Why Congressional Representative John Lewis Should Be Disciplined

John Lewis, a Democratic member of Congress from Georgia, recently stirred controversy with some remarks about the alleged “illegitimacy” of the incoming Trump administration.  He said the following to NBC’s Chuck Todd:

I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president.  I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Lewis made his name in the 1960s as a civil rights activist; he was also a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.  Trump predictably fired back an angry rebuke.  At that point a number of other Democrats predictably rushed to tweet their own comments to try to present Trump’s response as an unprovoked attack on Lewis’s integrity:

Some Democrats have even declared that they will boycott the presidential inauguration.  I believe strongly that Lewis’s comments were unethical, dangerous, and shockingly disrespectful of the federal government he was sworn to serve.  I am a fan of neither Clinton nor Trump; my only goal here is to show why such sentiments publicly expressed by a legislator introduce dangerous factionalism and encourage sedition by the public.  They are disrespectful of the nation’s institutions and should not be tolerated.

U.S. Representative John Lewis speaks before he helps unveiling the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp at its dedication ceremony at the White House in Washington May 22, 2014. The ceremony marks the first day of issue for the stamp honoring Milk. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY) - RTR3QG78

There is nothing wrong with party disagreement in a republican democracy.  Up to a point such differences are healthy and actually strengthen the functioning of institutions.  Rep. Lewis and his colleagues have every right to oppose the president’s policies, to argue with him, even to mock or ridicule him.  This is part of the democratic process and no one is arguing that a president should not be attacked or criticized.  That much should be clear.

But what Rep. Lewis did was something very different.  He was questioning the legitimacy of the president-elect: and by doing this, he is directly undermining respect for the institution of the executive branch itself.  Persons can be opposed and disagreed with; but a lawmaker should never question the legitimacy of the office itself.  This has the effect of fomenting sedition among the populace, which is something that no state can permit.  For if one accepts that a president is not legitimate, then it follows directly from this that one can disregard his orders with impunity.  It is a direct attempt to corrode public faith in government and to incite the public against the chief executive.

The very first ethical rule listed in House Ethics Rule XXIII, Code of Officlal Conduct, is that a lawmaker should act in a way befitting his office:

A Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, officer, or employee of the House shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.

What is even more disturbing is that fact that so many Democrats were willing actually to take Lewis’s side.  Instead of seeing the matter as one of indiscipline and disrespect for the nation’s institutions, some Democrats tried to recast the incident as an attack on a “civil rights leader” by Trump.  Whatever Lewis did or may have done in the past is totally irrelevant, of course, to the matter at hand, which is his unethical and calumnious behavior.


The great dangers of factionalism and calumny to the health of a free republic were well-known to Machiavelli, who commented on them in his Discourses:

It is clear…in what detestation calumnies should be held in free cities and in all other forms of society, and how with a view to checking them no institution which serves this end should be neglected…There is no need of witnesses or of any other corroboration of the facts to set calumnies going, so that anybody can be calumniated by anybody else.  But one cannot in this way be indicted, for indictments must be corroborated and circumstances be adduced to prove the truth of the indictment…Where provision for this has been made, and due recourse is had to it, calumniators should be severely punished.

Calumnies, too, are among the various things of which citizens have availed themselves in order to acquire greatness [i.e., power], and are very effective when employed against powerful citizens who stand in the way of one’s plans, because by playing up to the populace and confirming the poor view it takes of such men, one can make it one’s friend.  [I.8.  Trans. by L.J. Walker, S.J.]

As a perceptive commentator on what things could make–and unmake–republican governments, Machiavelli looked with alarm on the evils of factionalism.  What Rep. Lewis did was precisely what is described in the passage above.  To curry favor with his electorate—and possibly to burnish his relevancy in the modern era—he directly undermines public faith in the institutions he is a part of.  Such comments fuel the fires of political factionalism and lead directly to civil unrest and disorder.  The behavior is reprehensible and he should be disciplined immediately.

This is unlikely to happen, as we all know.  Congress as a whole long ago abandoned its obligation to look after the public good and opted for factionalism, influence-peddling, and special interests coddling.  And yet a record of these incidents must be made, so that when future generations ask how the collapse of our institutions took place, we will have illustrative examples to point to.

