Today’s Youth Are Being Encouraged To Become Transsexual

Not long ago, I was with a small, private gathering for one of my social circles. It’s a predominantly left-leaning crowd. The conversation turned to some of the new goofy pronouns now in vogue, and what the term “cisgendered” meant. When I declared myself to be a unicorn, it got a few chuckles.

Then one of them said that his daughter identified as “non-binary gender” and preferred the pronoun “it.” I had nothing more to say; that completely floored me. They started discussing how trendy all that was, and everyone thought it was wonderful that kids were experimenting with gender identities. From the way they described it, the kids were doing so like they try out new clothing fashions.

I wanted to tell them that cultural Marxism is ruining our youth. Doing so would’ve gotten a worse reaction than being the proverbial grouchy uncle who talks politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Actually, I wanted to shout about it, but I would have been as welcome as an atheist in a monastery. This brief glimpse into the lives of today’s youth was one of those moments where it seemed like I was living in a science fiction story where I had woken up in some strange dystopia.

I’m not sure how old his girl is, or when this idea first surfaced, but I’d bet a paycheck that “it” didn’t come up with that herself. I’m quite sure these kids were just exploring a new fad, but that didn’t make me feel any better about it. Since transsexuality is a very rare psychological condition affecting three tenths of one percent of adults, how did this neurosis become so trendy with young people today?

Kids don’t get these ideas on their own


Monkey see, monkey do

Back when I went to school, I never heard of anyone wanting to be called by “it,” or anything but the correct pronoun for their physical sex. There simply weren’t any boys who thought they were girls, or vice versa. I never heard of anything like that in the very large and ultra-liberal college I attended either.

Were there some who were just too shy to “come out” about it? I find that doubtful. I knew of some gay students, but never anyone who didn’t know what sex he or she belonged to. Not once did I hear the slightest rumor of anything like that, not even as a random insult, even in the junior high where the word “faggot” was thrown around as often as peas and mashed potatoes in a food fight.

When it comes to sexual identity, screwing with a child’s mind is criminally irresponsible. An observant young person can see this happening to peers.

Propaganda in schools


An actual handout in some schools

The educational system is much to blame for trying to “deconstruct the gender binary.” The GLBT agenda is generally sold as an effort to reduce bullying. I understand that picking on people for being different is a dick move. In a perfect world—which this isn’t—children wouldn’t get hassled about things like freckles, wearing glasses, being short, or having an unusual name. Of course, essential characteristics like those are not really given much emphasis, since they’re not on the list of politically correct priorities.

If the concern really was only about bullying, then all teachers have to do is explain that picking on people who are different (for whatever reason) is bad. Then they should apply it consistently. Instead, they are going much further by evangelizing “alternative lifestyles.” (Don’t count on them describing the politically incorrect facts about what groups you’re more likely to catch an STD from, of course.) As it happens, this propaganda doesn’t occur only in places like California.

Does the GLBT crowd favor pushing this sort of thing in schools? Consider the provocatively-titled article “Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?“:

They accuse us of exploiting children and in response we say, “NOOO! We’re not gonna make kids learn about homosexuality, we swear! It’s not like we’re trying to recruit your children or anything.” But let’s face it—that’s a lie. We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.

With greater chutzpah:

And I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start fucking men. I want lots of young ladies to develop into young women who voraciously munch box. I want this just as badly as many parents want their own kids to grow up and rub urinary tracts together to trade proteins and forcefully excrete a baby.

I’ll give the author credit for being honest, but schools are certainly not the kind of place to preach this sort of thing to a captive audience.

In the five years since that interesting piece was written, the spotlight has turned toward the transsexual (and related) parts of the LGBTTQQIAA dealio. They got everything they wanted with gay marriage and gays in the military. So now the focus shifted to tranny stuff, the latest in the unending quest of cultural Marxism to socially engineer the world their way.

Parents aren’t consulted about whether or not they want their kids to be indoctrinated. Most would agree with me about all this. The problem is, the parents aren’t calling the shots.

Propaganda by the media and popular culture


“Woman of the Year”

A few years ago, you hardly ever heard about anything like this. After Bruce Jenner “became a woman,” this stuff started appearing everywhere in the media.

“She” even was named Woman of the Year by Glamour. That was kind of a slap in the face to over three three billion people on the planet who actually are women. Even Hillary (bless her heart) would’ve been a better pick, since she biologically qualifies for the distinction. The point, of course, was to try to convince the public that a guy who puts on a dress and calls himself a woman really is one. Why do fashion magazines have to make political statements anyway?

Now this sort of thing is all over the media. They propagandize this with heartstring-pulling dramas. Worse, this stuff is being pushed even on shows for little kids too. Sesame Street—a show for preschoolers which receives Federal funding—got into the act as well. Even National Geographic has jumped on the bandwagon. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to this degenerate stuff, let alone encouraged in it.

Why this is wrong

First of all, a man who thinks he’s a woman isn’t really a woman, even if he takes hormones and gets extensive cosmetic surgery. He’s just a confused guy making a spectacle out of himself. Being out of touch with reality is a neurosis. It doesn’t always end there; one of these guys thinks “she” is a dragon (warning: you can’t un-see those pictures). Actually, quite a few Social Justice Warriors believe they’re not even human. (For that matter, some people think they have too many limbs too.) Adults playing make-believe are neurotic, and they have no business dictating public policy to the rest of the world.

What will happen to the kids who are influenced by transsexual propaganda? Likely most of them will grow out of it. Unfortunately, some are being encouraged in this from a young age. Since the fruitcakes started running the asylum, kids are getting artificial hormones that will screw up their development, and some even get sex change operations. Many will end up regretting all this, which already has happened.

Encouraging kids to think they’re something they’re not is child abuse; encouraging them to disfigure their bodies is even more monstrous. I can see why the suicide rate is so high for transsexuals, which is all the more reason not to push this on kids. The activists tell us that this is because society doesn’t accept that. I say it’s because a guy who wants to get his junk cut off already has something wrong between the ears.

What can be done?


Just kidding!

For the educational system, devolving power is the solution. Surely this madness is being pushed from the very top. Likely this is by high-level Department of Education munchkins who’ve made their “long march through the institutions” and are letting activist groups write their curricula. If they won’t stop abusing their powers to push this (along with other cultural Marxist propaganda), then they should be thrown out, or their department should be abolished.

If we cut the head off the snake, the activists will have to try to push their agenda in state capitals. They might get their way in the Northeast and the Left Coast, but not in “flyover country.” They’ll have a tougher time getting their apparatchiks in place in all 50 states as well as well as fighting parents in places like Kansas and Utah.

As for the media, that will be more difficult. Unplug from it, if you haven’t already done so; stop feeding the beast. If enough people write to the producers and their sponsors, letting them know that you don’t care for their propaganda, this might help too.

Until all this happens, responsible parents will have to explain to their sons that they are boys, and their daughters that they are girls. This is how nature made them, and this means something. Warn your children that there are people who want to influence their “lifestyle” (as well as their political views), and to let you know when this happens.

Then, raise hell with school boards. Go to PTA meetings and express your concerns. Many parents are unaware of what’s going on, and others are afraid of getting shouted down. You might even get some criticism, but the future of our youth is worth fighting for.

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  1. In my high school, anyone who didn’t appear as heterosexual usually got the shit kicked out of them by their own gender. Can’t believe it’s any different now. I’m calling bullshit on this story.

    1. Funny enough, I had the luxury of eavesdropping on a coworkers conversation about whether a little boy should be allowed to wear a dress. All of the women said “F- Dat Shit” and left a literally speaking gay guy and a nice guy, to fight for these boys looking to wear dresses. I could only look and smile while thinking ‘that’s what I’m talking about ladies!’
      The indoctrination now is very real and the worst preachers are faggots and nice guys as they will consistently defend the faggotry, even without any feminists lording over them.

    2. Queers have stolen the anti-bully campaign from the 90s that was for handicapped kids. If you hurt a faggots feelings you will be kicked out of school and the faggot will get elected class president and a free scholarship to college.

    3. Apparently you don’t actually have kids who are school age.

      1. My oldest is child 31 and my youngest is 5, I worked as a high school teacher until 2009 when I stopped working.

  2. When you are proud to make of yourself a better target. , you’d better be tough enough to catch bullets.
    An old saying : “You can free yourself from Byzance. But can you get free from what coming next ?”

    1. More seriously,you can spray stats, and true horror story to parents. Even liberal ones will go berserk if they feel and understand that their kids are threatened by ideologists and failed scientists
      How did the catholic Church was obliged to change her rules about secrecy for sex scandals ? Thousands of angry parents.
      In France, Gender lessons for children were stopped, on a national scale,.by an association of organised Muslims parents. Yes.
      You can do the same. If you get Balls.

  3. Member when transsexuals were considered mentally ill and degenerate pariahs in society? I memba.

    1. I remember when normal guys would put on a dress and it was considered a hilarious joke or the downside to a bet.

  4. “It’s a predominantly left-leaning crowd.”
    There is your problem. If anyone of them has kids, they will most likely grow up to hate their parents– seen that a few times.

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          One of these days I will do this. But for now I’ll stick to fun sure thing tonight and a night of city trolling tomorrow

        2. Awesome. I like to read about your sexploits. Hey, whatever happened with that girl on the subway that you pulled that silent pickup with – did she ever call? FYI, I passed on banging Fauxlivia. She’s tied into scary people, and I decided to give her the slip. Too many other hot sluts in the world, who don’t come with that kind of danger attached to them. That Croatian boat week is a definite bucket-lister. Goddamn. Have to take a stab at that one. The closest thing I can think of, here in the States, is getting a few gorgeous strippers in Vegas lined up for a private hotel suite party (lots of them are down for that action). That’s an easy one, though. The Croatian boat angle, now that’s some serious James Bond stuff. Very nice indeed.

        3. Croatian boat thing absolutely a bucket list.
          Never got a call from silent pick up. Shame. Oh well, I really thought I had that one on the line. No biggie. Shame about Fauxlivia. This new one is great. All we do is drink, insult one another and fuck like animals.

        4. Sounds perfect. I like how you create your own reality. Very admirable. Speaking of which, I just had my favorite breakfast in the world. Six fried eggs over easy, fried potatoes, and triple-berry fruit mix (blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries). About 70 grams of protein. I know that’s kind of like a Facebook comment, but I just love that breakfast. What’s with all the whiny betas in the comments sections lately, taking potshots at ROK authors. Is there a low-T epidemic going on, or what. “Woof-woof-woof-woof. Yap-yap-yap-yap. Bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch.” Etc.

        5. Someone is going to make your reality…might as well be you ya know. As for breakfast I am on a cut and going no where near carbs but you would laugh your ass off if you knew what I eat for breakie. Today I had 6 whole eggs and 3 egg whites, 6 slices of deli turkey, 1/3 cup of whole fat cheddar cheese and a 50g protein shake. That is 194g of protein for breakfast lol.

        6. Jesus titty-fucking Christ that is a lot of protein. How many grams of carbs do you consume per day, and how many grams of protein.

        7. My net carbs for the next 2 months will be less than 10g. I am currently taking 550g of protein daily yummy gainzzzzzz Keep in mind I also am in the gym between 3-4 hours a day 6 days a week and 2 hours on sunday.

        8. How in the hell do you fuel your brain. Doesn’t the brain utilize carbs for fuel. I have read that after carb-starvation, the brain burns fat for fuel. Do you feel fuzzy-headed, or go through any of that stuff. I feel that way when I do low-carb dieting. Drives me nuts. If I go less than 100 grams per day, my brain goes all SJW on me, in terms of its ability to correlate input data and think clearly.

        9. The fuzzy feeling passes and then your body switches into ketosis where it stops looking for carbs as fuel and uses fat instead. This is why in march/April when I’m in the Caribbean I’ll be pretty much chiseled. By this time next week I’ll be sharp as a tack with more energy than you can imagine. This isn’t low carb, it is total carb depletion. The body eventually gives up on carbs. Sucks until then but afterwards it’s not too bad. I’ll miss my carby deliciousness for 2 months but it will be worth it while on vacation.
          I also cut alcohol to twice a week and even at that allow myself only 2 glasses of wine

        10. start here

          The site will have everything you need including information, calculators to figure out exact amount of calories etc and recipes for you to make etc. I find it impossible to sustain this kind of diet for more than 3 months and I will be honest, the first couple of weeks really fucking suck energy, mood and general brain wise. But if you really are into getting a lean and shredded look and willing to put in the effort, this will 100% work

        11. Hey thanks man! I will digest this and give it a shot. What the hell. I usually get ripped slowly from winter to about May. But the hell with that.

