Is Pope Francis Destroying The Catholic Church?

Traditional men should be concerned with what goes on in the large Christian churches, even if they don’t happen to be Christian. That’s because the churches affect the moral temperature of the country. If the churches are strong and uncompromising, it is a good bet that the society is strong and healthy as well. If the churches are weak and willing to change their teachings to fit the culture, you can be assured that morality in that society is declining. Immoral societies are not good places to find a wife or to raise a family so it is in our best interest to have strong religious institutions.

If you look at Christianity in the US, the prognosis is bleak. The two largest groups that have held strong Christian convictions are the Evangelicals and the Catholic Church. Both groups have been bulwarks of traditional morality… until recently. As the same sex marriage movement gained momentum, individual evangelical churches started to cave on gay marriage and now there are signs that some evangelical groups will begin accepting transgenderism as something that is okay. The Catholic Church stood strong on these issues, but with the election of Pope Francis that unyielding stand may be coming to an end.

The election of Pope Francis


When Jorge Bergoglio was chosen to be the pope by the papal conclave in 2013, the media—and some Catholic bishops—fell all over themselves trying to paint Francis as a Christ-like figure. He was portrayed as person who genuinely did not want wealth but only a simple, faith-filled life. While he was a bishop in Argentina, he frequently cooked his own meals and used public transportation—both unusual qualities for a high ranking bishop. Even Bergoglio’s choice of his papal name, Francis, was meant to evoke St. Francis of Assisi, a saint who was known for his love of simplicity and poverty.

Francis’ initial acts as pope served to confirm his reputation as merciful pastor who sided with the poor. Instead of moving into the papal apartment of the Apostolic Palace, Francis chose to stay in the same suite he was in as a cardinal during the conclave. On one occasion, he was scheduled to attend a Beethoven concert but he neglected to show up saying that he was not “a Renaissance prince who listens to music.” And, most notoriously, he changed the traditional washing of the feet ritual.

Instead of washing the feet of twelve priests, as the ritual requires, Francis chose to wash the feet of prisoners, including Muslims and other nonbelievers. Beyond that Francis made an unprecedented addition to the ritual: he not only washed the prisoners’ feet, he also kissed them. Defenders of Francis viewed it as a display of Francis’ great humility, but critics saw it as a shameless act of attention-getting.

Sowing confusion


While Francis’ actions broke with the tradition of popes before him, they were not really problematic because they did not concern the teaching of Christian doctrine. The bigger problem has been the confusion he has sown within the ranks of faithful Catholics. The first of these came up when he was informally asked about gay Catholics. Francis responded, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis’ response is not technically wrong, but it is incomplete as it neglects to mention that in Catholic teaching a homosexual orientation is considered intrinsically disordered. Also, the “who am I to judge” line seemed to give papal approval minimizing homosexuality as a sin. After all, Francis did not take a “who am I to judge” line with Donald Trump when he said anyone who would build a border wall is “not a Christian.”

Gays are not the only group that Francis seems to be fond of. He has also praised Muslims, atheists, and Communists. The only group that Francis doesn’t seem to like are Catholics. He stated that observant Catholics are particularly susceptible of following a “self-absorbed Promethean neo-Pelagianism.” And he accused devout young Catholics who like to attend the Latin Mass of being “rigid.” Virtually every Catholic I’ve talked to feels that Francis doesn’t really like Catholics, and the feeling is mutual.

The final straw?


Cardinal Caffarra, who is one of the four cardinals who have respectfully asked Francis to clarify exactly what he means.

So far, everything I’ve described has been annoying to Catholics, but not ground shaking. The Catholic Church has survived several bad popes in the past. But with the publication of the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (On Love in the Family), Pope Francis has put forth a teaching that threatens to destroy the Catholic Church from within. In an ambiguous footnote in the Exhortation, Francis seems to say that Catholics who are divorced and remarried may in certain circumstances receive the sacraments of the Church. At first glance, that implication might appear to be inconsequential, but it strikes at the heart of one of the foundational doctrines of the Catholic Church—the indissolubility of marriage.

Catholics believe that once you are validly married, you are married “until death do us part” as the traditional vows state. The doctrine directly from Jesus’ own words:

The Pharisees also came to Him, testing Him, and saying to Him, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?”

And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made[a] them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

The Catholic Church has steadfastly held to this difficult teaching for 2,000 years. Saints have gone to their martyrdom defending the doctrine so it is not a doctrine that Catholics take lightly. But in Amoris Laetitia, Francis appears to contradict the teaching of Jesus on marriage.

If that is not bad enough, at certain points Francis sounds more like a social justice warrior influenced by the Frankfurt School than a Catholic pope::

I certainly value feminism, but one that does not demand uniformity or negate motherhood.

If certain forms of feminism have arisen which we must consider inadequate, we must nonetheless see in the women’s movement the working of the Spirit for a clearer recognition of the dignity and rights of women.

History is burdened by the excesses of patriarchal cultures that considered women inferior….

These statements may sound innocuous to the average person, but longtime readers of Return Of Kings will immediately recognize that the Pope is introducing a false egalitarianism into Christianity.

Four respected Catholic cardinals have asked Pope Francis privately to clarify what he meant by the ambiguous footnote. This is a pretty standard practice. After all, the whole purpose of the office of the Pope is to provide clear teaching. Yet Pope Francis neglected to respond to the cardinals’ questions so the cardinals made their questions public. Even that did not force Francis to clarify. Instead, allies of Pope Francis have attacked the four cardinals as disobedient heretics for calling into question the Pope’s teaching.

What could happen?


No one knows exactly where this will go from here because there has never been a historical situation like this. The Catholic Church is in uncharted waters. If Francis remains silent, the crisis may be averted because the Church’s traditional teaching trumps any ambiguous statements that Francis makes.

The other possible case is that Francis will double down and explicitly contradict the teaching of Christ. At that point, Francis would be a heretic. It would almost certainly result in a schism within the Catholic Church, if not complete destruction of the institution.


As a Catholic, I owe the Pope a high degree of respect. It is also my responsibility to interpret the Francis’ words and actions in the best possible light. But my fidelity is not to the person of Pope Francis, but to the teaching of all the popes who have proceeded him. Insofar as Pope Francis’ teachings agree with those of his predecessors, I am bound to be obedient. However, if Francis departs from the teaching of Christ, I am under no obligation to excuse his error. Rather, the charitable action would be to warn others about the error.

Of course, my non-Catholic readers have no such obligation. But all of us have to live in the culture that is created by our society’s major institutions. In a world where corporations, education, the news media, and entertainment media are firmly under leftist control, we need the churches to be staunch defenders of traditional morality. Whenever a Christian church compromises with the degenerate culture, traditional men and women lose another battle. When a Christian institution the size of the Catholic Church compromises, it is a sign that we have lost the war.

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  1. “Catholics who like to attend the Latin Mass of being “rigid.” Virtually every Catholic I’ve talked to feels that Francis doesn’t really like Catholics, and the feeling is mutual”
    I hear whst you’re saying.
    I’m a christian but not catholic yet I sympathise with your concerns about the catholic church. Many non catholic churches like the Episcopal church have already embraced the queerness today.
    Some even have female pastors who start the sermon with shit like “Let us all rise and give thanks to the lord mother Jesus…” implying that Jesus was a woman.
    Seriously. I can respect that there are slightly different interpretations of the bible, but some churches have such a skewed interpretation that they are fucked up cults, not churches.

    1. “lord mother jesus”
      I know I tend to be a bit of a rapscallion, but I am asking in earnest here: is this a reference to giving thanks to Mary (which the catholic church is very fond of and has been forever securing its pejorative title of the cult of mary) or is this female pastors claiming that Jesus was a woman?

      1. actually it depends on the denomination and the priest…ess.
        By the way in Greece in many religious houses you might have trouble finding an icon of Christ but you will always find one of Mary, as we are fanatical about her. I admit it after Christ I am more of a Saint George, Saint Nicholas, Saint Constantine, Arch-Angel Michael type. In earnest though most modern myths considering the reiligious (like sightings of aparitions fighting against the Germans in WWII) in Greece have to do near always with Mary… and monks.

