4 Ways National Geographic Is Furthering A Degenerate Leftist Narrative

The new Current Year is just around the corner and seeing that their tricks used to achieve global mind domination amounted to a resounding fiasco (with elements such as the recent American presidential election and its glorious mountains of salty tears), the evil leftist elves have been working around the clock in their New World Order workshop.

The last present that they will put under the Cultural Christmas tree is the January 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine with its cover page featuring a 9-year-old boy dressed as a little girl, posing in a provocative, clearly sexualised manner. The January edition also directly pushes the idea of a supposed “Gender Revolution” taking place and attacks the very pillars of masculinity among others.

Is it still a neutral magazine about Earth and good pictures?

The original focus of the magazine, geography (human or natural), has clearly been abandoned and since the 2000s, it has adopted a more political and activist stance.

With the nomination of Gary Knell (former CEO of Sesame Workshop) as the CEO of the National Geographic Society and of Susan Goldberg as editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, the now 100% Jewish-controlled National Geographic network is ready to promote usual globalist narratives, like in their recent edition entitled “the New Europeans,” openly defecating on millennia of European cultural heritage, in a giant “Fuck you dad!” move, that would have made Angela Merkel proud.


The degeneracy of pedophilia is now depicted as a new normal


Mainstream media’s total denial of life’s proven facts and basic human knowledge does not really come as a surprise. We have grown accustomed to the systematic degeneracy of the left for a while now.

But here, Nat Geo is testing the waters, gauging the reaction of the public by making a direct endorsement of the fable of “transgenderism,” declaring that if children can choose their sexual identity, they are also fair game for being seen as responsible sexual beings. Hence the open sexualisation of their image for pushing even more boundaries.


This “transgender child” is simply a lost boy in drag with virtue-signalling liberal parents that should be charged for child abuse. The boy can be seen sporting pink hair, entirely dressed in tight pink clothing and striking a lascivious pose in an armchair, his hand resting on his crotch as if he was caressing it. These sick minds cross a line by using innocent children as props.

I would not be surprised if I discover one day that Goldberg is a close friend of the Podestas or as spent a few afternoons enjoying some chicken at Comet Ping Pong.

Here is why a boycott is necessary. Exposing their madness and schemes is useful, but as the previous blows delivered to degenerate firms show it, depriving them of their shekels is by far the most effective weapon.

1. Altering reality by manipulating their subjects

Have a look at the video associated with the article “Children Explain How Gender Affects Their Lives”.

After hearing “Avery,” one wonders which kind of 9 year-old child uses this kind of sentence:

Before I transitioned, I was just pretending to be a boy, but now I am a girl and I am a lot happier. (00.32)

After more than two decades studying English, I have never heard this expression being used until the recent years, let alone in the context of a make-believe sexual reversal. Nat Geo has been caught numerous time manipulating information, apologised then did it again. This confused boy did not choose this lascivious, sexualised pose on his own.

The photographers directed him, in order to represent him as a sexual being, able to choose his gender so technically allowing him to have sex with whomever he fancies and something tells me they want him to choose adults.

So why not alter the subjects they interview too and coach children with malleable minds into saying what the bosses want them to?

Funny how around 00.52, one of the only things that the little American girl has to say about gender is:

It kind of bothers me how there is not one girl president

The only reason the foreign kids can’t be influenced and make sense when they talk is probably because the interviewer can’t coach them, not knowing their language or their more traditional parents might be standing in the corner with a watchful eye.


But props to that Kenyan shitlord-in-training for spreading the red pill

Right you are, my brother. Right, you are...

Right you are, my brother. Right, you are…

In an outstanding display of courage, National Geographic has disabled the comments on this particular video.

2. Forfeiting neutrality to promote the agenda of their masters


Editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg (second from the right) and the manlet in the middle is Richard Bacon. We’ll come back to him later.

Since Goldberg has been its editor, the magazine has taken a completely different path, transitioning from a paper bringing neutral views of the natural world to a platform for the leftist narrative.

Goldberg has answered the critics since the outrage of the “Gender Revolution” issue :

Today, we’re not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we’re talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum.

The portraits of all the children are beautiful. We especially loved the portrait of Avery—strong and proud. We thought that, in a glance, she summed up the concept of “Gender Revolution.”

Referring to the utter outrage of normal, functional people, Goldberg asserts:

These comments are a small part of the profound discussion going on right now about gender.

So pushing for cultural collapse is more important than the opinion of the readers. Hence the need to strike them where it hurts. By cutting their funding.

Robin Marantz Henig writes that we are surrounded by “evolving notions about what it means to be a woman or a man and the meanings of transgender, cisgender, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, agender, or any of the more than 50 terms Facebook offers users for their profiles.


Robin Marantz Henig. This woman is the author of the article and will educate you on what gender is and is not. The point of reference that she uses to describe the biological definition of gender is Facebook.

Commenting on the cover boy, Goldberg continues:

She has lived as an openly transgender girl since age five, and she captured the complexity of the conversation around gender

This confused child under ten has been saying that he is a girl for four years so according to the editor, he learnt all he needs to know about sex and the fabricated notion of gender. We must now copy his behaviour and respect his words as if they were the Gospel.


The absurdity of this article would be laughable if we did not know that the motivations behind it are extremely serious. The rupture between these maniacs and reality is total.

3. Defining masculinity and traditional sex roles as evil

In addition of promoting mental abuse on children, Chip Brown penned one of the main articles ” The Many Ways Society Makes A Man” for Nat Geo which directly attacks the very idea of masculinity, by depicting it as inherently evil, associated with pedophiliac practices or mutilating children’s genitalia.


Chip Brown, former word-soup rat for Bezos’ personal megaphone, the Washington Post, and low-testosterone pedoface tells you what masculinity is.

Chip also admires radical lesbian Anti-Russian Jew Masha Gessen, long walks on the beach and writing articles including many photos of naked African children being circumsized

Chip also admires radical lesbian and rabid Anti-Russian Jew Masha Gessen, long walks on the beach and sharing photos of naked African children being circumcised

80% of the article describes his week staring at Sub-Saharan pre-teen male sexual organs being sawed off or pondering on how bad of a beta role model he is for his teenage son back home, leaving that parenting role to theater plays at the school teaching him about rape culture (“muh feelz”).

The rest of the piece brings nothing in essence as he spends his time regurgitating all the buzzwords and themes dear to the backers of the Western Cultural collapse (“muh fatkz”). All you have to know about that author (speaking about his relationship with his son, Oliver) is written here (emphasis mine):

Oliver cannot rely on the traditional roles of men and women for an idea of what it means to be a man.(…)There’s nothing startling or unorthodox to him about female cops or male nurses or about a father who stayed home microwaving stockpiles of breast milk while mom went to an office as the prime provider. Oliver’s mom still outearns me and, by the way, has amassed a vastly larger number of Instagram followers. (…) I see him casting about for what it means, looking askance at the example I set because, as he says, “you cross your legs like a girl.”

What about you being a present, masculine father instead of choosing Instagram filters? Put down the whip, cuck, we got it.

He crosses his legs ankle to knee. (..) For his 15th birthday, he asked for a suit

Dad’s cucked to the marrow. The kid might redeem the soiled family name.

Forget about masculinity being defined by a myriad of traits such as game, loyalty, entrepreneurship or courage. You got it all wrong. Nat Geo tells you it’s all about crime, bullying and mutilating some little boy’s peepee.

4. Ignoring the importance of expertise


After seeing the National Geographic articles as a child, I assumed that the columns were being written by explorers, biologists, mountaineers. Men that knew the subject that they wrote about. Not some dyke or low-T cuck that never ventured out of Shoreditch, who shows you a picture of a colourful paradise bird and comments: “Look at at that fabulous bird. But you know what really sucks? Transphobia!”

Speaking of which, Nat Geo has found another Cultural Marxist muse in the person of liberast (a man guilty of political faggotry) Richard Bacon. Obviously, he has no scientific or academic background to justify his salary.

Richard Bacon and... oh look who is there! Closeted homo and compulsive liar Reggie Yates!

Richard Bacon and… oh look who is the bestie! Suspected closeted homo and compulsive liar Reggie Yates!


Like his namesake, Bacon is also a delicious source of salt.

Narcotics enthusiast and frail-manlet-playing-tough Richard, who probably lives in a gated 98% White community, will explain you why it is amazing to have more refugees in your country and that Bill Clinton’s idea to move droves of refugees in abandoned houses in Detroit seems like an swell idea.


The picture would not be complete without him using 80% of his time on Twitter calling Donald Trump a bigot, religiously retweeting the Hill, that old post-menopause woman Michael Moore or token feelz merchant Trevor Noah.

Commissioned by his bosses, he also tries to shame countries that keep traditional gender roles and refuse to surrender their land to the Narrative with a trademark beta boy snark. He qualifies what he calls ” gender camps” in Russia, that teach men how to fight and women how to be exemplary hostesses, a factory of “cavemen” and “properly submissive home makers” respectively.

