Why You Shouldn’t Go To Bratislava, Slovakia

Last week, I ventured to a city and country you generally don’t hear a lot about: Bratislava, Slovakia.

Despite lying dead-center between two major capital cities (Vienna and Budapest), Bratislava tends to go relatively unnoticed in the grand scheme of things. Men aren’t quite flocking there to find a foreign girl, or even for drunken stag parties (setting aside the kids in the movie Eurotrip ending up in Bratislava). It’s certainly not a tourist destination you hear Western people dreaming of.

After spending just a couple of days in the Slovak capital, I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Yes, Slovakian Women Are Hot


I know it’s what everyone wants to know.

I’m happy to say that Slovakian women are near the cream of the crop. They’re beautiful with a good amount of diversity—blondes, brunettes, and even a few redheads.

Overall, they aren’t as hot as Ukrainian women. They are thinner and hotter than Polish women. Their hair is not as nice as Lithuanian girls, but it’s not that far off, either.

The English levels of most people in Bratislava is high. I suspect, like most places in Europe, that those levels drop off drastically as soon as you venture outside of the major city (or even to the suburbs. People were genuinely helpful—bartenders were happy to go to great lengths to help pick a beer, and everyone on the streets was helpful with navigating their poor public transportation system (more on that later).

However, despite the beauty levels and charm of the locals, I really can’t rave about Bratislava as a city.


Bratislava Is One Ugly Place

For those of you who have traveled to the edges of Eastern Europe, you likely know what I mean when I say “FSU-style dump” (even though Slovakia was not a part of the FSU and had their own Communist overhaul in 1989 with the Velvet Revolution). This means communist buildings on every block, and a general dull, grey drab that seems to envelope the entire city. In most of these cities, you have to at least walk a kilometer out of the city center to have this take over.

That wasn’t the case in Bratislava. As soon as you step out of the main square (which was quite nice—but most European central areas are), the dullness begins. See for yourself:


This picture was taken from the overpass over the road leading to their iconic UFO Bridge:


As you can see, these buildings lack any character and certainly aren’t well-maintained, despite them basically being in the city center. While this isn’t a problem on paper, it does come with issues for anyone looking to spend considerable time in Slovakia. For most of us digital nomads, it’s nice to have a pleasant place to live. One that makes you want to get up everyday. Not one that drags you towards depression.

In the base of Bratislava, it leans towards the latter. It’s a far cry from what the tourism department would like you to believe:


Simply put, Bratislava is not a place I’d care to spend more than a few days for any short-term trip. You’ll have much more fun in places like Budapest, Prague, or Krakow.

Things might be slightly different if I had a different objective—such as hunting for a longer-term relationship, or perhaps buckling in and trying to build a new website or writing a new book.

The Quality Of Life

Slovakian food was actually quite good. They had some interesting dishes with some real flavor, as well as excellent beer. Bratislava also has enough international influence that there are a variety of different cuisines available. In addition to the usual Irish and English style pubs, I also stumbled across Cuban, Mexican, and a wide variety of Asian restaurants.

As mentioned before, the public transportation is poor. There is no actual integration with basic apps like Google Maps that will tell you which bus or tram to take to get to a destination. Normally, I’d be happy to go the old-school route and pour over the public transportation maps—but that was not the case in Bratislava.

Nearly every transportation map at every metro and tram was mysteriously missing critical pieces of information. Trams that were not listed as not stopping at that stop were showing up. Buses that were supposed to come by would never show. It was normal for all means of transit to arrive three minutes late. The problem is not so much a lack of modern technology, it’s fundamental.

A lack of simple execution and keeping information up to date is what makes the Slovakian capital’s public transportation system so lackluster.

Finally, the cost of living is quite reasonable. A decent meal in a mid-level restaurant will run you about 5 euros. A quality beer will be somewhere between 1 and 2. Short-term apartment rentals can be found in the center in the range of $30-$40 a night.

I go into a little bit more detail about the quality of life in this video.

But Do Slovaks Even Want To Be There?


The general consensus I got from my brief trip was this: the top-end Slovakians have moved on. This means that the most beautiful girls have migrated out of the city in pursuit of opportunities in major EU metropolitan areas such as London, Paris, or Milan. The most driven and successful men have likewise taken opportunities outside of their home country.

Slovakia’s membership in the Schengen area makes it easy for them to make the move abroad provided they can find the opportunities. Simply put, Bratislava isn’t a happy place. I’m sure things change a little bit during the summer months, but considering half of the year is spent in fog and cold, it’s just the way that Slovakian life is for much of the year.

I did venture out to the country a little bit, and there is some real beauty to be seen there. However, that doesn’t still doesn’t make Slovakia a hotspot destination. Slovakian women are beautiful, yes—but it’s still not a place I’d tell men to check out for the purposes of meeting girls. Eastern European girls will never have the same sensual warmth of Latina women, especially during the colder months of the year.

In addition, I can’t recommend it as a pleasant place just to go for a tourist-type visit. Perhaps things will change in the coming years, but for now I can definitively say that Bratislava is not a place that I’ll be returning to.

If you’d like to learn more about traveling to a better Eastern European country than Slovakia, check out my book Understanding Ukraine. For more travel, game, and digital nomad advice, visit my blog at This Is Trouble.

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  1. I fear what is going to happen to the Eastern European girls will be the same that happened to the Swedes in the 1990’s, or happened to the Americans in the 1960’s. Being thought of as the most desirable girls in the world will go to their heads, and they will become increasingly spoiled and selfish. Feminism is the result.

