The Current Year Is When The Tide Began To Turn

As we approach the end of the year, we will all be subjected to lame retrospectives filled with trivia that nobody cares about. But 2016 is a significant year because it marked the first time in a very long time that traditional masculinity stopped surrendering and actually mounted an offensive. Here are some of the highlights of the year.

We made special snowflakes cry


The best part of 2016 was obviously Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton. This was great for the obvious reason that Hillary’s policies would have dealt the United States a mortal blow, but it had the wonderful side benefit of making her supporters—all of them special snowflakes—cry.




If you are like me, you were probably raised to be a “nice guy.” A person who believes that he should never make anyone cry. The problem with being nice guys is that we allowed the SJWs to walk all over us and turn our culture in a prison where entertaining the wrong idea can get you fired from your job. Therefore, don’t feel bad that you made the SJWs cry.



2016 will also go down as the year that people started to wake up to the fact that candlelight vigils, holding hands, and hash tags on social media will not make Islamic terrorism go away. If you recall, after Bataclan attack in Paris in November 2015 where 137 were murdered, the response was still to sing kumbaya. But already, when the San Bernadino terrorists slaughtered their co-workers for no reason other than that they were not Muslim, some Americans began to wake up and ask the hard question: Why do so many Muslims hate us? Could it be that Presidents Bush and Obama lied to us when they said Islam is a religion of peace?

The slaughter continued and increased in 2016. In June a Muslim killed 49 in the Pulse nightclub. In July, a Muslim terrorist drove a truck through a crowd of families that had gathered together to watch fireworks. He killed 86 including many children. More recently, a Somali refugee who was getting a free ride to starting a new life in the US (how many of your children will get these kind of benefits?) re-paid the generosity of Americans by trying to run over their sons and daughters at Ohio State. As I write this, the two terror attacks that are in the news are the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the murder of 12 when a Muslim terrorist drove a truck through a traditional German Christmas market in Berlin. By the time you read this, there may be more.

With the latest attacks, I’ve seen almost none of maudlin gestures that characterize the Western response to Islamic terror. Even some liberal voices are starting to notice that there may be a problem with Islamic immigration. When we look back, 2016 will mark the year that it finally started to dawn on people that Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.

The Alt Right went public


When Hillary Clinton delivered her infamous Alt Right speech, it was supposed to paint Trump as an extremist. She obviously failed to achieve that objective. What she did instead is give a national platform to the Alt Right and Pepe the Frog. Suddenly, thousands of people who had never heard about the Alt Right started researching it, including journalists, who in turn wrote more articles about it. Rather than stopping the Alt Right, Hillary’s speech made it national headlines.

The celebrity of the Alt Right continued when Richard Spencer, the man credited with coining the term, was banned from Twitter as part of an attempt to silence pro-Trump voices. The ban was unfair because Spencer never attacked other people or espoused violence. Even enemies of Spencer were forced to admit that the ban was a stupid move, and he was later reinstated.

In November the Washington Post ran a hit piece on Spencer and the Alt Right that was supposed to brand the Alt Right as white supremacists and neo-nazi’s (they are neither). Again the article had the opposite effect. It only furthered the spread of Spencer’s message. You can expect to hear a lot more about the Alt Right in 2017.

Keep the momentum going


2016 was a great year for masculinity and nationalism, but we can’t rest on our laurels. The only way to solidify our gains is to keep advancing. Here are some ways we can keep the momentum going into 2017 and beyond.

Lift weights. I have to be honest. My wife and I had a baby at the end of 2015 and I got really busy with work. Between work, family, and writing, I had very little time to do anything else. Sometimes had to give and I let working out fall by the wayside. That’s a mistake. Being in good physical condition affects every aspect of your life in a positive way. If you are not already lifting, this is a good time to commit to it. If you are looking for a good routine, you may wish to check out the Stronglifts 5×5 program. But consistency is more important than your workout routine.

Come out of the shitlord closet. One of the reasons we got into this predicament in the first place is because men began to be silent out of fear of offending people. SJWs have turned our natural aversion to hurting someone’s feelings into a cudgel that they use to keep us in line. But it doesn’t have to be that way. SJWs only have power because decent people let them have power. SJWs view every issue as a wedge issue. If you give them an inch, they will use that inch as a beachhead for launching the next attack on you. And they are relentless. They will never stop until they’ve destroyed you, your nation, and your civilization.

Coming out of the closet can be done in little ways. When the cashier wishes you, “Happy Holidays” you can wish her a “Merry Christmas” back without making a big show of it. When a man is being attacked for his political views or simply because he is a man, come to his defense on social media even if you don’t agree with all of his views. Speak plainly. Don’t compromise with the SJW agenda on any point.

Unplug from entertainment and sports. The entertainment and sports industries are owned, for the most part, by people who have a leftist agenda. By watching their product, you giving your hard earned money to people who hate you and who will use that money to undermine you. It might be too draconian to stop watching all entertainment and sports, although many men have done that. A more reasonable idea for the coming year is to severely restrict time spent on corporate entertainment. Spend the time and money you save on achieving a goal that is going to make your life better in the future.


This Christmas, kick back and celebrate the feast with gladness. It has been a tough year but traditional men have risen to the challenge. We deserve to savor the victory. Get rested because in 2017 we once again become part of the vanguard to bring back the patriarchy.

