How Legalized Prostitution In America Will Empower Men And Redefine Feminism

As of January 1st, 2017, another controversial, prostitution-friendly law took effect within the friendly confines of the liberal State of California. And this largely under-the-radar piece of legislation came on the heels of the widely publicized California SB-1322, which effectively decriminalized prostitution for minors, as well as their willing adult dance partners.

Authored by Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), California SB-1129 repealed mandatory minimum sentences for all prostitution offenses in the entire state, which, for all intense and purposes, totally decriminalized the practice.

This one-two combination of progressive new laws, has opened the flood gates wide for legalized prostitution, not only within the warm-and-fuzzy confines of The Golden State, but across the entire USA as well.

Nationwide legal prostitution—and the big picture for men


And what might this new legislation mean, exactly, in terms of the bigger picture, as it pertains to the manosphere, and feminism, and the overall tilt of the sexual playing field?

Like it or not, this is a dual world – it consists of equal measures of light and darkness, and there isn’t a damn thing that anybody can do that will ever change that fact. So the non-delusional among us (meaning wide-awake, red-pill men, versus delusional beta males and insane feminists), simply have to take the good with the bad here, as we always do, and move forward.

With the advent of those previously mentioned twin California laws, the time is nearly upon us when legal, no-strings, sex-for-cash hookups of the readily abundant variety, will be available to all of us men, in nearly every city and town throughout the entire United States of America.

Just imagine it, if you can. No more expensive dinner dates and pre-coitus gifts, prior to getting a chance to bang some hot, vacuous, self-empowered slut. Each of us will soon be able to cut directly to the chase, negotiate the terms, and have our pick of the hottest of the hot, in terms of what our money might ultimately be able to afford us.

Is legalized prostitution across America really a certainty?


“But Uncle Bob, how can you be so sure of this?” some of you may wonder. And that’s a really good question, and one that you should rightly ask.

As some of you may realize, your old Uncle Bob has low friends in high places. And I keep my ear to the ground, as a matter of practice. And one of the major goals of those who control the puppet strings of the world, is to legalize prostitution (and sports betting, which is a different kettle of fish, but nonetheless related), across the entire United States of America. So you can indeed make book on it, that prostitution and sports betting will eventually be legal, in virtually every city and town across North America.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump once owned two Atlantic City casinos, which is a major clue right there for those who have eyes to see. And that’s a very convenient coincidence, especially for “leisure business concerns,” now that Donald Trump will soon be in the White House, isn’t it, now?

As another case in point, prostitution is already legal in Canada, minus a few important tweaks on the male side of the judicial equation. And America will be next. Nevada was the testing ground. California was Door Number 2. And soon the rest of the United States will follow suit. And you can take that one to the bank. Business unusual, will soon become business as usual. And the rich will indeed get richer, as is always the case.

Again, just imagine it. No more shit-tests before sex; no more putting up with some narcissist’s crap so you can bang her stretched-out man-trap; cash, as always, will still be king, and the race will still be to the swift, but everyone will get laid during the entire duration of the contest. And so, I must ask you right here and right now – will that be a major improvement over the current situation, or what?

Red-pill men will rise, old school feminists will cower, and hot girls will give it up for money


Continuing to look on the bright side here, imagine what this will initially do to the already-tenuous self-esteem of fat, ugly feminazis everywhere. Oh, the moral outrage and righteous indignation that this will engender – “That CREEPER can actually PAY that hot girl to have SEX with him? Oh my GAWD!”

And just think of the effect that this will have on beta/omega orbiters, who currently inflate the egos of all of those Instagram-addicted, narcissistic, self-important, Tinder sluts – poof, no more orbiting will be necessary. Beta males will no longer feel the need to buy gifts for hot females, or give them any attention at all. They will be able to scour the Internet ads and online venues of the world, for legal prostitutes who reside in their own towns, and they will actually get sex for their hard-earned cash, instead of a hand-holding session after buying some marginally hot, social-media slut a new car.

Most red-pill males will adjust quickly to this new twist of fate, and immediately see the beauty of it, while mercilessly taking full advantage of the situation. Women already get paid for sex anyway, when you break it all down. Some girls do it for cash – some do it for refrigerators. This will just simplify things.

Very soon, embracing old school feminism will be the kiss of death for all American women


Survival of the fittest will take center stage once prostitution is legalized across the United States of America. And it will truly be an out-in-the-open fact at that point, that the most desirable women always gets the biggest chunks of cash, and the smartest, strongest, richest men always get the most desirable women. Just as it should be; just as it always will be. And this world-shaking development will stand feminism completely on its ear.

New-wave feminism will, at that juncture, consist of aggressively encouraging women to sell their sexual wares for money, to whomever they might want. And the majority of women, hot or not, having a natural proclivity for taking money in return for sexual favors anyway (see: hypergamy), will make a mad dash in the direction of this new, exciting, already-hardwired-in-their-nature enterprise. And only total sexual rejects will cling to old school feminism at that point – but this won’t last for long.

True, old school feminists will still exist, but their numbers will dwindle as rapidly as those of rats abandoning a sinking ship. They will shriek about sexual exploitation for a while, as hot girls stack up the cash and laugh in their faces, but their indignant cries will fall on deaf ears to the point where eventually, they, too, will shut up and accept the changes of the feminist landscape in silence, while retreating to their ghostly abodes, in order to pet their cats, and dream of Mr. Big, while crying in their Starbucks Espressos.

Supply and demand will work in our favor after the flood gates – and women’s legs – open wide


Once prostitution is legalized nationwide, the price for the average woman’s sexual services will be driven down, as supply initially explodes, and demand initially fails to keep pace. Only extremely hot females will be able to command big money right out of the gate, and the rest of them will have to take whatever they can get.

Soon after, the snowball will start rolling downhill fast, to the point where liberal parents everywhere will one day proudly offer unbridled, full-throttle, enthusiastic support to their sexually desirable daughters, who were progressive enough during the real sexual revolution, to buck the “bigoted” system of the past, and embrace the benefits of exacting a reasonable rate of return for allowing any and all comers (pun intended) the chance to sample their enticing sexual wares within the framework of the ultra-liberal, modern-day marketplace – exactly like most of them already do for their LGBT children.



The chickens will have finally come home to roost for feminists everywhere, after prostitution has been legalized nationwide. And the cock, as always, will continue to crow. But this time, he will crow as the morning sun rises on a brand-new day – a day that will finally give red-pill men everywhere the overall advantage on the sexual playing field.

Victory truly is within our grasp now. All we have to do is focus on our own betterment in the interim, and be strong and swift in the pursuit of our individual goals, and then, reach out and grab whatever it is that we might want. Because it’s feminism in reverse. Our time has finally arrived. Because the elite created feminism as a means of divide and conquer – and after spending feminism’s formative years screwing men, the elite will very shortly begin to turn the screws on women, who will very eagerly and enthusiastically embrace the screwing.

And a truly unbridled, viscerally sweet triumph for all red-pill men, everywhere, it will indeed be – most especially for men who possess the best overall game; which is, once again, just as things should be.

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697 thoughts on “How Legalized Prostitution In America Will Empower Men And Redefine Feminism”

  1. Meh. Eternally beautiful and always submissive sexbots are five years out and an Asian nation has allegedly solved tissue rejection issues of human fetuses gestated in bovine uteri. Exit strategies will be needed for existing XX humans, however, men’s paradise is right around the corner.

  2. This may sound wild but I actually agree with you Bob! First off great article and explanation of the new law. Secondly, the reason I say it is great is not only will this throw off the over estimation of a woman’s worth, but this will completely force many parents to reassess how much trust and liberties they will give their daughters. I see it as either parents must be liberal and expect their daughters to become prostitutes or treat their little babies like the Mormons do and not let them out of their sights until a marriage worthy boy comes along. And feminists can’t protest the freedoms of this ‘poor girl’ because they will be losing sexual value by the second if they aren’t hitting the gym or offering comparable rates to local hookers, or being as sweet as possible to keep a partner. This could be the enforced return to patriarchy we were looking for.
    As an aside, there are plenty of nubile, fertile girls out there in local cities with pins saying Fuck the Patriarchy. We must all do our part and ensure they get what they want.

    1. Grazie, my friend. You can only put so many words into an article. Obviously, a lot was left unsaid. But I think it could result in a return to the patriarchy, as you pointed out. If a guy doesn’t embrace what’s coming (legalized prostitution), well, a case could be made that he is no different than an SJW who wants the world to conform to their wishes. So we might as well make lemonade from lemons here. I look at it as a win/win; it gives red-pill men much more power and it reduces women to being prostitutes, which is what they are anyway. Well, the good-looking ones. And it will kill old-school feminism. That can’t be a bad thing.

      1. True. My initial worry was that women would have a stronger hold on the sexual market place as prostitution could be a sanctioned career choice, potentially adjusting costs for porn, and potential feminists social influence, assuming it grows and manginas decide to insure they have market control. If Trump presidency eliminates the feminist control on the political sphere, families will be in charge of how their daughters behave socially.
        All in all, prostitution in itself is not a bad thing and many women overvalue their vagina to get resources. Destabilizing their market is a win in my book.

        1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Trump eliminating feminist control considering his daughter is one and her husband is a senior adviser.

    2. About the time the legion of the ’empowered’ had some competition. The irony here is that it will be through the very mechanisms which their kind have weaponized for their own benefit over the years, the legalization through authority.

      1. And with their wholehearted approval and encouragement. Heh. Ironic as…um…”fuck”.

  3. So do you think you having the option to pay for a woman will change anything ? First, it will be too expensive, second, women will not change because of that. It’s legal in Denmark and women are still super feminist arrogant cunts. Sleeping with a prostitute will add nothing positive to your life when, as soon as you leave the brothel, your world is still a feminist hellhole.

    1. Yeah this seems like wishful thinking to me as well.
      Are women going to stop voting for more freebies from tax-payers? Are manginas going to take bought-and-sold whores off the pedestal?
      Women are already prostitutes when they want to be. I don’t see how normalizing it through law is going to change much other than make guys think it’s cool that their girlfriend has a side job getting fucked by other guys.

      1. Guys won’t have girlfriends.
        Those that are currently incels… will remain so. A few may make a go at it, but the problems that make them what they are will not disappear. And it will prevent them from enjoying even the benefits of prostitution.
        Those perfectly capable of getting girlfriends, will not. They’ll fork out some cash every now and then to get their rocks off, but that’s it. Why would they mess around seriously with a prostitute?
        The filthy rich will hoard women, like collectibles that they can blow a load into whenever they feel like it.
        The rot will deepen.

        1. Good points made – some thoughts here:
          Quote:”Guys won’t have girlfriends.”
          Honestly, take a look at the current state of affairs today – western women are virtueless cumbuckets. There is no such thing as a ‘girlfriend’ anymore. In fact, Esther Vilar stated categorically that all women are, in fact, prostitutes. Show me a man who claims to have a ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’ and I’ll show you a man whose stomach contents contain the semen of other guys that he unwittingly ingested after making out with his said girlfriend / wife because she just blew three other dudes just prior to making out with him.
          Quote: “Why would they mess around seriously with a prostitute”
          Discrete meetings are easily done, and there are plenty of men who simply do not want to waste their time and money being a retarded clown just to get into Mary Jane Rottencrotch’s pants. Many of these men fall into the category of men who could truly make a difference for society, hence he spends more time being productive and zero time trying to figure out how to game Stupid. Every man does need to get his rocks off now and then, and it should not be an arduous process.

        2. Of course, but this is not an ideal state of affairs. And honestly, it is correctable, though it is highly unlikely an attempt will ever be made. We live in clown world, where the idea of legalizing prostitution is less controversial than say outlawing abortion or restricting access to hormonal contraceptives to only those for whom it is a medical necessity.
          I should have been more specific, I meant why would guys pursue any kind of serious relationship with a prostitute 😛

        3. Act like a retarded clown, that’s exactly it. The whole arduous process isn’t worth the result.

      2. Compare it to legalized weed. Did really a shit-ton more people start smoking weed? Nope. And pot from dispensaries isn’t exactly cheap.
        As you stated, women are already whores that are essentially paid in a man’s time, money, or emotional turmoil anyways. Nothing really changes except the facade becomes a less eloquent painted picture.

        1. It changes in which there is market signaling. Very important. Pussy will have a public price.

        2. Haha. Ticker: PSSY on the NasDaq.
          I could to a technical analysis on the stock chart for ROK.

        3. any ideas on how to profit from penny stocks? I know a few weed stocks that trade for nothing, anyone think this can be a worthwhile investment? Im pretty sure you cant purchase these thru a broker thanks

        4. Man pennies are so tricky.. my only recommendation is get Level 2 software or app. (BatsBook) is a good free app. Find a few that haven’t been incredibly pumped or advertised as the “next best explosive stock.” and watch how it trades on the L2 book for a few weeks. The way it trades, I.E. the way the Market Makers (MMs) manipulate the stock to go up or down is KEY in your own liquidity getting in or out. Make sure there’s good daily volume so you can leave a bad buy. MMs manipulate the living fuck out of pennies. Chart them, plus determine if it’s a news-sensitive stock. Compare the chart to news releases. If good news doesn’t move the stock, MMs, shorts, naked shorts, etc can pull the life out of them. Be sure there’s not a huge tradable float, and that based on sentiment and news the stock isn’t likely headed for a reverse split. Rarely you want to stick around after making 40-200% off one, because 90% of the time you wind up an empty bag holder.
          I haven’t thoroughly researched weed stocks, however, think about changes Trump’s making right now that will immediately affect a sector. For instance, smaller military supply companies that are poised for buy-outs or mergers, etc. Before medical stocks got hit by Trumps message to slam big pharma, some penny medical stock were seeing an explosion.
          Check out what ETRM did this year. Wish I went on that ride. Literally $.05 to $25. That retired some vested. The risk is incredible however. Caveat Emptor.
          Also, stocks that trade too low for too long will be delisted if on the NasDaq or NYSE.. that’s often when the reverse splits happen. Anything in penny-land you should consider as play money you can lose without it adversely affecting your life. I’ve been on both sides, some good gains, but some ruthless losses too. You really have to keep an eye on them close, and at minimum, set stop-losses so you don’t lose your ass.

        5. You lost me at ‘very important pussy’… what pussy is very important? Never have I seen such a thing!

      3. “Are women going to stop voting for more freebies from tax-payers?”
        Indeed this aspect of feminism was intended to bypass the need for a woman to either work or exchange sex for male resource.

      4. Violencia machista.
        This seems to help keep the clocks running on time Clark, and is the culture in certain countries. Just this Christmas season, i know a guy who’s friend was knifed in the heart (dead) by a very jealous ex-bf to the girl he was dancing with at a party (fucking). This ‘crime of passion’ will only see him going to jail for a year or so..imagine a culture that has judges who think this way. Crime is fairly rampant provoking vagina tingles. Criminals target in order: Women, old people, the poor, then careless tourists. Men are chauvinistic (by Western standards) and fairly emotional/passionate (a trait normally exclusively held by women).
        Put all this and more together and you have a natural progression of women becoming more feminine. Femininity then breeds femininity. Women start competing more re. appearance and attitude. Men become happier as they can obtain decent looking gf’s who have no hangups about sex and cherish family values and keep their men’s balls drained to prevent straying.
        A small percentage become hookers for various reasons like: too lazy to work, dumb, ex-badboy poor single mom, etc. and the culture accepts them more or less because it is a sexualized culture.
        So, a man has options: hot hookers at affordable prices, bar girls to game, or a decent attractive feminine gf.
        Fortunately for them, english is not spoken there..and they have little interest in learning it.
        There you will see more family values.. 13 years girls walking with their mothers holding their hands contently. A rare sight in Toronto i would say.

        1. In the kind of place you’re describing I bet a major factor is that there is not enough money to fund a welfare state for women. And that women’s actions have actual consequences. I would like to make a guess that in this environment you are describing, the government does not subsidize single-motherhood. And I’d also guess that women (and probably everyone) are economically disadvantaged compared to the affluent Western countries. In such an environment, women need men for resources and protection, and so behave more feminine so as to attract men as part of their survival.
          The reason I hope economics is an important factor is because I don’t want to live in a country where the sentence for murder is only one year… I don’t want to think that rampant male violence is the only way to get women to act like functional human beings.

        2. Yes, i am describing South America. Colombia in particular..tho i have also been to Brazil. Alot of their cities are impressive regarding infrastructure and aesthetics but yes money is tight. I am researching it for further travel and i will look into your question re. welfare.
          I agree with your economics argument as here in the West women dont have to settle when all their basic needs are provided. And places like Sweden, women have virtually nothing to even fear.
          Fear plays a role. Remember 911? For a short period, women became so feminine. They became very kind. They started looking for relationships. They reached out to loved ones/family. That didnt last long of course.

