How Saul Alinksy Has Revealed The Flaws Of The Left

Most of us here wouldn’t care too much for Saul Alinsky’s politics, though he’s not really much worse than many other leftists. He wasn’t a Communist Party member, though he did rub elbows with them. What makes him remarkable was his influence by those calling themselves progressives today. Hillary was a huge fan of his, and Obama considered him an inspiration. His greatest fame was from his book Rules For Radicals.

We’ve covered some of its highlights earlier, as well as key tactics. It’s a bit of a classic, and worth a read for activists of any political persuasion. There’s much to be said for all that, though Rules For Radicals also illustrates a few of the left’s weak points.

The ends justify the means


Consistency? Ethics? Principles? What the hell’s all that?

Early on, Rules For Radicals features a dedication to Lucifer, an attitude apparently not exactly unheard of with some very well-connected leftists today. Another controversial figure Alinsky mentions is Machiavelli:

The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.

You’d expect, then, that Alinsky would reject Machiavelli’s ways as cynical and unprincipled. Quite the contrary.  The chapter “Of Means and Ends” makes it clear that the only consideration that matters is “Will this work?”. The concept of right and wrong is tossed out the window, as is any caution for unintended consequences, or even common decency.

Alinsky’s attitude seems to be pretty common with leftists. Consider quotes such as “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” by Lenin (he wasn’t really talking about eggs, of course) and “By any means necessary” by Malcolm X. Anything they do wrong is justified because it fits their notions of the greater good. Still, even the greater good is unimportant if “Will this work?” is the only criterion that matters.

Civil disobedience is a common leftist shtick, famously used by Thoreau, Gandhi, and MLK; the basic idea is that you don’t have to follow the law if you believe it’s unjust. But civil disobedience is just the beginning. “The ends justify the means” gives the golden seal of approval for any sort of destructiveness, anything from petty vandalism to coups d’état. Even mass starvations that killed millions can be justified by leftist True Believers by saying, “They were only trying to create a Socialist paradise.” Thus, the way they tell it, even the most egregious atrocities have no greater moral impact than a botched surgical operation.

Now wait a minute. Leftists to this day get upset about Joseph McCarthy outing Communists, firemen hosing down demonstrators in Southern cities during the 1960, and Augusto Pinochet’s one-way helicopter rides, just to name a few items. Well, since Mr. Alinsky said that the ends justify the means, then what’s the problem?

Holding leftists to their own hypocrisy


As Alinsky wrote:

The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

Very interesting—Alinsky told us that the ends justify the means, yet recommends insisting that the other side play completely by the rules! As he indicates, this is practically impossible to do all the time, even when the other side has the best intentions.

One huge vulnerability of leftist ideology is their endless capacity for hypocrisy. For a few examples, according to them, executing a bloodthirsty murderer is barbaric, but aborting innocent babies is wonderful. Pornography is free speech, but politically incorrect statements are “hate speech“. Colonialism was an atrocity, but population replacement policies today must never be questioned. GLBTs are better than “cishets“; they need special rights and society must bend over backwards to accommodate them. Women can do no wrong, but men must be regarded with deep suspicion. Some groups are encouraged to organize and voice their interests, but others doing so are utterly vilified. The list goes on.

What do these soi-disant progressives really stand for, anyway? The above items aren’t really about equality, justice, or freedom. The only consistent thread is cultural Marxism disguised as those things.

The good news is that if you can break through their emotional shell and engage them logically, you can plant the seeds of doubt and set the stage for a red pill moment. If you can lead them to examine their ideology rationally, then it falls down like a house of cards. That’s no easy task, and it will likely take them time to mull it over, but every deprogrammed leftist is a new ally.

How leftists use minorities

Reading between the lines of Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky seemed to have a rather curious relationship with Blacks. Although leftists claim to feel solidarity for minorities and want to help them, overall the pattern is that Alinsky’s intent was to use them to further his own purposes. One of his plans seems a little childish:

Let us take one of the negative stereotypes that so many whites have of blacks: that blacks like to sit around eating watermelon. Suppose that 3,000 blacks suddenly descended into the downtown sections of any city, each armed with and munching a huge piece of watermelon.

Basically he concludes the watermelon plot would lead to numerous positive effects, though the logic escapes me a bit. For that matter, I never could figure out what’s the matter with liking watermelon. Italians like pizza—is that scandalous?

Alinsky was the prototype of the community organizer. It’s understandable that people might be inspired to act on behalf of their own community. Alinsky, though, also went to Rochester to stir things up. There’s an old term for that sort of person: outside agitator.

Haven’t we seen this type of thing before time and again by the left? Let’s consider LBJ’s words, spoken to two Senators while on Air Force One, while explaining his motivations to start welfare:

I’ll have those [African-Americans] voting Democratic for the next 200 years.

