The Elites Have No Idea What Is Coming

You have all felt the change in the air, no doubt. The stuffiness, the tension, the leaden heat that only comes before a major storm. Birds land and ruffle up their feathers, animals scurry and hide, and the media amps its  venom-spitting to record volumes. However, if you look closely, you will notice that it is only the rank-and-file panicking. Their owners continue to act like nothing is happening. There are reasons for that, and in this article I will try to cover most of them.

How it begins

Take an ordinary European man—an average Joe (Bob, Hans, Pierre, Sven, Pablo…), a salt-of-the-earth guy who works a humble job, makes moderate money and watches ball games. He might be married or taking care of his parents or grandparents; regardless, he has mouths to feed. On his way to work and back, Joe routinely encounters numerous freaks with dyed hair, piercings, tattoos and ridiculous clothes. They usually give him contemptuous glares, if they bother to acknowledge him at all. Rich, pampered customers Joe caters to in his line of work treat him the same. But Joe isn’t really bothered: as long as his family is fed and he can crack open a cold one in the evening while watching his favorite team or show on TV, he is happy.

However, one day Joe comes to work and discovers that he and most of his coworkers have been replaced by foreigners, with measly sums offered as compensation. Dejected and worried, he heads home. On his way back, he is accosted by a bunch of Muslim immigrants, while nearby neon-haired freaks laugh and film him. Then his mother calls, saying that Grandma fell down the stairs, broke a bone and now requires costly surgery. Upon arrival home, Joe hastily calls a few of his ex-customers with whom he thought he had built something akin to a rapport, probing for job opportunities. However, all he gets from them is callous disregard: “Sorry to hear you got fired. Can’t help. Bye.”

Frustrated, Joe plops down in front of his TV, only to hear his favorite comedian mock White males like him while praising the politician responsible for mass lay-offs and mass immigration. Switching channels does not help—wherever he ends up, all he sees and hears is hatred directed at him and his. He is called a monster and a descendant of murderers, his culture is denounced and degraded. All this was happening long before Joe got laid off, of course, but between watching football matches, guzzling beer and working, he was too tired to really get into it. He could always run away to another distraction. Now he no longer can.

The heart of the matter

I am a survivor of a civil war that lasted for six years, tearing my home country apart and killing tens of thousands of people. I was only a teenager back then, but had to struggle for survival alongside everyone else. The country was in freefall—there was no electricity, no water, no gas. Starvation made Congo look like paradise. Me and my parents dug around dumpsters and landfills, trying to find something edible. Centuries-old family relics and heirlooms were pawned for scraps of food; furniture was chopped into firewood, books used as kindling. Every day news came of someone’s relative, friend or neighbor dying—either shot by one of the warring sides, murdered by bandits, or killed in a knife fight over a loaf of bread.

My reward for survival was a metric ton of priceless experience and many life lessons, the first of them being: adversity brings out the best and the worst in people. Those who have nothing to lose usually turn to selfish lone wolf survival, but those whose family and children become jeopardized. Nothing lights a fire under a man’s ass like the prospect of seeing his loved ones starve to death, and this moment may well be upon us soon. Ever seen a food riot? I have. Do you know what a guy whose children haven’t eaten for three days is capable of? Anything. Now imagine what the rioters are able to do if well-armed and perfectly aware just who is responsible for the situation.

Here lies the difference, the red line that separates us from (((them))). We know how bad things can get. All of us, at some point or another, had to struggle through hardship and make risky decisions that endangered us or our loved ones. Some of us survived wars, some lived under communism, others eked out an existence in anarchic, crime-ridden states or spent most of our lives fighting extreme poverty. Memories of this linger in the back of our heads as an eternal reminder: no matter how peaceful and prosperous things seem, devastation is always lurking around the corner. I call this feeling “retrospective tension.”

Still, Western men have been kept placid through endless distractions and lies for decades. Those who resisted anyway were quickly sent behind bars, while the majority was content to watch their nations get slowly picked apart by parasites. Several generations of neutered pseudo-males were born. But now the haze is dissipating. Bewildered, people look around and see ruin. They cannot slip back into soothing illusions and they do not have anyone but themselves to rely on. The old memories are coming back.

At the moment we have the entire population of the West—about 400 million men, many of them able-bodied—backed into a corner, angry and desperate but definitely not hopeless.

The flipside

These dessicated rodents cling rabidly to their lives while stealing and poisoning yours. After they croak, their well-trained and numerous progeny will step in – unless stopped.

Inhabitants of ivory towers, however, have no cause for panic. Why would they? After all, their basic instincts never developed due to lack of any adversity in their lives. They are propelled through life by the dubious virtue of their relations, connections and inheritances, all without a care in the world. For entirety of their existence, they have never left the sterile comfort of boardrooms, villas, conference halls, luxurious hotels and posh restaurants.

Here’s the trick: these creatures do not know the world they live in—at all. They spend their lives surrounded by yes-men and servants, mingle with the vacuous and hypocritical “cream of society,” and keep contact with the outside only through mediums and filters. Lack of genuine human interaction, combined with an extremely decadent lifestyle and delusions of grandeur has culminated in them developing a completely demented view of reality.

Here lie the roots of their adherence to lurid ideologies and worldviews, as inability to understand the human mind results in total absence of empathy and tendency to view people as mindless cattle. Some, owing to their religious belief, openly think so. Their solution for the unruly masses is always the same—yet another economic crisis to send everyone scurrying. This time, however, they are in for a surprise.

A chink in the armor

Endangered species. Soon to be reclassified as extinct.

Nothing ever goes wrong in the little worlds of the (((elites))). It is those directly below them who are susceptible to panic, and nowhere it is seen more clearly than in today’s America, on the verge of Trump’s presidency. I am talking about the middlemen, the lightning rods—media moguls, millionaires, celebrities, pundits, low-tier politicians, lawyers and other detritus. They still mingle moderately with the common folk (some even do their own grocery shopping—get a load of these adrenaline junkies), so they are not entirely out of touch.

While as morally bankrupt, ruthless and degenerate as their owners, many of them have been in some actual trouble at least once in their lives. They also know, or at least suspect, how bad things can get, but they never learned from the experience, choosing to suppress it instead.

But today they see vivid, healthy rage in the eyes of others; they encounter those bold enough to openly defy their programming; they experience genuine hatred and contempt aimed at them. They recall their few interactions with the real people, glimpses of what these people are capable of when sufficiently provoked, and their knees start to shake.

What does it feel like to have your media empire, carefully built on seething disdain, reprehensible deeds and kissed backsides, crumble before your very eyes because people no longer want to swallow its poison? What is it like to have people spit at you in the street when for all your life, you imagined yourself to be nothing short of royalty? How does it feel to suddenly realize your callous words and evil actions have been carefully logged and that you will face responsibility for every single one? I wouldn’t know. But they will soon find out.

The panic is there, as real as it is crippling. And the most interesting part is that the middlemen are hesitant to inform their masters of what’s going on, in fear of getting thrown to the wolves. Desperate to hold on whatever scraps of power they have, they’d rather go down with the ship slowly than be tossed overboard as ballast. For them, there is no life outside ivory towers, and these very towers are about to go down in flames.

A maelstrom of fury

By slowly force-feeding the whole world a dish poisoned with apathy and degeneration, the “elites” have inadvertently taken a large bite themselves. Their arrogance, complacency and hubristic belief that things are always going according to plan will be their downfall, because the people’s anger has reached a fever pitch.

Parasites will be excised, filth will be cleansed, justice will be meted out and a new golden age for the West will dawn.

For the future belongs to us, and it will be glorious.

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386 thoughts on “The Elites Have No Idea What Is Coming”

  1. If really are legions of demons walking on this earth, those four are part of them. And as always, 3 are jewish. If Rockefeller is not jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions, and even looks jewish, just look at that nose.

    1. I am really intrigued by your comment here Curwen and I think better understanding it will go a long way into helping me resolve some of my questions. Let’s put aside the question of looks. All romans have jew noses as do most former boxers. So let us leave that by the side for now at least.
      The comment you made that really struck me was this: “If Rockefeller is not jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions”
      My first thought was to my least favorite faggot (which is a pretty big achievement…maybe some pillow biter award). This is Anderson Cooper. Cooper is the Scion of the Vanderbilt family. Not just a Vanderbilt, Cooper is The Vanderbilt. At some point in the next 20 years he will be the patriarch of that particular family. He is not just a degenerate scum bag, but he is a degenerate scum bag that was handed, on a literal silver platter, everything I have ever dreamt of in my life…everything that I have fought and sacrificed for…not just the money, the whole package. I have given my entire life over to enjoying the amuse bouche to the meal he was just handed and what did he do with it? Well…..
      Now, I don’t think anyone is going to point to the Vanderbilt family and claim they are Jews. But no one is going to point to them and claim they AREN’T elite. They are the very definition of what it means to be elite.
      Now, I have long said that I find the broad stroke painting of “jews” as “enemy” to be a foolish and cowardly move made by people who have very little to show for themselves and need someone to blame. I stand by that. I am all for looking at individuals and saying whether or not there is some dirt on their hands which I will hold them accountable for. But to do say “those people over there are the reason the world is so bad” is literally (hitler) the oldest cop out in the book.
      And this brings me back to your comment about Rockerfeller. “If he isn’t Jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions” (sic). I will tell you a very quick story. I was in Dublin at Trinity U a few years back for a bit. I had a friend there who was a jewish guy. Not religious or anything, just by blood he was a jew. It never even would have come up if not for this particular incident. One night I convinced him to go to The Finches Pub in Neilstown. Now, if anyone here is acquainted with Dublin they will tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the kind of place where getting into a fist fight is as likely as getting into a dart match (and many times afterwards all is settled). So this irish dude I am chatting with blah blah blah at the bar looks at my friend and says “oi…are ye a catholic or a protestant” Now, a drunken Irishman twice your size in a pub with a reputation for fights asking you about religion is pretty much the last fucking place anyone in the world wants to be. So my friend looks at him and says “neither….I’m a jew” So this big irish guy looks him over and in an accent I wish I could imitate says, and I can still hear him saying it, “yah? well? are ye are catholic jew or a protestant jew.” That is when some of his friends who were slightly less drunk came over and made a joke of the whole thing. We did a bunch of shots and the big irish guy called my friend “jew” all night. There was a pretty fucking tense moment there though. The point is….this big drunk irish guy wasn’t asking about religion, he wasn’t asking about bloodlines, he was asking about local irish politics. Being a jew didn’t get him off the hook of taking a side in that particular conversation where either catholic or protestant this guy fucking hated someone (which I still don’t know).
      So here is my question: has “(((jew)))” simply become an easy label for what is deemed as the power elite in your opinion? You statement leads me to believe that you might feel that way. Whether Jewish Banker, Muslim Shiek, WASP Hedge Fund guy whatever….this group may be “jew by action” as you put it. If so, then things that I see here make a lot more sense. If not, then simply looking at the jew with jewish blood and saying “its him” is, in my thinking, no different than the black looking at any white, from the billionaire to the totally impoverished, pointing and saying “white privilege”

      1. I have to leave to my gym in about 30 mins in order to inflict jew noses in non jews fellows, so I’m going to try to answer your question very fast, but your question is a difficult one, and there are entire books about it. A statement first: I’m a Nationalsocialist (NS from now on), that means I see the world in a different way than you and that most of the people here. As a NS I believe that 1) jews are a race, 2) jews have an unique mindset, 3) that unique mindset predispose them in order to act in a determined way when facing specific scenarios.
        This belief is ratified by facts: who were/is behind communism/femminism/globalisation/racemixing/decadence/finance/porn/etc/etc? behind all those currents are always, always a majority of jews. Your rebuke: they are not all jews. Yes, they are not all jews, but statistically speaking they are way, way, way overrepresented there; which brings us to the conclusion they have an unique mindset and act in determined way and they choose certain fields for action.
        However, these traits and this mindset can also be found in a few non-jews. Cooper, Rockefeller, WASP Hedge Fund scum, etc., they are not jews by race but they think and act like jews. And this brings us to the answer of your question: some people in my ‘scene’ have argued that ‘jewishness’ can be a sort of ‘platonic idea’ that can be shared by non-jews as well. I don’t entirely agree with that position, but the actions of types like Rockweller, Cooper, and assorted white scum makes me wonder….

        1. While I disagree with a lot here I do appreciate the forthright answer. I will say that one place you are wrong is where you assume my rebuke is “they are not all jews” it isn’t. That is merely a symptom. My rebuke is that anyone with half a brain can make statistics dance and say whatever they want and that you have found stats which make perfect sense to what you already believe and so it is easy to see them as simply being true without thinking of larger issues like the history of jews in banking or general American immigrant mentality yadda yadda yadda. I have already realized that we will not be able to convince one another on this topic and that is ok there are other things we do agree on and, I would think, more important things. That said, the idea that there is a predisposition to act in a determined way when facing certain situation by virtue of being jewish seems, to be, to be honest, pretty wrong. Again, we won’t find agreement here. I will say that I think that cooper’s actions have much more to do with him being a spoiled elite faggot than they have to do with either lineage or the participation in some platonic form of Jewishness. I think that a lot of the things you suggest are resultant from being a jew are actually the result of the combination of two specific things: The mindset of the wealthy who were not always wealthy and have no desire to go back and the mindset of the person so insulated from reality by wealth their whole life that everything in the world becomes some abstract entities on spread sheets no different than chess pieces. I think, in the end, we agree on a problem (which, as I have said in different contexts, is probably the most important thing because once people agree that there is a problem and what manifestations that problem takes there is an ability to rationally discuss what that problem means and how it should be addressed and even what has caused it) only we see the problems origin in much different places.
          I think that there were plenty of Roman Emperors in the Julio-Claudian line who acted with what you are calling a “jewish mindset” are we to say that Nero and Caligula were cryptojews? I think it is much more likely and historically observable that people born into the wealth, privilege and opulence that Kings and Emperors are (or, for that matter, people who attain it on their own) tend to have a certain mind set. So we agree on the nature of a certain mindset. We agree on its impact and influence. We agree that it is an issue. I think it comes from the insulation obtained through unimaginable wealth and you think it comes from being jewish.
          You will say I am wrong and throw some stats out to prove it and I will do the same to you. In the end it will be a wash and we will both walk away with unchanged opinions so lets not bother. I will thank you for the open exchange as conversations like this often turn…….lets say unproductive…..

