The Real Story Of Pocahontas And How She Helped Destroy Her Native Tribe

It should come as no surprise to the reader that the true story of Pocahontas bears little resemblance to the Disney retelling.  The fictional Disney version revolves around a romance with Englishman John Smith that never happened.  Let’s examine the real story of this Native American Princess.

Birth and Patriarchal Upbringing


Like, so boring and stuff

Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, an Algonquian chief in Virginia around 1596 when she was born.  She grew up under a strong patriarchy, and her father had many wives who gave the chief one child each.  Under the guidance of her tribe, she was educated in the female activities of gathering firewood, foraging for food, farming, constructing shelters, cooking, collecting water, making mats, baskets, silverware, and platters.  Women were taught the importance of bearing and rearing children.

Arrival of the English

In 1607, when Pocahontas was around the age of 9 to 11, English settlers landed at Jamestown, Virginia.  Captain John Smith, one of the leaders, began exploring the Chesapeake Bay and mapping the surrounding lands.  Smith is credited with saving the colony through his strong leadership, and he is credited with training the colonists in useful tasks such as farming, construction, and basic labor, and instituting rules such as “he that will not work shall not eat.”


Was Smith the first US case of friendzoning?

Smith had an impressive background, including sailing away from home at age 16 after the death of his father, serving as a mercenary in the army of Henry IV of France, engaging in piracy in the Mediterranean, knighted by the Prince of Transylvania for beheading 3 Turks in single combat duels, and being sold into slavery, before escaping through northern Africa to return to England before sailing for the New World.

Smith apparently mutineed en route to the Americas, and was scheduled for execution until the company landed, and unsealed orders from the Virginia Company designated him one of the leaders.


Completely fictional scene from “The New World”

Smith was captured by the Powhatan, and there is some controversy over a supposed sparing of his life by Pocahontas.  Smith claims his head was forced between two stones, when Pocahontas rushed over and placed her body over Smith’s, saving his life.  Some claim this never happened.  Some claim this was merely a ceremonial ritual and Smith’s life was never in danger.  And some claim that Smith fabricated the story in order to white knight for Pocahontas and make her appear virtuous to the English.

Today, many historians doubt the incident ever happened, despite it being the central plot to the Disney film, but regardless, Smith was released.

Attention Whoring Child


Virginia statue depicting Pocahontas

Pocahontas was actually her nickname, which meant “naughty one” or “spoiled child” and indeed she was.  Pocahontas (at this time no older than 12) would frequently visit the English, bringing food, and cartwheeling around in front of the English men wearing little to no clothing.


This, only younger and with less clothing

Food grew scarce, and more English arrived by boat.  Chief Powhatan grew suspicious and worried of the demands of the English and stopped providing food to them.

The English, desperate for food, arranged a trade of weapons for food; the negotiations went poorly, and Chief Powhatan decided to kill Smith, but Pocahontas escaped and warned him, foiling the plan and dooming her people.

War soon broke out, and in 1613, around the age 15-17, Pocahontas was captured easily, when the English lured her onto a boat to look at fancy trinkets, and it sailed away with her on board.

In captivity, she quickly adopted the ways of the English, taking the name Rebecca and being baptized as a Christian.

She was treated generously, much like a present day Instagram celebrity would be, by the English, who knew her well, and she soon rejected the ways of her people.  During a confrontation between English and Powhatan in 1614, Pocahontas was permitted to speak to her people, and told them she preferred living with the English.


I’m such a special princess!

That same year, the first American interracial marriage occurred when Pocahontas wed Englishman John Rolfe (again the John Smith fantasy never happened).  The following January, Pocahontas gave birth to a son.

The Powhatan were raided and attacked by the English, who killed their Queen and drowned their children in the river.  The tribes closest to the English fort were wiped out and never recovered.

When Pocahontas married Rolfe, the two nations ended their warring, giving the English time to build up their forces and eventually destroy the Powhatan.  Pocahontas’s father died, and her uncle who took over, was later murdered by the English.


