How To Be A Good Father

At a time when many Western men don’t even want to be a father, it may be considered out of touch to discuss the importance of pursuing its excellence. Moreover, my eldest of three children is not even five yet, so I must also contend with the accusation of pretence. But, I am an early years professional and the facts paint a clear picture that we can all recognise – we need the return of traditional families and patriarchy.

Now, don’t expect the cultural Marxist establishment to help you out; the glue which holds the suicidal fragments of today’s status quo together is their hatred of straight white men; you think they want more of you? Yet, the demographic Winter is coming, the signs are all there – Europeans breeding way below replacement levels, a runaway Keynesian economy, the ageing of the higher spending generation etc. etc. Your example as a father could stave off the worst of it for Western civilization.

So, now that I have your attention, how can you be a good dad? Before we begin, self-reflection has been a precursor for obtaining wisdom in the rationalistic West since the age of heroes. It wasn’t only the Greeks who had inscribed, ‘Know thyself’, at the forecourt of their temples. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you cold and unempathetic around children and teens? Would you be exhausted after five minutes alone with them? None of these are impediments to fatherhood but you need to know what you can offer and what will take more practice.


You may likely have children that are similar to you or your wife and who are perfectly happy engaging in the activities you are, but they might be different, very different to anyone else. Once you know the tools you are working with and the nature of the child you are working on, reaching the level of Gong fu in the art of fatherhood only requires good planning and flexibility. I would advise using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a mainstay for early years educators, to create an action plan.

1. Physiological Needs

You remember the film Gremlins? There were three rules. Children are much easier – don’t feed them after midnight is the only one of the three that applies. Air, food, water, clothing and shelter; if you’re unable to provide these things in a developed country, that’s probably because you are a child. Make sure everyone gets enough time outdoors, fruit and veg, and sleep – job done.

2. Safety Needs

Just keep everything up to waist height safe for their first three years (especially plug sockets and furniture corners). After that, accidents become a healthy part of their development; let them learn to risk assess for themselves. If they don’t graze those knees and bump those heads, nature won’t go easy on their retarded sense of caution.

On a serious note, don’t harm your little ones out of anger. Punishment must always be handled as a matter of justice. As a father, you are the judge and the majority of studies have shown that disproportionate punishment, physical aggression and angry emotional outbursts have very damaging effects on human development. Not only will the child not learn about honour and justice, they will be much less able to control their temper and handle emotional situations with rationale for the rest of their lives. They will also pass on the same IQ-depleting, animalistic behaviour to their children and so the vicious cycle continues. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

But, be warned! Children will drive you up the wall sometimes, just as the weaker sex often resorts to hurtful words, emotionally bullying us to do their will. Children have little to no baggage and are raw human emotion and instinct; as such, they can intuit and manipulate yours with ease, if you are suggestible enough, pointing out hypocrisies and pressing all the right buttons. You have to be as steel with them, cold and immovable, but when they genuinely need comfort, recognise it and open your heart to them. This way, they learn what good parenting looks like and the importance of being earnest, not just how to become a better liar for next time.

What’s the best way to keep your own temper at bay? Financial security is the biggest cause of arguments and divorces etc., and the pressure is placed on the shoulders of men first, as the traditional hunter of the hunter-gatherers. Live within your means and try not to worry. Contrary to popular belief, children don’t really need a lot and their education doesn’t have to be too expensive if you’re willing and able to spend more time with them yourself. Also, not every single person has to go to university and come out with debt and a useless degree. See this article for more on how to take control of your finances.

3. Love and Belonging

Not to speak ill of homeschoolers, but letting your child out of the home to develop their own social groupings is just as important as the love they receive in the home. It is the other edge to the sword that is your child’s social ability. If both are not kept sharp, then your child will be at a disadvantage in the real world.

Yes, out there, there are meanies who do not love and understand your child the way mumsy does, but that’s the whole point. Iron sharpens iron and your child will need to learn the different characters and personalities out there, who they want to befriend, who they want to avoid and why.

father teaching son to ride bike

We all need to belong to something. That’s why even the most individualistic of libertarians will nevertheless join various groups and institutions. Alexis de Tocqueville thought the success of the American Republic as compared with the French was the churches which, although numerous in their denominations, bound the spirit of the Americans together across the country.