        2. ” I think that a lot of the things you suggest are resultant from being a jew are actually the result of the combination of two specific things: The mindset of the wealthy who were not always wealthy and have no desire to go back and the mindset of the person so insulated from reality by wealth their whole life that everything in the world becomes some abstract entities on spread sheets no different than chess pieces.”
          This is a very good observation, and something I observed while working in a country club in Atlanta. The membership consisted of several southern elites, some with business and/or political empires that had been around for over a century, and then there were other wealthy people who were newer to the game. There were very few Jews at this club.
          Through my interactions, it became very clear who had earned money recently and who came from old money and had always been insulated by wealth. One of the member’s kids got a job serving drinks one summer (I guess his dad wanted to teach him the lessons of hard labor). This kid did not fit in at all. He had been so sheltered his whole life that his interactions with working class folk were forced and unnatural. He couldn’t connect. Hell, he didn’t even know what the Border Patrol was. I said, “Do you know what a border is? Do you know what patrol means? Now put those two words together and figure it out.”
          The ones who had worked for their money were easy to talk to and connected with the staff. And they were the most generous. There were a lot of us who were in high school and college working there, and the newer wealth members were the ones who were most likely to offer us jobs or refer us to more professional places of employment. Those from old money treated us, not necessarily poorly, but as a cog in the system. As long as they got their drinks and food the way they liked it, they didn’t bother us. But they were also cold, and never bothered to learn anyone’s name. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part, old money people shared zero connection with those they perceived as being beneath them.

        3. I think this rings true. What I think is a real sign of goodness, however, is that people who disagree on this, like Curwen and I today, are able to discuss it without it becoming ugly. That right there is more important than a million confiscated menorahs

        4. You mean internet debates don’t have to resort to name calling and insults? Who woulda thunk it.

        5. Most people never stop and think that the Roman Empire might actually have never gone away, it just went underground and morphed. Cases in point, the Roman Catholic Church, and what others refer to as the mafia. Well, gosh-golly, that just might be a hell of a lot more plausible than, “It’s the Joos”. The Joos are convenient scapegoats. Truth is stranger than fiction, and that Joo meme is fiction.

        6. It’s an attempt to replace the Devil really.
          A powerful malevolent entity who roams the earth tricking humans into avoidable misery, but of course the supernatural is silly so instead it’s the Jews/Illuminati/Freemasons/Catholics/WhitePeople/BlackPeople/ClubOfRome/Reptilians/Greys/Bourgeoisie/Kulaks.
          Notice how anybody gets to be a Jew if they’re a “bad guy”? It’s a “Jewish mindset” you see.

        7. Heh. Funny shit, man. Woody knows the real score. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to get away with banging and marrying his underage stepdaughter. Neither would Roman Polanski, in terms of him getting away with his shenanigans. But that was funny stuff, nice cover there for the real mob guys. I know they heartily approve, and Woody probably ran it by them before publishing it. The irony is, if a real mob boss told him to do it, he’d eagerly drop to his knees and suck him off in front of all of his adoring fans on national TV…

        8. As crazy and ludicrous as this site can be sometimes, it’s exchanges like these that keep me coming back.
          A well-reasoned and respectful dialogue between two self-confident men that can agree to disagree. No hysteria, no ad hominem – just an informative exchange of arguments, observations and perspectives that serve to educate and persuade the onlooker without the insecure emotional need to convert anyone to one’s point of view. This is how men should talk.
          Of course, there are fundamental truths that cannot be disputed, debated or discussed because they are the objective facts of existence in the universe. On such matters we must all simply agree and assent – there is no room for discussion. “Anderson Cooper is a detestable and degenerate scumbag faqqot” is one such fundamental truth.

        9. At one point, probably. I see him at Café Carlye a couple times a year with his Dixie land jazz band. He is old enough that I believe he has come out the other end. I actually really respect the Wood man. He is also an excellent clarinet player.

        10. Hadn’t thought of that, but yes…it makes sense that the Devil is something we need in the world to cope and as the world gets less religious it needs replacing. I have no doubt that there are people with a lot of money and a lot of power rigging certain parts of the system for their benefit. Fuck, hand me a few billion dollars and I would probably do it too. But yes, it does seem to have taken on some super natural proportions.

        11. as a side note, the ability to have conversations like this with people who I have disagreements with is one of the reasons I like this site and continue to come back as well.

        12. Sure, it’s the attribution of everything untoward, it’s not enough that some group is malevolent that have to be the root cause of all evil.

        13. I read an essay once on why shit smells so badly. I can’t remember who wrote it. It was probably Zizek or one of the wacky post moden dudes I enjoy. He suggested that humans have a pathological psychological need to separate themselves from evil and part of that is a need to separate themselves from the evil within and so the passing of shit is, to the unconscious mind, pushing out ones evil and discarding it away from the body. It links back to body=bag soul=good in philosophical history dating all the way back to before Plato was even born. I like your association of the devil here.

        14. A lot of people love Woody’s sense of humor. Try as I might, I just don’t get it. But he is definitely Big Medicine in Hollywood. Same thing applies to me with “Seinfeld”, I didn’t get the humor there, either. The laugh track on that show helped me forget about it, however…heh.
          As for Woody coming out the other end…ever think about how big-name directors, actors, bands, musicians, etc., never stop working. They’re rich beyond rich, but they keep working. Why, for the love of it? I don’t think Bob Dylan wants to sing “Blowin’ in the Wind” one more time for anybody. As for the Wood man, he is working on another film as we speak. He’s 81. There’s another aspect to this whole thing. And from what I personally know, part of it is, “You keep working until we tell you to stop working.”
          Bob Dylan hinted at that once, in an interview with CBS’s Ed Bradley. There is a lot of evidence that suggests all big-name music acts are intelligence-agency created – down to the actual songs written by the alleged musical “geniuses”. Which is interesting if you watch the Ed Bradley interview in its entirety. Dylan is asked about “Blowin’ in the Wind” in that interview. He hems and haws about where the inspiration came from, for him to pen that song. He finally says, “Like…um…right out of that wellspring of creativity, I would think, you know?”
          Huh? He would think? I’d think he would know. Heh.
          Then he goes on to say that his early songs were “Almost magically written”. That whole interview is readily available if somebody wants to Google it. But here’s a cool clip below, which gives weight to what I am claiming here. Dylan is asked, “Why do you still do it?” in that interview with Ed Bradley. Logical fucking question, eh, who wants to sing “Blowin’ in the Wind” to a bunch of gits for the 10,000th time?
          And Dylan says, “Well, it goes back to the destiny thing. I made a bargain with it a long time ago, and I’m holding up my end.” Bradley then asks him, “What was your bargain?” Dylan responds, “To get where I am now.” Bradley says, “Should I ask who you made the bargain with?” Dylan replies, “With the uh, with the chief commander.” Bradley says, “On this earth?” Dylan says, “And in the world we can’t see.”
          A lot of people ran with that one and claimed Dylan was talking about the devil. But he was talking about intelligence/the mob/the elite. He made a deal with them. “In the world we can’t see.” Yeah, it’s 5-star conspiracy stuff. Unless you know it isn’t…

        15. Hahahaha that goes so far beyond anything I want to know. Sometimes ya just have to enjoy movies and music. I loved woody’s last 2 movies and I’m a huge Dylan fan. Knowing “the truth” isn’t worth the loss to me

        16. Oh, dear, oh, dear! Don’t you remember how the last Nazi effort worked out? If I remember, it caused more damage to humanity than all the Jews put together. Go Israel!

        17. I hear ya. That was for the general public. I know you have a different take on it. I like a lot of the entertainment, scripted or not. Old school stuff especially.

        18. Thanks, it’s a point I haven’t heard anyone make before.
          There was a great Solzhenitsyn quote about how the line between good and evil runs through every individual man, so whether it’s kulaks or whomever you can never remove the evil thing.

        19. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman (or to give him his Hebrew name: Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham) to, by all accounts, a fairly observant Jewish family, Dylan had a decidedly Jewish upbringing as part of the tight-knit, small Jewish communities of Duluth and Hibbing, Minnesota, growing up in a kosher home and even attending the religious-Zionist summer camp, Camp Herzl.

        20. What blather.The Jews are traceable as the most evil beings in history.Jesus says to the Jews”You are like your father the devil,deceivers and liars”.Only a group with supernatural backing(as from Satan)could create the havoc and ruination the Jews have wrought on God’s children.But you might be a Jew since you stated you don’t believe in the Lord.Sad loser.

        21. I in no way stated I don’t believe because I do believe and have since I believed the gospel at 12 and put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
          That is why I don’t need to believe in conspiracy theories, because I know that there is a devil. On a heart level most human beings, Christian or not, know this.
          If you are going to believe you have to believe in all of it. You can’t grab a verse and run all the way to hell with it and think yourself wise and safe.

        22. One must be very cautious when interpreting so-called “facts”. Facts are unknowable, they can only be interpreted (for as soon as you apply it to ‘reality’ outside of language, you are interpreting it – you are giving numbers a definite picture that wasn’t created solely by the facts themselves). Read Nietzsche and Foucault on history (against the rationalization of history as something that can teach us very specific things about a people). Humans are too complex to be summarized this way (by race as opposed to by culture). If you say “The way to act Jewish is this way” you need to explain what “being Jewish” is, or what it actually refers to (in your use of language, it appears that you are giving only one way, one picture of what being Jewish is, which feels like a mistake/lack of logical reasoning).
          As for Lolknee: I agreed with your argument, but I am confused as to why being a ‘faggot’ has to do with anything? As in, if we are only focusing on people’s actions, and not giving it a definite cause (“because he is Jewish” “because he is a faggot” “because he is this and that” but rather “because he is doing this” “because he is doing that”), what is the point of attacking him by insulting his sexual orientation? Assuming that there are over a thousand reasons behind a sexual orientation, way outside of our rational understanding, to ‘summarize’ someone this way seems disingenuous. (And by the way, just for the record, I don’t see how Wolf Blitzer isn’t even worse than Anderson Cooper).

        23. Cooper is worse than Wolf Blitzer, in my eyes, because he is the scion of the Vanderbilt family. He was handed the keys to the world. He was born for greatness…not the bitching and moaning he does. To be born the son of Wyatt Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, in my eyes, puts a certain measure of responsibility on you that is much higher than that of other men.
          I use faggot quite often not to connote sexual orientation but to connote being a faggot. The modern PC world has robbed us of using faggot to mean something about a way a person acts. In Cooper’s case he is a faggot regardless of his sexual preference it just turns out he is a salami smuggler anyway.

        24. Thanks for your answer.
          Again, using the same logic as in my previous post, I am not sure it is relevant for us to judge someone based on our rationalized opinion of what it means to be the son or daughter of X. You simply cannot order he world that way. What you can do is judge someone’s actions, independently from your preconceived idea of what it means to be X or Y. So, while I agree that Cooper is not a great “journalist”, I would argue that Wolf Blitzer is even more dangerous: his complete lack of involvement with the stories, his incapacity to truly confront, his complete lack of emotional/intellectual depth, his annoying voice and his condescending tone are all the factors that make me want to judge him the worst TV host.
          As for the use of the term faggot, I don’t understand how the PC world is responsible for that – it’s not them who decided that faggot would be a term used to refer to homosexuals, that’s just the way the term has evolved. Besides, nobody really knows what the term really comes from, or whether it means anything else than someone relating to either women or men in a pejorative way, based on their sexual preferences. I agree that we could potentially imagine the term faggot being used to say “coward” or “protected”, I would question why not use those terms as opposed to “faggot”?
          And by the way, I am annoyed by the PC world as much as anybody. I am simply arguing for a more meaningful way of communicating.

        25. I don’t really buy that blitzer or any other journalist is dangerous. In order to be dangerous you have to be taken seriously. Pretty soon the last generation to think of news as something other than entertainment will be dead. Saying Wolf Blitzer is a dangerous influence is like saying Macho Man Randy Savage is a dangerous influence. Professional wrestling and cable news channels simply aren’t to be taken seriously.
          As for how the PC police are involved. Calling someone a faggot is a perfectly natural insult. The PC people say that it creates a situation where being gay is seen as bad because calling someone gay or a fag is being used as an insult. The people that think I should change the way I speak so as not to hurt the feelings of others are a bunch of faggots.
          There are plenty of more meaningful ways of communicating but that would require actually caring about what the other person says. Calling them a faggot is dismissive. It isn’t an ad hominem attack on their argument, it is simply an insult where you say their argument is meaningless.
          As for Cooper, yes, I think that Cooper can be expected to be held to a very high standard. If he wants to bite pillows he should have at least had the courtesy to keep it behind doors and running around the world being a bleeding heart queer is a waste of gifts that 99.9% of the world can only dream of.
          When a person with a great mind is a drug addict we call it a waste. When a person with great natural athletic talent is lazy we call it a waste. When you are born as the heir to the Vanderbilt fortune and you make your life about being a nancy boy and making that seem ok then it is something which should truly be lamented.

        26. I don’t think that in order to be dangerous you must be taken seriously. What Blitzer represents – the sense of comfort of a rational/detached/unemotional society with a sense of fake drama (the use of music, his tone of voice, etc) is much more dangerous than words themselves.
          As for the ‘faggot’ argument, you seem to be reacting on a very basic level against the fear of people telling you what to do/say. As annoying as it is, it shouldn’t make someone justify their language based on that frustration alone. I am still asking what the meaning of the term ‘faggot’ is, and what it truly refers to.
          And I find your ‘judgment’ of who is a waste and who isn’t to be a tad limited, for it is committing the complexity of human behavior (how people make choices, etc). It can be frustrating, sure, but I do not think anybody has a right to hold anybody accountable in an ‘angry’ manner, for again it is overlooking the complexity of ‘human determination’ and how ‘choice’ operates (you can obviously deduce that I am not an advocate of free will). You can say it is a shame, but not a waste (for your understanding of his situation is limited to your the limitations of your understanding/knowledge). What should matter most is the effect he has on the world – what he actually does, as opposed to what he does in relation to your assumptions of what it means to be the son of x or y.
          And I still have a hard time understanding how your use of ‘queer’ and ‘fag’ isn’t similar to the other guy’s use of “acting Jewish without being Jewish”, but again we still have not agreed on a clear definition for these terms (as in, we have not agreed on the visuals of these words).

        27. “And I still have a hard time understanding how your use of ‘queer’ and ‘fag’ isn’t similar to the other guy’s use of “acting Jewish without being Jewish”,
          I do not think who a person wants to fuck is a relevant aspect of his personality. The faggotry that bugs me is the flaunting of it and attention whoring etc.
          My question was whether “acting jewish without being jewish” might point to something like the idea that it isn’t Judaism which is the cause…I had suggested other possible causes. In the same way, acting like a faggot doesn’t necessarily mean you are gay. Is it an imperfect terminology, sure…but why do I need to be so exacting for people who I do not take seriously.
          My judgments on who is worth listening to, worth responding to or who is a total waste of oxygen or whose primary purpose will be for me to humor myself as I mock them is just that, a judgment that I get to make on how to spend very precious and finite resources like patience and time.

