Equality Now: End The Female Free Ride

If we are to live in the truly “equal” world feminists and leftists claim will bring about Utopia on Earth, the time has come to end the Female Free Ride through life.

Women have been protected against failure in life for thousands of generations. It seems not only is a golden vagina nature’s credit card, it also comes with an insurance policy that protects them from the consequences of terrible financial and life decisions. The men they’ve discarded who are footing the bill are tired of picking up the tab.

The time has come for women to finally live up to the YouGoGrrl™, Strong, Independent Woman™ and Don’t Need a Man™ mantras. They’ve been slackers for too long, spending too much while earning too little and receiving far more government benefits than they pay in. Even in this Empowered™ Age, women receive an inordinate amount of resources for the amount of work they put in to society. In fact, according to some estimates over the course of their materialistic lives they statistically spend some 90% more than they earn!

Of course, forcing women to carry their own weight only means more leisure time poolside for men since we are natural minimalists. It doesn’t take much for a man to live on.

The Free Ride

It's time for women to support their own wastefulness

It’s time for women to support their own wastefulness

All things being equal, according to some interesting statistics men could work half the number of hours they work now and live happier lives of minimalism while letting women pick up the slack to support their own cult of materialism and exorbitant medical expenditures. There can be no gender equality if men are doing all the heavy lifting for a consumer economy in which women make up 80% of purchasing decisions. (Those stats come straight from Harvard University.)

Those statistics alone prove Anglo women get a free, coddled ride through life and they never have to face the harsh realities men do when it comes to resource allocation and the threat of living under a bridge for irresponsibility. (The vast majority of homeless people are men.) Here’s some excellent research from Real Sexism to prove just how good women have it. These numbers show the U.S. government as it exists now is nothing more than an agent of wealth redistribution – forcibly extracting money from the men women supposedly “don’t need” to buy female favor.

Men pay over 70% of income tax but the vast majority of public spending is on services for women. Women consume two-thirds of public spending, [and] there are 3 times the amount of gender specific health services for women than men despite the fact that for equal increases in health spending a man’s life expectancy rate increases nearly twice as much as a woman’s.

Larger healthcare expenditures might be understandable in a society in which women actually reproduced in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, but since more whites are now dying than being born it seems women’s health care is more about medical entertainment and feeding the beast (i.e. the infinite growth economy) than it is any actual healthcare issues.

They also receive an overwhelming amount of government largess paid for by Beta male taxpayers.

Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending. Men only spend 40% of what they earn after tax. In contrast women make up 38.5% of all income but control 75% of domestic spending, [which means] women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN. Men are exploited as cash machines and even with spending on children accounted for women still spend more money on themselves than the combined spending for men and children. This can even be observed in the floor space allocated to women’s products in most shopping centres.

This numbers present one of the most promising possibilities of male liberation when one realizes the potential ending the Female Free Ride represents. In the Utopian world of Equality, women need to spend no more than they contribute to society.

Stop Male Enslavement

From a bundle of joy to a ball and chain, the court system has oppressive powers over men

From a bundle of joy to a ball and chain, the court system has oppressive powers over men

We’ve all heard the story. Girl uses her predatory instincts to get some poor (but well-paid) Beta to get her pregnant. She has children, kicks the Beta to the curb, calls Mr. Alpha Fucks and her lawyer, and receives an 18-year annuity from Big Daddy Government.

The hapless Beta then has his child (or children) forcibly taken from him by the State and he is literally enslaved under threat of imprisonment to pay this annuity (otherwise known as child support) even though mommy dearest is never held accountable to show the money is actually being spent on said child.

In many cases, the Beta can now be enslaved even if the kid is demonstrably NOT his after DNA testing, as in one injustice meted out in the Colorado court system:

Even though a DNA test has revealed the daughter is not his, Atkins is still on the hook. His child support payment is a whopping $730 a month, and he has to pay or go to jail only because his name is on the birth certificate. He cannot be taken off the birth certificate without the real father signing it. Making this story even worse, the genetic father of the child, a Mr. Lonnquist, refuses to sign the birth certificate for his own daughter so Atkins can be released from child support responsibility. And, the man who won’t claim responsibility for his own daughter is the man mom, Lori, wants to spend her life with.

Outrageous cases like this one are far from unusual in the injustice system. The family court system legal book, extensively expanded and rewritten by lawyers to make other people’s miseries more profitable for them needs to be tossed onto a big old fire. A new beginning is desperately needed when it comes to family law, and Shakespeare’s advice to kill all the lawyers seems wiser now than ever.

Stop The Frivorce Court Lottery

"I just ran away with your life savings and the court system let me because I have a vagina!"

“I just ran away with your life savings and the court system let me because I have a vagina!”

Rich men must be the stupidest men when it comes to dealing with women.

That includes rich “Alpha” type CEOs and actors who regularly allow themselves to be filched by gold diggers. Whether it be worn out, battleaxe women asking for $400,000 a month for the rest of their lives as in the case of the Cancer Centers of America CEO’s divorce, or a flooze receiving a multi-million dollar divorce settlement as in the case of Johnny Depp’s divorce, women regularly receive huge payouts in court for disposing of ex lovers in a manner that would make a Black Widow spider proud (Female Black Widows kill then eat the male spider after mating with him).

A Strong, Independent Woman™ should not need to rely on laws that were written for times when women were considered helpless and hopeless after a divorce. Alimony and other forced wealth transfers must stop. Otherwise, women are being totally hypocritical when they say they Don’t Need a Man™ then proceed to clean him out in exchange renting him a vagina for a few years. (As I’ve repeatedly stated on my blog, marriage is most often just legalized prostitution!)

YouGoGrrl! Work 70 hours weeks while we men chill out poolside

YouGoGrrl! Work 70 hours weeks while we men chill out poolside

Empowered At Last

By stopping government subsidies to women (paid for by men) and forced wealth transfers from earners to predators (males to females in the legal system) women can finally show us just how great they are when they carry the weight of their own materialism, costs of their own medical entertainment, cost of supporting their own offspring when they kick loving fathers out of their lives, and the costs of their own empty lives after disposing of a provider male in a divorce.

As an added bonus, there’s a lot of slack to be made up in the workaday world, ladies.

  • Men spend an average 8.14 hours on the job
  • Women spend an average 7.75 hours on the job
  • Men often go for higher pay rather than jobs they enjoy
  • Women often trade higher pay for jobs they’re happier with
  • Men take on dangerous and demanding jobs women don’t want that pay well
  • Women miss work more often than men

Feminists will have to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and change the above statistics. We especially need to see women going into jobs as truck drivers, construction laborers, electrical workers, garbage collectors, loggers, and other blue collar work because to leave those jobs to men is sexist. What…do you think just because we are men we deserve to do grunt work while you ladies take all the glory?

These changes to our operating agreement will finally balance the scales that were tilted when feminism shifted women to having all rights and privileges but no responsibilities in society. So, I’ve told you how to end the Female Free Ride through life. Now, will YouGoGrrls step up to the plate and show us just how manly you really are?

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415 thoughts on “Equality Now: End The Female Free Ride”

  1. Gender Equality on the battlefield and in death sports. It’s about time for you to step up to the plate ladies! Men can’t be doing all the dying! Mwahahahaha!!

  2. 1. Equalise divorce laws.
    2. No more direct or indirect subsidies for bullshit jobs.
    These 2 alone would make a huge difference. Think if women were relinquished of their artificially inflated consumer spending power.
    The scam of quarterly capitalism and GDP as a yardstick for human existence would go BANG.
    Debt could tumble, and with it divorce, slatternry, bastardy and other societal ailments.

    1. Some states have pushed to reform alimony in the sense that alimony is limited, as opposed to a lifetime commitment for the man.
      These reforms have not been the result of men pushing back. They’re actually the result of second wives experiencing “equality” in the sense that their salaries now subsidize their husbands’ alimony payments.

      1. There have been cases where the women earned more than the husbands and women were on the hook to pay the husbands alimony. The number of cases like these are on the rise and feminists are angered by it saying it’s unfair. LOL, how much more fair can it get?

        1. How about the cases of change of status alimony where the woman and man are married for less than x years (whatever the short time is) and make similar salaries so the judge orders no alimony to be paid. Then, several years later, the woman goes on “medical disability” for “muh feelings” and can retroactively demand alimony because her situation has changed.
          The sad thing is that I am told this doesn’t happen very often because a decent divorce lawyer will have the woman sign these rights away….but it will cost an arm and a leg to get them to do it.

        2. The fact that it happens once already makes it a legal precedent. It will happen more often.

        3. It will. I am told the reason it doesn’t is because in the divorce agreement lawyers will usually sell that right for a large cash payout. I have never been through this so I get it second hand from a co worker who was divorce raped.

        4. That’s awful. This one is pretty insane too:
          Guy gets divorced. Ex goes back to court, asking for 105% of his income…judge grants it. He winds up in jail almost inmmediately. Dumb ex, realizing she wont get paid anymore, requests former payout levels…he gets out, but, b/c he is a lawyer, gets disbarred. No income. I believe he moved to another state and became a lawyer again, but now never sees his kids. Thanks lady!

        5. fool proof way to avoid divorce rape….do not get married. It is the only 100% sure fire way. Abstinence first (abstain from marriage)

        6. Not anymore. Women have sued and won when men have broken off engagements.
          I predict that within our lifetimes we’ll see “alimony” for breaking off dates or dumping people.

        7. Something like that happened in NYC a few yrs ago- guy broke it off, she sued successfully for $40- or $50k settlement

        8. you are right. Allow to to refine: never commit to any form of relationship. No girlfriend, no engagement…shit, not even steady fucking that lasts more than a few months. Then you will never get divorce raped.
          Lone Wolf

        9. Me too my friend. I am such a lone wolf that you can find me drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics. My hair will be perfect.

        10. (this one might be a bit obscure) Oh, sure it will be. Don’t be so cynical.

        11. Or a few years after the divorce is settled, you strike it rich and she has the court reopen the divorce files.
          Naked tyranny akin to the double jeopardy rule being smashed

        12. Yes. Guy I work with stands to inherit property and money when his parents pass away and he had to get his ex to sign off on her rights to attach herself to those assets which cost him a substantial lump sum payment and a very nice condo

        13. It’s not just broken engagements. If you live with a women long enough and allow her to share in your lifestyle, you can get hit for palimony (pal + alimony) in some cases.

        14. Even worse, years after the divorce, if you patent a perpetual motion machine, she can snatch your wallet out your ass

        15. in my country bitches can sue the boyfriends for fraud because he does not want to marry after years of relationship she can claim fraud and demand to be paid for “the lost time” even a pension for some time. So you get married or else…

        16. Yes this happen to a black guy who was living in the street took 20 years of handwork become millionaire then the ex wife appears and fuck sue him for not paying 18 years of alimony and child support for a child that was not his and the woman was living with the actual father. The judge (a woman) call him all the names in the book and make him pay. I think I read the history here.

        17. wow, that is fucking nuts. My policy of only staying with women for 8 weeks maximum would be very handy in your country.

        18. He could have afforded a gorilla lawyer to push DNA Testing. Yes, she’s a bitch, but he didn’t have to be her bitch too.

        19. the judge was a feminist, it´s not uncommon that an Ex appears in your life as soon you have money. Even ex girlfriends that have nothing to do with your life now. Become a billionaire and see those girls who reject you in high school trying to get in contacts with for the old times. Even old male friends appears of no where, and relatives who you believed to be death resurrect from the grave to be your “new friends”

        20. it´s Mexico. Come to Tijuana or Mexicali, some girls easily open the legs for guy with American citizenship. Americans are like rock stars, and if you are a black dude is more. The preference is clear. Don´t go to the shitty part of the south there is a lot of gringo hate in the south unless you go to see a pyramid or a state with a beach like Cancun o La Paz forget the rest. People living in the border usually get a Visa to go to the USA for shopping or visiting family, The permit only allows you to move close to the border if you want to go north more than Los Angeles North you need a special permit. Only The shitty uneducated from the rural south of Mexico cross illegally. And we the people living in the border hate them as much as you do. So a lot of women visiting USA can see how USA is and how shitty is Mexico when they return. And they eyes become $_$ when they see a dude with citizenship.

        21. I have always had luck in central and south America with women. I feel like blue eyes and blondish hair has been a vagina passport. More so in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina than elsewhere, but pretty much. Also, here in NYC where we have a large latino population, I have done very well with Colombian girls. My travel, at this stage, is strictly to the FWI in the Caribbean and is only once a year for a few days though.