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119 thoughts on “Why Congressional Representative John Lewis Should Be Disciplined”

  1. All of his hot wind = the sound of power and influence expiring. These types of people always get hotter and louder right before they disappear into obscurity (or old age / death).
    While I’m certain a more sophisticated conversation could be had, I’m not going to waste my energy…simply put, Lewis is full of shit.
    The US and Russia have practiced hardcore influence peddling in countless elections; this is what world powers do. But any suggestion that Russians were an invisible hand filling out the US ballots on November 8 is myopic and delusional. There’s a grand dismissal of rank and file Americans that somehow suggests they are incapable of thinking for themselves.
    Lewis will just double-down on being obtuse and Pelosi & Friends will fall right in line with it. Ignore them.

    1. True…Lewis is not the only one saying such things, but his example seemed pretty egregious. It’s dangerous, much more than people realize. You’re basically telling the public that our institutions are worthless.

      1. Great article Quintus. The problem is, Lewis is being paid by his benefactors to do make our institutions worthless. Delegitimization of the Republic is by design not by accident.

      2. I have a Republican friend who dispises Trump, but even he accepts the fact that Trump will be the next POTUS. He criticizes him on and on, but never says he illegitimately won.

        1. Disagreeing with the presidency is no excuse to disavow the current president. Would have said the same for any president who has come before and will likely say the same for any president in office in the future.

      3. They kind of are worthless, since there is one set of laws for those in power and another set for the rest of us.
        That said, I agree with the premise of the article that Lewis should be disciplined.

    2. If Russia did influence the election (and I haven’t seen conclusive evidence that they did), all they are guilty of is revealing true information. No Democrat has claimed that the substance of the emails was factually incorrect or altered.
      Given some of the ways Russia has influenced elections in the past (when they were the Soviet Union), telling the truth is pretty mild in comparison.

      1. Telling the truth is anathema to the entire left. As far as they are concerned it is a criminal act. In that respect they are not hypocrites; they never tell the truth.

        1. There is an old saying about “when telling the truth becomes a crime…”

    3. This time, they cannot be ignored, because they are chewing away at the foundation of Trump’s presidential authority. Politely or not-politely, they need to be confronted, consistently and rapidly. Trump’s people must never lose control or initiative with regards to the national conversation. His team needs to be constantly setting the agenda and working the frame. If they ever do lose it, they are going to come off as extremely weak, and lose in 4 years.

  2. “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”
    Now, suppose the shoe was on the other foot, Hillary Clinton won, and a Republican congressman made this statement. He’d be ridiculed as a conspiracy nutcase who should be removed from office, but this man continues to be lauded as a hero for something he did nearly 60 years ago.

    1. This is like everyone who bitched and moaned (myself included) about Bush II “stealing” the election back in 2000…..

      1. nope nope nope. Gore won the popular vote and Florida’s popular vote (barely) but Dubya was prematurely handed the Presidency by the Supreme Court after a razor-thin electoral outcome, which in that case deserved massive scrutiny. That election was fair game to dispute and bitch and moan about. Had justice been served, Gore would have taken Florida and thus won the electoral college and popular vote.
        This time however, Trump destroyed Hillary in the electoral collage, despite her winning the popular vote by millions.The Founding Fathers’ design worked in favor of the American People this time, by not letting big cities dictate to the entire country.
        But anyway no, 2016 is not at all comparable to 2000. Trump won fair and square and the dems are a bunch of crybaby sore losers.

        1. Not true–they did a recount and Bush actually increased his lead in FLA ( and I despise Bush and feel he and Cheney should have been charged with war crimes)–but let’s stick with the facts. Also, there were 50,000 military votes in Florida which a liberal judge refused to be allowed to be counted because they arrived from out of country a day after the absentee ballot deadline ( although they were cast on time and were delivered before the election day.) Look it up.

        2. Drop all that “popular vote bullshit”, please. The popular vote has NEVER decided an American president and never was intended to; frankly its not even “a thing”. The people vote on a state level and then the electorial collage votes on behalf of the states citizens. Then the electorial tally is what determines the presidency. Thats the way its always been.
          This election, nor Bush vs Gore, is not some type of unforseen, unintended precident. The system worked exactly the way it was supposed to. Both times…

        3. Hillary only won 54 (very populous) counties out of over 3080. Her entire popular vote lead was from the California totals. Our electoral system worked as it should.