        28. I understand that. I would argue that you shouldn’t do it for others, but you should do it for yourself – out of pride and respect for intellect, language and culture. To act this way is to act like the “liberal elite” that doesn’t see the point of respecting anybody who disagrees with them.
          Humans are humans – their language, their rhetoric are only their packaging, which you seem to base your judgment on. I would argue that for anyone with the self rigor and the desire to be deeper would constantly try not to fall for the simplification of humans and thus not let our frustration and disgust for bad rhetoric to interfere too much with our deeper understanding of things (beyond appearances).

        29. “deeper”
          Why in the world would that be a goal. ANd what is this about of an understanding of things beyond appearances. There is nothing beyond appearances. The superficial packaging is all there is. The rest is fairy tales. I guess that is our fundamental disagreement. BTW while it is the “liberal” elite that doesn’t see the point of respecting anybody who disagrees with them, that is neither what I am doing nor what I would advocate. If you follow this thread up to the beginning it starts with a conversation I had with someone with whom I do disagree but who was intelligent, well spoken and made his points and we had a back and forth on it. It isn’t that I don’t respect anyone who disagrees with me, I disrespect people who bore me, who are stupid or who live in a delusional fantasy land.
          BTW did you really create this disqus account just to have this conversation with me? That is curious. Not boring, but curious.

        30. I apologize for not answering earlier. The question “To be deeper: why in the world would that be a goal?” troubled me so much that I decided to retreat and think about it. It is one of those questions whose answers seem evident, and yet (as every other question, let’s not forget), they don’t.
          But let’s analyze the language first. What does it mean “to be deeper”? Deeper than what? In opposition to what? Same questions arise when you say that “there is nothing beyond appearances”, which is a linguistic aberration, for there is one (very important) thing not necessarily beyond but underneath appearances, and that is perception (judgment). The way you phrased your sentence made it sound like you are saying that appearances don’t come from perception, but are ‘things in themselves’, which would be hard to defend, since the term itself “appearances” means that these appearances are being apprehended by someone. So if there really are only appearances, it means there really is only perception. And if that’s the case, everything we process is seen through our own subjective prisms.
          With that in mind, what would being deep mean? Well, it would mean to have ‘duplicated’ prisms, to allow for ‘more capacity to assess an event/object presented to us’. So, I would make the argument that any assessment of anything is fundamentally an attempt at being ‘deep’, meaning an attempt at perceiving something and making a statement about it.
          So, when you say these words, you sound to me exactly like the modern culture apologists who think oh-too rationally, and who are incapable of seeing through the mere representations that trick our perception into making shallow but oh-so logical arguments. This is due to our deep misunderstanding of language, and how much language is a mirage. Our modern culture (whether it’s the PC world or the white nationalists, doesn’t seem to be a lot different from my point of view) is based on a clear lack of spiritualism, as defined by Nietzsche (“to learn how to see, to restrain from primary impulses, to assess from all angles”). We have replaced ‘deep’ with language. Look at music, for example. We now find it more deep if a singer sings ‘a series of sentences that are deep’, and yet they will obviously fall short compared to any of Schubert’s sonatas, quarters or quintets (Schubert being one example among others) in terms of how ‘deep’ they are (in this case, deep would mean in how complex and abstract they are, beyond language, close to the ‘movement of the world’, as expressed by Schopenhauer). To be ‘deep’ is not to be nice, nor is it to be liked, nor is it to appear superior. To be ‘deep’ is to have a deep desire to be as truthful as possible (“a man’s intelligence is judged by how many uncertainties he is willing to withstand” is another good definition for deep). The truth is that we, in this modern/scientific/emotionally removed culture, cannot tolerate uncertainties, nor can we navigate in anything that is too abstract for our minds to process. This is one of the reasons Nietzsche has been misunderstood by oh-so many, for we cannot help it but attach language to very strict and stiff representations that don’t get processed ‘deeply’. Same thing happens in cinema, and art in general. We now have more people fighting for “western culture” than we have real artists making what ‘west’ culture did best (and this is when I do criticize multiculturalism for it forced people to adopt beliefs without a ‘deep’ understanding of themselves – just like the PC culture, which works on a very superficial understanding of ‘language defines people and therefore we should fight them on every word’, without realizing how not so different they are from the people they are fighting against).
          So, there is my defense for ‘being deep’. I wish it was deeper, but it’s all I got. My question now is how can we allow ourselves to believe that ‘there is nothing beyond the superficial packaging’? I simply cannot start to understand how that logic could stand. I am listening.
          And I feel the same way about people who ‘bore’ me, although again I am able to feel what is behind the bore (in other words, I am able to feel the conditions and the culture behind people’s language, or at least I am trying, as to get a better picture of what makes a person who they are). But in my opinion, the fantasy land is the believe that humans are defined by their ‘superficial packagings’.
          And yes, I did create this account just to have this conversation. I do not know what ReturnofKings is, nor who’s behind it. I only arrived on this website because of an article on Cynicism, then I started reading about this Spencer fake-Nietzschean fellow and assumed the two were related, but I could be wrong.

        31. They’re not all Jews.
          Obama: non Jew. Bush, non Jew. Clinton, Non Jew, GHWB, non Jew.
          Its been a non-Jew plot from the getgo.
          However, many Jews seem to get heavily involved in these non Jewish activities big time.
          I wish they wouldnt.

      2. I wont speak for anyone else, but my interpretation of the JQ is that it’s more about a behavioural profile and the underlying mindset than it is about Jewish blood per se. The difference in character between liberal Western Jews and Israeli Jews stands out to me. My interpretation is that it’s basically the difference between a traditional empiring mindset vs. a tribal nomadic mindset. There might be parallels with master vs. slave morality.
        But it goes deeper than that, and Otto Weininger (himself a Jew) wrote a whole chapter of his book, Sex and Character (1903), outlining this mindset. He argues that it’s the difference between the aspiring masculine mindset vs. the amoral feminine mindset.
        You can check out the whole chapter here…
        Click the chapter link titled “Judaism”.
        Weininger himself claims that it’s not as much about Jewish blood as it is about how a person thinks and behaves. Just so happens that the Jews and women have historically displayed these characteristics.
        It’s a pretty short read, and I would be interested in your thoughts on it.

        1. I tend to agree with you on most of this. The only difference is that instead of calling it a JQ I would call it a $Q. It is about wealth — not millionaire wealth I am talking the kind of billions on billions of dollars where money itself no longer has any kind of meaning and power becomes real. This behavioral profile is real and it is found in Kings, Emperors and Popes for thousands of years. If you are willing to tell me that Pope Innocent III, Emperor Nero and King Louis VXI were all crypto jews then ok, maybe. In the meantime, maybe these behavioral patterns are coming from a place other than simply being born jewish.

        2. You know, there is a reason the jews write books like ‘Germany must perish’. We germans purged them so many times and so many german (includes austrian) people were antisemites.
          Otto Weininger
          Adolf Hitler
          Martin Luther
          Heinrich Heine (converted from judaism to protestantism)
          Günter Grass
          Richard Wagner
          Immanuel Kant
          and the list goes on.
          We germans have antisemitsm in our blood.

        3. I’d probably say it has more to do with the fact the Germans took on the whole world twice and nearly won.

        4. I don’t consider myself anti-Semitic and white men who’ve never read a book by the time they hit 30 yet blame immigrants for them being poor and stupid can go take a long jump off a tall cliff.
          BUT … my perception is that some people ask the JQ because there’s a Conservative culture making money from imposing “liberal” values on others/outsiders
          The truth and extent of this can be debated.

        5. Oh, Jews weren’t expelled just from Germany. Spanish Inquisition was organized primarily to seek out the rats, hidden in the walls. The Moors were easily recognizable and they were expelled. Why the need for investigation? Because the real threat to Spain were the merchants who sold Christians into slavery.

        6. THey did not take on the whole world – they tried to take on the USSR. But they had a theory of war which claimed that winning the fights was all that mattered, and everything else would take care of itself. We know how that went.

        7. No, the Moors ran slavery. The Spainiards learned it from them and applied it to their possessions in the New World, importing Africans to do the heavy lifting.

        8. I’m sorry but what Weininger wrote is a pure nonsense. Jews have no nobility? Absurd. There is a strong meritocratic hierarchy among Jews, and it includes selective breeding.
          And the idea that women have no real dignity? Also absurd.
          You can’t treat seriously this hogwash. It’s a spiteful hatred coming from an intellectual mongrel.

        9. I didn’t know about Jewish selective breeding until I just Googled it now.
          I don’t take Weininger as Gospel, but it’s interesting that a Jew wrote this.
          And it’s not that women have no dignity at all. What he is talking about is that women are not concerned with objective morality, and will not sacrifice personal gain in order to live up to a moral ideal. He believes this is the domain of righteous men. Personal experience does not contradict this, but I can’t say it is absolutely true. I think red-pill men are beginning to view women as amoral agents, which is still better than immoral agents.
          “The ego of a woman is the cause of the vanity which is specific of women. The analogue of this in the male is an emanation of the set of his will towards his conception of the good, and its objective expression is a sensitiveness, a desire that no one shall call in question the possibility of attaining this supreme good. It is his personality that gives to man his value and his freedom from the conditions of time. This supreme good, which is beyond price, because, in the words of Kant, there can be found no equivalent for it, is the dignity of man. Women, in spite of what Schiller has said, have no dignity, and the word “lady” was invented to supply this defect, and her pride will find its expression in what she regards as the supreme good, that is to say, in the preservation, improvement, and display of her personal beauty.”

        10. Look up Benjamin Freedman’s speech in 1961. He’s an honest Jew who explains why Germany wanted them out. It’s also the same reasons in many other countries that Jews were disliked, and cast out.

        11. No, the Moors and Jews were together involved in the slave trade for centuries. Later, in the eighteenth, and nineteenth century, Jews operated the slave trade for the US.

        12. The Germans didn’t like Jews because the Jews stole and cheated and defiled the German people for centuries.

        13. Actually the Jews forced Germany into war…you must read more.Why did Britain/France give guarantees to protect Poland from Germany when Germany merely wanted its lands returned?Why did Britain/France declare war on Germany over Poland yet not against the Jewish Bolshevik U.S.S.R which took over the eastern half of Poland?AND Germany fought the largest industrial power(U.S.A. 120 million),the largest colonial empire(Britain 500 million)and the country with the largest armed forces(U.S.S.R 180 million)and France(40 million) and almost won,this with Germany possessing 80 million people.Germany possessed no natural resources like almost all the others did(oil,uranium,iron,tunsten,cobalt,copper,rubber,aluminum,bauxite,etc)

        14. Selective breeding?Oh you mean when they force or coerce White women to sleep with them.Jews are a mixed race people and the only thing pure about them is their pure evil.

        15. Well, it is true that the Germans were less anti-semitic than, say, the French. but definitely more so than the Italians. And, of course, it was Mussolini succumbing to the disease that got Fermi to leave Italy for the US, and build the world’s first atomic pile under the football stands at University of Chcago. Ciao, bella!

        16. Actually, Mussolini basically defacto created the Israel Navy. He gave several seats in the Italy Merchant Marine Academy to Palmach kids in the mid 1930’s.
          Hebrew nationalists work towards bring Hebrew people home to Israel, where we are the indigenous volk. Obviously, I don’t speak for anyone except myself, but I have no heartburn about Euro nationalist movements
          I will say that most of the “white nationalists” on the internet are pure charades. They have ZERO track record of DOING anything. If they believed in what they say they believe in , they would be joining the Amish. The Amish, by the way, do buy toys from Israel. I cannot even understand why, as they are themselves really master craftsmen. But…. they do.

        17. Now all of Europe does. European hatred of Israel is just hatred of Jews, nothing less. Which is why Europe being chock-a-block with raving lunatic Musloids getting suited up for the next wave of Bataclans is just poetic justice.

        18. It’s fascinating how Muslims can slaughter & torture & steal & rape to their heart’s content and no one ever inquires into Islam. And yet Jews are probed a 1000 different ways despite all their contributions down through the centuries. Anti-semitism disgusts me, which is why Europe and Islam ARE the dustbin of history.

        19. “It’s fascinating how Muslims can slaughter & torture & steal & rape to their heart’s content and no one ever inquires into Islam.”
          I don’t think this is true, anyone with common sense will question Islam. It’s the left that works to make criticism of Islam politically incorrect or illegal.
          And I am not anti-semitic. I am anti-Zionist.
          Jews worldwide push for the most radical left wing ideas in countries open enough to house them, and then support a hyper-conservative politics (compared to current Western standards) for Israel.
          If I said this in public I’d be labelled as “anti-semitic”, and yet I am simply questioning a behaviour. Something isn’t right here.

        20. It disgusts you because emotional programming of a disgust response was used on you ever since you could read.

        21. I agree, most women do not have dignity.
          They get dignity from their men.
          I did.
          I admit it.
          About the JQ: Many Jews are insane, left-wing and paranoid.
          But, there is a minority of us that are not.
          I wish more were patriotic & not involved in politics.

        22. Reverse the causality. Jews jew people, then get purged. If someone was kicked out of 300+ bars would you assume the bouncers were at fault, or the drunk?

        23. Regarding Zionist. It was a propaganda piece written by the Russians. In the book called Disinformation, by Ion Mihai Pacepa, it discusses how the issue with Zionist came about. It has nothing to do with Jews, because it is all propaganda.

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        2. Knee. We’ve been friends for a while now so I don’t know why you are being so shy. If you want to know how big my cock is you can just ask.

        3. Always nice when the lowest common denominator makes an appearance. Thanks for putting a cherry on the day

        1. Matthew 7. Sermon on the mount. Doesn’t that start off with something about not judging and then go on to say that those who have hatred in their heart have already committed the sin of murder? Maybe some of the humility that is suggested here in certain verses be practiced more by those who would seek refuge in others.

      3. I can see that everyhuman being on earth almost, has a “holier than though attitude” (jews, muslims, christians, atheists, athletes, mobs, gangs, cops, women,… etc)
        an no one of them is imortal or that cooool, everyone of them has flaws to the last one of them, so everyone of them should be humble, I think we are all breathing weak mortal creatures that are going to die one day so we should check ourselves before judging others

      4. They view you as cattle. They have you running in circles to become wealthy… which means nothing because the wealth is backed by debt and they have the sole right to create more debt by printing money. The Iraq, Libyan and Afghan conflicts were fought to establish such private central banks. As will be in the future when we attack Syria and Iran.
        There is a reason holocaust movies are released every year. To remind you to be a good goy and know the jews are beyond reproach.

