The Shame Of President Obama’s Legacy

President Obama gave his farewell address in Chicago on January 10, 2016.  President Trump took office 10 days later.  The following are a few quotes from President Obama’s 50 minute speech:

Lack of Vision

If I had told you 8 years ago that America would reverse a great recession, reboot our auto industry, and unleash the longest stretch of job creation in our history…  and secure the right to health insurance to another 20 million of our fellow citizens, if I had told you that, you might have said our sights were set a little too high.  But that’s what we did.

So, no one could have even *IMAGINED* a better health care answer than requiring millions to purchase overpriced and often practically useless high deductible policies from private for profit corporations?  No one could imagine a system better than the one Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation created?  We couldn’t even “set our sights” at something higher?

You didn’t land on the moon for the first time.  You told people they had to send Blue Cross $3,500 in premiums every year, and let some 26-year-olds, who are mostly young and healthy, continue to receive the benefits of their parents’ health policy.  There are a lot of dissenting voices against the ACA even being a positive change, but to call it the best we could have even dreamed of is laughable.

Economic Woes

Because of you, by almost every measure, America is a better place than when we started.

While it is possible to look at some misleading government data like the U3 unemployment rate or the nominal price of stock exchange indices, (unadjusted for the rampant $40 billion monthly Federal Reserve injections and money creation), real wages for Americans are down from 2009, when Obama took office. The data shows real incomes are around 4% lower than they were in 2009.  Which means one could purchase 4% fewer goods and services.  Far from improving, we have a ways to go before we reach the levels of the 1990s.


Moral Failure

There are some statistics that show some economic improvement.  But even if “the economy” churns out widgets at a rate higher than it did when you took office, that measures only economics.  How is the nation morally?

Record drone strikes, presidential extrajudicial kill lists, and continuation of torture, which had been wiped out as a mechanism of the state throughout every modern nation on the planet prior to 2000, all continued or increased.

What about the failing family?  More single virginal Americans living with their parents than ever before?  The majority of marriages failing?  The fact that America has a teen birth rate over double that of Canada’s, and 10 times that of some western European nations?


What about the increasing political correctness, the demagoguery of traditional sex roles and the attacks on masculinity?  Frankly I don’t care if my nation’s GDP is 2% higher next year.  In fact, I’m strongly considering making the decision that Roosh and many others have, to leave this land for a country with a much lower GDP, but better values, feminine women, and better quality of life.

America has continued to slip morally, and this is even more disturbing than the economic crisis we currently face.

Equal Opportunity

“Our democracy won’t work without a sense that everyone has economic opportunity… wages, incomes, and retirement accounts are rising again. Poverty is falling again.”

Concerning wages, real wages are down (see above).  Most working age people have economic opportunity.  I may have more opportunity than others, because I have good genes, high IQ, chose to pursue college degrees, and made mostly good life decisions, including not knocking up or marrying women, saving a large portion of my income, and working steadily since my high school years.

Of course, we want to encourage those types of behaviors in society, so we should support a system that gives greater opportunities to those who make better decisions.  But there is opportunity for all–there are plenty of entry level jobs that give people the opportunity to start from the same place I did.

Health insurance ≠ Health care

“Health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in 50 years.”


Someone at the Medicare/Medicaid office didn’t get the memo

Health care costs may be slowing (the above chart appears to show otherwise), but health insurance costs are up as much as 100% in a single year, and the IRS forces you to pay for a policy.  If the claim of declining costs is true, it’s only because many people cannot afford to see the doctor under Obamacare.  The typical health insurance plan that taxpayers are forced to buy under Obamacare, has a $6,000+ premium, which means even though they are paying thousands of dollars a year for an insurance policy, it offers zero benefit unless you have a serious medical issue which costs more than around $10,000.

Doctor visits are still expensive, and the sick are likely choosing to forego doctor visits for non-emergency care, thus driving down the total “cost” of health care–doctors and hospitals receive less money because people can’t afford to visit them unless the case is urgent.  But that doesn’t mean we are healthier as a nation.


Most health insurance plans only benefit a sick person with over $10,000 in annual health expenses

“If anyone can put together a plan that is demonstrably better than the improvements we’ve made to our health care system, that covers more people at less cost, I will publicly support it.

So expect an endorsement of Trump’s health care plan by Obama shortly. While there is a lack of brainpower in Congress, and most representatives are bought and paid for, it’s not hard for even a typical citizen to imagine a plan that could work better than the current system.



“For white Americans, it means acknowledging that the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t just disappear in the 60s.”

So when will they disappear?  If citizens are given equal protection under the law, and have economic opportunity, then at what point does the treatment of their ancestors cease to affect them?  I had some powerful and wealthy ancestors over 100 years ago, and can tell you any benefit from wealth, property, or even name recognition from them disappeared far before my parents were born.

If one examines immigrants, typically the language, culture, and customs of their home nation are all but gone by the third generation.


A poor day laborer can begin digging ditches today and in 40 years his grandchildren will be as assimilated and Americanized as anyone else.  This is why many such as myself aren’t even interested in foreign women unless they were born abroad—if raised in the west, they forget their traditional ways and rapidly adopt the mannerisms, speech, body fat, and feminism of the culture.

Women’s suffrage has been around only 100 years, and we are already facing fourth wave feminism.  Look at the collective power that women hold in society, the economy, and politics today and reflect that they accomplished all that in only 100 years.  Israel, with all its power and wealth, was established in 1948, and many of its founders escaped not slavery but forced evacuation of their homes and narrowly escaped death.  And yet the ancient practice by less than 2% of Americans who owned slaves in the early 1800s is still a factor for modern blacks?

Israel built a desert land into one of the most powerful modern nations on the planet in less than 50 years.  Women now control over 80% of household spending, and wield enormous political influence, just 100 years after gaining the right to vote, despite living in a violent raping land of microaggressions and triggering green frogs.  How long will it take American blacks to overcome slavery, when only 5% of slaves were sent to America, slave importation was ended over 200 years ago, and all American slaves freed 150 years ago?

Military Adventurism

“We have taken out tens of thousands of terrorists… Coalition against ISIL has taken away about half their territory”

This group, with a dubious history, didn’t even exist when Obama took office.  So until you take away all their territory, we’re in a worse position than 8 years ago.  Or by another metric, you created tens of thousands of enemies which were so violent and dangerous you had to kill them.  How many more enemies are you leaving for the next administration to deal with?

Be The Change You Want To See

“Protecting our way of life is not just the job of the military.”

This is is spot on.  The threat to America will not be from an invading army; indeed America has never faced a serious threat from war in its history since 1812.  The problems with America cannot be solved by military troops; I’d argue they can only be exacerbated by more aggression and war.  Instead, all our degeneracy and destruction is coming from within.  And no organized force is fighting it.

Freedoms Are Great, Even When We Take Them

“If the scope of freedom and respect for the rule of law shrinks around the world, the likelihood of war within and between nations increases.  And our own freedoms will eventually be threatened.