Documenting similar sentiments and behavior by the left—toward several minority groups—would turn this article into a book. Building alliances is nothing new, but using other people to fight one’s battles—demonstrations, riots, looting, burning, and to be revolutionary cannon fodder if needed—is treacherous, to say the least.

The media follows along with this.  The typical pattern is to inflame grievances, encourage them to exercise their own solidarity, and focus microscopically on any bad news affecting them. Meanwhile, any not in the left’s favored categories are vilified when they try to organize, and comparable news affecting them rarely sees the light of day.

More recently, the BLM folks are The System’s footsoldiers. You might be surprised that outfits like that are not organic movements from within the Black community, but rather funded by deep-pockets donors. (Might I add, wasn’t the Obama administration supposed to be all about racial reconciliation?) Recent tensions have led to the assassination of police officers. The official response has been remarkably restrained thus far; the law generally doesn’t much appreciate cop killing. Still, it certainly seems that someone wants to stir things up.

Creeping gradualism

In 2008 Obama said he thought marriage was between a man and a woman

In 2008 Obama said he thought marriage was between a man and a woman

Saul Alinsky spoke glowingly of compromise. Actually, he revealed a big secret of the left’s strategy, with the key to defeating them:

If you start with nothing, demand 100 per cent, then compromise for 30 per cent, you’re 30 per cent ahead.

[Compromises] then become the start for the continuation of conflict, compromise, and on ad infinitum… A society devoid of compromise is totalitarian. If I had to define a free and open society in one word, the word would be “compromise.”

Imagine that you’re haggling over a car. The dealer begins at $40,000, you open with the invoice price of $30,000, and you compromise for $33,000. As you’re in the finance room about to sign the papers, the dealer announces, “That’s wrong, I say it’s $36,000.” Who would want to do business with a crook like that? Never make a deal with anyone negotiating in bad faith.

In terms of the culture war, the following cycle has happened again and again:

  1. Activists make several outrageous demands.
  2. The media softens up the public, first with feelers to introduce the subject, then by heartstring-pulling dramas and sitcoms ridiculing those with opposing beliefs. This pushes the Overton Window of public opinion leftward.
  3. The issue starts getting discussed incessantly and the unthinkable becomes orthodoxy.
  4. Society appeases them, sometimes by lukewarm conservative legislators weary of the controversy and endless criticism.
  5. A cooling-off time starts until the status quo becomes accepted as the “new normal“.
  6. GOTO 1

If this creeping gradualism sounds like a dialectical strategy, that’s because it is. That’s a riff that cultural Marxism picked up from its Communist roots. This is how the culture war has been lost gradually, one little step at a time. Each acquiescence soon leads to the demands being ratcheted up a notch, etc.

To defeat this, we must recognize their strategy for what it is, and don’t give in. Think of these demands as societal shit tests. Remember that nothing makes cultural Marxists happy; too much is not enough. One of the things that Ayn Rand got right is refusal to compromise on matters of basic principle. Finally, if someone accuses you of using the “slippery slope” fallacy, remember that it’s not a fallacy when it’s their strategy!

All told, Rules For Radicals is a primary text for leftist agitators, just as St. Che literally wrote the book on guerrilla warfare. On the other side of the coin, Alinsky gave us a valuable look at the left’s playbook as well as revealed major flaws in their mentality.

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102 thoughts on “How Saul Alinksy Has Revealed The Flaws Of The Left”

  1. Slippery slope is a fallacy in the sense that it does not logically follow that it will happen with absolute certainty.
    However experience teaches us that slippery slopes are tactics and are real.
    Lot of guys pose like they’re hard headed men of reason but it’s just a pose. Logical fallacies are way more restrictive in meaning than most think.

    1. I argued about this at length a month or two ago. I have trouble justifying the slippery slope as an absolute logical fallacy, because its form is identical to a progression of logical inquiry.
      IF A, B.
      IF B, C.
      IF C, D.
      Now, I know that there are many potentials for fallacy here. Not only must the premises be sound, but the progression itself must be sound. But is it necessarily fallacious? This I have trouble understanding.
      But, at the end of the day, perhaps it is not necessary to justify that the slippery slope argument is or is not fallacious. Even if A then not necessarily (but likely) B is a more accurate progression, it serves as a reasonable rhetorical warning in that it maps a likely progression of the future. Such predictions may not be guaranteed, but if likely they are still valuable.

      1. Nothing is 100% predictable. There is a remote chance the sun may not come up tomorrow. But in all likelihood, and given all evidence, we can conclude with a high level of certainty that the sun will rise, tomorrow.

  2. I can’t abide by libs/dems/leftist anymore. The Left plays to win to utterly destroy it’s opposition. One example is immigration. Leftist immigration policies aren’t just mistaken or misguided but a planned , concerted effort to demographically take over the country. The Left has weaponized immigration to import voters who will vote for them. California has been PERMANENTLY turned blue. The CalExit movement is due to immigrants.. How can I get along with a Lib who would do such a thing???

