How The Media Lies Through Omission And Distortion

Much as Frederic Bastiat details economics as the study of the seen and the unseen, news in America can be described as the study of the told and the untold. While authoritarian states like North Korea will make outright lies to its people, such as “Our space shuttle program is progressing well” and “Dear Leader Kim Jong Un is so pure he never defecates,” the main tool of propaganda in the west is to report limited truths while hiding important facts.

SEVASTOPOL, CRIMEA - MAY 9: Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) listens to Russian Orthodox Church priests in Vladimir Cathedral May 9, 2014 in Sevastopol, a city in the Crimean Peninsula whose status is under dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Putin was visiting the disputed area for the first time since its annexation from Ukraine by Russia. (Photo by Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images)

Christian, Patriarchal, European Russia – Enemy of the west?

Did Russia Hack The U.S. Election?

Let’s look at the supposed Russian hacking of American government official’s computers. In late December 2016, President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats (a highly belligerent move—typically diplomats are expelled only immediately prior to war, and this likely violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations), claiming that Russians spoiled the US Presidential election by releasing Democratic Party emails to the independent whistleblowing site and information clearinghouse Wikileaks.

If one didn’t follow the story closely, examining the actual facts and official statements reported, one would think that there was evidence that Russians sabotaged the American presidential election of 2016. But the US government itself doesn’t even claim this.


17 Agencies; 1 Director.

The official Joint Statement from the Dept of Homeland Security and Office of Director of National Intelligence states merely that the hacks “are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.”

They go on to make several non-sequiturs such as “Russians have used similar tactics in Europe” and “We believe Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities,” but the above is the most damning statement issued.

That the hacks used similar methods as Russian hackers use, and that they appear to be motivated by similar reasons as Russians have been motivated.

Lies Of Innuendo And Association

What does that mean? Well, Russians did indeed support sabotage and disruptive tactics against Americans in the Cold War before I was born. But such a misleading statement would be as truthful as spreading fear and hatred of Gingers after the Boston Marathon bombing because it was “consistent with the methods and motivations of the IRA,” so the logical response is to cut diplomatic ties with Ireland.


COULD HAVE done it, but didn’t

Indeed, the IRA had considerable expertise (methods) in making bombs, and motivations (attacking a strong concentration of Irish people living under a different government), and it could honestly be said that “the IRA used similar tactics in Europe and we believe IRA senior officials could have authorized these activities.”

In other words, a statement that may be loosely based on fact but is utterly meaningless and misleading, and has no connection to the truth.


And this is the main vehicle by which the American state lies. By presenting half-truths and innuendo, and withholding facts.

The Truth Is The Truth Regardless Of Who Speaks It

Regardless of who is responsible for the hacking, or whether anything was hacked at all, the emails merely revealed the private discussions of public political figures. While I wouldn’t advocate all public officials completely surrender their privacy when they enter government, the revelation of crimes, wrongdoings, or misdeeds by public officials is worthy of discussion; the source of these illicit conversations far less so. To quote Hillary Clinton “What difference does it make anyway, at this point?”


Of course, if the feds want to convict you of a crime, they are able to use confidential informants, warrantless wiretapping, and secret “national security letters” that compel others to snoop on you, without the possibility of you ever knowing by whom or even that the spying was done. Because when the tables are turned, it matters not who is making the accusations or what the sources are.

But when the government itself is breaking the fundamental rules laid out in its very founding document – the US Constitution, suddenly the source of the accusation is all that matters, not the actual crime.


Essentially this is the same tactic used in deflecting the outcry against massive illegal activity revealed by Edward Snowden’s Wikileaks dump: Ignore the truth and focus on the messenger. Only in this case they aren’t even attacking the right messenger, as Julian Assange has repeatedly stated that while he will protect the confidentiality of his source, Russia was not it.

You’re supposed to feel threatened by the orange one

What is the implication? It’s a twofold attack: On the one hand protecting the establishment military industrial complex position that Christian, neomasculine Russia must be an enemy that the American government spends hundreds of billions of dollars fighting, and secondly that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president, sewing seeds of doubt that can be used to weaken the president elect before he even takes office.