Freedoms for Americans both at home and abroad are far less than they were 15 years ago.  This is mostly due to our own governments restricting our rights and imposing additional laws and rules.

Continued Bashing of Russia and China

“Rivals like Russia or China cannot match our influence around the world, unless we give up what we stand for, and turn ourselves into just a big country that bullies smaller neighbors”

Why must Russia and China be rivals or enemies?  My personal view of Russia is that it is a European state with bright scientists, engineers, and a long history in art, music, and ballet, which is seeing a masculine and Christian revival.  My personal view of China is that it is a great place to buy lots of things cheaply.

If they are enemies or rivals, it is because politicians make them so.  While there are some cultural differences between the west and Asia, the constant verbal badgering of China will only embolden them to battle the west economically, and perhaps one day militarily.  By contrast, Trump sees Russia as a strong leader and potential ally, and while being critical of some trade policies, “loves China.”


As to the second point, what is America to the world if not a big country that bullies others?  If America cared about the well being of its neighbors, perhaps it could assist in structural change with nearby Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world.  Instead, it runs multiple wars on far flung nations, determined to overthrow their political and social order and bring them a “democracy” they don’t want, and then is surprised when the result of the popular vote is a Muslim ethnostate.

If America cared about strengthening its image and influence, why doesn’t it help end the Syrian civil war, which is sending “refugees” all over Europe, causing multiple mass murders of peaceful European citizens, threatening the very future of these countries as peaceful, independent states?  Instead, America came very close to going to war for the radical rebels in Syria that are the root of this problem.

Don’t Rely On Politicians

The end of his speech was good, and he encourages people to not sit back and rely on politicians to fix problems, but to confront them ourselves.

“Not just when there’s an election, not just when your interest is at stake… If you disagree with someone on the internet, try talking with them.  If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes… “

Good advice, especially for the manosphere, as Trump is not going to solve all our problems.  I’ll be impressed if he can just stop things from further declining.

To all the party hacks, remember that criticism of someone who is a Democrat is not support of Republicans.  I find distasteful things in some of Trump’s speeches, and hope his feet are held to the fire, especially on civil liberties issues.  But he will be a fresh change in many areas.  Our best hopes?

  1. An end to warmongering with Russia
  2. Pushing back on politically correct speech
  3. A return to reality – an end to invented gender pronouns, rape culture lies, and media lies


January 20th started a new era.  Here’s to new beginnings!

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169 thoughts on “The Shame Of President Obama’s Legacy”

  1. Yawn. This is what the left did for 8 years – “‘member how bad Bush was?” Obama is gone. Time to see if your boy will nut up.

  2. Best part of anything he says from now on is he is out of office.
    That said I am also glad he isn’t ever going to become a surgeon:
    “Well, sure we mixed up your chart and cut off one of your testicles, but at least we didn’t get the other one.”

  3. Great, so RoK is against drone striking terrorists or torturing them for information.
    I should note that Trump supports torturing terrorists for information, as do I.
    I will, however, criticize the left for blatant hypocrisy; when Obama was doing it, the left was silent. But if Trump does it, you know we’ll hear about how evil it is from the SJW crowd.

    1. Where’s the equivalence between the two ? No, shooting Toyota four runners full of kids in the desert on their way to some wedding with million dollar missles is stupid. All it did was lies people off and waste money.

  4. I prefer George Washington’s farewell address in 1796. Especially this little nugget:
    “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.”
    (Washington’s use of the word “jealousy” here, arises from Webster’s 2nd definition, meaning, “zealous vigilance”.)
    Look at the division in the nation right now. The liberals and the conservatives, divided and conquered. People eagerly and willingly giving up their freedoms and their nation’s interests. Washington saw it coming. The tactics that are currently being used against us, which were brought upon us by globalists, come from an oft-used script. It’s been recycled, as Washington’s quote proves (“since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government”), and most people are totally oblivious to it. Which begs the question: What kind of government do the American people deserve? To which the answer is: Exactly the kind they have right now.

    1. Did he write his own speeches? I dont think the average American could even understand what he was saying. The response would be

      1. That’s the problem. People have been dumbed down to the point where most of them can’t comprehend what Washington was talking about. Whether it’s “leftists” or “conservatives”, it’s all a foreign installation, in this case, of globalist (again, “foreign”) origin. And as Washington pointed out, people who blindly affiliate with either side, without zealously and vigilantly guarding not only their republic, but most especially, their impartiality, eventually bring about their own demise. And the people just can’t see it – due to blind allegiance to one side of the dialectic or the other. So what do they deserve…they deserve to get rammed in the ass until they figure it out. Just like a guy who remarries over and over and keeps getting divorce-raped.

        1. If the rhetoric was as dumbed down then as it is today, all GW woulda said is “The King of England- not a nice person.” and the crowd woulda gone apeshit

        2. Royalty – bad! Not gonna do it. Nuh uh. Not gonna. Bad…bad!
          Independence – Good! Gonna do it. Feels right.

        3. Yup. Now it’s “jihadists” or “terrorists” or whatever fucking boogie man, created by the globalists, is useful to the cause. And the people pledge blind allegiance while giving up their impartiality as well as their freedoms (“Freedom isn’t free”, etc.). This country was created to isolate our people from foreign intrigue, and the idea was, the citizens would then be vigilant and protect the republic. Once we started crossing oceans to fight wars, the jig was up.
          The U.S. military’s purpose was originally to guard against all enemies, foreign and domestic. To guard the borders of the country against foreign invaders, and to guard its interior from domestic threats (like, oh, corporations and bankers, etc.). Not to go overseas, and fight imperialist wars over vague ideals which, ultimately, turned out to be a fight for corporate interests.
          Fast-forward exactly 221 years from Washington’s farewell address, and look where we are right now. Washington probably wouldn’t have put it this way, but if he were alive today, he just might say, “I told you so, you fucking idiots…”
          But things are too far gone for that now. He’d probably just sigh and realize that he and his compatriots had a really beautiful idea – like finding a woman who was a true unicorn; someone really sincere and truly wonderful and steadfastly loyal – but in the end, the whole idea was blue-pill as fuck. (Or, who knows, maybe he figured it would all end up this way; Masons galore among the Founding Fathers.)

        4. wearing a red “make the colonies great again” hat (Im sure you know the proper name for those hats).

        5. It would be a proper tri-corner hat, with the words written out across the three folds to circle the head, if you can picture that.

        6. King George… not a very nice man. Not very good at keeping his territories, I’m much better, believe me. Much better at keeping territory. Low energy, very low. You can’t hold the Americas when you’re low energy. I like to call him low-energy-George. And tea. Let’s talk about tea. Where’s George’s tea? In the harbor. It’s in the bottom of the harbor. And low-energy-George refuses to call the perpetrators by the appropriate name: Radical. Tea. Terrorists. It’s just sad…

      1. Yes, it is a good thing. For people who don’t give their blind allegiance to either side. For people who zealously guard their freedoms (most especially their freedom of thought) and their impartiality. Otherwise, not so much. Otherwise, they are expendable. And they will be sacrificed as pawns.