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  1. LMFAO. Have most of those pictures saved on phone. If they break down howling like that over an election…how in the hell do they deal with anything. That’s the grand enemy supposed to be worried about in the real world. I’m more worried driving my park avenue over a speed bump.

    1. That’s the true test isn’t it? We see one’s true mettle only under adversity. And they folded as expected.

  2. “Come out of the closet”. Maybe we need a “White Out” magazine. Somehow over the last few decades, something ended up getting inverted. Originally it was THEM who would lose their jobs if they publicly came out as Gay or whatever, then it became if you supported tradition, ethnic preference (if you were european), or even equal treatment for men instead of the divorce rape.
    Way back when, it was the stonewall riots where the Gays got tired of being oppressed and targeted.
    2016 is when Trump killed political correctness, so the huge plurality that elected him could find an uncucked voice.
    This is not the end, but the end of the beginning. And we will all see where it leads.

    1. “Maybe we need a “White Out” magazine.”
      Ideally I would like to buy out a magazine with an established name, gut the editorial board, get some of the red-pill writers here at ROK and elsewhere in the manosphere, and convert it to the uses of the red-pill.

    2. How about a “MAN Out” Magazine !? so that we include ALL the “real” MEN (White, Red, Black, Brown, Yellow) !

  3. Keep lifting, fuck sluts, don’t be a beta… the list goes on. I’m very happy the resources are available now that allow me to learn from my mistakes. and I’m a much happier person now because of it.
    Don’t be afraid to denounce one religion as being better than another, be proud to only want to live around others of your own race, give credit to your own culture, and love the fact that you want sex from a woman and nothing else. Liberation is a powerful thing, and once we are able to achieve it, nothing can stop us.
    As for these girlies, I would love nothing more than to give them 6 inches of stress relief…

    1. ,,Keep lifting, fuck sluts, don’t be a beta.”
      A true spiritual leader.
      How about some moral values, there home boy ?
      How about some moral guidance ?
      How about masculine mentorship ?
      Nevermind…keep lifting & fucking sluts.
      You know…yielding to your libido sets your moral code to ground sub-zero.
      You must be a true community leader.
      I am not saying not to have sex…but fuck it…don’t make into a fucking goal out of it.

      1. He is a young one, already on the right path. Which will lead him to the values you suggest. So no worries here.

      1. My last one night stand (quite some time ago now) asked me to give her 12″ and make it hurt. So I fucked her 3 times and hit her with a brick.

        1. That’s awesome….
          And if she says “make me scream”, wipe your dik on the curtains after you nut.

    2. I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot barge pole.. they are only good for a 10″ big black doodah those sluts !

    3. Do these smelly c***s really deserve that “stress relief” !!?
      I don’t think so. Let them “satisfy” (among) themselves or using the “technology aka vibrator” or “vegetables” !!!
      Do NOT give them that “privilege” !!!

      1. And in 9 days, it will be the new current year. What will the new current year bring? Is it too early to say it’s the new current year or do I have to wait 9 days?

        1. Shaun King and Deray McKesson will all be tweeting the most minor transgressions of white people against blacks, expecting the 200m white Americans have to treat everyone like royalty.
          And they’ll end every victimology tweet with “America. 2017.”

    1. Can we stop calling them “warriors?” How about Social Justice Weaklings? That’s more appropriate to their fortitude.

      1. Social Justice Fairys. Call them out if they claim you are antigay. Fairys are just differently flighted, and for sure somewhere in the LGBTZ group.

  4. When we look back, 2016 will mark the year that it finally started to dawn on people that Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.

    I doubt it. The media will twist it so we dislike and fear the idea of Islam enough to fully support the ‘war’ effort of tearing the middle east apart to insert western ‘democracy’. But will always reinforce multiculturalist dogma at home.
    The alt right/manosphere/nationalists/realists etc will continue to be marginalized.

    1. I agree but MSMs influence is dwindling every day. Places like Germany are fucked, but when we see these mudslimes cunts killing our own its different.

      1. The Germans will surrender to compromise of trying to get its invaders to ‘integrate’. Multiculturalism and European mongrelisation is a Zionist keystone policy that will not yield.
        Islam as a religion will be the enemy and destabilizing the middle east for Israel will be pushed by the media as the focus of peoples anger over Muslims/terrorism.
        The new arrivals in the west will be systematically broken down like we have and become the same cultureless conforming degenerate consumerists.

  5. Every Empire has two ways to assert itself. When Empires are at their true height, they can get their way through moral authority and prestige. The USA was like this once. But when the prestige and moral authority begins to decline, Empires increasingly resort to force.
    I dont think the tide has turned. But i do think the left is losing its unquestioned moral authority, which is why they are increasingly relying on force to get their way. That means things are going to get harder for us as the Empire grows increasingly intolerant and brings its resources to bear.
    It also means our Enemy is weakening, and our strength is growing.
    They will double down on the antiwhite hate, on misandry, on mass migration, on christophobia. They will expand Social Justice into everything. And in doing so they will create an ever growing list of new enemies who have nothing to lose by teaming up to oppose the Empire.
    Get ready..the real war is about to begin.

    1. “they will create an ever growing list of new enemies who have nothing to lose by teaming up to oppose the Empire.”
      Amen !

