American Women Are Proud To Be Failures

I attended one of the 673 women’s marches held worldwide on Saturday, January 1st, as an observer.  What I saw was a mix of vague dislike of President Trump, pro-female sexist messages, a fear of end to legal abortion, black lives matter, pro-gay messages, and a glorification of women being nasty, aggressive, and masculine.


Many signs promoted nastiness. Sadly, it was not sarcasm.

Women Are Proud of Their Shortcomings

For a straight single male, the pro-nastiness message was one of the most disturbing.  Here were hordes of women, openly pledging and vowing and proudly proclaiming an unattractive, antisocial trait.  I’ve never been to a slutwalk or fat acceptance protest, but I expect it’s a similar sentiment:  the feeling of revulsion at a female contorting herself to proclaim something which makes her disgusting and unattractive to you.

The “nasty” slogan comes from the final presidential debate in October, 2016, when Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as “a nasty woman.”  While Trump himself has been called as much or worse, you don’t see male Trump supporters openly supporting the idea of being a rapist, or tax evader, or being “poor?”


No he’s not.

Good men do not glorify negative or antisocial traits because we have self respect, and wish to better ourselves.  Human beings, as social animals, care about what others think of them.  It’s one thing to give up—to say, I cannot be anything better than a fat slob who cannot cook or live a healthy life, and must rely on a make-work HR job or outright welfare.  But it is entirely another to be proud of your failures.  We have truly entered strange times when women are openly bragging of their negative features.


They are proud to be fat and flabby.  They are proud to be slutty.  They are proud to be angry.  They are proud to be nasty.  Bring back a man from just 50 years in the past, and he would be completely flabbergasted.  Prior to a few years ago, women zealously guarded their reputation, their image, and their bodies.

Demonstrating Low Value

In the past, women were afraid of word spreading of their low value if they had too many sexual liaisons. They were afraid of aging, and used a variety of clothing, makeup, hair treatments, and push up bras to maintain the fertile image of their newly pubescent bodies.  More often than not, even in the liberated west, they preserved their virginity for marriage.

But today, women not only don’t try to stress their positives, they sell you on their degeneracy and unattractiveness.  Indeed, seeing women and girls of all ages proclaiming their nastiness made me seriously question wanting to live in the society this is becoming.


Self-hating cuck with shit eating grin

Birth Control

One of the universal fears held by the protestors is a change in the legality of abortion under a Trump administration.  My opinion has long been agnostic:  I am not a woman so I don’t have an opinion one way or another about how women handle unwanted pregnancy, much as I couldn’t care less what a woman thinks about what type of diet I eat, what my gym schedule is, or whether I’m manspreading.  It is simply irrelevant.

For those who want to concern troll and force a woman to have a child against her will, well, you’d better be prepared to stand there monitoring her for the next 30 years, because she’s not going to stop making bad choices once the child is born, and will be greatly increasing the odds that the child will be a degenerate, welfare recipient, or likely a criminal, causing real harm to honest, law abiding productive citizens, perhaps stealing their property, or raping or killing them.  If you’re not prepared to ensure she makes all the right choices so that doesn’t happen, don’t tell her to become a mother when she doesn’t want to.  And yeah, sure, not all single moms.

The Effects Of Abortion

On a micro level, I’m glad women have the ability to end pregnancy.  There are many groups, including welfare recipients, teenagers, the unemployed, and sex workers, among others, who are, as Trump would say, “not the best and brightest.”  Society greatly benefits from them not reproducing.  These groups also tend to have the highest rates of reproduction.  Also, single women, especially those we target for engaging in ONS recreational sex, would make horrible mothers, and should be discouraged from motherhood.  Unrestrained, these groups will crowd out the productive classes; this is known as the Idiocracy Effect.


Quantity vs Quality

But on a macro level, one must really question the societal changes that abortion has caused.  I’m not talking about the debate of where life begins: although I would argue life begins at birth, science does not provide a definitive answer and this can be debated ad nauseam.  I’m talking about the societal effects caused by legal abortion.  The behavioral, social, and cultural changes that it caused.


Green=unrestricted, yellow=health/social reasons only, red=life of woman only

Abortion was legalized in 1973 in America.  According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, between 1950 and 1985, nearly all industrialized countries legalized abortion.  Notable exceptions include Poland, Korea, Iceland, UK, and Finland, where it is legal only under certain circumstances.

Worldwide Laws Trending Towards Legalization

At first glance, some generalizations can be made.  Africa and Latin America, two regions that suffer from poverty and overpopulation, seem to be demonstrating the Idiocracy effect in action (quantity over quality) while almost the entire developed world, including China, Russia, US, and most of Europe, has unrestricted abortion.

Ireland is the only first world nation outlawing abortion, and due to Northern Ireland being under the legal jurisdiction of the UK, women can freely travel to Northern Ireland for abortion.  The trend is clearly for legal abortion, and it is hard to see a reversal of this trend.

Social Changes Caused by Abortion

How has the availability of abortion affected social change?  Throughout most of history, women remained chaste until marriage, with some risking sex with a small numbers of partners, but fear of the stigma of pregnancy kept most from acting on their desires.  One night stands were almost unheard of, because the risk so greatly outweighed the reward for the woman.

If a woman really wanted to experience sex, she would seek a husband or at the very least a committed partner where she could have the appearance of being dumped by a scorned lover, if things ended in pregnancy badly.    Often women would marry shortly after reaching fertility anyway, and even up until 1980, the average age for American women to marry was 22.


American average marriage rates <22 until Abortion legalized in 1973: Coincidence?

Banging sloots is fun, but remember they have been available throughout history in every civilization.  It is only in modern times where they seem to be the majority.  Was this caused, in part, by legal abortion?  I would argue that the mere availability and acceptance of legal abortion has created a situation where women are more likely to ride the cock carousel, even if they never obtain an abortion themselves.  The fear of judgement by others is gone, which was the main thing keeping women’s promiscuity in check.

Divorce and Abortion


When examining the history of divorce, we see an enormous increase in divorce which occurred  in the 1970s, when abortion became legal in the US (remember, while it was legalized in all states in 1973, it was legal in some, and growing in support for several years prior).  Also, keep in mind the apparent decline in divorce recently must be considered along with the fact that marriage rates are now at an all time low–many who would have married to later divorce are simply not marrying.

Again, the increase in divorces has less to do with abortion itself, rather than the culture that abortion created.  When women were no longer as concerned about their self image, they began acting on their urges, as they could secretly sleep around, and if it resulted in pregnancy, whether she was married or single, she could secretly erase any evidence of her actions with an abortion.

Ronald Reagan’s no fault divorce law in 1969 was also a factor, and indeed abortion was merely one part of a culture that changed how women viewed relationships, marriage, and sex.

What is important is not how many of these women actually aborted a pregnancy; but the mindset that women now had about relationships, sex, self image, and her relationship to men which changed drastically.  While most women will not have an abortion in their lifetime, most women have the mindset that she should act on her emotions, that promiscuity is good, and that she can secretly act on her desires if she feels like it, without being held accountable.  This is the biggest sorrow of abortion.

Weighing the Effects

As with any story, there are two sides.  I believe the link between abortion and declining crime rates discussed in the book Freakonomics is causal.  And the WHO has concluded legal abortion lowers the mortality rates for women, due to the removal of dangerous illegal abortions.  While I don’t want the welfare mom in the projects or the teenage slut living down the street to reproduce, I also lament the destruction of American morality, the loss of honor, beauty, and a healthy dating market.  American women have become the worst in the world, and this is a new development over the last decade.

In the end, the best policy towards abortion is likely the same as for homosexuality.

It should not be criminalized, but it should be somewhat shameful, not openly discussed, and never glorified. 

While legal abortion is only one factor in the vast societal changes of the past 50 years, it has contributed negatively to sexual relations, family, loyalty, chastity, and morality.  Men made the decision to legalize abortion in an attempt to empathize with and help women.  The nasty, angry, proudly unpleasant and unattractive women it has created have none of my sympathy.

Make Our Women Great Again!

In his inaugural address, Trump outlined the economic failures in America.  Real wages peaked in the 1960s, and America has been on the decline ever since.  The same can be said of our moral and social condition.  Women are afraid of losing some of their reproductive freedoms.  While a rollback of legal abortion is unlikely, whatever moves the Trump administration takes in this area, it is hard to see any outcome but improvement.

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415 thoughts on “American Women Are Proud To Be Failures”

    1. He’s just now being reported at looking into defunding the U.N. (as in America no longer contributing or participating in it)..

      1. Maybe he’ll use his own troops and pass the buck with the “looking to get out of the U.N.” thing, by postponing it. But use ’em he will. Because it’s part of the script. I’d suggest a wager on this outcome but I like you too much (heh)…

        1. Eh, I doubt it. If the Left explodes, as is their wont, what would you have any leader do in a nation that had to endure their firebombings, looting, shooting in the streets, etc? These Leftists are sincerely dedicated to deconstruction, regardless of Trump and have been since at least the 1920’s, only growing more loud since the 1960’s.

        2. My point is, it’s part of a much broader plan. The riots/demonstrations are staged with leftist stooges. But they are scripted, all the same. It’s the end result that will tell the tale. The Big Boys want Federal Police (of some sort) in every major city. This “divisive” election greased the skids. Don’t shoot the messenger. I get a glimpse at the crystal ball occasionally, and I’m just passing it along – before it happens.

        3. So are you telling me that “they” have been planning this stuff coordinated and perfectly since the 1910’s in the U.S., up to and including all bombings, shootings and riots by Leftists?
          That would be some really big feat if they did.

        4. Either that…or I’m just lucky with my guesses. We’ll see how it all plays out. My old man has worked for just such an outcome his whole life. As have other family members older than he is (and he’s 88). This might not fit most people’s worldview…but once again…don’t shoot the messenger.

        5. Cell systems don’t manage to create perfect scenarios that lead to a predictable result most of the time, when talking about micro-targets (such as enabling XYZ agency or what have you). They’re effective for grand things, like say, instilling communism or what have you, but getting specific agenda items fulfilled there’s way too much left to chance I think.

        6. Could be, and I would agree that aside from understanding human nature/thought processes, chance has the most to do with it.
          Yet if one of your endgames is to cause a police-state or other authoritarian takeover event, then chaos is necessary so you can create panic > fear > public demand for authority to step in and “make it safe.”
          Then add to that a true endgame of destabilizing and destroying a country and you’ll get there too afterward when the populace rises up against the totalitarian “injustice.” Then you can attempt restructure/rebuilding.
          It’s one of the reasons why I believe that once a population grows too large it will inevitably collapse of its own weight/diversity.