        4. Did I say anything about the popular vote ever having been the decisive measure? Did I say anything about it should be the decisive measure? I know how the system works; I don’t know who youre trying to educate with your pedantic condescending explanations of the obvious but it’s not me. Youre arguing against statements I never made, I believe that’s called a stawman

        5. No strawman. I meant what I said. And it wasn’t necessarily directed specifically at you. It was a general comment to the over use of the term popular vote as it pertains to the US elections.
          Frankly it doesnt matter. The electorial college was by design intended to block high population areas from steamrolling over the majority of the country’s vote.
          The more you think about it. It was an amazingly ingenius bit of forsight reflecting the founding fathers understanding of regional demographics.

        6. Exactly. And thats entirely why the electorial collge decides the presidency. Not region based “mob rules” popular vote.

    2. Hillary didn’t need any help to destroy her candidacy since she was fully capable of destroying it herself. As long as Trump is president, there will be an on-going media assault over anything that he does. Voters have tuned out the MSM like I have tuned out people like Lewis. It just doesn’t matter to me what Lewis has to say.

      1. The MSM will become more & more irrelevant. Thankfully we live in an age of alternative sources of information. I’ve gotten my news from talk radio & the internet for over 20 years now. We can fact check for ourselves.

  3. Does anyone else think this POS
    looks like a Penis popping out of the top of a suit coat ?
    TNB Typical igger behavior

    1. The issue is not about him. The issue is the sowing of the seeds of sedition and factionalism. When the dregs start rioting and attacking people, it will be because disloyal scum like Lewis and his ilk helped make it happen.

      1. I’m looking forward to Rahm getting the national guard sent in to put the smack down on Rahm’s Chicago, where murder rates double in a single year. Sanctuary city! FOR MURDERERS…

        1. Blacks breed at a much higher rate than whites, but their destructive behavior keeps them from expanding their population size.

        2. No they don’t. Their percentage of the population has been steady for decades and their life expectancy is only slightly lower than for whites (about 4 years less). Remember for every ghetto baby mama there are at least two trailer park white trash baby mamas. They are just maintaining the status quo. White TFR has dropped like a rock and Latino TFR has maintained so they are a growing percentage of the population. The good news is that the immigrant TFR tends to rapidly match the native TFR (in the US) within a generation or at most two.

  4. Lewis timely baited Trump right before MLK day so he could shield himself behind the “Trump’s reply proves dat dem white folks sho’ am racist” crowd.

    1. I didn’t know if the madman had a plan when I saw him using twitter to criticize these people. Perhaps he perceives something to gain by it socially in drawing the lines of support.
      But, after reading QC’s article his maneuvers seem obvious. I only hope it’s more severe than a couple tweets. I’m not sure if Lewis is sentient enough to bait anyone though tbh.

  5. As far as Democrats are concerned Rep Lewis is irreproachable because “he’s a civil rights icon”. He can say whatever he wants and whoever calls him out on it is a racist.

    1. He’s a Democrat, a ‘civil rights icon’, and black. In this world he basically can do whatever the fuck he wants.

  6. Why are you giving attention to this nobody? Seriously, doesn’t the ROK editorial staff have better articles than this?

    1. He’s the same lying POS that claimed white people said mean racist stuff to him at a tea party rally despite not one word of it being picked up by any microphone there.

      1. …why are we giving this gasbag attention? He seems like he needs to be starved for attention and not given a single minute of advertisement.

        1. As Quintus pointed out, it’s not just Lewis, it’s his legion of dried-up, worn out, old Democratic machine fuckheads that back him! If this guy can flap his gums like that, imagine what his consituents (and those of Pelosi, et.al.) MIGHT be incited to do.

    2. It’s important to call this shit out. Lewis and a lot of others in Washington right now are actively undermining public faith in their own president. This gives the dregs out there yet another excuse to cause civil mayhem. So, it’s not just some old guy talking shit. It’s setting the stage for violence.

      1. I’m in agreement with Quintus on this. Not calling useless politicians like Lewis on their shit and pretending it doesn’t matter means giving people like him license to continue being useless.

      2. He is still not the president yet. I say after his inauguration and subsequent dismissal of any claims, any and all who still want to make such claims be tried for treason.

      3. I fully agree. The press and the dems (one-and-the-same group, of course) are laying the groundwork for opposition to Trump’s *entire program* by calling him “illegitimate” now, before he has served a single day. They want nothing more than to claim, “An illegitimate president is trying to sabotage the economy,” “We will not let an illegitimate president destroy Obamacare,” “An illegitimate president is breaking down NATO when we need to be on the offensive,” among a litany of other antisocial stuff as they stand against change.
        Trump and the repubs are required to push back. I think Trump’s tweet was far from out of line– but he could have been a little more judicious, and invited Lewis to participate with Trump’s program.

