7 Tips For Arguing With Women

Arguments are inevitable within any relationship.  There are many legitimate differences of opinion that need to be resolved.  Just as obvious, there is the question of who dominates whom.  Men traditionally have the advantages of size, income and perhaps logic.  Women, on the other hand, are more verbal.  They learn bickering and argument from birth.  Arguments will always find you.

She is more often than not the one to initiate an argument. There is a problem and it is your fault. You, you obtuse, oblivious male, did something wrong.  You are wrong-footed from the start. She starts the argument. She had time to prepare. And she attempts to force you to fight it in the realm of emotion rather than logic. This leads to rule number one in arguing with women…

1. You Lose

Don’t play by her rules

Women are simply better at arguing. More verbal. They get a lot of practice arguing with their mothers. They play by different rules.  They enjoy it more.

When an argument comes your way, duck it if you can.  If not, move the argument towards male turf.  Acknowledge that differences of opinion are nothing abnormal in a relationship.  They are not a sign of trouble, just an indication that the topic needs to be discussed.  Make her agree on rules of engagement.

Once you demonstrate that you are not afraid of discussion, but that you will insist on a fair fight, in the realm of logic rather than emotion, some issues will dissolve.  If not, go to step two.

2. Recognize What You Argue About

It’s your money – should be your call

Couples argue over major topics and bicker over small ones. Bigger ones may demand a resolution.  Where should you live? How much should you spend for a house? Do you need a new car? These are amenable to a logical analysis. Your male strengths will be an asset as you tackle them.   Men are usually better at soliciting expert opinions and analyzing options in writing or on a spreadsheet.

Make sure you have laid out the ground rules for arguing so you stay on track. She may be weaker in logic, but she is longer on cunning. Don’t get led astray. Assuming that you are the primary breadwinner and it is your money that you are talking about spending, you have the moral authority to lead the argument. Hang tough and fight fair.

The French call the housewife the “Général de l’intérieur,” in charge of matters concerning the household. No matter how good you may be in the kitchen, or how much your kids love you, your woman will not readily cede her primacy. Enter fights in these domains with trepidation.

Women feel a congenital compulsion to needle their men. The wise man will deflect the question with a laugh, a gentle non sequitur, or simply by silence.  I offer an example:

“Sweetheart, where is the lid to Eddie’s lunchbox?”

“I don’t know. I left it right there on the counter after I washed it on Friday.”

“It wasn’t clean.”

“Okay – when I didn’t wash it Friday night.”

You may be the chef, preparing dinner for twelve that evening.  Your wife waltzes into the kitchen, grabs one of the pots you have laid out, steps in front of you to get some water as you peel potatoes at the sink, and proceeds to make herself some macaroni and cheese.  Do you say anything?  Not if you are smart.  Let it go.

Be careful when you argue on her turf

3. Be Non-Communicative When It Serves You

No answer can be the best answer

Women accuse us of refusing to talk.  Yes!  We do it for good and honorable reasons.  If you refuse to rise to the bait when they attempt to needle you, it keeps the peace. It benefits the relationship that you simply ignore small barbs.

If she is making a mountain out of molehill—about toilet seats, dribbling on the floor, not wiping up condensation on the windows—force her to escalate the trivial complaint into a major deal, then point out how petty it is.

4. A Man Never Remembers, A Woman Never Forgets

Take notes! Women have selective memories

You need to practice making notes on your little contretemps. Although from the majestic heights of your male perspective they may appear to be nothing, they are. You will have to re-fight these battles over and over. It is good to have a reference. Not to be vicious but simply to protect yourself.

5. You Need A Geneva Convention

The war between the sexes should be fought according to established rules

You, the logical one, need to craft the rules of engagement and enforce them. They are:

  • If she wants it done her way, she should do it herself. It is fair to ask the guy to do a task but unfair to tell him how to do it. If she asks you to clean the kitchen, clean the kitchen. Don’t let her tell you what a crappy job you did. My ex-wife once came along after I had finished and, as I watched, cleaned the kitchen a second time. That was an insult. If she didn’t like my job, she was welcome to do it herself, but she can’t have it both ways.
  • Another maxim: he who does all the work makes all the mistakes. She should be happy for what you do, not the fact that you do not do it perfectly. You, the male, will probably not criticize her when she does less than a perfect job on something.  She will.
  • Let her have her way on the little things. Tell her she gets to win 80% of the arguments so long as you get to pick your 20%.
  • Both sides renounce ad hominem attacks. It is okay to disagree about whether or not the kid is sick enough to go to the pediatrician. It is not okay for her to imply that you are too stupid to recognize a disease when you see one, you are too lazy to go, or you don’t love the kid.
  • Cursing and verbal abuse are not allowed. Women love to trot out statistics portraying themselves as victims of domestic violence. Actually, women initiate verbal and even physical abuse more than men. Don’t shrug it off. You are bigger and certainly capable of taking crap. That is the wrong answer in today’s age. No matter who started it, if it escalates it will be blamed on you. You be the first to call the counselor or cop.

