12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be Losers

The 21st century leftists have proven themselves to be utterly ignorant and incapable time and time again. And I believe there are specific reasons for this that has to do with their very core nature. The following demonstrates all the loser characteristics embedded in their psyches that draws the leftists to their equalist beliefs. And because they compensate their own shortcomings with their ideology rather improving themselves, it ultimately leads to a cycle of loserdom which they cannot escape from.

For the sake of simplicity, I will group liberals, progressives, SJW’s, feminists, degenerates, and all the rest under the title of ‘leftist’.

1. They don’t take care of themselves

“I think I’m beautiful, therefore I am.”

The leftists are such losers that they do very little to take care of themselves. As well as being short-term thinking hedonists, they don’t want to put any effort in life, so you’ll often see them eat unhealthy food and shun working out. This is why the leftist females tend to look like painted hogs while the men are usually low-T twigs. You’ll also see them do little to dress properly or maintain their looks other than to exaggerate their own ugliness for attention and shock effect.

2. They have zero accountability

Leftists never take responsibility for their own lives. This is why they must constantly blame others for their problems, cry for resources and sympathy, and expect everyone else to respect them when they deserve none. It’s no surprise that many of these individuals tend to be in favor of nanny-governments.

3. They feel entitled

For every inch you give them, they’ll ask for another mile.

Because they have no accountability, because they’ve been coddled all their lives, and because they view themselves as victims who need to be compensated for, the leftists have the most deranged and shameless sense of entitlement. They seem to think that the world owes them everything, which is why they have such arrogant and hostile attitude towards everyone else. The whole concept of working to earn something for yourself is lost to them.

4. They think weakness and victimhood is a virtue

Instead of trying to be better and stronger, leftists prefer to rationalize their pitiful existence and turn their status as the “oppressed” into a source of pride. Because being a victim is such a coveted status, they don’t seem to want to move on from their real or perceived victimhood by trying to improve themselves. This is why the leftists always behave like perpetual infants.

5. They rely on government and billionaires

Brought to you by Soros and co.

As much as they claim to be against the elites and the established order, the leftists are the most reliant on those on top for their livelihood. Like the sucklings with no agency they are, the leftists depend on everyone else to take care of all their needs. This is also why they are so easy to manipulate into serving as the pawns of the elites.

Do you really think feminism and BLM would be able to continue on as they do without the “Patriarchal” and “racist” system tolerating and openly supporting their movements?

6. They think destiny is on their side

The leftists will always lose because they are arrogant enough to think that the spirit of times is on their side. With their smug faces, they’ll tell you that it’s time for women to rule because it’s the “current year.” They truly believe that we’re all on a one-directional path towards some rainbow utopia where everyone lives in total peace and harmony. And they do so all the while berating everyone else they disagree as Neanderthals who are not getting on with the times.

Their flawed logic is as follows: A) Anything that challenges the status quo is progress, B) Progress is good for humanity, C) Challenging the status quo is therefore good. This is why they always target and assault the traditional order, ignoring the fact that it was exactly those time-tested values that enabled them the prosperity they take for granted.

7. They hate everything decent

The leftists are inferior in many ways—and they know it. And for that reason, they need to spew hatred for anyone who is better than they are and pretend that they’re not interested in having the qualities they envy in secret.

The leftists hate healthy body, family, beauty, masculinity, honor, life, and more. If they see a strong and masculine white man, they’ll feel threatened as they see him as an “oppressor.” If they see a beautiful, traditional woman, they’ll spit venom as they see her as a traitor who is conforming to “Patriarchal” standards. Instead of trying to be decent themselves, they prefer to promote degeneracy while destroying all standards so that everyone can be equal losers rather than just themselves.

8. They are hypersensitive

Leftists cannot escape their loserdom because they refuse to grow strong by facing challenges. Instead, these pampered children choose to shield their fragile feelings, only to dig themselves into a deeper hole. The more they guard their emotions, the more sensitive they become, and the more they demand others to meet their “need” for safety. This is why you see these spoiled brats clinging onto their infantile safe spaces, trigger warnings, and so on.

9. They have a fixed mindset

Because the leftists have a fixed mindset where they believe nothing can be changed through one’s own effort, they expect everyone else to revolve around them. In their world, whites will always be privileged while blacks are oppressed due to slavery from generations ago. Rich will always be rich and poor will always be poor because the system is designed to be oppressive. Men will always be rapists and women will always be victims because of “Patriarchy.” Individual initiative doesn’t exist to them, only the collective identity.

10. They are guilt-ridden

The ugly truth the leftists will never admit is that they secretly hate themselves. The somewhat normal ones have been conditioned to feel guilty about being white or masculine while the deviant ones—even as they pretend to be proud of their aberrant identities—feel guilty about their subnormal nature. This explains why suicide rate among the trans-whatevers is far above the normal population. Back home in Sodom, I had a gay friend who revealed to me that the majority of the homosexuals in the city were severely depressed and consumed excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol to sedate themselves.

The guilt is also why you see white people hating their own race to virtue signal, along with the male-feminist turds who bash other men like it’s going to get them laid. In a way, they have to direct all that negative energy onto others so that they’ll stop hurting themselves.

11. They have no self-respect

Jonestown or SJW’s protesting? Who cares, they’re both equally crazy.

The leftists have no respect for themselves as they are incapable of generating it within themselves. This explains why they constantly seek external approval by demanding that everyone else accept them just for being “oppressed” and praise them for promulgating ideas about equality. When you have no accomplishments and nothing of value to be proud of, the next best thing is to have politically correct opinions that you’ve been taught to have which requires no effort at all.

12. They are deconstructive

The leftists are usually unable to create anything worthwhile on their own, which is why they try to deconstruct what they don’t like without offering any real alternative. And because of their destructive nature, they would rather shut down others from speaking than have a dialogue, they’ll criticize those who makes things happen rather than do things on their own, and so on. They like to go against all that is sacred and tear things down for the sake of “progress” and ceaselessly challenge the norms without any tangible end goal in mind.


The leftists are their own worst enemies and the only way they ever win is when the opposition slips or fails to put up a fight. That said, I would like to leave a word of warning to all the readers here: Just because Brexit happened and Trump was elected, it doesn’t mean the leftists will concede defeat and magically disappear from the society. They’ll cry even louder and try to be more disruptive than ever before. Eight years of Reagan and eight years of Bush didn’t do away with these freaks, it only set the stage for them to return with greater fanaticism. They’re already protesting en masse across the country, so don’t let your guard down—the real fight hasn’t even begun yet.

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  1. Number 4 is the main point. The entire liberal platform is nothing but various forms of victimhood wrapped in different shiny packages. They will always be losers because that is quite literally the essence of modern liberalism.

      1. This has to be the single most absurd thing I have ever read on about 300 different levels.

      2. Well shit, now I wish I had attended the meetup. I would bet $10,000 that I could take every one of those women in a fight at the same time.

        1. Absolutely could take them. No doubt at all. The problem is this is their idea of a fair fight: You stand there while they beat you and yell girl power and if you so much as try to block let alone hit back you instantly go to jail where you are frequently gang raped.

        2. My old man told me when I got my first car that not even Mario Andretti can out race a two way radio

        3. That’s a lie. Once out of sight the pursuit is over. Those who get caught; like most criminals, were simply to stupid to quit while they were ahead.

        4. I don’t think it was so much of a lie as a general warning that a cop can call another cop up ahead of you on a two way radio while you are getting away. I would suggest to most people that trying to evade the police is probably the dumbest thing you could do.

