10 Recent Examples Of Fake News From The “Real News” Media

Refusing to learn from the great rebuke they’ve experienced this year, our friends in the legacy media have doubled down hard, continuing their shrieking hysterics and redoubling their efforts to clamp down on what they call “fake news.”

Though comical and a sign of desperation at their rapidly dwindling influence, we still must be cautious. I warned weeks ago that the collusion on the “fake news” angle by the media was the first step in an ad campaign to promote censorship, and with the recent incident at Comet Ping Pong being described as a result of “fake news” (undoubtedly a coordinated effort), we can expect more drives to censorship in the future given this perfect fodder for their narrative.

Unfortunately for the self-anointed watchdogs in our supposedly free press, the “fake news” label, while potentially potent, is ripe for reverse engineering, and it was immediately blown back at its creators. Here’s a brief rundown of 10 “fake news” stories peddled by the “real news” media.

10. Trump “Mocked A Reporter’s Disability”

Of all the hoaxes peddled by the media on Donald Trump in the past 18 months, this one was arguably the most glaringly obvious falsehood. The story goes that a Carlos Slim/Jeff Bezos blogger (otherwise known as the New York Times and the Washington Post, respectively), Serge Kovaleski, a man who suffers arthrogryposis, which gives him joint problems, was “mocked” by Donald Trump after a conflict over a story regarding Muslims celebrating on 9/11. To this day, Clinton News Network talking head Jake Tapper runs with this narrative as being objectively true. I’ll just let this one speak for itself.


Fake news. The media lied.

9. GamerGate

We’ve written extensively about GamerGate here, and for good reason, as it was the first true victory against the cultural left in many years. Yet the whole movement sprung as a result of “fake news” trickling into gaming media. Gamers, justly tired of being harangued and shamed by the fake news media, revolted against social justice intrusion in their space, but the revolt was characterized as a “targeted harassment campaign,” and nothing but that, for months on end by the “real news” media. Laughably, cases of “harassment” were brought to the FBI, which were then closed due to lack of evidence.

The media failed to understand the actors involved in the revolt and that was a key reason why GamerGate eventually won.

The fake news media’s arrogance and condescension acted as a blinder that failed to give it proper intelligence about the revolt and also caused more people to join it. It was a prelude of things to come.

8. The Assault On Roosh

In early 2015, Roosh wrote “How to Stop Rape.” His mistake was assuming that people were smart enough to see the point of the post and not put a disclaimer that it was satire. In the age of outrage, this was foolish. When he took his lecture tour in August of that year to Canada, perhaps the headquarters of social justice freaks, he was immediately slapped with the “pro-rape” label, stalked, hounded by mobs, and assaulted.

The mob behavior further increased in intensity during the meetup outrage in February, when hundreds of publications in dozens of countries collectively labeled Roosh as pro-rape. Roosh, of course, acted in the best way and took the fight straight to them.

Fake news. The media lied.

7. The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax

In late 2014, Rolling Stone released its infamous “A Rape on Campus” story. The “journalist,” Sabrina Rubin Erdely, went around campuses looking for a rape story that year. The University of Virginia tale spun by Jackie Coakley was the best she could find. While the outrage machine began after its publication, others quickly found discrepancies in the story and it unraveled. In the old days, any rookie journalist would have known not to publish this, but in the age of narrative spinning called real news, it went through. At least this time some justice has been done, as defamation lawsuits regarding the story have been successful.

Fake news. The media lied.

Stories like this unfortunately do damage beyond the parties immediately effected. They contribute to a culture of rape hysteria, which naturally puts men under unfair scrutiny and prevents meaningful relationships from forming, as an air of fear permeates.

And Obama has the gall to discuss “the problem of fake news” with this hoaxing outlet. Sometimes I wonder if they’re even trying to appear credible anymore.

6. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

August, 2014. Michael Brown, a black man, was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Early accounts had postured that Brown had his hands up in surrender and was shot anyway. The story was circulated widely by the media, along with pictures of Brown in his cap and gown. All of this led the audience to the conclusion that Brown was a good, upstanding citizen shot by racist police. It was perfect fodder for the desired narrative, which is why responsible journalists should have been skeptical. They weren’t.

And so the Black Lives Matter movement was born in the minds of the mainstream public (it started before this but it became mainstream after this incident). Of course all of the evidence that was collected contradicted this emotional tale. There was no “hands up, don’t shoot” incident.


Fake news. The media lied.

And it has continued to lie about the Black Lives Matter movement, which has already inspired murders. Case in point:


5. “Trump Can Never Win”



Fake news. The media lied.

And they’re now upset over his victory tour. Fortunately, you’ll always have me to tell you the real story.

4. “Russian Hackers” And “Propaganda”

While the fake news media constantly accuses its opponents of peddling conspiracy theories, they peddled a big and far more dangerous one this year, that Russia, under the auspices of a Vladimir Putin that seems to be the person responsible for everything they hate, would do whatever bad thing they imagined in their nightmares.

We’ve often heard stories about “Russian hackers,” particularly in regard to Podesta’s emails, but he was seriously lax on his security, and it wouldn’t take the Russian equivalent of the NSA to hack his accounts.

The so-called attacks by “Russian hackers” on DNC servers was ambiguously reported by intelligence agencies as being such, but there may be another story.

Regardless of the veracity of these accusations, the emails were legitimate, and the Russian narrative took precedence in the media over this simple question—“should our politicians be acting this way?” The media, in their zeal for Hillary Clinton, largely ignored the newsworthiness of the leaked emails throughout the campaign. Small wonder, since many of those emails showed outright collusion that went undisclosed.