        7. I don’t honestly think it requires some kind of grand end game with massive planning and influence. The human race has basically chosen dictatorships and tyranny almost all of its pathetically short existence in the universe. Things like ancient Greece, Rome, Classical Liberalism from the Age of Reason, certain times in Egyptian history, maybe a few Iroquois rumblings about liberty to the difference notwithstanding, the bulk of the time the human race seems eager to slip on the chains of bondage. Why that would require some massive giant plot to make happen now doesn’t really compute to me. Offer them a few freebies in exchange for slipping on the cuffs and they’ll do it in a heartbeat and sell out grandma if she dares object, every single time.

        8. My Friday brain is wonderful, all you had to do was mention bondage and it reminded me what I’m going to do to a 20yo redhead tonight, perked me right up!

        9. Despite the optics and over eager media, most don’t believe (or trust) them.
          I have an Irish friend who has done UN peace keepng tours (Irish defense forces did this as the UN gave big money to the Irish state) once ask me, “if the UN forces went to America what you think would happen?”
          Told him “don’t go. We’ll kill everyone one of you.”

        10. It was planned before 1910. Where they want to go anyway. The plans are always evolving and the tactics even faster but the thing is it was written down. There were various papers and books on everything from medical care to education and beyond. Films like “tomorrow’s children” as well.
          HG Wells, Orwell, and Huxley all took what the so-called elite were putting out and projected it into the future.
          What’s decided to do now to achieve their goals wasn’t set decades ago but the goals were. Further more one of the tactics developed is to simply fund various useful idiot groups that people create on their own because education and media have them believing in the goals. These groups will just act on their own. That’s really how the whole thing works. To get people on board with the goals and then promote and advance those people.
          Make it how career advancement happens and people will do it.

      2. UN and NATO are just window dressing for American foreign policy, though, to help legitimize US actions to the rest of the world. NATO and UN usually side with what America wants, and any denoucement is symbolic at best with little real consequences. Hague world criminal court is the same.
        My view as a dirty foreigner, anyway, getting a free ride from from US

        1. NATO, agreed. The U.N. seems to me to be overtly hostile to the U.S. more often than not.

    1. I have no problem with what a person does in their own bedroom so long as it isn’t pushed as an agenda and isn’t paraded through the streets. Back in the 80’s fags knew to keep their shit under raps. They had their fag bars, their fag neighborhoods and places where they could fag out and when they weren’t doing that they tried to enter the world as normal people. I am totally fine with this. If these salami smokers want to do what they do it doesn’t bother me one bit. What bothers me is the world telling me not just that I ought to tolerate it but that if I do not pedestalize it I am an ogre that is bad.

      1. Whatever happened to tolerance? It used to be all you had to do was tolerate different people, but were still allowed to dislike them, even offend them or actively work against them, but still had to accept them as part of the big ol’ melting pot and move on. Now we have to group hug everybody and make sure their fee-fees awnt huwt.

        1. Yeah I agree with this.
          It’s one thing to simply ‘accept’ homosexuality, but somewhere along the line that changed to “now you have to celebrate and promote it, or you’re homophobic”
          That is when all the push-back started… because most of us really don’t give a fuck (or have the time to care) what others do behind closed doors.
          It’s when those doors are thrust open and the occupants shout “I’m here, I’m queer, and you MUST BE too!” that the problems begin.

        2. People don’t get that the pendulum swings both ways. It doesn’t make sense to me that we’re told a man getting sexually aroused by another man is natural and normal. And I’m fine with that as long as you accept that a man not being aroused and even whatever the opposite of aroused is, is also natural and normal. You have to tolerate both sides of the coin.

        3. exactly. As a decent human being I should not hunt down queers and beat them with a bat based solely on the fact that they are gay. However, to expand that to I have to just think it is fabulous that they fuck each other in the dumper is fucking insane. Tolerance is a good message. This other BS is just plain nonsense.
          It starts with tolerate
          Then it moves to “don’t make jokes about”
          Then it moves to “appreciate”
          Then it moves to “think it is perfectly normal”
          The final step is to say that it is superior.
          (BTW I wonder if tree hugger has a whole different connotation for the fags).

        4. Right, and I see a lot this as the kinetic energy of a bunch of bottled up/historically actively discriminated against people/groups. SCOTUS opened the flood gates and it starts rolling down the steps you outline. SJWs like the excitement of the ride (because they have fantastically boring and sterile lives) so they have glommed onto the movement. Meanwhile, moderates like us who have our shit figured out and are just trying to cram in things with our limited time as death races towards us, are stuck in the middle of the flow. Seems to be you either try to stop the flow, or like me in the past few years, just try to get as far fucking out of the way of all of it as possible.

        5. since forever and in every culture no matter how tolerate or intolerant towards it they have been there has been a solid 1-2% of the population that were faggots. Accepting that that is a way of life is just like accepting that it rains a lot in april or that the chances of having a quiet dinner in a restaurant with an Italian family sitting next you is simply not going to happen. Tolerance has given way to a demand for a tacit acceptance as superior and that is just bullhonkey

        6. that’s exactly my thought. tolerate is ok, no problem with that. but those leftist like to change a word’s sense more and more. and pushing more and more is just not tolerable at the end.

        7. Because freedom of association no longer exists. As such tolerance has become forced association instead of merely live and let live.

  1. If a girl feels that she needs to proclaim “This pussy grabs back” in public, might I suggest that she get to a free clinic and get a shot for that? I hear that most STD’s can be cured these days.

    1. I knew a girl who would put one of those yin yang balls in her pussy and then do jumping jacks to strengthen her muscles. That girl would do a reverse cowboy that would make your eyes roll to the back of your head. Every time I see a sign that says “this pussy grabs back” I think of her.

      1. Is there a better fuck than that type of girl? I had an 18-year-old when I was 27 who could grip my dick with her pussy like she was giving the firmest handshake in recorded history. God, I miss that slut…

        1. funny thing bob is that I think here in NYC they teach this as part of core curriculum in the public schools by the time the girls are in the 8th grade….perks to a liberal city.

        2. I remember her for the following – passed out on top of her, still inside her, hard as a rock. Woke up a few hours later, still inside her, still hard as a rock, and she was still gripping me, tight – and she was dead asleep. Now THAT’S a keeper.

        3. Jesus, Kneeman. I really have to get out to NYC before I croak. Maybe we can do some betting by that time (once it’s legal in NYC). Gotta love those liberal educations.

        4. It is funny, there are a whole bunch of stores near me of all sorts of variety from a second hand shop to a clothing store to a jewelry store and others that just have huge fishbowls of NYC branded condoms at the door that you can take for free. There is a clear message in the streets here….fucking is fun…do it often.

        5. I figure within two years, sports betting will be legal in NYC. I am coming out there. I have got to see this one time before I kick the bucket. Sounds like a whole different universe (full of sexual fun).

        6. You can’t imagine how happy this made me today lol. I wonder what percentage of people are old enough to know what the fuck you are talking about here.

        7. I once passed out during a sloppy drunken blowjob. She continued on for about 5 minutes before realizing I was out. I wonder what the college review boards would have said if I accused her of sexually assaulting me? But hey, I’m not a bitch, so I laughed it off and fucked her the next morning.

        8. I hear ya. It’s a joke. I got “sexually assaulted” once. Kind of. This chick pushed my door open when I answered it, aggressively grabbed on to me and kissed me while whipping off her coat, pushed me down on the floor, pulled my dick out of my pants, straddled me, and orgasmed after riding me for about 30 seconds. Then she got up, buttoned up her coat (she had nothing on underneath it), and left, without saying a fucking word. I was like, WTF just happened? No, I did not call the police. Heh.

        9. I’ll keep that in mind. If it’s a one-time thing, I wouldn’t worry about taking the bookies’ money, and how that might affect you. Since you know ’em, you could just say I got lucky. Bang – in and out. That would work.

        10. Haha did you know her? I had something similar happen back in college. I heard a knock on my bedroom door at 3am. I opened it and was greeted by my naked stripper friend. She came in, blew me, then she left. I slept well after that.

        11. Strippers, Jesus. That sounds like pretty much every stripper I ever got to know. As for the girl who jumped me, I knew her. But we had never fucked. She was very aggressive, and had offered me sex for over a year, but I didn’t take her up on it. I had others on rotation that were better and she was good looking, I just don’t particularly like women who are aggressive sexually – I like the submissive types. Well, yeah, she just…knock-knock. Bang-bang. I was stunned, I didn’t even get off. Hope it was good for her, she got off quick, so I guess it was. I never saw her again after that encounter. A very, very weird bitch, that one.

        12. I don’t know them know them I just know where they are. My cousin does a lot of sports better. I never had the stomach for gambling.

        13. If you made a few solid cashes you might change your mind. Being oriented to fun and nihilism, as you are…and it isn’t gambling if you win most of the time. It’s taking money from the less informed. Which is a major adrenaline rush in itself…

        14. It’s gonna be you and me bro, sitting in the nursing home come the year 2059, cracking wise about shit like this and nobody left on planet earth who understands what the hell we’re talking about.

        15. That’s the huge difference isn’t it? A girl sucking you off or riding a semi or even unconscious you (to wake you up or because she’s horny and hey, that’s ok) is just dandy. Same to a woman and it’s “the worst crime on earth short of mass murder!”.

        16. I’d have put in a direct call to Penthouse headquarters, because I doubt a letter would have sufficed.

        17. Nurse: testing shows that REM wise you have 40 arousals an hour
          Junior Soprano: More since I met you

        18. I knew her before she was a stripper. We have been friends since we were 15. She’s always been a kinky little slut, but we were always cool and hooked up from time to time, even after she started stripping. I just saw on FB that she got engaged a couple of weeks back. Good for her. She was getting dangerously close to being a cat lady. She’s still looking pretty good–WB again if she were in town. I wonder if her fiance knows what the fuck he’s jumping into though. My money says he doesn’t. When I’m in Vegas this weekend I may see if they’ll take some action on the over/under for when she cheats on him.

        19. I’m in a weird in between state. I don’t mind if a girl hungrily accepts sex and seems to relish it, but the feminist-ish “Give me sex!” types who act like men when it comes that kind of thing, not really my thing. I prefer the kind that when I pull her in for a kiss she grabs me back and kisses passionately, up to and including light playful lip biting and her hands just going crazy on me, or whatever. But a girl who walks over and does the mannish type of “Fuck me now” shit, eh…..dunno.

        20. I’ve had this debate with a woman before. They always jump to the “it’s not the same as being penetrated!!!” defense. My comeback, which either shuts them up or forces them to shift the issue, is “How do you know she didn’t stick a finger in my ass?”

