Why Everything In The Blue Pill World Is A Lie

Telling the masses of men to put women on a pedestal is obviously a blue pill myth, designed to create a nation of supplicating, subservient Beta males. Why would self-described benevolent leadership tell men to do such a thing?

Taking the red pill often leads us to realizations we’d rather not have to face as awakened men continuing our journey down the rabbit hole of reality. Rather than running away from those unpleasant truths about women and the world, we face them. This is the essence of science and masculinity—openness to new ideas and ruthless scrutiny of old ideas, leaving emotional considerations aside.

The older I get and more truth-seeking I do, and I suspect many ROK readers will agree, the more I find everything we are told to believe and told to be believe in by society and the power structure is a lie. Especially if it comes from the government, the edumacation system, or Establishment media. After all, we have government selling people slavery to protect them, the edumacation system teaching people how to be obedient and follow orders rather than how to think critically, and the Establishment media deceiving the masses with corporate-government propaganda for over 50 years.

Generally, the lies we hear on a day in and day out basis are designed to maintain control over the populace (the necessary illusions detailed by Reinhold Niebuhr) and to keep money moving around at a sufficient enough rate to keep the economy moving.

But, why is everything necessarily a lie? Enter the concept of Machiavellian intelligence. This concept goes to the very heart of the organization of human society.

In cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, Machiavellian intelligence (also known as political intelligence or social intelligence) is the capacity of an entity to be in a successful political engagement with social groups.

"Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are." -Machiavelli

“Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.” -Machiavelli

The concept sounds benign enough on the surface. But far from it, Machiavellian intelligence explains why the masses have been conditioned to love their own slavery, to defend the shepherds who enslave them, and now in the 21st century to hate Marxism while embracing Cultural Marxism—i.e. the gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a Communist Utopia.

This benefits the Establishment and elite, of course, to the detriment of the well-being and happiness of the masses. The elite don’t come out and tell the masses what their plans are for them or elucidate how much of their humanity has already been stripped of them. They provide illusions and myths to keep the “commoners” on course.

Also known as Machiavellianism, it is the art of manipulation in which others are socially manipulated in a way that benefits the user.

Or, put in a more RealTalk sort of way:

Machiavellian intelligence is a component of human intelligence thought to be rooted in the Darwinian selection value of using cunning, cooperation, and deceit to manipulate others.

At every level of society, one will find cunning, coerced cooperation, and deceit manipulating those who have not awakened to the horrors of the system being used to exploit them. We see cunning and deceit all around us, whether it be Hollyweird actresses playing the victim card to regain lost notoriety or politicians using these concepts to maintain their power and authority.

The Deceiver Or The Deceived

Law professions are based on cunning, deceit, and manipulation

Law professions are based on cunning, deceit, and manipulation

What the concept of Machiavellian Intelligence boils down to is the fact humans have evolved to fall into one of two classes: the deceiver or the person being deceived. As explained in the excellent essay Machiavellian Intelligence: The Macro-Evolutionary Influence:

Humans did not learn to be manipulative of one another at a particular point in history; instead, they have always been that way, even before the transition from apes to a society of hunting and gathering.

The bottom line is it was easier to lie to competing tribes and convince them there were no food or other resources on a particular tract of land than it was to spill blood defending those resources. Call it an adaptation that decreased violence but led to the creation of a blue pill class in human societies.

If humans were not innately manipulative, they would have evolved to be completely reliant on physical strength; yet, that is not the micro-evolutionary path humans took. Physical dominance was not the only indication of leadership and power.

This adaptation also explains why weakling liars (i.e. Obama) often end up in positions of power rather than dominant Alpha males.

Leadership also depended on coalitions and acquiescence by those who are being dominated. In the case of the chimps, it was not always the most physically fit chimp who was the Alpha male; rather, it was the best deceiver of the group. In hunter-gatherer societies, this political rule of nature allowed non-dominant individuals to operate against the dominant by forming groups to oust the leader.

The translation goes like this. The best liar and deceiver often ends up at the highest level of business or government, not the strongest and definitely not the most honest man. Even two thousand years ago Aristotle knew all politics were based on the ability to deceive. This is true whether in petty office politics or politics on the national stage.

Machiavellian intelligence is evolutionary baggage hardwired into our species. It allows a small cabal of ruthless liars to maintain control over billions by selling them on fantasies most of them will never truly realize – the “misplaced” American Dream.

This is why the Red Pill, truth-seeking men of the manosphere will always be marginalized and demonized by the Establishment. We are cutting into their game by telling the truth.

Schopenhauer knew innate human instincts to deceive were amplified in the female of the species

Schopenhauer knew innate human instincts to deceive were amplified in the female of the species

Equally important, but perhaps a topic for a separate article, human females are natural masters at Machiavellian intelligence. In other words, bitches gonna lie and deceive. It’s what they do – even more so than the males of our species. Arthur Schopenhauer wrote:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on. In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all. From time to time there are repeated cases everywhere of ladies, who want for nothing, secretly pocketing and taking away things from shop counters.

The Winona Ryder shoplifting incident certainly comes to mind with that closing sentence.

Incidentally, this is what makes the truth-telling mission of the manosphere such a noble venture. We are straying from the way humans have done business since the beginning by embarking on a mission to awake men rather than to deceive them.

Only time will tell if we are able to bring a higher standard to the world by encouraging them to see the nature of the cages and the series of human farms (religious, political, economic) they were born into.

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345 thoughts on “Why Everything In The Blue Pill World Is A Lie”

  1. Great article. The most unsettling this is that litetally everything – and I mean everything is a lie. This made me rethink the type of music I listened to – to tv shows, movies, etc. Even a teacher I knew to admire back in grammar school I have come to realize she was a complete wacko and marxist indoctrinator.

    1. Speaking of music, your post reminds me of the last song in Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon “Eclipse”, especially the last few lines when you take the red pill.
      “All that is now
      All that is gone
      All that’s to come
      And everything under the sun is in tune
      But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
      There is no dark side of the moon really.
      Matter of fact it’s all dark.”

    2. Same here, especially the music. I never really picked up on the bullshit agenda that most of the music I listened to was pushing and now I can’t unhear the leftist, socialist propaganda in basically every artist I liked. Instrumental music is about the only stuff I can tolerate anymore.

    3. Music especially. I can’t believe all these songs about “being in the club.” Where are these clubs with hot women who are easy to approach? I spend hundreds per week going out to find these places, only to be called a creep 90% of the time.

      1. If it is truly 90% of the time then you are scoring 10 times better than the professional PUAs.

  2. What amazes me about the blue pill world is how some people get MORE STUPID as they get older. Take Green Day for instance. Now Mid 40s has-been’s trying to stay relevant with the “youf” by dying their hair in degenerate colors and acting like Trump has KKK and Fascist affiliations.
    These are the same guys who did “Dookie”, “Insomniac”, and “Nimrod” 20 years ago?

    1. “Get Educated”. Whenever some SJW twat mentions those two words (which is often) you know you are being sold a lie. What they are really saying is “get indoctrinated”. uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0aa8cfe4b6c0a0d11ed704f728bd1b2f56111f657597fb1a5d7ff80cf2390d06.jpg

      1. Here’s how you know he’s an idiot – flip “white” and “African-American” and this statement is still true. So he’s spouted a bunch of nothing intelligent at all really.

      2. Nothing more pathetic than middle aged wealthy punks…they have become what they despised

      3. “”Get Educated”. Whenever some SJW twat mentions those two words (which
        is often) you know you are being sold a lie. What they are really saying
        is “get indoctrinated””
        Bingo! Or to the point “shut up and think what I tell you!”

  3. Be careful. This treads very close to the cultural marxism you deride. To point out that people lie and deceive is nothing more than human nature. But to paint all leaders or people in positions of power as though they arrived their only because they were liars begets the very same “gradual process of destroying traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order” that you observe.
    Red pill is about seeing the world for what it is. Fair enough. But don’t take the wrong message here. We should not try to change deceivers any more than we should try to remake whores into housewives. We should just keep our eyes open and see them for what they are. But don;t be seduced by the idea of utopia. Sometimes even deceivers are telling the truth. Pretending that you can find the right honorable men just leads down the path to destruction of all institutions of civilization.

    1. I don’t get the impression the author is anywhere near expressing this new red pill ideology as that utopia. He seems more to hope it will bring about a better strain of communication that can divorce itself from some of the lies. Even by calling out Obama, you can tell there is an idea of opposites. If Obama must be a wimpy but charismatic leader, then there must exist a possibility of leaders who aren’t that but can still be characterized as alpha.
      What I look forward to is the day when there is a more unilateral idea of what an alpha is. At current there is an alpha stated on the red pill side and another stated by the blue pill side. The curious part is both are charismatic, loved by women even if on the red pill side it can sometimes be against their interests, both have the masses supporting them, and both seem unafraid to be exposed by and large. Does the red pill alpha only mean a male who is a certain height and lifts weights? At current, the word feels no different than calling someone cool.

      1. I’m not saying that’s his intent. I’m just saying that this idea needs to be wielded carefully. It can go right, or it can go very wrong.