There’s a reason that cultural and ethnic homogeneity are so crucial in the creation of high trust societies. So, as a father, you have a duty to make sure your child grows up somewhere they belong in this most primal of ways. If having children doesn’t give you the incentive to take an interest in politics and the society your child must inherit, I don’t know what will.

As far as love in the home goes, you don’t have to be gushing with emotion to let them know you love them. Routine, structure and stability are the greatest tokens of love for a child. Superficially, we can say that accepting them for who they are and kissing them goodnight are good, but shaming them for being different to their brothers and sisters is bad. Of course. But, taking time for your children is at the heart of the matter.

Set times every week for family meetings, eat meals at least once a day together as a family with no distractions and have a board game evening, for instance. Make the home something that you are all collectively invested in and your child will know deep down that you want to be invested in them. Creating that platform gives them the space in which they can speak honestly with you about your parenting and to genuinely listen to your parental wisdom in return.

4. Esteem

I’m at risk of repeating myself here. That’s because children need to be out of the home and in an environment where they are not unconditionally loved in order to find out how they can earn the esteem of their peers and elders, as well as whose opinions don’t matter to them at all. But, learn the mistake of the pushy parents who raise those over-competitive, ticking time-bombs we’ve all encountered. Studies show they’re more likely to reject you later in life and less likely to achieve a sense of fulfilment. Which leads us to self-actualisation.

5. Self-Actualisation

We all want our children to reach their fullest potential but, the trouble is, most of us are not really engaged in that task ourselves. Generally speaking, however, we want our children to succeed at something they love. The best way to do this is to understand what they’re good at and play to their strengths, whilst supporting them in their weak areas.


For example, if yours are still young, study them to see what schemas they have. Schemas are the following psychological urges developed from their first year: Rotation, Trajectory, Enveloping, Orientation, Positioning, Connection, Enclosure/Container, Transporting and Transformation. Once you’ve got them sussed, thinking of toy ideas and study supports is much easier.

But, let’s be honest, if your child isn’t good at science, they probably won’t be an astrophysicist and probably won’t want to, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know how gravity works. If your child has a talent and they love a certain hobby, focus their energies on it and help them to excel; chances are, none of you will regret it or resent the other.


Interestingly, Maslow later revised self-actualisation. He thought that self-actualisation was aimless and without any end in sight, without some higher, transcendent goal. In the West, we have lost the concept of the paterfamilias, the father as being both priest and king of the household, with the hearth keeping both the fire and name of the family alive, surrounded by statues and images of ancestors. The fireplace has been replaced by the television in most of our homes and the father has been replaced by the state in many more still.

father reading to children

As the priest of your family unit, your natural role is to act as a spiritual guide for your children, to the best of your knowledge and belief. Teach them the ways of your ancestors, about their culture and their role in the bigger picture. Teach them how to search within and without for answers, and how to respectfully disagree, so they do not end up mindlessly following authority.

In short, being a father is never going to be easy. Then again, nothing worth having ever is. Become what you were born to be. But, if you’re going to do it, do it right. You don’t have to be the perfect father, you just have to keep at it. All cheesy cliches, yes, but that’s because these principles are time-honoured, tested and true. Let’s keep it that way.

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      Verdict: Attention whoring. Business as usual.

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    1. Yes. That’s the crucial starting point. Sounds easy, don’t it? But many dads fall at this first hurdle.

    2. Normal men are becoming the last last stand to this madness. Not the ultra religious or ultra sensitive but your average guys aware and awake that the world has changed. KIDS respond very favorably to us compared to cellphone mom or single tinder aunt.

  1. Shared this one with my father…mission accomplished on his part! He was born and bred Red Pill, and imbued our younger generation with timeless “man skills” using a high-energy, practical, stoic attitude (spiced with a clever mixture of highbrow and lowbrow humor). I cannot fathom how such techniques could ever expire. Critical to his wisdom is good humor, right-mindedness and direct problem-solving under pressure, and the innate ability to avoid all petty bullshit.
    Every kid needs a clear leader who he can trust to the core.
    Dads are the head of the spear!