        1. Merry Monks! Sounds like a cool name for a rock band or an a capella singing group!

        2. Me… too.
          Also the word for priestess in Greek ierodouli (slave to the holy, it lacks the male and neuter genders) basically is being used to politely say prostitute… This wording is being used because priesteses were used a lot in the most frisky of religious festivities (which were originally referred to as orgia from which comes the word for orgy).

        3. A part of me really hopes that Christian heaven more closely resembles Valhalla. Eating, drinking, fighting, boasting, buxom hot Germanic chicks pouring you mead and spending your days girding for battle against Ice Giants just seems like it would be a great way to pass an eternity.

        4. I will be genuinely aggrieved if there is any form of after life…good or bad. I have a deal with the Lord. I suffer his creation without hurting anything and he lets me nap after. If he renegs he is going to have some problems with the kneeman.

        5. Dude, seriously? I mean think about it, the Vikings were a pretty energetic people. Eventually they’re going to get tired of their video-gamish type life (cheat codes and all!) and start raiding other unearthly paradises. So one day Lars Thorrsen and I conspire to get a group of guys together, and we sail over to Heaven and kidnap all of the hot Hispanic chicks and bring them back to our mead halls, and then gird our loins for the eventual counter attack led by Archangel Michael, meanwhile we make alliances with the Celtic followers of Lu who do a surprise attack from behind against the angelic armies marching to our gates. All this time of course, pretty little Violeta that I claimed as war booty (ha!) and the flaxen haired Annaliese who serves me my mead are conspiring to pull me into a threesome. How fun would that be?!

        6. different folks / different strokes. I look forward to a nice long nap.

        7. I cannot begin to even start to understand that viewpoint. Not saying it’s wrong, just that I simply have no intellectual frame of reference to parse it through.

        8. I could see people sticking around for spite:

          But other than that, I am more of an obliteration of consciousness fan.

        9. Being a ghost would be the worst possible thing ever. You’re stuck here on the material plane, you can’t do Jack shit except maybe make spoons move on a table now and then, and you have nothing whatsoever to do since you can’t really interact with anybody or anything. For an extrovert like me that would be pure torture. Unless I get to be a Poltergeist with really fun telekinetic powers that can move more than a spoon of course, which would be a blast for a while. At least until the midget woman shows up anyway.

        10. It all sounds like a bad deal for me. I am more of a fan of being a mortal. Immortality…even of the soul….takes the flavor out of life for me. Having said that, the Wainright song is such an oldie but goodie

        11. How does it take the flavor out of life for you?
          When I ride my motorcycle, the knowledge that I’ll stop riding it and then ride it again another day gives me happiness. If I only rode it once, I’d have fun but the thought of never riding again would make me sad. Bit of a silly analogy, but you hopefully get the gist of what I’m trying to communicate?

        12. The question on this is if there is an afterlife, then would a man’s fate be different in said afterlife if he committed suicide?

        13. I can’t figure out how to work my Netflix account and you want to ask me about afterlife? I don’t know. I’m not a suicide type so I don’t see ever finding out. As for an afterlife, if nothing then nothing if something I will deal with it then

        14. One day you’ll stop and not ride it again. I like knowing that life will eventually end. Makes things more exciting for me

        15. Damn.
          Every time I think “he’s not actually a nihilist, he just plays it up for laughs,” you manage to make me think twice.

        16. Pretty simple, really. if you live forever, then nothing you do has any meaning to anyone. If everyone has eternity to do whatever they want, who cares? What’s the point? The afterlife only has meaning if theres another afterlife after it.
          This life is short, unpredictable, and operates in an environment of scarcity-you accomplish ANYTHING at all,its meaningful.

        17. I don’t mind some pain if the end result is restoration. Keeps things interesting.

        18. In what way is that true? Because we assume it is from the viewpoint of mortality? Isn’t that a bit like assuming that poverty begets pious wisdom in the poor? Well sure, to the poor this sounds great, but is it really so?
          As none of us (to my knowledge) have a viewpoint inspired by immortality realized, I don’t think we’re really knowledgeable about what actually does and doesn’t work with immortality. And that includes me, fwiw.

        19. I still don’t see it. I get that it does something for you, but I really honestly have no connections at all to that world view.

        20. My vanity means I can’t really conceive of a world in which I cease to exist. I’m pretty much holding out hope for immortality in my lifetime.

        21. I like it Luthor. I don’t have that problem though as I am positive the world will cease to exist when I die. As I’ve mentioned, I am fairly certain none of you exist when i blink

        22. It’s all fun and games until Tezcatlipoca and Kulkulkan show up and sacrifice everyone to Tonatiuh. Build that wall.

        23. It is more like your assumption that there are 10’s because you need an end to a scale

        24. I think that is called “hell.” Because you know whats coming, not to mention the waiting (the worst part) till it happens, just to know you will have to go through it all again tomorrow and all for eternity.

      2. There are really feminist factions in the Church greater that believe God is a woman, Jesus was a woman, etc.
        There have been several “translations” that either use gender-neutral pronouns for God or straight up call Him a goddess.

        1. That they have not been excommunicated for this would have surprised me thirty years ago, but now it no longer even registers on my meter. It’s just so freaking sad.

        2. Oh and all for the glory that was Vatican II…
          One should exhume Pope John-Paul II (correct me If I am wrong) and though his rotten body in a cesspit for conspiring that blasphemy! Even worse he might be sanctified!!!

        3. excommunicated? I am pretty sure that just a couple centuries ago they would have been burned.

        4. Oh yes, no question. I’m more or less making a passing reference to condemn Vatican II, ’tis all.

        5. Yeah, this whole new college of cardinals is really a party college. Kind of need a Vatican III. In this one Pope Balboa fights Mr. T.

        6. Oh no, not Mr. T. Instead, the head of the Orthodox church, who should ideally be named Dolph, and he will “crush you”.

        7. With those feminists the teaching of the Church is that they would have incurred automatic excommunication for their actions. The problem is that the authorities in the Church, that would normally denounce such things, have already incurred automatic excommunication themselves.

        8. It is quite sad to witness strength crumble under its own weight but, let’s be honest here, there are some significant scriptural issues with Catholicism in general. Personally, they lost me with the peodophelia problem. After the refugee bullshit…

        9. If that shit makes it outside if you’re front door you’ve already failed as a leader.

        10. Burning would create the worst crime of all – releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. No, No, NO!

        11. Yes. The RCC is pretty heretical according to the bible (don’t get me started on indulgences and Mary-worship). However, I know many good catholics who are sincere in their faith in Jesus.

        12. Sincere if misplaced, I can’t fault someone who is sincere. We need to recognize the problem of the church however.

      3. Sir you not only show your ignorance but your dislike for Our Lady . Mary is not and never will be a cult . One of the things I always hear is ” well you worship Mary ” no we do not . We pray to her for her intercession. If you are an open minded Christian then read about Christs first miracle then open your mind if not your heart . Yours in Christ. J.D.

        1. I think if you re read my comment you will see that I say “cult of Mary” is used as an insult to the church. I do not ascribe to that believe but know that others feel that way (erroneously in my opinion).
          What I said is that “cult of Mary” is used as a perjorative … what you say here is right and I agree but I think you read my comment incorrectly

    2. 1 Timothy 2:12
      12) I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.
      If you walk into a “Christian Church” that has a woman as a pastor, turn around and walk out, don’t look back. You stumbled into a feminist infested pariah fest and no good will come of it.

      1. Read the page you linked and bookmarked. Thank you.

        1. Wait so he is saying the pope isn’t catholic? Is there a sight which covers bears and their outdoor urination?

        2. If you are near the Cincinatti area Saint Gertrude the Great Church is also a great resource. They are one of the main hubs of traditional Catholicism in the country.

      2. isn’t the best place to link to. I prefer Fr. Hesse’s talks (at least his scripts) or possibly tradcatknight (although mainly it is a website with a ton of info on prepping/economy ideas/the church/ and theories. Its kinda a mess currently, but there are valuable articles there). I think its the fruits we need to examine.

    3. Morrison I am a Catholic and I attended a secular service with several Christian Faiths where the leader of one of the denominations was the head speaker. Now the fact that it was a woman only made me more attentive. Then she started to speak and phrases such as you have posted above started to come out . In one sentence she would refer to God the Father in the next it would be God the Mother . She would jump from he said to she said. Now am not knocking this woman and if that’s her beliefs then so be it . But The Church was not meant to cause confusion that leads to chaos which is the friend of Satan. Francis is not stupid and he is trying his best ( as far as I can see ) to spread chaos with all his half finished speeches and talks of making Martin Luther a Saint. Now I have nothing against Lutherans and if that’s their Faith so be it . I just wish Francis would step off the fence and join their flock. After all that is where it seems his heart is .