Tell me about these port-o-potties you have in England

But none of this bothered Pocahontas much, as she was far away in the Dubai of the 1600s, London.  She left for England in 1616, where she was treated like a celebrity.  Now known as Lady Rebecca Rolfe, she was sent around the country on tours, and attended parties with King James I and Queen Anne.

While technology prevented her from distributing an internet sex tape, the “naughty one / spoiled child” with a penchant for frolicking around in the nude likely had other ways of retelling her story.  She died the following year at age 21 from unknown causes; likely a disease to which her body had no auto-immune defense.

Fictional Version

Just for fun, we’ll briefly examine the Disney version, as there are lessons to be learned here also.  In the 1995 Disney film, English Captain John Smith arrives in Virginia just in time to save the Powhatan princess from being wed to a brave warrior from her tribe.

Pocahontas rebels because she is a free spirit, too independent to be tied down by marrying a masculine warrior.  Pocahontas elopes with her girlfriends into the wilderness, where they become so ecstatic from the concentrated estrogen that they hallucinate and visit a talking tree and woodland critters who tell her to seek out adventure, and tell her that fresh foreign cock will soon by arriving by sea.


Brave, masculine, strong, respected, but still not good enough for our special snowflake

Smith arrives, builds a settlement, and comes across Pocahontas in the forest.  They meet and flirt.  The Powhatan come across the English and engage them in a skirmish.  Chief Powhatan warns his daughter Pocahontas of the invading English and forbids her to go near them.  She immediately rebels and makes out with Smith in the forest, with her jaded warrior lover Kocoum looking on from a distance.  He attacks Smith, but is killed by an English crewmate.


I caused the death of my last lover before he tried the goods; want to be next?

Smith is captured by the Powhatan and before he is executed, Pocahontas intervenes and begs her father to save his life and reconcile with the English.  The chief agrees, but the English governor tries to kill the Chief, wounding John Smith in the process.  The wounded Smith returns home for medical treatment.  He begs Pocahontas to join him, but she isn’t interested in a relationship; just destroying the lives of two men who risked their lives for her, so she sends John Smith back to England alone.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Ancient societies, both Native American and European, knew the dangers of letting women freely explore their dreams.  In the case of Pocahontas, she first disrupted her family by leaving her father, shunning the male warriors who would have courted her, and caused the destruction of her entire tribe because she wanted to be free and explore her feelings.  In the end, she died at the age of 21 because her body was not well adjusted to European diseases.

While today, modern medicine, the social welfare state, and government laws protect women who rebel against traditional ideas, supporting single moms and their myriad children with a variety of special services provided by the taxes of hard working men, women are largely free from the personal repercussions of their behavior.

But do not mistake the end result of unfettered attention whoring, unlimited freedom, and shunning of traditional roles and values.  The story ends the same way–with the end of that civilization.  Modern feminism is toying with an experiment that has always ended with disastrous results.  May we be wise enough to stop it before our culture is wiped out.

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150 thoughts on “The Real Story Of Pocahontas And How She Helped Destroy Her Native Tribe”

  1. “Modern feminism is toying with an experiment that has always ended with disastrous results. May we be wise enough to stop it before our culture is wiped out”
    War is always ugly on many levels. But there are a few upsides to war – one being is that when there is serious killing going on across the board, shit like feminism is immediately erradicated simply because that is a time when a society / culture needs to survive and does not have the luxury of entertaining stupid shit.

    1. With wealth comes comfort and with comfort comes ignorance and with ignorance comes error and with error comes sin and then, a blinded depravity.
      It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into heaven.

    2. There’s a time for peace and a time for war. Personally, I’d like to see an incremental, sustainable, cultural rebound in the West that avoids an outright physical war(s).
      Could be wishful thinking considering all the current problems. There’s also the historical precedent of “perverse generations”, indicative of an entire generation so irredeemable the only answer to their morally bankrupt ways is bringing the swords of their enemies upon them. Islam has a good head start over the pond.
      War is definitely the reset button, and ugly, but as you point out as its upsides. This is part of the reason war, taken as Divine judgment, in millennia gone by was even called, “a door of hope”.