        22. Enjoy it while you can. The trend is heading to become as degenerate as the left America can be, In my city girls are getting that bitchy attitude of Californian girls because we have California next to US. Cultural Marxism is a cancer, The government impose gay marriage, quotas for 50/50 ratio men/women in the senate. Socialist benefit for women only, like in Mexico it´s seems the only cancer that exist and get money is breast cancer. And there is a propaganda that imply that women are the only victim of all kinds of violence. They coin the term Femicidio (Female+Homicide) but killing a man is not a Masculinicidio it´s a common homicide despite men being like 99% of victims and like 300 000 deaths of the drug wars were all men, Women have their special gender specific crimes denominations. In Mexico there is Manly guilt or better Macho Guilt they lie to the people saying that Mexico was historically misogynist so they silence you calling you Machista (Misogynist). It´s the Mexican version of “You are White male” argument used by liberals in USA.

        23. Macho Guilt in Mexico is something I have actually been predicting for a long while. I like my life here in NYC. I understand it. It has ups and downs but I understand and know how to manipulate it. Other than my one week a year on the beach I really have no interest in foreign travel anymore.

        24. The only unfortunate side to that is Mr. Hussein Mohammad Mamadi Killyouandtakeyourland, who comes from a society that has their women under control, will breed like an r-selected rabbit and his kids will be outvoting you and then you get to make the news as some mean old white man who refused to turn in his guns and got swiss-cheesed in his driveway.

        25. If enough men do that what constitutes a commitment to a lifetime financial obligation will be reduced appropriately to match and revised downward as required or demanded.

        26. That happened in the UK in the last few years: 20 years after the divorce was finalized, the guy managed to become wealthy by founding and running a company that finally managed to hit it big. The ex finds out about it, and goes to court because she wants ‘her half’; the mangina judge gives it to her!

        27. I think the time vares. Heard two years before automatic common law in Canada. By this logic parents anchildren are married.

        28. “I am a proud, card-carrying member of the Lone Wolf Club.”
          I’m a member too, so where can I get my card ?

        29. “Me too my friend. I am such a lone wolf that you can find me drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics.”
          I saw a wolf at Trader Joe’s once.

        30. Man I love that song! I originally thought that Warren Zevon was british because of the single Warewolves Of London. Turns out he was a Chicago boy.
          Without further adieu :

        31. Great song…here’s a cool clip featuring that song from “The Color of Money” with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman…

      2. Yeah I’ve heard. I’ve seen similar stuff here in the UK, with second Wives complaining bitterly that they’re being impoverished by Wife Number 1

        1. I can get their anger, I’d be pretty fobbed off too. Alimony shouldn’t be a thing at all. If you divorce, you owe your ex shit all. If your ex wants money – the solution is called a fucking job.

      3. Exactly. Once “equality” actually means women end up net payers or otherwise wearing the responsibility, the laws must change!
        As women earn more, the entire concept of alimony must be re-thought, aka dissolved, to prevent women from becoming “victims” of their newfound financial success.
        The majority of male bloodletting is a result of the child-support and custodial “rights” process, which remain decidedly femcentric and pivot entirely upon the child(ren) being tacitly pimped out as chits in the economic re-distribution model that is rigidly male-to-female.
        While this may swing, on occasion, the other way, I don’t see these one-off anecdotes of some bird having to pay her ex-husband as a meaningful change in the underlying order.
        The first principle of the divorce-industrial System is that men are mere units of economic production to be taxed. Fatherhood in the eyes of the System means a signed check.
        Anything above and beyond that, aka actually being a “dad”, must be clawed tooth and nail in some Sisyphean legal ($$$) process littered with snares and mousetraps designed to cement her position at the top of that hill and demoralize men who desire to be anything more than that check.
        This is often true even when the ex-wife isn’t a total cunt and wants him to actually be a “dad”. The System is the arbiter of fatherhood, not him – or her, unless of course, her desires conform to the notion of him being a walking checkbook.
        Everything – all his “rights” stem from his ability to produce a (presumed) surplus and then his compliance with the court-manded assessment of said ability.

        1. If it was up to me, anyone who has to receive child support should not be granted primary custody. They are already showing that they can’t handle the responsibility of a kid.

        2. If the ex isn’t a total cunt like you mention, I even know of a case where the ex got back with the hubby. Her temporary split was a frivolous mood thing with her but the system wouldn’t leave either one of them alone and tried to force the original separation orders to meet the 6 month separation cap so they could order their property divided and enforce visitation schedules which if violated would be prosecuted. It is the worst case I know of aggressively trying to get a guy behind bars. They both wanted the system off their backs and tried to get a restraining order against the casa workers. Women’s advocacy goons would then drive by the residence and try to coax the wife into going for a ride, trying to put her in some sort of confining position. The guy and his wife had thumbed their noses at the fam court and walked out. Some say they called out the beast. The system had a vendetta thereafter. The guy claims he was followed by local cops frequently and then vanished. They’re all intertwined. Those pigs all have justice coming. I can smell it in the air. I wonder how much more widespread this is. Major power shifts are in the near horizon. Remember all names and faces men.

      4. Yes, that’s probably the only route to any sort of reform, women fighting each other over men’s resources.

        1. I hope for your sake you can keep it that way. In some states here, it is so fucked up that you could be paying alimony for far longer than you were actually married. Robin Williams is sadly one of the most famous examples of this, as he was paying substantial alimony for 25 years to a woman he was married to for 10 years.
          In the USA the only people where seem to understand that these kinds of laws are what is killing marriage are those who frequent websites like this. Even most traditional social conservatives here won’t touch this issue.

        2. I won’t bother with this idea during my lifetime. Romania is a pretty conservative country, Ukraine-like. We have other business to take care of rather than counting our ex-wives.
          In this respect, the only place where the law is unfair to men is the fact that kids mostly go to mom and dad pays alimony until the child is 18. However, due to the society type we have, majority of women do not divorce for “muh feelingz” reasons.

    2. “1. Equalise divorce laws.”
      Also abortion laws. I should be able to get a financial abortion if I knock a woman up and she doesn’t want to terminate pregnancy. I should be able to file paperwork forgoing any rights or claims to that child and putting aside any future monetary responsibility.
      As for number 2 I agree with you whole heartedly. This is tremendous bullshit. That said, everything exists in a larger web. If you get rid of direct and indirect subsidies for bullshit job you will create a situation where getting and staying married is in the best interest of the woman. While this may be good for a lot of guys out there (and probably the country as a whole) it would stink for me.

      1. Sure. And as much as I admire and on some level envy your lifestyle (i often half joke with the Wife I’d be close to retirement by now if single), our future depends on functional people pro-creating

        1. It does. My lifestyle would not be good as a rule. The truth is, I have difficulty pair bonding with people. The idea of coming home and finding other people in my house is really terrible to me. The idea of someone being there when I am sick, much less me being there from someone else, is not something I can handle. At the end of the day, I would be really bad at it because the way I am wired. I am good at other stuff however…It takes lots of different kinds of people to make the world turn.
          As for envy, don’t bother. If you are someone who can actually joke with a wife then you wouldn’t last 2 weeks living my life without feeling totally vacant and miserable. I have seen it…especially from newly divorced guys or young people who move tot he city for the first time….they want to jump in with both feet and live this kind of lifestyle. It just isn’t for everyone. I have a different kind of soul. Living a married life would make me absolutely miserable, even the good parts and trust me, living my life would make people who aren’t constituted like me miserable.
          The way Roosh burned out. That can’t happen to me. I don’t have the same kind of personality. I honestly don’t care about things the way he does…politics, justice, marriage, procreation, civilization…I can wipe my ass with those things. It isn’t good or bad, it is just that you need to be kind of emotionally vacant (some level on the sociopath scale) in order to live this life forever and not wind up with a ridiculous beard and a framed picture of Trump. Roosh seems to be having an awakening which is a good thing for him. You have a family life and that is a good thing for you. I live a lone wolf life and that is what works for me. Together we are a bunch of different people who have one thing in common — understanding ourselves and being the best men we can be given the tools at our disposal.

        2. Thanks for sharing this.
          A fascinating if foreign perspective.
          Perhaps you might elaborate and share more in an essay published here on RoK?

        3. In a society that values marriage, family, and community you would have to be exiled. In these times you thrive, in a more traditional time you would be a destroyer of all that is orderly, beautiful, truthful, just to get a nut off. But in any case I respect a man that honestly works on himself.

        4. White women aren’t functional. Plenty of functional non-white women around in the world though.

      2. Ab-so-lutely. I’ve held this position for well over a decade.

        1. I used to hold the position of actual abortion rights for men…like if I decide that pregnancy is being terminated then its decided and her opinion doesn’t matter. The financial divorce is more realistic though.

      3. #2. Absolutely, the majority of women in DC ‘run’ foundations which are government grants for creating nothing.

      4. As I understand it in the now seemingly distant past children within marriage were the responsibility of the father and children outside of marriage were the responsibility of the mother.
        In divorce before the tender years doctrine, the father was the default custodial parent because he had the financial responsibility.
        Like feminism has always been, it is to keep the privileges women already had and gain more of them. This is why the mother became the default custodial parent but the father retained financial responsibility.
        Women aren’t going to give up all these privileges willingly. So there will be no reform. Collapse maybe, but legal reform won’t be happening unless it benefits women.

      5. All births outside of marriage should not be your problem. The entire point of marriage is that the male commits to all responsibilities of progeny in exchange for all rights to the progeny and provision to the birth mother during the marriage.
        And also why marriage is a complete sham in the modern era, since in practice males have zero actual rights to their progeny but endless provision to the woman.
        However, in Patriachal societies where single women were under the protection of a male guardian, they would force you to marry a girl you knocked up, assuming she was innocent before meeting you or could at least fake it well enough.
        In such a scenario your best bet would be to run for your life. Assuming you could outrun and outwit her male relatives.

      1. AND mandatory prison sentences for proven false accusers, and mandatory disbarment for their scum lawyers for advising it.

    3. Fuck equality. Equality is the whiny screed used by the worthless to enslave and break the worthy.
      Bring back the Patriarchy. Bring back the Brotherhood of Man.
      lol, I know I’m going to regret this comment.

  3. “Making this story even worse, the genetic father of the child, a Mr. Lonnquist, refuses to sign the birth certificate for his own daughter so Atkins can be released from child support responsibility. And, the man who won’t claim responsibility for his own daughter is the man mom, Lori, wants to spend her life with.”
    Jesus titty-fucking Christ – I wouldn’t put up with that shit for one second. If it were me, I’d be taking Mr. Lonnquist for a nice little walk. And things would get cleared up in a hurry. If more men did this, these beta pukes and their feminist cum-dumpsters couldn’t get away with it. But that takes being a real man. And fortunately, for the two aforementioned groups, real men are very hard to find.

    1. It’s something I’ve mused over in the past, but there are red lines for me that once crossed, I’m just pushing the “I don’t give a fuck” button and refusing to play. This is one of them. Want me to pay child support for a kid that’s not mine? Go fuck yourself. What’s that your honor, you’re sending marshals to arrest me? Hope they get me before I get you.

      1. Your post illustrates a problem that the system is going to have: more men with nothing to lose. The system is dumb: screw men while making men with nothing to lose. What do they think is going to happen?
        One of the reasons why, in my past political involvements, the feds didn’t try to set me up was because I ran in circles of people who could not be flipped if they got caught doing something illegal. Most of them didn’t do illegal stuff anyway, but I’m not talking about real crimes, here, just the feds “we think you did something and can charge you for it” routine where they try to scare you into being an informant OR ELSE they will say “and by the time you prove your innocence you will be ruined”.
        Funny thing was, none of us had families, so there was not going to be any “missing the kids grow up”. None of us had businesses or holdings that would fall apart without us. None of us had young pretty wives who would get old without us.
        What we had were low paying highly taxed miserable jobs and nothing to show for it.
        You really going to go to someone like that and threaten them with jail? You going to tell them you will put them in a place where they get three meals a day, a roof over their head, and not have to break their back every day for it? Oh, but they have “freeeeeeedom”. Yeah free to not be able to afford shit.
        I know if I was in that situation where it’s “Pay for the kid that’s not yours or go to jail” I would say fuck it. Put me in jail and nobody gets a thing. The cunt don’t get a thing, and the state gets no income tax but also has to pay to feed me. I consider that taking down the system.

