Shia Labeouf’s Butthurt Liberal “Performance” Gets Ruined By Shitlords

Following Trump’s election and the biggest meltdown in Hollywood since Moloch’s yearly mass was replaced by the Academy awards, hirsute clown and Hollywood simpleton Shia Labeouf tried to heal his blistered liberal anus by gathering other like-minded bitter snowflakes in order to yell together “he will not divide us” at a wall, while a camera livestreams them 24/7, thinking that it will magically alter the reality of the situation.

Frail zombies reciting five words, lead by Guru China LaBoob. No arguments or solution. All of that autistic screeching while facing a wall. Needless to say, it did not go as planned.

Labeouf, Hollywood’s Globalistically Modified Oaf

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise

Discovering quickly that his acting does not draw crowds, our malleable PC figurehead tried for years to get the media’s attention at any cost (often resulting in global laughter). Hearing the swan song of his dull career, he decided to play all in and stole the last good idea he saw on TV: building a big wall.

The unhealthy obsession for attention among males is often symptomatic of an attention-deprived, chaotic childhood. I don’t have to look far in Labeouf’s case. Without research, just by looking at his name (feminine, brutally non-conformist) I knew that his parents were dysfunctional or perhaps did not want a child in the first place.

Further research confirmed my first hypothesis. In Labeouf’s words, he was “raised by two broke hippies” a Jewish mother, who was an actress (attention whore) and a “heroin addict” Cajun father that he accompanied to “Anonymous Alcoholics” meetings (irresponsible, dreadful role model). He has been evolving in the acting cesspool since he was 10.

A shitposting anthology

The word spread rapidly on the Internet and shitlords came in droves to crash his livestream. The liberals, with no original ideas and often not having Guru Shia to lead the chorus, left the spot free for any /pol/ boy passing by to claim it as his personal no-filter shitposting station. So far, we have seen them:

Happily displaying Pepe signs and shirts

  • Questioning globalist sacred idols and wanting to educate Labeouf on the Holocaust
  • Reading bits of Mein Kampf for the camera

When the triggerers-in-chief rocked up and started playing their music, the lobotomised Daily Beast clientele just danced along catchy tunes like Shadilay and other 4Chan/Alt-right anthems like Serbia Strong (A.K.A “Remove Kebab”), a nationalist song from the Bosnian War period known for its anti-Muslim and anti-NATO undertones.

Non-white /pol/sters Jackie4Chan and Jihadi Jezus organised a satirical “Honorary Aryan Dance Party” before savaging the Left’s double standards when it comes to freedom of expression and victim hierarchy regarding “minorities.”

They also attempted to “awaken Kek/Pepe, the Egyptian God of Fitness and Dankness.”

Other anti-liberal pranksters turned their soporific mantra into another jewel: “He will nut inside us”.

The zombies were too busy to notice that a right-wing octopus turned the place into the Museum of Kek

One wandering troll made Labeouf believe that he had Down’s syndrome, got closer to the camera and even lead the chant, precious snowflakes obviously cheering in the same demented tone.

Among all those “Praise Kek!” and extreme provocations, the shitlords contrary to Jihad Labarf and his assault midgets remained pacific and did not physically threaten anyone.

A poster boy that epitomises the violence of the left

Someone looks divided

Our fragile snowflake was easily baited into using physical violence when a random passer-by casually told him that Hitler did nothing wrong.

It looked more like a toddlers’ spasm during a tantrum than a real punch but contrary to the appearances, Shia is a grown man and therefore broke the law. He then plays the victim when he gets nicked.

He thumps his chest and threatens physically guys smaller than him, getting in their faces or sharing messages that sound slightly divisive like “you are surrounded. Now, be nice”.

But he is nowhere to be seen when Big Tony and his mate from Astoria, who walk and talk like men that have seen their fair share of action, come and drop more truth in five minutes at Beta HQ than those ephete airheads in a week.

Discovering that his girly love taps were not sufficient to repel the evil Trump supporters, Shia decided that instead of providing valid political arguments, the best way to win the struggle was to kiss and lick the face of his challengers. Probably inspired by Madonna’s methods to get votes, he might soon propose to perform fellatio on political opponents, in true cuck fashion.

Quel futur pour cette tête d’ardoise et son “art”?