    3. “It is good that war is so terrible, lest we grow too fond of it.” – Gen Robert Lee
      “I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. … War is hell.” Gen William Sherman.
      I think we have enjoyed a very long stretch of relative peace and prosperity. So more and more people have become the Eloi (from the book The Time Machine). They don’t know real hardship. Thus the meme of “First World Problems”. Feminism (and other SJW causes) is a manufacture of imaginary hardships. It’s a first world problem.

      1. When I was growing up I met a man that had survived the depression. He told me his family used the phrase to decide their purchases, “There is a difference between luxury and necessity.” Today’s generation and do not understand and have not even heard of that philosophy.
        I see doctors driving Toyotas, Subarus, Hondas to watch their money to send their kids to school because they don’t make loads of cash anymore. But the nurses are in Mercedes, Lexus, BMWs…..or would that be Lexi?

    4. They’ll simply fold. 30 years of them meddling in every single facet of make life has infected the majority of men with too much doubt and weakness. Never mind the women… This is a cold war.

  2. When the settlers got off that ship in 1607, they wanted peaceful contact and commerce/trade with the native tribes in the area, and the only reason they quickly built palisade walls was because the natives were almost immediately hostile to the white man.
    Thus the natives met their (almost) end via a combination of guns, germs, and steel. Don’t blame the white man. Adapt, and everybody wins, contrary to what the leftards tell you. For instance, Terence Williams DEFINITELY knows that African-Americans have a vastly superior quality of life and opportunity in the US compared to their ancestral homelands in West Africa, and he isn’t afraid to admit it.

      1. Yup. How did Americans react to the sudden infiltration of Japanese cars in the 1970s and 1980s? They gobbled it up because they were better made, had better gas mileage, and were often cheaper to boot.
        It was BETTER.

        1. Right…. But we didn’t start living like the Japanese, we simply bought more efficient cars at a time when gasoline was extremely expensive. In regards to the natives, we fucked up big time.

    1. the natives should have fought, neither were right/wrong, the strong/smart/Innovative win and the winners create history.

    2. We tried (half heartedly) to wipe them out, we invaded them. We persued this far after they were any threat at all. In fact, they were never any threat, they were simply an apparent obstacle. It’s not necessary that we lie to ourselves.

        1. All Indians, like Trump, are Jewish via their ownership of casinos. Ask GOJ

        2. I have fucked literally (hitler) over 5 girls named Brooklyn already.
          I am typing this while getting a pedicure and listening to the pogues

        3. Of course. They are all special in their own way to me, none of them aren’t lied to about my intentions and nearly every one of them parts on good terms. I kid a lot, but I don’t waste anyone’s time, especially my own. I know what I want and there are plenty of women in this city that are just fine with that.