  6. Trump won – yes. But I am concerned he will turn into a liberal faggot like George Bush did when got into office. When you say deport- I want to see a Trump train express. My gut is now telling me he is going to take the “middle ground” on this topic. If thats the case, f him- ted cruz will work next time.

  7. Nice article. It’s good to be reminded we’ve made progress and have it listed out.
    Something about the Christmas wishes in the final paragraph reminds me of our wayward monk. I wish Aurelius were here to give us our annual Christmas blessing. If he’s not coming back, I think we need a new official ROK cleric or two again.
    My Lutheran church just hired a female minister; something in me revolts in horror. Eastern Orthodox gets good marks here for its traditional values, so a representative of that religion would be appealing. Otherwise I might have to start studying up on my PA Deutsch and go Amish.

    1. “My Lutheran church just hired a female minister; something in me revolts in horror.”
      Time to get another church.

      1. Anecdotally I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the few marriages I’ve seen officiated by a woman failed utterly…

    2. He’s in seminary. Look forward to reading his wisdom again soon. You might consider following his path and converting to catholicism. Don’t let the current (some say illegitimate) Pope deter you. I can attest that many parishes are rediscovering traditions of the faith pre-Vatican II. A definite trend is underfoot.
      The catholics are one of few main branches of Christianity that can trace their unbroken lineage to St. Peter. Others being the Eastern Orthodox variants of which Br. Aurelius converted.
      Many women are returning to the tradition of covering their hair when at mass. In some churches you would mistake parishioners for Amish – they cover their heads and wear simple plain dresses just like the Menonites and Amish. Big white families with lots of children (and hot daughters) attend. Parishes have MEN’s clubs – men only. This is a positive sign of a healthy cohesive and faithful society..

      1. Awesome. Something else has happened in 2016. Something more subtle. I feel like I’ve noticed a trend where men who are not necessarily “real” believers. Even agnostic and athiest types have shifted to defending and promoting traditional western religious values. Either Christian or Pagan, but the point being a resurgent sense of cultural identity and willingness for our traditional identities.

        1. Some western men are realizing prostating your culture for the rest to walk on doesn’t get you respect or worthy friends.
          I do want to see the matriarchial / beta male cultural faggotry erridicated out of the west by any means necessary.

        2. ” I feel like I’ve noticed a trend where men who are not necessarily “real” believers. Even agnostic and athiest types have shifted to defending and promoting traditional western religious values.”
          That’s me, especially in the last few years.

        3. I’m not a Christian and have been agnostic my whole life, but recently something changed. I’m not 100% on religion, as it is cucked beyond belief, especially in the US, but I think a masculine, non-leftist version of Christianity should come about. The “Deus Vult” Christianity

        4. You guys get what I mean. I somewhat count myself among that. Its strange to say but the specific “Truth” of the religion isnt even the point. Its more about claiming ownership of our masculine cultural thing. Deus Vult, Make Istanbul Constantinople Again. that sorta thing

        5. Yes, you are not alone! The same is happening with me.
          For me, returning to my Christian roots is connecting with my ancestors and their culture and identity.
          I find the Crusader imagery especially heart-warming!

        6. It’s not about believing in some magic sky wizard, or insisting that the recollections of some shepherd from 2 millennia ago overrules scientific evidence about our world.
          It’s about a common culture that helps us order our lives and build successful communities, a shared code of ethics and morality that we’ve been evolving for centuries. Even for agnostics and atheists, it forms the foundation of how we interpret right and wrong, what is just, what our duties to one another are, that sort of thing.

        7. The ‘progressive’ modus operandi has been to destroy everything that gives meaning: family; Christian faith; nationhood. They have replaced it with a nihilistic quest to create meaning for yourself, but they only want you to create meaning for yourself within their limited parameters, preferably in some ‘brave’ way by being (yawn) LBGTQ+

        8. One of the progressive lies is that faith involves belief in some kind of ‘sky fairy’ or ‘old man in the sky’. An atheist will say that zhe doesn’t believe in this sky fairy, as though that settles the argument. It’s never been about sky fairies.

        9. The main problem of Christianity among many others, is that the masses receive their information on Christianity from the MSM which is in Jewish hands. They even call our past European culture “Judeo-Christianity” which is an outright contradiction in terms. The main message is that the Holocaust rendered Christianity null and void. They paint the priests as a bunch of lying hypocrites, homos or outright paedophiles. They claim science and religion are in contradiction, which in fact are not.
          And the worst thing is that Christianity seems to have surrendered to them… So it is past time new forces, un-apologetic and battle-ready forces picked up the Cross to carry it forward. A noble task for us.

        10. There was secularist thing going round a few years ago that went like this: “Having a religion is like having a penis. It’s OK to have one, but you shouldn’t get it out and wave it around.”
          Funny how Muslims are allowed to wave their penis around. Time for us Christians to do the same.

        11. Definitely!
          And we must refuse the Jewish exhortations on how to be “real” Christians, with always turning our other ass-cheeks so our enemies could better butt-fuck us, or washing the feet of dirty Muslim migrants, or denying that the Jews killed Christ, because Holocaust.
          Being a Christian does not mean we have to surrender by default, being a Christian does not mean that we must put the interests of every non-Christian before our own! Quite the contrary!
          If the Church grew a pair and returned to the Crusader ethos, millions of straight white males would return to the Faith overnight! I would bet my life on it!
          What we would need is the oldschool, “bigot” Christianity, not the Philo-Semitic, progressive “Christianity” with “cool” priests doing extreme sports or playing rock songs during mass, trying to be “hip” and “edgy” so that youth may flock to the “modern” Church. No! What youth, interested in religion, would look for today, is the old, hardcore religion of their grandfathers to return to! Please correct me if I am wrong, but this is how I see it.