    1. This also goes back to LBJ and Robert Kennedy. Immigration takeover is has been 50 years in the making. Look up the Hart-cellar bill of 1965 and how they marketed it to the public. Amazing how much damage such a small handful of people made in such a short time.

    2. It’s this leftist idea that all faiths, races, and cultures can live together in harmony in this Utopian society if the racists and right wing radicals (i.e. white people) would just get out of their way. Their inability to separate tolerance from rationality leads them to believe that an Egalitarian state would exist if everyone would just be kind to one another, regardless of the implications. They do not understand that if ultimate deference is given to a single entity, it is only a matter of time until that deference is abused. As a result, illegal immigrants come to cities like San Francisco and feel they have a right not to be targeted for entering illegally.
      “How can I get along with a Lib who would do such a thing???”
      You don’t. Fight for change, and make them like it.

      1. really the best outcome would be to split up the United States. but Trump will be making some good moves in terms of giving more power to the states. ideally, we could rid ourselves of liberal illogic once and for all.

        1. Absolutely. If all the liberals want to pile into California and secede, I’m all for it.

        2. South Korea have been extremely successful with Communist North Korea as a neighbour, even if there have been some tensions. The same could be said about West Germany before unification with East Germany.
          I think the solution to all our troubles might just be to let California secede.

        3. I’m calling it “Gruberfornia” now, and I’m hoping the name catches on. Look up Professor Gruber of MIT for more information.

      2. “You don’t. Fight for change, and make them like it.”
        If you cannot persuade them to see the light. Make them feel the heat. — R. Reagan

    3. “How can I get along with a Lib who would do such a thing???”
      I hear ya. Liberalism / socialism is a mental illness, and the elites are indeed exploiting the retardedness of the libtards to fulfill the agenda of the globalists.
      I simply cut myself off from anyone whose political view is left – which unfortunately includes 99% of my family.

      1. “the elites are indeed exploiting the retardedness of the libtards to fulfill the agenda of the globalists.”
        Little more than walking brain stems.
        Just enough gray matter to vote and throw stuff.
        About the closest real life can get to zombie apocalypse with all the rioting when you think about it.
        Another good analogy is the idiot warrior bugs in Starship Troopers under the control of the fat brain bugs.

      2. It’s necessary to cut these types of people out of your life, they are as gone as zombies on the TWD and are not worth your precious time and energy. It sucks extra hard when they are family members, but there are only so many hours in the day and I would rather spend them in a more productive way than trying to deprogram leftist thinking… one of the main reasons I permanently left Facebook and stuck around the comment sections of ROK and Zerohedge. FB is a progressive liberal hugbox.

      3. as far as I can tell, most liberals have an unfulfilled human desire (namely sex and propagation) and liberalism is their sorry attempt to right the ship.

      4. Remember that they’ve created this artificial divide, which was done in just about every country. Realize who the real enemy is.

    4. spot on. because Japan for japs, Mexico for mexicans, Korea for Koreans, but America for everyone. libtards refuse to discuss the 800 LB gorilla in the room.

  3. “Suppose that 3,000 blacks suddenly descended into the downtown sections of any city, each armed with and munching a huge piece of watermelon.”
    Or worse: ten thousand Watusi warriors armed to the teeth with kiwi fruit and guava halves

  4. This article is spot on. Now that I’m in my 40’s, and have lived through enough of this leftist imposed crap, I realize that the goal posts are always moving. There’s no end to the depravity of the Marxist. You can’t negotiate with these people, you can never cede an inch of ground to them. I suppose that fifty years ago some of their arguments sounded reasonable, but that’s how we’ve gotten to where we are.

      1. I’ve always said that they are very charitable people, just with other people’s money and not their own.

    1. the goal posts move but seems the underlying philosophy remains. pol pot wanted to get rid of smart independent people because they were a threat to the power of the Khmer Rouge.

  5. “Early on, Rules For Radicals features a dedication to Lucifer, an attitude apparently not exactly unheard of with some very well-connected leftists today.”
    And the UN Lucis Trust was originally called the Lucifer Trust.
    Lucifer is the light-bringer. Progressivism is a form of ‘enlightenment’, just as prometheus revolted against the Gods to bring fire to mankind. Luciferianism is a hidden component of progressivism.
    The end justifies the means strategy also reflects the belief in deception as a positive virtue – the progressive revolts against not only the old ‘bourgeois’ order but also against the bourgeois morality that otherwise holds the revolutionary back.
    You find exactly the same kind of thinking in the gay movements secret strategy book ‘After the Ball’ where persuasion always involves deceit

  6. Seriously, leftist don’t use minorities. Without the state, a minorities value is a mud hut and bush meat. With the state their value is still pretty much nothing, but they finance much more expensive cars and bling.