For Nat Geo, The Nazi Azov training camp for children is “double plus good masculine” as it is Western-backed, but a Russian camp applying the same methods of promoting traditional gender roles is guilty of thoughtcrime.

All of that because Russia never “had a proper Civil Rights Movement” or because Putin is a masculine barbarian that urinates standing.

Hors de ma vue, bande de tordus


Huffpost, Daily Beast, Washington Post and other leftist personal blogs are already creaming themselves over that overt provocation. That should be a tell sign.

Boycotting has been shown to be an effective tool recently with the #DumpKellogs campaign launched by Breitbart after Kellogs cancelled their advertisement contract with Breitbart, as it conflicted with their interests, them being a financial supporter for homeland terrorist movement and Soros’ lovechild Black Lives Matters.

Let’s keep exposing their lies and dump our National Geographic copies and cancel our subscriptions to their channels. Add it to the black list of controlled media and find a neutral concurrent with amazing documentaries to give your dollars to.

PS: Someone please ask them on Twitter why they don’t hire Todd Nickerson as a future reporter.

Read More: 5 People That National Review Hates More Than Admitted Pedophile Todd Nickerson

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  1. Once I found my dad’s Playboy stash, I had no further reason to look at National Geographic.

    1. With me it was a box of dirty magazines from a bachelor house spring cleaning
      I only took the ones that weren’t with the pages glued

        1. I was about 9 and I found this old Penthouse on the side of the road. It was ratty and half the pages were illegible, but not the middle part. That was bad enough. Kids today come across hardcore porn on their Iphone or computer at 6 or younger.

        2. First digital porn I remember were some 6 second captures that would play on my XT using a little prog called Grasp.exe. ROFLMAO

        3. Was it Penthouse or Hustler that featured women about to fellate a dildo made of colored ice?

        4. I remember that, about 1994 or 1995. You are all sneaky and click on a link for a picture do download. About two minutes later, enough of the photo downloads that you discover she has a bikini on. So disappointing.

        5. I think a big difference is the amount of hassle you had to go through. If you managed to acquire a stash of porn, you had to keep it hidden. The shops were rare, and you had to pay for it. For many, it just wasn’t worth it. Now because of the manosphere, people are realizing what damage it does to someone’s sex life.

    2. I watched “Emerald Forest” as a kid, those native tribe girls titties made a very lasting impression on me

      1. You were thinking “dim titties”, then when you discovered net porn it gradually became “dat ass”

        1. Reminds of one of the quotes by Stan Lee. When they asked him what he thinks about internet comics, he simply said: “Comics are like boobs. It’s nice to look at them on the computer screen but holding them im your own hands is the best.”

        2. Stan Lee is a well know pervert. He fuck a lot, he probably is in the Hugh Hefner league, Only bill Clinton´s numbers are unbeatable.

        3. I think the ‘dem titties’ to ‘dat ass’ evolution is a true transcendence in a young man’s sexuality.
          I can just imagine trying to ‘but dat ass tho’ to my teenage self, only to met by insistent replies of ‘dem titties tho’. I would never convince that younger me of ‘dat ass’.
          It is a significant turning point.

        4. It’s explained in Sean Howe’s History of Marvel that Lee was compensating for his poor childhood. When he became rich in his early twenties he lived a playboy lifestyle. Driving around in expensive car, banging models (he even married one), all that stuff.
          Let’s be honest for a moment. If anybody had the same ton of money like he had in such a young age, that person would be doing the same thing.

        5. LOL That turning point from titties to ass happened to me too… don’t get me wrong, I still get mesmerized at a nice, big set of tits but big asses are the priority now…
          To hell with this whole “gender transitioning”. “Titties to ass transition” is the only transition that any young man should go through.

    1. National Geographic titties can be thrown over the shoulders if they are getting in the way.

  2. National Geographic used to be great when I was a kid, but I’m pretty sure Google Images has made them nearly irrelevant at this point.
    Unlike political news, tech news, or economics/finance, there really isn’t a need for consistently updated nature pics and information. National (Globalist?) Geographic, like many recent traditional news channels, knows they’re kinda screwed so they’re doing what all the failing media companies are doing, selling pretty lies to fat chicks and beta-male cucks.
    With that said, I’m really looking forward to Planet Earth 2. Oh wait that’s BBC.

    1. Every corner of the Earth has been photo bombed to death in the age of Instagram and narcissistic travel bloggers. But every starry eyed 20-year-old backpacker one their first overseas experience will take pictures of Machu Picchu, ride Thai Elephants, and act like they are the first people in history to do so. hahaha

      1. An ex of mine went all the way to India to participate in this week long meditation camp called Vipassana.
        After all the flight costs and a week of silence and rice in a holy temple she came back exactly the same.

        1. Change takes time. Doing what your ex did is akin to pulling up on grass to make it grow faster. I am still working on issues I vowed to end 18 years ago.

        2. The whole frivorce thing is an obstacle I still haven’t figured out yet. I see it often enough to avoid marriage, but then what?

        3. Frivorce is a nasty symptom of the social media age. If things aren’t good in a marriage and everyone puts on their happy face in Facebook and their seemingly non-stop overseas holidays, women think Frivorce is the answer to attain that “excitement”

        4. A fellow senior mountain expedition mate of mine described it best, ‘Send some entitled asshole up to the peak of Everest, have their crap lugged up the mountain by the porters, safety lines rigged up by the rope techs, then they return back to flat ground as the same asshole’.

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        6. I love my wife. There are also some days I could light her on fire. We have two beautiful kids together. These are choices I have made. I live with them.

        1. Someone should tell this woman you don’t need to go to Africa to get the black experience.
          Just go to Detroit… or Memphis, or South Central… or..

        2. Ah, the old “study abroad” or “Peace Corps” dick-hunting excursions… I hear a girl ever did those (or has been overseas without her parents), I do a quick 180!

        3. She wants to brag to her friends and society how she is “up-righteous and moral” person by helping some random black kids in Africa.
          She isn’t helping them because she really wants to but because it makes her “feel” good. It’s all about the “feel”.

        4. It truly is a selfish act. It actually causes a lot of anxiety for these kids. They get attached to the girl then she splits. It’s a bad deal. I heard these trips run about 4 g’s. And to say it’s a $4,000 Facebook picture really is not an exaggeration in my opinion. “Look what I did!” Shameful.

        5. While I’m very anti-nigg-r, comparing Africans to ghetto rats is improper.
          The black students I’ve met, from my time in high school to college to the Co-Ops now, have all been intelligent, capable, willing and eager to learn. (Very few in grade school, sample size n=1, so discounting that.)
          However, the locals in Newark, NJ, and Trenton, NJ, and Washington, D.C., all have been shit. They earn the title of opprobrium, “nigger.”
          Now, there’s likely a selection bias in this sample, as the people who come here for education are likely upper classes in their home countries.
          But I’ve worked with niggers who were US-born, upper class cunts… So, I think it’s more the nature of the beasts here. Because at the same time, I was dealing with one nigger, there was a black man I was working with who handled everything correctly and well.
          It’s not the skin color. It’s the character, or lack thereof.
          And I have come to believe that it’s something specific about American ghetto blacks (and other ethnicities in the inner cities are no better / different. Think of “8 Mile” B-Rabbit, before he decided to grow up and take responsibility for his life.)
          It is also true that there will be more of an issue when they come from a militant area, say Somalia. But British blacks traditionally associate with Britain… Their skin color is a descriptor, not a predictor.
          In America, it’s more of a predictor, than an adjective describing “Ben.”

        6. We need someone to write an article at RoK describing how to seduce and properly bang one of these disposable vagina units.

    2. “National Geographic used to be great when I was a kid, but I’m pretty sure Google Images has made them nearly irrelevant at this point”
      I suppose – but the photos back before the net were much better. Today one sees an over use of HDR technology (high dynamic range) and most images are totally flat because the shit-for-brains taking the shot doesn’t know the inportance of shadows to show depth. Damn if I can’t find a decent photo of the grand canyon these days where all the colors are overly bright everywhere.
      ” there really isn’t a need for consistently updated nature pics and information. National (Globalist?) Geographic, like many recent traditional news channels, knows they’re kinda screwed so they’re doing what all the failing media companies are doing, selling pretty lies to fat chicks and beta-male cucks”
      Exactly. NatGeo became obsolete by virture of the cameta technology. Let’s not forget the GoPro cameras which is a whole community in and of itself.
      Occasionally I do see some interesting self made vids like when some guy raises a wild animsl and is accepted by said animals – Kevin Richardson and his lions come to my mind – and the occasional woodsman that raises a grizzley bear.

    3. My great-grandmother had about 10 years worth of them with the fancy leather container for 6 issues.
      I almost regretted getting rid of them.

