Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister And Other Feminist Typists Continue To Obsess Over Us

Roosh V, a “neomasculine” man with a poor imitation of a Duck Dynasty beard…

— Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, writing for Jezebel, indicating by attempted insult that she likes Roosh’s beard and probably wants the D, too.

With Donald Trump’s election win, feminists and other SJWs have been striving day and night to link us with the “big, bad, and racist” alt-right. And who do publications like Vox, New York Magazine, and Jezebel send to come after Return Of Kings and fawn over Roosh? Three extremely white women who would not fare especially well at all on ROK’s 1-10 scale.

Aja Romano, Claire Landsbaum, and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister wrote unsurprisingly train-wreck pieces about the dual convergence/non-convergence of the alt-right and its so-called “white supremacy” with gender red pillers. It seems that they are saying more about themselves and their own foibles, however, than Roosh, Quintus CurtiusReturn Of Kings, the general manosphere, or anyone in the alt-right.

The women’s criticism of groups of men who challenge the orthodoxy of our sociopolitical landscape reads like a projection of their own feminine inadequacies and a craving for the male dominance and validation they claim to hate. Tell me a time when either Return Of Kings or the Roosh V Forum praised women like them.

The supreme irony, too, is that Zuckerberg’s brother created Facebook from an original concept called Facemash, which rated the attractiveness of Harvard girls and got the budding entrepreneur in hot water. This was all really no different to anything Return Of Kings currently does in rating women.

The Zuckerberg sister who is attacking us happens to be the biggest one

The Zuckerberg sister who is attacking us happens to be quite large.

For Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, red pill concepts like a woman’s value significantly depending on her fertility and beauty might hit a little closer to home than she wants to admit due to her obesity. It’s potentially why she has lashed out at Roosh, trying to go after his beard of all things but coming off as the girl who admires the man speaking his mind at great personal risk. When was the last time any romantic prospect in Mark Zuckerberg sister’s life said something that could get them into trouble?

She also has lashed out against ROK’s resident scholar, Quintus Curtius:

Predictably, Quintus Curtius has an extremely limited understanding of “how things were like in previous eras.” His stated goal is “to remind readers of the glories of leadership, character, and masculine virtue that can change their lives” — so of course, his understanding of antiquity is of a world inhabited by only a few extremely elite men. He has no sense of or interest in social history, cultural history, women, slaves, children, and broad historical trends. The ancient world is reduced to a textbook model for leadership, character, and masculine virtue.

Quintus recently responded to these accusations on his blog:

While you were bullying people for not adhering to your politically-correct ideology, I was starting a law firm, trying cases in court, fighting for the rights of the common man, and making an honest name for myself. This is the difference between you and me. While you are a spoiled child of privilege, I am a man who has earned his way through life through the sweat of his own brow.

His takedown strikes deeply into the soul of a woman who desperately wants to come out of her brother’s shadow, but is unlikely to ever do so.

How much is that ugly white girl in the window?

Aja Romano in particular referred to “male insecurity.” Yet she is actually insecure that Roosh and Return Of Kings believe—and actively promulgate—that men should not have to find women like her attractive:

Her appearance already inspired a meme:

I also find it rather galling that Romano is talking about the supposed insecurity of men interested in self-development and realist gender relations, not white supremacy, when she says things like this about herself on a Tumblr blog called “Nonmodernist”:

To be blunt, I am the physical embodiment of every negative stereotype about fat middle-aged single women in fandom and I carry a huge amount of fear and anxiety that I’m the wrong person to do this job–I’m not smart enough, I’m not pretty enough or fashion-savvy enough or accomplished enough, and who the hell anointed me a spokesperson for fandom, what did I do to earn that position?

Someone like Roosh is the ultimate turn-on (and nightmare) for Aja Romano because he a) finds her unattractive like most men, but b) more importantly, has faced constant social and even physical danger in publicly insisting that men should turn away from girls like her. He and others like him are the lighthouse that steers men away from the cliffs.

Romano ridiculously accused the proprietor of Return Of Kings of the “hate crime” of being familiar with Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick. This 1729 satirical piece was the inspiration for Roosh’s own satire about legalizing rape as a way of promoting female responsibility, such as by not getting yourself blind drunk every weekend so the 1-in-a-1,000 bad man can’t so easily take advantage of you on your way home.

Don’t worry, Claire-bear. In just over four weeks’ time, The Donald will be President.

Roosh has gotten Claire Landsbaum very sweaty, too. His and Donald Trump’s use of a 1-10 scale for rating women threatens the widespread pussy pedestalization that has helped her moderately get over the much greater attention the hot girls got from the boys in high school:

When Trump won, RooshV saw it as a victory for the PUA movement. “I’m in a state of exuberance that we now have a President who rates women on a 1-10 scale in the same way that we do and evaluates women by their appearance and feminine attitude,” he wrote. “We may have to institute a new feature called ‘Would Trump bang?’ to signify the importance of feminine beauty ideals that cultivate effort and class above sloth and vulgarity.”

But, of course, because Roosh had the audacity to read a non-mainstream, dissenting book like The Culture of Critique she calls him a member of the “racist” alt-right and part-Jewish guys like me or Jewish guys like Dawn Pine must be his loyal spin doctors. And an African-American Donovan Sharpe is somehow the modern-day Stephen from Django Unchained. Landsbaum is not so much confused as petrified. It is comparatively easy to label someone a “racist” when, in fact, their biggest—and sole—crime is essentially saying, “I would never ever fuck a girl who looks like you.”

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister sought to pillory Roosh for not disavowing Richard Spencer after he made a Roman salute before a crowd. So a target of her polemic needs to condemn a man for a mock hand gesture, while Zuckerberg can safely say last year for Jezebel that Amy Schumer made “a rape joke that works”? It’s a pity that, for all her experience with the Classics, she can’t hammer home and prove her points with the crispness of, say, Socrates and Glaucon in The Republic. Glaucon may not have fared as well as Socrates in their exchange on justice, but he made a much better fist of his argument than Zuckerberg has.

Where’s the diversity in the sorts of writers lusting over manosphere writers?

Diversity, SJW-style, at Huffington Post.

In addition to the issues about the writers’ projections of their own frustrations, there’s the question of their very narrow, privileged pedigrees. Zuckerberg and Landsbaum, for example, are both daughters from well-to-do white families, the former most of all. Zuckerberg’s father is a dentist and her mother a psychiatrist. On her website, Landsbaum references her father being a businessman obsessed with networking. Aja Romano’s background was less clear to me, yet even if it turns out she’s a troubled kid from the Bronx, there’s no doubting that the actively anti-Return Of Kings crowd overwhelmingly hail from the much better part of town.

It is a sign of the times that girls who grew up in much richer environments than ours are soliloquizing about how oppressive and bigoted it is that we talk to one another. If we cross-referenced your and my early social circles with Zuckerberg and Landsbaum’s, what do you think the result would be? I don’t know about you, but I remember a household where my parents never even had a mortgage on the home we lived in, let alone owned it outright, and family pets were nearly given up multiple times because we lacked the money to look after them anymore. And in the case of Zuckerberg, I’m only talking about the socioeconomic background created for her by her parents, not the familial fame that came with her brother’s founding of Facebook.

The mainstream media fears us

Reflect on the number of recent hit pieces directed not only at Roosh, Quintus, and Return Of Kings, but Donald Trump and anyone else who has railed against the political and gender status quo. They could not win the mainstream media the 2016 Presidential election for Hillary and these articles will certainly not win them back the legitimacy they lost so conclusively during the campaign.

Beneath the attempted take-downs rehearsed for months and the “confident” words that mask their personal inadequacies, SJWs and their general liberal enablers unconsciously realize that if we reach even more men, their days as narrative-crafters might be well and truly numbered. Moreover, many female journalists also know deep down that what Roosh and others say about women poses some uncomfortable truths regarding their own lives and how they themselves want men to value them.

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        1. There are brave honest Jews who speak out against it. The problem is like us they are drowned out, shunned and labelled self hating Jews.

      1. I remember the day I discovered “Kitlers” the internet is the wild west of the mind.

    1. “extremely white person” should be a great new code word for Ashkenazi Jews. As used in this article. hahaha

      1. There aren’t really white. Jews have always felt like victims and minorities rather than white people. Being white is as much mental as it is your actual skin tone or which area you family hails from

        1. They alternate between “white” and “Jewish” as a distinctive race whenever it’s most beneficial for them.
          For instance, Tim Wise always calls himself “White”, and then suddenly he embraces his Jewishness whenever he feels threatened.
          Therefore “extremely white person” is a good identifier along with the Jew echo. It’s a piss take.

      2. A good number of jews love pretending to be white. Ivy league students are 50% white when they are arguing for multikulti, and become 40% jewish and 10% white when they are bragging.

      1. It’s a religion more than an ethnicity. As a male, you could convert and marry a Jewish girl as most reformed branches would accept you. Also it’s matrilineal so you get lots of people with non-Jewish names (Sanders, Bennett, Hoffman, etc.).

        1. No, jews are a race, not a religion:

          About the surnames:
          1. Jews here and there (is not really common) marry outside their people, there are various theories trying to explain it, but I’m not going to discuss about it. Scarlett Johansson is one example.
          2. Jews often adopt non jewish surnames. Again, there are various theories trying to explain it, but I’m not going to discuss about it. John Kerry’s family is one example.
          There are many indicators in order to see if one person belongs or not to the Chosen Ones. What I do is analyze: a) deeds, b) surname, and c) physiognomy, but this is misleading sometimes (i.e. Johansson). Usually a) and b) are enough to recognize them.

        2. The covenant with Abraham is what is recognized. That’s a religious distinction. If they aren’t culturally observant, they wouldn’t be accepted as Jewish in a synagogue. And this only applies to Reformed sects. Orthodox or Conservative won’t likely take converts. So even if you think it is a race, it won’t be acknowledged by their own authorities on the matter.
          I know Jewish families with the last name Hall and Mahoney. You can’t go based on last name. Jews have been co-opting last names/changing them/marrying out of practice for many years.

        3. I don’t ‘think’ they are a race, they ARE a race. You can’t argue with genetics my friend.
          Of course, there some stupid people who think they are jews (Madonna, Evan Rachel Wood) but they are not, they are ‘adepts of the gate’ or some similiar term I can’t remember right now.

        4. I don’t deny you’re correct that they carry a genetically identifiable trait. There’s a good amount of evidence that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically the most intelligent race. (Which reinforces my theory on why so many of them excel in our modern society. On the other end blacks are statistically proven to be dumber than average which is why they are likely to fail in a modern society.) I’m just going based on the definition they have set for themselves. So I don’t think it is particularly fair to identify them as a race when their own race doesn’t use that method.

