5 Superbowl Commercials That Were Made To Subvert American Culture

Gentlemen, I didn’t bother to watch the Superbowl. I know, I know—but when you don’t care about either of the teams, what’s the point?

In addition to not caring about which team won (I’m a Redskins fan and have long given up hope), I also hate the overtly socialist, multi-cultural Superbowl commercials that typically play. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that they’ve been getting progressively more and more obvious over the past decade or so… and boys, this Superbowl was no exception.

Here’s 5 of the most blatantly globalist Superbowl commercials of 2017:

1. Coca Cola

Featured in Coca Cola’s super bowl commercial of 2017, is the song “America the Beautiful,” being sung in multiple languages. Again, this is just so overtly pro-globalist I’m struggling with what to say.

After all, what can be said? The entire song pictures the “beauty,” of all cultures—children are seen playing games, young adults are dancing, it seems like a great time. Of course, they forgot to leave out the fact that most Iraqi citizens vehemently hate Americans, and want us dead.

They forgot the fact that we’ve been at war with the Middle East for the past 16 years, but oh, no, don’t worry about that! Just listen to the pretty music and watch the cool scenery of peaceful individuals loving one another! Coca Cola is directly undermining the security of our nation by pushing this multi-cultural agenda, and it’s time to stop drinking their products for good.

2. Audi

Oh, so it’s 2017 and we’re still pushing the wage gap myth? Despite the fact that Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine literally debunked this YEARS ago, greedy corporate whores and bitter feminazis continue to spit out this lie.

This commercial starts off with a young cute little girl in a race, up against all boys, of course—her father gives a heart-wrenching speech about how women are being oppressed, again, to further this absurd oppressed vs. oppressor cultural Marxist narrative. Here’s a full transcript of the video:

“What do I tell my daughter? Do I tell her that her grandpa’s worth more than her grandma? That her dad’s worth more than her mom? Do I tell her that, despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets? Or maybe, I’ll be able to tell her something different.”

Again, this is blatant anti-male, fourth wave college campus feminist propaganda. Don’t buy an Audi.

3. 84 Lumber

Perhaps the most blatantly anti-Trump propaganda piece of all time, this commercial features a long and arduous journey made by a single mother with her young little girl. They journey far and wide, from some South American country, for miles and miles… only to be met by the Donald’s wall.

There they stand, staring at said wall, in all hopelessness—they each shed their tears, and hug one another in a very emotional scene. Of course, this is nothing more than emotional propaganda meant to sway your political opinions, though. At the end of the commercial, the mother and her daughter push through the wall’s doorway, and the scene ends with the following:

“The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

Okay, so let me get this straight—two ILLEGAL immigrants come up from South America, and they’re condoning this? How disgusting is that? Again, the bleeding heart liberals will cry and complain and moan and whine about how “Muh feelings!” but the truth remains that we cannot accept illegal immigrants.

We have a system to help them come here, if they abide by said system. I’m sorry, but it’s just not financially possible to continue taking on so many illegal immigrants, with zero education. They’re a massive burden to the tax payers, and it needs to end—we need the wall.

4. AirBnB


As beautiful piano music plays in the background, a collage of different skin colors and ethnicities are overlayed upon one another. Sentences appear, one by one, as the music plays, leaving us with a bunch of “good feels,” and “muh emotions.” Here is what is said in the commercial:

“We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept.”

Okay, so basically they’re saying that being a violent extremist who wants to throw acid on a woman’s face for showing her ankles, is the same as someone who goes to Church every Sunday and donates 10% of his income to charity? Nice try, Soros.

Again, this is riddled with Leftist propaganda—obviously it would be nice if the whole world could get along, but this is CLEARLY not possible, and in fact, trying to do so is often quite dangerous. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to stop using AirBnB.

5. Mr. Clean

The video shows a sexy Mr. Clean dancing and flirting with some woman, who is in complete awe over him, as Justin Timberlake’s suggestive music plays in the background. Then, near the end of the commercial, “Sarah,” this girl, snaps out of it. She is greeted by her beta-male, cuck-looking husband who is completely lacking in any and all masculinity.

Despite his unkempt appearance, and chubby belly, she jumps on top of him, ready to make love—the message is, be a good little boy and clean for your wife! It doesn’t matter that the majority of American women don’t cook or clean anymore, because you could get sex if you clean!

The commercial ends by saying: “You gotta love a man who cleans,” urging beta-cuck husbands to take up a traditionally female role. Poor guy. If only he could learn how to be an alpha male.

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251 thoughts on “5 Superbowl Commercials That Were Made To Subvert American Culture”

  1. The Stupor Bowl commercials this year illustrated in no uncertain terms that the elitists and the media are on the same team, and are actively working to bring about a world full of guinea pigs who jump, whenever they are told to jump.
    As an aside, for anybody interested in the sports betting side of the Stupor Bowl equation, I’ve lost money on three of the last five Stupor Bowls, and I finally figured out why. That game gets so much action on prop bets, that it skews the expected results in terms of the point spread and the eventual winner. There is a shit-ton of money bet on it long before kickoff, and there is a shit-ton more bet during halftime, and halftime is an hour long (what with the Lady Gaga/Beyonce/Whore of the Week doing her/its music show mindfuck).
    That long halftime is there for myriad reasons – first and foremost, to accommodate prop bets after the half. The longer the show, the more money wagered on which team will cover the second half spread, which team will win, etc.
    But yeah, it’s all social engineering and mindfuckery, with a heavy emphasis on the sheep being brainwashed and separated from their cash. Nothing new there….

  2. Glad I missed it all-not unexpected though given the times we live in. AirBNB got in some hot water recently about people denying certain “types” when they would try to make a reservation. Basically if you saw “Mohammed” or “Tyrone” pop up trying to book your room, the owners would ignore the request. That’s where this ad comes in.
    In my opinion, if it’s your property, you should be able to decide who stays in it. It’s like the 2013 legislation that forces me to entertain section 8 housing people, whereas before, you could deny the application based on that alone. Luckily section 8 folks have awful credit and sometimes no income so you can deny them for those reasons.

  3. Isn’t Mr. Clean gay? Shaven head, earring, fastidious about cleanliness … just sayin’

  4. Is there anything sicker than corporations exploiting leftist grievences to make a bit of coin?
    I need a fucking shower after that.
    Under different circs most blue chip companies would be building mincing machines to throw orphans into.

    1. Someone should probably mention Audi is part of VW.
      Guess who was behind VW. Literally Hitler

      1. You know the SJW’s would say you are “literally Hitler” for saying that VW is literally Hitler. It’s a funny world we live in. Sadly. these dumb ad’s are very powerful in manipulating the minds of the masses. Guys are still buying diamond engagement rings after the most successful ad campaign by Debeers back in the 30’s.

        1. It’s no coincidence that YKW dominate the diamond trade. Getting the goyim to fork over thousands for compressed carbon was a neat trick. They used to run commercials that said “ask about the two months salary guideline”, telling the gullible goy that they had an obligation to work at least two-months for a small chunk of carbon. Fuck diamonds, buy gold, which is actually rare and truly valuable.

