5 Excellent Retirement Countries For Masculine Men

The recent election of Donald Trump has given a renewed sense of hope for the reemergence of traditional masculinity in the United States, and across the western world for that matter. Rather than “Going Galt” to an unnamed non English speaking country as early as possible, red pill men are feeling compelled to remain, fight back, and make their home nations great again.

This is a wonderful development and I encourage and applaud such behavior. However, this does not change the fact that many of us will want to enjoy our later years in much warmer, relaxed, and affordable locales than many of the countries we originally hail from. It is only in human nature (or even survival if money is relatively tight), and the following five countries are very good choices for more conservative leaning men who are over 50.



While many would argue it is too overrun with Westerners, Thailand is a perennially popular destination with retirees for a reason. It is “3rd world” to a very high standard (health care, infrastructure, food selection, street cleanliness and internet speeds are by and large good) and costs are very low when you simply aren’t being involved in any mass tourism activities.

The affordability, delicious food, massages ($6 USD for a one hour Thai massage), relative ease of English-speaking services, and year round warm weather are worth the price of admission alone for many older men, especially from super feminist and heavily overpriced Australia. Lots of Scandinavian men also have an affinity with Thailand for similar reasons.

Key drawbacks of the country are the fact that you will never truly fit in with the local culture (you are little more than a walking and breathing ATM), the shaky political scenarios the country is prone to, and the large amount of scumbag tourists passing through every week. Oh and that whole ladyboy culture as well. Gross.



Malaysia (specifically peninsular Malaysia) is a somewhat more overlooked option in Southeast Asia. This is primarily due to it’s modestly higher costs compared to Thailand, along with it’s Muslim-dominated government which slaps a giant tax on alcoholic beverages.

Nonetheless, Malaysia (and specifically Kuala Lumpur and Penang) is becoming a good choice for retirement due to it’s high standard of health care and infrastructure, warm weather, food choices, relatively low cost of living, strong English language skills, and the fact that the country does not draw any of the degenerate yahoo tourists which infect neighboring Thailand with the never-ending street puking and aura of sexual sleaze.

For single men, the quality of Indian-Malaysian women or Chinese-Malaysian women isn’t too shabby in places like Kuala Lumpur or Penang either. (Some people like to give the false impression that you can’t get laid in this country at all.)

The chief drawbacks of the country for older men are having to live under the clutch of Islam, the high prices of alcohol they enforce, and massage and spa services cost somewhere between two to three times as much as Thailand. However, especially in cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur and Penang, the Islamic influence is very modest, and there are plenty of opportunities to date the large number of infidels which reside there.


“You are gay” jokes aside, the small nation of Uruguay is a peaceful gem in an otherwise relatively dangerous continent. The country is borderline 1st world, has a stable currency, is not crowded, has decent beaches, and is far removed from many of the most pressing issues in the world (mass migrations, West vs. Islam, etc).

Meanwhile, the women (while somewhat difficult) are quite attractive, and you can smoke all the marijuana to your hearts (and lungs) desire without any fears of criminal punishment. Life here is just very relaxed, very simple, and far removed from the degeneracy of the English-speaking world.

If life here just seems too simple at times, then wild Buenos Aires is just over the River Plate. The southern states of Brazil are also a relatively short drive away if you need a more bustling change of scenery from time to time.

Drawbacks to Uruguay include it’s relative expense (less than Brazil, but one of the highest in Latin America), left-leaning politics, potential boredom / death-by-mate, and how Montevideo doesn’t have a large number of direct flights outside of South America. However, many would argue that the countries semi-isolation helps keep it from being overly inundated with tourists. Thus better maintaining it’s natural character.



You’ve got lots of places to go

Mexico has plenty of attractive and well-maintained spots to enjoy one’s golden years at half the cost of the United States (or twice the luxury).

Thankfully, Americans in particular have been so browbeaten by the lying mainstream media that the entire country is “dangerous” (it’s mainly just the border regions and a few other isolated areas), so only a relatively tiny portion of the more red pilled segment of the population takes the plunge.

The manosphere-friendly author Fred Reed for instance, maintains residence in the beautiful town of Ajijic, Chapala which enjoys a year round average temperature of 22 degrees celsius.

Simply put, you can enjoy San Diego weather in this country at a fraction of the price compared to the US. Additionally, many Western passport holders also get a whopping 180 days visa-free entry, just in case you want to give the retirement life a test run down the line.

Drawbacks to Mexico include it’s (somewhat) more edgy character, the rather tepid treatment of gringos compared to other Latin American countries, the huge infiltration of U.S.-style strip malls filled with Wal-Mart, and having your ears blasted by Mariachi. Nevertheless, Mexico rocks, and it’s not nearly as underdeveloped or dysfunctional as you might think.



A great shining beacon on the old continent. Warm weather, beautiful women, friendly locals, modest prices, well-maintained infrastructure, incredibly rich history, and an approachable language make Spain arguably the best country to just kick back in Europe for your later years.

It’s very close proximity for British, Irish, and other northern European nationalities gives it a fantastic edge, and monthly expenditures in the country can easily be cut in half (or more) compared to the Germanic and Celtic nations.

Drawbacks to Spain include the very huge volume of tourists and expats in many parts of the country, the relatively high degree of feminism (but nothing like Scandinavia), and the fact that well…. it’s still Europe. Things aren’t going to be nearly as cheap as Southeast Asia.



Why did you forget about us?

Some people may now be saying, why no Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, or the Philippines etc? Why did you leave out my favorite “poosy paradise”? Well please remember that this article was intended for men over 50 in mind.

In Brazil, you are just not going to be picking up your dream-girl beach bunny on the Praia or on Tinder when you are increasingly putting on years, and the crime rate, corruption, high taxes, and expense of the country is just not the type of retirement that most men aspire to. English and Spanish will only get you so far there as well.

Ukraine is too cold, corrupt, unstable, and has far too difficult a local language.