A public livestream is by definition uncensored and unedited, which is the opposite of any modern Mainstream media platform. If you go live and want everyone to have access to it, it will get out of hand a one point or the other. Between the clueless Shemale Ladouche’s followers and the constant joy of shitlords shattering their safe spaces, we witness the first livestream window into modern politics, half shitlord central, half human zoo for sore losers.

It backfired from the first day and SJWs will eventually get tired, due to their short attention spam and their lack of will. They will just desert Sharia Labumph as soon as Twitter gets bored of him or they find another Hollywood bobblehead that is a hotter topic. Whereas dedicated shitlords will never get bored of triggering manginas to the verge of tears.

The three only positive elements I see in this idiotic initiative:

  • Leftists staying there idle instead of burning cars, assaulting citizens or infecting the world with their presence
  • Endless laughter with constant real-life shitposting, red pill bombs and liberals triggered
  • Shita Labed away from the studios and screens for at least four years

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116 thoughts on “Shia Labeouf’s Butthurt Liberal “Performance” Gets Ruined By Shitlords”

        1. Just kidding. That’s classic old-school NY. I only say American because I grew up not too far from there and these guys sound perfectly familiar to me!

    1. Undoubtedly has a higher IQ than you, though.
      You are familiar with the bell curve, are you not Joseph?

        1. Is KZOO code for “gay Jew?”
          Would explain a lot about you. Judging by your profile pic, you look pretty faggoty and kike-ish.

        2. And do you have any sources for your claims?
          It’s well documented that Sephardic Jews have IQs in the 90s, while the Ashkenazi have IQs in the 110s.

        3. There are many other Jews, such as the ones in Israel, who have mediocre to average IQs. Just to provide you with one point of reference, Israel has an average or below average IQ and doesn’t even rank in the top of the IQ table among the nations (IQ 95 – there are 38 countries with higher IQ).
          Moreover, you can get the same high IQs when you create White subgroups or Asian subgroups, e.g. Episcopalian whites have FAR higher IQs than the Ashkenazi subgroup; The Basque people also have extremely high IQs.
          What I’m trying to say is that a) these things are far more nuanced than you’re led to believe and b) it may be a beyond your comprehension.

        4. Israel is also
          a) 25% non-Jewish (20% Arab and 5% other)
          b) not dominantly Ashkenazi
          The fact that Israel IQ is still 95 despite these two factors (slightly higher than the European average of 94) is astonishing.
          Do you have any sources for the supposedly “far higher IQs” of Episcopalian whites? And the Basques?
          I’m sorry you just can’t accept that you are inferior to Jews, but well, facts have a bad habit of not caring about your feelings.
          Don’t you have to go back to sucking (((Roissy’s))) dick or whatever it is you do in your free time?

        5. Ha! The whole ‘arabs’ brought us down to 90 shtick?
          Never heard that one before!
          You have an unearned sense of superiority and its amusing.

        6. And yet no sources refuting any of my claims…
          Just a lot of snark, as is common with your ilk.

        7. I don’t follow Roissy and what would your response be if I gave you my citations? Why should I bother? Do you have some data that contradicts mine? Again, I have the strong suspicion that you can’t tolerate facts which contradict your emotional beliefs.

        8. As others have stated JZ95 is a shill. Note the pattern of the profiles posts. A Hasbara in other words.

  1. He’s most likely one of those molested Disney child actors. They always seem to snap and go batshit crazy.

      1. well, i’ll go bit crazy too if megan fox would put me in the friend zone too. But that’s no excuse anyways for being a leftist retard questing for a bit of attention and fame.

    1. Yeah
      Being ‘pizza parloured’ by someone dressed as a giant mouse is enough to fuck anyone up

    2. Shit Labeef is an oxygen thief. That was all a big act to enhance his street cred with all his leftie and gay associates. And it comes as no surprise that he has some jewish blood in him. As a rule, that is a guaranteed recipe for the more extreme and obnoxious forms of liberalism.

    3. You oughta know sweetie. Looks like your white supremacist brother got quite the scare ; )
      It’s survival of the fittest bitch. Little wimps get checked.

  2. These “people” make me embarrassed to be apart of the “millenial” generation…*facepalm*

      1. Fuck the world. We make the world better by being better ourselves. They can come if they choose, but I’m not dragging anybody. I’m not here to save anybody. Least of all these pathetic losers. 😉

  3. Shia’s biggest problem is that he isn’t that good of an actor, and now everyone knows it. So what does he fall back on? What skills does he have? Nothing. His ceiling is currently local theatre.