        5. Jared Diamond—is best known for insisting that race doesn’t exist, but is also on record as boasting that DNA has finally been able to scientifically define who is a Jew which will be a boost to Israel!

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          KYKE isnt used here nearly enough. Thats how, as god, i refer to them.
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        7. Most people in my experience who talk like this on the internet, especially the overuse of the word ‘kyke’ turn out to be shills pushing Jewish victimhood making their opponents fit their narratives of looking like knuckle dragging idiots.

        8. Not really. Ivanka Trump goes to a modern synagogue. If willing to convert they will usually take them.

        9. That makes sense to me. If they are a race, they are a race of measurably higher intelligence than other races. Which is how they have become so successful in modern society. Still think culture plays a big factor and I don’t like people using the genetics claim for everything.

        10. When they rejected Jesus as the messiah they lost their title of ‘chosen’ people. It is the true Christians who will inherit God’s Kingdom, and by true I mean one who accepts Jesus and follows suit in lifestyle and deeds, not by being a part of an organized religion. These scheming vermin who seek to destroy everything that is pure and good in the world will only last as long as the narrative does.

        11. This is one thing that bothers me about jewish people, that they will often preach things they themselves don’t practice. They talk about inclusivity, but they 97% marry other jews. That would be the opposite of inclusivity.

        12. Jews as a race are intelligent no doubt but their success in modern society as you put it is mostly due to perverse cunning.
          Essentially forcing the game to be played by their rules whilst everyone else is handicapped. Cheating if you will.

        13. They are a mongrel people so are not completely against outbreeding. As long as the ’cause’ is strictly adhered to they will allow for tolerances.
          But yes they contradict themselves all the time with the poisons they prescribe to others.

        14. Yeah I was seeing something similar to what you said and Im also seeing alot of the half jews shunned by jewish society.

        15. Don’t forget the northern Asians who are also smarter than white people, on average. At least they have a higher average IQ.

        16. I am quite old and I am a quarter Jew, so this has been going on for a long time. My mother’s father was an Eastern European Jew. Since most Jews count only the children of a Jewish mothers as Jews the Jews don’t think I am a Jew, but for Hitler It would have been enough to get me in the ovens. Culturally, I was brought up as a Catholic (as was Hitler).

        17. The only difference there is that Europeans have more range, so more geniuses and more dolts, and Europeans are stronger in language where Asians are more visual.

        18. Right, alot of people are trying to say that racism is the answer, but if you look at any family..which of the children are the same? Do we have to ostracize the child who is gifted or the one who is good at sports? On the other hand it is also silly to say that there is no average difference between the races, we evolved under different circumstances, so it would be more surprising if there weren’t differences. And any tribalism is beneficial to the tribe, and harmful to outmembers, so it tends to generate proper hate and reverse tribalism. And more specifically it looks like western africans(ambush hunters) are great sprinters, and eastern africans(ie Kenya) are great distance runners(persistence hunting). Its amazing seeing the persistence hunting on youtube, that is likely a main evolutionary adaptation of humans.

        19. Did I offend your Jewish sensitivities. Go crawl up comrade Lolknee’s asshole with the rest of his sycophants.

        20. So many comments and not a single argument to be found.
          I think you know all about crawling up assholes, Fago.

        21. No, they are NOT both. Their race IS their religion. They are Satan’s children and they know it.

        22. Their is NO evidence of their so called intelligence, except evidence they have come up with themselves. Much like a book they wrote themselves PROVES they are the Chosen and their satanic god GAVE them Palestine.
          Isntreal has a DNA test for immigrants. Explain that one.

        23. This is to better blend in with their victims. Fuckerberg marrying an ugly Chinese is a prime example, telegraphing their next intended victim. Just wait and see how that turns out, probably will be “voted” leader of the Chinese national bank somehow.
          Vampires cannot come in your house unless you INVITE them.

        24. Must be those pesky arabs making all those black on white porn videos, Hymiewood movies and every single ad on TV.

        25. Cite some of these “measurable” studies. Overwhelming presence in the Ivy League, banking, Wall Street, and the media proves nepotism, nothing more.
          Cunning, mendacity and skill at swindling are not intelligence.
          Oy, but all the Nobel prizes we have awarded ourselves. We’re smarter than you, silly goyim.

        26. Only if they are very high ranking in their prey’s societies. Like British royalty for example.

        27. I think you and your fellows on The Right Stuff and whatever other echo chambers you skulk around on really need to get lives.

    1. What I wonder is why ugly feminists are the most obsessed with rape even though they are the least likely to be a victim of it. Rape fantasy perhaps…

      1. That is like a modern take on the old joke about how ugly the women are who are protesting outside abortion clinics.
        Seriously though….I think Harambe was more likely to have been raped than trigglypoof

        1. A bottom of the bottle, near alcohol poisoning end of the night, I’m going to kill myself after banging.

      2. I once dated a chick who had rape fantasies and quit when her mental problems became way too crazy even for a roll in the hay. Ran into her a few years later and claimed that it did happen after we ended things. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or call bullshit since she never called the cops.

        1. I “dated” a girl who for the entire 2 months I was smashing her was trying to get me to watch some film were (and I quote) “a girl keeps getting raped”
          I have no idea to this day what it was. But the subject of rape fascinated her. I steered clear of it, she brought it up dozens of times.
          She was a total bitch to her friends too. An outright bully

        2. I knew an exotic dancer who loved to get raped. She would dress up in the sluttiest outfits, and stiletto heels, and walk down the street in the toughest gangbanger neighborhoods. She was a girl who embraced being herself, instead of pretending she didn’t like that sort of thing…you know, like most women do.

        3. I never knew anyone that extreme but I did know a girl who had really extreme rape fetish to the point where she wanted me to “break into” her apartment with a mask on and rape her. I couldn’t do it. Not because of scruples, but because I did the math and realized that if I play this little game of hers it will be totally indistinguishable from the real thing to a police officer.

        4. Wise man. Good call there. The dancer I told you about, she played a game with me one day. We were driving down the freeway in a major Texas city during rush hour. She pulled out a derringer (I was driving), aimed it at me, and said, “Fuck me while you drive.” I did it. Reverse-cowgirl. Rush hour traffic. Yee-haw. Women have some weird fantasies, which is why many of them fuck dogs, zucchinis, parrots, lawn furniture, etc.

        5. Yea, that’s the catch 22 with such a scenario… if you go through with it and she calls the cops you’re fucked…..oops better be careful or some media type will say we’re rape apologists….

        6. She was def into it. I don’t think it was a trap. I do think that there are 100 ways it could have gone wrong and in a few weeks when she didn’t like me so much she might have used it against me.

        7. That’s precisely my point. The bitch was clever and was scheming an insurance policy for when you dump her.

        8. I believe most women fantasize about it – heavily. Thus, the feminist anger at “rapey-rapists”…

        9. Wasn’t it proven scientifically, recently, that rape-fantasies are extremely commonplace and frequent among the vast majority of women?

        10. Yes. I’ve read several studies on the subject. The No. 1 fantasy of women is to be “taken”. Hands-down. In study after study. They will protest the rape angle, but when they are in their own heads, working that vibrator, while thinking about being “taken”, they are dreaming about being forced by some random, powerful, virile dude, against their will. This fantasy revolves around the desire to be so hot, that no man can resist their attractiveness – he just has to have her, he just has to “take” her.
          Semantics aside, syntax aside, definition of “taken” aside, they fantasize about it. Most of them will never admit it. But most of them will never admit to anything that might lower their SMV in the eyes of men, and their normalcy in the eyes of the public at large. Of course, this is only my opinion. Even though it’s probably dead-on, in the case of at least 65% of women. Give or take a point or two…luckily for them, we can never prove it for sure. But it certainly can be inferred.

        11. Historically, rape implies that you are taken by a man superior to your own, typically through war. So one might view it as a kind of unnatural-selection.

        12. Agreed.
          It’s gotta be fucked-up as all get-out to be a woman. I’m no apologist for them, I’m just looking at the reality here. I believe most of them have rape fantasies. And I don’t think that’s unnatural. It’s part of the tapestry of their sexual fantasy world.
          But society doesn’t deem it as being normal or natural. So, like so many other things that they have to deal with in that regard, they feel compelled to internalize their true turn-ons and beliefs and feelings, and offer a countering mask as a defense mechanism against being judged as “abnormal”. Men are no different in that regard, I don’t think.
          It could be the result of all of us being mindfucked about what’s right and wrong, by the elite. Of course, what’s right and wrong for us plebes, is ignored by the upper crust, as they do things we would probably never dream of doing to other human beings, and they do it with impunity.
          Maybe Crowley was right, “Do what thou wilt.” I don’t know for sure….but then, who knows anything for sure. I’m just spitballin’ here.

      3. I wrote a whole article once on feminist rape fantasies. Here goes. First some history:
        Feminists claim that men raped all over the place in the old days and this largely wasn’t true. Just the opposite: Rape was committed as a war crime or a dishonor crime. Since rape brought shame to a woman and her family, if a woman was raped the family of the victim would seek a vendetta against the other. It could trigger a family feud (not like the game show!) resulting in dozens dead. As a result, many women might remain silent about rape rather than set off a chain of events that could get her family killed.
        Later, as the criminal justice system and community at large took on rape claims, false claims of rape become common as a way to seek attention. A lonely spinster type could get community pity, and make some man’s life miserable, with a false rape claim. As a result, society started to engage in some skepticism over rape claims which is where feminists get the “nobody cared if women were raped in the bad old days” narrative. They abused the privilege then, as now, and society goes through cycles of dealing with the aftermath.
        Although feminists claim that rape accusers suffer negatively, they also enjoy positive attention which they deny. It’s also, as you observe, a fantasy of attractiveness. If a woman is SOOOO pretty, she must worry about being raped. An ugly woman is always safe. It’s not uncommon for some women to play “no means yes” games to insist that a man prove her attraction to him by him “raping” her.

        1. I find your comment to be incredibly pertinent and astute. I believe that our so called “rape” culture is more often a victim culture. I say women revel in collective victimhood. That is their power. It’s just their nature. Women find support, solidarity, and sympathy with other women in even false flag claims of victimhood. For women (and other victim factions) victimhood absolves responsibility and assuages guilt. Even when women are proven to be lying eg “Jackie” there is little if any accountability.