        1. I don’t care about movies that I have a choice to see or not see and there is no one that is going to tell me that becoming wealthy isn’t a good thing. Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan….I will be honest…I don’t fucking care. I make a lot more money than I spend, I enjoy my life and I ignore shit I don’t care about. I am not going to alter my life to worry about Syria and Iran and some nonsense tin foil hate conspiracy theories. I am winning at this particular game and have absolutely no intention on changing strategy.
          Why do you give a shit if a holocaust movie comes out? What could it possibly matter to you? The holocaust is an interesting topic. If you don’t like the message of the movie you can not see it. The last holocaust movie I remember was shindlers list. Is there corruption at the top levels of power in society? Well, fuck, does the pope shit in the woods? All through history there have been people with lots of money and lots of power who have manipulated political and religious institutions for their personal gain. The question is, did they leave enough behind to make it worth while? We live in the USA where it is feasible to still live rags to riches lives if we are willing to work for it. Want to preach revolution do it in some backwater shit hole country with no clean water.

        2. Spoken like a true nihilist.
          I care because it multiplies my enemies. There is no attacking others without blowback, as rome figured out the hard way with the visigoths. Eventually it will come to everyones front door. Once the entire planet is in chaos and under a despotic supranational government, there will be nowhere to run. They will insure they are rich and everyone else is poor. Them and their buddies hid during the great depression, which private banks admitted quietly to having caused. They say they learned their lesson, and we should ‘trust them’. I say, after 2008, I am absolutely sure they did it on purpose. A world where everyone eats eachother is one that has one inevitability; you will be eaten. Being higher on the totem pole just means you and I will have a little more time. This is about long term self preservation, as I in reality also care little for others.

        3. Life is a game. Every game has rules. The rules have changed over the last 50 years. If you try to play by yesterday’s rules today you will be trodden underfoot. That said, if you know what you want and figure out how to play the game the world will bend over for you. All this stuff about the invisible hand and the war and enemies and visigoths and the depression and elites all of that means exactly dick. The financial collapse in 2008 is firmly the fault of middle class America. They fucked themselves and bitched and cries about it and anyone with a brain saw it coming. I made money off the banking collapse. Long term self preservation? I can get behind that. That is great. But what exactly does that mean to you? Some kind of wishful dreaming that the world was just like it used to be at some other point in time and you can do what you would of back then whenever that is? There is a ton of great opportunity out there. I would suggest removing the blinders, the tinfoil and the dreams of the world being just the way you wish it would.
          When someone gets royally fucked someone else profits. Be the one who profits. Who is this “they” you are even talking about? The top 1% of wealth holders in the world? Their attitude hasn’t changed since biblical times. It’s the same old song. Instead of fighting a war that doesn’t exist against enemies that you can’t hurt because of a scenario you can’t change, why not take stock of the reality of our world and work it to your advantage?

        4. No, it is about keeping the system afloat. If the system, which we profit off of, collapses, so does the rules of the game. Adaptation will not stop angry mobs from tearing us apart once the rules fail. The fact that we were logical and they were emotional in their reasoning will not stop them from killing us in the direct aftermath of a collapse because they are acting on said emotional reasoning. You are making the same mistake self made nobility has always made, pure individuality is a myth.
          Being rich is one thing. The only way to guarantee power, however, is by ruling. And that requires not just situational awareness, but care for a situation and the ability to manipulate it to your advantage and longevity. I absolutely refuse to end up below some sort of guillotine like so many others after rule of law has fell. We are on that cusp and it will happen eventually. The world has been spared mass war by the chaos of several small wars holding up a currency system that is doomed to fail.
          But I can agree to disagree.

        5. I would suggest that your view on how to play the game is too narrow. Plenty of ways to win while ignoring all the nonsense

      5. I think the khazar theory/conspiracy has a role to play in this debate. Rockefellers are not religious or ethnic Jews, but indeed their actions are Jew as they are the family that was dubbed the goy servants of the Roschilds.
        Some call it bollocks while some claim it is the truth, but look into fritz springmeier’s 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. Even if he is not totally correct, I am comfortable in the fact that he has the right idea and is as close as it gets.
        Below the 13 bloodlines are the committee of 300; sub families if you will. I imagine these include the soros types among others.
        Please note: I am not one of those types that “blames the joos”.
        But even scripture has noted that the synagogue of Satan has usurped the control of the world, along with empirical evidence.

        1. Scripture can say anything if read in the right way. This is why it has been relevant for so long.
          I just don’t buy the tin foily stuff. Some may say that makes me naive. I think I makes me a realist. In the end, meh

        2. Asna final note, I’ve no doubt that Rothschild and Rockerfeller conspired in the past and probably still do. I just think it has more to do with the arrogance and hubris of the wealthy rather than some notion of Jewishness. This is why I am less hostile to the idea. I agree that there is a problem, I just think there is a different — more realistic — reason behind it

        3. I can respect that view, and I definitely want to avoid being labeled a fear monger basement dweller. But it isn’t “Jewishness”

        4. Nah I get that and I get there is a problem. I think that there is a certain amount of heritable generational wealth where people have the tendencies that are generally blamed on “the joos”
          A lot of them are Jews because of the way it played out with European christians being anti usury and, as it turned out, banking families got obscenely wealthy. But that it has to do with them being Jewish I don’t buy, it’s the money….a few hundred billion dollars over a dozen generations will remove a person from reality

      6. Thank you for your comment. Pretty much sums up the way I see things although you are far more articulate than I could hope to be.
        Again, Thanx.

    2. The Rockefellers came from the German Rockenfelders, of the area of the Palatine. Tha Nazis claimed they were crypto-Jews. This is something the Nazis were normally right about. They might have been wrong about Jews, but they were normally spot-on when it came to knowing prominent German families in Europe and the US.

      1. This is lunacy. The Rockerfellers settled in the US in the early18th Century. William Sr. (John’s father so before it was truly an empire like family) was born in New York in the early 1800’s.The name change, of which the paperwork still fucking exists, is from Rockenfeller to Rockefeller not felder. You would have to go back to the time of fucking Abraham to find a jew in that family line.

        1. That whole “It’s the Joos” meme is just more elitist-controlled deflection. I don’t see how guys can swallow it, but…I don’t see how guys can go tranny either. It’s way beyond the Joos. Way bigger than that.
          Anyway…nice day down here in the desert, I think I’ll go for a three-mile jog and grab some supplies on the way back. Catch you later. Party on. Watch out for those orcs, too, okay, Kneeman – those fuckers are everywhere (they are actually Crypto-Jews).

        2. Im a huge fan of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and all of those capitalists from the industrial revolution. I saw that history channel special and Im amazed at their business structuring intelligence. If the descendants are all evil elites, I dont give a shit. Those industries put this country on the map and gave us verything we have.

      2. I have not found a single piece of evidence showing that the Rockefellers are cryptojews. I have not read anything about it in III Reich literature (which I have read a lot). Do you have a source?

        1. He calls everybody a Jew whom he dislikes, which amounts to basically everybody. After a while of probing you’ll discover that Casinos mark Jewishness and thus, Indians and Trump are Jews.

        2. 1. Laura Spelman, wife of John D. Rockefeller. Spelman is a common Jewish name.
          2. David Rockefeller gave a half million dollars for Jewish colonization in Russia in 1928. Very few non-Jewish philanthropists give to Jewish causes.
          3. The Rockefeller Museum opposite the northeast corner of Jerusalem’s Old City Walls. In 1928 Rockefeller gave 2 million for its construction, and it bears his name to this day.
          4. David Rockefeller received the World Brotherhood Award from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1953.
          5. David Rockefeller’s daughter Eileen married Paul Growald, who is on the board of a synagogue in Vermont. Intermarriages are more common, but it is not common for the woman to convert to Judaism. It is much more common in both Jewish homes and Christian homes for the family to follow the faith of the woman, and for the children to take the faith of the mother. Instead, we find that Eileen has converted
          to Judaism. Same like Ivanka Trump.
          6. Another clue is the Rockefeller Foundation’s assistance to Italian Jewish refugees coming to the US after WWII. This is a clue because there were many refugees after WWII, but the Rockefeller Foundation assisted only the Jews.
          I could go on indefinitely.

        3. I have rarely met men that convert to judaism. I have met a shitton of female jewish converts. You need sources for each paragraph that you wrote, otherwise you can claim anything.

        4. I’ll speak as I wish. Maybe you don’t understand, but outside of your basement, you wield no power in the world. Heh.

        5. Women will convert to whatever their husbands believe….and that is how it ought to be. Ideally the husband and the father will have the same beliefs but if not, a wedding is a handing over of the reins as it were and the wife’s beliefs are now to fall into step with the husband’s beliefs whereas before it was the daughter in step with the father

        6. “I could go on indefinitely”
          This is the one accurate thing you have said today. I’m going to keep count. If you ever break 5 I will send you a candy

        7. Wasn’t it Seinfeld (maybe larry david) who had said that catholics amaze him going to confession every week when the jews only go once a year. …. “even in sin redemption they are paying retail”

        8. Number 1, yes, that’s a suspicious lastname….but again, no hard evidence of them belonging to the Tribe.
          Number 2 to 6, yes they are scumbags and they love the Tribe to death, but again no hard evidence of them belonging to the Tribe.
          Jews are a race, you are jew because of your blood, and I don’t see any evidence of jewish blood in the Rockefeller bloodline.

        9. Most of the English aristocracy are crypto-Jews because they have intermarrying for over a century now. I am sure you know that all males in the royal family are circumcised by a rabbi? Point is, you never know for sure because they hide it so well but the intermarriages are easily proven.
          I would call the secular Jews a race as they are very mixed. Even Trump who does not look anything like the typical Jew is a suspect too.

    3. If you think the problem is “dem Joos”, then I feel sorry for you. The “elite” come in all shapes, sizes, colours and religions. And a key target for the current elite’s bile is the state of Israel.

    4. Every man who is circumcised should be restoring his foreskin. That’s the only way to remove the slave marking…one that was brought to America by demonic Jews like Hiram Yellen and Aaron Goldstein. Also, don’t mutilate your boy’s genitals for fuck’s sake – you might as well tongue punch the asshole of George Soros if you’re going to do that.

  2. I hope you’re wrong (in the way that more worthy people will be able to retake power) because civil war is the worst kind od war… and because the so called Elite will probably escape most of the trouble, and most ordinary people won’t.
    If we get no otherr choise, well…, it’s better to die in battle than in a slaughterhouse.

    1. Exactly, what most people is unable to grasp is that most civil wars are just elite infighting (except some due to racial or religious reasons). Just look at WWI, Germany’s Kaiser was cousin of the King of Britain for God’s sake. In other words, meet the new boss same as the old boss.

      1. Perhaps, but all the same elites have fallen out of power before. Usually not because of a violent war, but because of losing their grip on outer territories. They find themselves in a position where one of their previous stooges becomes independent from them, and gains control of something they thought was theirs. They don’t go out with a bang, but with a whimper.

        1. I grasp what you are saying…my point was that most civil wars and revolutions are just elite infighting i.e. “that bastard (my cousin) didn’t give the power he promised, I’ll overthrow him” and there it goes. That’s why most revolutions only achieve worse living conditions for the surviving commoners.

  3. Kiron, you should write a book, I am would love to learn more about your experience and corresponding observations. At least write more article like this one, going into detail about different things that happen when things start falling apart and how you think we can prepare ourselves. I have always understood how precarious our society and current order is. If you wrote a book, I would buy it.

  4. “Parasites will be excised, filth will be cleansed, justice will be meted out and a new golden age for the West will dawn. For the future belongs to us, and it will be glorious.”
    That all sounds great. Love to read more about how that might happen…
    Anybody? Or have we reached the ***crickets*** portion of the program here.

      1. Ha. That sums it up perfectly. Because you see, Aragorn had magical powers, he could control all of the standing armies on the face of the earth, and all of the policemen, and all of the powerful organizations with quasi-military personnel of their own (like the U.N., in LOTR parlance this means, um, the United Nimrods – not sure about that one), and all of the mobsters who run every city and town in the world, who do so on behalf of the elite.
        I guess we just have to find the new Frodo and Sam next. They must be out there somewhere. Gandalf? Where’s Gandalf, HE’LL know what to do. (As a little heads-up, I hear Saruman went full-on SJW, so don’t stop by his tower during your quest, or you will be orc-meat, for sure.)

        1. This is what first turned me on to George RR Martin. In an interview he said that while he loved LOTR (like all good sci fi nerds) he never wanted his series to work out that way. He said, ok Great the armies of mordor are defeated. Aragorn is king (of several kingdoms if you read the books). Now what? What is his taxation policy? How does he deal with winters that have bad harvests? What is the standard punishment for theft? What kind of salaries do standing armies receive? Will there be works projects to help with employment? Also, the idea that there are simply bad guys who are ugly and mean and grunt and good guys who are either beautiful or funny and stuff is terrible. The world is all in shades of gray. I love that about Martin. He absorbed all that Gates of Mordor speech where everything works out for the goodguys and then walked right past it and said “this simply isn’t how shit happens”

        2. Well…well…yeah, exactly. I mean, here’s the juice historically speaking – every notion the average dimwit has about warfare was put into their heads by you-know-who: their betters. The elite. Call them what you will. Organizing is exactly what they want people to do. Because organizations get infiltrated. The only thing that might work is full-on individual guerrilla warfare. No groups of any kind. A billion guys out for blood, doing their own thing. Why? Because individuals can’t be infiltrated. But that isn’t part of the mental makeup of future orc-killers. They can’t think that way – it’s impossible for them. Just as the elite planned it, actually.
          And as you pointed out, if they “win”, what next? Hey, the last thing I want is some half-assed plan run by half-assed guys with good hearts and bad minds. Talk of revolution is great, pointing out evil is great. But it’s impractical. Evil is always going to be here. As is goodness. And LOTR is pure fantasy. But thinking the bad guys can be overthrown and eliminated, that is an even bigger fantasy than LOTR. If they are overthrown, some dude with an LOTR plan is going to run the show. No thanks. That guy will eventually get warped because he’s too weak to be there in the first place, and it will then be, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” I don’t dash out and tilt at windmills these days. And neither should any other thinking person who values reality, and preservation of self, over mass-suicide.

