Forum Registration Is Instant (For The Next 24 Hours Only)

Accounts on Roosh V Forum are only activated on the first few days of the month, but for the next 24 hours you can register and begin posting instantly (after you verify your email account). Here are some recent threads you may have missed:

A lot of you are not familiar with the forum so this is a good opportunity to check it out. Click here to register

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44 thoughts on “Forum Registration Is Instant (For The Next 24 Hours Only)”

  1. The mods on the forums are cocksuckers!! They ban you over the smallest things… more sensitive than a Feminist!

    1. Really? Alrighty, let’s see how long it takes! 😀
      (Not to worry I won’t try that hard….)

      1. Well I’m still there and have managed to call American women ugly 3 times so far. Not banned yet.
        (Guess they don’t ban for the truth. haha)

      1. Erm… whooops. Missed that one. I just assumed the forum would be smart enough to block posting until the limit was reached.
        I think I made a post on the ItalExit thingy but I’m not sure if that was the politics section. Maybe I’ll get banned after all! 😀

        1. Well blast, I was hoping for a full on SJW ban hammer! I feel deprived now… 😉
          Thing is, I was mainly interested in the political stuff anyway. It seems the majority of the threads are on game which I have little to no interest in talking about. (Prior to me finding RoK, I thought game was “talking to women”. I didn’t know it had or needed a term. :-D)
          I’ve been looking around at anything that interests me and I may never even get to that 250 limit.

        2. Umm.. yeah. Saw those. I thought the SJW post titles were fun. I’d be embarrassed to have “Innovative Casanova” as my title. It doesn’t get much more “gay” than that…..

      1. One summer I worked as a doorman/bouncer for a disco. Lotsa laffs. Banged one of the waitresses in the parking lot after work. I could write a ROK essay about it but it would probably get rejected.

    2. Just read through and see how many people with 500+comments get banned. Then Tom Arrow just got banned here the other day. In my experience People need to have a high tolerance. Its beautiful on 4 chan people troll, and no one even responds. If you want attention there, you have to say or post something interesting.

    3. I gotta say it… I gave up on most forums mens womens, you name it for the sensitivities of the devs and mods who always seem to need tampons and pamprins.
      Abuse of power is just one of their tools to alleviate their bleeding pains.

  2. … OK so I’m there and registered, now I don’t know what to say. I need an article to say something dammit! 😀 😀

  3. curious: would fear of vertically challenged children be justifiable cause to avoid settling down with a short woman (5’1″ & below)?

    1. The woman’s height won’t affect your son’s height. I see tons of dudes who are way, way taller than their moms. I think the dad’s size is the main component.
      The daughter will probably be short like the mom, however.

      1. I think the mum’s dad matters more. I’m short (5’7″) , my dad is normal height and my maternal granddad was rather short too.

      2. My mum is 5’4, my dad 5’8. I’m 6’0 and my bro 6’1.These so much growth hormones in food today you don’t have to worry

    2. Probably not an issue. My father was 5’11” in his prime and my mother is only 4’11” and I got to be 5’10”. I’ve seen parents have children much taller than they are so there are multiple factors at play.
      My sisters are around 5’6″ or so.

      1. Dr Ruth Westheimer is only 4’7″
        TV makes people look bigger than life. Westheimer doesn’t have dwarfism but is peculiarly short. Born Ruth Siegel, she marrred Fred Westheimer and had 2 fairly normal height offspring. I’ve always presumed modern Jewish women to be big boned and typically larger than the male like Bea (Frankel) Arthur (Maude Finlay). I guess there are exceptions. Only with TV magick can 4’7″ Dr Ruth appear similar size to 5’10” Sandra Bernhard
        The predecessors of modern Euro/Caucasian lines had substantial height differences between males/females
        Note the wide Caucasian female hips. She could birth a two headed dragon.
        Asian males/females are the closest in height and smaller boned all around.
        Indonesians, the shortest people in the world averaging at 5’0″ are very similar between males and females in height and stature.
        White men interbreeding with Asian women (including Native American) have the highest rates of c-section births due to the smaller Asian pelvis delivering the larger caucasian baby. Eurasian mixed race girls are often taller and leggy than pureblood Asian but have no ass due to the smaller Asian pelvis.
        Too damn tight for LTR with a white guy. The anime/modeling industry promoted stereotypes defy evolution.
        Shoot me. I require more of a Pam Anderson type ghetto booty to hang my edelweiss.
        You want at least some ass girth sufficient to match your specific genotype. A leggy Eurasian girl with a micro ass and grape sized camel toe is cute and tight, giving me lingering visions of sugar plums but I’d be wise and stick with a pelvic match to my race/genotype. An asian pussy will stretch out like any other but her bones will never budge. Birthing is a stronger reflex than sneezing and a large caucasian skull ejecting through a tiny Asian pelvis would get ugly for all including spectators. Like an inmate with a 9″ head forcibly escaping through 6″ jail bars. Horrific. Hip index is critical. Along with your breath mints, carry a mini tape measure in back pocket in case you’re ever in doubt. Otherwise stick to your own tribe is my best advice.

