5 Ways Our Modern World Is A Pale Simulation Of The Past

When I was living in Kiev, Ukraine, I was spending a lot of time at business lunch. Essentially, it was a 3-5 course lunch time meal that restaurants in Kiev would do to entice people to come in and eat. Those 3-5 courses would usually cost about $3-$7 when it was all said in done. The most expensive restaurant in the city offered it for $6. Juice, bread, salad or soup, and a main course. It was a killer deal. My friends and I would go to one of these restaurants Monday through Friday, every day.

One of the major topics that always came up was the way that so many things in our modern world are simulated. Things that used to be typical in older times are now existent in our current culture, in a sort of fantasy. To me, there were five things that now exist in the world that basically simulate what people in the past used to do.

When we weren’t talking about how to handle Ukrainian women and the state of our dating lives, we had a lot of time to talk about life, how things have evolved in the last few years, and to bring these points into a more concise view of the world and how they have directly impacted modern day men. They deserve as much credit as I do for this post.

In short, these things all result in lower testosterone, depression, and a multitude of other symptoms that all can be traced back to what we’d consider to be the problems of modern society. These problems aren’t just pertinent to men, however.

1. Sports Replacing War


Gladiators used to fight in the Roman Coliseum for sport. These days, it’s simulated with things like football. “Violence and blood,” so to speak. Now, don’t get me wrong–if you’re active and participating in sports, it’s great. But it’s a substitute for literally going to war and killing off other tribes. Perhaps this is the one simulation on the list that isn’t a bad thing, on paper. Everybody should lead active and healthy lives. But then you look around and realize that many men are simply being spectators to sport.

Spending twelve hours on Sunday watching the NFL as a fan. It’s scary that the games kick off at 1pm EST and end at nearly midnight, if you watch the late game. Major League Baseball has 162 games in their season. I know that quite a few guys out there watch all 162 games of their respective teams.

It’s a simulation of replacing the long lost battles fought against other tribes. Instead, your “tribe” paints colors and logos on your face and goes to “war” with the other team’s fans. I don’t think you need to cut out sports (watching), and definitely don’t think they are 100% poison. Everybody needs a way to unplug once in a while. It’s not the worst vice you could have.

However, you must cut it down to manageable bits each week. Watch your favorite team’s football game. And when it’s done, it’s done. Don’t let it affect your mood for the rest of the week (or even day).

2. Porn, Dolls, and Virtual Reality, Replacing Sex


Everybody by now knows that porn is really, really bad for you. But people aren’t stopping their use of it.

Many men in Asian countries have all but thrown in the towel on having any sort of love life. They would rather use porn and blow-up dolls that simulate sex—pretty damn close to the real thing, I hear. Western men would rather stay home and jerk off to increasingly-disturbing levels of porn rather than travel abroad to remote places to meet Serbian women or Colombian girls. Hell, with the advancement of technology, blow-up dolls may be far more skilled at giving head than real girls in the not-so-distant future. Looking at the doll in the photo above is scary. You can tell she’s fake if you look closely, but from afar, I could be fooled.

With men, it’s all about the end release when it comes to sex. Women use porn (or at least say they do) at a less drastic rate. They also don’t seem to have quite the addiction to it. That’s because for women, the sex is all about the journey through it. It doesn’t matter if they have an orgasm. When you can simulate sex and still get the end release, it’s an effective simulation as opposed to the real thing—which isn’t that hard to get.

3. Pets Replacing Children


Dogs are a man’s best friend, but the way some people treat their pets is utterly pathetic. In a world where people are repeatedly being told now to have children (or to put it off in the case of women), they are finding other way’s to simulate raising children.

The entire biological point of our existence is to pass on our genetics. And yet people are being told that they really shouldn’t. Instead, they get dogs that fit into purses. And the sad part is that then those people become so reliant on the dogs that it’s the humans that need the dogs just so they can muster the courage to get on an airplane.

It’s disturbingly easy to get an emotional support animal these days.