        3. thinking the “bad guys” are just “bad guys” is also a mistake. Black and white are not the colors the world is painted in. And yes, meet the new boss same as the old boss is always the case. Every time. No exception. But look around at the world. There is a lot of opportunity. A lot of chances for people to make a lot more out of themselves than they were born to be (at least here in our America). Yeah, there is some shady behind the scenes shenanigans which are aimed at making hyper wealthy people even hyper wealthier. That is the way of the world baby. Do I really want to risk a huge civil war and massive regime change and hope the cards land just right? Not bloody likely. For all the talk of the opportunities that the fall of the soviet union brought, it only made millionaires into billionaires. You needed capital to fuck that period of time in the ass. Balls yes…but also fucking money and connections. Nope sireeee Bob smith I think I like things just the way they are.

        4. You and me both. I like things just the way they are. Revolution? That’s a song by The Beatles. And there you have it. Opportunities abound. Evil is always going to be evil. I say bring on the day, and let’s have at it. You wanna rock the boat, you’d better have a stem-to-stern plan and I better get something more out of it than I do right now. Carpe diem.

        5. When one gets deeper into Tolkien’s works, beyond LOTR, you find more stuff along those lines.

        6. Yes…but it is very deep. It had to be. There is no doubt that Tolkien thought on this level, but he didn’t write on this level. The grayness and ambiguity would not play to a British public. Maybe to a 19th century Russia or a 21st Century America…

        7. “That’s a song by The Beatles.” Stealing this. There is a terrific book by Soren Kierkegaard (one of my favorite people who ever lived) called the Concept of Anxiety (Angst actually). In it he talks about mans constant and near pathological desire to go back to a stage of prefallenness…before the tree of knowledge. It is built into the psychology of man to constantly want the perfection of the garden. This isn’t an attainable goal. It is a divine punishment. The people who follow visionaries into revolutions learn this lesson in a very, very hard way.

        8. Following others into revolutions – bad idea. You have to improve yourself, if you are fallen. I believe in hope, enlightenment, and becoming more than what you are. It can be done, we all sense this and know this. But it can only be done on an individual basis. If you’re an ass-monkey before the revolution starts, you’ll be an ass-monkey after it’s over. Realize you are an ass-monkey, and maybe you can be something more. Otherwise…you’re jerking off in front of a mirror. Support the revolution from within yourself. You have control over that one.

        9. I remember making an off-hand comment about it to a teacher one time. Ended up going home 3 hours later.

        10. He was a brit and he was religious. The mindset we have about moral ambiguity and relativism simply didn’t exist in his mind. I am sure he struggled with it and it comes out in the books, but he had absolutely no way to really understand it. He was just coming from a much, much different place psychologically. This is probably why that most of what he writes looks a lot like John Milton good and evil stuff. I have no doubt that deep within him he had existential doubt that does come out if you scrutinize his books, but it was no where near the surface in the way that it is from GRRM and there is no way it could or even should have been given his place in history.

        11. Also, the idea that there are simply bad guys who are ugly and mean and grunt and good guys who are either beautiful or funny and stuff is terrible.

          It’s not a laughable as you may think. There are direct correlations being noted between beauty and “goodness” or anti-egalitarianism, even today.

          While certainly not conclusive, it does point towards a common theme that is pretty easy to see. SJW’s/Leftists are, generally, the really abhorent ugly types (some exceptions of course) and there’s some pretty sound conjecture on why this might be so. Being ugly/plain you don’t get the attention, people don’t treat you especially nice as a rule, and you’re almost always ignored in favor of the attractive person. A person can grow to resent that (the average person).
          Besides, Tolkien was using straight forward “common sense” more than reality in framing good and evil.

        12. I remember reading these points in a number of interviews. I moved on to GRR Martin for these same reasons.
          Never regretted getting the entire five book set after Season One of Game Of Thrones. I certainly prefer the books over any of the recent seasons.
          Tolkien will always have his due as the progenitor. But Martin took the setting to a whole other level.

        13. I can buy that to a degree but not to the degree of “every bad guy is an orc and every good guy is legolas”
          Tolkien was using common sense as it was for his time and place. His time and place was far more simple — he had a child’s view of good and evil…one shared by his peers and common in the zeitgeist. It is an absurd and dull notion now. That there are no shades of gray or moral ambiguity gives the story the feel that it is for little children.

        14. lol. Please. Trump was more like Pippen on a good day and Grima Wormtongue on a bad one.

        15. Now what? What is his taxation policy? How does he deal with winters that have bad harvests? What is the standard punishment for theft? What kind of salaries do standing armies receive? Will there be works projects to help with employment?

          That’s called Epilogue. And I admit I have no idea if Tolkien wrote it. Moreover Martin hasn’t addressed any of those topics, at least not in any intelligent way if the first two novels and the series are any indication.

        16. I would need a crew of at least 10 men to get anything serious done. Sorry, but that’s how it is. Infiltration is beat by sound counterintelligence, which is why Scientology was successful: you really can’t fake being a scientologist, and a true scientologist can’t betray other scientologists.

        17. No, but the war rages on. I am of the belief that Martin will (if he ever finishes) address these issues through apocalypse. If you are a asoiaf junky I specifically mean a Doom of Valyria like scenario where all kingdoms are brought down and a new spring begins.

        18. The orcs always got a rum deal. There was nothing redeeming about them. They were simply an evil creation with no redeeming features. That might have reflected war-time propaganda though – the Hun, nazis etc which tended to de-humanize the opposition. Tolkien did a better job at portraying moral nuance in Gollum

        19. Surprised nobody freaked out when they gave the duplicitous villain a name ending in “-man”…

        20. One of the few teachers I ever actually respected. One of those kind of men who simply excels in all facets of life (at least publicly, anyways)

        21. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tolkien gave him that moniker on purpose. The entire point of Curunír’s arc was to show that even the greatest can fall to temptations that affect ordinary men.

        22. He was a hard core Catholic and highly placed and respected professor who wrote lengthy texts on various mythologies, as well as being a top shelf translator of ancient Saxon works. I doubt he was “simplistic” in his thinking, he just knew exactly how to frame a new “mythology” in a way that it’s always appealed to the bulk of humanity across the ages.
          Besides, I find “it’s all gray” more boring than “black and white”, and no matter how you cut it, moral grayness presupposes the idea of black and white (or you can’t make gray, after all).

        23. anyone who says “it is all always gray” is just black and white too. There is some black and white. There is some gray. And in that way it is all kind of gray. What it isn’t is grunting orcs with zero brains out to bash because bash led by an evil demi god with no desires or thoughts other than power against a bunch of beautiful elves and noble men and faithful dwarves in fellowship together.
          As for his religion yes. I always find it funny when fucking hippies talk about marijuana allegories. He was a semiotics professor with a huge stick in his ass, incredibly religious, as rigid as they come who wrote essays on pipe tobacco that would have put Sherlock Holmes to shame. His son said he hated the hippie culture (mind you, I am not saying any of this in a derogatory way….I love it!)

        24. The grunting orcs is because he was writing, for lack of a better term, a modern day morality play. Nobody cares about either side of a battle if they’re both unexceptional and drab. You have to spice it up, make a good guy and a bad guy, to communicate not only a certain kind of morality, but also to make the story relatable. Nobody wants to be Walter Mitty, but everybody wants to be Beowulf, even though in reality they probably can’t even aspire to achieve Mitty status.
          And besides, the Orcs may have been more or less mindless, but their leadership were quite intelligent and cunning, the orcs/goblins were no more than pawns that the Good were fighting to get to the true enemy. End of the day, the armies of the Good were striking at the highly intelligent leadership of Sauron (and his henchman) and couldn’t have given a crap in what form their armies came in. For example, there were armies of Men who joined the cause of Sauron that were seen marching into the gates of Mordor by Sam and Frodo. Also, the Steward of Gondor was a tragic figure who seemed morally pragmatic and neither good nor evil. Boromir was conflicted morally, and his brother Faramir had the same struggle which he overcame to his credit. Even Elrond had his struggles with “this or that” when it came to morality (Should I stay and help men fight in a world I don’t care about any longer, or should I just go ahead and shepherd my people to some land over the sea and say “fuck you” to Strider?).

        25. all understood and I am a big Tolkien fan. I just don’t think he captured or was able to capture the nuance of good verses evil anywhere even close to the way that grrm did.

        26. Gollum and Smeagol (the same) were in fact a very well written moral struggle between good and evil which resulted in a creature who was all three, evil (at times), good (at times) or morally ambiguous (at times). I think Tolkien had a pretty good grasp on human moral struggles and wasn’t simplistic in the least, however when writing an epic arch story, you can’t just have “Eh, ambiguous kingdom A vs. ambiguous kingdom B”. Our entire Germanic story telling mythos and tradition craves a battle of good vs. evil nearly to it’s core. I don’t know about you, but I’d have been bored shitless with a mediocre Beowulf who just got lucky one day but moped around like Woody Allen for the rest of the tale.

        27. that’s true enough. Tolkien was trying to re-create the great anglo-saxon and nordic mythologies and tales of heroism. Generally speaking he was at his most boring when he was trying to reproduce ancient literature and mythology – the song of Tom Bombadil is dreary beyond words; the more hard-core mythos of middle-earth – the silmarillion etc are inventive, brilliant and in a sense scholarly, but ultimately dry and unsatisfying. It was only really in the FoTR and the hobbit that he got the balance of mythic description and heroic saga (the joseph campbell / jungian quest narrative) right, and making the orcs, and sauron etc evil is probably a par of that. Yet, even if you look at ancient greek mythology or similar you often have much greater sense of grey, of pathos, of human dilemma even when you’re dealing with bad guys. Greek myth gives us flawed human beings on either side of the heroic divide. Yet with Tolkien, only a select few villains are fully human or 3 dimensional – gollum, smaug, sarumen. The rest are hollow shells

    1. I can’t think of a revolt or rebellion where the mopping up actions were planned out in advance. Generally the idea is kill, loot and burn the enemy until no more are left.

        1. By the time you get to the mopping up phase, you’ve weeded out the constitutionally weak. A heaping stack of bodies shouldn’t even phase you by the time you get to 1787, but in 1776 you might have retched up your breakfast at the thought.

    2. ” We need to have a chat about who’s gonna be in charge o’ the store keys to alla dem Kratom deposits”

  5. This is another Trump-won-so-the-West-is-saved type of articles that we have seen since last November. But sadly it is overoptimistic. Because:
    1. Decades of fluoridation of the population and the decrease of testosterone in men (and women) have made sure there will be no revolt against the elite.
    2. People never revolt unless they are starving. With modern agriculture technologies like GMO, I don’t see how a mass starvation could occur. The only plausible scenario for mass hunger is if those who claim that we are entering a mini ice-age due to decreased sun activity were right.
    3. On top of that, the real history (not the one you were taught) tells us that 90% of all revolutions were orchestrated by the elite themselves.

    1. here is the tl;dr
      1) Crazy Pants
      2) Actually correct
      3) Back to Crazy Pants.
      It is like an insanity oreo with a delicious rationality cream center.

      1. Kinda, and #2 is a general rule of thumb, but it’s happened when people weren’t starving as well.
        The American Revolutionaries were well fed and plotted their actions in bars while feasting and drinking.
        The Whiskey Rebellion was forged by well fed citizens.
        The march of the WW1 vets on D.C. to demand their pay was done by well fed rural men (mostly) who were, of course, gunned down.
        Civil War – Not a damned Yankee nor Southron was starving when that started, outside of who would have been starving regardless of the circumstances.
        The Romanians sacked and destroyed their entire central government and hanged their “leader” in the 1990’s.
        The Watts Riot/Rebellion, 1965
        I could go on…

        1. “The Romanians sacked and destroyed their entire central government and hanged their “leader” in the 1990’s.”
          You mean Chow-chescu

        2. I am in the process of sacking a Romanian now. I am really enjoying the Carpathian cunt.

        3. I imagine that in her final moments madame Ceausescu realised what true equality actually bestowed upon the emancipated woman: the right to die like a man

        4. I have made every vampire joke I can think of over the last 4 weeks. I have used “suck” every chance I can. It’s been a blast. I’ll be sad to see this one go. Our entire relationship is based on making fun of each other, making fun of other people and fucking like wild beasts

        5. just do one last role play where you both identify as lesbian vampires on the rag. When you finally cut her loose Instead of saying sayonara just say ‘see you next month.’

      2. Give him partial credit on 1): it is fairly well-documented (although not publicized) that prescription pharmaceuticals are prevalent in the water supply.

    2. “People never revolt unless they are starving” – too many examples to the contrary. During the Great Depression millions of Americans were starving, anyone revolted against the Government? Not a stand-along indicator at all.

      1. Not all who are starving revolt, but in western society, it takes starvation for one to revolt. Not all rectangles are squares, but all squares are rectangles.

        1. Im not too familiar with the French Revolt to have a meaningful argument, but Im sure there was more to it than just hungry masses. At those times, life was tough everywhere, welfare state didnt exist .

    3. “2. People never revolt unless they are starving.”
      No revolt, but alot of dead Ukranians.

      1. Ethiopia 1980’s, WW2 Leningrad, Sudan….yup. Starving people don’t have the energy to revolt.
        Maybe hunger will, like French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution. But by the time starvation is coming, they lost the ability to revolt.

        1. “But by the time starvation is coming, they lost the ability to revolt.”
          Ceasing of food distribution is a means to get people to submit. This was done by the Polish communist state trying to break the union strikes around Gdańsk. Planned starvation is simply genocide and a weapon of war.

    4. “On top of that, the real history (not the one you were taught) tells us that 90% of all revolutions were orchestrated by the elite themselves.”
      90% of all revolution were arguably not what they seem, and should be carefully investigated by historians, with respect to behind the scenes manipulation. More confidently I’d say the idea that revolutions are typically grassroots affairs needs to be seriously revised.

      1. Most historians depend on the universities they are attached to so they will not do any investigations which contradict the mainstream ideas/.

        1. that’s very true. Then you get pretty decent historians like Niall Ferguson writing a two-volume history of the Rothschilds, getting exclusive access to the family archives an then producing a panegyric. Academics are as prone to incentive systems as everyone else. Probably more so, since the fear of being laughed out of court, of having their reputation trashed would be too much to bear.

    5. Trump is in bed with the same neocons we’ve seen in the past. Still waiting for the swap to be drained… What a disappointment !

  6. There seems to be two ways of looking at things. One is that bad things happen in this world and we need to rebel against them and change things for the better. That’s noble. The other is, bad things happen in this world but if we take stock of ourselves and of our world we can do what men always have done which is find a way to succeed in a rough climate. I see the first as idealistic masturbation to be honest. Like a bunch of people on the east coast wishing there was a train that went to the west coast. I see the later as the people who were dynamiting mountains to lay the tracks. The revolution is fun to think about but in the end it seems like so much jerking it into a sock to me.

    1. I like what you said. Really, I like the idea of having your own personal revolution. No need for war, but you have to stand up and reject the liberal tripe.