    1. Minorities constitute a class of low IQ workers that can be more easily controlled/exploited than white men.
      One world government with a handful of white elites (like the pigs in Animal Farm) on top and nothing underneath them but millions of folks many, many IQ points below them (all the other farm animals).
      If the rulers and the ruled differ that much in brain power then the relationship becomes not of master-slave but instead zookeeper-chimps.
      We (really) exploit and manipulate the ‘will’ of other animals all the time to our benefit because of the intelligence difference.
      I believe the elites have something like this in mind for the minorities they’re courting.
      If so then the use of Cultural Marxism as a tool to eradicate the majority of whites becomes clear.
      They must do away with all of us in order to establish the desired hegemony.

      1. Not all of us “ethnic” people are as stupid and useless as you portray them to be. Your whiteness doesn’t mean a damn thing. Who are you? I’ll answer that for you. You’re nobody important in this world. Your whiteness is gonna rot and revert to the dirt along with the flesh of every black, white and brown human being once our body passes its time. Its what you do with your soul that counts in this life. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of your fellow gringos on here to help insult me for speaking my opinion but I could give a shit. Some people never truly mature I suppose.

        1. Triggered much?
          Seriously, though, there is a method to evilwhitemalempire’s madness. Not all peoples of a particular genetic disposition have the same IQ – blacks in Africa test lower than in America, for example – but there are valid trends. As men have essentially the same IQ as women on average but have a greater share of all retards and geniuses, so too do blacks average lower than whites and whites lower than East Asians.
          Consider the question of intelligence between, say, Elon Musk and an average American. I have sufficient knowledge of the related technology and a sufficient IQ to understand that most of his talk is bullshit, but the average American does not. So, Elon Musk looks like a genius when he is at best an idealistic dreamer less-than-grounded in reality, and at worst a con artist smart enough to play the masses.
          It is not unreasonable to assume that a ruling class several standard deviations more intelligent than the ruled could manipulate the ruled on an even grander scale. While the words he used may not be the most genteel, there is some validity to the assertions.

        2. Triggered? No more so then if someone were to purposefully spill a glass of beer on your coat at the bar. I never said there wasn’t any logic to your buddy’s bullshit. I could do without the white superiority crap he always tries to throw in. Folks like him act like flambouyant queers. They flaunt their frutiness left and right but wonder why people retort a certain way when somebody calls them out on it.

        3. I’d hardly call him my buddy – to my knowledge this is the first time I’ve interacted with him. But that’s not really here nor there.
          My point is that, while the tone and word choice may not be agreeable, there was an argument in his post. Shit-talk has its place here, but I do find this is one of the few places where such ideas are debated to any reasonable degree.
          I would very much like to hear your objections, but the tenor of your comments so far have made those objections hard to parse. All I’ve gathered so far is that you are an eloquent insulter (a rare gift – my hat is genuinely off to you) and you disagree about particular cases (that is, you argue that there are intelligent minorities).

        4. Elon Musk is intelligent? o_0
          He’s a solid conman, albeit not on Bill Clinton’s level, but that sort of “social intelligence” doesn’t factor into IQ.
          The man’s sole talent is taking US taxpayers for a ride, thanks to his cronyism with barack 0bama (et al).
          If you were to dip into the US Treasury and give most any two-bit conman the same $4.9+ billion handout that Musk has received, you’d see the same results.

        5. I’d be highly interested to see a real IQ test administered across the whole of East Asia, like we have in the Anglosphere and Europe. I’ve met plenty of east Asians who were not particularly bright bulbs.

      2. Your are seriously arguing that they are a net gain …
        That would explain the prosperity of Zamunda and Wakanda.

        1. low IQ people are only a net gain if they contribute to the war against good middle class people (i.e. turn the middle class into tax slaves). so the elite use them (low IQ folk) in order to extract the value from hard working Americans. In this light it makes a lot more sense.

  7. Compromise is simply giving in enough to let the other side get their foot in the door. That’s why I don’t like republicans who want to “reach across the aisle”. There’s nothing over there to reach for.
    Don’t let your guard down fellows, just because Trump got elected doesn’t mean the left is going to be banished to some multicultural socialist utopia, those assholes are still here and they are regrouping.

    1. I’m feeling in a special mood tonight, so I dusted off one of my favorite books:
      “We’ll bury the mummy wrapped corpse of your minds in the rubble of dried out assumptions, we’ll find the water you hid from the fields, and launch a great flood of redemption. Add if you want you can build an arc and take two of each kinds of despair, but we’ll be waiting on that mountaintop: when you land we’ll slaughter each pair. And if you want, you can ask us why and pretend you’ve done nothing wrong. But we believe you’ve done nothing right, and held onto nothing too long. It’s nothing we’re after, make no mistake, we’ll rape that giant mother zero, and sire a child, a bastard called hope and raise him to be a hero.” War 5-8
      We must not relent. Trump should only be the beginning.

