American Women Still Have No Idea What Makes Them Happy

Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College of California, who earned her Ph.D. at U Wisconsin, Madison, recently published an article attacking marriage because women aren’t happy and satisfied with it.  While she comes to some horribly backwards conclusions, she does raise an interesting point about the paradox of declining female happiness.  Why are women unhappier now than at any point in modern history, despite being given more and more?

While this topic has been addressed before, in studies done by University of Pennsylvania researchers Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, feminists like Wade continue to come to all the wrong conclusions.  Wade’s recent article “Women are less happy than men in marriage, but society pretends it isn’t true” is laden with logical errors and faulty conclusions.

Who is Lisa Wade?


Wade is an associate professor of sociology, focusing on gender studies.  She has appeared in Ms Magazine, Jezebel, and MTV, has published articles about American female genital cutting (I have never met an American who had their genitals cut who was not a man), and recently released a book titled American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus.  She earned her Ph.D. at a college with a long history of feminism.


Her book has been described incorrectly as the “best book about sex on campus, bar none” (that would be Bang), and reviews label it as “shin[ing] the bright light of sociology and feminism onto American college sexual culture…reveal[ing] the tableau of racial, class, and gender inequality on which the not-really-so pervasive phenomenon of student hookups is playing out.”

Note: If you are interested in this topic: Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both by Laura Sessions Stepp is an interesting look into college sex culture from a female perspective.  Stepp is a Pulitzer winning author whose 2008 book reveals the eventual heartache, disappointment, and pain hookup culture causes these women.

Wade’s marriage article attempts to answer the question: Why do women have more rights, opportunities, status, power, and privilege than at any time in modern history, but are less happy than ever in both absolute terms and in comparison to men?

Marriage is unequal

Wade’s first answer is that marriage is an unequal institution, that women are carrying a heavier weight of the household chores than men, and are more likely to sacrifice their free time and career goals for the marriage.  Despite anecdotal evidence from every married man I know that paints the exact opposite picture, we shall analyze this objectively.

I know no man who comes home to a nice, warm dinner made by his wife, or a house that she cleaned herself, or any relationship-building efforts the woman takes the initiative in making for the happiness of her husband or strengthening of the marriage.


Wade, a PhD professor holding unequal power over her students

Of course, there are many unequal institutions.  Indeed, equality is rarely if ever encountered, and it’s an absurd demand.  The arrangement between employee and employer is practically never between equals–a large, wealthy, powerful employer offers a wage to a worker, who is of comparatively minute power and importance to the operation of the firm.  And yet this arrangement produces a productive and profitable arrangement for both parties.

An education is not obtained between equal parties.  A trained, knowledgeable superior imparts knowledge and experience to a novice learner.


Unequal shitlord assuming his knowledge is more than his students

A religious consultation is between a trained, knowledgeable theologian experienced in helping others through moments of weakness or pain and someone full of doubt or pain or questions.  There is typically one religious leader responsible for dozens or hundreds of individuals in a very unequal relationship, yet both parties happily coexist in this arrangement.

Even friendships are rarely “equal.”  Some friends offer me greater social access, a nicer home, or are wealthy enough to pick up the tab for nights out, or are simply more dependable and reliable, while others may not have as much to offer, but I still value their loyalty, sense of humor, or other facet which brings value.


Steve Jobs had a massive ego and thought no one was his equal: Result: #1 tech firm

The political philosophy of Western democracy relies on the social contract, where the individual agrees to abide by the laws and rules of a government in return for legal protection.  Who do you think holds more power, you or the federal government?  It’s an incredibly unequal arrangement.

The bottom line is that equality is a rare occurrence, and the mere fact that two people enter into an agreement unequally is not only irrelevant, but largely expected.

Women are subordinate

Wade’s second point is that marriage is a compromise, and that women, moreso than men, make sacrifices of their time and career goals.

Marriage is indeed a compromise, and marriage, while it may be an institution worthy of support, is not for everyone and should be entered into only after strong consideration.  However, it has been the bedrock of social interaction, and indeed, of western society itself, if not most cultures throughout the world, for centuries.  Throwing marriage out the window because it means the woman may not go to as many girls nights out, or her lifetime output of TPS reports may be slightly lowered, is absurd.


The truth is men and women are opposite, and intrinsically related, as yin and yang, day and night, black and white.  Historically, cultures placed the man as the head of the household because men are physically stronger, mentally wiser, more reasoned, logical, and less emotional or irrational.  Changing these roles is like a gazelle telling himself he will now become a carnivore, because it’s more aggressive.  These roles are based in biology, and reinforced through various cultural norms and religions.

Early Judaism and Christianity proscribed these roles thousands of years ago, as a pattern for social behavior.  The Bible teaches that woman was created for man “for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake” and that Adam alone was commanded by God, and punished for Eve’s actions.  God issued the prohibition to eat from the forbidden fruit only to Adam; it was implied that Adam was to relay this to Eve, who had not yet been created.  Although Eve was the sinner who ate from the tree, God rebuked Adam as head of the family for Eve’s transgressions.


El Greco’s Marriage Of The Virgin

Submission is not always a negative thing.  I submit to the moral rules of society and my religion, even when they are against my self interest.  I also submit my personal desires and aspirations due to workplace demands.  Despite having a flexible, independent job, I am still responsible to others and must generally place my own interests secondary to others during at least part of the work week.  And we all subordinate ourselves before the forces of government, whether we believe in what it is doing or not.

That said, submission is a feminine quality; generally men would do well to become more independent and less submissive, while women as a whole benefit from the opposite.  The notion of women submitting to their husbands means that their personal wishes or desires should not come before the family.  Every group needs a leader, and men have been entrusted with this role.

This is a matter of biology, and outside the scope of this article, but men have throughout history and throughout cultures, been the head of the household.  Just as women have been the primary party to rear children.  Biologically, women are granted breasts to feed newborn children, and this is why men have an instinctual attraction to breasts.  While men have small breasts of their own, women do not have the same attraction to male breasts, because there is no biological reason to.

So women are subordinate in marriage.  Is this bad or wrong?  Religion, social custom, history says no.  And science tells us that altering the natural order of things by making men more feminine and women more masculine ends up making both parties less happy.  So subordination is neither shameful, nor bad, nor wrong.

Women sacrifice more

Wade’s next claim is that women sacrifice more of their free time and career goals to the family than men.  This is mostly a repeat of the first argument: equality.  It should matter not so much which party is giving more in creating a family, because that sacrifice is required in order for the family unit to exist, and most arrangements in life are not equal.


Symbiosis: Nature doesn’t care which party is giving “more”

Men typically carry the burden of earning the income required to support the wife and children, providing the resources for housing, comfort, clothing, utilities, education, transportation, and entertainment.  Where women also contribute to this through working, it is due in large part to overconsumption or the absurdly high cost of living that modern city life entails.


What Feminists Think Women Are Happiest Doing

There are women who have accomplished great things outside the family, and women who are more motivated by art, science, or career than by building a family, but they are the exception to the rule.  And since no one is forced to marry in the west, these women are free to abstain from marriage.  But as a group, women are much more satisfied when they focus on their family, instead of working in a stressful office.  I can think of no career that is more important than the education, upbringing, and instilling of values in my future children, and by that respect, the woman raising them has a far more important job than whatever career I am undertaking to take care of material needs.


What Woman Are Happiest Doing

Pre-modern “feminism” was always about this: uplifting the feminine spirit, celebrating motherhood, and virtue, and beauty.  Modern feminism is about rejecting it.

Propaganda lies to women about marriage

Wade’s final argument is that, adding insult to injury, women are fed falsehoods about marriage, which trick them into this institution that then makes them unhappy and destroys their plans at becoming hilarious comedians or CEOs or astronauts.


She claims that “compared to being single, marriage is a bum deal for many women,” and that married women are more unhappy than both single women and married men, and are more likely to file for divorce.  Some of this may be true, and indeed in today’s crazy society where women can have their cake and eat it to, marriage does seem to cut in a bit on their dreams of riding the cock carousel endlessly, partying it up at the club and then stumbling in to the HR job hung over, and living without any sort of responsibility.


Of course, if we are talking about the eternal children that many Western women are, marriage is indeed a rather harsh set of restrictions on their unbridled behavior.  But if we are talking about a grown woman raising a family, numerous studies have shown that it is universally better to raise children in a marriage rather than outside one.

However, Wade does have a point: there are lies being told to women about marriage, namely:

  • That virginity, which was an absolute requirement for marriage throughout 99% of its history, is unimportant
  • That it is not a serious, lifetime commitment, but something you can try, and then cancel if you don’t like it, and the man may be obligated to give you money for months or years afterwards
  • That they can ride the cock carousel through college with no repercussions on the ability to pair bond later, and
  • That marriage will be all fun and games with no serious sacrifice.

Nice try, babe

Wade’s twisted explanations for why women are unhappy oversimplify and misunderstand the fundamental problem: that women are losing their femininity and virtue–the very ideal that makes them women, and this is causing them fundamental unhappiness.  Measuring a woman’s happiness by her career performance, salary, number of cats owned, or number of cocktails consumed is a bad metric.