      1. Agreed. But there is an enormous difference between living a life of conscience and trying your best to fight on a personal level (whether with your vote or your money or your words or by writing books or by volunteering time etc) and having open bloody revolution in the streets. There is a line and crossing that line is both dangerous and foolish….With that in mind, I do believe in the idea that if everyone fights on a personal level for what they believe the push from all angles will cause a stable center.

    2. To begin to even pander to the idea the majority of these people would have to be willing to serve in the military or participate in some form of military training, which all refuse. They would then have to come up with a plan of how to go about it and what they would do after it. While i think some in the ranks have the intelligence to formulate a plan I think everyone lacks the balls to do it. There are too many comforts and luxuries our society offers to risk dying to change it, back in the older times death was probably 10x better than there current situation so they had nothing to lose.

  7. Excellent article. The Armageddon prophecy puzzled me for a time. How could war cover the entire Earth? Nation against nation wars don’t seem likely to be like that. Surely some nations would stand down.
    However, civil war is a very possible prospect. You have a globalist government that becomes more and more tyrannical until a global revolt. Hopefully, it won’t happen in my lifetime. As much as I could like to see Christ’s second coming, I wouldn’t want to go through the end days as they are prophesied.

      1. Global civil war. It’s what they want, to destroy everything, nothing more than that.

    1. well remember WW1 and WW2, how many died for nothing ? like a rabbi said : countries will be “pulled by the hair” into global conflicts so that the kingdom of israel can prevail.

  8. The ‘elites’ know exactly what is coming. Why do you think places like Jackson Hole, Wyoming have become synonymous with affluence? The elites are buying up huge tracts of land in the middle of the US, where it is sparsely populated and safe from natural disaster. Look up Incline Village, Nevada, right on the NV/CA border. They’re getting away from the coasts.
    Why are there seed vaults in the arctic, in remote places like Svalbard, Iceland? They need to have the serfs replant after ‘it’ happens. Why are they slowly phasing out the US Dollar for trade, adding the Chinese Renminbi to the global SDR basket? They recognize power and influence are shifting East. These people are not fools.

    1. Affluence always develops around ski resort areas such as Jackson Hole, Aspen, Vail etc. Skiing is expensive and has always been the providence of the wealthy. One of the more memorable places my band played back in my pro music days was the ski resort in Jackson Hole at the Mangy Moose lodge. You play shows for the lunch and dinner crowds and they pay you very well, and also put you up in some first-class digs.
      All of that currently empty land in the Midwest is going to fill up with warring gangs, tribes and nomads after a collapse when the cities become unlivable and quickly empty.

    2. I don’t think this is indicative of some vast conspiracy. Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, nestled within the Grand Tetons and an hour or so drive to Yellowstone. Look at Telluride and Ouray, CO, or any other small mountain town, especially those with great skiing. Wealthy people will always price out everyone else. It’s only a matter of time before the lower level millionaires who can’t afford a posh cabin in Jackson Hole set their sights on Idaho and Montana and start pricing the locals out of small towns there as well.

  9. Meanwhile In Canada: Jail for Justin
    Canada’s PM, the winsome Justin Trudeau, just reshuffled his cabinet, bringing in a new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.
    The new guy is a Somali. Literally giving the foxes the run of the farm.
    Legal/illegal is not the issue. The issue is, “You are not us, this country is for us.”
    My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter.
    Jail for Justin: #WhiteGenocide

    1. Little Potato was raised in a mansion surrounded by celebrities eating his lobster soup with a silver spoon.
      Little Potato never had to grow up.
      Little Potato is pushing his childhood liberal dreams onto the entire Canadian population, but will not stick around when it is time to clean up the mess Little Potato made.
      Little Potato is now the Prime Minister of Canada in The Current Year.
      Little Potato is a spoiled teenage girl.

        1. Looking at pictures of young Castro on google images compared to Trudeau, there is no question that Castro is his real father.

      1. Justin appears to have been indoctrinated by his mother, who had no problem riding the cock carosel while married to his probable father.

        1. Seeing how he deals with Trump is going to be interesting.
          I predict he’s going to have a lot more difficulty relating to a businessman than a community organizer.

        2. I think Trump will make it clear to him who’s boss. Once the US starts doing better and Canada’s economy stagnates further, the SJWs who voted for “Little Potato” will realize that their insatiable longing for him will not pay the rent for their cat-hovels.

        1. The only thing worse than Trudeau are the kind of educated idiots who gush over him and say “I wish there were more leaders like him!”
          Few things convert a girl from possible LTR material to instant pump and dump quicker than saying it…

  10. Most of the revolts did not spontaneously start as grassroots movements by the masses. They were always orchestrated by a third party. Just look at all the Orange Revolutions of the last decade around the Globe – to uninformed observer they might look like people’s uprisings against tyranny.
    In reality they were planned, financed an executed by US intelligence services and its satellites. At the same time the Western (((Media))) and its puppets in the country where uprising is to take place make their best to let everyone know who the tyrant is and who the victims are. So when SHTF, everything seems totally justified.Things don’t just spontaneously happen.
    There won’t be any uprising in the West without an uprising among the elites

  11. Europeans don’t pay for surgery, when grandma falls downstairs, our hospitals fix it for free. And they’re pretty damn good and fast at emergency repairs, no waiting, straight in.
    Eastern Europe has always been a basket case dominated by the World Wars, the USSR and civil war, these really aren’t part of the main European countries and have always been backward and unstable with limited infrastructure, so no real change for Grandma.
    Your country may have had hard times, but you can’t really blame feminism, the elites or the rise of the ‘new world order’ for any of it’s problems. It’s business as usual in a banana republic/military dictatorship/communist occupation. Might as well blame Hitler, Tito, Stalin, Milosovic et al.

    1. “Europeans don’t pay for surgery..”
      It’s paid for through high taxations. There is no free lunch.

      1. Grandma doesn’t care!
        PS funny to see someone from the former Soviet Bloc writing as if they are part of the west. They are about as welcome in the UK as the Syrians And Nigerians. Widely viewed with fear and loathing by the majority of the Western European population. The UK voted to leave the EU because it didn’t want eastern European immigrants entering the country.

        1. PS funny to see someone from the former Soviet Bloc writing as if they are part of the west. They are about as welcome in the UK as the Syrians And Nigerians. Widely viewed with fear and loathing by the majority of the Western European population. The UK voted to leave the EU because it didn’t want eastern European immigrants entering the country.

          Thank you for confirming my suspicion that British suffer from a serious case psychosis fueled by Political correctness and ignorance.

        2. He’s not entirely wrong though. Eastern European migration was a factor in the Brexit decision. Maybe not THE reason, but certainly a reason.

        3. “Grandma doesn’t care!”
          Grandma is a greedy geezer who should pay her own way, but hey… Europeans won’t hear it and want free shit– without realizing they are being bribed (and controlled) with their own money.

        4. That is true. However that just proves my suspicion. Unless we are talking about Gypsies or criminal elements, most Eastern Europeans greatest sin is that they are more practical in their dealings. The problems they bring with them are in no way comparable with the problems associated with Muslim, Africans or leftist fellow countrymen, the latter responsible for the emergence of the police State and the loss of liberties (right to bear arms, etc.).
          Such a senseless comparison is just more proof that they (the British) are mentally sick, at least most of them.

        5. Yes, no Germans are related to Nazis, and no Soviet Bloc citizens were ever part of the system. The ugly truth is when Yugoslavia escaped control of Russia it’s population went on a vicious rape and murder spree (only matched by Pol Pot). One must consider many (if not most) surviving Slav males over age 35 were willing participants in that slaughter. Western Europeans don’t want such people in their countries. Eastern Europeans are known the world over as murderers, female traffickers, drug dealers and gang members. Personally, I’d rather have Muslims living next to me.

        6. Thank you for confirming my assumptions. I bet you support gun control…against your fellow countrymen. You see, that’s why I’ve been so pessimistic about BREXIT, it was never a change of mindset, in the end your land will be a socialist police state if the typical brit is as ignorant and PC as you are.

        7. Sorry, I live in Thailand and the Philippines, not enough attractive hookers in the UK (not to mention too wet and cold).

      2. Well… about that. I’ve got a little anecdote.
        I’ll use Italy as an example but this works for several European nations. (At least the ones I’ve lived in so far.) Turns out, when adding everything together, taxes are roughly comparable to .. let’s say California. High state, plus insane federal taxes. Now, what do I get for my high US and state taxes? Yeah. Not much. And I have to deal with moronic IRS. What do I get in Italy for roughly the same level of tax?
        Free healthcare. (If you go private you can get great specialists for cash. And … it’s AFFORDABLE! :-D)
        Free higher education. (Up to the equivalent of a bachelors at least.)
        None of the tax filing nonsense the US deals with.
        Medicine is vastly cheaper. (Plus most stuff you need prescriptions for in the US are over the counter.)
        NO FREAKING JURY DUTY! <— Might be worth the whole damn thing. 😀
        Couple the above with a massively reduced cost of living and you’ve about got paradise when living off the rough equivalent of a mediocre US salary.
        High taxes are bad all around. But it’s pretty clear some European countries get more for their taxes than the US. 😉

        1. Easy to get more bang for your tax buck when you don’t have to bear the burden of a global military empire. Even more simple when your country falls under that empire’s “protection” so you don’t really have to pay for your own defense.

        2. Absolutely. But the reality remains, they’re getting more for their tax dollars than the US. A good argument for lower taxes -and- cutting off aid I think. 😉

        3. The Euro health care and “free” education is limited, depsite what you want to believe. A friend of mine died at 44 waiting to get that “free health care”, but hey.. he had insurance. I live in Europe and it’s a joke.
          Higher education is also limited and even then those in the universities don’t complete their degree to what.. age 30? All paid for by others who will not get that opportunity.
          I would also point out the high cost of living and the ass raping regarding fuel (x3 price compared to US), heating, utilities, TV tax, on. and on and on. With the accpetion of Switzerland, the rest of the European counties would be at the bottom of US states in regards to purchasing power and qualitiy of living.
          Nothing is free in life. What you claim as “free” is simply taken from others and distributed to certain chosen.

        4. Whoa! Ease up on the confrontational tone. I didn’t say I was supportive of it. Just how it differs from the US and how they’re getting more for their tax euro when compared to the US. The reality is, US tax dollars (or printed dollars haha) are what is propping all of this up.
          Education is indeed mostly “free” up to the bachelors level. At least where I’ve been. The drawback of course is…. no jobs. 😀 But then, in the US you get your degrees, your mountains of debt, and there’s still no jobs! So in my view, the European is still in a better position. Plus if English is possible it’s more likely you can get a job in the US than an American. Especially if you’re…. slightly not-white looking. 🙂 (Speaking of STEM related stuff though. Other industries differ.)
          Not sure which European country you’re in but the healthcare in Italy is -excellent- in comparison to the states. (Honestly I thought the same thing in Poland.) Sure you can get excellent care in the US too, like all places you have to know where to go. It just…. costs significantly more than in Europe. There is no health insurance here. If you don’t want your free care you can easily pop over to a private facility and get in instantly. I know, I’ve done it! I about fell over when the doctor only charged 60 euros. 😀 I couldn’t dream of even affording a visit to a specialist back home without insurance. Not a remote possibility!
          No idea what you’re talking about regarding high cost of living. Everything is about dirt cheap compared to the states. Everything from housing, food, clothing, cars, car insurance, and the list goes on and on. If you mean energy costs, they run a little high but comparable to California which what I’m used to anyway. (Turns out it’s actually a little bit cheaper than California but nothing significant.) Gas is supposedly more expensive but I haven’t have noticed it because…. you don’t use a car as much anyway. Shorter distances to everywhere.
          Now remember my view is that of an American living here. The native view is going to be a lot different. For one thing, it would be “expensive” in the sense that salaries in the EU are quite a bit lower. So what’s cheap to me is expensive to the native. But in my case, I’m getting roughly the same yearly as I did in California. Thanks to the cost of living here, I’ve got an excessive surplus every month. Back in California? Maybe a couple hundred every month. Moving out here was worth it for the financial savings alone.
          Throw the women into the mix and….. WHY is anyone still in the US!??? 😀

        5. “Couple the above with a massively reduced cost of living and you’ve about got paradise when living off the rough equivalent of a mediocre US salary.”
          You really have absolutely no idea what you are talking about do you?

        6. You basically summed up my points. I’d also like to add that the sheer size of America makes European infrastructure look like a ma and pa operation

        7. I’m hardly the only ex-pat to come to such a conclusion.
          But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself! 🙂
          Or just be an ass. That’s probably more fun. But not terribly economical. 😀

        8. My family and 4 English children all received free health care. My wife and I were educated free to post grad levels, My parents paid very little tax, I’ve always paid minimal amounts of tax, and I stopped paying tax at age 45 when I retired. So no tax in the last 15 years. Two of my children have finished university (one had to pay, but repaid her interest free loan within 4 years of graduation), another two are still in free school. I think I got a good deal.

        9. I fell off my bicycle and broke my upper jaw 6 months back, paid for private care, bone set, teeth realigned, splinted, two broken teeth rebuilt, about 5 dental visits …. total bill $100. What would that cost in the USA?

        10. Who wants your ‘protection’? The USA is like the Mafia, be protected or be burned to the ground.

        11. Are you a producer or a consumer in this free shit and services debacle? Obviously you are on the take… so take your shit somewhere else

        12. I have no idea, but you should probably learn how to ride a bike (or get an award for awesome bike fail :-D) and then ask your doctor why he wanted US dollars.
          😀 😀 😀
          OK a semi-serious reply here: I have a … to be blunt, stupid friend in Texas. For whatever idiotic reason, he refuses to get insurance. Anyway, there he was in Texas, being stupid (:-D), and somehow managed to fall about 1 and half stories to the ground where he promptly busted the hell out of his ankle. (He’s damn lucky to be alive in fact.) $120,000 worth of medical bills later, he’s on the mend.
          So yeah, it’s a little cheaper here. Haha.
          If you’re an American, with an equivalent American income that is. The natives have… a different view on expense. 😉

        13. I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. Ive been retired for 15 years now.

        14. OOOH. Well that’s a little different. I had this image of some guy riding a little street bike and getting into that kind of predicament. That would take serious talent to get that kind of injury from that!! 😉 😉

        15. Actually you just reminded me of something from when I first got to Europe. I wasn’t sure how the system worked (error #1) and ended up at a private doctor in Spain (error #2)…. who did in fact want US dollars (error #3). So I guess it happens! 😀 I was probably ripped off furiously. Friendly guy at least. And why not? He was ripping off a “rich” American!! 😀
          It’s funny, there are sooo many dumb things I did when I first got here.