        1. Progressives are evil and must not be allowed to live among decent folk. This country needs a divorce.

        2. Decent folk don’t deserve to be forced to live alongside Clinton or Obama supporters. They are evil and insane.

  5. I just love the photo of Putin with the Russian women wearing scarves over their heads. He knows what a healthy patriarchal society looks like.

  6. “Why must Russia and China be rivals or enemies?”
    Because they have been for several decades and most likely always will be,at the very least, rivals to West led, or not in recent times, by America.
    These are different cultures with different outlooks on the world than the West.
    These countries have nor ever will never been our friends, you should simply accept it.
    That’s not to say we can’t co-operate in many ways but they will continue to play a version of the 19th century “Great Game” with the West in their spheres of influence and also as they try to expand those respective spheres.
    We need only look at the recent actions of Putin and Shi Ji Ping.
    They have direct control of their respective nations, for the most part, and how they took advantage of Americas lack of action under Obama is obvious.

  7. I still think we should erase Obama’s Presidency from history. Historians a few centuries from now will find an eight year gap in the chronology of the early 21st Century, and the conspiracy theorists will get busy trying to fill that mysterious void in time.

    1. What about Hoover? He was a bad President, what about Carter? He was also pretty bad or just leave the black guy out?

    2. That would be the worst thing to do. History is recorded so one can learn from history (yes I know many humans can’t) and erasing it will just make sure the future generations will make the same mistake.

    3. My theory: Obama will be hailed as a hero by liberals for the next 30 years, then will be forgotten after that. White liberals will fade out of existence in the future so there will be nobody left to worship him.

        1. Most bombs dropped in North Africa and the Middle East ever!! Fuck yeah!!!
          Helped get the helter skelter plan into full motion in only 8 years… pure genius!!!

        2. Are you serious?? Better than Washington, Lincoln and FDR? Eisenhower created NASA and built the Interstate highways… what has Obama done that is close to that? Obama will go down as a mid range president (better than George Bush though for sure).And on top of that after 8 years he has somehow convinced Americans to give the Senate, House and Presidency to the Republicans. I know liberals like to blame Republicans for that but winners don’t blame… they find a way to win and they mold the world to their vision. Obama was an idealist who could only play 2 dimensional chess instead of 4 dimensions.

    4. u mean erase the real truth…..u mean like how whites routinely try to erase blacks from history ???? must be a genetic compulsion with you people.

  8. I remember when Alex Jones did a documentary in ’08 on how the Elites were using Obama as a friendlier face for the same old Middle Eastern adventures and Wall St handouts. It seemed so nutty at the time. I’m starting to think they’ve gotten to Trump too. The US is still arming “moderate rebels” in Syria and helping the Saudis brutalize Yemen.
    Anyways, Obama has set so many sneaky plans in motion that we’ll be dealing with for years to come. IE, attempting to smuggle Liberians into the US by way of Mexico:

  9. Typical black leader. Pillages his people, profits off the disenfranchised, completely ineffective for good. He spent all his time fomenting racial division that he, his handlers, could enrich themselves. Actually maybe the typical American leader nowadays…

    1. Sounds like what white elites and white politicians have been doing to whites since slavery. Poor whites fought in the civil war to fight for the white aristocracy and now you have poor whites who voted for a Billionaire that never showed he is pro labor, just ask those idiot coal miners in West Virginia who are bitching that Trump is going to repeal Obamacare.

      1. When you say “labor” do you mean union? Fuck the labor unions with a spear, but Trumpka just praised Trump for saving UAW jobs.
        The previous administration that pledged, and succeeded, in bankrupting the coal companies was a big plus for those WV “idiots” who were put out of a job. Plus Obama-hate that jacked up their premiums are fined them for not having insurance was just rubbing salt into the wounds.

      2. Maybe it is worth considering that the white people who enslaved the Africans also freed them and even gave them a country to repopulate in Africa. Also Saudi Arabia and many other muslims countries still enslave people from Philippines , etc even in 2017. Is it possible perhaps that “white people” being the fault for every ail of the world might be exaggerated? I am usually wrong but the law in Saudi Arabia is the death penalty for homosexuals and those who choose to give up Islam. Is that acceptable? Should we allow those people to kill others for a lifestyle choice yet in the West Virginia the same thing is outlawed?

      1. You should compile a list of ethnic leaders throughout history and find out which races tend to commit the most atrocities and subjugate their populations… hint! It’s not whitey!!!!

      2. Interesting is it worth considering the Rwandan genocide, the ongoing Sudanese conflict, or RUF in Sierra Leone. I am not sure whether those were black or white leaders in charge of the killing of millions of innocent black and white people?

  10. Odumbo is a black rat that is so delusional he belongs in a mental hospital. The Iran deal? Trading 5 Taliban commanders for a deserter? First time the credit worthiness of the US is downgraded? The status of forces agreement he failed to get in Iraq creating ISIS? The U3 unemployment rate that does not measure the people that gave up looking for work making the rate really over 12%? The EOs that were illegal like the immigration EO? All $800 billion in regulations? Flooding the country with illegals and Muslims? The red line? Odumbocare? Benghazi? The memo to schools that blacks cannot be expelled even though they cause more trouble than everyone else? The ridiculous 1 of every 4 women gets raped in college that they spread around and tout as fact? His stirring up BLM and race relations? The police being ambushed by black thugs and him taking the side of the thugs every time? If I had a son he would look like Trayvon? The Justice Dept. doing away with the rule of law? The suspension of the welfare work law that was working? Fast & furious? The tax increases? The transgender bathroom nonsense? Gay marriage? I could on and on and on. I don’t know what world the author is living in but he barely scratched the surface of the damage Bathhouse Barry has done.

    1. I don’t know how BO’s gayness didn’t get exposed. I’ve heard BO is bisexual or on the down low. Do you think he’s a closeted homosexual?? My gaydar goes off with a huge “ping” when I see BO…

      1. He is as gay as Liberace. He used to hang around the gay bathhouses in Chicago before he got into politics. That whole marriage to that gorilla Moochelle is a scam. Why do you think they always took separate flights on vacation? Reggie Love was his “body man”? Reggie Love had some pictures of him in compromising positions come out several years ago. Odumbo made a point to call that NBA basketball player that came out of the closet and Michael Sam the gay football player. There is no question Odumbo loves himself some CACK.

    2. Rumors are he has AIDS which includes Klinton who has developed what is known as “gayIDS face” quite nicely over the last decade (google it). Wonder why he used to be a fat fuck and lost all that weight? AIDS.