        5. But dude, you know how to fight. You can easily defend yourself if you end up in prison.

        6. hahaha no way jose. I have a long standing deal with myself that if I am ever heading to prison, whether for something I did or something I got railroaded and convicted despite being innocent, I am checking out.

        7. well, loads of reasons. For instance: mustache. But also, Bo knew:
          to keep his foot hard on the pedal, son, never mind them brakes
          Let it all hang out ’cause he’s got a run to make
          and the boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there’s beer in Texarkana
          And he’ll bring it back no matter what it takes.

        8. This is why I keep telling people that I’m not afraid of women, but I am afraid of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the US Marshall Service, the US Secret Service, the USDA, the Commerce Dept, the Labor Dept, the Forest Service, the Dept of Fish & Game, the US Geological Survey, the state police, the local police, and the local dog catcher. I can’t take all of them on all at once all by my self.

        9. I love that you added Dept of Fish & Game. This is the difference between a sharp and correct comment and pure gold.

        10. I once was in an all girl boxing class. They complained to management I hit too hard. It was a non contact class.

        11. I agree, running is dumb and dangerous, but in my younger days I was quite good at it. I will admit you have to make sure circumstances and terrain are in your favor, but radio or no, outrunning a cop from the initial start of a pursuit is actually ridiculously easy. Most who get caught simply lack foresight, planning and a wherewithal to know that once the visual is lost is when you slow the f#ck down and get off the road you were last seen on, or ditch the car.

        12. I will give you that it is a different ball game when you are a younger buck. I am a pretty inside the law guy for the most part. The few brushes I did have with the 5-0 I put my hands in the air, went to booking and let the lawyers work it out.

    1. Serendipity: I was just thinking about how they were losers, and I came up with mostly the same reasoning.
      I chanced upon an article explaining why feminist snowplowing in Stockholm wasn’t really feminist, because it failed catastrophically. Those who own every victory and refuse to acknowledge any defeat are losers by choice, for they will never learn from their mistakes.
      Furthermore, how is it that they can be so narcissistic as to believe their feelings and their whining should rule the world, and yet they will do not one thing to improve their own lives? Fat (or noodly), ugly, poorly-dressed, skill-less losers with faggot hair and a suicidally self-denigrating personality expect that they have the ability to make the world better with no demonstrated ability to improve anything.

      1. Exactly. These people are worthless. Being told that I should tolerate them is as maddening as being told not to pick on the losers in school because “how would you like it if somebody did that to you?” and “You’re hurting their feelings”.
        Well you know what? I wouldn’t like it if people picked on me, but I’d shape up and do something about it to change my scenario- develop social skills, learn a martial art, join a sporting group or club. I wouldn’t cry like a bitch and demand that everybody else change because of my precious feelings.
        Fuck these people, fuck their feelings and fuck all the faggots who expect me to behave as if the existence of these retards or the promotion of their ideas is okay.

  2. This is a great article. Not only accurate but also funny “I think I’m beautiful, therefore I am” might be the funniest line I’ve read on ROK in a long time.
    Really excellent stuff and every point rings true.
    I have been thinking, however, and I am starting to think that leftism or SJWism and it’s ilk is not necessarily what causes these problems but rather any extremism.
    I am about as far from a feminist and sjw as is humanely possible but I think this exact same article could be written about th alt-right and be just as accurate. The fringe lunatic groups on either side of a debate are always like this. I imagine that they will cancel each other out and let me sane and sober minds prevail

    1. Eh, maybe, maybe not. Some extremism is very damaging. Some is not. Taking “the middle path” is literally (Hitler) what got us where we are today culturally and politically. The smart cookies in any movement cloak their objectives under a veneer of “middle of the road” and “just common sense reform” etc.

      1. Agreed. Maybe I phrased wrong. There is a clean difference between men of conviction and the lunatic fringe. By middle of the road I simply meant people who are not apt to total absurdity. In this absurd category I put the trigglypoofs of the left but I don’t see a distinction between the absolute idiots on the left and the absolute idiots on the right. Just because the idiots on the right probably check more boxes I would agree with doesn’t make them any less insane or stupid. For what it is worth, much of what I have seen of alt-right and the stormcucks (not saying these two are the same, just listing two groups) they present no difference than BLM, Feminists or the full blown nutcase liberals.

        1. In regards to the idiots of three alt-right and the idiots of the left being the same, reminds me of the horseshoe effect.

      2. by the way, I am seeing literally (hitler) all over the web at this point. I am still going on record saying that you and I started this trend. No one will believe us, but it is true. It is like when I try to tell people I invented the term “tramp stamp” for lower back tattoos which is absolutely true….no one buys it though.

      3. I concur. Always opting for the middle ground is in itself an extremist approach. A mental enslavement to a one size fits all model different in form but still imperfect as it may not address the problems unique to a particular situation.

      1. Well, I think I would like to back peddle that comment but only slightly. Alt- Right is notoriously hard to define and itself has become a big tent so I do not want to put everyone in the same position. I am speaking specifically of the fringe aspects which have forced their way to the mainstream. In Roosh’s words:
        “The 1488 mob of the alt right, consisting of white purity enthusiasts who assemble on Twitter and 4Chan, has gone from being a fringe portion of the alt right to the dominant, most numerous, and most vocal force that examines the blood purity of alt right members and that of their girlfriends and associates (I’ve even seen members demand genetic test results to prove percentage of whiteness). Starting in December of 2015, this mob began attempting to purge moderates from the alt right who dared to follow non-white people on Twitter, or who took a vacation to an Asian country to flirt with non-white women. They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women.”
        And in fact all of the people he takes to task in this article:

        The Alt Right Is Worse Than Feminism In Attempting To Control Male Sexual Behavior

        That is specifically what I was talking about when I said “alt-right” and not the larger blanket of which has some people showing some very good ideas I think.

        1. My knowledge of alt-right comes totally from ROK articles. It is the type that are described in the roosh article I linked to that I feel are just as dangerous as SJWs and ultra libs. I have nothing against nationalism and think that globalism, as it is worked out now, is just dangerous. But when nationalism is taken to the extreme, when Trump is being held as a messianic figure, when (and this is a big one for me) collectivism in the form of cultural, racial or regional pride replaces individualism and pride in the self that we get ourselves in a very, very bad situation. In the section of the big tent where alt-right is like that I think they are just as bad as trigglypoof

        2. It’s an interesting group, because there are no leaders and no common manifesto.
          Setting aside the Daily Stormer types and the losers latching on to the movement post-Trump, the basic tenets could be summarized as:
          – Racial/Cultural nationalism – Britain for the Brit, Korea for the Korean, Israel for the Jew, Africa for the African, etc.
          – Western Cultural Supremacy – upholding the traditions of Western Civilization as unique and good, and asserting that it is the proper culture for Western countries to employ
          – Race Realism – refusing to hide from the statistics we see regarding IQ, crime, etc. (too often taken too far in the other direction)
          – Winning – put aside the failed tactics of the Conservative “movement” and embrace memes, distributed media platforms for raw information, refusing to bow to the enemy frame, etc.
          There are, of course, exceptions, but these are the rules as I observe them.

        3. They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women.”
          ^^^ Joke of the century !

          I love ROK but Roosh’s outright fabrications sometimes crack me up!!

        4. I agree but the point is whether that is what falls under the umbrella of alt-rigt or simply neo-nazism. Or is it a sugarcoating term to avoid calling a spade a spade?