        2. Indeed sir. Diamonds are inherently worthless since there is ample supply. It’s just all choked off by DeBeers. You are correct, it was a neat trick. Gold all the way.

    2. I think those Stupor Bowl commercials make it clear the corporations fully support those leftist grievances – and in my mind, the corporations (and their elitist stockholders) are the ones who actually create those grievances. Those brazen commercials sure seem to point that way…

        1. Weird, high-level mindfuckery going on there my friend. How deep it goes…who can say. But it’s deep.

        2. The exact angle they’re working interests me.
          Turning girls into whores … I get that because it inflates consumer spending. Some of this is more insidious though

        3. Oh, a lot more insidious. They could socially engineer pretty much anything they wanted, using the media alone. Including turning women into docile, loyal wives. And yet, they choose specific outcomes that are the opposite of what creates harmony. That implies a long-term plan with a specifically intended outcome – and that outcome isn’t pretty.

      1. Just follow the money. Sadly most of the lemmings out there don’t see this. These places are in business to make money-by playing on people’s emotions, they can make more. This was a deliberate turn in advertising decades ago. Ads used to point to the utility of an item but now it’s about the feeeeeeels man. Drink coke and be happy and less racist!

  5. There was a superbowl thing recently? I hadn’t noticed. Probably because I refuse to waste my time watching a bunch of idiots fighting over a ball. Cutting the sewer line of broadcast TV has been one of the single most liberating actions I’ve ever taken, second only to cutting the sewer line of social media.

  6. Fuck the commercials. This Super Bowl made me wish I hadn’t grown up an Atlanta sports fan. How the fuck do you blow a 28-3 third quarter lead? The stench of loser-dom just grew larger over that city. It just set back every Atlanta sports team 20 years.

    1. That shit was so rigged I expected to see Hulk Hogan come on to the field, and start whacking players over the head with fold-up chairs…

      1. The way the refs started calling the game down the stretch, it wouldn’t surprise me. Shit, even the drive on that pick 6 they kept calling bullshit until the falcons jumped the route and took it home.

        1. Lol wow. Anybody who knows football knows you tackle low. It definitely looks like he whiffed on purpose.

        2. I remember the AFC Playoffs a few years back, when Tim Tebow led Denver on a winning drive to beat Pittsburgh in overtime. After the OT coin toss, linebacker James Farrior winked at Tim Tebow, as if to say, “You got this, we’ll lay down for you.” Sure enough, Tebow threw deep and they scored right away. It was all over YouTube for a long time but I think they finally managed to scrub it completely.
          For the Patriots to beat the Falcons, in the manner they did, we have to accept the following:
          1) The refs called the game fairly, even though Atlanta was bombed with penalties late in the game – i.e., New England committed no penalties. I saw a Patriot player holding a Falcon, five feet in front of the camera, during a replay, on their final scoring drive. Blatant holding. Commentators didn’t say a word. Refs didn’t throw a flag.
          2) Atlanta’s offense and defense suddenly couldn’t figure out how to play professional football the entire second half; not only the players on offense and defense, but the coaches on offense and defense, went brain-dead.
          3) At the Patriot’s 22-yard line, 1st and 10, with about 4 minutes left, and up by eight points, the Falcons didn’t realize they could run the football three times and work about two minutes off the clock, prior to kicking the game-winning field goal. Instead, their brain trust decided to pass the ball twice, oblivious to the clock, and the gravity of the situation, resulting in a holding call and a sack, pushing them out of field goal range, with virtually no time taken off the clock.
          There were too many other instances to mention. But a seventh-grade football coach could have won that game, with Atlanta up 28-9, at the start of the fourth quarter. All they had to do was run the ball in the situation noted above, and the game was over. And yet they didn’t. Saying “brain fart” or “they fucked up” doesn’t get it done.
          Four minutes to go. Run the ball three times. New England is basically out of timeouts at that point (because they would have to stop the clock). But a field goal would put Atlanta up by 11 with two minutes left, best-case scenario for New England. Game is over, because they need two scores to tie. But nope. Atlanta “fucked up”.
          On the back of the NFL’s tickets it used to read, “For entertainment puposes only.” A season ticket holder sued the NFL many years back, because he realized it was all like wrestling. The judge in the case finally decided against him, because since it was clear that it was entertainment, the season ticket holder had no right to expect contests that were on the level…

        3. I’ve always believed in some light rigging, especially when Tim Donaghy blew the whistle several years back and the only defense the media had was, “He’s a criminal!” As I watch more and more games, and especially after watching the Falcons make the most inexplicable errors, the refs miss a blatant face mask and several holds, I think the rigging goes way deeper. Somebody’s got to pay the power bills on the Vegas strip.

        4. In the really big games, it’s a given that something fishy is going on. Watch Duke’s fourth quarter “comeback” against Wisconsin last year to win the men’s basketball championship. Just watch the last four or five minutes. It was fucking hilarious. There are countless examples. If it’s a big game, just stay away from it if you are a bettor. Super Bowl, college football and basketball championships, NBA finals game 7, etc.

        5. This year, it’s been all about the “epic comebacks.” Cleveland overcomes Golden State’s 3-1 series lead, the Cubs overcome the Indians’s 3-1 series lead, and now the Pats mount the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. Something stinks.

        6. Yeah, man. In the big games, there’s a shit-ton of money being wagered. So stay off ’em. Unless you know what’s going on…all those comebacks? Hey, it reinforces the notion that, “Any guy can overcome obstacles and grab the brass ring,” meaning, it tells you life isn’t rigged. Heh. These guys are good. Really good.

        7. What happened with them?
          EDIT: Wait, they’re the ones who got caught point shaving, right?

        8. Oh yeah, that Duke vs Wisconsin game was ridiculous. Even more ridiculous was the Kentucky vs Wisconsin game before that. I’m also a Kentucky basketball fan (rough couple of years, I know), and the end of that game was a head scratcher. Suddenly Kentucky, perhaps the most loaded team in NCAA history, forgets how to play basketball and commits three consecutive shot clock violations. Then the refs missed a goal-tending call. All in the span of two minutes. Fucking crazy.

        9. Just more evidence of what we’re talking about here. If it’s a really big game, unless you have inside info, stay the hell off of it. There is so much action on prop bets, after halftime, that it can skew the results in terms of who wins, and who covers.

        10. haha “point shaving” in baseball. Clearly you arent a sports fans(which isnt a bad thing these days)

        11. No I am. It’s the best term I could think of at the time lol.
          And technically, you can. Bases loaded and one out? Hit a slow roller to force a double play. Two outs? Watch the ball go down the middle of the plate or swing and miss. If you’re a pitcher, lob hanging curves to power hitters.

        12. Sometime the coaching is so brutally bad, that you really have to wonder. Felt like the Falcons were purposefully throwing the game.

        13. shave runs, not points. just sounded like something a dopey girl would say 😉

        14. your post reminded me of some guy I worked with once who didnt know shit about sports. To fit in, he once said something like “Did you see that Packers – Red Wings game last night?”