Always remember the biggest lies in the west are lies of omission, and be very doubtful of any statements by the government or media. Even if they are not outright lies, they may not be truthful.

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140 thoughts on “How The Media Lies Through Omission And Distortion”

  1. Speaking of media distortion, this morning on CBS Major Garrett reported that Trump said this about the next election, “in four years we’re going to win again but next time we are going to do it the old fashioned way”. They didn’t provide any context for his comments, only that. Just enough to make an ill informed person have some doubt(maybe the Russians really helped him?).
    Propaganda BS.

  2. The president-elect is doing a GREAT JOB lying, omitting, and distorting all by himself. He doesn’t need the media to do it for him.

        1. you mean the inauguration of Donald Trump didn’t come with a trigger warning?
          Breaking news for SJWs: as of this afternoon your only safe space is now IN SPACE

        2. But, but the space vaccum discriminates against the mollecular structure of their bodies!

        3. Then there’s the threat that they’ll float aimlessly into space and end up on an alien planet. Now I don’t want so sound like a debbie downer but those aliens interpret the SJW dump as an assault on their mental health and retaliate.
          Everything is now possible in Trump’s America.

        4. Do you really want transgender corn to grow in your fields! All that SJW fertiliser is hella toxic!

        5. there is a danger of disseminating fagginess throughout the universe with this plan, but I think nature will sort it out the moment one of them tries to rim an actual black hole

        6. They’ll get sucked in which may cause a RAPTURE in the anus of time and space. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s nasty

        7. Did you know eminent gay physicists now believe that the collapsed stars whose enormous gravitational pull literally suck everything that passes them by are in fact an elaborate system of celestial gloryholes?

        8. Will Uranus be handle the multiple thrusts? Or will it have a big swollen ring like Saturn?
          No Homo!

    1. I’m getting really tired of your incessant negativity. Perhaps it’s time for you to take it elsewhere.

      1. The negativity is only about our new asshole-in-chief. Look at my disqus history, and you’ll see I’m generally a more upbeat guy.
        Should I put a trigger warning before my political comments?

        1. No trigger warning needed, now get back to eating Hillaries creampie…… you know you like it. a lot.

    2. If you don’t lighten up you’re going to pinch a hole in your underwear.

  3. Good article.
    The act of choosing what stories to cover (or not cover) is inherently biased. There is no such thing as objective media.

  4. Anyone looked at Trumps spending cuts proposal? Next week the left will really have somethings to wring their hands over.
    Among the first things to be cut (not spending cuts but ELIMINATION)- the National Endowment For The Arts and The National Endowment For The Humanties. This is going to be fun to watch.

    1. I can’t wait for that to happen.
      Look, I like art as much as the next guy (possibly more, in some ways), but those funds are slush. Museums aren’t full of modern Rafaels or Rembrandts, but blank canvasses and “powerful symbolism” (e.g. Dallas has a “painting” made from a craft stamp and four colors of ink, just stamped all over a canvas with no discernible pattern).
      With our debt, every unnecessary expense must go.

      1. While I have no problem with art I can’t see the purpose of government financing it therefore making it government approved art.

  5. “Typical hournalist of mainstream medias are either whores or unemployed.”
    Alain Soral

  6. The obvious question is what will the twitter-president’s first twit be?
    Place your bets now.

    1. I don’t know where that purple lip MFer is going but wherever it is won’t be far enough away.

      1. Vacation, then back to DC to wait for kiddos to finish school. After that, who knows.

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    2. It’s like the ending to Dark Knight Rises. He and man-wife Michelle reminiscing about the glory days in some out of the way cafe in Milan.

  7. So far the evidence in the public square is: Russian Officials were happier in private that Trump won, as opposed to Hillary.

    1. and who can blame them? the media acts like other nations don’t try to manipulate our political process to get a better outcome for themselves. Russia pales in comparison to Israel or Britain

      1. It’s amusing that nobody in power gave a shit about anything until it’s the DNC getting hacked, and the Incumbent party losing their race.
        My friend and I came to the conclusion that getting Trump elected wasn’t even the real goal. The Russians (along with everyone else) didn’t think Trump stood a snowball’s chance in Hell. The real goal was to undermine the Queen-select so that when she was inevitably crowned, she would be more manageable.