    2. I think the thing is to encourage price segmentation in the market. ie: you have super high end ones and bottom of the barrel ones. lays this out well although they showcase the bottom mostly. Girls will do 15 mins for as low as $60 I have seen. This allows every man to purchase what they are willing to buy. None of this unionization bullshit that keeps the price artificially high for girls who are well past their prime and do not command nearly as much as they are charging.

      1. “Unionization”. Exactly, women have complete market power on pussy. Let’s liberalize pussy!

        1. You know what’s going to happen here…the liberal feminists will scream…”My body, my choice!”
          Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly…

        2. Objectification of body…. What a bunch of hypocrites.
          Feminism is women’s union. That’s all.

        3. Yep. And they all hate each other (women). It’s perfect. They will spread their legs for money and try to outdo each other.

        4. It’s actually much more then that. Feminism is a artificially constructed ideology meant to destroy the very fabric of society in order to allow greater control by the puppet masters. It’s proven highly effective so far.

    3. You are off on your assessment. Women don’t want to be known as whores publicly. This devalues their worth socially. The only reason whores in Vegas can dictate high prices is having a known ‘pimp’ called the Bunny Ranch. The other women who also state high rates are women who attach ‘Former Playmate’ to their title when they sell.
      A known handler of whores. The adage the game is to be sold not told is an old share from pimps that is extended to the whores. Being a whore also has a time limit that demands you keep your wares in tip top shape. After 26 the value of a woman’s body drops as well. Time limit puts everything in a man’s favor here.

      1. Surprisingly there isn’t much stigma to hookers in nevada, and there is long line of thirsty betas to wife them up when they age out.

        1. Nasty….. The global scene treats hookers much differently. The rest of the world knows women are for children and sex, and their relations are great. But in America we throw those two options off the table first, have raging feminism and a ‘rape crisis’. So strange how sexual relations are in America.

        2. Correct. But even in the rest of the world, the politicians and other entities with “vested interests” are breeding arrogant, loud, bitchy, slutty and ungrateful women. Women who deliberately ignore what they are good at: getting banged & to breed !

    4. Yes, of course will change something. Just travel a little bit.
      “women will not change because of that” –> In Denmark they have strong welfare policies, that’s why women are feminist cunts. We have been replaced by the government in our role as providers, but we still need access to pussy. And women have total market power on that pussy: lets LIBERALIZE pussy! Free market! Competition! There is subsidized free market for bad boys, after all, right? Prostitution is a first step, not the only one, but an important one.

      1. “In Denmark they have strong welfare policies, that’s why women are feminist cunts.”
        Absolutely. Not just in Denmark, in any Country where pussies have strong welfare policies, they always behave with attitude.

        1. Yes, feminism cannot exist without the welfare state. Notice the feminism movement in the US only became popular after LBJ signed the welfare bill into law in the 1960’s

    5. I would consider denmark, germany, etc as special case anomalies. Latin america, southeast asia, and eastern europe seem to be good examples.
      You’re right, Prostitution alone wont take out feminism if the government, media, and universities are all working together to enforce it.

    6. Plus, girls would think “Well, the hell with this. I’ll just be a prostitute instead. Easy money plus it’s fun!”
      Then BAM! Western nations would run out of virtuous virginal females to marry and reproduce with.

    7. Same in Germany and the Netherlands. I have lived in both countries, and girls are the same shit, especially NL.
      Having a brothel (fkk in German) doesn’t cure a morbid population of girls and women. Yes, it helps you as a man to be more happy when you spend time in the brothel, but as you mentioned things go back to the same condition as soon as you step in the real life.
      I, myself have depression problems at the moment, I masturbate a lot, because I don’t have access to pussies. Not prostitutes’ twat, but a girl’s cunt that I manage to get her number, date with her and then fuck her right in the pussy( I am decent looking 7 out of 10). Doesn’t matter how many prostitutes I fuck in a brothel, part of me still feels void. I don’t get the same satisfaction from a bitch than a girl I managed to hook up with based on my abilities.
      I have many problems in my life deriving from lack of the pussy. Depression, hating people, hating myself, talking with myself all the time like crazy bastards while walking in street, and so on and so forth.
      The author of this article thinks that with legalization of prostitution his life’s problems would be solved, but alas he is very wrong!

      1. I feel your pain and frustration bro but I gotta say this. I have gone through long dry spells myself (most of it out of choice) and what keeps me going is a solid grasp of my own self.
        Taking pleasure in things that I like and not conforming to ideologies has let me be happy with or without pussy. In fact, some of the best times of my life were when I was single and maybe pulling a few chicks every month.
        Don’t let that shit concern you. A man can be content and even thrive without fornification (even though its hella fun and can def add a huge boost to your mood and confidence).
        I would start looking within allot deeper if your having personal issues. From experience, I can promise you that pussy will not cure any of these lasting issues.

        1. Thank you for your astute comment. I definitely don’t look for close relationships with women, since I think it prevents men to thrive.
          I just look to dates with couple of girls, and have sex with them frequently. It could be probably that I haven’t tried a lot of girls, but I know that finding girls for dating and hookup combination and having open relationships with them would be an issue in nowadays societies.
          I am also partly focused on my life, I have a Finance and Accounting degree, but I haven’t been able to find a job, which I think sooner or later I can start working for a company. Also I have a business idea, and soon after I get hired, I will put that into practice. Maybe after that life would be more fun and easier.
          Again, thank you for your comment, and I appreciate people like you who always ready to help your fellow human beings. Wish you a lot of success brother!

        2. Once you get a job and money starts coming in… things will def improve for you. Seeing the fruits of your labor is very empowering. Also, if your not already… start working out and focus on your food choices. You don’t have to go all crazy about it (that actually can cause more stress) but a reasonable focus will do wonders for your hormones and mood.
          The tenets of self-mastery bring about the core strength and confidence of your character. There is really no feeling like the one you get when you see yourself improve by your own will and dedication. Also, once money starts coming in you will find women too be much more interested.
          Put some core time into yourself, get your shit tight… then go and get some decent threads and go for it. Key piece of advice… you will get rejected allot by women. This is one of the hardest obstacles to get through. Once you start building an immunity too rejection and your skill levels increase it will start becoming natural.
          And of course you can always hire a whore… especially once you get more money coming in! 😉
          Much success to you as well brother!!!

        3. Unemployed guys don’t get much pussy. You need to join a gang and/or start selling drugs. Then you’ll score big time.

      2. Why don’t you try getting a girlfriend instead of looking to just hook up with girls. Someone who loves you and gives you regular sex. You’re depressed because you are looking for the wrong thing.

        1. Getting girlfriend might be good, if you find a nice girl who doesn’t nag all the time, and doesn’t cause you headache.
          But still, I think girls respect a guy more if he gives space to her, and also to himself. That being said, not many girls nowadays are keen for relationships, but finding a girl for open relationship is also hard, if you live in a small town. I live in a little town, in which you can hardly date with girls of even below average.Everyone here plays games, that for my age (30) is not that interesting.
          I think I live in a wrong city 😀

        2. That’s ridiculous, all girls want relationships. It’s the number one thing we want. You said you’re not hideous, so get on Tinder and pursue women. Also, cast your net a little wider to the surrounding areas. Be willing to move to a bigger city with a larger dating pool if you have to. Best of luck to you.

    8. No need to use a brothel, hookers are everywhere. The university students use apps like BeeTalk, and Line to find customers. In Thailand they use bars, in the Philippines they use nightclubs. You can even score them outside the 7-11s. The west is totally fucked up, nothing will change that, so just move somewhere else. Loads of countries to choose from with better weather and nicer beaches.

  4. Although all this sounds and seems damn amazing, I don’t think it’ll be some save-all miracle, at least not on the surface level.
    Where I live (not in the West), prostitution is legalised. Granted, there are laws governing it that are somewhat controlling, but it’s very cheap here, and anybody can go.
    However, there’s still a social stigma around it. There will be, yes, shaming. Especially here (Asia), where sexual topics are still very closed and reserved.
    Another thing is, that although prostitution has already been allowed here for a hundred years, there still are many guys here that have horrible mentalities. By that, I mean, White Knights, Beta Boys, and whatnot.
    Granted, women here can be either better or worse. Less Feminism, but more traditional female pampering (gifts, marriage, exclusivity).
    There are advantages to a system like this. However, we shouldn’t expect anything drastic to change. Mentalities and thought-processes can take generations and years to change.

    1. Also, a friend of mine did go for prostitutes, after I advised him to. He understands the whole prospect of sex and all that now, but still harbour his old mindset and actions. His “high” off getting laid only lasted a handful of weeks, and he’s now back to square one, only he’s now had the experience.

    2. I dont’ think it will be a miracle but merely a pacifier to men who are unable to get a decent gf/wife of their choosing. It could also help men who have been left by their wife get laid every once in a while.

  5. I don’t even know where to start here.
    “the time is nearly upon us when legal, no-strings, sex-for-cash hookups of the readily abundant variety, will be available to all of us men, in nearly every city and town throughout the entire United States of America.”
    No it isn’t dude. In the event of legalized prostitution across the entire U.S…. you can go ahead and take every woman above an 8 off of the market. You will not have access to these women. They will be owned by the top dogs. OWNED. You won’t get so much as a whiff of them.
    Prostitutes need pimps bro, and if it gets legalized, the government will be that pimp. Surely you understand how fucking insane that is? They’re going to fully dictate the rules of engagement. And that whole “I decide when its rape or when it’s not” thing feminists have going on right now? Consider it done. Pimps gotta look out for his hoes. And a government pimp is gonna have a hell of a lot of reach, and a shit ton of power to fuck offenders up.

    1. “No it isn’t dude. In the event of legalized prostitution across the
      entire U.S…. you can go ahead and take every woman above an 8 off of
      the market. You will not have access to these women. They will be owned
      by the top dogs. OWNED. You won’t get so much as a whiff of them.”
      80/20 rule. Couldn’t agree with you more. It will only result in an increase in harems.

    2. How do you figure girls above an 8 will be owned? why would a rich man want to have (and pay for) more girls than he can use?
      The key to legalizing prostitution is DEREGULATION – this is what Republicans are good at.

    3. You are overthinking. It is much simple than that. We just need depenalization of prostitution.
      And 8’s will have a reasonable price, not just for “alphas”.
      I currently don’t access any 8, with prostitution, I’ll do.

      1. Nothing is that simple. It’s not going to stop at legalization. And it is not going to improve sexual relations for either men or women.

        1. Of course it will improve sex for men. You are increasing pussy supply and deleting entry barrier to the market for customers. talk to divorced men in their 50’s in Spain or Netherlands.

        2. By giving access to sex? Getting laid in your 40’s and 50’s is not trivial at all.

  6. Here are a few salient points that didn’t make it into the finished article, due to size constraints:
    – As another case in point, prostitution is already legal in Canada, minus a few important tweaks on the male side of the judicial equation, and feminist prostitutes in Canada are actively lobbying publicly even as we speak, to eliminate the heinous injustice which currently allows prostitutes to advertise their services, while men legally cannot, at this very moment, ask a Canadian prostitute for sex. Just think of the brilliance of it – feminists in the sex trade are actually using their own “girl power” to make prostitution legal for whores and johns alike, up in the Great White North.
    – Every single one of those beta-empowered, narcissistic, hard-core, Instagram floozies will suddenly have to open their legs for money, too, in order to compete with the hordes of hot girls who will already be giving it up for cold, hard cash.
    – Modern western women were raised on porn; they have been constantly hammered with the notion that having sex with as many people as possible and being sexually desirable to everyone, everywhere, is the ultimate merit badge; they already compete with each other for Facebook likes, Instagram smiley-faces and alpha cock. Making prostitution legal, and trendy – which the media will undoubtedly wholeheartedly facilitate – will tip the whole thing over into the realm of The Sexual Wild West.
    – When Donald Trump got elected and Hillary Clinton was humiliatingly defeated, the ensuing cognitive dissonance that mushroomed inside the heads of nearly every liberal female in America, made most of them think that they were going insane. Well, in the words of the immortal Ronald Reagan, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” With legalized prostitution soon to be proliferating across the land, each and every remaining old school feminist will be undeniably, deflatedly, and completely out of luck. Their time will officially be over. Their notions and behaviors and attitudes will be the kiss of death for any woman who embraces them. Because men will no longer have to tolerate that kind of behavior. And old school feminists will have worn out their welcome with their new-wave-feminist compatriots in the sex trade, too, who will openly mock them if they try to come to their “rescue”, and pull their usual grandstanding stunts.
    – If you don’t think this will happen, consider all of the young, hot females in American colleges who are already quite openly and willingly having their entire college educations financed by older, financially secure men, in return for sexual favors. Their numbers are legion. (I have personally been approached by “college girls” numerous times, in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area of Arizona, who wanted to discuss spreading their legs for me, in return fo help with their “school costs”.)
    – The state of the overall economy here in America, and elsewhere, is quite likely to be in much worse shape by this point – at least for the lower classes. Since most women are lazy by nature, and since most women are sluts by nature, giving the legal green light to their natural proclivity for screwing men for money while expending as little energy as possible, will finally set them free. This time, they truly will be empowered. Fuck and shop. Fuck and shop. Fuck and go to lunch. Fuck and post some Instagram photos. Rinse and repeat. Most modern women would like nothing better. In fact, it’s nearly every modern young woman’s dream. Most of them would ask for cash right now (and some already do), after having sex with virtually anybody, but that isn’t considered to be the norm yet.
    – So as we gaze at the bigger picture here, as it coalesces in front of us, and we cast a long, hard look at the overall landscape, it’s going to ultimately wind up being a great victory for the manosphere, and a crushing defeat for any remaining old school feminists. And there won’t be many of those left, once every single female in the country who believes her sexual wares are worth a few bucks, eagerly jumps on the prostitution carousel. And that will indeed happen. Because giving all women in America the legal right to openly sell their sexual wares without fear of recrimination, is exactly like giving a drug addict the keys to the local pharmacy. In the end, it’s an overwhelmingly tantalizing offer that most of them simply will not be able to refuse – especially when they see other women doing it.

    1. You make some great points Bob! I’ll be in the PHX area in about a month or so — would be great to meet for a cocktail if interested.

      1. Sure, just lemme know here in a thread somewhere exactly when you are coming to town for sure. I will either be here or in Nevada. I’m planning on being in Nevada pretty much full-time, within the next three to four weeks. But I might stick around here a bit longer. Hafta see on that one.

        1. I’ll be down for just a weekend this time and was thinking of making a TJ bombing run, if you get my drift…

    2. ” In the end, it’s an overwhelmingly tantalizing offer that most of them simply will not be able to refuse – especially when they see other women doing it”
      One can only hope Bob. Another great article good sir.

  7. I don’t quite see the advantages here. Prostitutes don’t come from an alternate reality where the women operate according to different rules. If regular women have gotten so screwed up, the women who become prostitutes will show the same problems.
    And if you legalize prostitution so that escorts now enjoy a sellers’ market, what will keep them from rejecting the less attractive johns?

    1. To prevent a sellers market we have to keep regulation to an absolute minimum and we would need to flood the market with foreign women on visas or just illegals. Asian massage parlors all employ illegals and there services are kinda cheap ($60-$70 house fee, $100-$125 bang). Just think how much cheaper they would get if they didnt have to fear law enforcement

    2. You don’t care about prostitute’s problems. On the other hand, the monetary transaction gives incentives to women to stay hot. The hotter, the more you can charge.Check any hookers website. Hooker price goes by it is demand. And nowadays, with internet feedback is even easier. Free market applied to pussy, ends up lowering price! Perfect competition!

  8. When I was younger I had the same types of thoughts too about how great it would be to legalize prostitution. But it just wouldn’t work out in the ways the article suggests. People engage in it anyhow. Street drugs and drug use without a prescription is illegal, but you can still find people that do it anyways. There are arguments as to why drugs should just be made legal and let people do what they want, and vice versa. Same goes with prostitution. But as far as legalizing prostitution as it relates to feminism, I doubt anything at all would change in that regard.
    If you really wanted to change things with women, only two simple things need to be done, and it would be very EASY to attract women and have options as well: BAN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and BAN WELFARE. If we can have the same conditions in that regard as we did 100 years ago where men were allowed to dominate because of natural law has made us able to do so, women wouldn’t be able to find the same easy affirmative action jobs they have today and most would be reduced to clerical work and low wage nursing jobs. They couldn’t go get knocked up either by some “bad boy” and collect welfare to live on. They would have to reject the “bad boys” since the so called “bad boys” that such high self assured confidence (as females claim) cannot support a family because “bad boys” are usally low IQ’d idiots that have trouble holding down any kind of meaningful job for very long and when they do get money in their hands, they spend it on themselves.
    With no welfare, and with men dominating the job market, it would get to such a point, that fathers would be begging men to marry their daughters so they could get their daughters out of their house. The magical thing that would happen is women would become MORE ATTRACTED to men. Since men would own all the jobs and most of the wealth (rightfully so), most women would view any guy with a decent job and a house the same way they would view a multi-millionaire today. They would be wanting to trade their pussies so you could “save them”.
    But today, as a guy, you can work hard and go buy a car and house. And if you were to walk up to a random single female somewhere and tell her that you have a decent paying job, a car, and a house….she’ll turn to you and say, “Yea, so do I”. So now, with that reality, there’s no reason for that girl to be attracted to you other than if you got good looks or a “fun social life” to introduce her to. That’s about it today.
    Ban affirmative action/EEO and welfare….and prostitution won’t be needed. As long as you are a responsible guy with a job and values, you could do what females do today and go on 10 dates in one week and select the “bigger better deal” as your wife and settle down and go have kids. And if they could decriminalize domestic violence and ban no-fault divorce and alimony, then your wife will have the highest respect for you and behave.