While modern marriage may have serious faults, and indeed I’m hesitant to recommend it, it remains the best option for raising a family, and if women were historically happier under a patriarchy insisting on virgin brides and offering women a stable, safe home in return for her household and childrearing contributions, perhaps they should consider the obvious—returning to that happy system.

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311 thoughts on “American Women Still Have No Idea What Makes Them Happy”

  1. They’re unhappy because they’ve chosen careers and riding the cock carousel, while eschewing marriage and raising a family. So their misery becomes greatly amplified once they hit the wall, as they keep riding that carousel. The quality and quantity of their male dance partners goes downhill from there. Eventually, their only options are blowing homeless guys in alleys or getting gangbanged by retards and hunchbacks. Or petting their cats. I imagine that would be pretty depressing…but, “You go girl!”

    1. I would like to see one ***honest*** movie about a fortysomething woman hitting the wall and being forced to admit that the quality of her male prospects has cratered. Just ONE honest movie about that. It could end on a positive note: she founds a cat sanctuary, or enters a convent, or something.

      1. Yup. Instead, Hollywood makes it look like the quality and quantity of a woman’s dance partners increases with age. Women are so easily fucking duped. They need constant supervision.

      2. A feminist at 20: “Men are pigs!”
        A feminist at 40: “Why won’t men look at me anymore???”

      3. “Looking for Mr Goodbar” maybe? The protagonist wasnt 40-something, but I think she was mid 30s

      1. Hey thanks…but good lord, you could have given me an eye-bleach warning…that’s some hideous shit right there.

        1. I’m pretty gullible sometimes, as you know…I need a map and a flashlight, along with seeing-eye dogs. That bitch made my equipment retract.

        2. With the amount of steroids she’s on to achieve that, she’s pretty much male by now anyway!

        1. Hmmmmm, I reckon Anavar (Oxandrolone)… and a test base.
          Can’t see her clit in any of the shots, so my guess could change depending on how enlarged it has become, but the puffiness is a dead giveaway…
          Hope her ‘boyfriend’ enjoys his pegging…

      2. Ran into that mutant at another news site. They need to slap a public decency warning over pics like that. 🙂

      3. My guess:
        1) Was born male, or
        2) With the amount of steroids she’s taken, her clit has grown into a penis. Most likely a lot bigger than mine…HA!

      1. Very true. They chose to get on this ride, we didn’t, but we’re forced into the same circumstances regardless of our wishes. I don’t want to come home and do chores because I work all day, nor would I have ever chosen such a thing, but women in general have so they expect men to “man up” and “feel” the same way.
        Fuck that. Your decision, you face the consequences toots, I was never consulted.

    2. A PHD costs what? $100k- plus? An assoc prof make what? $40k maybe? I would be miserable too with that debt load

      1. PhDs cost nothing, but time and sweat. The university hates an independently wealthy PhD student. When I was getting mine, a cohort member was supported in style by a wealthy corporate lawyer wife. The school eventually pushed him out (about 1 year). They want compliant slaves to do all the work, grade all the papers and tests, and do their research for them. So, they charge a ton of money, but then give it back as a 100% scholarship with a stipend.
        My total out of pocket tuition expense for a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD consisted of $500.

        1. It has been quite a while. However, the PhD part is true today. No one pays for a PhD with money.

    3. Women hate to see other women living happier lives. That’s why many of us encourage this toxic feminist rhetoric that leads to loneliness, single motherhood and years of being crazy cat ladies.

        Thank you for confirming one of my pet theories…
        Pretty sure Women dress for other women too, for example…

        1. If mama ain’t happy, and because of that she tries to make everyone around her unhappy, DTB.

      2. Envy. One of the seven deadly sins for a reason.
        (Do not mistake envy for jealousy. Jealousy is a lust for what one deserves, but envy is a lust for what one does not deserve. Women make this mistake all the time, and we should not do the same).

      3. Don’t have to tell me. My wife has admitted how jealous the girls at her work are whenever I do something as simple as buy her a dress.

        1. I’ve had single moms make VERY vicious comments towards me because I’m a housewife.
          I always tell them that it isn’t my fault they messed up their lives. Some of them were married to perfectly good husbands but they left because they were “unhappy”-as if marriage is going to be joyous every day!
          Valentine’s Day is like a bloodsport where I live. Women compete with what their boyfriends or husband’s bought them. I don’t participate in such petty nonsense.

        2. You already know not to listen to them!
          You are doing the finest and best thing you could possibly do, and your Husband and Kids are very fortunate indeed…

        3. Thanks hon.
          I think I am far more fortunate than my husband is. He’s the one that has the stress of providing for me.
          We choose not to have children because of bad genes.
          There are just too many family members on both sides who struggle with mental illness and developmental challenges. We’ve had genetic counseling and the chances of having a child with severe health issues is very high. Neither of us want to bring a child into the world who cannot contribute to society. I donate my time to the community and we are a devoted aunt and uncle.

        4. My father told me if you can’t be happy with yourself how can you expect someone else to. In other word don’t let your self-loathing be someone else’s job to fix. Ignore those women. One day they realize they’re lonely and it’s too Late.

    4. Indeed. They are not doing any favor to anybody, especially to the MEN. They are enjoying their life (being entitled, pampered, slutty & whorish) to the “fullest” and let them face the consequences. Let them suffer; you reap what you sow !

    1. Literal masturbation?
      Do I get extra points for not only rhyming, but staying on topic?

  2. The irony is that if women knew what they wanted to make them happy, and honesty told men what that was, most men would bend over backwards to give it to them.

      1. What women want is no mystery. What’s a mystery is why so many men think that women are difficult to figure out. They *really* overthink things in regard to the fairer sex.

        1. That’s the superficial cynical read.
          What they want is to feel dominated and secure with a strong male. The article brushes on submissiveness, and rightly so. This is what women crave, to be in the presence of a man to whom she can let go of all pretenses and just simply be a pleasant submissive woman.
          The problem comes in when the man fails to provide that strength to her, when he is not the alpha she either expects or has experienced before. Then the shit tests ramp up in frequency (they never stop of course), the fights start and then, of course, the drama and divorce.

        2. yeah it starts out that way and then they feel like you are a bit too dominant , once they get what they can from you the real agenda begins.

        3. My experience says otherwise.
          When they start shit tests about “too dominant’ that’s them testing your frame, and nothing more. Sounds like you may have failed that particular shit test (that’s not meant in offense, I’m just sensing that it may have been a sticking point for you at one time)?

        4. hung on longer than i should have ( for the children)… i have since learned that in retrospect it didnt make things any better for them . no offense take bro.

        5. you give them the world and they spit it out on the ground,,, i am starting to give myself the world .

        6. Hope you got out relatively unscathed, or at least, were able to recover sufficiently.

        7. the quote un quote “woman of God ” hypocrite female. alot of times they dangle that bait in front of a man

        8. If she isn’t Russian/Greek Orthodox, I’d basically say “run away” too. And if she is, you aren’t going to find her in a bar or at a rave or whatever. Still, caution is always a good thing.

        9. That might be what her inner most biology craves. The problem is the current amount of societal influences programming her to think & feel all of that is oppressive.
          A woman can have a great man that does all that you listed & provide an excellent life for her & the family. But exposure to television, movies, music, media, the modern education system, endless partner options on social media, entitled princess culture, & friends will peer pressure her to throw it all away because “she deserves more”.
          Women readily admit that they have trouble making up their minds. The overwhelming amount of influences conspiring to push them into hedonistic excess corrupts the majority. And we all now how crabs in a bucket behave when one starts to rise above the others.

        10. Ah, but you see, let me throw all that to the wind for a moment. Indulge me. Ready?
          Who cares what she thinks or is told to think?
          Provide the dominance thrills and all of that pap she’s been spoon fed since kindergarten goes right out the door with the rest of her training.
          It’s like if a man was trained to like clown haired fat ugly women, then one day a hot bombshell beauty queen comes over and whispers in his ear “Want to fuck me?”. I guarantee you, without hesitation, that even if he’d been indoctrinated his whole like to like Clown Haired Land Whale, that he’d be taking that girl to Pound Town in a matter of nanoseconds.

        11. I agree. Women want to be housewives and mothers with a strong male providing for us. Unfortunately, we have been led astray by feminism and hardened by the pressure to become like men. Women are NOT meant to be sleeping around and fighting in the corporate world. Men don’t care about how much education a woman has or her professional achievements. Men want women who will give them a comfortable household and progeny.

        12. I understand your point, & agree with you. It’s maintaining it for the long game in spite of my previous list of outside influences that most men struggle with.
          If you are able to maintain it then I salute you sir, & wish you the best of luck holding on to it.

        13. When I became a housewife, I lost “friends” who told me that I was “too smart to be a man’s slave.” Meanwhile, the women who spouted such nonsense were overworked, lonely and stressed.
          I’m sharing this to show you that you’re absolutely right. Women are heavily pressured to deny our biological urges. Feminism has ruined society.

        14. ‘Lolknee the Wise’ – ROFLMAO… he’s just become a LOTR character…
          Maybe even ‘Lolknee the (Fifty Shades of) Grey’?