        1. If I was to bet I’d say there is some in fighting going on in some of our intelligence agencies. I’m sure its a shark feeding frenzy climbing the power rung in those places

        2. The lionizing of the intelligence agencies in the media was adorable. They’re some real sons-a-bitches, often.

        3. But, but….according to NCIS/CSI/Bluebloods/jack Ryan/&on&on they are all saints who have our best interests at heart. If only we would give them more power and control..

      1. Why would anyone really be shocked? The Christian-Right draws bigger appeal from protection of Israel than the American Jews do.

    1. The don is just pissed that Iran isnt buying as much american stuff as he´d like after the sanctions got lifted. Turn out Iranians didnt forget being starved and held back for some 30 years and instead prefer buying from european companies

  8. Take a look at the number of aircraft carriers in the world and who owns them. I think its 19 USA to 17 everybody else. It would take a great league of nations to be a threat in a conventional (non nuclear) way

    1. Nobody is a threat to us in a conventional way. They just don’t have the logistical capability to do it. We could park half of those carriers and still be good to go.

      1. Exactly, which is why the asshole-in-chief’s panic about our depleted military is so stupid. We’re still carrying the world’s biggest stick.

        1. That’s probably the only thing you’ve ever said that I could come close to agreeing with.
          A 50% cut in the military would be ok with me.

        2. This I agree on. I don’t trust the republican party when it comes to military spending. Often there is a MI complex angle going on

        3. In the Washington Post last week, the asshole-in-chief revealed that he’s planning to have enormous military parades and rallies. To “show off” our strength to the world.
          What does that sound like to you?

        4. Sounds like a waste of money. However it’s a fraction of what’s pissed away on everything else.

    2. I’m surprised the rest of the world has 17.
      Edit: The total in the world (US included) is 21. Of the 21, the US owns 11.
      US: 11
      World: 10

  9. I truly believe that every mainstream media outlet should be eviscerated.Such a bunch of disgusting liars

    1. It’d be useful if some on these channels at least shut up from time to time. As in during key moments of Inauguration, etc.
      My God. Last night trying to watch the concert at Lincoln Memorial, they’re showing the performances as someone is consistently talking over it rather than allowing viewers the ability to HEAR the performers.
      And even today during the Inauguration. Some key moment is occurring where you just want to take it in AS IS … yet some bitch utterly in love with themself — like Dana Perino — is talking about some f-ing thing they recall 10 years ago.

  10. Obama is on TV right now proclaiming that he brought blacks and whites together…somebody missed their scheduled dosage of meds today.

    1. Obama is a bigger narcissist than Trump, he’s just more subtle about it (and he’s got media-protection).

      1. Agreed. Apparently he didn’t have a teleprompter when I was watching him just now. He looked fucking lost…heh. Big pregnant pauses between statements. The real Obama, finally out in the open.

        1. I’ve never got the love for Obama’s speaking. Without the prompter, he’s average like anyone else. Trump’s not much different. Nobody can compare to Reagan, speaking-wise (probably because he was an actor).

        2. I think Obama had the hypnotic vocal inflection down. Other than that, he wasn’t exceptional. But he could hypnotize those liberal white chicks with that vocal inflection. Like a pimp on a street corner.

        3. Did you lose your job in the last 8 yrs? I’d like to know the reasons for your Obama hate.

        4. Perhaps we have too much irrational hate for Obama…
          But perhaps you have too much irrational love for Obama?

        5. I hear a lot of generalized hate towards Obama, but nobody here seems to give a list of specific grievances. Please advise.

