University Of Wisconsin Adds Six-Week Program On Toxic Masculinity

The University of Wisconsin Madison recently announced a six-week program on masculinity, copied after similar programs at other American colleges.

The program, titled Bros, Dudes, and Men on Campus: Unpacking Masculinity, plans to cover media, hook up culture, alcohol, violence, and pop culture. The school has received criticism after a story in The College Fix portrayed the seminar as a discussion of the negative effects of masculinity.  Is there any truth to this claim?

Meet Me At The Multicultural Student Center

The program is part of the university’s Multicultural Student Center. That’s right, they don’t just have a student center, they have a *Multicultural* Student Center.  I’ve been to college, and it’s kind of implied that everything there is multicultural; every class I’ve taken or taught at a number of schools has a mix of ages, races, and sex.  And students don’t need to be taught multiculturalism.  Trust me, I wanted to get to know the tall, tan, friendly Egyptian girl in my freshman class much more than the pale fat snarky white chick.  And yet, enormous resources are diverted to social programming.


The formal labeling of “multicultural” has at a minimum, the connotation that this is not a place for white males. The same way the “gender studies” department will never offer a single course on masculinity, but is just a thinly veiled codeword for feminism.  And indeed, visiting the webpage of this multicultural student center, I made out one small photo of a possibly white male, along with a couple of minority males and at least 30 photos of females.  If the title wasn’t enough, the photos clearly show that if you’re a white male, there’s not going to be anything of interest for you in your student center.


The school didn’t just build a multicultural student center though. They also hired an Office of Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian.  I give them huge points for creativity there.  Not in my wildest visions of what a Trumpocracy would be like did I even consider putting a man in every college library around the country, just to help fellow men find books discussing manly things, helping them direct their efforts to learn more about fat shaming, tips on game, encouraging them to study the negative effects of false rape accusations, and create new literature and art with a masculine theme.

The Women’s Studies librarian coordinates with a wider range of sexually segregated student resources, including the 4W Initiative at UW, Women’s Knowledge International, the UW System Gender & Women’s Studies Consortium, and the Chair on Gender, Wellbeing, and Culture of Peace at UW, and oversees the Women’s Knowledge Digital Library, which offers 82 different categories of women-centric topics which is so broad and comprehensive that they may as well do away with the non-women library entirely.


Perusing the Women’s Knowledge Digital Library was like entering an alternate reality universe. It’s fascinating in a way.  For example, the category of Gender Based Violence offers a 2014 policy paper on “Closing the Gap: How to eliminate violence against women beyond 2015.”


The Women’s Knowledge Library: A trip into fantasyland!

(We’ll set aside the fact that the only “gap” is that men make up the vast majority of crime victims, including almost 80% of murder victims) because what strikes me is the massive creativity and imagination. They won’t just reduce violence.  The authors have a plan to ELIMINATE violence against half the world’s population!  I’ve never met a man with such an ambitious plan to stop male crime.


They finally stopped crime!

But wait, in fairness, the library didn’t forget about men. The bottom of the page lists 3 recent stories about men and masculinity: a paper on men beating their wives, another on how men must end gender-based violence by 2030 in order for society to progress, and one with the catchy title The Making of Sexual Violence: How Does a Boy Grow Up To Commit Rape?

In total, 81 categories of pro-female utopia, and one category with a handful of stories about how men are terrible and masculinity is evil. Do you have an idea yet of what this seminar will be like?


The 3 hateful articles on men presented by the Women’s Library

While straight white men are routinely banned from “safe” spaces, and have even been blocked from accessing their own college campus, this masculinity program is open to “students who identify as men” so it’s not even restricted to males only. Although that begs the question—If a female transdoodle who wanted to be a man, enrolls in a course about how masculinity and manhood is so toxic and terrible, what exactly are they hoping to gain by joining team shitlord?

To end on a lighter note, I did find something I believe would make George Orwell chuckle. The Women’s Library has redefined several topics into politically correct speak (like Intimate Partner Violence and Gendercide), and included a redefining of Autism as “Neurodiversity”!  People with a mental handicap aren’t disabled—they are mentally diverse!  Who said women aren’t funny?


LOLs were had by all

The sad thing is this is such a wasted opportunity. College men desperately need a male space where they can talk openly and honestly with other men.  This seminar sounds like a group of guys getting together and discussing what it means to be a man, what does society expect from them, and what struggles will they face. Perhaps this was put together with good intentions, but based on everything I’ve seen, I’d recommend skipping the seminar, and read some of the past articles here at ROK instead.

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  1. Breaking news: the first mouse parliament finally vote his/her/it first major decision.
    Cat should stop attacking mice !
    In order to help cat to stop their ‘toxiiic felinity’, every male mouse should be castrated.

  2. The sad thing is, a 6 week orientation program like this if it was done correctly would be excellent for incoming freshman. It could talk to them about the dangerous of “bro science” in gyms, keeping their heads straight their first year away from home surrounded by hot chicks (well, not in Wisconsin but ya know, it a real place), a very real and frank discussion about binge drinking….if there were a 6 week freshman orientation specifically geared towards the interests, concerns and avoiding the specific pitfalls of young men it would be excellent.

    1. My high school gym teacher gave us boys a talk like this near the end of our senior year. I remember thinking he was nuts until I got on campus. I went back and thanked him after my first year.

      1. The things our mentors tell us that we think is insane and later realize is right huh? I remember working for a tow truck company in high school. My first daily job was to clean the shop, sweep up outside, blah blah blah. The owner balled me out one day for not putting the toilet paper right (pull side out). He said he was 50 whatever years old, has 2 kids, a nagging wife and is up to his ears in debt. A good shit in the morning was the only thing he looked forward to and he would be damned if some puissant fucking kid was going to ruin it for him.
        I remember thinking what a dick he was. 30 years later I still put my toilet paper that way EVERY SINGLE TIME

      1. I find that a solid 70% of the time “mental illness” is a fancy term of either “bad parenting” or simply being an asshole.

        1. Touche, good sir. This is why I don’t spare my children an ass-whipping if they need it.

        1. sit his faggy ass on that turn table, turn the turntable up to 78 rpm and just stand there with my hand out while he spins around for slap after slap.

        1. That bitch just died recently. I wonder if she knew it was coming. Heh. What the fuck IS that on the faggot’s head though…???

        2. when I dated a girl who did palm readings I spent the better part of the week we were together asking her whether or not she saw stuff coming. She was great. Here in NYC there are these young girls who just sit out on the street in folding chairs with tables doing palm readings for 20 bucks. They are almost always good looking. I plunked down my 20 bucks and managed to get a phone number. Had a fun week and that was that. But the number of times I mentioned things about seeing something coming was just obscene. Even I didn’t find it funny after a while.

        3. You should have asked her how long you were going to date her – wait, you probably did that one – heh. Do you still have her number. You should call her and ask her what the fuck that is on the faggot’s head…WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT????

        4. “Did you see that coming?”….. right after cumming on her face.
          How you missed that one is beyond me.