    2. Negotiation is tug-of-war. The object of the game is to pull the knot as close to your side as possible.
      “Compromise” is pretending to pull while you let the knot slip over to their side.
      I pray Trump is a negotiator.

    3. The worst legislation of our lifetime has been bipartisan. Cuckservatives and Neocons ‘reaching across the aisle’ to court minorities that wouldn’t vote for them if they were given neighborhoods with streets paved in gold.

  8. Anybody remember four years ago when ole purple lipped Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for being concerned about the Russians? He said something to the effect of” the 80s called and want their foreign policy back”. Now all of a sudden they are the biggest threat since Noah’s flood.

        1. No one ever lost a penny, or an election, underestimating the intelligence of the American population.

  9. Saul Alinsky was a New World Order boy. From Wikipedia –
    “In 1930, Alinsky graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Chicago, where he majored in archaeology, a subject that fascinated him.[4] His plans to become a professional archaeologist were changed due to the ongoing economic Depression.”
    The University of Chicago is a grooming center for NWO acolytes. My father went there, getting his Ph.D. in Industrial Management/Labor Relations. My old man is NWO all the way, as were all the patriarchs of my family, back several generations. The globalists own all of the major media, and they are not going to come out and say, “Gee, gosh-golly, the U of C is a grooming center for the NWO…” But that’s what the University of Chicago does, and, much like the Terminator, that’s ALL it does. This is a known fact among people who operate within that sphere.
    My old man worked, for a fair amount of time, in the same primary field as Alinsky – the labor movement. One of my old man’s uses, for the NWO, was to mediate labor disputes. He sided with the workers, philosophically, in these disputes, although he was supposedly “neutral” (wink-wink). This lone segment of the operation, resulted in what we see today. Labor unions claimed more and more benefits for the workers, to the point where the globalists who owned all the big companies, could justifiably leave the country and relocate their factories, due to “oppressive operating costs”.
    Basically, the unions were cajoled by the NWO Pied Piper, and led down a blind alley, to a preconceived outcome, whereby the union workers received much higher pay, and much better benefits (“We won! The common man won!”, etc.), until the whole thing became borderline obscene in terms of how much the union members sucked out of the pie, and the globalists then relocated their operations overseas.
    And some people think all this stuff happens by accident (sheesh)…damn, I have some oceanfront property in Saskatchewan that might interest you.
    Alinsky wasn’t Marxist or leftist, or communist, or any of the other strategically used, misdirectional labels. He was NWO, through and through. He was a useful tool for the globalists. The “tell” is that degree from the University of Chicago.
    Globalists, and their minions, at their very core, are not Marxist, or leftist, or communist – they are NWO. One World Government. Those aforementioned cabals are useful tools (the Marxists, the leftists, and the communists), but they all work for the same bosses, namely, the super-rich oligarchs who own everything and everybody on the planet of major importance.
    Once you wrap your mind around that, it becomes very, very easy to see what is going on, in terms of the events unfolding on the world’s stage. If you swallow the Marxist/leftist/communist subterfuge, it isn’t. Which is exactly why those factions exist – for purposes of smoke and mirrors, and for purposes of divide and conquer.

    1. That’s a nefarious endgame. Having dealt with the 804 teamsters I know the power they accumulated. The way you laid it out makes total sense but I wouldn’t have ever deduced the pattern. Mainly because the union doesn’t lose. In the overall scheme of things they came out on top in almost every conflict I saw. And they ate well. What’s the answer though? Just as the globalists see no borders neither do I. I feel like I could end up anywhere but there isn’t a place that I would be left to my own devices. There’ll never be a majority of people who know these designs and are ready to act AND have the access to do real damage, i.e. military, politicos, teachers. We just wait for the chip? Or the disaster and the fall out then the chip?

      1. Man, I wish I could tell you how to better protect yourself. All I can do, is suggest that you keep your eyes open. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. And as odd as it may seem, that’s really enough. You can’t protect yourself against something if you don’t know that it exists.

    2. I like your post, but I can’t help but note that all Communism rests upon Internationalism. They wished to unite XYZ groups across the globe for ABC purposes. Look at most union monikers today. “International brotherhood of…whatever”. How is Globalism not Socialist then?
      That the elite of their order want to control everything is not particularly surprising.

      1. This is about global control. Control is achieved via indoctrination – the indoctrination of ideas and notions that create various, preconceived, totally discrete perceptions within the masses. The people who work for the globalists, in this area, are masters at creating perception, and selling it via their three main institutions: Education, the media, and organized religion.
        The reality is totally divorced from the perception, and the reality is very simple. The perception is very complicated, and it is broken into various components that divide people and conquer them (internationalism, Marxism, leftism, communism, feminism, etc.).
        If a magician can keep people focused on the perceptions they want them to latch on to, the magician has them by the balls.
        And it is no different in this case. There’s just a lot more money and thought behind it.