        15. Dude, I’ve played and watched baseball my whole life. Basketball and football as well. I know that you score runs in baseball and points in basketball, touchdowns, field goals, two point conversions, extra points, etc (points in general, since we’re being petty) in football and goals in soccer and hockey. I’m not some little fag at your office who doesn’t know about sports and is trying to sound like one of the cool kids. Point shaving is a general term used when players are manipulating the score. I didn’t even think about changing it to run shaving until you said something. It would be one thing if I said, “Did you see the Cubs score 10 points last night?” or “Tom Brady sure did make some good touchdowns last night.”

        16. I don’t really watch football, so I don’t care who wins or if its rigged, but this right here is ridiculous. Ridiculous on your part. You can clearly see on the first missed tackle that the defender almost pulled the runner by the elbow but missed, making the runner over-compensate by counter-pulling his arm in a rubber-band fashion, making him lose hold of the ball, which then made him unpredictably duck down to regain control of the falling ball.

        17. dude you must chill! you reminded me of that guy, thats all. We’d bust his chops “You see Mickelson hit that 3 run TD to beat the Globetrotters last night?”

        18. Look how badly Devonta Freeman misses the block on the blitz at the bottom of the screen. They need to make this shit less obvious.

        19. If it was rigged, you really think those dumbass primates playing the game could keep their lips sealed about it?

        20. And would guys miss tackles like that, get cut and lose out on next years 1.5 million salary just to facilitate some bookie?

        21. That’s why you bet on NE all year. Out of the 19 games they played I’m pretty sure they only lost 4 games against the spread… just know who the rigging is for and you’re all set

        22. Ha! Shit that just made me think of one. Last year I was in Albany, NY at sports bar with a ton of TV’s. Buffalo was playing Miami. Some Buffalo fan is trying to watch game at bar as a pack of Miami fans — who don’t really get what’s going on — are hovering behind him rather than sitting at table near tv. Miami kicks a FG and effeminate MIA guy jumps up and down screaming, “Touch Down! Touch Down!” The Buffalo fan visibly annoyed by these people finally SNAPS and starts screaming at effeminate dude, “It’s Not a fucking touch down you fucking idiot!” Then went off on them hovering behind him. It was glorious seeing it in person.

        23. Video no longer available – “This video contains content from NFL, who has blocked it from display on this website or application.”

        24. I think you can follow the link and watch it directly on Youtube. Weird they’re blocking it here.

        25. Interesting. Not to mention the fact it looked like Ryan’s arm was going forward. There wasn’t even a review of this play, was there? (Nothing to see here – move along to the next part of the script.)

        26. Interesting “missed block” there – heh. Not to mention the fact it looked like Ryan’s arm was going forward prior to the hit. There wasn’t even a review of this play, was there? (Nothing to see here – move along to the next part of the script.)

        27. There is no way that neither Ryan nor Freeman saw that blitzer coming. That play alone 100% changed the game, leading to a quick TD that made it a one possession game.
          And didn’t Tom Brady get away with a fumble in a previous super bowl on a very similar play where they created the tuck rule out of thin air?

        28. Yup. The old “Tuck Rule”. The fact there wasn’t even a review of whether Ryan’s arm was going forward or not was the big one for me – especially tacked on to the Freeman “miss” and the Ryan “Didn’t see him coming”. Like a triple fix on one play…

        29. It was the two blatant holds by New England on the final play of the game that caught my eye the most. Check out the four screen shots I took from the video below of that final play, which happened in full view of the line judge; you can really see the holds more clearly when you watch the video underneath these screen shots; you’ll have to click the link in the blacked out video, to watch it –
          Watch the video by clicking the link in the frame below; watch it up to the point where the touchdown is scored, and you’ll see one of the New England players who was holding, toss a Falcon defender to the ground (perfectly legal in the NFL, apparently – heh)…

        30. There were a lot of “coincidences” in this game. I’ll never watch an NFL game the same again. Before the game, I had at least a little hope that the sport was maybe halfway clean, but after watching this and other videos from past Super Bowls and championships, I’ve lost hope.
          I remember several years back when I first got into some sports betting, I put together a spreadsheet loaded with stats and other info. For a lot of games, the spreads seemed to match the stats when comparing scores from home/away games and other factors. For others, though, the spreads made zero sense. I would play around with the numbers and have no fucking clue how Vegas came up with their spread. And then, what do you know? The winning team somehow barely covers a 15 point spread with a 16 point win when any person betting based on stats would have taken the losing team +15.

        31. It’s a weird deal. The thing is, if you start playing it that way (-15; weird spread that makes no sense), it won’t come in as often as you’d think – not enough to profit. For every two games where the favorite covers, there will be two where they won’t – heh. They mix the shit up. A bite here, a chunk there, a stab here, a skewer there, etc.

        32. I quit looking at numbers and look more at the narratives, especially with big games. Even some smaller games have narratives that point a certain way. With these past three championships (World Series, NBA, Super Bowl), the two prevailing themes/narratives are comebacks and redemption.
          Tom Brady was suspended for four games–now he gets his redemption during an epic comeback.
          Lebron was scorned by the city of Cleveland, but he came back home, won the title, redeemed himself after coming back from a 3-1 series deficit.
          The Cubs redeemed 100 years of never reaching a world series by overcoming a 3-1 series deficit.
          With March fast approaching, I’m thinking about the college teams most likely to win the national championship with that narrative. Duke sticks out as an obvious candidate. Grayson Allen has been shredded by the press for dirty play, their season started rough, and Coach K was gone for a few weeks during surgery. I could see Allen being used as the catalyst to mount a comeback for the ages as Duke wins another national title.
          Who knows though. The money men love to stay ahead of the curve.

        33. I hear ya, bro. It’s like trying to figure out what the theme will be this year. One of the lines the talking heads always use to soften the blow of a miracle comeback, is, “That defense is tired, they’ve been out there a long time.” Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but that means the offense has been out there a long time, too, and they should be tired as well. Especially the offensive line. Heh. But that sails right over most people’s heads, and they automatically nod and agree, whenever they hear that explanation, just as they have been indoctrinated to do…doh.

        34. Another thing: I find it interesting that most sports books provide you with team stats. They want you to bet based on those numbers, that’s why they put them there. That’s also why they let you look at basic strategy cards at the blackjack table. The house wins if you play straight basic–it’s the counting they don’t like. But most have made shitty rules that negate the positive effects of counting cards. It’s tough to find a game you can manipulate in your favor. I found one where the dealer cut deep into the deck…deeper than I’ve ever seen. I started cleaning up for a couple of rounds, he shot me a look, then ended the game before getting to the cut card. Then he cut the deck only about 40% deep lol. I took my chips and left.
          You’re absolutely right about the “defense getting tired” bullshit. These guys lift and practice for hours every day. Plus they get several breaks throughout the game and sub constantly. And yes, the offense would naturally get tired too if that argument had any merit. I’ve seen running backs get pummeled all game, run for over 200 yards, and they aren’t tired, but some guy covering a receiver is? Give me a break.