        5. Neo-Nazi is an extreme branch of Alt-Right, despite being its historic origin point (Spencer invented the name). Realistically, there are at most a few thousand of these in the world today. However, one of the key mindsets of the Alt-Right is the strength of frame to be okay with being falsely labeled a racist, Nazi, etc.
          Vox Day’s 16 Points have been translated into over a dozen languages, and these seem to effectively encompass the Alt-Right. https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/08/what-alt-right-is.html
          Day’s description of the three key factions in the Alt-Right (Alt-White, Alt-West, and Alt-Lite) are equally excellent analyses from a self-proclaimed member of the Alt-Right. https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/09/of-alt-west-and-alt-white.html
          Related: Vox Day advocates a no-denounce policy with regards to our political and philosophical allies. I tend to agree – if we denounce those who disagree in little ways, we will be like the Conservatives and without allies. Thus, while it makes sense to internally question everyone, outwardly we must appear a united front to our enemies.

        6. Fair enough. I don’t have the expertise to do all the taxonomy. Alt-Right is young and as a young thing it is complicated and as yet undefined. I think that its origins have a lot of potential. I don’t find much usefulness in the stuff I have been reading which associates itself with Alt-Right, but my scope is fairly limited.

        7. I get that, and can set the stormcucks and the like aside for a serious discussion which is what this seems to me.
          Point by point here are some of my thoughts on this.
          On Racial and Cultural nationalism. That is good. Britain for brit, korea for Korean. But there is a little bit of an issue with the US on this. We don’t have a blood tie. So who is America for. I am a 5th generation American of mostly Italian heritage. So does that make me an American? Depends on who you ask. Not if you ask the old money wasps. I have mentioned the girl I dated who was a DAR girl who called me a gateway minority. When I went to these parties there were people who looked at me, pale as humanly possible, sandy brown blonde hair and blue eyes, like I was the help. Well my family is also catholic? Do catholics make the cut? How about a second generation german Lutheran compared to a 4th generation black Baptist? Since we have to blood ties it is hard to say. I know what makes a Korean belong in korea. He traces his lineage back to korea. I know what makes a Frenchman belong in france and a somali in Somalia. I see myself as thoroughly American. I am sure someone like, say, GOJ does too. However, we have absolutely no blood commonality, not national commonality other than the US….something we share with loads of Mexicans, loads of Frenchmen, Italians, Koreans, etc. etc. etc. So on the front of racial/cultural nationalism I think it is, at the very least, problematic as we are a mixed culture by definition unless you want to use the mayflower old money types definition in which case all the irish and Italians are just light skinned niggers.
          Western Culture Supremacy also has an issue. Culture, by definition, is fluid. It changes generation to generation. What western culture is now is different than what it was 75 years ago and is different than what it will be in 75 years. I have no problem with westerners feeling their culture is the best. Hell, even regionally I don’t mind this. I can’t understand how anyone who hasn’t retired lives outside of NYC and I honestly and truly believe NYS is the best state in the US. If we want to claim western cultural supremacy that is fine, but we have to understand that western culture will evolve over time. What we cannot do with any rational mind is say that western culture in 1945 was best and we want to return to that and have it remain static forever. That is just inane. So here is the thing. Everyone I ever see espousing western culture supremacy is always talking about what we need to change. Isn’t that odd? To say that western culture is superior and use that as an argument that we ought to change western culture? What I see is a lot of people who are getting left behind by a faster and faster moving western culture who want it to return to an idealized state in the past.
          Race realism is a tricky thing. The stats are there and they are pretty indisputable. Some people will argue that systematic povery (whether from racism like the libs say or from the welfare state like the conservatives (I believe rightly) say) contributes to that. It’s like the wage gap. There needs to be apples to apples comparisons. Are the black people I knew back in college who wound up becoming very successful due to their hard work and intelligence simply anomalies or is it the case that since they were given a financial head start and a couple of generations of increasingly well educated family they were able to unlock more potential. Honestly, I don’t know. Further, I don’t think anyone knows. I think there are logical and intelligent arguments on both sides but until people are willing to put passion aside and consider things from all perspectives a real answer is impossible. Because it is a sensitive issue that seems impossible. It seems impossible to me that blacks can sit down and truly question whether they are genetically inferior just as it seems impossible for whites to sit down and seriously question if the disproportionate amount of crime and low IQ found in the black community is something that is being enabled by a welfare state. There are questions have answers. If we could answer the questions we may be able to solve the problems but too many people, on both sides, have their fragile egos tied up in this question for us to ever make any progress.
          The embracing of the new forms of distributing information is also a two edged sword. I think it is great and necessary that new technologies and epistemological realities be subsumed into these movements and I think it is here that alt-right has really shined. The problem is, in the end the meme culture and tweet culture needs to be understood in context. It is like advertising. It is quick and memorable but in the end doesn’t actually bring across a lot of meaning. It needs to be backed up by larger and more substantive bits of information.
          I understand that a lot of alt-right is a reaction to a failed conservative platform in the republican party and that is a good thing. We need a strong conservative core which is intelligent and honest. I just feel that, as Roosh points out in the article I mention above, the nationism wound up getting hijacked by the weakest and most pathetic underachievers in American history—the neo-Nazi, stormwuss types. In the meantime, I will wait to find out if I am still considered an American based on the fact my great grangfather was brought to the US from northern Italy when he was just a baby and his father emigrated. If I am going to be deported I would prefer to be flown into Florence. It isn’t my final destination but I really liked it there so I figure I would visit.

        8. So far, the only calls for deportation I’ve heard are against illegal immigrants (who have no claim to citizenship, and some argue should never get a claim based on their original illegal entry) and Muslims (kind of a Reconquista thing).
          We acknowledge that America, in particular, is a weird case – it was originally a British nation with a German state (Pennsylvania) that absorbed French and Spanish territories, came with blacks and various European immigrants/slaves, and has undergone waves of migrations from all over the world. But as a rule we uphold that the foundational theories of the nation (found in the Federalist Papers, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc) and the philosophical tradition of England in particular (which incorporated Greek philosophy during the Renaissance, Christian moral codes during the Middle Ages, and a particular fixation on self-determination during the reign of Prince John) should be held as the universal constants in American culture. More generally, we uphold that each nation should retain its own unique culture insofar as it is practical for that people (e.g. the odds of Russia returning to a czar are currently slim because the people aren’t interested yet, but a return to the Russian Orthodox Church as a national church is not wrong).
          If you think a country’s culture is fundamentally wrong (as the BLM, La Raza, etc. tend to), we encourage you to go to your people instead of trying to change everyone else. Diversity + Proximity = War (that is, when two cultures attempt to occupy the same space, they will clash).
          In compliance with freedom of association (and the implied freedom of disassociation), we also uphold the right of individual nations to restrict their immigration as they choose. Israel only allows ethnic Jews to be citizens, and Japan refuses Muslims citizenship; these are both acceptable.
          The Alt-Right arose from reaction to both the SJW left and the pussy-chickenhawk right, but like GamerGate it is currently more a collection of my enemy’s enemies than a firmly established ideological collective.