        15. Something we can all aspire to. But every moment of every day for the rest of your life is a long time to do anything. I hope it works out for him, and time will tell.

        16. Domination and love, in that order.
          If they can be dominated but not loved, they’ll take it. This phenomenon is easily observed among girls who “have a history of abuse” – they pick men who will dominate them, and when that dominance comes without love they experience abuse. But they need the dominance, so they seek another who will ultimately abuse them.
          Dominance plus love, on the other hand, makes them happy. In this case, they have security because they know that all the dominance is controlled by love and concern for her well-being. The shit tests never stop, but when deflected she feels not fear but security.

        17. That´s the reason thugs and criminals are never short of pussy.
          worked in a 3rd world hospital, where you see women being beaten by their husbands with black eyes and open wounds, Being happily kissing and hugging the man who beat them in public.
          I believe those women are more happy than those childless women working 9-5 office jobs.
          I started to domestic punish my girlfriend, I spank her until her cry, after the punishment she is calm and relaxed, when she start to be behave badly I spank her and with the crying she release all those emotions and tension, if there is no release she start to behave like a spoiled brat. Women are like children and a good old spank works the same as with kids.

        18. 25th year of marriage so far this last autumn. Ups and downs to be certain, but still making it with one kid out the door and another about to be and I still haven’t lost half of my shit yet. Heh.

        19. Absolutely. I cut them off as soon as we relocated to the country. I don’t need fools like that in my life. Let them grow haggard and bitter in the corporate world.

        20. Heh, well, you know my theory. She could potentially (and realistically) walk out tomorrow. End of the day, she’s still a woman, and so I just plan accordingly. If I lose half of my shit, oh well, there’s more shit in the world available for buying and she won’t be getting alimony or child support so really, it would be a wash.

        21. A lot of the reason men can’t be that strong protector women feel secure with is because we have been lied to. We have ben told the key to a happy marriage is sharing your feelings with your wife. This is 180 out from reality. Never, never, not ever, show a single shred of weakness to your wife. Do not share your weaknesses and fears; she will despise for doing so. If she wanted a relationship with someone emotional and open she would be a lesbian.

        22. If you were the slave, wouldnt he be sitting at home while you went out to bring home that bacon? Im not talking about you of course, Im talking about your friends’ line of thinking

        23. That is about the time I tell my wife she knows where the door is and to not let it hit her ass on the way out. The problem with most men to day applying this method is, …. you have to really mean it.

        24. Sheeeeet. Havent you been paying attn?
          The kneeman will bang any gross blob for weird reasons.

        25. Apparently housework, cooking, exercising and volunteering is akin to “slavery”. LOL

        26. My typical retort to that kind of line is women in the last 50 years simply traded being a “man’s slave” who by most measures loves you and treats you well (exceptions exist to this of course) for being a “corporate slave” that thinks of you as a disposable asset at best and works you to death (very few exceptions – at least in the top 25% of jobs).
          I’m all for free choice. Real free choice. If a woman wants a traditional role in the home, more power to her. If she wants to be like me and be a corporate slave, more power to her also. If you want something in between – fine with me too. Each has benefits and each has draw backs. I can’t stand modern day feminism as it basically gives women just the one option as praise. That’s not choice – you just have a new master.
          I tried to get my wife to go the middle route so I could retire by 45 but she prefers the traditional route so instead I’ll retire by 50 and then we’ll travel the world and mostly live on the beach in the caribbean

        27. Exactly! I told one “friend” that feminism is a deeply flawed movement partly because it only celebrates women making CERTAIN decisions. Being my husband’s “slave” has led to the highest level of happiness I’ve ever experienced as an adult. I glow with pride when I prepare an excellent meal and my husband is appreciative.
          You can always discern women who are corporate slaves vs domestic and traditional types.
          The corporate slaves often look tired and old for their years. Traditional women have a wholesome and relaxed calmness about us.

        28. Well said, but, unfortunately, common sense is “not so common” !
          It’s a shame that these kind of women never even think for a second that the MEN also might be feeling the same;
          “we are woman’s slave…” !
          (provide, entertain, pamper, bear tantrums, societal & legal double standards, give on-demand & no-strings attached FREE sex, etc. etc. etc. !)

        29. That’s one that the social engineering got me on in the past. Took me awhile to realize, just agree if she accuses me of trying to control her. Now, I would just say, “make good decisions and I won’t have to make them for you.”

        30. Hahahaha. So all the stuff you do like cooking and cleaning, is stuff they have to do any way, even if single, but because they have to do it on top of working a job (usually for a man that doesn’t love them), somehow YOU’RE the slave. WOW! No wonder these women are such envious shrews.

    1. One of the reasons why this is so and white knights exist is a recurring thread on this group: In the west, prostitution is usually illegal, there’s a strong culture that encourages and expects young men to get laid, and a feminine culture of entitlement that teaches them to wait back for men to say ANYTHING to them in an effort to get laid or their approval. After a lifetime, the women continue with this thinking even long after they’re hit their wall and it doesn’t apply and many men who otherwise could be rock stars and maintain “frame” lose it because they’re spent their lives pandering to women and this is their universe.
      In cultures where men marry young and getting laid is not an issue perhaps has a lot to do with the women and men having a more grounded approach to life.

    2. The answer is social media. Social media is competitiion on steroids. If a girl has it run in the other direction unless you want to be in a #datenight picture

  3. As Max observes, the researcher draws conclusions from stereotypes that are disconnected from reality. In the 1950’s, perhaps it could be claimed that women were doing all the “housework” (not including yardwork, cleaning out the gutters, fixing windows, etc. which they leave out) but since then, times have changed. Men work long hours in the traditional workplace, help out with household chores and then do the unacknowledged housework above. Even worse, unlike our grandmothers’ generation, women usually keep a less tidy home than in the past. A lot of career women’s homes appear as if they’re out of an episode of Hoarders.
    Divorce rates are still high but they’re among what I call serial losers: women (and men) who get married, are impossible to live with, and then get married again and repeat the cycle. For the most part, women married to red pill guys tend to be very happy. They may nag and complain about petty nonsense, but this is the natural state of women. Overall though, they tend to be the happiest women I know.
    On the other hand, single career women who apparently have it all are just one Xanax away from a complete nervous breakdown. In theory, they are happy: They have their own pad, a loyal pet who doesn’t talk back to them, and even as they get older, their tinder responses continue to flow in. They have closets (literally) bulging with too many clothes and designer bags.
    This is all comes down to why women weren’t allowed to vote and as Ainigmaris observes below: women don’t know what they want. They do know how to complain about something they want better, or different, or just to criticize others but they are lousy with action plans and setting goals and meeting them.

  4. You guys know what makes ME happy at this point? Being around American women as little as possible. The older I get, the more I would rather hang with my bros (red pill-awakened men).

    1. I’m from an older generation and I remember my father spending most of his time among other men at local community organizations with men’s and women’s branches. Certain topics were taboo and there was a strict set of protocols (for example: I guy who comes into a local close-knit bar and buys a round of drinks for someone would be considered as paying his dues but if he does it twice, he’d be viewed as weak and mocked.)
      Many men do enjoy hanging out with each other such as gamers or “nerds” and this is still the case. They get mocked here, and in many ways rightly so, but many are probably red pill. It’s probably why gamergate happened. These young men “went their own way” long before it became a meme. They just realized that getting shot down at clubs wasn’t worth it, or even going to the gym and getting buffed up and getting a nice car could still wind up with disaster.
      I remember back then that it wasn’t uncommon that the cool guys who were great PUA’s often wound up with girls coming to them pregnant and they’d be trapped. One got hit with a child support lien. Another married (and later divorced.) One mocked me for telling him that playing their games by their rules was foolish and later, he lamented paying support for a girl he never saw.
      Red pill can be summed up as this: What’s best for you? What do you feel you get out of life? Some may say getting lots of sex with minimum CPO. Others may say travel. Some others may say living in a cabin in the woods and doing as they please. As long as the man has done enough homework to have his plan and follow through, it’s all good.

      1. Barbershops and bars and hunting trips for men when I was growing up. It was great fun.
        Your last paragraph should be written into bronze and made a header on this site.

      2. You my friend just described THE definition of MGTOW.
        I always get a good laugh out of hearing PUAs clown MGTOWs when the very definition of a MGTOW is a man who is simply doing what is best for him. A adventurer, PUA, careerist, MRA, or even married man is still going his own way, as long as he is a true red pill thinker and doing what HE wants.
        The point of a man’s journey through life, is to figure out how he fits into the world and how to best manipulate the opportunities presented to him for his benefit.
        Sometimes following your biological instincts, or submitting to societal norms is just as much a true independent choice as rejecting them.