        1. It’s a Disney show from the 90’s. He played that same bland, underacting and uninteresting character he has ever since.
          I saw only a few episodes, myself, but suffice it to say I was surprised he still had a career when it was over.

    1. This guy was gifted with opportunity. Touted as some next big thing in mainstream media. Getting that Indiana Jones gig with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. Headlining a major franchise in Transformers (I’m not a fan but I recognize the money making factor). How many truly talented individuals fall away into obscurity or end up being ‘never weres’ simply because they never had a sniff of his type of luck and opportunity?

      1. At least I can understand why some people become famous. Most male stars today get their fame due to excellent portrayals, or being fit and attractive (I speak of the Marvel-type franchises, here). Most female starlets get their fame through being reasonably attractive.
        But there are some people I just don’t get. How does an unfunny, untalented, unattractive woman like Lena Dunham have a career? How do so many female starlets in teen flicks – starlets who portray absolutely no emotion and are sixes at best – become famous? How do untalented background characters like LaDoof ever get to be the face of anything?
        It seems to the casual observe to be insane and foolish. Something must be going on below the surface, I think.

        1. IIRC, Dunham was fucking someone influential. Same with most black female musicians. Suck a rapper’s dick and find relevance.

        2. How do so many female starlets in teen flicks – starlets who portray
          absolutely no emotion and are sixes at best – become famous?

          Frumpy actresses make the women in the audience feel better about themselves by comparison, the “Kristen Stewart effect”?
          …thankfully action movies have different standards or every one of ’em’d be another Paul Blart flick.

        3. Supermodels are still held to a different standard, an actual standard, by and large. Typically: Look stern, icy and have a body like a human coat hangar.
          Gisele Bundchen herself infamously went “under the knife” to enhance her figure right after she retired from modeling.
          BTW, there are also very frumpy models out there now. ~10 years ago, Tyra Banks proclaimed that a plus-size model was 130 lbs. Nowadays we have “plus size models” who could lose 130 pounds and still make “Kristen Stewarts” look like solid 8s by comparison.

        4. Hows this: you have bought and paid for your whore and some people listen to that whore.
          To make said whore seem relevent beyond expiration date?
          Buy large amounts of their crap to make it seem like they actually have a larger fan base.
          Maybe Im too ‘old’ or far enough away from a major city, but Ive never just bumped into a hardcore kanye/madonna/whoever fan.
          But I do see them on tv and on the magazines polluting the checkout aisle.

        5. IDK about Lena Dunham, but I know Amy Schumer got famous through her uncle Chuck. Maybe Lena is related to Ann Dunham, but I really don’t know.

      2. Transformers kinda just highlighted how bad he was. The movies were entertaining(?) in spite of him. Indiana Jones, terrible script and plot aside, also highlighted that he had no business as the face of a multi-million/billion dollar franchise.

    2. Has anyone suggested to him that he join Lindsay Lohan in going to the Middle East to advocate liberalism?
      That might be a solution for everyone, since Shia doesn’t look like he’ll ever have the good sense to STFU and count his millions in obscurity if he stays stateside.

  4. Anti-fascist queers are protesting fascist queers at milo’s berkeley speech. lol

  5. I obviously have very contrasting politics to Shia Labarf… But I have to say I think this is a very successful artwork.

  6. I don’t think this is the right way to fight this kind of ignorance, leave them alone to rot in their cowardice.

    1. Showing them they dont have the run of the streets is valuable especially in amusing and nonviolent ways.
      Its called ownership.
      Dont be afraid to exercise it.

  7. I’m fed up seeing guys doing shit and call it performance. Art has nothing to do with dressing like a fucking homeless and spilling bullshit to gain attention. What a fucking son of bitch.

    1. Hmm…spray paint that on the wall of a university art exhibit. Don’t use stencils or demonstrate any kind of artistic talent, and maybe a Liberal Arts Department worth of hipsters will pay to be pretentious around it.
      Seriously, though, you’re not wrong. When I brush my teeth it’s a healthy habit, but when some idiot kid does it in a parking lot it’s supposed to be an artistic expression of some kind?