        12. “Someone is going to make your reality…might as well be you”
          That’s good stuff. Just started comprehending this in the last 5 or 6 years…

        13. Yeah, I go fast from Christmas to end of march. Then I lay in the Caribbean on an island and go full bacchian orgy mode. By the end of april I get serious again so I can be a shirtless d-bag who jogs in central park for the summer.

      1. I don’t care if the events described are ultimately realistic. My point is the author is blatantly making up a story. It’s obvious. He didn’t witness that

        1. Maybe he lives in a place like I live, the San Fran Psycho Bayarrhea Gruberfornia. I’ve seen liberals act the way this guy describes, and even worse. So, I give him the benefit of the doubt because his report rings so true.

    1. lolknee,goj, and bob smith tend to have the best comments. it must be the old guy humor combined with the old guy wisdom that creates perfect blend of words.

      1. you listen here sonny boy, why in my day go fuck yourself 🙂

        1. In my day, why, we had to walk to school. Uphill both ways. Why hell, we didn’t even have legs back then. We had to crawl on our elbows.

        2. Elbows!!!!! Awww you had it easy! Our arms didn’t even bend

        3. In our day we had to troll people with crank calls.
          Asking the bowling alley if they had 14 lb balls never stopped being funny.

        4. A comedian, when he was a kid, called in a bomb threat to someone he hated in another dept. Result: the ENTIRE mall was evacuated. He would be thrown in jail for doing that now

        5. Oh man I want to bring back crank calls! This is the phone company. The phone will ring we are testing the line. Do not pick up. *69 was the end of an era

        6. Do you have Aunt Jemima by the box? Is your refrigerator running? Do you have Prince Albert in the can?
          Those were the days!!!

      2. You just wanted an excuse to use ‘old guys’ twice in a sentence, didn’t ya? 😂

        1. i wouldn’t be surprised. The Lolknee Half Time Comedy Show. Bob Smith: Cracking You Up. GOJ Comedy Hour.

        2. They bring laughter into our lives, but can we know that deep they are not sad clowns?

      3. I grew up watching Looney Tunes, Groucho Marx, Abbot and Costello, the Three Stooges, Airplane, Monty Python, Benny Hill, The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers movies, not the cartoon), Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Naked Gun, Blazing Saddles and reading Dave Barry and P.J. O’Rourke. The silver screen stuff was ancient before I was ever born, but they were omnipresent on weekend and sometimes supper time television. All of these sources (except the Stooges, and Roadrunner and Coyote) tended to emphasize quick mental wit and fast witty word play, as well as showing how emphasizing the absurd by playing against normalcy as if it were just the by and by worked great for comedic effect. Plus my grandfather was an absolute cut up
        The culture at the time relied a lot on “long story” type humor (a joke that would require a story behind it, that could well take 1 to 3 minutes to tell in full). We just don’t have a real joke telling culture any longer, let alone long story format. Lolknee, Bob, myself and a few of the older guys are probably the last ones who remember that kind of culture so we’re the products of it, give or take.
        It’s a great talent to have online, or if you’re out in a bar and people decide it’s time to be funny. I excel at taking a two line joke and extending it into a semi-realistic sounding story and then once you’re suckered into believing that it’s real, I hit you with the punch line.
        You can see it also in a lot of the really smash hit yet strangely cult following shows spawned by GenX. For example, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike Nelson, who writes the jokes for it (or rather, wrote them) is my age give or take. That shit appealed to me immediately, because I recognized the quick association witty banter.
        Yes, I just did a semi-intellectual dissertation on why I’m funny. So sue me.

  5. Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.

    — Vladimir Lenin
    Stop. Sending. Your. Kids. To. Public. K12. Schools.
    Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. Give up whatever it is you must to make it work. Your kids will never be yours if you and the wife aren’t raising them during their formative years.
    Whenever I bring this solution up to traditional social conservatives, they’ll yell at me, saying that “their” public k12 school isn’t like that (NAPSALT?) and then they are genuinely surprised when their little Johnny or Janey comes home indoctrinated to being a full blown US-hating Marxist who openly embraces every moral rotgut degeneracy under the sun.
    Worse, these people, if they chose, could private school or home school their kids, but they won’t give up the big house, expensive new cars every few years, expensive tech gadgets and other non-essential things to make it happen.
    And for the record, Pinochet was right.

  6. It’s been declared in most civilized nations that a child under 18 cannot consent to sex, but a child as young as six can declare themselves to be transgender. WTF? It’s the parents who commit this child abuse that should be imprisoned for exploiting the most impressionable portion of our population. Dressing your little boy up as Hillary will scar him for life, and from the early onset of life teaches him that his biological sex is actually a choice. Can the left get any lower?

    1. It’s been declared in most civilized nations that a child under 18 cannot consent to sex

      That’s the left’s next move, normalizing pedophilia. You’ve no doubt noticed the recent spate of “I’m attracted to children, but I’m not a monster” opinion pieces… assholes writing that crap ought to be shot, repeatedly.

      1. Oh yeah, that’s the “just being attracted to kids isn’t a crime” crowd. Totally let that one slide, but it just occurred to me how many times I’ve seen it passed on Twitter. They are literally coming for our kids.

        1. Pinochet would have given those sick disgusting fucks a well-deserved ride in a helicopter.

      2. In most Muslim countries nobody can consent to sex at any age. You’re either married and can shag her whenever you like, or you’re single and sex is a crime punishable by death.

  7. I mean jeez….they’ve been legally killing them in the womb since the 70’s. Pfft….indoctrinating the living ones is nothing.
    If not for the children…then when? We are screwed.

  8. real question: just how ubiquitous is this? Every year 1600 deaths occur from people falling down the stairs and 300 people die in their bathtubs. If we focused on these stats as much as we do when some pedo wants to use the womens bathroom or some idiot puts on a dress and says he identifies as a gingerbread “person” it could very well seem that stairs and bathtubs are serious problems that need our immediate attention. 1600 deaths on stairs and 300 in bathtubs. That means that if 5 blogsites (calling themselves the stairandtubosphere) each published one story a day (all different) for a year on how either stairs or bathtubs were responsible for a death at the end of that year there would still be 75 stories that were left untold. It would really seem like critical mass.
    I, for one, have only seen this bs on the internet. Is this really as big of a problem as we are making it out to be?

    1. I highly doubt it is. I have yet to deal with any of this given my experience with younger cousins or the in-laws who are adolescents. Of course, one of the in-laws chopped her hair off like Gary Oldman in the 5th Element so she recieved nothing but laughter and mockery on my part.

      1. getting a wacky haircut is a rite of passage I think. Even dying your hair with temporary dies like manic panic. I am pretty much ok with any non permanent pre 18 years old ridiculousness. But yeah, the rest of this stuff seems totally insane and I have to assume that it is such a small percentage of people that it is totally insignificant and below even noticing for anything other than lulz

    2. The media/academic class has fetishized it, so it takes on a life of its own. No major media outlets take pictures of people falling down stairs or slipping in the bath, because those pics would suck. However, pics of trans people are easy to sensationalize/fetishize and make a story out of. Meanwhile, no YouTube snowflakes are making colorful confessional vids about falling down the steps– but they are getting fabulous in front of their webcams and sharing their personal journeys to discovering their “genderqueer”-ness. This all has the effect of mainstreaming a phenomenon that would on its own impact a marginal proportion of humans.
      Point: the shit that looks more sensational on video is the shit that gets pushed. If it is not socially relevant, the pics will make it that way.

        1. ive seen plenty of trannys considering i lived in columbus,ga which is about an hour and a half from atlanta.

        2. You know, you are the second person from a place that I would never expect there to be trannys to tell me this. Here I am in NYC and unless I go to the west village, night clubs around the theater district or the gay pride parade (three places I would never go) I never see them. I mean, seriously., I have lived here all my life and I don’t even need a full hand to count the number of trannys I’ve seen.

        3. I’m surprised you havent seen any at all since you live in the big apple. I currently live in a small town in Tennessee and i have seen one tranny at my university.

        4. I mean I know where to find them.
          I’ve mentioned here before, New York goes hard on segregation. I rarely see men not in a jacket and women not in heels because that’s what I chose to do with my time. I can see all sorts of faggotry if I want to go to their neighborhoods but I wouldn’t want to go there and they wouldn’t want me there.

        5. well sadly i go to a university so i have about another year of seeing this stuff before i graduate. I think i get your point though you pretty much dont hang around places where you will encounter them. Im just surprised you dont see any while riding the train.

        6. I ride the train during rush hour back and forth. I see people in suits and women in heels. I am not particularly adventurous. I go to the same kinds of places, see the same kinds of people. The segregation is real here and it is great. The faggots know where to go, so do the frat kids, so do the yuppies and it just doesn’t make sense to cross hoods. Are you at Vanderbilt? We have a few Tennessee folks here.

        7. Sounds like you’re pretending not to see because you don’t want to. I went into the sony store in NYC just to look a the latest gadgets and the first sales “person” to talk to me was the ugliest tranny I puked a little in my mouth. Its affirmative action freak show.

        8. Sony store? Where is that? If I google it I bet you it is nowhere that I would go on a dare — either tourist central or down town fag central.
          I’m not saying it’s not in the city. Just that NYC is segregated and I would never run by that nonsense where I go

        9. Maybe you trained yourself not to see working as restroom attendant in strip club. You had to help the sumo wrestler wipe his own ass because he couldn’t reach.

        10. its quiet for the most part but i have noticed some liberal propaganda. for example there was the whole rape awareness signs outside and crap.

    3. Given hugely disproportionate attention, but that’s the point I think.
      Attempt to demoralise the regulars with spurious bullshit

    4. Your kids are/will be indoctrinated with this stuff 24/7. Everything is being made to convey the gay agenda. My niece is in high school and she reports 50% of the girls in the school say they are lesbians. Fifty percent. When I went to school in the 90’s, there was one gay girl and everyone shunned her.
      It’s part of the war on masculinity. Boys were told to be more sensitive and less manly. Now they are being told to physically cut off their dick and balls. More and more of them are doing it. They’re making it normal.

      1. Fortunately I won’t have any children. That said, I just feel it is very avoidable. I don’t see this stuff ever. I asked my cousins who have kiddies and even asked the high school and college age nieces and nephews I have over Christmas. This is all totally foreign to them.

        1. Eh, it’s more common than you think.
          When my daughter was in elementary school (5th grade) the school, who had just hired a new “diverse” female principal after the male principal had left for greener pastures, hired a blatant card carrying flaming faggots. Like, Charles Nelson Riley flaming but without the humor. A pudgy little fruitcake extraordinaire. He was put in charge of the music/art class (of course).
          For the Christmas concert he decided to “think outside the box”. The concert, which previous years had been harmless little Christmas carols (and some Hanuka stuff thrown in to boot so we could pretend like there are more than 10 Jews living in our county). That year with him though? An awful, depressing venture into “the dark side of the holidays”. This “dark side” consisted of self-loathing, depression, identity confusion, angst, rejection and anger. Now you may say “GOJ, you’re just interpreting these things wrongly”, but you would be wrong. He literally (Hitler) labeled each “act” after these things, then the kids would get up and read a paragraph more suited for a college freshman than a 4th and 5th grader, lamenting the awfulness of all of these things.
          Basically he was projecting his own identity and self-hatred at being a faggot onto elementary kids and thinking that he’d get a bunch of virtue signaling adults to give him applause.
          The show ended and there were two or three soccer moms who gave hesitant claps. The fathers stood up, I swear to Bob, and gathered in a circle to discuss the matter. I was one of them. We all decided to confront the principal about this on the next day that the school was open, just after kids had been released. We communicated via email and coordinated, then showed up at the principals office with the “programs” for this performance in hand, demanding answers.
          She was flustered to say the least. A group of about 7 or 8 adult men standing there *very* angry. She said that she’d “investigate”.
          The next year, Fruitcake’s contract was not renewed (I assume it was a contract, fuck if I know how school systems work internally, maybe he was just transferred somewhere else, in any event, he was gone).
          Great, so happy ending. Except, this doesn’t happen in a lot of places. People would applaud while vomiting a little in their own mouths, and children would learn “mom and dad approve!” and there, sir, is a lesson that the new curriculum wants driven home.
          As to the boys and school, there is a huge war against them in the schools. Not “We hate boys!” but rather the ADD crap (drugging boys), the forced stillness for 8 hours, the “Girl hero” and all of the disallowing of basically all physical activity on the playground now, not to mention suspensions for acting like boys playing outside (pretend guns with your fingers, dodgeball, whatever).