        6. Without teleprompters, they’re all average. Except Bill Clinton, who’s a great extemporaneous speaker.

        7. Fanning the flames of racial tensions (recall the Trayvon Martin fiasco, the Columbia Professor incident)
          Spending Trillions (with a capital T) more per year than we have
          Funneling money to political allies (Solyndra springs immediately to mind)
          8 years of foreign wars while being mocked by our enemies for his unwillingness to actually act on the “line in the sand” (as the Peace Prize President, no less)
          Godawful omnibus healthcare bill (from “not a tax” to “is a tax”, from “you can keep your doctor and plan” to neither, massive rate increases)
          Giving some of our nation’s highest honors to his buddies, for no good reason

          There’s a lot of irrational hate, but these aren’t unreasonable sources for rational hate, either.

        8. I’m not a fan of how he has set race relations back 50 years in parts of the country by weighing in on every instance of white cops shooting/arresting a black man before the facts are in. Never heard him make a peep if the cop was black and the perp white. I hate hypocrisy.

        9. I think he also went after whistleblowers and reporters like no other prez, ever…

        10. “I’ve never got the love for Obama’s speaking.”
          Agreed it was all scripted platitudes like “strength in deversity” and he has no achievments to be able to really to say to the public “I kept my promises America.”
          He kept none! He implemented nothing that was effective..Not one policy, foreign, economic, domestic or otherwise!

        11. I saw that too. At one point he was rambling on about how his enlightened vision showed the people that “you can.. still be friends with someone who is a different color than you… or someone that likes…different movies than you…” (not verbatim but literally included the movie preference as an example)
          What the fuck was the purpose for that sloppy, vague, incoherent excuse for a speech? Just get the fuck out, guy! He just won’t leave. He knows he had an awful presidency, so he’s constantly forcing himself into public spotlight, and desperately telling everybody of his non-existent accomplishments.

        12. I hate him because he’s a lying piece of shit. He was elected because he promised to stop killing foreigners in foreign countries. He ended up killing more than anyone else. Obama king of drone murders.

        13. …as long as you do not listen to him in a skeptical way or listen closely to what he says. Back in 1993 at a town hall meeting in San Diego, the first questioner asked him why the middle tax cut was not enacted. Bill’s response was that there was a gap of fifty billion dollars that would cause the deficit to go up. Wellllll remembering this I recall that the Democrat party was in control of the entire congress and they would have had this information before anyone else. Why didn’t they share this information with Good-ole-Bill is my question ( that last point is sarcasm. In reality, the middle class tax cut was only a lie to get Bill elected.)

        14. Hmmm, then you should not visit the site That site will trigger you as the owner is compiling stats on Chicago homicides. It’s just amazing how many idiots get whacked in that place – even with the tough gun restrictions!

        15. Yeah it was surreal…maybe the elite who control the media and everything else were ramming Obama’s retardedenss in our faces. It was too “different” to be an accident. That’s my opinion, only, obviously. As valid as it might be.

        16. – Half-breed, Afrocentric nigger
          – muslim
          – community activist scammer in Chicago
          – attended a black supremacist church for many years
          – do-nothing senator from Illinois for just 2 years
          – college transcripts and thesis cannot be located by
          anyone who has tried to investigate
          – card-carrying member of gay club (Man Country) in
          – married to a transgender, and parentage of children cannot be determined by anyone who has investigated
          – used a pseudonym (Barry Soetero) for a few years of his
          younger life (college, etc)
          – his presidential campaigns were heavily funded by ultra-
          liberal, anti-white, anti-Christian, pro gay, pro feminist,
          open borders (only for white countries) guy George Soros.
          – exceptionally unqualified individual to lead the most
          powerful nation on earth, but 52% of American voters
          were too stupid to see through the hype and lies of the
          controlled media, universities, Democrats, etc.
          Gee…. what’s not to like? And no, I’m not providing links and proof. Way too tired. Do your own research, if indeed you are genuinely interested in the truth. Which you’re not.

      2. Nobody is a bigger narcissist than the asshole-in-chief. Professors of psychiatry are showing his campaign videos to classes as evidence of what extreme NPD looks like.

        1. This is the wrong website to be pushing an appeal to authority with regard to professors.

        2. Shalom professor. What meal will you serve the goyim today? The goyim gonna eat your shit right up.

        3. Ancel Keys is one of the fathers of modern nutrition science. He is the definition of an expert.
          And everything based on his fraudulent Seven Nation’s Study (a subsample of 21 nations, the rest of which defied his conclusion) is wrong. If it were otherwise, we would still lean on the classical wisdom and be fitter and healthier.
          Being an “expert” and being right have a lower correlation than the educational institution would have us believe.