        21. I wonder if her fiance knows what the fuck he’s jumping into though.

          If he’s getting engaged to her, smart money says that he has no clue about her past.

        22. But how is it not the same as being penetrated? That is a fine assertion, but it lacks any bearing or proof. Women are built to be penetrated, so it wouldn’t be sex if no penetration occurred, which basically comes back to “it’s wrong to do to a woman, but perfectly ok to do to a man” for no real good reason.

        23. I was in a bar a couple months back and saw this girl go to one guy, then another, then another, as she got closer and closer to my area. Then, 2 minutes later, what do you know? She plops right next to me and immediately got aggressive. I just ignored her and whipped out my phone. She said some passive-aggressive shit under her breath and hopped two chairs over to work on the next guy. She eventually left the bar with this greasy fat slob–and that’s precisely why I and many others rejected her. We know where those types have been.

        24. She sounds like wife material. Granted for me a good quality is a woman who knows how to give a good blowjob I would die a happy man if I had one everyday.

        25. The odd thing is that I can’t imagine visiting here. Being a local here is the greatest thing in the world imo but being a tourist here would, to me, suck.

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        27. Revenge of The Grabbed Pussies.-A New Hope
          Revenge of The Grabbed Pussies 2- The Empire Strikes Back
          Revenge of The Grabbed Pussies 3-Final Revenge.
          Money right there. Just need a scriptwriter.

        28. Women trying to imitate any kind of water fowl that men do are off putting.

        29. Are those the ones with little pinholes in them, put there by Planned Parenthood? That’s to abortion clinics like glass shop owners going out at night busting windshields.

        30. Without a penis being inserted in it, a vagina is nothing but a drain for rotting bloody goop. A woman who doesn’t fuck is a parasite. Outside of having to do with sex, reproduction and taking care of brats, what can a woman do better than a man? Or even as well?
          What else are they good for? As an old buddy would say, “If it wasn’t for one thing, there’d be a bounty on ’em.”

        31. Funny. No, as a city we just don’t like children. We don’t care how you prevent them: condom, abortion, dumpster just don’t let them near us

        32. Women can do everything men can do, but men cannot do everything women can do- namely, propagate the species. Fun fact: Did you know that if women had enough sperm stored up in banks to last until the end of time, we could keep humanity going and we wouldn’t need men for anything? Like anything at all? Lol

        33. Thanks to cloning we won’t need women either. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that nowhere on this earth there aren’t laboratories where covert R&D isn’t going on to make this a reality.

    2. What I want to know is:
      Were there not any usable WB pics of this event? It was supposedly 1 million or so strong, and not one still photo that didn’t look like a drunken LARP after-party?

      1. I think that we both know the answer to that question, but it makes us too sad to contemplate out loud.

      2. There were actually 3 girls on my facebook feed who attended these events. Now, while they still look good (WB), they are in their early thirties and creeping toward the wall. Plus they’re still not as hot as they were in their early twenties. Becoming a bitter cunt is basically a retirement plan. They’re just paying their dues before the devil collects his due.

    3. I saw a young teenage girl holding one of those signs and was horrified that her parents allowed that.

    4. The stupid bitch always has the secret to life. You should listen to her, she knows everything.
      She’s a god, man!

  2. Are American women born to immigrant parent different from the ones portrayed in the article? I suppose many of them are.
    Met a young Haitian-American women(born in the US to Haitian refugees) in the UK while she was studying here. (She spent three month here with the help “Education Abroad ” exchange programme.) She was an amazing women. Educated, yet humble. Non-smoker and non-drinker.Sensual, yet family-oriented. Confident and not money-grabbing. She was capable of holding a meaningful relationship. Did not have a Facebook profile and did not spend much time on her mobile.
    Are decent women (regardless of ethnic background) really just as hard to find in the US as the are in the UK?
    Opinions from US-based RoK-readers are welcome.

    1. American females are easily identified when they travel internationally, overweight loud masculine behavior.

      1. Don’t be too harsh. With the exception of northern Italy, most of the Europeans I have see in my travels appear to be quite genderless. Like skinny teletubbies in unwashed sweaters.

  3. All americans are forced to pay for abortion services for women they never had contact with, because obamacare and planned parenthood, that’s effffed up.

    1. Well, Planned Parenthood has been de-financed of Federal Tax dollars this week, so….

      1. that was a great move. The effect ought to be to show liberals that they don’t need federal funding for this. Planned Parenthood has tons of celebrity support. If Jerry Lewis could fund MDA through telethons and St. Judes can figure out how to treat childhood cancer for free then certainly PP can get themselves plenty of funding. Shit, one concert should keep them in business for at least a year. Between an annual fund raiser with liberal celebrities and average people who will send in a donation (I would send 100 bucks a year to PP as a charitable donation) they will be just fine…in fact they might actually be better.
        The reality of what will happen is a lot of whining and crying because it isn’t the funding that these shits want, it is the principle that the gubbment should pay for it.

        1. I think that you’re correct, but would add that it’s the added bonus that they know that they are forcing people who are utterly opposed to it to pay for it. They are philosophical sadists to a large degree. There’s a reason why Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler come from their ranks after all.

        2. absolutely agreed. When the gubment spends fed tax money they are spending from a collective pool that we all have put in to. This money should be spent only on things that any reasonable human being would understand as a national necessity.
          Without getting into an abortion debate, we can all agree that a lot of people think abortion is great and a lot of people don’t. By privatizing all of its funding it can be funded solely by the people who think it is good and none of the people who don’t. Can’t possibly see anything wrong with that.

        3. I’ve always liked Lewis. He’s aged wonderfully, insofar as he’s become gruff, cantankerous and speaks his mind without regard to whom he is speaking or where he is saying it. When I finally get to geezerhood, this is the attitude that I’m shooting for. I look forward to being able to stop walking in the middle of a street during a green light, then whapping my cane on the hood of the police cruiser sitting there three inches from my feeble legs, with impunity.

        4. Cmon man, this is supposed to be a legit charity, not the Gambino Charity Softball League. You dont mess with big pharma or the AMA

        5. All charities are the Gambino Charity Softball Leauge. Don’t mess with big pharma? How much money did Martha stewart make on that snake oil cancer cure? All charities are crooks…….the only question is how crooked they are.

        6. But the logical equity you laid out here misses the point– these are leftist policies, and the left cannot be satisfied unless the *collective* pays. Getting the same results with private funding would be a hollow win. They want to shove their every initiative down the public’s throat.

        7. If you look up a comment or two that is exactly what I said they would do. Sad these people

        8. The salvation army is the exception. No one makes a million dollar salary and well over 95% of the total income goes out to the needy.

      2. Just remind these pukes that the woman who started planned parenthood was a major racist, and watch their heads explode.

        1. You will NEVER get them to say anything after you bring up Sanger. They rig for red, then run silent and run deep. I’ve never heard *one* word offered to counter the plain facts of why PP is in business ever offered by a Leftist. It’s like this huge philosophical chasm that they’ve not been trained how to respond to yet, and since they lack critical or even independent thinking skills, they clam up and usually disappear.

        2. She was also against abortion and viewed it as infanticide, calling it what it is.
          You’ll hear/read feminists quoting her supposedly supporting it, but it’s out of context. It’s from a bit where she was arguing sarcastically.

        1. Correct. He has signed an executive order overturning Obama on the issue of providing about $400 million a year to International Planned Parenthood. Not domestic PP.
          If he or Congress manages to defund PP domestically, you will hear incredible weeping and gnashing of teeth from the media, feminists, etc. They will go ballistic…because they actually appear to believe they have a right to government subsidizing their *voluntary* abortions.

  4. Just another fine example of how men and women aren’t equal. Hillary used the word “deplorable” to describe guys like us, and we’ve worn it as a badge of honor, continuing to use it against her and her ilk.
    These women at these marches are trying desperately to do the same thing with Trump’s use of the word “nasty” to describe Hillary, and it’s just…nasty. It falls flat because Trump never used the word to describe an entire voter base like Hillary did. He used it to describe one woman who has been historically nasty.
    Their use of the word “nasty” provides further evidence of their hive-mind mentality and blind adherence to identity politics, whereas our use of “deplorable” is a calling card to men who share similar values and opinions–a word to be worn by men who are considered wretched and evil despite their desire to do good in this world.
    I’m certain most of these “nasty” women are in their mid-thirties to early forties, fat, divorced or never married, and constantly complaining that they can’t find a good man.

      1. On top of that, deplorable men are much more likely to be desired, and therefore get more pussy than non deplorable me; whereas nasty women are much less desired than clean and beautiful women.

      1. Yes that was something I saw right off the bat. Even the actresses and singers they brought were way past their shelf life in terms of beauty and sex appeal. Hell even Scarlet Johanson looked like the neighborhood lesbian book store owner.

      2. These are women who blew their chances when they were younger to land a good looking man with a career and a future. They squandered it on easy sex and their pathetic careers. Now they have to work in a cubical the rest of their lives, when they missed the easy life of a stay at home mom. That’s why they are mad.

        1. I’m…friends…with a borderline HB10 fitness model. She is so old school it would make you flip. Hotter than a tin roof in summer, but won’t deal with Millenials or men with anything near a low T count. Highly right wing. She was talking to me in a bar one night and flat out said, to the look of shock of nearby women, that “We had it easy before this whole women’s lib thing came along. We didn’t have to work and pretend to be men, and we could stay at home and raise kids and be happy without being insulted by everybody. I guess I can see why women may have liked it, originally, but really, we really messed that one up big time”.

        2. Honestly, there are times when I seriously think you’re just trolling us all with these stories. Your life just sounds too good to be real.

        3. You know what happens when you don’t watch television, when your kids are grown and one is out of the house and the other is almost out the door and works in the evening and your wife is off puttering around? You get to do a lot of shit because you have so much free time. That’s what.
          Ten years ago my stories would have been: “Weekend fully stocked with lacrosse games, birthday parties and, inexplicably, my mother’s sudden desire to visit my house on the only 2 free hours of time that me and the wife have alone together this week”.
          Twenty years ago it was: “New baby, man this shit is a lot of work. I can’t remember the last night I had 4 straight hours of sleep in a row”
          Today: “The world is my oyster and I’m doing as much shit as I can possibly fit into my life before I croak”

        4. I’ve always been a busy person, honestly. Before kids I was exploring as many hobbies as I could fit into my life, traveling a lot (still do with the family, never stopped trips to Europe) and basically really having fun. Those interim years where the kids consumed my entire being seem like a big daze to me now. The last two years I’m almost hardly in the house, except when I’m nominally “working”, which includes the time I post here, heh.

        5. I think I know only one person that had a more interesting life than yours, my boss. I think every woman that met him is mesmerized by him.