    1. Having worked with the DOI-BIA, I can’t tell you how much worse than the picture it actually is on The Res’.

      1. I’m guessing you’re referring to the butter knife lady contemplating ordering a hit on her man from the divorce rape mobsters. I’ve seen PBS specials on foundation programs to empower women from all walks. Native Indian women despite the fact that tribal lands are autonomous, did their woman role in communities that operate lucrative casino businesses, schooling is indipendent and despite that tribes can live in apartheid from many federal regulations, in peace and with their families and tribes intact. So what’s the problem? Why ’empower’ Indian women? Because like other elite sponsored programs that resemble forced cattle drives, it’s destructive literally to tribe like the pharmaco doping of young males and the sex reprogramming in MSM and schools. Destructive to tribe like the interest only loans pushed by lenders onto mcmansion suburbia in the flyover hub cities. Loans that make perpetual wage slaves out of professionals followed by a divorce rape industry that then makes the most skilled and productive members of society into blood money slaves to the divorce rape cabal. So are ‘res’ areas being no fault divorced to shambles by inside traitors or by outside operatives?
        I wonder, does the BIA employ only tribal workers and bureaucrats or are there openly outsiders pulling the strings like the beanie bureaugogs that draft the charters for the bulk of the bureaucracy?
        In ’79, Carter did the first reorganization of a federal bureau under exclusive presidential authority with the creation of the dept of Education from the former HEW. I hope Trump does the same in reverse, using presidential authority to do major lopping off and scrapping of federal bureaus.
        We all know now that programs to ’empower’ women are meant to be destructive. They’re like a foreign enemy attack. Having feminist mindset and doctrine put upon your kids is like being mugged and knived by assailants on the street. It’s a mugging. Millions upon millions of Americans are eager to get to work draining the swamp and hauling off the bureaucrat septic sludge and replacing them with citizens eager to organize, retool and rebuild. Bureaucrats will be driven by whip and marched away, sucked out like a septic truck hose sucks the doo doo out of your underground tank. We will see the biggest purge and prosecution of anti Western operatives within our government as they are shoveled out of commissioned offices and piled into shitheaps of fescue. Sucked into tank draining shit hoses, the shitsters will be hauled out in a convoy of tanker trucks and dumped far away. And the rebuilers will replace the bureaucrat sewage in a changing of guard the likes we haven’t seen since reconstruction, or since the waves of European infrastructure builders and settlers flooded in from the 1870s-1915.

      1. I’d smash the curry out of the Indian on the right even if she has arms like bologna which, by the way, is what I assume her name is

        1. I don’t have time for multiple Indians. I mix dots, feathers and cleavland all in one category

        2. I knew it… “kimosabe” -> “wounded knee” -> “lolknee”.
          ETA – You are a member of the (((tribe))) fo’ sure!

      1. oh look who it is….Fago….come to call me a jew. Listen son, you have been considered and, in the end, judged to be weak and sad. Piss off little man

        1. Il take judgement from a lying manipulator with a grain of salt. Your colleague ‘Art’ practically confessed in another thread.

        2. I am sure you have plenty of salt. Glad you know exactly who I am. You really got me. Christ you are a faggot

        3. It’s pretty silly but whatever. I am a businessman not a therapist. Sometimes he is fun to play with but it’s such a nice Friday night it’s not worth it

        4. Yes, the so called big time New York city corporate playboy that spends an inordinate amount of time misdirecting men in the Manosphere.

  3. Wait, so you’re saying women can’t just do whatever they want? That they might do wrong? That there are consequences for both them and those around them? That we should try to control their behavior with discipline, social shaming, laws, and legal force- just like we do to men?

  4. “he that will not work shall not eat.”

    Biblical principles: Building and growing Western Civilization since the beginning.

    But do not mistake the end result of . . . shunning of traditional roles and values. The story ends the same way–with the end of that civilization.

    Rejecting Biblical principles. The story does indeed always end the same way. Deutoronomy chapter 28 is just as true in 2016 as it was in 1350 BC.

    1. Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.
      – Mathew 12:25

  5. The natural kingdom punishes females who stray too far from their herd, or for too long.
    OTOH, the natural kingdom rewards males who do the same.

    1. I love defiant women. Like a spirited horse, once you break them they purr like a kitten and they always break….and usually far easier than you would have imagined.

        1. You just got on putins naughty list. Put in hates out of context pics that look gay which is why he rides bears shirtless

        2. Jesuz Mary & Joseph, LLC, lolknee, I thought I was the only one who noticed that symbolism…
          At least Putin was riding a bear (which is only natural); Drago wanted to rec'[tum] an Eyetalyin Stalyin’s, probably destroy his duodenum, even, yet.

        3. And every fag hasn’t necessarily been in any movie.
          But some non-fags, like Dr. Dolph, PhD (Chem. Engineering) there, were certainly scripted some lines to appeal to a more homosexually-oriented audience member.

      1. Sometimes their behavior is an indirect indication of how they would like to be treated. If they try to break you, you break them. If they act like they don’t give a fuck, you give even less of a fuck. And they will cave and come crawling back. They’ll even acknowledge it, “I can’t believe I came crawling back to you!!” No need to respond with anything but a smug smile.