Colombia is nice and is constantly on the improve. However it seems that Medellin is the only place that expatriates want to go (for the weather and the women), and I believe the place highly risks being overrun by Americans in a similar manner to Costa Rica or the Mexican Riviera. It will get increasingly more expensive and a less genuine experience as the years and decades pass.

The Philippines is a logistics nightmare, has poor infrastructure, and has terrible internet and terrible food. However, the latter two things could be improved upon tremendously at any time. For now, it still best serves as a potential wife-hunting destination and not for long-term residence. That’s all, thank you. Oh and learn Spanish if you haven’t already. It’ll come in handy.

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      1. I fucked this up at a house in VT that was lent to me by a contractor who gives this house on K1 to big clients as a gift. To make a long story very, very short….when you call for firewood delivery with someone else’s account remember that a “cord” of wood is not like 6-8 pieces of firewood tied together with a cord that you will probably need a half dozen of but, rather, is a lot of fucking wood.

    1. I am with you gunny. I would love to spend my retirement split 6 months and 6 months between house up north and condo in Caribbean

      1. Good plan. Hell, I’d even settle for a bungalow in Florida. I know a dude who spends his summers up north and when the crap weather hits, packs his dogs, flies to Montana, and slowly works his way south to New Mexico following the bird hunting seasons. He’s pretty much living my dream.

        1. My current plan is Beaufort NC with a month upstate new York for Christmas with family and a month in the Caribbean at a place I like. I have spent my entire adult life, more than 20 years, with no other goal than retirement. Career changes, lifestyle changes…all of it is inconsequential…a realistic bug out plan has been what I have wanted since high school and here I am in my mid 40’s and it is getting closer every day. A word for the young bucks…start early. As early as possible. The longer you plan for a realistic retirement with very specific goals the sooner it will happen.

        2. Seconded. I wish I started thinking about and exploring what would really satisfy me when I was younger. Instead I fucked around in my 20’s drinking, whoring, and wasting the rest of my money in between going to too many schools. I was chasing what society told me would make me happy, not knowing that the people feeding me that bullshit were usually supremely unhappy in their lives. Luckily while in school, I found some people who got me into activities that are fulfilling. Then I took a huge leap of faith and moved to literally the ends of the earth on a whim where, aided with insights of maturity and life experience, clarity began to set in and I finally figured out what I (not society) wanted out of life.
          God that was long and pretentious.

        3. long and pretentious! like my dick!
          really though, I understand. And I did a lot of whoring in my 20’s. A lot of my money for college came from athletics and from working a late night job as a bathroom attendant in a strip club so late nights and early mornings kind of kept my drinking kind of in check. People used to laugh at me though. I lived in some real shit holes even when I could afford to live better. I was buying CDs and money market shit in the late 80’s and early 90’s and my time working in the titty bar got me in good with wall street guys who would help me invest (and I would help them get blow and girls) and all of it was for retirement. My retirement plan specifics has changed a few times and a few places over the years, but barring any serious unfortunate act of god type shit I think my current plan will bring me the most amount of happiness at a number I will be able to afford. I am hoping to shake off this whole business work for a living shit at 55 which will mean I will have been focused on retirement plans for 40 years or so.

        4. Can you please clarify things: you seem to have planned a quite minimalistic retirement, e.g., fishing, writing, etc. Do these things require you to have amassed so much wealth?
          I mean if you tell me you were giving it to your mother or siblings or something, alright … but you haven’t mentioned wanting a private submarine or similarly expensive things

        5. I still maintain this is all living backwards. It makes sense to live foot loose and fancy free when young and then eat shit pie working some job just to make money when older.
          All the money in the world isn’t going to rejuvenate your neural synapses or make your skin taut again.

        6. Not pretentious at all – and a lot of people spend their whole lives NOT finding out, so you’re ahead of the game!

        7. Totally disagree: my advice is don’t plan for retirement at all. Not one bit. There is no guarantee you will ever live to collect and then you will have paid into a system for nothing.
          Fuck retirement. What is that? You schlep around in your bunny slippers, your bathrobe untied, trying to finish the crossword puzzle before noon?

        8. People really don’t understand how expensive it is to live, in general. Only gets more expensive as time goes on.

        9. To all readers: This ^^^^^^^ (comment by lolknee) is what happens when you don’t like your work.
          Instead, find your passion, make it pay, and you won’t *want* to retire. I’m in this category, and at the tender age of 41 my passion is starting to pay off. I don’t want to ever stop doing it.
          No disrespect, lolknee. Just using you as an example for the milennials.

        10. This.
          It’s called “deferred life”. Millions of American men have been sold this idea when the reality is that you should “retire” first, when you’re younger, and work more (mentally) as you get older.

        11. and the thing is the “deferment” just keeps growing and we are told to postpone living just a bit longer, just a bit more … graduate high school, go to university, go to graduate school, establish your career … oh fuck you’re 30 and despite how people try to whitewash it, your life is half over … in a blur … and what do you have to show for it? Some lambskin credentials lolz

        12. No disrespect taken jammy. I was in a bar once and a guy asked me if I like my job. I told him straight forward “absolutely not….that’s why they have to pay me a shit ton of money to show up every day” so the guy asked “well, what would you rather be doing” and I said “laying in a hammock on a beach drinking rum out of a coconut getting blown by two teenage twin sisters”
          There are loads of ways to make your way through life. Following passions, following duty, following what society says…..different folks for different strokes. I don’t hate what I do. It’s fine. I do it well and the people who I work for treat me with respect and appreciation. I have nothing to complain about. But my goal in life is to be at a point where if I work or do something money won’t be an option. I want to be a beach bum in high style and never need to work for it. Its my dream, I’ve worked hard for it and the end is in sight. There are loads of paths to happiness ya know…..the trick is finding which one is right for you and never deviating from the path I believe.

        13. I was thinking of boating and writing and building a greenhouse to grow tomatoes. Anything you do, if you do it with a negative Debbie downer attitude and the general defeatism I have seen you express will be terrible.