        1. Being polite to our cultural enemies on the left has brought us to this low point. It is time to take off the gloves and set a president that we are not going to stay quiet while they run roughshod over us.

      4. You mean the same way they spread hate and racial division to try and win the election, and when they lost riled up their racial goon squads and then stood aside while they riot? It seems to be a consistent disregard for the good of the country.

    3. By publishing this article, it spreads the knowledge that the government is questioning its own legitimacy. What are people supposed to think of a government that questions its own legitimacy?

      1. “What are people supposed to think of a government that questions its own legitimacy?” I think we should think that the gov’s ability to serve the citizenry with fidelity and wisdom has been called into question– and that as citizens, we need to participate more, pay closer attention, and talk to each other more, regardless of our political orientations or affiliations.

  7. Quintus and I have disagreed in the past (especially about Trump, which he is allegedly not a “fan” of), but this article is spot on.
    While boycotting the inauguration could be a legitimate form of protest, claiming that his Trump’s presidency is “not legitimate” is at best stupid, and at worst, dangerous.
    “Clueless Joe” Biden and the Senate confirmed the results of the election in accordance with the United States Constitution. There is no legal basis for claims that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate in the eyes of the U.S. Constitution.

    1. T’would be nice if these shit-disturbers (entirely Democratic) would just say “Fuck it, I’m done, consider me retired!” The Nancy Pelosis, “Baw-bra Bwawxer”, John Lewises and Maxine Waterses have been in Congress since the earth cooled. Christ, most of them speak with that old-timey southern drawl (“Ah dooo de-clay-ahr…”) so thick they should be sipping mint juleps during session! They call themselves “Progressive”, but mentally (midget) live in the early 1960s.

  8. With Obama’s sterling legacy of Obamacare, etc., I can see why this guy’s worried. His constituents might eventually be able to get something of value – like a job – instead of sucking on the government teat.

  9. Keep dreaming. The House GOP is too cucked to dare try to touch him.
    I love how Trump bit back. Lewis must’ve thought that he was untouchable.

    1. Before the house GOP even responds to Lewis, they venerate him for past actions. There are war heroes and doctors in the GOP (and some Dems, too), but no one mentions it every time before they criticize them. They often receive open contempt and ridicule socially, in fact.
      I’m not arguing that any congressmen should be venerated for their past deeds. Just pointing out how fucking cuckolded the right is in this country.

      1. What, exactly, did Lewis do, other than maybe one time gave the non-verbal “whass up” nod at MLK while they were pissing in neighboring urinals of the restroom they happened to enter at the same time?

  10. “Discipline” sounds like something John Lewis and the rest of lib pervs would pay a D.C. hooker for. Instead, arrest Lewis and every single traitor funded by the ex-Nazi Soros. We’re beyond sedition at this point.

  11. The irony of all this Russian hacking malarkey is that in fact it is Obama who might have been groomed by the KGB in cooperation with the CIA.

    1. Last time I checked, the KGB ceased to exist in 1991. If you are referring to the successor of the KGB, its the FSB. You should read more recent conspiracy literature, you know, things written after the 70’s….

      1. KGB has become a household name for the the Russian intelligence services. Don’t be so picky.

  12. Lewis would have made a fine farm implement at one time. Just like the bathhouse boy on his way out with his tranny wife.

  13. Trump is spot-on about the 5th Congressional District. It’s pretty shit statistically, and that’s with wealthy Buckhead included.

  14. libs play the race card when they have nothing else- that or drag out hitler. Its like clockwork.

  15. The Donald’s Tweets were devastatingly good and 100% on target.
    Not allowing these “sacred cows” to blather their oft repeated propa-lies is a large component of destroying them.
    This is like that “gold star family” nonsense. So, this shitzipper Lewis is above criticism because he did some civil rights stuff a million years ago? What has he done lately? Race bait, lie and let the people of Atlanta rot under corrupt Democrat rule.
    Fuck him and all of his defenders.

    1. Funny, the same folks defending Lewis were the ones telling Bernie that his ‘Civil Rights credit’ had expired.

  16. How dare the Russians (or whoever it may have been) via Assange let the American People know the truth about the corrupt crooked democrats! They threw the election! /sarcasm
    Justice was served, BIGLY.
    Fuckin’ McCane – “act of war”.. That guy needs to drop dead.