And then there’s the latest focus on Russian propaganda in the “fake news” crusade by the media. Jeff Bezos’ blog created what was essentially a blacklist, yet it was based on the most faulty of premises, as stated even by another premier hoaxing site.

3. The “Refugee” Crisis

This was (and is) one of the most transparent hoaxes of all time and impressive in its sheer audacity. Peaking in 2015, the media went to Europe to focus the spotlight as brightly as it could on “refugees,” showing the sorrowful faces of women and children, while in the background lurked…something else.


Yeah, you guessed it. The vast majority of these refugees are military-aged men. Many, if not most of them, didn’t even come from Syria or any other conflict zone. If you asked any questions, you were “racist.”

Fake news. The media lied.

2. The Syrian Civil War

In what is perhaps the greatest long term failure in journalistic history, the media has shamelessly and flagrantly lied about the real situation in Syria ever since the war began in 2011, towing the line of their reverent political masters and their Saudi financial overlords.

Say it once and say it loudly: there. are. no. “moderate.” Syrian. rebels.

Instead, the West, Turkey, and the Gulf States have been training, arming, and supplying Islamist jihadists to overthrow a secular government that, while it may not be “nice,” keeps public order in place in a dangerous region of the world.

Quintus Curtius gives the best accessible overview of the war, which he has been closely following, on his website.

The media won’t report that our weapons have gotten into the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS and it won’t report the real goings-on on the ground, how the people feel about the “rebels,” and so on. Instead we’ll simply get warmongering so-called journalists like crybaby Martha Raddatz prattling canned lines that basically amount to “BUT WHAT ABOUT ALEPPO?!”

The whole Syrian Civil War has been a five year extravaganza of “fake news.” The media lied.

1. The Invasion Of Iraq


I don’t think there has ever been in modern times a single piece of journalistic failure that was so damaging and so far-reaching. Trillions of dollars have been spent, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and for what, exactly?

Throughout 2002 and early 2003 we were told the following things:

  1. Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.
  2. Saddam Hussein was connected to al-Qaeda.
  3. Iraq posed a threat to the United States.

None of these things were true, and the media, without much integrity, drummed up the war dutifully. Judith Miller of the publication now known as Carlos Slim’s blog was perhaps the biggest peddler of all behind that narrative.

Fake news. The media lied.

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156 thoughts on “10 Recent Examples Of Fake News From The “Real News” Media”

    1. Thank you.
      They’ve already started. The “fake news” label is engineered because they’re afraid and in cognitive dissonance that they were so wrong on the election.

    1. I was fine for the article, but I don’t think I have enough tinfoil for the comment section.

      1. Tinfoil? Anyone who believes cave dwellers and herdsman can deceive the greatest military defense system in the world is the real idiot. Jet fuel can melt steel beams but we’re led to believe that passports could survive the flames?

        1. Where did you hear that their passports survived? Maybe a conspiracy site?
          Also, FYI, steels lose their yield strength well below their melt point.

        2. Lets not forget the pointless wars started in the middle east afterwards, and the Patriot act being passed.
          The rhetorical term “tinfoil” or “conspiracy theorist” is no different than a leftist using the cop out excuse of ‘YOURE A WHITE MALE”

        3. Wow, you are such an islamophobe. Don’t you know they were magical passports issued by Mohamed himself to his brave warriors? attached to them was a certificate for 75 virgins.

        4. Pointless to Americans but profitable for some and very important for Israeli geo political interests.
          That Israeli film crew seen filming the attacks and dancing in celebration that were arrested and later released without charge from the FBI new what was up.

        5. Its all about Theodore Herzl’s vision of greater Israel, the kind of shit even a lot of alternative outlets are too spooked to touch upon.

        6. It’s a good point. The difference between crazy liberals and crazy conservatives is: crazy liberals think media and celebrities are telling the truth. Crazy conservatives think everyone is lying and out to destroy us.
          On of those is actually quite crazy, the other, relatively probable.

        7. You can’t just look at it with a black or white mindset, you gotta look at the nuance.
          Someone like David Icke talks bs about lizard aliens without providing any smoking gun or circumstantial evidence, thats closer to a leftist who blames western culture for histories problems.
          However, somebody like David Duke who presents facts and citations to expose the nwo is the polar opposite of a leftist, because leftists don’t have objective facts, they operate on emotion alone.
          Keep in mind, everybody who writes and reads on this website would be considered “tinfoil” by the rest of society for daring to say taboo things like feminism is wrong or being masculine is beneficial.

      2. He deserves an up vote for mentioning Gaddafi, from me at least. 5 years later, civil war still raging on, millions of afro-Islamic refugees pouring into the west and no one is talking about where it all started.

      3. No, you weren’t “fine for the article”. The MSM barely attempts to cover up the blatant lies and propaganda it vomits out across the airwaves these days. This article gave you several examples of this and yet you felt compelled to make the same tired “tinfoil” comment that gullible idiots who gobble up the MSM’s “facts” use to discredit anyone questioning the “journalistic integrity” of MSM presstitutes. The simple fact of the matter is that if the story comes from an MSM outlet, you absolutely cannot believe it on face value. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “tinfoil”. It has everything to do with having the basic common sense not to be a gullible moron in believing whatever the MSM is telling you. Learn the difference.

        1. Well since there wasn’t any context provided beyond “enough tinfoil for the comments” and since you failed to provide anything else of significance to go off of, combined with similar reactions from others responding to your comment, it seems to me that the onus is on you to provide clarification.
          Unless needless crypticism is your thing, of course.