        14. To own a home, a boat, be able to spend a month per year in a resort in the FWI, have all the little toys and hobbies one needs and never have to work for it for a projected 4 decades given level of health and family history of longevity it takes money….especially if you live kind of a tony life before hand

        15. life is not meant to be enjoyed: it is meant to be endured
          If you’re not depressed, you haven’t been paying attention

        16. I for one wasted way too many years toiling under that paradigm….
          No more.
          Just out of curiosity – are you of Slavic descent?

        17. at some point children stop getting shiny baubles for christmas … at some point toys no longer provide fulfillment or even enjoyment

        18. Nah – you should be working and saving all along, because when you’re young you have the energy to do this AND “live life” at the same time.

        19. Why not kill yourself? Sartre says that is the only valid philosophical question or some shit. If you aren’t thoroughly enjoying your life nor do you see a chance to thoroughly enjoy your life in the future, I really have to suggest suicide.

        20. Thoroughly?! Let’s not hope for miracles here. I would settle for occasionally … I’d be happy to enjoy life just on the Seder lolz

        21. They aren’t toys, they are tools used to have experiences. It’s experiences that fulfill life. There is no better joy for me than taking my dog and my granddaddy’s shotgun made in 1926 on top of a mountain searching for birds. It costs me some gas and $10 for a box of shells.

        22. You know I sometimes wonder what I would do if I were teleported back in time a million years. No other humans just hairy ape-like hominids. No chance to ever meet another human. Would you kill yourself? Would you try to enjoy your life, watching the sunset and domesticating a sabre tooth cat kitten? I think I would take to crushing berries on cave walls and arranging piles of rocks in formations with the intent of them of being recognized as artificial a million years later. Do you get what I’m trying to say here?

        23. there does seem to be some merit to that judging from my family members. So what accounts for it? Genetic? or a history marked by privation, war, misery etc?

        24. I can’t say what it would be like if I was born like that, I really don’t know. I do know that I live in a world of splendor and excitement and opportunity and feel lucky about it every day

        25. My hope is this: a thousand years hence, someone reads something I wrote, appreciates a thought I had, an insight I had, something … and thinks, “I see what you did there. Clever.” Across the eons, they will still hear my voice if only as a muffled and distorted whisper.

        26. I am not missing the point, I am being cheeky. If you want to live a miserable life with the hopes of the miniscule chance at some kind of legacy that, spoiler alter, most likely wont happen and if it does will be so insignificant it wont matter that is fine. I have no problems with it. But you make the world out to be this miserable place when, in reality, it is you who, by choice, is experiencing it that way.

        27. Pretty sure I’d be stacking piles of rocks in a prime number sequence, crushing berries on cave walls … shit like that

        28. If there was nothing else to do, sure. It really is hard to say how you would react under an entirely different epistemological paradigm. Can’t be done. Once again, I am with the good professor Kant here when asked, regarding his CPR, if his description of cognition is the same for a dog….he said go ask a dog. What I know is now…..and now is pretty great. I think laboring under the idea that greatness requires misery is a young mans game. For your sake I hope you find it in yourself to be happy. Barring that, I hope you get the legacy you desire and peons in eons think you are just fantastic.

        29. “Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats
          And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes
          Coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers
          Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue”
          -Future Legend, David Bowie

        30. Let me pitch the premise for a new surreal comedy: lolknee and Waldemar transported back in time to 1 million BC. No other people. Only hairy hominid ape men.
          While lolknee attempts to seduce the less hirsute of the ape women, Waldemar toils tirelessly arranging heavy stones in piles to form a prime number sequence.

        31. I don’t dig on hair. I would be inventing the euopean wax studio and tanning salon.

        32. lolknee attempts to uplift the ape men, teaching them the finer points of haberdashery. Ironically, he achieves greater success than waldemar: a million years hence the rock piles he meticulously arranged are found by ground penetrating radar but are universally discredited as being of artificial origin as 1 is technically not a prime number.

        33. I will always achieve greater success much to the chagrin of men who try harder and aren’t as happy. I am just an asshole that way.

        34. I thought you were an asshole in every way. Not that I find this as a negative. I myself have been striving for absolute universal assholdom for many years.

        35. It’s a very zen state. You have to totally let go of the shackles of the nonsense that people call morals and embrace true nihilism and nothingness. I am not really an asshole, I am just more evolved. Like Nietzsche says, the dancer always seems insane to those who can’t hear the music

        36. Maybe you can learn Totos Africa by then? Gives you plenty of time to practice while you wait for those tomatoes to ripen.

        37. lol I gave up! I can play all the chords but I can’t do the switches.
          A guy I know left his telecaster Nashville with B bender at my place hoping I’ll fall in love with it and buy it from him so I’m playing loads of country stuff now.
          I won’t buy it but the b bender is fun as hell

        38. I’m just busting your balls knee. Play whatever the hell makes you happy.
          Not a fender fan myself, but I do appreciate it’s legacy.
          Heard the east coast is about to get hit with some shitty winter. And I’m here complaining that it’s cold at night when it’s 55 outside right now.
          It might be too early to start drinking… but it’s never too late to start thinking about it.

        39. Haha yeah the cold is here and probably some snow today. I am not a fender fan myself but the b bender is a cool feature I’ve never played with before. If you haven’t seen it it is basically an insert attatched the the 2nd string with a spring mechanism on the top strap but so when you push the fret board down it bends the string a full Octive. Google it. You get the coolest twang sounds out of it

        40. I just googled it. Honestly never saw something like this before. Sounds twangy as fuck. I like it for that type of music. Not sure how it would sound with distortion cranked up. It’s almost like having an extra finger to bend the string.
          You got a throw away email? It looks like I might be in New York early next year for business. I usually stay with my friends sister in Manhattan. She’s got friends (24-27 age range). If you’re down we can grab coffee or whatever once I’m in your part of the world. Let me know.