    1. -Ban female suffrage
      -Ban gender studies
      -Only sons should inherit since they need it the most
      -Women need permission to have a bank account
      -Reduce AOC to 12 and marry girls off early
      -Ban alimoney, fathers should get automatic custody
      -Have more daughters than sons to reduce male thirst, desperation, unpaired males etc and because every age bracket will fight for those now legal teens

      1. -Ban female suffrage
        -Ban gender studies
        -Only sons should inherit since they need it the most
        -Women need permission to have a bank account
        -Ban alimony, fathers should get automatic custody
        You just described Catholic Spain.

        1. If I had said set AOC to 13 it would be last year’s Spain. They increased it to 18 now.

      2. -I think daughters can inherit, but only a fraction of what the son gets.
        -AOC should be puberty to account for biological differences, but this is only a minor quibble at age 12 anyhow
        -No need to have more daughters; with men taking up more jobs, stress, danger, etc. the male to female ratio will automatically favor women in terms of number, as it has in the past. This would also become a natural meritocracy, with the top guys getting greater quality and quantity, but the baseline would be raised too, with most males at least getting paired.

      3. -Ban females walking “bare chested”
        -Ban pink saturdays
        -Ban slut-walks
        -Ban freebies & handouts given to females. Just because they have a slit between their legs doesn’t make them “entitled”
        -Ban alimoney, females should NOT get automatic custody
        -Ban abortion, females should NOT abort unless they get permission from MAN who fertilized their eggs
        -Ban divorce laws that “hand out” females more than half of the MAN’s money/property
        -Ban vawa, or introduce “violence against mens act”
        -Ban protection of identity for females who accuse MEN of false harassment & rape
        -Ban mandatory quotas and lowered standards for females in jobs
        -Ban one-sided pussy favoring gender biased laws
        What a pile of shit these kind of females are ! Always playing victim card, always deviating from the topic, always expecting undue credit and over exaggeration, always enjoying and basking on the efforts of MALES and being ungrateful. Parasitic filth !!!

        1. But you didnt say anything when AOC for prostitution was reduced to 12. What do you think this legislation was about?

      4. And how do you propose people have more daughters than sons? Literally the only way to control a population’s gender demographics is sex-selective abortion (like they do in China, except they abort female fetuses). Killing male babies in the womb doesn’t seem very “Alpha” or “Red pill” to me lol.

        1. Don’t confuse alpha and red pill. Red pill is just the realisation that AWALT or that all women want alphas and prefer a deadbeat thug than a beta. I’m not alpha at all and have given up on trying to become one as it is mostly fixed genetically. Red pill knowledge doesn’t make me happy but it is what it is and I no longer believe Disney. What red pill made me realise is that our grandfathers could get a wife even being beta with a stupid low income job such as mining coal, something impossible today becase women marry the gubernment. I don’t give a shit about aborting my competition since I’m a beta male. In fact aborting isn’t even truly necessary as they have ways to separate sperm cells through centrifugation nowadays.

    2. Women would marry the guy with a job and house/car and still fuck the baf boys on the side in the scenario you gave. Women in the past being stay at home wives cheat with the pool boy, vacuum cleaner and encyclopedia salesmen going door to door and the milk man. Women will then find better ways of concealing their vice.

        1. Thereby increasing men’s value overall and reducing cheating. Best to just stone cheaters to death 🙂

        2. What I am saying might sound “sarcastic”, but often it’s true; If we are going to stone cheaters to death, then there would be no more than (trying to be optimistic here !) 30% of females left on this planet !!!

        3. Well, how about stoning them only if 4 witnesses see it? You’d have to be pretty dumb to get caught by 4 people at once, so it would penalize the more open cheaters. Also, a woman’s testimony would only count as half, so 4 men/8 women, something like that.

    3. Can’t agree with this more. Well done. If only all these were possible. Most men will never agree to what you are suggesting although it is in their interest to.

    4. In a not so distant future all labor has been taken over by immigrants, robots or other kind of machinery, then we will all be on welfare. So right now banning welfare is not a good idea.

    5. That stuff is not going to happen in our time.
      Maybe in a societsl rebuild.
      For now, legalizing the hos is the best way to go.

    6. Good looks and social life can only hook her. There is always someone out there that looks better or is cooler than you. That is when they cheat on you, file for divorce, and take half of what you worked for.

      1. Wish the same analogy/logic works in case of MEN ! especially “take half of what you worked for” !!

  9. In USA theyll always paint the man as the criminal and charge him with human trafficking instead of solicitation.

  10. Go to any other country with widespread prostitution and see how it affects gender dynamics. I’m not saying it’s ideal, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what men have had to put up with in the West for decades now.
    For example, banging a young hottie in South America or Asia for less than $50 is not only physically enjoyable, but also empowering and enlightening. And non-pro women in those countries know that whores will gladly take their husband’s / boyfriend’s money and cock, so it tends to keep them in line and less delusional as to their real worth.
    Furthermore, real NSA sex with someone young and attractive is just plain FUN, not to mention budget friendly and time efficient. I don’t enjoy talking to 95% of women these days anyway, so their body is all I really want for a limited time. Why buy it when you can rent it???
    And no, I’m not an ugly loser in Mom’s basement — quite the contrary actually… I still game and date non-pros, but I really take full advantage of whores when I can and have come to really enjoy and appreciate it (it can take some time to get comfortable with it though).

    1. It’s different in those countries because it’s also relatively easy to get a real girlfriend if you want. So you have both options, and you can relax because life is good. Imagine your ONLY option is prostitutes ? That’s just not a good life.

      1. That’s why a man must travel. I just came back from whore-heaven and am currently typing this in a country with essentially no access to whores — yes, major culture shock! So I’ll adapt and do some dating here, but will travel south in about a month for sunshine, whores and cheap food. Then to another whore-friendly destination in April.

        1. How are the girls in Colombia? I’m attracted to these girls but the ones I meet in Toronto are all feminazis for some reason, despite having a feminine mystique about them.

        2. I lived in TO for 4 years back in the ’90s, so I can understand you. Colombianas (in country) are feminine, passionate and pretty sexy as a general rule. Always DTF. Lots of good bangs there, and a tremendous online escort scene! Street scene not nearly as good though.

        3. I’m Colombian, and it is amazing how quickly these girls turn into feminazis once they move to the North.
          Colombian girls in their country are more feminine than American or Canadian girls, but feminazism is growing fast and the guys there are turning more and more beta. (Even though Colombianas will whine to gringos that their men are monstrous and only slightly better than Saudis — it’s a melodramatic act, do not buy it!)
          You like Colombian girls, great, I don’t blame you — but don’t bring one to Canada.

        4. So I’m not crazy.
          It’s too bad bro, the women of your country are sexy and fun.
          The sad irony with Toronto Colombian women, as with many Toronto women, is the typical story; they date these scary “bad boys” they’re supposedly trying to escape from, then end up on the wrong side of 30 with no man and some stupid job.

        5. Older friends of mine in Madrid (husband from Chile, wife from Columbia) were telling me recently about the feminist BS creeping in SA. The wife has a younger sister living in Miami and she is full on feminazi. And single at 46.
          Strange days.

        6. Firey latin hottie that relies on a web of female BFFs – out of the macho culture that keeps her in line – its a bit like taking a tiger out of the zoo enclosure – what can possibly go wrong ?

        7. Medellin has the most beautiful friendly women! What do you look like? I look latino, but Im taller, so they loved me. If you have light features you’ll be a goddamn rockstar, even if you’re ugly. Be couragous tho. Dont just hang out in expat areas.
          We should have a meetup for ROK fellas down there some day

        8. Same here in socal. I dated a brazillian for a month and she was like schizo. Super sexual then suddenly super anti oppression feminazi. Eventually just stopped talking with her.

        9. Been to Colombia with some mates.
          Bogota and Medellin were fantastic! We went to a few high-quality strip clubs in Bogota and we were blown away by the sexiness of the girls! They really know how to move their bodies, too!
          Exploring the sights during the day, was fantastic, too! My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing…some absolute stunners!
          Will definitely return soon…without my mates, as they got married and are no longer allowed to travel to such exotic destinations!

        10. Exactly!
          It almost never works to bring a girl from another country to your home country and believe that she won’t change or adopt the mindset of her adoptive country….big mistake! She’ll learn very quickly.
          If you really want to make it work with a foreign girl, you will have to move to her country…I am not saying that this will dramatically improve your odds, but you’ve definitely got a better chance of making it work with her!

        11. If I go there it’ll be to visit or teach English as a longer vacation. No near future plans as yet, still working on some stuff.
          I’m olive skin Italian/Spanish mix. Definitely some latin features but more traditional European look. Height 5’11, fit, and good reviews in the looks department lol.
          If opportunity arises I’d be down to meet. The RooshV meetup was actually a lot of fun despite all the craziness going on. I’m still friends with a couple of guys I met from there.

      2. “only option as prostitutes.”
        I agree not a good life but on the other hand, is it not an improvement from no prostitutes and no real girlfriend either? Someone like myself, I can manage maybe a small handful of bangs each year off of online dating. I think it’s accurate to say I am sexually impoverished and nearly anything is a move in the right direction for me

        1. Your situation is quite common I suspect, no reason to panic. Would say the only viable solution is to travel, because things are not going to change in our lifetime.

        2. Exactly. Every man I know thinks theres something wrong with him and he has bad luck with women. Every female friend I have says she’d rather be alone forever than settle.
          The sexual economy is skewed. Women think they are more valuable than any of their options, so both parties are lonely and desperate. These dumb women dont wise up until they turn forty, when nobody wants them… Then they blame us.
          Legalized prostitution could flip this. Bye bye female ego!

        3. I don’t think anyone (especially the parents) are putting pressure on 20 something year old women to get married and have kids. I think a lot of 20 something year old women are in this sort of limbo between working on career, traveling endlessly, and doing other nonsense with their friends. They are unwilling to commit seriously to any guy unless he is obviously much much higher value than they are (athlete, celebrity, multi millionaire, model) essentially the 0.1% of men. I blame secularism and feminism for this.

        4. Totally what Ive noticed 100%. Im 33 now, and the girls that shot me down 15 years ago are finally ready to settle down with me haha. Yeah right. They were banging bad boys while I was their best guy friend.
          Now its my turn. It really feels like getting even. I got in great shape, got a good career, learned spanish, and now I head out to the college bars to suck face with the same kinda girls. Early 20s chicks exploring their sexuality. I lie about my age too. Im 26.
          And like I said, occasionaly I’ll PFP if Im having a slump!

        5. That’s the spirit. Women exist for my entertainment. I get what I want in direct correlation to my bankroll. Nothing more, nothing less. I started doing the pay-for-play thing in my late 20s. It filled me with power. The way women curled up and sucked it and gave me no shit at all, was the best thing that ever happened to my game. Take ’em down, man. All’s fair in lust and war.

        6. Thanks hey great work with the asian wife and family etc. i cant find your other comment. Did business take you there or did you just go galt and figure it out?

        7. No, the parents are spoiling the little princesses and making them undesirable as persons. That’s why they don’t pressure them to do what they should.

        8. Yes they will…. Things are already changing. Men are waking up and the rise of the beta male simps will bring greater power to red pill men. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, my friend!

      3. Imagine NEITHER.
        Welcome to average guy America.
        Too cowardly to get a gf, too poor to afford pros.
        We need pros and non pros now !
        We must seize the means of reproduction ! Men of the World Unite !

    2. The ability to obtain this sex in the first place is what we need. I may get a lot of flack for saying this, but so many of the mass shootings and killings were probably a result of not being able to get laid (Elliot Rodger being the most obvious).
      Now with that being said, consider this first. Sex with beautiful women is the initial step. They can cross that off their list, since it’s no longer the over hyped thing in their head. What many have never had yet is actual female desire — women who enthusiastically want to jump on your dick and go to town. It’s something every man should experience. I don’t believe there is a shortcut in that department. You can’t pay a girl to desire you.

      1. It is a lot deeper than that. Somewhere around puberty, our ability to have sex, procreate, affects our psyches immensely. For guys not getting laid results in massive depression, suicidal thoughts, hatred of human, hatred of self, anti-social behavior, to name a few. Nothing puts a man in line to be social than stable access to pussy.

        1. You have a good point actually. I imagine that steady access would increase confidence, and would keep so many beta orbiters from over pedestalizing the pussy. That in turn makes you more relaxed. It’s much easier to sleep with the 11th woman than the 1st. Doesn’t matter if you have paid for some of them on the way. Second, even the free women cost you something. Drinks, Uber ride, expensive dinner, loss of sanity, etc.

        2. but countries like Germany and Austrailia have legalized prostitution and those guys are beta as hell.

        3. Every country has their share of alphas and betas. The point i was making is that legalizing prostitution won’t stop simps , manginas, and white knights from doing what they do.

        4. Good comment. You guys are both right. Some studies link prostitution to lower crime rates. I believe it.

        5. Damn this society ! Pussies always have “stable” access to penetration; on-demand, no strings attached and for FREE !!

        6. Great point. Everybody likes to talk about how stable and rugged the men of the Wild West were. What they don’t talk about is the fact that these men freely exercised two things: 1) the right to bear arms and 2) the right to go to the local brothel, drop a few dollars, and have a bit of fun. In fact, when a young man turned 13 or 14, his dad would oftentimes take him by the ol’ saloon to get his first shot of whiskey and his first piece of trim. This set the groundwork for him to become his own version of John Wayne or Chuck Norris when he grew up, as opposed to the Pajama Boys we see flitting around today. And the women who later married the guys who’d patronized saloons in their youth? Never uttered a single complaint. The women wanted to marry real men, the brothels/saloons/cattle runs helped make them men, so everyone was happy. You didn’t have a bunch of fumbling, fidgety, nervous, insecure young men running around back then like you do now. You didn’t have any ‘American Pie’ bullshit going on back then.

        7. The frontier itself sorts for certain kinds of men. Just because they were not on the frontier doesn’t mean they did not exist. They just were not on the frontier.
          Also, in the modern era self reliance is not even valued. It’s even laughed at on occasion.

        8. I don’t follow international politics much, but you can bet that once the leadership goes full libtard, prostitution will be outlawed at the blink of an eye. Remember that in Australia, the powers-that-be opposed gay marriage even though the libtard feminized populace largely pushed for it. Over here, you’ve had a largely blue pill populace AND a feminized leadership for the last sixteen years. Hopefully the latter has changed, but only time will tell.
          Australia and Germany are headed the way of Sweden and Norway: you already have several EU countries following the Swedish plan of effectively neutralizing prostitution by throwing johns under the jails while letting the hookers go free. And by the way, don’t you think it’s funny that anti-prostitution laws didn’t spread like wildfire in this country until a year or two before/after women got the right to vote? I’m not making that up.

      2. Personally, I couldn’t care less about a woman desiring me. Maybe I am just extremely unemotional or maybe I have never experienced it before so I do not know what I am missing. Nonetheless, the current system is not really working for me and I want to see change.

        1. Your being stoic is a virtue. The need to be “desired by women” isn’t masculine. It comes from a place of insecurity. If men support eachother socially, intellectually, like we did as hunters, elders of the tribe, and philospohers, then women only serve two purposes: sex for pleasure and reproduction.
          Have you traveled or lived in different countries?

        2. “If men support each other socially, intellectually, like we did as hunters, elders of the tribe, and philosophers, then women only serve two purposes: sex for pleasure and reproduction.”
          Exactly ! Hope those long gone “heydays” might return, pretty soon !

        3. Enjoying a woman being into you is one thing.
          Needing her to be into you is, well, needy.
          Paying for sex teaches you quickly to put your own needs first and not give a damn. Ironically, the whores respect you for that.
          Nothing causes a whore to lose respect for you faster than acting like a needy beta or a Cap’n Save-a-Ho. It’s instructive because non-whores are the same way.
          Paying for sex accelerates red pill learning and gives clearer insights into the true nature of women.