        2. Well since there wasn’t any context provided
          Sure there was. The comment I was replying to is the context. The assertion that news we hear about September 11 is unreliable. This context.
          I said I was fine with the article, and I meant it. The examples in the article, to various degrees, require a healthy skepticism when digesting the MSM angle. I agree with your criticism of the MSM, they have proven themselves to be biased and unreliable.
          On the other hand, those that hold up September 11th as an example of this tend to go completely off the rails with fantasies about a government directed job a the behest of The Jews or some such nonsense. I might only be guilty of making an incorrect assumption about the nature of citing September 11th, but it was presented broadly without reservation.
          Not every non-MSM alternative narrative has merit. Some have decidedly earned their tinfoil veneer.

        3. Okay. Fine. Fuck off. If you had an ounce of cognition, you’d have seen that it wasn’t up for debate.

      1. Ironically, official Government account is looking more and more like conspiracy theory these days.

        1. Less ironically, a large percent of what was “conspiracy” from 10-15 years ago is now boiling to the surface as truth. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction,.

      2. seriously? anybody can check all the evidence and minimal logical capabilities will lead to the same conclusion. to prefer to believe in fairytales which make no sense and call the logically most probable scenario as “conspiracy bullshit” is up to everybody as well

      3. It’s only “conspiracy bullshit” when you don’t hear it from CNN, but Iraq having weapons of mass destruction isn’t “conspiracy bullshit” because CNN told you so.

      4. But what’s more dangerous? Believing the news, or entertaining conspiracy theories? Even if you whole-heartedly believe a conspiracy theory that is radically far fetched, the worst harm you do is hide in your basement with canned goods.
        We just saw thousands of people rioting for believing the news. Earlier in the summer, we saw snipers killing cops because they believed the news.
        I’d prefer more people sat at home believing in wacky, underground conspiracies, and disdained the mainstream news. It’s safer for society.

      1. Sometimes close family are the worst. John Hinckley’s parents were MKUltra connected. A lot of manchurian candidate players had vile intelligence connected parents that offered up their own flesh and blood for the cabal when the kids were only toddlers. I have no words for parents that have their goddamn heads so far up the ass of the government, the global federation slimebag system, the great satanic zionist mother pig’s asshole that they don’t even have normal human bonding and defensiveness towards their own offspring.

        1. Obligatory reference to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.
          One of the reasons Trump’s family was so prominent on the field was to contrast Hillary’s practically non-existent connection to her own family. Bill was sidelined despite being a reasonably popular former-president (popular in a personal sense, not necessarily in a political sense), and Chelsea appears to have no personal ties whatsoever to either of her parents.
          The destruction of the family by the Globalists starts with their own. Even a metastasized cancer does the most damage to its parent organ first.

        2. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard much from Webb Hubble’s baby moma child with regards to Hillary’s campaign. Chelsea hung with Ivanka. They’re probably outlier Green Party types.

  1. Good read. What I read between the lines of all this “fake news” propaganda is mainly:
    – that the Zionists want war with Russia real bad. Drumming up public support is impossible, which they may or may not understand, but all (((globalists))) know how to do is lie even after being fully exposed. Maybe they think it can’t hurt to try falsely accusing Russia in the (((media))).
    – discredit and shut down pizzagate at all costs. Just how far unraveled the elites worldwide will become when this is fully exposed we can only speculate. A lot of people have a hand in this an the full force of globalist resources is, without a doubt, being focused on making this go away at all costs.
    Also, one of the largest fake news stories ever is the lie that Michael “Michelle” Obama is a woman. Their kids are even borrowed:


    1. Joan Rivers came out and says “everyone knows Michelle Obama is a tranny”. A supposedly credible well known figure like Rivers spills the beans and they whack her. Lesser known people have been saying the same thing and aren’t whacked. Unless you’re in the business of exposing the liars and fakes, I’d suggest getting into the business and don’t stop. Like a pit bull, go for their neck and don’t let go until they’re finished. Expose all. Be Californian – “let it all hang out’. Fuck the elites. Alex jones can say Michelle is a tranny though because the enemy can’t penetrate his aura. When you go hellfire against the enemy both spiritually and physically, you have to do it 100%, whether you’re well known or unknown, and your energy spooks them and their attacks deflect off of you. They can still go for your loved ones though. You may be impervious but you need a firewall around your family. But the 100% rule holds. If you’re going to poke the enemy, go for the jugular. You have to finish them off completely. Don’t just commentate against them and then stand back and let them hurl back or hiss behind your back. They’ll strike. I once got chunked by a pasteface in a seemingly secure church once for tossing around a little red pill wisdom. I didn’t read how totally they were soul sold from lefty feminist hell. Now I must add them to my eternal shitlist.

      1. “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says, “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” – Ephesians 5
        “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; if they kept My word, they will keep yours also.” – John 15
        “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete.” – 2 Corinthians 10

    2. I don’t like look-alike conspiracy theories but the resemblance is amazing. I’ve posted the picture here on ROK. These are close friends in Chicago, supposedly Blanchard is the godmother and delivered the kids.
      I showed this to a leftist friend who couldn’t see any similarity at all.

    3. One ultra zionist rabbi (rav Chayya) in France said in a video that the goyim will be “dragged and pulled by the hair” into war, it’s all written…

      1. A saying I like: “The one thing you learn from history is that people don’t learn from history.”
        The Zionist “Jews” seem DNA bound to repeat the same mistakes they always have and think it will eventually work. Sure, their ideology can cause massive damage and they’ve done a stellar job wreaking havoc since they were let out of the ghettos in Europe. It will blow up in their faces again eventually and I’m convinced they at least know that.
        “Then the house of Jacob will be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame;
        But the house of Esau will be as stubble. And they will set them on fire and consume them, so that there will be no survivor of the house of Esau,” For Yahweh has spoken.” Obadiah 1
        “Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you.” Revelations 3:9
        They will learn the hard way. Sadly, first it seems the West may have to learn the hard way again before that happens.