        12. No, religion is indeed not about a sky wiszard or an imaginary friend granting wishes for adults.
          But I am sure that conflict between religion and science is a manufactured one. I do not see any real discrepancy.
          Science is about everything in the material world we are living in and the universe around us.
          Everything beyond, which science can not reach and will never reach, is the topic of religion. Enter the God.

      2. My Catholic Parish has zero groups for men. I keep getting told to join the RCIA, which I’m not ready for. Oh well, back to C of E for now.

        1. RCIA means you are not a catholic. That’s OK, take your time and make sure it’s right for you. ‘No men’s clubs’ means get the hell out of California.

        2. I’m in a supposedly ‘conservative’ are, with a safe conservative seat in Middle England…. alas we are awash with immigrants.

    3. Which Lutheran Church? I know ELCA is predisposed toward such apostasy, but I would hope LCMS remains unaffected.
      After all, this is why we kicked the ELCA out of our denomination.

      1. I just checked and it is ELCA. I just converted to Lutheranism and joined this church a year ago; shame on me for not researching the nuances of the varietals. The pastor told me, “though there are different kinds of Lutheran, we are all basically the same in belief.” Now with just a cursory look at the different kinds I think LCMS or even WELS might have been a better fit for me. I focused too much on the Bible and Luther’s writings in doing my research and ignored the significance of more recent factionalization…looks like I managed to land the worst one.

  8. And in Brazil, we dumped Dilma and started defeating the commies. 2016 was a great year indeed.

      1. Amen my fried. We tried the disarmament thing here, even though we had a referendum and 80% said NO. The devious Lula went ahead and did it anyway. And who knew! Crime only went up and now, only criminals carry guns. They are hunting down cops to steal their guns. They are shooting down police helos. All the time you see small armies of “victims of the society” (like our most vocal lefties here like to call them) sporting AKs and other weapons that make the guns our police force has look like toys. And it’s all on social media, they are not afraid of showing them because the cops won’t go up the favelas. Our favelas make muslim no-go zones look like a inviting place. I only wish that people like the Americans would take a good look at places like Brazil and do all they can to stop this insanity. It has been tried. If failed miserably like everyone who wasn’t wearing the commie glass knew it would. Why would anyone else want to try this anywhere else?!

  9. This was the year that standing strong & pushing back against the lunacy showed some results. I was hardly ever as relieved as I was when I woke on November 9th to find that Donald Trump had won the election & Hillary Clinton would not be our next president. I was all but convinced going in that the Democratic Machine was capable of stealing the election & my beloved America was finished. My faith in our system soared to discover that we still have a functionally honest election process, as many within The Machine were stunned & shocked by the outcome. The MSM has even had to display some repentance. 2016 has perhaps marked a real awakening in America. I had about lost faith in our people after they elected the Chicago community organizer twice. I told them it was One Big Ass Mistake America & now the Democratic Party can hardly even be considered a national party. May we never forget & never go back.

  10. All red-pill men deserve to take victory laps, that’s for sure. Speaking of which, another ESPN’s Capital Bowl Mania game is officially in the books. Everybody and their brother had Colorado State tonight, the heavy favorite (-15), against the supposedly outmanned Idaho Vandals. The Vandals whipped ’em, 61-50 (it wasn’t as close as the score indicated). And a whopping 49 of the top 50 guys on ESPN’s leader board had Colorado State. I think you know who your old Uncle Bob had in this one (cough, cough). Yep…I had Idaho. That makes nine out of 10 winners correctly picked, including all three major upsets (only one guy on the top 50 leader board has done that – meaning correctly predicted 9 out of 10 winners, and the three major upsets).
    I dropped a bit in the standings after the smoke cleared last night, dropping from 321st place, to 898th, and I slipped to 978th tonight, but that’s irrelevant in a mathematical sense, because I gained on the leaders, and I am only 79 points out of the No. 50 position. It’s all about being in striking distance, while having more gas in the tank for the stretch run. The Top 50 guys have already shot ALL of their top confidence points (1 to 42 points, each played on a particular game); I have half of mine left (five out of 10 bullets – and I have over 100 confidence points more, to burn on future games, than anybody in the current Top 50). There are 32 games left on the dance card. If I don’t finish in the Top 200 after it’s all said and done, I’ll fuck a herpes-infected alley hooker, buy her a sundress, and paint her toenails in front of a Methodist minister on Main Street. Click the image below to enlarge…and take that victory lap, guys, might as well warm up for future victory laps.

      1. But this would be a serious magazine cover, right? Boy I don’t know if I could do it without using at least some humor…and if I used humor, some red-pill guys would get butt-hurt. Hmm. I gotta think about this now (heh).