      1. I hear what you’re saying, Faith. I hust seems as if the Pope is aligning himself perfectly with the Golbalists – hence making him the enemy.

        1. Exactly and the Globalist want one thing only as far as I can see . A one world religion but not allied to God allied to man . As you said earlier Francis is to Catholicism what Obama is to America. Am not an educated man but am not exactly ignorant of the fact of what goes on . Just in the last few days Obama has moved 4000 troops to Poland for what, to protect the poles no . It’s to put Trump in a no win situation if he withdraws the Troops he’s pandering to Putin if he leaves them he’s a warmonger. But just think and it’s not impossible the way relations are with Mexico and Trump. What if Putin decided to put 4000 Russian Troops In Mexico . After all it comes down more or less to the same situation as in Poland . As the Troops there are near the Russian border. You Take Care.

  2. Short answer: yes he does.
    Although I am Orthodox I still consider Catholics, the traditionals especially, as people who are part of the first three traditional and founding churches (The Catholic, The Orthodox and the Apostolic in the Caucasus). Because the Catholic Church is one of the last vestiges of tradition inside the west so it must be de-traditionalised and cleansed by all that is good in it and Francis, the commie Pope, tries the hardest to do it.
    For me the best thing that may happen is… a new schism in the Catholic Church. That schism would be though between progressives and traditionals and would differentiate the grain from the chaff the progressives would be destroyed by themselves being unable to sustain faith while not believing and the traditionals would have it in the long run.
    A last note on the second picture, How humble it is for a pope to clean feet and even kiss them in front of the cameras proving himself as loving? Also consider that most of these men probably are not even Christians…
    X-stianity and Cuckstianity on full display.

    1. “A last note on the second picture, How humble it is for a pope to clean feet and even kiss them in front of the cameras proving himself as loving?”

      1. I wonder if he would have done the same with these guys:

        Now seriously I wanted to rock on to something, still what he did was literally to justify the killers of Christians in the middle east and Africa by worshipping these people while showing himself to be good.
        on a side note why did he decide to name himself Francis: Francis is a very common name, a name of the people and by it he tried to shew himself of the people.
        Anyway instead of almsgiving I prefer from religious leader to give spiritual and life guidance through tv instead of making themselves look humble…

        1. Yeah. There are a lot of ‘uniates’ where I live; so-called Ukrainian Catholics. That’s even more of a half-measure. I invite them all to come Home once and for all.

        2. The correct is unitarians, and the unitarian Church was a measure by Poland to Catholicize the Orthodox in the area the time it had conquered Russia. It failed in the end. For Catholics in general I admire that they tend to be more theological (of course I am referring to traditionals) than most orthodox I know and that they crave divine knowledge, that characteristic had me once thinking on becoming a Catholic myself, then Francis happened. Don’t get me wrong a strong Orthodox Church united would have been the near-perfect Church (Perfect is only God no one and nothing else). Anyway I don’t consider that it would be dificult for Catholics to move to Orthodoxy in case that their decline doesn’t stop or reverse, it far more difficult for a protestant to do it (Protestantism is too secular, hence they have pastors and not priests, they are religious parish leaders, not guides and cannot perform sacraments).

        3. The Unitarians are some quasi-calvinist protestant weirdo sect.
          I agree with everything you say – having come to Orthodoxy later in life from limp-wristed American protestant was eye-opening. I have never felt any connection to God while in church prior to that.

  3. Ah, Catholicism. The view that a group of fallible men get to decide doctrine is beyond me and that salvation is through asking a human for forgiveness instead of asking God for forgiveness is something that these people actually believe.
    Tell me, Catholics. Did the thief on the cross go to confession before he was executed?
    The only, truest Christians I’ve seen were Coptic Christians of the Alexandrine rite. Transsubstantiation, or that bullshit mass thing Catholics practice with the wafer, was not on the agenda.

    1. Catholics don’t believe that fallible men get to decide doctrine, they receive guidance God promised. Next thief on the cross is in heaven, Catholics have always believed that. Third, you are asking God for forgiveness, the priest is there for witness and guidance.
      I’m not actually Catholic but Catholics and Protestants talk right past each other on stuff like this.

  4. The pope is being influenced by the teachings of a guy named Father Häring who is a big believer in the “historically conscious” strand of theology. This theology is itself based on a Hegelian (yes THAT Hegel) rejection of nature and of an objective teleological (end oriented) order and was itself specifically addressed in the 1970s by the church as being incorrect. Meaning what the pope is doing is bordering on the heretical if not outright heretical. This website discusses the matter in depth:

  5. The general attitude toward Pope Francis among the Catholics of my parish is that:
    1) We all wish he’d stop orating about matters outside his provice (e.g., politics, economics);
    2) He’s come close to contradicting the Redeemer on a couple of matters, and he’d better come no closer!
    Many of us appreciate the Holy Father’s attitude of compassion and outreach toward sinners, but compassion and outreach can only go so far without becoming heresy. Sinners must repent, confess, and do penance.

  6. Great and clear article, thank you. I was really hoping you’d continue and get into the 2 popes and the fatama revelations.

  7. Thanks for the great article on the subject of Christianity. As a Christian, I’m glad to see it getting more attention, because Biblical morality holds the answers to every predicament the West faces.

    Traditional men should be concerned with what goes on in the large
    Christian churches, even if they don’t happen to be Christian. That’s
    because the churches affect the moral temperature of the country.

    True statement. One of my favorite pastors said it best, “You cannot have a cultural change in a country without first having a religious change. Culture is religion externalized.”

    The two largest groups that have held strong Christian convictions are the Evangelicals and the Catholic Church. Both groups have been bulwarks of
    traditional morality… until recently.

    Again, true statement. As a Christian, while I would want everyone to understand the good news, I also understand the Bible itself clearly teaches only some people will ultimately “get it”. To those who will remain non-believers, I make the academic appeal to study God’s commandments with an open mind to compare them to anything man has ever come up with. God’s law is far superior and holds the answers to the problems we face. There is a reason this law system has existed, without break, since it was handed down thousands of years ago. It’s the only law system that can boast such. When obeyed, it has guided Adamites, Hebrews, Israelites, and Christians to blessings and prosperity every time. When rejected, it has likewise brought us curses and woe as we see today.
    Ignore mainstream “Judeo” Christianity. The very term “Judeo Christianity” is an oxymoron. It is a stumbling block and a perversion of Biblical Christianity. It rightly deserves the aversion and ridicule it gets. If a non-believer equates Christianity with most of what’s mainstream today they will never arrive at proper conclusions concerning the true ideology of Christendom.
    For a Christian prospective on the modern perversion of Christian morality I’m reminded of another saying from a favorite pastor, “everything goes wrong just right”. When the righteous decrease, and this cycle has happened many times in human history, it will culminate with a revival or national judgment and destruction. Even non-Christians know the story of Noah’s flood, which an example of destruction. There will always be a remnant:
    “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Then he said, “I have been very zealous for Yahweh, the God of hosts; for the sons of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars and killed Your prophets with the sword. And I alone am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.” Yahweh said to him, “Go, return on your way to the wilderness of Damascus, and when you have arrived, you shall anoint Hazael king over Aram; and Jehu the son of Nimshi you shall anoint king over Israel; and Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah you shall anoint as prophet in your place. It shall come about, the one who escapes from the sword of Hazael, Jehu shall put to death, and the one who escapes from the sword of Jehu, Elisha shall put to death. Yet I will leave 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him.” – 1 Kings 19
    The Biblical doctrine of salvation, contrary to modern perversion, is most often dealing with the physical preservation of a people, and not a spiritual eternity. In the Spirit of righteous men of days gone by I encourage everyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear:
    “Repent, and each of you be baptized [Greek word meaning “immersed”] in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself.” And with many other words he solemnly testified and kept on exhorting them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation!” – Acts 2

    1. Didn’t Pope Francis also say you didn’t need to be Catholic to receive salvation or even Christian? So why should the rest of the non-Catholic world listen to him if he says his own faith is superfluous to metaphysical paradise?
      Pope Franky also is a foaming at the mouth radical acolyte of the doomsday cult of global warming. He’s a pagan-marxist, who’s real deity seems to be the Almighty State and its various fallen angels of bureaucracy.