        41. Nah it’s not good for distortion. If I had unlimited dough I would have one just for the hell of it as it has been fun to play but I will give it back. Very specific.
          You can use [email protected]
          HMU when you get to town

        42. Cool man. It looks like I am taking off in march for 10 days in Caribbean but other than that I am always here

        43. Nah, I only go to islands that were civilized by the French. I’m snobby that way. I’ve been going to the same hotel for years on the French side of Saint Martin and really love it there

        44. Dude, creature of habit. I totally get it. I’ve only been to the Dominican and Jamaica. But then again most resorts are all the samey.

        45. I have been to DR for a wedding on a resort that was nice. It was my only time at a big all inclusive. It was nice and I nearly drowned in a 4 foot pool despite being 6 feet tall thanks to a bar inside the pool. Ha. Crazy joint and loads of fun. But yeah I’m stuck to my little place that I like.

        46. That’s ridiculous. I always stay away from those pool bars. People sit there for hours pounding drinks… but you never see them get up to go the bathroom.
          If I wanted to sit in a pool filled with piss, I would prefer it to by my own.

        47. hahaha didn’t think of that. Terrible! I had never seen one before so I checked it out. This was ’12. The place I stay at is much more sedate. A little condo style room on the beach with sliding doors that lead out to a porch with hammock, beach and the Mediterranean. One small restaurant and bar (cash) and a 2 minute walk from town.

      1. That’s Dick Proenneke, a bit of personal hero of mine. In 1968, at 52 he moved to Twin Lakes, Alaska, fell trees and built a cabin by hand, and proceeded to live there for 30 years, hunting and trapping. Better still, he filmed all of this. They made a movie with his footage called Alone in the Wilderness which you should buy (or wait for a PBS fundraiser when they show it). Dude was seriously hardcore.

        1. Approaching 8 years now. Fucking love it. Married a local and am never going back to the Lower 48.

        2. You should pen a piece for the site. Im sure many would be fascinated by it

        3. I’ve written two articles before, but not Alaska specific. Honestly, I want everybody to keep thinking it is a cold and womanless wasteland so nobody moves here and I get to shoot more critters!

        4. Come on, I doubt inspiring 12 men (6 of whom will throw in the towel in less than a year) is gonna roon it for you

        5. The weird thing is, thanks to Sarah Palin, people think this place is a hardcore conservative red state when in reality its basically libertarian with socialist inklings. It’s filled with gays and trannies defending their pot farms with guns while waiting for the yearly government check from shared oil revenues.

        6. The man himself (I improvised the quote however).
          Read his book, and every time its on PBS I have to watch it. Dude is a legend.

        7. See? You have something to share. I had no idea residents get a check from the oil. Production from the Alaskan pipeline peaked a few decades ago, how would it impact you people if it suddenly ended?

        8. Ha, that’s a topic that has had so much ink spilled on it, it is hard to do justice. Essentially, the state owns all mineral rights. You own nothing beneath your soil. The state auctions off the leasing rights and collects royalties that is put into the “permanent fund.” The state then issues a yearly dividend based on the amount in the fund (the permanent fund dividend or PFD) to each calendar-year-long resident (including children (which many parents quickly blow instead of putting into a college fund account)). In the 70’s and 80’s during the boom, that was a lot of money going in, but now most of the fund is now making money off stocks and investments and not new royalties.
          The royalties (and hefty federal subsidies – Alaska is at the top for ratio of federal taxes paid to benefits received) also paid for all of the state and local governments (there is no income tax and only some individual towns have sales tax). Notice I said “paid.” Now that there is a lot less money coming in to run the oil-revenue bloated government, the governor this year took half of each PFD to make up for budget shortfalls which pissed people the fuck off because they want new snow machines and terribly done big dipper tattoos.

      2. We usually refer to them as Rocky Mountain Oysters in my neck of the woods, and they are on the menu.

    2. plenty of game provided you like humping Caribou … someone’s been watching too much TV……

      1. Oh, you have a like a certain type of woman up here. There are basically two types – those who hate the outdoors and get fat staying inside and drinking and the uber athletes who can out ski you. The women are feminine, just adopted to the conditions. Leggings, boots, and hoodies are pretty standard dress. The great thing is that women here know this is a dude’s playground so you don’t get any lip when you head out with the boys for a week of hunting or fishing. In fact, there is a highly popular yearly Wilderness Woman competition up here where the girls have to carry buckets of water, drive a snow machine, cut wood, and make their man a sandwich.

      1. Yep. That’s totally true. No fine, outdoorsy women up here at all. Don’t even bother to come looking.
        There is a saying up here “you don’t lose your woman, you lose your turn.” The counter phrase for women is “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

  1. I went wife hunting in the Philippines, although I did not think so at the time. I was screening it as a place to retire. It does have bad food, but I cook very well so, given the ingredients, I can overcome this. My criteria was I wanted a place that I would never have to wear shoes again (sandals ok). With temperatures of 85 to 95 year round this filled the bill. The only change in the seasons is the slightly rainy season and the really horribly rainy season. The infra structure is bad but improving. The level of English in the general population is astounding. And they generally have a high opinion of Americans (an attitude I find hard to understand given the history).
    One big caveat for the I’ll never get married (again) crowd is that everyone will just laugh at your determination. The saying, especially amongst the other expats, is that if you arrive as a married retiree you will soon be divorced, and remarried to a local girl, within two years. If you arrive single you will be married to a local girl within two years. It is extremely common, so much so that it is stereotypical.

        1. Who paints an entire group with a broad swathe?
          Yeah, ALL Western women aren’t quite what they used to be. They’re ALL corrupt suppose I’ll grab a third world woman and contribute to the decline of my race and culture.
          Only Aurelius can speak for his comment, but if he meant something other than the example I just used, I’m adding the flawed “logic” in my own example to support his statement: People who marry third worlders have mental issues.

        2. That is because few men are capable of being a leader to them.
          Having just the slightest resemblance of balls will fix this.