  11. There is the woman to manage. There is the enabling system to fight and eradicate. And there is the family and tribe to protect. The energy is building by the moment. ‘Defending’ a fellow man or defending western culture online occurs on such a massive scale now with our cyber voice that it’s overflowing its bounds in the anonymous and impersonal world of cyberspace. OUR VOICE will soon become as loud and commonplace on the ground as it is here on the web. Our voice will be ON GUARD in the broad daylight, one on one, two on two, tit for tat and besmirch for besmirch.
    The usual trials, tasks and events of the day still spend the energies of the typical person and most of us still sleep 8 hrs at the end of it each day. We haven’t so far entered a 72 hour nonstop, no sleep blitzkrieg against the enemy yet. Election night was the last time I stayed up until 6am. And we don’t yet hear people vocally screaming from the rooftops and making battle cries that are specific to pockets of advancing or retreating culture destroyers. But it’s in the air. It’s coming.
    SJWs employed by the shitlib agencies and departments still continue, on command and on the Elitist’s demand trying to pursue business as usual – trying to process, regulate and persecute fathers and patriarchs. And they continue trying to whore out our mothers. And they desparately try to continue chipping at the pillars of our western culture.
    But the enemy is walking on glass now and they know it. They’re idle lazy fat slobs when they’re out in public and amongst citizens. But at their desks they still draw their gravy salaries and they continue rubber stamping orders and death edicts for our culture even after the light now exposes them and shines on them full force. The exposing spotlight has creeped up on the enemy like the heat on the frog in a pot, and yet they continue going through the motions of their dying destructve doctrines.
    2008 was really the left’s last stand and Jan 2009 we saw many of the enemy get very brash and do the unthinkable. ‘OBAMA’ was in and the war was on – – or so they thought. It was like a mini ice age of leftoid atrocities against the pillars of westen civilization. The audits on patriot and fundamentalist groups and the hit job attacks on traditional families became beyond unbearable. The knifing and decapitating families of their patriarch head by the tens of thousands was like democide.
    In early ’09 those socialist workers, auditors and their supervisors were temporarily swell headed with what they thought was a grand leftoid age beginning for them. But it was over so quick. They went a bit overboard stepping on toes and hacking away at family and at western culture and institution like they were adult juvenile delinquent vandals – and now they’re caught! Payback. And their hands that wielded the icepicks with which they delighted in stabbing dads in the back and then continuing to icepick away at our culture will be tried at last. We’re HUNGRY to see convictions. We’re STARVING hungry for it.
    The corporate industrial sellout and liquidation, the outsourcing, the border floodgates thrown wide and the murderous attack on family by the cabals of feminist judicial hacks networked across the land WILL BE AVENGED. They could be tried for their menacing character alone but they went overboard. It’s like a class action suit petitioned against the left by the people. We won’t rest until their scalps are accounted for.
    2009 was indeed like the beginning of a mini dark ice age, a blood fest for the left and a debut of scant vulture attacks from the feminists and left aganst innocents and core traditionalists. But the giant, the heart and soul of the western tribes had already began awakening from its edges and corners.
    Used, shamed and persecuted average traditional citizens had a gumption to question, resist and reject the attackers of culture, family and prosperity, but a unified voice hadn’t formed. The web was less than 50% of what it is now. But it was growing and forming uncensored like never before. And our collective voice was in its infancy, broken and intermittent. NOW OUR BROADCAST THUNDERS STEADY WITH OUR VOICE at a million megawatts.
    The point in the article about defending and standing up for a man or patriarch or family that’s being hounded, doxxed or attacked online is about to break out of the cage once again. Off the web and down on the ground, down on terra firma our defences become automatic, like second nature. Men, families, tribes and culture will be defended without hesitation or doubt. Our voice has gone real time and can no longer be quited or silenced. NO ONE can silence us now.
    OUR VOICE was stolen with past censorship. But it was only a matter of time before the enemy was fully exposed, naked and sunburned by the spotlights exposing them and now WE THE PEOPLE stand before the light-blinded enemy with pitchforks, toarches and shovels.
    The ensuing culture war will barely be. It will be over before it begins. The enemy is crumpling and folding one by one as cages and gallows are being prepared for them. To attack a good father and patriarch is as much a crime as it is to attack or prey on an innocent child. Or to defame their culture wholesale. It’s like conspiracy to commit mass murder when you officially attack an entire culture. Western culture never forgets the belligerents who defamed it and who betrayed its trust. Western culture is rebounding. Western culture shows the signs of being spring loaded with a tremendous built up tension, primed and ready to HEAVE. The spring release pin has yet to be pulled out. We’ve been sat on and shit squashed flat for too damn long and we’re sitting atop a motherfucker of a big compressed spring of our eternal willpower that’s about to go BOING and raise us out of our shitsquashed state. And without shame THE DICK will rise. PATRIARCHY will take center stage. It’s already happening. We won! We won! We won the election part of it already! We’re slowly flapping our wings. We won once again said! Another hard flap of the wings and it will all become airborne. From web to ground and then upward!

    1. We never LOST brother ! It’s just that we MEN “allowed” the cunts to do whatever they are doing ! They never “achieved” anything, other than Pestering & Exploiting MEN; using the Societal & Legal double standards.