        2. I don’t know if that is horrifically sad or the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Yeah the war on boys being boys is easily in it’s second decade…Le sigh

        3. It was maddening at the time. Fathers and a few mothers were casting glances all around the audiences and doing the non-verbal shaking of heads at each other, or shrugs of “what the fuck” etc. This little fudge packer wore out his welcome, fast.

      2. that’s not so bad. It is easier enough to trace it back to feminism, and the feminist media. Most of them will move on to defining themselves and bisexual or genderfluid, and will retain bullshit as the core of their identity even when their married to a man. If future generations of women (let alone feminists) really want to be taken seriously they are going to have live this down

        1. But will the kids rebel against schools and teachers who are behaving more and more like a “nurturing” mother who doesn’t seek to put them in their place as we did against the “totalitarian” teachers of our days?

        2. Not if they’re drugged up and their independence of spirit is labelled ‘oppositional disorder’ or conduct disorder or whatever inanity they’ve evolved to label behaviour that in a previous age would simply have been handled.

        3. So there will be only a small number who might (not guaranteed) to rebel.

        4. I don’t know. We’re in the process of creating a culture where challenging all the crap that is dosed out on young boys to keep them docile might be quite possible.

    5. It becomes a problem once it starts being introduced to impressionable children. And I have heard of it locally.

    6. I picked the wrong profession. I should have gone to med school and then been a psychiatrist. Imagine the drugs and therapy these kids will need in just a few short years. I have a feeling we’re going to see quite a few crazy and quite a few very angry young adults.

      1. I too should have gone to med school. I realize now, looking from the perch of age and wisdom, that Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon is the best job in the world.

        1. That’s ok. When I am driving my other Porsche to the beach on Wednesday afternoon I will be just fine

      2. Psychiatry is in such shortage it’s mind blowing your could honestly live anywhere in the US and be making bank. A head doc at my gym is 73 and just started working at the prison part time making 90g Part Time lol. Most at the VA are allowed to work from home and do it via Webcam writing prescriptions that get overnighted to your house.

      3. Win, win, win situation for the fuckers involved in this agenda, isn’t it? Oh, how vain! Even leprosy boils on their skin would not reveal to them their vainness.

    7. The transdoodles probably aren’t the problem in the restroom thing, but rather, the pervy adult men who slip in the women’s restroom to snap pictures of your little cousins/daughters/granddaughters under the bathroom stall. And that has occurred now several times under this bogus legal precedent, specifically because of this legal precedent.
      Restrooms are NOT the domain of government. At all. That they think that they can extend their slimy claws even there should give anybody pause for concern, regardless of their justification for doing so.

      1. Pervs taking pictures of little girls has been going on since the advent of the camera. I went to school with a guy (I didn’t know him but I knew people who knew him) who wound up in jail for taking pictures in a dressing room of a clothing store and when he got out he got arrested doing it again! Last I heard he was still in jail.
        There will always be a small number of perverts that parents need to protect their kids from.

        1. I’ll make it clearer.
          If you saw a man sneaking into the girl’s restroom prior to Obama, you’d report him to management and he’d be hauled out and hung from the rafters.
          Now if you see a man sneaking into the girl’s restroom, there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

        2. I think we should put this to the test.
          Also, goj, you and I know full well that if you saw a little creep going into the ladies room you would not “report it to management” lol
          *exception given if said creep is with a lady and going in there for humping purposes

      2. Wait; when you say that restrooms are nkt the domain of the government you don’t mean you would strike down the Milk Milk Lemonaide Act of 1972 do you?

    8. The fact that this agenda is spreading like a quiet virus across the globe and is being forced on our children in elementary schools makes it to be a cancer in it’s very early stages.
      It may not make a difference or register on somebody’s radar who’s only concern is their own well-being, or has a secret fetish for the end product. But when the battle is being wrought upon the minds of our own children… It is THE worst form of child abuse.
      There is no better time than now to amend this issue. Not doing anything about it makes us all co-conspirators.

        1. And they said that bread should be the foundation of your diet. What’s the point?

        2. Do you really find nothing wrong with teaching children this kind of garbage? Do you not see a horde of SJW’s in the making? And that’s the least of the problems. This is child abuse on a grand scale.

        3. I really think that good parents will make good children. As for everything else, i honestly don’t give a shit. School is school. Parents instill morals. Don’t pass that job off the the school system and you will be fine. I think everyone is over reacting and the problem isn’t nearly as bad as it’s made out to be. But if the problem is really that bad then be a good parent and the kid will be fine. Child abuse? Jesus. Kids are best and burned. Don’t fall into the SJW trap of thinking words hurt. Man the fuck up

        4. Can you see past your own nose? Man up and let government do whatever they want, eh? Takes a lot of balls to roll over, does it?
          We are not talking about morals. We are talking about the foundation of people’s identity which begins with sex. Now when a kid is playing Batman and you play along, there is an underlying agreement that everybody knows, including the child, that they are not Batman.
          When they are learning in a place that is supposed to be based on reality and not make-believe that they can be Sue or Sam or both if they willed it, that creates a cognitive dissonance. Do you know what that means? A fucking split personality. An army of SJW’s in the making.
          Over-reacting? Fuck no. Even if not intentional, it amounts to child abuse.

        5. Sounds like you spend a lot of time reading scary stories on the internet.

  9. Picture this. Little Johnny’s fruitcake parents scowl when he wants a train set. They smile approvingly when he insists on pretty pink Barbie. A two-year-old child is trans? I don’t think so!

  10. The head shrink at Johns Hopkins University said transsexuals are mentally ill, and this behavior should not be promoted. But what does he know? He is only a medical doctor. And a shrink. At one of the top medical schools in the world.
    We will see more stories like this:
    The ex gf of man (who was now living with a pre op tranny, still a dude) went to live with both of them. They all agreed they wanted a kid, so the tranny, not the man, was going to get the woman pregnant. The man and the tranny decided to kill the woman.
    If this went off with out a hitch, they woulda been celebrated as the model for the “new family” on the cover of Time magazine…

      1. How would you explain to your kid your biological dad chopped his cock off, and your other dad is a closeted homosexual?

        1. Probably something like
          “Your biological dad chopped his cock off, and your other dad is a closeted homosexual”
          Then stand waaaay back

        2. Closeted! That weakling is letting the herteronormatic cis white male Nazi scum suppress him! How could you possibly explain to the kid that the dad is closeted?

        3. “Then stand waaaay back”
          And open your checkbook for the 20 years of psychologist visits it’s gonna take to try to come to terms with having a Dad/Dad’s who are bat-the-fuck-shit insane.

    1. Doctors can lose their license for refusing to perform gender re-assignment surgery on a kid now.

      1. A doctor has the right to refuse surgery to anybody he wishes to refuse surgery to. He’s not a state automaton. Would YOU want to be under the knife of a surgeon who holds you in contempt and was forced to operate on you against his will?
        Because I like “waking up alive” as an option when I go to surgery.

        1. Actually I’m simply out of touch with current “rules” when it comes to this. Had I said this 7 months ago it would have been correct.
          Ignorance vs. Intelligence. Learn the difference.
          That being said, a doctor still has a choice if he finds it immoral enough. He can simply refuse and then take it to court.

        2. If the cosmetic surgeon continuously calls in sick he won’t be able to serve other patients, or else he will charged with discrimination. Some faggot will claim he deserves boob job just as much as female. Western culture has really efffed itself.

  11. I suspect that within a decade we’ll see Jazz Jennings or one of the other transsexual child celebrities publically revert to their biological sex and condemn their parents for pushing them into surgically mutilating their body at an age where they’re not considered mature enough to sign a contract. Now, whether the lugenpresse tries to bury their story is another matter…
    It’s been interesting to see the rise of the red-pilled gay man(exemplified by Milo) who realizes that the transsexuals are parasites trying to ride the coattails of the gay rights movement and questions why the Left is obsessed with importing 3rd Worlders who want to decapitate them. Maybe with their leadership the gay/lesbian movement can just cut the trannies loose and focus on holding the ground they’ve won.
    A man can dream, eh? The transsexuals are a bridge too far even for many Liberals and they’d be a perfect sacrificial lamb to offer up to the Tradcons while we focus on border control, terrorism, and trade.

    1. and Dr Phil is licking his chops, crap like this will ensure he stays on the air forever

    2. “I suspect that within a decade we’ll see at least one of the current batch of transsexual child celebrities publically revert to their biological sex and condemn their parents”
      100% on the money here comte. This is basically the taking of “mom, you dressed me like a moron when I was 10 look at these pictures” to the nuclear level and the kids who are victims, yes victims, of this bullshit will do a hard right turn the same way the dipshit hippie parents of the ’60’s ensured a wall street focused, pop music, consumer culture in the 80’s. No doubt about it.

        1. dude, you seriously gave me a mini panic attack. I need to find a brown paper bag to breathe into

        2. Sorry. I just find it amusing the old bag cannot get her hooks out of poltiics. She does have a grandchild and few million bucks to spend time with.

        3. Theres gonna be free breast milk pumping stations on every corner in Manhattan

        1. Actually, I think he is running as a democrat which would be excellent news. If he knocks Bill out in the primary then the left side of the ticket will be a law and order focused former detective. Not sure what the Right side of the ticket would be but if Bo Dietl is left then this is a good sign.

    1. ultimately unlikely.
      a) She is too cozy with the current dem mayor
      b) Her batshit agenda requires her to be in national office
      c) People don’t like her — even here. They liked her better than trump because trump is a dufus who is, frankly, humiliating to be associated with, but there is no love for Hilary
      d) I think that after Bill D’B has shown what veering away from the law and order of Rudy/Bloomy does to this city and how fast it happens that a law and order R candidate is going to win big.
      My hope is Bo Dietl. Not sure how likely it is until I see the landscape.

      1. a- she isnt, DeCommeo had a falling out with her shortly after working on her senate campaign. He didnt endorse her until the very last second, which irritated her and her people

        1. I didn’t know that. Wow. Sucks. Still, don’t see her looking for local politics nor do I see new York voting in anyone who doesn’t promise to turn the police back into a racist paramilitary force and bring this city back to the way it was 15 years ago.

    2. One more opportunity for her to get rejected and shut down. She is now a proven loser. Nobody is going to put money into that campaign.

        1. And everybody remembers that she did it as part of an unsuccessful attempt to monkeybranch to higher office. Are New Yorkers cool with being used and stepped on like that?

        2. It helped that JFK Jr died in that crash- he was gearing up for a senate run

      1. She got 76% of the votes in NY state when she ran for prez, and most of the people live in NYC…it would be a cakewalk for her

    3. o fuk you…..(Hillary that is)
      She needs to GO AWAY – go manage your crooked charity and stay out of “public service”

    4. Hillary needs to go to prison. She must be led off to jail in handcuffs in front of TV cameras, and spit on and humiliated and degraded by the general prison population. It is necessary for millennial chicks to witness this.

        1. We got one Tranny in our jail who is so bat shit crazy heshe can barely function.
          Yeah, that person in the picture you posted looks completely normal. What was I thinking. No doubt has a job, great education, contributes to society, helps others, doesn’t do drugs……

    1. I recall reading about people speaking out about this BS as they grew up in these types of household and testified it was damnaging to kids. In part due to the lifestyle and the types of people invited into their homes by the “parents” inceases the chances of sexual abuse.

    2. Man, the pink hair and skrillex hairdo look exponentially worse on middle-aged people. This “family” makes me sad. The children are essentially virtue-signalling props… part of the parents’ “image”, just like their compost heap or bumper stickers.
      Also, wasn’t it only like a decade ago that Liberals were arguing that stereotypically male or female behavior was a result of societal conditioning and not biology? I know they feel obligated to unthinkingly lurch to every new progressive cause du jour, but there must be some cognitive dissonance…

    3. Yep I see that all the time now. The most efffed part is the parents are “proud” their kids are efffed up at much younger age and will have easier time coming out. Its child abuse to raise a child to be gay.

    4. There are two “parents” that need a trip behind the woodshed for some attitude adjustment.
      But hey howdy, if you post a picture of a family standing proudly around the game that they bagged on a hunt in the tundra, expect Childrens Protective Services to come swooping in with helicopters and SWAT teams.

    5. I always wondered what happened to that family who’d made a big deal about not revealing the gender of their baby. Jesus, look at those parents.
      Reading the article, Storm’s “preferred” gender is female. The parents still haven’t revealed Storm’s biological gender. Maybe it’s just me, but Storm sure looks like a boy wearing a dress.
      Way to go, parents. Have fun with your little experiment and probably fucking up your kid’s life.