  4. “Step by step they were led to things which dispose to vice, the lounge, the bath, the elegant banquet. All this in their ignorance they called civilisation, when it was but a part of their servitude.”
    ― Tacitus

  5. Outstanding article. So what is a man to do? Take everything you are bing told and do the exact opposite. Great things are going to happen to you.

  6. An excerpt from “The Active Side of Infinity”, by Carlos Castaneda –
    “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.
    “There is an explanation which is the simplest explanation in the world. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore, their food is always available to them.
    “I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.
    “In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver — stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

        1. From Castaneda’s writings, the predators sound very close to what others would call demonic entities. Seeing as how the Elite are deeply into Satanic / Luciferian behavior and ritual, this makes sense.

        2. Yes. Demons. Which brings us to the bible, and the fall of man. The devil tempted Eve with the apple. All hell broke loose after that. Allegory, for man relying on his rational mind – which isn’t his mind at all. It’s the predator’s mind. Man’s true mind is his infinite mind. He used to rely on it, but the predator (demon/devil) tricked him into accepting its mind. Man forgot how to use his infinite mind, at the insistence of the predator. Thus, the fall of man…interesting stuff to be sure.

  7. This is an important article on a subject I’ve long been fascinated by. In fact I would say that machiavellian intelligence could be seen as a natural ontology for the red pill, and as a counterpart to the matrix metaphor. The rise of Trump, of populism and the course of the US election generally has brought the machiavellian nature of power as necessarily deceptive in character and operation into the spotlight. The fork-tongued elites are going to have a hard time forcing the genie back into the bottle on this one, which is why we’ve moved from a world of deception based on truth-suppression to one based on information overload and disinformation. That too isn’t working out particularly well for them, but it would still be naive to overestimate the degree to which disinformation reigns: we still live in a world where the very concept of truth is philosophically out of favour.
    It’s interesting to note that machiavellian intelligence as a concept actually derived – as the article alludes to – from the studies of chimpanzees – a species that is notably violent / political but also highly intelligent and with a rudimentary capacity for language. Indeed machiavellian intelligence can be seen not only as a theory of how politics happens (or tends to happen) but as a theory for the genesis of language, as something that evolves less as an effective means of communication / communicating truth (c.f. the transparent referential theory of language) but as a means for deceiving others about ones intentions. Chimps learn how to be sneaky in order to get bananas from other less canny chimps, and the evolution of of language and culture by this reading can be seen as nothing more than a machiavellian technological arms race – ever more sophisticated (or should that read demonical) methods of deceiving and preying off each other.
    If you proceed – provisionally perhaps – from such an ontology, you must also consider what kind of epistemology might be appropriate for interrogating such a world – a world where politicians lie automatically as a tool of their trade, where the MSM is seen not as reporting the news but pushing ideology and where ordinary women and men themselves (most probably but not necessarily in that order) are assumed to be out to manipulate others. In many ways we need an epistemology that reflects the discoveries of 20th century language theory and political / sociological theories such as MI: we need to interrogate a world where what is said is not only not necessarily what is being done, but can be assumed not to be. We need a new epistemology of the forked tongue, but one designed to explode rather than collude with the bastardization of very possibility of honesty and truth. We need to be able to expose liars without necessarily becoming liars ourselves. Is that possible?

  8. Understanding that at least 95% of what is presented in the mainstream is a lie is actually very beneficial to those who come to grasp it. I call it the Law of Opposite. If you want to discover the truth in any given situation, look in the exact opposite direction that the mainstream media (news, Hollywood movies, TV shows, mainstream books / magazines / music) is trying to direct you. Literally 180 degrees the other direction. It takes practice, but this strategy will almost always send you towards the most rewarding and truthful rabbit holes. This strategy for truth seeking was not as reliable in previous decades (prior to about 2000) because a decent amount of truth was mixed in with the bullshit, but nowadays the recipe calls for at least 95% bovine feces at all times. As such, take advantage of the phenomenon gentlemen. But remember, truth is always more strange / shocking than fiction (lies).

    1. I do that when I am voting for a measure that they purposely make hard to read. You look at the comments, if the ACLU or some Teachers Union is for it, I vote against it.

        1. You’re proposition may be good
          but lets have one thing understood
          whatever it is
          I’m against it

        2. are you from a fighting clan
          do you always get your man

          if so isn’t that a bit gay?

        3. nonono…it isn’t gay so long as it is old timey. God I love the marx brothers. Was recently watching this one. The scene where groucho tries to guess the password with Chico is so funny and I am pretty sure almost no one alive gets all the references anymore
          Chico: you need the password to get in
          Groucho: I don’t know the password
          Chico: I give you three guesses. It’s the name of a fish
          Groucho: Is it mary?
          CHico: that’s-a notta fish
          Groucho: Funny. She drinks like one. Is it Sturgeon.
          Chico: Sturgeon! You no-a fool me. Sturgeon isssa doctor what cuts you open
          Groucho: is it haddock?
          Chico: that’s-a funny. I have a haddock
          Groucho: what do you take for a haddock
          Chico: I take-a calomel
          Groucho: I’d walk a mile for a “calomel”

        4. It is funny how much they look like they could work for Murder Inc when they aren’t yuk yuking it up

        5. Yeah man. Curly was a woman-slayer. Got more pussy than a Beverly Hills gyno. (Chicks love guys with a sense of humor, ain’t it the truth.)

        6. Had a massive stroke in 1946. Died in 1952, at age 48, due to complications from the stroke.

        7. They are no Lenny Montana (actor who played Luca Brasi), but I don’t no any other actors who were enforcers for the Columbo crime family before getting into film.

        8. I don’t think so. Never read anything that claimed he did…don’t know for sure though.

        9. yeah, horsefeathers is my favourite marx brothers film, and that is a sublime song. Groucho needs to visit some modern universities to discuss safe spaces and trigger warnings.

        10. Chico marx too (which is why they called him chico….always “chicken chasing”

        11. I think I may have discovered what killed Curly. From Wikipedia –
          Curly’s offscreen personality was the antithesis of his onscreen manic persona. An introvert, he generally kept to himself, rarely socializing with people unless he had been drinking (which he would increasingly turn to as the stresses of his career grew). In addition, he came to life when in the presence of brother Shemp. Curly could not be himself around brother Moe, who treated his younger brother with a fatherly wag of the finger. Never an intellectual, Curly simply refrained from engaging in “crazy antics” unless he was in his element: with family, performing or intoxicated.[3]
          On June 7, 1937, Curly married Elaine Ackerman, who gave birth to their only child, Marilyn, the following year. The couple divorced in 1940, after which he gained a lot of weight and developed hypertension. He was also insecure about his shaved head, believing it made him unappealing to women; he increasingly drank to excess and caroused to cope with his feelings of inferiority. He took to wearing a hat in public to convey an image of masculinity, saying he felt like a little kid with his hair shaved off, even though he was popular with women all his life.[1] In fact, many who knew him said women were his main weakness. Moe’s son-in-law Norman Maurer even went so far as to say he “was a pushover for women. If a pretty girl went up to him and gave him a spiel, Curly would marry them. Then she would take his money and run off. It was the same when a real estate agent would come up and say ‘I have a house for you’; Curly would sell his current home and buy another one.”[3]
          During World War II, for seven months of each year, the trio’s filming schedule would go on hiatus, allowing them to make personal appearances. The Stooges entertained servicemen constantly, and the intense work schedule took its toll on Curly. He never drank while performing in film or on stage; Moe would not allow it. But once away from Moe’s watchful eye, he would find the nearest nightclub, down a few drinks, and enjoy himself. His drinking, eating, and carousing increased. He had difficulties managing his finances, often spending his money on wine, food, women, homes, cars, and especially dogs, and was often near poverty. Moe eventually helped him manage his money and even filled out his income tax returns.[3]
          Curly found constant companionship in his dogs and often befriended strays whenever the Stooges were traveling. He would pick up homeless dogs and take them with him from town to town until he found them a home somewhere else on the tour.[1] When not performing, he would usually have a few dogs waiting for him at home as well.[14]
          Moe urged Curly to find himself a wife, hoping it would persuade his brother to finally settle down and allow his health to improve somewhat. After a two-week courtship, he married Marion Buxbaum on October 17, 1945, a union which lasted approximately three months. The divorce proceeding was a bitter one, exacerbated by exploitation in the local media. After the divorce, his health fell into rapid and devastating decline.[3]

        12. It was pretty risqué for its time. The idea of the college widow would have seemed quite scandalous then even if it just seems funny now.

        13. Does a chicken have lips, does a snake have hips, do women stash hearts on leaky old ships…
          That song inspired me.

        14. did you know that his specialty was arson and he would dip a tampon in kerosene and tie it to the tail of a rat, light it and let them run through a place starting fires. He went to jail for it and when he got out, since he didn’t rat and since he was 6’6, he was given a cushy body guard job for Colombo big wigs which is how he wound up getting cast in godfather…before he was with the Colombo family he was a freaking wrestler.

        15. “a night at the opera” was on the other night.
          Pure genius. Every bit was so well crafted and executed.
          I try to shout “two hard boiled eggs!” whenever anyone is asking for anything…

        16. I love night at the opera….no such thing as a sanity clause. They are really all so good.

        17. I read somewhere that one of the other stooges would spend all the money he had (not curly, but I forget which one) so Moe withheld some his money and invested it for him. As a result he had something for retirement. Nothing exciting, but something to live on.