        2. Thanks Keith.
          Generally speaking, if a “victim” is getting attention, then she’s not really a victim of society. Real victims are those that nobody cares about, of course.
          Check out the skit on SNL tinyurl dot com slash jsw2uft where Chris Rock and Dave Chappell mocked the white feminist narrative that “white women can’t get anywhere due to oppression” and the two black guys looked at each other and burst out laughing.
          I’m older and during the 80’s and 90’s, white feminism was at it’s apex. There were few minorities compared to now so the victim preferences largely went to them.
          That being said, there’s less solidarity than you might imagine. My Ukrainian wife often experiences hostility from American women for a variety of reasons (not even knowing about me) but perhaps because she’s simply happy. I have felt this myself as some American women simply get angry at me for not being miserable. My wife and I connect with many foreigners at a particular level, but American women of different ethnicities often have little in common with each other.
          So perhaps the feminist movement (as it is) is dying out because it’s becoming irrelevant to other various cultural phenomena. The left rails against “angry white men” but we are pretty well attuned to know what’s going on. But feminists? They don’t have a clue as to what to do since they don’t have anyone to hand them a red pill.

    2. All women are attention whores, I don’t care if it’s Mother Theresa or some crack hooker on the Sunset Strip. The more attention they receive, the wetter the panties.

        1. Only type of meat a priest eats on friday is nun! ha. These nun jokes are a bad habit!

      1. Oh no, stop, please don’t talk about ROK, oh gosh, what will happen next, etc. Top fantasy for most females – being taken. Biggest turn-off for most males – fucking fat women. I see a possible psychological rationale for the vitriol being displayed by these “horizontally challenged” feminists…

        1. Have you ever watched that show 600 pound life. I think you can really learn a lot about the core mindset of feminists as people (men and women) who wind up weighing 600+ pounds seem to suffer from the exact same mental illness that most feminists do.

        2. You have an excellent point there, Kneeman. This leads to lots of potential extrapolation. For example, how can any man take a fat girl’s opinion seriously, especially if it has to do with how men should comport themselves. Whenever a fat feminist goes on a rampage near me, I always think, “There would be a chance that I might take you seriously, and listen to what you have to say, if you took better care of your own body. But you don’t. You have no respect for it. Which means you hate yourself and you’re projecting.” They never stop to think about that one, though…

        3. really need to watch the show. Just watching a woman who weighs 700 pounds get gastric bypass and then come back to hospital for check up and she lost weight and blames every one but herself and lies to the doctor who obviously totally knows better. It is amazing to watch.
          Check this video out and tell me that it isn’t the exact same as the feminist mindset.

        4. yes, but why is my question. I think Feminism (at least its current iteration) and obesity are symptoms of an underlying pathology….at least this is my current thinking.

        5. That was pathetic. It’s a self-control thing. These women have no self-control. Can’t stop eating. Can’t stop shooting their mouths off in an irrational way. Freaking bizarre…

        6. It is very similar to alcoholics, dug addicts, people who are overly nutty about politics (either side) and feminists.

        7. No self-control. Self Cunt Troll. She has no Cunt Troll, which is why she rides the carousel…a Cunt Troll would scare the cocks away. It isn’t her fault she has no Cunt Troll. It’s never her fault.

        8. well diagnosed and hilarious at the same time. But I think it goes beyond self cunt troll. There is something seriously wrong. It is also very much like people who are totally obsessed with conspiracy theory (not people who do research and have unpopular opinions, but the ones who go that one step too far and basically can’t live a normal life) or people who are obsessed with alien abduction. There is something in their head that fires wrong. No one even doubts this about alcoholics and drug addicts, but because we aren’t allowed to ask if obese people and feminists and transdoodles etc are sick we will never be able to help cure them.

        9. Yes there is definitely a correlation. It’s like they get stuck in loop, a thought loop, and can’t escape from it. It turns into an obsession without an exit. Speaking of which I had a dog once, that I named Exit. Why? After I told girls what his name was, they would ask me why I named the dog Exit. And I would say, “Because I wanted his name to be up in lights.”

        10. Love that show.
          “I don’t know why I gained 20 pounds. I’ve been eating a salad for dinner every night!”

        11. That doctor doesn’t take any bullshit either. When he calls them out for being fucking liars they freak. There was one where a guy rewarded his 1 pound weight loss with an order from some fast food chain that could have fed a family of fucking 6

        12. He’s awesome. It’s funny they think they can pull wool over his eyes. He’s dealt with enough fat people throughout his career. He knows when you’re full of shit.
          I’m amazed at how much food these people consume. Like, honestly, how the fuck do they afford it?

        13. I think it is actually really impressive to keep that weight up. I can’t imagine how to do it. I would think it is easier to get into presentable shape than it is to get up to 800 pounds

        14. It must be great to have family members and boyfriends so willing to clean between the fat rolls, the butt crack, and genital region.
          “She’ll get mad at me if I don’t get her what she wants from McDonalds.” Oh yeah? What’s she going to do? Chase you down and eat you?

        15. IMO, these are new forms of hysteria neurosis (body issues, lack of self-control, emotional instability and the need of attention are common in hysteria). Feminism is just an pseudo intellectual veneer on top of this to help them to cope their neurosis.

        16. You have to generally eat 20x your body weight in calories just to maintain.
          800 lbs =16 THOUSAND calories. Per day.
          That’s some serious power eating.

    1. HA! I was thinking the same thing. That arm looks like bologna in the deli case.

  1. I believe in “attacking” someone via pointing out how they harm themselves by being my enemy.
    Zuckerberg’s sister need not be “ugly” nor a slave to a man as feminists love to believe that they were freed from. Far from it. I know many happy wives of men who aren’t models but are kind mothers and merely need to treat men, and others, with dignity and respect and appreciate life.
    I believe their anger towards men is due not to Roosh or traditional alleged oppression of women but rather their anger at other women for having genetic celebrity AND being able to use those looks to treat men badly. This is the ultimate luxury that most materialistic women crave: The ability to be a b*tch. To treat men with disdain, including top grade men, and still have them orbit her.
    I believe that attractive women with their heads on straight realize early on that this privilege is highly overrated (it doesn’t bring them any satisfaction beyond impressing other women whom they don’t really need anyway) so they drop it.

  2. People like attractive things. Fat feminists are attracted to good-looking, in-shape men. The problem is, those feminists think all men should somehow be able to override thousands of years of genetic programming, and be attracted to them, too. They might as well wish for the sun to be square, or for Hillary to be president, or for scorpions to stop stinging and read bed-time stories to the children they’ll never have.

    1. Scorpions reference on point.
      The thing about the fatminists is that they basically decided that it is easier to demand that the world find them attractive than put in the work to become the best version of themselves.
      At the end of the day, when you put away all the silly tropes and slogans and causes and politics, it is just plain laziness.

      1. Yeah. Laziness. But it’s as if their mind has been altered. Which came first, the irrationality or the obesity (or the feminist mindset).

        1. The jock down the street who rejected them for a cheerleader that was fit and worked hard for it.

        2. A lot of times it isn’t even a real jock down the street rejecting them, but a fictitious one. Think about that pig from Girls who had a hissy fit simply because Odell Beckham didn’t hit on her and just was looking at his phone while the two sat near each other at an event. The thing that sets them off doesn’t have to be real. hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are overwhelmingly invented.

        3. Oooohhh. That is viciously, insidiously on point – not to mention perfectly sarcastic as fuck – and I admire and appreciate the hell out of it. Heh. Well done sir. Up-vote times 10,000.

        4. They know the reaction men have to beautiful women when they are in their presence. Fat, ugly girls have NEVER got that reaction from any male. Women are very aware of their SMV, its almost innate.

        5. They even the reject the notion that hard work gets you any return. They will say “no matter how hard I work I get no reward”. And that jock down the street is just “lucky”.

      2. Well men had to evolve to survive women got to stay home and even the ugliest ones and weakest got to survive and procreate.
        If women and men had to go hunting and war together the weak would die out real quick and only the strongest men and strongest women would survive.
        Ear isnt just good for tech and weaponry it’s also good to vanquish the weak from existence.
        In nature only the strong survive but humans got lucky and got out of nature’s survival elimination. Now the ones that are the fittest are the wealthy and powerfu, which usually comes from intelligence and determination.

        1. In history around 40% of men procreated and 80% of women, neither side had it guaranteed, but women had the surer bet.

        2. So basically you just agreed with me and solidified my statement
          Men had to evolve and survive and only the fittest and strongest got to procreate.
          I already knew this of course, women throughout history got babied by men and even the weakest and ugliest got a chance to pass down their defective gene. Only the best men got to procreate l, however now more defective genes are being passd down, the reason why soany people and some scientists are pushing for eugenics and laboratory developed babies.

        3. Well I think its more complicated than that. In tribal society sex was more communal, in farming society, it was more like selective breeding of animals. You can see that selectivity in blue eyes. Go anywhere in the world and people like blue eyes. The genes pop up for them all the time, but they are generally not preserved..until farming in Denmark. All blue eyed people are related to someone born in Denmark 8k years ago.

        4. I agree with you on some parts but genes also developed differently in different parts of the world. Some people in Africa have blue eyes and I’m sure they aren’t related to people in Denmark. However I get your point, in the end men are usually the ones having to be better in some aspect like wealth, power and status, being physically fit and evolutionary the best choice doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why you see rich guys with horrible genes and allergic to almost everything have 3 or 5 kids but a poor evolutionary best male might never breed.
          I have seen really ugly women breed now like women that are pretty fugly, on average women have a better chance of procreating than a man even if she is ugly and even higher than men who are ugly.
          That’s what I have observed so far, but there are exceptions now and then. Humans like to be different.

        5. I had read those stats too. They come from mitochondrial gene studies. So, for maybe millions of years men have been evolving at two to three times the rate of women. Hence, here we are.

        6. of course it depends on the time frame, supposedly there was a huge crunch in farming where it was in the neighboorhood of 1/10. Im guessing it was because of how harmful grains were to health(we see native populations suffer the most with western diets).

        7. I am completely uninterested in your mad max vision of the ideal woman. There is a divergence in evolutionary success which is the ability to not only physically dominate but also to lead, manipulate and motivate. Those women weren’t pussying out of a fight lol. They were doing their job. Go get the toughest one, I’ll get a shotgun and the sweetest one.

        8. Ugly bitches have a poor survival rate though. Are we getting stuck with uglier and uglier women ?

        9. Thanks for proving and reinforcing my point.
          People dont like when I tell a fact about men that makes men look better. But if I say something good about women everyone wants to kiss me and hug me andd be my friend.
          Men evolved to compete with other men and the toughest got the girls. And animals do it too but men have wars and the strongest usually survive wars, well not anymore with all the drone and long distance warfare.