        1. The arm twisting legacy of the ‘feds’ sounds so much like it’s right out of the fbi handbook, which incidentally is in the hotseat right along with the outgoing regime. The selective auditing of religious and conservative groups has completely exposed the fed bureaus as nothing more than a political enforcement arm of the executive branch. Trump loves to fire people. I eagerly await front page headlines with daily full color checkerboards of fired faces in the newspapers! If there is to be any peace whatsoever, the firings must commence and Trump knows it.

    2. Ever notice how the same feminazis who argue that child support is for the benefit of the child are always against the idea of mandatory paternity testing so that the correct person is on the hook for the bill?

      1. Jesus, talk about synchronicity, I had just finished writing this when I saw your comment – With DNA testing so readily available, any young man who doesn’t approach a female’s pregnancy issue, in which he is the alleged sperm donor, with, “Sure, let’s have the kid; if the DNA test proves the child is mine, I’ll back you up all the way,” is a fool. I’ll bet a large chunk of pregnant women, who would have gone ahead and had the kid in the past, would suddenly run to the abortion clinic when confronted with that one. Most young women these days don’t know who the father is.

        1. The other scary thing is that the window for challenging paternity is very short. Most guys who get hit with a child support order don’t know that they only have a limited amount of time to pay for a paternity test before they’re on the hook for the next 18-23 years.

        2. An interesting solution would be to mandate an automatic paternity testing the moment Junior has cleared the womb, then present the results within hours of the birth, at which point if it came back negative then cucked “dad” can opt out of child support for life. Bonus if the negative results paper comes with a list of divorce attorneys sympathetic to men.

        3. I am surprised health insurance companies don’t mandate it, given the bastardy rates of 20% or higher. I would think that would be costing insurance companies a pretty penny or three.

        4. I think its illegal in France to challenge paternity w/o a court order- Im sure Monsieur will confirm

        5. Yeah, I know you can get it tested and that’s cool. I’m saying, mandate it. That way the wife cannot shame the man into not getting the test while she secretly knows that the kid is Chad Thundercock’s.

        6. No the only system that would work would be for fatherhood to be an “opt in” system instead of “opt out”. It’s her choice, so it should be her responsibility unless the guy signs something where he accepts the child as his. Otherwise you get crap like her lawyer telling her to mail the notice to a guy’s old address (or a completely wrong one) just so the time limit expires, if she even bothers to notify the guy before she needs a check.

        7. If it is his child then he must by needs take responsibility for it if BOTH of them consented to the birth. If he opts out prior to the birth, I’m fine with that, just like I’m legally forced to be fine with her murdering the child if she “opts out” of being a human being with a soul.

        8. A man could opt in before birth, or even before conception (a married couple trying to have kids for example), and responsible women would make sure to get this consent before getting pregnant (subject to paternity test of course), but any sort of opt out system is just going to lead to abuses as described above. Just like we have today where you need to opt out of being the payer for a kid that’s not yours within x months of birth, even if the woman doesn’t tell you about the kid until this deadline is long past.

        9. Taking this a little further (in our favor, of course), as I was thinking yesterday, why can’t the infant be swabbed or snipped in the womb, and the DNA test done before birth. It’s technically feasible. That would be even better. A man could dump the cunt several months before she squeezed out the telegony-riddled sprog…

      2. As Kanye said before he went all crazy
        18 years, 18 years
        She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years
        I know somebody paying child support for one of his kids
        His baby mamma car and crib is bigger than his
        You will see him on TV any given Sunday
        Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
        She was supposed to buy your shorty TYCO with your money
        She went to the doctor got lipo with your money
        She walking around looking like Michael with your money
        Should’ve got that insured got GEICO for your money, money, money
        Say what you want about the guy, this is a brilliant lyric.

        1. Yeah but then the fucker went and married Kim Kardashian. It’s only a matter of time before she divorces him and takes half his shit.

      3. They are also against any system that ensures the money is ONLY spent on the child too.

        1. Indeed. Any fair child support regime would require that any money not spent on the child gets put into a trust on that kid’s behalf.

    3. Its easy for me to say this, but Im surprised more men dont take this route when threatened with a divorce:
      “You want a divorce? Fine. But if you think Im paying you alimony and child support, youre outta youre mind. I’ll quit my job. Let them throw me in jail, you wont get one thin dime outta me.”

      1. Man, I totally agree. I’ve had a few women try to pin a pregnancy on me. In three cases, I knew there was a solid chance the kid wasn’t mine. In the other two cases, I sensed they were making the whole thing up, to try and get me back. In all five cases, after we had a little talk, they all decided it was wise to abort. Men just have to step up. I’m surprised more men don’t do it, too, just like you.

      2. I’ve seen that happen a few times where I live. In some cases the guy accused sold all possessions and relocated to a country that doesn’t have an a treaty with the U.S. for extradition. Can’t say I blame them.

        1. Like Bolivia!! Lolknee has this all figured out just in case, has a go bag, etc

        2. “Kid, next time I say let’s go someplace like Bolivia, let’s GO someplace like Bolivia…”

        3. One guy I read about back in the early 2000’s (in England, I think) committed suicide when he found out that his wife was planning to divorce him, but he ‘scorched the earth behind him’: he canceled ALL of their insurance policies and gave all of their money to charities during the previous week, then wrecked their car and burned down their house (with him inside it) while she was at work.

    4. The problem is that Mr Lonnquist has the law on his side so take him for a walk and you might be paying the child support from your savings while you are in jail becoming better acquainted with the finer points of forced sodomy.
      In this suckers situation I see no other choice than to ghost off the grid. Cash out chips, first plane to Bolivia. They call me Senior Rodilla Riendo and I make the best chola in La Paz. Lonnquist? Never heard of him.

      1. Either method is superior to taking it on the chin and paying up like a simp. To each their own. How do you make a hormone? Don’t pay her.

        1. One of the rare quotes by a woman I use. Dorothy Parker, on some game show, asked to use the word Horticulture in a sentence.

        2. If they tried that now, the clip would never air, and Dorothy would be blacklisted. Those were the days.

      2. What about converting as much assets as possible to gold or other precious metals and burying it somewhere only you could possibly know?
        You could disclose the location to you’re children after mommy’s passed away.
        This way you can still leave something for your children (long after they’ve left the nest but better than nothing) but the cunt gets nada.
        You can rest assured that the cunt won’t spend a cent on herself.

    5. An entire movement should be based on this injustice. If that happened to me I would fake my own death and go live in a shack in a jungle on the other side of the world.

    6. Nearly all the foreign and red pill men I know give a talk to their wives that go “Don’t push me because I can do anything” and the women know it and respect him for it all the more.
      If you think about it, it makes sense that if you are going to cry to a judge to try to be “fair” to you, that the women will consider that a p*ssy move even if the judge is going to be fair otherwise.

      1. Or better still don’t have anything to do with women unless you’re prepared to go through with that stuff.

        1. I remember a joke on a poster that went: “Don’t sleep with anyone crazier than you are.”
          What I dislike about the PUA segment of the MRA is that they’re a different branch of MGTOW: Rather than avoid the crazies by moving to a cabin in the woods (like the MGTOW guys), PUAs instead sleep around with dozens of crazies and roll some very dangerous dice OR they ruin young, relatively unspoiled women with game that winds up making them into some other future guy’s (and our) problem.
          I like Roosh but I wonder if the women he’s banged were better for the experience and then went on to become better women because of it.

    7. What kind of alpha sets up house with a single mom in the first place? Probably a lower tier simpleton tree monkey with a babboon dick type of ‘alpha’. Surely she has some control strings over her ‘alpha’, like “I’ll call your probation officer if you don’t do such and such or if you go screwing around on me.” A lot of ghetto whores causate their men to somehow be tethered to the system, thereby maintaining control strings over them via threat.

      1. That’s about as alpha as wifing up a screeching 5 or a 6…betas are everywhere. And some betas are preferred over other betas, like Mr. Lonnquist over the other loser. So it goes.

  4. I’ve taken a couple of family law cases on a pro bono basis before. Never again. Talk about a completely fucked up area of the law. Just think about how retarded it is that you will be thrown in jail for not paying child support. Supposedly, we believe in having both parents involved in and contributing to a child’s upbringing. So the guy falls on hard times and can’t pay and we lock him up where he: 1) can’t see his kids; and 2) can’t earn any money to help himself or his kids. Pure retardation. It’s basically modern day debtor’s prison, and it’s completely unnecessary when we have the ability to garnish wages.
    Also, “we especially need to see women going into jobs as truck drivers, construction laborers, electrical workers, garbage collectors, loggers, and other blue collar work because to leave those jobs to men is sexist.” I realize this passage is tongue in cheek, but fuck no. No we don’t. I like my shit to work, and putting large numbers of women into any place where there is something critical that needs to happen is a recipe for disaster. When my power goes out, I don’t want the resumption of services to be dependent on a bunch of catty females standing around in the rain bitching about who’s turn it is to go up and repair the dangerous high voltage wires. I much prefer them where they are now – in the dispatch office answering the phones and sending men out to get shit done.

    1. Women do go to work as truck drivers, construction, labor, etc. When they are ugly and have no other options. Otherwise, not a chance in hell.

      1. Diesel Dykes. As I recall, back before feminism was “man hate!” they were actually just dykes who wanted to earn a living and left other people alone. If anything, they were actually more friendly than a lot of normal truck drivers and could smoke, joke and drink like the rest of her peer group. Back before feminism became “man hate”.

        1. I have worked with a lot of true diesel dykes and every one of them was easy to work with. They did not act like helpless girls, but they did not wave an honorary penis around either. I always got along with them.

        2. Feminism was always man hate but for a brief period, feminists pretended to be about equality because in the states, there was this push to get the “ERA” passed. I chuckle because an ERA wasn’t really necessary: With the 1964 civil rights act, women had all the essential important rights so what ‘equality’ did they need? Of course, an “ERA” was for the supreme court to create special ‘equal’ rights for women such as free daycare, healthcare, etc. for women while men would pay 80% of their income in taxes. That was the secret goal.
          During this time, a few American women were paying their way on dates and even doing weird stuff like buying men purses (yeah, not making this up) and this was a mass movement by the feminists to get the ERA passed. They were concerned, and rightly so, that they wouldn’t get their way and thanks to the greatest heroine of the 20th century, Phylis Schlafly, it was tanked.
          And this, gentlemen, is why there is this strange tradition in America of women pretending to offer to pay their way and then getting angry with the man if he takes her up on the offer. Who the hell does that? I never experienced that kind of messed up in-your-face sh*t test in other places but in the states, it’s a way of reminding the men that for the first few dates, you’re in clown game territory and if you don’t do something about it, they’ll throw you overboard for the fun of it.

    2. From my understanding (and you are the lawyer here, so correct me if I am wrong) I thought the child support was based off a percentage of a man’s income, which can be adjusted in court as his income fluctuates. If he is paying that, how is he going to go to prison, unless he is in arrears for an astronomical amount?

      1. The law actually varies by state, but realize that it “can” be adjusted does not mean that it “must” be adjusted. So imagine the scenario where you lose your job and pick up a minimum wage job to make ends meet. The ex wife convinces the judge that you’re not really in dire straits, you’re just malingering to avoid your financial obligations. You get ordered to continue paying, or you go to jail. The economy sucks, so you pay for as long as you can, but eventually cannot pay. You go to jail because some judge bought a bullshit argument – no doubt influenced by that judge’s own dim and biased view of fatherhood.
        “If” he’s paying is the key. But realize that “if” depends on many things.