  12. Guys, in your experience are all girls that have one night stands mentally ill? So far it’s true for me.

    1. They’re no more mentally ill than cars in the junkyard were improperly maintained and managed by their owners. A ‘self driving’ car with no driver and a brick strapped with duck tape to the gas pedal will head towards the first brick wall, count on it. And an ‘indipendent’ woman without a man driving and controlling her, a woman without a man acting as her ‘head’ is even worse than a car wreck. They call it a ‘trainwreck’. I believe one woman off her leash going and wiping out her shit is called a ‘trainwreck’ because it’s not just her that crashes. Women stick together with one woman’s ass connected to the next woman’s front, like a train. All the other loose and uncontrolled women around flock to the disaster stricken woman wiping herself out and then THEY ALL cling to the wiping out woman. They form a cluster of crashing women, all wiping out at once. They stick together like a glob of metallic steel marble shaped magnets. You know your old kid’s magnet set how the different magnets all glob together in the box? You can’t keep them apart. The motherfuckers all jump together at once. That’s women all jumping off a cliff like lemings. When one fucks up, all the others around fuck up. At least the ones who aren’t kept properly and the ones who aren’t kept with their butts red and spanked by a righteous patriarch.

    2. If you are under 30 this will be especially the case.
      You guys may be getting more box than any genenration ever before but good luck finding a good wife when its like kicking a hotdog down a hallway!

    3. Natural Selection dictates women must biologically enjoy sex more than men (Greek mythology even makes the claim that women enjoy sex 10x as much as men ). Subjective accounts appear to confirm the fact, so the idea that women need incentives to have sex with men is clearly conditioned into children — probably in support of the religious institution of “marriage”.
      So on whether girls who have one night stands are mentally ill or not, depends on your philisophical position on the value of “marrying” a pure, objectified prostitute.

    4. Yes they are. However, all the women that do not have one night stands are also mentally ill, so that dilutes the significance of your observation.

  13. “This was great for the obvious reason that Hillary’s policies would have dealt the United States a mortal blow,”
    In a world adorned with mushroom clouds and glassed fields…

  14. For all of you reading here.
    Your enemies are not just the feminist leaders, the gay-propagandists, the foreign-government lobbiests ( arabs, russians ).
    Your most dangerous enemies, although very specifically connected to the foreign powers…are…the cultural vectors instilling your fellow citizens with poisonous debauchery and all it’s ramifications.
    The institutions that shut you up, collaborate with institutions that fine you in the immediate minute you tell the truth.
    Those institutions that have been created to keep your rights alive and protected have been infiltrated to do the exact opposite.
    The vectors…
    Study your cultural vectors.
    Who is teaching your children to be wimps ?
    Who is teaching your women to be sluts ?
    Who is teaching your brothers to be weak men ?
    Who is teaching your elders to hate the young ?
    Who is teaching your young to hate the elderly ?
    Who is teaching the educated to hate the un-educated ?
    Who is dividing the people ( made of one nation ) into classes ?
    WHO ?
    Identify your culture and surely enough your enemies will start to materialize in front of your eyes.
    Cultivate your spirituality and asking God for help and your eyes will start to see the evil around you which you’ve been living with for all of your years.
    I personally, encourage all of you to start understanding the 10 laws known as the 10 commandments.
    They are genius.
    I wish that guy – Pertinebit – could come and explain to us how those laws can protect the human spirit and being from … spiritual and intellectual detraction and attacks.
    I wish more masculine and spiritual people guided by truth would post more articles around here.
    It’s begging to become stale.
    Talking about fucking women ain’t cutting it any more.
    There has to be more to life than fucking women.
    Fuck this shit.

      1. Not quite so.
        Don’t be fooled into believing there is only one type of jew.
        There are jews that are very proud that Christ came into their life.
        But then, there’s the bolshevisk…now that’s something else.

  15. The most awakening thing for the masses was the increase on terrorist attacks and the whole way migrants act (cologne scandal) with a combination by the state’s unwillingness to combat these phenomena. If Muslims and migrants were NOT stupid they could have sit down for a mere ten years and then they would have been unstoppable. Also we should thank Julian Assange, who really proved himself a fighter for transparency and not a libtard who went against the not enough liberal government by turning against crooked Hillary. It is time to celebrate and I put this to eleen:

    Yes we touched after those many desperate years the tralala and our ding dong rises!

  16. The election of Bush is great for the manosphere, no doubt.
    But don’t overestimate his power in front of the very structure of the state, the regressive left, the globalists….
    (The deep state )
    We should enjoy this opportunity to push our agenda, to further destroy the social maxism nests and to spread our values to a new génération.
    Because after the initial shock there’s no doubt the backlash is coming for us all.
    We should keep on striking our ennemies by all egal means.

  17. Im glad sports was mentioned. Since i was a little boy i have NEVER understood the fascination people have with wasting their time money and energy obsessively watching sports. For most of my adolescent life i was playing either football basketball baseball running track wrestling or powerlifting but why people obsess over WATCHING, not participating in, but just sitting on their asses and watching those activities to the point that they attach their own self perception and become emotionally invested in how “their” team is doing is beyond me.

  18. Dear Trumpbots:
    You were Obamaed, just like liberals were in 2008.
    As predicted.
    We-ell ya know …. we all want to change the world …

    1. So you are insinuating that Hillary was a better choice.
      (There’s no question mark because it’s not a question)

        1. There’s never not a choice.
          Trump has potential. I don’t believe he’s a miracle worker but he has a better chance of setting things straight than any of the other candidates.