        3. That is exactly what I meant.
          It is somekind of mental defect to not want to perpetuate the race.
          And then they shit out half-breeds who have no identity and then the world has to deal with them.

        4. Had difficulty following that. You are objecting to race mixing? So eastern European girls are ok but Philippinos not? But your main point is about painting Western women with too broad a brush even though that would include both white and non white women?

        5. Well, if perpetuating the race and heritage is not reason enough, then perhaps they should exclude their genes.

        6. I am a half breed. I want aware the world had to deal with me. I’m neither for or against race mixing. It should be down to choice not social engineering in either direction

        7. hahaha you try to lay down the law and she will call the cops so fast your fucking head will spin

        8. the more i see how badly whites have fucked up, the less I care about them and the more I start to actually hate them … when someone abandons himself to being a victim, he’s gonna have to be one – ed kemper

        9. just because you beget another generation of whites, doesn’t mean it will perpetuate forever … your white kids could racemix and there go your genes … fucked out of existence

        10. Are you white?
          If you are and are not willing to fight against the degeneracy of your race, your only true property, then, by all means, go make a slew of half breeds.

        11. True, there are no quick fixes, but nothing easy is really worth the effort.
          That is why jerking off is bad: it is never worth it.

        12. No one cares about your personal experience.
          I want my race to succeed and live on.
          Just like any half-breed, you demand that I conform to your feelz when I talk about my race.

        13. I am White.
          When you see how badly Whites have fucked up and have fallen victim to the weirdest of mind viruses (equality, tribalism as being okay for all other groups but not whites, xenophilia), you start to really hate them

        14. There is a lot more going on than just asking “which hole seems most applicable to my desires.”

        15. SO what are you telling me?
          That you will not stand beside me and the rest of your brothers as we fight against it?
          If the answer is no, do not expect hatred from me, expect a deep sorry. A sorry that you, my brother has lost hope in the future and that you resign yourself to what is easy.

        16. Why did you not succumb to these mind viruses? Why didn’t I? It seems the vast majority of whites suffer some major defect that made them susceptible to all of this nonsense … they seem to be more willing to believe these self-destructive beliefs than are blackss or asians

        17. I care about his personal experience.
          This isn’t a website for racial hatemongering. Roosh himself isn’t white and has banned people for doing what you’re doing. Take that crap elsewhere.

        18. just like we avoided other viruses: we refrained from the habits that lead to infection.
          These are learned. We can save people, they can be vaccinated.
          If you think about it long enough, I’ll wager that you will agree with me and find that this fight is the most noble of all fights.
          Its the fight that all other fights have been leading to.
          Today, what we do today dictates what happens in all coming time.
          Grab your sword and join us!

        19. I’m not hate-mongering.
          I am rejecting ideas that lead to the destruction of my heritage.
          However, if that leads to hurt feelz or my expulsion, so be it.

        20. I didn’t share my personal experience. I shared the ratio of my racial mix as something relevant to the topic at hand. Neither did I convey any feelz or expectations for you to conform with.
          You on the other hand expressed your feelings about another man seeking a relationship with someone outside his own race. You didn’t like the thought of a white man race-mixing so you decided to describe him as mentally ill. I’d say you’re the one getting triggered like a woman

        21. I advanced a reasoned argument. You on the other hand required another man to conform to your feelings about race-mixing. Show me how I was / am projecting

        1. I wouldn’t go that far, they have been treated like children for all their lives.
          All we have to do is hold them accountable.
          I mean that lady who threw her own shit at the Trump protest, yea, she has problems, but for the most part American women are just stupid and are never held accountable.

        2. No doubt it’s induced by the environment. I’m not optimistic it’ll change unless major societal upheaval unfolds. I’m happy now if we can just hold the line against the libtards.

        3. I dont know man, everyday their house of cards falls a little bit.
          All it will take is one big windfall.

        1. and contribute to the degeneracy of their race.
          Thats the problem with you pickup fags.

        2. Just stick with your flabby, pasty skin entitled cunts. I am finished breeding anyway. Now I get to bang sexy beautiful women.

        3. Sometimes I think it would make sense to go to Africa to a small bush town and pay the women to carry my children. I think in the far future, beneath the swollen and bloated red giant Sun, after all of Europe is gone … a distant descendant of mine – with his thick lips and nappy hair – will turn his eyes upward … and there will be something in his eyes – a spark or hard glint – and that will be my legacy

        4. What happens after someone from a rival tribe gets angry over a chicken and kills him with a machete?

      1. Scientifically speaking mixed genes are stronger. I don’t get all this white race thing and I my self am white. It’s one thing wanting to preserve culture and another race. I will aim for the genetically strongest possible descendant and then pass white or whatever culture you judge is “superior”

        1. Scientifically speaking mixed race children have a higher rate of immunitary diseases like allergies .
          Every european population is made of millions or tens of millions people, multiple times the whole human population during prehistory which means that they have plenty of genetic diversity without the need of foreign genetic imports.

      2. Yeah having a larger genetic pool is always beneficial for the embryo. Now passing your culture is a different story

  2. Real estate in Uruguay is priced in dollars, not pesos (and it wasnt as cheap as I had hoped for)

  3. Spain and Uruguay get my vote but then again I speak Spanish and dig latin vibes and women.

    1. I banged a girl from Uruguay with naturally blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I suspect exiled Nazis or possible immaculate conception….either way…looking like a Nordic goddess and fucking like a Latina was some mix.

      1. I’m a tall blond man, and I speak Spanish pretty fluently. When Latinos ask me where I’m from, I sometimes lie and say that I’m Argentinian. Follow it with “che boludo”, and they believe me.
        Plenty of blondes in the Southern Cone.

      2. Friend is from there- country (along with Argentina) is whiter than youd think

        1. My one time experience was with a very pale complexioned, very blonde blue eyed girl so I’ve no reason not to believe it!

      3. same here was quite nice and they have good seafood, steak, wine and Italian food for cheap.

