautiful Woman Syndrome:” The inability of a beautiful young woman to recognize her own beauty, and to squander it upon men and situations that only serve to destroy that inner beauty. The lack of self-realization of her worth as a beautiful individual with God-given physical beauty.
    I’ve lost count of the women I know who have suffered this illness, and I can count on one hand the number of beautiful women I know who recognized their beauty and inner strength, and did not abuse either. (This is my theory, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.)

  22. She was such a lovely female. Her Playboy pics were those of a perfect female form. She had such an enchanting smile, it’s amazing to me how radiant she looks in that Labatt’s ad.
    Why she ever became convinced to “enhance” those lovely breasts and get involved with the scumbags she did… that’s a damn shame.

    1. Yeah Finnish background. She grew up in a very nice wholesome community..probably had a good upbringing (except for the sexual assault incidents ). Interesting how these beauties (Heather Locklear etc.) got seduced by the LA rockstar lifestyles. Her relationships were back and forth, short, and intermittent tho. Moral of the story:
      Hotties love badboys, assholes, drama, and mayhem (Tommys tattoo). She was just a simple rock n roll girl at heart..torn between alpha fux (rockstars) and beta bux (hollywood fame and fortune).

      1. Goes to show that she prolly did not have such a good background, which made her susceptible to the scumbag lifestyle.

        1. No i live near her old highschool. She was just a typical party girl only hotter than most. Think of her like a very hot stripper or top rated webcam chick of today. We are not talking Mother Teresa values or Enstein brains here lol. Thats the problem in itself isnt it..the stripper bod vs. the stripper brain. No need to get those Cpt Saveaho feelings happening..theyre hardly victims. She chose her path too.

  23. I wonder how many of todays porn stars will regret their past indiscretions when they hit the wall

  24. Come on, I agree that PA when young was the prototype of universal beauty but does that not beg a further question ? Why is this so ? Why do Indian, Black and other minority men not fantasise about their own women ?
    Could this be self racism, a topic virtually banned by Roosh on his forums. Is Roosh himself a self racist ?Making him as bad and as PC as those he depises.

  25. This whole article is based on one quote about how she was part of the porn proble, and the authors interpreting this to mean she was a rare female taking responsibility. The problem is the author misinterpreted it. What Anderson meant is she was the poor unwitting pawn of men who forced her to be part of the problem. She wasn’t taking any responsibility for her actions, she was just unclear about how she was blaming others. The only evidence for this you need is the coincidental appearance of her “morality” against porn exactly at the same time as she has lost all sexual appeal. Be suspicious of the criminal who cries tears of guilt only after being brought to trial.

        1. “She was probably being used by her handlers”–you. If she was being used by her handlers then whatever stupidity she was pushing was not her fault, hence you are deflecting her personal responsibility.

        2. I never said she didn’t have a personal responsibility to her actions. YOU said I said that. LOL. She was manipulated. And she went with it. And here she was manipulated again—- and she went with it.

  26. The (((Tommy Lee’s))) of Hollywood slavered over the idea of corrupting an innocent white female. Now multiply this by the thousands and you’ll realize why modern ‘art’ will be forgotten quicker than a Motley Crue song.

  27. And she brought Julian Assange a sammich the night he was grabbed at the ecuadorian embassy(he hasnt been seen in over a month). He got honey potted a second time the poor bastard.

  28. I’m sure many of us remember the shenanigans of Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn after they tried to atone for their past indiscretions by blaming them on any and all external forces other than themselves instead of giving actual mea culpas. Absolutely fucking pathetic.

  29. She actually doesn’t look that bad in the last photo, given the amount of work she had. If she walked past me on the street, I wouldn’t recognize the blow-up blonde that made me cringe.

  30. I think its interesting and no mistake that she was featured with a Rabbi on the topic of *pornography*, and *flogging* herself about her past. BC where does pornography originally come from? I’m also pretty sure Tommy Lee got as much of and from her as he could and then simply moved on to others who’d do the same for him.

  31. This article – and the comments! – epitomizes why I keep coming back to RoK! Good stuff.

  32. Still pretty and cute.
    Porn has had an effect. Not exclusively detrimental I would argue. We wont know the extent of it till much later. There will be some push back from a lot of different spheres.
    Fuck your pretentious writing style.

  33. “No, sorry Pam, no stirring in my loins whatsoever. Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Your sexual power is gone. How’s your cooking?”
    Oh yes, Pam, my toilet needs cleaning.

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