        4. The experts pushed SAD, with the food pyramid. Great success. Make America Diabetic again!

        5. I find most ‘experts’ be they of science, religion, ect. often have a political or monetary agenda. But that’s me

        6. We’ve moved to 2 in obesity, though. Probably because all the slim Mexicans have crossed the border, leaving their chubbier brethren behind

        7. Most experts tend to go off into areas where they have no real expertise, e.g., Bill Nye the Science Guy, a mechanical engineer spouting off on climate change, etc. Others just go plain bat-shit (Stephen Hawking with his extraterrestrial BS) and we should take them less seriously.

        8. Never knew Nye had zero credibility on climate change…thats why we need an open interwebs

        9. Nye’s credibility on anything (outside of engineering) is based off of him hosting a kid’s TV show on public television in the 90s.

        10. I have not heard otherwise, i.e. to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t done any peer-reviewed or grad/post grad supervised research into AGW/Climate change, so my criticism still stands.

        11. The things is you can find a so called expert to argue the opposite or some other variation. These days I find with so much noise for our attention, it can often pay to come up with some new ‘expert’ theory that goes against convention just to get attention, especially in the diet/health/fitness sectors. Unfortunately with a lot of experts the saying follow the money is true. Who are their sponsors, who are they doing consulting work for on the side, are they trying to sell you something, etc. Even people who work in the public sector who should be acting in the best interests of the majority of the citizens are influenced via their affiliations with businesses on the side. Unfortunately these days there is a lot that you cant take at face value. Even if there is no $ involved you will find many in the media and I include internet forums/blogger sites as well cant help but inject their biases into articles to support their cause whatever it be.

        12. The next phase for society is to REQUIRE leaders to expose their agenda. We must figure out the best means to do this. One thing is to always follow the money. Leaders should be required to show every single financial transaction. Donors should be required to show all of their transactions. We must know if alternative motives are at play in our politics.

        13. “Experts” in academia = jews, feminists, racial minorities, and hyper-liberal, self-hating whites.

        14. I’m not sure you can find an expert for free, but you can certainly pay an expert to support any stance you wish to push.

        15. No. It is not “just you.” The fallacy of believing in experts instead of proving for yourself is called argumentum ad verecundiam. It is the tactics used by socialists to have people believe in power, prestige, and money, instead of thinking, judging and deciding for themselves. One other thing it is not “often have” it is “usually have”.

      3. Trump’s comes across more clearly because he’s a man of ambition.
        Obama’s entire Presidency was about “I will”, “I am”, “I won”…
        Trump off to a great start with a speech about “we” and “our nation.” The contrast is rattling a lot of lefties and Conservatives.

        1. Didn’t really like the speech, personally. Too much campaign rhetoric. Nothing particularly transcendent.

        2. I hate the fact he ignored the WWF- not any wrestlers in his cabinet. Iron Sheik for Secretary of State woulda been a slam dunk nomination IMO

        3. Agreed, I am a Trump supporter, but his speech was little more than ‘Greatest hits from the campaign stump’. Except turned up to 10.
          Also, while I agree with much of what he espouses, something about his prepared speech delivery always seems ominous and vaguely dictatorial. I see why the left and cerebral right get so alarmed at his rhetoric.
          On the other hand, I can’t get enough of his town hall style, free flowing talks.

    2. Yep Chicago is a bastion of “Brotherly Love” having the highest murder rate in it’s entire history!!!

  11. I dont remember exactly who said this, but he was an investigative journalist:
    “The best disinfo is about 85% truthful.”

  12. “But when the government itself is breaking the fundamental rules
    laid out in its very founding document – the US Constitution, suddenly
    the source of the accusation is all that matters, not the actual crime.”