        18. Frankie Steele Pontillo had a bit part in a Seagal movie. Tony T from Carlito’s Way was an enforcer for the Gambinos.

        19. And bloody hilarious. I keep cracking up. Real funny thing, the rat probably got away hahaha…perfect. Always thought dustpan and gallon of gas under the door was slick…this guy with the rats.

    2. Well put. Whenever I listen to the news on TV (which is rare), I always use a strategy that is similar to what you suggested. TV Newscaster: “Government officials fear that this recent turn of events might result in needless deaths.” Translation: “Government officials hope that this recent turn of events might result in needless deaths.” Pretty simple. Very effective.

      1. A further hint: Always scrutinize what the mainstream media and all it’s retarded pundits label and try to laugh off as Conspiracy Theory. Not all conspiracy theories encapsulate the truth (far from it in some cases), BUT the truth invariably always involves various interconnected conspiracies by powerful and corrupted individuals.

    3. This sounds like a pretty good rule of thumb. Another thing that I have found helpful in my life is to remember where the money leads. At the end of the day, it is money that matters. Every single fucking man made thing, whether it is a building or a movie, is there to sell you something. Now, that doesn’t always mean its bad. Some things I want to buy. I am not looking to be a monk living in the mountains doing some kind of austere and pure life. I am a materialist. That said, keeping in mind that everything out there is in the process of giving you a sales pitch for one thing or another does help keep your mental acuity up and makes sure you don’t get taken for a ride.
      We used to think that it was just the commercials selling things. But tv shows, the news, movies, songs, high rise buildings, baseball games, magazine’s, speeches by politicians…on both sides of the aisle, on all 20 sides of every issue every single person out there is a salesman. The most dangerous thing you can do with a salesman is forget they are selling something and think they are there for you.

      1. Well, I think another development that we should keep in mind is that the Criminal Elite (controllers) are in-fighting and not all on the same page, which is to be expected when dealing with Satanic psychopaths. This is good for us guys. Their infighting is (unintentionally) revealing to those who are awake what the real game is. Trump is controlled opposition, but has to be packaged in such a way to fool most of the “Patriots” for a little while longer. In other words, The Donald is a pressure valve of sorts to stave off significant degrees of push-back in America and the Western world. But he is already showing his true colors…

    4. Same with economics. Look what everyone is doing and, if it’s not in its infant stages, do the opposite.

      1. What most people don’t understand is that the societal majority has been defined (for thousands of years) as those who don’t know the truth, aren’t in the loop, and aren’t privy to the occult secrets that drive every civilization. As such, even though being in the majority feels comforting and reinforces the concept that you are correct in your world / societal view, the fact is you are dead wrong and not privy to the truth. Ironic, yes? Thus, every mainstream view that is currently accepted by the majority of people around should be re-examined and modified.

    5. Man, I coined that term four years ago. People be stealing my flow bro!
      The Law of Opposites is more than just comparing opposites, or strategically playing the opponents hand to see where their true strategy lies. It is a way of life that never takes anything for granted, or readily accepts what is at face value. Neither is it paranoia. You don’t fear death, or the dualistic nature of a woman, or the need for a dog to eat its crap. You merely, like a scientist, expect that their machinations serve a purpose contrary to what they claim.
      For you know that you yourself do the same. You don’t/didn’t try to compliment a woman on her looks because that was all you wanted was it? No, you wanted to get your baby mix baster stuffed up her turkey oven.
      The Law of Opposites is a mathematical formula, A=/=Non-A, mixed with a healthy dose of Christian, or perhaps Buddhist, contentment of accepting as is, but being patient enough to let the formula as written into the fundamental fabric of the universe itself potentially, play itself out.

      1. Well said, but I don’t think the Law of Opposites is fundamentally part of the fabric of the Universe. Instead, it’s the thought process and strategy inherent within a certain group of people, or perhaps group of negative entities, in order to control this world and subjugate all good people. Call them Machiavellian, Jews, Illuminati, Elites, Capitalists, Marxists — whatever — but they share the very deep, innate need to lie, misdirect, destroy and enslave. This is not new, but it’s very prevalent now and was in past historical cycles.

        1. Thank you.
          What I mean it is part of the fabric, is that it is like chemical equilibrium, or gravity. Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity any more than the Greeks did. He merely discovered what was always there. Literally limitless, untapped (at that time), potential energy.
          The Law of Opposites may not be that profound, but it is certainly written into the law books of the universe. It is the key to understanding more than just game theory, but just about everything. It is foundational to all higher intelligent life if you will. It sets us apart, allowing us to see what is there, wonder, awe, classify it if we have high enough intelligence.
          I’m not channeling some BS inner spiritual new age nonsense either. I don’t buy that crap. I am merely saying that those who don’t apply this, are likely not using their whole tool box of their faculties. I know for the longest time I wasn’t.
          But by disciplining oneself to this concept you have the potential, merely by being able to understand its precepts, to learn anything. From gaming women, to wealth, talking to God, to whatever. Some “Concepts” you are chosen, and that is a pre-requisite for gaining some of the rewards. Others, are just the low hanging fruit most leave on the branch. Stupidly.

    6. “the masses have been conditioned to love their own slavery, to defend the shepherds who enslave them”
      it’s not quite as black and white as all that… many many people would much rather be followers and servers than leaders and decision makers…. if everyone was a decision maker it would just be a world of great white sharks circling for the kill….. we need sheep and we need dogs to herd them along…

    7. Yup, soon as the news says some crap I got from the dark side of the net ( my own two eyes ) isn’t true…that’s my final confirmation what suspected is 100% spot on. I just say thanks when encounter their dumbshit headlines.

  9. So why do some of us prefer not to be lying cheats and would rather earn our own bread? Are we chumps? Is it just another red-pill to realize that the best way to live is by screwing other people over?
    This issue has bothered me since highschool and I still can’t come to a satisfying conclusion.

    1. No matter what a man does, he’s a whore if he gets paid to do it. Might as well be as big a whore as possible. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to bang high-end whores. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Lap it up, I say.

    2. Otto Weiniger calls it Jewishness – being a parasite. it is a quality that anyone could posses but it’s most prevalent among Jews and women.

      1. yeah, and then at the ripe age of 23 went to the house that Beethoven died in and offed himself most likely due to sickness which resulted in and stemmed from his homosexuality. Not exactly someone we should be looking to for advice.

        1. Mozart died at 35 of a fever which in the 18th century was commonly fatal not at 23 by his own hand because of his neurosis about being a closet homosexual and pederast and likely insanity from the syphilis he attained through buggery

        2. The actual cause of Mozart’s death remains unknown, so don’t be so sure about it and where on earth do you get these ideas about Weininger?
          Are you jewish, btw? I have no problems with real religious jewish people, but it’s not my fault the usual suspects more than often turn out to be jewish.

        3. Mozarts death does remain unknown. What is known is that he was 35 and struck with a bad fever at a time when medicine wasn’t much more than leeches. Weininger’s homosexuality is something I read about back in college but I am sure with the power of google I could find it. I am not jewish, neither culturally or religiously. Weininger was a strange bird though and I think a lot of what he says needs to be examined under the magnifying glass of his own mental defects.

        4. there are some interesting illuminati / masonic conspiracy theories about the death of mozart actually
          re. the identity confusion I think someone must have misheard and thought you were a rambam thank you maam sort of guy

        5. rambam thank you maam! that was the name of a blog article I wrote about hipsters and hasids both living in Williamsburg like years and years ago. Thanks for the Deano! Always appreciated. Meanwhile, I am sure there are interesting illuminati / masonic conspiracy theories about the death of Mozart. There are probably interesting illuminati / masonic conspiracies about a bowel movement I had back in 1992

        6. you’re welcome. I think hasids are hipsters.
          “There are probably interesting illuminati / masonic conspiracies about a bowel movement I had back in 1992”
          Was it a radical subversive movement? Be careful. Look what happened to Mozart after he revealed everything in his magic chute

        7. all my movements are radical and subversive. I am just going to leave that excellent magic chute line there as it can’t possibly be improved on.

        8. The speculations about Weiniger’s sexual orientation arose from a letter in which he talked about injecting testosterone. If that is a valid reason to assume he was homosexual then half of the manosphere is gay. lol

        9. I will look back into it. I am certain he was a mental defective. Suicide is always a sign of mental illness and so everything he wrote needs to be looked at through the lens of the fact that he was a sick man. I do remember being convinced that he was a homosexual, but will admit that that was some years ago that I read about it and will have to re-read and consider before I can make the claim.

      2. The rabbit hole called “Judaism” is where lots of enlightening truths reside about the modern world and why we find ourselves in such ridiculous times.

    3. I too have thought about this issue. I think there is at least a little bit of ego at play here. Is it red-pill to get over your own ego and live by cheating or more red-pill to make your own way? Hard to say. Lots of variants. What about if my job is hostile takeovers and acquisitions . I am, definitionally, fucking people over but at the same time making my own way. I think you should only be bound by your own conscience and you should examine and reexamine your beliefs and adjust them as you move on.