  12. These people have lost their fucking minds.
    I’ve seen multiple times now while trolling social media.. discussions, 100% serious discussions, about how some men get periods just like women.
    I shit you not.
    Insanity, everywhere I look.

    1. Fucking Time or Newsweek ran an article just like this a little while ago. I almost wiped my ass with it when I was reading it; fucking man with tits breastfeeding a child. Good thing I was already in the bathroom and could just puke on the tile, less of a mess to clean up.
      WHY THE FUCK are we encouraging this behavior?!

        1. All due respect, it’s got to be something else. If they want depopulation, they would deregulate male birth control and the raw birth rate would fall ~50% overnight.
          Maybe they want weaker/more confused men? That would kind of make sense, make us more easily controlled by raising estrogen levels and encouraging female behavior?
          I’m throwing darts at a wall, I honestly can’t figure out why the fuck anyone, let alone our government/MSM would promote this kind of insanity.

  13. Want to beat Marxists? Create a family, it’s always been the goal of Marxists to destroy the family unit right from the start.
    At the minute all these wacky professors and sjws are running around starting lots of small forest fires which we have been failing to deal with. Gay marriage was a minority issue for decades restricted to gay Christians then it got out of hand. Transgender rights is the latest example. The latest forest fire is tranny toilet rights. It’s all nonsense.
    We’ve got to this place because we have taken individualism to it’s extreme limits. That’s how we differ from our ancestors. When there’s a problem our culture wants to run away. Don’t like American women ? Move to Ukraine where the grass is greener. I’m not attacking only discontent men though. Even in literature, huckleberry fin had problems so what did he do? He ran away.
    Now I fully understand that having a family is difficult especially with divorce laws but we need to be strong men and overcome this and make family life the most important thing again. Marxists aren’t stupid , they know that a strong family unit completely destroys their agenda and makes cultural Revolution impossible.
    It’s time to abandon all these foreign adventures and take back control of our homeland. We are actually the majority and if we all promote policies with the aim of promoting the family unit over individualism we instantly win. It’s a headshot to Marxism. At the minute we are chasing then still ans letting them set the agenda (even though recently we’ve still been winning )

    1. “Want to beat Marxists? Create a family, it’s always been the goal of Marxists to destroy the family unit right from the start”
      But it is important to keep that family strong – do not allow outside forces to break up the family and pit one another against each other.

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  14. I don’t quite understand here. According to gay and tranny apologists, a person is either born that way or they aren’t. Why the need for indoctrination, why the need for encouragement. I mean, unless they aren’t born that way at all, and it’s all a gigantic mindfuck.

    1. More than a mindfuck– the lack of consistency is a shield so you cannot deconstruct or counterargue their assertions. Quite intentional.

    2. It’s a fantastic inconsistency in their thinking
      Born – Biological determination, or
      Choice – Fettish

      1. I feel the same way about
        Born: Omnivore – Biological determination
        Choice: Vegitarieavegan – Fetish.
        I have no patience for vegetarians of vegans and will not suffer their nonsense.

        1. Once had a (non-date) meal with a vegan woman. When my ultra-rare rib steak was served, she cried.
          Every bite was especially delicious.

        2. Oooh I would take a vegan out to dinner if she would cry while I ate a black and blue rib eye! I have fucked plenty of chicks from my yoga classes who were veg or vegan but I refuse to go out to dinner with them. As a side note, I have been suggesting veal tears as a salt substitute for years.

        3. Indeed. Being vegan or vegetarian is just one big, missed steak.
          Those people can’t be right in their heads.

        4. Check out white moose cafe in Dublin.

          They troll people so hard.
          They said anyone wanting gluten free has to show a doctors note.

        5. That’s great. I spent a little time in Dublin it not there. There is a sign in Louis Lunch in new haven which is the joint which invented the hamburger that says “if you want it your way go to Burger King” because you can order a burger with or without cheese and Those are your only options. Also, strict no ketchup rule. Their feeling is that they invented the burger and you will get it the way they think it is right or gtfo

        6. Meat and dairy = stank ass pussy
          But im of the unpopular opinion that men (as hunters) evolved eating more meat whereas women (as gatherers) evolved eating more plants. No way a 115 lb female was build to eat 1500 lb cow everyday tbh. Ew

    3. What’s to understand. By arguing both cases, usually within separate realms (gay rights = born that way; feminism = sexuality as choice) they can claim both nature and nuture for their cause

    4. Trannies and homos are “born that way”.
      Heterosexual and normal people are only that way because of patriarchy enforcing societal norms through social pressure.
      You are now enriched, shitlord.

      1. God… that is the exact argument is it not? What is normal is a forced societal norm by the evil penis-hunting-vagina brigade that needs to be stopped at all costs. While what is deviant is a simply a person “born that way” and thus “normal”. I know its the 21st century and I was born in the 70s, but just to read it is still mind blowing in how far we have gone ass backwards.

        1. It’s like the multicultural crap. Every race is the same but they must be treated differently. Everyone can live in harmony but the majority race is automatically racsist and will oppress the rest…

    5. I think to the lonely person, a same-sex relationship seems better than no relationship. But if you pursue it for too long, and you get geared towards dating the same sex, you lose your talent for the opposite sex. With your skill in that dulled, you’ll go on a couple of disappointing dates with the opposite sex, and then you’re convinced you’re gay.
      Now sure, there probably are some people who had the attraction from a young age and never had any doubt. But I’m convinced there are some people who just found same-sex easier or more accessible.

  15. My daughters keep having ‘assemblies’ in school, always some new flavour telling them “You can be whatever you want, boy, girl, gay, lesbian. What you’re born as doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be it”. My kids say many kids their ages are trying out being gay, especially the girls, kissing, holding hands, declaring themselves ‘lesbians’, the youngest in grade school esspecially notices this. She says they are just looking for attention; thank God she realizes. I mean, I certainly tell them their are two genders, the rest is mental illness of some type. There is mental illness in our extended family, and it’s pretty difficult for them who have difficulties with their libido, sexual identity and so forth as it is without having it ‘normalized’. To them it’s certainly not something they want to be ‘normal’, it’s a symptom of their illnesses that causes them great distress

      1. The youngest are 5&9, and these assemblies have been going since the 9 y/o was in primary, or kindergarten. There are right now kids these age identifying as this shit, and they outnumber the ‘normal’ sort of boyfriend/girlfriend. Roleplaying that you normally see at that age.

        1. your 9 yr old has other 9 yr old friends who are messing around with other girls? Just wonderful.

        2. I suppose you’re into 12 year olds then (Historically, that’s been the case, actually) but they mostly just mature faster and age quicker.

        3. hormones in the food dont turn you into a lesbo, its the brainwashing in the schools that does that

        4. Ah. Apparently entering puberty earlier can mean you will die earlier (at least for women). No big deal though

        5. Well yes, but then you have a lot of elementary schoolers having sex and watching porn. Would it be considered paedophelia? (I think not) Boys ready to reproduce but don’t have means of self sufficiency, upsetting biological rules. And many other problems and hypocrisies.

        6. You too have been brainwashed by the msm then. 20something males have been marrying females at around age 12-14 more or less as the norm, which is the most fertile period. Male sexuality has been stigmatized; attraction to that aged females instantly becomes pedophilia as soon as one becomes 18, but most are conditioned to believe this is actually true, even in RP communities.

        7. If it’s “brainwashing” that prevents me from wanting to get down with jr HS girls, then color me fukkin brainwashed!
          Attraction to girls that young IS pedophilia!!!

        8. Puberty is an extremely complex process, the source isn’t putting stuff in food, its better nutrition meaning the body can mature faster. Anyways, if they were putting hormones in food, we would see the effects on people through lifetimes. Anyways, what effect would that have that would ever benefit whoever you seem think is doing this?

        9. “Well yes, but then you have a lot of elementary schoolers having sex and watching porn.”
          Yeah, free to backup that load of shit.
          “Would it be considered paedophelia?”
          Too be diagnosed with paedophilia you have to be 16, but still, paedophilia is a sexual preference for children, not actual sex with them, so some kids who know a bit to much deciding to play grownups isn’t a paedophile.

        10. “age 12-14 more or less as the norm, which is the most fertile period.”
          No, they are fertile, but the most fertile period is late teens when there is roughly a 50% chance of pregnancy from a sexual encounter 2 days before ovulation.

        11. Both of you are full of shit. 12-14 year olds are not the most sexually attractive age group, its 16-22 year old girls, and this is across all cultures. That said, if a 12 year old girl displays sexual characteristics (for example, breasts) there is nothing wrong with a male who is attracted to them, it would be a perfectly normal attraction that the vast majority of males can, and do experience.

        12. Actually, better nutrition delays puberty. Putting hormones in food accelerates it (as is the purpose with livestock- chickens mature within weeks). And this phenomenon is somewhat recent, at least, to this extent, so lifetime effect data is not available. That said, many studies show that humans are maturing earlier, primarily due to grown hormones. There isn’t a conspiracy- more hormones in livestock means more meat, eggs, etc which happens to get passed on to the consumer as a side effect.

        13. “Actually, better nutrition delays puberty.”
          How would that make sense? Proof it.
          “And this phenomenon is somewhat recent” Not at all actually, its been observed since the 1830’s when the average age for a European girl to have menarche was SEVENTEEN, it has been on a steady continual decline since then. If we can accept this, then you are insinuating that the NWO or whatever the fuck you want to call it have been putting spooky chemicals in your food since then.

        14. Over 10 percent have engaged in physical sexual behavior by middle school. These are the ones admitting to it-a lot of ‘sexting’ a d such hasn’t been reported. It isn’t hard to believe.
          If a 15 year old is into 5 year olds, that’s normal by whichever definition you’re using then. The problem with these definitions is that it ignores biology. Animals have sex when they are mature enough to want it, in spite of an analogous animal to human age. Humans do not, due to laws and numbers. Puberty and horniness does not magically manifest the moment one becomes of age in whichever nation one is in

        15. “Over 10 percent have engaged in physical sexual behavior by middle school.”
          Bullshit. The number is less than five percent.
          “If a 15 year old is into 5 year olds, that’s normal by whichever definition you’re using then.”
          Well people can be diagnosed younger, but they have to be attracted to children at least five years younger than them. So 15 year old and 11 year old? Not paedophilia. 15 year old and 5 year old? Yeah, it is paedophilia.
          “Puberty and horniness does not magically manifest the moment one becomes of age in whichever nation one is in” Age of consent laws have nothing to do with paedophilia, they have to deal with someone being mentally mature enough to consent to sexual activity. Sure, 14, 15, 16, whatever the number is set to is completely arbitrary, but the only other option would be to judge on a case by case basis.

        16. Not enough data on earlier teens. There was a study I came across but I can’t find it now, it was a while back. But conception at that age would delay conception at a later age as you can’t get pregnant again (maybe there’s some exception, idk) once you’re already pregnant, which was more normal other cultures in the past.
 As I said, hormones are one of the reasons, but not all. Synthetic materials, pollution, etc. As for healthy eating delaying puberty, it decreases fat. Fat stores estrogen, female hormones. The decline in age of puberty is different is changing according to race, with blacks at the lowest, then hispanics (maybe due to nutrition, again) And I did not insinuate that NWO is putting stuff in the food to harm people, but it is the food industry as a whole, in order to produce more food, (not to intentionally harm people) and consumers pay the price. I’m not sure why this point is even being debated, its basic science, not even a conspiracy. Hormones in animals makes animals mature faster, which is then passed on to humans in the form of consumption. Eating mercury loaded fish is also detrimental to humans.

        17. “There was a study I came across but I can’t find it now, it was a while back. But conception at that age would delay conception at a later age as you can’t get pregnant again (maybe there’s some exception, idk) once you’re already pregnant, which was more normal other cultures in the past.”
          I don’t understand what point you are attempting to make with this rambling, it doesn’t address anything I said.
          “The decline in age of puberty is different is changing according to race, with blacks at the lowest, then hispanics (maybe due to nutrition, again) And I did not insinuate that NWO is putting stuff in the food to harm people, but it is the food industry as a whole, in order to produce more food, (not to intentionally harm people) and consumers pay the price.”
          Except this is complete fucking bollocks. Two hundred years ago, the average age for menarche was seventeen. The age has declined steadily over time, these hormones have only been put in milk for the past 30 years. Anyways lactose intolerant people and vegans don’t have a phenomenon of delayed puberty, quickly putting your theory to rest.
          “Eating mercury loaded fish is also detrimental to humans.”
          Mercury interacts completely different then the various hormones that cause puberty due. Mercury accumulated. Speaking of which, if what you claim is true, why are we seeing puberty happen at 9 or 10 for girls, and not you know, right when they start consuming meat?