        1. Jesus titty-fucking christ and parents willingly send their children to be indoctrinated by pansies wearing hipster hats like that guy? It is too early to start drinking but…oh my fucking god.

        2. That didn’t take long bob. I have a feeling this guy isn’t going away any time soon.

        3. on closer inspection I do not believe this to be a hat. I think it is dreadlocks that he has wrapped up

        4. Could be. The shit-stains have accumulated and dried out to the point where it looks like a hat. A result of sucking all that feminist ass…

        5. “Good lord I think lolknee is right: if I had a nickel for every time someone said this….

        6. 10 bucks says it’s a toupee. This guy doesn’t look like he has an authentic bone in his body.

        7. You have missed the full atrocity committed here. This person has taken his fake Rasta dreadlocks and styled them to look like a lame Rasta hat.

        8. Hey, he was with Courtney from Friends when she was in her prime. I still dig their first album

        9. I’d rather not click to enlarge, Bob..Some things are better left unseen. With greater clarity I mean.

        10. Somewhere a colony of homeless bees or better yet, wasps (thugs of the insect world) are in need of free housing.

        11. Dude cleaned up in the 90’s. This asshole with the ridiculous dreads is fucking offensive though.

        12. You guys are hilarious. It’s just a dread bun. A poorly executed white dread bun. It won’t bite.

        13. Not really farmiliar with it, the chunk of scalp that comes with it would rot though. Nothing is as distasteful as hypocrisy, you’re seriously going to dress up like a fucking Rastafarian and tell me that I am a problem ? Lol

        14. Absolutely! He’s a Hip Hop Fellow from Harvard. For his lectures I bet he rips off the hat, shakes out his dreadlocks, passes around a blunt, and launches into hiphop:
          “He was the inaugural Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow at the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University in 2014-15. He is known for rapping about social issues and global politics with sophisticated rhyme structures and ‘tongue twisting flows.’
          Marcyliena Morgan, Executive Director of Harvard’s Hiphop Archive, says Professor D’s work ‘represents the innovations and creativity of hiphop at its best.’ Professor D has released several critically acclaimed albums and published numerous scholarly articles.”

        15. Sample Harvard Hip Hop scholastic thought:
          ‘In some ways, Nicki Minaj’s question – Did you ever really love me? – is one that members of the Hip Hop nation, especially those of African descent must ask each other. We must ask if we ever really loved each other before Hip Hop even arrived on the cultural scene to take the blame for all the sexism and misogyny in the world. Minaj’s question, also, calls forth Common’s poignant allegorical claim about Hip Hop music when he rhymed, “I Used to Love Her.” As we and Hip Hop continue on a cultural journey characterized by complex gender dynamics, if we do conclude that we did in fact really used to love each other, then we must ask if we love each other still.’
          EDIT: TL;DR Niki Minaj is a fricking genius!
          from How Hiphop Culture Makes Feminism Work

          You can apply to be a fellow

      1. This just proves that no one is above an ass kicking. Especially if you wear that on your head. If that guy was in any Slavic speaking part of the world… he wouldn’t last 5 mins outside in public.

        1. He’s in a “safe space”…for now, anyway. Fuck. He needs a beat-down like feminists need the high hard one.

      1. nah, this guy jerks to the thought of white girls getting gang banged by blacks. 100%

    1. The “problem with whiteness” is that outside of Asians the rest of the rainbow races don’t carry their own weight in society.

        1. so, that is a man? This clip has been posted many time in the past year, Im not so sure…looks like it doesnt even shave its face

    2. He puts the “appropriate” in “cultural appropriation”.
      God, it’ as if leftist swine get to do whatever they like. Talk about do as I say, not as I do.

    3. I thought liberals and universities were against people wearing dead animals on their heads. I was wrong.

    4. Another major retard produced in the machinery of the beta male production machines.

    5. So some 1/8 nigger, 7/8 white dude with tits ( it appears) teaches African Studies and pontificates about the “Problem with Whiteness?”
      Am I living in Bizarro World or what???

      1. He’s got a Facebook page, eh? It would be a shame if it got trolled relentlessly. A horrible shame…

  3. None of the courses will lead to a decent, autonomous living.
    And … Daddy Government’s piggy bank is empty so the age of make-work bullshit is ending fast.
    The next Gender Studies graduate you speak to will be offering to make you a coffee, burger, or (depending on where you are exactly) suck your dick.

    1. true, but question: how is that different from every other gener studies graduate I have encountered?

        1. pretty pleased with that clip. Has it all for the feminist woman. Covered in hair. Mistaken for “strong boy.” Incomprehensible growling and identical reaction on the part of bugs that I have when I see girls who are ugly feminists.

    2. The next graduate? Basically 50% of every menial service employee I have interacted with for the past five years has one of these degrees.

    3. Is it ironic that in “getting women out of the kitchen,” they’re trying to turn the entire jungle-like public sphere into one big kitchen kept safe yet again by the toil and sacrifice of males or is it just sad?

        1. And who’s considering the cost (and value)? Not just financially, but in manpower and lives to keep up the charade that gets torn through like a papier-mâché security blanket by some random crazy every so often?
          We’re (collectively speaking) going along with this farce like a group of retards trying to bale a sinking ship using jackhammers in the hopes some slag might attach a Hoover to our pickles and hit the on switch.

        2. yep, if there’s a lady somewhere who is slightly uncomfortable about something the whole world and everybody in it has to change until that’s no longer the case. We need to stop torturing the world into complying with women’s slightest whims

        3. Thats because the world is genuinely not safe for women. They are actually fragile emotionally and physically. Which is why Roosh is correct when he says that all women must be under the care of a male guardian.
          Unfortunately, its not just the marxist feminists who want women to be just like the boys and go out into the big wide world. How many of you would like to follow this to its logical conclusion and ban all nightclubs, bars, etc. and insist on chaperones for women because they are simply too reactive and too emotionally vulnerable?
          Yes Virginia, the wolrd is scary and you belong in the kitchen.

        4. women may be all that, but still in this day and age you can’t force people to be one thing or another. People have to choose for themselves what works for them. It’s highly likely that many women becoming disillusioned with feminism will choose to live more traditional lives as wives and mothers. Some will, some won’t. The latter will let corporations and governments act as their husbands would have done in days of yore

    4. On a positive note, those courses will lessen competition for those that don’t subscribe to their submissive cuck feminized indoctrination.

  4. no way would a son of mine go to college. And probably not a daughter…
    is it possible to be a player at college these days?
    Seriously, can an athlete(s) bang hot cheerleaders?
    Rarely hear of athletes or anyone else having fun these days. remember Joe Namath, Dennis Rodman, etc…
    band members banging groupies — seems it doesn’t happen anymore…too rapey..?