        6. Oh, I know plenty of people who lead more interesting lives than me, but few with the gift of storytelling to make their exploits come alive. I think, really, that’s the high and low of it. I really took a shine to how the “greatest generation” and earlier men would sit around and tell jokes and tales in the barbershop on Saturdays, or how the same men, and some of their sons, were always so good at turning a one minute story into a fifteen minute soliloquy. It literally (Hitler) fascinated me, so I guess I kind of picked up on it and do it now.
          Plus, and I can’t stress this enough, by the time you get to be in your late 40’s, 10 to 1 odds you’ll have a bag full of stories to tell younger men that will seem utterly incredible to them.

        7. Unless one partner earns fucking mega money, having a good family home in England is nigh on impossible on one salary.
          That’s feminism in a nutshell. Self-imposed slavery with what few kids they do have raised in cattle farms.
          We should be real angry

        8. But the stoic Englishman endures through silent desperation. I never understood you lot nor how the Blairs are still amongst the living.

        9. But the reason homes are so unaffordable is women working. Most men don’t give two shits about outbidding other people for some house. They’ll walk away and buy a different one. They’ll buy some run down house and fix it. Some men will carve out a home in a ghetto like its some kind of frontier settlement. It’s women who want this bidding war and the combined income plus cheap loans bids prices up.
          I get recruiters wanting me to move to california rather frequently. Like I am going to pay $1.5 million for a common three bedroom house just to live where these jobs are? Sure I’d make an extra $40-50K…. just enough to pay the interest and the companies expect the extra work for it too. Wonderful, work harder to pay banks. Can’t say ‘fuck off’ to a boss because of a seven figure mortgage. They can keep that noise.

    1. One of these nasty women was one of the speakers, and she spent 27 in jail for murder(there was torture before they finally killed the guy, crushing his balls with pliers, etc). Im sure this will be the lead story on ABC tonight

      1. There is nothing crueler than a scorned woman.
        Feminists would have everyone believing that only men are sadistic.

  5. These women are idiots I don’t think they even used the “nasty” analogy right. Ashley Judd kept saying ‘I’m a nasty woman, a woman who blah blah.” But in the same breath said ‘But I’m not as nasty as Cheeto skinned Trump, electro conversion therapy for gays, blah blah.” Well which is it? Are you nasty or not? So fucking stupid.

  6. These “nasty” women get their kickers in a twist because they all secretly crave to be grabbed by the pussy. When my wife misbehaves I just grab her by the pussy and she immediately starts to purr like a pussy.
    Woman need sexual validation and if she does not get she throws a fit. That abyss between the legs craves to be filled, to be full. Hence, why they are happiest when they are pregnant.
    It’s that simple.

    1. The funniest thing was Trump’s comment was about how women throw themselves at powerful/famous/rich men. That they’ll do anything, they’ll let that kind of man do whatever he wants– it wasn’t about Trump grabbing them by the pussy, it was about their willingness to be grabbed.

      1. That’s true, and exactly why they’re still in such a twist over it. They’re doing everything to obscure the real message he was delivering, which was stone cold truth…and they know it.

  7. The whole “nasty” thing is just a charade. Ashley Judd and every other woman at that march got up the next morning and put on makeup because they give a shit about what men think of them.

    1. No, they *are* nasty, unpleasant, belligerent, bullying, rage-o-holics. Believe them. They are positively euphoric with pointless rage, and apoplectic over the sound of their own caustic voices.

  8. I was just thinking this morning, 3rd wave feminism is to blame for both the obesity epidemic and the rainbow propaganda movement. I remember in the 90s when chics were all complaining about swimsuit magazine models being an unrealistic image to live up to. So they all decided to get fat and tattooed to be as unattractive as possible, then they used the whole LGBTQXYZ bullshit as a pawn in the battle against straight men.

  9. These women and their degenerate allies have started to panic because they realize they have fallen on the wrong side of history now. You can base your life on lies, fantasies and myths for only so long before reality bites you in the ass.

  10. It should not be criminalized, but it should be somewhat shameful, not openly discussed, and never glorified.
    So true…. you have me covered… I speak as a health care profesional.

    1. The world used to be much more simple. Basically, if the problem happened between your waist and you upper quad on either side it was not something to be discussed in polite society. You just said you had a “tummy ache” and went about your day.

      1. FADE IN
        EXT. World War I, A battlefield in France, a British Trench dug into the country side
        [Artillery shell screams in from above]
        [PVT. MATHERSON is hit, and blood starts spewing from his groin area]
        CPT. THOMSON: “I say there Matherson old chap, it appears that you were hit by a shell. Bloody spot of bad luck that, wot?”
        Matherson: “Yes sir, quite so sir. It seems that I now have a bit of a tummy ache, sir”
        Thomson: “Chin up there, lad. Carry on.”
        Matherson: “Yes sir.”

        1. “’s what we in the medical profession call…a Tiger”
          “A Tiger?! In Africa?!”
          Heh. Python always delivers.

        2. some multi-cellular life form with stripes, huge razor-sharp teeth, about eleven foot long, and of the genus Felis Horribilis: what we doctors, in fact, call a ‘tiger’.

  11. Women should have the right to get as many abortions as they want….as long as taxpayers don’t have to pay for it.

    1. I agree with they paying for it, but I don’t agree with it being her sole decision. Is she wants a baby, the father doesn’t- he is on the hook financially regardless. If a guy objects to the abortion and she wants one, the guy has no legal say at all.
      It is a blatant double standard.

      1. Either abortion results in murder charges for the mom and the current child support system remains, or abortion is legal but kids are 100% the woman’s responsibility unless a previous agreement from the man says otherwise (including a paternity test of course). These are the only fair and equal situations, but of course no woman would ever vote for either.

      1. No, absolutely not. I was referring to the women whose baby daddy had also agreed to the abortion. The abortion fee should be the sole responsibility of the mother and father, not the government.

  12. I don’t care about the babies so much. I just want to restrict abortion as part of the bigger goal of rolling back women’s sexual freedom and restoring a healthy patriarchal society. Women have demonstrated that they can’t use this freedom responsibly; they have abused it to create a social disaster, and we need a tough response to bring women’s sexuality back under patriarchal control.
    In general President Trump’s ascendancy has freed us from the tyranny of pretending to care about feminists’ grievances. We can disregard that nonsense from now on and concentrate on solving real problems.
    The Dark Trump Rises!

  13. Please, please, stop worshiping Latin American girls! I am a (caucasian) Latin American guy and know for a fact that they aren’t worth crap. They are just pretending and you fall for it. I’d say they are way, way worse than the white, western girls you always criticize. Also, their mix of a million races make them ugly, ugly, ugly. Frankly, I can’t understand why you think they are hot. I’ve yet to see a non-white Latina who I consider to be a 7, let alone a 10.
    I know this will be hard to believe, but let it sink in: most of the prettiest, smartest, and most feminine girls I’ve known have been French, German, and American white girls that I’ve met while living abroad. You just have to know where to look.
    So, you want a sane woman of healthy morals who will cook for you when you come tired from work, and you are looking for her in bars and NIGHT CLUBS? Seriously? Good God! What are you morons thinking?
    To be fair, some of the good girls I’m talking about were from rural areas, away from trashy cultural influences in their immediate surroundings; but I assure you that you absolutely may encounter good girls in urban areas if you know what you are doing!
    The truth is staring at your clueless faces and you aren’t able to see it!
    But I know that many of you will still not believe me.
    I’ll go meet white girls while you go for your Latina gold diggers. I’d say go for it! stay in a relationship with them, maybe then you’ll understand your mistake.

    1. I guess we often overlook the fact that the prettiest Latin girls are the ones with white features. In reality there is no Latin race as Hispanics are a hodgepodge of people from different parts of the world. Even the indigenous people of the Americas vary widely in how they look, since they too came to the American continents in different waves, from different parts of the world. There is not some monolithic race of Indians. For that matter most of the Indians are not very attractive.

      1. My experience with very, very sexy Brazilians was that they (the two that I spent time with…one here and one there) were so fucking white they looked like they were from the adams family. Brazil, as I saw it, was an incredibly racist place. Generation after generation people are trying to whiten up their families. The Brazilian girl who stayed with me? Her mother was whatsapping me asking me to “put a baby in my x with beautiful blue eyes”

        1. Do you honestly like this mix?
          Call me whatever you want, but I find this chick disgusting and I prefer white girls anyday

        2. Well… all that does for me is make me think of a quote from the Princess Bride.
          “Dear God, what is that THING?”
          But hey, if that’s your thing, go for it. Plenty to go for….. 🙂

    2. You’ve been spamming comment threads on ROK with the same copy/paste message. What’s your point? Are you white american female threatened by the idea of american males dumping you for latina women? Maybe if white american females focused on self improvement their SMV would be more competitive.

      1. “Are you white american female threatened by the idea of american males dumping you for latina women?”
        Exactly what I thought. She knows that if she admitted to be a woman, her opinion would never be taken seriously.

      2. I’ve been copypasting because I want to spread this message. It’s worth spreading to dispel misconceptions.

    3. It´s True In Mexico Girls from Guadalajara Jalisco and Los Altos are considered the most beautiful women in Mexico, Regions of Mexico with to much European DNA in the people. All the miss Mexico girls are so white that they send them to a professional tan salon to give them that bronze Latina Morena look, Examples Below Miss universe 2010, Miss Mexico 2014 and Miss Universe 1991.

        1. Stormcucks who fap to taylor swift pics… you honestly don’t understand why you have difficulty growing your “movement” ?

        2. Stormcucks have their own role in the mansopshere, betas and omegas will always have someone to shit on.

        3. I’m not in peak shape right now, so I don’t have as much T as I could have, but Taylor Swift a young boy? Come on…

        4. I don’t care about race, I follow the boner test, If it makes my dick hard She get a pass. You don’t get the point of the post. Contrary to popular belief Mexico is very racist against brown skin Mexican, white parents hate that their blue eyes Mexican daughter date a very brown Mexican guy. All the politicians and government leader are very white in Mexico and all the actors, TV reporters and news anchors and all TV show and soap opera are full of white Mexican. If you are light brown you are automatically called a negro. Mexico as other Latin american nations is very racist. Mexico is very racist but not very easily offended if you call someone negro nobody care and is not a big deal, in fact the person called negro is not even insulted he will respond with VETE A LA VERGA PENDEJO and problem solve and no conflict or riots or crybabies yelling racism.
          No puedes poner un Norteño, un Chilango, un Shinola juntos en mexico sin que se tiren mierda.