    1. you don’t have to fear it. It will happen 100%. The certainty should alleviate the fear. I have known a few Slovakian girls. One in particular I am thinking of. When I first met her she was a roommate of a girl I was seeing and they were working together. She just arrived from whatever country Slovakians come from. She was nice. I mean, her English was on point. Flirty and fun. 3 weeks in the modeling biz making 1/3 minimum wage, living with 4 other girls in a one bedroom apartment but spending all her time having her photos taken or going to parties or having guys tell her how beautiful she is and she was a total fucking cunt. Her big problem was that she jumped in with both feet and was riding the carousel hard. The girl I was seeing was probably a cunt too but not when I was around. She purred like a kitten when she had me there to keep her in check.
      In the end, its all the same. It boils down to one thing: AWALT

      1. that is why they need to be taught to not be like that. Self dicipline is not natural, but everybody needs it.

        1. “that is why they need to be taught to not be like that”
          Yes, and infact it has to be more than simply raising girls to be good. The culture and population has to be oriented towards shaming any female who acts like a piece-of-shit whore. The notion that all women in any culture has to be kept on a tight leash is proving itself to be fact.

        2. “The notion that all women in any culture has to be kept on a tight leash is proving itself to be fact.”
          Yes and no…..they need to be kept on a tight leash, but we cannot follow them 24/7 and it we try to coerce them in everything, I doubt the marriage could last 10 years. The tight leash needs to come from within. Religion and societal standards are key. That is why feminism is pushing so hard against religion and “slut shaming”.

        3. “Religion and societal standards are key”
          Yup – That’s what I meant about the leash – factors that prevent females from becoming virtueless garbage.

        4. Yes, sometimes by which I mean damn near always, the manosphere paints a picture of women that swings too far in the other direction. And you can’t argue against it because the counter argument is that you’re being deceived and how can you prove you’re not?
          Women are just people with different market motivations. Some are wicked, some have character, most are just in the middle like the rest of us. Yeah, I’m a NAWALTing cuck, whatever, but does all women being pure evil match up with flesh and blood people you actually know?

        5. Your opinion is as valid as any others, there should be no constant definition on how women are in the manosphere..we don’t want to turn into feminazis where there is only one point of view and if you don’t share it you will be crucified. Personally I think almost 90% of all women nowadays are complete and utter insufferable cunts, but that means 10% are ok. Problem is those are of course mostly taken and you need more than divine luck to lock one up. This is of course in the western world, the numbers change (to the better) in other places.

        6. I think you’re on to something here. It used to be that a slutty whore was not only known by men as a piece of trash, but the women in society would point it out too. Now a woman is “empowered” by how many alpha cocks she fucks, and theres always some beta faggot ready to take the sloppy seconds.

        7. “I think almost 90% of all women nowadays are complete and utter insufferable cunts, but that means 10% are ok. ”
          Not only that, but at any time a woman from that 10% can pull a 180 and join the 90%.

        8. A wise man once said “men are passing though life half way between heaven and hell…. god asked the devil to send women to keep the men company”.

      2. Technology and comfort makes feminism inevitable. Just as every first world country needs to go through “a dirty industrial phase” every first world country must also go through “a dirty feminism phase”. It is what it is, just a passing phase.

        1. I would agree, things like washing machines, running water, and such has cut down chore time to the point that a woman at home could feel useless, especially if there are few kids. No wonder they are looking to work outside the home to find fulfillment. My solution? we have six kids and she stays home.

        2. basically handouts make feminism. In Greece feminism never really caught (it did but in a veryyyyy light way, specifically mostly lgbtq believe in it) the reason was that in Greece there are no money for DIRECT handouts so they are kept to a minimal (disabled) for most of cases widows and unmarried daughters take the pensions of their husbands or fathers. There is no help given to lone mothers, even widows with kids, so the breeding ground for feminism is being shot to the groin.

        3. That’s a hell of a plan, actually. Being that leftists and feminists have low birth rates they’ll be genetically extinct in a generation while we multiply.

        4. That’s good to hear. Greek women are some of the most beautiful in the world, in my humble opinion. I’m glad feminism didn’t do to them what it did to my country.

        5. Well, they have a character problem and they are very difficult to approach, still they are sexually liberated, that meaning only that they stopped being traditional. Still many do want to be housewives albeit in the sense that they will not have to work. In general most of the problems with Greek girls are associated with problems that originate in the country rather than out (feminism).
          Of course though if handouts were given we would devolve sharply, hopefully that won’t happen as most of Greeks do not care and due to the effects of our economic crisis.

        6. Technology and comfort make people distracted and forgetful of the lessons their ancestors suffered through, namely that there is a crime syndicate cult which has a goal of total conquest of humanity, and everytinme we take our eye off the ball, they gain power and network into positions of influence in every sphehe, then they start destroying the host nation from within. We must stop calling it feminism as we are giving a known, historical conflict and enemy a new name, when we simply need to Name The Jew. It is jewish and is always jewish, regardless of whether it was in ancient Greece or in the 1688 Glorious Revolution, the Atlantic Slave Traders or from the Frankfurt School. Feminism is merely the jewish tool targetted at destroying the family, just as neo-liberalism is the jewish operation to asset strip the Western economies. They have their fingers in every aspect of the West, every political, educational, finanical, media and religious institution.