      1. Did he really say that?!? That directly contradicts the Bible, in no uncertain terms. Nobody gets salvation but through Christ alone (paraphrase), so if you’re not Christian and can be saved that is saying that God is a liar(!!). What in the flying hell?!?

        1. Good lord. So basically he’s stating “if you do good works, eh, it’s cool, you get into Heaven, even if you’re an atheist”. What a stone cold fool. He needs to be removed from his office and cast out of the Church.
          What a toadying and ass kissing article. Ugh.

        2. If I remember correctly, I don’t think there is a way to impeach a Pope. I think he either has to step down or die. I’m not sure there is a mechanism for the Cardinals to remove a rogue Pope, other than the old medieval way of serving him “bad” soup. I suppose there must be some kind of system some how if a Pope has a stroke and goes mad, or has Alzheimer’s and can’t function mentally, or goes crazy and becomes a Satanist or something.

        3. Hardly the first prominent Catholic with this belief. Apparently Mother Theresa had this belief that if you suffered in this life, you’d be saved in the next regardless of your faith. That’s why she didn’t proselytize to the Hindus she let die in her care.
          Granted, I got this second-hand from people who worked with her and were not pleased with her, so this could be fake. But given some of the questions floating around her in life, I don’t have good reason to doubt.

        4. Hey, Saint Belinda Carlisle has the last word on this…Heaven is a place on earth.

        5. Yes Francis is a walking heretic and therefore not the pope. But in truth Benedict was just as bad he claimed there was no hell. JP2 was even worse he held the Assisi conference where they took off the cross from the tabernacle and replaced it with a Buddha. The whole idea that religions outside Christianity have validity comes from Vatican 2 this is why the Catholic Churh has not had a valid pope since 1958. Every pope since V2 has followed the errors set forth in it.

        6. Robert Goulet style: “Oooh, baby….d’ya know what that’s worth (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you)? OOooooooooooooo, Heaven….it’s a placccce!

        7. He did. YouTube Christian truthers were going ape shit over it. And to a degree I was definitely shocked.

        8. Well, the very precepts of the Church state that if someone falls into heresy he is automatically out of the Church, no matter if he is your neighbour or the Pope (Bellarmine). The problem is that all modern hierarchy is made up of heretics after years of infiltration.

  8. The Catholic Church was destroyed by Vatican II, it’s just taken a while for the religion to teeter and fall to the ground. It still has a way to go, but that a Francis cartoon character pope can sit around pontificating (ha! get it?!) about politics in the U.S. and shit utterly unrelated to matters of faith, and get by with it, galls me. Dude is just two steps away from sanctioning abortion, at the speed he’s going with the idiotic “Let’s not judge, we’re all happy hippies!” shit.

      1. The last Pope seemed fairly legit and seemed to be trying to restore some tradition and dignity to the office and Church. How this current jugheaded bozo got the nod I just don’t understand. I’m also rather uncertain how the previous pope was allowed to “retire”, it was my understanding that death was the only path out of the office?

        1. The last “pope” was cleverer no doubt but as Lolknee said, he was one of the architects of this mess. He also said a lot of heresies and outrageous things in a way very few people could grasp…

    1. His followers are the worst. The leftist post-vat2 “catholic” nowadays is a very annoying effeminate creature, often more anti-christian than the atheists. He’s well placed in the modern bestiary.
      I have more respect for some Muslims than him.

      1. At this point (and I apologize if this comes across as blasphemous) I hope that Islam does not suffer the same fate as Christianity and be torn down to an untenably weak laughing stock.
        I suspect though that the current dismantling of the middle east and globalism will all but seal their fate aswell.

      2. That’s so sad to hear.
        I’m glad to see that you’re still kicking and hope that you’re doing well Monsieur.
        My mind is basically cast towards Orthodox at this point. No other Christian sect seems to even understand the basic tenants of the Faith any longer. It’s very tough for me, because I really thought that there might be respite in Catholicism, but the last ten years have shown me how false that belief is.

        1. The Catholic Church is still the church established by Christ. We have to understand we are the ones who have to teach the faith, not others. We have to know and study and live the faith, even if we have a terrible pope on board. The church suffered from a similar crisis before, with St. Athanasius being the saint whom stood against the Arian heretics and showed us what it means to remain steadfast as Catholics (Traditional nowadays).
          Read books written by saints. Read and teach your children the Baltimore Catechism (it is straight forward in its teachings and was taught in America in the 19th century I believe). Listen to the sermons on the youtube channel Sensus Fidelium. Pray the Rosary daily!
          These will help you grow as a Catholic and as a true follower of Christ.

        2. Well said. I would suggest reading On the trinity by Saint Augustine. Important book that one.

        3. I agree with you, to some extent. The point is that according to tradition and the very teaching of the Church, a heretic cannot be pope.

          6. In addition, [by this Our Constitution, which is to remain valid in perpetuity We enact, determine, decree and define:-] that if ever at any time it shall appear that any Bishop, even if he be acting as an Archbishop, Patriarch or Primate; or any Cardinal of the aforesaid Roman Church, or, as has already been mentioned, any legate, or even the Roman Pontiff, prior to his promotion or his elevation as Cardinal or Roman Pontiff, has deviated from the Catholic Faith or fallen into some heresy:…
          ii) it shall not be
          possible for it to acquire validity (nor for it to be said that it has thus acquired validity) through the acceptance of the office, of consecration, of subsequent authority, nor through possession of administration, nor through the putative enthronement of a Roman Pontiff, or Veneration, or obedience accorded to such by all, nor through the lapse of any period of time in the foregoing situation;…
          vi) those thus promoted or elevated shall be deprived automatically, and without need for any further declaration, of all dignity, position, honour, title, authority, office and power.
          Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul IV,
          “Cum ex Apostolatus Officio”
          15th February 1559
          (Roman Bullarium Vol. IV. Sec. I, pp. 354-357)

          The problem is that the laity as well as the cardinals are mostly apostates and heretics.

      3. At least Islam has some natural truths left in its religion. Francis and his followers believe that we all experience god on our own terms. That is God only exists in the internal forum and God is thus manifested by every culture and creed in its own unique cultural way. In other words these modernists don’t believe in anything which is why St. Pius X said modernism leads to atheism.

    2. Yeah, I love how he has the audacity to stand in front of Congress and:
      1) doesn’t have the guts to bring up abortion… AT ALL
      2) says basically that the US should allow Mexicans in while admitting that pushing the American Indians out of the way was bad. So I guess just pushing Americans out of the way is good.
      The guy is a literal piece of #(*&$#.
      Of course I can’t say that to many people around here. Might get kicked back to Eastern Europe! 😀

    3. We haven’t been totally destroyed there is still a few of us around. In fact current situation in the Church was predicted a long time ago and is referred to as the Great Apostacy. But your analysis is spot on this “Novus Ordo” has dedicated itself to destroying all the articles of the faith and replacing them with a hippie dogmaless religion of humanism.

    1. I agree. WTF, he has no idea what he is talking about with Fake News, and he goes and says THAT. Bullshit!

      1. Except the word he used meant people -eating- bull#*&^!!
        Yeah, this guy is creepy…

  9. “As a Catholic, I owe the Pope a high degree of respect” . No you don’t , respect is earned not given

    1. He means the office I believe, not the actual human being. Kind of like respecting the office of the Presidency, even if you find the current resident to be a jug headed moron.
      At least, this is what I assumed he meant.

      1. Still reeks of cuckdom to me Jeff, like the way us “subjects” here in the U.K are expected to respect the Monarchy no matter how they behave . .

        1. How is it cuck? It’s the traditional respect always noted, not some new fad where you’re asking some dude to fuck your Pope or whatever.
          As to respecting the monarchy, as I understand it, that is also an office thing, not a personality thing (although you’ll be hard pressed to find a Briton who understands that in this day and age, the way they fawn over their crown celebrities).

        2. “although you’ll be hard pressed to find a Briton who understands that in this day and age”
          Who are the Britons?