        35. Yep, they provide those stats, but interestingly, at most websites, a guy really has to dig to get to the juicy math. In other words, at most sites, he has to do some calculations. So if they used that solely to mindfuck people, they would make access to that info a hell of a lot easier.
          One thing I think is an interesting angle, is making prop bets during the course of a game. You know, all of a sudden, you realize the fix is in, and you start betting New England will get a first down on every 3rd-and-whatever play. Etc. I haven’t tried that yet, but it seems like a wide-open frontier.
          I hear ya about blackjack, though. I was counting cards at the old Flamingo in Vegas years ago, was up a couple grand betting at the $5 table. They ran several Asian dealers in to bust me. I was sitting in first position. After this Asian bitch dealt off the bottom of the deck for the third straight time, I complained (single-deck deal). They tossed me out and took my stack. Heh. Vegas doesn’t like winners. Unless those winners are mob guys, pretending to be Average Joes…

        36. Good thinking. I’m going to keep an eye on prop bets–won’t put any money on it unless I see patterns emerging.

        37. I haven’t tracked prop bets at all, but eventually I am going to get more into it because you can get some serious odds with prop bets. For example, I think New England was 17-1 underdogs to win the Super Bowl after the end of the 3rd quarter (when it was 28-9). Wish I’d had that prop bet – heh. Getting odds is a wise move. I like money line bets a lot because you get odds. Wager $100 (the juice is factored in, no additional 10% on top with money line bets) and you win and you’ll get back $230 quite often, or even more. Versus wagering $100 on the spread, plus $10 for the juice, for a measly $210 back.

        38. If this is true, you are doing yourself an incredible disservice by trying to explain yourself like this. Any sports’ guy who said something like that would have simply laughed at Cheeseburger’s poke and agreed “Yeah, I did sound like a dopey girl, hahaha” End of story.

        39. Do you two know how ridiculous you sound? You just had a 24 hour conversation about how the Super Bowl is rigged like wrestling. I understand you think you may think you have some brilliant perspective on reality that should be crystal clear to the rest of us but let me tell you Bob, respectfully, I guarantee 99% of us think you are delusional. And if we are wrong, you should have the sense to know that the world isn’t red pilled to your insight as of 2017 and that you ought to keep such stuff to yourself. Same goes for djdjdj

        40. What you don’t understand is that I am very glad you look at it that way. Appreciate the comment, seriously, and hope you will continue to point out what appears to be delusional behavior on my part, or anybody else’s, for that matter…

        41. Looking back, I agree. I let my pride get the better of me and didn’t do myself any favors. My bad, Cheeseburger. Went ahead and deleted the comment.

        42. Okay Bob. I hope I didn’t come across as rude or demeaning. Re-reading my comment to you, I find it a bit harsh myself: that was not my intention. if I thought you were truly delusional, I wouldn’t have wasted my time interacting with you. I always appreciate an opportunity for self reflection, even if I disagree with the critique. Self-awareness has been in an invaluable tool in my personal growth. I respect your regard for a similar sentiment. Sincerely.

        43. Now I believe you are exactly who you claimed to be in the comment you deleted. I find self-reflection/self-awareness to be characteristic of a confident person. Good for you.

        44. It’s good to disagree, I think. I mean…who the fuck knows everything. Not me. Men can disagree and still have a drink and talk about things they agree upon. Children get mad and throw shit – heh.

      2. Not saying the NFL ain’t screwy, but, the Falcons had it won, just kick the damn FG.
        Stupid Coach killed the game

      3. Really? You believe Roger Goodell had the game rigged to FAVOR NE!?!?!?
        I actually thought the game was pretty well officiated. The play where the Pat’s linebacker was flagged for blocking the extra point was called incorrectly (touched guard not center) but that was the only egregious miss I saw.

    2. I’m from New England and HATE the Patriots. (I’m a Seahawks fan thanks to my years in Seattle) I was in Seattle when we got our 1st Super Bowl Championship and it was an incredible experience. I wanted Atlanta to have that experience Sunday.
      The only reason I’m not pissed w. PATS winning: them getting this “W” was a BIG middle finger to Goodell and the SMUG, arrogant “journalists” throwing fit over Brady being friends w. Trump.

      1. Both Seattle and Atlanta made the two dumbest end of game decisions in recent memory. At least you guys got a ring. I don’t think Atlanta will ever come close to sniffing another one for several years. Losing like that fucks with your mind.

        1. They are going into that new $1.5 billion stadium next year. I think they’ll get redemption, like the Cubs. In another scripted Stupor Bowl. Maybe next year, of the year after. We’ll have to wait, eat popcorn, and watch TV! So exciting!

        2. So glad I don’t live in Atlanta anymore. When I visited a couple months back, we drove by the construction by the new Braves stadium. It’s going to be a cluster fuck for every single person commuting to work. If I lived there, I’d force myself to wake up at 5 every morning just to avoid that disaster.

        3. I guess you’re right. Ive noticed over the past few years the media loves using words like “narrative” and “actors” during their broadcasts…they dont even care to hide shit anymore

        4. Is the neighborhood where the current stadium is that bad? Thats the excuse they gave for needing a new stadium

        5. Bill Belichick said, during the post-game interview, “It sure was a good show.” Pause. He told the truth there. Went right over everybody’s heads. But these guys know they can get away with shit like that. Nobody will notice (mostly)…

        6. It’s shitty. Going to Braves games, I paid the extra money to park closer to the stadium so I didn’t have to deal with as many aggressive fucks trying to stick their dirty paws in my pockets. I wouldn’t recommend walking around that area at night.
          There was also a major disagreement with the Braves ownership and the city of Atlanta. Reid promised to help clean up the neighborhood and get businesses to open bars/night life there kind of like LODO by Coors Field in Denver. That never happened. There was nothing to do around the stadium. Still, it’s ridiculous that they have to rob the taxpayers and fuck up traffic while scrapping a perfectly good stadium.

        7. LODO (Blake Street) Denver is an awesome area. And because the Rockies absolutely SUCK … you can get into a game at Coors Field for only $4.00.

      2. No doubt that if the Pats lost they would have talked about how the evil Trump empire fell. Friends with Obama? They never make a fuss. Friends with Trump? Tons of articles slamming the Pats.

        1. Friends of King O were protected peoples. Van Jones, “Reverend” Wright, those gay friends of his he visited alone the day he left office, Solyndra…
          Frankly, I can’t even see Bill Clinton getting away with as many severe scandals as the magic Negro.

        2. The slack that they gave that waste of oxygen was enormous. Obama could have sacrificed babies on television on an altar to Satan and they’d mill around and not point cameras in his direction and pretend nothing happened.

    3. I really think the rule changes in the NFL has culminated specifically for a game like this to happen.
      It’s fucking terrible.

  7. “We have a system to help them come here, if they abide by said system. I’m sorry, but it’s just not financially possible to continue taking on so many illegal immigrants, with zero education. They’re a massive burden to the tax payers, and it needs to end—we need the wall.”
    Following the above logic, building the wall becomes worthless if we simply herd everyone into the U.S. by designating them *legal* immigrants.
    IMHO, America needs NO more immigration of any kind for a variety of economic and cultural reasons, but mainly to preserve our nation and culture as it has always existed.