        10. Have you been to Walmart some pretty ugly whales having 4 or 5 babies.
          But that’s also due to the thirst epidemic in men. It’s seems men are growing more and more thirsty every year. I think all pussy smells the same and feels the same some are tight some are loose same old same old.
          I’m glad I’m not so thirsty though.

        11. To lead you have to be tough.
          I’m not talking about protected society built by humanity. I’m talking about alpha tough brute force where the leader beats the living shit out of his or her enemies and those within its tribe, pack or family to retain its power.
          Most kings became kings by killing their father mother of whoever was the king to take it.
          Of course in our society it’s different but in nature if you aren’t tough you will either be eaten or be beaten by a stronger tougher opponent, foe or in your pack or kin.
          Humans are in a different class than nature now. But in the end our instinct is still to show force, didn’t you notice that war has been around since the advent of humanity. War is just the suppressed instinct of fighting for power to be the baddest mf around either to get pussy or to take power and leadership from another big tough mf.

        12. I have noticed all of the wars actually… Have you noticed another type of leader though ? The manipulator. If it were as simple as that we would be living in a different world.

        13. “women got to stay home and even the ugliest ones and weakest got to survive and procreate.”
          So true and I agree on that.
          Even in today’s world, we can see hell lot of MEN “marrying and/or providing” for the “ugliest & weakest” (in terms of physical, financial, social etc.). Because those MEN “think” if they are married, they are somehow living their life to the “fullest” ! And yet these “ugliest & weakest” cunts are not grateful to their MEN !
          Back in my Home Country, a typical MAN thinks like this: My friends & relatives are married (or getting married) and have children, so to move among them freely, I have to get married; doesn’t matter how “ugliest & weakest” the cunt is ! I WANT to be called as MARRIED !! Damn it !

        14. Excellent ! And the only reason an ugliest, weakest and average women have better chance is; they can be Impregnated ! they can carry the progeny of a MAN !
          Again, it really irks me when the FemiCunts (and manginas) over-exaggerate about “getting pregnant, carrying and child birth” ! They are NOT doing any favor ! It is quite NATURAL, OBVIOUS and MUNDANE !!!
          FEMALES of ALL species does that !!! Not just these FemiCunts !!!
          If Child Birth is soooooooo painful, guess the population wouldn’t have crossed BILLIONS !!!

        15. You have a point. But like I said, that’s only allowed in our protected society.
          But I am tired of watching weak people walk around like they run the pls e when and if shit hits the fan they will be whimpering in the corner like scared little puppies. I’m not a tough nd but I known how yhe world works I might still have the same mentality of olden days but our society is very constricting and sooner or later people will start to push back. I and a few like me started to push back as soon as it happened some people are okay with having bullies kick them around and need to get roughed up a little bit harder but eventually people will get fed up. Now mgtow and men going their own way are picking up pace and men are starting to see that society is shorting on them so they begin to internalize and become solitary only looking out for themselves and not caring about anything anymore. We see it in men attending schools and workforce. Men are falling behind and instead rather play video games. If society things men are shit and just tools to use then why will thwy bother improving themselves if no later what they do they will be hated upon.

      3. I should point out that its similar to those guys who creep out of the woodwork here when an article on game suggests that you might dress up a little bit to impress the girls. “Nah that bitch should accept me as I am, in my dirty ripped jeans and stained skateboarding t-shirt”.
        We all have to work a little bit to get other people to respect us. The work we put it on our appearance tells people what we think of ourselves.
        You wearing your Japanese denim yet bud?

        1. That is exactly right. There are people here who think that just by virtue of being alive they should get top notch women. “I don’t have to put effort in. All the white women is mine by right of right of race”
          It’s fucking absurd. Most of the guys who make fun of me as being a “metrosexual” which just seems to be a pejorative that means “cares about appearance” would drop dead if they saw the quality of women who line up to be ignored by me.
          Yeah, i did get the jap jeans. They are very good quality. I only own one pair of jeans though. I am more of a suit and tie guy. Jus fly thing. Wool pants, knit tie, sports jacket and loafers = casual

        2. To me, metrosexuals are those guys who wear big poofy scarves and other girlish accoutrements. Simply dressing well is… manly. I’ll do the tie and jacket thing on a Friday but the weekends are for the Jap jeans.
          The nice thing about the Jap jeans is that they hold their shape and in fact improve over time as they conform to your body and fade appropriately. Jeans generally look terrible on people because the cheap material stretches and sags. If you are in good shape, jap jeans will look great on you.

        3. The Jap jeans do look good and I brought them to my tailor to have them altered to fit just right. I wear a suit and tie to work every day already and when I go out on the weekends I go to places where people are usually dressed up. Jeans and a blazer wouldn’t be totally out of place, but a sharp suit looks better.
          Agreed on the metrosexual thing. I think grooming, skin care, the clothes I wear, my physique are all external expressions of who I am and I make sure they are on point. The number of women I meet while getting pedicures is pretty excellent too….

        1. It is not just our (male) evolution though, but also the females. Females also find obesity as something disgusting and repulsive. But unlike us men, they encourage those female land whales to get even fatter (especially if the fat girl has a pretty face) to eliminate their competition on mating field.

      1. She’s got the “70 year old grandma” forearm thing going.
        Of course it is fine for a grandmother to have arms like that. Young childless single women shouldn’t.

    2. They want to shame men into relationships with them. Even after they do they’ll still be the same bitter, unattractive, moose. At the very least they want attractive men to be shamed into at least lying to them and continuing their delusion that they consider themselves attractive,
      This has been institutionalized. Look at what has happened to several collegiate sports teams where the members made lists rating women. They’re looking to make sure that not disagreeing that a woman is a fat cellulite ridden toad will be punishable by loss of academic/athletic merit, and/or career.
      I wonder if it might not be that far off where we see men having their lives and careers ruined because they refused to date/sleep with these creatures.
      They’re crazy.. neurotically obsessed.

      1. The entire female existence is biologically wired to seek high level males. They literally go crazy when they can’t accomplish this goal. This is why they treat betas so horribly. He is a daily reminder that she is a low value woman. Feminism is just an outlet for this anger and craziness in a way that has become socially acceptable. Its not about equality or even women’s rights. Its an emotional toilet to release their toxic failure, regret and shame and direct it at someone else, more than likely someone who has all the things they really want. (Housewives, virgins, and anyone attractive and successful)

        1. ehh I would say that the convenience and ease of modern society created the beta male more than anything. Feminism could be caused by a shortage of masculine men because of suburban living and technology, but I don’t see how feminism causes more men to be beta.

        2. I can’t blame the convenience as society has always been getting more convenient yet it still had a glut of masculine men until relatively recently.
          Feminism convinced men that if they make themselves subservient to women that they’ll get laid. Gradually pushing that idea in the USA for ~100 years has gotten us to where we are now.

        3. What do you call a man who agrees to carry a lazy, needy, infantile woman for life, Until Death Do Us Part? And then lets this leech violently instill all her corrupted values into his children?
          Marriage created the beta male, thousands of years ago. Real men said “Fuck that” and went their own way.

        4. Betas are ok as long as they recognize what’s up. In the past betas had to respect the fact that they might get fucked up if they got out of line. Now we have George castanzas mouthing off to people thinking if women can do it why can’t I ? They sumpe have never had their asses righteously kicked.

      2. The only way to deal with such is PUBLIC calling out and shaming with plenty of laughter to show them exactly where they actually stand with others-as sick jokes to be lampooned and ignored.

    3. I’ve said it a million times-feminism is for ugly women. The time that these women are taking to complain about Roosh could be spent on self improvement.
      They are lashing out at men because they don’t receive attention from decent males-how tragic that the whiny feminists do not realize that being feminine will raise their status in the world and that’s BEFORE weight loss or growing their hair out.

      1. The worst part about feminism is that it involves zero self improvement, just complaining. If feminism was truly about women becoming the best version of themselves, like the manosphere originally was, then they would have the support of everyone. We would all be trying to remove the barriers that prevent women from growing and improving. Instead they just blame and shame everyone else, make enemies of everyone even other women and alienate themselves. Its a shame really.

        1. Fake lesbian man haters. Look at the loads of so called lesbians that have been kicked off the CC. They become lesbians due to not getting what ever it is they individually wanted from men or a man. Then they hate all men and munch carpet to show us they don’t need us. Real born in the genes lesbians (at least all that I have known) have no problem with men. In fact they generally like talking with men about how horrible women are.

        2. There are only two types of lesbians, the bull dykes who get attractive women so that men can’t have them, and b) the attractive lesbians that are manipulated by the male-looking lesbians, not realising what her motivation is. Bull dykes are hyper manipulative and controlling as they’re accutly aware that they’re running a scam on their female victim/ ‘partner’. Watch Ellen with her wife and observe the dynamics (Ellen was fucked by her stepfather, thanks to her mothers bad judgement). They can be friendly and pretend to like men or not, that is just an act/ persona. It takes a special kind of vindictiveness and narcissicm to trick a woman into throwing away her fertility for a fake-male, just to spite men.

        3. I didn’t know Ellen was molested as a child.
          I’ve noticed that many lesbians were molested or abused by men at an early age. They can’t handle the trauma so they fool themselves into thinking that they are attracted to women. They also erroneously assume that every man is violent.

        4. Bingo. They get very confused at what it is about rebellion that is attractive. The women all understand that these guys are being kept around to hustle in their 30s. I’ve seen guys wait for a decade to “marry” their feminist hero while she’s been balls deep into finding herself for that decade. They refer to themselves as “lucky” for fucks sakes…

        5. Very few woman are actually lesbians and the ones that are are seriously mentally ill.
          The fake lesbiams are just standard, run of the mill attention whores.
          ANY woman in these categories is UNTOUCHABLE and not fit to contribute anything positive to society, or themselves.