        3. Well, I may not know who they are specifically, but I do know that I, Arthur, am King of the Britons, and you can tell immediately because I’m the only one who doesn’t have shit all over him!

        4. “I mean, if I went around sayin’ I was an emperor just
          because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me they’d put me away!”

      1. Anyone still a Protestant is a fool, almost every former predominantly Protestant country is now secular-atheist with a heavy dose of Islam. You rejected the Catholic philosophical tradition (which was capable of cogently arguing in favour of the faith), for ‘sola scriptura’, which is not only wrong, but woefully incapable of intellectually defending the faith. So now your children have left the faith and embraced Liberalism, and soon to be Islam.

        1. And yet another fantastic point. I was trying to come up with a 1st world protestant nation the other day.
          I don’t think there are any left. The US has gone crazy psycho immoral. Germany? HAHAHA! The UK is even worse than the US. The only nations that have strong stances on morality these days are either majority Catholic or Orthodox.
          So while I admit due to being raised Protestant there are some doctrinal issues I have with the Catholic church, I can’t knock the results. It’s clear Protestants have failed.

        2. It’s wrong because it’s without context. You rejected thousands of years of tradition, which means that now anyone can interpret the Scriptures however they want, meaning that no one can agree (which is why there are endless Protestant denominations), this lacks unity and cohesion. There’s no heirarchy, which may sound good, but without heirarchy, there’s no order.

        3. Because there’s no authority or tradition in Protestantism, almost anyone can interpret scripture and have their own rules, (which is why there are endless Protestant denominations), this means no one can agree on anything, which means they are lacking in unity. And because they have no heirarchy, no tradition, no unity, and philosophical tradtion, they are easily rejected by young minds. The only arguments a Protestant can use is “God dun it”, and this is why mostly Portestant nations are now Post-Christian SJW shitholes.

        4. I’d love to say something in response to this but….
          I got nothin’. 😀 Hard to refute the fact that there aren’t any Protestant nations left. And while there are some things I have issues with Catholic church on, I can’t even defend the solo scrittura (haha or whatever it is, I may be inserting Italiano there).
          And actually, following your line of thought about interpretation, I can attack myself using the scripture. Say….
          Luke 6:43: ” For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”
          Not a whole lot of good fruit coming out of Protestants these days are there? 😉

        5. At the same time you’re asking for the Catholic Church alone to have the power to interpret scripture as they see fit? Many would argue a lot of Catholics aren’t even Christians these days and by not sticking to sola scriptura they have idol worship over Mary and the pope.

        6. For me the jury’s out on the Mary issue. (I’ve seen some things that appear to me to be borderline idol worship, but a lot of others that aren’t.) But having been in a very Catholic country for a good year now, I’m going to have to say the Pope thing isn’t worshipping an idol. While I’ve heard people speak well of the guy, I can’t say I’m seeing anything idol-ish on that front. So far anyway.
          I haven’t heard outright name calling (that’s for classy Protestants like me to do :-D), but I have heard a lot of dissatisfaction.
          One curious thing (to me), is talking well of the Pope while simultaneously disagreeing with him on basically everything. I’ve run into several people with that issue. They’ll say they love the guy, I’ll say… “What about when he said X?” They’ll agree that was weird or plain wrong, then go back to praising him.

        7. I just don’t understand the whole awe struck mentality Catholics have with him and lean on his comments on the faith as if he actually has any authority with the word of God and that’s why I believe in sola scriptura because the Bible says it’s to be used to rebuke false teachings. If at any point we are in doubt then turn to scripture but if we give the pope authority to interpret scripture alone then we have a guy like him telling atheist they can be good people and enter heaven without Jesus which is plain wrong.

        8. Some are awestruck while others… aren’t all that happy about it. Also it seems he’s riled up some of his own cardinals with his ridiculous antics.
          Maybe 10 years ago I’d have agreed with you on the sola scriptura point. These days, I don’t know. I mean, I saw my own original church (Methodist no less) embrace gay marriage, to say nothing of the royal mess that are mega churches, so I don’t have a lot of positive examples of protestants holding the line. And then there’s the very real fact that all protestant nations are now a bunch of SJW hell-holes. It’s all pretty damning.
          Whether or not that’s due to sola scriptura or just a bunch of protestants going stupid and caving to evil, I have no idea. 🙂

        9. That’s not due to sola scriptura because the Bible is against gay marriage. I’m not defending protestants by any means and I no longer go to church because of that. I read scripture daily and as a Christian everyone should hold everyone accountable according to scripture, if some pastor goes off embracing something unbiblical then churchgoers should know that pastor has been compromised. It’s because modern churches go against sola scriptura they can tweak or outright deny the word of God and change to accommodate their emotions and desires.

    2. Catholics believe the Pope is the successor to Saint Peter, thus having Apostolic authority.

      1. Yeah, that’s a good argument against Catholicism right there.
        Of course, I’m a protestant (or was given how they all pretty much caved in the US).
        I did much prefer the previous pope however. Much stronger on…. everything. At least what I’ve read that is.

  10. Organized religion in general equals putting your faith in a system that will become more SJW friendly, year-by-year, as more old men topple over.
    I’m finding better results believing in myself.

    1. Actually the Orthodox church is highly patriarchal and totally drenched in tradition and steadfastly refuse to change for modern times.

      1. Yes, that’s true, which is why I said “in general.” The Orthodox church could be a good place to find a LTR, if one was so inclined . . .

      2. Even the Greek Orthodox Church (the cuckiest and leftyest of them all) is pretty far from being characterized reliably as cucky even remotely. It shows better reaction sentiments than the Greek people: there are priests even fighting against the migrant invasion and due to their connection with their parishes they could not remove them, some others even ascribe to nationalism and there are even some high ranking ones that provide still a truly christian spiritual and life guideship to the faithful, uncucky, anti-liberal and even polite! Problem is the head of the Church might be an anarchist but at the very least he is old-Pasok (hardline socialist with liberal tendencies) and this makes the Church as an organisation apathetic sadly. One arch-bishop before though we had one of the most energetic and conservative ones who, besides his shortcomings, managed to bring the youth back to the Church and political leaders had to mind what he did or said, problem is all his good work stopped the moment he died, so there is not much of legacy by him.

  11. As a matter of fact, I was considering getting baptized since my ancestors were all Catholic Christians, and I realised the importance of the True Faith as part of our identity taken from us.
    In the face of the Muslim invasion of Europe, it is important to rediscover our roots, and to return to them.
    The only thing that stopped me was the actions of the Pope: like washing the feet of Muslim migrants, and him preaching open borders and Multiculturalism.
    It will not stop me at the and of the day, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

    1. You should find a Traditional Catholic church. Look up online for FSSP or SSPX, or even Sedevacantists

  12. Much of the consequence of the Protestant Reformation may be described as rejection of the authority asserted by the Roman church, and, particularly, by its “Pope.” Many former Catholics describe their decision to leave the Roman church with words such as, “When I became a Christian…” This expression is very common among former Catholics and reflects well the view of most Protestants regarding the Roman church. In that context, your article is read by Protestants as further evidence of the depravity of the Roman Catholic cult, and a warning to other Christians regarding the threat posed by the Roman Catholic cult to Christians.

    1. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church ARE the original Christian church (from the Old Church which existed just after Christ died, usually of believers who actually saw him in real life). It’s not a cult (or, ok, wasn’t until Vatican II), and their Christianity is where the Protestant faith sprung from.

      1. Do you remember about 10 years ago when they found the toilet that Luther wrote the 95 thesis on? That just kind of sprung to mind now.

        1. oh man, it was great. So many Feces Thesis jokes were made. Some archeologist found the crapper that martin luther (who apparently had serious gastro issues) penned the 95 thesis.

      2. “It’s not a cult (or, ok, wasn’t until Vatican II), and their Christianity is where the Protestant faith sprung from.”
        Which begs the question, “Can Christianity arise from rejection of a cult, and can a cult arise from rejection of Christianity?”
        Doctrine contrary to Christian scripture cannot be Christian doctrine, which is the fundamental premise of the Protestant Reformation which split from Catholicism. [Split, or schism, may be a better term than descent or “sprung from,” as this also describes the difference between the Orthodox churches of the east and western Catholicism.] Said elsewise, the hierarchy of the church organization has, at various points in history, determined one thing or another to be consistent with or contrary to the will of deity, but these determinations are not without dissent, and most of these determination resulted in schism. If we are to say that there is only one true church, which is what most denominations ultimately claim, else they would unite despite differences, then the schism from the one, true Christian church may have occurred in classical antiquity, and the Catholicism which many now adhere may be the cult which experienced more success than the “true church.” If the Christian polygynists are correct, then nearly every dominant Christian denomination on earth teaches contrary to scripture.
        It wouldn’t be the first time almost everybody believed something which wasn’t actually true.