    4. This is leakage.
      These paedophiliac
      creeps have always been around throughout history but they have been hidden. Think Jimmy Saville, the Upper Class Paedo Ring in London and the Hollywood Homos. These people run the media but they had always been afraid to speak and had to move in darkness like devil worshippers.
      But they now have an environment (due to their increasing control of mass media) to start leaking their perversions into the world. Articles like this are their first brush, to test the water and make ordinary people afraid to question.
      But we already know what happens when you try to convince a boy he is a girl. He becomes suicidal.

      1. “But we already know what happens when you try to convince a boy he is a girl. He becomes suicidal.”
        100% correct.
        Which is why I have issues with this whole thing – because transsexuals have and do exist. And should be treated with appropriate respect, like any other human. Because DENYING these people this treatment results in the same thing – a suicidal human.
        I’d also point out, the shorthand is improper, but it’s how we humans talk.
        Never met a transsexual even online who believes they’re becoming a female.
        But we write a shorthand of “becoming a woman” and… It’s incomplete.
        They don’t believe they’re becoming a woman, save in the same way a girl does: by learning how “a woman” acts, and imitating. Same as most boys grow up to be a man, by imitating the men around them.
        My concern, as part of that population, is that it’s being sensationalized, distorted, twisted, and abused – like the word “rape” has been redefined. Now, if a man looks sideways at a woman, it’s a “mini-rape”… WTF?
        Well, if a boy likes putting on dress-up clothes, choosing a dress or a leotard…. He must be a transsexual!!!! (Munchhausen by proxy is the first thought I have in the modern sensationalistic world.)
        MOST humans are NOT transgendered, let alone full on transsexuals. So why is this such a big deal? We’re a small percentage of the population, we just want to live our life as best we can… And as long as we’re honest with those around us (who have a need to know), WTF business is it of you?
        That’s no reason to rewrite the rest of society, though.
        Actively proselytizing is an issue, must be stopped dead, ASAP. By making the Agenda drivers dead if necessary.
        For those who ARE trans*, we should pursue proper diagnosis as young as possible. Just makes their lives better.
        For the rest of society, they should be able to live their lives without having to cater, or be PC. You want tats, you get them. You want piercings, you get them. A woman wants an abortion, she gets one… (Yet a man can’t even have a say…)
        But you don’t CHOOSE to be attracted to men or women. There are genetic differences, as evidenced by the different toys boys and girls go for, and how they play with them. Girls, if given cars to play with, make a family… Boys, given dolls, have fights….
        Why is it so difficult to believe that for some people, the mind is feminine while the body is male? And that doesn’t mean they’re gay, either. Gay men are men who are gay. Transsexuals aren’t like that. (Which leads to the stereotypical, “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body…” unfortunately. Best shorthand for the problem.)
        And unless & until we get to retro-viral gene therapy to re-write the brain so it matches the body – (Like that would happen, think of the negative ROI! It’s not even happening for things like Tourette syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, mental retardation, etc., which have a higher occurrence, and therefore greater profit margin. ) – unless/until that happens, transition is the best solution. Younger transition (for normal puberty) means better social integration. (Avoids the “man in a dress” scenario.)
        Anything else amounts to “pray the gay away” or “conversion therapy.” The same as the proselytizers are doing to those who are NOT trans*, and just have a temporary dissociation.
        We can’t even determine the structure (on a living human) to be certain of the diagnosis. (Post-mortem dissection of the brains has shown that a MTF transsexual brain is most like a woman’s, whether she’s straight or gay. FTM’s brain resembles a man’s brain.)
        With enough MRIs, maybe…?
        But then what about mis-diagnosis? Don’t want to subject those who ARE NOT trans, to the hell of induced dysphoria. That’s even worse, inducing a condition based on bad premises.
        I agree that there is an Agenda, and they are trying to produce one or another “ideal” set of slave-consumers.
        DES – DiEthylStilbesterol – is one known cause of transsexuality. It was given to pregnant women to help with morning sickness, and the estrogen affected the developing brains of the in utero children.
        Given this, even as a single example, are we seeing similar effects from a combination of pollutants, medications, GMOs, “gamma rays”?
        Neuter males and spay females in way that cannot be conclusively linked (cause and effect are separated by 20+ years, combined with TV meant to deepen any issues, and hawk lifestyles and wares counter to what is best for the person… Adding “confounding variables.” )
        In a world where PCBs & fertilizers are causing feminization of fish…?
        Given all the other stuff, it reeks of an actual intent to destroy the genome.
        But it’s no more the fault of the rank-and-file of Transsexuals than the current situation of cars is the fault of the dealers or the consumers. That’s blaming starvation on the farmers (Presuming there’s no price-fixing. But the price-fixing is done by FedGov… Not the farmers.)
        Last bit, I haven’t read the NatGeo article, but there are plenty of other examples on TV, which are actually decent. E.G., Jazz Jennings is TS. Bruce Jenner? I don’t really think so… I get the feeling that Jenner is more trying to stay relevant following an early peak of ability and subsequent collapse of all that would make a man want to BE a man, an emasculation based in the culture, inducing some dissociation, followed by irrelevance because of the family he married into, and the control and media flurry around the women… Can’t compete as a man? Find a new cause, and pursue it… Even if it’s by destroying yourself in the process.
        BTW, thank you to the original author for showing the SJW underpinnings of the “new” NatGeo. Same as all the rest of the dead-tree media, I guess, going for sales at any cost – prostitution, essentially, like the Gray Lady, or a politician seeking (re-)election…
        I won’t be getting a subscription… 😉

    5. Scientific American used to be great, now it’s a shitty rag, overrun by bitches and hornswallowing manginae, ffs.

  3. I will say this about the pedo issue. All of us have pedos in our family trees, according to today’s standards. Females frequently got married as young as age 12 (if not younger), and often to much older males, back in the early 1900s and prior. The notion that you can bang a 16-year-old girl in one state, and everything is fine, and cross the state line and bang another 16-year-old girl, and go to jail, is preposterous.
    As for the tranny thing, well…whatever is between your legs, identifies your sex – that’s pretty simple. Encouraging a child to get a sex change due to a fantasy they have, is extreme child abuse, in my opinion. Kids often fantasize about being wombats or squirrels or airplanes, etc. Maybe we will start seeing support groups for kids who want to become wombats…

    1. Yeah that NatGeo boy is 9 years old. He doesn’t even really know what being a boy or girl really is yet. Hasn’t experienced any of the overwhelming feelings of puberty.
      This is clearly a fashion statement set up by his fucked up parents.

      1. Agreed. Studies show that most people who get sex-change operations become depressed, suicidal, and even more fucked-up all the way around. This is child abuse, what they are pushing on kids here…

        1. It is stunning that I talk with ladies who study sociology, psychology, and social work and yet they still advocate for sex changes even after all the evidence that they surely see in their classes. Either they ignore all evidence they do not like or the classes are neglecting to mention all of this, or both.

        2. Actually, I believe the studies show that transgendies are among the most depressed and suicidal people out there, and their rates of depression and suicide do *not* decrease appreciably even after “gender change” surgery. So they are fucked up in the head before, the surgery doesn’t help, and they remain just as fucked up in the head. That’s because the problem isn’t the wrong sexual organs, the problem is that they are fucked up in the head.

        3. Nice find. I approve of this website. Too bad there’s no going back after you chop your dick off.

        4. And also because they are “inferior, weak & pathetic” but unable to “accept & acknowledge” the Superiority of MASCULINITY.

        5. They’re looking for reality to conform to the garbage that they’ve been indoctrinated with as opposed to verifying facts by using the scientific method. Apparently the scientific method is sexist and whateverist if doesn’t conform to their belief system.

      2. Let me tell where this ends. If you think gays injecting their kids with hormones to “skip” puberty isn’t bad enough, we have 7 yo tranny kids in Brazil. I will keep telling everyone to take a good look at us and see where the “liberal fantasy” will take them.

        1. wtf is this shit. can somebody tell this kid, that one’s need a bigger ass to twerk properly

        2. To be honest, I will never understand wtf is going on there. Brazil is a country with an obsession towards sex that is almost pathological, the only thing in 90% of brazilian heads is fuck: fuck with men, fuck with women, fuck with trannies, fuck with yourself, even fuck with animals. Their entire culture is build around sex, with the famous Carnaval as an example, who is basically an open air giant orgy.
          Could you, as a brazilian, shed some light about it?

        3. Brazilian people came from the mix of portuguese, african slaves and natives. Many Italians, Germans, Japanese and others came in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and that’s why the south is a lot more European, at least it used to be, until they voted liberal. The portuguese came from a mix of the Moor people (which were basically muslims who weren’t expelled from Europe in the 15th century)
          So they came to this land, which is hot and full of beautiful places and a generous nature. They later brought the africans and they didn’t keep things unmixed like it happened in places like the US. The truth is that liberalism started early here and we used to emulate the US a lot. In the 60’s and 70’s sexual liberation happened with the same intensity here as it happened there. We had our “pornochanchadas” which were softcore porn that involved famous people from TV soap operas. As a matter of fact, one of our most famous TV personalities, Xuxa, started her career baring it all on men’s magazines. As a matter of fact, she appeared in many pornochanchadas, including one where she simulates a [email protected] on a 11 yo kid. She’s laying bare-naked on top of him in this scene. The movie is called “Love strange love”. The cultural mix was propitious for the proliferation the of the culture of the lewd. Everything started early. I also have to add that we have a great assortment of great @$$ here, which didn’t help us behave much in the first place. But the amount of sex freaks, that you can blame on the disgraceful innate liberalism that plagues the DNA of much of the people living here.