        7. But that isn’t true. Technology is the means to free us from being energy slaves, and to have it automated/ mechanised is natural. We just need to get control of the issuing power of money, so the jew can’t squeeze the life out of industry. The reason we exported our industry was due to the deliberate jewish central banking cartel action of having sky high interest rates in the 90s, whereby industry couln’t finance itself. We can have women working if they want, or raising kids, but as long as a clique of jewish central bankers in Switzerland – i.e the Bank of International Settlements, controls world central banking, and jewish politicians are pushing open borders, i.e cheap labour undercuts our actual value, then we are fucked. We must ban all propaganda aimed at brainwashing women to reject their better interests. The entire field of advertising is a jewish operation aimed at manipulating women. We can have any aray of options as a life choice of women, so long as we are the ones creating the options and not jewish financier oligarchs social engineering departments in Univerities. How can women afford to have six kids and stay at home if the jobs have all been exported and we are now a debter consumer economy? We have to show fertile women what has happened since the 68er generation and neo-liberalism, and how it is a tool to destroy them masked as being for female independence.

        8. Handouts don’t make feminism, jewish social engineering via TV and movies does. We can have a racially pure ethnic nation state with generous welfare, but as soon as you allow jews to control the central banking and infest politics, whereby they push mass immigration as a weapon against the host nation, then the nation is fucked. The problem is always the masses inability to see how fucking ruthless and demonic the jew is, whereby they allow a deadly parasite to come into power by not recognising them (they change their names and masquerade as natives in whatever land they are in). Humanities good nature just isn’t critical enough to understand how evil jews are, so we have to expose them.

        9. Actually, after having stepped foot in Europe, in terms of physical appearance on an average East Euro women>West Euro women > Greek women > English/British Isles women

      3. “you don’t have to fear it. It will happen 100%. (…) AWALT”
        You beat me to it, good sir.

      4. Believe it or not, I have known women who RNLT…and I can say that now even after the red pill..

        1. Tell it true, is it truly women who RNLT or is it women who ART but have strong men to train and guide them and keep them in check.
          I’ve no doubt that a strong man can, by constantly maintaining frame and good training, keep a woman just right for a life time….you can also turn a pitbull into a very loving house pet that’s good for the children. But left to their own devices with no male authority or weak male authority, the woman, like the untrained pit bull, will always be a disaster

      5. AWALT?
        The problem is women have the same instincts everywhere. If a country is too small to be sovereign (independent and autonomous) it will have to slowly take the culture of the countries to which it is dependent. U.S.A. and E.U. are uber-liberal so you do know what happens to countries that cling to them.

        1. i will often have to look up things like that on Urban Dictionary website to figure out what people are talking about.

    2. Feminism will die very soon, women can’t take it anymore. They want to be housewives and if money is no problem have 3 or 4 kids. Nature always wins in the long run.

      1. it takes a generation or two of experimentation to let it run its course. It takes awhile to see the effects, and awhile longer for the rebound. In America, promiscuity peaked in the mid 80’s, Sweden is reaching it’s peak now, another 20 years and they will peak in Eastern Europe.

        1. Sure, but people don’t repeat mistakes. The reason why you see so many civilizations going through the same mistakes in history is because 1. They got destroyed before they had a chance to correct themselves, and 2. The mistakes didn’t reach other civilizations in time if at all.
          After feminism is destroyed and we return to traditional values, we will have history of it not working. You don’t see governments trying to be communists anymore because there is now ample evidence that it’s a disaster, and the same will go for all the mistakes that are being done now.
          Feminism will die and will never return, in 50 years it will be seen as in a bad light as communism.

        2. thing about communism, nearly every country has tried it to some extent, and every country learned the same hard lesson. People are dumb.

        3. Every country has also tried feminism. It’s a disaster, women want to be housewives, they are crying inside to be able to say that but they are terrified of rejection.

        4. not tried…trying, the slovaks are where we were in the late 60’s/early 70’s free love and all that. The honeymoon stage is going to end soon enough as their SMV decreases.

        5. Hopefully they’re smart enough to skip a few phases, otherwise eastern Europe will be the new shit hole of the world. I see feminism dying with Trump, presidents have tremendous impacts on societies. Just think about the Bush administration and how it convinced so many that war was the answer. Trump will change the world; every woman will want a man like him and a large family.

        6. I think we are nearing the tail end of feminism here. Of course there will always be the misfits that cling onto the ideology because they accepted the fact that they cannot get a man and are bitter. For the most part, American girls are realizing that trying to behave like a man does not create happiness for a woman. In another decade, most men will realize that behaving like a woman does not create happiness either.

        7. Hollywood is desperately clinging though. What was surprising to me is a lot of these actors and producers are not evil, they actually believe they are doing the right thing and think they are somehow innovators. After watching a lecture by Soros I am convinced that he as well believes he is doing the right thing, it is pure ignorance.

        8. “it takes a generation or two of experimentation to let it run its course”
          Absolutely. Even if all the social malignancies were to end today, America would still be a wasteland of blue haired fatties, unattractive tatooed & pierced freaky bitches, or STD riddled spinsters. These toxic garbage females will have to die off first, and then the newly born girls will have to be raised correctly. And indeed it will take a generation or two before we see the return of the classic American sweetheart that young men of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s had the benefit to experience like this:

        9. “thing about communism, nearly every country has tried it to some extent, and every country learned the same hard lesson. People are dumb”

        10. I really feel bad for the feminists, they bought into a lie at a time when their SMV peaks. You think they are undesirable now, wait until they pass 40 and their “curves” go south, their tattoos are blurry green patches, they smell like cat feces, and they are still bitter at the world.

        11. “I really feel bad for the feminists, they bought into a lie at”
          I hear ya Jim, but everyone, including women are ultimately responsible for their decisions in life.