        4. Yes, I think the key here is men supporting one another. I think that may be tough because we are more individualistic than women are. I think men kind of embody the “eat what you kill” mindset. Sites like this can help to awaken men in order to build more of a community and be more supportive of one another.
          I have traveled a little bit but I have not lived abroad. I work a pretty demanding (and well paying) job that does not afford me much leisure time (but I thoroughly enjoy my job). With that said, I am more concerned with building up my income producing assets. My goal is to have my income producing assets kick off enough cash to match my liabilities. This is a Rich Dad Poor Dad concept and if you haven’t read this book, I strongly encourage you to do so. So far I have one real estate investment and a few dividend paying stocks. Not bad for a 20-something. I consider this approach as not putting the cart before the horse.

        5. Great strides man Im jealous. I took the other route, and slowly transitioned into a work from home career. Im another one of those digital nomad wannabes.
          My dad lost his life savings in real estate, so I am apprehensive about it. Did you invest in a passive income property and become landlord/property manager? Or are you a rehabber?
          I do have faith in the ROTH IRA though. Thats my only investment so far. I like to keep 90% liquid chunk of cash just in case shit hits the fan and I need to live off savings for a while.
          Rich Dad poor Dad was great!

        6. As the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat and I wish you well in your pursuits. RE can be risky no doubt. I work at a company that buys properties. I co-invested on one of our deals so I am effectively a passive investor.
          Try to get into a 401k if you are able to as it is pre-tax. Think of it as a guaranteed 25% or so(depending on your marginal tax rate) return because it is before tax.
          “The way to get rich is to keep $10 million in your checking account in case a good deal comes along.”
          – Charlie Munger
          I think you have the right idea in regards to liquid cash and I am building up a war chest myself for when we eventually go into a recession. Recessions typically happen every 8 years and the last one was in 2009 so we about approximately due for one in 2017. We shall see.

      3. A non-prosititue slut can’t desire you either, Only your girlfriend, fiancee or wife. That is what is most sought after. Getting sms from your gf about how she loves you. It might sound romantic and lame but it is at least a more bigger ego-boost for anyone then it is banging a drunk clubslut who don’t even know your name, yet remember you one week later.

        1. True. A slut does not desire you. You’re just another cock on the carousel. Nothing special to them. Maybe you caught them at a horny time, look like their ex, or they were drunk or popped an x. Having game and being confident are good, but PUAs spend way too much time on women. I have a fucking good career and job that are way more important than chasing skanks so I can be the 150th guy to stick my dick in her hole. After 10 hours of work, I don’t have the time, patience, or energy to deal with bullshit in the hopes of bagging a barslut.

        2. Yes inclined to agree…. and by the time you’ve put in the hours in some dive to get her isolated – the sex is like eating from the dumpster – kinda nasty and desperate – strictly for starving kids.

        3. Theres something hotter about the slut though. I feel less guilty about crushing her brains out and trying weird shit.

        4. I agree it is time consuming, but even after “getting more serious” I find out the have all fucked like 50 dudes. So whats the alternative? My left hand?

        5. I disagree… this only works if the woman really loves you. Most of the time its a false love meant too manipulate and control you and your resources. I have been told by many women that they love me… only two of them, methinks were being honest!
          The most effective way too see if a woman really loves you is too see what level of sacrifice she is willing to give for you. If a woman won’t sacrifice for you and work to earn your love and respect then most likely she does not love you!

      4. But she’ll pretend so well, you can’t tell the difference if the money is right.
        In fact most Thai and Filipino hookers I have used for one night have given me a more satisfying and loving experience than the white woman who was my wife for 30 years.
        If you really believe hookers aren’t better (at everything) than a wife or girlfriend …… you haven’t been paying the right hookers.

    3. Exactly! Men get so much more respect from their women in latin america and most of asia. It only makes sense that those women know the man can replace them instantly…
      In this country, its the opposite!

      1. Also, with so much sex readily available for most men, it reduces the importance of it in daily lives. The pussy comes down off the pedestal in these places, by and large.

      2. I live in Asia and am married to a slim, educated, professional Asian woman. We have 3 children.
        She goes on Youtube to learn to make my favorite Western dishes. Basically she does everything short of fetching my slippers and a martini when I come home. I feel like I’m in the 1950s.
        After she outdid herself with one particularly great meal I expressed my appreciation.
        You know what she said?
        “I want to keep my man.”
        It’s a different world over here.

    4. It’s not to do with prostitution, it’s to do with no welfare for women.
      If the government does’t pay them to do nothing, they’ll fuck for money.

  11. @Bob Enjoyable article, you definitely have your own “voice.” I make a point to not be involved in “thirst culture” and it will interesting to see how this pans out for the betas who are always commenting/messaging girls on social media. Some guy sent a girl I’m banging a dozen roses (the matched on Tinder and they’ve never met) because she said she’d give him her number if he did. Fucking embarrassing honestly. I personally enjoy the chase when it comes to girls, and as far as buying a whore goes I feel like you can’t really have your way with them like you can with a girl you seduced yourself. Just my 2 cents

    1. Not true. If you establish a little chemistry with a whore (similar to chasing her), almost EVERYTHING is on the table. I also “game” and “seduce” whores before I bang them — which often turns into better or discounted (sometimes free) service.

      1. Yeah, fuck that noise right there. If we’re “seducing” whores then let it be free so at least somebody can have a decent girlfriend or two in their entire lives.

        1. Not literally, but I treat professional whores like club chicks where there is some uncertainty of banging — it adds to the chemistry and passion when you do get them in bed.

        2. Hmmmmm… I clearly don’t understand how this works. I treat club girls like prostitutes.

    2. Thanks for the kind words. A bunch of it was left on the editorial floor (due to size constraints). I routinely leave money for one-nighters I bang, on the night stand. Over 30 years of doing this, not one woman has ever turned the money down. That says a lot right there. It depends on how you look at it, but after it’s legalized, and all those Tinder whores can sell their asses legally, a smart guy will embrace it and exploit it, I think.

  12. In Germany prostitution has been legal (and unionized) for decades and it’s a mixed bag socially.
    Demographically speaking, the local whorehouse shut it’s doors down the road from me, but when the average age of the locals is 45 this isn’t surprising.
    PS- And all the ugly german feminists go into politics.

    1. “Demographically speaking, the local whorehouse shut it’s doors down the road from me, but when the average age of the locals is 45 this isn’t surprising”
      A colleague’s friend I knew ran one of these places in Germany. In this particular house, none, and I mean none of the women (whores) were under the age of 45. Seriously. He told me that all the clients are older men that come and simply pay one of the females to sit and talk with him – nothing more. He might buy a bottle of Champagne, and some flowers for the lady he spends time with. Rarely does any fucking go one even though the chick is willing.
      It must be really lonely to be a man and growing old in Germany.

      1. The majority of the girls are definitley under 30 and non-german. The clients are older men or immigrants (lately). I am friends wirh a police captain and he can give you tips where the fresh meat is, if so inclined.
        Germany, along with the majority of ethnic Europeans, are aging with no hiers hence the closing of whorehouses.

        1. “Germany, along with the majority of ethnic Europeans, are aging with no hiers hence the closing of whorehouses”
          Valid point. Even without the sharia-ape insurgency brought by the eurpean political elites to kill the native europeans- the population drop of native europeans is still an issue. Nationalism without procreationism is almost futile.

    2. Yeah, if prostitution ever became totally legal in the US, one thing we should not allow to happen is unionization. This is one things Republicans are great at.

  13. It’s a very interesting idea; cut welfare, cut government programs, cut women quotas, and legalize prostitution. Women will have two choices; get married and work part time or become hookers. I think corporations will be kept happy because hookers will remain heavy consumers and so will wives; there could even be a tax on prostitution. Only women with special talents(classical musicians, ballet dancers, actors etc.) will be able to afford being single.

  14. I don’t really get the point of this article though, it’s as if the author just discovered that legal prostitution is a thing, which it already is in many parts of the world including my country. If legalising it is part of the global elitist master plan then why does a leftist country like France actually make it illegal when previously it was legal?

  15. I highly doubt legalized prostitution will ever come to be in the USA. We will probably get our second civil War before that happens.

  16. Some like the hunt, some like the kill, and some like the meal. Paying for sex sounds a tad bit boring to me. Interesting social analysis all the same, if a bit hopeful in my opinion. The minute a piece of legislation no longer favors “womyn” is when it is repealed, at least along the west coast.

    1. To each their own. Personally, I absolutely abhor having to approach multiple girls and chat them up, get number, text to set up date, go to bar, talk more, to bring them back and have to deal with LMR that may or may not result in sex(or rape accusations). I’d rather just pay for it.

      1. Exactly. The long / boring process to fuck non-pros rarely appeases me these days. Just cut to the chase.

    2. Depends on your level of tolerance towards the modern (or Westernized) dating market. Sometimes I get tired of the shit tests ramped up to 11, and a night out in a smoke filled danceclub could easily be avoided by just dropping a few bucks for the goods.

  17. I think it would be great if we had more comments from guys who actually have EXPERIENCE banging whores and living / visiting places where prostitution is legal and widespread. Otherwise, guys are just spewing speculative bullshit and pushing taboo propaganda. Because in reality, banging cute, young inexpensive pussy who can’t sink their claws into you, is really enjoyable and super red pill.

      1. I estimate that at least 90% of the men around me in my social circles would GREATLY benefit from having access to and banging whores on occasion. More smiles on faces, less stress at home.

        1. I made this comment further down, but it’s more relevant to place it here. For the last 30 years or so, I have made it a habit, that whenever I fuck a one-nighter, I leave cash for her on the night stand. Usually under the guise of “giving her cab fare”. I always try to get them to leave their cars, wherever I meet them, so they will have to go and pick it up the next day (if they have a car). This is all done with total calculation on my part.
          If they take the money (and not a single woman has ever refused it), the terms of our arrangement are implicit with the woman’s acceptance of the cash. She just fucked me for money. This gives me total control and leverage, not to mention the opportunity to parlay it into a second, or third, or fourth (however many it may turn out to be) encounter.
          Not a single woman whom I have double-dipped, or triple-dipped, or turned into a rotation regular, has ever caused me one bit of shit from that moment on. No shit tests. They are paid for sex. So they can’t pull the usual shit. And most women love the arrangement. Because they are whores by nature. I hear this one the most from them, or something similar – “I can’t believe I just took money after sex, OMG I’m a whore.” But they say it with a smile on their faces.
          I figure you pay for it anyway. I don’t want the shit tests. I don’t want the drama. I fuck ’em, I pay ’em, and they go home. It all depends on what a guy wants. I don’t want to be popular. I make my living by being right most of the time. I’ll take that. Popularity is for Tinder sluts and their ilk…

        2. Absolutely fantastic strategy and my experiences mirror yours. Money is always part of the exchange, so bringing it to the forefront changes the social dynamics in our favor — often quite dramatically I might add. I prefer to hand cash over now (under flimsy pretenses such as cab fare) and NOT have to pay for expensive dinner / drinks etc.

        3. It’s all strategy. Once they are in your rotation, they don’t want to cause problems because they know they can be replaced. Because they know what a woman’s true nature is (being a whore). It all depends on what a guy wants, but me, I don’t want a wife or a girlfriend right now. So doing things this way is a great preemptive strike. Plus, women tend to look at a guy who does this as a guy worth being around. I heartily recommend it. Glad you are using it to your own benefit…

        4. That’s a hell of a strategy and very interesting tell about women all at once. May have to test it on my own in the future. I lost a decent one night stand not long ago. Kind of shocked me as I usually am the one to ditch the lady. Might have been a good strategy to be aware of at the time.

        5. Brother, try it just one time. You will never look back. You exert dominance, the rules of engagement are implicit, and the slut relaxes knowing it’s just between you and her and nobody else. Your rules. Your dime, your time. And bitches get addicted to that cash. I get calls frequently, “I could use some new shoes,” etc. It’s a sweet setup and they will never cause you grief because they love the money and they don’t want some other cunt taking their spot.

        6. I have an image in my head of a woman leaving your place dragging a giant burlap bag filled with quarters

        7. A full roll of quarters is $10. It’d be funny to give them a few rolls instead of bills. Kind of demeans and establishes the framework at same time.

        8. Yeah, it sure would. I usually leave $50 to $100, depending on how good the sex was. Most often, $50. Imagine leaving $50 in aluminum cans…heh.

        9. That would be cruel. Just leave them the receipt for the recyclables, let em go down to the supermarket to cash it in

        10. Its a very clever psychological strategy….. seduction but pay her afterwards…. because now you move from potential boyfriend / husband – always the risk of being dragged into the dreaded relationshipland and all that entails – straight over to pimp and slut master.
          For a few bills (which 9999 / 10000 people would never hand over) – you’ve just laid down the law and put an end to all shit tests.
          Paying establishes not only the transactional nature of the interaction but also establishes boundaries and expectations AND most importantly VALUE. Pay her $10-20 and thats her value.
          Think of it as an insurance policy. Its very clever.

        11. It’s amazing how so many of these “independent” chicks have their own jobs, a crap-load of degrees, and in some cases government assistance, yet will still give up ass for cash. You’d think they’d say, “no thanks, I make my own money,” but they never do.

        12. Goddamn I love it!
          I instantly grokked it when you explained it. The girls get turned on by feeling like a slut, yet her inner hamster can maintain plausible deniability she’s “not really a slut.”
          It’s secret too which means she can let her inner slut out to play safely. They like the money. And their hindbrain gets turned on by any man who treats them as a disposable fuck.
          Goddamn brilliant. You’ve done a public service here Bob.

        13. Glad to pass along the tip, my friend…whatever I can do to help give men the upper hand.

        14. God damnit Bob. You’re the fuckin man. I’ve always instinctively felt this way. In fact at 18yrs old I banged a prostitute for no other reason than I was high as fuck, drunk as fuck and on some pills too. Me and my friends were talking about the massage parlors and such which actually operated on a certain street in my city 20yrs ago. Got shut down around then too.
          Anyway my drunk ass friends dare me to fuck a prostitute that night in one of the spas. I’m like “seriously guys? Fuck yea I will. ”
          So they drive me down there and I swear I could barely see straight. The hos lined up and I hope I picked the hottest one my blurred vision and highly skewed judgement could find. Fucked the shit out of her but I barely remember it now. It really surprised me that my friends thought it was such a big deal
          I’ve been thinking this way about women for a long time but the poz indoctrination infected me heavily when I converted to Christianity at 21.
          I think most males have to experience what it truly means when a girl is “in love” with you first. They need to see this after it’s over with objective eyes and realize…….it ain’t really much of a god damn thing.
          Just some warm fuzzies due to increased seratonin uptake. This fades around the 2-3 yr mark.
          All that “lovey” shit is for the fuckin birds. Even though I haven’t used a prostitute since I was 18. I find my mind coming to the realization that it is an arrangement I would prefer over absolutely anything else.
          Jumping around like a dancing monkey is horrifically self debasing. Charm, game or even good manners?
          The modern skank deserves none of that shit from me!
          Prostitutes are more honest and even better women than the pozzed out femmes of today.
          I can fuckin appreciate that.
          Btw Bob why don’t you join our telegram channel with lolknee, Ghost of Jefferson, me, Gentleman Jak and a few others. I think you’d enjoy it and we’d love to see you in there. Lemme know if interested.

        15. It all depends on how you look at it, is it not. And it’s so easy to turn them into your personal prostitutes.
          Now granted, it works best if you have some financial frame. I started doing it when I was in my late 20s, making about 70K per year, and living in a sweet high-rise condo with a view of the city. But later on, I moved into a much less appealing place, and it still worked. Because by then, my confidence in using this technique was off the charts.
          The best way to pull this off, is to:
          A) Call them a cab first. (Without them knowing about it – go in the bathroom, wherever.)
          B) Inform them they have to get their ass out, because a cab is on the way – and tell them to pick up the cab fare off the night stand.
          The standard reply they will give you is, “You’re not going to drive me back to my car?” (Of course, optimally, you brought them home in a cab – this short-circuits this little problem; always go out using a cab or Uber if you are looking for pussy, and take the bitch back using the same resource.)
          To which I usually say, “Fuck no, I got work to do – you gotta get out of here. Don’t forget the cab fare.”
          Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the slut will always take the cash. Now you have paid her for sex and it’s really interesting to watch their little wheels spin behind their eyes as they try to assess the situation. It’s too advanced for them to figure out, and the money calls their name. I usually leave $50 but will sometimes stretch it to as much as $100 if the sex was great and they were somewhat fun to be with. This greases the skids ($100) for a possible repeat performance. And doing this gives you insurance – it preempts things like accusations of rape, etc., and they know from that point on that they are just a cheap fuck in your eyes. Problem solved, they know that you know they are a whore, and they don’t have to wear that bullshit mask they wear when “dating you”…
          It also gives you massive confidence, a huge ego boost, and greatly improves your game. And it makes the women respect the hell out of you, because you not only see through their shit, you will only tolerate them on your own terms – and only if money exchanges hands.