        9. I do see that alt-right rose from reaction to skw and pussy chicken hawk right and I think that is the reason I find it pretty absurd. I think the best thing that can come out of it is to be a right side foil to the absurd left and cancel one another out.
          The questions about restriction of immigration is a tricky one as you well know and point out here. Lets start with some sensible things. If you have committed and have been convicted of a crime that is a felony in the US you are out. But ethnic restrictions are tough as are religious ones. We have a fundamental right to worship as we chose here. I always feel that people who call America a Christian country are mistaken. Yes, it is a nation based on christian morals, but to deny that the founders were critical of organized religion is a mistake. Not to say they were antithetical to religion or hostile to religion which they weren’t, but they were definitely critical and skeptical. That said, how do we enact sensible restrictions to immigration after we ban people who are criminals. That is a very slippery slope. Where do we draw the line? Only ethnic Europeans should be allowed here? The United States, afaik, is unlike any other country in that rather than being held together by blood it is held together by ideology (at least that is the idea, it is now actually held together by money…more specifically credit). We have no official national language, no direct blood ties to one another and incredibly varied cultures. The culture in Santa Barbara is totally foreign to me in NYC and my culture in NYC is totally foreign to someone in North Dakota. What connects us? Fireworks on the 4th of july? Turkey on thanksgiving? I am not saying it is a bad idea to be more thoughtful about who gets let in, but that doing it in the right way is important and doing it as a knee jerk reaction to the fear that a lot of americans feel about immigrants is simply bad. Rashly acting out of fear is ALWAYS a mistake.
          There are a lot of issues that would take the wisdom of Solomon to correctly parse and we have leaders with the wisdom of Kim Kardashian trying to answer them while a largely ignorant American populous is going full emotional melt down screaming.

        10. It is entirely possible that a South Africa-style problem could arise, where European descendants are now persecuted in the country of their grandparents. That is, to my thinking, the wrong way to go.
          But we do have a huge problem in the US given the totally different cultures present even within states. I grew up in Texas, but I feel like a foreigner whenever I go into Austin or certain parts of San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. In the latter cases it’s because those parts are basically mini ethno-states run by cartels or gangs, and in the former it’s because they’re SJWs of the most obnoxious sort.
          As a shitposter, myself, I know for a fact that most of the American Alt-Right is deliberately overshooting their desires in order to push the overton window. I do expect that the desire to expatriate invaders (those who seek to replace America as founded with Mexico, or Saudi Arabia, or even Russia) will remain, but so many are fine with those who do not share European blood but embrace our cultural ideals (note the comparative lack of negativity toward the likes of Ben Carson, Dinesh D’Souza, and Tom Sowell). Religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, which are not invasive or disruptive in the same way is Islam or Judaism (based on my readings of the Talmud), are perfectly fine so long as they externally adhere to the same moral or philosophical codes as their fellow citizens.
          I see the various factions as like the Spartans and the Athenians. Sparta and Athens were so very different, but when the Persians came they stood together; when the Persians were gone, they went back to fighting one another. I don’t believe in forcing whites to breed amongst themselves to preserve the race, or in forcing all non-Whites out of the country, but at the moment those who do uphold those ideas are fighting the SJWs. They’re less a threat to us (neomasculinity-advocates, red pill philosophers, Christians, white skinned people, etc) than our enemies, so for now I can count them allies.

        11. I really don’t see a lot of what you are saying as anything other than true. That said, I will say that there is Islam and there is Islam. Yes, islam is directly violent towards non islamics. But observance is key here. Catholicism and Christianity in general is antithetical to sexuality and specifically sexuality for pure enjoyment outside the bonds of matrimony. I couldn’t even imagine how many little gold crosses I covered in jizz but I didn’t marry any of those bitches. I have a Pakistani girl in my office who is super hard working, a real good egg and would sell the prophet to a hang of prison rapists for a Louis Vuitton bag. I think the problem is religious extremism regardless of religion…a problem that the founders were also worried about. As for Judaism, the Talmud is neither canon nor does it speak with a single voice. The Talmud is a series of rabbis interpretations over the course of many, many years. Cherry picking shit from the Talmud and using it to promote an anti-semetic message is what idiots have been doing for a very, very long time. The Talmud is essentially a message board based on an article in a low tech world. The article being the old testament. To pick bits and pieces of what some medieval rabbi had to say is like saying “lolknee’s comment on one article on ROK is indicative of the beliefs to the writers and commenters of ROK on the whole” There is a back and forth of biblical exegesis and interpretation.
          I agree with you that the fanatical muslims and jews pose a problem. I would say that banning religious observance would be a better step than banning jews and muslims but is constitutionally not feasible. I would have no problem at all with a total ban on religious observance but we can’t do that. So the question is, how to we sort out the fanatics from the normal people trying to make a life for themselves. Well, I suppose one way you can tell is by integration. If someone comes here from some war torn shithole, immediately works his ass off to speak the language, dress the way people dress, observe national holidays and leave their goat fucking in their former country then that is great. That is what my family did. My grandfather told me that his grandfather was a very quiet man mostly because he was ashamed of his accent and my great grandfather nor any subsequent generation learned any Italian. The food has an Italian flare and they remained catholic but the language died with them.
          The problem with this is that it is after the fact. How can we tell who is who on the way in?

        12. Herein is the biggest problem. My ancestors came here speaking what is now a dead language, and by my great-grandparent’s generation they were German speakers (central Texas spoke German until the world wars). Now all we have to mark us unique is our dwindling knowledge of our American ancestors and our amazing barbecue recipes.
          One could theoretically tell we would integrate, because our entire people came over on a couple of boats we pooled our resources to afford back before there was any monetary benefit to being American other than the potential for good work. But it’s tricky to tell us apart from, say, a Mexican family who does the same thing. Honestly, some of the most racist Latinos I ever met are second-generation Americans whose own parents are embarrassed of them, so there are really no guarantees.
          It’s a right mess we’re dealing with, and it’s a mess we got ourselves into. If we were like the Japanese, who opposed the Western invasions from the get-go and still sort of look down on Christianity (though the Christian Japanese are ethnically and culturally still very Japanese), it would be easy to simply exclude everyone who isn’t us. But we’re predicated on freedoms including freedom of religion, and some religions have practices and cultures antithetical to the dominant culture (e.g. Aztec child sacrifice would not go well in Georgia).
          There are things we could do that are not inconsistent. We have a right to control immigration however we see fit, as a nation. We have a right to shut down and prosecute any organizations (even religious) which affiliate with and/or give aid to enemies of the state, felons, or terrorists. And, more individually, localities and states have a right to choose their associations (set a state official language, set a state religion or excluded religion, demand citizenship lessons for all who move to a region, etc.).
          If all the Alt-Right accomplishes is opening discussion on such things, that is sufficient. If an effective and conscionable policy emerges from those discussions, icing on the cake. And, if oppression arises under an Alt-Right leadership, I believe the pendulum will swing the other way.

        13. I am not particularly worried about oppression arising. And you are right, the discourse is a good thing. What worries me is the same thing that worried the late Justice Antonin Scalia about cameras in the supreme court. Morons. Morons everywhere. Morons will latch onto this discussion and come in blazing, goose stepping morons ready to burn books and art, and start killing. Scalia knew that morons would look at the one or two bits of camera footage that they could latch on to to love or hate and go totally bat shit with no understanding, context, sense of fucking brains and he was absolutely correct.
          The discourse that good meaning, intelligent and conservative people tired of the chickenshit right brought and bring up in the alt right is being coopted, as far as I can tell, by white nationalist (aka idiots). This lunatic fringe is coloring the whole discourse which is unfortunate because the sane and sensible and intelligent stuff is getting drowned out by morons. In the end, this is what will castrate the alt-right.
          As for a right to control immigration, I agree with you. Just pointing out that it is way more difficult than “ban those muzzies!” but “ban those muzzies!” plays well so that is the level of discourse we are going with.
          The rights and freedoms that we are granted through the constitution are, essentially, the only thing that make you and me countrymen rather than two strangers from two very different parts of the country with two totally distinct and different ethnic heritages…those rights are what make us both Americans which is why infringing upon them is a direct attack on the very condition on which we have a national identity. And therein lies the problem. The thing that is absolutely necessary for us to have a national identity is the very thing that threatens to destroy that national identity.
          This poses questions and problems for which I do not have answers or solutions. What I do know is that the mental midgets who flood this site from time to time from god knows where are not the people we want coming up with those answers or solutions.