      1. Life’s so much less complicated if youre a sociopath. I read they do not dream- when they go to sleep, its like turning off a light switch. It pops back on when they awaken. Not sure if this is true or not

        1. it is true. There are other issues though. They don’t feel particularly rested after sleep either. Sociopathy is an interesting thing and exists in different degrees in different people. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. The Hollywood image we get of the sociopath (Hannibal Lecter, Dexter, whatever) is actually what happens when sociopathy appears simultaneously with narcissism, psychopathy and sadosexual issues.
          There are plenty of people on the sociopathy scale to one degree or another who are going about their lives and finding that, like everything else, there are ups and downs to it.

        2. Interesting. For much of the trough of my life (about 15 years) I pretty much failed to dream. As I came back up, my dreams started to turn back on, with more frequency. Wonder what that says about me

        3. oh man….I know I am going to kick myself for not being able to figure this out.

        4. I have had exactly 2 dreams in my life….both of them very, very long ago and both I remember clear as day.

        5. “Paging Mike Rotch…Mike Rotch, you have a phone call…pick up the courtesy phone, please.”

        6. You mean people have depth, and aren’t skin-deep cardboard cutouts? Here I thought my cousin Leonard was enjoying his fava beans and Chianti.

        7. I knew a guy who claimed to see credits roll at the end of a dream.
          Mine sometimes have soundtracks which I’ve composed but then forget after taking a shower.

        8. that is impressive. I don’t even see credits roll at the end of a movie.

        9. I’ve never seen credits, but I’m convinced that all of my dreams are directed by the same guy. And he is a miserable son of a bitch.

      2. You’ve got to have your morality straight to start with. A lot of stuff is unpleasant but not immoral, like surgery. Some companies need to die and fewer people get hurt with sensible cuts than just pushing till the whole thing collapses.
        Hostile takeovers can only happen when the original owners decided to make that possible.
        A government that punishes you for doing business in the US and rewards you for outsourcing on the other hand…

      3. I’ve always thought the red pill philosophy was more refusing to allow yourself to be taken advantage of rather than taking advantage of others. No man needs to lie, cheat, and steal his way through life, but that doesn’t also mean he needs to lay down all the cards he’s holding either. Don’t let parasites steal from you. Insist on equal or greater value given in return for wealth and value.
        Hopefully I’m not wrong in my assessment.

        1. I think you are correct in your assessment but that there is more that goes into it. Red Pill philosophy comes from loads of different places. I don’t feel bound by a system of religious morals and some people here do. I don’t believe that makes one of us superior and the other inferior, in either direction, with reference to red pill philosophy. For me, along with seeing clearly to the point where you don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of there is an also a big component of honestly understanding yourself and your options, assessing them, choosing a path and then setting yourself on that path without consideration of what the rest of the world believes you should be doing.

      4. Depends. When it comes to women and sex, I have no problem lying to them or deceiving them to get what I want since I know their true natures. If they were sugar, spice and everything nice, I may feel bad about it. But it’s use them or they use you.

        1. I never lie to women and always get what I want.
          But even more than that, there seem to be a lot of Debbie downers, whiners and finger pointers — more than usual. My RL experiences do not seem to corrosion with what I read on manosphere sites like ROK

    4. When did you go to high school? I’m guessing within the last 10 to 20 years? You were in the progressive era, which means you (and everyone) else were ruled over by treacherous people. You see I prefer to not be a liar too etc. it’s innate as much as it is innate in you. No, we’re no chumps, it’s just that our kind of people are not in power.

    5. That is one of the few things that has bugged be about the red pill theology that I never agreed with. I am the sole bread winner for my family. I don’t resent it, I don’t feel that it makes me a slave to her. God gave us certain roles in life. Mine is to protect and provide, my wife’s is to take care of the kids and home. I make the decisions. She supports those decisions.
      Where SJWs threw a wrench in the relationship is when they told women that staying at home and doing their job is not fulfilling, and women should behave like men to find happiness. In doing so, they abandon their role as wife and mother and cause friction in the household.
      I suppose if she farmed out the role of mother and teacher to our school system or the TV (like most westernized women) I would feel used. The key is to have her take back her God given responsibility, not shirk your own.

      1. Now we get into the schism between MGTOW, Red-pill, and then Alpha-Beta role contrasts, as well as gender roles, and the worth of being a provider relative to the return on investment regarding your woman.
        You qualify your statement with your last paragraph. Providing for a quality woman is your expected role. Being a quality woman is her expected role. Unfortunately, too many men fill their role for a woman not filling hers. That makes them dupes.

        1. I suppose your last sentence defines the beta. My parents were like that. My dad was a good hard working man. My mom, on the other hand, did only a fraction of the chores and really didn’t pull her load. They are still married after 50+ years, but I don’t think I would want that kind of life.

        2. I wonder Jim. It seems like you have a marriage minded mentality and, as such, have found an appropriate woman. In fact, most men I meet who seem to be marriage minded and old fashioned happen to find women who fit the bill. It is the guys who have no idea why they are getting married like (ok, I guess that is next right) or the guys who get pressured into marriage by aging women who want to do whatever it is they want to do that wind up in a disaster. like to like and all ya know.

        3. I think it goes back to defining what you want out of life and going for it. You did that, and I respect that, although it is very different than the direction I took.
          I think of that quote on “The Karate Kid”, where Mr. Mayagi says something like, “Karate yes, or Karate no, if you to Karate guess so, and are in the middle of the road, you get squished like bug, in middle of road.
          To do so, I had to transform my life, as did you. The guys that get burned are the guys who take on a commitment, but do not commit themselves.

        4. This sounds exactly right. It occurs to me that this is the core of masculinity as well…not the details of how it turns out….but the commitment. Search yourself. Decide what you want in life. Understand the downsides along with the upsides. Accept the reality of the situation and then create yourself through words and deeds in such a way as to make your desired outcome your reality. Married? Single? Blue collar? White Collar? Vagabond? Settled down? Anything…..anything at all afterwards is just the details.
          Young men seem to make the mistake of thinking they want a perfect life rather than a life that perfectly suits them. We have been conditioned by modern culture to think we can have it all with no downsides, every young child can grow up not just to be anything but everything. You can flit your way through life and everything will not just be fine it will be spectacular! And then reality sticks its boot in your ass.
          Everyone wants to buy candy, but no one wants to shell out the Nickle

        5. yup, can’t have it all. I will never know what a threesome is like, and you will never know what being a grandparent is like.

        6. That’s good stuff. I quoted that very same passage the other day regarding the folly of the ‘have it all’ mindset.
          It’s also important to remember that making the commitment alone doesn’t make what follows any easier: I married the right woman, fine. But every single day is a battle against the natural impulse to pursue and sportfuk every female I make eye-contact with.

        7. Agreed, even if they are not as attractive, there is something in you that makes you want whatever is on the other side of the fence.
          Still, I will work out and eat right to keep my libido up, even if it does mean struggling with that.

        8. the trick is that we went into our respective lives with our eyes open to not just the prizes, but the drawbacks. To me, that is the whole ball of wax.
          My least favorite no true scotsman argument is the whole “real men don’t/real man do” argument. I don’t care what a man does, what he works with, how he makes his living…that is none of my business. I don’t see a “real men would never blah blah blah” as making any sense. The essence of masculinity in my book is making informed choices and seeing them through. What those choices are, unless there is a body count, really don’t matter to me.

        9. I think boundaries are important. I unintentionally flirt with lots of girls, it annoys my wife. However, never will I talk with anyone attractive in private.

        10. A friend of mine famously said:
          “but I only have one dick!”
          but seriously folks, it must depend entirely on the cast of participants.

        11. I have six kids, I have learned that parenting is actually getting easier with more rugrats. The thing is, they entertain each other. The oldest help take care of the youngest. I would bet you it would be the same with multiple wives. More mouths to feed, but at the same time, they would help keep each other happy.
          I’m not serious about it, but it is something to think about.

        12. I know it is a little crazy to say, but I am going on record as saying that threesomes are awesome.

        13. I have an uncle who says that…”5 wives…I can’t even stand one…can you imagine having to listen to all of them bitch”

        14. I don’t know Jim, you would answer better than me. However, I think this is wrong. Older children, from what I have seen, like younger children….taking care of them, helping out it seems to give them a sense of purpose. But I don’t care how much polygamy is ingrained, women just fucking hate one another. There is no way that 5 women could live in a house (let alone while all being married to one man) without just fucking wanting to kill each other.

        15. hey that isn’t so bad. Take it from a life long confirmed bachelor…the talking in private isn’t all that fun.

        16. In my long experience, threesomes (and moresomes) never work out. At best it might be ok with one night and a couple (or more) of strangers in your bed. Trying to make a triangular relationship work is just too hard. Keeping a straight line relationship between any man and any woman is hard enough; why would you inflict even greater hardship on yourself.

        17. I agree wholeheartedly with Oscar Wilde.
          “Bigamy is one wife too many, but then so is monogamy.”

        18. I would have to agree with you. Wife has been trying to get me to confess to that one, but learned a long time ago to not admit anything about prior experiences (it will be just used against you later).

        19. yup, reminds me of a job interview…..
          So…what is your major?
          I am doing civil engineering myself, what do you do for fun?……(mentally vomits)
          Not the same as hanging out with the guys around a bonfire, is it?