        18. Creatures mate when they’re biologically capable, except humans which delay, because of laws.
          Which is why I said it was only one factor. Fat levels (therefore estrogen), the advent of industrialization (possibly die to pollution), etc. Organic food somewhat mitigates the food problem, but plants have a lot of stuff in em too, with pesticides, GMO’s etc.
          Because effects take time to manifest. Not all poisons kill immediately.
          Physical sexual behavior=/=sex. Painfully obvious difference.
          Your argument that paedophelia is dependent on variable age ignores biological reality. For example, males are attracted to fertile females, 11 or not. This does not change according to the male’s age; the 11 year old female is still fertile.
          Mental maturity to consent- stick goes in hole. Not much is needed to understand that. It is simply that ‘kids’ are fed a steady diet of Facebook and MSM which makes them stupid. Also, these laws that prevent the mature ones from consenting penalizes them; abstinence can also be harmful, as engagement.

        19. Physical sexual behavior and sex are different.
          I guess we agree on physical characteristics determining allowability.

        20. Simply the summation of physical sexual behavior. Also, a lot of middle schoolers have watched porn; the biological drive to have is there.

        21. “Simply the summation of physical sexual behavior.”
          So literally ANYTHING could be considered sexual behavior.
          “Also, a lot of middle schoolers have watched porn; the biological drive to have is there.”
          Okay? What are you trying to explain with this point?

        22. “Organic food somewhat mitigates the food problem, but plants have a lot of stuff in em too, with pesticides, GMO’s etc.”
          I have zero reason to believe organic food is going to prevent early puberty.
          “Physical sexual behavior=/=sex. Painfully obvious difference.”
          So what do you define as physical sexual behavior that isn’t sex? Except second base, I don’t think much can actually qualify.
          “Your argument that paedophelia is dependent on variable age ignores biological reality. ”
          Don’t tell me that then, tell that to psychologists.
          “It is simply that ‘kids’ are fed a steady diet of Facebook and MSM which makes them stupid.”
          Facebook doesn’t make you stupid, your ability to make decisions is based off your cognitive ability, which has nothing to do with Facebook use.
          “Also, these laws that prevent the mature ones from consenting penalizes them”
          I can actually agree with you on this. But this is why they should have age bracket exceptions, not full legalization.

        23. No, that is an obvious fallacy.
          My point is that there is no inherent harm in sex in itself, regardless of age as long as they are sexually able

        24. It doesn’t prevent, not was that my argument; again, it is only 1 of many variables.
          Feeling out is sexual but it isn’t sex, for example.
          Psychologists also defined homosexuality as a disorder, then changed it to normal. 0 credibility, just like economists.
          Nature vs nurture. The current environment is flooded with low quality trash, and is unavoidable. Does it not affect people? There are obvious maturity differences as a whole when comparing people from different areas. People of the past held jobs at much younger, were more mature, etc.
          Why should they have age bracket exceptions? Age brackets are harmful, and it also minimizes the chance of an older male marrying a female virgin, which is strongly correlated to divorce rate, and I suspect, LTRs. Free markets are superior.

        25. “Feeling out is sexual but it isn’t sex, for example.”
          Okay, so as I said, second base. Anyways, you have fuck all for citation on any of this.
          “Psychologists also defined homosexuality as a disorder, then changed it to normal. 0 credibility, just like economists.”
          Oh yeah, the old “they just changed it out of the blue for no reason, you know, it shows its pseudoscience!” argument. Except they have very clear reasons why they change it and you will get the same answer from any psychologist as to why: Homosexuality doesn’t have any (direct) negatives to the behavior. While it may have negatives such as increased risk for other mental illnesses, increased risk of disease, it doesn’t have any direct negatives. Coprophilia and Sadism are mental disorders because well, you are directly harming yourself or others with the behavior.
          “People of the past held jobs at much younger”
          Because the job market has gained infinite more complexity. People are holding off on getting jobs because they are working on getting education.
          “were more mature”
          kek, no. I find it funny how many old baby boomers such as yourself seem to have dementia of all the bad shit you people did in your adolescence. Crime rates are down, underage drinking is down, the average age for first sexual encounter is up DESPITE the falling age for the onset of puberty, cigarette usage is down, and birth control use is more prevalent when teens are having sexual activity.
          “Age brackets are harmful, and it also minimizes the chance of an older male marrying a female virgin”
          I’m sorry, but maybe old fucks like you should have spent your youth looking for a suitable mate, rather than ruining your own generation. Sorry, but baby boomer women were only “soiled” through baby boomer men like you. You can’t eat your cake and keep it…

        26. My point still stands. Citations to these studies are almost always biased, so I prefer theoretical discussions.
          Separation of the sexes. Men don’t go to women’s rooms, so why should a gay guy go to guy’s rooms? There is a greater chance of sexualization. Direct effects or not, it all matters about the manifestation of effects on society.
          Some markets, not all. Besides, there have been significant market distortions; it may not necessarily be as such in a true free market. Education>job is only one system; learning through an apprenticeship based system is more decentralized and antifragile. Centralization through larger governments tend to have larger, more fragile systems. Learning this way allows both allows money and education. So, with education, waiting much longer for sex until one is able to financially support themselves and a spouse (as well as being in a sexualized marketplace) is impractical and too difficult, assuming they had the intent at all. Therefore, they will have sex before then, which in turn greatly increases the likelihood of breakups/divorces for the future relationship partners.
          I’m not a boomer; actually I’m in my early 20’s. Stigmas associated with such things you’ve mentioned have gone up in that time period, so self reported studies would also tend to show decreases. Drinking down-could be because of substitutes. Average age for sexual encounter up-possibly because of the hypergamy effect, with loveless virgins getting nothing while females do. (Of course, reports may not show this, as females tend to understate sexual encounters while males overstate.)
          I don’t plan on having a mate. Both men and women nowadays are trash, only in different ways.

    1. give one of them a mobile phone and tell them to video tape the assembly surreptitiously and get it out on the web

      1. I have started sending my youngest with a mini recorder inside her front backpack pocket this year. Have only gone through a few times when ‘thing’ got outta hand’ with the teacher screaming and throwing tantrums, kicking kids outta class for talking to one another or not paying attention, teacher name calling. I remember the first teacher to freak on our class was in like grade 6, he lost it, threw a desk, pushed a kid, but it was fairly rare, and usually deserved. These new teachers are really tightly wound, and classrooms, even elementary grades, are run like prisons.
        That said, the kids are so much worse. Death threats, vivid and descriptive, as well as heavy usage of some of the foulest language; and graphic sexual stuff (mostly in wrong context) but still, the anger, especially in the elementary boys, is palpable. My older daughter has had at least one boy forcibly removed from class at least weekly. They assault the teachers, hit, spit, throw things. Sadly, these boys are always without a dad, without any form of religion (or values system that imitates one). But what do they expect when they have these kinds of boys, with such needs, not allowed to talk, play, act out a bit? They are so over punished they don’t care anymore, just do it to fight the system, so young…Got ’em in scouts too, but there at least there’s us a male role models. They hate women, these boys. I think it says a lot about various aspects of our culture. I grew up in state care, and was like this, but in my teens, not as a child, you know?
        Anyway, accountability is difficult. I’m not too popular for recording stuff, and the teachers have denied everything and blacklisted any of my attempts to discuss this stuff or go higher. The fist is closing over the grains of sand in our schools.

        1. I can’t imagine how I would even begin going about this situation if I was a parent but I think you sending the little one with a recorder is a good idea. Good luck brother.

        2. They are turning out well; they walk a fine line, like little cool hand Luke’s 😉
          My kids are much better than I am at doing this dance, that’s one reason I am glad I didn’t go through with homeschooling; I still teach them a lot, but often it’s to clarify the info they’re spoon-fed…So it’s a better learning experience, (at least in my eyes, maybe I’m rationalizing). We’re pretty self sufficient, homesteading folk, and the kids are good, their mom is a 1 in a million old school woman, and I truly feel God’s hand when I need it. Thanks bro!

        3. I think your attitude is exactly the best kind for a parent….cautious but optimistic. I don’t know you or your wife…I know nothing about you guys…..but I can tell just from this comment that you have a running start on this game. Well done! Just make sure they don’t eat too many hard boiled eggs!

    2. See through to the end game: the destruction of masculinity. None of those teachers care about young gay girls having dignified lives. They just want to make men obsolete. Period. Manufacturing lesbians is a significant and effective anti-male strategy.
      I say this a lot and it is increasingly true: for a woman to be decisively heterosexual today is a revolutionary act.

    3. It’s no surprise. It’s simply logical progression, it started with Hungarian Marxists introducing sex education to corrupt Catholic school girls in the early 20th century and has progressed to a total free for all. We have been thoroughly corrupted hence the difficulty in accepting the red pill

      1. I know about the sex ed created by Austrian Marxists like Wilhelm Reich. What happened in Hungary?

        1. Georg lukacs a Hungarian marxist reasoned early on that if traditional moral codes could be compromised then the hated patriarchy could be destroyed. As education secretary he instigated a “sex education” program encouraging promiscuity among children. It was never about education only about destroying patriarchy. Nowadays people think it’s about preventing under age sex and disease etc.. despite the fact we have soaring STD rates lol that’s what it was designed to do though. It’s just useful idiots who believe the propaganda despite the observable effects being exactly opposite of the desired outcome! Astonishing stupidity

        2. Dear Sir,
          What you have written is correct and true, with one single, albeit important, exception. Or modification, more like.
          I am a Hungarian. Ethnic Hungarian.
          George Lukacs (Lukács György) was a JEW living in Hungary, having Hungarian citizenship, but he was a Jew and not an ethnic Hungarian. Neither were the rest of the Cultural Marxists.
          We Hungarians fought them in 1919, and we fought them in 1956. Still fighting.

        3. Reich thought homosexuality was an aberration and worked to cure it in his clients.

    4. Boy, assemblies these days have gotten really pozzed.
      I can remember when we had real assemblies . . .

        1. You and some other concerned parents should meet the school adminstrator, or those responsilbe, in the parking lot for a talk. At night. And tell them what the rules are and how neglecting them have consequences.

    5. In public schools in america now they are re-writing the text books for sex education to include gay sex. The next generation is going to be so efffed up.

    6. I pray for you in your struggle for righteousness. Children and families are our most valuable and truest investments and must be protected at all costs.

      1. Thank you; it’s tough, but I guess ever gen has it’s struggles. I’ll love them the same no matter what, but I make no bones about our values.

        1. Let’s hope Trump changes this for the better too. I wonder how he would feel if his son was being taught how to masturbate at age 10 by some random authority.

        2. I gotta think most parents feel this way; I was ostricized long ago from my kid’s schools for being what I like to think is a pretty open-minded, non-judgemental conservative. It’s a shame all of our teachers are from the city and spend six or seven years conforming to whatever university has become. Teachers were not long ago from the community, surely you remember someone’s mom covering as a sub. There’s a real culture of fear, even amoung the teachers and principals to tow the line. I know the elementary school principal from my school days, and he admits it’s crazy trying to adjust; and he was a real liberal BS guy back in the day.
          There is this ‘agency’ it’s a mix of litigation fear, insurance tort laws, and lasting punitive measures that has replaced ‘evil and ‘the devil’ and superstitions in modern times. As a boy scout leader, I am not allowed to buy the kids any treats even, for fear of glutens and eggs and nuts; or let a neighbour hunt on my woodlots for fear of lawsuits in case of injury. The school won’t do anything at Christmas that even intimates God… It’s all fear of this ‘possibility’ of something bad, and this fear has been hijacked by the new relativism in popular policy and discussion. I fight it and retain my risks in many cases, but the reality is, it’s not in my family’s best interest to swim against the current outside the home…

        3. Stay strong always. As long as you know in your heart of hearts that you are doing the right thing and stay committed to your cause, others will follow. You have the strength to be a leader and others will look upon your example for inspiration. No outside forces should ever have the right to shape the identity of our children without consent. And by shrugging our shoulders and allowing this to happen makes us complicit in the worst form of child abuse.
          Sometimes I feel like I am over-reacting as I am apt to do from time to time so I play devils advocate. I read a scientific study where children were forced to believe that they were of the opposite gender and were tracked into adulthood. If memory serves correct, at least one of those children killed himself several years later. So I cannot fathom from what angle this is coming from as scientific logic has proven nothing but a psychological slaughter.