        14. He always paints the alt right as some sort of neo nazi skinhead society.
          When really its about all the different Black, white, brown ethnicities of the world reclaiming sovereignty over their nations and culture from the tyrannical grip of globalism. Embracing traditional values pursuing a right to self determination and rejecting the envisioned multicultural grey world that ironical destroys unique culture and racial groups.
          This terrifies the Zionist Jew who would not be able to fulfil Talmud prophecy and use the world and the goyim that inhabit it as its own personal brothel.

      2. When someone uses that word, I ask them what they mean. Actually I do that a lot, as people have a huge tendency to misuse words and therefore I don’t understand what they are actually trying to say.

        1. Its really for every racial group/ethnicity/nation to be “aware” and not be controlled and corrupted by an insidious outgroup.

  3. Actually, Liberal is the wrong word for these regressives. True Liberalism is of the J.S Mills variant, free-markets, individual liberties(free speech) and limited government. These so called liberals and regressives are actually just socialists at best and communists at worst.

    1. I identify with the progressives from 1910. The ones who agitated for all the advances that we take for granted now — clean food production, ingredients on labels, clean water, clean air, forty-hour work week, government pension, etc.
      Here in 2016, these weird creatures calling themselves “progressives” need to find a new name.

      1. Yeah, everybody hated clean air, clean food and clean water prior to the Fabian Socialists arriving on the scene.

        1. say what you want about food and air but I will be damned if I allow for clean water!

        2. Well big business didn’t care about clean food; Upton Sinclair’s _The Jungle_ exposed conditions in the meatpacking industry, which led to the Food and Drug Act, the Poison Squad, etc.

      2. You mean the ones that gave us the federal reserve, women’s suffrage, and prohibition? Sounds gravy.

        1. You mean the kind of eugenics pushed by Feminist Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood? Where she preferentially placed the early abortion clinics in Black neighborhoods so they could prevent the lower races from reproducing.

        2. yep, yet another infamous “progressive” that has had their history conveniently white washed – ha – to make the early 20th century progressives appear not as regressive by modern standards.

      3. Agreed. With some of the great Progressive politicians like William Jennings Bryan you could tell that they actually cared about working families. Modern politicians see them as a dependant caste that exists to churn out votes.

        1. Mad or not, he’s accurate. They’re also the predecessors of the modern SJW’s, by a clear line easily traced back. Further, they are the first interventionists for the sake of interventionism. They were literally the pro-war group of the time. All about killing and “guiding” other nations towards their utopia. And by branching out into anarcho-socialism, they are also the forefathers of fascism and national socialism, not to mention eugenics, of which many are on record as being so hot and bothered over.

    2. That’s correct, the progressivies/socialists co-opted the word after people got tired of them literally (Hitler) throwing bombs into the public square. They needed a new identity to hide behind, so they took the label from what we’d now call classical liberalism/libertarianism.

        1. Haha! Funny thing, it is in league with liberal sentiments to both love and hate the same thing. Did you hear about the time CNN broadcasted 30 minutes of transsexual porn? Neither did CNN but several viewers did see it.
          EDIT: What is your email address? My last address has been compromised so it has been months since I’ve used it.

        2. Psst, hey Jason, you’re gonna need Kryptonite if you’re gonna be beating on Clark here.. 😀

        3. All is forgiven in this case, and for everyone rlse who has ever needed forgiveness, since humans came into the world, and before. Next time, try 2 Kratom capsules…sin will completely cease to exist, suffering will end, and even the devil will be called the Prince of Honesty and a Good Hearted Fellow. Take it with a full glass of water.

        4. One yr have passed since I resigned from my old work and that decision was a life-changer for me… I started working from my house, for a company I stumbled upon online, few hours every day, and I earn much more than i did on my last job… Last paycheck i got was for 9 thousand bucks… Superb thing about this gig is the more time i got for my kids…

      1. gender communism: nobody own’s their own genitals; the state gets to freely re-distribute them to the most dickless or those without twat

        1. nice, although the marxist scum in question would probably prefer if it were ‘the means of masturbation’

      2. Yes and we’re all supposed to say that “she” is “beautiful” or else we’re “transphobic.” I own that label with pride because a man pretending to be a woman is both frightening and disgusting.

      3. It’s not. It’s just part of the insanity. The lunatics are trying to convince you this is normal – it’s not. Ever notice how many men want to be women compared how many women want to be men. It’s not normal, don’t let them bully you into believing that. Poor Bruce, he just got caught up the the machine and an agent told him how to be famous.

        1. Yeah I don’t even get why it’s mostly women pushing for this love of trans. Isn’t it kind of insulting that a man can just put on a dress and say that he is now a woman? Isn’t there more to being a woman than that? And fuck Bruce he’s an idiot.

        2. Only some women. Who hate men so much, they are willing to let them share the title of “woman” in title only. Because they secretly enjoy his entrapment to self-inflicted pain and drama. Going shopping with this male-twat is like pleasant elevator music while they window browse.

        3. I was doing my biz in the LADIES room yesterday and I noticed in the stall next to me size 12 feet pointed towards the toilet. Heshe did put the toilet seat back down because I heard the “clunk” of the seat dropping. Dear God!!!!

        4. Or your whipping dog that holds your purse while you get pursued by the guys he wishes he was, but only pretends to want to be banged by. Horrible existence to be sure.

      4. Ugh. I throw up a little every time I see this worhtless fool. Look at his magazine photo of his first marriage. You can tell he is gay then. Then he married a kardashian to cover his DL lifestyle. When he felt the time was right, he let his DL wife, the whore-in-chief mother of the expensive whore brigade, know that the cover was no longer needed. I bet she was relieved that her service to gay pride was completed. LOL

      5. it was an ultimatum from the high earning kardash-womens ->
        “pull your weight bitches. somehow get a billion or cut your peckers off.”
        Omar went out in ablaze of glory with hookers and blow
        This ^ Cut his dick off.
        Kanye asked Zuckerberg
        women don’t marry down

      6. Unless its chromosomes are XX, it’s NOT a female. No matter what ANYONE or ANYTHING says (or screams).

    3. They are, and the constant articles about “liberals” are a turnoff for those who don’t want to see this become another smug political site.
      Especially for people like me who are classical liberals, it’s tiring to see anti-liberal articles posted almost daily.

    4. True. Easy to fall into the trap of calling them libs. I did so 10 mins ago on the other article

    5. Communism always was nothing more than a marketing campaign to keep the peasants happy, while a new elite force took power “for the good of the people”….. Lenin practically invested modern advertising and to this day when you go to China you will see public announcements and social manipulation campaign posters plastered all over the place.

    6. This is a fact that has been on my mind recently; how can we return the terms Liberal and Liberalism to mean what they originally meant, especially when the language we use is extremely important in framing debate?

    7. You are right, but in practice that is not so different from conservatism. If you put these principles in practice, you would have half-way a conservatist society. The reason why these so called “true liberals” don’t want to label themselvs as conservatists is because they dislike the fact that a conservative stabilishment doesn’t respect any lifestyle that contradicts their moral values. Even though conservationists tolerate it, tolerance is not enough for the liberal. He wants to be respect even if society disaproves his moral values (or lack of moral values).
      In practice, all libertarians contribute to leftism, because all that exist in detriment of conservatism contributes to leftism. Unless, of course, you call yourself a liberal but is behaving like a conservatist, which is what is happening in many cases in the manosphere.