  2. When I first came to the Red Pill, I was trying to figure out how to become social and get laid. I never expected to become embroiled in a battle of worldviews against so many people.
    But as I learned about myself and other people, I started to see the patterns. I saw all the lies coming from so many angles – blue pill, feminism, etc. Followed shortly by GamerGate, the anti-Roosh libel, and the like, I started to realize that the culture war was not only inevitable but ongoing.
    It turns out the Matrix analogy was more true than I ever imagined. We’re still finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    1. I never would have imagined 5 years ago men that said fuck tradition and marriage and took the red pill and went the way of the shitlord PUA and MGTOW would be the same men that are laying the foundation to renew the west. And not to keep what we have alive.
      keep your powder dry we still have to see this lie past Dec. 19 when they pull the electoral college stunt.

    2. I doubt that even the creators of “The Matrix” had any idea how eerily prescient the movie was concerning our current predicament.
      Moreover, and I don’t know this for sure by any means, given the powers that be in degenerate Hollywood, many of those involved in the making of the movie were no doubt committed leftists who imagined the threat coming almost certainly from the right and not the globalist left.

      1. “I doubt that even the creators of “The Matrix” had any idea how eerily prescient the movie was concerning our current predicament”
        Or that 25 years later they would both have become stunning brave women. I actually find that harder to believe than that the world we live in is a virtual simulation

        1. “Or that 25 years later they would both have become stunning brave women. I actually find that harder to believe than that the world we live in is a virtual simulation”
          That’s what I too was thinking. How can can such a brilliant film be written and directed by such progressive retreads?

        2. It’s a disease, and that disease can spread. It’s like being bitten by a zombie. They were just unfortunate enough to catch it.

      2. Of course they did. They relayed Plato’s message(Allegory of the Cave) very well to a modern, mainstream audience that doesn’t read Philosophy.
        “Plato has Socrates describe a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names to these shadows.The shadows are the prisoners’ reality. Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all, for he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the manufactured reality that is the shadows seen by the prisoners. The inmates of this place do not even desire to leave their prison; for they know no better life.[1]”

        1. An interesting take, but it still provides no evidence of their farsightedness vis-a-vis what’s happening now. The allegory of the cave is very general. Those leftist assholes would never admit it’s their side is behind this bullshit.
          If you were to ask them if the machines in The Matrix were analogous to globalist leftists, they’d likely say “bullshit” and blame it on some imaginary far right conspiracy. Just my take for what it’s worth…which admittedly might not be much.
          On the other hand, maybe you know more about those sick Hollywood motherfuckers than I do, so perhaps you’re onto something. Much stranger things have happened. Given all the shit that’s gone down lately with Wikileaks, etc, nothing surprises me anymore.

        2. “An interesting take, but it still provides no evidence of their farsightedness vis-a-vis what’s happening now. The allegory of the cave is very general. Those leftist assholes would never admit it’s their side is behind this bullshit.”
          It actually does. The Allegory of the Cave in its full premise is what you just described in this quote.
          And consider perspective. Back in the Iraq War when the Neocons had enough power in the GOP establishment to persuade what could have been a non-interventionist administration to start a baseless, wasteful, destabilizing war.
          Many people on the right (and left, in many cases) simply didn’t want to believe it was anything but a righteous effort. They thought they knew the truth of it, without seeing legitimate evidence. We trusted.
          Only after nationalist and libertarian factions made a solid effort to demoralize the neoconservatives, did anyone in the GOP really admit it was a colossal fuck up.
          Many people warned that it was a bad move, but that’s a point in history where classical philosophy could have been wisely applied. It wasn’t. It was shut out entirely. We learned from it, and forced ourselves into the conservative mainstream.
          Many of the same people who are using the left right now, were the same people in the neoconservative ranks (or merely using the neoconservatives who wielded influence or leverage) for their gain.
          We are not at all beyond fallacy or manipulation as non-leftists, is my point.

    3. You can also add the lies that the medical and healthcare establishments spewed. The low fat craze and grains are healthy for you are just false.

    4. It’s a simple, natural progressions really rooted in this: “How can I bother wasting time gaming bitches if the entire society starts falling apart?” Ahhh yes, extreme turmoil game. Haha. I know where you’re coming from though.
      So you really HAVE to know the culture war, building a society by design, to most effectively game bitches anyways.

    1. That idea goes back as far as Hammurabi. The British common law tradition on which US law is theoretically based contains some interesting teachings on the subject.
      – If you see something, say something. Literally – the law of hue and cry requires a witness to shout what they saw (“MURDER!”, “THIEF!”, etc.). A false hue and cry is punishable up to the sentence for that crime. (Mercy is given for honest mistakes).
      – If a woman has no public persona (that is, owns no businesses, etc.), her husband is liable for her activity, as it is among his duties to keep his family on the straight and narrow. The second she adopts agency, she becomes liable.
      This is the sort of standard required to maintain a civilized society. No one should be able to make accusations with abandon, regardless of standing, race, creed, gender, or whatever.

      1. British common law and Roman Civil Law. The Pharisees stand between the lawless elites and the citizens. They regulate which citizens are allowed a legal holliday and which aren’t.