        4. Thank you for your explanation. Yes, the mixing of incompatible races plus multicult and sexual liberation is a very, very bad idea. Sadly, the entire world is going to be like your country or mine (Colombia) anytime soon.

        5. Colombia is not so bad IMHO, being their major problem their ongoing rejection of tradition. Hispanic countries (Latin America is too ambiguous to me) will take centuries to become nations, those are not breaking news. Now that natural process is in slow motion due to the Pax Americana and American intervention in the continent but I think that once American hegemony ends or takes an inward focus with limited intervention in the continent, the process will resume.
          The question is Will those countries accept their reality as rightful bastard children of Europe and start adopting in different degrees that heritage and stop the oncoming onslaught of trash from the U.S or will they succumb to internal pressures and to their contradictory stupid beliefs (like they are somehow the heirs of the native inhabitants and that the Spaniards are responsible for their underdevelopment and the rest of the crap one hears in those countries) while they take whatever comes from U.S. and Western Europe as the word of God…

        6. I guess my impression was true…Inquisition and Monarchy didn’t last long enough to leave a good imprint in Brazil, hence the faith as well as the culture were frail and ready for the taking at the first attack from external influences.
          Such a frail culture (already undermined by religious synchretism) is no match for the modern liberal onslaught. If older countries like France, Austria or Germany couldn’t resist them effectively, there is not much hope for Brazil.
          Oh and I forgot…summary executions. This punishment would have improved the population character enormously regardless of race…

        7. Brazilians talk a lot about sex and go to the beach almost naked, but Americans are much more promiscuous, no doubt about it.
          Behind appearances there is still family traditions, but in the last 20 years less and less.
          But we don’t see 50 year-old women going to bars for a one night stand like in the US.
          That pretty girl in a thong at the beach? She is getting married in the church, pal. What you see in Carnival are low level, favela sluts.

        8. I don’t know Marcos, I live in Brazil now and I lived in the US for almost a decade. I always thought getting laid in Brazil was easier, period. I hooked up with many girls from the Internet in the US, living in close proximity to NYC there was plenty of opportunities. Dated many nationalities and Americans weren’t the sluttiest. I have to say the latinas were the ones that put of the easiest and most of the Brazilian girls, well, Brazil or US, they are sluts. Yeah, many girls who aren’t, the g-string doesn’t mean she’s a whore, but you have to admit, our girls are some seriously dick loving bitches. And yes, favelas are basically a pond where only piranhas swim (a true Brazilian will get the reference) but how many middle-class girls do you see in funk balls nowadays? How about the one who was, like she said, ‘raped’ by all those criminals and lowlife scum, remember? It was more than 30 and it quickly went under because indeed, she was a world-class whore.
          We have been plagued by liberalism in a worse level than the US. It’s only logical that our women will behave badly.

        9. You’re right. The main problem was that (((they))) imported more than ten times as many african slaves to Brazil than the US. No one was told they shouldn’t breed with the beasts of the field. This is what you get.

      3. It is undoubtedly a sick experiment with virtue signaling on the part of the parents. A child of 9 has no vocabulary for the politicized gender warfare that he is now the victim of. Any person truly dealing with biologically/neurochemically rooted transexualism has no meaningful platform to do so at that age. This is a political/cultural attack against masculinity, and that child is collateral damage– and the victim of his parents and National Geographic.

      4. “National Geographic ” used to be a fun magazine to flip through, particularly for the wildlife segments. Fully giving over to a progressive ideal that is so much more unproven is just pathetic. I’ll never ever thumb through it again.

    2. It *is* extreme child abuse. Don’t be shy about calling it out.
      I am a parent. I spend time with other parents, and learn from their unique experiences. Kids develop in all kinds of ways, families handle their business in all kinds of ways, too. What you are seeing here has nothing to do with families handling their business. You don’t need to call up National Geographic to handle your kids’ developmental needs.
      Transsexualism is real. It exists across time and culture, and can be found in every corner of the earth. Maybe some of these kids are experiencing something, maybe not. This article (and cultural movement) is not about exploring those realities. It is attention whoring by proxy on the part of abusive, despicable, anti-male pedophile parents, sexualizing their prepubescent children and pushing them in front of cameras. This is a pedophile photo-op. The pictures tell the whole story. Imagine the article sans pics. There is nothing. Damn these abusive, exploitative monsters.

        1. Men and women have different brains. MRI scans show that males and females use different parts of the brain for processing the same tasks. Even with such evidence, every red piller knows there is such a thing as a male brain and a female brain. From a pure biological pov, a transsexual is a person with a female-functioning brain in a male body, or vice versa.
          But even if you reject my claim here, my point is these parents are genuine monsters.

        2. Even if you can document that a transgendie’s brain processes like a female when he has male sexual organs, the problem is still… in his head. Chopping off his junk and mutilating him so he has a fake vagina will not solve the problem… in his head.

        3. Yeah, that does also seem to be the case. It is not an easy state of being, and there is no happy ending for it as I understand. All the more reason why I hate the people pushing this and exploiting these children– who likely are not biological transsexuals, and whose biggest problem is clearly their vile, vile parents.

        4. You are giving it too much credit, believing too much of the propaganda. It is not a ‘state of being’ or some naturally-occurring mutation or mistake. As disgusting and awful as you (and I) believe the exploitation of it Is, you have to realize it is even worse than you think, because it is a mental disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and should be treated as such. Imagine these same people encouraging children to willing engage in schizophrenic behavior over and over again until they believe that they are schizophrenic and that schizophrenia is a healthy, normal identity. Its utterly despicable.

        5. Ramachandran has done extensive studies on phantom limbs, which continue to be represented in the brain despite being lopped off as an appendage. This must still apply with respect to genitals, although I suppose just turning it inside out isn’t quite the same as having it ripped off in a woodchipper

        6. A dude with a female brain is just gay. It doesnt mean he’s a woman trapped in a mans body.

        7. Up until 1973 homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in the PDR, right alongside schizophrenia and other psychoses.
          In 1973 (((they)) changed it to a “lifestyle choice”.

  4. I noticed that too. They used to have great shows, but starting a while ago, they embedded the leftie agenda right there. I remember seeing shows where they portrayed animals like Fidel Castro and Guevara like heroes. They’re the dearies of Brazilians lefties too and they copy their articles all the time in the shitty leftie magazines here.

  5. NY state will now pay for sex change ops for inmates. That’s right boys- we all get to pay for a criminal’s sex change op- coming soon to a state near you!

  6. I think we can exploit this to limits never expected until they get tired of their creation.

    1. sexualizing kids is for homosexuals pleasure, if a healthy straight man dare to even look a 13 year old girls He is a rapist, but a 13 years old fag can claim that this is love between a man a boy, a 40 years old gay man. And the leftist will applaud and cheer. So progressive!

        1. The Skypes have thrown everything they can at that man.
          You really think he’s on their side?

        2. Haha, you must live under a rock. Most members of his newly proposed government are jewish, he made his money by being the front of the jewish mafia. All his family now have jewish partners and he speak more about Israel than he does about America.

        3. You’re assuming Jews are a totally monolithic group, when it’s quite obvious they are not. There are Nationalist Jews (Traditional) just like there are Jews in favor of globalism. I’d rather have a president that pays lip service to Nationalist Jews, than the liberal alternative of bowing down to the Globalist Jew.

      1. It is normal for an inquiring mind to question the fact that behind most of these kind of projects there’s always a jewish person.

        1. but not all jews are ‘progressive’. Most of the latter are secularists, but still believe in tikkun olam

        2. I don’t think there’s any lack of gentile progressives. My point isn’t that ‘progress’ is jewish but that it isn’t necessarily driven by the ‘secular enlightenment’. It is at least partly theologically / messianically driven

        3. We get it. You Stormers have nothing else on your mind. Fixated on Jews. Get over it. Jews have Banking, Law, Medicine. Anglos/whites have weapons, transportation, manufacturing, energy, agriculture and just about everything else. Get a life.

        4. Aha, so you’re a one too, why didn’t you say so? Not all of them are evil and not all of them are too clever either.

        5. You wont find me. I will be abroad banging beautiful subservient brown women. You will be jacking off to the Hitler photo on your wall.

  7. How can we colonize Mars if people keep changing their genders randomly?
    Oh, and what happens if a pregnant woman decides to change genders in the middle of her pregnancy?