        20. each woman got her own eunuch guard who dubbed as her gay best friend to meet her emotional needs and serve as bitchy outlet?

        21. I used to have 6 kids. Now I have six adults (supposedly), and grandchildren. The latter situation is much to be preferred. However, wives are not kids, no matter how much they behave like children. They are out of control and impossible to discipline. My second wife died young and I raised the kids on my own. Dealing with children was a breeze compared to dealing with women, even the mother of my children who was the best woman I have ever known.

        22. My go to analogy is always something to the effect of: I don’t care what my plumber thinks about fashion why would I care about what a woman thinks about anything a man cares about. Women can be interesting, however. So long as you limit the scope of conversation to things that women understand.

        23. oh god yes. of course I meant one night or, at most, times when there was one girl I was seeing for a week or so any something organically occurs when her and a friend come to my place. Trying to bring a third party into an actual relationship seems like it would be suicide.

        24. You are probably right, my wife had some polygamist ancestors. I guess he had two houses side by side.

        25. I enjoy talking with my wife about humanity type subjects like religion, philosophy, art, politics (on a philosophical level), history or other things like that. It doesn’t matter if the hamster wheel goes round and round. You just go with the flow. Anything concrete like science, cars, planning the coming week, or anything specific seems like a chore with her. After the kids go to bed, I try to steer the subject towards sex.

        26. I don’t know, but I will guess:
          it requires a logical man that answers to the ruler to manage the catty little tarts…
          Not gay, but straight – and trustworthy!

        27. I have always wanted a second apartment, ideally a few builds away but on the same block, which I would just use for fornication so that I could leave my home as pure.
          I have never met any polygamists, men or women, but what I know about women is that they are bitchy to one another. I imagine polygamy game must be very specific and would probably be interesting. If I had to guess it would be a matter of playing the insecurities of your wives against each other like an insolated version of dread game.

        28. right….all the gay best friend lack of testosterone from the castration coupled with the fact hat they weren’t actually homosexuals.

        29. Brigham young enforced a rule that every wife live in a separate dwelling. That just seems like survival.

        30. That seems like it would be a good start….but you know that when you are over there with wife 2 wife 4 is going to be on the phone with wife 5 calling wife 2 a whore.

        31. Those a-rab sheiks seem to have it down pat….but being worth 50 billion dollars tends to help keep the women happy.

        32. They did it back when they followed around flocks of sheep, but then, extra tents are cheap.

        33. I guess that is true. They have only been oil billionaires for what, 70-80 years now?

        34. Very true. You have to have the right people
          . i have several times. An incredible experience each time.

        35. Nah. Its more like cult-leader game.
          You have to be inclusive.
          And be strong about rewarding good behavior, as well as making an example out of bad behavior.

        36. having your dick sucked by two hot women is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Yes sometimes alcohol, molly, strangers and, the next morning, very bad feelings are involved but it is worth it….always.

        37. another analogy would be that of digging a well. would it make more sense to drill 20 shallow holes or drill one very deep hole. digging 20 shallow ones guarantees you will never strike the black gold, while digging one deep there is at least a decent enough chance.

        1. Happiness can be found wherever you go. (within reason). If you ever have the time, read a book (or watch a cheesy movie on You Tube) called “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Tenboom. Her family was Christian and got caught smuggling Jews out of Nazi Germany and was sent to a concentration camp. She found happiness there by helping others out. One quote was something like “Be thankful for the biting fleas. Why? Because they keep the Germans out of our building”
          I think the main thing is decide what you are going to do, and do it. Half-assed is a sure way to lose satisfaction in whatever you do.

      2. And how you will have her take back her responsability? Women of today aren’t the same as 30+ years ago.

        1. That is the $20,000 question, isn’t it? I don’t think there are any easy answers. I am sure you heard a list of answers, like:
          Start off with quality material. virgin, feminine, domestic
          Don’t let her work
          throw away the TV
          start having babies from day one
          be in charge, but not a tyrant ( let her make 90% of the decisions, which are all the unimportant or inconsequential questions, you make the big decisions)
          go to church every Sunday, read the bible as a family every day
          meals at the table
          play with the kids
          play with the wife (in and out of the bedroom)
          maintain your game (don’t cheat, but keep her thinking she is in competition)
          Don’t be afraid to speak up when she is falling short of your expectations, but reinforce it with increased love afterwards.
          I don’t know….just be a man and expect her to be a woman.

        2. Most of those things never work today. I guess treating women like shit and use them for sex is easier.

        3. It depends on whether you are married. Treating her like shit will have short term gains but long term losses. I will tease the hell out of my wife. But I treat her good when I am sincere. That being said, if you are not looking for a long term relationship, you can capitalize on the short term gains.

        4. Mate i’m only 23 & not even in a relationship. I realized that women are only good for one thing so I rather use them for sex or pay a hooker. Getting married nowadays isn’t worth it since you pay out of your ass for what you get.

        5. In 15 years maybe I would change my mind, maybe start a relationship but i’m afraid the situation will became worse & no one wants to marry a cum dumper who’s over 40.

        6. 23 is when I burned out on bar hag and cleaned myself up . Day game quality girls is tougher but it is the way to go

        7. Actually i’m shy to talk with girls, also think they are all a waste of time except for the sex but when trying game usually I do night game in bars & clubs.

        8. I hate clubs. All they are good for is the quick lay. If the same girl is picked up at a grocery store or on the street she will act more virtuous and worth more

        9. One thing you might try is get with a friend of yours and figure out a double date you can do in two weeks or so. Then you just approach a girl at the store and tell her about it Virtuous girls tend to be more responsive if you have a plan and go with another couple. That and it keeps the conversation on the date from turning into a job interview

        10. Dude I rather find them at clubs because at least when they are in clubs, for once they are honest about themselves!

        11. Double date with who if I don’t pick up anyone? I rather go out with a friend, enjoy some drinks & bang hookers lol

        12. Fair enough but Don’t complain about the quality of women out there. Funny thing about picking up trash, that is what you tend to get

        13. The ‘real girls’ you talk about only exists in fairy tales and those girls you met in grocery shops are those same sluts you find in the clubs since they also go there. If you met her in club she might fuck after buying her plenty of drinks, while if met her in grocer she makes you wait. Hookers at least are more honest about the transaction.

        14. A girl don’t have to visit clubs to be a slut. It could be a girl who is good at being a ‘fake good girl’. Seen plenty of those trust me!

        15. “Seen plenty of those, trust me”……Me too it isn’t like you can go to church a couple times and then you are in a new world of hot virgins. It took me about 3 years of cleaning up my life learning the culture and picking up subtle differences between those who are genuine and the hypocrites Not easy but it is worth it. Then comes the maintenance aspect, you are the alpha which means she will follow your level of morality if she notices hypocrisy in your life, she will follow

    6. Some people are born to exploit. Maybe its a gene or something. The rest of us either get exploited or outsmart the exploiters to live beyond the cycle.

        1. like feminists, black lives matters protesters, sjws, fags, transdoodles and the rest of the shallow end of the gene pool low life mongrels they need someone to blame for why they suck and looking inside themselves and figuring out where there flaws are and trying to correct them is simply too much work.

        2. No, and certainly not all jews Steve, but their role in virtually all of the modern world’s plight is absolutely undeniable — Bolshevism, Marxism, Communism, Feminism, Liberalism, usury / banking etc. Being expelled by legal mandate in over 110 countries in the last 700 years or so should be telling us something, no? The rabid Sabbatean-Frankist-Zionist leadership of the Ashkenazi jewish community, who bleed Marxism and Satanism, are the real problem, not the jews you’re likely to meet and get to know superficially.
          In point of fact, the so-called jewish leadership is not really jewish in the way most people would define it — Torah, Mosaic Law, temple going, etc. The real leadership is into the Talmuds, Cabala, Satanism, Occult and Frankist / Sabbatean doctrines, which is seriously bad news for all non-jews (goys) and even Sephardic & Ethiopian jews.

        3. Way too reactionary and over-simplified Knee — too predictable for a guy of your intellect and wit, me thinks.

        4. I’ll bet Perry “Mason” would never defend them in court (hoodwink, hoodwink, etc.)…

        5. I don’t think so friend. There is nothing complicated or hard to understand about the white national types. They are just feminists with a different set of beliefs but the same motives, motivations, neurosis, insecurities and human failures. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link I feel that the manosphere chain is a weak one indeed thanks to small and weak group think morons who need to point fingers at collective groups to cover up for their own failures and the failures of their fathers.

        6. I’m sorry you equate “white nationalists” with people of all colors and nationalities who are simply trying to identify and rid themselves of the parasitic entities (literal and metaphorical) among us.