    1. I have a young cousin who just graduated from college in Boston. He was top ranked on wrestling team, frat guy. When I asked him this very question he said that the frats and athletes are still running train on everything that walks. It is the beta suckers who are getting called on “rape” when they try to hold hands with girls that, 2 nights earlier, his entire wrestling team turned out and poured milk all over. (sidenote: apparently pouring milk all over women is a thing now)

      1. I hope they made sure she wasnt lactose intolerant before they dumped the milk on her. might be assault or someting

        1. lol…he showed me video on his phone. It seems the modern world has done nothing to dissuade the absolute will do any filthy disgusting thing you tell me do ishness of sorority girls in a frat house filled with athletes. I can only imagine what guys at top sports schools like ND or OSU or Michigan get up to. I don’t imagine that any girl in any sorority in any of those schools managed to get a diploma before being fucked by an offensive line and sticking her tongue in a dozen very, very dark holes.

        2. A pal of mine is in a semi-pro Rugby team. He’s invited me to a few of his “parties”.
          Fuck that. I’ve seen what goes down

        3. I saw it in college and I was not at a school known for its athletics to say the least. I am pretty sure that top athletes at colleges have been doing the filthiest fucking things to sorority girls since the name “Doris” was hot.
          I always wonder about the girls from Indiana who go to ND and just have every fucking football player fuck them in every which way and do things that would make arab sheiks blush and then graduate and marry some poor 9-5 slub and lay there bored while he pumps away at her beaten hole. Do they think back to the things they did with disgust or do they think back with longing to the time some nose tackle bent over for her to slurp him out while 6 guys were taking turns on her.

        4. A gym I used to attend in my early 20s used to have Christmas outings where they’d use the 2 or 3 best looking lads to hook in some girls, they’d all then go back to the gym late night and gangbang them.
          Ordinary chicks and married women were all involved for years

        5. Indiana. So I grew up there. Went to Purdue for a while. This girl I knew was the Purdue athletic director’s daughter. I went to high school with her. She was a member of what guys referred to as, “The Foot Club.” Meaning she willingly got gangbanged by all the hung black football players on a regular basis. She is now married to some clueless, white investment banker and has four kids. So that’s Slut No. 1.
          Next up, this classic blonde beauty who also went to high school with me. A buddy of mine dated her through high school. One day, a friend of mine is at this fraternity. A frat brother asks if he wants to watch a chick getting gangbanged behind a two-way mirror. He says, “Sure”. He goes in, and it’s the classic blonde beauty from our high school, getting railed out by like five frat dudes. She is eating it up. So she winds up marrying this other sap. And he is clueless.
          This chick goes to Burning Man every year, in Nevada, which is a full-on fuckfest. Husband has no clue. She has three kids now and still goes and gets railed out. Yes, this is what hot women are really like in the USA. Probably true since at least the Roaring 20s.

        6. Yeah, the things that go on at gyms are really phenomenal. Lol. And yes, it comes in all stripes. From ordinary girls to fitness freaks to insecure women to recent divorces to married women. Fellas, if you are married go with your wife to the gym. If she is spending more than 5 hours a week at the gym without you (and she should be) she is on the verge of putting other cock inside her if she hasn’t already.

        7. Yes. I assume, when I watch college football, that every single cheerleader I see is a member of what you call the foot club and probably the vast majority of sorority girl members as well.

        8. Before I switched to my current gym which is an old school barbell club (and after my year contract I will probably go back) I was at equinox. The amount of hookups that resulted from being at equinox was startling.

        9. No doubt you are right about that. And they are damned proud of it. I think hot girls who go to college consider getting gangbanged by athletes a sexual merit badge.

        10. so if a married woman is member of “mostly” men’s bar-bell gym?
          probably worse than if she was at up-scale equinox

        11. Yup. The guys who get popped on bogus rape charges in college by other college students (not the hooker and the duke lacrosse team…I am sure every girl at duke would have lines up to get shat on by those boys) are always chumps

        12. ha. in my 6 months at this gym I have seen 3 women. One I have mistaken for a guy twice. One looks like a fucking orca but benches 315 for reps. There is one who is hot but she comes with her boyfriend who has as close to a perfect physique this side of a young Schwarzenegger and basically is never more than 3 inches away from him. Everyone else there is just a guy. No mirrors. ALl brick walls. It is like training in prison. It is good for a time, but I miss equinox and all all you can eat poon buffet.

        13. lolknee just fyi I don’t comment here much, but I do read a bit, and lately I’ve found myself looking for your posts. Even if your comments were just an exercise in fiction, they’d still be entertaining and thought provoking nonetheless. That is all.

        14. I know nothing makes me feel like a virile heterosexual man quite like high-fiving 5 other men standing 6 inches from me with their peckers in their hands waiting to put their peckers in the same girl.

        15. I’m with you on this. Lol. The less contact I have with other men’s junk the better

        16. but she did report it and the dindus are legit football players – like half the team banged her … hardly hand-holding betas you described

        17. well, you found an exception. Did you go to school at a place where they taught you that random exceptions in human behavior disprove general rules?

        18. Why, it’s almost like higher education is no longer a guarantee of higher quality women. I bet some redneck girl working at a KFC in the Midwest has probably done fewer debauched things than some plastic surgeon;s little princess attending Notre Dame … like somehow there’s more nobility among the commoners and less virtue among the nobility …

        19. I think they have probably done about the same amount of people. I think the image that nobility was virginal has been bullshit as long as there has been nobility. That saying, virginal is boring. I like a woman who knows what to do with a cock. I am sick of teaching girls how to fuck

        20. WTF dude: you wouldn’t be caught dead in a used ford taurus but you want a girl with 20+ partners?

        21. I don’t care about the number of partners a woman has had. It doesn’t mean one thing to me. Women are a disposable commodity as far as I am concerned. I want them to be beautiful, smell good, dress well, walk correctly in heels, be polite and charming at dinner and fuck me until my toes curl. After a month or two tops they are thrown away and a new one takes their place. I don’t care if they are virgins or if they have had 20 or 40 partners as long as they meet my criteria they are fine with me. What they think, their life story, the men they have been with, their struggles….that isn’t my fucking concern. My job is to pay the tab, be charming and well dressed and fuck them stupid. Their job is to be sexy, good company and fuck well.

        22. Sure if you are looking to just get your dick wet. This is the absolute worst advice in terms of investing in a wife.

        23. no disagreement there. I have no desire for a wife so this works perfectly for me. However, if I wanted to get married I would surely follow a much, much different path than my current one.

        1. There are reasons to go to college — just not the ones we are fed buffet style. I am a big fan of reverse engineering life. Decide what kind of life you would like to have and then figure out the best way to achieve it. For many of the different types of lifestyle one would pick, a college education is necessary. For many it is not. It is about who a person is and what they want. You can read Shakespeare and Kant and any library. Hell, most Harvard lectures are on YouTube now. I look at some whenever there is a particular professor that I really like. Cambridge too. If you have a hunger to learn, you can do that on your freaking mobile phone at this point. However, if you want to live the life of a Hollywood plastic surgeon, a high power attorney, a university professor, an archeologist, an engineer etc etc etc you will need to get some training and you will need a degree.