    2. There is something to that honestly. When I hang out with my biker buddies, it’s an honest time. We laugh, bullshit, discuss work, life, everything without filters. Then some ditzy broad (or even an unobtrusive normal girl) will appear and everything changes. The girl will always try to throw in her “feelings” about something which disrupts the conversations (the ditzy kind) or she’ll ask questions ad nauseum that disrail the conversation (the normal kind), then both kinds will inevitably turn the conversation to “me me me” in one form or another. It’s to the point where a lot of us are starting to exchange looks of frustrated “head shaking” whenever a woman shows up and tries to butt into out talking. There are times when we’ll even walk away from the scene, usually after another female joins and one or more of us can get the two females talking to each other. Then we all, as a group, slip away quietly.

        1. A very good friend of mine, almost a brother really, has a great way of dealing with these kind of women. He’s from Louisiana originally and has a deep, slow, charming Southern Boy accent (which is not the same as an uneducated hillbilly twang).
          He’ll let the girl ramble for a minute, then say “Sorry baby girl, I was too busy looking at your tits. Did you say something?”

        2. I like that approach too. Even if you say nothing, leave your eyes settled on their cans. It you want to take it up a notch, stare at her crotch.

        3. He was a Force Recon sniper (he actually was, and can prove it), so while his manner is easy going, laid back, charming and funny, in his veins runs ice cold blood. He fears nothing, least of all women. The hotter the broad the faster he can get her blushing, giggling and twirling her hair. If he sets his sights on a woman she basically should surrender then and there, because it won’t take him ten seconds flat to have her melting in his hands. He’s a true charmer.

      1. I’m a 24 year old woman and I can tell you this as a fact some actually most women are envious and hate to see other women succeed. My dad’s sisters gave my mom shit for having a happy marriage, a good career, and happy relationship with her kids. My dad’s older sister who recently passed away a good woman for whatever reason did not have children and got married late in life admitted that the treatment my father’s sisters gave to my mom was unfair and that my mother is a better wife and mother than her sisters are. As proof to that most of my aunts are divorced and even my mother’s own sisters are envious can’t maintain a marriage. I was fortunate to not have sisters I had to physically fight my brothers but in my opinion that is better than envy and manipulation. I have a hard time getting along with women that’s including female relatives. I used to think I was weird later on in life I realized it was because I was happy that they envied me. My brother who I have always been close to had a girlfriend that hated me and gave me shit every time she had the chance. I found out it was because, she is competitive and couldn’t compete with some one who has a healthy relationship with men that isn’t of a sexual nature or manipulation. I am happy. I have everything I’ve ever wanted and I don’t envy a soul. In high school I was nice despite my frizzy hair and braces the boys liked me more because, I had and still have a good reputation my boyfriend says the same thing he respects me because I take care of my nieces and nephews. I’m not a slob. I have social graces and can talk about anything. He’s happy that I’m the opposite of those women at the Marches. My father has more pride in me for sleeping in on a Saturday morning than waking up early to look like a complete idiot lemming at a March. I apologize if this is long. I’m a girl I have to vent somewhere. My friends hate that I’m Republican and I get shit for it. But they don’t hate that I pick up the tab help them out and be there for them. Because all of their so called feminist friends flake on them. Just today my best friend was talking about getting an abortion and how it is illegal. I lectured her that that the news is incorrect. Tax dollars are no longer funding planned Parenthood. I told her in Nicaragua my parents’ country of origin. Abortion is 100% illegal that if you get one it will most likely be in a shady place and unsterile instruments. I have cousins that have done it and their family disowned them for it. Because, it is shameful. I told her at least the clinic she will be going to is clean and has board certified doctors operating on her. End of rant. The End

        1. I had to take a class in college about gender sex and equality. A bullshit class my school made me Hilary Clinton look a like teacher who only showed movies in class. *Waste of my time and money I had to wake up early drive in traffic for this crap* showed ‘when Harry met Sally’ the discussion was can men and women be friends I told her it’s possible but all the reality shows and hook up culture ruined it. She tried to argue I told her look i grew up with brothers was given the opportunities I grew up just fine .
          Fun fact My dad always told me the crying in front of others is a sign of weakness. And I’ve noticed that all these feminists do nothing but cry and rely on. People like me to clean up their mess.

        2. Not all women are the same. I’m only on here because, it’s a community and ideology I can support.

        3. Even if Roe vs Wade is overturned, it doesn’t make abortion illegal – it simply turns it back to the states to decide. Virtually no one understoods / knows that. I’ve never understand why women have a right to abort a child but don’t have a right to any sex they want (including for $), gambling, or drugs.Why does a woman’s body only matter for abortion?

        4. Women that want a normal functioning society should support (or at least mostly support) sites like this.

        5. As someone who is unfortunately a millennial and forced to spend time among other female millennials. Everyone gets their news from Facebook. Women /girls think they are men and sleep around without repercussions. They abort because they know the one night stand is not going to provide.

        6. Speaking honestly about this-yes, a lot of women do choose to abort because of hypergamous behavior. But it’s not entirely complete lack of responsibility. About to go on a me, me, me, type deal. Women really love to talk about their feelings and me me me and I would be stupid to not own up to that. Anyways, for ME, I don’t believe my body would be in the best place to carry a baby healthily to term. My body would not be expecting a child to take up residence, I am underweight, I take medication for ADHD, I drink, all of the modern woman issues.
          In order to support a healthy offspring I would need to plan for it physically. Healthy meals, taper off of medication entirely, stop drinking, have a solid financial plan in order. However I have taken personal responsibility and placed in a 99.999% effective IUD so I can avoid the mental trauma of aborting. I am liberal but regularly read this site, I don’t agree with many of the ideas but agree that a family is an important path to happiness and overall fulfillment.
          I think that it’s important for people in general and especially women to be able to accept that they may not be able to achieve these bloated accomplishments they set up for themselves. That maybe their accomplishment in the world is giving birth to someone great. That shouldn’t be such a radical concept, not everyone is meant to be special and remarkable. The amount of heat I probably will get from that is great but honestly, it’s stupid that it’s come to this point.

        7. No… The one night stand and the fruit of that freedom will lower her opportunity and social status. Daddy government will track him down and make him pay.

    3. Indeed. At the last family gathering where I introduced my son to the in-laws I preferred shooting the shit with my father in law and his brothers than hear the harpies. Keep on mind the first time I met him he threatened to put a pistol in my mouth because we weren’t properly introduced.

        1. He is. Very old school about how a man should be and classic Texan who rides motorcycles worth a pistol on his hip. Out of his three son-in-laws I’m the only one he’s invited over for a drink and grilled steak.

    4. Totally! I find western women mostly insufferable.
      Their minds are polluted with with a mass media telling them they can do anything men do and we’re expected to cater to this notion because me might “hurt” their feelings if we don’t..
      Men I find, at least the ones I hang out with and especially working in an male trade, are very straight forward and logical types.

  5. If a woman were truly this unhappy, she’d choose the career and eschew men and be done with it. See, perfect solution, no need to “sacrifice” (aka give of herself selflessly like a decent human being) and she gets all the parties and toys that she wants.
    Or, if a woman was truly unhappy, she could drop the career entirely and pursue the domestic life as a mother and housewife. All of human history shows that this makes women happier than anything else, except for a few fringe genetic freaks like Maggie Thatcher who can in fact cut it in a man’s world.
    But she does neither.
    Clearly this is simply an issue of some hitting the wall fat faced broad upset that nobody put a ring on her finger going out and trying to sneer at the entire institution of marriage to make herself feel better. She is spitting mad that she can’t have everything she wants without there being a cost and consequences for her choices. There is literally nothing more to it than that. Instead of making a choice, she screams “All!” and then is mad that this requires something from her in return.
    Truly a selfish, solipsistic, atmomistic little slag who will, I’m betting, never, ever have a man honor her with a proposal of marriage.
    Hope she likes cats.

    1. Neither a career (which usually is just a long term job) or marriage makes anyone truly “happy.” Most men have hobbies and activities like hunting, fishing and sports that bring them joy. Friendship greatly improves quality of life. Real friendships. If women would spend less time competing with one another they could form relationships that are reciprocal and rewarding. Most women sit around watching TV in their spare time and eat food with zero nutrient value which also affects their mood.
      Anyone that can’t find some kind of happiness in an age where everything is at your fingertips is hopeless any way. They’re unhappy because they want too much from life.

      1. “They’re unhappy because they want too much from life.”
        And also because they are “good for nothing” !

    2. Amen.

      So many times in the past when people discuss “what women want”. , my only contribution was to inform them that women want everything and they dont want to work for it nor pay for it”…..
      The silence was always deafening.

    3. Well stated! I believe the problem lies deeper. Those rights, entitlement and power women “enjoy” today came from men who were tricked into that whole happy wife happy life meme. Men must take back all those “gifts”. We must rule over every tiny aspect of a women’s life. Beware the toxic girlfriends, be mindful of who she spends her time with. Women are emotionally children who never grow up. The sheer effort and concentration required to turn this around are nearly unimaginable. I wonder if the gentleman I messaged back and forth a week or two ago has a solution. He practices a Dominant lifestyle with submissive women. He demands the natural order in his relationships. D/s is an area that I have begun exploring and researching. Absent a world war or another depression I suspect pump and dump to remain the most realistic solution. Until women re embrace patriarchy we have status quo with children who behave like terrorists.