  8. This shit is EXACTLY why Trump was elected. In their enthusiasm to shovel leftist propaganda down everyone’s throats, (((elitists))) fail to see they are simply creating more and more reactionaries. They are slowly building their own pyre.

    1. Oh, come on now. No one in his right mind would think he could solve his nation’s problems by burning degenerate (((elitists))).

      1. Well, burning (((them))) is not a solution; but its certainly a step in the right direction.

        1. They are mostly cowards. The highest ranked the more cowardly. One of them down would scare them for centuries.

      2. He might not “solve” the problems, but will “considerably” be a threat to those (((elitists))).

    1. Some perverted man is responsible for subverting this poor kid. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if that whackoff suffered from supersonic “lead” poisoning to the head.

  9. I used to improve my English and get interested in photographs from reading national geographic when I was a teen.
    As many things I used to like before, they have evolved into leftist shit spilling medium.
    what a fucking era I live in.

    1. “As many things I used to like before, they have evolved into leftist shit spilling medium.
      what a fucking era I live in”
      My sentiments exactly.

  10. That “Refugees Wanted” video fucking made me sick. The guy stated that Clinton wanted to place 10,000 refugees in Detroit.

  11. This is madness.
    I implore all of you: don’t debate this with people that are in the middle or on the other side. Condemn it. Damn it. Shame it and the abusive monsters who are harming children this way. There is no reasoned debate possible against this insanity. Bring reason to fight insanity and insanity will win, because insanity does not need a reason. Condemn this hateful, pedophillic abuse. All for the hatred of masculinity, this is what the culture will do to children.

    1. I reached this point recently. To me, the Age of Debate is dead. Now is just combat. If this will make difference, I really don’t care. Omission and “enjoy the decline” are unacceptable.

      1. With stakes like this, there is no possibility of “enjoying the decline.” Maybe there was, last year or the year before. Not anymore. Not at this cost.
        Reject and condemn this hateful madness. Teach your children to defend themselves against the malfeasance and wickedness of the politicized fetishism of adults.

  12. I subscribed last Christmas and quickly learned the magazine is smugly anti-human, extremely anti-western, and pseudoscience on steroids. I tried reading it at first but it just made me angry. The new face of immigration issue was the kicker and I just tossed it in the garbage unopened, I saw the transgender issue and it never made the trip home from the mailbox. They are pushing this garbage because chemically castrating children prevents human reproduction and their mission is to “Thank You for not Breeding”.

    1. Great observation. It is the twin maggots of anti-humanism and fetishized politics slithering and writhing over each other.

    2. Even so called “Conservative” magazines like Popular Mechanics and the Wall Street Journal have a liberal slant/

      1. When I was home for Christmas I flipped through my father’s bathroom copy of “Guns and Ammo.” Still seemed conservative, but they didn’t have the mail-order-bride and spanish fly ads like they did in the 90s.

        1. Guns and Ammo is still good in my opinion, but you know it is getting pressure from the powers that be.

  13. Avery has a 50% chance of committing suicide before his 25th birthday. But statistics aside this is child abuse. Was it the serial killer J. Gracy whose mother used to dress him up as a little girl?

  14. The transgendie on the NG cover is shot in such a sexualized way. I guess they are normalizing both transgendies and pedos at the same time, now.

  15. Letting children “choose” their gender is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Children don’t make good decisions that’s what PARENTS are supposed to do, make decisions for them until they are mature enough to do it for themselves. I will be convinced there is a “gender revolution” going on when women start taking over jobs like roofing or laying asphalt and taking over sports like football and basketball.
    Pedophiles should be skinned alive. No mercy for them because there’s no excuse for that.

  16. I’m not sure about its reliability since the North Pole controversy.
    My HS Biology teacher went on sabbaticals way back when (early 1970s) and was once in a place where NatGeo was doing an article in South America involving a Panther or whatever big cat was there, but they brought one in a cage just to insure they would get the photo-op.
    NatGeo has always been more Fake News, though worse as they stage everything.

    1. Red Pill = An acknowledgement that you have been lied to by the media for your entire life.

      1. Not just the media though. Everyone. Your family, friends, society at large. Textbooks, doctors, scientists. Everyone.

        1. Friends and family? I wouldn’t call that lying. That is misspeaking, they don’t know any better.
          I remember watching that Jane Fonda flick “9 to 5” when I was a kid. Funny movie, but it didn’t sit well. An all female office outperforming other offices with mostly males? That was about the start of a long path. Many find it through gaming, others find it other ways.

  17. Putin said:
    “Many Western states have taken the way where they deny or reject their own roots, including their Christian roots which form the basis of Western civilization. In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized.”
    “In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized. There, politics treats a family with many children as equal to a homosexual partnership (juridically).
    The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.
    “The people in many European states are actually ashamed of their religious affiliations and are indeed frightened to speak about them.”
    “And these countries try to force this model onto other countries, globally. I am deeply convnced that this is a direct way to the degradation and primitivization of culture. This leads to deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West. What can be a better evidence for the moral crisis of a human society (in the West) than the loss of its reproductive function?“
    “Today nearly all ‘developed’ Western countries cannot survive reproductively, not even with the help of migrants.
    Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have formed and been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.”

    1. Not that Russia’s birth rate (1.59) is anything to shout about but he still has a point. In comparison, the USA’s birth rate is higher at 1.88.

      1. Put that in context, that country suffered a catastrophic collapse in the late 80s and spent most of the 90s in chaos. Putin is fixing that problem.

    2. Christianity = another Middle-Eastern import. Why do hate traditional European indigenous religions?

  18. You can’t spell “SJW” without a “J”
    Know what I mean?
    Not the Orthodox kind, they’re well-known conservative & traditionalist.

  19. Unfortunately, my calculations suggest that in 2019 (+/- 1year, calculated using the approximate formation of LGBTQ and the legalization of homosexual marriage as reference points) there will be further normalization of sexual deviancy. Perhaps normalized pedophilia, or a tranny president. Maybe Michelle Obama?

    1. I fully expect a televised Crying Game moment with regard to Michelle Obama. Probably on the Ellen Degeneres show. Michelle will finally whip it out to massive applause from the audience, and Ellen will wipe tears from her eyes on account of her courage in overcoming societal prejudice
      Campaign donations will start pouring in

  20. Sick shit. Sometimes I feel like Cypher in the Matrix. Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill.

  21. All these pictures of the happy merchant and endless triple parentheses are all pretty pointless. The fact is there is a very real jewish relationship to the gender revolution which is completely fair to point out but it has precious little to do with orthodox jewry (as in the happy merchant type memes).
    In the 17th Century a branch of messianic (anti-) jewish mysticism emerged that was all about achieving messianic redemption through breaching traditional law, including (to a degree) with regard to sex although as far as I’m aware this line of thinking with respect to gender as a whole has only really come into its own in the last century or so. Crude antisemitic memes tell us absolutely nothing about what is going on here, or about the particular nature of the ‘progressive’ aspect of judaism which in many ways takes the form of a kind of anti-judaism (insofar as it clashes with orthodoxy) although it is I think pretty compatible with reform judaism).
    Personally I don’t think it’s wrong to identify the gender revolution as reflecting progressive (antinomian) jewish “religion”, but just denouncing it, doesn’t tell us anything very much. What concerns me is that this stuff is propagated as secular progressive ideology when it is at root a form of (anti-)judaic kabbalistic theology.
    Lastly I do wish more orthodox jews would speak out against this, instead of being mortally embarassed by it and suffering in silence when people start blaming jews as a whole for something they had nothing to do with

        1. No, I mean, I don’t *especially* like Jews. I just don’t hate Jews. I’m fine with Jews. Me and Jews: totally good, in a non-fetish way.

        2. did you type that sentence with one hand, while trying to picture Larry David transitioning into Sarah Silverman?

        3. Well… I would hate-fuck Sarah Silverman until she begged me to piss (standing up) on her face.
          But not in a gay way. And because she is a stupid cunt, not because she’s a Jew.

        4. I do have to admit that Jenna Jameson is my favorite follow on Twitter, and she is a Jew. So I do have some pretty prominent ties to the (((conspiracy))).

        5. yeah, well I wouldn’t mind having some deep discussions about transgressive sexuality with natalie portman and scarlett johannson either

    1. Its destructive behaviour, prophecies of world domination and complete hatred and contempt for the goyim lines up pretty well with Talmud doctrine.

      1. I’m not a Talmud expert but its worth bearing in mind that the schisms within judaism in the 18th / 19th century often involved directed attacks by ‘heretical’ judaism on talmudism / orthodox jewry, including as part of a generalised attack on the monotheistic religions. The great irony is that at least some of the antisemitism of that time involved heretical judaism attacking or defending against orthodoxy, with a view to getting christian authorities to side with them against orthodoxy.

    2. Yet somehow these (((orthodox))) ones just back up their (((brothers))) ALL THE WAY.
      Weimar Republic 2.0. Gee, how’d that end up last time?