    1. Trump usb your president eh? Well, I don’t know about USB, but I can tell you for a fact that he’s my Bluetooth!

      1. fixed. The UI, and B [spacebar] are awefully close when trying to type ‘i’, ‘s’ and the spacebar. Darn thumbs and iphone 5s.

  8. Zis is a huge zing in Germany and ozer parts of Europe to watch super bowl and zese commercials. We like how zey dumbed down americans but now, we afraid zat zis culture of SJW have come to Europe as well.

    1. I didnt know Germans type English the way they would speak it. Thats awesome!

    1. people who are wealthy enough to have the leisure of contemplating these nonexistent inequalities..

  9. First dude: “So why didn’t you watch the Super Bowl?”
    Second dude: “What? We agreed we men were going to boycott the Super Bowl you lying fucking faggot!”
    First dude: “I didn’t mean me, I meant the rest of you guys should boycott. Now I want to bitch about those commercials they showed.”
    Second dude: “Fuck off, I’ll see you at the new Star Wars movie that you want the rest of us to boycott.”

  10. I saw this gem last night. Go to the middle, dad is shaving his legs with his daughter. He is single daddy, so he has to show her. If this isnt subconsciously a pro- family ad, I dont know what is

  11. Even the Budweiser commercial, showed a German immigrant getting off the boat and people telling him to go back home.
    It’s enough to make me never drink Bud Light again….well, not forever but, a long time anyway.

    1. The wage-gap commercials should’ve been enough. That, and light-beers are piss water.

      1. Naw man, all the OTHER light beers are piss water. There’s Bud Light then, there’s every thing else. However I’m not drinking that stuff anymore.

        1. I love how a BRAZILIAN-owned beer company can lecture Americans on American values

        2. I never really cared who made it, I just liked it. Didn’t they start calling Budweiser, America for a while last year? What a crock.

        3. If rednecks stopped drinking Bud, AnhieserBusch would be in bankruptcy within six months. Haha

        4. And the Nashville country scene would go bankrupt, because they would lose part of their inspiration. Of course, there’s still trucks and chicks to sing about, but still. Then again, it’s hard to sing about sipping Zifandel.

        5. Sang in the key of A. A, a good country key.
          “Well I was sipping on a zinfandel
          wondering how things went tuh hell…”

        6. Agreed. Czechs make some good beer (Pilsner Urquelle), I actually prefer it over the German brews, but a mans tastes vary. Lately I have enjoying Carlsberg which some find a bit dry.

        7. Stop drinking that foreign swill, it makes people unsophisticated and gay:) DRINK AMERICAN!

        8. Zywiec! 🙂 Hit the Polish or German gourmet and try a variety of interesting brews and also have a history behind them.

        9. There was a Czech-brewery/restaurant in a country I used to live in. The beer was absolutely phenomenal.

        10. I know Zywiec well. It has actually penetrated the German market as I see it on the racks.

      2. Those wage gap commercials made me want to throw a brick at the television, the concept of the ad itself was bad enough then the actors they used made it worse.

        1. It amuses me how these products and leagues completely shit on their core constituents.

        2. Indeed. Ponder this obvious observation: This is the SUPER BOWL where top male athletes engage in rough play that will leave many of them permanently injured for the rest of their lives for a 20 year career, if they’re lucky. The graphics artist woman who probably made the commercial maybe gets a 5th of what these guys earn in a year, but they are lottery winners and pay a heavy price.
          That commercial really did piss on the players and fans. I’ll think twice before buying Audi.

    2. shoulda been on the list. Its actually trending on twitter #boycottbudweiser

    3. I’m curious about what time period saw people meeting Germans at the docks and telling them to go back home?
      The Irish? Sure. Easy call. The Germans? Really? Du Fuq?

      1. The missed point is also that the Irish, Italians, etc… who were told to fuck off didn’t turn around and say “well now I’m going to destroy this country.” Instead, they said, “fuck, we better prove ourselves to be good red blooded Americans,” and then did by volunteering to get slaughtered in our various military adventures. No so much with the Muslims and many of the Central American immigrants that come here today.

    4. Bud is mud. Once I tasted decent beers, I stayed off the stuff.
      Yuengling is brewed near my childhood home and tastes pretty good as does Sam Adams. If you want to try something fun, go to the Polish gourmet and try Zywiec.

      1. Budweiser tastes like a combination of water and cigarette ashes. Life is far too short to drink this swill!

        1. My friend’s father worked as a chemical supply salesman to AB (this was years ago). He offered them a variety of acids to reduce PH to improve taste. Yeah, what a job. Anyhow, he said he had varying qualities and costs and AB took the cheapest one. “Battery acid” he called it (although not literally).
          So I know Bud came out with a more high end brew to appeal to those who didn’t buy dog puke due to a superbowl commercial but even so, I avoid it like the plague and stick with Yuengling, Samual Adams. Coors is piss IMO.

  12. None of this new. TV has long been used as a tool for propaganda. I would rather read a book or go for a walk then watch this shit.

  13. #5 For one, I don’t have any problems cleaning or doing chores traditionally done by women. Then again, I live on my own and I do have to have standards. Here, it is using this as an excuse for women to be slobs.
    The other thing: male sexual objectification is ok, even if it’s a cartoon. Let’s put Wonder Woman to make us sammiches, see what happens.

  14. that last post about bad American women was all wrong.
    be fat – be effeminate, be weak – no problem
    Just clean…and get the womyns

    1. LOL! When UnreconstructedConfederate said that people were raising hell about this, I had to watch. That is FANTASTIC!

      1. It wouldve been better to see a buff White man fire at a skinny Black man. But then again most White men are pussies in real life so I guess the commercial makes sense.

  15. I was going to make a joke about how I wouldn’t buy an Audi anyway because it probably comes standard with a white flag but, the damn things are German instead of French.

  16. I never been to big into sports ,much less watch them thus seeing how the NFL would allow this crap I think men should try what I’ve done and that’s get away from television. And become a doer not a viewer!

    1. There’s a point in what you said. In fact, I even forgot about the device called “TV” !

  17. “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”
    I wonder if they would feel the same way about me breaking into their store here in town? I have the will, right? I’ll make my own way and then they will reward me with giving everything I want for free? Basically the same thing, right?
    Alternate translation: “There will always be leftist Americans willing to subvert the law for you. Welcome in.”

  18. I know few people who watch the half-time show, and even fewer who give a damn about the Super Bowl’s main event (sports). They’re all about the ads, and that’s why the ads have become targets for all manner of bullshit and subversion.
    It’s nice to have the confidence and ability to choose what media I consume. If it weren’t for you guys complaining about these ads, I wouldn’t even know they exist.

  19. Corporations pretending to give a crap about immigrants or anyone else is laughable.
    What was even funnier was all this talk about a “Trump Curse” at halftime because POTUS predicted New England to win by 8. That conversation dried up pretty fast before the end of the game. What do we call it now, the Trump Triumph?