        7. leaving aside the indelicacies of some of the above isn’t it perhaps getting some of this into the open so that people can actually discuss it rather than sweeping forever under the carpet. People as substantial as Gershom Scholem may well have been a sabbatean, but seemed to balk at the idea of Frankism (considering Frank a terrifying figure). I still can’t make my mind up about the Sabbatai, but it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore to deny his influence, particularly if to do so may be to promote misunderstanding and possibly anti-semitism with it

        8. much truth Mobius. There is absolutely things that probably could use a lot of light shined on them. It is also true that black lives do in fact matter. The police should not go up to random black people and murder them. That would be bad. As for the faggots….they shouldn’t be run down in the streets and beat within an inch of their lives. And women? Women should not be raped and savagely beaten. There is always a point. If you want to scrape out the reasonable and intelligent top 2% of any movement you will find that they all have some valuable insights to contribute. It is the mental and moral defects that make up the other 98% that go along for the ride because that movement makes them feel like special snowflakes that cause the problems.
          I am a big believer in the power of shame. Laziness, fatness, stupidity, weakness, cowardliness should all be shamed. Societal shame is a strong tool. Too many people have too much selfish motivation to point fingers at others for all of their problems because it a) makes them feel special and b) justifies their failures as men. This is something that also needs to be shamed.

        9. I understand the concern with risk but then risk is used to justify everything these days. If there is a risk, yes you may have to manage it, but does that mean you necessarily have to manage it in a particular way? And what if it’s not just about risk, but convenience, or about not dealing with thorny issues. With regards to shame as a management strategy that does depend on a pretty dim rather than necessarily realistic view of human nature: people have a capacity to self-correct and evaluate and correct each other if necessary. One can rule out demogoguery with the right prep, and arguably populism is running away right now (hopefully for better rather than worse but one can never tell really…) precisely because these things are allowed to fester. I believe people need to be treated as adult, even if one has to allow for the possibility that they won’t meet that expectation. Arguments need to be made in the open. There are pros and cons for all of these things

        10. again we agree. However, there are arguments and there are arguments. There are people with sounds points to make which present dispassionate explanations of those points and debate and consider each part along the way. I have nothing but respect for that and thing that it is key to an intelligent and enlightened populous. However, when the vast majority of it is just Step 1) Point finger Step 2) Scream JOOOOOOSSSSSS then I lose my ability to take people seriously and put them directly into the camp of people who ought to be shamed if acknowledged at all.

        11. Plenty of lily white Nordic and Celtic and Other white leadership in those too. I guess if you only see what you want to see, you’ll always see what you expect to see. Kind of like…confirmation bias if you think about it.

        12. yes, of course, I appreciate that. Single factor finger pointing explanations aren’t likely to help very much or explain very much, but one could easily conclude that such problems are exacerbated by allowing peoples imaginations a blank canvas so to speak to think and fear the worst. When that happens, fantastic theories are often generated, with the consequence that they can often be easily dismissed intellectually, but this is at the cost of repressing the entire issue. I believe – to reference Chomsky – if ‘intellectuals’ demonstrate responsibility – including truthfulness – then they can lead rather than mislead those who may be less well positioned to evaluate particular types of information. Wouldn’t it be better to bring this stuff to the surface in a responsible and managed way. If people are treated like adults there is a good chance they will behave like adults

        13. I think you are right that imagination exacerbates the problem and that stuff being brought to the light would help. But here is the problem with that: humans. The frail egos of so many people involved will never believe the story is correct or complete until it makes them feel special. The truth is, some people have sucky lives simply because they suck and no amount of conspiracy, even if it is true, will fix that. Because of that, those people (who are universally louder and more obnoxious as well as being greater in numbers to sensible and intelligent men of character) will never be satisfied with even the truth and will constantly continue to create. This is in no way to say that people should not ask questions, but only to point out that in the end even in an ideal situation where people fully understand the truth, the problem doesn’t go away.
          Say what you want about Marx, and sure there is a lot of bad to say, but he was right about one thing: class warfare is real. The poor have always begrudged the wealthy. It reminds me of nurses (my sister is a nurse) and how they, almost every single one of them, will act as if the doctor is a totally unnecessary component in the health care show and it is all about quality nursing. Whether it is slaves and masters, blue collar and white collar, nurses and doctors, smart and dumb, blah blah blah there will always be resentment and morons (who btw make up the vast majority of people) will always be unsatisfied and looking for someone to blame.

        14. Put your head back in the sand, Steve, and let the intelligent adults discuss the matter.

        15. Not really GOJ, but please tell us again how awesome your wife is and how married life is so wonderful and how your son is crushing everything in his path, and how you have a tonne of $$$ through brilliant investments and decisions. Because we readers here at ROK really don’t get enough of your constant humble-bragging.

        16. Oh, no normal white people controlling anything then? Wow, no wonder you feel like such a victim. Poor you, you never really had a chance, did you?
          Pathetic little whiner.

        17. It all depends on how you define “white” and how you define “jew” GOJ. “Normal white people” don’t have the innate desire to be psychopathic controllers, although certainly some white-skinned people have committed awful deeds — history is full of examples. Normal white people also don’t change their surnames and hide their identities typically, although there is one group of people — who often have lighter colored skin — who have a looooong history of name changing and obfuscation of identities. Hollywood is the perfect cesspool of such behavior.

        18. Just insert “Jew” every third sentence. Brilliant and so original! You go boy(or should I say goy)!

        19. You forgot how he always has hot young chicks throwing themselves at him.

          (my one dig at goj)

    7. annoys me too.
      I grew up where having a reputation as a freeloader or con-man was
      Everyone was trustworthy and hard working.
      These traits, leaned form my parents, and amigos has got me far in life. sure.
      But, like my dad, and dad’s of various girlfriends’ – I get so pissed off observing the anti-social, semilegal short cuts others take.

      1. Question: how do you look at morally nebulous but incredibly hard working people who find little corners to exploit in investment banking, hedge fund management, utility deregulation and stuff like this? It isn’t like they are freeloading their way through life. A lot of these guys are very smart and incredibly hard working. They do step on a lot of people and often times people wind up getting hurt in the process so they aren’t exactly the nicest people though many of them are working within legal loopholes which they find and exploit.

        1. good question.
          Lets take Mortage Backed Securities – MBS.
          Like in the Movie “The Big Short”
          Inverse Interest Only loans?? WTF!
          I overheard Traders laugh and said “paying up their home loan”.
          Out of all the players in the chain from:
          Home “owner”,
          Real Estate Agents,
          Bond Issuers,
          Bond traders,
          Bond Investors…
          Government Regulation and Oversight…
          The ONLY significantly illegal, fraudulent action was performed by the rating agencies…
          They issued AAA ratings on junk bonds…

        2. I would have had no qualm about making this same move, even if the morals weren’t that great. Further, after the rating agencies, the “home owner” or average person is really the one who seems, to my lights, to be the one to blame.

        3. yes. Is true.
          many applied for loans having no income etc.
          The applications were not verified.
          So illegal? yea -kinda fraud…
          But, real high end fraud is with the government over site, and ratings.
          Is imperative that financial instruments ratings have some fungible veracity…

        4. I never bought the ‘predatory lending’ persecutions…..It’s like blaming the pusher more than the junkie.
          Personal responsibility, friends….

        5. It’s too inconvenient (See: The Third Rail) for anyone of substance to blame their consumers/voters.

        6. I met a guy in Florida that was flipping houses, along with much smarter and wealthier friends.
          He had a reality check about 2006, and decided to cash out and buy a yacht. “houses just can’t double in price in 1 or 2 years”
          His friends mocked and shamed him. And continued to double their money and investments. And eventually got caught when the music stopped and lost everything…including their wives.
          And he lives modestly on a sailboat.

        7. I agree with this 100% and with vigorous passion. I am sorry, I lived through this time. Plenty of people were offering me insane loans and insane investments and insane mortgages. I could have had a 3 bedroom condo on the UWS with a yacht in manhattan harbor juggling payments no problem. But without even having to think too much of it I knew it was a really fucking terrible idea.Jeez Louise….this didn’t take a person learned in business and banking to understand. It is simple. Bankers are sharks. That is why they became bankers. And if something seems too good to be true it almost always is. Anyone who was greedy and stupid enough to jump in head first and get fucked well……sorry pal your own fault. Like blaming a pit boss because you lost your life savings at a roulette wheel.

        8. My parents were pegged for a house (at minimum) twice the value they ended up buying. And the one they actually ended up buying, while affordable, was still too expensive, and generally too much house.

        9. Yup. When I bought my house, the mortgage broker sent some bimbo to tell us “how much we could afford” based on our financials. I told her she was high on crack cocaine if she thought I’d volunteer for payments that high. Fuk that, fuk her and we paid OFF our tiny house in 5 yrs flat.

        10. “Lives modestly on a sailboat”- I assume he never married? Good luck trying to find a woman today who is willing to live this way. And, if you can find her, she is probably a keeper.

        11. Its nuts! What they SAY you can afford doesn’t take into account many variables, like, say REAL LIFE.

        12. It was like a mad house. I remember a time when I had a salary of about 60k and could easily have taken out a 1m mortgage and enough personal loans to cover a 20% downpayment. I was young at the time and it was temping as fuck but—ya know—just…..say……no

        13. I’m looking at $160 right now. Btw the American average is 180. I wanna 15-year it, and cut it down to 10 years by the end.

        14. housing market is like a woman……you are stuck with a terrible investment if you don’t know when to pull out

        15. but the point is, when a guy in a 2000 dollar suit and some hot bitch in heels are talking about numers in the millions and how this is going to be such a great idea for me, it didn’t take years of business school for me to realize I was being fucked over. I don’t blame the bankers. I blame the people. They were blinded by greed.