  6. We live in era of female primacy with unrestrained female hypergamy. We already know what makes her happy: alpha fux / beta bux. Why did ROK give her the exposure? I’d rather read book reviews of red pill male writers.
    Now its back to work for me. Some of us actually have real jobs.

    1. “We already know what makes her happy: alpha fux / beta bux.”
      THAT — along with getting whatever they want, whenever they want it, without consequences, and without them having to work for it whatsoever.
      Mystery solved.

      1. Actually I find that they crave having limits put on them by “the right man”.

      2. Even with all that they are still unhappy.
        The old German story The Fisherman and his Wife shows that.

        1. That fable is one of my favorites; it shows the classic sense of female entitlement, and never being pleased or grateful for ANYTHING.

        2. If you want a real life example, take a look at Princess Diana. Her story is a real life fairy tale where a prince marries a commoner and becomes a princess. She was living a dream. Did she live happily ever after? Sadly no. She had an affair with Dodi Fayed, son of an Egyptian billionaire.

  7. This is an interesting quote, whether from this writer or the book cited in the article….
    “that women sacrifice more of their free time and career goals to the family than men.”
    Most women view submission as something offered to men, rather than placing themselves as secondary importance to the success of the entire family. I seriously doubt that Wade views submission as something as goal-based as putting a family first.
    Secondly, if she is attempting to quantitatively measure such a subjective word as “happiness” then I am sure she has no idea what academia is about fundamentally. Measuring happiness is like grasping the wind. I would love to be in a class or two of hers to hear the pablum she spouts, while I state at her aging body…..just to piss her off

  8. The stupid womens’ marches when Trump got inaugurated are a good example of women not knowing what they are even protesting about. That you lost the election? That you have the right to murder babies? That the Religion of Peace should be taught in school? That anyone can just show up here and stay? That the cafeteria should serve macaroni n cheese on Wednesdays? What was that even about?

    1. I had the same questions. There was literally no point to the “protests” except “Mah feelz!”. Same with the post election mixed sex protests by the Left. What were they protesting, fair elections in a democracy?

      1. My thought exactly. It was a protest against fair and open elections, and they had to invent the whole Russian hacking lie in order to feel better they lost. It was a cry of “no fair! Do over!”

        1. They’re justs moving down the tactical checklist in their bid to get rid of Trump: first contest the election (fail), next try t stir up civil rebellion (fail), then use activist judges to “rule” against Trump’s decisions (failure coming up.)

        2. And therein is why their logic was so fallacious-they are outraged that the Russians allegedly interfered in the election by revealing the extent of the corruption that they are known to partake of.
          Put them on the spot and ask them if the Russian interference meant votes being lost or miscast or fraudulent, OR, whether the revelation of aforesaid corruption had any tangible effect on the election and their heads will burst.

        3. So-called President Oompaloompa is doing a great job destroying his own presidency — as predicted by anybody with an ounce of common sense, like myself. He’s mentally damaged and simply isn’t up to the job. Airing perpetual grievances =/= leadership.
          It’s a two-year presidency. Section 4, 25th Amendment.

        4. “(failure coming up)”.
          Amen ! I pray my Lord to make the so called “judgement/rule” a BIG failure.

        5. Nice try, you might be at the wrong website. Try huffpo, lifestyle section, cucked beta simp.

        6. Go fuck yourself. You can then go perform cunnilingus on Hilary and wonder why you smell like a combination of Copehagen, sardines, and body funk.

        7. Lifetime reign. 2nd Amendment. You treasonous liberals will be lucky if we just put you in the camps that Obama built. You’re worth a single bullet and a shallow ditch, and nothing more.

      2. I thought they looked lost, stupid, and completely at sea. Was is that Ashley Judd person, is she famous for something, who snarled “I am a naaaaasty woman!!” Gross. Demented. Pathetic. Clueless. What was she trying to say? I’m a whore? And the crowd erupted in cheers. What a bunch of morons. These are the women of DC. Clueless pitiful sheep.

        1. I have had personal experience with these types, my ex i suspect was BPD/ NPD or a combination of both . You can be the most alpha male you want after 20 yrs or so they grind you into powder , you and the children.

        2. Yes! Ashely Judd’s mother is definitely a boarderline personality as is her sister.

      3. They weren’t protests.
        Protest implies that your rights are being violated somehow.
        These are riots.
        Temper tantrums.
        Nothing more.
        I am sure you agree.

      1. The #1 thing that gives women power, the ability to create and sustain human life itself, and these idiots want to disavow this part of their nature. I think feminism misses the biggest part of female “empowerment.”

    2. I think that it was a huge temper tantrum accompanied by their need to show off their ‘creativity’ — by displaying their new hats and costumes depicting their genitalia.

    3. I don’t know what those marches were about, but I do know one thing:
      They provided a strong argument for repealing the 19th amendment.

      1. They don’t know what they’re about. Consider the recurring topless parades demanding the right to be topless wherever men can.
        They actually have this right in all but 3 states, as you can see by the map here:
        Are they really so stupid and ill informed they demand rights they already have? The map is produced by topless activists — who apparently don’t tell anyone they’re making fools of women.

        1. And they aren’t “objectifying” themselves ! What a filthy crap these kind of pussies are !

    4. I told my dad only single women attend marches. He asked how did I know that. I responded only my single friends invited me to it. I didn’t go because, sleeping in on a Saturday was better use of my time . At least I get rest.

      1. He asked how did I know that. I responded only my single friends invited me to it.
        No advanced deductive analysis needed for that conclusion, I see.

    5. A Chinese factory made too many hats with cat ears. Needed to get rid of the inventory fast.

    6. Because they’re lives are empty. Being angry and aggrieved about even non-existent oppression makes them feel worthwhile. For a little while anyway.

    7. I tell you watching those unhinged , screeching gals scared me. I got chills up the back. I bet if some man in a Trump MAGA hat walked thru that crowd he’d be torn apart Lord of Flies style… I was watching some lady news presenters watching Ashley Judd’s frothing speech and it looked briefly that they too came to realize “maybe we are batshit crazy” … Think I read on CH that this female irrationality and nuttiness from these gal protests stem from being childless spinsters. NOT having kids makes women crazy….

      1. “..female irrationality and nuttiness from these gal protests stem from being childless spinsters. NOT having kids makes women crazy….”
        I would agree with that assessment. I heard from relatives not long ago a local catholic priest was attacked by a knife wielding woman +65 years old (cat lady) in the church parking lot. He got cut, but was able to subdue her until the police arrived.
        Judge ruled her unfit for criminal trial.

        1. I am just trying to imagine the whole episode with the “genders” reversed ! Can we expect the same statement from the “judge” !?

    8. Next time you go out with a liberal girl/feminist go to her apartment kick her out and claim it as your own. If she gives you crap Recite everything she believes in. i.e. open borders , let illegals stay ,kill babies and so on. only then she will realize she is wrong. Sleep with her before or after that’s up to you. #mensrights

    9. Some of my wife’s female relatives sound like communist sympathizers and like slaves who are demanding their freedom from the evil male oppressors. Slogans like “Sisters Unite to demand your rights” sound almost comical if they didn’t take it so seriously. They actually believe that they are oppressed victims who have no rights or opportunities to advance. The victim mentality can be self defeating when taken too far. I can’t advance because I’m a disadvantaged woman is a BS excuse not based on reality in the USA.

      1. “I’m a disadvantaged woman is a BS excuse not based on reality in the USA.”
        Not just in the U.S, anywhere in the world ! Limits crossed !!

      2. “They actually believe that they are oppressed victims who have no rights or opportunities to advance.”
        I bet they collect a government check or work in government.
        It’s unbelievable how those that do the least amount of work feel their hard done by..

    10. What irks me more about the “women do all the work” in a marriage argument is the idea that only women sacrifice. Supposedly women sacrifice a career to have children. Never does it occur to them that men sacrifice family life to work. It is impossible for women to think about the problem from the other person’s point of view.
      The other thing is the different perspective that men and women have of “careers”. A man has a career to support his family. A woman has a career because… well its just a nice thing to have.
      A woman who focuses on her career will just be a lonely old cat woman. Why? Because no man wants a career hag.
      A man who focuses on his career will have a young attractive wife, healthy children and immense satisfaction at the end of his days.

    11. Some of the women wearing pussies on their faces were complaining about their right to vote. Apparently because they lost an election it means their “right to vote” was somehow invalidated.
      Golems do not possess the ability to think. They are hollow, soulless shells. You can see it in their dark, emotionless eyes while they scream their pre-written attack slogans. Slogans written by Jews. In riots funded by Jews. They were created by the Jew, that obey the Jew. The Jew on the television tells them how to act, and what to think.
      The modern liberal is an obedient construct and absolutely nothing more.

  9. Of course, if we are talking about the eternal children that many Western women are,

    If we have all of this allegedly “scientific” understanding of psychology and human development these days, why have so many women in this society, especially the ones who cycle through the university system that teaches this woo-woo, failed to mature emotionally?
    I mean, seriously, shouldn’t women turn out better now, given the application of what we allegedly know?