      2. No lawyer either but I’ve counseled my brother through his frivorce shitstorm.
        It really is debtors prison as many states will not adjust the percentage for many reasons (think of the children!), there is always an unspoken floor in terms of gross $, and once your potential earnings are established you are handcuffed to it.
        If the payment was set in a year in which you booked an unusual amount of overtime, too fucking bad…the bar is set. If you want to contest that, you have to $$ lawyer-up and go back to court – at which time, your entire case is open for review and she can inject other claims; the door is always open for her to contest, select from the boiler-plate menu of “bad dad” actions her lawyer has at the ready, etc.
        i.e. it is not a straightline formula that automatically fluctuates with his income. Worse, a man can’t voluntarily reduce his income, modify his “potential economic productivity” once that has been established, unless he wants to spend $10k in legal fees, court time (away from work), and likely accrue a balance anyhow.
        In my brother’s case, he couldn’t say, take a safer job closer to home to if that meant lower income – even if that change meant more time with his kid.
        His ex’s income from her job and her new husband’s income are all irrelevant, which is why the “think of the children” argument is null. Its not about the kid, its about what she is owed according to the formula.
        Which is also not ever tracked in terms of how the $ is actually spent, i.e. on the kid vs a slush fund for her. And most “agreements” have enough gray area where things like music lessons and other extra-curricular choices that are likely made unilaterally by her, are expected to be paid above and beyond the support amount.
        If she is over-stepping the “Agreement” in this regard, he has to $$ lawyer-up and take her to court (away from work) to enforce the agreement. Of course even when he is in the right, the premise of his actions always have the optics of a “bad” dad looking to minimize his support of his kid. And again, by nature of opening the case, he is subject to scrutiny and the court is free to alter the determination accordingly.
        This nickle-and-diming aspect cannot be understated. Its a power-play fully embedded in the lopsided nature of the family courts.
        Even if he desires to better his life, he can’t go part-time to retrain for a new job or go to school, as he would still have to pay some floor amount that would be an economic non-starter in terms of his ability to support his own home. So he is trapped in his dangerous or otherwise shitty job.
        It’s not so much about literally going to jail, but rather a cascade of paradoxical events. The “jail” aspect is used as a threatpoint. It’s the end result of ‘contempt of court’ aka failure to comply with a court order (pay x per month). It is case-in-point that like any and all State powers are enforced by the business end of a gun.
        At any point after a man fails to pay the full amount she can file for a contempt hearing (or hold this over his head to exact other benefits “off book”), at which time he must appear (trap #1) to defend his position – which amounts to all matters of a paper-trail (think “note from your doctor”) as to why he is not meeting payments, which can be accepted or rejected by the judge at his discretion. If he fails to appear, he is in contempt and there can be a bench warrant, I guess.
        If his defense of underpayment is not fully accepted, he leaves with (trap #2) garnished wages. Even if it is accepted, the arrears is not really forgiven; it is just reclassified and the 8-ball builds.
        He can pre-empt the contempt action by filing his own review of payment ($$ lawyer-up) but the result is the same and most men resist spending legal $$ and instead (mistakenly) negotiate with the ex.
        And (think of the children) courts are not keen on reducing the support amount, particularly the closer it gets to the floor amount.
        If the garnished wages mean he goes into personal debt in order to preserve his own home, too fucking bad. In cases of layoffs, ill health, etc. The combination of having to $$ lawyer up at each stage, accrue past support debt, and still meet some minimum threshold payment create a downward spiral that become demoralizing and essentially full of disincentives, and some men in lower SES will eventually just give up.
        Thus the narrative of “Deadbeat Dads” fulfills its prophecy.
        Once the arrears amount hits a certain amount they can also freeze your passport and all kinds of other Constitutionally dubious actions.
        The “jail” aspect is a last resort; it is killing the golden goose, so it is not the goal, per se, but the entire process is, in effect, a prison enforced by the femcentric power structure of family courts. Which in many ways are just full of vampires and buzzards looking to profit from their portion of the divorce-industrial complex. No offense to any lawercunts in the room.

        1. Man this is a scewed up system. This is even worse than what I had assumed it to be. This re-affirms as to why I will never get married in the U.S.A. Does anyone here have knowledge how it is in other countries, such as in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia? Also, what are considered the best countries for a man going through divorce courts to be located (i.e. Middle East)?

        2. Thank you for that very sobering reminder of just how fucked up the divorce and family laws are against men. This should be a post all by itself as a warning to thirsty and desperate beta males who propose to the first woman who is somewhat nice to him and tolerates him.
          the question is how did things get to this fucked up state.. and why aren’t men doing anything about it. Of course feminism and its success in builiding a narrative of the “deadbeat dad” and the “innocent wife as victim” has a lot to do with it.. as does feminism’s goals of putting more women in positions of power where they can influence and create these laws against men.. but many men in power are also complicit in fucking over their fellow men either because they falsely believe the false narrative of deadbeat dads or they just want to appease feminists and women.
          I don’t see this state of affairs changing given that women are now far outnumbering men when it comes to higher education and getting degrees.. and this will have consequences 10 years down the road.. because there will be a greater pool of women in positions of power.. lawyers. judges.. politicians.. etc.. who will continue to use the State and legal system against men and in favour of women.
          I say beware to any man who is foolish enough to get married to a woman in the US or Canada these days.

        3. If I had the means I would start an underground railroad for divorce raped men providing services for second passports and faking their own deaths to get away from this shit.

        4. women are the same everywhere..the only difference is the value of a dollar..go to someplace where a dollar goes a long way

        5. I had the idea that with all the illegals around, there is plenty of opportunity for identity theft IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Think about it. Nobody is going to notice if one of the local MS13 boys leave a note saying he’s gone home…

        6. Legally in most other places, even Poland, it’s not much better.
          Even so, here’s a few anecdotes: Even in the states, the courts can’t ignore egregious acts by women who are lousy mothers or abusive. I know at least 3 single dads in my workplace who got custody because the ex wife was so irresponsible and the men did their homework. All three women thought that the courts would be an “easy street” and just pick up the money and then the ex husbands produced DUI’s, credit card statements of the women drinking while the hubby was at home with the kids, and receipts for his income and evidence that alimony wasn’t required and with joint custody (or even sole paternal custody, much to their shock and horror), they were out on the street with a decent amount (more than they deserved) settlement, but they would blow through it in a week on car payments and food.
          And then… all three came back crawling to their exes who rejected them.

        7. There’s a particular culture in the USA that just makes women here worse in so many ways. I was shocked and amazed that women here either just don’t like men, or are amazingly lazy and ambivalent about relationships with men while foreign women in most places, even in much of Western Europe, actually seem to like men and enjoy our company.
          I think the toxicity is partly due to a shortage of women during frontier era that causes women here to think of themselves as more valuable than they really are and the combination of race baiting and feminism together which has generated this massive cultural bashing of whites and men prevalent on college campuses going back a good 30 years and more (it really took off during the 80’s to the stratosphere).
          It’s as bad as Sweden in many ways.
          In general, a 5 in America requires the same work/game and intiative to land as an 8 in other nations.
          There are still opportunities. Plenty of 30something biological clock tickers could be tamed and some of them have big money. You could get a prenup with a trust fund set up to protect you from child-support for life and a demand that you get a share of the marital assets if you play it right. It’s not something the usual PUA culture here would consider (most are short time thinkers who want a pump and dump or a woman in a rotation) but it’s highly doable. Someone needs to write a game book on getting the best of the 7’s and even 8’s who are well paid biological clock tickers.

        8. Wow, these are indeed interesting cases, and fortunately these guys faired much better than most. It is a very tough situation nowadays, for guys everywhere, and we need to go back to a day and age where much of the resources rests in the hands of the men.

        9. This is the song I think of when I think these women filed for divorce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCuR-GUlJzM
          What’s kind of funny is that even if us men gave women all of our resources, stripped naked, and lived in the forest… most women would blow it.
          I often joke with my wife at how expensive it is to be a woman and particularly a western woman since work clothes are expensive (and most are unlike my wife whose become a power shopper at finding closeouts), there’s car repair (a big one. I will cut off a hand before paying someone to install an air filter!) Housing has shot through the roof. My wife remarks at how tough it would be to be a single mother (especially a middle class one) when she wants to go to the bathroom, she wants me to look after the child for 10 minutes. With a single mother, there is no “someone else”. etc.
          So now, Western Europe is collapsing soviet style as the welfare state becomes unsustainable and due to cultural leftism which just slices its own throat for the hell of it.
          I chuckle when a feminist told me about 15 years ago on USENET how it was inconceivable (like the guy on The Princess Bride)

          that women’s equality could be reversed. “You need us in the workplace now!”
          In most european socialist republics, women take time off all the time for having kids, or getting married, etc. meaning that they aren’t at work half the time anyway. Yeah, it might be tough to restaff a few places especially with the required or desirable commie academic credentials but the lights would still work and the food would get delivered.
          But imagine… when men are gone? Well, we don’t have to merely imagine: Consider the inner cities where men are marginalized and although there’s an external source of support (working and middle class Americans), these places are ghost towns. There are CVS’s and Safeways that get burned and looted very 10 years or so and corporate America rebuilds at a loss, but other than that, who goes there intentionally other than run in and out of office parks?
          Feminism is like this artificial fantasy of kind of like the holidays where we all take a few weeks off (if you’re lucky) and then after it’s over, we’re in February and it’s cold and nasty out there!

        10. Wow, there is definitely truth to be had in those two video’s haha! And regarding the work force, I would bet that the majority of the better paying jobs out there nowadays are ones that only men would be capable of, which would be disaster if women had to fill these roles. I personally can testify to this working for major logistics company that all would be familiar with. Some of these guys are pulling 14 to 15 hr days during the peak months and often these are overnight drivers. Tell me how many women would do those kind of hours for years on end. Ironically at least half the guys where I work are divorced and some of them more than once. At the core of it all feminism is just another form of culture Marxism, and females need to be kept in line or else…

        11. My wife sometimes takes a little getting on board with my lifestyle, but I have a few rules. One is that unlike some who choose to drive 2 hours a day commute to have a bigger home, I’d rather rent something a little more, er, cozy but I bike to work 20 minutes (each way a day). I spend more “quality time” with my wife and daughter and she appreciates me more.
          I think it’s a sick tragedy (and comedy, kind of) about men who bust their butts to only be treated like dirt by their old ladies who lose empathy with men they don’t see enough of.
          I remember back when the red-pill was starting, one of the founders was into the film Fight Club which was about men abandoning the western materialistic concept. Every time I buy something, I ask myself: “Do I need this? How much space will it take?”

        12. When I was faced with divorce I stopped working and moved overseas. I was divorced in my absence, but no child maintenance for my 4 children was ever made. Haven’t seen my kids for 10 years but you can’t have it all.
          My brother who stayed for his divorce has been back to court 5 times in the last 9 years, as she keeps wanting more money. He isn’t allowed to see his 4 kids either.
          Kids, if they ain’t living with me, I ain’t paying for them.

        13. I’m raising 2 children, one at high school $600 a year (inc food, clothing and school fees), one at kindergarten $300 a year. But I don’t live in the USA.

        14. In Thailand you keep whatever you owned before marriage, you split 50/50 all you acquired during marriage, nobody pays maintenance after divorce. Whoever looks after the kids pays for them.
          If you aren’t married and she has a baby, the man has no rights of responsibility towards the child. Her body, her choice.

    3. I love the logic I heard from a social worker: That the court would determine the best interests of the child but not consider income because the parent with the child could just get the other parent to pay for it. So earning a living was effectively a liability when it came to the court determining the best parent.
      So yeah, makes a lot of sense: Make the child into a prize that comes with a cash bonus and then keep the courts involved to punish the other parent for their past sin (of working hard to support a family) and also there continuously to deal with the fights between the parents. Great for the kids, eh?
      Instead, imagine if the courts gave the parent best capable of raising the child on their own and the other parent to get on their feet financially (go to school, work) and then joint, shared custody without the child as a pawn. What a notion!
      The children are chattel.
      I didn’t marry until I was 35 and I’m glad I did it that way. I wasn’t guaranteed I wouldn’t mess up, but it really made a huge difference in not having some b**** from my 20s hanging around like a ghost of Christmas past to chase after me into my 40’s and beyond.

  5. “We especially need to see women going into jobs as truck drivers,
    construction laborers, electrical workers, garbage collectors, loggers,
    and other blue collar work…”
    …aaaand watch the West collapse in 3, 2, 1…

  6. The manosphere should promote real sex equality instead of neo-masculinism. It would be a major trolling win. Real sex equality would hurt women much more than recovering a patriarchy which was designed to take care of them in the first place. We could destroy feminism in less than ten years.

    1. actually, I think a recovering patriarchy is real sex equality…if not in name then in deed.

      1. As you said the other day, monogamous traditional family model is outdated in the XXIst century. The “elites” don’t gain anything anymore through that family model.