As I was standing there, my former wife talked trash about me with a friend over the telephone.  I pinched her bottom and she jumped.  When she later accused me of abuse, I said that her verbal abuse was more damaging than my pinch. She never did that again—to my face.

Contempt is a good predictor of divorce.  If your woman deplores you, it calls for a Plan B involving lawyers.

6. Recognize That Logic Is A Male Domain

This is illogical – but recognize that battles on her turf often must be graciously conceded

Masculine logic is an asset in the workplace, but you won’t buy much in an argument with your wife. Emotion trumps logic. Do not even try to present a logical argument in areas in which there is not something immediate at stake. Her opinions on abortion, immigration, guns and vaccinations may be totally nonsensical. If it doesn’t affect you, leave it alone. When the issue is close to home, such as getting the kids vaccinated, get all of your ducks in a row logically, find as many allies as you can that she will respect, and go at it. But don’t be surprised if logic does not carry the day. You may just have to grit your teeth and pray that your unvaccinated kid does not come in contact with a TB-carrying refugee.

Women often don’t understand systematic things like arranging food in the refrigerator, putting leftovers in containers instead of stuffing the entire bowl in the refrigerator, or taking care of the knives so as not to dull them.  Put up with it like you would a puppy that piddles.  My dear mother gave my good knife to a door-to-door peddler who butchered it on a grindstone. She simply didn’t understand. My dear wife gave my salami, which she never eats, to the cat, on the pretext it was spoiled.   She should have asked—but I should not have even brought it up.  Women are like that.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Rather than get involved in an argument you can’t win—one involving emotion, illogical arguments or physical and verbal abuse, simply walk.  Walk away proudly, with your head high.  There are a couple of possible outcomes.

Women may take themselves very seriously at the time of the argument, but they can do an absolute turnabout with no embarrassment and not even recognizing that they have done so. A note to the wise—don’t point it out to them or you will indeed have an argument on your hands.

If she refuses to let it go, and challenges you for walking away to keep the peace, it may be time for you to reassess the entire relationship. She is unwilling to live together in peace, it is time to leave.


There is no way to avoid argument in a relationship.  Recognize that men and women truly are from different planets.  We see things differently.  Ignore what you can and insist, when argue you must, on mutual respect and a fair fight.

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211 thoughts on “7 Tips For Arguing With Women”

  1. So, in other words, drop your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles.
    How about #8: Keep a roll of quarters in a sock handy.

    1. And I should add that if you are having an argument with a woman, it ensued because you have made the first mistake: Taking your dick out of her mouth.

      1. When you die you don’t take anything with you. It all belongs to someone else, the government or the landfill.

  2. Lol @ trying to argue with women.
    I prefer to put her over my knee and then bang her until she forgets what she was talking about. It’s far more effective.

  3. Build her up on her weak points and cut her down on her strong points – this simple tactic is a winner. Doing it makes her question herself. It keeps her head spinning and she’s likely to seek approval from you. Not doing it results in shit tests. Your call.
    As an example, if she really likes her hair color (and you do, too), tell her she should switch it to her natural hair color (or some other color), as it would really bring out her eyes. She’ll be stunned, but she’ll probably do it, just to get your approval. Now you’ve got the ball rolling.
    If she is weak at something and has a phobia about it, tell her she’s really good at it (whatever it might be). She’ll feel great about the fact you are lauding her over something that she fears is a weakness. Then she’ll start seeking your approval…and that pretty much clinches the victory.

    1. This reminds me of a man whose wife said she couldn’t pull the double action trigger on a Walther PPK. He told her of course she couldn’t do it because she is a woman. Next thing you know, she was firing away and doing quite well at it.

      1. Cop wisdom: teach her to shoot and sooner or later it’ll be you she shoots.
        When crime evidence guns come in, if one or two shots are gone, most likely the shooter was a man. If the gun is empty, most likely a woman. They cry after emptying it into you.

  4. Arguing with a woman is tantamount to wrestling with a pig in the mud. Eventually you realize the pig likes it.

    1. Arguing with females is on some level acknowledging their hamstering is worthy of response. At some point you just sit back and watch them tire themselves out.

    2. i read that. laughed my ass off until my mom asked me what was up. I told her and she tried arguing with me.
      I won.