      2. “How is Globalism not Socialist then?”
        I made the same critique about Bloomberg – specifically about the usual gun-grabbing, mouth closing requirements, and stated he’s a commie.
        My wall st executive baby-mamma laughed and said: “he’s a capitalist”.
        I replied: “He’s a Capitalist for him, commie for everyone else”.
        There are two types of communist – the leaders, who are usually wealthy in the capitalist system – Houses in the Hampton’s, or Dachas in the Black Sea.
        And the “useful idiots”, who follow them blindly to destroy.
        Communist to me is totalitarianism, or Globalism, bereft of a prosperous middle class.
        So, you SJW stalkers, if you aren’t wealthy, then you know which group you belong to…
        And typically, the useful idiots are sent to the gulags too…

        1. Not the gulags. Stalin did a very thorough job of executing every one of the original revolutionaries. The gulags were for people he just wanted to use as examples for the proles to stay in line.

    3. this is all spot on. but it also makes me wonder. maybe there truly will be a changing tide for the betterment of people like us in the “manosphere”. The globalist see the writing on the wall, which is, the liberals are no longer useful and the conservatives and strong-willed are taking over. Thus, like the chameleons they are, the global elite will simply shift and liberals will be holding the bag, wondering WTF just happened.

      1. Excellent observations. They can pin it on whichever useful idiots they want – my belief, first and foremost, is Israel. And, as you said, liberals. Among others. We’ll have to wait and see. But I do believe that it will work to the benefit of the manosphere. You can bet your bottom dollar that the manosphere, like everything else, has been co-opted. When a group is really strong, it gets infiltrated – that’s just how it works. And it is quite likely that the NWO wants things to turn out to the betterment of the manosphere, much like it wanted the unions to benefit (I see a pattern developing here). But whatever benefits the manosphere receives, will be short-lived, just like it was for the unions. And a guy could bet his bottom dollar on that one, too.

        1. Don’t forget the infiltration of the Socialist workers party done by the 1920 German military intelligence. Sliding Hitler in to monitor their meetings seemed easy peasy and very clever. Of course things didn’t stay that way when their infiltrator found he liked most of their agenda and was able to change what he didn’t like, like not being nationalist enough, not be anti Semitic enough, and not having him as the new messiah.

  10. “To defeat this, we must recognize their strategy for what it is, and don’t give in.”
    Not sufficient.
    To defeat this we must incorporate this strategy for ourselves but in the opposite direction.
    And yes that probably means pushing for (some) outright racist or misogynist stuff (even if we think it’s taking things a little bit too far).
    This must be done just so that the Overton window will stay someplace where we’re even treated fairly!
    Think a guy kayaking against a raging current.
    It will take all the upstream paddling in the world to stay in the same spot in this cultural river.

    1. “To defeat this we must incorporate this strategy for ourselves but in the opposite direction.”
      And that kids, is how Donald Trump won the Presidency….

  11. I bet Alinsky was Jewish.
    His rules are Jewish rules of lersuasion and influence apllied to. Politics

    1. Ya’ think? It’s not really fair sport to bet on what has already been shown.

      Saul David Alinsky was born in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, to Russian Jewish immigrant parents,

      From wikipedia.

  12. “I’ve earned $84 ,000 at present soon working on line but I am only a full time university student ”
    Gonna need that money to pay off your student loan debt.
    Now run along and play with your SJW friends.

  13. The essential ingredient in the Left’s plans is that the general populace thinks that even if they compromise and lose something of value, they still will come out ahead or at least will break even. That is why I now take the attitude of no compromise in dealing with anyone. That and I will not submit to the emotional toxicity of my family.

  14. I’ll have those [African-Americans] voting Democratic for the next 200 years.

    It seems odd to me that “African-American” is the lefty term of choice for blacks today, since MLK (another leftist) specifically said:

    The Negro is an American. We know nothing of Africa.

    1. And to the extent that they have internalized it. It’ll never go away, even after America is long gone.

      1. Despite that slip up on TV (and I know what it looks like since he works for CNN), I was buddies with Chris Cuomo in college and can tell you first hand…at that time (at least) he was in inherently “red pill” and 100% gentleman. He never broke frame.
        I know that plays against type on the face of it, but in his case you can’t always judge a (semi-scripted, televised) book by its cover.

    2. MLK was, for all his flaws, publicly an honest man. His vision and fight was honest, despite his personal flaws at home. This is why his words will destroy Leftists now who, in theory, love him. He tells the truth and they can’t handle the truth (cue Jack Nickolson).

  15. Donald Trump used every one of Alinskys 12 rules to hand leftists a YUUUGGE defeat. Read up on these. You need to be able to recognize their use, and if necessary use them yourself.

  16. “Consider quotes such as “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” by Lenin”
    this proverb has nothing to do with Lenin. it’s traced back to 18th century Ireland. you’re probably thinking of famous words from Stalin which loosely translate as “when you chop a forest, splinters are flying”.