    The Constitution itself makes provision for this kind of government. Our Christian forefathers had the right idea with America’s first Constitution:
    “New Haven Fundamental Agreement [1639]; We all agree that the scriptures hold forth a perfect rule for the direction and government of all men in duties which they are to perform to God and to man, as well in families and commonwealth as in matters of the church; so likewise in all public officers which concern civil order, as choice of magistrates and officers, making and repealing laws, dividing allotments of inheritance, and all things of like nature, we will, all of us, be ordered by the rules which the scripture holds forth; and we agree that such persons may be entrusted with such matters of government as are described in Exodus 18:21 and Deuteronomy 1:13 with Deuteronomy 17:15 and 1 Corinthians 6:1, 6 & 7….
    Biblically qualified men for leadership love the truth, love justice, and promote the principles of God found in the Bible for the public good. Humanist, secular, reprobate, heathen, non-believing men and women are what the current Constitution makes provision for. Their lust for political expedience at the expense of moral rule has been in place since it was ratified. Article 6 of the US Constitution makes sure being a godly, Christian man is not a test for government positions, so it should surprise no one we have the kind of government we do. It is impossible to “fix”, sustain, or truly prosper as a nation under a government that is inherently flawed and immoral by design. The sooner people wake up to that, the better off they will be to prepare for the inevitable future.

  13. Having journalists and political opponents murdered is also what Russia is doing.
    Like during the Cold War, the idea of Russia being idyllic neomasculine Christian state is painted rust: Putin is a strong leader and nationalist, but there is heavy corruption and he has used murder against domestic political opponents.
    Painted Rust.

      1. The usual response is that all the murder, corruption and war crimes are lies made up by the media to discredit him.
        I don’t doubt or deny the possibility that Putin could be 100% not guilty of any of these things, and they are a complete conspiracy against him by the globalists to discredit him.
        However, even a broken clock is correct two times per day. And if this is a conspiracy, the globalists are even more powerful than the most alt-right libertarian blogger ever imagined.

      1. In Russia, the Mainstream Media is with him. It’s alternative sites (like RoK) that find themselves being jailed.

  14. Expelling diplomats was a silly move. It was just stupid but not hostile. Hostile move would be to recall your own diplomats. That’s what nations do before attacking.

  15. Obama stated that he didn’t act on the Russian hacks so that he could be impartial in the election. Yet if the hack DID occur, which there is still no evidence printed that it did happen as Stuxnet was, there was no fear that the hacking would go further? What a political copout . He essentially was saying the equivalent of letting a cyber Pearl Harbor unfold and he just stood idly by as well as the intelligence community doing nothing.
    As far as the press, they are worse than lawyers. Lawyers are paid to twist the truth. Reporters are just outright liars.
    Altering an oldie:
    What does 100,000 reporters at the bottom of the ocean reflect?
    Low expectations.

  16. You don’t say! You’re accusing Obama’s White house and the entire US Intelligence services engaged in a bald-faced lie for political gain? Well, they don’t have a record of doing that. On the other hand, Trump stole Obama’s inaguaration crowd photo and had it up for most of the day: And had his press secretary issue some very demonstrably false numbers:
    sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwirvMS_-NfRAhXnxVQKHUAKAQkQFgg2MAU& So you’re asking me to I believe who now?

  17. That’s not what Hillary said..on an article on how the media lies, you’d think that there wouldn’t be a fake quote. Very easy to youtube and get her exact words..

  18. We’ve witnessed the same thing around the Red Pill movie. The media made a big show of who funded it, i.e. conscious men through crowdfunding. They claimed this was creating a “conflict of interest”. Of course doing a fuss around the $ source was a way to ignore the content and what the movie had to say. They never fuss around who’s funding feminists or BLM. Double standard around what matters, depending if you are judged well by them or not.

  19. THIS is exactly the issue with the mainstream media. Great to see it explained so well by this author. Kudos.

  20. Ginger IRA analogy doesn’t work. Gingers are Ulster Scots – highly unlikely to be in the IRA with black-haired Celts. Stick with what you know…

  21. As best I can tell, the motivation behind the extreme prejudice against Trump, which includes endless assaults on his character and fitness, including those paid CNN ads, is a need to prevent exposing the crimes of the last administration.

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