      2. Good comment.
        I think Hammaurabi’s code (1810-1750BC) was based on Yahweh’s law and that it goes back as far as Adam in Mesopotamia. Abraham (1800-1600BC) was from Ur of the Chaldees, another name for Babylon, at roughly the same time. Genesis 26 says, “Abraham obeyed Me and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes and My laws.” Moses would codify the commandments, statutes, and judgments again in 1400-1200BC.
        Biblical law states anyone who knows a crime, and does not come forward as a witness, is judged just as the one who is guilty of the crime.
        Bearing false witness also carries the penalty of being judged guilty of whatever you willfully accuse someone else of doing.
        It teaches “there shall be one law for you and for the foreigner”. It also stipulates a man can nullify any oath or vow his wife/daughter makes. If he holds his peace when he hears her, then he is liable.
        This is definitely the standard required to maintain a civilized society. If we’d had it we definitely would be far removed from the huge mess the world is in today. I believe mankind would be colonizing at least the solar system by now.

    1. I somehow, some way, believe I have seen this before…
      …Google searches old Monty Python skits…
      Ah, here it is. Starts at 00:07 and goes to about 1:10

      I wonder if Alfred Lord Tennyson was found in the bath!

  3. Here is another big lie I’ve noticed in the mainstream media over the last month: they define the Alt Right and White Nationalism as one in the same. While certainly there are some within the Alt Right that may subscribe to these ideas, only a small percentage of thought is centered on race at all. Yet the MSM insists that race is our focal point. One quick look at the article content of ROK would quickly prove otherwise, but they refuse to even exam this. I suppose we should be heartened by this, actually. For it means they know our ideas on feminism, masculinity, traditional values, and individual accountability are gaining traction (the true focal points), and they want to disassociate us from them to the mass of casual readers.

    1. The regressives called anyone who disagreed with the left a Militia member back in 1993, to chicken hawk 1997ish, through to a Teabagger and the consensus now is everyone that is normal is Alt-right. I think communists need to dehumanize their opponents so they can feel justified when they openly lie about you. It gives the violent useful idiots a pass when they beat up someone or riot and destroy stuff.

      1. The Alt Right is not White Nationalism, but White Nationalists are part of the Alt Right, like it or not. The Alt Right is a big tent: Nationalists, Populists, True Libertarians, some Classical Liberals, White Nationalists and old fashioned Nationalsocialist.

    2. Alt right and nationalism will always be portrayed as evil incarnate with weaponized labels as Nazi/racist/Anti-Semitic etc
      Cultural Marxists are terrified of the public seeing through this lie.

    3. The left is brilliant at projecting their traits onto their enemies. What that tells me is that race is the focal point for them. Eliminate the Christian, masculine, traditional, etc. white males and their job gets easier.

    4. Exactly. That white nationalism thing is pissing me off. Even the wikipedia page for al-right says it’s white nationalism. They have one card, and they just keep playing it. It doesn’t matter what you call us, we know our enemy!

    5. Fear not for the safety net here is that the creator of this site is of Middle Eastern origins. This is more than just skin deep.

  4. The MSM buries story after story that doesn’t follow their narrative, and then for want of news gets desperate enough to publish nonsense like the infamous “Is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?” article and report about things people are saying on 4chan and Reddit.
    And then they have the nerve to hold themselves up as the noble fourth estate that’s been unfairly treated by their ungrateful audience when people turn to small/alternative/foreign news outlets and blogs.

  5. One interesting false media site is Rita Katz’s SITE intelligence group, which has often been the first on the scene with new – typically high definition beheadings videos. At the very least its difficult to tell what is real and what is enhanced somehow, not least because of the high production values with some of them. Note I am not suggesting beheading videos aren’t real, but that some anti-ISIS propaganda may have been faked to push ‘the narrative’

    1. I heard about SITE and did watch some of the early beheading videos and thought they seemed phony. They weren’t snuff movies because they always edited out the moment of killing.
      There was also that clip going round, supposedly hacked off McCain’s laptops by the pro-Russian hacker group Cyber Berkut while he was traveling in the Ukraine. This showed a film crew making a beheading video in a studio setting.
      Having said that, I guess I’m buying the ISIS atrocities in Syria lately without even checking out any video evidence. I’m also buying the Muslims vs. the West narrative lately thanks to the horror stories from the invasion of Europe.
      Obviously Katz’s demonization of Muslims helps soften world criticism of and builds sympathy for Israel when they attack what’s left of Palestine.

      1. It’s sometimes hard to work out what’s really going on, even once you’ve realised there’s propaganda involved. I’ve seen some stills from the studio / beheading clip – I’m slightly suspicious of leaks of such things – it’s quite convenient that it was found in that way. McCain has famously been seen in the company of Baghdadi though (assuming the identification is correct)
        I sometimes think news like this packaged (not necessarily created) for different audiences. The ordinary viewer can take things as presented. The conspiracy crowd, which is also a lot of the right wing / Trump supporting crowd – aren’t going to buy that so easily so they are given their own news. If they believe everything is a conspiracy then they will be given a conspiracy – the only thing is they will never be able to prove it. There’s no proving that video came from john mcCain’s laptop or that some other propaganda group didn’t make it, so there’s a question of whether it matters. Alternatively some other propaganda group might indeed have made it. Propagandists will feed into a belief system in order to direct it to their advantage, even if it they preferred it didn’t exist to begin with.
        With Katz we may or may not be talking about faking stuff, but we are certainly talking about it packaging it carefully to create the desired narrative

  6. Frankly all “journalism,” and really all media, should be disbelieved until proven otherwise. That’s, sadly, the world that the alphabet networks and legacy newspapers have created.
    Even stories on outlets as meaningless as ESPN are full of lines like “according to our sources,” “a source confirmed,” and “ESPN has learned.” Why does anyone confer credibility on a story that willfully obscures its sources? Instant red flag.
    Journalists make shit wages. Most of them lean left. Those two things taken together mean that they have absolutely no incentive to avoid making things up either to a) advance their narrative or b) save time/effort.