        16. One guy had one eye, and the other was a fat fuk. My guess is that their collective catchment area was THAT narrow!

        17. you can totally afford this monthly payment so long as you double your hours working which should be fine because you will never be able to afford to go out and you will have to eat nothing but tinned tuna. But it will only be for 30 years. After that you should be fine.

        18. …and no one EVER loses their job or gets sick ,taxes and insurance NEVER go up, and the value of your home will increase exponentially forever!

        19. God, new York makes it fucking hard. I am hoping that in the next 24 months to finally get a condo. I have been working at saving for the down payment for nearly 10 years. If I get a good enough deal, and I probably can because I am in the business, I should be able to keep my mortgage payments + CC + taxes to about the same or even a little less than I pay for rent. The only upside is that when the mortgage is paid off, short of a nuclear holocaust end of world scenario, that apartment will sell for enough money for me to disappear into retirement and never need to work again.

        20. what about smurfette….I think there is probably a lesson about sexual marketplace to be learned from the smurfs.

        21. Missmurfnation is the biggest threat we face. There is nothing we need to learn from a bunch of alt-mushroom blue supremacists.

        22. In 4th grade my friend and I would gleefully draw pogrom-like scenes of smurf villages being destroyed and their occupants brutalized…
          Pretty fukked up, looking back. Glad its out of my system.

        23. “missmurfination” is amazing!
          The problem with the smurfs is that they never were able to convincingly use abundance mentality in the sexual market place.

        24. I was an idiot and bought too big of a house in 2006, still haven’t got totally on my feet. Next time, I will do the same.

        25. “They were blinded by greed.”
          Talk to an auditor sometime. That’s why embezzlers get caught.

        26. With a family the size of yours, my house (800 sf, 1ba, attached…) wouldn’t have been too good a fit !

        27. A good friend of mine has 8 kids in a single wide trailer. The girls sleep in the living room. It can be done.

        28. Really great products barely need sales people (marketing so people know it exists sure). No one has to work at selling you something you clearly need or just know you would enjoy.
          When there’s that much glitz on something, you know something’s up.

        29. There is a now defunct blog I really like called thelastpsychiatrist. THe guy was really bright, really. I am sad it is gone. Anyway, he has an article about the advertising for Patek Phillippe watches where he talks about not the 1% but rather the aspirational 14% under them….the working rich who are trying to create heritable wealth. He has this line like “1%rs from European aristocracy don’t need an advertisement to tell them that Patek Phillippe is the watch they should buy, they had finishing school to learn that. It is the 14% of people who are the working rich who want to be the heritable wealth dynasty rich tht need clarification on which $80k watch symbolizes the stability of a dynasty.
          In the same way, we are all being sold on something. I am working on building a high rise building. The very look of the building is selling people on a particular lifestyle when they walk past it. Office building elevators and movies, and bankers and the bible are all in the business of selling something to someone. So no, nothing needs selling….but everything gets sold. The trick is to understand the product and the process. The seller wants the $ more than the product. Why? Why is it worth it for the seller to sell? What do they see in the product that makes them think they are getting the better end of the deal. They may be wrong of course. You may win in the end. But no one selling you something THINKS they are the ones getting the shaft.

        30. What is funny is we will use the oldest as a babysitter sometimes, instead of her coming over, our five oldest will go over there to hang out. You open the door and it looks like they are having an orgy, with clothes on. 13 kids, all laying on the floor or couches, playing tetris or something.

        31. I’m not of the mind that status symbols are what I need to spend my money on. I never understood people like that. I like nice things, yes, but I like them for the utility and/or beauty that they provide *me*, not because I’m “supposed” to have XYZ watch to impress another group of people all out trying to buy XYZ watch. What a horrible way to live, heh.

        32. I am a bit of a watch junky. Watches kind of are an obsession of mine. I can watch youtube videos of movements and complications all day long. The thing about this particular brand is that it isn’t a very statusy watch. It is understated and the price is in the attention to detail which is god level. The larger point is that PP has been supplying watches to nobility and men of wealth with refined tastes for 175 years now. The advertisements that the company has aren’t selling the watches to those types of people. However, there is a sense that the ads try to give off. For instance, the company slogan is “you never actually own a patek Phillippe, you merely hold it for the next generation” they are selling a feeling of becoming part of an established order which the working wealthy really don’t have. It isn’t a question of keeping up with the joneses. It is more of a psychological cue to oneself that they are no longer merely doing well, but they have set roots in the way that dynastic families have. The article is a quite brilliant breakdown of the advertisement.

        33. Ideally no one is getting the shaft. I let go of something that means less to me than what I’m buying, the other guy does the same. We value things differently and both profit from the difference. Nobody is screwing anybody, it’s not a sin to let go of money in exchange for something you want and only you know if it is worth it to YOU. The only way to lose is to be deceived about what you’re buying or the price. It really is subjective otherwise.
          Real sales is finding buyers and presenting in a way that appeals to their values. Anyone who thinks they have a secret sauce that can mindfuck a guy (without lying) into acting against his own known interests is kind of fooling themselves. A lot of great salesmen do this instinctually and a lot of other great salesmen just go the lying route.
          Love TLP, his definition of narcissism really blew me away. That’s what the watches and other bullshit is about, the customer values an image of themselves more than even what they actually like. Every time a hipster says fuck it and eats KFC instead of kale and quinoa just because they like it, I suspect the devil cries and God laughs.

        34. Yea. I read that blog too. Great stuff.
          Its just like the lexus-as-a-present commercials they put kut this time of year.

          Its hard work to sell junk
          Dope sells itself.
          The real trick is to convince people youve got the purest dope and they need it.

    8. I think that the sociopathic stuff is stressed way too much by some people.
      Yes, everybody tells a lie now and then. That doesn’t mean that everybody continually lies about everything. By the same token, some things about culture and society are utter and complete fabrications. That doesn’t mean that all of culture and society is one giant lie.
      Just a bit too much of the whole “throw the baby out with the bathwater” in these kind of things for my liking.

    9. The article kind of frames the ruler as the winner, but he is not. I have at least 5 close friends/clients who are multimillionaires. One of them has a co. making 90 million a year. Are these happy people? No, it doesn’t look like it. They are crazy, obsessed with work, and blow all of their time and money acquiring more possessions. I can only assume billionaires and elite have a similar conundrum.
      But I think we can learn from them. Some people born in this pampered society will feel victimized regardless of circumstance. That’s why an alpha is great. He understands that even perfect decisions will hurt some feelings. There is a difference between two people cheating and lying to each other, and two people making an honest trade of services. If somebody loses out big time, then they hopefully learn and grow from the experience. In my opinion:
      Predictability is a form of trust. In a world of liars, only the selfish man is predictable. You can trust he will do what benefits him. Provide value to him, and maybe you can go along for the ride.

    10. in that light i used to work in “high finance” for 10 years. People in finance have their own language to make it seem more complicated than it actually is. Really they just rip people off. I had to quit and I am taking the road less travelled, earning peanuts. But that was a personal choice.

        1. Lady Dowager: Now where are those three communist dictators I hired

  10. How’s this for some blue-pill propaganda? Paid for by the Canadian tax-payer. A mock music video saying that white genocide is inevitable and the alt-right (mentioned at 0:41) should get over it.
    My American brothers, can you guys just nuke Canada already and get it over with?

        1. yup.
          Ha…now I am thinking about Johnny LaRue’s Discount Deprivarama.

      1. And 5x more downvotes than upvotes.
        Ironically, these scum are doing the alt-right a favour by proving them correct in the public sphere.

        1. Canadian Broadcasting Corp is a crown corporation. Who really calls the shots is a good question.

    1. Many years ago I found myself in a rather enlightening conversation with a local news station about this very issue. I called them out on their use of props to report the news. They responded they consider using props on screen to be perfectly reasonable and ethical. I suggested that what was on screen was an integral part of the report, and needed to be as equally honest as what was said, especially since they made no effort to inform the viewers that props were being used. Their final response was short and along the lines of ‘shut up, you’re not a journalist’. This was basically the point at which I stopped watching any TV.

  11. Been reading here for a few years now- first time commenting
    here gentlemen!
    A man will seek to advance his species through the study of
    sciences, mathematics, history and also by reading the knowledge left behind by
    others. He looks to leave behind a legacy that can be studied and learned from
    so that others might not have a life as difficult as theirs was. Women can only
    seek to advance themselves as it is in their nature to continuously compare
    themselves amongst each other and seek the life that makes them envied by their peers. Of course, it’s evident that most of this is done through a web of deceit.
    The largest difference I see between the 2 species is that a woman’s vision is only in the here and now and is full of self-serving instant gratification, while men’s vision will take you years into the future and will achieve a much fuller
    gratification as each step is built on the previous one.

  12. The Winona Ryder shoplifting incident certainly comes to mind with that closing sentence.
    Oh c’mon! That was 16 years ago. Keep in mind this poor woman grew up in a commune and has Timothy Leary for a godfather, and was a mess-up child forced into showbiz at a young age. Johnny Depp got his hooks into when she was 17. Plus, she’s had some history of mental issues. She’s paid her debt to society and is now on a very successful Netflix show. You gotta give her credit for rising from the ashes to turn her life around, reignite her career, and have sense not to procreate and pass the crazy down to her kids.