  11. RoK readers in the US should realize something: regardless of the previous of the current president, Americans are (overall) still MUCH better off in the US that you would be pretty much in any country in Europe.
    Are you worried that most of citizens have been stripped of most of their right? well, in Europe almost none of those right exist anymore.
    You have problems with too many immigrants, and generally have problem with the quality of immigrants? Spend a week anywhere in Europe to see the number and the qualify of immigrants Europe was flooded with.
    High cost of private health insurance? well, many countries in Europe have some “free” healthcare, but it is really basic and there are long waiting list. (See the NHS in the UK). If you need more specific treatment, you will need to go private – which most people simply cannot afford. On the other hand , compared to local salaries, private health insurance seems to be affordable in some US states (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota).
    You thought American women were ruined by feminism? (White) European women are five times worse.
    You thought New York city or LA wee crowded and overpriced? Try living in London for a week…you will be desperate to grab the first plane that would take back to the Big Apple.
    I guess everything is relative.
    One things is certain. if you achieved some financial independence in the US, do not move abroad. Use the US as a “base”. There is nothing wrong with travelling abroad to find decent women. You can even settle down and start a family (Yes, if you are truly red-pilled, you will want to reproduce sooner or later.) However, I would strongly advise against bringing your new foreign babe to the States. Believe me, despite the initial high cost of travelling back and forth to her country, on the long run you will be better off (financially and otherwise) if you stay in the US and she stays in her home country.

    1. Good post.
      I will note however that when we tend to get our britches in a wad about something that has not yet happened, more often than not this spurs political action to put a stop to it. Where Europeans failed is, directly after WW2, the entire place just “gave up”, exhausted from warfare, and it became nearly unpardonable to hold any real non-welfare statist views, so people just kind of resigned themselves and went along. That didn’t happen here, we still at least try to guard our liberties jealously, although in segmented groups and rarely as a whole culture (unfortunately).

    2. Only recently I have become aware of what has been going on in Europe these recent years and its is appalling what is being done to native Europeans by their “leadership”. I think that when Europe snaps from left to right it will be so sudden and loud you will hear it around the world.

      1. Start listening for that snap this year. There are several elections due this year in Europe that could change the complexion of the conflict currently happening in Europe. The EU experiment may come completely apart.

    3. As we like to say, we are 10 years behind Europe.
      Whats funny is US liberals have always said “look at how awesome and advanced Europe is, we need to be more like them”. Now we will be watching Europe burn from across the pond(liberals will not admit they were wrong). If we are lucky, we can stop just being 10 years behind and start moving the other direction.

  12. Just saw this gem flash across my TV. Might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  13. Just saw this thing flash across my TV. Possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    1. WOW . . .
      Catch the “You Live Longer” part in there? Fascinating how they openly celebrate the GAP involving males not living as long. Shall I assume a large focus of this Invest like a Woman B.S. involves how to extract the most financially from EX-Hubby?
      And just wait until Super Bowl 51 hits the screen. I expect there to be a plethora of man shaming, “girrlll power” ads. (Think I saw somewhere Mr. Clean is running AD telling married men to do more traditionally female chores.)

        1. Why bother? It will be full of sexually frustrated red pillers and stormcucks talking shit, acting tough.

      1. Because they’re so strong & independent!
        So strong & independent up until they assault a male & he strikes back. Then suddenly it’s the “but I’m a girl!” routine to convey weakness.

        1. Negative. From Maine. But went to Saint Michael’s in Burlington 10 years ago. Think I asked you in past where you were in VT.

        2. That’s when you need to power up and hit them with a hadoken or a jumping spinning corkscrew triple dragon kick because when you turn your back they may try to pull a fast one.
          Sweep the leg.

        3. Aha.
          I’m Vermont born n’ raised, attended UVM (much to my regret) a few years back after a brief stint at Daniel Webster. Now I’m around the Ferrisburg area (must… protect… irl… identity!). Nice and quiet around here.

        4. I was in that area in December. Passed through on my way to Lake Placid, NY. My God are cops overboard in Vergennes, huh? On way there and back, cops pulling over folks like no tomorrow.
          Loved my college years in Burlington. But it’s interesting years later to roll into BTV — way too liberal for me now.

  14. Clearly the effects of slavery lasted well beyond emancipation, however Black are currently kept down mainly by a broken welfare system which encourages dependency, and the breakdown of the Black family.
    Specifically, Black women are outpacing Black men both educationally and economically. Only a select few young Black men acquire enough status, wealth and influence to get a decent wife. This leaves the few Black men who do achieve high status (either through a good job/education or by being a successful gangster) as the ultimate Alphas, swamped with options and monopolizing all the desirable women. Meanwhile, the rest of the ghetto boys are left fighting over the chance to make a single mother out of the nearest morbidly obese cocaine addict.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if African Americans were being used as test subjects to see how bad you can fuck up a population by elevating women over men socioeconomically while also subsidizing single motherhood. I went on a date with a woman once who worked at the child support office, and she told me that I “would be surprised how many women take a child support check over the presence of a father in their kid’s life.”
    McGuiness said it best in his article about how the Black community shows the future of feminism – men replaced by the state. Among African Americans, we have the perfect example of how bad it can get. We already see the instability in the form of gang violence – kids killing each other not even over turf, but just to be known as a killer, in the hopes of getting some decent pussy.

      1. Oh yes who said that ? And dont tell me about your blacks are better crap you have been spouting on this website.whites have sky scrapers ,indians have old forts ,chineese have the great wall and what does africa have after being aided by the richer countries ,a shithole

  15. Obama will hopefully be our first and last black President and hopefully Trump will mean we will never see a female President. I don’t say this to be bald faced bigoted, but just because neither class is good at running anything like the federal government. (When is the last time you heard someone say “that black majority local government is run really well with no corruption”….yeah didn’t think you ever heard that…and if you thought women could govern just look at what they have done to countries like Sweden). There is a reason why old white men have done the job since the beginning of this Republic. They do it well.

        1. no he wasnt. may I remind u:
          1. Iraq War (based on lies), Afhganistan War (based on lies) , 9-11, Financial Crisis.
          no comparison…..Bush was a full on 360 disaster

        2. I’ll give you wars, but if they were properly executed we would have just taken all their oil and made a profit. Don’t think Bush made 9-11 unless you are into conspiracies. If anything the cuck Clinton put it into action. Financial crisis was built upon lending blacks who were unable to repay debt money because you know it was like racist or something to not lend them money everyone knew they couldn’t repay.
          So yes Bush for 16 years would have been better.

        3. stop smoking dude.
          1. Bush and Cheney lied us into War. TRillions up in smoke, millions dead, and uncheck chaos and terrorism.
          2. 9-11. the evidence speaks for itself….no conspiracy needed: Trump called the Bushes out during the election.
          3. The financial crisis was built on unscrupulous Wall Street Jews and their White Lackeys in government (Clinton) deregulating the markets so that they pass off fradulent paper as investment grade while playing casino with customer deposits.
          So the financial crisis was caused by busted mortgages to poor negroes is shitty low priced urban housing ??? Are u mad ??
          you need to wake up and stop believing all the bullshit your white leaders tell you.
          Bush for another 8 years ??…..u r delusional.