        6. Molested as a “child” ! Excuse me ! Tired of this “insane” excuse !!!
          There are more number of MALES who are “molested” in childhood and yet; they are not offered any help or rehabilitation on Tax Payers Money (TPM), they cannot blame those cunts who molested them, they cannot play victim card and claim benefits & freebies on TPM, they cannot “erroneously assume” that every cunt is a “molester/abuser/arrogant/whore/slut”.
          Why ? Why ? Because they are MALES.
          And you “noticed” that many lesbians were molested or abused by men at an early age !? How do you noticed ! did you “witnessed” the abuse !? did you knew the men who were labelled “abusers”, are you sure that the cunts who are in their “early age” didn’t “asked for it” ! are you sure that the cunts who are in their “early age” are not mentally “ill or retarded” !
          Assume that someone “raped” a cunt and assuming that there are no “serious physical injuries”;
          Can’t the cunt pee & poop as usual ?
          Can’t the cunt drink & eat as usual ?
          Can’t the cunt watch TV soaps, Browse the Internet & talk/text/chat on mobile phone ?
          Can’t the cunt drive and go around for shopping as usual ?
          Can’t the cunt sleep with another MAN and get the “pleasure” ?
          What changed for the cunt !? Here nobody is advocating rape or sexual assault/harassment or “false” rape or “false” sexual harassment etc.
          Now, guess you have noticed the way cunts humiliate MEN, the way cunts sexually assault MEN etc. etc. I am trying to highlight here the same point; Psychological !!!
          Cunts harass MEN by; Deliberately & desperately “s/exposing” themselves wearing skimpy/revealing clothes, Posing half-naked & naked for magazines etc. for $$$ but “blame” MEN, Walking bare chested & do slut-walks but “blame” MEN for “objectifying”, Imitating MASCULINITY in every aspect but shamelessly “demand” chivalry.
          Molested as a child ! my foot !

        7. I don’t believe a woman who claimed to be raped yet still dare to go out drinking and partying all night long on “ladies night out” wearing their revealing outfits. Fuckin’ bullshit.
          I know a girl who was raped for real.
          The physical and mental damage on her was very serious; she lost a huge amount of weight in a very short period of time, she cried herself to sleep almost every night, she couldn’t sleep for terrible nightmares she had, she locked herself in her room, refused to eat/drink, she showered more than 3x a day because she thinks she’s “dirty” and she used to empty more than a bottle of soap every day because no matter how often she washes herself, she couldn’t get rid of “the dirt”, she scrubbed her skin till it scratched and bled because she felt as if she will never be “clean” enough and nothing could ever purify her, she was scared of her own menstrual blood, she hated her own reflection on the mirror, and she didn’t wanna meet a guy unless he’s a family member or a close friend and even so, she didn’t wanna interact too much with them. She was a sweet young lady. She used to have that warm and friendly smile for everyone. She doesn’t smile as often now. I’m glad she’s getting better now, but I still see the pain in her eyes sometimes. Poor girl.

      2. Maybe its not so much for ugly women, but for gutless lazy ones.
        Even an ugly woman can boost herself up, if she is willing to both put the time and effort in, AND rein in her hypergamus instincts to settle for a kind man. That would take a lot of courage for a woman to do, but it can be done.
        However this is a society that tries to supplicate women at every possible opportunity. Its nothing but the most selfish kind of flattery to tell an obese woman that she is beautiful. Its nothing but cowardice to tell a career obsessed woman that you are “proud of her”. Proud of her for throwing away her best years? Selfishness! Folly!

      3. Feminism is a justifiable definition of the term “insanity”. They keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

        1. step one has to be a good dusting with flour so the wet spot can be found.

      1. Maybe he is a survivalist and thinks she will provide a good source of meat and oil in a mad max scenario.

        1. He wishes there was a gun where his hand is. I don’t know if he’s made up his mind on who he’d rather shoot though.

        2. What about that baldie on the front pic? I’d keep her ass (Head) bald and put a different wig on her when I feel like massaging the bottom of her throat. The only time I wouldn’t put a wig on her is when we play Check Up at Dr. Mengeles Office

        3. As I recall, the Immortan Joe fight was the worst part of the movie as “Furiosa” was able to win it effortlessly, despite not having her robotic arm.
          Her other “strength of feats” were made plausible by her robot arm (being unaffected by recoil, being able to hold her own for a few seconds versus Max)
          That said, Immortan Joe was such a pushover that I’d really forgotten about it, remembering only Max’s fight against “Blaster”.

        4. I once saw a poster that makes the same point. It showed a group of three overweight (but not landwhale) black women. The words at the top were, “Ya, we ain’t no super models”, and at the bottom was, “But those skinny bitches weren’t going to fuck you anyway.” Truth in humor.

        5. It didn’t take an agreement to get me to avoid this prime example of feminist propaganda. Unfortunately, most TV and movies are feminist propaganda these days, so I avoid almost all of the dreck from these cesspools.

        6. I didn’t get that memo until I’d already seen the movie.
          It does seem a bit improper to “meme” the film without having seen it.
          If the movie was intended to be feminist propaganda then it failed as it really wasn’t. Furiosa was very incompetent, the “child like mentality” was on full display. If not for Max’s patriarchy, she’d have been dead several times over.
          At the end of the film, when she sees Max leaving, I suspect she realized that she was in over her head as she didn’t know how to handle anything on her own…and everyone else who did had been killed.

        7. Mate I don’t have to watch every movie to know I won’t like it. I think you are taking memes a bit too seriously.
          The trouble with what you are saying is that regardless if you can see through the propaganda most people will draw the wrong conclusions.

        8. She absolutely will. I’d seriously consider Jurassic parking that goat to hunt whatever hunts that before we need to harvest those goodies too.

        1. Skip the gym and learn to hit on women as a regular habit and you can do 3 points above of that barf bag.

        2. He was probably fat once, then changed his obsession from eating to weights, but stayed with the same woman. The gender reverse of this obviously doesn’t happen, as the woman is outta there asap.

        1. I’m Canadian. Thanksgiving is in October here.
          The USA is not the only country in the world.

        2. One month or 2 months, makes no difference IMO: Thanksgiving is more than enough turkey to last me a whole year.
          …with globalism, there aren’t any other countries in the world. Especially Canada, we’ve absorbed y’all with our “free trade” agreements…I’m sure that had something to do with Canada eerily winding up with its version of Dubya (Harper) and 0bama (Trudeau jr).

        3. So? The only one that matters.
          No one cares about the tiny percentage of people outside the US who wish to be noticed.
          You are like those idiots from Florida who like to chime in about “80° weather” in FL on comment threads were low temperatures due to winter weather are being discussed.
          Thanks for being an idiot.

        4. hahaha If I’m such an idiot, why are you obsessively following my comments and responding to them? Apparently it takes one to know one.
          Starting arguments online is very feminine and immature behavior.
          Are you a 12 year old girl?

        1. The one positive outcome (if it can be called that) of the gay marriage victory is that now they have moved on to legitimizing bestiality. So, the above cow may be an option in the near future. For sure it is a better option than any of those women in the OP. I will be remaining off the SMP and quite contented.

      2. Eh. Whatever. Would you rather he learned game and started banging his way through the available women?

    4. Man isn’t it hilarious though to see poster children for abortion like that androgyne in the top left pic?
      Seriously WTF is that?? I laugh my ass off looking at it.
      It’s like that thing intrinsically knows it’s an inferior specimen. Probably is just angry all the time it’s road worn shank of a mother didn’t pay to have the family doc scrape that lil rodent outta her rotten womb.

        1. He let her think that she came up with the idea so she’d go along with it, it was no skin off his back if she decided to ride and die out on the endless desert.
          “There’s no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit”

        2. Yeah my grandmother used to use the same tactic with my grandfather. Of course in the real world men don’t have to get women to “go along with it”. They just tell the bitch thats how its going down and she does what she’s told.

        3. The Max/Furiosa decision in question didn’t quite go down in the stereotypical “Quick Draw & Baba Looey” fashion often seen when women lead men to a conclusion.
          In the film, Max doesn’t care all that much what Furiosa does. He was literally just along for the ride.
          She’d have died a hundred times over by the end of the movie if he hadn’t been there.

      1. Reminds me of a line from “3:10 to Yuma” – “I’d feel the same way if I come from the seed of a drunken grave-digger, and the rancid womb of a whore…”

    5. Who gives a shit what they want? If tomorrow I wake up, and some virus genetically modified to only kill fatties strikes, I would yawn and go back to sleep.

    6. And the woman who said “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle” got married. They are feeding you lies they won’t swallow themselves.

      1. From Wikipedia –
        “A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.”
        That about wraps things up. They are delusional (see following link).

        1. Its a very important point if its delusional or not. If its delusional its an error, if its a lie its a strategy. I think the people pushing these beliefs know exactly what they are doing, People lower down the rung are the delusionals.

        2. The vast majority of women and feminists (not the same population) are delusional. A very tiny fraction of feminists at the top are a cabal of lying sociopaths and psychopaths.

      2. Exactly! Steinem got married as a last ditch post wall attempt to ward off dying alone.

        1. Disgusting that any man anywhere at any time would ever go through with such a vile and contemptable act.

    7. And they thought they had the Hillary outcome in the bag. They should have attempted the square sun & scorpion de-stinging operation.

      1. “I want him to be at least six feet tall, earn at least six figures a year, and have more than six inches…” Hmm. That’s 666. Go figure.

    1. ok kent, we got us some issues now. I didn’t know who that Lindy West was. But I figure you seem like a sane and sensible dude so I will google. What I saw horrified me.

    2. Had to look her up.
      Trigger warning: you cannot unsee this

      How is she even a real thing??

  3. i just can’t believe how far this absurd feminist philosophy has gotten. People are afraid to question because it sounds “nice” or “fair” but underneath it’s hood is some very entitled, hateful thinking, twisted philosophies and rationalizations. Fat acceptance is not about giving a fat person the same respect you would anyone else, or judging them by their character, it’s an excuse for feminist to engorge themselves and the newest “foodie craze, still feel good about themselves and not have it affect their SMV. Feminism is not about equal rights for men, it’s about developing talking points that they can use to public ally cut men down for shows any masculinity.
    I used to think they were just a crazy bunch no one paid attention to, but I’ve met people in real life’s who believe this crap. HOW?!?!? It’s goes against common sense, human nature, and it is just flat out destructive.
    It’s really just active escapism… a fat girls fantasy that has gotten out of control.
    Articles like this depress me. The more I know about them and what they believe and expouse the more hopeless I become of humanity and the future of this country…..
    God help us all

    1. This is a good question. I think the answer to the question “how” is that these philosophies, especially fat acceptance and modern day feminism, appeal the the most base nature of man. They are a free pass to be lazy. Everyone has some of this in them. You know, if someone came up to me and asked me if I would rather be very, very wealthy and never have to work or if I would rather work a job to earn my money I would say wealthy…sure I will take the wealth and not have to work for it.
      People have been doing this forever. Look at Christ. Basically poor acceptance in place of fat acceptance. The difference is that 2k years ago changing your economic status wasn’t really possible in the way that getting into and staying in shape or changing your economic status in modern america is.
      Basically the philosophy is able to grow because it gives people the benefit of respect without them having to go earn it. Want to be attractive and fit? Work out and eat healthy and live and active life style? No fucking way. How about this, poof you are now attractive and fit and anyone who says anything to the contrary is basically Hitler. Same with feminism.
      There are very few shore things in this world outside of death and taxes, but there are better and worse bets. Want to make a safe bet: bet on people being irresponsible, lazy, slothful and stupid.