        12. Ironically one of Soros’ least super-evil actions may have been working behind the scenes firstly to effect the velvet revolution in czechoslovakia (according to infowars he provided 1/3rd of the funding for charter 77) and then once that had been achieved working to break the two countries up in to czech and slovakia. Although the latter was achieved in a completely undemocratic way (behind closed doors between the heads of state / heads of state to be) it was fairly amicable – the slovaks and czechs parted company with relatively little bitterness.
          Now as far I’m aware I’m not quite sure how Soros benefited from this. The only thing I can think of is if even back then (in the 80s / 90s) his real target was Ukraine (i.e. what happened in 2014 and then fell apart soon after the moment russia took over crimea)

        13. He doesn’t benefit in any way from his philanthropy, he is a good man. He thinks he is doing the right thing and even with his investing all he does is expose the stupidity of badly run governments. I really changed my mind after hearing his lectures, he is a genius and really believes in his open society concept. Too bad he doesn’t know what the monosphere knows, he surprisingly shares a lot of views; he talks about the deterioration of society through consumerism and about crooked politicians. He just doesn’t seem to get how bad cultural Marxism is and he is an atheist which doesn’t help.

        14. I’m sorry I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt in that way. Soros plays God. Sure he may not (necessarily) be the evil man he’s made out to be. For instance the whole ‘he was a nazi-collaborator’ thing is blown out of proportion – I agree that for the most part he is honest, and it was his honesty speaking there – it was a formative experience, and he described its influence on his life as he saw it. That said, this is a man who however much he may have seduced his ‘mentor’ Popper has made a mockery of the concept of the open society. What he does is speak his mind, often saying what he is thinking, or how he does business etc, but there is nothing about the way in which the open society foundation, or any of his myriad organisations, operates that contributes to openness in society. In fact I suspect his attachment to the idea of ‘openness’ was in part a cover for what he actually does – use his vast wealth, and no doubt very substantial connexions in the world of business and finance, to influence behind the scenes. The history of Soros’ actions in the world, is the history of the subversion not only of sovereign states, but also of sovereign peoples and therefore of democracy itself. You cannot have someone paying millions of dollars to influence grassroots organisations to create trouble, or even push for revolution (for instance the many colour revolutions he has contributed towards) and then claim that his purpose is to be open, or to do good. I have a great deal of admiration for Soros; for the fact that he is almost the incarnation of actualized will – thelema if you like – but whether he thinks he’s making for a better world, or is as his detractors (probably unfairly in part) think being deliberately evil he cannot subvert democracy and nations and at the same time be a force for good, or as you say a ‘good man’. That is simply not possible.
          Further Soros has given interviews where he clearly distinguishes between what he regards as moral (political) activity (what you’re referring to I imagine) and his professional life, in which he behaves amorally and apparently without conscience. Dividing one’s ethical like that is incompatible with being a good person surely – it’s like saying I only kill people when I’m on the job as a professional assassin

        15. I believe his dividing of his business life and philanthropy is brilliant, he states that he believes everyone should do this and theoretically it would indeed work. As it stands now politicians think like businessmen out to make a killing and are in it for their own self interests, if they did like Soros and approached politics like philanthropy we would have a much better system. Now of course they would need to have another interest to satisfy their need for competing.
          The very fact that Soros knows that his business behavior is amoral is a very positive sign of his intent to do good. I think similarly enough to him that when he talks I completely empathize and know where he is coming from, in the markets you cannot be moral, you have to be a killer and a risk taker.
          Now as far as his philanthropy I also know what’s behind his logic as it makes sense. He lost a lot of respect for people when he realized that they could be manipulated through propaganda even while living in an open society; he previously though that this could only happen in authoritarian regimes. This caused him to change his mind on his ideas for an open society and stopped trusting people to look out for their best interests after he witnessed the reelection of George Bush.

        16. See that’s why I can’t be too mad at women who come around. It’s like a former addict saying don’t mess with drugs. Yes they made their choices, but a little mercy never hurt anyone.

        17. They got destroyed before they had a chance to correct themselves,

          Lets hope not. Not looking good for Sweden.

        18. We have some form of communism here in denmark and it kind of works..roads are clean, hospitals top notch and free, complete social security, free university, college, school..everything !..of course tax is high, but in America you have to pay for all these things so it evens out. The thing that DOESNT work with communism is their strange desire to flood the country with muslims. Of course all that security turn women into bitches ..but despite America being a survival of the fitests kind of society, how come women are STILL bitches there ?

        19. divide and conquer, more smaller countries are easier to infiltrate and control as they become dependent for defence and even for their economy. I am of the idea that Slovaks and Czechs together in a free Czechoslovakia would have had a much better future from now.

        20. I still wonder if it had anything to do with Ukraine – promote the spirit of independence / and pro-western sentiment amongst the young, and then that will spread to the youth of Ukraine. Soros has a long interest in / and history of interfering with Ukraine. Having said that my impression is that while ‘Prague’ benefited from the greater sphere of influence with a united Czechoslovakia the Slovaks wanted to go their own way. Both Czechs and Slovaks, while they get on OK, don’t consider that their two countries have any kind of natural connection such as would warrant a union as a single nation