    4. Please, please, stop worshiping <> girls/pussies !
      Why should MEN worship pussies !? The fact is, pussies should worship MEN. We protect, provide, care, adore, bestow motherhood and give FREE SEX.
      MEN always welcome “feminine” women who are affectionate, understanding, passionate, loving, nurturing, respect culture & tradition, and, their MEN.
      Please, please, stop advocating your hidden agendas and don’t waste our valuable time.

      1. I agree with the first three paragraphs, but they clearly show that you don’t get my message.
        My ‘worshiping’ of white women in a public forum is simply stating that I like them, which isn’t the same thing as worshiping them personally and individually to get their approval in a beta fashion.
        If you don’t understand this, read again until you do.
        As for the fourth paragraph, I’m curious. What do you think my ‘agenda’ is?

        1. I don’t think there’s anything “worth” of reading again ! How many times ever you phrase or re-phrase it, my first reply “bluntly” speaks the TRUTH ! You are welcome to go through my reply as many times as you want, until you understand !

    5. AWALT. There are different cultural flavors of AWALT, different cultural expressions of hypergamy. You have your preference, others may have different ways of stomaching it. But, AWALT.

    6. It’s the PUA curse/dilemna. We train to pick the girls we wouldn’t live with.
      We take advantage of sluts, but in a way, we also show the few ‘chaste’ girls than sluts have all the fun…

  14. I would dare to say the vast majority of feminist trash in attendance at these “women’s marches” really have no idea what they are even fighting for.
    Making a public spectacle of themselves is just something brainwashed, indoctrinated, low end females have been doing for decades
    Ask any of these moron’s what “rights” men have that women don’t and they couldn’t even provide a response.
    These idiots seem to be somehow under the idea, now that Trump is President, they are going to be chained to a stove barefoot and pregnant – absolute mindless feminist hysteria.

    1. You dont chain a woman to a stove; they get in the way if you wanna reheat the tuna casserole. You chain a woman to the radiator, everyone knows this

    2. There’s no reason to chain a woman to a stove. In fact, she’s built for standing in front of one. That’s why her feet are shorter than mens feet after all.

      1. That reminds me of an old joke my Dad used to tell:
        Why do brides wear white?
        So the dishwasher matches the stove and refrigerator.

        1. I have not heard that, so I’m going to nick it and use it in the future. I’ll be sure to credit your pop. heh

        2. Another good one which is quite rank – it really angers feminists – which is why I like to tell it:
          Why does a woman have one more brain cell than a cow?
          So she doesn’t shit on the floor when she does the dishes.
          My husband just told me another one – a real scream!
          How do you tell the difference between a feminist and a sumo wrestler?
          Sumo wrestlers shave their legs.

        3. Do you know why blondes can’t ski?
          Because there isn’t any fucking snow between the kitchen ant the bedroom.

        4. Do you know how you can tell when a woman is about to say something intelligent?
          When she starts a sentence with “A man once told me…”

        5. I approached a girl in a dark club once. When she turned around I noticed she had a black eye.
          So I thought – ‘great, a girl that doesn’t listen…’

        6. What’s the first thing a woman should do upon returning from a battered woman’s shelter?

          Get me a beer if she knows what’s good for her!

        7. A woman can do anything a man can….
          except move a couch. Or pay for her own birth control. Or raise a masculine boy.

        8. Haa Haa!! Good one!
          This has to be my all time favorite feminist joke:
          To an optimist the glass is half full.
          To a pessimist the glass is half empty.
          To a feminist the glass is being raped.

    3. i saw a few younger chickas leaving after — seemed just a fun thing to do…laughing etc…as if they’d been to the st patricks day parade…
      others that I watched on youtube videos.. pink zombies.
      3 main types -> useful idiots, very determined organizers, and man-hating feminists…there’s a venn diagram there somewherw

  15. If we had all the people back that women aborted we wouldn’t need to import labor from Mexico. Also, more black babies in NYC are aborted than born. Just sayin’

      1. It was one of the major factors, yes. Roe v Wade + the Broken Windows policy changed new York from warzone into the greatest metropolis on the planet.

        1. Deblasio seems to be doing everything possible to turn back the clock there, just in time for the remake of ‘Death Wish’

        2. indeed he does. Thankfully his term is over next year. Judging by the feel in the city I can’t imagine him getting re-elected over anyone with a law and order platform. Trumps win will galvanize the left, but even with that I can’t imagine people keeping this clown in.

        3. I hope you’re right, I know NYC is fairly left and maybe I should be content that they’re getting what they voted for good and hard, but I’ve met some nice folks from there and hope it gets under control before it spirals too far.

        4. I hope I am right too. Remember though, between Rudy and Bloomberg NYC went from 1994-2013 with mayors that were serious hard asses on crime. In that time NYC saw an unimaginable turn around from what it was to what it became in such a short time frame that if you didn’t live through it you really couldn’t believe it. We went from being one of, if not the most dangerous city in America to being the least dangerous big city in America in like 5 years. The NYC I grew up in was rough. Ask people. There were so many shootings no one paid attention, whores, drug dealers muggers, gangs basically ruling the streets. It meant your life to walk off the beaten path at the wrong time. The intensity of that shift transcended politics….until everyone got comfortable and forgot the bad, forgot stepping over homeless people and the dozens of crack vials on every street, forgot that being held up by gun point on the street or in the subway was just a fact of life, forgot that people would ask you the time in central park and when you looked at your watch bash you with a brick in the head and rob you, forgot what it was like to hear gunshots when they went to bed and not even care anymore…..I think Diblasio reminded New Yorkers of what the 70’s-early 90’s were like here and I truly believe that they will respond by electing pretty much anyone that runs on a “we are going back to a no bullshit police state” platform.

        5. “these kids think they’re tough? They ain’t tough. My high school was tough – they ask a kid to prove the law of gravity, they’d throw the teacher out a window!”
          -T. Mellon, 1986

      2. NYC is certainly safer and calmer now than the late 80s
        except some nasty trogladyke women – they scare me…

  16. Recently 2 aunties had adopted kids track them down.
    Apparently, back in the day, when teenage girls became pregnant they were sent to remote “boarding school” for 6 months, had the kid. Forced adoption. then back to regular home school…
    all hush hush…

    1. Yes, women who were pregnant out of wedlock were sent to homes for unwed mothers. These homes were often run by churches.

  17. 12 weeks at the latest seems like a sensible compromise when it comes to abortion rights.
    That would cover most abortions done today anyway.
    How anyone can say that “science” doesn`t give any answers as to when life begins is beyond me. Children are born and survive up to a full 3 months prematurely. Clearly that proves definitely that life “begins” prior to birth.
    (Really life began some 4 billions years ago:)

  18. When you elevate “equality” to the highest ideal, you create conditions where people let themselves go and don’t even try to maintain themselves.

    1. And the progressives (left-liberals) understand this naturally (even if they can’t articulate it): Father Liberty begats Son Equality with Spirit of Fraternity.
      Conservatives (right-liberals), despite having a ground in reality, still think that putting Liberty in a cage (and not expecting it to go after God and Church and Family and Order) makes it Liberty.

      1. Not sure what you mean? With liberty comes responsibilities. If one rejects that, than the liberties will be restricted if not simply non-existant.

        1. ” With liberty comes responsibilities”
          I would say consequences rather than responsibilities.
          “than the liberties will be restricted if not simply non-existant.”
          A free society only works if the population has a higher morality system. The Founders knew this (the Constitution only works with a religious and moral people). Otherwise you eventually get the French Revolution (both the F. Revolution and Constitution are products of the Enlightenment).

  19. One area that is never mentioned in the abortion debate is around the area of pensions. As the replacement rate in most western countries is well below 2.1 children per fertile female (figure needed to keep the population of a country static) it is contributing to the pension time bomb. We need those kids to pay for our retirement! The gimmegants being imported to Europe are about as useful as tits on a bull when it comes to being productive. They are here to leech off the system and put Europe even deeper into a catastrophic economic future. We are heading for a perfect demographic storm and the asshole politicians are (purposefully?) fuckin up all Europeans futures.

      1. The best is when the boomers — who get pension and SS check — bitch they haven’t gotten a cost of living increase.

    1. I envision the vast majority of those aborted would have been on various government programs. The precious Pro Life People seem to think all of the 57 million would have been model citizens contributing to society.

      1. What’s precious about them? That they don’t believe in killing human offspring. Where’s all the empathy we’re always hearing about from the abortion snowflakes? Anyhoo I would “envision” the majority would at least have a chance at life if they weren’t aborted. Abortion is overly promoted by Planned Parenthood in the black community so your statement has racist undertones. Reading too much Freakanomics?

        1. Don’t attempt to push the bogus “racism” shit on me. Not once did I promote Planned Parenthood. And I’m well aware of the history surrounding P.P. with Margret Sanger.
          I’ve stated before I don’t have strong stance on abortion. I hate these nasty womyn who advocate the government keep “hands of their body” while simultaneously demanding tax payers fund abortions w/ out objection.
          However … the pro-life people seem to have this romantic notion that all of the 57 million aborted would’ve been model citizens. One thing which drives me nuts about the pro-life people is their complete disregard for current LIFE in dire straights. Those affected by opiates is a prime example. I’d encourage you to watch video where Chris Christie discusses his friend who became addicted. The guy was model citizen — went to top law school, had beautiful family, ran marathons … yet developed addiction post surgery. Most pro “life” people would’ve told this guy to rot and die. His life was of no value once he developed an addiction courtesy of a surgical procedure.

        2. Don’t attempt to push that bogus “racism” shit on me. I’m well aware of the history regarding Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. And yes P.P. is a disgusting business dependent on pushing irresponsible people into having an abortion so they can rake in more revenue.
          All I’m saying is if Roe v. Wade is overturned, I DON’T want to hear pro-lifers bitch about the increase of people on government programs. The HARSH reality is automation is rapidly eliminating HUMAN jobs. The days of having careless sex and producing lots of children (knowing there’s plenty o’ demand for labor at the factory) is OVER.

        3. You were the one who mentioned those on government programs. What minority are most dependent on “government programs”?
          I understand automation will make 40% of the present labour force redundant in the next 20 years. I was pointing out in my first post that with depleted western European populations the future of the European economy is very uncertain. The problem is that Europe and the US are joined at the hip and need their children to keep their numbers up to push back against the third world tide at their door.

        4. I honestly was not specifically thinking of blacks when I composed my remarks.
          You raise plenty of fair points. The greater issue I see is that due to divorce/ custody legislation and debt for attending college … the higher IQ whites are not reproducing.

        5. I honestly wasn’t thinking specifically of blacks when I made my remarks.
          I agree with your last points. The problem seems to be higher IQ individuals are not reproducing courtesy of divorce/ custody legislation and inability to afford children due to debt from attending college. It does piss me off how tax payers are subsidizing these 3rd world folks coming into our country essentially to benefit corporations with CHEAP labor.