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      1. from the cover of the book, he’s a giant white force that crushes urban protestors

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  2. Certainly, very difficult times to be a father. The Europe I was raised in no longer exists, and it will become even worse.

  3. One of the most important things as well is knowing how to parent sons and daughters. One of the reasons so many women act the way they do is because of son-less men who just decided to treat their daughters like boys. This has been especially true in the military where soldiers have been pushing their daughters into the military and up the command ladder as their legacy.

  4. “How To Be A Good Father”
    1) Train you son to be a real man. This is by far the most important job a father has. Even more important than work or being a good husband. Those things are important, but training his son(s) to become a man and eventually surpass him is his most important task in life.
    2) If not willing or able to complete (1), then make sure your son is trained anyway. Send him to military school, martial arts training, mechanical/carpentry training, etc.. whatever it takes to ensure he becomes a real man.
    3) Monitor your sons progress! This does not being being one of those moronic “helicopter parents”. It means makeing sure your son is progressing and moving towards becoming a man. Does he hang out with a good group of friends? Is he joining sports teams? Is he good with his hands, either in a fight or with fixing things? Do pretty girls call him and go on dates with him? Or does he just sit alone in his room and mope around the house?
    The father who ensures his sons become real men is the best possible father. We should all be so lucky to have one of those.
    I certainly did not. While he was absolutely capable of doing those things, he just did not give enough of a damn to train me.

    1. “Does he hang out with a good group of friends?”
      Need to reiterate that one. Peer pressure and the wrong elements can f*ck up his life. Same with daughters. A good friend of mine has teenage daughters now and he says his biggest hassle isn’t the boys buzzing around, but the “little sluts” in his daughters groups. The brazen teenage chicks who are out at all hours because her single mom is out riding the carousel herself.

  5. Well summarized.
    I will add that in boys one must mostly cultivate boldness, creativity and responsibility.
    In girls chastity, manners and humility.
    This is besides nutrition and love of course.

  6. Stay off the booze too. I knew my dad drank every day but I didnt realize how drunk he was until I was 16. When you see something bad everyday from a young age you dont know the significance of it. As of right now Im watching the football game and he’s passed out in his chair. He’s like this everyday, no lie.

    1. My father drank every day too.
      Brandy/Cognac/Scotch/Drambuie after work/before dinner.
      Wine with dinner.
      Anesone with black coffee after dinner.
      But, I have to say, drinking is the one area where I put him in the dust. If he had ever tried to go toe to toe with me with alcohol, I would’ve buried him!

    2. BTW, regarding the football…Go Patriots!!!
      I am a Giants fan, but I am rooting for the Patriots to win it all.
      Certainly don’t want the Steelers and their ghetto coach going any further.

    3. “Stay off the booze” – Excellent point. It’s really difficult to change people – typically impossible. The most important thing to learn sometimes is What NOT to Do. I had a father like that… He (directly) taught me what to do, but (indirectly) taught me what not to do. He was a highly accomplished and successful businessman / restaurateur, but drinking eventually lead to his downfall. Take excellent care of your Health, your Family and your Finances and you’ll be in the best position to be a Good Father, whether now, or in the future.

      1. “He (directly) taught me what to do”
        You were lucky to have him, drinking not withstanding.
        My father was also a highly successful business owner (constructions materials supplier). But in addition to that, he was also a former Naval officer, mechanical engineer, and Golden gloves boxer. He passed on NONE OF IT to me. Too busy playing golf 4 times a week, bowling, playing poker, and banging his mistresses. I do not blame him staying away from home, with my mother being an evil witch and all. But, he could have spent some time training me to be like him, or at least sent me to military school to get away from the witch. I resent the fact that he did not train me, but I do not hate him. My mother though…I hate that harpy’s guts.