        21. “The very fact that Soros knows that his business behavior is amoral is a very positive sign of his intent to do good.”
          I do think that’s an egregious example of spinning a bad into a good. Sure one can try to keep ones personal and professional life separate, but there’s an expectation anyone involved in public life does not do that with respect to their morals and integrity (realistically or not) as there is an obvious conflict of interest here. Sure, Soros is not a politician per se, but given his absolutely engaged stance in relation to politics that argument won’t work.
          You could look at it two ways perhaps: in the first instance in his professional life he makes money ‘amorally’ or ‘immorally’ by promoting economic chaos, which he then profits from. He then uses such profits to promote his vision of order, which of course is his vision alone and no-one elses. The above interpretation would mesh with his self-description occasionally as an alchemist.
          Secondly, Soros could be seen as a radical, even if as a Popperian (and I secretly suspect that his commitment to Popper’s ideas might have been opportunistic) he should in principle be opposed to any kind of marxist or totalitarian bent (and yes, in terms of his declared speech he is so opposed to those creeds). The problem is that his separation of professional and personal / public life appears to accord with the radical’s method of the end justifying the means: by this reading then he makes money through what many would describe as economic terrorism, as the end – changing the world to create ‘the open society’ or ‘democracy’ or whatever it is he thinks he’s doing, justifies the means. Compare that say to the terrorist criminal activities of the early communist revolutionaries who would sometimes rob banks etc in order to fund the great cause of revolution
          Finally I think this idea that Soros became disillusioned because the american people voted twice for George Bush is absurd. Soros has been interfering with people’s lives, funding radical grass-roots organisation across the globe, and generally fomenting ‘colour revolutions’ for decades and decades. He didn’t just start in 2004, even if that may be when he decided to model himself on the Emperor Palpatine to become Horowitz’s chief minister of Obama’s shadow government in waiting. The fact is Soros has been subverting democracy and perverting the sovereign will of peoples across the globe for most of his life, he’s just become less bothered about hiding it.
          Sure, one can admire him. He may well be a genius of sorts. But none of that absolves him of anything. He has no right to do any of what he does, and if ‘the system’ permits him to do what he does illegally (and some might disagree) that is clearly a failure of domestic and international law

        22. According to J.G. Unwin’s analysis in ‘Sex & Civilization’, as I understand it at least, once women are ‘sexually liberated’ a culture has maybe 3 or 4 generations before implosion & or conquest. Historically there has never been a reversal to the traditionalism that propelled the civilization to greatness in the first place. Perhaps we can be the exception…I hope so. It will require a genuine return to piety of some sort & at least outward chastity.

        23. The plan was to broke Czechoslovakia into pieces. Czechoslovakia was in top 10 most powerfull countries between World wars but nazi occupation and communism took it away.

        24. I can’t say that in his position I wouldn’t do as he does and try to promote my views, so while I disagree with with his vision for the world, I cannot criticize him as that would be hypocritical.
          I believe that a man that puts himself in position to change the world has the right to do so. Soros and Trump have been friends in the past so their views aren’t that different, the main difference is that the former wants international regulations for international markets, which will eventually happen anyway; we are one economic crisis from that happening. All the social affairs really don’t matter, nature always wins in the long run, you cannot change biology. As far as multiculturalism goes, it’s not sustainable, people will eventually mix and form a common culture and it’s very likely to be a traditional one that follows our nature.

        25. historically though it didn’t have that deep roots I think, so I imagine it was always somewhat vulnerable to nationalistic disintegration . Re. Soros, his method does seem to involve stoking revolutions in this case to break a unitary state into two smaller parts. What was the purpose in that? If it was to make the dominant Czech part of the nation weaker how did that benefit Soros? With Soros I suspect everything is about Ukraine and (ultimately) Russia

        26. “I believe that a man that puts himself in position to change the world has the right to do so”
          Well in the days of Alexander the Great that kind of programme could have been achieved, but only through military conquest or equivalent. In an at least democratic age (legally speaking at least) one cannot simply change the world to the extent that conflicts with the democratic will of peoples, and the sovereign right of states. To the extent that hasn’t been an obstacle to Soros that reflects the degree to which he has managed to manipulate or rather manufacture compliance, consent or a facade of democracy – in reality that means all of his terra-forming, and behind the scenes manipulation is a violation of the consent of free peoples. In the realm of sexual relations that would make him a rapist or worse. A few countries have argued that he could have breached their national laws and should face trial – Russia, Malaysia and Hungary have at least strongly criticised him on those grounds. You’d think England which also suffered terribly from his shorting the currency back in the 90s would be of similar mind, but unfortunately not.
          As for Soros wanting international regulations for international markets, he is on record as self-conscious hypocrite in this regard – the same interview in which he described his war-time experience as a childhood “nazi collaborator”. In that interview he described himself as ‘amorally’ benefiting from the kinds of loopholes that he wants to legislate to close. But then of course Soros is a committed globalist – a ‘new world order’ conspirator par excellence – at least if you credit the speculation of conspiracy theorists. Scepticism might be in order here but think about it: here is someone exploiting loopholes in order to benefit himself financially and wreak chaos upon countries across the world – and now somehow he’s in the public eye; everybody is talking about him, and everybody agrees that what he is doing is wrong…..except its legal. Now clever Mr Soros himself suggests the solution: international legislation to ensure a global regime of regulated markets. So, we are presented with a choice: either we keep the unregulated market and allow market manipulators to wreak havoc and suck up the dumb money simply because they’re cannier than everybody else, or we legislate some kind of regulatory ‘new world order’ that would make the rise of a new Soros an impossibility.
          I would like to suggest the possibility that that might be a false choice, and that much of his recent ‘outrageous career might be designed precisely to make the case for more globalist regulation.
          I think not

        27. I can’t decide whether he’s a CIA asset or whether they work for him. He’s such a public face I find it hard to believe he’s as deep as it goes. I kind of suspect his current infamy isn’t entirely unplanned

        28. Tats were the rage the past 10 years, theyll be like a scarlet letter when these hoes age and the trend reverses.

        29. We studies this in economics. The flooding of 3rd World immigrants is because, in order for socialism to work, you absolutely need a population to be majority working age to provide a tax base.
          Once the population retires and becomes top heavy, the welfare state collapses from lack of funds. Being that the welfare state, through feminism, discourages having families, the population eventually gets old.
          In come the highly virile 3rd World immigrants to make up for the fecundity loss.