    2. Problem is that real equality cannot be a reality because of massive gender differences. The current globalist feminist scheme only is promoted for agenda points of the elite which are designed to stifle the male rebellious spirit and destroy society.
      So who should create true equality? It is impossible to do – even if the MRAs get all they want, then the women would rather prefer a return to benevolent patriarchy and voila – back to neomasculinity it would be.
      This is the only equilibrium – anything else is temporary and unrealistic.

      1. To be honest, I think that patriarchy is economically outdated (in the absence of major war or catastrophe).
        Adopting the MRA speech would give short term benefits if we men know how to play our cards and have a “march through the institutions”. Obviously, keep gaming and self-improving.

        1. Patriarchy can never be replaced unless you genetically re-engineer the species into something completely different and add snail-dna into us.
          1. Sexual dimorophism will remain – women will find strong masculine dominant men attractive and men feminine & submissive ones.
          2. IQ-distribution & gender-interests in technology will still make the men into the scientific building blocks of a society, even if we eliminate all need for physical work or give every woman powersuits to help them carry tons. A high tech society may even exacerbate that gender difference.
          In fact a true study of the psychology of gender differences may bring us to an aware understanding of our biologically based behavior differences. It may usher in a period of aware enlightened patriarchy – Red Pill and Game being taught and strengths and weaknesses of both men and women being laid bare for the whole world to see. Women could not even remotely hide their intentions and Blue Pill White Knights would disappear as well.
          I would still call that patriarchy, just a better one. There is no avoiding that unless you fuck up our entire species makeup.

        2. OK. I like your second last paragraph. As long as we men control academia. Otherwise, it could be even worse.

  7. One thing I think is interesting is that every single woman who hits 45 basically is offered a ton of estrogen and other HRT treatments but god forbid a man ever ask for a test prescription they treat him like he is trying to get legal angel dust. As we know, with all drugs, making it hard to get legally doesn’t discourage use it encourages use of cheap foreign made product which is more often than not fake or worse.

    1. Yes, and it’s complete horseshit. There’s a very good chance that estrogen is actually MORE dangerous than testosterone given as an exogenous substance. It’s ridiculous that test is a schedule 3 drug and estrogen is completely uncontrolled; especially given that our environment has caused a huge drop in test levels over the past 50 years; most men alive today would benefit (some greatly) from testosterone.
      Also, there’s the little fact of the matter that test is male birth control. All the “searching” for a “male pill” is complete bullshit, test works as BC for the vast majority of men and every endo knows that, and has known it, for the last 75 years.

      1. It is nuts. One of the times over the past decade or so where I contemplated doing a test cycle (I never pulled the trigger, I am a bit of a pussy when it comes to this, but I have been researching it for years thinking “one of these days”) I went to a professional test clinic to talk to a doctor. I was basically treated like I was a skell on the street trying to score a fix. Granted, it was fairly obvious I had no medical need for it just by looking at me, but man the way they acted was really fucking nasty. On top of which, insurance wouldn’t cover so it would have been insanely expensive.
        How does test work as BC? Really, I am kind of ignorant with this stuff but curious.

        1. Long answer:

          How To Obtain And Use Testosterone For Male Birth Control

          Short answer, when the body sees lots of test floating around, it stops making it’s own test. The way that it does that is by shutting down LH and FSH, 2 hormones that are responsible for making test AND making sperm. For most men, running a light test cycle will make them infertile. It’s not 100%, but it’s better than just about anything else available for men absent the snip. And, of course, it’s reversible (stop taking test or add in HCG), which is a lot better than the snip if you want to have kids someday.
          IMHO, test is illegal for this reason more than any other. If men are given the power of hormonal birth control, the birth rate will fall through the floor. Controlling test like it’s heroin is simply a way to make sure that more men don’t get on it and wind up with a much lower birth rate (and also the reason that docs are more willing to write it for older men who already have children).

        2. So fucking nuts. The sad thing is, like I said, controlling legal test won’t make people not use test they will just order it online from possibly sketchy websites which could just as easily be selling them rat piss in a jar for all they would ever know. Message boards are rife with just fucking horror stories.

        3. it´s more easy to control a waek pussy, gluten intolerant, low test dude who get emotional like a woman. Do you imagine a revolution being lead by a bunch of fags with man tits? Real manly men take action, They don´t just want to take your gun, they want to take your will to act.

      1. I have this great tshirt I wear to the gym that just says “Stronger People Are Harder To Kill” I guess this is just the opposite of that.

        1. They want folks to die earlier. A man with prostate cancer was given high doses of T- cancer went away…drs were “shocked”…Ive been reading for years T shots increase your cancer risk…clearly a buncha malarkey

        2. Pretty soon theyll put aluminum and mercury in the food pyramid.
          Big Pharma has openly stated their future revenue will coming largely from new vaccines…

        3. Crazy. I have read a lot about it but as with anything even touching near anabolic steroids it is so hard to get the real information away from the political bullshit and the bro science.

        4. Plenty of rejuvenation clinics popping up all over Manhattan. It was $150/mo for T, $350/mo for HGH. Real Doctors

        5. I might look into it. Last time I went to a real doctor was a long time ago. Things might have changed. I still don’t think I would be able to pull the trigger on a cycle. It would take a lot of mollycoddling and explaining. I live a really obscenely healthy life and I can’t get over the idea that they are “drugs” which I acknowledge is probably culturally beaten into me, but you know….

        6. I think Im going to check it out this year, the T costs are affordable for me, cant swing both though. I have been slowing down the past couple of months, was sick for 2 entire weeks (never been sick that long belong) and Ive hit the wall at the gym

        7. Yup, that’s how I get mine now. We have a lot of these clinics down in FL too, but they don’t take insurance, so the cost for the test (compared to what the drug actually costs) is really, really high. But hey, it’s better than nothing. And it’s very easy to manipulate your levels if you need to show a low test level for the doc (trenbolone is your friend).

        8. If you do and if it is your first time be in touch and let me know results and side effects. I am always curious…..especially if you can recommend a place here in nyc. HGH is stupid expensive but from what I have read it is that way because it really works.

        9. I even have their advertising tagline:
          “Youre cable bill is $150- so is our testosterone therapy. Cut cable. Save your life.”
          maybe I can get a freebie

        10. I wear my NRA hat to the gym. I guess it’s not that shocking here, but I’d love to wear it to a gym in NYC sometime. Heh.

        11. HGH is a very good drug, but there are much cheaper alternatives that work almost as well, especially if you’re looking for a low dose. They have crazy names, but here’s one if you’d like to start your own research (I don’t take any of these so don’t feel comfortable making recommendations, but I do know plenty of people who do and they are very happy with them, even transitioning from HGH to drugs like this):
          Test works shockingly well for almost everyone. You won’t believe the difference it makes in your drive, your ability to work in the gym or your overall life outlook. Just don’t go into it blind, you’ll need to control estrogen (Arimidex) and you’ll also need to deal with or control hair loss (Propecia/Rogaine). There are side effects, but they can be controlled and, IMHO, they are worth the benefits.

        12. What, you don’t want your own set GOJ? 😉
          Arimidex totally prevents man boobs. They are caused because testosterone converts to estrogen in your body, Arimidex stops that conversion from happening, it can take your estrogen right down to 0 (which you DO NOT want), so it can provide 100% control/prevention for gyno. Don’t take test without it, or you will wind up with boobs, no question about it.

        13. I don’t think anyone would blink an eye to be honest…unless you went to David Barton gym which is known to be the gym of choice for wealthy homosexuals…but why would you go there. The super sensitive political bullshit exists for sure, but not in the gyms that I would (or you would) go to. Now if you wore your NRA hat down to an aerobics class in the west village you might get a reaction but other than going just to get the reaction that simply isn’t something you would really want to do.
          My favorite of my collected gym tshirts (which are just years of shirts I think are funny) is “If Deadlifts Were Easy They Would Call Them The Treadmill” and another from same company that says “If Squats Were Easy They Would Call Them Your Mom”
          YMMV in a city like SF, but yeah, don’t see NRA raising any red flags anywhere I would go.

        14. Good to know. Ok, second question. What about testosterone production stopping, leaving you dependent on a supplement for the rest of your life?
          I’m checking out your GHRP-6 link btw, thanks for that.

        15. That’s a legitimate concern. I’ve been on for 5+ years now, and I do worry that it might be “forever” for me. However, I honestly don’t care, I’m old enough that my natural level would be about 1/2 of what it was at 20. However, it’s a real concern, we just don’t know if it’s possible to actually shut yourself down “forever”. There are drugs that are used to recover after using test (HCG and Clomid being the most common). When I was bodybuilding, we would use that to come off cycle (and my test levels would recover, even from massive doses of test, but for shorter periods of time).
          BTW, things that work on HGH do not shut down your test production (or make you sterile). HGH “type” drugs aren’t steroids per se, and therefore have no impact on your sex hormones.

        16. I don’t think I will do it in the end. Just not one of those things I can see myself pulling the trigger on. But thanks for the info.

        17. Some forms of testosterone convert in such a way that it causes baldness. I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that there is one type that converts and boom, there goes your hair. I don’t know how that plays out with youth having more testosterone, except maybe that there’s an inhibitor of sorts for that when we’re younger? Just guessing out loud, no doubt Overtaxed has the real skinny.

        18. I was looking for gym close by work, smartass coworker told me to join up at barton’s! I knew something was off as soon as I waslked in

        19. Test turns into DHT in the body, DHT is what causes male pattern baldness. Propecia stops this conversion, and Rogaine helps stimulate the hair; not everyone who’s on test will have problems, but, if your predisposed to male pattern baldness, test will accelerate the hair loss without adding some protective drugs. It’s one of the “real” side effects of test (unlike the 100’s of bullshit sides that are invented to scare people away from it).

        20. Seems easier to just take a low set buzzer to your head and go either bald or #1 setting on it and own it.

        21. It is so crazy. I think you have to be like a scientist for this stuff.

        22. Park in the 30’s? I think I have walked past that one. I work right near there.

        23. Ha! That is a great prank to play. The moment you walk in there you are officially at least a little gay. HA! Was this the one down on 8th street? I think you get free KY when you join.

        24. It’s a broad discussion; but don’t let it discourage you. Taking control of this stuff is very powerful, it’s just a bit complex. Here’s exactly what I take:
          75mgs testosterone enanthane 2X per week (Sunday/Th)
          .25mgs Arimidex 3X per week (MWF)
          .1mg Avodart (like Propecia) (every day)
          That’s it. Simple, 2 injections a week, the rest are pills or liquids. Not difficult at all, just not “easy”, you just start simply and build your understanding from there.

        25. 6th ave in the teens. Everyone wearing bicycle pants, and not a bicycle to be seen

        26. Your friend deserves an award for trolling you that hard. Fucking brilliant.

        27. No idea, was looking into this for a friend a couple of years ago, he bullied his PCP into giving him shots (guy was old and retiring soon, didnt give a shit), so he never went to that clinic. 2 a month for 3 months, he was sleeping better and had more energy at work(nightshift is brutal). If I can find it, Ill let you know

        28. I don’t have my book of herbal remedies handy, but I do recall that the herb fenugreek (available in tea or capsules) helps the body absorb what testosterone is produced natively.
          Anything else will have to wait until I get home tonight.

        29. Fenugreek is good stuff. I cycle that and Longjack.

        30. Never understood folks that rock the cul-de-sac. Odds are against mine falling out, but I’m taking it all off if it ever starts to.

        31. Okay, now that I am back at my ‘native’ stomping grounds:
          I use Andalou Natural to regrow my hair, and it seems to work (according to family members who spontaneously remarked), but I’m pretty certain anything at a health food store (or whatever they call them in Ohio 😉 )that doesn’t involve hormones or chemicals works (I’ve tried the latter, they didn’t work and due to the long-term chronic illnesses of certain family members I have a distrust of Big Pharma).
          What I haven’t tried is the infrared ‘cap’ that supposedly simulates the scalp, but that is available too.
          Hope this helps.

    2. To be fair, when a woman goes through menopause, it is usually a pretty dramatic change that wreaks havoc on most of them, mentally and physically. Whereas most men tend to have more of a slow, gradual decline in testosterone as they age.

      1. Yet women survived for thousands of years without free estrogen.
        Double standards are not acceptable.

        1. As did men without taking testosterone and Viagra.
          I am not trying to argumentative with you guys on here just to be some shrew. I just think there are a lot of misconceptions on here when it comes to women’s health.