        2. Contacts, yes. Here in NYC you cannot underestimate the weight that a club membership has with reciprocal agreements to Harvard Club and Yale Club along with Norwood and DTA and the SOHO club. If you can’t walk into the Yale club and have a drink you are not playing at the high levels period.

        3. I agree with this.
          have known so many ivy league guys – around the bar scene when they first graduated in New York city…
          Some bar-tended on the weekends – to meet women, and have fun…No matter their actual salary.
          And many I know rose to massive success – $5 million to $20million++
          Is all about the connections…
          My advice to guys in college -or going…. get into an ivy league finance course…meet the players. and go into NYC finance with connections…

        4. here is the other side if your advice proves impossible for people. As I mentioned on the bottom, the exclusive private club scene is very important in business if you want to get anywhere real. If you didn’t go to an ivy you need to get yourself into one of the dozen clubs that has a reciprocal agreement. DTA seems to be the easiest. DTA club will run you about 5 grand a year. It is an important place in NYC if you have any aspirations in business or in finance. But with the agreements it allows you to walk into Harvard Club and Yale Club which are also very important.

        5. personally I’m too old and Marxist when it comes to clubs…
          But, good advise for those with high aspirations.
          i wonder if is easier to get into a pre-wall st college with great high-school math grades only?
          Would be reasonable conduit for many younger guys here -IMO

        6. Actually, those clubs are a lot of fun for younger guys. When I was younger I used to go to Harvard Club and Yale club a lot. (Talking my early to mid 20’s). It was a chance to dress up like a grown up. The thing you need to remember about these clubs is that they are bars. If you go for dinner and a bottle of wine at 530 you are going to run into a lot of old timers though a lot of people will sit in common room and pregame the night. Later on it turns much more…..shall we say….interesting. You are talking about people from 25-40 with unlimited sources of income, tons of connections, a bunch of drinks in them and who face little or no consequences in their lives.
          I don’t go to clubs often anymore, but they are a freaking blast and I would take a night at DTA or at Yale or Harvard club over most bars in the city.

        7. by later on it gets more interesting do you mean that’s when the spirit cooking starts?

        8. I didn’t say that. I said if you want to get to a certain level in business or finance being able to go to the Yale club, even with a reciprocal club agreement, is very important

        9. what about those faculty lounges in the hospital? same thing? schmooze with Shmuley the thoracic surgeon?

        10. Any time doors are closed to people those people will imagine that what happens behind those doors is somehow “bad” when in reality it is just a bunch of people who do not want to associate with you.
          No different than nerds making fun of jocks, meat heads making fun of nerds or any other form of reaction formation.
          Most of it is no different than any other bar with people drinking and having a good time — just people who are dressed better and have more connections. The idea of having a room to have fun in where there is a general assumption that everyone there brings a particular type of value to the table shouldn’t offend anyone.

        11. their connections and wealth don’t help them. They still end up with an autistic child or their single child ends up a faggot. All the money in the world couldn’t save Steve Jobs.

        12. Sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes they end up very successful with a head start that would make most people cry. I have met a lot of people through NYC clubs and am better off for it.

        13. If you want to make it somewhere in the world of thoracic surgery I would suggest that, yes, schmoozing with thoracic surgeons is probably a good idea. How are you not understanding this? Are you that much a socialist? Some places are restricted and admittance means perks.

        14. Only alumnus can become a member at Harvard or Yale Club (well, also faculty or current grad students) however there are other social clubs in NYC that have reciprocal agreements. You can become a member of the Downtown Association or the Norwood Club or a bunch of other clubs and your membership there will allow you admittance to HC or YC. New graduates and grad students pay a significantly reduced fee.

        15. Wouldn’t be the first time nor the last that I pull the “but I’m a poor grad student” excuse!

        16. I’ve seen some very wealthy people come through the hospital system. Legit billionaires. They get the same Haitian nurses and technicians as some poor fuck on medicaid.

        17. A socialist with right leaning sentiments? C’mon. We all knows socialism is on the left side of the spectrum. Silly goose!

        18. “Where are the finger sandwiches?” I bellowed upon entering the stately Yale Club? “I’m here to finger the drapes. Now pour me a snifter of brandy!”

        19. Little to no consequences: until some dindu with a face tattoo decides he doesn’t like the look of WASPY McWASP on the subway and shanks him… or until all those cognacs give them incurable throat cancer.

        20. So you are recommending organizing your social and professional life around the fear of being stabbed?

        21. well they have bad people working for them. When my boss went to the hospital for his surgery his treatment was on par with any vacation I have ever taken. A lot of donations see to that.

        22. No, I’m just saying money isn’t going to add 50% more years to your life or keep you from dying:
          “Lucky Man”
          He had white horses
          And ladies by the score
          All dressed in satin
          And waiting by the door
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          White lace and feathers
          They made up his bed
          A gold covered mattress
          On which he was led
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          He went to fight wars
          For his country and his king
          Of his honor and his glory
          The people would sing
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          A bullet had found him
          His blood ran as he cried
          No money could save him
          So he laid down and he died
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
          Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

        23. ok so they put a mint on his pillow: did he receive some secret new treatment known only to “in crowd” ? or is heart surgery heart surgery? Did he get some black market corneas? No. It’s basically the same treatment regardless of whether you’re rich or poor. My research adviser died of cancer: no matter how much money he had or how well regarded he was, it did nothing to save him.

        24. Ah, now I don’t hardly know her
          But I think I can love her
          Crimson and clover
          Ah, now when she comes walkin’ over
          Now I’ve been waitin’ to show her
          Crimson and clover, over and over
          Yeah, I’m not such a sweet thing
          I wanna do everything
          What a beautiful feelin’
          Crimson and clover, over and over
          Crimson and clover, over and over
          Crimson and clover, over and over
          Crimson and clover, over and over
          Crimson and clover, over and over

        25. I have lived rich and I have lived poor. Of the two my personal preference is the later. The deification of poverty is nothing but jealousy imo. Everyone dies. Not everyone lives well. Money doesn’t guarantee a good life but it certainly makes it a lot fucking easier.

        26. DV and rape charges are no longer the province of just betas. Feminism has stacked the deck for accusations as a means of retaliation for a scorned woman.
          Nevertheless access to pussy is still a birthright for all ballers and Greeks.

        27. I’m in disqus app and can’t see full comment. You may very well be right. Whichever one has the ability to afford expensive wine and women in lingerie is the one I like.

        28. Why are you here if you are a Marxist? I mean welcome to ROK and all that, but you have to realize that Marxism in all of its forms are thoroughly reviled for the utter miserable failure that it is.