        30. Soros is an investor because he likes it, just like Alexander loved to win battles. Soros’ battles are intellectual rather than physical but it’s essentially the same thing, he beats people.
          I believe he can’t control himself from doing what he loves and yet sees the repercussions of his actions and feels he has to make up for it. He is 86 years old, at this point there is no reason why he would want an authoritarian world government as he will not live to see it. I truly believe that at this point he is only thinking about how he will be remembered(he’s a philosopher after all), his sons are nowhere near as smart as he is so it really ends with him and he knows it.

        31. I think he gets a bit of an unfair wrap actually… read his book crisis of capitalism. He was heavily intrumental in pulling dowb the ussr and lost heavily in early investments. Hes old and out of touch his ideas were good in the 80s 90s now hes just an old rich guy with alot of market mystique tinkering (and failing).

        32. Yes… i agree… frist and foremost a market trader that created incredible wealth out of thin air… it can be done… others have done it too (eg. Tudor Jones, David Tepper). Second has a paw in open societies having seen the nazis and helped pull down the USSR he was on the button in the 80s and 90s…. now i think he gets a bad wrap for tinkering and his foundations and money are used for liberal closet marxist ideals which perhaps he doesnt understand as well as he thinks. Open government isnt the likes of Hillary thats for sure.

        33. yes, he played a role in pulling down the old USSR. but that may not have been exactly disinterested. Oligarch’s like him – even if not necessarily him in this case – pretty much fleeced the country
          As for the idea that’s he’s old and out of touch; that’s possible – probable maybe, but you forget the fact that Horowitz amongst others revealed him as pretty much the kingmaker behind Obama, and it appeared as though he was aiming to play a similar role with respect to Hillary. He has also remained a chief Putin critic and he was also a moving light behind sponsoring the grassroots ‘democracy’ (i.e. not democracy) movement in Ukraine back in 2014. His relevance today is more interesting. He is currently one of the guys trying to drive down the price of gold – along with Druckenmiller – his protege – which appears to be part of a hostile strategy against China (not that I have any love for China) and its currency, as well as possibly the whole war on cash, which requires a pincer movement against physical cash in the economy and the value of precious metals as the most likely commodity to run to the moment governments start hammering cash and channelling wealth into the banks (ready to be taxed by governments and creamed off through negative rates and / or inflationary policies). Finally he appears effectively to have offered himself up (or has been offered up – not necessarily the same thingt) as a lightning conductor channelling the energy of discontent found amongst anti-globalists / bankster critics – that’s an interesting one. Trump is supposed to be anti-regulation, but what if he is pressured to move against rogue banks at an international level specifically to stop Soros types – as someone mentioned in one of the other comments that’s specifically something Soros has said he wants. So we could end up looser controls when it benefits the banks (bank stocks have been soaring as a consequence) but tighter controls specifically with regard to rogue hedge fund operatives like Soros – i.e. internationalist legislation sneaked in under the pretext of fighting Soros and co.

        34. “I believe he can’t control himself from doing what he loves and yet sees the repercussions of his actions and feels he has to make up for it.” I don’t think there’s any reason to give him the benefit of the doubt in that way. Like you I really do admire him, but the extent of his political activity, which could be said at times to have virtually terra-formed large areas of the planet, cannot be written off as someone trying to be a nice guy. This is a guy whose actions in his professional life (as a speculator / hedge fund manager) are not separable from his politics in kind even if he does not necessarily benefit directly from his political activities. Politically oriented foundations as we’ve discovered are enormously important means whereby the elites can leverage their influence and their reputation: that alone is worth every penny that he ‘loses’ in his expenditure on ‘charitable’ causes: people listen to what he says and does, and that in itself becomes self-predicting. But the idea that he’s just one guy acting on his own is highly questionable. The degree to which say the Ukraine back in 2014 seemed to be a joint project by Soros, neo-cons in the Obama establishment not to mention the CIA suggests that what he does may have very little to do with charity at all, let alone democracy (if you discount undermining it)

        35. Tats have about a 1 year coolness factor. Even on a guy, they should be used with discretion. If I were in the special forces, or had some accomplishment to commemorate, I could see getting one. But getting one because all your friends are doing it and the design looks purty is not a good reason.

        36. Yes most sleeve tats I see are filler art done on the cheap. Such as koi, flowers and crosses. Gheeeeeey

        37. Now you know why Moses had to march the Nation of Israel around in the desert 40 years – so that the generation that had known slavery was good and dead, before entering the Promised Land.

        38. Wow why wasn’t she on her smartphone checking Facebook and being snarky and calling him a creep?

        39. For the exact reasons that facebook and smartphones did not exist back then. I cannot wait for the grid to collapse permanently.
          Females today who look like the chick in that video clip are totally self absorbed piece-of-shit whores.

      2. Womankind is much too stubborn to admit they’ve gone badly wrong and run back into men’s arms. Expect even more cultural insanity for at least a while yet.