4. Video Games Replacing Achievement


I’ve suffered from video game addiction myself. It’s a real thing. And I know exactly what achievement porn is. Video games suck you in now and don’t let you out. As men, we do work to achieve stuff. We get good feelings and a sense of accomplishment from it.

Video games take it up a level by adding fantasy to those achievements. Even though you’re pouring hours and hours into something pointless, you feel good because it’s accomplishment. It’s a false sense of working hard. The sad thing is, if you took those ten hours playing video games (a day) for achievement porn, and spent just three of them on building a business–you’d have a hell of a lot to show.

5. Food Replacing Pleasure


Food is a way to numb the pain for a lot of people. It’s a distraction from the day to day life of the office grind. You could throw alcohol into this discussion, too.

People are so disconnected from each other on a personal level, that’s it’s more comfortable to eat food instead of confiding in your friends and peers. Combine this with the sedentary lifestyle of the 9-5 grind, television (see #1), and it’s a recipe for disaster. It all goes full circle.

You’re now addicted and dependent on food for numbing pain. You have a “tribe” which just makes you sit on the couch more and more. You have a pet that replaces offspring, and a doll that replaces a lover.

That’s the life of simulation. And the worst thing? Most will never even realize what they’re doing. It’s time to wake up.

If you want to learn how to meet more girls online (ironic given the subject of this post, I admit)—check out my book, Cracking OkCupid. For more travel, game, and digital nomad advice, visit my blog at This Is Trouble.

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157 thoughts on “5 Ways Our Modern World Is A Pale Simulation Of The Past”

    1. The tricky part about the simulacra and simulation that the analogy in the Matrix movie never fully understands is that there is no “real” world. There is only the matrix. False, created reality. The joke is that there isn’t an actual real world propping it up. Just a dream had by no one.

      1. Or…did it? In the Matrix, keep in mind that Neo suddenly found powers to dispel the squid drones in “the real world” which would make zero sense given as he did it with the same kind of shock wave mental thingy. He was also, totally out of “reality”, able to basically see without eyes in “the real world”. That, to me, strongly suggested a never ending maze of matrices.

      2. Interesting thing about the Matrix and the fact that “red pill” is now part of the modern lexicon is the fact that the Wachowski brothers that wrote and directed it are now transgendered brothers (sisters?)… Andy and Larry are now Lilly and Lana. They’ve literally (Hitler) entered an alternate universe. One of the most bizarre freaking things I’ve seen.
        The first Matrix movie is still my favourite sci-fi movie though. Carrie-Anne Moss was a knockout in that latex body suit.

  1. What we are living in reminds me of Pax Romana (that period of time from about 50-200 AD when it was peaceful for Rome, but immorality rose and society weakened). People are intentionally distracted with circuses, the middle class dwindles, the wealthy are becoming more corrupt, etc. How will it end when the barbarian invaders come? Read Isaiah, 1 Timothy, and Revelations.

    1. The US imported the barbarians as slaves, and now the slaves are fighting an undeclared dirty war against our society. 37,000 white females sex. assaulted by blacks in the US EVERY YEAR.

      1. That number is nothing compared to the number of white women who exclusively date black men

        1. Other than pro athletes, most are fat, diseased, tattooed skank mudsharks. We don’t want them, anyway. And the gold-diggers take the dumb athletes’ money when they retire lol.

      2. Actually you the people are the slaves, blacks were forced onto you through immigration not slavery
        White people owned hardly any slaves, black africans owned a vast majority of the slaves along with the jew & arab backed aristocrat plantations
        White people were enslaved thousands of times more then blacks, precisely because of geography & logistics
        White people ARE THE TRUE SLAVES
        Stop believing the lies of victim whoring africans & their jew faggots

        1. Today, white men are the tax slaves, supporting women, children and minorities, and get only hatred in return.

        2. Thats because white men never stopped being slaves, because they dont fight for their rights
          They dont organise against anything, not even divorce laws even though it effects all men, while women have so many rights theyve sunk to complaining about tampons …

        3. Keep putting White women on the pedestal Storm Fag. No white girl will even let you sniff her pussy since your worship the ground they walk on like a pathetic BetaCuck. At least Blacks and Muslims can see white girls for the trash they are. Just like all women they’re nothing special.