        1. It’s true. Also, I think some guys get offended by shit tests instead of seeing them as an opportunity. If I’m getting a shit test i know she wants me to pass and the more ruthless the test the higher her perception of me

        2. It reminds me of when we were kids. You wanted to prove to the big kids that you were tough enough to play football. Then they would slam you upside down on your head. A chick needs to be reminded she’s a woman trying to play a big boys game.

        3. I seem to recall a feisty dame or two who enacted some serious, motivated sexual stamina after failing to pass their own shit test.
          It’s like one of Newton’s lost laws of Sexual Mechanics/Dynamics.

        4. Exactly. I work in a male dominated industry. When I see these chicks competing with us, my mind immediately goes to the little kid on the playground, tugging on the big kids shirts, “I can play too.” Never earning the same respect two men have for one another. It’s funny, even the beta orbiters screw it up because they’ll say something like, “ohhhh good for youuuuu.” And the chick will be burning inside. Another thing I learned from an ex girlfriends sobbing meltdown. “Why can’t I earn the same respect as a man?” I just stood next to her and said nothing. You can break them but sometimes they break on their own. I just stood there and watched her cry.

        5. I work in a male dominated industry as well. When I hear “why can’t I earn the same respect as a man” my response is “for the same reason that no one respects stay at home dads”

        6. I’m fortunate in that I am cast in a role where I simply can’t be friends with coworkers. No one would really tell me something like that. I’m the guy that when I walk in they minimize their facebooks and pretend they are working

        7. So, they’re on Facebook at work? Fuckers. Sounds like they’ve got too much time on their hands. Supposing maybe it’s time to crack a whip.

        8. There is a certain amount you tolerate in order to create a work atmosphere that is congenial. There is a balance. Them still knowing it’s wrong and hiding it is enough

        9. Oh hey, I hear you have confessed to being a shill for the Jewish NWO. Lol

        10. Now wtf does that actually have to do with “…how she destroyed her native (((tribe)))”???
          Or, waittaminnit; lolknee, are you trying ta shit test me?

        11. Nah. Drago told me you “nearly confessed” to being blah blah blah whatever idiots say.

        12. Ah, alas poor (((Draino))), must’ve been triggered by this:
          “Poor Drano, probably works for honest Abe at the ADL or some fag at the SPLC, you failed kike shill.
          Cut the fake rhetoric trying to weasel into real Nationalism, douchebag.
          All you ignorant pussies don’t even know that Hitlet was a (((shill))), just like Marx, Lenon, Stalin, etc.?
          And a blasphemous money-grubbing nigger-loving midget weakling Australian fag movie actor gets your little thong all knotted up?
          LOL, hornswallower.”

        13. That kind of stupid is horrific, almost as bad as his sidekike, “Shlomo Pearlnecklacecuck”, whom I suggested might want to ask his rabbi at Hebrew school to explain to him who Pearl Buck was.

        14. The truth is that he is totally deficient as a human being and that is not something to mock. My attempts to help failed and, to my shame, I enjoyed mocking him. At this point I’m done and feel I can’t help and it’s wrong to mock so ignoring is all that’s left

        15. Well, at least old Marion was a real sweet guy and genuinely patriotic.
          People railed him as a draft dodger, when actually he applied to and got accepted to the OSS (pre-CIA).
          But his “estranged ex-wife” got the letter and never gave it to him…

        16. You’re exactly right, young man-child, I just realised, thanks to you, that I misspelled (((Hitler))) in the comment above…

        17. If I had a company, I would keylog everything they do on the network, for future use/reference.

        18. I don’t understand your point ? a still from some movie and appropriate swimwear ? Lol

        19. Point is, Wayne/Morrison was by all accounts a good guy, but “the Duke” preferred to play at being “the Duchess” in his more private life.

        20. Google is definitely nit your friend lol. Regardless, I don’t really buy into all of this stuff or think it’s all that important.