  13. I advise you to watch the serie ‘The Young pope”. It’s funny, well crafted, well shot…and by the way, I think the way it deals with Catholicism might show a clever solution to get a strong institution, instead of a dying one.
    (I’m not Catholic, but i’d prefer struggling with a devil i know instead of…)

  14. Eastern Orthodoxy. Amuse yourselves with theological debates all day but if tradition and patriarchy are your thing, Orthodoxy. I’m not sure why any of you would waste time with anything else.

  15. These happenings don’t really surprise me now. The Catholic Church laid the foundation for the destruction of Western Christianity when it “invented” the concept of modern chivalry. Modern chivalry reduced men to beats of burden that exist to be controlled and exploited by women. All of the problems with Western Christianity stem from this gynocentrism.
    In contrast, Eastern Christianity has a far more sensible view on the sexes: that men and women are both fallen, but men must lead women in working hard so that God may grant you salvation.

  16. Also isn’t Pope Francis technically ineligible for the position of Pope due to having been a Jesuit?

    1. Why would being a Jesuit make him ineligible for Pope. I would think that being a Jesuit would make it strange for him to pick the name Francis

      1. Are you saying that he should have chosen instead to be Pope Torquemada? That would be unfortunate, because if he took a doctrinal stance then you’d never be able to torquemada it!

        1. I really need to re-watch the old Mel Brookes classics. So much gold in those movies.

        2. Or the Jew Jew Jew Jew Jews….
          Great, now that song is going to be in my head all day! 🙂

  17. Perhaps the Pope should read Romans 1: 27-32
    27) In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. 28) Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29) They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30) slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31) they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32) Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.
    Pope Benedict stepped down rather than die, very unusual situation for Pope Francis to even be a pope, something is awry. But “who am I to say”?

    1. You hear about the two ex-nuns that got married? They credited Francis’ asinine “don’t judge” comments as their inspiration.

  18. In a way, Pope Francis has been good PR after the whole child-abuse scandal, even though he seems fairly Liberal on many important issues. Although having said that, the western media are shockingly bad at presenting what he actually believes, i’ve read numerous contradictory stories about his views.

      1. You just keep telling yourself that. It cannot trace its way back theologically, Scripturally, or any other way.
        Theology matters and Borgiagoglio is the inevitable end result.

        1. Technically, it can trace its roots all the back to the early church. That’s a matter of fact.
          As for theology… that’s another issue. 😉

        2. Same error. Saxons can trace history to 1066 but it doesn’t mean it’s always been England proper.

        3. Furthermore the Papistry as currently constituted has no resemblance to the early church. That’s a historic fact

        4. I didn’t say it was Christian. I said it can trace its roots all the way back to the early Christian church.
          Theology however is a …. WHY THE HELL AM I REPEATING MYSELF!?
          Refer to above post. 😛

        5. Awwww, that’s cute. Only a Gamma would dive into a thread to white knight and then scurry away.

        6. Oh now we’re assigning labels are we?
          The hilarious part about all this, is that I’m not Catholic, hate the Pope and agree with you except for the factually incorrect statement you made about the origins.
          Otherwise we should be getting along. Provided you don’t push out outright falsehoods. 😉

        7. Then stop making category errors. The papistry has nothing to do with the early church other than the early church fathers like Gregory, Cyprien et al all opposed it. Borgiagoglio would have been excommunicated from the early church.
          I apologize for perhaps insulting you.

        8. No worries! 😀
          That is true! And I like the excommunication idea!! Too bad normal people can put it to a vote!
          There’s a lot of Catholic stuff that I find creepy. (Mary’s mother was a virgin!? WHAT THE!??? Or somehow Mary was a virgin… after giving birth to Christ but nevermind he had siblings!? WHAT IS GOING ON??? :-D)
          There is one thing that bugs the hell out me however: there aren’t any protestant countries left. They’ve all gone full-on SJW immoral freaksville.

        9. Actually Saxons can easily trace their history before the battle of Hastings, far back at least to 600 A.D. and even likely prior. Hastings was the invasion of the Normans (from France, who themselves were Viking descendents) against the existing Saxon kingdoms which existed for centuries prior.
          Your lack of history discredits your other posts. What else don’t you know?

        10. I lolled at 1066, he obviously hasn’t read The Ecclesiastical History of the English People” By Bede, written in 731AD

        11. Mary was a virgin before birthing Christ. She was married and Joseph was still a man… hence kids.

        12. Never said they could only trace to 1066. Your sophistry and arrogance discredits you. Feel better?

        13. I was talking about some kind of doctrine that says Mary was -always- a virgin even after … having Jesus’ siblings. And then there’s the Mary’s mother was a virgin forever thing that… needs some serious explaining. 😉

  19. Francis is not the Pope, it is the teaching of the Catholic Church that a heretic cannot be elected as a valid Pope, and if he becomes a heretic after the election he automatically falls out of office and becomes ex-communicated as soon as he embraces heresy ipso facto. Indeed the very reason we have a Pope is to prevent us from falling into error. And as you have pointed out Michael, Francis clearly contradicts defined Catholic doctrine and preaches heresy.
    Indeed the one thing Francis is doing during his fauxtificate is highlighting the real differences between the True Church of Christ and the false ecumenical sect established by Vatican 2 which Francis and all of his enablers that dress up like clergy belong to.

      1. We all had to do our part to prevent the wicked witch of the west from taking over. Guessing her chief of staff’s computer password was password was the least we could do.

  20. As far as the current church – the pope….; I don’t recall Jesus being a feminist or “relating” to woman this way. Nor did Jesus talk about the “catholic” ways of marriage. Til death do you part? I don’t think god wants you to be miserable on this planet with a horrible fat mean hag that hates you. …….. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to all of Jesus teachings. I am man, I was born to lust for beauty. I have nuts with testosterone ready to fire. .. Nor do I love my enemies or forgive them. I also don’t always help the needy/mentally f’d. as most will pull you in like a drowning victim. So, I guess I am not a Christian?? The idea that god would want any man to get run over like road kill is repulsive to human nature and how god put us on this planet to live and compete as animals…. I believe there are things that are godlike; but in my mind the catholic church is way off on a lot of things and doesn’t have a clue of right or wrong, good or bad and even life or death… Its all cultural relativism. Its why they can’t figure out what to do what pedophile priests, illegals, or abortion or anything remotely actionable.. they have no foundation of morality.I grew up catholic, and went to church every Sunday for decades…… but 49 years later..I don’t understand a word.

  21. So there is two ways to view Francis:
    1. as an antipope
    2. as a crazy pope.
    Myself and a few traditional Catholics do not view Francis as the Pope. We view Benedict the 16 as pope, and the pope to flee in the third secret of Fatima. So in a sense Anti-pope Francis is a heretic and a man who is leading the church astray. We also take the stance that next year massive chastisments are going to occur since Russia isn’t Catholic (why? Our lady of Fatima asked Russia to be consecrated, but that didn’t happen).
    If He was crazy, he shouldn’t have the media surrounding him constantly.

    1. My view is he gets kicks out of appearing “humble”. Which is why whenever he does something “humble” there are 10 photographers ready to capture the moment.

  22. When an institution is based on a lie, then it had better change with the culture or it won’t survive.
    I guess we aren’t stoning adulterer’s, huh? Or burning heretics at the stake? Or persecuting scientists (aka truth tellers) for contradicting the holy scriptures? Or keeping the darkies out of our white only sanctuary?
    Yep, those traditions just went by the wayside cause the churches are weak, right?
    Man, if your morality has to come from an organized religion, I pity you. I guess one church institution still lives on; no thinking for yourself.
    I guess we all have our own version of crazy.

    1. Where is persecuting scientists and burning heretics mentioned in the Bible precisely? I think I may have glossed over that.