  2. I was addicted to World of Warcraft a few years back and your point related to video games procuring a false sense of achievement really did a number on me. All those hours wasted.. I’m still into video games but not as much as I used too thanks to RoK. Great article.

    1. I was addicted to Guild Wars. I was one of the Top100 richest players in the game and in the end I sold some of my gold and ectoplasm for thousands of Euros on ebay. I spent between 1,000 and 2,000 hours with this game.
      Not only did it give me lots of extra allowance it also taught me how to trade. The ingame trading options and the fluctuation of the market were the best parts of the game – but the game was a masterpiece in general. Best gameplay ever and best soundtrack ever.
      I never played Guild Wars 2 because they threw everything that made GW unique out of the window and made GW2 way more WoW-like.
      Last time I played a video game was in 2010.
      Well, I actually found the Age Of Empires 2 CD last week and played a bit because its legendary but overall video games are a huge waste of time.

      1. I’m anti-video games too, bc of the lack of real-world results you can show for your hundreds or even thousands of hours of input.
        But I’ve heard about these games where you can buy and sell in-game assets for real world currency and this is a concept I find truly intriguing. I doubt a living could be made by many people, but it sure as hell negates my “no real rewards” hypothesis.

        1. Money isn’t a real reward? I’m all for the old spirituality my boy, but money is a real, tangible thing. Certainly more so than a trophy/achievement, cutscene or credits roll.

        1. Eh, he did say that he quit gaming years ago after making some actual money at it. Could be worse. In the ensuing years, he’s likely created bookshelves and end tables that are more manly and aesthetically pleasing than yours, and with higher quality wood.

      2. Yeah I loved the first one…just played pvp for fun though but I cannot stand not having human opponents in pc gaming.
        I used to be soo good at call of duty 1 and 2 that I would regularly be banned from servers for being so good I was called a hacker all the time.
        Truth is I spend alot of time of the rifles only servers.
        Nothing wrong with games. You can learn alot from them

    2. I like games, but I never understood MMOs. You go away on a biz trip for a week, then you log on, and your wife and kids have been slaughtered, all your gold is gone, and your “friends” have betrayed you

      1. Right on man. And also, the things in the game have changed as well.

        1. And God smote Job’s family and livestock and afflicted his body with sores yet Job did not waver in his obedience to the Almighty. Then satan did say to the lord “disable Job’s steam account and delete all his save games” and see then if still he will not curse thee….

    3. Never played video games. And not slamming you at all. But I remember when in college, the dudes who played video games all the time found it weird how I spent off time in town, on the waterfront — out in public interacting with people.

    4. When I was in college, I remember the dudes who played video games all-the-time considered me ‘odd’ cause I didn’t and instead spent my off time out in public, interacting with people face to face.
      Not slamming anyone who plays video games but I find it ‘odd’ that going out to physically do something over sitting on ass playing video games is considered “weird.”

      1. When dudes question my wife on why she is with me or what is desirable, she tells them theyre worthless if they play video games.

        1. College was my first experience with those type of guys. Growing up, I was always outside and interacting with adults most of time.
          It wasn’t until college I was considered “weird” for not sitting

      2. One of the most endlessly frustrating aspects of working in corporate America for me is constantly having to apologize for studying languages instead of gaming, not eating the donuts, and working out instead of watching sports on TV.

        1. Corporate America wants good lil compliant, non-thinking employees. I’ve got some family members who are high up in the Insurance Industry. (I could spend a lot of time going off on them but I’ll list just one example instead.) They got their daughter a lucrative entry-level job at the company. Months ago I heard the daughter booked a $1,500.00 flight for some business trip and bought the insurance. Flight was cancelled and they informed her there was NO refund. And she just accepted it without the slightest effort to get refund or merely question it.
          I’ve 1) never paid that stupid insurance on a flight and 2) have NEVER accepted they couldn’t give full refund. I’ve been on phone for 45-60 minute adamant I WAS GETTING REFUND. And guess what: they always cave and return $ in full.