      1. Yeah, she fucked up and paid for it big time. Her career was all but over. But instead of whining about it until she faded into complete obscurity, she spent YEARS working shit jobs and is now successful again.

      1. I haven’t seen it yet, but I will take your word for it. But if she can use her mental state to her advantage and make good tv, well….good for for her.

        1. well she’s convincing in the role, although not everybody likes her character. I’d say on the whole I like her in it, but I’m not sure I could take another series

        2. Hopefully, she has the foresight to wisely save and invest the $$ she makes from this series.

        3. she’ll probably save wisely. Doesn’t mean she won’t steal though. She didn’t need to do it the first time round

    1. I don’t support white knighting bad behavior. Plenty of women have screwed up childhoods and go on to live normal lives without breaking the law. We can’t justify bad behavior every time a girl tells us she was molested or raped or whatever millionaire Winona Ryder used as an excuse to shoplift (I think it was getting ready for a movie through method acting).

  13. I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but why the fuck is Donald Trump allowing Melania to live in New York with their kid, while he is in the White House? At a cost of $1 Million a day to New York so they are safe. Isn’t that corporate welfare? How is this ok to anyone?

    1. Because he wants his son to finish school before transfering in May. As he just cancelled the Boeing contract for a new Air Force One saving taxpayers $4 billion (if the news feed is correct), I wouldn’t sweat it.

      1. His son is 10. His school can’t be THAT good to justify $1 Million day. Tell his wife and kid to get their asses to D.C.
        As for the Boeing contract, he hasn’t cancelled anything yet. It is just talk at the moment.

        1. Trump could take the cost himself, apply it to his income of $1.00 and then right it off on his taxes for a nice tax refund. That will make everyone happy… amiright?
          After watching the affrimative action hire, the biggest government spender In world history, blow through +$10 trillion, I wouldn’t get my panties in a wad about the cost of a security detail to protect the mans son. There seems to be a lot of lefty nut bags who have conveyed they want to kill him and his family and NOW the media is concered about costs? Bwahh ha hha. Peddle the concern some where else.

        2. Well, if he want to pay for it himself, that’s ok by me. And I don’t blame people for being pissed about the costs. If he was so concerned about his family’s safety, wouldn’t they be MUCH SAFER in D.C.? Trump needs to put his foot down in this one, because it looks like he can’t even control his wife.

        3. Let me know when Trump spends more on security for his family than Obama did for his family’s frequent holidays, then will talk.
          I simply don’t believe a word of the sudden concern trolling about costs to the taxpayers. That’s about 8 years to late.

        4. Ok, we can take the cost to taxpayers off the table.
          Why the fuck hasn’t Trump make his wife and kid to D.C.? If YOU were president, would you be ok with your family doing their own thing in another state?

        5. There is nothing stipulating in the Constitution nor in law that the POTUS has to live in the White House. Maybe if he avoids that shack, then the public can resume doing tours of it that do not invoke full body scans and pat downs for a while.
          Security is going to be high no matter where he stays.

        6. I never said there was anything that says the POTUS has to live in the White House, so I am not even sure why you brought that up. But let’s be real, a husband and his wife and child should all be living under the same roof. Trump is placating Melania, it is painfully obvious, and a bit embarrassing. He’s suppose to run the whole GD country and he can’t even get his wife to listen to him.

        7. Because you’re demanding that he move to the WH. I was just noting that he really doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. And…that security would be costly in either case.
          How he structures his life really isn’t my concern, to be frank. Maybe he isn’t placating to Melania and is instead insisting that she stay when she actually wants to move into the WH? Who knows? Further, why should anybody care?

        8. Where am I demanding he live in the White House? I am asking why can’t they live under the same roof.

        9. Your second sentence in your prior post. You seemed fixated on the Trumps moving schedule.

    2. Better than having them move to lower class and less opulent surroundings in the White House.

  14. from Woodpile Report
    When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
    Ayn Rand

  15. “This adaptation also explains why weakling liars (i.e. Obama) often end up in positions of power rather than dominant Alpha males.”
    And your primitive, bestial mind explains why animals like you will always be at the margins of society instead of leading it.

  16. The first stage begins by accepting that all of mainstream society is a deliberate dishonesty – and that is only a baby step. The Blue Pill is merely an acknowledgment that you have been living a social lie – and that is the easy part. But, eventually, you will come to realize that the Red Pill is, itself, just a higher order of deceit; the Manosphere is simply a more sophisticated form of deception. Ultimately, you will have to assume that you are never going to escape these layers of falsehood. You are never going to find any truth in this world – so the best thing to do is not to waste your time looking. Focus inward, and you will never be bothered by such a mirage.

    1. thats true to an extent, however, the red pill is, IMHO, a necessary step for many people in order to ultimately “go inward”. i.e. most people can’t go directly from the blue pill world to realizing the deepest manifestation of their own human spirit and soul. Of course there are other “routes” to take. I practice yoga and that could be a way to go. But the funny thing is, yoga has been 99% co-opted by liberals, so most people who take up yoga are going backwards rather than forwards to removing their chains of the material world (just check yoga pics on IG for proof of that).

  17. One of th great revelations of the 2016 election was the exposure of the mainstream media and all their lies and collusion with the DNC and Hillary.There were two alternate realities. The Blue pill people and the democrats were lied to by corrupt mainstream media. Even the liars believed their own bullshit.The Trumpers were clued in to more honest news outlets like Brietbart,Wikileaks,Project Veritas, Infowars, Drudge report and many others on social media with their reporters that were spot on. It was a glaring case of Really two different mindsets at polar ends of the spectrum.Self rightous beta blue pill liberals and Alpha red pill Trumpers. The left were convinced they had the election sewn up.They believed whole heartedly because they believed in a completely corrupt and obsolete paradigm..Then reality came crashing down election night when the liberals were defeated by alt news and the united alt right. The alt news sites told the truth with facts while the MSM dealt in bogus poll numbers and lie after lie. This was a huge eye opener and only made me wonder how long have the msm been lying and milseading the American people for the gain of the elites and the media that plays ball with a deeply corrupt system and government. This whole phenomenon will further expose SJW’s and cultural marxists on how their agenda is dangerous and toxic for a normal and healthy society. People are going to wake up en mass to this deeply corrupt system and try to reform. Trump is the just the guy to lead the way.

    1. I at least take the time to visit sites like the Huggington Post, but I can’t say the same for them. Those on the left have become a caricature opposite of the Fox News audience and arguably more close-minded. Those of us on the other side of the political spectrum were more concerned with philosophy,finance,economics, and geopolitics regarding candidate choice, while those voting for Hillary were primarily concerned with nothing more than identity politics and social justice. The latter can hardly be said to have the mindset of an adult, but rather that of a naive child.
      Plato stressed the need for a well-informed populace in order to keep society from voting in tyranny. Useful idiots like Miley Cyrus and Madonna almost succeeded in electing tyranny and they are actually crying about it. All they saw was the hunk of flesh known as Hillary Clinton “the woman” and not all the nefarious character pulling her strings such as George Soros,Tom Steyer, and other cultural terrorists.
      A society that tries to get rid of bullies and offensive language and fails to promote masculine virtues such accountability, integrity, and delayed gratification will keep pumping out dim-witted,clueless, and quixotic One-Worlders who push for a dystopian cashless, classless, and genderless society.

  18. Regarding the cover pic. I just have to say I think Sofia Vergara is ugly. She has the mouth of a frickin shark.

  19. Ah yes, the “blue pill vs red pill” philosophy taken from The Matrix. You know, that movie about two minorities and a woman fighting a group represented by legions of white males that aims to control and assert their dominance over them while tricking them into thinking that everything is all right. I’m absolutely sure that this is what they wanted you to take away from that movie.

    1. I assume you mean that Neo is one of the minorities given that he is a man and men are in minority population to women.
      Your argument however represents liberal and SJW practices. The white men are depicted as the bad guys and used as an avatar for the machines (liberals) as they assert their dominance through manipulation and altering of what is considered right and right and tricking the populace into thinking everything is bad when it’s not and that its not them who are the enemy but white men

      1. I was referring to how Neo’s an Asian American. You aren’t a minority just because you identify as a certain part of a gender binary.
        Also… are you really going to ignore how the machines are portrayed as manipulating people to make them think everything’s fine when in reality they’re treating them as unequal? How even when one of the white male agents breaks free of the machines’ control later on, he’s still trying to destroy Neo out of hate and spite? How the one to betray the heroes in the first movie is the one white man of the group who’s doing so to go back to convincing himself that everything is all right and he doesn’t have to worry about what people are going through?

  20. Precisely why Im getting rid of my laptop soon. Haven’t been on the internet for a month. I’ve been out observing and talking to people in real life all this shit on tv is garbage and false. People treat me ALOT better when I dress and look well…especially women.
    This social media shit is crap and females (wether their wrong or not) will be praised and defended, with their stupid ass sissy posts about them choosing the wrong guy…as if these bitches didn’t know he was a fucking bum…bitches man…bitches…

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