  4. The cartoon in #8 says more in one panel than anybody can write in two thousand words. Awesome.

      1. Thanks! I’m not a fan of it. Seen coworkers pile it all back on and more after an initial 100 pound plus weight loss after gastric bands and bypasses. Their problem is between their ears, not between their stomachs and duodenums. For reasons unknown to me they choose to be fat. Guess it takes all kinds and while I don’t judge, I do wonder why anyone would make what seems to me to be an insane choice.

        1. True. WLS is one of those procedures that actively depends on the person abiding by dietary restrictions in order for it to work. Of course, if they could do that to begin with, WLS really wouldn’t be needed.
          Some are known to use blenders to make high fat foods easier to eat.

        2. “The problem is between their ears…”
          Couldn’t agree more. I’ve known a few women who had Weight-Loss Surgery, and although they did lose weight at first, they didn’t change their eating habits and be more active (which they had to do for their weight loss to be permanent). Sure enough, they were back up to their old weight after a year or so.

  5. They think destiny is on their side

    Be very careful here. With Trump winning, the leftists who practically own the public k12 educational establishment will ramp up their indoctrination of the youth in their schools.
    Never forget that indoctrination is how the left reproduces.
    While anyone who is politically conservative should not be making use of the public k12 school system for their kids, I fear that many of us might get complacent and think that it is safe again simply because Trump won. This of course won’t be true, as leftists have entrenched themselves in practically every position of power of the public k12 system at all levels of government, even if Trump is at the top of it.

    1. Which is why it is so important to trash and utterly eliminate public schooling. Never again let the leftist bureaucrats get their hands on your children. School vouchers or tax credits and school choice are the only cure for the feminist/leftist cancer.

  6. People who are out of touch with reality will always keep shit-testing everything until they find some boudnaries. Leftists, fat people, women etc.

  7. Leftists never take responsibility
    This is one of the traits of a narcissist. Blame someone else for the problems they cause. So it’s no coincidence that most liberals are also narcissists.

    1. Do you find is worse down there than what you read about western Europe, Canada, and USA?
      From over here Australia seems like Sweden.

  8. That first picture – “I will not be silent.” Why do I suspect that every man that has ever known her is like, “no shit.”

    1. Why ruin Madagascar? Send them to Mosul and carpet bomb the shit out of it.

  9. “I had a gay friend who revealed to me that the majority of the homosexuals in the city were severely depressed and consumed excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol to sedate themselves.”
    Which is because homosexuality, transsexuality etc. are mental disorders, and how far will they go varies.

  10. although utterly shocking from 1 to 12.
    is nothing new or shocking to us…
    I’ve given up hope of ever communicating with many people. They will just argue these are something ??? I don’t know what, but they will not change “cause trump is a ….fem-cliche, fem-cliche, fem-cliche,fem-cliche”
    As far as alt-right — it is now being channeled into an evil moniker for anything not main stream news…similar to whitesupremists etc…
    But it’s not and we need to adjust the dialogue.
    there was a great meme some time ago picture of:
    junk food companies -” poison for your body”
    picture of man stream media ” poison for your mind”
    I moved to NYC late 80’s and lived in rather nasty areas such as Hell’s Kitchen…the good old days of crack whore’s performing services outside my window…$5 no teeth – bargain for visiting sailors…(not me). Crack dealer operated via bucket and rope from 2nd floor apartment…
    but that was fun compared to where I grew up fighting skinheads on the tube…(most fights we won by at least 100 yards)
    These guys were about gangs and hating on private school boys? or whatever?back in those days mostly white…
    I equate real hate groups to those type of skin heads, and I reckon we should all make an effort to NOT include them in the alt-right (whether they have any similar beliefs or not)
    Modern alt-right is mostly regular joe-shmos rejection of the PC nonsense…

    1. Exactly. I feel somehow a lot of these “white supremacist” skinheads are paid shills. The alt right has been around for a fledgling few years but only recently has hit household notoriety. They didn’t even bother to check on the history of the movement (of course they wouldn’t), and lumped it in with neo nazis. The absolutely most retarded association. I’m not white, but consider myself part of the alt right.
      Similar to how MSM mouth breather retard mongoloids thought MRA meant anti-feminist

    1. “You’re a racist, ignorant, heterosexual bigot!”
      “You’re a marginalizing, elitist, anti-semitic Christian!”
      “You’re a white, close-minded, heteronormative cracker!”
      First three insults generated and it’s amazing how accurate this is. I’ve actually been called those first two.

    2. “You’re a womyn-hating, euro-centric, hate-mongering sympathizer!”
      Great site South Texas!

      1. I’m sorry but what on earth is a “womyn”?
        Is that another word for ugly SJWs who are lesbians because no man wants them?

        1. Hahaha! No but it should be. It is a feminist spelling of “woman” using the “y” to make it so the word doesn’t have “man” in it.
          Don’t bother telling me how absurd it is. I know and can tell from your comments that you will find it absurd as well. But there it is huh

  11. That picture of the white children being led in chains by a filthy nigger triggered me so hard. I can only imagine how sick the parents must be to allow their children to go through that kind of brainwashing.

    1. I imagine the point of the exercise was simply to humiliate the white children to appease the black teachers manufactured hatred of white people.

      1. I think it does more than just humiliate them. It instills in them a sense of guilt that will handicap them for the rest of their life. It will cause the white girls to offer themselves up to be sexually used and abused by niggers, and it will cause the boys to never fight back against niggers when they steal from, rape, and murder their fellow whites. This is sickening. Whoever is behind this needs to be hanged or put in an oven.

  12. I’ll add that they have this Manichean view that everyone can be neatly slotted into “victim” or “oppressor” cubbyholes. They imagine alliances where they don’t exist, and like to toss out terms like “people of color” and “LGBT” as if most blacks and Hispanics like each other and most gay men want to pay for artificial hormones for trannies. It drives them completely insane when something like the Pulse Massacre happens to demonstrate otherwise and they usually return to their state of denial quickly.
    The constant unproductive criticism is meant to make you doubt your values and sense of identity, paving the way for their Utopian ideas. If you read a British history book by a Leftist, for instance, they won’t be able to resist some little dig at Britishness. Usually to the extent of “can you really call yourself British if you have Roman/Saxon/Viking/Norman ancestors?”. Once you recognize Critical Theory bullshit for what it is you’ll start to see it everywhere.
    There’s a huge crab bucket mentality. They will get angry if one of their flock tries to improve their lot in life. I’ve seen Leftist men and women rejected by their tribe when they decided to learn a trade, join the military, or have a child. It’s not unusual to see 30-something Leftists still living with roommates, dyeing their hair unnatural colors, and pursuing a 2nd masters degree.

  13. – they are useful idiots suckered by the banksters
    – they have dangerously low electrolytes from swallowing endless pints of satan’s watery semen

  14. I thought Trump was going to drain the swamp?
    Trump Appoints Council of Foreign Relationships Member and Former Kissinger Aide to Top Advisory Position
    McFarland, being a long-time CFR member, has a history of pushing war all over the globe in the interest of the U.S. war machine.
    Donald Trump met with Henry Kissinger in mid-November, and soon after that meeting Kissinger said we should expect Trump to renege on some of his promises.
    “One should not insist on nailing [Trump] into positions that he had taken in the campaign,” Kissinger told CNN the Sunday after the meeting.
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/trump-appoints-cfr-member-kissinger-protege/#PPMVjplfeE5CWdgi.99

    1. That’s alarming. i never held my breath about Trump. But still glad it’s not Hillary

  15. What the crap is “WLS”? Is that this new trendy way of shorthand by dropping the vowels in a word for “Whales”? Because if so, I’m all for it, fat girl!