    1. Good comment. I think Rush said it best on journalists when he said they are activists for the left and journalism is just a cover. The whole reason they get into journalism is to further leftist causes. They’ve had a good run using “journalism” as a cover to appear impartial, fair, or like they give a damn about the truth.

  7. “I warned weeks ago that the collusion on the “fake news” angle by the media was the first step in an ad campaign to promote censorship”
    Indeed. It is this bill which will be the chief agent authorities will use to start shutting down websites.
    At this point now all red pill men should start exchanging emails just in case.

  8. How deep does this go? There is no bottom to it. I wouldn’t believe a mainstream media news story of any sort at all, and neither should anybody else. At this point, a wise man should always flip whatever they claim on its head, so he can see the truth. If they say it’s black, it’s gotta be white. If they say it’s good, it’s gotta be bad, etc.
    The media even lies about the weather. Check out the daily reported local high temperature readings for your city, at Intellicast.com. They use the data from several weather stations around any major (or minor) metropolitan area. And when you average those temperatures out, from the data centers, they are always about five degrees cooler than the final reported high temperature for the day. They do this in every city, because “Global Warming”.
    These fuckers would lie about what they had for lunch…

    1. It’s even worse when they’re reporting on weather. They report very loudly the “feels like” heat index temperature, which relates to the humidity (humid air has a higher enthalpy than dry air, and so ‘feels’ warmer to humans), and tend to downplay the real temp – which is always several degrees cooler.
      They also fail to mention that MOST of the current weather stations no longer meet the standard for an ‘accurate’ temperature reading. They’re not in green space, too close to buildings and/or asphalt and concrete, and so forth. It’s ALL a huge lie, and they damned well know it.

      1. There was a web site that showed contrasting old and recent pictures of weather stations. Like for example at an old airport with grass strips in the 1920’s and the modern version of it with all the surrounding tarmac.
        Personally I know the temperature around here in the countryside is a degree or two less than in the concrete heat island of the city.

        1. The heat from the city is nice and warm but at night as you go out past all them thirsty trees, it’s so cold. Still better than the daytime when the sun is doing pushups on your head making gains. A few hours in, you might feel like those trees look. Flipping out and be chugging water like you rode in on a horse with no name.

    2. The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be accepted as truth. People cannot fathom the idea of such large lies being propagated, as such they won’t question any of it.
      Skepticism is healthy. Anyone who says otherwise is covering something up.

      1. It’s addiction to hope via guilt tripping and indoctrinated webs. Most may have started as honest organizations, then slowly morphed into collusion machines. Just one single aspect of the news should wake up Neo-cons and Libtards alike… how far off were ALL the polls from EVERY major news station on this election? There’s your permanent proof. It’s time-stamped and undeniable. 2016-17 may be the most important worldly year of my life.

      2. You mean like, some backwards desert nomads in a cave on the other side of the planet outwitted NORAD and the biggest military force in the history of the world, highjacked planes and used them to destroy huge landmark buildings? Lies THAT big?

    3. I believe they’re running with “Climate change” now. Its more ambiguous so any unusual weather event can neatly fit the narrative.

      1. Yes, they switched to CC not that very long ago. They still pump that “it’s hotter than shit out” bullshit though. Some major weather outfit claimed 2016 was the hottest on record. LMAO. They double-down on their lies, and then do it again…

        1. When I was riding my snowboard through hip deep snow in the middle of june this past summer, I remember stopping and laughing my ass off thinking about “global warming”. Riiiiiight.

        2. Well, you see, global warming actually causes global cooling, and we’re just too uneducated to realize this, so we should just shut up and pay that Carbon Tax and everything will be fine…

    4. Hey uncle Bob. Can you explain what E-O 11 means. Been waiting to see a post from you this weekend to ask

      1. I can’t vouch from personal experience, but this seems to wrap it up, even though it’s still vague as hell – we’d probably have to ask Frank –
        EO-11 was a verse in a song sung by Sammy Davis Jr. – plus we have O-11, Ocean’s 11…might be a coincidence there but as I said I don’t know for sure.

        1. Right. Was watching oceans 11 and heard Sammy do that number. One thing I found said it might be about blackjack which is why I asked you.

        2. Here’s a quote from the sinatrafamily.com forum –
          “I always thought that…’O’ stood for Ocean as in Danny Ocean, the eleven for the number of men, the E for company E in the unit they were in in the army. Is this a stretch? I loved this movie!”
          Another guy at the forum says –
          “I’ve always associated ‘E-O-ELEVEN’ with craps table lingo. The song is tied perfectly to the film, with Sammy’s character singing about getting lucky someday and being able to buy a ‘penthouse, limousine, stacks & stacks of foldin’ green.’ Until someone comes up with a better explanation, I’ll join my fellow FS Fanatics. It’s ironic that the most famous song written about crapshooting — ‘Luck Be A Lady’ — concerns a BROADWAY crap game! And an even greater irony is that ‘Luck’ will ALWAYS be associated with FS; not Brando (FS should have been ‘Sky Masterson’ in the film) nor Robert Alda, the original ‘Guys & Dolls’ ‘Sky’…”

        3. probably not. Sammy did E-O 11 in the original ocean’s eleven in 1960 which predates even the earliest of Billy Ocean’s stuff by about a decade.

    5. This is my general disdain for the left and camaraderie with the right. The right never really believe anybody, even themselves. And rightfully so. It’s only logical to assume that everyone is lying. This removes emotion from the equation and now we have philosophy.