        2. At my last job, I worked with a very “comic book guy”-looking dude. Long, greasy hair, superhero or star wars t-shirts over a big, pendulous gut. He’d often mock my lifting and refusal to eat the donuts, and also often loudly complain about how his wife doesn’t like to have sex with him. I always wanted to say “I can tell you what the problem is” and point at that gut. Meanwhile, I get blowjobs on demand at home.

        3. I can’t blame a woman for not being able to stand having that sack of shit slapping off her ass… Still though, she bought that ticket. It’s like that for me too, with some pride in a job well done as well. These guys… They’ve internalized their abuse so hard that they promote it as healthy and try to shame the healthy ones. They corrupt every single fucking relationship they have and absolutely make the worst people to be forced to deal with. Fucking scum man.

    5. I use to waste a ton of hours playing the original Warcraft back in college (mid 1990’s). I would have been far better off studying more, socializing more, or working out. After college, I wasted a bunch of time playing Command and Conquer (still 1990s).
      I married my college sweetheart in 1999, and haven’t spent much time playing video games since. Those whole day gaming sessions really aren’t conducive to a quality marriage (or quality life).
      Video games, and porn can sure waste a lot of time and energy.

    6. MMOs and competitive multiplayer games are the real thing when it comes to addiction on video games.
      I’m working on the video game industry for some time, I have to say it the best job I can imagine. It pays well, it is fun, and you are always exercising your creativity, and as an artist it is really pleasant.
      Maybe you could say my opinion is biased for the fact that I’m literally making a living because of video games, but I don’t think the problem are in video games themselves.
      The addiction on video games is not the problem, it is a symptom of a problem, a much deeper problem that links to how society is nowadays. Video games are as addicting as movies, sports and other pieces of entertaiment. If you gonna condem them as being intrinsically bad, you should condemm all other forms of modern entertainment as well.
      Also, I think that Smartphones and Social Medias are a lot more addicting and damaging than any other piece of technology.
      To solve the problems with video games, we have to solve the problems with society in first place. Otherwise, it will be Ineffective to attack video games like if they were the cause of these problems. They are not.

    7. It’s depressing to think of the hundreds of hours spent on WoW when that time could have been spent on a real hobby or skill. Hell, even doing drugs might have been time better spent.

      1. Yeah, I found myself dry heaving when walking by a woman with a large dog, it lasted a few weeks for me

    1. Some picture and videos of a local girl were leaked, A dog was licking her vagina. I heard that thing of don´t trust any girl who owns a big dogs. I did not believe it until that day. And a lot of girls with small dogs masturbate them, it´s weird. Seen it before.

        1. I actually know a girl who lives in a symbiotic relationship with her dog.
          You can see the dog on every single photo on facebook and she never had a boyfriend with 23.
          Creepy shit.

        2. I hate how women would rather have sex with a dog than with a white beta male.

        3. The white male is a xenophobe, racist, misogynist, sexist, islamophobe and antisemite.
          The dog is just innocent.
          Therefore the dog is the better option.

        4. True but the white beta male has an even lower SMV than the non-white beta male because of “white privilege”.

        5. I don’t know that you should “hate” it. It should just be taken as a lesson. Three lessons really — one about men, one about women, and a third about dogs.

  3. We’ve seen a consistent attack on having experiences in the real world which give you real skills. This agenda unites computer games, sex robots, self-driving cars, virtual reality and so forth. Even talk of technological unemployment where the robots do all the work promotes the value of isolating people from acquiring skills. If these technologies converge in just the right way, we’ll see a generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to talk to girls, won’t know how to drive and who won’t have ever held even an entry-level job.
    I don’t know why the nerds who promote this vision of a greatly diminished life for men view it as some kind of futurist utopia. You’d think they would want men in “the future” to develop so that they resemble the heroes in their favorite science fiction stories who become more capable and self-reliant with time, not more incompetent and helpless.