    4. You bring up a good point.
      For a child— whatever their home life is, they view it as the norm. It isn’t until late elementary school when they start doing the sleep-over thing do they start to see how other families live.
      But– their experience is the archetype for a family, for how a relationship between a mom/dad – husband/wife is supposed to be. You are setting their expectations for both how to treat a woman they love and want to spend their life with as well as how they should expect to be treated.
      Set high expectations for your daughters and sons. Don’t take [email protected] from your wife in front of them. Don’t, as someone else said, undermine each other to the kids. Take it aside, work it out away from them. If your wife won’t cut the [email protected] you have a decision to make about how to end the marriage in the kids interest, to show some behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

  7. I think another good attribute to being a good father is to not force your kids to be something they aren’t. If you were an athlete yourself, and you want your son to be “johnny football”, but they really don’t possess the physical tools to do so, then you need to recognized that and try and guide your child into the areas of life that might be best suited to their own talents and interests. I was an “athlete” in high school, but average at best. I had those parents that wanted to be the “parents sitting in the stadium bleachers” types. Father always yelled at me and criticized me constantly no matter what sport I was playing. In reality, if my parents hadn’t existed, I probably wouldn’t even had played any sports at all. I probably would have just been an academic enthusiast that would have a much better education and career today than I do. My father’s “sports nut” way of life sending me to sports camps and always having me spend hours “practicing fundamentals” resulted in nothing but wasted time that could have been spent developing my mind instead and preparing me for a much brighter academic future.
    As a parent, your days of trying to be in the “in crowd” and feeling “cool” are over with. Meaning, don’t try and live through your kid, thereby criticizing your kid if they aren’t socially “popular” enough in school or aren’t the star athlete on the field. Not every kid is gifted with great genetics, social tools, or physical tools. You should accept them for who they are and raise them to be a good productive member of society with values. If you have one child that is a superstar, and for the some reason the other child you have is the opposite of their sibling, you need to value both the same rather than praising the “cool one” and minimizing the other sibling. That happens quite often and creates a very painful childhood for the kid that gets to go through life envying their more successful sibling.

    1. “I had those parents that wanted to be the “parents sitting in the stadium bleachers” types.”
      Hated them. It was bad enough taking the field to get stomped every Friday night (my HS football team had unstellar seasons), but to have to listen to the personal insults behind us directed at some of the players from their own parents was really bizarre (it’s just a game hoss. None of us are being recruited by the Big 10).
      I would however encourage to push sons to at least try out a sport and stick it out for one season to see if they like it, but if its not their cup of tea let them decide if they want to go back. I had no intention of doing sports, but I was prodded to try one season and I really enjoyed it (competition, comradery, exercise). Results may vary, but we all need to be left to pursue our own interests as well as given some guideance as to what is out there.

  8. 6. Don’t a narcissist
    Don’t use your child as an extension of yourself which is what the narcissistic father will often do. Recognise that they are their own person and will grow up as such.

  9. Teach them to love and reverence God. Homeschooling doesn’t actually prevent you from mixing with other kids outside the house. In fact, your kids often meet a broader mix than those at school, who often just rub shoulders with those of the same age and background. Apart from that, good article.

    1. Agreed on the homeschooling bit. However, you do need to be intentional on getting your kids out. I know a few homeschoolers whose kids don’t do much outside of the house and they end up being nearly autistic acting. Smart kids, but social idiots. We homeschool our kids, part of that, is we make sure they have community activities like basket ball, gymnastics, church, scouts and so on.

      1. Very true, Jim. There are homeschoolers who make the Amish seem like party animals! Sounds as though you are finding the correct balance and doing a great job!

  10. One tip on parenting for the husband/wife team is to never undermine each other in front of the kids. You need to keep a united front of authority for the little savages & questioning or arguing with each other over rules and decisions should be done behind closed doors. Nothing does more damage to a fathers role of headship than a wife that nags or argues with him where the children can hear.

  11. Where was this article 30 years ago when I was stupid enough to marry a woman 11 years older than myself with 4 kids? I might have been too young to change but at least I would have realized how fucked up I was.

  12. This was a very good summary. My father is all of the things listed above so I must consider myself lucky.

  13. How To Be A Good Father: Never be afraid to dole out corporal punishment.
    You can always tell which children get spanked from the kids who are given “time outs”. Children who know they will be hit for misbehavior are more polite and successful.
    Unfortunately, society has given children far too much power so they know they can call CPS just because their parents are trying to smack some sense into them. North Americans confuse discipline with abuse. Two slaps on the ass is not the same as strangling or kicking a child.