        4. I agree. God Bless. Or whatever it is for you, best wishes I mean. It’s good to get positive feedback. It’s why I stick with the Church. The RCC ain’t perfect, but my bunch here is a great group of people who took me in off a bad road years back, and love my kids like family. Values, responsibility, Independence, commitment; it’s there as a tool, you know. Growing up in state care I want to raise mine right, although it didn’t start off well, it’s good people with a kind or encouraging words that make a big difference.

        5. I already did masturbate at age 10 without schools telling me to. My elder cousin taught me and we stole his dad’s playboys.

        6. Just reading this… and I hate to bring up Trump again… but that is what the whole election was about. There was a reason there was no discussion of policies and economics. The election was an outright middle finger to EVERYTHING you just wrote. No one is really understanding it yet except our crowd, but the tide has changed and it is not going back to tolerance in the future.

  16. The mainstream media for some reason keep feeding Martine Rothblatt’s transsexual delusions by publishing stories about this kook’s status as America’s highest paid “female” CEO, or words to that effect. Steve Sailer claims he crossed paths with Rothblatt, before Rothblatt “transitioned,” back in MBA school in the early 1980’s. Nothing about Rothblatt struck Sailer as feminine at all, despite the propaganda about how M2F transsexuals always felt like girls on the inside.
    Rothblatt, like many Baby Boomer tech nerds, apparently overdosed on Robert Heinlein’s novels growing up, with their themes of race-mixing, sex changes and polyamory. Rothblatt fathered mixed-race children with two different black women, one of them a Kenyan (sounds familiar some how, like a reverse Stanley Dunham), before he decided late in life that he had to become a woman, despite the impossibility of doing that.
    Rothblatt might imagine himself as some kind of advanced being out of science fiction for making such stupid life choices, and he seems to lack awareness of how he has really dated himself as a poster boy for the age of degeneracy that the Trumprising rose in reaction to. The people in technologically progressive societies in the coming decades will probably become more traditional and conservative as they realize that “social progress” can’t happen, and they will look back on men like Rothblatt and laugh at these men’s self-deceptions.

    1. saying “America’s highest paid “female” CEO” is like saying “the internet’s number one non porno website.”

    1. RHPS was great though. People understood, at the time, that this was comedy..something to be laughed at.

      1. So does Rocky Horror trigger the social-justice morons as hate speech now?
        I mean, look at the lack of racial diversity in the cast.

        1. It is obviously trans-phobic and bigoted in its unsympathetic and offensive depiction of a trans person as an evil, promiscuous, murdering, mad scientist. This content is soon to be banned.
          Somewhere, right now, some academic is preparing to publish words to that effect. Soon after, that sentiment will go mainstream…

        2. I really cant speak for SJMs (using this from now on thank you) but I remember that Rocky Horror wasn’t seen as a political film making a point. It was a funny movie where wierdos dressed up in womens clothes. It was silly. Back when Yale was an all male school the whiffenpoofs would dress in ladies clothes and sing for the school to wolf whistles and laughter. It was good clean fun.

      2. I re-watched it a couple years ago and was struck at how it didn’t really feel weird or subversive anymore.
        It’s definitely a hallmark of a time when more people were content to push society’s boundaries vicariously, whether through cult movies or performers like Bowie. In stark contrast to modern SJWs who want to look and act like freaks every day…

        1. Agreed. Look, the freak show has always been fun. Whether it is the bearded lady at the carnival or the tranny in rocky horror or Bowie or whatever. As long as it was relegated to “entertaining freak show” it wasn’t really an issue right? I use Charles Nelson Riley as an example for this a lot. He was a loveable little faggot. He would brighten up out TV and we would laugh at him being such a queer and he made plenty of money on it. Great. Fine. No big deal. None of us ever expected that the freak show would try to run the circus lol

  17. They can push this degeneracy all they like but they will intimately fail. Nature has a uncanny knack of righting the boat when it is off centre. There is a tiny faction of the population that will claim transgender and at that they are mentally ill. Without proper mental treatment they will self destruct anyway, self mutilation, suicide.

  18. …And then there is their derrogatory term for heterosexuals: “breeders”… chauvinist much?

    1. I use “breeders” in a tribal positive way. It sounds a little technical at first but men have open minds and ears for technosplaining. It is the womanizing of our language and thought that has moved the simple subject of crunching out numbers of offspring between their legs for this great green republic and the language police have pussified and completely romanticized the subject. It’s all right out of MSM tv and propaganda where no woman will sensibly breed and if they do, they’re brainwashed that they can do it alone for the sake of feelings. They’re taught to ‘love’ whoever they feel or have fleeting knee jerk feelings for at the moment when the climax of the Ellen show crescendos. They’re being media pimped into mudsharking, playing roulette, anywhere the wind blows. In the coming great patriarchal upheval MAN will return to the throne and MAN will sieze the grail. MAN will make the last booty call. MAN will posess the pussy and not the other way around. Men WILL BEAT the divine order into thine women with their big western dicks.

      1. With Your positive context…I can nothing, but agree…
        It is the “queer sneer” of the LGBTQXYZ when they slur that word, that makes me seethe with rage….

        1. you shouldn’t let that bug you. Be above it. Worrying about how a bunch of faggots sneer when they use a word is fighting their fight….why get down in the brown with them ya know?

        2. Hypocrisy gets to me, I admit… I have to deal with the lot professionally and in a neutral manner (mental healthcare…You might have guessed..)…and it is NOT easy…

      1. The tone determines the meaning, my good fellow. One breeds livestock, as well.
        However, naiveté and literal interpretation IS truly disarming…especially from a philosophy professor… 🙂

        1. I understand the tone. Maybe it is just that I have my youth stuck in my head, but ignoring the tone of faggots as something below me is just what comes naturally. The day I give a shit about what some sodomite MEANS in his tone towards me is the day I am hanging up my dick and going out to a eunuch colony

        2. All good, when you can afford it…
          A shrink has to take his patients “seriously”…and follow the “guidelines”…even when done just formally, it can get to you. “Transfer and counter-transfer”. :((
          Well, I shower more… 😉

  19. People should not only not change their biological nature but also their social identity. Don’t change your religion, citizenship, etc. You are born that way for a reason.

  20. Modern American Woman’s gingerbread:
    Gender Identity – woman
    Gender expression – masculine
    Biological sex – female
    Sexual expression – Whatever gets me the most attention.
    Then she eats the cookie and washes it down with a Starfucks crappachino.

  21. It’s always funny when you get into a conversation with anyone who hops on the LGBT bandwagon. They always act like LGBT represents most of the united states when last time I checked it was something like 3 percent. I honestly think they push it so hard because majority in that category have some form of mental disorder (I personally think they feel so insecure in their own skin they think swapping sexes will someone how fix that much like moving to another state but as the old saying goes “you can’t outrun yourself”) and think by converting more it will some how normalize it. Definitly enjoy Ben Shaprio’s take on this (inb4 jews)

    1. I think it is actually very simple. Faggots have always liked to sing and dance. Singing, dancing and acting has become relevant rather than just entertainment because people naturally tend to be morons and fatasses so as the technology gets awesome and spoon feeds them HDTV the fags get richer and more powerful and their voice which was once relegated to entertainment is not a relevant social voice. This is why Kim Kardashian is worth 500 million dollars and why we have trump as president. Entertainment is all there is.

      1. That is very true, Flamboyance is a very faggot trait, and that shit sells like hot cakes

        1. Technology made traditionally homosexual enterprises like singing, dancing and acting so big they took over politics.
          Combine faggot entertainers with high technology and lazy American rubes and bang Kardashian Trump

        2. And that’s why you see most media asking celebrities who know jack shit about actually issues their opinions on political issues

        3. yup. When you boil it all down you don’t need to do all these conspiracy theory mental gymnastics. You have a nation of fat morons, a super advanced tech sector built around entertainment and a ton of effeminate twats in the arts. Throw it in a pot and bang….welcome to America. No need to start looking for shady organizations controlling everything. Just fatass morons + tech + artsy homos.

        4. Wait…you mean to tell me that people just generally suck and the jewluminati hasn’t been sabotaging my life since birth?

        5. When in doubt the answer is usually “because people are fat lazy and stupid”

        6. I’m not sure that I buy “singing” and musical talent as gay oriented. There are scores and scores of hard core straight singers and musicians.
          The rest, yeah, I don’t have stats but that seems to be what you see most of the time.

        7. I meant musical theater specifically….but also pop musicians (today’s pop).

        8. Musical theatre, ok, makes more sense to me that way.

        9. Singing is a homosexual enterprise? I don’t think I can even thing of a Homosexual Singer.

        10. As I mentioned to goj above I meant musical theater specifically

        11. However, if you are really going to argue that homosexuals aren’t drawn to the arts then I don’t know what to tell ya

        12. I think people in art tend to become celebrities who have their private lives made public, so it simply makes it seem like their are a lot of homosexuals in art.

        13. That too. My main point was that the arts are filled with homosexuals as they have always been. Technology along with fat stupid Americans made the arts the most important thing in the word and because of this faggots have disproportionate power.
          The combination of American stupidity, technology and homos in the arts brings us to our current situation.

        14. Do they though? I mean, lets just assume 3% of people in the “arts” are homosexual, and this is the same in all fields. You will KNOW that 3% in the arts are homosexual, but you wont know 3% are in Engineering, food service, manufacturing, accounting, etc.

        15. I think homosexuals are naturally drawn to the arts so that there is a disproportionate amount. Want to know the percentage of fags in the arts? Take a look at modern media–movies, music, tv–take a look at the gay agenda and realize that gays push a gay agenda. I don’t see a big engineering gay agenda

        16. That is because there is no agenda to push in engineering, its completely apolitical to everyone except Ted Kaczynski.

    2. Actually all the faggot categories combined are around 3%. Every single letter that signifies a deviant in LGBTQ is in that 3%. Transgenders, or as we call them in reality, severely mentally ill masochist paranoids, are a minute fraction of a fraction of that 3%.

  22. As I keep on saying: the baphomet has breasts.
    I am not saying most people who identify as transgender know anything about or care anything about the occult but quite a few draw from and take sustenance from occult ideas about gender and transformation, and some may even take there cue from this source, where the divine feminine, shekinah, the generative principle or whatever you care to call it, reigns supreme, and arguably provides a grounding for the transhumanist agenda at least with respect to gender
    “First of all, a man who thinks he’s a woman isn’t really a woman, even if he takes hormones and gets extensive cosmetic surgery. He’s just a confused guy making a spectacle out of himself. Being out of touch with reality is a neurosis. It doesn’t always end there; one of these guys thinks “she” is a dragon (warning: you can’t un-see those pictures). Actually, quite a few Social Justice Warriors believe they’re not even human.”
    The article links to this dragon (M2F) lady but doesn’t really look carefully at what she is saying. Firstly she is transforming into a dragon – the dragon being another name for the serpent, a figure critical to the occult for obvious reasons. In some traditions, one must conquer the great dragon but also become one.
    As she says ‘I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F (male to female) transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind.”
    “Now going by the full name Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa – or Tiamat for short, the name of a dragon video game character – she has taken on several personas over the years and undergone multiple stages of transformations before finally settling on becoming a dragon.”
    Baphomet? Tiamat. She chose those names because she like a video game character? The Baphomet is the occult symbol for the blending of the male and female principles. That is why he has a male physique with female breasts. As for Tiamat, wikipedia is helpful in it’s explanation:
    “Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the ocean…. She is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation, depicted as a woman,[
    1] she represents the beauty of the feminine, depicted as the glistening one.[
    2] It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos, the first in which Tiamat is a creator goddess, through a “Sacred marriage” between salt and fresh water, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations. In the second “Chaoskampf” Tiamat is considered the monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos.[3] Some sources identify her with images of a sea serpent or dragon.[4]
    Follow that link:
    It’s perfectly natural for people to seeking out belief / meaning systems that furnish them with the inner resources to live as they may wish, but while this guy may be taking the initiative here all by himself, there most certainly is an occult influence from above, and over the last fifteen years or so that influence has been going into overdrive

    1. The occult stuff is even becoming more noticeable in “Holistic” medicine. A friend of mine who started dating a woman who is in to all that bought a summoning board that is supposed to be for her “chakras” or some BS. I buy into holistic medicine a little bit but I think the majority of it comes through not eating like shit and mastering your self through reflection, physical training, and discipline.

      1. RIGHT! Want to tell me that some turmeric is good for my digestion that is one thing. Want me to dance around your bon fire? well that is another.