        16. OOOH, UK. Just noticed this post. Yeah, without doubt that’s a better deal than my parents got in the US. No question!!
          I did the student loan thing for my 3 (honestly useless in the long run) degrees. Sure puts a strain on one’s patriotism when you’re working your butt off while the foreigner has the government pay for everything. And I don’t blame the foreigner for taking advantage either. The blame is all on the US government.
          So far I’ve only lived in 3 EU countries and they do seem to differ quite a bit. But generally, in terms of taxes and what you get for your tax euro, it is a lot better than the US.

        17. Other tax payers covered all those expenes in your examples (with the excpetion of your daughter who repaid her loan– good on her).
          You got a good deal. Others got fucked. I should have known you were British– they defend the NHS like it was the queen herself.

        18. Agreed…we don’t want to “protect” you anymore than you want the protection. We’ve already pulled stupid Euro asses out of the fire twice, and then they turn around and allow themselves to be invaded (actually ENCOURAGED IT) and are busy dismantling their own national sovereignty. If Europe is so intent on suicide, let it happen.

      3. It’s the typical mentality that is borne from separating the end user from the actual cost of the services. People who use insurance get the same kind of mentality. “I only paid $25.00 for my surgery! It was almost free!” Um, no, it wasn’t.

    1. Instead of sneering, how about an honest critique of the article point by point? Would probably help your case a bit.

  12. I for one thank you for sharing your experiences of survival in a civil war – we need more guys like you to chime in and clue us in on what to expect. Even so-called preppers don’t really grasp what’s in store for them.
    That said, I see europe still in cuck-mode and no real indication of any concerted plan for europeans to take back europe. The guys I speak with here in southern europe only merely complain, and then turn around and say retarded shit like “Well, at least its not as bad as america where you have a fascist Trump!”.
    Whatever the case, the flashpoint for revolt will most likely be in europe, but any idea when? Seems like it’s been long overdue.

    1. I’ve been hearing that here in the US a “coup” by the new Trump administration is in the works. Trump’s 4 former military generals as administration/cabinet picks has now made it quite obvious. They plan on “draining the swamp” of the commie/muslim brotherhood regime that have controlled the Obama administration these last 8 years. I’m sure they don’t plan on leaving politely or quietly. We sure know Obama isn’t!
      Obviously, for those with eyes to see, yesterday’s CNN/Buzzfeed “goldenshowergate” fiasco was actually the start of a now FAILED “coup” against Trump. Its was planned and carried out by John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Obama and his intelligence staff, the MSM Pravda and London’s MI6, and I’m sure the Clinton/Bush crime family. I guess the ball is now in Trump’s court!

    2. From what I’ve seen, many preppers don’t have a correct view as to how things will play out in the event of a collapse. When the shit hits the fan, there will only be a small number of people able to survive long term individually, hunkered down somewhere with a large stash of food and supplies. Gangs and tribes will quickly form after any devastating collapse, so the best prep is to be building one’s network and tribe connections right now. I suspect that much of what these lone wolf preppers are storing up now will either become a liability when they are forced to go mobile, or it will be stolen by gangs, when they are no longer able to adequately defend their horde.
      It’s also good to remember that areas that are remote and unpopulated at the moment will become much less isolated and defensible after a collapse when the cities empty.

      1. “From what I’ve seen, many preppers don’t have a correct view as to how things will play out in the event of a collapse.”
        Only an idiot prays for the end of the world.
        My prayer is “Lord, I don’t want to be around when it does come’.
        Edited for spelling.

  13. great Post, assume your experiences are former Yugoslavia.
    I imagine is worse here now than pre Balkans Conflict>?
    “…freaks with dyed hair… …give him contemptuous glares…”
    I experience this every day…And not from real men. Fucking wimpy freaks.

  14. I wish I had more time at the moment to stay here a while this should be interesting.
    Around here instead of Muslim immigrants we have morons wearing hoodies with their asscracks showing. The whole armed robbery/burglary/walking down the middle of the road in traffic activities they are so fond of are wearing thin. Eventually a line will be crossed then it will be ugly I’m afraid.
    A few years ago I read an article written about a guys experiences in Kosovo(I think it was). It was an eye opening read. Don’t think it can’t happen where you are.
    I was a CO in a large state prison for for a long time, that taught me more about people than anything else I’ve experienced. But they were all criminals you say? No, they were all people off the streets, the same people you see every day and it doesn’t take much for them to turn into animals.

    1. I get what you are saying, it isn’t like you are a globalist manipulator
      if you have a menorah. Clinton’s are in the same group as them. But you
      got to admit that the media/power is stacked.

        1. replace it with patriarchy and you have feminists and sjws
          There is something real here. I just think that people have made the mistake of attributing it to Judaism because of the disproportionate Jewish influence in media and banking as Jim Johnson suggest. The problem is that they refuse to really accept the nuance that banking was the profession that jews were forced into by a holier than thou roman empire and emerging Europe who didn’t want anything to do with filthy usury. So unable to break into the regulated trades and other businesses jews resorted to banking. As it turns out, banking is where a lot of fucking money can be made. And as it further turns out, having ungodly amounts of money leads to the behaviors they are talking about. So I really think (some of the more rational) people here are in fact correct about what is going on, but they mistakenly see “Money and Power Elite” as “jews”
          The same goes for media. Being in the entertainment business was not something, back in the late 18th and early 19th century, that was particularly glamorous. Being a song and dance man for the wealthy didn’t give you any real power. However, with technology and shifting culture, entertainment became a powerful industry and the people who were in it for the longest wound up reaping some benefits. Many of them were real cock suckers who used their new found money and platform to influence things to their gain or to their perceived enemies loss but I would contend that that has more to do with having money and power and less to do with simply being jewish.

        2. Dont crush their dreams of casting off their chains and ascending to greatness knee! This kind of talk will make the actually have to to confront that they are average-below average at life and are just looking for a scapegoat.

        3. In principle I ageee with you but I don’t think you should take as aggressive or angry sounding stance. The majority of people you are arguing against, with some exceptions, are good men who see a problem and are doing their best to understand it and solve it. We get no where by pissing on each other.

        4. You are sadly misinformed, they (Jews) have their own secret handshake and everything, if one tries to shake hands with you and you don’t know the secret handshake- BAM! They put a GOY tattoo on your forehead then send you to live in a neighborhood full of recently immigrated jihadis.

        5. That is true. But a man, a REAL man, blames no one but himself for his position in life and does what is within his power to improve it. I have no problem with them having an opinion, but if it sucks i’m going to joke on them for it.

        6. You can’t lump them all together. Nietzsche advocated having all anti-semites murdered but he had a bit of a flourish and needs to be taken with some salt. It is just as bad to say that “all anti semites are not real men” as it is for the anti Semite to point at the Jew.
          Even here, you have guys who are very reasonable and seem, to me, like good people. I disagree with some of what they say and agree with other things but have no doubt that their motive and minds are pure.
          Others are just fucking morons. It is a case by case basis

        7. I’m not lumping anyone together, i’m saying in general. This goes for the feminist, sjw’s, nazi’s , the guy are work blaming his boss for his situation, the kid bitching about his parents for his own short comings. If they wish to ascend to this “greatness” they have to realize that it is totally on you. Destroying some new world order, Illuminati, jew conspiracy won’t fix your trouble with women, financial situation, and etc

      1. The worst is ((()))) this shit. It’s not slick, you’re just too much of a puss to come right out and say it.

        1. I can’t say I like it, but it could have been seen to be referencing the complex ‘and controversial but quite real crypto tradition in jewish history (from having to suppress one’s jewish faith in 15/16th century spain in order not to be killed to the sabbateans who positively embraced the notion of a double-identity for example in turkey etc). It shouldn’t be wrong or taboo to seek to clearly identify who you’re talking about, but yes, there’s an unfortunate tendency for it o be an excuse to indulge in jew bashing. Sometimes people do speak or act specifically as jews, or muslims, or gays or whatever, and if they are not doing that transparently that may or may not be salient to the conversation. If it is then that needs to be justified.
          In comments people should be free to express themselves as they see fit by and large and within reason – comments and replies moderate each other. But I don’t think triple parentheses should appear in an article.

        2. I’ve lived in seven different countries. I’ve been kicked out of every single bar in every town I’ve ever been in.
          It’s obviously the bars’ fault.

  15. Just imagine what would happen if the garbage collectors would stop picking up your trash, cities would be fucked. Or if all truck drivers were on strike. It doesn’t take much to paralyze an economy. Even the elites depend on the little ant workers.

  16. Been doing some reading lately on some of the history in Southern Italy. Turns out there was brief Republic of some sort in Napoli. My understanding is some Frenchie Jacobins managed to throw out the king somehow. The details aren’t what caught me (obviously haha), but what happened later. The peasants revolted and reinstated the monarch.
    What really caught my eye was the comment of one of the Jacobins before he was hung. He said something like “All my life I’ve fought for their welfare and now they cheer when I am killed.”
    Given what’s going on today it sounds quite a bit similar. That guy, whoever he was, didn’t ASK. He was an elite that assumed he knew best for everyone else. “Everyone else” didn’t agree. And even at the end he couldn’t understand it.

    1. “That guy, whoever he was, didn’t ASK. He was an elite that assumed he knew best for everyone else. “Everyone else” didn’t agree”
      Excellent point. That rather more than the nature of the ideas they tend to favour is exactly why an elite run world, where everything important happens behind the scenes, is a problem. You can’t be accidentally right in a democracy. Authority has to come from somewhere.
      Of course in this instance you’re talking about a monarchy – which unless it is constitutional somehow can’t really be democratic. Yet the monarchy here is not a tyranny precisely because it derives its legitimacy from the people.
      Re. the jacobins themselves, as far as I can recall they were often mixed up with political chicanery / secret clubs, and bear considerably responsibility for the extremist nature of revolutionary violence

      1. Yeah that was what was interesting to me. Here you had a bunch of people saying: “No, we don’t want your republic, give us back our monarchy.”
        It would seem they were mostly right however. In this one instance. According to the 2 books I’ve been going over (which of course may or may not be so accurate) the area was a lot wealthier under the monarchy. After Italy went all Unification, the area….. well… it’s like it is now. And that’s not wealthy. At all. 🙂
        My understanding is that there are still pro-monarchy demonstrations occasionally, even today! Crazy world. 🙂

        1. The elite have zero consent for any of their projects. They try to manufacture consent, but ultimately they always fail, because people realise it’s manufactured, and then plans go to shit. Ultimately monarchy or any other form of government has to ultimately come from (i.e. be legitimated by) the people, or it’s top down and will fail. The elites are grappling with this, trying to circumvent it, but ultimately they will hit a brick wall. They’re good or noble intentions may not ultimately count for shit.

    2. That’s a tricky one because there are cases when one is sacrificing himself to prevent lemmings from jumping off the cliff.
      I’m unfamiliar with this situation, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish.

      1. Yes, absolutely true. And perhaps that fellow was one such person. I’m pretty convinced at this point the two books I’m on are pro-monarchy.
        The reason I’m not entirely 100% sure is … because they’re not in English. 😀 It’s a language exercise I gave myself.

  17. I guess if you’ve lived through a vicious civil war that colours your perspective, but allowing for that I’d say there are some parts of this article that aren’t helpful. Elites may or may not be a ratty but calling them that is the wrong kind of rhetoric. Personally I don’t want to see triple parentheses in an article either. I have no problem with articles specifically naming one or other group if there is a solid justification for that, be they jews, musims, or any other group. That’s as much about the rules of style and accuracy as it is about ethics etc.
    I’ve never lived through a civil war, and I get that anger and apportioning blame may go together, but regardless of who may ultimately be responsible for what happened (in country X) indulgence like this is only going to lose the argument. Sure warmongering is a greater crime than political incorrectness but discipline and focus is needed if those responsible for war (etc – whoever they might be) are to be held to account

    1. Those who live through vicious civil wars, tend to be the killers and not the victims.

  18. Although very thought provoking , there are very few people outside the manosphere that see this decline. Your average Joe still doesn’t see or care past his own nose and whomever i spoke to about the degeneracy that is going on around us , they don’t see it and call me out on being too traditionalist / old age / whatever they were pre-programmed to say.
    What i mean is , it will be hard to open the eyes of people that refuse their eyes to be opened.

  19. People always downplay the importance of hatred and anger. People are willing to fight to keep their guns. But they never fight for their right to hate or be angry.
    Revolutions can be started without guns. They cannot be started without hatred or anger.

    1. I would boil it down further to just passion. Passion can often be mistaken for anger, or love.

  20. Beautifully written article. I hope the time for (((them))) to pay for their crimes arrives very soon. Normal people are feeling the pain created by these filthy parasites.

  21. You describe the elites essentially as all upper management in corporations and industries.

    1. 1. Goodnight Moon
      2. The Wheels on the Bus
      Will scare the barren sex deviants *insane*.

    1. The mistake you make is in thinking that “the elites” are a monolithic group of the same people throughout the ages.
      There will *always* be an elite. What revolutions do, is replace the current crop with fresh faces (sometimes). Our social hierarchy mirrors that of wolves/canines (hence why they are our number one go to pet and assistant throughout history). That means you have a top, middle and bottom and shades of rank all in between. Lamenting out social hierarchy model, which is nearly instinctual, seems a bit short sighted.
      The question regarding revolution is, what kind of people do you want at the top? A group of Founding Fathers (and associated families at the time) who value human liberty and will more or less leave you alone, or a cabal of horror shows like we have now? There are fights worth fighting after all.

      1. Well if we can replace those elites we have with the kind of men that can write the constitution that will be a start.

  22. I think it’s going to play out slightly differently, or be energized by something slightly different.
    The real problem isn’t going to be the disenfranchised Joe Six-Pack that you describe. It’s going to be his boss’s boss, who gradually realizes that he’s being used and screwed. These guys are the officer corps of the elite. When they begin to rebel, you have real, serious problems. And the engine for this is divorce.
    I have a good friend who’s a partner in a big Chicago law firm. He went through what we all know so well on this board — trained by the culture, his wife basically abused him for year, neglected him, and after the inevitable divorce, is taking most of his assets, has alienated his children and so on.
    This guy is very smart, very hardworking, and before this, was very successful. Now, he’s struggling to stay afloat, and his future just evaporated. Most of what the system rewarded him with for all his effort and success — prosperity, stability, a hot wife, a decent family — has been taken away. And he is PISSED.
    He’s become sort of a middle-class soldier of fortune. He has no stake at all in the culture or society. He is currently fucking his way through the female population in Chicago, with absolutely no concern anymore for the women except as sexual need-meeters. He’s lost fifty pounds, and is in great shape. He is loyal to nobody, honest only to a small circle of close friends, and absolutely ruthless. This is the kind of guy who used to run companies, lead school boards, support his community and run the system the elites have set up because it rewarded him. Now, he’s disenfranchised, rootless, and angry. He’s also very smart.
    Guys like this are nightmares for the elites. They’ll do fine in whatever scenario arises. To maintain power, you absolutely need a loyal, capable officer corps, and when they begin to depart, you are in real trouble. That’s what’s beginning to happen now. Violence involving the peasants is unpleasant, but a determined, angry, self-interested man who feels like his own country has screwed him is much, much worse.