        16. Exactly. It’s insurance. No false-rape accusations. No pretense, the bitch doesn’t have to wear a mask – she’s a slut, you know it, she knows it, and it’s all fun and games after that.

        17. Nope. They never do. The greatest shit test I ever got was from a first-timer (and an only-timer, only banged her once; repeaters never give shit tests). She was a Jewish princess from a wealthy family. She threw a fit, “What do you think I am?” I didn’t say a word, just told her she had to get out because her cab was coming. She snatched up the cash and bolted in a huff. (This, of course, established exactly what she was – a slut.) Then, infuriated, she took to calling me up. I’d listen to her rant and rave, “What makes you think you can get away with treating a girl like a whore!” etc. I wouldn’t say a word until she was out of breath. Then I’d say, “Are you done yet?” And she’d go off again, screaming – and I’d hang up on her. She called me back for months. Finally she asked if she could come and see me again. Nope. She kept calling, I kept answering, ran the same game on her over and over. She took to practically begging me to let her come over. But I never let her. They are little children looking for their daddies, so be that guy and they’ll roll over like the whores they are.

        18. JAP broads are annoying! I knew a few in JHS and High school…
          Hated their attitude never had anything to do with them even when they wanted..

        19. I’ve only had one – half Japanese half Hawaiian. Asians don’t do it for me…not sure why.

        20. I think the genius of it is the paying afterwards, – it causes a cognitive dissonance. No one pays for something afterwards if they already got it for free- unless there was an implicit arrangement beforehand. In this case the clear and only inference being you were fucking her as she’s a whore.
          Now she’s completely confused – you’ve thrown her the ultimate head fuck that she can’t escape from. If she goes along with it she’s a whore by default – if she protests well she’s already a whore in your mind and now she’s trying to redefine her own self worth, which women are eternally insecure about and need third parties to define.
          If she continue to see you, then the boundaries and definitions are all set from day one. You’re the pimp -she’s earning tips.

        21. I actually remember reading this comment in another article and thinking it was brilliant. Thanks for re-sharing. There is something though, about talking these hoes out their coochies.
          I have a night fighter who comes around every month or so. She adores me (seemingly) and I like to test how far I can push the limits. Last 3 times I have had her come over and clean my house and told her she could suck it, if she did a good job. If she sucks it well I may fuck her as a further reward.
          I have never hired a prostitute but reading all these comments on here I am tempted to go ahead and buy myself an hour with a 8-10 whore… Just too see how it feels.
          But I want to restate that the virtues of making women work for your attention and dick are limitless. It’s one of the most empowering feelings I have known.

        22. Should contribute something since I get so many laughs and knowledge from the comments here! 😉

        23. Uh, bullshit lol. Wtf? Barring desperate economic circumstances, a woman with an advanced degree is not going to be a prostitute, moron.

        24. Of course she took the money. Jews are the greediest people on the planet, they’ll never turn down cash for any reason lol

        25. Then how do you explain pornstars who have advanced degrees and who’ve worked in the corporate world? Some of whom escort on the side?

        26. I do the exact same thing, a friend of mine asked “what if they don’t take the money?”. I said, “I don’t know nobody ever left the money”
          For the last 2 years, he’s been doing the same thing. he said, “you’re right they ALL take the money”

        27. Yep. Most guys can’t believe it – but then, most guys put women on a pedestal. They’re whores. Heh.

        28. How is she supposed to get home if she doesn’t take the money? By your design she’s stranded at your place and has to cab it, right? Is this a joke? Lol

        29. Few and far between. I knew lots of girls in LA who did porn. Most of them don’t have two brain cells to rub together, let alone degrees of any kind. The few educted ones who choose to destroy any hope of a legitimate professional future by fucking on film generally have molestation/abuse issues in thier background, which is sad. The very rare ones who are intelligent, educated, and not utterly fucked in the head are generally lazy/greedy/tired of the corporate slog and want the fast cash. Some of the top earners in porn are millionaires- still not worth the soul tax of fucking strangers for money, in my opinion, but to each their own.

        30. I was offered $5,000 dollars for sex once. I didn’t even consider the offer for a nanosecond before saying No. However, if someone intentionally strands me at thier house and then offers to pay for my cab ride home, I will take the money so I don’t have to, you know, walk. $50 is not “paying for sex”. It’s fucking cab fare.

        31. Can only agree with the posters above – this is a wickedly clever move, kudos. And +1 for the strategy in sharing this: “whatever I can do to give men the upper hand”.

    1. I live in Germany, it’s legal here..and yeah it’s cool to have an easy option to bang a cute girl if you have a dry spell. I usually go 3-4 times a year to a (professional) whore.
      The sex is different, it is completely about you and you don’t have to give a single fuck if she enjoys it or not. That’s the cool part.
      With normal girls the sex is more natural and passionate but you have: shit-tests, it is unregular. You can loose 3 fuckbuddies in one weekend. (Happened to me.) ad nauseam.

    2. The world of whoring is extensive. Thise who regularly partake are called “mongers”. they appear to be the other side of the red pill coin. Like red-pill men, they have no illusions as to the utility of women. They, however; don’t give a shit how much game a man has, because they have this thing called expendable cash. They have their own loose set of code just like men of the sphere do. I feel legal prostitution will only help in the economics of the sexual marketplace. Whores are already whores, despite the legality. BUT, the price does go down when it’s legal. A solid 9 here in the U.S. is around 4-600 an hour. in Germany, the prostitution capital of europe (not amsterdam) would be about 150 bucks. Same in Australia. And 3rd world countries are even cheaper. There is something to be said, though, about incorporating bith strategies. Mongering does help you learn game, if you aren’t a hardcore anti-game monger. The mantra “fake it till you make it” is employed here. Even if you are paying for a hot peice, it builds confidence. And confidence is the seat of game. If you are going to hire a whore. Don’t go to the brothels in the 2 ciunties in nevada where it’s legal. The licensing inflates the price. Like taxes on tobacco. Escorts are the safer method, and backpage is the bottom of the barrel web page. Eros is a good place to start and it pays to get a more expensive one. They don’t work as much, take better care of themselves, can be verified as not cops through TER numbers etc. So go out and run your day game and pull some cheap notches. But in a dry spell a working girl can get you over the hump (heh)

      1. I can verify and agree to this 100%. Fucking 9’s and 10’s builds amazing confidence and it doesn’t matter if you paid for it or not. The subconscious minds thinks: “I’m good enough and deserve hot girls like this!”
        And this helps extremely at game.

        1. I stumbled upon this by coincidence. Pretty much every PUA Source says that going to hookers is the worst-case.. haha.
          Until then I could be cool around 6-8’s easily, but around the real stunners (9’s and 10’s) I started to suck bad.
          Well, this changed after some visits to “Larissa” and “Ada” 😉

        2. I support PUA principles of self-improvement. But pussy, in the end, it is a service, a commodity. My worth as a man is not measured by how many sluts spread the legs to me, especially in the current market conditions. As a masculine patriarchal man, PUA understanding of pussy is ridiculous.

        3. Yeah I agree, that’s why these Full-On-PUA’s will never have a real abundance mentality. Because they are not in need of ONE special girl, but they are in need of Girls in General.

        4. That works in the short term but your subconscious will catch up. If anything the mystique of hot women vaporizes. It’s all makeup, hair, fake tan & cosmetic surgery anyway, and you start to see that potentially any female is whoring or used to whore.

        5. Or maybe they are sick of jerking off.
          I read somewhere that cohabitating couples in greece and brazil have sex 15 times per month, whereas american couples only 3 times a month.
          A few generations of that bullshit and I can understand the rise of PUAs. God bless them if they can defy the odds.

        6. Ive experienced this first hand. My buddies have seen the beautiful women Ive dated, but they also see me approach some nasty chicks and bust my chops. They dont understand:
          A hot girlfriend is totally fucking overrated! Imagine living with someone who was told they were smart, funny, creative, beautiful, and always RIGHT every day since they were 14! The personality never develops. They are literally a baby in a grown woman’s body.
          Then you start seeing this chick without makeup and it’s like realizing there is no santa clause. Mind blown. “. I put up with all this shit for THAT face?!” You can take a 6 and make her a 9 with good makeup and hair.
          So now I see all women th same. Except some church girls. I try not to defile any of them (for now.)

        7. Nonsense a woman’s body reactions are different when she wants you. God, can’t you feel the difference?

        8. I think you misunderstood me. I’m not against PUA’s. I am 100% in this eternal bachelor lifestyle.
          I meant those guys in the PUA, whose only priority in life is to get laid . For me it’s an important part of my life, but my business, my passions are more important for me.
          I would describe myself as 70% PUA and 30% Red-Pill Wisdom. But there’s no name for that haha.

        9. I speak from experience and it worked great for me. You should give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
          Oh and also: It’s very easy to make prostitutes want you.
          Compared to the other old, fugly guys she has to deal with, I’m a young, well muscled guy who showers daily. Plus if you know the erogenous zones of the woman body you can make this easily happen.

        10. Exactly. I had a beautiful 19 year old secretary gf when I was 30. Absolute servant in the bedroom. I still think about the sex 3 years later. Then one day she just vanished and said she was never that into me lol.

        11. Why can’t this “Nonsense” apply to “woman” ! Why can’t woman “feel the difference” in a MAN’s body reactions (he “wants her”) and ACT accordingly !?
          Added bonus for women: that ACT is always FREE !

        12. I am old , fat, bald, and way past my expiration date. I am past my mongering days. After a particularly bruising divorce I did partake in Thailand. Before that while I was single in the Navy, I did from time to time, a few months at sea and you are less interested in forming a relationship and more interested in getting your pipes blown out. You can make a whore want to be with you, and you can make them cum. There are a few autonomic reactions that can’t be faked. The post orgasm blush is on that is easy to tell on red heads. You can also tell immediately when the whore has no interest. This is the most common reaction. When you are in a country that either has legal prostitution, or widely accepted prostitution, you can explore which ones might determine in advance those that might like you from those that only like your money. Like all women they are interested most in your money, so the key is to find one that wants your money and, at least a little bit, you.

        13. On top of that try to give a lady of the night an orgasm or close too it and talk with her afterwards can you say discount lol. To those whom believe that giving a woman an orgasm is beta I dare you to try to please a woman who has had five cocks in her in one day melt in your arms and writhe with pleasure, its a fun challenge and accepting a challenge and shattering it is part of being a man.

        14. True, I can’t believe how some say making a woman cum is beta?
          It’s one of the most Alpha things ever, while these beta cucks cum within 3 minutes, we’re able to give her a full body orgasm. That’s also the reason why their wives cheat with us.
          And succeeding at a whore is a special and fun challenge.

        15. It’s actually very beta. Those 5 other cocks didnt even try to make her cum. Now if she pleases you in atypical ways for her. Like offering up her ass. That’s something to brag about.

        16. Yeah your totally right(rolls eyes) some women cheat because of the lack of sex or bad sex. Alphas who know how to handle a women sexually and does not put the bitch on a pedestal have no problem getting some, I know plenty.

        17. That reminds me of a smartass co-worker who said that he’s so good, hookers pay him. Ya gotta love such confidence and aelf-respect.

        18. Physically yes emotionally not so much. One could wear one of them vibrator rings to find that happy medium if you really want to try.If a women prefers a vibrator though over a real man you should not waste your time with her. The chances are; she is a either a feminist ‘and she don’t need no man’, an in closet lesbian, a career woman, an ugly broad who cannot get laid or just a narcissitic(possibly psychotic)bitch.

        19. Joe, I disagree with your assessment. You do have a point in that going to prostitutes did make me more comfortable with women overall and the “mystique” did vaporize, but it was a comfortable transformation.
          Imagine it this way (and this is how I’m raising my daughter). Imagine as a child being excited about getting holiday and birthday gifts and coveting the ability to get what you want. You’d crave these materialistic things. But if a child has her own allowance, she’ll be more comfortable buying what truly adds to her life and learn how to manage her impulses better.
          Gamers seem to me to spend a lot of time chasing the dragon. Roosh made a living at it and good for him, but in general they seem more wiped out than guys going to a prostitute as an expenditure similar to a car payment.

        20. Wow. I’ve often thought this about the PUA aspect of this forum and it’s neat to see this discussion bring this out into debate.

        21. I had a girlfriend who was a tigress in the sack. Absolutely amazing. She tells me (and I believe her) that she had 3 orgasms during one night with me which was a personal record for her.
          She was a user (not just with me but people in general) and I wound up moving on. In a way, she had a masculine sexuality: Just because she could enjoy sex, didn’t mean that she felt a need to love me (or any man). I know she did have a true love in her life, but this was largely due to him being a real bad boy rather than his performance in the sack.

        22. Here’s what’s mind blowing:
          Yeah, it mattered to me when they weren’t into me but then again, it didn’t matter. I still got off, they were attractive, and I didn’t have to put on “game” either clown game or some other ritual kabuki theater. Imagine if you were hungry and had to put on an act to get food at the grocery store and pretend to like the grocer, care about his problems, pretend to be self confident and not really needing the food, and then half the time have him tell you that he wasn’t going to give you the food anyway.
          Seinfeld even did an episode about the phenomenon: The Soup Nazi. People put up with humiliation to get the soup.
          So you get a delicious meal served to you at a restaurant and the waitress isn’t into you. Do you care?
          In addition, if you have to put on game, she still doesn’t “like” “you” anyway. She likes the clown you put on. Or the strategy you engaged in. PUA means accepting a certain level of emotional detachment from women. In many ways, I had more honest conversations with prostitutes than most women on dinner dates.
          I met a woman whom I could have a reasonably honest conversation with and married her. I think most women were like this a century ago but the notion of “romantic love” and women expecting to be woo’d caused this insane notion of men acting like clowns to get sex treats.

        23. I know a guy whose a clear “10” in the looks department: Tall, handsome, successful, confident, and likable.
          He works as a director for a good salary and is required to do 12 hour work days. He wakes up at 5AM and is home about 7PM. He’s awake at home for perhaps 2 hours a night. I asked him if he worried about his old lady ever cheating on him and he said:
          “Great. She’d be off my back with the complaints/talking/etc.”.
          When my wife stops nagging me or complaining, THEN I’ll be looking for some guy like you hiding under my bed and if you’re there, well, great. Listen to her problems while I go surf the web.

        24. The majority of whores will perform whether or not they like you because they’re in it for the money.
          Actually, I’d say today’s females are more dishonest because they are far more pampered and spoiled and self-centered, thus far less realistic. It does make them more manipulable if you enjoy that.
          An outcome of feminism.

        25. I think you’re missing the point. More sex is not the answer. Every guy just wants sex, sex, more sex.
          If you think your time is better spent earning money for whores than learning pickup, I agree to a point, but spending effort to form and maintain a relationship with a quality woman trumps both.
          Also being involved in the prostitute scene in the past has opened my eyes into how deceiving women can be, they hide it later in life from the unsuspecting man looking to settle down. Guys are clueless.
          And think of the other side, more women being whores, do you want your daughter to become one? Of course not, so advocating for prostitutes really is a bad idea. Short term upside with big long term downside. World needs more wives, less whores.

        26. Hello Joe. Let’s start with your last sentence: Not all women would be whores under legalized prostitution anymore than all men are football players. Legalization would do for sex what ending prohibition did for alcohol: make it cheaper, better quality, and actually reduce obsession over it. (People drank MORE during prohibition!)
          So prostitution would provide a good living and opportunities to many women who otherwise today would be slutting around for “free” or impovershed. It would reduce welfare state dependency. Hmmm, how about THAT for welfare reform? 🙂
          I have a daughter and if given a choice between her being a frustrated career woman disappointed with men as beta orbiters or PUAS and sleeping around with them OR as a prostitute, it’s pretty close, really. Consider Roosh who says he felt no guilt gaming and sleeping with sexually loose women. How fine is the line between them? Don’t sexually loose or spoiled women also deceive and hide their past from unsuspecting men?
          With legalized prostitution, the FEW women (due to market economics) who engage in the practice would help tighten up relations between men and women, cut down on beta orbiters and the need for PUAs driving women into paranoia about men’s intentions, and provide opportunities for sluts to actually profit from their sexual proclivities. If they share those profits with their future spouse, all the more the better. I dated many career women who blew their money on designer clothes and then expected me to foot the bill for the household expenses.
          Finally, about men wanting sex, sex, and more sex. Once I felt confident in myself I didn’t feel the strong craving to live for the next “fix”. It wasn’t just training through prostitutes but also having had the guts to actually say “no” to women sometimes. Looking back, I sometimes wonder if I overdid it and threw attractive women away simply because they were being b*tches on the first date and I wanted to teach them a lesson. Unless a PUA is willing to throw a fish back in the water from time to time just to prove they don’t need “the drink”, they just feed their dependency, IMO.