    2. Uruguay’s great provided you like a turbo charged peasant version of arrogant Argentinian men – god’s gift to assholes worldwide.

  4. just because shit is fucked up in your countries, don’t abandon ship and poison other countries that don’t want you there in the first place.

        1. really? “All your base are belong to us” is reference to something said in the war?

    1. These countries want western retired expats who bring their retirement checks and savings there, pay taxes there and spend their money there without neither becoming a significant criminal problem nor breeding there (since they are old).

  5. My current gf is from Barcelona — I’m headed there in January for a couple weeks — and Spain is NOT a cheap country. Prices are equal to the U.S. in most things except olive oil and red wine.

      1. unless you’re an african or middle eastern migrant … then it’s all comped 😀

    1. Barcelona IS expensive, some places and services feel like armed robbery compared to what you get. Banks tariffs are leeching. However if you move few hours around Catalonia is lovely and affordable.

        1. I’m guessing with that boob job he didn’t ask her lots of beta questions like, do you have a boyfriend?

  6. Mick Jagger just became a father again at the respectful age of 73. I’m catching up with Mick as I’m going to be a dad for the fourth time in January – age 45! And my eldest daughter (21) announced last week that she’s pregnant!
    What retirement?! Life has just began.

    1. You knocked up your daughter to save western civilization from muslim immigrants, right?

        1. Can’t *any* of you multiculturalist little punks ever write a comeback without using one or more of the words: inbred, trailer park, uneducated, or Stormfront?
          The same insults over and over and over and over again from you children gets really old.

  7. Just got back to NYC. Fuck people here are so ugly. Only decent looking women here are in Korea-town. Every “white” woman here looks curiously Semitic

  8. I disagree about Colombia. Most Americans are still afraid to go down there. They are still afraid that the Narcos are gonna get em. Also, NOBODY speaks English down there and most expats are too lazy to learn the language.

    1. I lived there for 90 days. Remember we’re talking about a lazy retirement. Colombia is probably not for everybody.
      But yes, it’s not any more dangerous than living in the U.S., and somewhat cheaper. The only English you’ll hear is in Bogota.

      1. Right, I dont see it being overrun like Costa Rica. Most Americans think its too dangerous. I think Washington DC is too dangerous,

  9. Stopped reading after the use of the very non-masculine word “Gross”. Please stop.

  10. Spain ?
    Are you joking ?
    I live in France so it’s easy to hop over the border but I don’t care at all about that country.
    Spanish chicks are not that great looking and they lack style (they look cheap), and they age badly.
    Probably they are about as feminist as the french ladies so I don’t see the point at all.
    Spain…… really ?

    1. I’m friends with a ton of Spanish women here in the States, and they ALL have style, and not one identifies as feminist. You’re right that they’re pretty normal on the beauty curve — except for my gf, who has enormous high and firm natural double D’s. She’s a miracle. I’m not even a breast man but she’s changing my preferences lol

      1. Hmmm….
        Your milage may vary but I think spanish women are about the least attractive of all southern europeans… and I love dark haired latin women.
        There is just something about ’em that seems off.
        I prefer french and italian chicks (based on their looks and style only)
        Anyway, Europe is pretty F’ed up if you are looking for decent wife material.
        I am busy to get ready to leave the sinking ship and flee to Asia…

        1. “I am busy to get ready to leave the sinking ship and flee to Asia..”
          I hear you but would prefer being with a spanish chick than an asian. But to each his own. There is political stability to consider, and I see potential shit storm coming for europe.

        2. Physically and culturally a European woman would be more pleasing to me, but only in theory.
          In real life things are different.
          I don’t believe in premarital sex any more and I am looking for a fundamentalist biblical (which excludes catholics, orthodox and most protestants) christian wife.
          Fundamentalist christianity is dead in Europe and the women here are way too liberal to postpone sex until marriage.
          Basicly I am screwed here in Europe because no one here shares my values.

        3. I hear ya – no way one can find s traditional christian female in europe.
          Though you might need to also be careful when in Asia – it’s not a paradise, but I would wager your chances will be better.
          Are you lookibg for a traditional christian asian woman? That may be trickier to find than a traditional asian female of her native religion, which I assume will be buddist.

        1. lol no. I respect her, and she’s very modest anyways. That’s why I respect her, actually. The first time I met her I could see that she had a strong father, and I was right. He passed away a few years ago, but he did a good job.

        2. She can be wearing clothes you know. Or a vacation bikini shot? Just crop out everything else out. When you make a claim of your wife’s perfect breasts, you need to have pics to back your claims up. No disrespect.

        3. Those are really nice. Thanks for the comparison. I’m a huge boob guy myself. In college dated this girl with an F cup. She was tiny and did a lot of drugs that kept her thin. Now have a Latina GF with the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen. But she has A cups. A’s are fine, but i just miss those huge tits. Happy for you. Enjoy them while you can.

        4. Would bang.
          I only seem to attract short thin girls with nice asses or short thin girls with big tits.
          Haven’t found one with both yet. Fingers crossed.

        5. I’m 6’2″, so I have a 5’6″ cutoff. My current girl is 5’5″ and a half. I told her to submit a notarized plea for exception to the official house policy, and the board would review her case lol.
          Dread game for the win.

        6. Hahah love it.
          I’m about 6′ myself. Never dated anyone over 5’5″ like yourself. It’s weird but shorter chicks are easier to get. I don’t really use dread game. I set expectations early on and correct her behavior as soon as issues arise. She once threw a tantrum and I said to her if you don’t like the way this ship is run, there is the door (literally hitler) pointed at the door. Guess who didn’t walk out that door.?
          I’m a kind person (not to be confused with nice guy). I still tease her and make fun of her, but I also show her love and affection.
          I’m super old school and come from a Super traditional background. So I can’t be a dick to a girl I love. But I have no fucking problem telling her to kick rocks when she crosses the line or disrespects me.
          Hope you enjoyed this paragraph.