  17. I would call him a mother f on tv……. Trump was very pleasant. Anything these libs can do to undermine their losses.

  18. Of course, there’s the usual coordinated effort by the fake news media, always preceding Lewis as “civil rights icon.” This is word-thinking, engineered to shut down critical thought, and takes advantage of the primacy bias also. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2016/09/01/how-to-control-the-mind-of-almost-anyone-and-your-own/
    But they don’t care about any of this. They’re in cognitive dissonance mode and must oppose Trump no matter what because not doing so would conflict with their self-image of being “not racist” and “good person.” He could destroy ISIS and help to bring 20 million new jobs and they would still think it’s bad.

  19. Why are you guys acting like whiny little conspiratorial babies? I thought this site is against political correctness, stop being so PC.

    1. Agreed. I see it as the same tactics of feminists when they don’t like someone’s opinions. Let’s not forget many on the right called Obama’s legitimacy into question for 8 years. Maybe the pendulum will move in a few years rigth wingers will be the delicate snowflakes LGBT peeps are today.

      1. I was still a left leaning faget for the last 2 inaugurations, but I’ll humor you guys. So — which specific GOP members of Congress chose to skip the inauguration of President Obama in either 2008 or 2012, and openly called his election “illegitimate”? Because that would be un-American and disgraceful on their part, and I’d make it a point to expose them for the frauds they are. If their constituents are intelligent adults and not just hate-filled monsters, they might think twice about voting for the same people again.
        You don’t need to give me their states or districts, just their names, and I will take it from there.

  20. Lewis was outed giving a jamaican tranny hitchhiker a ride. This will only serve to get him increased campaign donations from obamabots.

  21. Keep an eye out for the use of the word “illegitimate” when the dems talk about Trump. I bet they focus tested to get to that word, and they will all be using it, in every soundbite, as often as they can. If you keep hearing it, especially from multiple different dems, then you know for sure the use of that word is part of framing strategy– and that is it not used in good faith or for the purpose of genuine dialogue.

    1. It will become a new MSM drinking game. The caveat is, to play, you have to have CBS, NBC, CNN and “MSNB-hee-haw”* all on simultaneously.
      *Courtesy of Larry Elder

  22. Lewis is a gerrymandered bigoted has-been who only gets attention by making divisive hate filled comments. It’s a shame and an embarrassment to his constituents that they have to suffer his toxic self-serving drivel.

  23. Jim Brown of the NFL Hall of Fame doesn’t consider President Elect Trump to be an “illegitimate president”, even though he supported Clinton. Nice to hear some Blacks to speak up against the “AL Sharpton” within their communities and be an adult about President Elect Trump winning. I mean, we all had to do it, twice!

    1. Great point. And if anybody didn’t know this, Jim Brown is a pretty hardline guy in terms of his support of the black community. It’s really saying something when you’re black and Jim Brown is like, “yeah fuck that guy”.

  24. Lewis is a racist and a bigot. He should be more then disciplined he should be kicked out of the house. Could you imagine what the left would have done to a republican in 2008 that called Obama the same? Yeah straight to the slaughter house with them do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars. Lewis ought to get the same treatment and a little extra.

  25. Trump was right to verbally punch back. Not punching back smacks too much of the standard GOP cuckery and general white fear of being racist. No better person to punch back at than someone who is one of the untouchables: black and civil rights icon.

    1. It’s a bit of a balancing act. I agree he needs to strike back but needs to temper his wrath to where he doesn’t go beyond the mark or else he will be painted as the aggressor.

      1. Yup
        The problem is how he punches back. MLK would have never called a president “illegitimate” and trump should have gone there.

        1. Then he would have been “Whitesplaining” a term used for any white person criticizing or even quoting civil rights history to a black person. Our white skin makes us all racists and ignorant of anything to do with the black community historically or now.

  26. I think it’s time we need a site strictly dedicated to absolute shaming of people like John Lewis, who at this point are really pushing America closer and closer to its destruction. This article is great but we need to really, really put some heat on disgusting hypocritical liberals.
    For example, today following the John Lewis tardfest, Cleveland congresswoman Marcia Fudge (LOLZ) declared she will not be attending the inauguration in protest of the now-evil former hero of the black community, Mr. Trump.
    Fuck these people, man. For real. We need to start destroying their careers they way they’re destroying our communities and nation.