  20. The idea that abortion might be okay because it reduces future potential crime is making the argument that it’s not the means but the end that matters.
    If that’s the case, let’s just execute all criminals on their first offense no matter what it might be. Surely that is reasonable if it is also reasonable to destroy a 100% completely innocent entity (since Max refuses to recognize it as a life), just because the mother might be shitty.
    This article is the height of selfishness. The author wants to get rid of or limit abortion only because he dislikes the terrible women and culture it creates. He may have no sympathy for modern women. He also has no sympathy for life that never even had the chance to begin. I like many articles by Max Roscoe. I find this one disturbingly sick and narcissistic. Abortion is murder of the most innocent and should be outlawed if we have any morality at all. Otherwise, anyone should be fair game if they are inconveniencing anyone else.

    1. The abortion for crime prevention theory is illogical. It assumes most females getting abortions are from high crime neighborhoods which isn’t true. Also there is long waiting list of financially qualified couples waiting to adopt in america.

  21. I’ve banged so many birds over the years I’ve lost count. I either used rubbers, she was on the pill, or my favourite, pulling out and blasting my muck on her face/tits. I actually love the last technique very much. Nothing like watching it dripping from her chin onto her tits…… a nice porno ending.
    The thing is with all the contraception out there you have to be incompetent, drunk, or off your mash on drugs to get a bird up the duff these days.

    1. Drawn Together has a great one
      Captain Hero: I never get a woman pregnant! I always pull out
      Xander: that isn’t fool proof
      Captain Hero: it is when you are 30 thousand feet over the surface of the earth

    1. Of course she is a virgin, that girl is only 18 months old. That’s what 18 month old Mexicans look like.
      Also, I believe I heard trump say specifically that no thic latinas gonna be deported

    2. story I heard on Howard Stern a few years ago.
      Don’t know the veracity…
      Regular guy has laptop searched by customs — they deem porn pictures are kiddie porn… i.e not 18 but 15 year old…
      In jail – and then to court — had feminist experts make statements that facial structure is off a 15 year old etc, etc…
      then Little Lupe arrives at court with her passport – -she is 25 years old etc…confirms its her, and over 18 – saves the guys life…

  22. “there are no contradictions… if it is your desire to have an abortion… you are free to justify your right by all the poor little babies who have to grow up in broken homes on hardly any money at all with practically no chance at a decent life. On the other hand it is your right to have a baby by artificial insemination and bring her up alone because it is your desire and you are free to justify your right by pointing at all the perfectly happy children who grow up in broken homes with hardly any money at all… rights always belong to those who demand them with the most certainty.”
    BB Mawrites 20:8-20

  23. “This pussy like totes grabs back !”
    “Shut your fucking mouth”
    “Clean up that fucking wet spot on my chair NOW”!
    *drip drip

  24. I used to be pro-abortion for the eugenic effects, as the author outlined, and an escape route if I ever accidentally knocked up a slut. However I’ve come to realize a few things in the past year
    a) Morally, you can’t deny it’s fucked up women area allowed to kill their kids with assistance from their doctor, at least for partial birth abortion. Make no mistake, life begins before birth. You can debate when but if a kid can be born premature and still come out basically fine, it’s obviously a human life 7-8 months in the womb. I don’t need religion to tell me that.
    b) As mentioned in the article- the mindset available abortion creates is extremely damaging. Girls always know if they go out, get wasted and bang some dude there’s always a safety valve of being able to get an abortion.
    c) There are other much more humane and effective options for eugenics. Namely, requiring IUDs for women on Section 8, Medicaid, or Food Stamps. Or give a “higher tier” of welfare for lower class women to be on IUD. Same for vasectomies for men on welfare. Something like this would fix our demographic problems in 20-30 years and lower crime far more effectively.
    All in all, I’m now 100% in favor of a total abortion ban, but the eugenic benefits of abortion are real and I think should be compensated by heavily incentivizing IUDs for hoodrats.
    And as my own behavior, I’ve realized that I was just skirting responsibility. If you play with fire be prepared get burned. Use condoms with sluts. Make your LTR get on IUD if you don’t want kids and want to enjoy sex without condoms. No chances.

    1. Exactly, an escape route is an easy reason to support abortion. After college, a buddy knocked up the “love of his life,” which one weekend he was calling her his fiancee. Several weekends later, he broke up with her after he talked her into having an abortion. As his friends, none of us were impressed, and interesting enough, he’s never had kids. Secondly, both of my parents were unwanted. My mom one time shared with me that her mom aborted twin boys before her (long before it was legal), as grandpa told her to get rid of them. She too would have aborted my mom, but didn’t want to again go through the process. Grandma before she died ended up telling my mom about it. I suspect it’s not always a women’s decision, but a guy’s escape route.

  25. I could certainly sympathize with a gal if she don’t want to keep her unborn child- too young, no money etc and had that mental fight…. but there are waiting lists a mile long to adopt and people pay big cash. 50k to adoption agencies is not that unusual… There is no moral offset except selfishness. Your killing your kid. PERIOD.

  26. I will keep posting this over and over for these detestable human beings that try to create their own reality.
    Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, yes, I’m seeing 30 yr olds with stroke-like symptoms, Cancer and many mental-health illnesses connected to obesity are not our problems in the health care community that we can “fix for you”.
    Too many times I see 20, 30, 40 yr old men and women that look at their parents, crying, telling their parents to make us “fix them”. There are consequences for every decision you do and do not make in life.
    This past year was one of the first years that mortality for women DECREASED. They wanted to have long working hours like us(men), now you got it, tough shit, you don’t want to listen to us.
    And for you f****** white knight policemen that give them a pass, judges that give them a pass, neckbeards that give them a pass, I can predict your future. You ‘ain’t gettin’ any. Your not going to get to pet “it”, your not going to get to see “it”, your not going to get to f*** “it”.
    Turn your back on these headaches and look for real ladies that will respect you and the work you get done.

    1. “Turn your back on these headaches and look for real ladies that will respect you and the work you get done”
      While I agree with most of your post, I see you have subscribed to one of the biggest RoK fantasies. There are no ‘real ladies’ left in the west. Female behaviour has always been dictated by the society in which they live. Western laws and welfare now allow the women to act badly and without remorse. They might act like a ‘real lady’ when you first meet them, but some way down the road you will see their real self.

      1. I don’t subscribe to absolutes. That was the view of MSM and Hillary and we know how that turned out. I never said to look for them in the west. It’s a given that the chances any are here in the west is low to lower. And you’re right that “dictated by the society” they will be attention hors. I knew one young lady that was respectful while traveling away from her bf not to allow men to buy her drinks. Over 2 years I saw her adopt the hamstering of her FB/Instagram/Twitter friends and the last thing I remember her saying at a gathering was, “…yes I woke up with the stripper, Bob(name changed to protect the cuckold) will never know, he’s buying me tickets to Cancun….”

  27. I used to think I had an Asian fetish.After looking at these pictures, I see I don’t. I just have a non bitchy, non fatty, non psycho fetish.

      1. White men should grow a dick and teach white women that white men are in charge lest the white race suffers extinction.

        1. 3 problems with that.
          1) If whites vanish, with the exception of Asia, civilization goes with them.
          2) If whites want to stop having kids and die off, they don’t deserve to be saved.
          3) What the hell is “white” anyway? We’ve got so-called white groups that look pretty darned brown to me. 😀 And then we’ve got white looking groups that vehemently claim to be non-white. I say the hell with all this stupid race label crap. 😉

        2. Hardly, I’ll be long gone before that happens. You too! 😀
          And let’s not forget things go in cycles. When Europe was inundated many moons ago, “whites” didn’t vanish then either. And back then there were a lot fewer to go around.
          Besides, the way things are going, there’s going to be war or some kind of major pushback to all this crap. No idea what’s going to start it, but suffice it to say, someday… some globalist funded anarchist (or ISIS filth) is going to kill/hurt/whatever the wrong person.

    1. Most of my good friends are asian. Far too many white guys are feminist white knights.
      Despite fat nasty white girl’s cries about not having time to go to the gym or cook their own food due to “focusing on her marketing/hr/journalism career,” the prettier/thinner/nicer asian girls do far better in their careers as engineers/scientists/pharmacists.

      1. I looked at all my Army buddies and the ones that are in happy, loving marriages are with Asian women (Korean, Philippinas, Vietnamese and Chinese). The half the ones I know married White women are divorced. Again, no longer a fetish, it is just a good investment.

  28. Its interesting to note that all failures that modern women claim they should be proud of, are actually bad for them in the long run.
    Weight – I don’t need to tell any Western man how many hippopotamuses are walking around the streets, yet this stupidity that is pushed by feminists / leftists has now been a proven fact that obesity produces both long and short term health problems.
    Abortion – in an era that has more contraception available than anytime in history the modern woman still needs abortion to cover up their irresponsibility this is the sole reason abortion is wanted on demand – Yes as a man I do have a say in the matter remember men pay taxes generally a lot more taxes then women its these taxes the subsidize this practice. Make no mistake how an abortion effects a woman mentally.

  29. Abortion has definite eugenic benefits but should be practiced first and foremost on the inner city populations. Involuntary abortion if they don’t agree. Anything that reduces the number of minorities should not be banned outright.

      1. Wow what an insult! I’m impressed, you really cut to the nerve with that one. I shall have to watch my words around you sir

    1. American Eugenics society taught Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler what to do with sub races. How did that work out for everyone?

  30. Great story, but totally wrong on abortion. Abortion is murder, and nobody should be given a free pass on murder. If it’s her body and her choice, how come she can choose to keep the baby and force the man to pay for it over the next 19 years. Women are innately selfish and unable to make sensible life choices for themselves. If the state won’t let a man make their choices, then the state should take responsibility and limit their choices. There is a shortage of white babies, so just reassign the unwanted babies to families that want them. Problem solved.
    Divorce, nothing to do with abortion laws, all to do with the redistribution of the husbands assets. Before 1970 she got almost nothing on divorce, now she gets almost everything plaus a free ride for the rest of her life in some cases.

  31. It is very simple. Feminism seeks to have women offer as little as possible for as much as possible. They work both sides of the equation. There is to be no expectation, responsibility, burden, or obligation on the part of women in society and they are to enjoy every benefit possible. That’s how feminism has been from day one and each generation pushes the boundaries of each further in their respective directions.
    Remember feminist equality is women having the choice to do something that is a requirement for men.

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  33. Losers and their delusions of grandeur, which obviously means that at some level, they know that they are worthless, but are too cowardly to face it. Basically the post-internet generation has no concept of ‘earning’ anything.