        21. I get that you’re preoccupied by homosexuality and the secret practice of it. Google really isn’t your friend though.

        22. Look, I know that it may seem like I am saying this because you seem to think that we’re involved in some kind of dispute here but, you sound pretty young. The fixation on gay sex, the womanly vocabulary (but hurt) is embarrassing to everyone.

  6. This sort of thing used to really disturb me during my blue pill days.
    But when one hits the post-pill stage one simply accepts that most women just aren’t territorial, loyal, or honorable the way men are. Most will go along with whoever wins a conflict. No use dying alongside the men. Naturally, the historical exceptions tended to be extremely religious or noblewomen/royalty who greatly benefited from the status quo.
    Now, to bring this full-circle, is it possible that all the women suddenly interested in Nationalism, Traditionalism, and Libertarianism have sensed that the writing’s on the wall for Neo-Conservatism, Globalism, and the Regressive Left? Sure, they’re probably enthralled by all the attention they’re getting in those previously sausagefest movements, but I’m going to be optimistic and take it as a good sign.

    1. yup. About this dying alongside the man. My grandfather passed away 3 years ago. This year will be our third Christmas without him. At a very long series of tables with about 60 seats my grandfather’s seat is still left open. My grandmother won’t hear of someone sitting there. There are lots of little reminders of the way he liked stuff just so that is still like that. They were married for 74 years and lived together in the house I will be going to for Christmas for 60 of them. It is sweet to see the way that, for her, he is still there. I don’t know if that exists anymore, but if it does and if you are the marrying type, that seems like exactly the right thing.

      1. 74 years of marriage? Damn. Whatever your grandparents did, they were doing something right. Much props to them.

        1. I have longevity on both sides. I laugh with my sister that I really don’t have patience for 60 more years

        2. So, it’s true. Some people DO wanna grow old together till death separate them apart. It’s so heart warming. I assume he was not the beta cuck either.

        3. It is hard to tell with him. My other grandfather was Alpha to the bone but though I spent a lot of time with him I just don’t know. I believe he was the strongest man ever but he was a very quiet guy. His epitaph was “gentleman farmer”

        4. That is my opinion but as much of a loud mouth as I am I rarely talk about things I don’t understand

      2. For her, he hasn’t left. He just stepped out and smoking a cigarrete. Waiting for her.
        Saw the same with my own grandparents.

        1. I think the only reason my grandmother didn’t follow my grandfather in the same way is that she lives on a large property and 4 of my aunts and their families live there too and several of my cousins with their families and kids live just down the road so she has family around her like 24/7

    2. It is a great sign!
      It means that, for white females of Christian and European origin (or in other words: non-Jewish white females), the whole “anti-straight-white-male-Feminism” was indeed a giant shit-test, the mother of all shit tests.
      And finally, finally, we started to “just get it” and to pass it with flying colours, much to their happiness.
      And with voting for Trump, white females just demonstrated that they are happy with a white man to lead. They do not want us to be beta bitches, they want us to be alpha with them. Let them have it, a win-win for all involved!

  7. Even before christ women have been doing dumb shit like this. (See Helen from the fall of troy. ) One of the first accounts of what you would consider a cock hoping hoe.

    1. You’d also have to blame Hector’s brother Paris. The beta chump single-handedly caused the battle of Troy by trying to elope with Helen, a married woman and queen of Sparta. Helen and Paris both equally dumb.

      1. Might be wrong because i haven’t read it in forever but doesn’t Helen press paris and not the other way around?

  8. Sacajawea, La Malinche, Pocahontas. All of them helped empower the incoming horde. It reminds me of the women (and cucked men) who backed Hillarys plan of importing 500k+ Syrians. Nothing in history is new.

  9. Like the Central Europeans said when the elite banned their favorite dance –
    “We don’t let Polka haunt us…”
    Lesson learned.