    1. “I don’t know why the nerds who promote this vision of a greatly diminished life for men view it as some kind of futurist utopia.”
      As a nerd myself I can tell you one thing: when I was about 12 (in a much less advanced world than now when Knight Rider was on TV and still a far fetched Science Fiction) I hoped that if I continued to do well in class, especially Maths & Physics, I’d become a genius scientist who’d contribute to create such technology. Now at 39 I’m just a very average computer programmer, never created anything of substance and actually very scared of some new technology too (such as AI)

      1. Could you just imagine a Trek-like series where the “engineer” on the ship doesn’t know how anything works? He just has the job of noting what the robots tell him they’ve done to maintain or repair the vessel. Otherwise he becomes helpless when the robots stop working.
        Because that describes the kind of diminished life for men I can see coming from Silicon Valley’s futurology.

        1. The latest thing is self driving vehicles. I’ve watched talking heads act like it’s the most exciting thing.
          I’ve only seen 1: ONE commentator (in serious fashion) actually acknowledge what this will do to employment. Think of the MILLIONS of people who drive for a living outta work.

        2. Exactly. When I’ve brought up how automation is eliminating HUMAN jobs some people laugh it off as if it’s inconceivable people will be replaced with driverless vehicles, etc.
          (Let’s remember there was also a time when humans thought the idea of people flying was nuts.)
          The reality is companies are advancing these technologies. The elimination of jobs will not occur over night but the fact is companies have already made successful drone deliveries and semis operated without a person behind wheel.

        3. I think there was a movie like this, a classic movie, with a computer named HAL.

    2. Amazing. I thought of this once before. Like every new trend is pushing us indoors. The only last stand is to make us all computer programmers working from home to program software for robots who perform all the manual labor jobs!

    3. “If these technologies converge in just the right way, we’ll see a generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to talk to girls, won’t know how to drive and who won’t have ever held even an entry-level job.”
      We already have it: MGTOW

  4. Real Madrid is removing the cross from the shirt so that muslims aren’t offended.
    Another reason I’m a FC Barcelona supporter.
    I hope Real gets fucked tonight in the Copa Del Rey. They lost the first leg, so they have to win their away game tonight or they are out of the tournament.
    There is some strange relationship between Real and muzzies. Every turkish guy in germany is a Real supporter.

    1. why the mayo? no wait, don’t answer! no tell me I have to know.

    2. You should have wrote ‘How Addiction to Guild Wars makes you the richest kid on the street and improves your trading skills’ – read my other comment 😉

  5. I always thought world conflicts should be settled by softball games with the leaders of countries or giant robot battles ala Robot Jox.

  6. I would change #1 to “Watching Sports Replacing Playing Sports”.
    Men ought to be playing real sports until they are too damn old to move. Rugby, baseball, softball, racquetball, tennis, golf, whatever. Playing and competing is good for the mind, body, and soul.

    1. Eating Ice Cream instead of vegetables.
      Chilling on the couch instead of going for a walk or weightlifting.
      Flying on top of the mountain with a drone instead of climbing.
      Spherical aberrations inducing and dry eye causing Laser eye surgeries instead of just wearing glasses and contacts.
      The joosy modern world is utterly retarded.

    2. Sports for life. I love seeing 70 year old dudes out moose hunting. Hell, I find golf tedious at best, but both my parents are now fully retired Florida snowbirds so spend basically all year golfing and I’ve never seen them more healthy or happy. Compare that to my wife’s grandparents of similar age who are fat, unhealthy and fucking miserable.

      1. My mom is a goddamned tank. She’s nearly 70, swims about 2 miles a day, is a member of the national disaster response team for the Red Cross. She worked front lines for Hurricane Sandy, wildfires in Colorado, floods in Tennessee. Last year she hiked 150 miles across Spain. I swear, she’s going to bury ME lol.