        1. It’s weird because they spend all this money on gluten free bread and talk about how fluoride blocks their “third eye” but they consume copious amounts of acid, ketamine, and molly every weekend and watch Terrence mckenna talks. But then you go and talk about ancient philosophers , fasting, workout routines, and so on and they stick their nose in the air like they’ve someone transcended things they have existed for thousands of years haha

        2. “This is a protein shake. I used two scoops so it is 50g of protein without the associated fat and carbs. Also, filled with aminos”
          “You are on STEROIDS!!!!!!!”

        3. I thought the third eye/pineal gland calcifies naturally? Some folks think young children can talk to and see people on the other side; by the time they are 7 or 8, the gland no longer allows them to see…who knows, sounds cool to me

      2. most of it is middle-class dabbling, often by bored women who are open to new age ideas and mysticism. The new age, wicca, witchcraft etc is also often quite feminist, extremely so in some cases. The divine feminine, and mother goddess worship are often barely in the background

        1. Hit the nail on the head too. It’s funny how much of that new age stuff is just a mix and match and really shitty interpretations of old pagan religions .

        2. have never checked into that but i will. I only know about the pagan stuff because I am a practicing one. Not the wiccan/magic bullshit but the Nordic/philosophical stuff

        3. oh, kabbalah may occupy a central place, not least because of the traditions the 19th century revival of the western esoteric tradition sought to build upon. i don’t know that much about pagan occultism but I think it sometimes seeks to define itself in separation from the abrahamic stuff. For instance you’ll get catholicism duking it out with jewish mysticism / kabbalah and the pagans will dismiss both as abrahamic deviations from the purer paganism that developed separately. I think that’s true of the nordic stuff too although you’re probably in a better position to say. I have also heard some pagans claim that their traditions have their own tree of life i.e. sephirot although it is the latter that more obviously dominates much occult magic – for example Crowleyian Thelema

        4. Alot of similaritys between jesus and odin such as crucifixion, nomadic traveling period, son of an even more powerful being and so on. I use it more as a philsopical path and dont perscribe to much of the occult part, though most of the pagans i have met don’t either, and you really only get the “magic” and all that when you get into the wiccan stuff. Alot of wiccans try and blend the two but nordic paganism, in my eyes, is much like Christianity. It expects its followers to behave in and certain manner, warns of the treachery of both other men and women, and provides lessons on how to prosper throughout life. The only difference is that each of the gods represents different things. Odin represents wisdom through hardship and a desire for knowledge while another god like say freya represents fertility and war and so on. I don’t necessarily pray to them, although some do, i merely read what has been handed down on tehm and try and include it in every day life. Regardless of what history has wrote about them the norse or “vikings” were very intelligent people who had a vast trade network and acquired riches from all over the world while simultaneously integrating the best parts of the cultures they encountered into their own. They also did this while keeping their own culture intact, respected, and feared. I would like emulate that way of life as much as I can. Also, in nordic paganism the universe is a tree and is referred to as the yggdrasil or world tree. In some drawings it looks much like the tree of life

        5. I like hearing various Western pagans go on as if they think that they’re unique and special. There is Eastern paganism of course, which is a totally different set of traditions, but the Western pagan Pantheons all come from a common pagan “religion” common to all of them when they were one people, the Indo-Europeans so to speak, who spoke the same language. Even the Romans noted that everyplace that had white people that they stomped their boots into basically had the same “gods” by different names, which is why they simply used Roman names for describing, say, Celtic or Germanic gods. They were (and are) interchangeable.
          So if some pagan fruit loop wants to tell me how Wodin is superior to, say, Jupiter, all I can do is laugh at his ignorance.

        6. “nordic paganism, in my eyes, is much like Christianity. It expects its followers to behave in and certain manner, warns of the treachery of both other men and women, and provides lessons on how to prosper throughout life.”
          can’t say I know much about it. Always assumed it was something like Ragnar Redbeard’s philosophy. A red beard substituting for the red pill. Actually I’ve heard of the yggdrasil, world tree. You are familiar with the kabbalistic tree of life then? If so do you think it’s a question of a visual similarity or anything deeper?

        7. not an expert on these matters to be honest. Roman and Greek religions to some extent share their pantheons, and it might make sense to look further afield to see if their are other similar roots. One might wonder though whether even amongst the greeks and romans, those similiarities or identities, might have been syncretic as much as they were gods of the same pantheon with different names. I don’t know what the cutting edge scholarship says but it makes sense for people encountering each other, trading with each other, or in the case of the romans in particular, conquering other races, that they might find it advantageous to stress the similarities rather than the differences in religion. A common father god in Jupiter and Zeus would have made it easier to govern the greeks for instance. I don’t really doubt what you say, but sometimes I think the desire to common roots / identities for Gods – Isis is Ishtar is Hecate, is Juno, is the mother goddess is …..whatever – is constructive as much as it is analytic / empirical.

        8. As I understand the kabbalistic tree it is connected to the human spirit and i would assume Ascension through states of being or enlightenment through 10 different states. The Yggdrasil has 9 different realms of which you have to be of a certain state to enter , some as a mortal you can’t enter at all and some realms have been destroyed ,so there might be. Alot of monotheistic religions take alot from early pagan religions. There is also the story of Odin crucifying himself on the world tree to learn the runes (see Nordic prayer or seals of protection) and throughout much of his tales he’s big on sacrificing the physical or aesthetic to gain knowledge. In the tale of mimirs well he impales one of his eyes in a well to gain all the knowledge of past present and future.

        9. thanks for the link, which supports GOJ’s position, although as a theory it does seem somewhat tentative

        10. yes, as I understand it, the kabbalistic tree denotes the emanations of the divine (ein sof), i.e. the route of descent and re-ascent. Unpacking that has a lot of potential implications, not least as interest in the kabbalah has sometimes been as pragmatic / practical as it has been ‘spiritual’: to understand the mind of God (I seem to remember the kabbalah has been described as a psychoanalysis of God) is in some traditions forbidden knowledge (remember also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of eden), not least because that knowledge can be put to use, whether to re-ascend to the divine or to as in practical kabbalah to put it to work for personal benefit, as in some varieties of the occult.
          At first glance and from what you say the yggdrasil tree does seem to have some similarities but perhaps also many differences. Both trees would seem to represent knowledge at least. Separately, the figure of the eye / losing an eye seems reminiscent of the egyptian notion of the eye of horus

        11. If you want a fun read, children of odin. If you want more in depth reads the prose edda, icelandic sagas, and the havamal. Nordic paganism differed slightly from region to region with different tales for some of the gods and different heros but you can gather a general knowledge by reading those books

        12. I would have to read more into it but I assume, like most things of that nature, the ascension is destruction of the ego so one can see the world in an unbiased light, much like sufism and buddhism. But for most of the people who encounter it they consider it ascension to a higher level of being, like turning into energy or some BS. leave it to the general populous to take something so basic and distort it.

        13. mysticism is a strange thing. The ego may stand in the way of some kind of mystical contact with or even union with the divine. Equally within the thelemic tradition – e.g. Crowley, it may be more a question of finding one’s “true self”. One specific variable to consider in relation to ego – and as suggested by the term ‘theleme’ – may be the status of the human will. What becomes of the will when seeking to unite with the Godhead? It’s a very subtle business, but in the Crowleyian tradition ego is not exactly destroyed and our will does not – exactly – submit to anything kind of greater divine will

        14. Yeah, I was trying to reaffirm him. I messed up and accidentally didn’t put any text when commenting.

        15. I don’t think it’s finding ones true self or a connection to the divine. I identify with the stoic approach to it. If you always see the world for what it is without any bias you can make the correct decisions about matters. Take for example a relationship with a woman, she cheats on you and you take her back because you “love” her. You take her back because your bias of “love” blinds you to the fact that she really does not care about you or your well being. Ridding yourself of that bias will allow you to see that and make the correct decision

        16. fair enough we all have blinkers that we can perhaps remove, and the ego may be a part of that. I was thinking more specifically about the mysticism in relation to the kabbalah / tree of life though when I mentioned the true self. Crowley’s true self leaves the will, and therefore presumably the ego intact, since ‘do what thou wilt is the whole of the law’. Yet Crowley was an enthusiastic kabbalist or rather quabalist. By this reading it is the true self, and the unconstrained will that ascends

      3. “I think the majority of it comes through not eating like shit and mastering your self through reflection, physical training, and discipline.” That is called “medicine”. Anything that isn’t just medicine is unproven bollocks.

      1. I’m not aware that otherkin is specifically occult, but it does feed into the arguably occult idea that you are not reducible to your outward physical form. There is a pantheistic aspect to the phenomenon

      2. Isnt that some game with cards and marbles an shit? Dudes with dandruff play in it in the basement?

        1. Are you thinking of dungeons and dragons? One is kids role playing for fun, the other is mental illness…

    2. for the TL:DR crowd, the person known as Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa is nuttier than a pachyderm stool sample.

      1. not necessarily. Bizarre though it may seem her actions / transformations are consistent with her occult belief system. She is seeking to manifest physiologically the transformation the elite alchemists are seeking to effect in society at large at a psychological level

        1. The consistency with the occultist twattery you mentioned makes perfect sense! BTW, I was being facetious about using TL:DR; didn’t mean to take the piss. Cheers!

    (Sorry for shouting, but the topic merits it.)

      1. What I had in mind was a “Holocaust”-metaphore. They always say the Reich murdered Jews on an industrial scale…

  24. I have elementary school children and the youngest asked “What is a lesbian?” The online game which is supposed to be for children) had been invaded by queer activists. These queers –maggots feeding off the decay of society, have emerged into a swarm of blowflies attacking everywhere.
    I was hoping the Culture War (evil, immoral people vs Christianity) would leave my kids out of it but no, they are on my doorstep.
    So, as a good father, I instructed my children to block and unfriend any person online who identifies as queer/LGB-crap/whatever, and to have nothing to do with such evil people.
    Next, I taught them about Sodom and Gomorrah, how God destroyed those cities because lesbians were there. I sternly stressed to them “Even if a teacher, or the president of the United States says to you lesbians/homosexuals/LGblah-blah/whatever are good people –that person is lying: lesbians are evil; you are to have nothing to do with them. They are the same as murderers, liars, thieves, and all other types of bad, rotten, evil people. Have nothing to do with them!
    I also told them that your sex determines who you are. Thinking or feeling you are girl when you are a boy does not make you a girl anymore than thinking, feeling, eating dogfood, and barking does not make you a dog.
    The way to fight these people is for parents to stand up and teach their children what is right and wrong. Next, any teacher or public employee identified as purveying faggotry amongst the children shall be removed, peacefully if possible but by force if necessary.
    No more putting up with these vile, evil people. Stand, fight, and push them into the abyss where they came from.

    1. Who is being physically hurt by homosexuals? Who is being physically deprived of their private property by homosexuals? I am against homosexuality, but by god, how can you conflate it to murder or robbery?

  25. This too shall pass. It’s a fad, nothing more. I thought velcro shoes would destroy the ability to tie laces but it never did.
    Transgender issues are so miniscule, without massive media support they would be a non-issue. Be of good cheer, its a passing cause, and will be over soon

    1. Velcro wasn’t broadcast 24/7 on every medium, nor did it become a curriculum item in schools and universities around the nation, nor did people lose jobs if they publicly noted that they didn’t like velcro, nor did laws come into effect stating that I had to accept and celebrate velcro.
      Not even a close analogy, chief.

      1. Not to mention Velcro has many practical uses (don’t worry I tie my shoes)
        I do not see a practical use for transgender science experiments… and that’s what’s frightening about it all, what does science gain from this meddling? What are transgender scientist trying to achieve?

  26. Do you utilize Doggy Style with your Johns so that you can read your History text book for class next day? Or what?

      1. Maybe, but I’m not keen on being on the receiving end of doggy style.

        1. I was tempted to say “Yes, that’s where I don’t want some guy pounding me” but didn’t know how many people would catch the whole “Touché-Tushy” thing.

  27. I have a theory that Bruce Jenner doesn’t really think he is is a woman, but that he is a narcissistic who couldn’t take being upstaged by his whore family.

    1. Why are all kardashian females into black men? There are athletes and rock stars who are other races too. lol

      1. Many black men view white women as the ultimate prize. So, initially, they put them on a pedestal and treat them like goddesses. Which may work out for awhile, until reality hits.
        Even the son has a black woman and baby. Really, I don’t care about people of different races getting together, but I wonder if the dad from that family is spinning in his grave.