      3. This is true but most women don’t admit their natural tendencies for fear of being ostracized by creatures who are feminists.

    3. I’ve personally known (not biblically) two Russian girls. One was awesome, picky, but not a bitch. Originally here on political asylum, she went on to join the Marines as an officer (tough good looking girl). Another was brought over as a “step daughter”, a short blonde entitled little princess. Her first child looked suspiciously quite a bit like her step father. Unlike the other girl, she liked to jump on anything with a penis and heart beat (seemed to really like to throw herself at cops). I feel a little bit of pity for her cuckold boyfriend. Hopefully there are more eastern European girls like the Marine than the daddy slut.

    4. This already happened, Czech girl with even average looks will not date Czech guys because “there is always wealthy western dude”.
      It is not of course 100% like this, but mostly yes.

    5. Women are brainwashed by TV and movie social engineering. Get a younger woman, teach her how jews subvert Christian (and all) civilisation(s) via advertising and programming, and you’ll be fine. No woman wants to be duped and made to feel like she has to buy every brand of shitty material goods to feel better, or to keep up with her friends. Teach her how the satanic death cult, aka jews, aka fucking kike scum, operate, and she will likely run with that knwoeldge and be on the same track exposing it. Teach them about the Frankfurt Schools Sex Drug Rock and Roll Counter-Culture psychological warfare. Everyone wants to be centred, calm and essentilly happy. Jews want everyone else to be the oppose of those 3 in order to reorgainse the masses through chaos (theory). Feminism should really be named more accurately, a name which shows that it is a jewish operation against ‘goyim’ family unity. So long as Eastern Europe can get the messege on the jewish agenda, then they should be fine. And that is our goal, to win the minds of Eastern European before the kike vipers rot it.

    6. That only happens when their standard livings become like the West and they no longer need Men.
      In fact, Eastern European girl put on American feminism is worse than American girls on feminism.
      More cunning and sneakier.

  2. These little countries will be devastated by globalization. All the high-end youngsters I know from them, are willing to get out of there ASAP.

  3. Interesting twist in approach for the travel article genre. Why you should not go to some particular city. There are plenty of cities that fall into this category, so there will be no shortage of material.
    Why you shouldn’t go to Юкагир
    Despite being at the edge of the Arctic circle, it’s still a frozen wasteland year round. There is one woman, her name is Kutikacod and she is 62 years old, but easily looks double that.
    The city has plenty of culture such as walking for hours on tundra through foggy snow and fending off moose attacks. No restaurants, but there are still a few prime chunks of mammoth left from the 2002 thaw that visitors are welcome to chisel off. Public transportation includes one dog sled, but you must supply your own dogs.

    1. Brilliantly funny….. how about the mojave desert…. chew on a cactus and take a raw rattle snake for supper.

  4. Quick tip: No one hires an au pair from countries like Sweden. Hungary, or Slovakia. When girls from these countries say they are au pairs, it really means they are either some rich guy’s sponsored sugar baby or a stripper or a sex worker. No one wants their children to learn these dying languages. If they want their kids learning a foreign language, they’ll hire Rosita or Chengcheng as a babysitter.

    1. To this day we, historians, are not sure, if slovakian language is it’s own language or some kind of dialect of Czech language. Czech language was official language of Slowakia until 19th century.

  5. Doesn’t Slovakia have the lowest birthrate in the world? Even lower than Germany? That means the people have lost the will to live and collectively want to die.

    1. The fertility rate in Slovakia is 1.4 children per woman, and this is on par with Germany… Several countries go a bit lower, but none go below 1.2…

      1. And that’s considering the Gypsy fertility rate (in Czech Republic / Slovakia) and the Muslim fertility rate (in Germany and France). So the ethnic birth rate in these countries is probably closer to 1.0. Meaning a good number of people are remaining childless, a few are having 2 children, and most are having 1 child.

        1. Gypsy’s make up 2% of the population and Muslims make up 0.2%, neither are going to have significant demographic effects, even if they were having 8 children each…

  6. What? Slovakia doesn’t have a hyperloop? What does it have then? Cultural and ethnic continuity? bah who needs it?

    1. When I eventually visit Slovakia, the birth rate will skyrocket. But only for the time that I’m in country.

  7. Interesting article until this: “Eastern European girls will never have the same sensual warmth of Latina women…”
    Oh my. If you buy that, well that kills the whole damn article!!

  8. It’s usually the roughest places that produce the most beautiful women. Perhaps a challenging environment puts an upward pressure upon sexual selection.

    1. I think it goes back to their history, the ugly women were raped and killed by invaders and the pretty ones were kept as wives.

    2. Yes, they conducted a study: women in the countries with the worst healthcare systems (S America, E Europe etc) prefer more masculine men while those in countries with good healthcare systems (N America, W Europe) prefer more feminine men. Masculine facial features are indicate high T and an immune system strong enough to withstand the effects of high T.

      1. In nations with good healthcare systems, women know they do not need a healthy child because the healthcare system will look after their sickly child. In poorer nations, women look for those men who will ensure the child is healthy from birth.

  9. I stayed in Bratislava very briefly and my conclusions were the same. Budapest and Prague are much better (although the latter is overrun by tourists in the summer which almost spoils it).
    Did find the women in Bratislava very beautiful though.

  10. “This means that the most beautiful girls have migrated out of the city in pursuit of opportunities in major EU metropolitan areas such as London, Paris, or Milan. ”
    This was also my experience in Croatia. Serbian women were immensely hotter despite being from the same stock as Croatians.
    I came to the conclusions that the best ones left to Western Europe for new opportunities.