        29. Agree
          But im Groucho Marxist
          “Wouldnt want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member”

        30. An excellent anti-Marxist/socialist/progressive/SJW slogan I heard recently.
          Which I shall apply liberally:
          “I’ll stop confusing socialism with communism when you stop confusing my money with your money”

    2. I dropped out of law school to work as a precious metal’s broker and silversmith exactly for this reason. I hated the fact my liberal friends tried to use this “neurodiversity” crap to gain virtue-signalling points. Even someone as socially obtuse as me could sense the “Oh look! An autistic person in its natural habitat!” in their voices. I’m ashamed of admititng my autism for this reason.

  5. To be fair, I have autism, and it’s not a handicap. I’m actually smarter than most people and am richer than most people.

      1. Jeweller/bullion dealer. I also work in intellectual property relating to those things. I also invest.

        1. Thats interesting. IP relating to the design of the jewelery? Learn something new everyday on this site

        2. In some cases, certain processes for metal production (namely things like rolling metal, etc) and certain legal cases relating to things like cartels (in places like South Africa, with diamonds being a monopoly of the De Beers Company) can relate to my profession.
          I recently negotiated a patent for a rolling process for silver. It has applications in things like jewellery-making.

        3. Thats how you know hes a wee bit spergy, that joke went right over his head; still, I wish I had a niche like him

        4. Hey, I think saying “I have autism” is a great way of getting out of being politically correct. “You are a fucking moron. But what do I know? I am autistic.” Gonna start using this shit at work. Just need a doctor’s note

        5. I’m telling ya – if there was such a thing as tourettes when I was a kid I would have gotten away with murder.

      1. No. I have seen “The Big Short” about Michael Burry MD, the famous autistic investor who predicted the subprime mortgage bubble.

        1. I worked software in MBS — my ex knows the actual guys…
          the accountant is similar to Burry — but kills

        2. “the autistic virtuoso” – he stood on one foot, stuck out his tongue, and wiggled his ears and in this manner he picked up premonitions from the ether

      2. I thought it was shit, people with autism are totally fucked up.
        Calling someone ‘high level functioning autistic’ is like calling someone with an ingrowing toenail ‘high level functioning cripple’.

  6. I actually agree with the premise of this course: too many men subscribe to a fake form of masculinity, a form of canned machismo where “manliness” is defined as risk-taking and a YOLO mentality.
    Masculinity is the strength to resist the urge to drink or smoke: not living inside a bottle trying to avoid thinking about your problems.
    Masculinity is not some James Bond adrenaline junkie: you think most men who parachuted out of a plane in WW2 were like Slim Pickens riding the bomb down screaming yee haw and waving his cowboy hat? No, they were scared shitless.
    Too many men today in some faux form of masculinity. Taking liberties with your life does not a man make. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, or skydiving aren’t manly. They’re dumb. And now we see women who want to be one of the boys thinking that to engage in such risky behaviors makes them a man. That is why we see women drinking whisky and smoking cigars. Because they are trying to act like a man, or more correctly, what in their eyes is a man.

    1. I think you threw the baby out with the bathwater a bit.
      I agree there is a faux form – Jersey Shore douche bags, sted head bouncers etc.
      But racing cars, skydiving etc are legitimate, masculine thrills

      1. Disagree. Philosophy, mathematics, astronomy are masculine pursuits.
        Poking a bear with a stick or climbing up the side of a building human fly style are just people who don’t value their own lives.

        1. Those are great pursuits, yeah.
          But they all lead to risk?
          The Apollo missions were an outrageous risk, and peak mankind

        2. Yes, calculated risk, mitigated risk. The astronauts didn’t say: “Fuck the radiation shielding, I’m a man dammit!” They wanted to come back alive and they did all they could to survive. They were also trying to do what had never been done before. Climbing Mt Everest or bungee jumping have all been done before.

        3. True. But they flew to the Moon. In 1969 with 1969 kit.
          I tend to doubt we could even do that now

        4. I agree with you on that.
          Even SpaceX is losing a lot of rockets: allegedly their last one blew up because a bird landed on it or something

        5. Can you imagine the Soviets put a satellite into orbit 12 years after WW2. Fucking incredible. and the Germans were the first to reach “space” in like 1942 with their V2 rocket that went like 60 miles up.

        6. better chance of Ralph Kramdon sending your to the moon than for a modern aviator to get there with 1969 tech

        7. Masculinity is both because at certain times one or the other or both is necessary. You can’t exactly practice philosophy, mathematics, etc when you have to go out and hunt for food, build a shelter, and so on. The latter requires a sense of risking ones life in order to eat. It manifest itself today in the things you are talking about. Don’t shit on something just because you don’t have the balls to do it

        8. No one who opts to go bungee jumping or sky diving is forced to do those things. They choose to because they want to look like some Evel Knievel bad ass. Don’t try to equate recreational activities with hunting a mammoth 50,000 years ago to survive.

        9. they seek to minimize risk as much as possible: any john wayne shit would lead to automatic dismissal

        10. as do the others skydiving haha. it’s funny you talk about what is masculine and what is not. I assume your avatar picture is hitler in WW1 you know he choose to be assigned to one of the most dangerous positions possible, runner, for the sheer thrill of it.

        11. Not every German man with a mustache is Hitler.
          It’s a photo of Waldemar Pabst, leader of the Freikorps who had noted Communists executed.

        12. Ahh even better, you have a picture of a mercenary, a man who enjoyed war so much he made it his profession.

        13. I think men in the Freikorps joined because they didn’t want to see their country taken over by Communists not because they were thrill seekers.

        14. You never answered me about your military experience. I’m still of the mind that you have none and speak ONLY from an ivory tower with a history of the kid who never much liked physical activity. While there’s nothing wrong with that perspective per se, it does not mean that your perspective applies to all, or even most.
          Men who engage in adventurous physical activities are engaging the same impulses that warriors and athletes throughout human history have relied upon and pursued to their maximum extent, They aren’t just brute force animal muscle movements, but almost always some combination of physical prowess combined with an intellectual strategy to create a sound set of tactics to complete the given task.
          That men today pursue what you see as suicidal risks is because we still have those masculine urges and impulses, but very few places to channel them in the modern world. We’re a species that thrives on exploration and doing new things; now that everything basically is either off limits, or “explored”, we’re bored as a sex (males). You can’t just channel that impulse that you have into a person who was built to be a Lewis & Clarke type, no matter how much you may think you can.

        15. “Philosophy, mathematics, astronomy are masculine pursuits.”
          They are, that’s why STEM, is overwhelmingly male dominated, but they are considered boring and nerdy by women who do think being a thug is more manly.

        16. I agree, but some things that have been done numerous times – to say the least – such as to have sex with a beautiful woman is still worthwhile.

        17. You do realize, skydiving and SCUBA are fun, right?
          I think you have some misconceptions about why people do things. There isn’t anybody around watching you jump out of the plane, only the other jumpers, and they aren’t impressed.

        18. Then it just goes to show that you know next to nothing about humanity. The Freikorps, like EVERY OTHER demobilzed army after a war, was made up of men motivated by many things. The biggest three are: limited financial opportunities (certainly true in Wiemar Germany), wanting to belong to something larger than oneself (a CAUSE), and addiction to the heightened reality created in the life and death crucible of war (the Old Ultraviolence, so to speak). The Friekorps was no different in this respect. Pabst had his CAUSE, but I guarantee you a lot of rank and file were doing it because it was fun and profitable….