  10. I would like to re-assure US-based RoK-readers. It`s clear that the situation is pretty dire in the US when it comes to women. However, in the whole, the situation is much worse in Europe.
    In the US you can still find some decent feminine women (of the race of your choice)in the US if you look for them in the right places.
    Alternatively you can always travel to other countries in Latin-America , the Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia – this is what I do. It works for me.(I do love Black and Latina ladies and despise White women. )
    There is no set “recipe” for success , even if you are red-pilled. Find out what works for you, which location is suitable for you and what kind of women you are attracted to. The rest should not be difficult if you have you got your act together and your priorities in the right place.
    I To those American RoK readers who insist on getting white women: I would strongly advise against looking for them in Europe (that includes eastern Europe). The risks are high and the rewards are dubious…you will always be just a rich American beta for them who could be used to get money and/or US citizenship, then discarded.
    You can still find decent, feminine white females in the flyover states of the US, or in smaller communities in Canada, if you really want white women.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Concern troll. Sounds like white american female threatened by international game. Since when is having more social options a bad thing for a man? lol

      1. I am not troll and I am certainly not female.
        Unlike most RoK commenters, I do not subscribe for the White supremacist/White separatist agenda. I oppose that.(check my earlier comments.) Since most readers seem to be angry here over the degeneracy of their “oh-so-precious” white women, I simply suggested they should find white women in their own country instead of trampling around in dirt-poor eastern European countries.
        Screw White women and screw the white race (If there is such thing as white race at all.).
        The white race can be miscegenated out of existence for all I care.
        Have a nice day.

        1. “Unlike most RoK commenters, I do not subscribe for the White supremacist/White separatist agenda.”
          Then you apparently do not read her much. A minority of posters here may fit the description, but far from being “most” of the ROK commenters.

        2. I wouldn’t even go that far. There are a few antisemitic posts– but probably far less antisemitism than most US college campuses with their divest from Israel/Pro-Palestinian groups… And those type of posters are everywhere- liberal or conservative, womensphere or manosphere.

  11. Women MAY “be less happier than men in marriage”, but they SURE AS HELL MUST be happier in divorce — otherwise they wouldn’t have a rate of 60% – 70% of initiating divorce.
    If they incessantly complain (after they’re in their thirties, of course) about how “there are not any ‘Good Men’ anymore”, BUT they’re “less happier than men in marriage”, then logic dictates the conclusion that they only want the “Good Men” to marry so they can ultimately divorce him — and what man (with at least two working brain cells) wants to sign up for THAT?

    1. You’d think so, but generally divorced women are even more miserable and lonely; they’re often seduced into divorce by other divorcees who lie about how good it is, and they all follow each other into a lonely life, yet do everthing they can to drag happily married female friends into their lifestyle…not to mention TV soaps seducing women with a fake reality of 40+ year old divorced women getting baned by studs every night.
      Women, often, are too stupid and arrogant to see what their own long term best interest is…they often don’t even realise 50% of their assets are going to be purged by divorce lawyers, yet they do it anyways out of spite and irrationality.

    1. The article isn’t wondering, it’s discussing a feminist who doesn’t seem to know what *she* wants and is stomping her feet in petty little anger.

  12. The problem is most liberals feel everything in the world is zero sum.
    If a woman is enjoying something less than a man, than it stands to reason she is losing. If a billionaire just made a million, that’s one million less dollars for the poor. If a woman makes a meal for her husband, she is in an unfair state of oppression–she couldn’t possibly enjoy eating and seeing her husband eat that meal too.
    What these morons don’t understand is that there is such a thing as a situation where both parties win. Because of this lack of understanding liberals have decided to smash anything of value, so everything is “fair”

    1. put a H1 tag around that.
      Every modern woman – every time…
      oppressed, some how…no matter what

      1. Yeah, all of human society across the globe for time immemorial used to NOT cater to micro-attention span, easily distracted and unfocused individuals. Strange but true. All of the “two hour movies” and “multi-page books” and even “thick newspapers” used to really be a bother. Now, if it’s not 114 characters and out the door, it’s a wall of text, and if you can’t put a motion video into a .GIF, well, it’s just too damned long.
        I believe he bookmarked it, btw.

    1. I don’t care what anyone says, you get upvoted by me for leaving the entire 1984 Police Academy Movie up here.

  13. one of many reasons women are unhappier than ever before – and there are many – is that they have become empowered by complaining …. endlessly and without remission. All female power – and empowerment – is premised on complaining, whether it’s within the context of an interpersonal relationship or institutionalised feminism. Beyond the fact that that is a very poor foundation for the exercise of any kind of power there is also a particular drawback, which is likely to be highly correlated, namely the more you complain – in whatever format – the more you express negative emotion – which is discursively precisely what unhappiness is. Negative or anger-prone expressed emotion is profoundly damaging to mental health and well-being, and that’s the reason why feminists (etc) can never be happy qua feminists – any goal success or victories against the patriarchy they enjoy cannot be honestly acknowledged as to do so would weaken their claims to redistributive justice; however failing to do this just makes them miserable people. Women and power do not mix very well for this reason

    1. Amen to that.
      I like being a man because I have agency in my life and the ability to make my own way in the universe. I have the capacity to confront hard realities head on and challenge the very nature of being if I so desire.
      I’m also fond of being a man when I see a beautiful 22 year old, long blonde haired cheerleader chick too, but for different yet oddly, the same, reasons.

      1. We got the best part of the deal. I think women realize it, too, which fuels some of their overall unhappiness. Tough shit. They missed out, we didn’t.

        1. Our part is the best to us because we’re wired for it, which is what red pill is partly about- accepting reality vice B.S. The world as it is, not as how some gender studies moron believes it should be.
          If women accepted the reality of what they’re wired for and how incredibly fulfilling it can be, they’d figure they have the better part.
          Interesting thing is a female journalist lived as a man for a year. Dating, the whole deal. She was never so glad to be female. Simple things like the rejection guys routinely had to deal with were a true revelation to her.

        2. Excellent points, IMHO. Can’t disagree with a single one of them. (But I still think men got the better deal.)

        3. I wouldn’t want your job for anything. I really don’t know how you do it. You men are too much of this world. I don’t want to be imprisoned in that. Being a girl is fabulous, the best thing ever .. the trick is in actually being a woman rather than trying to be man because some man convinced you it was the best part of the deal.

        4. no periods, we don’t have to eat spunk, give birth, wear make-up…
          females definitely got the shit end of the Creation Stick.

        5. No man is trying to convince you to be a man. That’s all on your sisters in the feminist movement, little girl.

        6. You don’t need to actively argue the point. Just saying females are inferior will make insecure women think it might be better to try being you.

        7. Funny how there’s no agency on women there, isn’t it? Why, it’s not feminists teaching us this, it’s us being forced to try to be men because men don’t see us as men but as women.
          So anywho, I guess I clearly missed something here, and really, it’s late Friday and I can’t be arsed to care a lot more about whatever it is we’re talking about so, well, there you go. Heh.
          Slainte mhor

        8. Technically Scot Gaelic, but really, it’s the same language for all intents and purposes (yes, there is some slight intelligibility problem between Irish and Scot speakers at first, but it goes away in about 10 minutes), and really, the same exact people, except Scots are by and large far more handsome, adventurous, boisterous and just gosh darned excellent.
          That my paternal side of the family hails from Inverness, Scotland should in no way be seen as my having bias in regard to this pronouncement.

        9. haha! Scotland is beautiful. My fiancée is half Scottish. Have you been?
          And you should be biased! Scottish blood is some of the very best in the whole world.

        10. Yes, I’ve been many times. I still have family there, as well as living family in London, England, that we go over and visit every couple of years. Granted it’s not boon deep blood like it was for my father and mother, but they’re still family and we enjoy the visits, so…

        11. Ive been just once … to Edinburgh and a bit into the countryside. Trossachs Park .. wow! I was hoping he would choose it for our honeymoon, but no luck.

        12. Other than “have periods”, I didn’t see anything else you listed that females HAVE to do; and they can also get a hysterectomy — no more periods.

        13. Feminism started out as women envious of men being men. It has now turned into spite.
          Just note the number of feminists that scream men are filthy pigs in one sentence, and then say we should be allowed to be just like them. Can’t they aspire to be better? My mother always addressed feminism as, “why would I want to lower myself into being like a man?” She also said that the double standards against women were necessary for maintaining civilization. Turns out she was right. Bye bye civilization.

        14. “Bye bye civilization.”
          Yeah; and (just like marriage) then they’ll be bitching about that, too, denying how it was due to ANYTHING that they did.

        15. Hah! That and the problem with drinking with Scots is the more they drink, the less they can speak English.

        16. “the trick is in actually being a woman rather than trying to be man because some man convinced you it was the best part of the deal.”
          You didn’t miss anything and you certainly weren’t arguing. Read this again and tell me that these women who come here aren’t women.