  10. I’m not sure I entirely agree here regarding the interpretation of Pocahontas. I wonder if it’s less that she was spoiled and more that she preferred the clearly superior English culture? Why stay living in mud huts when you can live in a house so to speak. Maybe she just went with the better culture and that was that?
    Or… that’s when I’m being charitable. The naked cartwheels thing pretty much tilts it to the author’s view. 🙂
    The Disney thing of course was spot on. Thought it was stupid the one and only time I saw it. 😉 I can’t believe they even bothered to make it given how clearly wrong it was. It’s one thing for fairytales, it’s another for history.

  11. Unfettered cunt runs wild in order to get attention, inadvertently fucking shit up for men, and she sees that causing drama brings her even more attention, so she fucks shit up on purpose. I think Eve did the same thing after she ate the apple. The moral of the story – keep them under lock and key or supervise them. (Or better still, pay them for sex and kick them out…no drama, no shit tests, no worries, and the rules are clear – she’s a whore, she likes money, she won’t get money from you if she causes problems, and that everybody a happy camper.)

  12. Its amazing how often you see natives depicted as gorgeous. They are not with the exception of Paraguayans.

  13. Same story repeats; western women and Muslim ISIS men. Western women are tired of beta men and good life, want to roll in the mud with terror operatives who love to cut them to pieces.

  14. Historians cooks up the quality of men and women from the 1600’s Indian tribes, they were no different than the ones we see in the reservations at present. They were no match for the European technology or quality of men.

  15. The Indians tolerated and helped the invading English survive their lands. They were slaughtered, their religion and culture torn apart, mongrelized and driven from their lands.
    I guess you could say diversity was their strength! Another win for multiculturalism.

    1. Compare this with the treatment of the migrant rapefugees in present day Europe, and you are in for a blood-chilling discovery for our estimated future.
      This is the reality that history teach us.
      And when I say history, I do not mean the anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Male “HerStory” that SJWs peddle today. History, as in: what really happened!

  16. This is an absolutely brilliant and realistic analysis! Of course, it goes counter to the female victim mentality narrative and their hervisionist history, and will, therefore, set chauvinistic women on the “warpath”. The female motto seems to be, “If I think it’s true, it must be true”. The truth doesn’t matter. Women will dehumanize and demonize men, and demoralize our sons in pursuit of their hateful, estrogenic agenda.
    Women thrive on chauvinism, misandry, and collective victimhood. That’s their true nature. That’s their power.

    1. “So what Disney movies are safe to show my kids ”
      Good question – maybe the silly slapstick type of comedies like the Barefoot Executive or The Shaggy DA – maybe Mary Poppins.

  17. “Nothing New Under The Sun – Ancient societies, both Native American and European, knew the dangers of letting women freely explore their…”
    Seriously. There are even red pill warnings in the Old Testament. The harsh reality is that there was never a time in Human civilization when females were – what we as men – had envisioned what we want them to be. It’s that simple. This can be somewhat saddening and at the same time liberating. Life gets much happier and freer when one is not preocupied with catering to something (women) that could care less if we live or die, and would not hesitate jumping ship for a better way of life.

  18. Pocahontas elopes with her girlfriends into the wilderness, where they become so ecstatic from the concentrated estrogen that they hallucinate and visit a talking tree and woodland critters who tell her to seek out adventure, and tell her that fresh foreign cock will soon by arriving by sea
    This. Ranks up there with the greatest sentences ever written in the english language. Clearly the writer was snorting Kratom while banging his swedish mistress and her girlfriend.

    1. Thank you. The whole video, both parts together, is hilariously profound. It really depicts the absurdity of today’s victim culture. This is why the victim factions only sermonize and refuse to debate. More people need to see this.

  19. This is why Whites won’t be able to retake America – there are simply too many White men married to foreign Pocahontases. You can’t retake your nation when most of your young men either A) regularly bang racial aliens B) have relatives married to racial aliens C) are married to said foreigners D) Just don’t give a damn about race.
    That doesn’t mean the White race is done for or anything like that. It just means that if you want to live in a White society and have White grandchildren, you need to give up on America. My own recommendation is that you guys seriously consider relocating to Europe and begin building ethnic enclaves. There’s no reason to stay in America.
    Do any ethnic Nationalists even like America? Most that I know hate living here and waste their time trying to remake it into something it isn’t.
    Sometimes you just have to know when to cut your losses.