        4. 1. We should have taken their oil. That was the only flaw.
          2. Believe what you want about 9-11 but the operation was in full gear before Bush took office. At most the administration might have known about it, or had good evidence it was going to happen, and did not act on it.
          3. The financial crisis was caused by given money to people who could not, and banks knew could not, repay it. Most were blacks. It might have been Jewish bankers who did it, but the enabling event was claiming the mortgage industry was “racist” because blacks could not get loans.
          I would still take 8 years of Bush instead of Obuma.

        5. just because u repeat something does not make it true.
          1. “taken the oil” … white of you ! how about being civilized and buy it like every body else…after all the US uses 80+ percent of all oil produced….who else would they sell it to ?
          2. 9-11. The facts are clear. That could only happen as the result of an inside job/false flag. either happened on he and Cheney’s watch.
          3. You knuckled head. Blacks do not now nor ever have owned enough mortgaged real estate to cause a financial crisis even if every single one of them defaulted. Use your brain.
          Furthermore, the defaults occurred in “middle America”c …. not urban centers where most blacks live.
          do you believe everything other lying White people tell you ? why ?

        6. 1. Yes we should have taken all their oil and made them a colony of the US. Don’t see anything wrong with that and if we did there would be no ISIS today.
          2. You can think what you will about 9-11. I think at most someone in the CIA ignored good intel for political purposes. Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened…remember Pearl Harbor?
          3. The crash in 2008 was largely attributed to the black industrial complex that had used “racism” as an call to action to create an unsubstantiable public policy rubicon, part of which including giving loans to those who could not repay them, that resulted in mostly whites losing their jobs and homes all so Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton could line their pockets.

        7. That’s the point though. They’ll be ready to elect the antichrist by the time Trump leaves.

        8. We have a system for “taking oil”, it’s called commerce. Ok… Nevermind, this all makes sense now…

        9. We can also take oil via the big mean green machine we pay trillions to fund and maintain. Nothing wrong with making some backass third world country your colony.

        10. I disagree. We’re actually living through the consequences of that now. Let’s just move on.

        11. Is that your argument of why we shouldn’t colonize countries that produce terrorists? Pretty sad and lame if it is.

        12. Inactions don’t require an argument and I am not interested I. Your argument for Rambo colonialism. Our current reality is an argument against this type of colonialism. It doesn’t work, ask Rome. You get sad easily.

    1. Are u nuts ? the last ??? Name one field where Blacks enter and then dont subsequently dominate (barring rules changes to prevent said domination).
      Obama has changed the game. No man holding the presidency has ever done so in such a cool, elegant, and professional manner. NONE …..Kennedy comes close but didn’t make it. And, everything Obama accomplished he did with the opposition party openly declaring that they wanted him to fail.
      Obama is the tip of the iceberg. Remember that 90% of the iceberg lies below the water line and is unseen. There are literally thousands of Baracks and Michelle now chomping at the bit. (See Corey Booker).
      the fact is that the presidency will become a position dominated by Blacks…..
      the question will be: how will whites respond ? My predictions whites will decide to secede or spit up the country.

      1. As long as whites continue to be cucks you might be right. But I can name lots of fields that blacks do not thrive in – arts, science, education, engineering, not breaking the law, being self sufficient, etc. – do you need me to name more?

        1. Blacks thrive in every field once they enter it. All. if they enter in any critical mass they dominate it -….unless rules/policy changes are implented to prevent said domination.
          The younger generation of Negro (obama type) will thrive in politics: smooth, cool, urbane, formally educated, with the normal negro rhetorical creativity, and warmth. (the days of Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, are over)
          Arts: ….forget it. (black dominance is clear: has there been a better American thespian than Denzel ? (maye Bogart and Brando)(every American music form is Black in its origin.
          Sciences: Ben Carson : child of a single mother from Detroit to Johns Hopkins world reknown pediatric neurosurgeon ?? are effing kidding me ?? again…see the iceberg analogy (there r more in existence as we speak).
          Education: Black women have now surpassed white men and women in educational attainment.
          Engineering: see movie Hidden Figures: (black women mathematicians did all the math for the space programs).
          Carsons brother is an engineer, see Prof Neil DEegrasse Tyson Prof. Sylvester Gates, See Prof. Arlie Petters …… these guys are not just participants, they are GAME CHANGERs
          Law Breaking: yes there is an antisocial element, but that is easily remedied: stop the war on drugs, stop the breaking up the families and kicking the men out. Children without fathers at home have discipline issues.
          SelfSufficiency: 87% of all people on welfare are white.

        2. And you basically proved my point. You can point to one or two different people in each field. That is it. Rest is just crickets. Also you need to adjust for legalized discrimination that gives blacks huge privileges and benefits on the public dime which whites have to overcome on a daily basis. It is far easier to get a phd when you have it paid for 100% and get put on a dumbed down second track. Also it is more like 50% of welfare recipients are black. No one in the “government” is going to tell you that though because it is inconvenient.

        3. The facts are that Whites in America have a very hard decision to make.
          After spending trillions and now close to bankrupting themselves in order to supress the Negro and to prevent having to compete with the Negro, the society is now at a breaking point.
          The only options are to: 1. Drop the racism i.e. drop the wasteful spending that you engage in order to deny societal resources to the Negro OR 2. continue on the same destructive path and have the society collapse.
          It appears that with the election of Trump, whites are hoping that they can keep the gig going. The math says otherwise. Trump’s only hope is to end the war on Negros and get them to abandon the Democratic party. The only way he can do this is to not only set aside his own racial hangups, but also get his constituents to do the same. I am not optimistic.
          The policy prescriptions are as follows:
          1. End the War on Drugs (i.e. war on Negro men) – too expensive, too wasteful, destroys families which are the basis of any stable society.
          2. End Student Loan crisis: Clinton and Bush exempted student loans from bankruptcy in contravention of the Constitution. Allow them to be discharged in bankruptcy like all other debts.
          3. End ridiculous foreign wars (Iraq, Syria, Afghnistan) and stop and shut down at least half of those bases around the world. Pure waste and corruption.
          4. Cut income, capital gains tax, lower anti business regulations; force banks behave like utilities and not casinos…
          5. Shut down/slow down immigration: all the talents America needs is right here amongst its citizens……..with the right resources.see 6.
          6. Destroy the public school system as we know it: Vouchers for all. School choice.
          7. Rebuild infrastructure: high speed 5G wifi everywhere.