      2. Thats interesting. My family is more like your wifes. Good for your parents tho. Whats the secret you think?

    3. Or just trying to achieve a new personal best in bench, squat, dead lift, or master a new advanced move in yoga or gymnastics, if you’re not into the team sports thing.

  7. Nearly every young women in my town has a dog or a cat. You can really feel that it’s their way to address their nurturing instincts. Of course they wanna have kids – but german media told them every girl needs to be a CEO or otherwise she is enslaved and having german kids is bad in general because german toddlers are literally Hitlerian neo nazis.

    1. The pet surrogate is everywhere these days. I don’t ever remember a time when people didn’t have pets (clearly, there hasn’t been that time since at least 200,000 years ago or more when we domesticated doggies and kitties)…BUT…I just don’t recall it being an “it” thing for single women. A guy might get a dog now and then as an “attractant” when walking in the park cruising for chicks, but generally dogs were family items, more or less.
      Now all of these lonely single people have them and lavish attention on them like children (as you said, the nurturing instinct). Even married women, more often than not, have dogs and/or cats that they pay more attention to, if you hear them (and their husbands) talk about the topic.

      1. I’ve gotten hardcore into dog training in the past few years and training a fully finished dog has opened my eyes to how many shitty dog owners are out there. 95% of dogs are owned by limp fucking leaves who think it is a child and treat it as such. Thus, they have terribly behaved dogs. Angers the crap out of me because it endangers me and my well-trained and behaved companion.

        1. Dude, i stopped to jog on the field roads around here because I was attacked by dogs 4 times. I’m glad that all of the dogs were small and I could sprint away just in the moment before the bite.

        2. Why submit to that shit. Go jogging anyway, if the little shits attack kick them to the curb, literally. If they go for your throat, put your hand in their mouth and break their fucking jaws.

        3. You need an expandable baton to crack their skulls. Ive watched a small dog get its neck broken in a field cause the large mutts were off leash. My fam raised 4h guide dogs for the blind, hence my frustration.

      2. True story, this guy was strolling his daughter in a park, saw a woman in her 40s and said what a wasted life must she have. 1 year later wife divoces and takes daughter, guy afterwards buys a dog, again he walks it in a park sees a woman walking a cat, says what kind of moron walks a cat. Another year later later dog dies, receives a cat as a gift. He now walks the cat.

      3. I am friends with a married Irish couple, I have known for over 20 years, once set me up on a blind date with one of wife’s single girlfriends. Long-haired supple red-head– cute, but a little short (I’m slightly over 6 ft).
        Nice date, but I never pursued it beyond that (multiple reasons). Fast forward a dozen years later and we met up at the mutual friends hosting a party. She politley enquires about the family and I give her a polite reply.
        Than I ask her, “hows the dog?”. She says, “fine. How’de you know I had a dog?”
        Me: “Shot in the dark.”
        I wasn’t as astute in red-pill as today, but I knew even 20 years ago where she was headed.

      4. & these dicks live in apartments with said critters & now take them into any business freely. If I have a kid with a pet allergy Im going Gestapo on their asses in public businesses. Saw a dude let his mutt eat/drink from the dishware at a Peruvian place last week. Disgusting.

      5. Exactly. These same women are saying ” If I cant find the man Im looking for, Im totally fine being alone forever.”
        Unfortunately, by “totally fine forever ” they mean: a few years until they go full butch feminist and spend the last 40 years of their lives feeling miserable, jealous, and victimized.

    2. while there is a certainly a correlation i believe to some part this is just a german thing, i remember a quote in some history book from a turkish guy who came in the 70s and somewhat jokingly said “when i first came to germany i thought cats and dogs get born to people here”

  8. The Coliseum was able to be filled with water at one point; they would reenact great battles at sea. Good stuff

  9. In my late 30’s, I was injured on the job. I could still work, but had to give up activities like martial arts. An Xbox 360 replaced that lifestyle.
    2 years and 20 pounds later, I broke the very real addiction of video games, got up off my ass and built a cabin in the woods. I’ve not become a Mennonite, but I now use technology sparingly, preferring the real world over any type of simulation.