        2. Give a chance to a man who changes his view as frequently as his underwear? A while ago Trump said:
          “Power of weaponry today is beyond anything ever thought of, or even, you know, it’s unthinkable, the power It’s a very scary nuclear world,” he added. “Biggest problem, to me, in the world, is nuclear, and proliferation.”
          And how he declares:
          “Let it be an arms race.”

    1. Well said. It’s our responsibility to support Trump and showing the Power of Masculinity to those “SJW” losers.

  19. Encouraging, but something is different this time. After new election, the culture somewhat lines up behind the values of new administration. This time is different. Left still has the levers of cultural control. DC metro is breaking tradition and will not even allow Trump metro passes.
    “Not my president” leftists need to be kicked out of power. Gonna be a long hard slug.

  20. I’ll have to disagree about the Islam thing. I was a major Islamophobe as a traditionalist Catholic. Until I realized that I never actually studied Islam, or met any Muslims. So I decided to start. And that’s when I realized how wrong I was, from my crooked, anti-intellectual definitions of jihad and sharia to their treatment of women. Which, by the way, you guys shouldn’t object to anyway. This entire website is dedicated to men putting women in their place. And most of the writers here voted for Trump who made tons of sick comments and philandering moves on various women. Muslims aren’t even supposed to look at a woman they’re not married to, let alone any of Trump’s nonsense.
    Met a lot of great people at the various mosques I attended. It’s been 2 years since I started visiting and I haven’t even heard a swear-word yet, let alone any talk about terrorism. I made close friends with a man whom I will call John (that’s not his name). He’s from Kurdistan and immigrated with his family to escape Saddam Hussein. His father is a retired engineer and his mom became a doctor of internal medicine. About 2 weeks ago I even helped a Syrian refugee family settle in a new apartment to get them out of the ghetto. it’s a husband and wife with no less than 4 kids. The husband has deformed legs due to infantile paralysis he suffered as…an infant. I also met another young man to be named Jake (not his name). He invited me over to his house after only one day to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with him. He works at the local university writing software for small companies that want to invest in our region and create, but don’t have the money to pay a full-time programmer. I also met a young man who just moved here from Afghanistan. He was separated from his father for years. He was studying at Kabul until troubles began again. Now he’s learning English so that he can get back to software development and programming. That’s an average $80,000 per year job.
    And those are just a few of the productive and kind people I’ve met there. In fact, I’m hard put to think of one who isn’t an engineer, software developer, banker, or doctor. These are all critical jobs for America, since everybody with an IQ above zero knows we’re falling behind in STEM.
    You’re right about one thing, though. Muslims aren’t good for America. They’re GREAT for America. And their numbers grow everyday, and it’s a positive thing. I came to Islam last August. And we’ve had several members join the week that Trump was elected. In fact, there’s tons of converts all over the English-speaking world, most of them women (
    The attacks that have been happening lately? Islam isn’t responsible for any of them. And if it was Christianity or Buddhism or Secular Humanism doing it, these ideologies wouldn’t be responsible either. Ideas don’t make anybody do anything. If they did, the people doing bad actions wouldn’t be responsible. They simply had their minds and wills controlled by wrong ideas. But that’s not the case. What people choose to believe and do is a function of their temperaments, their dispositions, their values, and their sentiments.
    So, when we see Muslim scholars like Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir, Shabir Ally, et al. signing letters like Open Letter to Baghdadi condemning his actions based on Islamic ethics (, that’s a function of who they are. When we see such things as the attacks in Paris and Germany, that’s a function of who they are. Islam didn’t do anything
    When we see Christians like Pope Francis being open and accepting of Muslims, that’s who they are. When we see Christians plotting to use weapons of mass destruction against people simply because they’re Muslim (, or putting Bible verses on our firearms used in the Middle East ( [leading people to wonder if some of our grunts and officers are fighting for religious reasons], that’s a function of who they are. Christianity didn’t do anything.
    People are always, in part, a function of what they choose to believe and do, who they choose to follow, and much more. And it’s always about persons. Never anything more.
    So, with Muslims, we should do what we do with everyone else. Presume they’re fine people until we have reason to suspect they’re not. And if we think they’re not, we need to bring falsifiable, logically-coherent evidence. As opposed to making conspiratorial, gratuitous claims about the yammering of some guy who studied Islam at the University of Hate Websites, Google campus.

    1. When so-called moderate Muslims start denouncing all the violence done in the name of their religion, I’ll start affording them the respect you mistakenly think they are owed.

      1. I just gave you an example of Muslims denouncing the violence: ‘Open Letter to al-Bagdadi’. Also, the only nations with boots on the ground fighting ISIS are Muslim nations. So why don’t you go read that document, which I cited in my comment (assuming you even read my full comment), and go read about the people risking their lives on the ground fighting ISIS? And you can also read the article I cited about tons of Westerners accepting Islam, despite harangues from prejudiced people.
        There’s nothing mistaken about my views of Muslims. I’ve met them and interacted with them myself. I don’t need your biases and prejudices stopping me from believing what’s right.

        1. I’ve met them too, and I read your entire screed of bullshit, lol. You’re naive, but fortunately you’re in the minority.

        2. Naive? Naive because I met tons of educated Muslims with great manners who contribute to my city’s economy through their excellent, upper-middle class jobs? Naive because I cited tons of sources talking about the plenty of Muslims working to stop extremism, and the lousy Christians that try to undermine them? Naive because I’ve practically written a news article chocked-full of data, while you wrote 3 complete sentences of name-calling?
          I’m gonna have to disagree.
          And I’m actually in the majority.