    1. Can’t stump the Trump, or even his surrogates. Betsy DeVos made the grade today.

  20. Funny shit. Even funnier is not having seen these, nor having watched the videos on this article. That dog don’t hunt with me any longer, I chose to disassociate myself from their idiotic sophomoric propaganda (aka marketing) a long time ago. You know how much propaganda sways somebody who is not exposed to it? 0.0%, that’s how much.
    There is no other solution here, but to starve the Beast. So stop feeding it with your attention.

    1. Great advice to all men. I finally cut the cord on regular TV and just have a streaming service for cheap if I really want to watch something, which isn’t often. Best of all, no ads.
      Social media is next-I only have lamebook but even that is a joke. I do nothing on it.

      1. I check in on mine a few times a year, mostly to remind myself why I hate it.
        Disqus, Gab, and Twitter are all the social media I use, and I cultivate my selection very carefully. If they ban a few more Twitter users, though, I’ll probably drop that as well.

    2. “Life is too short to wear another man’s jersey”
      This is a good point to note that most people my age (early to mid 20s) are not buying cable or even TV any longer. They get a streaming service and watch only the shows they like. Most of their news now comes from the internet. Comes as little surprise then that many of Gen Z are shaping up as conservatives. The old propaganda channels are slipping.

      1. “The old propaganda channels are slipping.”
        Which is why the hysterics are amped up. When you look at the moneyed old boomers such as the Clintons, Kennedys, Sanders, Kerry, or any of the old dem guard, they are at a loss with your generation as the old bromides are not working.

        1. True. Though I do note they have been lead sheltered lives and pushed through public institutions prepping them to accept the “correct” leaders who voice the socialist answers (as if it is a fresh idea). They have no idea that marxism has never worked or how destructive it’s true nature is.
          Have you noticed the response if you publicly voice support for Trump or take a conservative stance on any issue not just how the other students/ listners react, but the so called people in authorative positions (eg. facutly, staff, public heads, etc..)? The daily reinforced false narratives over the media organs?
          All that is operant conditioning writ large.

        2. Most will come around in their 30s and 40s. Mommy and Daddy can only live so long.

      2. But according to Rush Limbaugh … Millennials refusing to pay for cable is sign they want everything for free. (so f-ing ridiculous!)
        We refuse to pay over $100/month to subsidize Comcast, PMSNBC and the plethora of social justice ads & programs.
        These companies don’t want to adjust to new consumer demands. The NFL is an example. They want one provider (Direct TV) to pay them an F-Ton of money to have rights to broadcast games. I refuse to pay $75/month so I can watch 1 outta market game/ week. If the NFL had some deal where I could pay $5.00 to stream single game, I’d do it.

      3. But according to Rush Limbaugh … Millennials refusing to pay for cable is sign they want everything for free.
        EIB must be getting kickbacks from Comcast. For a guy that’s supposedly a master at understanding supply and demand, he somehow fails to recognize many see no value in paying over $100/month to essentially subsidize the propaganda programs.

        1. Who still listens to Rush Fucking Limbaugh anyway? I’ve never once considered that guy relevant and his viewers are the type of politically inarticulate and totally inflexible Fudds that snarky leftists have dismantled and skewered for years on mass media. He’s obsolete and he doesn’t even know it.
          Edit: not bashing the commenter, just RL himself.

        2. In my early 30’s and listen to Rush every so often. There’s two things he does which I can’t stand. He’ll equate those not wanting to pay for cable as millennials wanting everything for free. I’m convinced he’s getting kickbacks from cable providers. Never does he encourage people to cut cable to starve the propaganda.
          The second thing is blaming Colin Kaepernick (solely) for drop in NFL ratings. Actually all right wing talk radio does this and it drives me nuts. Many fans of an NFL team were disgruntled with Roger Goodell’s NFL long before Kaepernick took knee.

        3. “don’t see any value in paying over $100/month to subsidize the propaganda programs.”
          I can remember a time, not terribly long ago, when cable cost about a dollar a day.
          And while you may have had only about 30 channels most of those channels put on some pretty decent programming most of the time.
          And when they didn’t you could, at the very least, ogle the models on the shopping channels.
          Hard to say whether
          A: cable ‘atrophied’ because of the emergence of broadband internet or
          B: broadband emerged because cable started turning to shit.
          -time passes-
          o.k. more thoughts on this
          I think it might very well have been A.
          With YouTube, streaming services, etc. their would be far fewer eyes glued to tv.
          With fewer eyes watching, advertisers would not be willing to pay as much for spots than they had been.
          And so that difference in income would ultimately be transferred to the subscribers in the form of higher rates and programming of lower production value (e.g. ‘reality’ shows lazily shot with handheld, etc.).

        4. Even with alternative ways to view programming, networks have done a remarkable job in shedding viewers. ESPN has to be the utmost example. ESPN was always in such demand that cable providers had to pay ESPN. Since ESPN decided to inject social justice into their coverage, they’ve been losing viewers left and right. (And frankly the increase of female sportscasters hasn’t helped. I refuse to watch any sports talk show where there’s a chick injecting her $.02.)

        5. The very second they go full retard and have a woman present is the moment I permanently change the channel and boycott. I find it absolutely laughable to have some ditzy thing trying to talk about the intricacies of the catenaccio, pressing, zonal marking and so on in football when they patently have zero idea and are fed lines or make general and asinine observations.
          ESPN is an egregious example and they have been shedding viewers because of their kowtowing to all the Oppressive Leftists etc. Fuck ’em.

    3. The whole time the SuperBowl was playing all I did was check in to social media while people kept posting this Simpsons meme showing the Patriots beating Atlanta to win the Super Bowl to which everyone said the Simpsons were wrong. All I did was laugh to myself as I did a score update on Google. I wasn’t going to watch a second of that game for nothing. Getting rid of cable was the best thing I could have ever done.

    4. Actually a better response is to deliberately avoid those consumer choices. But then again I don’t own a tv or have any social media either.

    5. Yup. However, i did watch the GAME, which is what the superbowl is supposed to be about, right? What kind of faggot gets caught up more by the half-time show or commercials — the guy or girl who’d rather watch the marching band than their team?
      I don’t give a flying fuck about the commercials. Who does? So what if libtard corporate shills want to pander to the social, cultural and political narratives — as if would increase their market share or revenues in the next 10 months.
      Like the NFL itself, these commercials are increasingly irrelevant. Hence, the lowest ratings in recent memory. SB commercials used to at least try to be entertaining, in an effort of Madison Ave ad execs to grab whatever irrelevant awards they seek (ala Pulitzer, or Nobel prizes). However, the increasingly political slant of corporations in a futile attempt to participate in the common narrative, as if corporations had a natural voice, is nothing short of shrill, bullshit salesmanship. It’s void of anything relevant or meaningful coming from a NYSE or NASDAQ traded company with millions of shareholders being represented, or better, misrepresented (since many libtards recoil at owning stock0.
      I watched what I consider to be the best Superbowl finish of all memory (and I’m an old fuck). Not *one* commercial was entertaining. And, of the social/political commentary commercials, I couldn’t even tell you what company the represented or what product they were selling. I suppose if I had 3 million to blow on such vapid stupidity, I’d put out a Trump like message to grab as much pussy as a man can before his T-levels drop below the E-levels of the most vocal anti-trump pussy riot styled protester on 1/21/17.