    6. Here’s a recent interview of Lord Monckton by Lisa Haven. It’s a bit lengthy but Monckton is a charming ally (anti-GW, pro-Brexit, pro-Trump).
      Monckton claims he looked at the math in early GW models from the 1980’s and found a fundamental error (regarding conic section equations). He further claims this error has been propagated in papers ever since. He is working to get his results published in a peer reviewed journal. With this error corrected runaway GW never happens.
      Anyone good at math? Have at it:
      (I should have paid attention in math class.)
      You would think Al Gore and his minions would be rejoicing, right?

    7. You are right here bob. However, there is a danger that comes with this. With the “real news” being understood more and more as fake it seems that the “fake news” is now simply being taken as true.
      The dangerous unintended consequence of people getting hip to what the MSM is up is that people, and I see it on this site more and more, are simply believing anything they read on the internet so long as it is not main stream.
      Basically a conservative foil to hipsters who only care about music no one has ever heard of.
      Yes, MSM is lying to you. But that doesn’t mean that every conspiracy theory that some nut puts on the internet that happens to conform to your beliefs is absolutely true by virtue of it being non MSM

      1. I agree. I don’t believe anything unless I personally research the hell out of it. And even then, my mind is open to being changed on the matter. The media is just over the top these days, in terms of the depth and scope of their unceasing lies. And they keep coming right back, and lying more. Reminds me of a few women I used to date…heh.

        1. correct…but there is the question of whether it is worth it ya know. Case by case I think. In the end, I don’t have some abstract notion of justice, whatever that means, that I care about. All that matters is quality of life…specifically mine. Am I having fun, enjoying myself, are my plans for retirement set, is my tie nice, how is my hair, when is my next massage, facial and manicure appointment, when I wake up do I feel that it is another morning and another chance to be happy and successful. If the news is lying about how many jigs get shot by cops or what the temperature is, I am not about to care enough as it doesn’t effect the things that actually do matter to me.
          I assume that everyone on the news is lying like you. What I do with that information is different than some people though. Basically I shrug my shoulders and go and fuck hot women.

        1. Thanks! I did a lot of thinking about the manosphere, ROK in particular and the comments section here this weekend. Some things are very unsettling This is representative of a lot of what I have started thinking.

  9. I suspect this disgustingly hypocritical ‘fake news’ narrative, along with the Russian hacker claims, are preemptive measures to counter coming PIZZAGATE revelations. This, along with the possible capture of Julian Assange and compromise of Wikileaks, suggest that some powerful people in America are getting very worried indeed. Since trust in the lame stream media is at an all time low, it’ll be exciting to see if and how this all plays out once Trump takes the White House. I hope he’s vetted his cabinet members for any pedo / trafficking involvement and corruption. Stay tuned for what could be the biggest scandal and time of political upheaval in our lifetime.

      1. Breitbart has been suspiciously avoiding any mention of it. That may all change after the 20th of January. I hope Trump and Bannon know what they’re doing.

  10. The Trayvon Martin case and GamerGate was what made me stop trusting in mainstream media.

      1. I stopped believing them long, long ago. However, I did not start actively disbelieving them until this election cycle. The difference is the first is just thinking they are biased while reporting the basic facts and often wrong on the details. The second is believing they are actively and intentionally distorting the truth and outright lying on important issues.
        Early on I read the headlines about Trump and it just didn’t seem that they could be true. Then I did just a little research and in every case it was an obvious and intentional distortion or an out right lie. About half way through the election I started to ignored all MSM about politics. I believe the polls show the majority of Americans did the same.

  11. I would caution everyone involved from becoming secure in Gamergate; the libs are like the stead drip-drip-drip of water on stone. At first, it seems that it’s useless, but they’ll just keep coming and coming and coming – until they eventually erode resistance. I’ve seen some sites and groups where the SJW libs are going at the whole Gamergate thing again – by trying to install ‘moderators to control ‘angry, vicious, racist, mysogenistic’ opinions. If you read that as “anybody who’s NOT an SJW”, you’ve got it.
    Eternal vigilance and willingness to fight is the price of dealing with these assholes.

    1. This is a very typical tactic used by the left and it’s many factions. Moderation to establish ‘safe spaces’, it’s building an echo chamber where they can immerse themselves in their own little reality.
      I find this to be a strategic weakness, because it lulls them into a false sense of security. They then can’t quite grasp how their ‘perfect’ candidate gets annihilated by an individual that represents everything they despise.

    2. The current batch of SJW loonies need to be constantly defeated and managed. Reforming them to sanity is worth a try but in a reasonable sense because most are sadly too far gone in their wicked ways to live in reality. Zero pity and full lawful prosecution for scoundrels to hold them accountable and make an example out of them for the rest to see law and order is back.
      The key is to fix our culture from the ground up. Institutions responsible for brainwashing our people needs to be a top priority. If society keeps churning out these SJW acolytes our struggle will only continue and end up God knows where.

  12. “Regardless of the veracity of these accusations, the emails were legitimate”
    Oh, those god damn Russians!
    If it weren’t for their meddling voters wouldn’t have known just how big a cunt she was and then she’d have had a better chance of winning!
    Hillary lost because voters knew more about Hillary than they were supposed to!
    Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!
    So the Russians hacked the e-mails, eh?
    The general election is not a trial and voters are not jurors obligated to disregard illegally obtained evidence.
    Did the Russians also use mind control techniques to cause Hillary to call half of America a ‘basket of deplorables’?
    Libtards, Trump won.
    Deal with it.

  13. My “favorite” part of the “refugee” hoax (non-Syrian non-refugees) is the non-teenagers. Here for example is the fastest 14 year old in Sweden.
    This is from the Daily Mail, at least they have the audacity to ridicule it.
    This became a big issue in the UK when they decided to allow in “teenagers” from Calais, who appeared to be in their 20’s or 30’s.
    Recently Denmark forensically tested 800 self-declared teenagers and found 74% were over 18:

      1. No problem; great post.
        There was a picture of one of these guys in his libtard-sponsored bedroom, with a giant teddy bear. Wish I could find it.