    3. My Mum is a 5’0″ Asian woman. My Dad was a 5’11” European man (passed away few years ago). I’m 5’10”.

    4. That’s something I never thought about.
      I like short women. I’m over 6′, My girlfriend is 5’2″ but her brother is 6’4″…
      But – fuck it. I fuck what I like…The kids will be fine..
      I saw a tall woman with a very short man at a bar recently.
      She was about 6’2″ and he was about 5’3″ in a shiny Jersey Shore suite…He kinda looked familiar – actor?
      She may have been actors daughter…

    5. Friend is about 5’6″ and very charismatic, banged lots of women in his prime. married one and disappeared from the scene.
      fast forward 20 years, we are both at bar party….we both are surprised at the situation…in our 50’s and the young chicks are swarming around us.
      In any case – he has a son who is about 6′ (probably more)
      Thru Facebook I see he is a beta, self loathing anti-white male college student. Whaling at white privilege and other nonsense – sad to see…

      1. I know some alpha male personality dudes who look like they have everything well together but some of their son who just look like effeminate weakling. It’s odd and astonishing how much differences can be shown by strong father and weak son.

        1. It shows what effect the college brainwashing has.
          Perhaps why nubiles continue to show me love…

  4. Roosh, I don’t know what I clicked but my profile says I’m a male feminist! I don’t see “edit profile” on the profile page, how can I remove this outrage?

    1. Yeah got that too. Died laughing. Some of the higher post counts seem to get “chubby chaser”. Haha!

      1. Obviously a screening process, now we’re probably on the Forum’s shit list and we’re innocent!

        1. Which is about what the forum is using for a theme. Where did they get that horrid thing? 1990?

    2. Just a rite of passage rank. I find it pretty funny actually. I’m at Beta Orbiter level. Get a good post count & contribute strong content & you’ll rise.

  5. If you’re on the fence about the forum I wholeheartedly recommend it. Its full of brilliant people, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of them in person. These guys aren’t keyboard larpers, they are the real deal. The community is carefully curated to keep the fakers and bullshit out.

    1. They could just restrict posting rights for that…. you know, like a modern forum…. 😀
      Just double checked, I imagine I’ll be banned by tomorrow. Oh well….
      Honestly, it’s a little bit of different crowd there, I prefer the commenters here.

  6. Is this wise? The forum could get all fucked up by the blue pill beta provider mormon trolls who want to be parent figure to lost boys, and omega male stormfront trolls who can’t get laid in a whore house with a fist full of $100 bills.

    1. Who’s your daddy, bitch?
      I see you crying because you can’t find a decent girl, and I give some pointers and you cry some more. Take it or leave it, don’t cry about it.

      1. Your chunky middle age mormon wife needs her panties washed. You wifed up the first woman who kissed you and you pretend to be expert on women. It doesn’t get more blue pill than that.

  7. I don’t see what we have in common with the posters at RooshVforum who are way more PC, way more mainstream and way less interested in politics as we are. ROK suggest men should not go to college, RooshVforum is full of thirsty men who apply for any college just to get a shot at pussy. You hear that Roosh?

  8. Yeah Roosh, you really need to change your practice. Take a look at this guy who got banned. I regularly see people banned who have posted extremely interesting things. Is the goal to make the forum worse or better?
    Thank god you banned him so we may never know what other insightful beneficial manly posts he may have had in him. Its a weak man who can’t handle criticism(which is why women have the instinct to give shit tests). If people post misinformation, then fight them with information. Banning is the act of a coward, its what their side does. And at the end of the day its kind of stupid, because someone could just make a new profile, just now we don’t know what history to associate with that person. If you really need to do something, just delete their posts, that will at least frustrate feminists and misc fraudsters.

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