      1. Instead of calling me a troll, why not debate my logic??
        The simple truth is that there are more White men married to Asian women than there are White women married to Black men. If you don’t believe me, spend some time around Navy guys – tons of them have East Asian spouses. And these are the guys who would be fighting in any sort of revolution. You should also visit the southwest – there’s tons of White guys married to Hispanic women down there.
        I don’t like it but it’s the way it is. If your own men want to live in a multicultural society (so they can bang minorities) then you’re not going to be able to deport those minorities.
        The only workable solutions regarding America are A) Balkanize it and allow some regions – like California – to be multiracial, and then encourage liberal Whites from the rest of the country to move there, B) Retreat and form pro-White ethnic enclaves in Europe.
        I know these options sound pessimistic, but just look at the Census intermarriage rates:
        In 2010, aprox. 9.5 % of White male newlyweds were in inter-racial marriages. That number is much higher amongst those who are cohabiting rather than marrying – the total rate for both genders stood at 14% in 2010. And it has continued to rise. These numbers also vary by state and are highest in the Southwest (Texas is full of evangelical churches with White x Hispanic couples).
        If you want to fight for your own people then that’s good. But you have to know which fights are winnable. The chief issue here is that you can’t turn America into a pro-White racial state if the majority of the White population is opposed to you.

        1. Once again, you personally insult me rather than use logic to explain your viewpoint.
          So I’m going to say this one more time: if you have an argument to make, do it logically. Explain why you think I’m wrong.
          My whole argument centers on the fact that according to the stats, the most common forms of inter-racial marriage in America are WM x AF and White Person x Hispanic Person. Logically, if you can’t get enough of your men to support ethnic nationalism – because they’re either married to minorities, screwing them, or close friends with them – then you sure as hell aren’t going to make America a White country.
          Based off of those facts, White Nationalists are left with two options a) Balkanize America and create a White racial state b) Leave America.
          Those are the only logical options. Saying that Whites will take back America sounds nice, but without support from the masses it simply won’t happen. Look at this nation’s youth, the country is already on its way to becoming a northern version of Brazil.

  20. War and empiriialsm was a part of every human culture, even the sweet little native Americans and sub Saharan Africans. If native Americans or Africans had discovered metal tools, they would have conquered the world the same manner as Europeans.
    Or… Maybe that 3% Neanderthal DNA in Europeans is what makes the difference between ingenuity and barbarism.

  21. Even though they initially had trouble adjusting to America, the English had more and better THINGS that fascinated females.

  22. Hi guys! I’ve got a little story to tell. I got married early, when the feminazis where just getting their ovaries in an uproar. Whenever I would introduce my husband at a party, these “women” would act as if I had walked in the place with shit on my shoes. I still know many of these women. Without exception, they are in unhappy marriages or alone and bitter, but defiant in their claim that they LOVE their single life with their cats and their male gay friends. My husband and I started out as good friends, became best friends, then became married great friends. You have to like your spouse before you can fall in love with them. We are still crazy about each other. Oh, we’ve been down some very bumpy roads make no mistake, but our partnership held and we are quite the team. There is a scripture, “Be ye not unevenly yoked.” I think that is very important. There are many other women like me, you just don’t hear about them in the main stream media. Upsetting the natural relationship between men and women is a grave mistake and we can see the result in our society today. Feminazis, snowflakes and metrosexuals abound. I think men and women want a mate that is sure of themselves in their respective roles. Unfortunately, too many of today’s women want a meal ticket or an accessory. They will regret either mindset sooner or later. Well, that’s my rant. Hope you guys got something out of it. Let me know.

  23. It’s been awhile now but since I read this article and subsequently heard about Danielle Bregoli, the “Cash Me Ousside girl”, it makes me think that she is what Pocahontas must have been like.

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