        4. 87% of all welfare recipients are white.
          Not to mention all those government ’employees’ and contractors which are all essentially make-work welfare gigs for whites.
          One or two in each field ?? That’s one or two who are famous. Then the five or six or seven who are not famous and the hundred who are now in the pipeline and will be coming.
          Obama was the only Black President. one. Corey Booker is on the way. Eric was the first AG, then there was Loretta …… thats how it starts….drip drip drip…..then the flood.
          blacks having huge privileges ???? (surely u jest)

        5. Sneak in that 5g yo!!! Right… cell phone privledge is going to improve life… trying picking up some actual tools

        6. Nice trolling!
          Yes, those black mammies really did land us on the Moon. Totally legit claim
          And neil de grasse tyson truly is a genius

        7. The irrepressible, unsuppressable magic negro!
          no chains can hold him, no shackles can bind him!

        8. Tyson is a genius. Only a Black man could popularize subjects such as physics and astronomy …… bring it to the masses and make it accessible. taking the incredibly difficult and make it seem fun. (see Obama and presidential politics)

        9. wasn’t booker T a wrestler? in the WCW tag team the Harlem Heat?
          he’s gonna be the next president?
          dropkicking and shit?

        10. Yes blacks have a huge amount of privileges put on them by public policy and private charity. Free education, free jobs, might as well just give a black guy a $30,000/year check just for being black. Plus their is the privilege of just screaming “racism” and getting whatever you want. Sounds like a good deal to me, that is if you are black.
          It has been scientifically proven that blacks are inherently violent and have much lower IQs then whites and asians. There have been almost no black majority successful nations in recorded history. Heck there isn’t even one example of it in the US at the local government level.
          Blacks over here might make some decent music (other then rap which is just essentially stealing music) and also make decent sports starts (but we sort of breed them for a few hundred years to do things like that) otherwise they are just good at manual labor and low level jobs.

        11. Einstein isn’t White. he is a Jew. Now for an Einstein….
          go and look up Arlie Petters.
          he has created the mathematical proofs of gravitational lensing first theorized by Einstein.(if he were Jewish or White he would have won a Noble by now)

        12. Go and do your research. You laugh because of the psychological discomfort. Your forefathers lied to you about a lot of things re Blacks.

        13. No I work around blacks. In a healthcare setting. They – especially the females- are incompetent and lazy to a ridiculous degree. Like they do things dangerous to a patient’s health. That inept. Scary shit.

        14. Yes, there will occasionally be a smart negro. If intelligence follows a Guassian distribution, you will occasionally get a black with an IQ of 150 or 155.

        15. no one claims that ALL white people are smarter than ALL blacks.
          Just like there some very, very stupid Jews.

        16. Blacks have huge amounts of privileges ??? Oh boy….
          now you have retreated to into delusion.
          Obama is privileged but Bush Jr and Trump are not ???
          is this your argument now ??
          Blacks are inherently violent yet: It is whites who have:
          Enslaved millions, genocided the Natives (100s of millions), made the Tasmanians go extinct, murdered millions of Jews, and actually deployed not one but two atomic weapons ???
          stop please. (Genocide is essentially a white phenomenon as is serial killing).
          The presence of high IQ Blacks at all destroys any argument you may have on that topic.
          You clearly have no idea about History. The civilization known as ‘Ancient Egypt’ lasted longer than the Roman, Greek, Enlightmenment, and Industrial , civilizations combined times 3. (and yes they were Black -DNA confirms that)

        17. The one thing most negro females are not is lazy………..
          of course you will find lazies and incompetents in all groups….see Bush and Cheney. – thats scary shit.

        18. and very very very very stupid Whites… all the Trump voters who are now shocked that he may take away the only health care they have known in generations.
          the crackers…….dumb fuckers.

        19. Egyptians who were Black attacked other Blacks up the Nile.
          Just like how White nations attack other White nations.
          Egyptian civilization itself comes from up the Nile. i.e. Sudan :
          (the site of the earliest found Hieroglyphics, etc…)
          the genetic roots of the Ancient Egyptians is the Great Lakes Region ….the source of the Nile. Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya)
          DNA test confirm)

        20. Silly kid. Whites didn’t invent slavery. Blacks did who would sell rival tribes to whites. If blacks didn’t sell their own there would have been nothing like the Western slave trade (but the Arabs and Jews probably would have still been game to enslave sub-Saharan blacks).
          There are also more black serial killers then white (just google it).
          And if blacks have high IQs why is it they fail in education just about every time with a few rare exceptions? You would think that there would have been three dozen black Einsteins by now the way you are talking.
          Finally Egypt, at least back in the day, was probably mostly white. They were however distinctly different then the sub-Saharan blacks at the time. Depictions of Egyptians in historical texts show that they are mostly fair skinned. Most were probably more Greek and Roman in origin, maybe some Persian mixed in there, but definitely distinctly different then the AA imports we have over here in the US now.

        21. No one on ROK and no one on the alt-right supports those RINOs and neo-cons.
          Bush was a moron. You will get no arguments from me on that one.
          And Cheney cared only about enriching himself and was such a failure that his own daughter turned dyke

        22. you’re spouting the same “talented tenth” shit that’s been promulgated for 100+ years!

        23. Whites actually kind of did invent slavery. The word SLAVE itself come from SLAV. The first mass slavery was of SLAVIC people used by the Romans.
          The first Blacks slaves to the New World were captured by Europeans (see John Hawkins) not sold by other tribes…..that process only came later …. the fact remains. there can be no seller if there is no buyer. (furthermore African slavery was not chattel slavery).
          There are dozens of Black geniuses… just don’t know about them because Whites hide Black success and don’t publicize them while publicizing everything negative.
          Yes, there is an education crisis amongst Blacks, one cannot deny that. But that is less due to IQ factors and more due to horrendous schooling, broken families, and economic instability .. (the causes of which I have explained already).
          Despite that, Black women are now exceeding Whites in educational attainment. … The IQ argument is out the window.
          Ancient Egyptians are BLACK. period. Much of the pictures you see in “historical texts” are actually fakes. DNA – is conclusive. They are from the South and possess all the variety found in “Nilotic-Great Lakes populations”.
          Actually according to DNA. West Africans/AA are more closely related to them than modern Ethiopians/Somalis….
          (West Africa was populatede by populations from the East.
          The point: They are NOT white, NOT mixed, They are indigenous Black Africans.

        24. Oh boy…….u r engaging in Delusion. Wake up.
          The good old days are gone. Obama was no anomaly.
          He was the tip of the iceberg. get ready.

        25. By shackiling and holding him you actually forcing a hyper evolution.
          You are creating your own downfall. Don/t you see it ? U must…..u elected Trump in terror.
          Do you realize that a cohort of Black children have gone from childhood to adulthood only knowing a Black man with a Black wife and kids as leader of the free world ?? Articulate, gracious, urbane, educated ,……..
          Do you think their aspirations will be the same as if they had not lived that ???
          its a wrap. the good old days are gone. White people in America have a serious choice to make.
          Stop wasting your money, energy, and other resources trying to “keep the negro down” or Perish…….
          The Chinese will have no mercy on you, nor the Russians, nor the Iranians, etc…..if they ever get a one up one you.
          I suspect that Whites will choose to let the country be destroyed.rather than give up their obsession with negros.