      1. You’re totally right man but our legacies are often the thoughts we spread while we’re here. Particularly when you’re in the public eye. I’m not talking about calling out the chick down the street, I’m talking about people who are actively undermining UNITY in the USA. That shit’s gotta end.

  27. So John Lewis is infallible ? John Lewis is Ghandi and Jesus and Hammurabi the Lawgiver ??? John Lewis’s tears cure cancer?? Good for Trump in not taking any of his shit….

  28. I don’t agree Lewis should face legal discipline; free speech and what have you. Also, we need the freedom to question the legitimacy of the President because sometimes their election win is illegitimate (e.g. voter fraud).
    With that said, free speech cuts both ways. To hear people say, “You can’t criticize Lewis! He walked with MLK!” is fucking nauseating. Heroes (Civil Rights heroes, war heroes, etc.) are not above reproach. We have a right to challenge their opinions. They’re not gods.

  29. Hang em!!! But seriously, I just came for the comments and the first couple were surprisingly tame. Never really heard of the guy until now but I see he is throwing up the same handsign that trump likes to put up in this picture rok posted. Hmmmm very telling…

  30. What is really amazing about this is we are just getting rid of the most illegitimate president in the history of our country and I didn’t hear him speak up about that.

  31. Some men don’t seem to understand that you don’t have to like the ship’s captain on a personal basis in order to respect the position. Respect the badge if not the man. Would have expected a relic from the 1960’s to grasp the concept. Unless there’s some other play going on. A house cannot stand divided.

  32. In addition to being a corrupt, doddering old fool, Lewis is a founding passenger on the “civil rights” gravy train. Trump’s talk about getting inner city blacks back to work is a mortal threat to these con men. They have spent their lives building a useless, dependent, hate-filled black underclass. If these people are taken off the dole and start to have a real stake in the country, they will start voting Republican and don’t think Lewis doesn’t know it. The Congressional Black Caucus is crapping its pants over this.

  33. Thank you for the well written article and presenting an alternative view for me to ponder over. I appreciate the opinions expressed in this article, even though I whole heartedly am against the points made.
    I believe every elected official ultimately desires to represent their base. I’m sure representative Lewis is expressing the opinions shared amongst his constituents. You might not agree with them but he owns no allegiance to the president even if they happen to share the same party affliction for example. That’s why we have separate departments of government.
    Do I agree with Representative Lewis in expressing the divisive message – personally no. What the country needs now more than ever to unity and understanding amongst all people. We need to work with the facts.
    Representative Lewis came out with this message after senate democrats had a sit down with the FBI and intelligence agencies behind closed doors and stormed out after their classified briefings. We as the American people should be more concerned with that detail and what was reveled I that exclusive meeting.
    Moving forward to the other points. Not to point fingers but I feel it necessary here to provide some context. This entire incident is being painted as a one sided issue when in reality both parties have been doing this for years. The ultimate goal is sew division amongst the American people. Divide and conquer.
    As a side note. Asking for a sitting Black official to be “disciplined” has racial undertones. But I suspect that was intention to catch the eye of the reader. Not a huge deal to me personally but if you want a more objective article might I suggest leaving such divisive titles out.
    Anyway to my main points.
    In 2013 John Boehner and republican caucus members left for a weekend retreat during President Obama inauguration. Sooooo on to another point. There has never been a president in the history of American politics exposed to such basic criticism as Obama. The birther movement? Led by Trump – which resulted in an elected official to the highest office in the land having to dig up their birth certificate? Just think about that for a minute… please consider it… then when that was proven they moved on to discredit Obama education asking for him to prove his credit transcripts….
    I could go on an on. The point here is let not get boggled down with this redundant nonsense let’s work together as civilians of this great nation and move toward a more understanding future. We’ve all done wrong on both sides. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

  34. Turtle headed Libtarded douche. He got famous and rich because he went for a walk back in the 60’s. When will we ever again place people in positions of importance based on merit and not sex or race.

  35. Nah, for all you internet warriors out there paying 29.95 for dating tips, allow me to explain it. He, along with quite a few others, believe that trumps election is a direct result of foreign influence. As in no foreign assistance no election if trump..that couch potatoes is the very definition of illegitimate..unless moscow is entitled to a few electoral votes.

  36. I think “Punished” is the correct word.
    While you’re at it, please inform or remind the country just how riddled the NAACP and the “civil rights” crew are with deep, ongoing commie ties.
    Lewis is anti-American. Civil rights affiliations are merely a cover story for this commie tool.
    Under reported cause it’s racist dontcha know.

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