  23. So the kissing the feet thing wasn’t part of the usual foot washing thing!?
    That. Is. Gross. Like really gross. To the point of me wondering what the bloody hell is going through his head. … Actually, I don’t want to know. It might be scarier than kissing some weirdo’s foot!! 🙂

  24. The Catholics need to un-cuck themselves fast. Another observation: these days, you can trust a flashy, arrogant “asshole” (like Trump and now Kanye West) more than someone who is celebrated by the MSM for their humility and down-to-earthness (because they ALWAYS have an agenda we don’t know about).

    1. If the media is praising somebody, it’s generally a good idea to assume the person is a freaking nutcase. 😉

  25. Well, if just go by Jesus ALL the church’s are inherently absolutely wrong top to bottom and the complete opposite of his teachings. There is no good had in any of them, complete disservice inversion from supposed intent. Compromised as a feminist that welcomes Islam. Anyone that really follows Christ would never call themselves a Christian, nor follow rituals and pagen holidays made by man.
    Read what Jesus said and get a revelation.

      1. Highlighted words of Jesus in Bible.
        Yet in general. One Shepard. Revelation. No men as leaders. Children of the living god. No begging for money. Not recognized by government. Nothing of structure / leadership beyond god. No pagen rituals or holidays. No mention of a place of worship. No decree on days of warship. Endless really. Many will deceive many in his name.
        Lots of the things people just accept in his name have nothing to do with his teaching. There is no middle man on earth between you and god. It’s all revelations. I’m sure can see following Jesus throws a big monkey wrench into the ” Christian ” church as we know it. One Shepard, not millions wearing different silly outfits inverting the most basic fundamentals of his teaching after his death.

  26. When I first red pilled I saw the church as an institution that could stand up against leftism.
    But it’s since become clear to me that it’s really been holding the right back.
    Leftoids have no idea how much ‘turn the other cheek’ has stayed the fist of many a redneck.
    Take God out of God, family, guns, country and you get…
    family, guns, and country.

  27. Another post by a drama queen. Seriously, people don’t even know what Pope Francis is even talking about.
    On gays, women, atheists, and Muslims, the Popes have always valued tolerating them in the 21st century. John Paul II talked about how all religions should work for peace and how bigotry was a no-no. He even entered dialogue with Muslims before 9/11.
    On capitalism, the Popes have always hated it. Even as far back as Pope Leo XIII, the Catholic Popes have seen both capitalism and socialism as wrong, because one makes gods out of businessmen, another makes a god out of the state. It’s like in Animal Farm where the pig named Napoleon manages to get the humans’ attention when he gets the animals to work for less than what the humans pay them, and the farmers began asking him for advice on how to do that. Both lead to a form of materialism, where one is only ruled by the physical world, whether it be the shopping mall or the government. Both erode spirituality and lead to an ignorance of the spiritual world, which is why the Church hated both of them. So when Pope Francis criticizes capitalism, he isn’t saying anything new. Heck, he’s outright plagiarizing earlier Popes who have done the same thing.
    On environmentalism, both the Catholics and mainstream Protestants are in on it as well. Heck, environmentalism’s Bible was Lord of the Rings, a rebuke against industrialism and a throwback to the Shire and the beauty of nature. Its author was a devout Catholic who wrote the book based on Catholic principles. And the Popes and other religious leaders have gone all Captain Planet on us since the 90’s, perhaps even earlier, considering that Tolkein was a super-devout, Latin-loving Catholic, and he wrote the Hippie Fantasy Bible that preached love of nature and hatred for industry in the first place. We also have many Orthodox Christians supporting the idea of a Green future, with the Patriarch of Constantinople being called the “Green Patriarch” for supporting cleaner environments. So yes, Pope Francis is drawing on the teachings of Catholics older than him in regard to this matter.
    On feminism and egalitarianism, you people need to wake the fuck up. Both Catholics and Protestants are guilty of advancing those causes. Martin Luther King Jr., anybody? The race for equality of ethnicities was propelled by the Church on both sides, and it just so happens that the race for equality of the sexes was also propelled by both Protestants and Catholics. Many Protestant moralist groups like the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union supported giving women suffrage, since many of them went to Church more than their husbands or brothers, and together they attacked drunk husbands and Alcohol in the Prohibition era. After World War II, the Pope, Pius XII, ordered all Catholic countries to give women the vote because he wanted devout Catholic women to balance the scales against men who vote Communist or fascist, both of which he hated. The Church supported First-Wave feminism, which is the kind of feminism that Francis supports, the feminism that supports motherhood and the family; and many Catholics and Protestants far older than anyone alive now would have also supported him.
    And as for divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Communion, it’s merely the Church adapting to a new age, because as we’ve all seen, marriage has been less about love and more about benefits lately. Private confessions were not a part of the Church until the Irish joined the faith and invented it. Prior to that, the Ancient Christians had their version of the Sacrament of Confession where they would have sinners wear clothing that separates them from the community and have them paraded in front of everyone to shame and ostracize sinners. Private confession was a grave departure from that ancient tradition of public repentance. Allowing Catholics who have marital issues to consume the Body of Christ is not as much a drastic change as making confession private, or if you want to go biblical, allowing non-Jews to join the Church without becoming Jews, swearing off pork, and getting circumcised. If you really want to go super-traditional, then don’t you dare call yourself a Christian until you’ve cut the foreskin off your wang with a pair of scissors and then sworn off pork forever.
    All this whining just smacks of drama queen talk. In the end, nothing will come out of it. Pope Francis still condemns the gender identity politics of the left, he still considers the Catholic Church to be the one place to truly experience Christ, he still wanted ISIS to be blown to hell by the militaries of the world, and his only time criticizing media was him being general about it and not singling out alt-right news centers. When someone wanted to attribute one of his statements to be a criticism of Trump, he shot them down and said that he wasn’t talking about the Don.

      1. Apostasy? Adorable. Isn’t it funny that you argue from authority against authority? Even though there was precedent for what’s happening now?

        1. I wasn’t tasking you to debate me. I was stating a fact.
          Begone. You are not welcome among honest men.
          Future posts by you, “Grima”, will be ignored and blocked.

        2. How is it a fact if it’s just your opinion? See, this is what I hate about the new alt-right. I thought your lot would be brilliant scholars and debaters, but all I get are Social Justice Warriors with Utopian ideals covering themselves with traditionalist talk for ease of digestion, shutting down others by accusing them of apostasy just as the SJWs accuse others of racism, sexism, or homophobia. You people are the Nazis to the SJWs’ Communists. And God decreed that both of them belong in hell, for they are the same poison.

        3. Not at all related but I just now figured out there is indeed a block feature on Disqus!
          Nothing gets by me! 😀

      1. Freemasons dont hold exclusive rights to Jachin and Boaz. But even so, if you consider his description of Moria, it’s not quite a shining endorsement of Freemasonary, is it?

      2. Tolkein was the kind of Devout Catholic who only walked off from Mass when they stopped saying it in Latin.

    1. “And as for divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Communion, it’s merely the Church adapting to a new age, because as we’ve all seen, marriage has been less about love and more about benefits lately.”
      You do realize it’s wrong for Catholics to receive the sacraments in a state of mortal sin without going to confession first, right? Not only that, divorced Catholics also have to correct their marital situation, i.e. go back to their original spouses.
      The Church has no authority to change this.

      1. Um, no, the Church has authority to change things like this. The Sacrament of Confession used to be invalid unless done in public. Now, private confessions are the norm. If you told that to an ancient Christian, he’d laugh his ass off and say that’d never happen in a million years.

    2. Jesus’ message was more of a social code than a public policy or truly economic one.
      I respect the institution’s history, but right now, its not the place to be.
      Both capitalism and socialism are soul-eating in different ways, but they haven’t given us a better solution.

      1. And social codes touch on economics and politics. Society affects both of them, so a social code will undoubtedly either harm or affect both economics and public politics.
        Really? I’ve been to Catholic Churches where there isn’t any persecution of men. The only people screaming about that shit are drama queens who are angry that women also run around the place.
        Then find a new way out. Otherwise, both capitalism and socialism will keep eating your soul until there is no soul left to eat. Just because you haven’t found a way out doesn’t mean that the two beasts aren’t eating your soul.

    1. Was already boycotting that one anyway. They went down the stupid path awhile back.
      But that was just stupid. This kind of crap is both disgusting and insane!!