        26. Black women are more “educated” because there is a system of racism in place that gives them free education, privilege, and status. We call it “affirmative action” but really it is just institutional discrimination. Jim Crow for blacks.
          Your recollection of slavery must come from the fake movie Roots. Sub-Saharan blacks found it easier to trade their fellow race for rum then it was to execute them. It was a convenient way to dispose of rival tribes. Europeans would have not shown up if the slave markets were never opened up by Africans. Funny thing is after the Civil War when black slaves were freed most thought they would want to go back home to Africa. To that they all said fuck no.
          And ancient Egyptians weren’t black. If anything they were more Greek or Roman. This is supported by many historical texts. Even Herodotus, the father of history, says they were light skinned and of Greek origin.
          The Bell Curve proved blacks have lower IQs. Despite the many attempt to refute its conclusion none have been success. It is probably the most well researched study of the 20th Century.
          What you are endorsing is simply fake history.

        27. well actually yes.
          Do you think Whites could live in a climate like Somalia ?
          biology says no: (see skin cancer and UV exposure)

        28. Dean. Stop smoking. There is no possible amount of “priviledge” that could be possible be given to Blacks …. Black women of all that could explain their performance other than high motivation and discipline at this time. The biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are White Women. Period.
          White men benefit from it but we are not allowed to name it.
          The first African slaves to Europeans were CAPTURED not traded or sold (see John Hawkins “father of the transatlantic slave trade). The rest u talk is nonsense.
          After the Civil War, most stayed because they were “home” . Who told you that all Blacks came from Africa in the slave trade ? That is Another lie your fathers taught you.
          Stop the nonsense. Ancient Egyptian civilization is WAY older than both Greek and Roman combined. Actually the basis for both those Civilizations is Egypt . That where they both went to learn what “civilization ” really is.

        29. Stop making things up. You are essentially just fakenews.
          Blacks sold their own. When you have supply then you can’t fault a seller for buying what is for sale. Slavery probably saved the lives of countless blacks because if there was no other means of disposing them they would have just been murdered.
          I don’t see how whites could benefit from a system of institutionalized discrimination that has taken literally hundreds of billions of white dollars to fund. All so a black woman who doesn’t have the IQ necessary to get a college degree floats through a fake system and is given a diploma. That is some expensive theater.
          And blacks stayed after the civil war because they said “fuck no I am not going back to the place where my people sold me”. This “home” was a far better one to that where they would be sold to Arab slave traders.
          And if the best you have is a fake declaration that Egypt was a historical successful black nation then that is telling. So there was maybe one? Can you give me an example of another within the last say two centuries?

        30. “You clearly have no idea about history”
          And then in the next sentence claimed Ancient Egypt was Black.
          I was enjoying your trolling of this thread right up to that point; but introducing the Kangz argument (is it officially called that?) feels like breaking character to me.

        31. Your right those largely white middle class trades people, technicians, engineers who keep your urban infrastructure going, roads repaired and lights on are a bunch of dinosaurs.

        32. Actually welfare recipients who are black account for something like 37%; whites were a tenth of percentage higher, 37.1% or 37.2%. so you’re only off by 50%, but whatevs, this is the internet after all

        33. Neil Degrasse Tyson is the Will Ferrel of astronomy.
          (Will Ferrel is not funny and egregiously overrated)
          Neil, I knew Carl Sagan. Youre no Carl Sagan

        34. The fuck are you talking about Tyson is a big fat annoying bully, and he’s NO CARL SAGAN.

        35. Exactly. When OJ ran the ball, he cut through white linebackers like a hot knife through butter. Heisman!
          Then, he made us all LOL in Naked Gun. But he wasn’t even getting started. At the peak of his acting career, he decided to try his hand at something else.
          He went on to successfully cut through that white bitch and her lover like a hot knife thru butter.
          When he was attacked by that raciss cop and that white lawyer bitch on the stand, he once again employed his savvy acting skills and was back on the golf course in short order.
          After he tired of scratch-golfing his away across the sunbelt, he decided to try his hand as a trader focusing on memorabilia arbitrage.
          Sadly, the invisible hand of institutional racism came to bear on him and he was framed by raciss cops for kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon, burglary, coercion, assault,
          conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery and
          conspiracy to commit a crime.
          Luckily he still has his negro charm and is now running a successful Crossfit franchise at Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada. (Hours of operation, daily, 10:00 AM – 10:15 AM)
          We can hope that when the chains of negro idolization and fetishization are finally broken, more of the talented tenth can rise up and lead us to the moon once again, like a hot knife through mooncheese!
          Any day now the 1.2 billion blacks in Africa are going to discover the wheel and crush the dim light of their white oppressors. Indeed Obama the first “black” president is only the beginning.

        36. I work in a genetics lab. Haplogens are caused by genetic drift. The population that migrated north and east from the great lakes region became E1B1B1 caucasoids. The population that migrated south below the Sahara became E1B1A1 negroids. Egyptians, middle easterners, and Europeans are E1B1B1 caucasoid. Feel free to have the last word.

        37. You are joking, blacks doesnt dominate anything. I dont MIND them dominating or at least be accomplished but since they are not currently dominating, why are you saying so ? Not a single black country is functioning at the level of even the worst white countries. I have nothing against blacks, I like them a whole lot more than the Arabs.
          There’s really no reason why blacks and whites should not be able to live completely peaceful together. But PLEASE..they don’t dominate anything. They used to dominate the world HW championship in boxing and that’s it.

        38. White people in Australia seems to be doing ok though. White people can live everywhere because of technology. Even other planets.

        39. Truth. If Egyptians were negroid, they would posses an E1B1A1 Y-Linked haplogen. Instead, they express a 25,000 year old E1B1B1 Y-Linked caucasoid haplogen. There’s a reason why north africans express aquiline features and fairer skin tone 100% absent of negroids outside of mutation.

        40. Jew is not a race. Only your mother has to be jew for you to be considered jew. It’s a made up “race”..their bloodline in Europe is so watered down that they are much more white than their original race. They used to be close to Arabs. Does Einstein look like an Arab ? No he looks like a white man because that is what he was.

        41. You have to admire the neutron collider that Mali built. Or gaze in awe of the Namibian space program. [Insert sarcasm here].

        42. Are you serious? Denzel is awesome but he is not god tier like Pacino, Nicholson and Day Lewis.

        43. That’s amazing.
          Totally ignores Carl Sagan, the father of pop astronomy. He also ignores Michio Kaku, who is just as famous as Tyson, though Kaku is ten times. More qualified.
          Ben Carson isn’t a scientist. He’s a neurosurgeon. The fact that this Bantu doesn’t know that distinction is proof enough of intellectual inadequacy. Carson himself is intelligent, but every surgical technique and instrument he has used were created by non blacks. Id wager to say that at every hospital Carson has worked in, he has been the only black surgeon. What’s really funny, is that the one black intelligent enough to be a surgeon is a conservative lol.
          Lastly, this Bantu thinks that the new generation of black youth are like Obama? No, they are both superbly impulsive and surprisingly fruity. Think of a gay gangsta. They’ve only known womanly ways. And it shows. That’s why they are incarcerated at record levels,
          And why more and more of their women are swirling.
          Lastly, he throws out the “black women are more educated” nonsense. Black women are over represented at omnitech and University of Phoenix. Anytime you examine a credible university (not a for profit) blacks are woefully underepresented.
          I’ve been a professor at an R2 university for a decade.
          It’s noticeable if I have more than three black female students.
          And a cause for celebration if I have one black male student.