  34. Revel in being a waste of space on purpose and you’ll never need to face the fact that you might be one regardless.

  35. Women are free in first world nations to leave the fuckforce if they don’t like the terms of engagement. There’s no need for first world women to passively-agressively fat and tat themselves up – just leave.

  36. On a micro level, I’m glad women have the ability to end pregnancy. There are many groups, including welfare recipients, teenagers, the unemployed, and sex workers, among others, who are, as Trump would say, “not the best and brightest.” Society greatly benefits from them not reproducing. These groups also tend to have the highest rates of reproduction. Also, single women, especially those we target for engaging in ONS recreational sex, would make horrible mothers, and should be discouraged from motherhood. Unrestrained, these groups will crowd out the productive classes; this is known as the Idiocracy Effect.
    This. I couldn’t care less if 70 million unborn babies to single mother sluts don’t exist. In fact it is even for the better.

  37. One more stupid article in RoK. Rants and ramblings, actually. Nothing concrete to say.
    So your conclusion is to bring Harry Potter to magically make people ashamed of abortion, even if you say life starts at birth. Why should they give up such great convenience?
    The shame of abortion comes from the fact that it’s murder.
    I wasted ten minutes of my time.

    1. Looks like someone has a chip on their shoulder.
      Ironic that you should write about rants and ramblings, given what you wrote above.
      Food for thought.

  38. Abortion is widespread in brazil and yet males are pretty happy w the dating scene here so your hypothesis is wrong. I think what happened is that the culture that created abortion in the US is the culture that creates this terrible state of no service and glorification of the deviate and ugly

  39. “It should not be criminalized, but it should be somewhat shameful, not openly discussed, and never glorified.” it will not be shameful on the contrary they are proud
    but it should be neither

  40. If it is true that there is a causal relationship between abortion and lower crime rates, then this is also an inadvertent eugenics argument – abortion rates rose for everyone, but are particularly high in the black communities – 15 million since 1973, and the majority of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are in minority/poor neighborhoods.
    That PP founder Margaret Sanger was an avowed eugenics advocate is no small coincidence.
    And I definitely agree, it isn’t so much abortions and birth control themselves that changed the sexual marketplace, but the relaxed attitudes and elimination of shame that resulted from their widespread propagation. A woman will take the shape of the glass she’s poured into, and right now we no longer even have a glass, just a big, wide polluted puddle of undrinkable water all over the table.
    We are seeing somewhat similar trends in the homosexual camp – it’s ok to be a wildly promiscuous homosexual man, but the same for a straight man is considered misogyny. Let’s not even think about where the trend may go with transsexual acceptance and eventually, advocacy.

  41. Dear Obese 19 yo. When you are 39, you will be wearing slippers, elasticized waist pants and whale tops because nothing else will fit you. Take it from me, lose the weight now or forever be a burden on society. You are not cute, curvy, sexy or a BBW. Stop fooling yourself, look around you, and most important of all look in the mirror. The time is now.

  42. It’s funny how people who simply see that there is, like it or not, a societal benefit from abortion, regardless of “feelz”, are considered by some to be as evil as the people who actually perform them or allow them to be performed on them.
    The “offended” are mostly cuckservatives, neck-bearded manginas and their fat, blue-haired ugly as fuck female cohorts.
    To some it’s evil. Fair enough. You can think what you want.
    But don’t deny it’s the truth. There WILL be more unwanted children with horrible parents of ALL races, not just non-whites, although minorities per capita have more abortions than whites, I believe. But race is largely beside my point. Even if it were about race, my racial solidarity doesn’t extend to the point where I’ll allow myself to be financially exploited by other whites, especially if they are fat, lazy hillbilly gap-toothed low IQ dipshits who accidentally get pregnant and can’t financially support the baby once it’s born. Fuck that shit.
    Your baby has a right to life but YOU, the parent, are FULLY financially and morally responsible for him/her. NOT the government and NOT my wallet or anyone else’s.
    Not for one damn cent.
    Don’t like it? Fuck you. Whether you are white, black, green, purple or from Jupiter, I don’t give a shit. You and your baby can fucking starve. Your stupidity will serve as a warning to other morons like yourself in the future. I have my own financial shit to deal with, namely a wife and son. Funny how I ain’t asking your ass to help ME.

    1. Yeah I feel bad for those guys. Many comments from Australian guys are about how bad the feminism cancer is there. Just imagine! UGH 🙁

  43. “In the end, the best policy towards abortion is likely the same as for homosexuality. It should not be criminalized, but it should be somewhat shameful, not openly discussed, and never glorified. ”
    strongly disagree. abortion should be completely banned if we want to get our women back, it’s just a jocker card they can use anytime

  44. if abortion is murder, it should be illegal, period. and this is the issue. and no it really isnt up for debate.
    and if abortion isnt murder, then it should still be illegal because we’ve seen what women and birth control creates which is one of the fundamental thesis points to the red pill and womens behaviors.
    so no matter how one slices this, abortion needs to be banned no exceptions.
    while it is true, your local ONS slut probably doesnt need to be a mother….the reality is if we limit birth control options, remove infant murder(abortion), suddenly we reduce the number of ONS sluts. which solves at least part of the social problems we are facing as a country.

  45. Incorrect – In Ireland, North and South, abortion is illegal. If you want to have an abortion you need to go to Britain.

  46. “Also, single women, especially those we target for engaging in ONS
    recreational sex, would make horrible mothers, and should be discouraged
    from motherhood.”

    Alphas are no good for gene pool, because they bang lousy women?
    So genetically speaking…human alphas ARE betas

  47. I’m sorry, but your view that “abortion is irrelevent because you’re not a woman” is a beta view. The fact is, this is not a minor issue like a hairstyle! And women prove that they know that, when even Pro-Abortionists support people being charged with MURDER for making them lose their baby when they wanted to have it!
    Women keep talking about this by saying, “It’s my body!”. And if it’s their body that we’ve been talking about, then I’d support them. If they want to abort themselves, then so be it. I won’t stand in their way.
    But it’s not “their” body that they’re talking about aborting, is it. And the idea that it is not a human life when the mother tells someone to kill it, but then magically transforms into a human life if the mother decides it should be born, is simply a self-contradictory hypocrisy!
    And your idea that it’s not relevent for men whether or not their son or daughter gets murdered on a woman’s say so, or you get to pay for 18 years solely on her whim, is about as cucked as it gets! Especially when women can choose to; “Kill all male babies!” Even just one woman decides that (and we know it’s happened), it means a baby was murdered solely for being male! But hey, that’s not relevent at all, right?
    And if we’re dealing with a human life here (and medical science says we are), then it’s relevent to everyone and equating the very furthering of the human race with something like “manspreading”, shows that you have no concept of this issue!
    You could have landed on opposite side from me and said that and I would have just shook my head and moved on to the next article. But when you trivialize it, you’re no better than the women who try to compare having an abortion to clipping off a toenail.
    I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any toenails that graduate high school in 18 years if you don’t kill them!

    1. In Washington (the state) it is a crime to injure a woman causing her unborn baby an injury or death. The last line in the law says that this doesn’t mean that abortion is illegal though. So weird

  48. How is ‘This pussy grabs back’ a bad thing from the point of view of someone who wants to grab your pussy? Surely that person would love it if you grab their dick back?

    1. Trump’s actual comment wasn’t about him/men actually grabbing them. It was about ‘groupies’. If you’re rich, powerful or famous women will be more than willing to accommodate you- they’ll let you do anything. It was a comment on the nature of some women, not about men.

  49. Hamsters, so many hamsters!.. It’s scary that we’re like to abide to hamster rationalisations become laws.

  50. Moonman here, the moon has risen,
    Thank white God for the day we’ve been given
    Some women are sluts and should be shamed
    But lets not saddle them with all the blame,
    behind every clinic with a coat hanger inventory
    is another skype with a big nose and fishy story
    Look behind the scenes and rest assured,
    their gig is up and theyre gonna get burned.

  51. It seems like its the homely ones who most often wear the “proud slut” signs. Can you be a slut if no one wants to bang you?

    1. Yes, and that behavior is typical of female comedians and other rather unattractive women in the media/etc. (Ex.: Len Dunham). They use attention-getting extreme behavior to fan the flames and draw attention to themselves by things like nudity, outrageous sexual behavior (convenient “nipple slips” are a great example), language, and so on.

  52. This is a case where you just sit back and let them take their mask off and let everyone see who they are. Back when Regan tried to bring America back he had to go through the MSM’s filtering. Now people can pull out a smart phone and post what they film on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook so other people can see, comment, and share it. I hope they keep it up because they are exposing how bigoted and racist they are on video!

  53. Funny how those signs and women dont celebrate Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, probably only liked Merkel when she started moving left, Golda Meir, Ayn Rand, etc

  54. Theres actually no evidence of any of this below. The women who sterilize themselves tend to have better genes and not be degenerate poors. They murder their children because theyre too busy careering. Also, motherhood tends to make women more mature. If you think a single mother is bad, just imagine what she was like before that.

    For those who want to concern troll and force a woman to have a child
    against her will, well, you’d better be prepared to stand there
    monitoring her for the next 30 years, because she’s not going to stop
    making bad choices once the child is born, and will be greatly
    increasing the odds that the child will be a degenerate, welfare
    recipient, or likely a criminal, causing real harm to honest, law
    abiding productive citizens, perhaps stealing their property, or raping
    or killing them. If you’re not prepared to ensure she makes all the
    right choices so that doesn’t happen, don’t tell her to become a mother
    when she doesn’t want to. And yeah, sure, not all single moms.
    On a micro level, I’m glad women have the ability to end pregnancy.
    There are many groups, including welfare recipients, teenagers, the
    unemployed, and sex workers, among others, who are, as Trump would say,
    “not the best and brightest.” Society greatly benefits from them not

  55. “The trend is clearly for legal abortion, and it is hard to see a reversal of this trend.”
    Not really, its a temporary situation. Already abortion support opposition is around 45-45. Only 25% really are ok with it. As the pro abortion nuts take themselves out of the gene pool, prolifers will take the majority again.

  56. Abortion degrades women and men. A society is judged by how they treat their most vulnerable. Reproduction is a responsibility for both sexes and sexual relations shouldn’t be considered a function of a imaginary “sex life”. When did sex become separate from the individual’s life and outside of a committed relationship and indulged in with one night stands? A women’s so called right to become as degraded as some men hasn’t helped society. It just means everyone can swim in the same sewer.