        19. Personally Im not into skydiving etc. however… It’s important to address ones strengths and weaknesses directly, almost confrontationally.

      2. Personally, I feel that it is important to test oneself. Hunting, whatever your strengths are, wherever ones weaknesses are. Meditation, math etc, seek it out and face it.

    2. I somewhat disagree.
      I think these are outlets for men’s urge for competitiveness and risk-taking, which in better times are expressed with a legitimate purpose. Same reason guys are obsessed with Counter-Strike and video games, which offer a simulation of that experience.

      1. However, it is a hollow facsimile. There are a lot of go pros out there prancing like women. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it sometimes.

  7. In an elective class I started taking yesterday there were two professors, a male fine arts prof and a female science prof. It’s a multidisciplinary course affiliated with a grant.
    The male professor spoke to us about how we need to bring “diversity and non-colonial thought” to the course subject, statistics and data analytics.
    The female prof, a PhD in physics, looked more and more confused as the class went on listening to this guy speak.
    Good luck improving fucking statistics, mathematics, and computer science with “diversity and non-colonial thought” you fuckface.
    Thank God I’m going to be done in three months, I feel like I’m surrounded by fucking morons.

    1. “Non-colonial thought” – cant believe these fucknuts say these things with a straight face

        1. Dude its like you are inside a Terry Gilliam movie, except you are paying for the production…you are an executive producer in your own demise

        2. Yeah its funny, I added “diversity and non-colonial thought” and 2+2 STILL equaled 4…..
          damned white privilege….

      1. Non-Colonial thought sounds like an AWESOME class!
        I am assuming that this is a class which looks at the American Revolution through the lens of an 18th century British Monarchist paradigm

      2. “fucknuts”. thats a new one. I will start using that one at work now.
        But in Australia, we used to say – “fuck-knuckle”.

        1. Fucknuts is an old old old one. I remember that from when I was a kid back in the 70’s. I’ve never heard Fuck-knuckle but I will be using it!

      1. Better yet . Claimyou are Native American and then shoot him in the leg with an arrow for colonizing your homeland.

    2. I’m taking a cultural anthropology class with a female professor that keeps spewing SJW terms and lingo. Its only been a week and our first assignment was to read an article about how society dehumanizes prostitutes and how we can all work to “reclaim” the word prostitution by saying “sex worker” and “woman who’s work is sex”. Every reading is about women, so much for equality. Next week we’re discussing women that wear burkas and how Islam is perceived around the world. Academia has been overtaken by these monsters.

      1. What gets me is that “diversity is a strength” is taken as an absolute truth without needing to be proven or debated.
        There is research that shows that diversity leads to negative outcomes like low-trust societies, tribalistic politics, war, and on and on… Heartiste has done a great service to catalog this research.
        There may very well be some valid arguments for benefits associated with diversity but the whole issue is beyond even questioning. If you were to bring this issue up even in an earnest academic sense, you could be cast as “disrupting the student environment”, or some other sanitized bs.

      2. And she walks around like she’s hot shit t, don’t forget the insanely inflated social status bubble that these people live in.

        1. I find it is important, when dealing with women like that, to think of how many cocks they have sucked and how many times they have sat alone crying over some guy while they are talking. It makes everything much more easy to deal with

        2. The book of five rings has an interesting perspective on this I think. Essentially that before you go into battle you should meditate on your personal physical destruction. Falling from great heights, being torn apart by wild dogs, cut down” etc etc. if you believe that woman, that’ll be you. Bill Walsh says that you have to script your plays before hand because within the moment of your decision is the shadow of doubt. If women make one cry, rather than one making women cry, Theres a big problem. You can’t pass up the run, even if you’ve had a hot hand throwing. Another half inch and a couple of g’s a year and she’ll be laughing at you in that guys back seat, I believe it.

      3. When I was at uni the feminists were anti prostitution & porn and it was all about how men were exploiting women. A number of countries have introduced prostitution laws where only the male (well that’s the typical scenario) is charged for solicitation while the hooker has done nothing wrong in promoting her sex services or agreeing to trade $ for sex (even tho its a 50:50 agreed transaction). Can we get the johns now called ‘sex worker sponsors.

        1. Like most issues feminists can’t seem to agree on whether or not prostitution and porn are empowering or degrading to women. There was a sorority swimsuit calendar sold in the bookstore here and feminists went crazy saying it was sexist but a girl got exposed for doing porn and that same group wrote an article in the school newspaper about how she’s empowering and an inspiration to girls to be sexually open and free. Basically if men like it its sexist, if men shame it its empowerment.

    3. Wow. I thought all this ‘diversity’ shit speak was kept mostly on the non hard science part of the fence. Good thing you’re not coming into this program, say 2 years from now. The Borg assimilation of math and science would be complete by then.

    4. Or, wear a t shirt that mocks his holiness the Most Reverend His Grace The Most Sainted Grand Poobah Dr St Michael Brown.

    5. I’m working on heat conduction in non-homogeneous anisotropic media and I’m struggling with some Fourier series right now, maybe I should remove the colonial influences from the equations !

  8. The more the retarded liberals try to create this kind of societal and educational garbage, the more the good people will push back and stop accepting this insanity. Don’t you get it, imbeciles? THE LEFT IS A FAILURE.

  9. Interesting read. I appreciate your view point and thank you for sharing such a well thought out article. I also went to the schools website. I won’t get too boggled down by the details. Yet I had a question; are you arguing here in this article for inclusion in these programs whilst feeling that you are being attacked and outcasted? Because I couldn’t find anywhere on the site or in the schools reading material that any one specific group had been denied access to these courses. I’m just curious and would like to understand more. My thought process is that school is for education and following that logic examining any worldly aspect should be pursued and whatever conversations are had will help individuals move forward in understanding the world around them.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. do you have a straight white male trump supporter tied up in your basement?
      berating, and torturing him for his:
      “toxic masculinity”, “white privilege”, “racism”, “misogyny”, “non-inclusion”, “non-binaryism”and other made-up commie nonsense?

    2. Indeed, school is for education. Having limited resources with which to educate though, this seems like a terrible waste.

      1. I’m happy we could agree on school being for education. With regards to limited resources, I can only speak for American public universities. These schools are some of the most well funded organizations. So I wouldn’t particularly agree with that idea or notion that schools have limited resources. Furthermore to your other point, considering something a waste is completely subjective. One mans garbage another mans treasure and all that.
        Thank you for your comment I appreciate the conversation.

        1. Subjective or not, I have to question the academic merits. And in terms of the subjective vs. objective, this course of study is highly subjective to begin with, arising from questionable premises generated by pop-culture and “info-tainment” type media. No, this subject seems to be more one of “pop sociology” than any objective intellectual investigation.