        27. Regarding the first paragraph: So What? Isn’t it truly red pill to have a woman perform FOR YOU and not have to put on much game? On the other hand, we all agree that American women rarely perform for men because they view them as disposable and cheap. Much of the effort in dating in the states is not only picking up and then laying the woman, but then trying to ascertain if she has a soul or conscience (because she often doesn’t know this for herself) and groom her. Towards my mid-30’s, I felt I was up to the challenge and just married a foreign woman because it was like getting a home all ready to move in versus a “fixer upper”.
          In response to the second paragraph: I found American women pretty easy to read and I agree, manipulable. In most cases, I’d say they respond best to some kind of “clown game”. Even so, they can be amazingly unpredictable. One woman threatened to slash my tires and kill my cat and left me alone after I threatened to go to the cops, but from what I hear from friends there are a lot of crazy women out there who can do just about anything that is hard to defend against: false rape accusations being one but they can also go after your livelihood, etc. Being a PUA in the states carries a lot of risks. How many rabbit boilers are out there?

        28. They act that way because they’ve never been held accountable in their pampered princess upbringings.
          I don’t like dealing with them and quit bothering when I was about 30. Just hired them, which I let up doing because of the AIDS thing. Alas, I haven’t the money right now to afford quality females in clean surroundings.

        29. Every year, I would go overseas visiting friends and then hit the brothels. It was temporary since being international and experiencing personal growth, I got a normal girlfriend and moved on from them.
          Brothels are best used as a crutch. Should they be used once a day or week? Probably not. But it’s just nice to know they are there kind of like life insurance.
          Here’s something that just occurred to me: I wonder if there’s been an article on RoK as to whether “game” or PUA’s improve or ruin the quality of women in society. I’d rather have a whole culture made up of brothel whores than gamed-up women who are used to clown game of guys saying what they want to hear to get into their pants. Women aren’t entirely irrational (they’re irrational, but not entirely so.) I think that as time went on and men had to be better at their game, the women just kept raising the bar on the kind of game they expected until it got to the point where the PUA game was outrageous and they looked down on “losers” who couldn’t keep up. That kind of defeated the point of what made sex and marriage worthwhile in the first place and makes me think that arrnaged marriages are preferable by comparison.
          Sorry for blabbing.

        30. I live in Australia where it’s legal in some states. Basically none of the benefits you’re talking about exist here. Whores still collect welfare and whore, and often have a cover job to explain the money to friends etc, and the percentages of women who have participated in the sex industry including strippers (who often get solicited anyway) are 6-8%. That’s A LOT OF WOMEN.
          Sex work fucks women up a lot quicker than being a slut does, most johns are 40s and older, what do you think that does to a girl who’s ~20years old? It leads to sexual PTSD, for life.
          They blow all their money anyway. Very very few actually save anything, they spend it all on partying, drugs, clothes, handbags and holidays. Also pros end up hating men, they see all the cheating husbands come in, it erodes any ability for them to trust men, and no wonder. No such thing as a whore that saves anything worth talking about then shacks up with a husband and lives happily ever after. If she’s happy she’s faking it and/or managed to hook a sucker who has no idea. Yes sluts do this too, but pros can have 1,000 men go through them in a year. Zero pair bond ability.
          Yes it allows men to let off some sexual energy and maybe gain some confidence with women but overall the negatives to a population outweigh the positives. It drives women further from men, not closer.

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        32. No doubt many women gain insight when they realize their weaknesses are being used purely for men’s purposes. They’re all individuals and some may like it.
          But that’s an interesting observation. Notice how women’s demands do seem to run in cycles — now they are beginning to demand “gender” segregation such as existed in Victorian times and in some Islamic countries (at times), which is exactly what their great grandmothers revolted against.
          One thing is that women want rich, powerful men who of course are usually married. Young women want access to those men and men are generally attracted to young women; female rebels tend to want to break down marriage so they can get the men they really desire — after which they want to strengthen marriage against younger women with the same aspirations.
          Another thing is that probably a majority of women are never happy with any situation, including those they demanded and worked for. They’re always disappointed and always “suffering” after a short time. Men expecting stability is what most interpret as men wanting to enslave or at least dominate them.
          This destabilizing behavior may be an important factor in social strife and change, but so is men’s struggle to maintain relationships.
          From most men’s viewpoint I’d say it’s best to have stricter controls on women’s behavior with allowance for those who can’t deal with it.
          Today the invention of increasingly realistic fembots is a threat to women’s selfishness but also to effective family construction. I don’t know that these will yet have much effect. Never having done more than look at them (some are stunning beauties) I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be like fucking dead girls and they wouldn’t smell like real girls, meaning they wouldn’t give off needed pheromones. Probably smell like a new car.

        33. Hey Joe,
          I appreciate your perspective and disagree with it because I see different cultures in places where prostitution is legal (such as Eastern Europe). So there are multiple variables in play. Fair enough?
          Regarding statistics. 6 to 8 percent of women involved in the “sex industry” including stripping. This isn’t just comparing apples and oranges but lumping them together. In addition, it doesn’t compare to the percentage of women in the states who have been involved in this loose definition of sex industry. Stripping in the USA was (when I came of age) HIGHLY lucrative. A decent looking woman could clear six figures, easy. A contestant on The Apprentice was a stripper while going to college.
          Even so, let’s go with your statistic for a moment. Let’s say 8 percent of women were prostitutes full time (and didn’t just try it once to see what it was like). That leaves 92 percent of the rest of the population who had nothing to do with the sex industry whatsoever!
          Heck, if 92 percent of USA women weren’t messed up on feminism, sex work, slutting, etc. I’d be quite happy with that figure (pardon the pun).
          On an anecdotal level from what I can tell in the states, I’d say that about 1/2 of the women are decent. They respect men, they’re feminine, they’re even responsible. And they usually get married pretty young either successfully or unsuccessfully. Many women were quite good but undesirable for me. One was a single mother with 3 kids because the man had substance abuse issues. I wasn’t ready for that at the age of 25.
          So what happens on RoK is that the men judge women by the remaining entry in the “sex industry” so to speak via personal ads, social media, clubs, etc. where the women remain single or available because they have issues. Kind of like why prostitutes often have their own issues. But with feminism, the hookup culture, and white knight chivalry added into the mix, it makes it all a whole lot worse.
          So it’s a pretty tall order to ask the 8 percent of women doing their job, so to speak, to release that sexual tension to somehow clean the whole mess up.
          Heck, I can only imagine it would be a lot more worse if the hookers in Australia weren’t on the job!

        34. Yeah I’m happy to share what I have seen, even if you don’t agree, and I have seen a lot. Australia is much closer in culture to USA (and Canada) than Eastern Europe.
          Again, those that save money are a very very small percentage, strippers included. 6 figures is easy to spend. These girls don’t hang out at the library and go to sleep at 9pm at night. It’s drugs, alcohol, holidays and designer clothes/handbags. Some do it to live a comfortable life week by week in cities like Sydney, which are very expensive to live.
          Here you can not join the police force if you have been a prostitute. There was a case where a woman got kicked out after she got outed. It’s a life of lies and deceit.
          The key takeaway here is that prostitution strengthens feminism. It adds to feminism, it doesn’t and won’t redefine it at all. Take the percentage of sex workers past and present and add that onto the current mess feminism has caused and you arrive at the reality. Sex workers are basically all feminists and plenty of them go out slutting it up in town too, they have money to spend. I’ll wager plenty of PUAs have unknowingly picked up pros while out partying.
          More prostitution is yet another step further in degeneracy and away from the family unit. But you know what, it happens everywhere anyway, legal or not, so maybe it will make no difference, but it certainly will not improve things.
          Anyway, good exchange with you and I wanted to post this up for all to see what Australia is like.

        35. Yeah, think you’re kidding yourself if you think 9’s and 10’s are going to be rushing into sex work. Why would they? They don’t need your cash. They’re 9’s and 10’s. They’ve got men lining up down the street to be with them. And you know, actually be with them. Not just fuck em. So think this is a bit of a dreamers post.

        36. I think there have been discussions before on RoK regarding comparisons between Australia and the USA. Some say that Australia is a lot worse than the USA which I find hard to believe.
          Apparently, from what I read, Australia only recently decriminalized prostitution and the country was similar to the USA along with perhaps a stronger welfare state (being heavily influenced by the Brits) so that may be a strong factor. IMO, the strongest factor of moving away towards the family unit isn’t extreme radical feminism but rather the more nefarious, often considered mainstream notion of “equal pay for equal work”. This is slowly poisoning Eastern Europe as well. An element of feminism beforehand doesn’t help matters but what the social experiment of the past 2 centuries proves is that equal rights for women usually winds up with them demanding extra rights and entitlements and being disappointed with men being average.
          I just got back from a dinner with a friend who told me that her daughter is disappointed with her highly educated boyfriend who has a career growing weed (legally) but doesn’t make a lot of money and she dreads the prospect of being the primary breadwinner. (I think in the long run, her boyfriend may wind up becoming a millionaire if he plays his cards right and learns the trade.) In any case, career women just on their own have undermined stable families more than any of the other factors put together.
          Fair enough?

        37. I don’t think the women’s movement is really all that rational. I think it’s more of a dupe of marxists and crony capitalists out to deflate labor costs and generate votes for the welfare state or made up of hysterical women who have an axe to grind and just want to vent.
          Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the correct one.
          I’ve noticed that most straight women in the states really could care less about the feminist movement. Note that more than half of white women voted for Trump and the only reason why most non-whites voted against him was for race reasons.
          I was watching a new show about the OJ Simpson trial and they reiterated that Marcia Clark, the prosecutor, was surprised that when she packed a jury full of black women, they sympathized with OJ over race lines trumping (pardon the pun) gender lines to sympathize with Nicole. As a white career woman, she was probably isolated from reality throughout much of her life including after becoming a prosecutor. I was having a discussion with a co-worker that a feminist career woman he knows also is amazingly ignorant of how the world works because of her bourgeoisie upbringing.
          So now, feminists and gays are marching along Islamicists proclaiming how they’re such buddies. It’s laughable. These are seemingly highly educated people (many of them) who are also incredibly dumb. I wish I had gone to the women’s protest and asked them if they would like to stage a gay right’s march in Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps have a “slut walk” in Turkey and see what happens.

        38. Of course black females divided the world along racial rather than “gender” lines. Are all career females idiots?
          Apparently. I saw articles about them joining up with Moslem savages.
          They’ve been taught through media and supposed education that white men are all racist sexist homophobes and that the whole world is otherwise composed of cowering victims of American male prejudice.
          They can’t imagine that anyone else is aggressive, callous, and cruel or that most American men aren’t.
          This sentiment has been cultivated and supported by people who hate the US and the West. Anything you do to counter it places you, in most females’ estimation, in that classification.
          Re: OJ. I often wonder whether he’d just showed up to bring his kids something and Nicole & friend foolishly attacked him. A female girl and a wimp attacking a professional athlete. I suspect he tried not to hurt them at first but had to defend himself. The second case was just a setup to get him. But that’s just my speculation.

        39. Fake orgasms, “discounts”, making each customer feel “special”–it’s all built into the game. “Prostitute game”. And yes, it should totally be legal, for consenting adults. Why not?

        40. Of course I am aware of that aspect, I am pretty good and determining whether or not I am pleasing a women. But you can always determine (as a man anways)if it is real by feeling her pussy quiver when you are in her balls deep^-<

      2. god damn, 150 USD is still way too expensive for sex.
        In Hungary, it’s 12-50 USD (from a quick blowjob to a full hour sex with multiple cumming if you can).
        but yea, the average salary is way less than in germany I have to add.
        But for foreigners, its a gold mine, for a small amount you can fuck literally unlimited amount of chicks, or multiple chicks at the same time, there are lot of prostitute girlfriends that do threesome here.
        For like 40 bucks a lot of them do anal and around 20% of them is into pissing, so you can literally pee on the hoe for 40 usd. (and of course fuck her after that as well).

        1. $40 to piss on her? That’s good. I know personally I have problems maintaining an erection unless I can horribly degrade the woman in the act…

        2. same here bro lately. see my other post here with the link. I know its in hungarian but the girl that I fucked has pissing on her list of services. She asks a little extra for that however

        3. I was being partially ironic. The piss stuff is a bit much but yeah I remember the best sex I ever had was with a girl who really liked being dominated (face fucked, cum on, etc). So there is something to it…

        4. Well bro, could you please repeat that link you have mentioned here again, if I asked nicely? I simply can not find your other comment. Not as if I really would go there, I would rather Game, but the problem in Budapest is that if you have experience with brothels you will know that the best looking girls, 9s and 10s are nearly 100% hookers, and any plane jane 5 or 6 can be a prostie just as well.
          And I am such a fucking headcase, yesterday I fucked up picking up a nice girl at a techno party, because the day before I went to a prostitute and I was depressed because of that.
          Funny thing though, cca. 10 years ago there was one working girl I met by chance, she was working in a flat at a street near Boráros square, with whom you could literally do anything degrading, like pissing in her. Now you say this is more general in Budapest? Some serious whore-conditioning must be going on in the city, what the fuck is happening??? No big surprise though, I remember a hooker who literally fucked her dog for an extra HUF 5000… I was young, watching that was the last straw which put women off my pedestal and me losing all respect towards sluts.

        5. sure, that was my post:
          “yes, exactly. Blowjob is 12-25 USD. Sex is usually 30-50 USD, that includes a full hour and you can cum multiple times if you can within that timeframe.
          I fucked this 21 years old last week:
          (had to use links shortener, disqus has some issues with the link being too long)
          she was 41 USD for an hour and she does anal (and pissing too for a little extra). You can pay less if you just want 30 minutes though.
          we have a lot of sites where they advertise, you can even leave reviews so you can let others now if a girl is not that good. With a few bad reviews they are quickly without any customers so they do everything to please you and hope for a nice review.”
          as for the whores in Budapest, yea they are whores by design in one way or another, attracted to money as hell and dont have money for college and partying, so lot of them take this way of making an income.

        6. Are you a local, I mean are you a Hungarian like me, or are you an expat living in Hungary?
          None of my business and it does not matter in any way, just interested.

        7. I envy you! Irigyellek! Why? Well, being 26 is so very young, you have a lot of good things and possibilities ahead of you with proper Red Pill knowledge!
          If you take seriously your self-improvement and Game, you will be able to live and enjoy your young life and manhood very much!
          And Hungary is a good place for masculine men, Hungarians hating Liberal/Bolsheviks, and by default Cultural Marxism is a given.
          And needless to say because you already must have discovered: that our beautiful Hungarian women are the most feminine and hot creatures on the entire planet Earth!
          I really wish you the good life, and I am just a bit sad that Red Pill was not available for me when I was 26… which of course does not mean that I have given up now, just that I could have spent the last 10-15 years of my youth much better… still I can not complain: Red Pill and Game literally saved my life!
          Cheers to you bro, and I wish you happy hunting!

        8. What a disgrace ! Did that list also included “eating shit” ! and charging a little “more” extra for that !?
          And they talk about oppression ! Filthy bitches !

        9. There’s a term for this: It’s called “sex tourism”. It’s frowned upon by the left and feminists.
          But hey, it has other things going for it as well. 🙂
          it simply doesn’t make sense to me to vacation as a normal tourist in, say, Paris when the money goes so much further in Prague for just about everything. Want to walk along a Parisian street filled with migrants peeing and trying to pick your pocket and then pay $30 for a piece of bread? By all means, go to Paris!

        10. Yet another American job outsourced overseas! But the typical client can’t travel abroad every time he wants to shop.

        1. There are various verification services. TER=the erotic review. There are other ones too. whores and johns sign up to verify they arent cops. It’s only an american thing. Pretty much everywhere else prostitution is de-criminalized or accepted in some fashion.

      3. Legalizing won’t change the dynamics, but there will be fewer beta orbiters as they can fuck hot chicks without worrying about going to jail. That will deflate the egos of the social media attention whores. I’ve gone to brothels in TX. Make sure you talk to them first and get a friendly and warm girl who will make it worth your money. Game and flirting are fun but sometimes you just want to bust a nut with a hot chick without the hassle and wasting time.
        Legalizing would be a good thing overall. Prostitution will happen. Criminalizing it only makes it more expensive and promotes more crime, disease, violence, and costs the taxpayers money.

      4. I’ve always maintained that Toronto is the worst place to date but the best place to whore. Many good services that come to you.

    3. then read my comments below that I posted few minutes ago.
      Or ask me anything, there are a lot of prostitues where I live.