      1. “… best Superbowl finish of all memory.”
        Best Finish is key in ur statement.
        I’m sick of many saying it was the best SB game ever. No it wasn’t. The game was a boring blowout up until the final 8 minutes. But greatest comeback/ finish? Yea … it’s most certainly on top.

    6. Exactly GOJ. We turned the boob tube off in our house decades ago. I wouldn’t have been aware of any of this had I not read the article. The last ball game I saw was in the eighties. Only then because I was trying to be polite at my in-law’s house one Thanksgiving. The game was so obviously rigged even my father-in-law, diehard football fan that he was, had to admit it. Anyone who watches this tripe and takes it seriously doesn’t have a clue how much gambling money the mob alone has riding on each game. These “viewers” are indeed prime targets for mind control through propaganda and they’ll pay for it to boot! Is this a great country or what? When I have down time, there are way too many good books to read to waste my time on the dementing garbage offered up by popular media.

    7. The last thing I watched on my own TV was the start of Gulf War II.
      Haven’t owned one since.

  21. Airbnb: socialist on the outside, diehard capitalism on the inside
    Coca Cola: sugarwater for people who want rotten teeth and to get fat quickly. Diabetes, anyone?
    84 lumber. Never heard from that. But I’m European so what do you expect.
    Mr. Clean: From the first time I saw men cleaning in commercials I thought: “women should clean the house, not men”.
    Audi: I’ll rather support the Japanese economy.
    But keep on doing this companies. I’ll forever boycot you. And millions of other men will too.

  22. “I’m sorry, but it’s just not financially possible to continue taking on so many illegal immigrants, with zero education. They’re a massive burden to the tax payers, and it needs to end—we need the wall.”
    Careful Jon, you might just expose what happens when compassion and tolerance are utilized over rationality. Why should I show these criminals any respect when they don’t respect the laws of our country? What I find offensive is their insane sense of entitlement that they are owed a place in this country by virtue of just being.

  23. I quit watching the super-duper-toilet-bowl years and years ago, because it’s an overblown, overhyped, usually-bad game full of bullshit commercials. Go back to the Apple 1984 commercial – who was the savior of the proles? A woman. 23 years ago!
    . It’s gone downhill since then, and I’ll have no part of that pro-globalist, pro-feminist, anti-masculine crap. The NFL shit in their mess kit, and as more men take the red pill, their pink shoe nonsense will turn off more and more of their target audience. It was once a great sport, but their messages just piss me off.

  24. I’d say the 84 Lumber commercial was most disgusting, was it implying we should be the Save-A-Hoe nation for all the single moms of the world? Yeah sure, come get some handouts everyone, just pass right through this here gate that is wide open. Shit is getting beyond moronic, being the world’s welfare check is not sustainable. Can we go to their country & being treated so fairly? No, we’d get mugged & booted out.

    1. Yeah, that is funny isn’t it? Where is ol’ Pop Paco anyway? I guess the message is that by not taking in hordes of illegals, we’re “Hurtin’ da poow wimminz and childrenz”. What a load of flab cake.

    2. Besides, shouldn’t people in South America try to get their shit together first? Why must we save their behinds if they couldn’t even make their countries work in the first place?

      1. Yeah, a universal problem. Liberalism and shit-hole 3rd world politics is like a cancer – people make a total mess of a city or country or region – then they leave, going somewhere sane. And then, predictably, they push for the same policies, laws, rules, etc as what made their original home a shit-hole!
        I don’t want corrupt Mexican-style politicians and cops and army in this country. If they fucked up their own home, they should FIX it instead of fleeing!
        I’d love to see a rule where our internal migrants don’t get to vote for a couple of years – so they can’t leave hell-holes like NYC and NJ and spread their corrupt, liberal, SJW politics to corrupt normal places! And I sure don’t want to see 3rd world migrants screwing up OUR country!

    3. These fools should take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy and what Mexico’s southern border looks like. If Trump just mirrored what Mexico did to protect itself from illegal immigration, I’d be happy.

    4. Yeah, and of course they chose as their downtrodden illegals a mom with her daughter, not the reality which is a bunch of young men who are unemployable in their own countries.

    5. Interestingly, the “single mom” in the commercial has a “daughter” !
      How ironic ! Reducing and/or making stringent rules for H1Bs and Legal Permanent Residency seekers (who pay Taxes and contribute positively) BUT making this kind of “commercial” where people (especially whorish single moms) can “cross the border”, straight into the Country (leeching out Tax Payers Money) !

      1. Yeah, I need to go pump hoes full of kids in Mexico & then just send ’em packin north when they get on my nerves. No child support to worry about & I could move on to a new one.

  25. That pretty blonde snowflake girl in the car commercial already enjoys White Privilege. What about all the homely black girls who will grow up into poor women and can never afford an Audi?

  26. The commercials and half time show cater towards non-fans. They are meant to draw in the crowds that do not care at all about the game, and they succeed. Why do you think we get Katie Perry and Lady Gaga, or Madonna, or faggots like Justin Timberlake? The commercials probably have a better chance of getting shown if the pitch a social justice ideal. Hell, I can guarantee that anything pro-Trump would be REJECTED despite having the money to pay for the time slot.

  27. Identity politics is breathing its death-gasps.
    I foresee a HUGE backlash over the next four years and, if he feels like
    enduring more BS, another four years of Trump after that.

    1. A more accurate commercial would be the boys winning. And then a lawyer and judge step in and take the trophy from the boy and give it to the girl.

  28. No true neo-masculine/red pill man drinks soda anyway,
    including the “diet” crap, which is just as bad.
    Warren Buffet, a major globalist, is the majority shareholder of Coca-Cola inc. He also owns 60 percent of the dialysis clinics in the US.
    One of the major reasons people need regular dialysis is because of diabetes type 2 kidney complications. A great hedge for him, but pretty bad for you.
    You might as well drink George Soros` chilled urine.

    1. I stopped drinking soda a long time ago. One can of soda can have as much as 240 calories. One is better off drinking a beer, (and no, not Budweiser!).

  29. For some reason these commercials show attractive refugees coming to this country, instead of the reality that most of them look more like their respective countries’ versions of Walmart shoppers than the God Emperor’s Eastern European girlfriends and wives.
    White Americans fall on a bell curve of attractiveness, of course. But do we really need to bring more ugly people into this country to lower the median standard of appearance?

    1. And shall we forget the “God Emperor’s” half-Jewish grandspawn, I mean grandchildren?
      And why are eastern Europeans so eager to come to the west? They’re master race too, aren’t they? Or are they?
      If Africa is a shithole because it’s full of black Africans, and South America because it’s full of Indians and Mestizos, and the Middle East because it’s full of Muslims, why can’t we accept why eastern Europe is a shithole?