        3. “Chocked-full of data,” lmao.
          Are you serious? I barely made it into your first paragraph before the made-up bullshit started. Cite for me the “tons of sick comments” about women made by Trump.
          I’ll wait.
          After you’ve done that, maybe you’ll have repaired your credibility enough for me to have a look at the rest of your no-doubt full-of-bullshit sources on how Muslims are peaceful, loving folks who sit around singing kumbaya when they’re not curing cancer.
          As troll jobs go, you’ve got a lot to learn, lol.

        4. It’s got links to the posts on his twitter (pictures too), as well as the recordings of him saying some of it. What’s nonobjective about it? Besides, the Telegraph is a politically conservative publication. They’re going against their political dispositions with this article, rather than simply allowing those who represent them to pass uncriticized.

        5. “What’s nonobjective about it?”
          The entire premise. Millions of women voted for Trump. You don’t get to decide what is a “sick comment” for anyone but you, and your decision to present this as fact calls into question everything else you wrote.

        6. “Naive because I met tons of educated Muslims with great manners who contribute to my city’s economy through their excellent, upper-middle class jobs?”
          Name them and their occupation.

    2. “Trump who made tons of sick comments and philandering moves on various women”
      Are you insane !? Do you mean that women can say anything, can comment anything, can write anything about MEN but you have a problem when MEN do the same thing !?
      And by the way, did Trump, a MAN:
      Randomly kicked women on their genitals ?
      Posed with “cut” female genitals in his hands ?
      Demanded that women should be “castrated” or “sterilized” ?
      Accused women of “false” sexual harassment ?
      Damn it, are you a MAN !? aren’t you ashamed by blaming Trump for his co called “sick comments” on “various women” !? What do the “women” of this country (read: majority) deserve ? And you are blaming Trump for commenting on women who:
      Walk “bare chested” claiming equality with MEN !
      Are whores & hookers and do “slut walks” but at the same time expect and demand “chivalry” !
      Deliberately & Desperately “expose” their body wearing skimpy/revealing clothes but blame MEN for “objectifying” !
      Are gold diggers !
      What a retard you are ! Trump always said he is against of “Radical religion” not the “religion”.
      Hey, just a minute, there is no point in arguing with your kind of m******s.

  21. If I could only give one piece of advice to the 15 year old me it would be this-Do things that scare you. Because its with fear that they control you. When you see all of the leftists who only attack in groups, its because they have no courage. When you see them cry en masse because their candidate lost, its because they are scared of the dark too. Financial Panics allowed the bankers to install the FED (which they voted into law during christmas when many lawmakers weren’t present). Faked terrorist acts allowed the gov to go to war with other countries and pass the Patriot Act. Faked mass shootings allowed them to restrict guns even more(background checks are a way to catalog who owns the guns so they can be rounded up easier). Now they want background checks for ammo(a way to catalog anyone who previously bought weapons). Fight the fear and you win.

  22. About lifting weights (and this comes from an old, OLD Marine, 70 years old now but in great physical shape), I found a few years ago that going to my gym and lingering on the free-weight floor for 2 to 3 hours about 4 times a week was becoming time-consuming, and it was directionless. I just did whatever free weights “felt right” at the time and used a few machines that were free at any given moment.
    Then about 10 years ago, I discovered a fitness class my gym was doing called “Body Pump.” It’s a 1-hour class, led by a trainer, and yeah it is set to upbeat modern “music” (ya’ know) but here’s the thing, it has 10 separate 5-minute tracks (including a warm up and a cool down) that address all the major muscle groups. I’ve worked up to some fairly moderate weights, and the trick of Body Pump is that each track consists of 100 +/- reps. After the warm up, for example, the first track is squats, and there can be as many as 120 or 140 reps…adjust weights accordingly.
    I’m in and out in 1 hour and have had a truly GOOD workout. At 70, I have been doing this for 10 years now, 2 or 3 times a week, and I am in the best shape of just about anyone in my age group. I do alternate days with lat pulls and shrugs, as BP doesn’t really address those muscle groups as well as others, but it’s all good.
    Oh, and there’s another side benefit to Body Pump, there is (at least in my area) lots of eye candy in those classes….ladies who just like to stay fit and opt for lower, smaller weights. Just sayin’. I don’t think they are getting ready for the revolution or anything, but they might just be without knowing it.
    So I think I have the mindset and physical and intellectual fitness to face whatever is coming our way. To the “Progressives” I say…. “Bring it.”

  23. I’m grateful that Trump won, and not the evil hag. Normalcy seems to be making its return. However, there is a possible connection to leftist infiltration – Trump’s daughter Ivanka is close friends with Chelsea Clinton. Ivanka should not be able to influence the man who will be running the country. She even cited false wage gap stats at the RNC. She’s the favorite, so Mr. Trump will probably always listen to her. But I don’t care who it is, women don’t belong in politics, period. At least not feminist, pro-lgbt ones who obsessively push for women in the workforce.

  24. Social change is always shoved down our theoats by sports. Arizona refused to make MLK day a holiday and they almost lost the football national championship. Now North Carolina and Texas are being targeted.

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