    4. Society is already testing these waters on the sugardaddy sites. They will continue to grow in the future.
      Other factors leading to the return of the virgin/whore public dichotomy:
      1) Antibiotic resistant STDs
      2) Automation of female-dominated jobs
      3) A generation of sons who watched their fathers frivorced and don’t want marriage

    5. Unfortunately this young inexpensive pussy can suddenly get mad for whatever reason and cry rape unless you extensively protect yourself with video, text, email, and video. Just look up “rape accusation proved false”. But there will be people around you that do not know the fine details and your character will be questioned forever, friends, business connections, job opportunities. Justice does not prevail. And to get your name off the sexual predator list if you’re proven innocent, good luck with that. Life is not like a hallmark movie. When you think you expect it, it comes out of nowhere and leaves you shaking your head saying, “Damn! They(manosphere) were fucking right”. And after the hell they put you through, they still try justify the lie.

      1. Not in Asia, if they go somewhere alone with a guy that’s irrevocable consent. They can say what they like, the police don’t give a fuck what accusations they make.
        Another reason to avoid women in the west.

        1. “Not in Asia, if they go somewhere alone with a guy that’s irrevocable consent. They can say what they like, the police don’t give a fuck what accusations they make.
          Another reason to avoid women in the west.”
          Japan in a nutsell and beauty is they know it too! they come alone to your place they’re giving it up..

    6. It can be life-changing. Done right, it can shake the beta right out of you. Your game can improve by making important emotional disconnections with unworthy whores.

      1. It can shake the blue pill out of a guy, not sure about the beta. When you see all these innocent and hot looking chicks whoring it gets you thinking about women in general.

    7. I’ve done it for many years, had sugarbabys too. You get over it and sex means absolutely nothing no matter how hot the whore is. It also made me realize how sleazy girls are, they hide their whore life from friends/family/boyfriends/future husbands.

    8. Yes well said – this article is total BS. Australia and New Zealand – two of the most feminist socialist fag friendly countries on the planet have had legal prostitution with openly run brothels in the center of town for decades now.

    9. Take New Zealand as a very good example, lived there for 8 years… The quality of women there on the other hand.. heh… Feminism run wild… They behave and act like men for the most part, I prefer feminine woman…
      Prossies are registered, get regular monthly medical check-ups and pay TAX on their earnings…
      This has created an environment where woman give it up a lot easier and find that unicorn becomes a lot more difficult, that said the prostitutes are sometimes more feminine than the locals ans you’re best to go for foreign girls that have not been poisoned by the feminazi poison the system spews over there, that is a subject of an article on it’s own. Lots of psychologically damaged goods there, a lot of Kiwi men do pack-up and hoof it out to find their unicorn somewhere else and bring them back home.
      Then there is Australia across the ditch… The women are for the most part way more feminine, but Nanny Government is ever present, and yes in both you can actually get a work permit / visa as a sex-worker…

      1. I do it whenever I feel like it, once in a while, and I don’t care what anybody thinks of it. Other peoples’ “feelz” are not my concern. More men do this than admit it but some of us just think nothing of it.

    10. Widespread legal prostitution is preferable to sexbots. All things considered, the economic side of it allows for a more even spread of the benefits, even for those who don’t support or partake in it.
      This is one of the reasons I like Amsterdam. Society benefits. Keep your sluts in check (they will always exist, just need to be curtailed, and as Charlie Sheen said, “paid to leave” or keep their mouths shut when not sucking cock), keep male sexual frustration to a minimum, less crime and drugs, taxation and regulations ensuring that no one is raped/exploited against their will. Part of the tax proceeds ensuring that everyone is happy and sexual health / mandatory contraception is controlled for field workers. The rest goes to society’s pocket.
      Win win or what?

    11. I have extensive experience in shagging whores in central Europe. Fromm this experience I can conclude:
      Masses of self entitled and stuck up females still populate the normal clubs despite having a whorehouse right next door. Supply-demand is still in their favour. Beta’s still pander to them. With their WK mentality oftentimes consider whoring as denigrating to women, lmao.
      Whoring can be fun, but an essential dynamic is missing, namely, that the bitch is not enjoying the actual act itself. Though she is ertainly appreciative of the income and sense of empowerment it can provide in the correct enviroment. There are exceptions of course.
      The arrival of the FKK club in Germany has hybridised Club, Sauna, and prostitutes in one easy going format The “Paradise” chain of clubs is an example. A $70 entrane fee will enable you to stay all day/night in a relatively clean and luxurious setting. Unlimited beer and food and use of facilities, sauna, Hammam, cinema, lounge. Girls ( whores) are almost on a 1-1 ratio to punters.( they also have to pay the entrance fee) Many speak 4-6 languages and are hot in a slutty kind of way. You can get a blow job and fuck from an “8” or “9” for $60 -1/2 hour. Anyone spending time in these higher grade FKK clubs will quickly deduce that in purely sexual terms , normal clubbing with all the strained game, cock blocking, rejections, crowds and expensive drinks is simply not worth the effort or cost.

    12. I was in central and Eastern Europe and went to brothels and here’s my experience: It was amazing. At the decent ones, the women were clean, priced well, and viewed the job as an opportunity to make some quick money. Some treated me with the same respect as a store clerk who says “hope you have a nice day” and doesn’t mean it and some were nice to talk to afterwards. In any case, it was mindblowing to have sex without having to engage in any game and also gave me an ability to relate to women (and them to me) at a more honest level.
      The presence of brothels significantly undermines the threats women can make to keep blue pill cucks in place and even if a man doesn’t take advantage of them, they are there. Many women (and timid men) will shame “mongers” but don’t they also use such tactics against red pillers in general?
      I find it strange that Roosh looks down upon whoremongering (perhaps he mentions why in one of his books) considering he spent time in many regions in Europe and abroad where it is legal and easily accessible. He could have at least tried it once or twice for, er, journalistic purposes. For him to shame it sounds similar as I said above to those who shame those such as him who go abroad for easier pickin’s in the first place. If Roosh is so red pill, why doesn’t he view banging Danish hairy legged chicks as a ‘challenge’?
      Personally, if I had gone to a prostitute at a brothel at the age of 18 or so, it would have been like a super mario power pill.
      Finally, regarding the women: Most of them were reasonably easy to talk to and had “day jobs”. Since their profession was a neat transaction rather than the emotional nonsense that they get from PUA gamers, they seemed much more comfortable with their sexuality than “normal” women who had ridden the cock carousel.

      1. Excellent observation and very well said. I’m also confused with Roosh’s and other PUA’s stance on pro whores — just doesn’t make much logical sense.

        1. In discussions elsewhere on this thread and forum, many express the (reasonable) concern about STD’s with professionals. But I wonder to myself if the PUA lifestyle also is playing with fire and worse, making things worse. The safest pickup is a virgin whose naive: A gal who responds to game that he can bang and walk away from which I find reprehensable. It’s like littering. If he’s banging a slut, then that doesnt’ seem that much less dangerous than banging a pro.
          In the very least, if Roosh and others are experiencing some dry spells in their game then prostitutes can help fill in that gap.
          Let’s reexamine blue pillers: The regard it as pathetic if some blue piller spends thousands on whores. That’s a valid point but many blue pillers spend that much, or more, on dinner dates and gifts for women who don’t give them sex at all. So how it is really any worse? I’m in shock at the number of blue pill men I know whose “cost per orgasm”, as Dawson Stone would put it, is higher in traditional dating than it would be with hookers. In addition, the time and expense of “game” should also be factored. How much time is spent hanging out at clubs, calling numbers, etc?
          Red pill for me was about getting by, becoming a better person, and surviving into my 30’s when I later on went on to marry a wonderful woman and have a daughter. That’s the “game” for me and I’m happy with where I placed.
          In closing, an interesting thought that us men can have these discussions, and disagreements, and be so gentlemanly about it unlike the flaky feminist movement which is so hilariously dependent upon a western chivalrous patronization to allow them to fritter away about nonsense. Whatever our differences, we’re all men who understand and respect our urges and seek to satisfy them in the most fulfilling way possible. RoK rulez.

    13. I live in a country in Europe where prostitution is legal. And in my view it should be legal anywhere. It nearly seems like a basic human right to me. Societies where it is not legal seem to be based on inherently hypocritical ideologies such as feminism, or they are dominated by religious morals. As I know that I am not really at risk of not being able to score for a long time, I really don’t give a shit about playing fake games with women any more. I have become myself. I tell women what I think and I put them in place when they show any sign of overhauled mainstream ideologies. And the best thing about it is, that some women are even attracted to my coherent anti-feminist views and to the fact that I can’t even be bothered to hide them. I don’t depend on the benignity of any women. Those who can’t deal with the truth I speak don’t merit my presence, those who can may be enlightened by my words. I am the king and I can go bang a whore at any time I wish. Even if I don’t do it every day, it still feels reassuring to me.

    14. I bang whores on a regular and in UK most of it is legal except curb crawling and brothels but paying for sex is legal. The beauty about outsourcing it is that you have your pick of 7, 8s, 9s and you dont have to deal with BS of modern day women (since escorts treat you well) if you just want to get off and be gone afterwards or whether you wish to stay longer. PUA, game and doing 100s of approaches weekly is a waste of money and time jumping through hupes just for 5 and 6 quality women. If it’s legalised then its cheaper because where I live you can get a nice piece of eastern european ass for as low as 40-50 bucks which I would say is way cheaper than the effort, money and time of dating…you do the math. Obviously in places in America where its legal, its expensive and difficult to get access to but I am guessing its feminisms job to make outsourcing this kind of trade as difficult as possible for the millennial kind of men. Men who date/PUA/game for sex do it for validation, whereas men who pay for escorts do it for sex.

      1. Well thought out reply, gent, thank you. I don’t do P4P in the U.S. or Canada — I do it in Mexico and South American countries. As such, it’s great value for the $$$. I’m glad you get enjoyment from it in the UK.
        But to be honest, I mix up my P4P activities with gaming civilians also, but you’re right, when I merely want to orgasm in or on a cute, nice smelling female, buying it outright makes the most amount of sense for a variety of economic / emotional / time-saving reasons. And within the P4P realm, I also mix it up and sample street girls, bar girls and escorts.
        As I get older and accumulate lots of experience / perspective, I’ve realized the prize is in the physical aspects of the female gender (NOT the personality or companionship) — and the younger the better, because that’s how men are hard-wired. Put coarsely, my cock and heart rate clearly respond with more gusto to naked teenagers: 19 >> 29 >>> 39 >>>> 49.
        The thought of fucking a woman within 10 years of my chronological age disgusts me now, and I won’t settle for that. The beauty of P4P is that you can fuck girls half your age and really see how your body responds so differently to them. I’m no pedophile and I take no pleasure in destroying innocence, but exploring the taut, shapely, exuberant body of youth is the most pleasure the female gender can give a man (aside from bearing him healthy children). However, artificial social taboos prevents most men from understanding these physiological truths.

  18. As if women aren’t mercenary enough without being able to legally charge for it. I think it would be better to end no fault divorce and eliminate welfare and subsidies.

  19. Maybe I’m missing something here, but prostitution is legal to some degree in Canada and Australia and their women are even more entitled than American bitches. How is prostitution going to change anything in the big scheme of things, besides letting a few Omega incels (Elliot Rodgers) get off so they don’t have to go on an aspie rampage.

    1. I was just about to point out the Elliot Rodger fiasco. Being able to purchase a hooker would have no doubt saved those people from being murdered, as well as Elliot himself. I’m not saying that sex would have transformed him completely, but those manifestos wouldn’t have existed had he gotten his rocks off to an actual woman.

      1. He said himself that prostitution didn’t count even though he had the money, as the other guys were getting girls for free (merit based) while he would have to pay. Rampage would have happened anyway

    2. Rodgers would’ve gone on a rampage anyway. Prostitutes were there, and penalty for that is a lot less than gunning down innocent people but he still preferred gunning down people.

      1. He also had a death wish at that point and a prostitute could only kill his crazy ass years later by giving him the HIV or something.

    3. The question cna be resolved by seeing whether there were elliot rogers style rampages in countries with prostitution and high levels of wealth (ie like CA), if so, then it shows that prostitution wouldnt help, if not, then that fact would aid the case that it woild help.

  20. interesting thoughts on how things will play out. we all could come up with our own hypothesis on this and yours was rather optimistic yet sadistic at the same time. sadistic in the sense of how fucked our society has became and how capitalized it could be. reminds me of japan where i currently reside.

      1. well i speak Japanese fairly proficiently so i would because of that its been more successful than most of the men , however ever non-speakers can have a easy time with finding women because they are desperate for a relationship of any duration. since every facet of sex is sold her people just go there whole life with out a normal style relationship if they live a busy city life. most Japanese will die alone. small town folk, however, will still be inclined to marry. what the Japanese do have that we don’t in america is SHAME. so not every female that is hot will sell a facet of her body. it’s not unheard of mid twenties women being virgins if they are city born. prostitution has always been apart of Japanese culture so this isn’t knew to them. even wives may have a “ok to fuck prostitutes policy” and just don’t talk about it at home.

        1. I had a japanese GF once and was shocked she was a virgin at her age. She said jap men were not interested in sex at all (this was way before I heard of the herbivore problem).
          Japan will be on my bucket list.

        2. I think it may have to do with its cultural homogeneity but thats a completely different discussion

      1. again if you’re a gaijin then high percentage of fucking. since japanese men just don’t want to put up with problems with a women, and a busy work life, they wont and will just pay for sex. women are just going to the grave alone so its really easy. american men still are not privy to the fact that they put up with to much shit with women, and they will come here, study, search, and find a hot one with a lot of bullshit and put up with it. all of there women are depressed because they all work career jobs till they cant have kids. women often pay for male escorts just to talk with them on dates to have them game them for a few hours. MALE ESCORTS CAN MAKE UP TO $100,000 a date. that is a huge sign of desperate women in this country. as far as hooking up on short game, you’ll need a decent base to be sucessful often because the one who will speak english are looking for green card

        1. no american dollar, those are rare cases but still thats insane some poor bitch would pay that

  21. This won’t really effect guys who can already plunder. They’re getting it for _free_ now and that will continue.
    But it will increase access for all the guys on the sidelines – beta or otherwise. This will surely make them harder targets for wall-hitting, washed-up sluts. That’s a good thing.
    Still, I can’t help but think this ultimately plays into the hands of the real creators of feminism – corporate globalists. This just further coarsens and atomizes all of the little people.
    Anyway, do you really think liberal politicians in California would do anything good for men?

    1. I totally agree. And no, I don’t think liberal politicians anywhere would do anything good for men intentionally. But some of the things they plan on doing have good side-effects for men. And I think this would be an improvement over what we currently face, at least in the USA. I’m an optimist, however. I always look for the good sides of things and try to play them up.

    2. “This won’t really effect guys who can already plunder. They’re getting it for _free_ now and that will continue.”
      In his absolutely brilliant poem Words of Advice for Young People, William S Burroughs reminds us “Beware of whores that say they don’t want money. The hell they don’t. What they wan’t is more money. much more.”

      1. Maybe that’s why washed-up sluts are so sad. They realize they could have monetized their debasement all those years as actual whores.
        Alas, they can take their vengeance on a hapless beta ‘husband’.

        1. And a whole new batch of girls with daddy issues turns 21 and the world keeps spinning around

  22. “Amazing home-based work opportunity…”
    Does that mean the guys go to YOUR house to fuck you? Pretty risky, but if the money’s good…

    1. thats a spamming scammer Bot. It doesn’t have to to anything with escort work.

      1. You actually think I thought that was anything close to a “real” solicitation for prostitution?
        I have been making these smart-ass comments in response to these bullshit spam “work from home” offers, etc., that get posted on ROK for years. Semi-long time ROK readers know this, and many enjoy doing the same. Naturally.
        You must be rather new around here. Welcome.

        1. I usually just skip these automatically. That’s why I didn’t get it.
          But nice to meet you. 😉

      2. Out of interest, if so, why is the comment count so low? 19 comments. Can bots generate accounts, manage multiple accounts etc?

        1. Yes, with one app they can create hundreds of accounts and those, only make a few comments.
          If they would spam with one account they would get detected really easy by the anti-spam-defender from disqus.

  23. Legalized prostitution is already here. Several counties in Nevada allow it. The individual states decided to outlaw it for the most part.

    1. You might have missed this part of my article, Duke (hope you don’t mind me calling you Duke, instead of Jim…heh):
      “As another case in point, prostitution is already legal in Canada, minus
      a few important tweaks on the male side of the judicial equation. And
      America will be next. Nevada was the testing ground. California was Door
      Number 2. And soon the rest of the United States will follow suit. And
      you can take that one to the bank. Business unusual, will soon become business as usual. And the rich will indeed get richer, as is always the case.”