      1. I consider it a good thing that at least some Jews want to submit to the authority of the God Emperor. His ascendancy has started the process of restoring man’s natural hierarchy.

        1. And as I’ve said before, it seems the “God emperor” is well aware that Jews are on top of man’s natural hierarchy.
          Not whites.

  30. Advertising is all about getting irrational people to make an impulsive decision based on emotion rather than reason and facts. So of course it is for SJWs and libs, not us. Let them get ripped off by these companies.
    In the 84 Lumber ad, they left out the part where she gets raped. It was reported even in leftist media that well over half the women illegally migrating across the border were raped. They left out the part where an American gets fired and replaced by this woman working for $3/Hour. They left out the part where she is crammed into overcrowded and illegal housing.
    If you go into an 84 Lumber store in the southwest USA, most of their customers are using illegal labor for construction projects. So of course the want all the illegal labor they can get.

    1. Ah yes, back when Coca Cola included white men in their commercials who were not either flagrantly gay or not “shaded” to be “of indeterminate ethnicity”. Yeah, thems was the days, yo.

    2. That commercial has nonwhites in it. Clearly Jewish propaganda promoting multiculturalism and mass immigration. For watching this you are a cuck, a Jew shill and a traitor to the white race.

    3. Looks like they were at it even back then – singing about the world and showing the people of the world.
      Propaganda is not today’s phenomenon.

  31. And the wife in the Mr. Clean commercial is on the thin side with a decent ass, so she would have ditched her fat beta a looooonnngg time ago, unless he makes 500k in which case they hire cleaners.

  32. Personally I ignore this garbage but at the same time I liked the Kia Eco Warrior Commercial as anybody who sees it will understand. I am not going to be buying their car but I certainly enjoy watching their commercial.

  33. That commercial about the wall should have played just a couple seconds longer. After the daughter and mother enter the small door, we’re feeling all warm inside. What a beautiful display of compassion! There is hope for the human race after all. All of us can live together and be happy and sing kumbaya and—
    Hold on a second. The woman ushers her daughter through and begins to go through herself.. but stops in the door. She turns and looks out over the wasteland she had to cross to get there. You see the sorrow on her face as she thinks of others like herself. What if they aren’t able to get through? She then grabs a small stone and as the door closes, places it to where the door is still open very slightly. You see her smile through the crack for a second before she disappears.
    The camera zooms out then slowly, until not too far away from the door, a few men with duffle bags sneak up to the wall, crouching, and begin to walk along side it, hoping to find a way through.

    1. The commercial should’ve ended with the 2 on the other side with dead bodies strewn across the vast landscape of those that succumb to the extremes.

  34. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl either. And I prefer Pepsi. Those other companies! I never gave a shit about them. My only question to men watching sports; can’t you find something more beneficial to do? Like start a business or write a book or build your dream home or plan to move to a land where it is STILL legal for a man to be a man and the women there love you for it? I’m learning to start and run a business. And I stopped watching t.v. 5 years ago. I didn’t miss the Super Bowl. And I don’t give a fuck who wins. As for the punk-ass commercials….Is anyone surprised?

  35. These ads go against everything I believe in, I’m not going to say I’m offended because only betas get easily offended, but basically:
    1. That song should have been sung in English, America should be a white country with the exception of American Indians which were here first; even blacks should have been sent back to Africa when slavery was abolished
    2. Education, drive, skills and intelligence will not make you happy in life. Sadly I don’t think girls like this (most female children these days) will ever discover that for themselves thanks to ads/social conditioning like this
    3. Go back to Mexico
    4. This is true, all races should be accepted equally, but in their own countries. I have nothing against blacks, mexicans etc. but believe that they should stay in their own countries (and the world would be a much happier place for it)
    5. Absolutely stupid, cleaning is a woman’s job, period.

    1. I agree with everything you said…except for America being a white country. If everyone else should go back to their country, then shouldn’t you also go back to the country that your ancestors are from?
      I was born and raised in North Carolina. But my parents are both Palestinian-born. They are both American citizens, but are not allowed to stay in the land they were born in. So what do you recommend we do?

      1. Well said. Even the Caucasians came from other Countries (Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany etc.) ! So they should return to their “home Countries” !!
        There is nothing wrong in expecting/asking the Song to be sung in English and also nothing wrong in saying that U.S should be a “Caucasian Majority” Country (instead of “Caucasian Country”).

  36. That Audi one is ridiculous. These businesses are so male dominated as well. So strange. I blame Merkel. That dog.

  37. rant: on
    What do you tell your daughter? Tell your daughter to keep her looks and her beauty and not to fugly herself up with weird ass hair colors, or let her head be filled with feminist lies.
    Tell your daughter to learn the feminine arts *especially* how to cook, so she can lock down a good man when she is at peak beauty instead of being a cubicle drone with a shit job and a cat colony who goes home to a shit 1BR flat and microwaves up some chemicals in a little plastic dish, and who then narfs down Hagen Daz on the couch while her dry, dusty raisin of a womb screams for the children she didn’t bear.
    That’s what to tell your fucking daughter, you stupid cuck faggot.

  38. I thought about all the football fans that got ticked at me for calling a spade a spade. Hope they enjoyed GaGa preaching to them.

  39. I’d say 84 Lumber has a monetary axe to grind with their tear wrenching little story. Have you ever seen the illegals standing around the lumberyard parking lots? These are strapping, working age men; not poor moms and their little girls. These guys are waiting for local contractors to pick them up as day labor and pay them cash. No workers comp., no minimum wage, no social security, medicare or income tax withholding. This not only makes it harder for contractors and workers that abide by the law to compete, it leaves more money on the table for the scumbag contractors to buy materials. This directly benefits 84 Lumber (and Lowes, Home Depot, etc.). But I’m sure their little story was just well intentioned SJW white knighting on management’s part and 84 Lumber never considered the financial angle… Yeah, right.

  40. I can certainly boycott almost all of those firms but AirBnB helps me fuck corrupt governments out of occupancy taxes and hotels out of profits which those firms spend on corrupt governments. What to do.

  41. It’s no accident that the 84 Lumber commercial featured a woman with a daughter as the illegal immigrants – something utterly at odds with the reality that nearly all of the illegal aliens are males. But we would not have as much sympathy for a Julio and potential MS13 member as we do for working mommy and her daughter. Very subtle, but deliberate.

  42. Despite the prideful proclamations of masculinity, the author has betrayed himself as another subservient boot-licker who thinks he needs permission from some pant-suited dike bureaucrat to travel freely.
    The reality is that you, nor the bureaucrat you put on a pedestal, owns public land. Thus, you have no right to impede the free travel of another person. You cannot bestow a right you do not have upon any other person.
    Why would you be so naiive to think that the laws are proper, fair, and moral? Everything the Nazis did was “legal” and rubber-stamped by a bureaucrat. The author’s religious deference to “law” at the expense of liberty is troubling.



  45. I never heard of 84 Lumber before this Super Bowl ad and I don’t ever
    plan on buying any lumber from them. I hope they get audited by the

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