    3. It’s far easier not to engage the pig at all – in other words, wtf is wrong with you guys who want to get into an LTR and/or marriage? Go MGTOW, fck them on the side and be done with it.

      1. Well, according to science about 60% of all males that ever lived had no offspring. They were a dead end.
        Are you just another one?
        If you cannot force this bitches into doing a descent job of carrying on your DNA, you’re history. And just forgotten.

        1. I as an individual personality am unlikely to become history. My being can only be taught my sons. It (“I”) is not carried in the DNA.
          In a generation or two “I” will just be a name and a born-died on a chunk of granite. In another generation no one will remember me, for those who knew me will all be names and born-dieds on chunks of granite.

        2. If one has one sibling who has children, then 1/4 of his genes live on. In fact almost all of his genes live on in the gene pool starting with close family members on out to other human beings and even non-human beings. It is not the individual genes that makes someone unique, it is the unique combination of a unique set, which sort of will get scrambled in a couple of generations anyway

        3. OMFG!!!! As if I cared that I didn’t father a poor [email protected] who would live out his life trying and never able to pay the taxes required to pay down the unpayable debt my lousy generation saddled on them? Who fking CARES? I’m an atheist, we’re once and done, and everyone except the most exceptional are ‘history … and just forgotten’. Do you honestly think I care if anyone remembers me when I’m DEAD AND CAN’T KNOW ANYTHING BECAUSE I’M DEAD? Are you a moron? Do you think I give a rat’s behind whether my ‘DNA’ is propagated – is that what YOU’RE thinking when you’re in the throes of orgasm??? Seriously??? Go fck off.

        4. Your argument is very much in accordance with marxist doctrines that we are 100% a product of our environment. Your choice.

        5. Strange. You can just look around you in nature, and notice that procreation is one of the strongest drives out there. Almost as strong as bare survival.
          And you sound like you see no point in it.
          Sorry mate, you’re on the wrong planet.

        6. I am just talking about what will happen to your genes. I am not saying that is the only thing that matters. This is only one aspect of your inheritance. The others include your legacy, your children and their legacy and so on. Scientific Marxism’s problem is exactly that: absurdly reducing humans to mere biological machines – which I completely disagree with.

    4. That’s a George Bernard Shaw quote. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

    5. I personally prefer that of Playing Chess with a pigeon: No matter how logical you are the bird is still gonna shit all over the board and strut around like it won anyway.

  5. Argue with women?
    Waste of time.
    Just tell them what to do. Order them what to do. They usually bitch and moan but if you give firm command, they listen like a dog.
    If they don’t listen then next them. Why raise a broken dog?

    1. It’s a very uncomfortable truth many guys will learn the hard way: Women will treat you how you let them.

        1. Politics is no solution for impotent white cucks. Good luck with that.
          (((stormcuck game)))

        2. Nice visual break from all the serious intellectual discussion. Enjoy it before its outlawed.

      1. The irony is that we are supposed to be shocked at the sexism in that show… not walk away inspired!

        1. He was definitely alpha but he also had some deep emotional issues. Mostly based on his childhood and a lot of guilt about past mistakes.

        2. Ikr?!
          Truly, two of my favorite alphas in television… and under one roof!
          One of the greatest shows of all time.

        3. Both.
          He had to win… at everything.
          And when you’re Dapper Don Draper, you hit everything that moves cause’ you can.
          Females are Anzio to the likes of guys of his kind.

    2. Yeah it took me a long time to realize that explaining my point logically actually makes things worse. Most women just want to see you get angry, or show some emotion about the issue.
      Now when a woman im with wants to talk about something serious, I just laugh and make jokes until she gives up.
      Life is so much easier now that I dont try to get my intellectual fix from females.

    1. For women, sex is psychologically that they are sucking men into their pussy, so if you fuck one after arguing, it is a defacto loss of power on your part, as she has essentially won and shown your argument is inferior to her ability to suck you in. (unless you rape her lol).

    2. Rewarding that shit with dick is a disservice to yourself, they get that for acting right.

  6. I compare arguing with women to arguing with liberals.
    It usually never makes much sense realistically so you better know when to gracefully bow out.
    That pisses them off but you keep your sanity intact.

  7. “A Man Never Remembers, A Woman Never Forgets”
    True, I usually blank out when women talk.

  8. Should’ve titled this: How married men can mask their misery prior to divorce court wallet rape.

    1. I know this is just how much you can put off a divorce piece glad im not in those situations anymore none help in the long run.

      1. Piece at any price? If you want a tranquil existence, you are better off without women. On the other hand, I’ve never known a gay couple that I envied. Women are as good as it gets.
        It comes down to children. If you are content to leave this earth as if you had never been here, no progeny, no legacy, you don’t need to learn to cope with women. If you are ego-driven to reproduce, and especially to raise kids to be like you,, you have to grapple with women.