      1. I spend some time in Nevada from time to time. (brothels aren’t my thing) Really I don’t think there is a huge change in society from them. Mostly, the clients are truckers passing through or tourists. The locals stay clear of them, not unlike the casinos.

        1. Brothels – no change, I don’t think, if more appear. Individual Tinder/Facebook/Instagram sluts who can legally (and without fear of stigmatization) sell their ass? Big change. My opinion. Have to see how it plays out, Duke.

        2. Yep. Most young women today, and many of the older ones, would eagerly sell their bodies for cash – provided nobody in their social circles found out. And nobody will, really. It will sweep the countryside, I’m thinkin’…

  24. Finally! ROK is waking up from feminist protestant puritanism.
    Thanks, Roosh (and Bob Smith), for this correct decision!

  25. Feminists *hate* the idea of men being able to go around them.
    Sweden is gearing up to ban surrogacy. We can’t have men who want children going around the bitter 38 year olds trying to get off the carousel.

    1. They also HATE the idea that a mediocre or ugly guy can have an option to bang hot young girls. They like the idea of a male 7 having to settle for a female 3. They also want older guys like me to stay within are own age range. I am 51, and women over 30 are pretty much invisible to me.

  26. “With the advent of those previously mentioned twin California laws, the
    time is nearly upon us when legal, no-strings, sex-for-cash hookups of
    the readily abundant variety, will be available to all of us men, in
    nearly every city and town throughout the entire United States of
    Hello Mr. Smith!
    Even without “legalization”, the “oldest profession” has always been alive and well here in the US and in most of the world.
    I have been coming to ROK for perhaps 6 months, and I have had 2 basic messages (well 3, if you considered the few Race Realist comments I post here):
    1) A man’s most imporatant job in life is to train his son to grow into a real man. This is important to me as my ultra-Alpha father never trained me, and left my evil witch of a mother to screw me up royally. My message to fathers: Don’t let you sons end up like me!
    2) Even a lowly Omega loser like me can get laid with hot young girls. How? By using my intellect to earn lots of cash and bang hot young escorts and sugar babies in their 20s for the rest of my life. It was my only option and luckily I was able to parlay a BSCS degree into a career in IT contracting, which allows me to pay for hot young tail. Is it certainly not optimal — that would be getting laid with young hotties for free, the way the alphas do. But I was red pill before there was a red pill, and recognized that this was my only option. Been doing it for over 30 years. Beats the hell out of being tied down to an ugly-fugly, fat-pig, or old bag (like the betas), or being a chronic masturbater (like so many omegas).

    1. Very well done indeed, gent! You are a poster boy for your kind. “Sugarbabies” are great to manipulate and fuck with, are they not??

      1. Hahaha!
        I’ve had 4 SBs over the years.
        I have to say that now, at this point in my life, I prefer escorts. Although, if/when an escort becomes a “regular”, they can start to be clingy and needy just like an SB.

        1. I’ve had 8 SBs, from Colombia, Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. Interesting ride, but yes, escorts tend to be cheaper, more convenient and less hassle.

        2. Interestingly enough, I have had offers on SA that were actually far cheaper than many of the escorts I see, but then again, I go for the elite 9s and 10s. Right before New Year’s there was a nursing student on SA who was willing to see me for 3 bills per meetup. Here in NY, that is very cheap. She was nice looking, but in her 30s. A little older than what I was looking for, so I passed.

        3. I consider $300 per meet up very steep for SA. In Colombia, about 6 hours of clubbing then sex runs me $80 plus drinks. In Arizona, $150 plus drinks. In Canada, about the same. Then again, I don’t go for the 9s or dimes — I prefer the 8s for a variety of reasons.

    2. How old are you, and why do you call yourself an Omega loser? Are you on the bottom-tier in terms of aesthetics and physical looks? Fat and ugly? No offense LOL

      1. 51.
        I am 6’1″ and 170 lbs. I work out 4 days a week. In my 20s I was 185 and lifted weights 6 days a week. Facially, I look a little like the actor who played “The Mummy”. In fact, asian girls have honestly mistaken me for him.
        I am an omega because:
        1) I was on the absolute bottom of the pecking order from the first day of kindergarten until high school graduation. No friends, No dates/girls, no sports teams, Nothing. I was very skinny as a kid, and my evil witch of a mother groomed me to be a bullied victim from an infant. College was better than high school, as I got ignored and left alone, which was OK with me.
        2) No female, to this day, has ever shown one milligram of attraction towards me. I do not count the compliments I get from the hookers I pay. It is part of their job.

        1. How’s your personality? Your behavior? Your mannerisms? 6’1 and 170 isn’t bad, but why do you think women don’t show you any attraction? Is it how you dress? I’m curious how do you look, if you’d like some constructive criticism.

        2. I wear a shirt/tie/dress slacks to work every day. Nothing fancy, just good olf Geoffrey Beene & Van Heusen shirts, Hagar slacks and silk ties from Walmart Sears. I shave/shower/brush teeth every day — not a slob. I am quiet and try to be polite.
          I believe I have two issues – insurmountable in my opninon.
          1) I was born a natural ectomorph. Yes, after I hit 19/20 I packed on some weight, and I try to stay fit & trim, but I still have the ectomorphic bone structure/frame. I believe this is a built in, genetic, natural turn off to females.
          2) 12 straight years in school of being treated lower than dirt and less than human took a huge toll on me. I suppose I should be thankful I skipped 7th grade or it would have been 13 years. Basically, I am f*cked up. Damaged beyond repair. I suppose being a whore chaser (and a drinker) is a lot better than what it could have been, like going the Eliot Rogers route.

        3. Sure. That great.
          But…I figure…it’s nothing I haven’t already heard!
          Losers are losers. Born into it. I accept my fate!!!

          Go do the 30 “bootcamp”, its a series of missions to do every day that will get you out of the omega zone, if its too hard to do alone, hire an expert pua who will train you one on one. Repeat that “bootcamp” a couple of times until its second nature to do any of those missions, you’ll find yourself easily starting conversations with women and having women regularky tell you that you “cute” and actually thnaking you for having guts.

        5. No one is damaged beyond repair. Thinking that you are is part of the damage. You are like an expert mma fighter walking into the ring thinkin he’s going to lose.

        6. Yeah, me too!!!
          But seriously, do you also look like “The Mummy”?
          Asian girls and Chinese restaurant workers mistake me for him all the time.

        7. Well in middle school a girl I liked called me ugly. Another girl at the age of 17 said I looked my Michael Jackson. So there’s that.

  27. Men don’t even have to visit said working girls in order to benefit from this. Just knowing that this is an available option for men, wives and girlfriends come correct in their dealings with you and start treating you much, much better. I say this in having lived in several countries were visiting prostitutes is the norm for married and unmarried men.

    1. This is not going to result in women “shaping up” because of the competition, they will withdraw entirely from any kind of relationship, just as men will. There will be only prostitutes.

      1. Prostitution is already legal in most parts of the world, and where it is illegal, loosely enforced. Why have relationships not deteriorated in places then?

        1. Because, unlike the west, in those places, pussies who are known or identified as prostitutes / whores / sluts are treated as “shit”.

  28. One may argue that there are may forms of prostitution in the Western world that are not only tolerated but almost encouraged by the establishment. We have to distinguish prostitution from general sluttyness when Western (mostly White) women give sex away for free. Prostitution always involves some material gain for the prostitutes.
    Some of these form do not involve brothels, pimps of people trafficking..
    Is gold-digging (women looking for wealthy beta provider) prostitution? Yes. Is it outlawed? No,it isn`t.
    I am sure you heard of “sugardaddy-sugarbaby” websites, that connect young (and not-so-young) women with wealthy men. You would be shocked to know how many women in the UK in their early to late twenties finance their lifestyle this way. Some of these “sugababies” came out publicly, claiming they only provide “company” but “not sex” for the money they are provided by their “sugadaddies”, which is evidently untrue.
    “legalizing” or “outlawing” are empty terms. Prostitution exists.
    Always have, always will.

    1. Well, “technically” they could say they charge for the company, but they give sex for free. Obviously if there’s no free sex, then the men would not pay for the company.

      1. Exactly! She wouldn’t be getting much “sugar” or for very long if the man wasn’t getting what he wanted in a mutually beneficial relationship.

  29. If prostitution became legal, prostitutes will still want to be with alpha customers, not fat creepy beta ones.

    1. Well…it is pretty much “decriminalized” now, and they will go with customers:
      1) Who can pay the fee
      2) Meet their racial preferences (most do not see blacks)
      3) Are polite and have references.

        1. There are MANY websites for that. Like P411.
          But…the best references are from other agencies and indies that you have previously seen. They cooperate with one another. The AMPs here in NYC take it to a whole other level. They maintain a shared DB of over 30K customers phone numbers & descriptions. They charge new establishments several hundred dollars for access to it.

        2. I work with Wall St. firms. The last Project manager I dealt with used to brag about it. His IT “job” was primarily to take the traders out drinking. They used to try to one up each other with escorts. So no, I don’t worry about it. And even if I was in a more sedate environment, no I still would not care. Getting laid with hot girls is important to me.

        3. This is absolutely accurate. My NYU roommate’s sister worked for an agency. I met one of the agency’s recruiters at her b day party. (They actually have recruiters! Like a baseball team or something.) I wasn’t interested in her offer but I was curious so I let her talk. The background checks are intense, and the client list is strictly regulated. Most men are regulars, and the just passing through drop ins are referred by the regulars. Its invitation only, or you know someone who will vouch for you. Some of the men develop pseudo relationships with the girls .. one, an in house lawyer for Exxon, left his wife and three kids for his favorite girl. He moved her back to Houston and married her. So, no, they don’t suffer fat, broke betas from Jersey desperate to blow their Christmas bonus. Why should they with wealthy, top tier men knocking at the door? I think your Uncle Bob’s tinder theory is right but I don’t think it will last. Tinder prostitution is risky, and it’s time-consuming weeding out the creepers. Once legalized, the better girls, the 8 and overs, will figure that out fast and band together in groups similar to the agency I described. Most men will be stuck with average and/or older girls. Back to square one.

        4. Girl. It was fascinating, truly. They actually have try outs! And then a trial period. I had just turned 18 at the time and was a virgin. When the recruiter heard that! … it was like throwing a bucket of blood into a pool of great whites. But here’s the thing: she was very adamant that the window for this “opportunity” was short so I had to act fast. As in, we could make an outrageous amount selling my virginity at 18, but the numbers nosedive with each successive year. Men are fascinating creatures.

        5. Really? That’s unexpected so I must misunderstand you. I found it horrifying, depressing, disheartnening, and fascinating but I’m sure Bob Smith is correct and it will all be legal soon enough. Prostitution is where feminism and patriarchy find common ground.

    2. I believe as long as the fat betas are willing to pay enough, the prostitute can be sold. All they want from their customers is their money.

      1. 100% true. But they do want guys who are somewhat respectful. They usually don’t tolerate total assholes.

    3. “prostitutes will still want to be with alpha customers,”
      This is a problem seldom mentioned.
      Prostitutes can refuse service to anyone (or charge different clients different amounts for same services) and in cases where prostitution is legal the prostitutes are actually given the right to do this.
      Either betas will be left out or they will be made to pay more.
      And don’t you dare imagine leftoid prosecutors that go after cake makers for not selling to gay couples will say
      about it.

  30. There are two problems with this theory.
    1) There is still a considerable amount of stigma around fucking a hooker that men in general would need to get over in order for this to work. Im not sure this will happen in our lifetime.
    2) STDs – This is really the key challenge as the average beta thinks hookers are dirty and the cum dumpster from the local club is clean. In reality they are idiots, and it is the opposite scenario, but again you have to convince them of it.

    1. 1) Stigma. Very true. But some guys have no other option, and the stigma becomes of little importance.
      2) STD Risk. Yeah, but no different than banging girls from bars/clubs/tinder. Unless you want a Tim Tebow like relationship, STD risk will be part of the picture.

  31. so interesting to read about all these stuff in the US. I mean that prostitution is illegal.
    Where I live (Hungary), I see prostitues everywhere.
    I go to fill up the car, they are standing next to the gas station shouting that: “wanna something? blowjob only 4000huf now!!” (=14 USD).
    they are working in miniskirts even in winter.
    Some of them are even attractive usually, and the ugliest one is still way better than the average US landwhale.

    1. So you are saying that in Hungary there are hot girls under 25 giving it up for $14???

      1. yes, exactly. Blowjob is 12-25 USD. Sex is usually 30-50 USD, that includes a full hour and you can cum multiple times if you can within that timeframe.
        I fucked this 21 years old last week:
        (had to use links hortener, disqus has some issues with the link being too long)
        she was 41 USD for an hour and she does anal. You can pay less if you just want 30 minutes though.
        we have a lot of sites where they advertise, you can even leave reviews so you can let others now if a girl is not that good. With a few bad reviews they are quickly without any customers so they do everything to please you and hope for a nice review.

        1. OK, now that is a totally different story. You were able to attain a female — I assume an attractive and well behaved one. Not all of us can do that, especially omegas like me. And many “alphas” are not willing to settle down with just one, even if they can.
          I had assumed you were taking the “PUA” angle.

        2. Hahaha!
          Omega = the end.
          The last.
          The lowest of the low.
          The lowest wolf in the pack.
          That’s me!
          But…it can also mean the last…the last to survive, the last man standing, like..the Omega Man!

  32. I’m not disagreeing with you, and you pose many great points. Legalized prostitution, will help guys deemed too “creepy” by women, or guys on the AS spectrum with bad social skills. At the present, our complex dating culture is too much for aspergy guys to handle. Poorer guys often have to take on second jobs or do illegal shit to buy expensive gifts & dinners (which over time is a lot more expensive than what a whore charges for a few hours).
    The disadvantage to legalized prostitution, that I don’t like, is how this will enable women to make easy money; look good for the ads, presents herself well, spread her legs and/or open her mouth, and boom — she has her cash. Just look at strippers — since its cash with no paper trail, they don’t always report what they earn.
    Men will still have to plow through their dull, dangerous, or shitty jobs to make a decent buck.

  33. It makes sense what you said, but it doesn’t work like that really. I live in Germany and Prostitution is completely legal here…
    Well, less to no differences according feminists etc. here.
    We have the same lunatic, ugly feminist cunts here..
    But it should be legalized anyway.
    Especially in Cities like Las Vegas, I mean, wth, why is it prohibited there? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  34. I’m not for whoring, but i prefer to have a legal frame that allows it, controls it and normalize it.
    It’s better for men AND women.

    1. That’s how they will sell it nationally. States are already claiming poverty. Prostitution and legal sports betting will create jobs, a huge new tax base, and everything will be beauuuuutiful (or so they will claim)…

      1. Reminds me of when Ohio brought in the state lottery with the selling point being a big portion goes to education.
        State raised bank and the quality of education continued to decline.

        1. Oh yeah. This will just be more of the same thing. But the interesting thing to me is how this will play with women’s heads. The bitchy, loud-mouthed wife will have to think twice about being a cunt. She can be replaced. I like how it should play right into our hands. Puts a premium on desirability, all the way around. The ugly feminist cunts won’t be able to bitch about it because their new-wave liberated counterparts (whores) will shoot that shit down – “My body, my choice!” Bring it on, I say…

        2. The bitchy wives still have the heavy hand of the courts behind them.
          When a married man bangs a whore I don’t blame him. I blame the wife. Despite how she feels, she needs to satisfy her husband as was required.
          Send her back to her family if she can’t deal with it.

        3. A womans role is well defined through all cultures.
          Germans had a saying about women “Kinder, Kuche, Kirche” – children, kitchen, church. Our muslim brothers are the only ones upholding that today.

        4. I agree. I am anti Islamic, but I have no issues with muslims in general. This would take more than a few pages to unpack.

        5. The irony is so ridiculously delicious-they get the empowerment they have been squealing about with their body/their rights and if when they do not want to shut the fuck up you drop them like a bad habit and pay a couple of bucks to do the business without having to tolerate the screeching that would otherwise perforate your ear-drums. Hell of a deal, kid.

        6. I hope your right about prostitution being legalized it is starting to become quite dangerous to even try to get sex, because you know ‘rape culture'(rolls eyes), plus alot less time wasted chasing tail and focusing on more important things.

        7. No-but what it will do is compel women to behave themselves if they expect to get male attention. If I can get the milk for free why buy the cow as the adage goes.

        8. Getting married because you want sex is in the same league as buying a jumbo jet because you like peanuts. Marriage isn’t for sex, well my first (western) marriage didn’t work out with me getting much sex anyway.

        9. It’s going to happen. It might take a few years to go national, but it will happen. I agree it’s dangerous as shit out there. This will certainly free us guys up, so that we can get what we need and then get back to business. Can’t wait.

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