        44. Trump is triggering foolish negroes, not whites.
          The truth is we reached peak negrow in 2015 and are now down with them.
          Trump himself is proof of that.

        45. Lol. I’ll check back in ten years.
          Negroes are a nonissue except for crime. Everywhere they exist they are a huge burden.
          Eventually large scale sterilization of bantus will be a necessity.
          Virtually 95% of the Wealth consumed by negroes is produced by nonblacks. They are useless eaters and produce next to nothing outside sports and the trashier portion of pop culture.
          The nicest areas in the world are those where they are absent.

        46. Yet another example of the inability to have perspective.
          I know I’m wasting my time, but here’s evidence that blacks DOMINATE per capita welfare stats. I know blaxks can’t understand per capita but there it is.
          Furthermore government jobs are reserved for black women when available. Black women receive more aid through government hiring than any other group. That’s why Trump’s budget cuts have black advocacy groups terrified.

      2. Bruh, Obama changed the game in the race respect and that’s it!
        Dude was a below average president.
        However, if a Conservative black man ever gets to make it to a presidential election without being torn down by liberals he will have my vote.

      3. This commenter is a perfect example of why arguing with Bantus is a complete waste of time. He, like the vast majority of other Bantus, is simply unreachable by reason. He doesn’t understand proportion. The concept of “per capita” is completely alien to him. It might as well be ancient Sumerian. Bantus can’t think holistically, and I believe this is biological in origin.
        If you notice, this Bantu thinks that ONE prominent figure in any aspect of the culture automatically means “black domination.” Nevermind that:
        A. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a media figure, who is not respected by most astronomers, nearly all of whom are Jewish, White, or Asian, with some Latinos. Blacks are the most underrepresented in virtually ever intellectual field there is. Yet one popular figure who is black means “black domination.” Nevermind that even that individual is the result of PC rather than merit. It makes white leftists feel good by pretending that blacks are as capable as anyone else. It allows them to forget the universal dysfunction of all Bantu communities worldwide.
        B: Anyone who would dare suggest that Obama was anything but a disaster is unreachable. Simply by continuing Bush’s fruitless wars Obama placed himself near the bottom of the heap. The fact that they economy has not truly recovered, despite massive stimulus spending, is another sign, as is the absolutely boneheaded and unsustainable Affordable Care Act, which will thankfully be repealed, though it would not last eventually as it would simply bankrupt the health care industry in the United States. Obama’s failed ultimatum to Assad, as well as his bungled creation of ISIS power, is enough to place him near Bush, Johnson, Buchanan, Carter, and other failed presidents. Considering his utter failure at managing race relations, which is the greatest issue of all in a multiethnic empire, he could quite possibly be considered the worst president of all time, when this failure is combined with all his others.
        This Bantu supports him because he’s black, and that’s it. He even elevates Obama’a charisma as some kind of true asset,; that’s because Bantu’s lack the intellectual depth to look below the surface.
        Finally, the election of Trump, which was the greatest refutation of an incumbent president in the history of the country, should be enough to convince any reasonable person that Obama was a complete failure.
        But just as this Bantu thinks that one high I.Q. Bantu means the science behind race and I.Q. is wrong, this Bantu can’t understand proportion when it comes to Obama. For him being charismatic somehow means the remainder of U.S. Presidents will be black; I would be surprised if any black president were elected ever again, as Obama essentially used up all the white guilt. White race realism is what’s growing.
        Bantus can’t grasp something as complex as a bell curve. They can’t even grasp the concept of averages. One black person who can do X somehow means blacks are better at X. One Bantu with a 120 I.Q. means that the average Bantu American I.Q. of 85 is false.
        They can’t be taught; they can’t grasp the simplest of abstract concepts.
        Furthermore even the few who can find the truth so painful that they go to any lengths to avoid it.
        EVERY Bantu society on Earth, whether in Africa, the Caribbean, as well as black cities in the US and black immigrant populations in Europe, is completely dysfunctional by first world standards. 10,000 negroes can destroy any moderately-sized city in the world, if they are allowed to.
        This is why leftist whites are doing great harm to blacks by falsely building them up, as in say the fraudulent “hidden figures” mythology or in the case of “black Egypt.”
        Bantus are the least capable strain of humanity. They always have been and they always will be.
        The racial gaps in anything other than sports and pop music will never be closed. Ever.

    1. True this — California and the West Coast is totally brainwashed (except for me, of course, heh-heh).
      Take it from someone who lives on both US coasts — these “smart” people want to stay dumb as stumps when it comes to things that don’t fit the narrative.
      Overton Window has shifted!

  16. Too bad our new UN Ambassador used the opportunity of her first speech to bash Russia. WTF Donald???

  17. When I saw the name of this article, I was just curious to see if the author would use any opportunity that criticises the west for basically anything to put it in a counterballance with Russia or Putin.
    I saw the picture.
    I got the message.
    You guys…are starting to show your colors.
    If you call yourselves alpha men, do an article on how life is in russia for the common folk.
    Again, another article that uses Obama’s incompetence to make russia seem so shiny and bright….with all it’s murderous policies and international organized crime sindicates.

  18. A statistic came across the transom last week:
    During the Obama presidency, a bomb was dropped every 20 minutes (on average), 24-7-365, for 8 years straight.
    That’s over 210,000 bombs.
    And somehow Democrats pretend they’re the party of peace and not supporters of the Military Industrial Complex. The hypocrisy is disgraceful.

  19. “Israel built a desert land into one of the most powerful modern nations on the planet in less than 50 years”
    1) fuck Israel
    2) speaking of slaves, they wouldn’t ever exist if it weren’t for the US slavishly supporting everything they do.

  20. This is the best you can do? Obama was a GREAT president.
    1) Gee, I wonder why the dip starts in 2008. It must be Obama’s fault. Nothing to do with the fact that THE ENTIRE ECONOMY HAD JUST COLLAPSED UNDER GEORGE W. You knew, you just wouldn’t say, dishonest.
    Hospital costs on par with population rise.
    “Military adventurism” wars also started under George W.
    “Bashing Russia and China” um why is that necessarily a bad thing, and he didn’t bash China, only Russia, who deserved it for INVADING OTHER COUNTRIES. Putin got to you too?
    The rest is garbage.
    If this is all you can come up with, O was clearly a great president.

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