      1. imo there’s a lot of common ground between leftism and the so-called “modern” art. Both throw common sense, pratice, skills at the bin for the “all emotion first” sake.
        Look at the video where people applause the troll pretending to be mentally challenged. Because they think he’s mentally disabled, magically what he says become something extraordinary and praise worthy. God, how people can be so fucked up in the brain like that.
        Both are an expression of insanity. Both deserve to disappear for humanity’s sake.

  8. As someone who spends no appreciable time practicing commonly-identified arts (sculpting, drawing, acting, etc.) I have a simple rule:
    If I can do it, it’s not art
    Black square on a canvas? I can do that.
    Carry a mattress around (or, if I had boobs, get orbiters to do it)? I can do that.
    Live stream myself being a fucking moron? I can do that (but why in the hell would I want to?)
    Art is not about “expression” or some wishy-washy crap like that. Expression occurs through the medium of art, but art must be bound to forms. In the same way an untrained violinist will produce painful sounds because they lack the form to produce musical tone, or the way small children will produce noise from a piano because they lack the form of musical construction, so too do the other arts require forms to be considered art.
    I have used music as an example, but consider also acting. What do we see when we identify a bad actor? It’s the lack of form – they fail to take on the form of their character in any believable way. Whether it’s something as blatant as looking and sounding like some third-grader reading a book report or something as seemingly minor as having something off in their portrayal of emotion or action, we notice and identify it as bad because it lacks form.
    Nothing Shea LeQueef did in any of these videos has any kind of discernible artistic form. It looks like literally anybody could do it in exactly the same way, and things literally anybody could do are not art.

      1. Well, I can technically do MMA, but comparing me to even the amateur circuit is like comparing my drawing skills to a classically-trained art student in his tenth year of training.

    1. There’s considerable production value in this video.
      Did ‘their side’ make this?
      It sort of lampoons SJW stuff so I can’t imagine it flying.
      So WTF?

  9. I have been randomly tuning in over the past week or so and have never once seen a leftist. Only trolls

    1. Depends. I usually tune in when it’s 7AM in germany before I work (1AM in NY) and there are only alt-right guys out there at that time because leftists fear the darkness.
      When I tune in right after work at 5PM (11AM in NY) there are only libtards.

  10. SHIA Labeouf??? Is that Politically Correct to say that out loud?
    And what about SUNNI Labeouf???
    Hebes will not divide us!

  11. Crazy kids. Fucking brave that guy with the babushka hat. Those libs go “Lord of the Flies” instantly…

  12. Hit up this guys IMDB. I have not seen a single movie or tv show he has been involved in. I mean, I am not a huge movie and tv guy, but I am also not ted kazinsky. Why is he famous again?

      1. never saw them. I mean I heard of them, but…ya know…im a grown up

  13. How stupid are these actors/actresses that allow themselves to get tangled up with politics? I bet you in a few years or months their careers will be shot down for the nasty behavior they exhibit and condone… such as Madonna and this pathetic loser

  14. admittedly I found him quite comical in the transformers movies but he is truly a one dimensional actor as the Indiana jones movie showed. his attempts at edgy artistry usually end up falling flat (Sia music video featuring that little girl from the nearly pedophilic show “dance moms” comes to mind) in addition to this patent display of desperation for relevance show that he is more or less a talentless lad who will undoubtedly end up taking it in the ass for a $20 bill in the very near future just to make rent.

  15. I’ve been calling him Shia Ledouche for awhile ,because I once out of boredom did an online search to see if these so call celebrities live up to her public image so I wondered . How many movie stars are assholes in real life? Shia’s name came up several times ,I heard a story where a little boy asked for his autograph and Shia told the boy to f***** him self.

  16. I’m impressed with the number of alternative names JB thought up for him. Sharia LeDouche ftw!

  17. Very strange, but i really don’t care if Liberals wish to waste their time like this.

  18. Whatever your opinion of Shia and his acting, this is article has so much false information. This wasn’t pro or anti anything. It was supposed to be middle ground. For all people. About unity… except with trolls trying to cause problems. Hate isn’t tolerated… *Also I get that by definition sure, you can say he got “violent” or “physical”, but come on, really? It’s been blown way out of proportion. He

    1. I hope you arent equating these fine trolls with the flotsam from berkeley and the like.
      If you are a democrat, you are scum of the earth. Full stop.
      No debate needed.

    1. Man, I can’t stop laughing. This video is so funny. This is the first time in 8 years I’ve wished I still lived in NYC

  19. Shit the Beef forgot he was not the star of transformers the robots were. Talentless tool.

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