  22. I think that many of these folks are caught up in the delusion of the times, nothing more.
    Fact is, women, like my daughters, can and do many things once thought of as male roles. Some folks have taken this and married it to absurd ideology and state an end to gender. Yeah, it is ridiciculous to many of us, and is good to fight and boycott any corporation or institution that actively promotes this and denigrates the traditional values.
    However, I gotta say, the unnecessary use of name-calling is off-putting. It makes me think the author is not a mature thinker, instead probably a frustrated young man unhappy with his circumstances in life. Making fun of folks’ faces for being ‘beta’, calling men ‘low-T’ and making assumptions about urinating standing g up, not to mention all of the Duke / click / whatever stuff… It’s really immature. It’s like leftists calling us everything that they do…And it takes away from the author’s very valid points.
    Just an aside, when / if you have daughters some day, you will learn the value of peeing sitting down (unless you want to answer a lot of awkward questions and have kids banging on a locked bathroom door!)
    NatGeo has really suffered, but it started at least a decade ago, with this political discourse BS. I am really sickened by this latest article.
    The thing is, our kids are being beaten over the head with this stuff in elementary school, too, where us parents can’t help them. That bothers me more.
    I try to explain to my kids that there are different ideas in the world, but those of our people (white Catholic in our case) have survived for millennia, evolved very slowly, mostly escaping the generational fads like ‘gender’.
    I sometimes think that a full scale war, disaster or something is necessary to reset values: it seems awful, but more and more I think it may be so.
    God Bless.

    1. Sorry, you just admitted to peeing sitting down, so all of your opinions are null and void.

      1. What are you, fourteen? I have my own business, properties, tenants, a wife, children; a valuable member of my community. Let me know when you move out of Mommy’s basement.

    2. “Fact is, women, like my daughters, can and do many things once thought of as male roles.”
      That may be true, but in doing so, she neglects her God given role as wife, mother and housekeeper.

    3. “Who said women can NOT do many things once thought of as “male roles” !!
      You are totally out of point ! Guess I am being sarcastic BUT what “male roles” are you referring to !?
      Bestowing motherhood to women ?
      Dying for the Country in wars ?
      Working in Sewage Department ?
      Constructing Buildings and Bridges under RED HOT sun ?
      Laying Roads and Drilling concrete ?
      Risking life in Fishing Industry ?
      Discovering, Inventing, Innovating and Pioneering Science, Medicine, Technology (to name a few) ?
      It’s because of <> like you the females are able to get away with “free pass”; no responsibility, no consequences to face and no accountability.
      Five MALE Police Officers/Policemen were Killed in a protest recently. What the hell Pussy Police Officers (aka Policewomen) are doing ? Why the Pussy Police Officers were not deployed ? Why not even a single Pussy Police Officer didn’t get killed ?
      And you are talking about “MALE roles” ?
      MASCULINITY was, been and always will be SUPERIOR.

    4. The source of all this is not really in what you say above. Its all ideological. These are people that take politically correctness so serious that they would rather deny reality itself than acknowledge something that isn’t politically correct. And they have created a whole litany of work supporting their lies. What do you think they do in women’s “studies”, queer “studies” departments? Where do you think all these false “studies” are coming from? These people are fanatic and believe they are 100% correct, if they, for instance, write a “study” that is false they could care less, because they also believe that the ends justify the means.
      A core tenant of feminism is that there is, actually, absolutely NO difference between men and women – NONE. They believe this because, whether they want to admit it, they see their sex as their source of oppression. And, so, in order to be liberated they must destroy this oppression, which means destroy their sex, which in application, as we see, means destroying all sex, since, how can you destroy the female sex without destroying the male? (Its all bullshit) It was some stuffy (and I believe a pedophile) academic that coined “gender”, which is really not so much a word as it is a vehicle to help blur the otherwise strict and undeniable distinction between the sexes and slowly introduce the notion that sex is not as real as we think it is. “They” started using it in the 80s, which is characteristic of their “incremental” style and now its metastasized into the shit we see today. “trans” is the “next step” in feminism because it ultimately validates their notion that men and women are exactly the same. Don’t forget about the part that homosexualism plays in this too. So, its not that women are doing things that men once could do, truth is women have been doing many things that men, supposedly, did. Its just that men do them better. Not much has changed other than this very perverse and dangerous ideology. Get rid of this fucked up ideology and things go back to normal.
      Last note on the whole feminists notion of no sex differences. This really underscores what I was saying above about denying reality. First, if an ideology denies reality its illegitimate and this is one of the many reasons why feminism is, therefore, illegitimate. Consider this..females have periods, they have eggs, they have a vagina, they can make babies, due to the baby making process they have a ton of other bells and whistles specifically timed throughout the course of pregnancy. You said you have daughters…watching the pregnancy process is 100% spot on undeniable proof that men and women are DIFFERENT! And I have. I could go on and on and on. But that’s good enough. So, get this…these ideologues deny all that. They call all that a “social construct” as if a male can just feel his way into creating his own womb etc. Its fucking madness and it has no place in society and we should get rid of it immediately.

  23. It’s also just (((coincidence))) that all producers of BLACKED are (((chosen people))).
    (((Greg Lansky)))
    (((Mike Moz)))
    (((Steve Matthyssen)))
    [Will write an article about jews and (interracial) porn next month. Unfortunately (for you) it will be in german.]

  24. As we are speaking of jews here I gotta tell you that I had a lot more sympathy for Obama than for Trump in the last days.
    Obama is an anti-white degenerate SJW fuck, but at least he wasn’t a good goy for Israel this week.
    Trump on the other side will be a textbook zionist puppet.

    1. The problem with you ignorant stupid lefties is you use no logic or reason in any analysis. Just zero. Its like your born idiots.
      Does America have to give back its land we fought for in war like California back to mexico? Or the colonies to the British? The only sick fuckers that want Israel to lose land are Islam loving Palestinians that want to load up the RPGs and turn israelis into burnt crispies. Now, I may not like Jews but I don’t sit around and support your frickin Islamic crazies who are burning up the world.

      1. Muslims are the symptom. Jews are the disease. Get your priorities in check. Jews produce islamohysteria and multiculturalism so that you are distracted of the (((real cause))). Read Kevin MacDonald.
        Calling me a Lefty while I’m supporting Right Wing Death Squads and Concentration Camps is nothing but ridiculous.

        1. So your saying that Islam was great for taking down our buildings on 911? …that what are you saying? That its okay for the british to come back and take the states? ….Seriously? WTF are you even mumbling about?… These fucking Islamic countries attacked and got their assess handed to them. I would of have butchered everyone of them in the westbank and fed them to the dogs.

        2. Please remember the dancing jews on 9/11.
          Remember the jewish owner of the buildings (((Larry Silverstein))).
          Remember how 3 buildings collapsed in free fall speed because of 2 planes. So sad.

        3. exactly what I thought….. Your a delusional liberal that needs their nuts cutoff for their stupidity and lack of advancement to the human race.

        4. Okay.
          Then I’m a white supremacist, european identitarian liberal.
          Makes me wonder who is the delusional one…

        5. No, your a liberal that identifies with sheer idiocy. Devoid of logic, fact, reason and conclusions. You are like the BLM crowd. You know, the ones where they get everyone mad and angry telling them to shoot at cops; when cops kill more whites thanblacks by 4-1 and .00005% of all deaths. Thats you. Just dumb. Like obama, who goes to all black events and says he isn’t a racist..

        6. I heard that pack of lies when it happened in 2001 and it was debunked. Jews did not take the day off. RT is not actually known for their accruracy on certain subjects, but that Russian state owned media organization will take “artistic liberties” when it suits them.
          I would go with occums razor. Muslims, most from Saudi Arabia, commited the terrorist acts on 9/11. Basta. I realize the Michael Moore’s of the world need to peddle their tripe to make some money, but they are not to be taken seriously in the realm of men.

        7. An Israeli group were arrested dancing in celebration filming the attacks. They were released without charge from the FBI and sent back to Israel.
          On Israeli tv one of the members was quoted as saying “We were happy because now America can join our war”
          Hmm sounds familiar like the Lavon affair and the false flag attacks on U.S naval ships by Israel to drag America into their Geo political war campaigns.
          Ariel Sharon then Israeli prime minister was quoted speaking with U.S delegates in 2003 that an invasion of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran was of vital importance to disarm these natons of ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

        8. Riiiight. All the (((people))) that worked in the WTC all just happened to have doctor’s appointments that day, or got held up in traffic.

      2. “The only sick fuckers that want Israel to lose land are Islam loving Palestinians that want to load up the RPGs and turn israelis into burnt crispies.”
        Complete lies the Zionist movement would have us believe when it is in fact the opposite that is going on.

      3. Isntreal didn’t fight for anything, nor conquer any land. (((They))) got the White men to do it for them.

  25. I’m really sad to hear this. National Geographic is a great source of knowledge. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t read their paper magazine, only watch their TV channels NatGeo and NatGeoWild, which are free from any propaganda.