        1. I must have bumped my head just before seeing this. I’m gonna get some ice and sit down and close my eyes for a bit now. I’m pretty sure that picture will look alright after I open them. Yes sir.
          Counting down….5, 4, 3, 2,…..

        1. Dean Martin: You ain’t drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding on.

    1. Congratulations on managing to balance it like that. That had to have been the trickiest part!

      1. don’t be absurd GOJ he didn’t balance the house on the tip like that. He built this house in Australia. That’s just how houses look on the bottom side of the planet.

        1. Wait…I thought that they spun around counter-clockwise down there?

    2. That is so great that I am not even going to make the obvious joke. Way to go brother!

    3. You’ve accurately conveyed the gravity of your accomplishment. In all seriousness, nice work!

  10. 6. New Age pseudoreligion replacing Christianity
    Why love Jesus and your neighbour when you can love yourself.

    1. Christians invented the idea that religions have expiration dates. Muslims ran with this idea by claiming that Christianity expired when Muhammad got the more up-to-date revelation from god.
      So why should it surprise Christians that their religion has gone into decline?

  11. I have recently noticed some of these things creeping into my own life. Now I make an effort to go out and do something “in real life” everyday.

  12. The OP is out of touch with women’s use of porn. With millennial females its not that different from males, and women use toys.

  13. I used to love couch co-op video games years back when they had split screen and lan connections. me and 8 or so buddies would play capture the flag every other Friday night or so. now everything is internet connected and impersonal. I don’t see how people enjoy talking over a mic instead of the interaction like being able to punch the guy next to you for betraying.

  14. I think the world we live in has been risk assessed and everything real has been removed for our own safety.

  15. Good article – summed in a few words the modern man (and woman) have turned into spectators of life instead of participants.

  16. The “end times” theology popular in many evangelical churches probably belongs on this list. How can people possibly go through life believing that they’ll get raptured any day now, when they can see that the big proponents of this nonsense like Tim LaHaye die from the usual causes like everyone else?

  17. I am a huge soccer fan and I kinda relate to the first point of this article. Because Romanian mainstream media has nothing to offer (thank you, Captain Obvious), every night when I am tired and I want to relax, I tune on a few Romanian sports channels and watch soccer. If, suddenly, soccer was banned, I’d sell my TV.
    Unfortunately, there is too much soccer on TV to the point that I don’t get as much pleasure of watching a match than in the past. In 95% of the cases, I read a book on Kindle (now I am reading a Donald Trump book) and let the TV, with the soccer match, in the background. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the best of the best when it comes to this sport: matches involving top teams from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, etc. But it’s way too much, unfortunately. And it becomes frustrating.
    Last night it was a match between Juventus and Milan. I remembered that about 20 years ago (now I am 33) I would have killed to be able to see, on TV, such a game. Now, I spent a bit over a half reading one of Trump’s books and listening to the commentary, the only moments when I looked at the TV being when Juventus scored. Sometimes I wish I can relive those days when I would count the hours until the kickoff of Juventus and Milan came. Maybe I’ve changed…
    I don’t get involved emotionally, unless my favorite team (Steaua Bucharest) and the national team of Romania are playing. The pinnacle of emotional involvement was 11 years ago, when Steaua lost the away match against Middlesbrough, 4-2, in the second round of the UEFA Cup semifinals. I went into a depression for 3 days. That was LITERALLY the chance of a lifetime.
    Maybe sports isn’t what it used to be… or maybe I should stop reading and just watch the damn game.
    PS: can somebody explain me how can you watch 12 hours of NFL? I watched a few games and the main reason it lasts three hours is that there is alot of idle time. Soccer doesn’t have this.