        2. Men did not. The drop in test is a modern phenomenon. Historically men had more test than today. Women in the other hand, well menopause sucks it´s good to correct it with modern medicine, but the refuse to do it for men is a double standard.

        3. Viagra has nothing to do with it, first because there is no female alternative and second because we are talking about testosterone and estrogen. One is given away like candy nearly for free by medicine-insurance, the other requires five acts of Congress and God signing a waiver to get.

        4. IDK, the few men I know on testosterone didn’t seem to have a problem getting. Plus, not all men are gonna need it, whereas women are pretty guaranteed going to be a mess when menopause hits. And not every women gets HRT.

      2. I didn’t say they should make the estrogen illegal for women who want/need it as they go through menopause though. My problem is that test is literally (hitler) in the same group as heroin and crack in the eyes of the law for men and if you can legally obtain it no insurance would pay for it while simply saying “i would like some estrogen” is enough for women to get HRT and have it subsidized — by money which I contribute too btw. It is one of the absolute most clear cut cases of shitting on men while subsidizing women. If HRT is a legitimate treatment then so be it, but saying it is honkey dorey for women and on par with being a crack head for men is patently absurd.

        1. I know more men on testosterone than I do women on HRT. Usually both are covered if you have adequate health insurance, right?

        2. I am under the impression that Test isn’t covered by insurance. I have never been on it so I am not the one to say. This is he impression I get. If it is treated in an equitable way across the sexes I don’t mind that women have easy access to HRT. What bothers me is if men are essentially criminalized for wanting it, which is my impression. I could very well be wrong though. Others here would be in a better position to give facts.

        3. I dont think E benefits women in the same way T benefits men, but HGH is beneficial for men and women, dont quote me tho, bro science at work…

        4. That’s correct, usually it’s not covered.

        5. see that is the problem. I have no issue with women having access to estrogen but if we are going to make it a sex issue where women can get estrogen but men can’t get test then fuck it. I will either pay into the pot so everyone can use or not pay into the pot and no one can get but I hate the fact that I have higher premiums because women need estrogen but if I want test I can go fuck myself with a stick

    3. It’s even worse than that.
      If a young fellow wants to take steroids he would go to jail if he got caught. But if he wants to take estrogen and grow tits and become a trannyfag well, that’s pure and right and not only does he not go to jail, but someone else must pay for it.
      That double standard alone is why every man should be a shitlord chipping away at the cathedral every day, all day.

      1. Steroids? Sure…but what about simple testosterone replacement? I really don’t know anything about it first hand and there Is so much contradictory info on the web I don’t know what to believe. However, replacement testosterone being more dangerous than estrogen…not sure I buy that. Tren and Clen and Winnie more dangerous than estrogen, yeah probably

  8. “since we are natural minimalists”
    Count me out, I want to be rich, own a mansion with a swimming pool, a helicopter, a jet, fancy cars etc. I don’t want to work harder, I want to have leverage, maybe by selling crap to women.

    1. Yep. I like the phrase “I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht”
      Sorry, Looney Toons flashback…

  9. Women in Brazil want to retire 10 years younger than men, even though their life span is way longer. That’s equality for you.

    1. Well wait…does this mean they want to not be in the work force but stay home and be blowjob and baby making machines? If so, can’t blame them for that. Sounds perfectly natural. If you mean, which I am afraid you do, that they just want a retirement package earlier than men so they go out and be little favela whores shaking the bunda then that is nuttier than Mr. Peanut.

  10. At least there is a sign that change could possibly be on the horizon. Lately I have been hearing an advertisement on the radio for a law firm in New York I think, that specializes in divorce,child custody,alimony and child support issues exclusively for men.
    They maybe just more shyster lawyers but their advertisements are interesting.

    1. Yeah, sure. Now that many women make more than their beta bux, there’s also a trend to do away with alimony. Who would have thought?

      1. Never should have been such a thing as alimony except maybe in a very few very limited cases. A lot of that sort of thing can be blamed on lawyers working the system to begin with.
        I should probably say corrupting the system instead of working it.

        1. It comes from a time when women were staying home and raise the children. But that’s 2 centuries ago….

        2. Correct. Alimony is bullshit. Child support is one thing. If you have a kid and you peace out on the mom you should give a REASONABLE amount of money for the support of that child until they come of age. But Alimony is just fucking insane.

        3. lol. Also there was no fault divorce at the time. So, I agree with alimony as long as the woman never works, and there is no (no) fault divorce.

        4. Yep, that’s the key word “acceptable”, not ass raped by it. I know some guys that barely have enough money to eat lunch on because of child support. Evidently in some cases now they base it on “earning ability” instead of income.

        5. I can understand limited alimony if she has never worked to perhaps help her get on her feet again but not a ride on the gravy train forever.

        6. I have seen it too. You know, the funny thing is that the absolute easiest thing to do is to come to a rational agreement that makes sense and is fair to all parties including the child. That is literally (hitler) the simplest way to go about things. Instead, the gymnastics that is required to be totally fucking insane has made a very well paid industry of divorce law and a huge population of men who have been fucked 8 ways to Tuesday by angry exes

        7. The problem is, most women are never on their feet – too busy laying back, spreading their legs.

        8. Understood, maybe I should have worded it different such as give her time to get on her feet after that it’s on her. If she didn’t get going on her own then she’s SOL.

        9. The more loopholes lawyers find and the more legalese they can define just makes for larger pay days.

        10. yes. I do similar stuff at work all the time. Inspection by the department of buildings? environmental control board? whoever? that’s ok, I know the rules inside and out and a million different loopholes that explain why something isn’t a violation. Someone gets paid to write the rules in legalese. Someone gets paid to enforce them. Someone gets paid to represent the ownership team during the inspections and someone gets paid to sell scotch behind the bar of a nice steak house. The wheels keep on a turnin’

        11. Nah women should be returned to their dad until she finds another man.
          I think if there is one difference between islam and christianity that makes the former grow and the latter shrink it is this: muslims understand that women are grown children, that they shouldn’t get an education and that they should either stay with dad or hubby.

        12. They wrap alimony into child support these days. Little Junior receives hardly any cash while momma gets a payday to go out and slut it up with bad boys in the bars.

        13. The only circumstances under which a spouse should get alimony is:
          1. That spouse isn’t the one who initiated the divorce.
          2. That spouse did not engage in adultery.
          3. That spouse gave up his/her own time/efforts to raise children and keep up the house, without the help of day care, nannies, maids or anything like that.
          4. The spouse who meets the above requirements is not independently wealthy prior to going into the marriage.
          And even then, that alimony should have a hard cap that once reached, no matter when, ends forever.

        14. Imputed income, the legal theory that if you’re not “employed to your maximum potential” then you’re cheating your kid(s) (aka your wife) out of money that’s rightfully hers….er…I mean the kids’. Basically they’d say “Confederate, you know, you work a job as a welder, but we feel that you have the potential to be a doctor, so let’s go ahead and calculate child support based on a surgeon’s wages”.
          As if in real life you’d automatically jump to the highest rung you could occupy because you want to be a good wage slave and not spend time at home. It’s utter bullshit.

        15. One to two years tops, with receipts showing ongoing skills training (vocation school or college). And then only in the circumstance that you outline.

        16. Oh man and I use to proudly say “I’ve never paid for sex”
          Last one summed in around 250 a lay…. and I did all the work!!

        17. The woman’s lifestyle cannot be reversed.
          Doesn’t matter if the Husband is living under a fucking bridge. A woman’s lifestyle cannot go backwards as implicitly understood by the courts

        18. An interesting legal challenge to this would be that if she’s “entitled to the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed” then according to 14 Amendment protections, so is the ex-husband.

        19. Yes that would be more than appropriate. It needs to have specific limits.

        20. It’s partly why we are where we are, we elect a bunch of lawyers to make the laws, so they make laws that make them more money once the leave office by figuring out the loopholes in the laws they wrote.
          They are why you can’t have a handshake agreement on anything.
          They have it sewn up so both sides of every transaction or agreement has to have legal representation to keep the other side from nitpicking a loophole in order to screw someone over.

        21. I have never thought of that angle I’m suprised a good lawyer hasn’t already been all over that.

    2. Yep, they advertise here in Ohio too. Cordell & Cordell I think?

    3. Just the fact that they have this type of advertisements for men really shows inequality in the system exists.

  11. This article just sums up things that had been knocked around the manosphere for years and nothing has changed. The whole system stays rigged for the female gender and they’re allowed to bitch about it. So, we need to change. Whether it’s MGTOW or getting a vasectomy right out of highschool, freezing your sperm, and maintaining a soft-harem into your sixties, we need to change the game.

    1. Males should be educated to stay single through their 20s and 30s, and only consider marriage if they accidentally knock up a woman during those prime years. That would go a long way to prevent beta males from getting manipulated.

  12. Furioso:
    You forgot the inequality of the draft.
    Men have to legally sign up for the privilege of getting killed in the latest interventionist nation-building experiment or face getting imprisoned, while women get off scot free.

    1. I don’t want women drafted. My solution is to reverse that bullshit move that the limp wristed bureaucrat signed before he left office. Get them out of combat roles entirely, no exceptions. It’s bullshit that they even think that they compare to male soldiers.

      1. Ordinarily I would agree with you, but
        1) Women aren’t bearing children during their prime years anyway (by and large in the US).
        2) The US Military is more likely to be used against the civilian population rather than a actual enemy (probably not under Trump: for the future).
        3) As the Right is just as infected with feminism as the Left, the broken and bleeding female bodies are pretty much the only way to break both sides of the equality BS.

        1. Precisely. All wars are bankers’ wars. But don’t expect that to change under Trump.

        2. Well, it would have to take some cultural changes, quite so.
          Given as I’m also a strong proponent of “Revoke the privilege of women voting” and such…

        3. “Well, it would have to take some cultural changes”
          Cultural changes that aren’t coming short of a spiritual awakening in America.
          I fear that we are past the point of no return, and Trump is the eye of the hurricane (and I’d love to be wrong on this)…..

      2. A big problem with all things feminist related is the lack of congruence. If they are going to be in combat roles (and really, if they are going to vote), then they should be drafted.
        If they are not going to be drafted, then get them out. These issues need to be addressed all within the same timeframe, but of course they seemingly never are.

      3. Complete liabilities in the Marines. Can’t imagine they’re much better in the Army. They don’t belong, period. Leave them to the Airforce and Navy, if anything.

      1. It’s not that they’re being drafted, but that only men will be considered for a draft should the need arise. That’s wrong. If women want to push their way into “combat roles” to the detriment of force readiness, then they by needs have to be held to the same standards as combat troops.

  13. “Rich men have to be the stupidest people when it comes to women”
    So true. I’ve known of a few of them and each one of their women take them for absolute fools. If these men are questioned about it, they act like a woman…substituting their dough as if it were a vagina. “Who are you to ask questions? I’m rich!”
    Then they ask their lose-dollars-to-save-dimes faggot bean counter on what to do.

    1. I’m impressed and shocked at how many rich guys get repeatedly caught up by gold diggers. The list is long and sad… Robin Williams, John Cleese, Bill Murray, Paul McCartney, etc.

      1. You got to keep in mind that all those guys you mentioned come from liberal mindsets.

      2. I’ll forgive McCartney his first mistake. He’d just had his lifelong wife, who was loyal and decent to the end (even though she couldn’t sing) die of cancer. Ok, so he’s never seen the other side or thought it was absurd (John and Oko) and figured, I’ll get the same deal the second time around. Then he got screwed, hard, and not in the fun way. Then the idiot goes and does it *again*. No sympathy at all for the third one, not even a lick.

        1. Bill Murray may have learned this lesson. He has remained unmarried since his last divorce.

        2. At his age there is no justifiable reason whatsoever for him to get married. He’s not going to be fathering any children, and he has far more than enough means to ensure that he’ll be surrounded by people on his death bed. Glad to hear that he wised up without having to stumble a few more times.

        3. John Cleese did the same damn stupid thing; married and divorced twice (the second one divorce-raped him but good), then the fool married a third time.
          He did have more money than sense, but not anymore.

  14. What do angry Chinamen do to cheating slut wives? They make them play alley moany (“Ohhh, stoppp, don’t chop-socky meee”, etc.)