      1. Right, and that’s kind of the point. We find each other, we work with each other, and we guide people who are new to all this. Now that the system turns out to have used us, we have a vested interest in helping to take it down.

    1. It began a few years ago, been there done that, still doing it. The recession started this journey for many who got royally screwed over in the “officer corp” as you put it. He’ll recover financially over time, but he will never allow himself to get complacent with a parasite woman again, and will remain ruthless in all matters of his life. That’s what this shit teaches you. In a way it’s like the wheat and the chaff being separated, you either lay down and succumb to the ass raping, or you become a ruthless mofo and play the long game like a stoic block of granite.

      1. “you either lay down and succumb to the ass raping, or you become a ruthless mofo and play the long game like a stoic block of granite.”
        Well put.

    2. Let us hope then that these types can become galvanised, organised and strike back in such a fashion as to leave all these elite motherfuckers hanging from lamp-posts ala Mussolini.

  23. Its a real concern that muslim refugees in europe will never assimilate and other smaller eruopean nations will have the fate of yugoslavia.

  24. They do. They are just mistaken that they will survive it, as has every Marxist idiot ever.

  25. I understand the anger of ordinary people against the “elite”. I share that anger and hate the so-called elites who sneer and look down on us. However, this is a problem that is eternal. It lies not in the current group of people who rule over us, loathsome as they are, but in the very nature of human beings. It’s called Sin. Even if the current elites are defeated – and I suspect they will be – there will be no Golden Dawn. The problem is in all of us and its called Sin. A new elite will arise out of the victors and so the cycle begins again. As a Christian, I refuse to follow my anger to its natural conclusion. I’ll do everything to stop these people short of murder but what I’ll do most of all is pray for our lost world, for us and – yes – for them too, and above all, trust in Jesus. Good luck on the other side of all this.

    1. I’m sure you’ll get some hate for posting this, but it’s absolutely correct.
      Of course we should be fighting against the current tyranny, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that the fight will ever be over.

  26. Nice fantasy, but incorrect focus. There is only one group that makes ALL political corruption possible. Without this group, and its willingness to kill for the political and banker class, we wouldn’t be experiencing the enslavement we endure. This group has always existed throughout history. They have been called thugs, henchmen, soldiers, enforcers and cops.
    These depraved and corrupt oath violators make all the evil possible. They are monolithic and derive their power from the perception of them as being one force. This makes all of them guilty of the collective evil they engage in. We all know they do not enforce the law on their masters, they know we know and couldn’t care less.
    Police are public enemy #1. As men seeking truth and liberty we all know it is the government enforcer that is the primary means of tyranny. Their oath is toilet paper used to clean the shit from uniforms in a vain attempt to maintain public approval.
    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a
    society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal
    system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    Frédéric Bastiat
    Pigs enforce and feed from this corruption.

    1. You’ll find that when the SHTF most supermarkets and shops are just a few days from running out of food. The little bar code on your chips tells the big central computer the stock in that particular branch of the brand of chips you just purchased. This lets the supermarket order more chips “just in time” so they don’t have to retain large stocks.
      Probably the distribution centres would be the place to get your shopping once the riots ensue……

      1. This is true, something like 3-7 days of stocks in supermarkets if no deliveries happen. Best to have some backup dried emergency food under rotation.

      2. I have a rice farm, and am surrounded by other rice farms and jungle We also grow mango, banana and papaya. My wife has spent most of her life hunting and gathering in the jungle. The food might get boring, but It’ll never run out.

  27. Nice pipedream, but the elites are elite because they are elite. They are the champions of manipulating the masses, and there are always going to be those who claim mastery over all no matter what.
    The end of your says..”…justice meted out” and something about parasites and stuff being swept away. By what? If what has already gone on isn’t enough to wake up the sleeping masses, then what is going to change that? Gradually losing their jobs? Check. Gradually being disenfranchised in their own country? Check.
    We’ve put up with it for so long already. Master’s of manipulation are in control, and always will be. If you yearn for violent revolution, well, then you live in a fantasy world if you think any benefit from a violent upheaval will accrue to “the masses”. Check the results of revolutions in history.
    Heck, even the English revolution in America ended up worse for us.
    Face it. Elites rule. Either become one or quit whining and enjoy the show.

  28. “These dessicated rodents”
    I recognize Soros, Kissinger, and Rockefeller, but who is the dude on the top left?

  29. Again… Empty rhetoric. This anti-sjw thing is just another form of prozac for people. Nothing is really changing. The socio-economic system will morph into something more suitable for the current zeitgeist and the status quo in general will be maintained. The strong dominate the weak and until the technology frees humankind from its’ nature it will be so. Like it should be…
    A short comment on the lack of empathy and the lack of a sense of reality from the elites – one does not need to be a moron to understand one, and also, one does not need to adhere to the reality when one can shape it.
    Good luck to you, circle-jerking conservatives, make sure you do not forget to HAVE FUN discussing important matters, while YOUR (as in owning something) dogs (women) keep YOUR (as in owning something) house clean, make sammiches for you, and raise YOUR (as in owning something) spawn to continue your never-ending crusade on the boogeyman that is progressivism. ‘Cuz, you know, good ‘ol times. Cheers you chaps, lads and gents! The bright old future is upon us! Trump is love Trump is life…
    Similar wishes go to the neo-libs or whatever the fuck you call yourselves nowadays. Keep on enriching our gene pool with the seeds of enlightenment. Stay trendy, gender-less, gender-full and gender-many, make sure nobody drinks that racist coffee and make sure that everybody gets their trophy. Sunshines and sparkles for everyone!
    Ta, fucking, ta! You cheeky cunts.

    1. This bubble economy is inflated with zero interest rate financing. The house of cards will come down. It not if its when. I don’t want to recapitalize the banks with my taxes. Time to retire in some place they can’t find you like Belize with a small harem.

  30. I hope you are right, but the (((elites)) still have tricks up their sleeves. And there are no depths to the depravity, duplicity and calumny they will sink to in order to hold onto their power.

  31. The piece reads like you don’t know Europe very well. We’re not quite in such a mess as you make out old boy. If we were I like to think I would respond as my dad did, last time were under existential threat. He volunteered when war broke out. Although he never talked about it I know he killed a lot of degenerate cowardly Nazi fucks. I’ve always been rather proud of him.

  32. Unfortunately, near starvation will have to come first before the cleansing will begin. Otherwise, no one will rock the boat and risk prison.

  33. A Bronze Age style collapse is upon us. Western Civilization as we know it will vanish into the mists of time, as our Islamic conquerors not only obliterate all knowledge of the past, but also destroy our ability to move forward from our present condition.
    From the burning of Library at Alexandria to the destruction of the Temple at Palmyra all knowledge not deemed compatible with the Koran will be destroyed. With much of our knowledge base online such destruction is certainly within the realm of possibility, leaving future generations completely ignorant of their glorious past. With Imams in the Middle East already declaring that all knowledge must be Sharia compliant the stage is set.
    The invasion of civilized lands by unemployable third world Muslim men, with their penchant for rape, drug dealing and a variety of other violent crimes is but a precursor of the chaos to come. With our elites inviting even more of these hordes on misguided humanitarian grounds the die is cast and virtually nothing that we do now short of a brutal civil war and expulsion of the invaders will be able to stop the collapse.

    1. Muslimes and other subhuman vermin will soon find themselves in REAL death camps. 14/88!!!!

  34. I would argue that (((they))) know exactly what is coming, and that is the reason they’re doing what they’ve been doing. The curtain is lifting, the goyim are waking up, and it has them scared.
    There is a reason the goyim have been divided, and billions of dollars worth of (((media))) assets have been working overtime and stopping at nothing to target at create violence and tensions between different races, different political parties. Why peaceful communities are forcefully injected with rape-gangs from foreign lands. Why power is being stripped from the peacekeepers, while traitors open the gates to the city from the inside.
    As long as the goyim are busy fighting each other in racial or cultural civil wars they might never notice the strings. It’s hard to pay attention to the rats slipping away in the shadows while you’re laying down suppressive fire against the Zulu storming your neighborhoods.
    While the peasants are busy fighting, the (((elite))) will once again collect their stolen gold and move to take over another country, as they have a hundred times before throughout history.

    1. Probably (((they))) have a clever fraction, who are backing Trump. Otherwise he would not be there, now, would he?

      1. The Jew always hedges their bets and finds a way to profit selling arms to both sides in every war. I’ve no doubt, but it was not their plan.
        Even the gay racemixing jew that the (((media))) has labeled the “leader of the alt right” only supports Trump because it causes the left more asspain than the black cocks he enjoys.

        1. ((( They ))) have their finger in every damn pie and that’s a fact.
          I am just wondering that, because clearly the latest Final Solution did not really work that well out for us, so maybe there could be an Alternative Solution to the Jewish Question?
          There must be a way to harness ((( their ))) undisputable talents to the mutual benefit of ((( them ))) and the host nations, instead of subversion. I doubt that ((( they ))) would want pogroms. Maybe a guaranteed security in exchange for being loyal and productive citizens? There must be a way, but ((( they ))) should want to find it, too. But being in power over the Western World clouds ((( their ))) judgement….

        2. Either it did not happen or they richly deserved it. My personal view is something happened, albeit whatever we learned about it is a massive, exagerrated lie.
          But we have to bear in mind what the masses think, and what the Jews think, because of the indoctrination we have all received about the so-called Holocaust, Jews and non-Jews alike. We have to use the psychological ramifications of this to our advantage in some way.

        3. Threats to the nation that refused to leave the country were put into camps. The US also put the Japs into camps. This happens during war. Germany did nothing the US didn’t do themselves.
          There were deaths, indeed. The German supply lines were destroyed causing much suffering and starvation, as well as a typhus epidemic that was sweeping the area. Up to 200,000 or so may have died, which is unfortunate but unplanned. Their deaths can be attributed entirely to disease and as casualties of war directly caused by US strategic actions.
          We have documents from the camps that show that the Germans were doing everything they could to minimize casualties. There is zero evidence of a massive plot to kill six gorrilion using robot masturbation machines, Mortal Kombat style execution rooms with spinning blades, or roller coasters that ejected people into furnaces that burned a different color smoke depending on the ethnicity of the victims.
          Every “holohoax survivor” that the Jew praises that claims they survived their sixth trip to the gas chamber because she was ill that day and was taken to the hospital for treatment instead should have been laughed at to their faces.
          The Jew did deserve it, though. They still do.

        4. There is an original Red Cross report circulating with the number of Jewish deaths in the German camps, cca. 200,000 Jewish persons, which seems about realistic. The greatest territory the Third Reich ever reached did not contain 6,000,000 Jews altogether. The gas-chambers and Zyclon-B was used against the Typhoid epidemic, and used on Wehrmacht troops, too. The magic 6M were on the news since WW1. The Holocaust did not happen, and what really happened the Jews richly deserved.

        5. nope there’s no such “Red Cross report”, and the Red Cross report you’re referring to doesn’t state what you claim it does.

  35. So. A Europe devoid of jews still blames (((jews)))) for all their problems. Ironic but unsurprising. Europe gets the semites they deserve it appears.

    1. WTF do you mean by devoid? They are running the fucking countries, like they were running Communism before, at least here in Eastern-Europe.
      BTW, do you mean if we start the pogroms, you won’t say a word, because they are not here anyway?

  36. Watch out for Soros. He isn’t like the rest. He grew up in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. He knows hardship. The others may be clueless, but he’s seen this before. He can smell what’s coming.

  37. Things are different this time. The liberal media was thrown down. They are hysterical because they know we are on to their ruse. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And I smell smoke.

  38. This is more of a hit piece on these type of men. You create your own troubles through your willful ignorance. Stop being slobs who mindlessly watch tv and introduce yourself into the political arena for no other reason than survival. The Athenians had a concept that politics (more of a concept about general debate and decision making within the community) was the thing that separated a man from a monkey. If you don’t engage in this activity and work to be wise, to be a good speaker and what not – you are a monkey. We deserve what we get. We need to take responsibility for what has been happening from being lazy couch potatoes.

  39. You campaign for the elites.
    What you have to accept is that you are the exact same people who were kicking niggers heads in during Jim Crow.

  40. On the contrary. If they are in the know they know exactly what is coming and they have been expecting it for quite some time.
    𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑝𝑒𝑜𝑝𝑙𝑒 have no idea what is coming.

  41. Nigger love is a sickness, a disease. The planet will be cleansed of the nigger lover through rope and lead bringing about a thousand years of prosperity.

  42. So this is just some thinly veiled white supremacy site for insecure guys, isn’t it?

  43. I liked this article a lot . While the pissed off masses wait for a neon sign in the sky . The unhealthy , old , wealthy , cold , stealthy dream killers . Don’t see or hear the waves crashing against their ivory towers .
    And won’t until the ocean claims them to the depths . The wealthy who stole land by force . now say it’s all theirs ? Do you believe murder and theft is cool ? Do you think they can defend all that is “theirs” . Without an army . Do they believe no soldiers are affected when granny dies from political poisoning ? When their little sister or brother in just collateral damage in a report to shareholders . I do not care who wakes first . Because at that moment . Life in the United States is never going to be the same . If it is only to get open honest elections no secret ballots . No more secrets .

  44. Great and hopeful post! I like your capture of the old four geezers as ‘rodents’! Perfectly labeled!

  45. So should whites unite under white nationalism and embark on a policy of forced repatriation of immigrants after the hangings?

  46. Except this: “For the future belongs to us, and it will be glorious…”
    There is no guarantee of that. As one of the very working poor folk you characterize in the piece, I can assure you there is just as much dysfunctionality, power-madness, greed, denial and indifference “down here” as up at the top and in the middle.
    Sure, some I work alongside are men and women of gold. Many aren’t, and still many others more are outright thugs. (Even those who aren’t thugs or selfish often prove aparhetic when it comes to what matters–unless it is happening directly to them… Which is something noted in the piece.)
    Out of thugishness and dysfunctionality it is hard to see how might be built a just, free and caring society.

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