  17. “If you can lead them to examine their ideology rationally, then it falls down like a house of cards.”
    You haven’t engaged to many leftists if you think that is feasbile. They are not rational or honest, you can catch a wiff of that with some of the handful who post here, and they tend to be dogmatic even after you point out their cognitive dissonance, lies and fallacies. It’s a cult and most will only leave when they come to an epiphany (eg. David Horowitz), though most will double down on the denial and hate to the grave (eg. Clintons). You can save some of the younger crowd who are not fully converted, but you gotta get them young— thats why the left owns education.

    1. Yeah, a repressive persona sometimes arises when ideas become almost *too* dug into identity, and when a mind cannot be changed for any reason. At a certain point, rigid people tend to not back of ideas/ideals because they’ve invested too much time in it, and they cannot take the sheer embarrassment that perhaps their *ideas*, or perhaps a huge chunk of their *lives* (or the life of their minds) was wasted. So they’re just ready ot perpetuate that shit forever now. I’ve seen it on the far left and far right of the political spectrum. Guilty parties on both sides. Lost at sea.
      I try to abide by a different method: As we evolve (individually and as a species/society), sometimes we see how old “truths” expire, but will struggle mightily to retain relevance and longevity inside the weak-minded. I just tell myself “Don’t be that guy…take in every uncomfortable truth and be optimistic that the learning mode never ends, even in the midst of mastery. I often feel a humble, thoughtful approach is so useful and crucial to true alpha, and such a lost art.

      1. “..repressive persona sometimes arises when ideas become almost *too* dug into identity”
        Absolutely. Identity politics aims are to dissolve the individual into a group’s realm of influence to the point they do not question the group even when it is harmful to themselves (eg. American blacks vote overwhelmingly democrat despite democrat ran cities keeping them in generational servitude).
        “…the learning mode never ends, even in the midst of mastery. I often feel a humble, thou ghtful approach is so useful and crucial to true alpha, and such a lost art.”
        Well said. You never stop learning and you should seek the objective truth. It will make you wiser, though maybe not popular, and keep you reexaming known facts about held positions and the ability to change your opinion when new evidence is found. It maintains your virtue of honesty.

  18. Not a bullet, not an ounce! – The Provisionals.
    No Surrender! – The Belfast Brigade.
    Kill ’em all, let God sort them out! – Arnaud Amalric
    This isnt time for hands across the aisle unless your hand holds a dagger.

  19. The public is catching on and catching up.
    I can’t remember the source, but a story I heard yesterday was talking about a college sports team (football, I think) refusing to play in their play off game because a few of the teams members were on academic probation or something like that for sexual assault.
    The rest of the team are boycotting the play offs and refuse to play because the team mates are only SUSPECTED of sexual assault… nothing has been confirmed through an official investigation, no one has even called the police.
    Keep the movement going!

    1. That is, or should I say was, in my state. What the football players were demanding was due process. The district attorney had already ruled that there was insufficient evidence of a crime having been committed to charge anyone. The school then took it on itself, with no additional evidence other than listen and believe, that they would suspend and possibly expel 10 members of the team. To me the insistence on a firm and supposedly guaranteed constitutional right puts them head and shoulders above OWS, BLM, and tons of other left wing orgs.

  20. Slightly off topic, but why are all of these Libtards so butt ugly? Hillary wanted desperately to be a beauty queen in her youth (according to an NPR program I listened to while driving across Colorado recently), but of course she didn’t have “the right stuff” for that. Saul Alinsky – fugly as hell.
    I’d like to see some science on this, but I think many of them just harbor a massive chip on the shoulder, based solely upon looking in the mirror.

  21. We could defeat the Left by wasting their time, like they do our.
    Think of Socratic Questioning…

    1. Now, I love Socratic method, and occasionally it makes an idiot dig his own hole and jump inside.
      But from what I’ve seen, Socratic method just infuriates a lot of them (they’ll call it “lecturing” or “mansplaining” and blast any rational debate). The far left has short-circuiting in its wiring, your Qs make them more belligerent, and they won’t play by any cogent course of Q&A (or reflect on rhetorical questions) when it’s easier to spaz out and yell in your face and act like an irrational 11-year-old dipshit. They are masters at wasting YOUR time and draining the meaning/truth out of any moment where a healthy debate **could have** taken place instead.
      It’s a weak-minded “talent” of theirs, but a talent nonetheless.