      1. True. Also:
        Fat acceptance = conspicuous consumption. Better for big business. If reality or rationality sets in there’s a fat pill or fitness program or nutrition shake they can sell you too.
        Promotion of healthy lifestyle = modesty, temperance, moderation. No need for quick fixes. People are generally happier. Less reliance on material goods to fill self esteem void.
        Plus the media is full of women and mostly consumed by women’s and propped up by big business soooo of course they’re all special fatty snowflake who deserved to be loved!!!!

        1. I wish I could agree with you regarding the media being filled with women, but the amount of plebian males watching sports or the latest sitcom, especially during times like these, is mind numbing. If the highlight of your week is a game with people, unrelated to you, whom you could never strive to become, I would say: WAKE THE FUCK UP!
          I’ve found it increasingly harder to relate to normies and I doubt I could stomach a friendship with one.
          Guys like consume media in a different format, through blogs, talk radio, videos, maybe some Fox News.

      2. this is one of the main strategies of the globalist, which is to destroy our women. in essence you get the same amount of men fighting over the relatively few women that are worthy of reproduction. scarcity principle in full effect. the result is a bell curve that has been shifted far to the left with the bulk of the curve sitting over 3 (on the 1-10 SMV scale). I’ve said it before but its worth repeating…WW3 has been fought and essentially won. 95% of American/European men didn’t even show up to a single battle.

  4. You know why I’m excited today. Because the lefitsts and feminists will be let down again, after the electoral college puts Trump in the White House. They are going to get the life and hope sucked out of them yet one more time. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, more tolerant, more rational, more loving group…

    1. is there anyone out there that realistically believes this won’t happen?

      1. My sister does. My ex-girlfriend does. All rabid liberals believe it, or at least hope for it. They’re delusional.

        1. yeah that is pretty nuts. When does EC meet and get this over with anyhow?

        2. I can’t be bothered going to a link for this. lol. I am sure someone will let me know when it is over.

        3. All times EST, unless otherwise noted –
          Alabama Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          Alaska Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          Arizona Electoral College Vote Time – TBA
          Arkansas Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.
          California Electoral College Vote Time – 5 p.m.
          Colorado Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Connecticut Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Delaware Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          D.C. Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Florida Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Georgia Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Hawaii Electoral College Vote Time – 7 p.m.
          Idaho Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Illinois Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.
          Indiana Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.
          Iowa Electoral College Vote Time – 4 p.m.
          Kansas Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          Kentucky Electoral College Vote Time – 11:45 a.m.
          Louisiana Electoral College Vote Time – The electors will meet beginning at 11:30 a.m. local time, according to KNOE. Secretary of State Tom Schedler will host and administer the oath for the eight Republican electors.
          Maine Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Maryland Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          Massachusetts Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          Michigan Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Minnesota Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          Mississippi Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.
          Missouri Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          Montana Electoral College Vote Time – 4 p.m.
          Nebraska Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          Nevada Electoral College Vote Time – 5 p.m.
          New Hampshire Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.
          New Jersey Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          New Mexico Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          New York Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          North Carolina Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          North Dakota Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Ohio Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Oklahoma Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.
          Oregon Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Pennsylvania Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Rhode Island Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          South Carolina Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.
          South Dakota Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Tennessee Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.
          Texas Electoral College Vote Time – Texas electors will cast their votes in the House chamber at 2 p.m. local time (3 p.m. Eastern.)
          Utah Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.
          Vermont Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.
          Virginia Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.
          Washington Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.
          West Virginia Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.
          Wisconsin Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.
          Wyoming Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

        1. yeah I figure, but I don’t think anyone really thinks it is even possible….Then again, I don’t think I actually know anyone who voted.

        1. I have to say: I think that anyone protesting anything ever is rediculous

    1. (((barely))) In 2014, Alba appeared in Henry Louis Gates’s genealogy series Finding Your Roots, where her lineage was traced back.
      Her father’s matrilineal line (Mtdna) showed Sephardi Jewish roots, and DNA testing revealed that lawyer Alan Dershowitz is a genetic relative of hers.

  5. It goes without saying that Donna Zuckerberg has probably pleasured herself to most of Roosh’s videos, but what are her favourite articles? Does Tuthmosis’ egyptology take her beyond her field of study as a classics scholar?
    Sounds like ROK was a major part of her doctoral degree. Seems she may have started off with scholarly Quintus before moving onto the bad boys.

    1. that is just fucking insane. lol. the routines people throw down these days.

    1. Ive got nothin against Jews but fuck that apartheid shithole. Trump has to defend Israel for political reasons.

  6. The girls’ club is composed of the most hateful, chauvinistic, sexist, and hypocritical creatures to ever walk the earth. They are perfectly nice as long as you pander to their hubris, but once you challenge their chauvinistic, misandristic, and collective victim mentality agenda, their feminine instinct is to attack as spitefully, cruelly, and vindictively as possible. They truly enjoy hurting people. They love being angry. It’s just their nature. Even so, they still consider themselves to be intellectually and morally superior. They mistake their own weakness for goodness. The girls’ club’s mottoes seem to be “If I think it’s true, it must be true” and “If I want it, I should have it”. It’s actually toddler-esque thinking but on a much more insidious level. These intrinsic female qualities make women immensely susceptible to pandering by the marketing companies and politicians. This pandering only bolsters innate female chauvinistic hubris and misandry. It’s only the female exploitation of man-made technologies, consumerism, and democracy that empowers women; something women can neither acknowledge or appreciate. Man power made girl power possible.
    Female survival has always been dependent upon their abilities to manipulate men and exploit the hard work and innovation of men through three primary strategies: 1) sexuality 2) nagging and whining 3) playing the victim. Those imperatives are still in play today even though modern man-made technologies have mitigated female deficiencies. That is why women are so inherently vain and worry so much about body image, all while blaming men and society for their own female gender failings. That is why women see sex as a reward and power.

    1. Funny, all that female type scheming sounds remarkably just like some other (((group))).
      I know, let’s you and him fight.

      1. I don’t really understand your meaning. Fight who? My comment is not about scheming but about the intrinsic nature of females that brings about societal discord. I’m explaining why women can be so hateful and hypocritical yet still see themselves as victims.

  7. If men have to be attracted to female feminist land whales, then they have to be attracted to bald, un educated fat men with empty bank accounts.

    1. Absolutely. That’s the big difference between the Mano sphere and the feminist sites. We encourage self improvement, accountability and independent thought. They encourage adherence to victim mentality, irrational self esteem and OREOS!!!

      1. As an old, fat, bald man (but not broke by a far distance; which may be al the difference) let me tell you that you can still get a decent woman. But first you have to leave the west as there are no decent women in the west. I will admit that there may be a few but the percentage is so vanishingly small that for practical purposes the difference between that and zero is of no use.

    2. They are, the operative word is “man”. Bald, uneducated fat “boys” will not attract them.
      Imagine lolknee without the money, or the titles, but with all his life experience, bald, somewhat fat and wearing simple sweatpants and a grimy tshirt. just reading what he wrote, is there any question he could land whatever he wants?

  8. Congrats Roosh and Quintus. They attack what the fear and you have definitely rattled their cages.
    Does anyone else find it strange this bitch who has a sibling whose worth an estimated $50 billion, and is reaping benefits from it, would really concern herself about a bunch of guys in the world trying to better themselves and make a little scratch?

    1. Absolutely true. Having these people even notice you, much less go out of there way to paint a negative picture of you is a big statement to just how relevant the boys have become.

        1. Not everyone. Just uneducated little faggots and wimps. I take things on a case by case basis. I’ve already judged you the faggot wimp type.

    1. got to make one of those flag silhouettes people used for the france attacks but use the nazi flag. Pray For Germany.

      1. Wife just told me and I looked at Drudge. Same MO as in France. I blame Angela Merkel and her globalist worldview.

      1. An AR15 stole Christmas. Unlike Grinch who sold them to a Venzualean black market to buy booze.

    2. The religion of peace strikes again. And just in time for Christmas. At least the Europeans can save time by having their Christmas carols and candlelight vigils at the same time on this occasion.

  9. “The Zuckerberg sister who is attacking us happens to be quite large.”
    Never fucking fails, does it?

  10. Haha, that HuffPo pic of ugly white women never gets old, even if I need some eye bleach afterwards.

  11. My testosterone levels dropped significantly upon looking at them. Maybe the Muslims have the right idea covering women head-to-toe in dark drapery. It is not to protect their modesty, it is to protect women from getting beaten more with a stick for being so ugly.

    1. The burqas just make the problem worse. IMO The Boondocks summed it up reasonably well:

      I was lookin’ for bitches [in Iraq] but they had that carpet all over them and I couldn’t see what they look like.
      All that was really exposed was the eyes and that wasn’t enough for me, cause you know I’m lookin’ at the eyes, the eyes be pretty [but] I take the carpet off and then I got a tragedy!

  12. The Last Psychiatrist already had Randi’s number a few years back right about the same time he stopped writing actually (hmmm…a coincidence? Dunno). I suggest you fellows head on over a read, he could use the clicks, I am sure.

  13. the tone of her article makes it impossible to read. Alot of the stuff here is the same, this one isn’t so bad though…

  14. Alright, enough is enough.
    You need to put warnings up before showing us pictures of…. whatever those were. Some of us haven’t had lunch yet!!!!

  15. You know, she couldn’t even insult the beard right either. I’m no fan of Roosh’s wonky beard but it does beat the hell out of whatever those Duck… whatevers have.

    1. I dont begrudge men the 1-10 scale, but it works both ways. All the money in the world wouldn’t earn that man a 7.9

      1. Dont lie you would date him. And if he had all the money in the world and learned how to be charismatic and laconic, you would be waiting in a long line to date him. Admit it dumb girl.

      2. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Luckily for < 7.9 men, women’s attraction is way less focused on physical attraction than the other way around. I’ve seen some smoking hotties attached to the ugliest men imaginable. Of course, in probably 99/100 cases that speaks to the smoking hotties soul being much more ugly than the man she’s attached herself to.

        1. Ive always heard an air of bitterness in that old adage. And I’d think no, no it isn’t the same at all.
          Women tend to employ a rating scale based on three factors – physical appeal, personality, social standing. But men are less able to see past physical unattractiveness so focus there. That man in your video needs a thorough personality rehaul. Were he wealthy, a gold digging low quality slut, some of whom are indeed “smoking hotties”, might look past his faults -just as he would cheerfully look past her character flaws for the sake of sex with a “hottie.” With or without wealth, he’s low quality and the most he could hope for is a low quality whore willing to demean herself for a buck. He would do better to hire out for the night.
          It’s interesting to me that he’s also over rating the women in his video. That says something about him, do you think?