  15. The problem is most women want it both ways. They want the easy life of a woman, and the respect/wage of a man.

    1. Most men don’t get much respect/wage. This is the notion of feminism where every man is a CEO or doctor. Of course, wanting it both ways is not outrageous. America is about a culture of pleasure and self-gratification. The problem is that feminism states that if a woman isn’t perfectly happy, it’s a bad guy’s fault and she should hate men and this causes so many of them to be p*ssed off because the sun didn’t rise the right way that day. Betas and the culture reinforces this notion daily.
      In other countries and cultures, the women are more realistic because there isn’t a lot of tolerance for that nonsense. Due to the invasion of the non-westerner patriarchs who aren’t chivalrous sir-lance-alots, the feminist utopian ideal is drying up fast.

    2. They want the rights and privileges of both sexes, and the responsibilities and duties of neither.

  16. Why did the oak get angry? His girlfriend accused him of being FatherOfTree.
    (Tough crowd in here today…)

  17. 50:50 gender parity in the boardroom by 2030, but only if gender is balanced in the prison population too….and no cushy open / low security jails….we’re talking the type in Brazil where they cut off the water supply for 3 months until the whole thing goes zombie inferno (but that’s ok at the moment because they’re are no women there so society doesn’t care).

  18. The truth is we men like to be slaves.
    A man is a human being who works. By working, he supports himself, his wife, and
    his wife’s children. A woman, on the other hand, is a human being who does not work
    – or at least only temporarily. Most of her life she supports neither herself nor her
    children, let alone her husband.
    Even under the Muslim male orientated society women have lots of privileges. If a woman works she gets to keep the money for herself whereas the man is required (by law) to support the whole household. Nowadays, men have the choice not to be slaves but it makes them unhappy which proves the theory above.
    Esther Villar (a jewish author) wrote about of the slave’s happiness:
    Could it be that strength, intelligence, and imagination are not prerequisites for power but merely qualifications for slavery? Could it be that the world is not being ruled by experts but by beings who are not fit for anything else – by women? And if this is so, how do women manage it so that their victims do not feel themselves cheated and humiliated, but rather believe to be themselves what they are least of all – masters of the universe? How do women manage to instill in men this sense of pride and superiority that inspires them to ever greater achievements?

    1. “How do women manage to instill in men this sense of pride and
      superiority that inspires them to ever greater achievements?”
      The V. We want it no matter what we say.

        1. Revenge for what?
          The reason for our enslavement is that we all want to procreate and as women hold the key of procreation they are in better position to bargain. It’s seller’s market.
          Nowadays it’s worse.

        2. Calling nature enslavement doesn’t fly. Slavery has a real tangible meaning, and any man can choose not to reproduce, and some do. If you have a choice, and you do, then it’s not slavery.

  19. This might seem ignorant, but what are the benefits of getting married? Significant tax breaks on certain things? Why did the gays want it so bad?

    1. For straight couples, it’s good for kids and you do get some tax breaks.
      For gays it means nothing, they were simply stomping their feet and holding their breath in yet another in a long series of attempts to deconstruct decency.

      1. One thing gays benefit is that the significant other now inherits the deceased’s retirement and Social Security benefits. Also assets goes to the spouse, not the state.

        1. Im down with assets not going to the state- let Elton John’s whatever inherit it all

        2. Don’t think the state should inherit shit. It’s already been taxed multiple times over.

      2. There was an early episode of Vice before they went PC insane. They showed this gay couple in California. I forget why, but they were so fucking rich it was obscene. Anyway, they decided to have a wedding for their dogs…..their dogs. They had a composer write a song and a famous wedding dress designer custom make the wedding dress. It was a sit down dinner for like 300 people. It cost close to a million dollars, maybe more. They were talking about how the reason they were doing it was to show that love has no boundries and any two beings that want to get married should. They brought in a famous chef to cater. It was so bat shit that it made the Russian oligarch episode and the episode where some south americans are fucking goats as a right of passage look totally normal

        1. VICE did some great reporting years ago. They did an expose on two of the booming hoods in Brooklyn- both were 1 and 2 as the most polluted in the entire country- chock full of brownsites. One portion was about the people who lived along the Newtown Creek- huge cluster of cancer cases due to an ongoing oil leak from a shutdown refinery. There was a factory in Williamsburg that handled nuclear(yes, nuclear) waste, located right across the street from a school. An ornery looking dude with a tire iron came out of the factory to menace the reporters. Now THAT was some amazing reporting.
          The video seems to have disappeared from the web, Im sure it happened after the borg acquired VICE…

        2. The history of those neighborhoods in New York (and most of new York) is actually fascinating. In my retirement, assuming I don’t go senile, I plan to write a history of New York.
          Yeah, Vice you to be really spectacular. Not sure what happened.

        3. Gavin got forced out (I think he runs takimag.com now). Downhill since then. They had the balls to publish excerpts from a schizophrenic’s diary back in the day, it was one of the most fascinating magazine pieces Ive ever read

    2. It makes certain legal issues easier if you have kids, but unless you want to have kids, there’s really no point in it.

    3. Legally, not much for yourself. But for your family and your community, the benefits are immense.

    4. Sadly, the “head of household” nonsense affords a taxpayer the lion’s share of the benefits of being married without actually having to tie the knot.

    5. I believe that the gays wanted to be ‘married’ so that they could look (and ‘feel’) ‘normal’ — or at least ‘like everybody else’.

      1. In their own gay brain, no one, especially liberals, takes them seriously. Liberals always calling “homophobes” gay and that they should come out of the closet. Libs are the biggest hypocrites.

  20. Men spend an average 8.14 hours on the job
    Women spend an average 7.75 hours on the job
    Men often go for higher pay rather than jobs they enjoy
    Women often trade higher pay for jobs they’re happier with
    Men take on dangerous and demanding jobs women don’t want that pay well
    Women miss work more often than men

    Well, guess who is home when the kids are sick??

    1. And guess who continues to work so that the medical bills for sick kid and absentee at work mom are paid.

      1. That’s often true, I won’t argue with you there. Although, the woman may be the one with the better health insurance plan through work, and she is the one getting those insurance premiums out of her paycheck.

        1. This is a non-issue. If a woman feels it necessary to stay home and take care of sick children over working, then she should fully exercise her matronly instincts and do the proper thing and be a stay at home mother. Pawning a kid off on some strangers in day care then whining about “pay inequality” is silly. Do the right thing, raise your family with a true two parent home, not a two-executive home.

    2. I don’t agree with your assessment about jobs- many men opt for long term security
      and benefits- especially in past years- over shorter term monetary gain and career advancement.

  21. Yes equalize the divorce laws- make women who abandon their families and are gainfully employed pay child maintenance at the very least.
    Why this issue has never been addressed is a mystery.

    1. If a couple gets divorced and the father has sole custody of the kids, women are usually ordered to pay child support.

      1. Not “usually” and even when it happens women skip out most of the time and no legal ramifications occur.

      2. It certainly wasn’t the case forty odd years ago.
        In the particular case I refer to the woman committed adultery- left the family and remarried.
        It was left to the father to institute divorce proceedings and he was awarded sole custody of the two children.
        In addition no effort was made by lawyers to collect child maintenance from the absentee defendant who never bothered to put in an appearance at the court proceedings. .

        1. Your graph just shows who usually has custody of the kids.
          And as from your NPR link you provided:
          The first of which is that custodial dads have a much higher average household income than custodial moms. So their average household income is $52,000 compared to about $26,000 for custodial moms.

        2. Also, your graph doesn’t show the very high percent of women ordered to pay child support that never pay a penny, almost half of them. Courts and family services HATE to make women pay money to men, they drag feet or flat refuse to enforce.
          The girl card is honored by most people.

  22. The women involved regard their only obligation being to their new families and everyone else be damned.
    And society has been-is-okay with this?
    Because everyone just looks the other way?

  23. If women hold up their part in the marriage contract, I see no problem with the agreement. I work full time, but my wife mothers full time. (six kids, home schools, cooks cleans, etc.)
    My brother, on the other hand, had a wife that didn’t uphold her responsibility. She worked maybe 20 hours a week at WalMart while the kids were in school. She slutted around and now they are going through a divorce.

    1. Like any other contract….if both parties faithful uphold their end of a bargain that they made intentionally, not under duress and with open eyes as to the realities of the ups and downs the contract will yield a successful result I imagine — at least in the majority of cases. Good work!

      1. Yup, marry wisely, go to church, constantly reinforce through study, be proactive in maintaining order.

        1. Why church? To learn how to be a cuck mangina? Churches are full of women of both genders. Pastors cater to feminism. Don’t want to scare off the majority of the tithers.

        2. Hang out in the gay bars if you want I don’t care. Or you can find a conservative church, they exist.

        3. You obviously think about “gay bars” a lot. Keep looking for that unicorn “conservative church”, where they count the nickels and noses.

  24. Remember, guys.
    If she truly loves you, she won’t mind signing it as she’ll assume that it’s just a formality which will gather dust in the drawer for decades.
    If she tries to wiggle out of it through the standard tantrum and emotional blackmail (“You’re already setting an expiration date on our marriage!!!!”), get rid of her faster than you can say “shallow bitch”.

    1. Or just don’t get married in the first place. A judge can throw out a prenup just because…

      1. There are keepers out there…….. rare rare rare keepers… really rare…. 5 less and they’re ficticious…. you get the idea.
        And to anyone getting a prenup, spend more on the lawyer writing and doublechecking it than you would spend on the wedding.

        1. Lawyer writes prenup, lawyer present when female signs, to explain it and witness being there and you might have a psychologist there just in case later she says she was coerced. Prenup stating she is without mental reservation or coercion of any kind.
          Then it might possibly hold up in court, if you have a good divorce attorney.
          Better to not get married.

        2. Aw a shrink too? Yeah I take it back, stay single and rent ’em if push comes to shove.

    2. A man bringing a prenup into a courtroom is like bringing a paper shield to a gunfight, and about as futile.

  25. If only she was that good looking. My brother’s ex is twice the woman that girl in the picture is. (Perhaps 3X)

    1. Flashing at warlmart for smartphone camera is a thing now. You’re missing out on the fun in NYC.

        1. Looks like fake pic because women who shop at walmart wear size XXXXXL t-shirt.

  26. A cuckapalooza in theory, that has a lot of red pill comments on it (outside of my own I mean). The white knight brigade used to be legion and ten rows deep, now it’s down to a few stragglers who get sniped when they show up. A day will come with white knights are afraid to post their sniveling pussy begging crap and then we’ll own the field intellectually. Here’s hoping for the best.

    1. lol, good one. I wonder if there is a huffpo or jizzabell article with a more trollable comments section

    2. First I’ve heard of that one. Just checked out the video. Looks like some kind of drunk land whale attacked him!!
      And I was prepared to dislike the guy, now I’m on his side. 😀

    3. It’s pretty evident that she provoked him. But people are so afraid of being put on blast for suggesting that fact and that maybe if women want true equality, they should know their physical limitations and what they can and cant get away with. If you cannot defend yourself, you probably shouldn’t hit someone or threaten them in any way shape or form. Bill Burr had a piece in one of his stand-ups where he mocked some woman on The View for suggesting that there is never a valid reason to hit a woman. And he basically said are you kidding? There are plenty of valid reasons to hit women, but we as men typically do not do it.
      There is no mention in most of the national stories of whether or not he had been drinking or was drunk at the time and that perhaps that could have clouded his judgment. Just that a muscular football player should never hit a woman, even if attacked or provoked. So basically she can be drunk and violent and hit a man but the man cant defend himself because the woman is the weaker sex and is essentially part of societies protected class.
      Brent Musburger was put on blast for suggesting that he hopes this guy can turn his life around via a second chance. I’ve read comments from cucks about how disgusted they are that Musburger would defend his second chance comments and its pretty sad that they cant even read into what Musburger is saying and instead, they white knight and act like Musburger condones violence against women. Our society is truly screwed.

        1. Because everyone knows the truth, although virtually no one wants to admit it.

        2. Women actually DO ‘rape’ drunk men.
          Granted the women in question are usually land whales but it does happen.

        3. Because the Feminist/Leftist/White Knight social conventions won’t acknowledge it or allow it.

        4. True story…..back in my drinking days a friend of mine had this get together at his house, 4 guys and about 5 girls. One friend of mine (probably considered the alpha of our group) was passed out on the couch. I was passed out at the time in another room. This girl strips off her clothes, pulls his pants down and climbs on top. I don’t know if she was trying to get pregnant by him or what, but he woke up and threw her off him. I awoke in the commotion. The shitty part of the deal is she was underage and could have gotten him into serious trouble.