      2. ” they ALL have style, and not one identifies as feminist”
        I hear you – but many women – including spanish females never ‘officially’ identify as feminist but many of the feminist behavior traits are present in their attitudes and behaviors.

    2. The Spanish broads are bitchy and have a nasty character and are embracing toxic feminism rapidly.
      Their lack of manners to their significant others is excruciating.
      And yes, they do look cheap.

  11. Western men need to retire to their native lands….i’m talking to you colonists, come home!

      1. I think it is hard when saying “American women” because the deplorable conditions of fatness and lack of style that exist in 90% of the US don’t exist in NYC, LA, MIA (or at least exist only as a very minor part of it). I am not a fan at all of English or Irish women in general (though there are a few choice fruits) but I would agree they are better than average American women but both of those are vastly inferior to the looks of women in NYC.
        With regards marriage material I can’t say. My observation is solely based on physical attractiveness and style (the only two qualities I think are important in women)

        1. I date lots of women here in the city and find very few entitled cunts to be honest. I really like most of the women I date. I don’t know that I would want to marry them, but I don’t really want to marry anyone. I would take them over the farm grown girls who are cute for 11 minutes before turning into Walmart cows which populate the rest of the country, that is for certain. For the most part I find the women that I meet to be sexy, fashionable, fun and over all really nice to be with.

  12. “In Brazil, you are just not going to be picking up your dream-girl beach bunny on the Praia or on Tinder when you are increasingly putting on years”
    Unfortunately you are correct, good sir. This was not the case 50 years ago; times have changed – damned shame.
    I agree too about Ukraine – it’s a shithole country. The only thing there worth pursuing are the women, but as one advances in age, the pursuit of stinkbox becomes less important. And when getting laid is not the priority, then one has to examine other things that a country of retirement has to offer.
    I’d recommend caution with regards to Spain. We could see a civil war in Europe if the eu populous continues to allow its destruction via the Trojan Horse known as muslim immigrant importation.
    Currently countries like Germany and Sweden are being systematically destroyed. And if the flow of this excrement keeps coming eventually these lower primates will make / rape their way to Spain.
    And if the Spaniards just sit idly by and be docile schmucks like the vast majority of eurpeans are doing, then one can expect to be retiring in the planet of the sharia apes – complete with feces in the streets, skyrocketing crime, and non-muslims being beaten up and / or mugged on a regular basis.

    1. Half of Spain is descended from Moorish Muslim blood. They even say “j” the same way that Arabs do. But nice job fearmongering.

        1. Tranquila, esse.
          I have no idea what Spain is planning, if the boats start arriving. I do know that this website is a place for decency, not for ad hominem attacks. Head over to Heartiste with that crap.

        2. Ok I hear you – I didn’t mean to fly off the handle. I see a lot of ugly shit going down in europe.
          There was a recent funeral for a german woman who was raped and murdered by a muzzie – and during the funeral the woman’s father was collecting donations to HELP immigrants.
          Truly europeans have a serious collective mental disorder and
          It’s somewhat melancholy when one considers the future of europe.

      1. That’s exagerated. It’s more like a fourth amd modern arabs are genetically inferior to the denizens of Al-Andalus. Polygamy and cousin marriage for hundreds of years do that to you.

      2. Bullshit: Spain was occupied militarily, not subjected to arab mass immigration. The Castillian kings kicked out most of the muslims after the Reconquista.
        It’s not fearmongering: Europe is being invaded by africans and middle-easterners.

    2. But it looks like Merkel is realizing she moved way to fast accepting those from the Middle East and announced deportation of 100,000.

      1. “But it looks like Merkel is realizing she moved way to fast accepting those from the Middle East and announced deportation of 100,000”
        Which I’m certain Merkel is lying. The cow wants to run for re-election and is just saying this.
        The swedish government made a similar promise to deport a certain number of immigrants and did not make good on that promise.
        But sweden is done – and germany will be the next islamic ghetto in europe, followrd by other european nations.

    3. I agree about Ukraine, honestly I don’t get the glorification of that shithole by ROK. Look lads, the former USSR is vast. You can live a life of a decent human being with first world standards and still surrounded by Russian hotties elsewhere. Try the Baltics for that… I know, some aspiring PUAs will still put it for debate,… well, good luck with that.
      Spain, can be good, honestly, just don’t go where ALL the older Germans and Brits go!.. fuck, why would you want to be another lazy old fuck playing golf with other comparable ones?
      Try instead to secure a farm, or an old stone house in a small town and renovate it.
      Ask yourself.. do you wanna be associated with despicable sexual tourists, stoners, corporate piece-of-shit retirees and schmuck drug lawyers?

      1. Good call about avoiding the other expats – makes sense. I’m still concerned about a european civil war, or Spains eventual succumbing to forced islamic immigration.

  13. Safe, fun, and warm doesn’t seem to be an environment where maintaining masculinity would be achievable. Nor does spending all your time chasing women and getting massages. Masculinity is created and tempered by hardships and hard work. Not going to be able to hunt deer in 20 degree weather in a tropical environment.

    1. “Safe, fun, and warm doesn’t seem to be an environment where maintaining masculinity would be achievable”
      I hear what your saying – and I don’t know how old you are but indeed as one gets older it can be more difficult.
      I saw a documentary about a guy – middle aged – who purchased a small plot of land in Alaska and built a cabin using the local trees and only his hands and saw and hammer. As well everything else he made – furniture, everything. He fished and trapped – the whole bit. A self sufficient man.
      And when he read age 65 he found that he couldn’t take the cold and the self sufficiency was getting to be a bit too much. So he donated his land to the Alaskan government, and relocated to florida with his pension.
      Though I’m not old, I can sense that my energy has dropped a bit – and continues to drop a little with each passing year.
      It simply does not get easier as one gets older, so one has to factor in comfort when considering a place of retirement.

      1. I’m 46 but that’s irrelevant. Eventually I will no longer embody or embrace the tenets of masculinity, but that doesn’t change what they are. Principles are bigger than any one person or group of people.