        2. I think you’re right about the adage. It does seem at least leveled in instances that harbor some bitterness. I use it for the gender illustration and the conveyed sentiment of “by your own standard shall you be judged”. Attraction works differently for men and women with each category getting more or less weight based on the gender gauging the attraction. Gavin uses a lot of sarcasm/satire and I think he’s an entertaining guy. Some people can, and usually are, put off by him. To me that’s part of his appeal. He did some overrating for sure.
          People in general, male or female, are compelled by and large by their undisciplined, fleshly impulses when it comes to pairing up instead of substantive criteria and I’m against that. I think the failure rate of marriages and relationships speaks to this truth. A man with understanding (I hate the term “game”) can always excel with women regardless of his looks or faults with the opposite sex.

        3. “The danger zone. This is your redheads your strippers anyone named Tiffany.” “This zone is not scaled to size!” 🙂 This is cute.

        4. “I think the failure rate of marriages and relationships speaks to this truth.” Oh, yes, absolutely! I’ve met funny men, handsome men, nice men, wealthy men … that’s all fine but not adequate husband material alone. People go by feelings or desires to their own detriment. Poor upbringing and/or low self esteem imo

        5. True. I’m watching people I know closely pull the pin on the hand grenade of “feelings” and then hug that grenade close to their chest. Poor upbringing and low self esteem are major factors in these sad examples. I personally go by the time tested paradigm of Biblical criteria for life’s challenges, including choosing a mate.
          There’s a matrix for women, too:

        6. That chart is real for more women than I’d like to admit. But you know this.
          fwiw This man, while not anymore physically attractive than the man in your first video, is smart, funny, and confident. Therefore infinitely more appealing.

        7. Men on here can pick up some understanding from what you’re saying. Men make the mistake of thinking the genders all cut from the same cloth as far as attraction goes. Most women aren’t able to articulate thoughts and feelings nowadays. Does your man know you’re out of the kitchen, by the way? 😉

        8. I’m in the kitchen right now baking Swedish cardamom bread to bring to my soon to be mother in laws this afternoon. While reading RoK! lol. My man says I think too much, and curiosity killed the cat. I really like kitchens though.
          Inability to articulate thoughts and feelings is rampant, and though I think a natural weakness in women, I’m seeing it in men, too. Which is unnerving and very much not natural. Women usually lack objectivity .. they exist within the feeling or thought and honestly it can take superhuman effort to step outisde that emotion or thought process, assess and articulate. Men … I don’t know why. It’s the thought itself maybe. Logic and critical thinking not being the premium they once were, even in our universities. How to articulate an inarticulate thought?

        9. I chalk our culture’s shortcomings up to a lack of Biblical education starting at a young age. Our societies in times past were prosperous and successful because men and women were educated with these principles. Culture is religion externalized and it is impossible to have a cultural change without a religious change first.
          Christian principles teach men and women about the default, fleshly nature of man and woman. They are taught to reject those undisciplined impulses for a more excellent way. For example, few people today, even those who claim to be believers in Christ, know that the story of Adam and Eve teaches (among a multitude of lessons) that an unregenerate woman will seek to rule over the man. Men in the red pill community understand “feminism”, which is a result of exactly what we are taught about Eve’s fleshy nature, but are completely ignorant of the Bible and its diagnosis/solutions for what we call “feminism”.
          Today, we live in a culture that embraces and worships man’s degenerate, fleshly nature. It is actively encouraged by our institutions by people who know precisely what they are doing- sowing the seeds of destruction for the West. An expected symptom of that is the feminist movement and also eventually a “red pill” movement that seeks to counter “women’s fleshly advantages” with “men’s fleshly advantages”. The ultimate answer lies beyond recognizing the problem or “fleshly” solutions.
          At any rate none of this is anything new, though. These things have all happened before in history as cycles repeat themselves. People seem to be waking up way more than even ten years ago, and at least acknowledging objective truth even though it makes them “racists/sexists” (the modern equivalent of “heretics”), which is also a good thing to see.

          My man says I think too much, and curiosity killed the cat.

          Been a while since I’ve heard, “Curiosity killed the cat”. I’m a fan of thinking myself but understand, while it may not kill me, it can come with a price:
          “Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.” – Ecclesiastes 1:18 (written by King Solomon the Wise)

          I really like kitchens though.

          Good stuff! May you keep your fiance’ healthy and fill his belly with lots of good grub!

  16. I would rather encounter Quintus Curtius alone in a dark alley than Donna and her band of peak white feminist harpies. Hypocritical, hateful, all around vile woman.

  17. First off, excellent article, I truly relished it.
    I think that Cuckerberg’s sister is actually somewhat sympathetic to us, but she can never admit because the SJWs would eat her alive. The fact that she’s the sister of one of the most powerful men in the world is scary…now we know that ROK and redpill are very much on Cuckerberg’s radar and surely he will play the white-knight and try to bring us down. Or maybe…just maybe, we can get him to see the light. Wait until his wife gains a bunch of weight and stops putting out, he’ll be down with us for sure!

    1. If he gets divorced raped, he’ll see the light. But otherwise, no.
      “Modern women” are not “modern women” around Zuck. Women are “whatever the fuck you want me to be” women with guys like that.
      Roosh is striking a chord with her, because she’s unattractive, post-wall, and severely outclassed by her sibling in a competitive environment. She knows that she’s nobody without her non-existent good looks or brothers money (if she even has access to it.)

  18. If you actually read the article, Zuckerberg mentions Nazis and 1930s Germany more times than I’ve ever read in 5 years on the alt-right.
    The comments are an even better prize. They are turning into alt-right preppers making SHTF plans, one bought a cabin in the woods and a few bought guns for the home, despite not knowing how to use them.

  19. So they’ve fucked with our food and our hormones, creating infertile man and women beasts, who have no aggression and are incapable of threatening the elites. Then they have to normalize, something not normal. Healthy aggressive men are misogynists. Fat-Shaming is wrong (in order to prevent people from actually figuring out what is poisoning them)! Just exercise more! Then you see the people after the Biggest Loser program gain back the weight.

    1. The thin people I know really don’t have ‘normal’ diets and amounts of physical activity. Zero office cube dwellers that get their average of 6 hours of TV per day on a regular food diet are thin, unless they’re very very young.
      Thin people are literally ‘off-the-grid’ following caloric restrictive diets or highly active athletically. Look around. You’ll notice it’s plain as day.

    1. Get off sugar and processed flour and diabetes will naturally disappear. Who’da thunk it. Cancer, there are tons of cures. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winner) cured it with mega-doses of Vitamin C. Think outside the box or that box will become a coffin. Doctors are serial killers in white lab coats. Most of ’em don’t realize it, but that’s their problem.

      1. Yeah in general concentrated carbohydrates are the great evil, but I think its a little more complicated than that. Linus Improved cancer but didnt cure it with megadoses of C. I think the real issue is acidosis and to a lesser extent scurvy. I think he misinterpreted why animals make such high amounts of vit C. Your kidneys breakdown glutamine to produce bicarbonate in your blood stream, and you pee out ammonia so net alkaline. Animals do something similar with vit c. Vit C is usually made in the kidneys from blood when you pee it out net alkaline. Most stressful situations create acidosis, so they just ramp up vit c production to fight it. As apes, we had a net alkaline diet, so vit c production was actually harmful. Production then switched to the liver(where it would have no net change in PH), then disappears. It should be no surprise that a Soil PH map closely matches diabetes and cancer, and the longest life zones all have water ph around 8.2(ocean PH).

        1. Agreed. I’ve read some information that indicated Pauling did indeed cure cancer with Vitamin C. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. But pH levels are absolutely critical. Drinking lots of lemon juice helps to stabilize these levels, to the plus side. It’s bizarre, but basically, as I can tell you already know, virtually everything doctors do serves to kill us slowly, painfully and expensively. With some basic dietary changes, and by avoiding doctors unless experiencing a traumatic injury (breaking bones, etc.), most people can greatly improve their health. Which makes that old adage, “Doctor knows best” very interesting. I wonder who started that one…probably some bigwig in the AMA.

        2. Do you have a link showing him cure it? Pauling in his later years was taking like 18 grams of sodim ascorbate(7.4 ph) and would talk abouy “ascorbate” in speeches. All the high c doctors lived around 10 years more than average..and they went grey early(vitc is antagonistic to copper and iron) Ive actually seen a study that showed orange juice making urine more alkaline. Citric and malic acid(granny smith apples) have that unusual effect.

        3. I have links for Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Renee Caisse and others who cured cancer.
          The links I am posting below are for anyone who is unfamiliar with the first two individuals; Rife’s story and cures are documented in actual MSM newspapers, like the San Diego Herald Tribune; Caisse’s story isn’t widely known, even in her native Canada –

          Linus Pauling got blasted for his heavy research into Vitamin C, and its effects on cancer. This is obvious when one looks at the articles shown in the search engine results below; “Quackwatch” blasts his notions, and they are a known assassin squad for the AMA; here’s the results for that particular search “Linus Pauling cured cancer”, it’s a mixed bag –

      2. One of the greatest scientific minds we ever had and his takedown of ‘cancer research’ was beautiful. It is a colossal scam. I’m off processed flour but have a little bit of a sweet tooth that I try hard to curb but it is manageable. I do not smoke, drink, have given up caffeine and never have touched tea/coffee and revile drugs so I’m doing alright in that respect even though stress may do me in which I am working toward beating.

        1. I’ve got a diet and supplement routine that has made me way clearer in my brain, way stronger, and just all-around feeling great. And I’m an old geezer. I’m going to submit an ROK article about all of this; maybe they will publish it. If they don’t I will post the whole shebang in a long comment somewhere, so people can think about it and try some of the things out if they so desire…sounds like you are doing well with your routine there, that is great news.
          We really should post dietary programs and workout programs, I think, on an individual basis, and compare notes, as a group. A lot of guys could benefit.

        2. Sounds good. I think it’d be an invaluable tool to draw upon others’ experience and insight in terms of building up a better body which in turn has added benefits in terms of intellectual ability/mental clarity, focus, and virility.

        3. Article comments are great, but hard to use as resources for something like that. Somebody has to make a section for that sort of thing, on a website, I think. Hell, if I start my own, for my memes, which I’m thinking about doing, I’ll have a section like that for sure. Maybe ROK would consider creating one.
          Putting everything, everybody’s ideas and tips, into one, central location, would really help guys pick and choose and prosper thereby. Hopefully it will happen.