      1. If they’re both drinking then the idea of consent or culpability applies to both of them. I don’t mean if one had a sip of a cocktail and the other is blotto drunk, I mean if they were both more or less at the same level of drunk, then sorry, women don’t get to play the “I couldn’t consent because alcohol but he had full agency because we’ll ignore that he had alcohol”.

        1. Yes, some women have the intention to be fucked that night, before start drinking, but if she in the morning realize that the man one night stand was not as alpha as she believed before, The hamster will cry rape. Regret is not rape.

        2. They do willfully utilize massive blinders on that particular bit of overlooked “equality” — a lady loves her precious scapegoat when the situation calls for it. “Guilt-Be-Gone!”

  27. I am kind of confused by this article…do you want women in the workforce or not??
    I am not saying this to be argumentative…it is just so often on here men complain about women taking their jobs.

    1. No women in the work force, no women voting and most importantly no women in pubs.

    2. That depends on your home situation. If you are single or lack kids, by all means go to work. If there are kids at home, that is your first priority.
      A married man’s primary responsibility to the family is to provide, protect, and to lead. A married woman’s responsibility is to nurture their children. We are also obligated to help each other meet those needs. Individual disability or circumstances may require adaptation, but that is the pattern we should follow.

    3. I think this is what Kant would call a hypothetical imperative rather than a categorical imperative. In case of categorical imperative it is always a “must” what amounts (kind of) to an objective rule. However, hypothetical imperatives are conditional. If you want x then you must y.
      For people who would like a return to a way of live more comparable to the 1960’s and early (pre hippie) 60’s then you would say that in order to achieve this end women in the world place should be limited to secretarial help, nursing and primary school teachers.

    4. First, yes you are saying this to be argumentative. I’ve seen a number of your comments and they are pretty much all argumentative. If you want to be a contrarian and play devil’s advocate, that’s fine – nothing wrong with challenging ideas. But don’t lie.
      Second, this site has different writers with different points of view, and even more commenters, so opinions (or “complaining”, as you say) will vary. But the overall idea on this site, at least by my impression, is that of meritocracy.
      If a woman wants a job and the company feels she would be a good fit, then fine, hire her. And if it turns out she can’t do the job or is toxic to the work environment, fire her (same as men). But let it be by choice, not through force of government mandates and lawsuits.

    1. I don’t know if you opened that link but if you haven’t, then don’t. Virus warnings flash on the screen and it ain’t worth it. Anyways I opened it out of curiosity and this is what appears:
      I stole their gif so it’s clean to view without the virus link. It’s such a risque screen saver. I’m removing it now.
      But this has me wondering how this kind of spam can flood even a cultured and non PC site like this one. Mindless skank porn can regularly post anywhere but non PC anti elitist dialogue gets banned before it even becomes a thread on most other sites. We need to all have spam engines installed and we need to begin churning out the battlecry for a change, constantly reaming and raping the internet from wall to wall with the message of PATRIARCHY. Hell they’re raping this site constantly and interrupting threads like they’ve got a back door key or something. Geez.

  28. Economic facts really apply the smackdown in full force to false liberal and feminist narratives like nothing else can.
    this can be observed in very simple ways; next time when you’re walking through a grocery store or department store, take note the amount of products available to females as opposed to men.
    You will soon learn who marketers target, who companies fight for market share over, and where frivolous spending is applied.

  29. I long ago gave up expecting women to be responsible. I just this morning had a conversation with one of my girlfriends who asked, “why do you work so much?” After trying to explain that I feel at my best when I’m accomplishing something, she explained that she, “really just works so she will have money to have fun.” Sigh…

    1. Awesome, and I mean AWESOME screen name!!!!
      When I was in school and working for my father, we had a guy nicknamed Thunderchicken working in the yard with us!!! Why Thunderchicken? Well…because he had epilepsy, and could not drink hard liquor. His drink of choice? Why THUNDERBIRD of course!!! Thus “Thunderchicken”!
      Hahaha!!! “What’s the word? Thunderbird!!!”

  30. There is a quick and dirty way to achieve this outcome. If you are wanting kids someday, make several deposits at a sperm bank. This is best done when young, as chromosomes do deteriorate in men as we age. Next get a vasectomy. Once you are totally clear of the possibility of accidental pregnancy, feel free to date and sleep with as many women as you like. However, do not marry or fund them. Without marriage or children, women have no hold on men outside their vagina. The whole point of secular (legal) marriage was to financially protect women and children (not men) and to provide legal passing of wealth to children. Marriage is not, nor was not designed to help men, it was designed to help women at the expense of men.

  31. “Men pay over 70% of income tax but the vast majority of public spending is on services for women. Women consume two-thirds of public spending, [and] there are 3 times the amount of gender specific health services for women than men despite the fact that for equal increases in health spending a man’s life expectancy rate increases nearly twice as much as a woman’s.”
    I’ve always inferred something akin to this as I’m sure most men do when they see chicks skating through life. But seeing the numbers listed out like that actually makes me sort of angry. Good article.

  32. It starts with Fathers. I see husbands, now ignored by their wives, throwing all their attention into their daughters and reciprocating their love and hugs with doling out anything and everything at any time of day. The girl grows up and expects the same from her future husband as well as the no sex part. “What? I have to show you I appreciate, respect and admire you for all you do, my dad never treated me like that?”
    Make them clean their rooms, and have them come to your job to see just how hard it is to work so they appreciate you. Teach them to wash dishes, empty the trash, vacuum and bring in the groceries. And it’s not “their room”, you’re paying for that house and kitchen and living room and television and car and insurance. It will be ‘theirs’ when they get a job and pay for it. They are not fragile…….and STOP CALLING THEM ‘PRINCESS’. Goddam, grow a backbone.

    1. Agreed, they get the same amount of chores as the boys and the same personal time with dad as anyone else.
      One of the biggest differences in our household is no network TV. Too much garbage comes over the wire for their empty minds. They can go outside or make doll houses out of cardboard and tape if they want.

  33. its usually the woman fucks the alpha and gets knocked up by the alpha, gets dumped by the alpha, finds some pathetic beta provider to pick up the tab for her and her kid/kids

    1. Really? I don’t think too many men, even Beta’s, are willing to foot the bill for another guy’s kid. I know I sure wouldn’t…and I am a born Omega.
      IMO, and from what I have seen, these women either go on public assistance or live off their parents. And, of course, continue to slut it up.

      1. that usually happens a lot. I have seen it. The woman usually still looks pretty good even though she has a kid and is able to lock up some pathetic beta.

  34. Good article. .Woman are always lagging in wages until you show them the actual costs..then they will deny they receive these benefits…but its so unfair!

  35. One of the ironies of all this is that due to feminism, women now often MUST work because wages are deflated and the dysfunctional nature of post-feminist society and leftism has increased the cost of living. If things were still like the 1950’s (or heck, the 1900’s) in terms of social mores, the average ideal feminist (a single woman who doesn’t want a relationship with a man and can be “independent”) would be earning twice as much, or more, than she would be now.
    In Sweden and other western European socialist utopias, there’s as steady USSR style economic and cultural collapse underway. Feminism doesn’t work at so many levels.
    I sometimes ponder how there’s this challenge to humanity in that the better we get at automation and advancement, it makes us soft so we wind up undermining out own evolution. Men are like these evolved skynet cyborgs by evolution perfectly suited to take care of women who are now dependent upon us. The socialist western chivalrous gynostate is a poor replacement and far less noble and trustworthy.

    1. The idea that both parents must is entirely self-inflicted. Yes things like housing and food can be pricey, but most of these people seem to want things like really big expensive houses, new cars every few years, the latest and greatest tech gadgets and all sorts of other luxuries.
      When I hear them complain, it rings very hollow to me.

      1. Of course, the term “must” is loaded but I stand by the context of which I said in that bourgeoisie women probably won’t be happy living with a lower standard of living than would have been possible 3 generations ago being my point.
        Indeed, back then it was possible for a single middle class wageearner to easily afford a new car every few years, the latest tech gadgets, and a big house. I grew up in one.

        1. If a woman tells you that she won’t accept a lifestyle hit for the sake of her staying home and raising kids in the future, then get on your knees and thank God for direct and brazen sign that she’s not for you.

        2. A potentially easy way to find out if that self-proclaimed “Not A Feminist” is actually lying through her teeth, is to suddenly ask her if she’ll take her husband’s last name if she marries. If she hesitates in the least, you have your answer.

  36. Could I be mistaken or is the nationalist side of the manosphere starting to co opt MRA’s problems?
    I sure hope so!
    Be nice to ‘uncuck’ men’s issues from both the mgtow crowd AND the men’s rights retards.
    This article and the following Daily Stormer rant are quite encouraging.

  37. How do you expect those who could barely learn to lead a household, over a long period of time, to lead any large scale business in an even shorter span?
    Feminism, as it is (women wanting to be ‘men’ instead find their way to be ‘leaders’), is extremely misguided and dumb.

  38. There should be an article on the divorce rape industry as it exists in other countries. Who litigates, who operates family courts and tribunals. Saudis have no divorce rape industry to speak of. We need to have a better view comparatively with relation to other countries worldwide so we can have a better grasp on the problem of the culprits most involved in undermining our cultural conventions like family and tribe. If they only knew how much in the cross hairs they are getting, and it’s all accelarating worldwide soon as MAN RETURNS TO THE THRONE.
    But looking up stats, Chile has world’s lowest divorce rate at 3%. Belgium has highest at 70%. This could also translate to the most and least active areas where divorce rape industry operators reside, set up shop and run their kangaroo family tribunals.

  39. I thoroughly enjoyed the article’s pointy end, and I’ve said as much directly to a few women who’ve openly, doggedly lectured or challenged people on some of these points (when a man replies it’s in the delivery, so they don’t all go running for the hills when you drop science on them, and some women even agree that the scenario this article describes is abnormal and arbitrarily assigns higher rank to a warped belief), but I lost my shit when I read the caption:
    “YouGoGrrl! Work 70 hour weeks while we men chill out poolside”
    Play on. Comic gold, laughed super hard, gotta use that on the spot, maybe more than once.

  40. In my most recent Job I worked for nearly 5-years without ever taking day off. The women in similar positions took regular days off for “soft” issues.

  41. Men must stop being cucks at work. Reject “men’s work” tasks when females get a pass. No more gender based tasks at work. Women can load the concrete bags also.

  42. Gender neutral laws should be mandatory and cash flow calculations should be done with minimalist assumptions.

    1. Yeah, but annulment doesn’t give the ‘cash and prizes’ to the woman (and her dirtbag lawyer) like divorce does.

  43. You’re right, white women are worthless parasites who contribute nothing to western society. They live worthless lives, and work in worthless makework jobs.
    If all white women were to die tomorrow, we white men would all carry on as normal (but maybe wank a bit more). If all white men were to die tomorrow, white women would be starving in a week (or conquered by China).

  44. Men save 75% more over their lifetimes than women. I wouldn’t have known that had I not read this and been inspired to check the stats. Enough of this inequality, let’s make sure women are as responsible with their finances as are men.

  45. You’re being too kind in this article. This supposes the fact that women can even perform the high value jobs as well as men. Which in most cases they don’t; and of course don’t mention the grueling dangerous work they can’t/unwilling to perform either

  46. I’m sick of the subtle racist articles on here, your viewership extends past just white men so act like it. We are all men building for the same thing and caring about color is so fucking beta

  47. LOL.
    You poor little slave boy.
    This is the most hilariously inaccurate drivel I’ve read all year.
    For how much all you writers despise women, you sure know how to whine as well as you claim we do. Can I see your picture baby? So that I could set it straight once and for all that no women in her right mind would make it her mission to “trap” a wittle helpless beta like you. 🖤🖤

  48. Even if you do stop giving females a “free ride”, rest of the majority of mangina population will give females a “free ride”. … therefore if Sally can’t make you become a human ATM machine, she will make some Schlub Sam her new money milk machine and have him her personal servant.

  49. You forgot to mention that men serve far longer prison sentences for the same crimes as women commit (if they even go to jail at all!). They need to be sentenced equally for those same criminal acts as men do.
    While we’re at it, you can even see in the tennis that men play 5 sets to women’s 3. Maybe make those equal, too. Most professional sports show men having to put in way more than their female counterparts. Although, the good thing about it is that they’re paid accordingly to the work they put in.

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