    1. I am going with Whales with no vowels because vowels are part of the patriarchy…or should I say ptrrch(sometimes y)

    2. I thought they were protesting (picketing) a radio station in Chicago, whose call letters are the same.

  16. Active shooting (maybe) on OSU campus. My son is in the dorm room directly across the street where this is happening. He didn’t have class in that building today, so he was in his dorm and safe, with the door locked. Note about OSU campus: It’s a No Gun Zone for students, they cannot do campus carry neither in class rooms nor in their dorms. It appears that this might have started during a fire drill, and a car zoomed in, knocked down some people, got out, slashed people (apparently?) and then started shooting (maybe, it’s all a mess in reporting right now). Suspect has been killed, possible other suspects, campus locked down. A whole swarm of cops and SWAT there.
    EDIT: My son’s initial observations are now being validated on the local news. A fire alarm was pulled in the hall, the kids all gathered outside, and just as they were about to be released back to class a car comes screaming through them, then a person/people jumped out with machetes and began hacking and slashing. One of these fuckers was shot, two others now lead away in cuffs. Campus lockdown is now lifted.

    1. I “Liked” it simply because he is safe and I am sure with your expert tutelage he will handle to situation succintly. Godspeed to your family.

      1. Thank you. He grew up learning tactical shooting so he knows what to do, even without a firearm (which he’s not happy about, that is, being disarmed on campus).
        The reports are all over the map still.

    2. Yikes. MI fan take the loss to hard or another member of “a group whose intentions are unclear?”

      1. Car running down people and machete angle is now solidifying. I’ve texted my son and asked if he got a look at the attacker(s) or knows a description of them physically. Will update if anything is reported by him.

        1. please do. In this age of the media being totally full of shit it will be nice to have a “reporter on the scene” in terms of your son and info passed directly. Am curious to see just how wide the gulf is between what happened and what is reported.

        2. My son gave the car/machete angle a bit ago, now the news is finally reporting it here locally. It appears that the fire alarm was pulled in a stairwell, the building population gathered outside, and just as they were being released back into the building the car screams up and plows through them, then a man jumps out with a machete and starts hacking.
          This is looking a *lot* like Nice, France.

        3. Bomb squad now being called into Lane Avenue parking garage, where they escorted two men out in handcuffs earlier.

        4. Well, I haven’t heard anything that suggests the dead attacker had an accomplice. This other guy that managed to get his picture taken while in cuffs seems to have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        5. There is a theory that gains validity with every event such as this. It is that the longer it takes to declare the race of the perpetrators in the MSM, the more likely they are not white.

    3. Well it must not be a white Christian, otherwise his name would be all over the airwaves by now.

      1. It’s too soon I think to get a positive id, they just now got 2 others under arrest. Will see what happens as the day progresses.

    4. Police on the scene confirm that the killer had no firearms, and was armed with a knife/butcher knife/blade and his car. All major news outlets except maybe one keep going on breathlessly about “shooter!” and “gunman!”

        1. They just can’t help themselves. Facts? Who cares about the facts when we have an agenda to push?

        2. They’ve done the same thing about ‘gun control’ for decades — “facts don’t matter, we have an agenda to push!”

    5. Dead suspect was a Somali “refugee”, 18 years old, name Ali Muhammad, or so it’s being reported right now here.

      1. Muhammad? Shocker.
        Tomorrow faculty will demand mandatory sensitivety training for all students to kiss muslim ass.

        1. Actually it’s Abdul “some bullshit fake thing” and then Ali and then some idiot last name. He’s in the Lantern protesting because Ohio doesn’t see fit to give him safe spaces for Muslim prayer and won’t give him prayer mats.

        2. It’s a university, not a mosque. I would deport his sorry ass back Somlia, but Columbus PD dispatched him to a his safe space.

      2. Later tonight we’ll hear all about how he was bullied by white Christians, causing him to lash out by chopping people up with a machete.

    6. Suspect was killed, Somalian refugee using a car and knife. The cop got to the them in about a minute and capped him.
      I’m a Columbus (Hilliard) native and my mom works 5 minutes up the street from this incident. I feel your tension.
      Ironically, the perp was featured in an OSU diversity propaganda video where he said being a Muslim isn’t what the media tells you….make the joke yourself.
      Don’t fuck with the Bucks….
      Also my first post on here after a week of lurking. Whaddup.

      1. “Ironically, the perp was featured in an OSU diversity propaganda video where he said being a Muslim isn’t what the media tells you….make the joke yourself.”
        Get that video up here, pronto!

        1. A bit from an AP article, related:
          Ohio State’s student newspaper, The Lantern, ran an interview in August with a student named Abdul Razak Artan, who identified himself as a Muslim and a third-year logistics management student who’d transferred from Columbus State in the fall.
          He said he was looking for a place to pray openly and worried how he would be received.
          “I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what media portrays me to be,” he told the newspaper. “If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads.”

        2. third year and hes….18? I saw a pic in the paper this morning, dude is 28, not 18…badly receding hairline at 18? No way…

      2. Wow, what a surprise, a somalian muslim…..
        But, you know, this is an exception, the real terrorists are the white nationalist organisations that hosts conferences in the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C.

      1. It’s ironic how “No Gun Zones” (like gun-control laws) are only obeyed by the law-abiding; criminals and crazies could care less.

  17. I call #7 “DirtBag Supremacy.” Progressive Leftists will always elevate the dirtiest DirtBag above everyone else. I believe this is why the Progressive Left has chosen to elevate the Muslims above the homosexuals, because the homosexuals are normal and tame and civilized and harmless compared to the followers of Islam.

  18. Ban oaktag/posterboards and Sharpie pens and 50% of them would disappear- they would have nothing to hold over their heads. Problem (mostly) solved.

    1. I am immediately against pretty much anyone who stands anywhere with a sign that has a position on it. I really don’t even care the details. I don’t care what it is for and what it is against. If you woke up, made a sign, went somewhere to hold it and shout slogans you are wrong in my book and your cause is stupid.

  19. We need a Guerra Sucia of our own, stat! We’re flanked by two oceans and a gulf so it would be just as easy for us to toss these degenerates to the sharks!

  20. I know a girl from my college days. Psychology major and currently without a job. 33 years old and futt-bucking ugly. In addition to that she is the most leftist, socialist wicked ho you can imagine.
    She texted me on dorkbook basically asking me out. When I rejected, bitch went bananas on me. It’s glorious

    1. so insane. It was just like a few weeks ago when Lena Dunham called out Odell Beckham for not hitting on her. She bobbled in in all her disgusting fatness and bullshit opinions and god only knows what she smelled like, fingers probably still wet from her sisters snatch, and a 1st tier NFL star who is known for being stylish, is in as good physical condition as a human being can be in and who has thousands of adoring fans had the nerve to acknowledge her and then NOT hit on her!!!!!! can you believe it. I am not even kidding, this was a fucking issue a few weeks ago.

      1. Love it.
        Even better would be if he attempted to throw her a pity fuck but could get hard enough for her

        1. yeah it really is fantastic. She said something like “i walked in and he was sitting there. he looked up from his phone when I sat down and then looked right back at his phone and went through Instagram” lol. She issued an apology later on (only because she got called out for being racist smh) so I couldn’t find the original story as it is buried in all the apology stories. The fucking nerve.

  21. Everything leftist in general is contradictory…
    That is horrifying. That is not the way our democracy works. Been around for 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections.”-Hillary Clinton, 2016
    Now the people who backed her on this quote is backing a recount via that crazy chick Jill Stein and Hillary has decided to support it as well.
    The irony is hilarious….