    1. This will probably change in 2017.
      NatGeo will produce the “Blacks wuz Egyptian Kingz n Sheeeit – Official Documentation”.

  26. NATGEO should be focusing on its core audience instead of this baity crap. Animal on animal vioence still rules.

  27. Allowing feelings to determine reality is a slippery damn slope. Encouraging a child to identify as the opposite gender is a form of sexualizing them. Not okay….

    1. I feel sorry for this kid. He is just a pawn. He will need an army of shrinks later on in life.

      1. Either he will need that army of shrinks, or he will become an inveterate solider for the ruination of civilization. Either way, his parents are beasts.

  28. I’ve fucking had it with this bullshit! This is a fucking LIE. Its lie built off of many other lies. Ever since I heard about this “nat geo” cover story I have been sick to my stomach. This is evil. I’m at a loss of words…and only really can say “what the fuck you fucking monsters” and especially this “N. O.” “NO..NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. No fucking way! First of fucking all there is NO such thing as “gender” a term that was, if I’m not mistaken, coined by some ideologue “academic” who is or was a pedophile. Human beings have a sex. This whole fucking trans thing is being, just like with all the other fucked-up “issues” made-up by the left, PUSHED onto society and culture. And, pushed, mind you, by a tiny tiny minority of fuck-wits. There is and never was any big fucking crisis of “gender”! I have never heard any person let alone an innocent child ever utter anything remotely suggesting that they are unsatisfied with their natural sex. NEVER! And I never saw any kid or adult person struggling with “gender”. Want to know why? BECAUSE THIS IS ALL MADE UP FUCKING MAKE BELIEVE! So, why is it happening now? Because these poor kids are being told they have an “issue”! This has to STOP, because it’s gone beyond insanity its straight-up child abuse. It would be one thing if the “trans” issue was kept to adults, as homosexualism was, but NO, these fucking social engineer monsters are targeting children. This makes NO fucking sense anyway you cut it, anthropologically, biologically, socially etc. It only makes “sense” in the context of two very odious and disgusting “ideologies” – feminism and homosexualism, which are fucking frauds ergo lie from a lie from a lie. With homosexualism, its rather obvious, within this small “community” cross dressing occurs often and what passes as the so called “noble” trans is, in fact, a degenerate loud and obnoxious drag queen that laments about dildoing their anus on stage. With feminism, “trans” validates their most radical idea, specifically, that men and women, are not only “equal”, but, completely indistinguishable from one another. This is built off of the notion that one’s biological sex is oppressive? Further subterfuge is seen elsewhere among the leftist academics, such as the idea of “blank slate”, which complements the “trans” theory because it says that all people are pure and unmolested at birth from evil exogenous forces that have no business telling individuals what they are and should be. You can see this idea echoes through this whole “trans” issue, because after all, since we’re “blank slates” that must apply to our “gender” too? So, might as well “liberate” ourselves from the arcane confines of gender. (what the fuck!)
    Truth is we are our sex (not a “gender”) and we are most certainly NOT blank slates. I am an amalgamation of both my mother’s and father’s genetic strain that, if you think about it, goes back eons. That is my identity. Ironically, if there are any “social constructs” being imposed it’s the notion of 1. “gender” 2. “blank slates” and 3. “trans”.

    1. It is an attack on heterosexuality– especially male heterosexuality. Never entertain the thought that these fuckers are presenting this in good faith. Don’t engage in rational discourse with them. Condemn them. Their goal is to destroy us.

      1. Agree 100%, but, this kind of shit…a child can be whatever you want it to be. Because they’re young, ignorant and, above all, impressionable. We have countless examples of politics exploiting kids. None, and I really mean, none of these kids would have “gender” identity issues had it not been for some outside force/authority putting that idea into their heads. And what really gets under my skin is the intellectual dishonesty on full display here. You see, the whole premise that “gender” is “fluid” is based on the notion that female and male persona and dress etc are all arbitrary social constructs. According to liberal progressives, the “injustice” occurring is that some outside force is influencing people to be a certain way. Okay, so how is telling kids that they are not the sex they were born into and convincing them that this is the case NOT an outside force influencing people to be a certain way, and therefore, how is this not a picture perfect example of a bonafide social fucking construct!
        And for the record, normal male and female persona, dress etc, is not a social construct its simply the natural and healthy state of man and woman.

        1. Yes, the stunning barbarity and depravity of the child abuse here is beyond the pale. Unconscionable!
          Something I am fond of telling my oldest son, and which I will share with the RoK gang: every time I have lost a fight -really lost- it was because I thought it was still time to talk. I didn’t realize the fight had already started. Gentlemen: the fight is on. This is an assault on the foundations of masculinity, democracy, libertarian ideals, the family, and the future. No talking past this one. Stand the fuck up, right now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Because, if you asked for it or not, your ass is in a fight.

        2. I’m right there with you brother. This is an assault on all those things, but, this is ultimately an assault on reality! We have to take a stand, I honestly truly believe that. Heck, I was close to getting on a plane and protesting in front of “nat geo” office. Enough! There is no “gender” “revolution. There can never be a revolution of this kind because there is nothing to revolt against we are our sex and that is it. And, “nat geo” since when did you take it upon yourself to declare that there is a “revolution” in anything?!

    2. In the 1920s the EXACT SAME DEGENERACY was pushed in the exact same way, mainly in Germany but all over the world.
      The end result will be the same.

  29. I don’t much subscribe to the modern retelling, with all its shewed ideologies, about the natural world.
    If you read a old book like Hudson’s Far Away and Long Ago https://archive.org/details/farawayandlongag019622mbp you get a real appreciation of the natural world, and not as rendered by a scientist or some media person, but by a real man, with a keen, uncontaminated, and imaginative sensibility and eye. Perhaps, some books can only be written in eras, more heroic, freer, and care-free than our absurd age.

    1. Funny thing, I inherited a bunch of stuff in boxes. Among them was a large old book seemingly dated around 1890. (At least according to the one page I could find with a date.) Didn’t have a cover, and anybody I asked about it had no clue about it. It had fallen into 3 different segments but most of the pages were still in order. One day I took some time to read some of it.
      Turns out it was an encyclopedia of a sort. And the information in it… more interesting than anything in those dull old history courses. 😀 I think what struck me the most about it was the positiveness in regards to Western Civilization. I don’t know if that book was really printed in 1890 or not, but whenever it was written it was an era that looked forward to the future and wasn’t ashamed of itself.
      What a difference from today!!

      1. It’s probably an old World Book encyclopedia. Each revised edition gets scrubbed by the SJWs of the day after the additional current history is added.

  30. Is mark zuckerberg’s sister transgendering and using facebook for hurting children? Why do so many people say those things if they aren’t true?

  31. I think an interesting article would be how Profit affects journalistic integrity in this click bait culture.

    1. Funny you should ask– I have actually researched this question directly in my professional life.
      Answer: click bait profit models alter the mission of journalism from the “fourth estate” of government, necessary for an an informed citizenry to cast meaningful votes, to a mission of low-attention span lizard brain gratification. Your newspaper’s most popular (and now most important) sections: 1. Police blotter, 2. Sports, 3. Sports opinion, 4. News of the weird/Celebrity gossip, 5. Politics-as-spectator-sport.
      Not my opinion, there. Peer reviewed research.

  32. Goddamn old Nat Geo’s … those magazines pile up and you can’t get rid of ’em. Even used bookstores (what are left of them) don’t want them.

  33. A ray of light is that the traditional media is dying! Trump was largely elected by alternative news sources. Cords are being cut and the centralized media complex responsible, along with academia, in pushing all this shit exist in a zombie state. They know they’re already dead and its only a matter of time until the media splinters into billions of pieces. That’s why its so important for ROK and the right to evoke a full and total culturally renaissance of our own. As far as academia is concerned. I have stated many times before that they are ripe for disruption as well. On Christmas Eve, of all days, a “professor” an “academic” from drexel university tweeted for all the world to see that he wished for a white genocide. The university is scurrying, but, many of the faculty have signed a petition supporting this asshat. ??? Earlier this year University of Missouri saw drops in alumni donations and enrollment as fallout for their black lives matter nonsense and professors using “muscle” to forcibly remove people. Meanwhile tuition is way too high and your degree is worthless. People are waking up. In the wake of the recent drexel incident its becoming more mainstream to call out the education bubble. These are all key institutions that are behind reality denying bullshit like “trans” and they are either dead or on their way to be dead. That said, this kind of shit needs to be met head-on. No more “dialogue”, this is just wrong and evil.