        4. Exactly right. There needs to be a central repository where you can access and share such.

    1. And there are people who insist there is no agenda, it all happens by accident. Well, those are the people who are susceptible to the plans of the mindfuckers. You know, like most women in general…
      As an aside, I do not believe for one single second that Mark Zuckerberg is real in the traditional sense (same for his alleged sister). They are intelligence-agency-created cartoon characters, invented entirely out of sack-cloth, behind closed doors, and propped up and sold to the masses as being geniuses by the super rich. They front these companies, but have nothing to do with them. This sells the masses on the supposed effectiveness of the educational indoctrination centers of the elite, their universities and such. This puts the average college-attending plebe in a never-ending cycle of being a debt slave (student loans start them on this path), while spending their lives working for those same major corporations.
      Who do you think owns the majority of the shares of Facebook. It isn’t Cuckerberg. Same deal for Elon Musk and his operations. Same for Apple Computer, Microsoft, Zillow, and any other major corporation where “some genius attended our colleges and started an operation in his garage and became a bazillionaire”.
      The evidence indicates it’s the same for all major corporations. The Usual Suspects own the lion’s share of all of the Fortune 500 Companies, and let me give you a hint, these people don’t attend services at their local synagogue. You gotta dig to get that information, but the major players, are predominantly Roman Catholic, or they are WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). And it’s always the same big-time investment groups that own the lion’s share of the stock. Always.

      1. Has the Zucker ever been sold to the public as some sort of tech genius? I’ve always thought of him as just being “the face” of the company, but I can’t put my finger on why.
        Unlike, say, Elon Musk and-especially-Elizabeth Holmes, who are charlatans who have been hard-sold to the public as visionary geniuses in tech.

        1. I think Cuckerberg has mostly been sold as a devious Bill Gates type – he borrowed somebody else’s platform. Then he worked it all out himself and tweaked it (or, that’s how the bullshit story goes). All of that implies he is a programming or website-building wizard. Which in reality, is as likely as you and I being elected as the Twin Kings of Botswana…

      1. Oh yeah, why is your hair so dry and ugly if your brother is sooooo rich? Jesus girl, go to a salon and get a good moisturizing treatment with a top notch cut and style.

    2. I would translate that as: She’ll ride the carousel here and abroad, adopt brats and out source them to hired help.
      Poor post wall women get cats. Rich ones adopt foreign kids.

    3. “…and genders to outnumber the stars”.
      So how many different kinds of trannies are there now in the feminist dystopia?

  20. Feminism is for ugly chicks, but somehow it took hold of some decent sorts too. No wonder women are so miserable and on anti-depressants these days. Working in a cubicle farm would be soul destroying, and no man is impressed by it! Before feminism, the average woman didn’t have to work these shitty jobs, and rather than constantly getting pumped and dumped they had a loyal man who provided for them. Now they can’t even go back, because the cost of living has skyrocketed to reflect a two-income household.

  21. I approve of Roosh’s new Allah Akbar beard, it makes him untouchable by the SJWs(What are you against Muslims, snowflake??), like Milo Yiannopoulos(Gay).

    1. You can’t beat the left at “identity politics” as that’s their game and they make up the rules as they go.
      George Zimmerman was made “white” for purposes of his trial. Any protected class that doesn’t “toe the line” can find itself kicked out into the cold with the “straight white men” 2nd-class-citizens.

      1. Yes but he didn’t play the card, because he didn’t understand their game. If he would have said what are you guys against latinos?? They would have shut the hell up. In one of the wikileaks emails, HIllary’s camp was praying a shooter turned out to be white.

        1. If he had played that card, he would’ve still been “Uncle Tom’d” out of his latino status.
          Clarence Thomas is something of a cuckservative but even he has “lost his blackness” many times over, and Milo’s homosexuality “privilege” looks like it is gradually being revoked.

        2. Uncle Tommed for killing a dangerous black kid? He only needed the card to save him once. Being a so called race turncoat is something else. If Roosh wants to be muslim and tell his followers to man up and be aggressive and manly with women..the only antimuslim thing he could be doing is telling it to infidels!

        3. Zimmerman couldn’t play the Latino card to save him from the legal system. I’d say he never even had the chance to try it as the media beat him to the punch and “whitewashed” him almost immediately, and would’ve suppressed him playing the card.
          Only left-wing approved entities can use political correctness as a shield, all others will be shot down, eg:
          Shaun King was shot down when he pushed the envelope too far while he was masquerading as a black man.
          Cuckservative pundit Stephen Crowder was shot down when he tried masquerading as a transgender.

  22. I’m telling you man the regressive left is on the back foot at the moment, and hence making increasingly more desperate attempts to undermine other accounts of whats going on in the world. Unfortunately, I think its only a matter of time before someone from the manosphere gets falsely charged with rape or is imprisoned for some kind of thought crime.

  23. Jezebel…that place still around after Hulk Hogan cleaned them out?
    What’s up with all the fat girls with glasses smiling, WTF are they happy about?
    I know that song on the radio ” your beautiful the stars are beautiful you don’t have too change the world can change its heart.”

    1. I also thought that when Gawker fell, all the other sites (like Jezebel) would fall too. Sadly not.

  24. Aja Romano’s facial features are quite pleasant; though a little chubby. She is actually able to do something about her looks by dieting and could be quite attractive if she lost the poundage. Unlike butterfaces who can’t do anything but have surgery. But instead of doing that and making herself more attractive and feel better about herself she chooses to go down the hating route instead. A shame.

    1. They tell me in Russia they have a saying..there are no ugly girls, only lazy ones. Think of which belief system is more empowering.

      1. From what I’ve seen of Russian women, that expression would be necessary to keep their society alive.
        IOW, there is ugliness that cannot be fixed.

      2. In my view, the Russian saying is the more empowering. Truth is, Romano has a pleasant face: lovely eyes, high cheekbones but all sadly covered with a layer of fat. She could raise her SMV massively but would rather be a bitter manhater instead. Makes me feel a bit sorry for those women who work their asses off to improve their looks but aren’t naturally blessed with the same features.

        1. The vast majority of men are willing to ignore a womans face if she has a bangin body.

        2. Now a feminist would hate you for saying that but actually what you say is very good news for women as working out and keeping a healthy weight is something vast majority of women are able to do should (key word) they wish to do so. OK a supermodel physique is out of the question for most but, nevertheless, women can go to unatrractive to mildly-moderately attractive quite easily.
          Return of Kings certainly makes you think; fat girls with quite pretty faces are constantly told ‘you have a pretty face’ which may be true but what they do not focus on is what is left unsaid: ‘but you are too fat for me to find you attractive’. So they are in a state of puzzlement thinking ‘but I have a pretty face, why doesn’t he fancy me?’ which in turn makes them prime meat for the feminism movement.

        3. And really their lives would be much better just focusing on nutrition and exercise than putting in a bunch of years in uni to get a high paid job that wont impress him.

        4. Absolutely right. Women -being solipistic in nature- think that the things that impress them are the same as impress men. Men are simple creatures, really. They don’t ask for much: mild to moderately attractive with a sunny outlook and caring attitude and a bit of fun oh and certainly not a high notch count. Yes, AWALT but that’s potential -not absolutely WILL be like that. But it’s real schadenfreude to see high career women wondering why their CV doesn’t impress men in a sexual way.

        5. I grew up with a girl like that. Banging body, amateur gymnast, but her face never caught up. Haven’t seen her in ages. Her dad died recently, though.

        6. I completely agree with what you are saying but I have a semantical issue with calling men “simple creatures” because that’s a standard girls’ club line used to denigrate men and to rationalize the female gynocentric/ misandristic agenda. To me, it’s more accurate to describe men as being less complicated, as having more defined motivations eg to be happy, to provide and protect, to please females, to have women want them, to compete, each of which irritate women unless they feel they are in control. Female motivations, however, are based primarily on having life revolve around fulfilling their wants and needs (that solipsistic nature) and therefore are far less defined. That is why women are so intrinsically chauvinistic and misandristic, as well as often irrational. I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy but I bring up this minor quibble because it always rankles me when women chauvinistically describe men as “simple creatures”.

        7. Men are multi layered, endlessly fascinating creatures. Rather than, “men are simple creatures”, maybe better to say men have simple needs?

  25. These women do it for money and status.
    Otherwise, medíocres that they are, they would have to work in hard jobs with much less rewards.
    Their motivation is not difficult to understand. They found a niche, and rats will always inhabit a warm place with food. The problem is the corrupt system we have now that nurtures these rats.

  26. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, decreasing life expectancy, renal insufficiency, emotional instability does not care if your are a feminist on an all white female editorial board. You will come to the hospital eventually male or female for believing that big is beautiful and you will eventually be old, single, childless and not having anyone caring whether you pass away alone in your home or a cold sterile institution.
    I’ve seen the future and it likes to hit the call light over and over because it’s lonely.

  27. “While you were bullying people for not adhering to your politically-correct ideology, I was starting a law firm, trying cases in court, fighting for the rights of the common man, and making an honest name for myself. This is the difference between you and me. While you are a spoiled child of privilege, I am a man who has earned his way through life through the sweat of his own brow.”
    This was not a takedown; it was a blowhard riposte fueled by insecurity. Kind of a grandiloquent way of saying “No, YOU suck!” Sounds like Quintus lifted this one straight from the leftist playbook: emphasize your ‘virtue,’ their ‘vice,’ and completely avoid addressing the veracity of your opponent’s argument. Their argument has no veracity, you say? Then attack that, calmly and with poise. No need to get your self involved with the self-involved.

    1. I agree with your sentiment here. It would be beneficial for guys with a more widespread platform like Quintus to set an example like this.

  28. The best part about this article is not once mentioning Mark Zuckerberg’s sisters name. Well done good sir!

    1. I actually think that was a show of mercy from ROK. Otherwise this article would show up very high in search results for her name. Probably not something she would like. Or maybe she would…who knows…

  29. These rich people have all the money but they never even bothered to use that money to fix their appearances. How sad.

  30. Are there any cartoonists here? If you really want to get under Randi Zuckerberg’s skin, watch the recent episode of her cartoon “Dot.” titled “A Song For Everyone” and note the appearance of the self-insert music director “Ms. Randi”.
    Now fulfill rule 34 and draw her choking on a dick.

  31. I saw an article on Jezebel bashing ROK, and in the comments all the girls were talking about “hate-reading” and how they all liked to “hate-read” ROK, and how they should stop because they shouldn’t be giving the site traffic. But it’s soooo hard to stop because hate reading is so much fun! Lol I don’t hate-read shit that offends me. I Don’t hate-read KKK pamphlets or Nazi propaganda.

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