        2. Those are some interesting points to consider. I would assume neither of us are enrolled in these courses. In that vain and in light of any first hand experience, I’m afraid we shouldn’t speak too freely on the subject itself. For all we know the instructors themselves could be even headed individuals with no political leanings and simply wish to inject some conversation in the curriculum. The same could be said on the other token. They could be as liberal and far left leaning as possible. The fact remains we just don’t know or have enough information. You can still have your opinion absolutely. I personally on a more intimate level am hesitant to paint such broad brushes on things of this nature.
          Thanks again

    3. ” My thought process is that school is for education”
      This isn’t education it is indoctrination. Resources are being diverted away from what has been considered “education” since Thales taught Anaxamander and Anaximenes.

      1. Thank you for your comment. Classifying what constitutes as education and what doesn’t is a debate that would last a lifetime. Instead I would like to point out that language is important. Using the term indoctrination, especially when the word itself conjures up images of wide eyes glazed over faces being spoon fed propaganda without any real autonomous free will is dangerous to say the least. Aside from that I would have to disagree with you. Simply because you don’t personally agree with something doesn’t diminish its value to others.
        Again thank you for your comment. I appreciate the open conversation

        1. “especially when the word itself conjures up images of wide eyes glazed over faces being spoon fed propaganda without any real autonomous free will ”
          This is precisely the image I intended to conjure. The idea that masculinity itself is toxic is being taught at universities in Milgram like settings where 18 year olds assume that the people who are teaching it are speaking with authority and knowledge and not total bullshit. The problem is not that it isn’t being explored as an avenue of possibility (which I could accept for the reasons you give) but it is being given as dogmatic truth and any attempts at teaching that it is wrong is met with stern and immediate punishment.

        2. Hmm very interesting, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Thank you for sharing that viewpoint. This conversation gives me more to consider and review.
          I can agree with you on several points. Firstly the term, albeit vague to many and confusing (myself included) ‘Toxic Masculinity’ could be seen as offensive because much like anything that is met with hostility or raised eyebrows; it attacks a group without any compound evidence.
          I have not taken any of these courses or similar ones. To that point I am pretty sure most instructors in the social sciences don’t present subjects as factual. Many of these courses when I took them for my degree were meant to spark a conversation. This is all done in the hopes of fostering a better understanding of the world around.
          Do I think terms like toxic masculinity are wrong? No, because I believe in examining why that term would exist. What makes masculinity toxic? Is it the societal pressures on men to act this way or that. Etc etc
          You’ve given me allot to think on and I appreciate the conversation

        3. examining ideas is fine. In fact, it ought to be encouraged in college. An unbiased examination of all forms of ideas and thinking is great as it leads to better faculties with which one can think on their own. I do not believe that this is what is going on. Rather, I am seeing a view point which is pushed as if it were mathematical truth and all dissenting views stifled as if they were Nazi manifestos.

        4. I’m happy that e both share the same definition for education and pursuing knowledge for that matter. Since neither one of us working with irrefutable facts on what exactly is in the coursework for these classes we can only work with our assumptions and logistical facts. We’ll have to agree to disagree on those points. I don’t believe schools or the educators are grooming students to fit a particular mold. I believe these instructors along with many other in varying subjects are having thought provoking conversations that are not one sided. Speaking from my own experience as a recent grad. We had all kinds of views being tossed around and everyone listened, examined and probed for answers in the wake of open dialogue. I appreciate your contributions in furthering my understanding of this.

        5. I suspect that, like all things, in some places it is done well, as you suggested your experience was, and in other places it is done poorly. An open exchange of ideas in a university is a good thing. Liberal indoctrination is not. Remform is necessary. Just hoping you wind up in a good place or having to tolerate a bad one should no longer be an option

        6. Thank you, likewise I hope you find less environments so contradictory to your beliefs. We can all hope to work together and move forward in understanding the beautiful complex world around us.

    4. So can you hold your breath until there is a trend of women’s program that looks into toxic feminism..
      I think it’s very important that we all help young women understand the world around them better.

      1. I absolutely agree – there should be courses exploring a wide gambit of subjects. That is the purpose of high learning. As far as holding my breath haha I’ll pass, years of living have made me addicted to oxygen, sweet sweet O2

  10. I do think this course has a noble premise. For instance, the idea that men can’t be nurturing or shouldn’t show feelings is a harmful notion.
    For instance, if you watch the film “Johnny Got His Gun” about a soldier in WW1 who has his limbs blown off and is effectively shut in but can still communicate with the nurses by banging his head against the pillow in morse code saying “kill me,” doesn’t make a tear roll down your face, then I have to question your humanity.
    Similarly, the idea that a father should only provide materially for his children is frankly absurd. I would put material comforts as less important than sitting down with your son playing Legos or dinosaur figurines.

    1. Any program titled ‘Toxic………..’ has no noble premise. The premise is that one is toxic by their very nature.
      Sitting down and playing with your son using traditionally male toys— dinosaurs and Legos— is passing on your ‘toxic masculinity’.

    2. I’m not convinced playing with your children is essential, but being with them is. My 5 year old son constantly chooses to sit in the same room as me. He does his own stuff, but wants to do it with me in sight.

  11. Is that for real? I dunno man. Its less and less worth to go to uni now… so retarded that Im out of words.

  12. I vote for all straight men to attend the seminar and flip the discussion. Quit giving these people their safe spaces. Take them over and run them out, push them back into the darkest corners of society where they belong.

    1. I used to do that when I was in college, however that was back in the early 1990’s when this shit was *nowhere* near as bad as now. Used to really tick off the Professors to be constantly challenged not by “stupid questions” but by a guy who came prepared for the days topic with a list of statistics and researched facts. It wasn’t an everyday thing, but if the reading for the next class touched on something I considered sacrosanct that I knew that the Leftists would distort, I came armed for bear.
      Actually had one Professor, a socialist no less (declared that openly, he did), compliment me on not just absorbing the reading but processing and thinking about it critically. I was a bit surprised, to be honest.

      1. But did he say you made good or correct points?
        This just smacks of the old routine that we now identify as part of the virtue signaling concept. Doing this was a win-win for him as he didn’t cede anything more than you weren’t the common variety zombie.

        1. I stumped him on a few statistical points, he admitted up front, then complimented me and said he’d think about what I had to say and get back to me. Eventually we had another after class discussion where he more or less admitted that I was right but then did the normal Leftist backpedal and movement of goalposts.

        2. Sounds about standard and thanks for the additional info.
          I had a similar situation, prof wanted to give me a failing grade (only guy in the room, and I should have bailed at that red flag) and wrote on my final that I should have included certain points. I handed it back and pointed to where I had done exactly that. Had to take it to the Dean in the end, and only then did the prof admit, my paper hadn’t even been read.