      1. It so hurts to hear this.
        Is true on every level: girlfriend, (nearly) all women, most men I meet.
        There is no possibility of speaking about anything without the crazy cog-dis mind warp…

        1. Plenty dissonance; plan B is much easier, when you just walk away and spare the drama…luckily they’re not everywhere but do have higher density in SJW-heavy cities. Lots of people thinking they’re bad-asses with that “I’m one tough cookie” form of shallow, brainless debate technique. Self-entitlement feedback loop, *engage*…I’ve started to take a sporting approach to the more vapid confrontations I’ve had in the past few years…and have started to put women on the same level playing field as the men (hey, they wanted equality, absolutely ladies, here it is…servin’ it up fresh and 2016-style for ya). They used to get special privileges, but collectively I get signals (from a good % of them) that they don’t want (or deserve) some of those privileges anymore. That’s when they get whupped in a debate and suddenly the “selective feminism” comes out and a white knight might step in.
          The worst of this lot will be celebrating that they irritated you or got a rise out of you in the first place (that’s IT, that’s the *big* win-of-the-moment they seem to be hungering for).
          IMO on a different scale it reminds me how enlightenment and growth/progress for the benefit of humanity dies a little in moments like this…when the opposite of a proper adult discourse is made to looks like a virtue. Stokes chaos. For me, it’s an adventure in Zen patience, and I find ways to be motivated in an age of mental stagnation.

        2. “celebrating that they irritated you or got a rise out of you in the first place”
          this is an important realization for me. They are not interested in rational discourse/outcome. only destruction, including your mind…
          there is just no way to get thru…
          i am also selectively trolling, and trying to educate those I think can be saved. however, I am usually mistaken, and more trolling/screeching occurs…

  22. Great article, though I would argue that it’s a waste of time to try and “deprogram” leftists. People who willingly subscribe to an ideology that has never worked once in human history simply don’t have anything to offer a functioning society.
    I recognized the truth and benefits of conservative financial and social norms when I was 12 years old. People who can’t recognize them in their 20s or 30s aren’t worth saving.

    1. I’m trying to save one now.
      but, is not possible – me thinks – and may backfire on me , there is a risk of doxing…
      I will not try again.

  23. I bought the book by Alinski. And yes, it is dedicated to Lucifer.
    I am glad there are lots of country folk seeing through this. I think there is a big movement by patriots to settle the land outside these urban economic and cultural ghettoes and have oter options than the city filth.
    I went to my property I just purchased out in the boonies yesterday near the mountains of North Carolina. My son came along and got to see it-5.5 acres-for the first time. Neighbors were all close knit, super friendly and into guns. And these were not white trash psycho types. For example, the dude across the street was a successful businessman selling sushi rice back in the city where I happen to live. He invited my son and me to join him at his shooting range behind his house when he learned that in addition to helping me plant pecan trees, my son had come my bug-out wilderness camp to try out his new AR-15. A fine family with classy wife and grandkids visting for Christmas. Noticed the wife putting away well prepared food in the frig as she cleaned up the kitchen. He had invited me in to meet the family.
    Of the 4 families I met surrounding neighborhood, two were retired military.
    I think the rednecks who see how the commies are f..king things up in cities are going bug-out.
    But I also saw the most interesting of these are also people who can cope with city life. Sodom and Gamorah is decadence. But it is also a necessary phase to encounter a critical mass of ideas and maintain touch with the wider world.
    Hope I have enough money for a dacha there in the future. I am still not ready to leave my suburban home to relocate permanently in the boonies. I love my suburban garden and home.
    And I also want to continue developing the concept of suburban individual initiative victory garden.
    As I am convicned that the collectivist Alinski commies can be defeated by people becoming less dependent on Fortune 500 corporate crony systems.
    iT IS possible for a suburbanite to produce must of his food on 1/4 quarter plot. With a garden and the right kind of crops.
    At least, in North Carolina it is if you develop the land properly. But as we finished our pecan planting and my son took out his AR-15 for a nightfire 30 round magazine parting shot salute to our new property, I knew our family was getting on the right track for the future.
    Trump will not be president forever, and people need to continue developing their own survival syatems that include everything.
    Jobs, business, carpentry, guns, lands, community networks. As I met my new helpful neighbors yesterday, I think that is the most important aspect.
    Tocqueville said as much in the 1800’s. And you can still find areas of the USA where Americana is still alive. All the country folk are not yet crackhead hamlets. (BUt as I was searching for my property, I saw some of those too.)

    1. great! I envy the country home option.
      I live in NYC…but, occasionally get to Florida to play with the red-neck in-laws…

      1. With your NYC paycheck, country land would be cheap ! I paid 25ooo for 5.5 acres. There were some locals who told me later they wanted to buy it but it was a little high. Were hoping he would come down 3 or 4 thousand.
        But I came in and paid cash, she the people who were negotiating to get it cheap were caught flat footed.
        I was patting myself on the back. Not because I got a good deal. No, I paid a little too much. But when you are and outsider and do not get taken for a ride, I figure that is a big win.

  24. lists work both ways.
    observed sjw radial bigoted feminists raging against this site:
    has that rad-commie maniac included:
    “Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here!”
    amazing how triggered they are by being called out for inappropriate/illegal behavior.

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