    1. They’re nothing but dope runners and POISON PUSHERS on our playgrounds and in our schools. That’s what the culture destroyers are. They’re the same as the menacing dope pusher networks and crack dealers that operate under special immunity and provision in our communities and neighborhoods. The outrage toward the social marxist left is understandable. I’m used to it, but it always bugged me that I was only one man among a few. I had no problem seeing the enemy, but I always wished there were many more like me, a mass large enough to throw the menace off once and for all. Average compliant people saw only what they were told to see and if they could indeed see the enemy in action, they did what they were told again and acted as excusists and apologists who gave the enemy more immunity and freedom to transform more of our culture into wreckage. What a bunch of sheep. It is approximated that 30% of humans are codependent to where they need others to form their opinions for them and to feed them basic life instructions. What a high percentage of sheep there are in an average society. It’s time to get out of your motherfucking sheep costumes motherfuckers.
      AND NOW it’s actually happening. Ordinary people are mad as hell and declaring ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. For years I’ve called a spade without hesitation and the words roll off my tongue with style. I’ve taken joy in craftily strumming out a good right wing rant since around the age of 17, so I’ve been enlightened or whatever it’s called since before the word red pill was invented. Now all these people everywhere are ‘waking up’. It’s great to see how fast people learn and how much energy they find within themselves when they ‘wake up’ to the realities and to having awarenes of the malevolent controls upon their world.
      The enemy is going down with a hard smackdown and the reciprocal force will point our culture straight back upward, perhaps exceeding the levels we maintained prior to the deconstructive assaults waged against us over the past century. Our greatness is remembered in our genes. In any barren landscape, the master plans for our civilization can still be seen in our eyes. It exists within us. We extholl it.

  34. Well, 28 games are now in the books at ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania. Only 14 games to play now. Took two of three yesterday. I’m in 683rd place, and I’m only 68 points out of 50th place. I’m still in the top 0.2% of all entries, and things look good. If I can finish in the top 0.1%, I’ll be pleased. Today’s a bitch, five games on tap, and I only like one of them. After today it gets a lot easier over the final nine games. Being in 683rd place out of what I believe to be over 1 million entries, is like being more prescient than 999,317 out of every million guys in the world. Which, of course, ALL red-pill men are (yes, WE already know this, but I wanted to prove it via this venue). “Yeah, blue-pillers, suck on this one,” etc. (Click image to enlarge.)

  35. I really hate how this liberal attention-whoring “moms” are whoring out their children. The names and pictures of this children will be on the internet for the rest of their lifes.
    Being transgender is a disorder wich causes a lot of pain and shouldn´t be glorified.

  36. Thought I’d lay out some interesting data I gathered about National Geographic’s current ownership status. 21st Century Fox now owns 73% of the National Geographic brand; the non-profit National Geographic Society now owns only 27%.
    So the next natural question to ask is, who or what, is 21st Century Fox.
    From Wikipedia – “Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. (stylized as 21st Century Fox and simply known as Fox) is an American multinational mass media corporation based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was one of two companies formed from the 2013 spin-off of the publishing assets of News Corporation, as founded by Rupert Murdoch in 1979. 21st Century Fox is the legal successor to News Corporation dealing primarily in the film and television industries and is currently the world’s fourth largest media conglomerate (after Comcast, The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner).”
    So that’s why National Geographic has gone full-on crazy with the transgender push. They are now underneath the umbrella of the six major corporations that own 90-plus percent of the world’s major media companies. Those six corporations are the following: 1) Comcast 2) The Walt Disney Company 3) Time Warner 4) 21st Century Fox 5) CBS Corporation 6) Viacom
    When it comes to politics, big business and the “evolution” of trends – especially the trends that are the most shocking – nothing happens by accident. It’s all deliberate, calculated, social engineering with malice aforethought, by the super rich who reside at the very top of the greasy flagpole.
    Anybody who claims otherwise is either a paid shill who works on their behalf, or they are so blue-pill ignorant that they are dangerous to themselves and everyone around them. In either case, their opinions are best ignored, as they are identical in nature to the servile ramblings of SJWs and feminists, once you boil it all down.

    1. globalist corporations and the far left have the same goal – eliminate the nation-state- and multiculturalism is the weapon. That’s why you find so many corporations supporting it.
      Also remember that the ethnic leadership of many major corporations has changed as well, with many having no loyalty or ties and perhaps even contempt for their host nations.
      The remainder, are probably pressured into it. Bill Gates was originally a nerdy guy who wanted congress to leave him alone, but they kept threatening to break up that ‘monopoly’ – so he learned not only can you pay them to ignore you you can pay them for favors too.

  37. Globalists/leftists (one in the same)have taken over and will take over ANYTHING that might question their narrative, but National Geographic is an interesting case.
    It originally ‘got on the radar’ of globalists in the 80s (i think) when it dared publish a story about Jews in Syria which pretty much said they were quite content to live there. Of course that didn’t fit our middle east narrative.
    Zionist groups and powerful money in Washington pressured the National Geographic to appoint several jews (but not the likes of Paul Gottfried to say the least) (before it was pretty waspys) and as you can imagine that’s when the shift from neutral/soft liberal became aggresive/left/globalist /BUT pro Israel/Jewish – they published a total BS story about Postville Iowa how it was a bastion of racial harmony and any previous trouble was the fault of those stupid goy farmers (not the hassidics who have a notorious reputation for bigotry and dishonesty even among jews) , how Egypt was ruled by blacks and other complete nonsense…
    Like so many other institutions taken over by globlist they are relying on the trust built up by honest Anglos (Disney, the Ivy leagues) t

  38. It’s sad. National Geographic gave hours of viewing pleasure with amazing pictures and far away places to dream about. I just can’t say enough kudos to RoK for bringing forth articles like this one when everyone else runs and hides under the skirt of political correctness.
    Transgenderism is mental illness. These children have been coached by parents who who have taken fame whoring to a whole new level by destroying the lives of their children. A 9 year-old male should be out riding his bike and playing warrior king while rescuing the fair maiden neighbourhood girls. Instead, the child has been warped into believing that pink is perfect. I have no hope for the future.

  39. Its amazing how the United States has mirrored the Roman Empire in its assension and now its decline. Monetarily, militarily, culturally, and domestically. “Gender fluidity” is not a sign of a healthy Republic, its a decaying sign that the rot is happening from within.

      1. And ancient Egypt. And the Byzantine empire. And the Spanish empire. And the British empire.
        Strangely enough, the same (((gang))) was present at all of them.

  40. Like all current participants in the current media game, you have to go with current marketing paradigms and academic loudmouth…

  41. I subscribed to this magazine a few months back. I got sucked in by a direct-mail offer of $10 for a one year subscription (a fraction of the normal cost). This gem graced my mailbox just a few days ago. Needless to say, I will not be allowing the auto-renew (one of the conditions of the one year special) to take place in 2017. I should have just assumed that NG had been infected by the leftoid, globalist narrative. Fool me once, and all that….
    Anyone have any recommendations on where to get the least biased news and information other than places like ROK?

  42. Oh god damn it… Just when we get a break… The China/Russia/Iran axis is going to have a freaking field trip courtesy of our transgender-transpieces-rainbow-alliance troops…

  43. It seems as if a lot of this is down to one-upmanship. They’re playing the “look how tolerant, forward thinking and progressive we are” card. As confucious once said “Our good, careful people of the villages are the thieves of virtue.” So while this love is love nonsense is going on, I’m keeping my front door locked with my shotgun loaded because I know there’s a storm of hypocrisy brewing.

  44. Imagine if we sent refugees to Israel and called them the new ‘Jews’. Wouldn’t go down to well. Fine to genocide whites out of existence though, that’s all the rage.

  45. Let’s see:
    Magazine and newspaper subscriptions: 0
    Cable/Satellite TV: nope.
    Do I bother reading magazines in waiting rooms? Only car magazines, All others are left untouched.
    Magazine and Cable TV subscriptions are in free fall. So much so that Disney is worried about the future of its ESPN cash cow.
    Good riddance.

  46. Every company that starts out small usually begins with intention of making value and serving greater purpose but once they start gaining those profits and become mega million corporation level, then they start losing some screws and will be tainted very fast.

  47. Absolutely horrific. I am one hundred percent in favor of a ban on what used to be a wonderful magazine.
    The nine year old boy on the cover is nothing more than a confused little kid who most likely grew up in a very messed up home. This kid needs psychiatric help, but instead is dressed in girl’s clothing and touted as some type of higher level, introspective child, the likes of whom will revolutionize humanity.
    I have faith, however millions of years of hormones, biology, and evolution, which has shaped males and females for milenia will win out in the end. Gender is not a “social construct” – it is hardwired. Social engineering will reek a certain amount of havoc, but it will never destroy biological, genetic inheritance.
    We can, once again, thank the left for yet another constructed and contrived atrocity designed to weaken and destroy.

  48. Look, I know how sickening the current agenda is,… but I think these people are trying smart by hitting a gold mine. I’m about to adopt another persona and exploit the gender boom as a massive market niche for profit off queers. Gender is a hot issue and for sure sells!!

  49. It would be better to tie a millstone around your neck and jump into the ocean than harm a child. These denegerates purposely seek to hurt kids that they become gay/whatever so that they end suicidal and alone.

  50. Nat Geo and libs may suck, but this knee jerk antisemitism by the surrender frog author does ROK no favors. Rein these lowlife writers in.

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