  14. I was in Europe (Paris) recently and I must say how much a dump the refugees have made that place. Last time I was there was in 2012 and you would get the occasional gypsy or refugee but they were chased out of the tourist areas in like 90 seconds by the cops. In 2016 it was far worse. Packs of them just roaming around, harassing tourists, begging for money, and complaining that their weekly welfare was barely enough to feed them.
    In the outlying towns they were have nothing to do with the refugees. I went to one small town where the government was going to drop 100 off to live in an old school and the mayor told me when they heard the refugees were coming they blocked every street that came into town with buses or trash trucks. After a day long standoff the government decided to turn the buses around and dumped them in Paris. The mayor was quite proud (and he should be too) that he averted a crisis in his town.

    1. and yet none of the mayors of Paris have taken any refugees in their homes to show the example. No, it’s the people who have to deal with this shit.

  15. And most of the alternative media is fake (or partially fake) too: InfoWars, Russia Today, Al Jezeera, Breitbart, Veterans Today, ZeroHedge …

    1. So by what I’ve gathered, everything legit in the world is fake, all of their opposition is fake, everybody is controlled by nefarious forces and, apparently, you are the only “sane” one in the world who “sees” all of this.
      That sounds vaguely like something I recall reading about, in psychology…

        1. How are you able to determine right and wrong, out of curiosity. You call into question the legitimacy of every single source of knowledge as either “fake” if it’s institutional or “fake” if it’s alternative. What does that leave you with then, and how do you know you can trust even that?

    2. Alex Jones is a hero!
      Even if he was raised by aliens.
      Seriously, there are some fake news articles I admit. I mean take Breitbart. With the exception of one guy writing about Italy, most of the stories are bogus. (Albeit usually due to mistranslations.) 😀
      Infowars does get out there but that’s mainly because Alex sees the boogieman in everything even when he shouldn’t. And it’s REALLY hard not to laugh when he’s either in I’m-As-Mad-As-Hell mode, or when he’s talking about something interesting and suddenly shifts to a commercial on survival gear. 😀
      Russia Today is fake pro-Russian news!? GET OUT! Also: who cares? They have much better taste on women than Fox News. 😉
      Something fun about the legacy media: they get science news wrong just about every. Single. Time.
      So yeah, plenty of fake news. But what do you expect from people with virtually no IQ? 😀

  16. In this new era of fake news, why are they not attacking tabloids? They’ve been around for decades with worldwide readership, publishing some of the most outlandish headlines imagined.

  17. They built their empire on lies and deception, they will die sooner than expected.
    example #6 is very telling, 4 women on a tv set …really ? blabbering on fake news all day, don’t they have kids to raise or a husband to take care of ?

      1. dude, thanks to fat acceptance and femicunt narrative even 4s or 5s are married these days.

  18. The fake news thing comes a propos just when the comet pizza scandal is emerging. Oh the good timing !

  19. When the system is help up by lies, the truth is dangerous.

    Ask seth rich and john ashe.

  20. “Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.”
    He did, just not the kinds that everyone thought he had. He still had some Sarin Gas left over from the when he gassed the Kurds.
    “Saddam Hussein was connected to al-Qaeda.”
    He was, albeit not extremely so. He had some training camps for an off-shoot of al-Qaeda, and his ministers met with one their dudes.
    “Iraq posed a threat to the United States.”
    Only peripherally. Iraq posed a threat to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other regional “allies”, and that threatened our oil supply.
    The most egregious news story was that the USA would need in excess of 200,000 body bags for our soldiers for the invasion of Iraq. This number was touted over and over again, and the capabilities of the Iraqis pumped up in order to frighten the US population.

    1. Should have mentioned the little girl that said the Iraqis were killing people in the hospital. That one was verified fake news years after it happened. I have to admit, they did a great job at coaching her though….

    2. “Iraq posed a threat to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other regional ‘allies’, and that threatened our oil supply.”
      He paid quite a large lump sum to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, and that irked the Israelis, I heard.

  21. Trump REALLY needs to quit with the tard gestures and sounds, FFS. That is something schoolchildren do to mock each other.

  22. Some German war correspondent wrote a book how he got started. The first war he covered was in Iraq. There was a bus to ferry the press corp around, he noticed the seasoned vets all brought a can of gas with them. He thought, well, we’re well off the beaten path, maybe it’s prudent to bring extra gas.
    When the bus arrived at some burned out vehicles he noticed those vets stood in front of a vehicle, poured gas on it and got it burning, then filmed their report using the fire as a backdrop. Every now & then he’d see them duck down, he was told, they will dub in gunfire back in the studio.
    After a lot of this, he got back to a city. He called his family who were really concerned for his safety: We saw your reports, they said, you were right in the middle of the fighting.

  23. I cannot believe these people get away with these lies. Sadly journalism no longer exists. No one takes the time to check facts. CNN and the rest didn’t even learn a lesson from the election but instead doubled down on the lies. How sad this is. Only way to dethrone these millionaire self serving fools is to have the free market bankrupt them. Thank god the LA times is on its way out. Ny times has a similar fate. Now if we can only get the FCC the breakup the cable companies then people can actually choose which channels they will pay for and this will bankrupt CNN within a year since no one will pay for it.
    Right after the election and to her credit Julie Rowingsky stated that all media personalities had great paying jobs, had great health insurance, had great houses, had college funds for their kids and so how can they possibly ever relate to average Americans.

  24. Now let’s count how many of those (((media))) lies were pushed by Jews.
    >read between the noses

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