    1. I’ve found that the child ends up determining the punishment, because your job is to find what works for that child.
      Had 3 kids, all of them were punished differently because all responded differently. Only needed to use corporal punishment with the eldest, a girl, because it was the only thing that worked.
      By worked I mean, I only had to do it a couple of times. After that, knowing that corporal punishment would be the consequence achieved the goal of her behaving appropriately. (As she got older, removal of electronics as a consequence achieved the same goal).
      Some kids actually don’t respond to corporal punishment.

  14. The part about homeschooling is hilarious in that the author seems to ignore all studies/research that were done on homeschooling. Homeschooled kids perform 30 to 50 % better than others. And this is also true in *college* where they GPA is on average a whole point higher than other students.
    They also tend to behave better socially, to be more assertive and “rounded”. These last points are more subjective and difficult to measure, I’ll give you that.
    What do you learn in a classroom? How to shut it for 3 hours surrounded by 29 other kids the same age. Great representation of the real world you say? Homeschooled children learn how to manager their life, how to deal with older/younger children (via study groups) and are not indoctrinated by liberal teachers.
    Be a good father, keep your kids out of the school system

  15. Discipline: Never tell your child that they can be in trouble with the law. It’s YOU they can risk getting into trouble with. YOU are the power, the guide and the rule within your castle. Children should mistrust the corrupt system fully. An “honest cop” proves to be an oxymoron more times than you can shit test.
    YOU MAN hold the rightful governance over your clan. Scriptures speak of life in limbo between empires which tax the domestic patriarch to the empowerment of the state. In this new AGE OF MAN, YOUR MIGHTY SOVERIGN BALLS rule supreme in your home. YOUR TONGUE has the last word. NEVER discipline your child by saying “I’m calling the uniformed [enter establishment cosplay get up suit] if you don’t do such and such. Your power erodes instantly if you whine for help from the nanny state to discipline your children.
    Only a weak single whore mother cries for the nanny state. If your married wife tries to usurp your authority over to the state by calling in nanny state operatives to manage a family situation, she needs stopped instantly like a flash grease fire on the stove needs covered with a towel or blown out. Her last flagrating feminist tendencies need SMOTHERED DEAD in the split second blink of an eye. STOP THAT BITCH mid sentence before she can even say who she thinks she’s gonna call. It ain’t ghost busters, no IT’S KING DADDY. All little ones hail KING DADDY!
    Feminism is indeed dying and its last quivers need STAMPED OUT AND POUNDED. Don’t hesitate to pound a wooden stake into the last vestages, the last cries and death gurgles of feminism. Notice how the feminist sirens even in family circles aren’t as bold or assertive anymore? Feminism is indeed nearly dead dead. Just keep hammering and pounding “wham-bam-wham-bam”

    1. Where’s yer manners, son, after all that “wham bam” you must at least give her a “Thank you, Ma’am”.

  16. In the Catholic Church the father is the priest/head of what is called “the domestic church” because Adam was made in the image of God, while Eve was made from man. It recognizes the man’s natural role as head of the family, and the submission of the wife as helpmeet.
    While this has been weakened by the onslaught of feminism in society, it is still the teaching of the Church. “Every Catholic home should be considered a microcosm of the Church, with the Father as the head, Mother as the cherished spouse, and with the children brought up learning how to know, love, and serve God. The true head of the Catholic home is Jesus, just as He is Head of the Church but appointed a Vicar in the Supreme Pontiff, our Holy Father.”
    The Father is in charge of the moral upbringing of the children in the Faith, with the mother assisting him, to the outcome of their becoming “warriors of Christ” in confirmation and adulthood. This is the ideal, that we are all in all far from it, is our fault for allowing women to subvert marriage and family.

  17. Masculinity is so fragile that it needs self-reassurement via calling women “the weaker sex” as many times as it can. A man feels entirely happy and fulfilled only when he’s reminding himself that he’s worthy by humiliating a woman in the process.