  11. I have this weird affinity for Soviet-style ugliness like this. Maybe it jives with some darker part of my personality, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s the memory of many nights of warm passion with a little Russkaya or Ukrainka in my arms in places like these many years ago when I was a single man.

  12. There is no where to run to anymore. Seems more guys
    are starting to get a clue that traveling to another country for
    pussy isn’t worth it anymore. The westernization of the rest of the world is happening to fast. Travel guides to get pussy will soon be seen by most as putting a band aid on a fatal wound. The rot in the dating market has to be fixed by reforming western culture, with men taking control and enforcing good behavior on women. Anything else is just a half assed measure.

  13. “Men aren’t quite flocking there to find a foreign girl, or even for drunken stag parties (setting aside the kids in the movie Eurotrip ending up in Bratislava)”
    Yeah I remember that flick – “Oh here’s a fun fact – You made out with your sister, man!”

    1. That movie was so great because it didn’t give a damn.
      Why are there Manchester United fans in London?
      Fuck you it’s Europe.
      Why is he punching a mime?
      Are all Dutch people German perverts?

  14. the problem is that bratislava hasn’t been a capital city that long and it was overshadowed by the former capital (of czechoslovakia) prague to the north, vienna to the west and budapest a couple of hours drive to the south (or thereabouts). I’ve only been there once but the centre is actually very pleasant. It is however pretty small as capital cities go, and the old town can be covered in a half a day or a day I presume if you include the castle area (which I didn’t get too). Since it’s only an hours train journey from Vienna I’m not sure it’s that big a deal if it isn’t as modern or developed as it’s bigger neighbours. It’s still relatively poor I think – modernisation and a better transport system will take time. Incidentally lots of sexy slovakian spies travelling on the trains over there

    1. To be honest Bratislava became important mainly because Czechoslovakia needed a port on Danube.
      I visited Bratislava many times to see my relatives and to quote my uncle. Slowakia is slowly going to hell. Both politics and money sucks.
      Compared to Czech Republic, Slovakia is a little kid who tries to be cool us his older brother.
      Also and important note, east of Slovakia is filled with gypsy ghettos. The west is the most advanced part.

      1. I heard the economy isn’t so great. It’s a bit like England and Scotland in many ways. The scots would definitely like to go there own way, but they would probably have a hard time of it

      2. Slovakia has managed to keep an average GDP growth rate of more than 4% over the past 14 years. That is pretty darn good, and I believe it is actually better than Czechia…

  15. What’s with all the italics? Italicized words only mean something when it’s used sparingly. Otherwise, interesting article.

  16. “Are you a slow-fock?”
    I wonder if this would be a good approach when targeting Slovakian girls…

  17. Come to my place brotha, it’s Budapest, Hungary.
    City is much nicer, girls are beautiful, slutty, cheap and golddigger

    1. Those sexy girls of Budapest will take naïve thirsty tourists to quiet little tucked away bars and mysteriously disappear when a group of large gentlemen come to give them the sizably inflated bill.

      1. excellent article and really accurate.
        I was born here, lived here for my whole life.
        The comment section is hilarious. Bunch of butthurt girls. Deep down they know they hear the truth.

  18. One more little nitpick….
    “The women are beautiful, but the city isn’t”
    The first part cancels out the minor negative of the second.
    Who cares what the city looks like? 😀 😀

  19. I have some positive memories from Bratislava… I agree that unless you find a way to live and spent most of your time in the historical center (which is as beautiful as Pragues but many times smaller), things can be rather dull. I went there with a friend who spoke Slovakian fluently, and he had good things to say about the public transportation system which was quite punctual. Howeve the bus/tram published program was quite difficult to figure it out unless you spoke the language… The saying at the time (more than 10 years ago), was that the happy man is someone who makes earns a living in Vienna, while spending it in Bratislava. I dubt if it isnt valid anymore.

  20. Bro who the fuck cares about public transportation if the women are good ? here the public transportation is flawless but I would trade that in a heatbeat for better women, hell even women who would occasionally look up from their iphone.

  21. Slovenia vs. Slovakia … which is better?
    I’ve been to Ljubljana but not Bratislava. (Walked from Trieste, Italy to the Slovenian border then took the train through L’jana, Zagreb and into Belgrade.)

  22. “Why I don’t like Bratislava” would have been a better title. Nice try man, but I’m still going.

  23. One thing I have noticed living in eastern Europe (Riga) is that even the graffiti is rubbish. It’s laughable, I know, to even pick up on that, but when you live in a place for a while you start to notice every little flaw.

  24. Outside of the city center, the place looked run-down (circa 2009). When I arrived at the main train station, I wondered if I’d arrived at a small village. I enjoyed going up the mountains in the north of the country. (Make sure you reserve a seat on the train, or you’ll be standing for 6 hours.)

  25. I can vouch for that. I went to Bratislava in this year and was stunned by women there, but the city was deadly silent even on a Saturday night. I tried day time approaches, but I couldn’t help but feel that I should have chosen a place where there are more people.

  26. I can so imagine you. Macho mojito sipping american loser with a fucking jello on/in his head. You find what you are. Bratislava has so much to offer (except metro, no there isn’t any) if you know where to look and if you are interesting enough so you would meet cool people that could show you around. Bratislava has a lot of beauty and lot of wicked places, but they are hidden.. and you know why? because they don’t want there tourist fuckers like you 😉
    bye and never come back, you are a disgrace to a term digital nomad

  27. It’s better to have shitty location with beautiful women than be in beautiful city with fat ugly dykes.

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