      2. The old school liberal professors love a good debate, and even though they may not agree, they’ll give you props for formulating a strong argument. Those types are retiring though, and the new wave of professors is filled with losers who have never left school–kindergarten to grade school to middle school to high school to undergrad to Master’s/PhD to professor. I think nowadays a man would be better served having a few other guys there to back him up, and maybe a few hot conservative women as well as a statement: “Our side is better, and we know it!”

      3. Well done, same here. It was disgusting, the small minded bullying by professors of malleable students who cursed to have never killed or fucked anything in their scheduled little bubble lies was almost as disgusting as watching them buckle.

    2. I like this idea. A quick google search shows that there are 500,000 members in the National Organization of Women. So, if 501,000 men joined and called for a vote the entire platform of the group could be changed to “How Best to Make a Sandwich”

        1. I watched that on a streaming site. That kid looks exactly the same, just a little older and fatter. He’ll probably go the Chris Farley route, except he won’t be remembered.
          The second wasn’t as good as the first, but it didn’t help that two of the original movie’s actors (the limp-wristed mall manager and Bernie Mac) are dead.

    3. Agree with lolknee (and op). Brilliant idea. We just start showing up to these types of meetings and participating in the discussions. Make thought out, unimpeachable points and watch their heads explode.

  13. Goddamn. Glad I went to private religious college where this crap never happened.
    The only time I visited UW Madison was to lay pipe to my then-girlfriend for about five straight days. That was twenty years ago. It would probably be illegal now…

    1. This is happening at private universities too.Title 9 is a nightmare for any institution of higher education

  14. Please stop “educating” girls, set the AOC to 12 again, ban female suffrage and save humanity.

  15. I hope Trump fixes up colleges. It scares me knowing these people will be running our country one day!

      1. All those student loans are guaranteed by the federal government — i.e. us taxpayers. It would be fairly easy to ‘fix’ the colleges.
        1. US gets out of guaranteeing the loans ( a lot of debate on this as student loans are actually counted as ‘assets’ and are substantial. It takes a listed asset off the books– so greater national net debt, but if in reality a significant portion will never be paid at some point they’ll have to be written off.)
        2. Allow future student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. Banks, in granting student loans will then be on the hook for students failing. Will they give loans to students majoring in feminist interpretative dance? Or gender studies, or racial studies? Probably not– ability to pay is negligible for most students. Whole departments in the college will have to shut down- no students, no money. Colleges will focus on degrees the banks will be wiling to underwrite.
        3. Require any college receiving any federal grant/study/research funding to take on 30%-50% of their student loan debt liability. (This is something I think banks might end up doing on their own- agree to a loan if the college will guarantee a portion of it). This now means that the college will lose money for any student that can’t get a job and pay off their loan. Incentivize colleges to focus on education in areas resulting in gainful employment.
        Although the president doesn’t control the colleges, the federal government subsidizing it through the guarantee of student loans has resulted in dramatic increases in tuition and many programs which place students in heavy debt with no realistic ability to repay.

  16. Upside is…The void created by the universities is being filled by places like this. We will inform the next generation of males.

  17. I identify as a female shitlord, no wait, today I’m a male lesbian – on Thursdays we wear pink and call me zim not him. Sorted – college is hard.

  18. Not surprisingly, there are no courses on toxic femininity. As if somehow, only males have bad traits.
    Yes yes, I know, I know. Just pointing out the obvious.
    And they say that they’re “oppressed”.

    1. I’ve have female teachers and bosses… course in the world can prepare you for ‘toxic femininity’! hahahahaa

      1. I’ve had the same. My worst jobs have ALWAYS been at places where I’ve had a female boss. I’ve had one bad job with a male boss, the rest were females. In their minds, their shit simply does not stink. Ever.

        1. I retired when they appointed a lesbian feminist as my boss, almost the whole department quit at the same time. I didn’t need to deal with that shit.

        2. When the whole department quit at the same time, was management wise enough to figure out what was going on? Or did they ride the sinking ship to the ocean floor and try to convince themselves that they were at the aquarium? You don’t have to answer. It was a rhetorical question.

        3. They hired less experienced staff at a lower pay rate. They viewed it as a money saving exercise.

    2. They ARE oppressed though. Watching these people weakly shuffle from one outburst to another is sad. They don’t understand how they are viewed by dudes until they are looking for a guy, by that time they are in so deep that they actually believe that they want that “equal”. She doesn’t, she wants a superior to treat her with respect and set boundaries. All of feminism is a test.

  19. schools are financial parasites and this is just another example. You get kids who can’t do stem or moderately tough courses.. they have to land somewhere. Hey, why not a bash white male gender course. We can issue these dumbasses diplomas in it. We will sell it as – ” being a well rounded student who can work anywhere”- the 2000s’ version of the new and improved version of a communications degree. Its a win win win.. Brainwash some chumps into forking over some needless cash to “improve” themselves and see themselves righteous in the eyes of the world. Liberal nirvana Make a difference. Well rounded. …and just think- you will know what it means to “take an order” while your paying off your loans. … The sad part, the people who run this garbage actually believe in some of it. Some of these pres of universities should be put in jail for fraud for selling this garbage. Smiley kids and beta boys. This is what its about.

  20. “How Does a Boy Grow Up To Commit Rape?”
    Probably because of his single mother not raising him properly.

    1. Yep. Probably because his single mother told him “if you just be nice and be yourself women will love you”. After years of bitches friendzoning him because he followed his mother’s advice; he finally got fed up and just took what he wanted. Caveman style.

  21. “College men desperately need a male space where they can talk openly and honestly with other men”.
    I agree, and its called the gym.

  22. Men and violence against women? They support Lesbians relationships, yet never talk about the massive
    abuse between lesbian couples

    1. Nor do they talk about the violence between gay couples because it doesn’t fit the narrative which must be that in a relationship between two people men are the abusers and women are the victims.

  23. the author forgot to link the idiotic library with the course. the 2 are completely unrelated. so what exactly makes you think the course isn’t a good idea?

    1. I like courses that tell me that I’m a toxic white male oppressor. I’d rather be feared than loved.

  24. How long will it be before some young guy who has been disregarded , ridiculed, and blamed all his life simply for nothing other than being born a straight male finally snaps and wipes out every female on some campus somewhere with a machine gun.
    After it happens will anyone realize and acknowledge the constant harassment, degradation, bigotry, and sexism directed at men on university campuses caused this.
    The atmosphere and attitude on every college will only become more hateful and more anti-male.

  25. I believe the reason Autism is being redefined as diversity is part of a bigger global plot of population control.
    As World population gets larger and larger, the extremely wealthy ruling elite at the very top (the 0.01 %) need more elaborate schemes to create harmless thralls that would pose no threat to the current status quo while contributing to the economy by being complacent consumers. Artificially induced Autism and other mental handicaps (such as ones associated with late motherhood), the encouragement of transgender identities and homosexuality, siphoning power and resources away from men towards the much more easily malleable and controllable women are all part of the same plot of population control methodologies in the 21st century.

  26. That’s why I’m all for gender separation in school. Boys don’t need to be re-educated by purple hair crazy landwhales.

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