    1. They also prefer to forget that the US was originally a representative republic, not a democracy. The Founding Fathers despised ‘democracy’, which they considered as nothing more than ‘mob rule’ (they saw that in action in revolutionary France, with it’s blood-soaked ‘Reign of Terror’. It took an autocrat like Napoleon to put an end to it.).

  22. Well, all of the above is straight out of the Communist playbook and they will never give up. We’ve won the battle with the election of Donald Trump, but still have to win the war.

  23. White liberals are the most racist people on the planet. They pretend like they care about blacks, Latinos, and whoever else but it is only for the purpose of dividing them then subjugating them. And they lose their shit when you call them out, because in their mind, they think they are the furthest thing from being racist. Especially if you are black and calling out an old white liberal. It’s like ‘how dare you leave the plantation and form an opinion of your own!’.

    1. “It’s like ‘how dare you leave the plantation and form an opinion of your own!’.”
      Yeah, over-thirty single women have that same attitude about MGTOWs and any other single men who refuse to ‘man up’ and marry their sterile, skanky, STD-infested carcasses.

  24. We need to address the generalization of liberals as fat, ugly, disgusting pigs (females) because most everyone I know identifies as liberal and by and large are hot. I understand that overall- traditional, feminine, proud women have a much higher percentage of being good looking, but I live in the people’s republic of New York, So….
    And yes, most mouth breather neo-liberals are physically undesirable, but it really depends on ones geographic region.
    In the end – conservative men are stronger, smarter, more resourceful, more moral, and value to society; conservative women are more attractive, more empathetic, more caring and higher value to society.

    1. We need to CONTINUE the generalization of liberals as fat, ugly, disgusting pigs (females), irrespective of the hot looks of the Liberal-Bolshevik women of New York City. Why? Because it is a Cultural War. Perception is key. If we can make people equate ugliness with the Liberal-Bolsheviks, even those sexy New York SJW chicks will try everything to avoid to become one. Mindfuck is the Liberal-Bolsheviks best weapon, it was past time we learned how to use it properly.

  25. What makes this so interesting is that Liberal people are so different from their leaders, they were emotionally manipulated through propaganda into believing their current views and understand nothing of the underlying social consequences of their actions. That why it’s sad to see Liberal women, they don’t understand anything but their own twisted feelings. Liberal men however are inexcusable, they are either effeminate enough to be emotionally manipulated or are weak and yielding to social pressures.

    1. Don’t forget that Liberal men are usually the offspring of domineering feminists or divorced feminists and sometimes single mothers. It explains a lot, given the lack of the influence of a strong father figure in their lives.

  26. ” Eight years of Reagan and eight years of Bush didn’t do away with these freaks…”
    To be fair, Reagan and Bush Jr. only empowered leftism. Reagan did so by granting amnesty to illegals in 1986, therefore ensuring no Republican would ever again win in a landslide the way he (Reagan) did. Bush Jr. did so by enacting a foreign policy that was so bad, and conformed to so many leftist caricatures and stereotypes of “mean war-hawk conservatives” that he destroyed the Republican party and gave us 8 years of Obama.

  27. I used 2 to get rid of scary POF fat chicks it works 90% of the time saying I have a STD
    or I’m a psychopath.

  28. Nice pic. The RoK boys enjoyed it I’m sure. No worries about drowning with those pontoons.

  29. They are losers?
    They’ve been the useful idiots of the social engineering utopia building elite and getting their way for over a century now. How many trillions of dollars have passed into the hands of the utopia builders, their servants, and the useful idiots in the last century? How many millions have ended up dead? How have perceptions been changed? The world map? They’ve been winning for a long time.
    With Trump in office their gains will be consolidated, progressive growth will slow or even stop a bit, everyone will get a bit of a rest, and then it starts growing rapidly again at some point before or after Trump leaves office.
    Reversal is unlikely. And even it happens it will be a mere dent.

  30. “…leftist females tend to look like painted hogs…”. Nice one, very nice, must add to my verbal repartee.

  31. They have controlled the culture for most of the last hundred years, so I’d hardly call liberals losers. Conservatism is unfortunately a sea anchor that only slows the leftward drift and never stops or reverses it.

  32. Mixed feelings about his. The useful idiots have turned themselves for the most part into losers but their vanguard is dominant and thinks long term. They control education, mainstream media, major campaign donations and social media giants.

  33. I work with a bunch of liberals in marketing. They are so guilt-ridden over race and the environment. They go out of our way not to use pictures of white people, and in fact even darkening skin tones. Just today I was flipping through provided pictures for a project. Most of them were poor quality photos, and simply selected for their lack of whiteness. Our customer base is about 95% white btw…

  34. No sense of history. ‘Sure, Stalin sucked, but Lenin and Trotsky were so cool.’ Never mind the Red Terror.

  35. I’d love to take a mirror to one of the protests, like #9, so they can see themselves. Ridiculous.

  36. Alright I’m a “leftist” as in, a Democrat. There’s a lot in this article I see people who describe themselves as “leftists” as portraying those qualities.
    However, I personally, take alms with #3. I don’t feel entitled asking for some of the things that I ask for. 20 years ago, the internet wasn’t a basic right, but now demanding basic high speed internet is a basic need. I don’t think that demanding healthcare and education are crazy to ask for. Who doesn’t benefit from healthier and more educated individuals??
    Who doesn’t look at another person and want better basic rights for them?? I agree, shit shouldn’t be given to them if they aren’t a contributing member of society ( have a paying worthwhile job), but I believe that a part of our taxes, and I don’t care how big, should go towards allowing your neighbors the opportunity to be healthy enough and educated enough to make good decisions for their neighbors and country.
    Healthier and more educated individuals contribute to a better society.

    1. Then I’m sure you won’t mind handing over all of your money (that you have left over after paying your bills) to the nearest government agency to take care of all of these “needy” that you’ve talked about.
      Put your money where your mouth is…

  37. DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:
    Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
    Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
    Exaggerating your achievements and talents
    Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
    Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
    Requiring constant admiration
    Having a sense of entitlement
    Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
    Taking advantage of others to get what you want
    Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
    Being envious of others and believing others envy you
    Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

  38. Being a fat fuck is not a liberal thing, I mean look at the president elect vs current president…

    1. What?
      Obama has effeminate mannerisms and physique. His wife looks like a Klingon. And he is 50 something
      Trump is a grand dad, with a wife 20+ his junior.
      Get that dick out of your ass and mouth, because they are scrambling your brain.

  39. As a former liberal I suggest that we adopt Saul Alinsky’s tactics. Especially the idea of making an argument personal. As he said, personal attacks are infuriating, and there is no defense against them. The discussion ends instantly.
    Do not attempt to engage a liberal with intelligent, logical, reasoned thinking. INSULT HIM. Immediately. Game Over. You win.
    Why cast pearls before swine? It’s not like you’re going to convince them anyway. The danger is that HE might convince some ignorant water head. So shut him up. Get him to shout and trade insults.

  40. You first have to understand the fact that liberals are the very bottom of the socio evonomic educational inyelligence and income gene pool. Only 5 percent of all liberals hqve an education beyond the level of a GED ( a PhD in womens studies or any “soft” degree rrquires the intelkigencecand skill set of an averagev12 yr old ..fact.) and a paycheck over 8.15/hr. Liberals occupy 86 percent of all dollars spent using snap wic ebt section 8 tanf etc. They are the untalenyed uneducated unskilled and unmotivated. They should either be purged, put on work farms until they can pass a GED and attain a clue to reality

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