    2. You couldn’t be more correct, and it’s how I’ve lived my life. Any schmuck or faggot can take the easy path. My self-respect and self-confidence are primarily the result of having done some hard things.. in both the military and civilian life.
      No regrets.

  14. Thailand is full of golddiggers that will suck you dry and they all consider you as a walking ATM.
    Probably with Cambodia (ugly women) one of the worst places in SE Asia to look for a decent wife, but hands down the best country for cheap sex…

    1. I agree. Fuck, I am pretty sure that Malaysia actually means The Bad Asia.

  15. How about enjoying your golden years in your own country ?
    We all know seeing rich foreigners scouring your lands buying up women and property only fuels resentment.
    As a Frenchman from Paris, seeing a good chunk of Paris owned by Qataris only here to get the good life is quite enraging.
    Clean your mess home and don’t inflict it on others. Cheers !

    1. yep just like how the Chinese have bought up all the real estate in Toronto, Vancouver, London etc.
      Silly goy: birthright only exists for the Jewish people. For the goy, if you wanted to own property in your own land, you should have made more money. Viva Kapitalism!

        1. Yep. He does good work.
          Funny how in other countries they won’t even allow foreigners to own property. In the West, it’s all about muh capitalism

        2. It just goes to show that a national economy that doesn’t favour its own nation is just an invitation to get one’s sphincter enlarged profusely

        3. as Lenin said, “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

        4. “Funny how in other countries they won’t even allow foreigners to own property”
          I know plenty of foreigners who own real estate in other countries.

    2. Fellow European here, living in your country and I love every part of it, except for the women that are as horrible and feminist as other European chicks.
      Vive la France, seriously mais there are too many feminazi garces…
      Very dissapointed about that because French girls are (were) pretty sexy.
      I do see more and more (ugly!) tattoos and piercings on girls here and I think it’s very nasty.
      Things are going downhill fast, so I will be off to SE Asia soon…

      1. It’s not feminazism, it’s what we call “gauchisme” (leftism).
        It’s a cerebral gangrene, causes blindness, digital violence, physical cowardness and atrophy, herd mentality and allergy to critical thought.
        Quite potent. But fear not brothers, we’ll set things right !

        1. my father’s grandfather came here as a baby. His father was a either an Alsace or the bordering German area not sure….but no, I personally have no real connection. I did spend a year in Paris for school though and am a bit of a cultural Francophile

      2. It will be truly sad when the European mind and soul is gone … because it will be gone forever.
        You know what the European spirit is?
        It is best encapsulated by the Montgolfier Brothers … risking their lives in a hot air balloon in the 1700s. All in the name of discovery. Truly inspirational.

        1. I like France and french culture.
          I feel at home here and I will surely miss it when I leave but there is no future for me in Europe because the people let the globalists walk all over them.
          Things might change in the future but the damage is done and it will take decades to repair the damage done by social engineering.
          European women are just terrible wife material.
          I live in the countryside and even here the girls that work in the supermarket are all inked and pierced.
          Kills my boner instantly.
          France is f#cked !

    3. and yet they teach Western students that colonialism was bad and that it was justified for the Vietnamese to bomb and abduct French troops in Indochina in the 1950s.

      1. So brown and yellow people wanting White Europeans out of their countries = right to self-rule and autonomy = heroes
        resisting rich yellow and brown people taking over Europe and N. America = racism and xenophobia

  16. OT: 12/8 is a sad day for music fans as we mourn the shooting death of a great musician

    1. Greg Lake too. Don’t know how great he was. One of the only tolerable Christmas songs is to his credit though

      1. HI, DImebag Darrell isn’t that great either, I just like trolling John Lennon

  17. What about Belize? BZD pegged to USD at 2:1, English speaking, fairly close to US, should you need to return.

  18. It’s always funny to see articles like this. On the one hand the white retards on this site are always bitching and whining about foreigners/non-whites coming to their countries and that their countries should stay white. But on the other hand they keep writing articles like this, where they promote emigration to foreign and non-white countries. White privilege? You feel entitled to someone else’s country?
    How about staying in your own fucking country? If you don’t want Mexicans (or any other ethnicities) in your country, then stay the fuck away from Mexico. Don’t learn their language, don’t eat their food and don’t date their women. You want to profit from their countries, but they are not allowed to profit from your country.

    1. It’s not a racial thing. It’s a quality of life, quality of women, cost of living thing. Anyway, if the colonists followed this advice, they would have remained in their countries and never founded America.

    2. Thousands of old civilized expats peacefully and legally retiring to another country (which profits from their retirement checks) aren’t a demographic and social threat like millions of young, violent, reproducing, uncivilized immigrants invading western countries, brutalizing, leeching and displacing the natives.

  19. Good article. Have visited about half these spots and plan to visit the rest. I continue to hear good things about Uruguay. I also like that most people don’t really know where it is and it’s somewhat hard to get to.

  20. Friendly locals in Spain? I find that Spanish people tend to look down upon foreigners. At least in Al Andalus.

  21. I love Mexico and I completely agree w/ this article. Most people think it’s super dangerous but I met some really cool Mexicans while there and never had much a problem

  22. So basically, how to become the old-gringo stereotype… (except perhaps for Uruguay, a real winner on this list)

      1. Spain is already burned-out and the market is overpriced thanks to the hordes of Brits and German boomers all over the coast.

  23. Thailand is near paradise, followed closely by Vietnam and the Philippines. Best be careful with drinking too much as some of the ladyboys are better looking than the women and you could end up with a hand full of balls.

  24. I really enjoyed your post and agree with it. I think Mexico has many great places to lives. Mexico does have the second most American expats in the world. I haven’t been to Uruguay or Malaysia. I’ve had friends go to Uruguay an they love it. What about Portugal versus Spain? Yes, Ukraine the weather sucks and the country is very corrupt. There are places you want to visit and places you could retire and live long term.

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