  14. “Measuring a woman’s happiness by her career performance, salary, number of cats owned, or number of cocktails consumed is a bad metric”
    You missed ‘Alpha cocks taken’, and ‘Betas friendzoned’ in the metrics…
    Chubby Wade looks like she’s hitting the wall full-pelt btw, which probably has more to do with her whiny rant than her nonsense degree…

  15. What do we as women want in order to be happy? Most have absolutely no idea. I think part of the problem is that women have looked for happiness outside of themselves as opposed to internally…… I have a friend that should be one of the happiest people out there, she has everything. New house, new car, designer purses, got promoted at work, is married and has two kids. Yet she’s miserable. And as soon as I mention anything I’m doing….then this is now the goal to accomplish to be happy. In her quest to have it all she wants her life… and my life! This is unfortunately true for the vast majority of females.

    1. Men and women have that issue where some seem to have it all and are miserable, while others have nothing or are dealing with incredible challenges of handicaps or family disasters yet maintain their happiness.
      In many ways happiness is a choice, to be content and enjoy those things you have, vice focusing on the things you don’t. Rule 32- Enjoy the little things, even a deep breath– imagine if you had emphysema and could no longer fill your lungs at will.

      1. Thanks for your response. I’ve come to learn through humbling life experiences that happiness is a choice. You find happiness where you are while working on your goals. You don’t live feeling like happiness will arrive only once you have x, y, or z….meanwhile you’re miserable and not enjoying the present moment.
        It’s our responsibility as women to make ourselves happy; and then allow men to add to that happiness when they’re with us. However, most women don’t want to do the work so they’d rather leave that burden for you to carry. That’s the reality.

  16. I think we should consider if women can even be happy. My experience with most women has been an endless stream of whining about everything and anything. I have never seen a woman just sit back and enjoy life. There always has to be an issue they have to complain about. It is as if they validate their existence with them. Can anyone back me up on this, and even explain why that might be?

    1. Back you up? For sure.
      Explain? Not really… mental illness?
      The fascinating thing is that even when their life circumstances get *radically* ungraded (pulling a successful Alpha) the happiness lasts only a short while and they soon find shit to complain about in their upgraded lifestyle!

      1. “Alpha” is always relative. It’s not a catchall category. There are degrees. Look at the life of Eva Peron…she moved from one successful man to another. Any of them could have been called “Alpha” but she upgraded with each step. I am sure a lot of Hollywood types followed this playbook as well.

      2. Women want what they don’t have. Once they get something that they want, it’s no longer important to them. They will sometimes risk what the have, to get something else that they want. If they lose what they once had, they will again want it because they do not have it.

    2. Simple answer…. they’re bored. Some females crave drama because it brings a little excitement to their lives.

      1. hmmmm… I’m thinking that ‘boredom’ explains a *lot* of erratic female behaviour.
        It seems to me that Men have a higher tolerance for boredom and realise that it is part-and-parcel of the show, plus it’s an emotion that is an ‘action signal’ for us to get the fuck up and do something.

        1. I can tell you that a lot of the behavior will happen because she wants attention from the male she’s complaining to. Whatever is going on in our lives is not very exciting and we want your attention.

    3. Some can be, my mother was a very happy person. But she didn’t look for my Dad to ‘make her happy’, she found joy simply in living. It seemed to come from inside, vice an external source.

      1. Yeah I almost went into this, my mother is also a happy person. But these women weren’t raised by single moms or cucked dads in the current era of unhinged feminism and you-go-girlism.

        1. I also think they weren’t raised to believe their husband or someone else’s duty was to make them happy. Support, yes, have their back, yes, be a partner in marriage, yes.
          Guarantee to provide happiness- no.

      2. Yes. My mother was also a happy person. She had had polio before I was born. She had post polio syndrome as well a spina bifida. She was in pretty constant pain most of her life. At one time she was a on a bunch of heavy narcotics. She decided that living life heavily sedated was not worth the absence of pain, and quit them cold turkey. She spent the last 30 years of her life house bound and in a wheel chair. Yet she never complained, and was a pleasant, happy, person.
        I compare modern women against her standard and they come up way short.

        1. Your mother was a rare woman, a shining example of what women COULD be, if they could just be grateful for what they have and not endlessly miserable and pining for what they don’t have.
          Too many people (it seems women especially so nowadays) ‘see the glass as half-empty, instead of half-full’.

    4. Women are happy when they understand the meaning and purpose of being an ezer kenegdo and accept that mandate willingly. By nature, men are more attuned to this world than woman are. Maybe that’s the unhappiness men sense. But women aren’t inherently mean, miserable creatures, our culture makes them so.

      1. I have to disagree. Women by their nature are mean, nasty, unhappy, miserable people. Ask any woman about her “friends”. It is only by strictly restraining them, and limiting their choices, does culture give them some measure of happiness.

  17. The west poisons women so they can’t be happy! We tried the modern via traditional where one works and the other fails (most depressed women in human history today).
    It’s not hard to work out the people at the top want people to live an unhappy life where the most unhappy people are the weak they buy into mainstream (Liberals, SJWs, betas) !

    1. Because the west attempts to commoditize happiness; presenting it as a “thing to get” rather than a “way to be”

        1. I think the western ‘formula’ is have->do->be, whereas reality is you need to ‘be’ in order to ‘do’ and thereby to ‘have’…

      1. Presenting happiness as a “thing to get” rather than a “way to be” — a GREAT example of the consumer culture that we are trapped in.
        A female example of such are the women ‘shopaholics’ who run up thousands of dollars of debt, buying ‘things’ (to distract themselves from the wrecks they have made of their lives, hoping that the ‘things’ they’ve bought fill the emptiness in their souls). In the 70’s and 80’s, it was a comedic stereotype of the UMC/UC woman.

        Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin’ that
        What ya need is what they selling
        Make you think that buying is rebelling
        From the theaters to malls on every shore
        Tha thin line between entertainment and war..
        Trade in ya history for a VCR..
        They fix the need, develop the taste
        Buy their products or get laid to waste..
        My favorite RATM song by far

  18. I recently graduated from the Univ of Michigan & I’ve been so much happier, calmer, more focused, and pleasant since I graduated/was cut off from female ‘friends’ who were just like this. The final straw was when I was having coffee sr year with my two ‘best friends’ telling them that I was really upset/emotional over the fact that a guy I really liked was moving back to his home country (exchange student). I was fighting back tears. They looked at me like sociopaths. Instead of feeling supported or heard, I was trying to justify to my ‘best friends’ about the fact that I even had feelings to express about him in the first place. Later I found out from a guy friend of hers that she used to tell him about how jealous she was of me, how pretty/smart I was etc. College-level ‘you-go-girlism’ is a toxic cult that you can’t escape. They throw all sorts of mental gymnastics/vacuous banter your way to justify their reasoning but the loudest proof that they are so fundamentally wrong is the state of their own lives/relationships—hiding drug use from parents, jealous of their ‘friends,’ being called emotionally unavailable by ex-bfs, lazy @ their own college majors, etc. It’s good advice for a college-aged girl to limit her time with these ‘friends.’ They will never truly be rooting for your happiness bc they actively sabotage their own. And you’ll slowly descend with them until one day you wake up & realize you never wanted any of it.

        1. Subtlety and manipulation are the primary tools for such people, especially women; subtlety gives them ‘plausible deniability’ and an opportunity to ‘play innocent’ if their manipulation is ever uncovered.
          We MGTOW are always on the lookout against women who exhibit such traits; they are best avoided and shunned, because they cannot EVER be trusted.

    1. Lived through the same. NYU. They tell you men are selfish users without emotion. And the answer to this is to be a selfish user without emotion? The so called sisterhood is a nest of vipers. An increasingly miserable friend (27 and single with a four year old) who has given me massive grief for the past 4 months over my engagement (he’s too old, he’ll take advantage of you, don’t be a slave blah blah), two weeks ago sent my bf nude pics of herself. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sick and twisted.

      1. God Almighty- I’m so sorry to hear that. The twisted part is that it doesn’t surprise me at all. Most people don’t internalize the fact that it is small day-to-day activities and choices that make us who we are/determine our character. She probably thought it was ‘no big deal, just photos.’ She prob saw how much he adores you & thought she could get a little piece of the attention by sending him photos. What a pathetic woman. Did you confront her?

        1. I didn’t. I have zero confrontational ability. 🙁 After meeting her last year, he immediately said she was trash and advised me to cut her off. She wasn’t a close friend, I felt bad for her, and I didn’t listen. I’m seriously considering having him vet all my friends now.
          The men here understand how vicious women can be with them. I don’t know if they realize how vicious women are with each other? Or the power of that “toxic cult” to rope in young girls? Women in their 20s shouldn’t be so bitter, angry, and desperate. But as you said, most have already lived degenerate lives for years by the time they’re even 25. It’s classic, “if I can’t be happy, you can’t be happy” nastiness, and it’s all rooted in their poor life choices.

      2. She most likely covets your fiance, and it’s also most likely just to break up you two. And it’s probably because she’s jealous that YOU are engaged, while she is single (and beginning to approach The Wall) with a four-year-old — “if I can’t get married, WHY should she?”.

        1. I think she most likely covets his wallet.
          It was the two faced nastiness of arguing against him one minute and making a move on him the next that threw me.
          I’ve since let him delete whomever he saw fit from my admittedly too extensive contact list. Lesson learned.