    1. Nope, ‘we’ didn’t coin that term to imply anything other than physical attributes. Feminists pathetically use it as another attempt at victim-hood. The sexes have different strengths and attributes, what Feminism has done as made a generation of women unhappy by making women COMPETE with men instead of the two complementing each other, along with blatantly inflating the egos of women with colossal delusions of grandeur in their attractiveness levels.

      1. Nobody fucking cares that you’re stronger than us. Nobody is going to give you a medal for it. It will not make you more valuable than us. It only makes you look insecure and devoided of a personality. It makes you look like stupid crybabies.

        1. I can’t even remember anyone using that term but whatever. Would you be happier if we used the term ‘The Fairer Sex’? I am not bothered either way, I treat everyone on the basis of how they treat me. But you appear to be missing RSF32’s point, in that feminism has done a great disservice to those it pretends to empower. You say ” It will not make you more valuable than us.”, to whom are you bestowing that hypothetical evaluation on?

    2. More like femininity is so fragile that it cannot handle the biological fact that men are physically stronger than women.
      Doesn’t mean women aren’t valuable in their own way or have their own strengths.
      Learn to love yourself and the truth wouldn’t hurt so much.

      1. The thing is, men take so much pride in puffing up the things that differentiate them from women and ultimately, yes, place men above women in certain aspects… while women ignore that practice and keep to hard work and dedication to, ultimately, wind up putting themselves above men when it comes to society’s opinion, esteem and decantation.
        Ever wonder why women are usually taken in higher esteem and are thought to be psychologically more profound? Consider it be the fact that we don’t spend half our lives trying to boost ourselves up by humiliating you guys in the process. Instead, we ignore you and proceed to proving it.
        We don’t need to say what makes us superior to you in order to feel more self-assured. We just do it, and end up turning it into reality.

    3. “ …whatever nonsense spoiled and useless Western White Women are throwing their hysterical jags about this week.. everyone is their potential target, for no other reason than that undiagnosed hysterics need someone to SHRIEK at everyday or the snakes inside their heads will eat all their brains.” – Ace of Spades
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      Examples: a violent video game, a game portraying idealized men and women, a Victoria’s Secret Model, a conservative or libertarian figure, a firearm company, a libertarian or conservative or accomplished woman with an opinion contrary to the SOPO hive mind. Examples: Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ayn Rand etc.}
      littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our constant
      {feel free to choose an adverb better conveying your vitriol}
      An example to assist you:
      yes and we are all 50 yr old virgin, pitifully fat losers with tiny wieners, who live in our mothers’ basements, and have not showered/bathed or brushed our teeth for a week. Bitterly masturbating all day while playing video games and watching Overwatch based porn. Eating cheetos in our skid-marked underwear and thread bare Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ shirts littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our incessant snacking.
      Hopefullly, this will assist in calming the
      snakes and allowing you a moment’s respite from their depredations.

      1. Your response oozes so much bitterness and contained rage that I might end up thinking you are in fact what you just described.

        1. It’s just sad when you see such a lack of effort. I mean, a simplistic name calling that no one actually cares about? Sure, they’re young, but really need to learn to step up their game to at least make it entertaining and rise above the scan and ignore category. It would be a good opportunity to work on their creative writing as preparation for high school. Take a little pride in their work, start instilling the discipline of making a good effort on every task.
          You just kind of hope they’ll get the hint and ‘punch up their work’ a bit in the future.

  18. Nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with my 20 year old son.. He is really a cool dude. We had so much fun over Christmas. Shooting,l planting trees, even took a concealed carray class. I had fun with him when he was little too.
    However, I admit, I was way to caught up in my work, my hobbies etc when he was little. Did very little with him.
    Kind of sad, really. But aat least we agree on supporting Donald Trump.

  19. “They will also pass on the same IQ-depleting, animalistic behaviour to their children and so the vicious cycle continues.”
    Low IQ is heritable, high IQ is heritable. The “inherited” violence isn’t because of violence in their upbringing, but probably because of inherited low IQ+other biological/genetic factors. Ofc the violence during childhood doesn’t help.
    But it’s all about IQ and biology.

  20. How to be a good father?
    It always take small steps first.
    Owning up to your own self responsibility and changing your situation and taking care of business/problems.

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