  57. American women are at war with American men due to feminism. Its very sad, but true.
    Most American women today have no real clue what it means to be a woman and the role that she plays in the relationship, marriage, and family.
    Today, 3 out of every 4 black children are born bastards and will not know who their biological father is. That rate for hispanics is 1 out of 2, and for white women, 1 out of 4. America is becoming a nation of bastards: young men who have no examples of positive fathers and young women who think that being a women is getting mounted on or just before their first menses.
    I am past the half century mark in life, and I realize that I am down to 1,2 maybe 3 at the most decades of life left. I’m cool with that as there is no way in fucking hell I would want to live for ever among the primates known as homosapiens.
    I do however feel that before I leave this Earth, I am likely to be faced with a life and death choice by one of the bastard sons/daughters of American women. You see I conceal carry a Glock 19, 15 round 9mm pistol. I am not a big black man, nor intimidating. I am a ‘mark’ in that I am not physically threatening and very nerdy in appearance ( you can simply google my image, I’m on the first page at the top, row, black guy wearing glasses, green olive drab sun hat and sunglasses on top of my head with the Arizona desert in the background). One of these days I will run into one of these bastard sons/daughters of American bitches and I will have to make the decision of life and death, and trust me, I plan to live.
    A nation rarely crumbles from outside forces; its typically from within due to its own counter productive behavior. I society is structured based on the virtue of its women. If you are too dumb to understand that last sentence know you know why it will be me killing you or your bastard son.
    American women have very little virtue…

  58. “pro-female sexist messages”
    Feminism is ANTI-female. It rejects what it is to be a female.
    That this is not obvious to many is due to:
    • most “feminists” aren’t. Most women believe in one, two or a few tenets of feminism but reject most.
    • as women age, those who are successful at being females (husband, children, family) find that they have little to no use for feminism.
    Feminism is by its nature anti-male, while masculism is both pro-male and pro-female.
    Feminists are dupes or bought-offs of Marxist destroyers of the family, moving people toward allegiance to the state in place of family, kin, and community.

  59. I had a “discussion” once years ago with a fembot regarding this issue of abortion. here in Canada, StatsCan stated that 3M abortions were performed between the 70s and 90s. this harpy was of course demonizing me for my “anti-immigrant” views (which were admittedly more anti-muslim invasion than anti immigrant) in which I stated that we would’ve had 3M more people of working age, meaning we would not be relying on immigration to fill jobs in this country and at the same time not watering down our culture and way of life. given our current cuckolded PMs stance on refugees from sharia compliant countries, I still find it hard to believe females in NA can be honestly this retarded. even when you put morality aside, the argument against abortion on demand can be made quite easily.

  60. Let’s face it; Western women are in it for the participation medal, hollow self-esteem boost. They can literally do NO wrong.
    Career woman? You’ve come a long way, baby.
    Stay-at-home mom? “Hardest job in the world”.
    Stripper/hooker? Own your sexual empowerment.
    Single mom? Oh, those are freaking worshiped.
    Lifetime welfare recipient? Innocent victim of the patriarchal system.
    Perpetual student/activist? Enlightened feminist.
    Fat, lazy layabout? Why should you do anything to impress MEN?
    I mean – seriously – name ONE thing, ONE requirement that Western society holds women to. The bar is lying on the floor and Western women still struggle to limbo under it, without any sort of social sanctions. They’re such sacred cows (no pun intended), while Western men are bashed non-stop for made-up reasons or things that happened hundreds of years ago. They’re dredging up stuff like Suffragettes to clout men over the head, by portraying them all as misogynistic assholes who abused women constantly and denied them any rights; while completely ignoring that voting was intrinsically tied to the draft, which only applied to men. Funny, you never heard them whining about being included in that. Never hear demands for “gender equality” in coal mines, or how women are underrepresented standing in lines outside the day-labor offices at 5 am to dig ditches for minimum wage. The narrative is so completely manufactured that a retarded monkey could see through it, but it is pounded into the young minds of boys and girls alike, until the cognitive dissonance is so strong that any time logic is so much as whispered, they get “triggered”, shout down dissent and attempt to have it banned as “hate speech”.
    Only people who believe blatant lies can’t handle civil discourse. Anyone who knows anything about cult mentality and mind-control methods understands this kind of strong aversion to information contrary to strongly-held beliefs. Cults require their followers to avoid “outside” information, as it will “poison” their minds. People who believe true things don’t so easily have their belief system unraveled by someone saying something different. Political correctness and social justice are modern cult religions that can’t deal with anyone pointing out the gaping flaws in their logic. People who believe the earth is spherical aren’t covering their ears and accusing people of being part of a conspiracy, when someone challenges their viewpoint; that’s only something a flat-earther would do. If you can’t handle someone questioning your world view and you need to find a “safe space” where only people who believe the same things you do are allowed to talk, then your world view is most likely false.

  61. If no one can stop the degeneracy from Hollywood, because Hollywood will send you Milos and protect their tribe… then it has to be done through goy women’s reproductive rights. Which is sad, but that is probably the only way to bring back the strong family unit now. Remember what happened to McCarthy? Didn’t end well did it? So this might be the only way to bring back the strong white Christian family.

  62. i feel the most bad for the men that dive headlong into the message because they think it’ll get them pussy. Some of them eventually get it and are dismayed when their socially liberated wives fuck the shit out of the plumber who is the very antithesis of who they are as men. I’ve hooked up with women who are in “open relationships” and you can tell the guys are absolute chumps with 0 respect in the relationship. In my mind I’m hoping I destroy their relationship so the guy can be ultimately freed from his women on a pedestal view that they have in the guise of being in an “equal” relationship. Real equality would be if he could get just as many partners as she could but that’s never the case and why you see them act in delusions.

  63. Russia has incentivized mothers to have children while at the same time been steadfast in its pro-family culture in concert with the Eastern Orthodox church. Some of these policies have been intolerant of homosexuals, which isn’t something we should adopt here. That said, as Roosh has written before, women, like water, will take the shape of their containers. As Breitbart said, politics is downstream of culture. The culture has to change in order for the politics to. Our culture is sick and this is reflective in modern women. We may not see things improve in our lifetime, sadly.

  64. the map is wrong
    there is no where “unrestricted abortion”…
    at least in Europe all abortions are restricted to the 1st semester and only in case of genetic defects on the 2nd semester…

  65. I aborted an early term pregnancy years ago that happened within a 6-year committed relationship. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m now a successful educated woman instead of a broke, resentful welfare Mom. Win for me, win for society, win for that potential human whom I was in no way prepared to raise properly. If I wasn’t the highly intelligent woman that I am, I probably would have had the damn kid. They’ve done studies on this- in the event of unplanned pregnancy (which can happen to anyone), smart women abort. Stupid women give birth and hope everything works out. Abortions were taking place in the 50s by the way- Marilyn Monroe is rumored to have had several- and unwanted children were being born to degenerate whores. Charles Manson was an unwanted child whose mother once offered to trade him for a pitcher of beer- no wonder he turned out so well. The problem is not abortion, it’s the acceptance of single motherhood, which is an entirely recent phenomenon. In the 50s having a baby out of wedlock was something to be terrified of, now single mothers are lauded as “strong” ” selfless” heroes who deserve government handouts. If we want to bring back the nuclear family we need to start shaming single mothers again. Treat them like outcasts, stop giving them free shit. That way if women want children they will have no choice but to get married at a young age. Women can slut around all they want as long as they are prepared to abort the results of thier bad decisions so I don’t have to pay for them with my tax dollars.

    1. I am a woman. I don’t understand why women prefer work to children. How woman can say “damn kid”.!!!!!
      How old are you? Sorry for asking. Do you have children now?

    2. “Win for me, win for society, win for that potential human whom I was in no way prepared to raise properly.”
      I’m sure the aborted child has a differing view. Tell me, if you had this child and your life became terrible, would you kill yourself? If your friend couldn’t catch a break in life, would you suggest suicide?

    3. FWIW I think you made a good decision. Mind you, birth control is always the best option.. when it doesn’t fail, of course. I’ve got two young family members who are both single moms. One is rocking the whole “single mom grrl power” shit, although in her defense she is trying to get a job. The other has gone full crack ho and dumped her kid onto his grandmother.. while still collecting welfare, of course. It makes me fucking weep, because even when these girls were young and innocent, I could see the writing on the wall.. and could do exactly jack shit about it.

    4. It wasn’t a “potential human” – It was a human. You murdered a human so that you could live a more comfortable life. Do whatever you want, just don’t have any illusions about it. You’re a murderer.

  66. I am not only pro abortion, I think it should be mandatory for single women that are pregnant.
    Married women should require explicit written consent of husband to get an abortion.

  67. I know from working with these losers what a bunch of fuckups they all are. They’d rather work at Arby’s than make a living in a band.

  68. “For those who want to concern troll and force a woman to have a child
    against her will, well, you’d better be prepared to stand there
    monitoring her for the next 30 years, because she’s not going to stop
    making bad choices once the child is born, and will be greatly
    increasing the odds that the child will be a degenerate, welfare
    recipient, or likely a criminal, causing real harm to honest, law
    abiding productive citizens, perhaps stealing their property, or raping
    or killing them. If you’re not prepared to ensure she makes all the
    right choices so that doesn’t happen, don’t tell her to become a mother
    when she doesn’t want to. And yeah, sure, not all single moms.
    The Effects Of Abortion
    On a micro level, I’m glad women have the ability to end pregnancy.
    There are many groups, including welfare recipients, teenagers, the
    unemployed, and sex workers, among others, who are, as Trump would say,
    “not the best and brightest.” Society greatly benefits from them not
    Basically, you’re advocating eugenics. As much as I like what’s said on this site, for a guy who doesn’t care what a woman does with her body, you sure seem to prefer that she take one action based on certain factors in her life.
    And also, science has provided a means to find out when life begins, it’s called the ultrasound.

    1. If you like your western civilization, you can keep it…if you restrict and control your women and your immigration.

  69. Driving away good men and killing innocent babies, these women are doing a favor for both men/babies. The men can find better women overseas. The unborn babies would be in peace with the Lord God.

  70. “I am not a woman so I don’t have an opinion one way or another about how women handle unwanted pregnancy, much as I couldn’t care less what a woman thinks about what type of diet I eat, what my gym schedule is, or whether I’m manspreading. It is simply irrelevant.”
    I am a woman so I have an opinion about how women handle unwanted pregnancy, much as I couldn’t care less of what a man thinks about what type of diet I eat, what my gym schedule is, or wether I’m manspreasing. It is simply irrelevant.

  71. I am not a woman so I don’t have an opinion one way or another about how women handle unwanted pregnancy, much as I couldn’t care less what a woman thinks about what type of diet I eat, what my gym schedule is, or whether I’m manspreading. You are simply irrelevant.

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