        1. Disagree. Black males are more likely to have degenerate alpha male traits who don’t pedestalize females, and treat them like hos which gives women the tingles even though they say the opposite.

        2. Maybe other black women.
          Fuck, I don’t know what I am talking about. I never dated a black man.

        3. Best guess is father treated mother like a ho, so that’s what the daughters respond to, and somehow bruce got molested along the way. Kylie Jenner has turned 18 and got boob job and cranked up the attention whoring on social media with her black boyfriend. It runs in the family.

      2. Maybe this is tinfoil hat Daily Stormer thinking, but I wonder if they’re being prodded in that direction from *ahem* above. By all accounts they’re living the high life on borrowed money and that degenerate show. Kanye had a Twitter freakout saying he was deeply in debt and begging Mark Zuckerberg for money.
        Or maybe it’s just bad karma? Papa Robert helps his buddy OJ dispose of evidence and gets re-licensed as a lawyer so he can join the defense team and be protected by attorney-client privilege. Then he dies a horrible death of throat cancer and the whole clan sinks into a decadent morass. Kim taking the Paris Hilton route to fame, Bruce becoming a tranny, etc.
        I think Kylie is the worst though. Just a rotten example for girls. She had heaps of plastic surgery and the media celebrated her getting plowed by some rapper with stupid tattoos when she was underage. Bruce should have spent more time parenting and less time weeping over his 40 year old Olympic medal collection and cross-dressing.

      3. Let’s be clear once and for all, whether it’s true or not, black guys have a reputation of fucking women the best with the biggest cocks.
        And any woman who has it all like a Kardashian still needs the D. Maybe that’s why the Stormbro’s have an unreasonable amount of hatred for blacks.

        1. Do stormfront people think that? If they want to make racism mainstream again, they should at least be scientific about it.

        2. I just surmise but the amount of hate I see from most of those types feels way too out of proportion to me. It’s irrational and beyond reason.

    2. This is correct. He still has the ol’ Frank and Beans. He never went for the operation. He’s a hormone only, sad, pathetic old man in drag.

  28. We have an ugly lesbian as our premier in Ontario. She has approved this new sex ed curriculum which includes the ridiculous idea that gender is only a “changeable social construct”. Schools are FORCED to indoctrinate children with this nonsense regardless of religious affiliation. “Gender identity” lessons begin at the tender age of EIGHT. This curriculum also teaches children to start carrying condoms at age thirteen.
    This liberal bullshit is why children are confused about gender identity and promiscuity is accepted. Parents need to be very vigilant about what their children are being taught. As a child attending Catholic school in the 80’s and 90’s, none of this gender identity foolishness was taught! Catholic schools were also not mandated to teach their students to prepare for premarital sex.

    1. Ugly? Try fucking terrifying.. 6 and a half foot muffified corpse with crazy eyes and a set of chomps straight out of aliens 4

        1. If you don’t like her picture, for the love of god and your sanity… DO not research her policies

      1. Hahahaha…you’re right. I would pay thousands of dollars just for the privilege of punching it in the face. She has ruined Ontario with high gas and hydro costs. All it does is spend money that we don’t have and then talk about how she made “mistakes.” Wynne is the big mistake that Ontario made during the election.

        1. No just get away!!! North as north goes brother… just drive ditch the car… get in a canoe and paddle the fuck away

  29. The comments section of ROK is just over flowing with good things these days like CamillBlack giving away passion and hot kisses along with an avalanche of emotion and all these people willing to tell me how to make 84 grand on Google. I may run downtown today and pick up my new McLauren F1.

  30. Only a world apocalypse can wipe all this mentally deranged filth out of our lives. The West had it easy far too long. First World problems indeed…

  31. At least now we’ve got a new POTUS coming in who isnt going to shove tranny propaganda down our throats. Make America Straight Again.

        1. Ivanka! But I feel Trump wouldn’t want me tapping that. Partly it’s the whole creepy Daddy crush he has on his daughter. Or maybe I’m not a Jew. That leaves his other daughter, who’s decently hot, even if she does have that distinctive ho-tard face.

        2. With Melania, It’s the eyes.
          They’re squinty but not Asian. It’s the classic old ‘Egyptian/cat-eye’ look that Melania has which was also an ancient standard of beauty. Artist Frank Frazetta consistently paints his beautiful women with the Egyptian eyes. Zoom in and you’ll see he’s been painting women since the 70s that look similar to Melania:


          Melania definately has natural Egyptian cat eyes. She comes from a good line of feminine women and masculine men. Egyptian eyes are distinct from Asian oriental eyes that have no eyelids. You can’t draw on eyelids on an Asian. A pureblood Asian without eyelids will always look eastern, not western. Now the real ancient Egyptians did indeed have eyelids. The Egyptian look seems to be getting popular with western women who want to look more like Melania.

          Donald Trump on the other hand is clearly a nordic round eye westerner who looks more like Ralph Malph. Ivanka has more her daddy’s round eyes. She’s still a 8+ by western standards (+1 for tits).

          Those tits have to be real. I know the genes are from feminine stock, the way they hang prominently chin up like Mount Rushmore, not droopy the least bit. And full. Dang those milkers look so full. DANG those are such dank wanking awesome tankers. Dang I’ll have to end it here . .

        3. Oh that’s silly. How could I be wanking if I’m busy writing? Besides a typical wanker isn’t in the mindstate to write or think for that matter. All a wanker thinks about is similar to a dog or other mammal in heat. They’re focused on finding some other animal, thing or object to mount. Wankers are close cousins to omegas. I only used the term “dank wanking” because it rhymed with “tankers” and because I’m MCGOO and that’s just how I doo. But the issue of Ivankas tits is a serious one. Those are serious feeders that raise the bar again. The trumps set a lot of examples and it would be a tradgedy to see Ivanka’s milkers go to waste as display models only. Young American girls will oogle at her boulders so Ivanka needs to set an example and be seen with her infant offspring stuck to her chest like a plumber’s friend. The best way to drain a swamp isn’t necessarily just to build a wall around it, but to raise the elevation of the demography. Breed new whites out the ass. Raise mountains of white sumbitches everywhere. That’ll unswamp a place.
          I remember back how Lady Di set the worst cuck ho example for young western girls. I remember girls that Idolized her before she turned full whore. Ivanka needs to shut up, breed and get tit feeding with those jugs of hers. Set an example. Gawwd those are awesome tits.

        4. I’ve always liked Frank Frazettas’ artwork but to be honest, I’ve never noticed the eyes.
          As for Ivanka…YUMM!

  32. OT: Here in Mississippi we’re having a little freezing rain. Guess who are the first people to bail early? The three women in my department. All the men are still working but the females jump at the chance to go home early “cuz the weather” and no one says anything. That’s why women should be home not at work

  33. I’m revisiting the computer game Portal 2, and it just occurred to me that Wheatley is Cultural Marxism.

    1. When it comes to bad clowns getting their comeuppance, I’m always reminded of this scene from “Uncle Buck”. John Candy was a complete badass!

  34. “rubbing urinary tracts together”
    Yes, a dyke would see normal, hetero intercourse that way.
    “forcefully excrete a baby”
    Yeah, someone forcefully excreted you into existence.
    I bet that someone’s overjoyed over what they excreted too.

    1. The depth perception is obscured by the lighting. I believe she’s taking a shit. That’s a turd! Beautiful women shit too. That’s reality. The hip ratio and crotch gap is clearly female but the shitting while dressed and standing isn’t very ladylike. Shame.

      1. The poop-wherever-you’re-standing trend is the latest Hollywood craze. They have clubs where the glitterati just go to stand and poop. The celebrity waste products fall through gratings in the floor to the basement where undocumented immigrants collect it for use in the alfalfa fields of the Central Valley. Some is surreptitiously sold on the “brown market” or converted into high-end jenkem.

  35. Still think its hilarious that women have voted the woman of the year as some body who used to be a man – have women gotten that bad it takes a man to become a great woman

  36. This is the end result of the psychological,mental and social cross-dressing of both the male and female sexes where the sex roles are inverted and sexual dimorphism is reversed.
    Its only a matter of time before it results in physical mutilation.

  37. ” (For that matter, some people think they have too many limbs too.) ”
    Nobody ever thinks they don’t have *enough* limbs.

  38. The indoctrination is already happening. I recently heard a rather chilling story from my relative regarding the school his kids are attending that would be utter scifi nonsense in any normal school setting we would all remember.
    They’ve issued laptops to all the children in the school including his. There is no teacher in the classroom, only what they call a “monitor” to watch over the class. The monitor is not permitted to help the children or answer any questions. Instead the children sit in front of their computers and are “fed” (for lack of a better term) their dose of educational material. Parents have no say in what exactly is being taught to their children, but since this is taking place in the socialist cesspool called California, one cannot be faulted for assuming the worst. Especially with the laughably stupid “Common Core” curriculum being forced on the kids here. Moreover, there are no textbooks and no homework. Parents are apparently left in the complete dark about what’s being taught to their children.
    It gets even more sinister too. Once a week, the kids meet with a “counselor” for one hour to talk about, as I understand it, “whatever”. From what I’ve been told, heavy emphasis is placed on what’s going on at home and prompt CPS reports are made for even the most benign issues. A neighbor of my relative had CPS show up with the police because the counselor insisted that a bee sting was actually the result of child abuse by the parents, not a bee sting.
    While I’ve got no kids myself, I do see the indoctrination results whenever I go check the mail or take a walk. Scrawled in chalk on the sidewalks in front of more than one of my neighbors homes are rainbows with the slogans of the mentally diseased and chronically offended. Overhearing the conversations these kids have reveals that they’re obsessed with sex and sexual orientation and compete endlessly with one another over who can come up with the most outlandish, hyper sexualized “identity of the week”.
    I’m afraid that the Trump train might have arrived too late. SJWs, feminists, and other assorted cultural Marxist garbage may be in for a rapid decline in the coming years, but it seems that the death of these various cults was not swift enough in coming before they infected children with their malignant teachings.

    1. This is eerily similar to an episode of the tv show Person of Interest.

  39. Love the Pinochet reference! Nothing gets under the skin of cultural marxists more than the mere mention of a junta that stopped its country from handing the keys to the soviets, as if that were the worst crime ever.

  40. Females who will identify as straight in the future are doomed to be at the bottom of society. While the men will reach new heights. Kudos feminism.

  41. The gays came up with these terms to justify their sex change. the ones who usually go through with these sex change usually become extremely suicidal because they feel like their whole life is a lie. Who can blame them; if I’m in a relationship with someone I thought was born a woman and she’s not, it would mess me up mentally for life. If gay men like men and gay women like women, sex change shouldn’t even be a thing.

  42. “Actually, quite a few Social Justice Warriors believe they’re not even human.”
    Actually, they won’t get an argument from me in that case.

  43. Today is Russian Orthodox Christmas. I offer this glimpse of beauty as an antidote to the current degeneracy (even though I’m a mean old Heathen):

  44. So does this mean it would be fine with them if I identify as a black man, and start painting my face black to match my “inner negro”?

    1. My Spanish is getting pretty decent. Can I identify as Hispanic and get affirmative action status

  45. I grew up in the local punk scene, and a lot of guys I know from there are now coming out as trans or some kind of special snowflake in-between gender (Strange, there are never any girls who do this). And as with most guys in the punk community, there was a distinct lack of fatherly figures in their lives. Gee, who would guess that being raised by a mom only would make a guy more feminine.
    One guy I know identifies as gender queer and “they/them/their”. He recently got a biologically male dog but keeps calling the dog his “son” and calling the male dog by male pronouns. For someone who makes such a big fuss about asking people their preferred pronouns, why is he so quick to assume his dog’s gender?
    SJWism – Falling apart at the seams when observed with any logic since 6 billion BC.

  46. What really bothers me is that it’s now the trannies that are more feminine than actual women.

        1. I’ll tell you about my family, just so you can sleep better at night:
          I am transgender (mtf), my girlfriend and I are both bisexual. We have been together since high school. I have a chemical engineering degree, she has a PhD in medicine, our measured IQ’s are both in the 150’s, hers is slightly higher than mine. We have a single child, a 19yr old son who is straight. He is brilliant, he scored a 35/36 on his ACT test. He is attending one of the best colleges in the nation. He is in a long term interracial relationship. We have more money than we know what to do with, we give large sums to charity.
          We will all be just fine in life regardless of your arbitrary reproductive concerns.
          We pay six figures in taxes every year. Why don’t you focus on limiting reproduction to those that have the means to support their offspring? It seems like a more productive endeavor.
          Then again you seem to rail against all trans, I’m not sure why something that does not affect you causes you so much concern.

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