  19. Women complain constantly. Rich women, poor women, old women, young women, beautiful women, ugly women, all they do is complain. Not taking their complaints seriously is the first step to social stability, the next being making them shut up and do something useful.

    1. This! When my wife gets in this mood I get in her face and yell, “Shut the fuck up.” She gets a lot more pleasant after that.

  20. Jesus, as ever, got it right (Ok, he had a head start – he’s the Son of God): if you live to lose your life, you save it. And vice versa. Feminists are just another of the limitless and childish special interest groups today who want the whole world reorganized just for them. They won’t be happy and never will be because they can’t get over themselves.

    1. Have you seen her recently? Full on truck hitting wall at 80 mph. Such a pity from that hotty in Babooshka. I cracked a few off to that in my early teens. She is getting on I guess.

      1. Looks like it’s time for her to start collecting…oops, sorry, ‘adopting’ African kids or herding cats, and complaining about how “all the ‘Good Men’ are gone” (HILARIOUS to hear, especially when you realize that such females NEVER wanted marriage or the ‘Good Men’ at all, to start with).

  21. They are miserable for the simple reason that modern society is totally contradictory to their innate natural biological instincts and fails to fill that void left because their toxicity renders them undesirable to enter into relationships into let alone raise children.
    They are the cause of their misery by denying their DNA.

  22. Love El Greco!! The Spanish masters are my fave i.e. Goya, Valezquez . Dark and somber those guys….

  23. If you make enough money to duplicate 50s America- where you could support a stay at home mom at your house, you’ll have women from every walk of life lined up to the sidewalk trying to move in. How did that equality work out, ladies?

  24. Is that the same woman in both those pics? Let us just say she’s “carrying more weight” full stop.
    Also “Wade is an associate professor of sociology, focusing on gender studies.” Next………!

  25. Oh yeah! Funny story. Long ago some dame was all depressed posting on her social network. So I posted this up on my timeline. Then, she replied to my post all taken back. I played stupid…whatever made her think it was directed at her?

  26. I honestly think the onward march of radical feminism is significantly fueled by woman-kinds inherent stubbornness in admitting shes wrong and that this whole social experiment has failed abysmally. None of the trendy deconstructionist scholars from the 60’s onward’s considered the implications of feminism being wrong and unworkable. They would have done well to remember the adage: Don’t profound your theories unless they reflect reality. And as we all know too well, this persists to the present day.

  27. Well, women’s rights have seen substantial improvement for the past 200 years. Yet women are less happier than before. The solution that Dr. Lisa Wade offers is more feminism!! So more feminism, the less happy women are. The solution for this paradox is more feminism!!!! Somehow I doubt this this PHD can logic like a high school student

  28. A lot of women’s unhappiness is because of their delusions that they can control when men are done with them. Men are not fooled, they know that behind that new surgically enhanced bosom and those new five star worthy meals is the same woman they’ve grown bored of.

  29. A serious question for you, gentlemen.
    Consider a woman who is intelligent but unattractive, and let’s say a history of genetic difficulties in the family. She recognizes limited possibilities for marriage (and a mutually fulfilling one), and finds reproduction undesirable for the above reasons. Would you then endorse her to make use of her intellect and contribute to society, e.g. as a woman in the workforce?

    1. Sure – although being a corporate slave isn’t really contributing to a society any more than taking care of a family, volunteering at your local church or museum, etc (At least until you hit the top echelon of corp jobs and start paying $50k+/year in taxes – in which case 1) welcome to the club 2) congrats you are paying for the vast majority of the tax base) but yes absolutely.
      Women, IMO – should have the option to do anything that want – you just have to accept the consequences of it. Modern day feminism only teaches one way – corporate slave and big daddy government (or even worse – that you can have it all – 10-15 years of slutting up, climb to the top of the corporate ladder AND have the perfect family work/life balance).
      If you want to go the corp route, that’s fine just expect family life to suffer, expect your body to age faster, and expect to dedicate your life to the corporate world far, far more than you ever would have been to a husband and kids. On the positive side, you have your own monetary base and some women do enjoy corporate America (although I haven’t met many).
      If you want to stay at home and raise a family – that’s fine too. Your family life is more likely to thrive but if you marry the wrong guy, you end up with a very small but still real chance of abuse and hanging money over your head.
      Can also do the “in between” – mostly stay at home with family but either have a work from home career or work part time when the kids are in school.
      Could also find a guy that wants kids but not right away and both work corp America for a few years to either allow travel and/or save up a nice nest egg before settling down with a family.

      1. Note taken, Rob. Thanks for the thoughtful response.
        Been a lurker on RoK for over a year now, and while I’m in disagreement about nearly everything, red-pill philosophy is functional (and productive) for those who take it to its necessary conclusions.
        Personal accountability is what’s been lost in the modern age. The belief that anyone can “have it all” erases the understanding of personal sacrifice.

    2. Women have nothing to contribute to society, apart from as wives and baby machines. Name one vital thing in your house made by a white woman?

      1. That’s setting the bar low at one! For those in my home: non-reflective glass in many things, kevlar, and computers. Before you generate the list of all male inventions, it’s telling that significant female inventions mostly occur post-Civil War. Women may never contribute significant inventions at the rate of men, as there are socially conditioned and biological differences between the sexes, but the loss or suppression of any brilliant mind is a tragedy.
        There’s also a smaller point lurking in your argument, which is that inventions are representative of total contribution to society. You may even be asserting that total female inventions up to now project future total female contribution to society (apart from wives, baby machines). That’s not a sound view.

        1. Who mentioned inventions. White women MAKE nothing. They don’t grow the food you eat, make the furniture you sit on, tile your roof, collect your garbage, etc. As for inventions, none at all. But a few cuck husbands, might let them take credit.

        2. You said “made”, Pjclark1. My understanding followed, and it’s clear you don’t intend to deal with the argument presented.
          Ruruoni Kenshin is the bomb, though. I leave with that….

  30. Ms. Magazine. That’s all you need to know. A classic shit rag to cater to the Boomer female about how she’s oppressed and her 20 orgasms per fuck means she’s being subliminally disassembled by encrypted frequencies in the air authorized by Werner Von Braun, making sure she’s kept in the kitchen.
    Sharing her with her husbands friends to aid the prostate health of fellow males only solidifies her subservience to the Patriarchy. But, her dabbling in dyke shit is freedom, American and “what the foremothers of this country intended.”
    Foremothers. No record of those. Much like a rape tale with no corroborated police report. Liberating indeed.

  31. For this article, I just would have pointed to the hundreds of millions of happy wives in Latin America, Asia. Then Show the new research Relámpago cited about American family women being happier than career women who don’t have families.
    This would overwhelming prove American women are unhappy, period. And even less happy without a family.

  32. Women’s happiness is in being an attention blackhole. They hate whatever gets in the way of that, others or even themselves. They stopped being “feminine” and started being “empowered” as soon as it was THE thing to do. Family minded “masculine” men got screwed over.
    The sexes seem to go in opposite directions not on a x-y scale but on a x-y-z scale (obviously there are exceptions).

  33. Comfort and options make women have undesirable trait.
    As long as women can make money on her own (or gain government support), food, shelter, endless thirsty men on tinder, and social validation… they will keep acting like spoiled cunt.
    It just happens to be that America is the most wealthy country where women can get anything she wants which is why American women have bad reputation.
    If America’s standard of living becomes a third world country and political correctness and government handout is thrown out of the window then women will start to behave well again.

  34. Western women are largely unhappy because they are incapable of making important life choices for themselves. This is advice I have been given by my local Iman and my local Buddhist Monks. Women are a man’s property and are happier in this subordinate position.Their ownership must be transferred from their father to their husband to ensure their happy lives.

  35. Marriage is the best option form a stable Union to raise a child. This worked up until the early eighties when feminism started to ruin everything.

  36. Women are never truly happy for long.
    Marriage or not.
    They have little tingles over shiny material things but that fleeting insanity is about all the depth you’ll get.
    Granting women the right to vote and the right to no fault divorce…
    Big mistake !
    They dont want to be controlled but like children need to be. They feel safer that way anyway even though they dont always realize it.
    The west has spun out of control due to women having more freedom than they can handle.
    In this respect, the Muslim world has their shit together. … and Russia. Also parts of Eastern Europe. Maybe Latin America.
    Western Europe, USA, Canada are all fucked if men don’t take back their rightful place in society.
    There is much better wife material outside the West gentleman…
    They get on the wheel also but they can be managed and they have actual female intelligence meaning they know their nature and where they belong and submit to it.
    And if they don’t… well Russia just decriminalized “domestic violence” so there you go.
    Stay diligent men.
    We are in a tide towards conservatism, but don’t make the mistake the Left did and get too comfortable.
    They are a minority they don’t stand a chance… unless we aren’t paying attention.
    Hate to admit it, but ultimately men let this happen. Lets not make the same mistake as those that came before us.

  37. Good article with one quibble…”proscribed” means the exact opposite of how you’re using it. It means banned or outlawed. You want prescribed.

  38. 45 years ago the happiest girl in the whole USA was a newlywed…Good old times

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