  18. My dad has been visiting me for three weeks. His health is deteriorating. His teeth are all almost gone. He’s pretty overweight. All he has is junk food and tv. Its his entire life. Literally 8 hours a day. Its been like this for 10 years or so, and he’s 65.
    I dont know how many other baby boomers went this route. We can NOT let this happen to us. Thats why:
    8 years ago I swore off tv ( I sign up for cable 1 month per year when papa visits, then cancel.)
    5 years ago I lost 47 pounds. Kept it all off.
    3 years ago I started traveling and studying languages for more rewarding hobbies.
    Also 3 years ago I branched into a new career that facilitates location independence.
    Basically trying to stay passionate about life in general. I do not want to be a fucking slug.

    1. Sorry about your situtation. My boomer father had a collage of obituaries on his fridge from his old colleagues who retired around the same time he did. They all died within 2 years of retiring.
      “Basically trying to stay passionate about life in general.”

    2. It depends how old he is and what his previous life was like, I’m nearly 61 and I can see a time coming when I can’t do anything but sit and read/watch/listen/post. 65 doesn’t seem unreasonable. As you get older, you tend to move around less. Yeah, I go mountain biking all the time, but one big fall, with multiple breaks, and it’ll all be over.
      Mobility and activity at 45 (your age) is way different to 65 (his age).

  19. You really know people who watch all 162 of their team’s baseball games? Even the most fanatic fans I’ve known can’t quite pull that off.

  20. I agree, btw, I solved how to be happy in this mad world, stay single, have few good real friends, rent sex, stay healthy, earn money.
    Once I become old, I will fly elsewhere, have kids with a good wife and rise my middle finger when death will come saying: fu feminazies!
    There are no other options, yet!

  21. Generally modern warfare is nothing to be excited about….drones and bombers. No honour or glory involved. Although the Special forces maybe achieve something close to that…mass armies don’t…also getting ordered around like a c*nt all day doesn’t particularly appeal to me.

    1. Have to agree. One thing that sucks about the military is having some retarded lifer bossing you around because he is a loser on the outside and compensates with his artificially-granted authority over you.
      That doesn’t even take into account the racist dindus who do the same because they hate white people.

  22. I disagree with the video game one a little bit. For me video games are one of my hobbies. I use it to relax. But it’s not my sole existence. I enjoy the stories and game play. I stay away from MMOs though.

  23. Fuck, Battlefield literally rewards players for grinding out hours of game play with fake medals and loot crates, while pasty numale man children think their CoD History has taught them the ability to effectively end a life. Meanwhile people in your day to day ask why you are acting out a trope because you like shooting guns, fast cars, and whiskey.

  24. I think the modern world is the best time in all history to be alive. Sure, I can think of some stuff I’d like to improve …….. Errrr, no, actually I can’t.
    I have a much younger wife, an even younger girlfriend, a nice son, can have sex with female students whenever I feel like it, travel all over the world, eat and drink as much as I want when I want, and go mountain biking every day, no need to work or earn money.
    High speed internet allows me to watch any movie or TV Show I can think of almost instantly, read any book, listen to any music, all free of charge.
    We’ve never had it so good!
    You want to get killed in battle? That’s just weird.

  25. This is true, 30 years ago I noticed some people treated their pets like their children. Knew a woman who treated her dog like her baby, I thought it was odd at the time. Today its common for people to use animals as a substitute for children. But then again all sorts of lifestyles once seen as bizarre are now normal.
    Video gaming is today more popular among adults than children. Back in the day the original Nintendo was the most popular game system, but it was mostly grade school kids and teens playing games, then later on it was young adults, and today its older adults playing games. Its pretty sad to see grown adults playing video games.
    As far as pornography is concerned, most women in real life are not what most guys imagined their partners to be, so that is why a lot of men are just giving up on women. Porn is a substitute for a man to avoid going through the headaches of real life relationship with a modern woman just to get some sexual pleasure.
    If you live in America, this is the reality for that vast majority of the population. Its becoming this way in much of Western Europe as well these days. Eastern Europe not so much but it will in the future.

  26. When you posted that picture about World of Warcraft it really hit too close to home for me.
    I’ve been spending so much precious time on that videogame, maybe I should reconsider my life or at least this aspect of it.

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