  28. Francis is a Jesuit. These are the days of the New World Order. Call it a coincidence if you will. Most people will indeed do that…

  29. The devil and his demons do not bother attacking false doctrines. That’s why you never see other false religions such as Islam or buddhism or hinduism slandered in the mainstream media. But Christianity is constantly spat upon in the media. It should prove to other people what the one and true religion is: Christianity. The fact that Christianity is attacked so much, especially the Catholic Church (Bella Dodd testimony of communists recruiting homosexuals into the Catholic seminaries), should prove to other people that there truly is a war against Christianity and obviously Christianity must be the only true religion.
    It’s like being on a game show where you are given 3 doors to choose from, where 2 doors have no prize and the 3rd door does have a good prize. And a bunch of people that are your known enemies run up to the 3rd door and cover it and tell you that it’s really a bad door and not to pick it and the other 2 doors are really the best way to go. It becomes obvious which door has the true prize because that’s the door that’s being attacked by your enemies.

  30. The Internet and late-stage capitalism are quickly killing off Christianity, and it will be all but dead in fifty years, if not sooner

    1. Christianity and the Church have faced tough times before and have always survived. This time is no different.

    1. The true Catholic faith has always rejected socialism and always will. Attend a FSSP Mass where they teach the true faith.

        1. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter offers the Traditional Latin Mass and teaches the traditional Catholic Faith. You might find this more to your liking since they don’t preach any socialist garbage.

        2. If the FSSP is in communion with a Marxist/liberation theology proponent, that’s not really going to work. It’s not enough to be against socialism, one has to be against all heresies – and those who promote them.
          Some of us have tried telling the “clergy” when they keep allowing the Joe Bidens and Nancy Pelosis out there to receive Communion for their obstinate adherence to heresy regarding abortion, but they don’t listen. Guess what that means.

    2. I always interpreted the bible as capitalist with a heavy charitable aspect. They advocate for 10% to charity, called a “tithe.”
      It’s hard enough getting 10% for retirement.

  31. I liked catholic church although Orthodox. Especially the tradition of monastic military orders. But the last pope is unbelievable. He is just an outrageous…Jew.

  32. I’ve mentioned this in past threads, but as catholics comprise 1 billion followers they are not as cohesive as people may believe and pending what parish and priest, you will hear different messages.
    I personally know a catholic priest and he mentioned on one occassion that there is a fight behind closed doors regarding Francis. I find the current Pope to be a heretic, as well do many others in my family, and as an Argentian Jesuit I would assume him to be a closet Marxist. Jesuits are gerat teachers, so I hear, but they are also Liberation theology enthusiasts– something JPII threatened priests who followed it with excommunication.
    The Church will endure, but yet to see how much damage this clown does before he is released from his earthly coils.

    1. He fucking sucks, period. In my circles we refer to him as the “red pope”. He’s nothing more than a Globalist sock puppet.

    2. He has openly preached liberation theology. Some of it came out during his denouncements of Trump for proposing a wall on the southern border. It’s basically Marxism, so he’s just another apostate in a long line of antipopes.

      1. “He has openly preached liberation theology.”
        If thats true, than he is an apostate and a deciever for the other side.

  33. I’m from Ireland and I’m a Catholic. In my country attendance at mass has fallen off a cliff. This has happened because of the appalling history the church has had in covering up sexual abuse, and it’s general abuse of it’s power since our independence in 1921. Francis is generally seen as a welcome change from the hypocrisy and corruption of the past.

  34. Much of what we are observing and will observe in the next decade is positioning for the aftermath of the first (of several, I predict) islamic jihad dirty bombs hitting western countries (and Russia).
    The aftermath will have the media and state scrambling for the perpetrator and if modern society is any indication, the calls will come fast and hard to blame white western countries.
    Enter Francis. If he senses the winds and realizes Islam is going to unleash unspeakable horror, he is positioning the Catholic Church as outside the expected circle of perpetrators.

  35. Francis is not the Catholic Faith. The Church has endured bad popes in the past and has survived because it is a divine institution not man made. If Catholics understood their faith better they would not let bad popes and bad clergy upset them causing them to leave the faith. Satan is doing his work masterfully as usual.

  36. As much as I would like to support the catholic religion as that is what I was born into…. .. I can’t handle the catholic religions selective morality and feminist intrusion. Till death do you part? Seriously–god wants you to be married to a mean nasty fat hag who wants you dead for your entire life? When she turns on you, and you stay with the bitch because of your religion.. think about that.. The catholic doctrine on marriage. WTF? think of all the people this doctrines lives this has ruined and the strife this has caused. Training kids from the time they sprout a tooth to believe in this non-sense. ……… Also, their stances on supporting/harboring illegals, non-prosecution of pedophilia, condom/sex etc..
    If there is no logical thought out process of – “right and whats wrong” than what use is a religion. Alacarte – its not a religion nor is getting your head kicked in life a “moral obligation”.

  37. I just want to point out as a fellow Catholic that, (for the sake of fair accuracy, not to “correct you” or be rude), the ritual of washing feet on Holy Thursday does not require the feet washed to be those of priests – it can be any lay person, man, woman. It doesn’t even need to be 12.

  38. “As a Catholic, I owe the Pope a high degree of respect”
    Respect is earned. Why anybody would bow down to a representative of such a corrupt and immoral body as the Catholic Church is beyond me.

  39. The church has protected homosexuals and child molesters for centuries, now they are just being more open about it. Nothing has changed. Priests can still rape little boys.

  40. I would tell you that we have not had a true Catholic pope since 1958: Pius XII; the others since then have been manifest heretics before election. Therefore, once it’s manifest, it’s proof they never had St. Peter’s Chair to begin with and cannot command what they themselves are outside of.

  41. Wrong. Vatican II destroyed the Catholic Church, at least the part that exists on this earth. Everything you’re listing was made possible because of this false council. Yes, even so-called “liberation theology” came in through Vatican II.
    Vatican II is basically the religious equivalent of mulitculturalism. You should read a few of the “council” documents to see what I mean.
    And why is it a false council? Because the candidates in the running were all non-Catholic heretics, therefore were ineligible to be the pope. If you were to properly apply Catholic teaching to situation, you would have to conclude that the Church is still in “sede vacante”.
    Every “traditionalist” group I turned to hoping to get at least some decent guidance has failed on at least one major point of the faith, and I got attacked regardless of whether I called people out on it or merely asked for clarification. Almost 10 years ago I walked out not only on the “traditionalist” movement, but on a church that has existed in name only for at least 60 years. The laundry list of what it would take to make me return grows by the day, and I don’t see anyone in a position to do so ever getting around to addressing these things. Especially the part of how even “traditionalists” teach men parishioners to be beta bamas.

  42. I’m done with the Catholic church. I don’t like the message the pope brings and the first church I went to the priest started preaching about Hillary Clinton and he was all over her knob. I confronted him after about the refugee crisis and how they are allowing Muslim immigrants who are instructed by the Qu’ran to kill us.

    1. Tried the traditional Catholic churches such as SSPX, FSSP or sedevacantists. Look on YouTube for Sensus Fidelium. They are the real stuff, not the current Novus Ordo ones.

    2. ” I confronted him after about the refugee crisis and how they are allowing Muslim immigrants who are instructed by the Qu’ran to kill us”
      What was his response?

  43. As with Morrison below, I am a biblical Christian but not a catholic. I really feel sorry for catholics and this guy. It’s hard to work out whether he’s just a fossil from a liberation theology time warp or a deliberate wrecker like Obama. I think Catholics will just have to ignore and read their bibles more closely.

  44. I agree Pope Francis is sending some mixed signals to our faithful. But I do notice that he often asks us to pray for him. So I hope our prayers can truly help him strengthen the Church, led by the Holy Spirit.

  45. Lighten up. He isn’t destroying the Catholic Church. It is still covering up sexual abuse, still poor mouthing even though it is one of the richest institutions in the world, still is a good old boy club, still relegates women to second class status, still does not embrace homosexuality as a gradation on the sexuality spectrum, still does not recommend birth control even though this world is so overcrowded. It still preaches conformity, instills fear of going to hell, and uses an antiquated book to justify that which it wants to justify and ignore that which doesn’t. In other words, what’s new? It’s why I left and why I would never go back.

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