        1. I think you are looking for an argument here. Nobody said anything about not dealing with women. In fact, the argument is just the opposite..

  9. A piece of advise.
    Do NOT have sex after a heated exchange with your woman. She otherwise develops an association between having an argument and sex and will consciously and/or unconsciously start an arguments to get the reward.
    Only reward good behavior.

    1. Yeah, basic operant conditioning. Get a Psychology 101 textbook and study up on the principles of behavior modification.

    2. A lot of times its too late. She picks the fight because she wants to be dominated and hasnt felt a release

  10. Women are irrational while men are logical. Women use their emotions while men use their minds. It’s just how they process information. The best advice is to say less or stay silence.

    1. Men are emotional beings as well be. The diff is that men use logic and reasoning to influence our emotions. Women use…emotion to influence their emotions.

    1. So stupid! It’s always smart to buy a house which is at least 20K less than the bank preapproves you for. My father advised my husband and I to start small and then upgrade down the road if we wished.
      Sometimes people make snide remarks about our home because it’s a little townhouse with a one car garage. We don’t care because we refuse to be debt slaves. We just wanted a home in a great neighbourhood and we still have more than enough space.

      1. I’m about to buy a very cheap home, put a good deal of work into it, then flip it when I move away in a couple years.

  11. The “Lego Batman Movie” topped this weekend’s box office receipts with $55.6 million in sales. No. 2 was “Fifty Shades Darker” (the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey”), with $46.8 million. That makes a pretty strong statement regarding the average moviegoer’s intelligence. Can you imagine a husband and wife arguing over which one they should go see. (Holy shit, don’t breed…)

    1. If Christian Grey used his billions to become a masked crimefighter, he would basically become something like Batman or Green Arrow.

        1. And he doesn’t dick a single one. Robin isn’t his kid. Batman might as well have a wad of old panties stuffed in his codpiece.

  12. I have one tip. Don’t argue with a woman. Tell your woman.
    You are the king. Your word is law. What she thinks about it is unimportant as long as she does as commanded. She is free to bitch, moan and whine as long as she does it quietly.
    Arguing is indeed playing her game. So do not play. You only lower yourself in her eyes when you argue with her. She wants to be commanded. She argues with you to test your strength. So demonstrate your strength. This is how your demonstrate to your woman your ability to provide her with security.
    When she argues you tell her that the decision is made and and it is final. If she persists tell her to shut up. She will.

    1. Men who give in too much will only inspire contempt from women.
      We want men who will put us in our places even though we won’t admit it.
      A man should not be passive or else women will take him for a ride.
      Another important caveat is never allow her to take a tone or raise her voice.
      If a woman starts being rude and disrespectful, end the conversation and tell her that your discussion will continue when she can be polite.
      My husband refuses to engage me in any arguing. We rarely have disagreements because we have clearly defined roles in our marriage.
      I voice my opinions but he makes the final call.

      1. Wow straight from the source. Even explaining myself in detail always inspired this ” you think youre so smart with your memory!” After a while I just stopped. Now i just shout ” No!”

  13. My younger sister is living at my house for an extended stay. This is the first time I’ve had to live with a woman in a long time since I’ve never been married . Oh, the refrigerator thing. I’ve often seen the large frying pans with a smidgeon of food taking up major space in the fridge when there are smaller containers to use! I give her shit about it every time and refuse to let up.
    Fellas, don’t back down. Shame her for bad behavior.

  14. i wonder whether the illliberals teach women, or is natural.
    but is identical
    antagonise, lie, gaslight, strawman, adhominum,
    any reaction from target:
    victim hood. virtue signal
    start cycle again.
    too much reaction from target cry – call police/white nights.
    only way to win is not to play.
    Steve Bannon has couple of rounds of false accusations, absurd child support etc…
    no wonder they hate where he is.

    1. The illiberals didn’t write the bible. Closely read chapter 3. Particular attention to vv. 12, 13, 16, 17-19. “Because thou hast hearkened (paid attention to) the voice of thy wife…”
      Ever since it’s been the same bullshit.
      Adam didn’t throw Eve down and fuck her until the dumbass had been evicted from the garden.
      Now it’s gotten so bad that a man has to ask a woman, his own woman, for pussy or he’s a rapist.
      Nowhere in the entire bible does any man ask any woman for pussy. If she’s his own woman, wife, concubine, servant, captive, he fucks her whenever he pleases, as long as her snatch isn’t bleeding. (Bigbig no-no.)
      Wooing her is nice, as long as she gets fucked no matter what.

  15. To the author: avoid extremely high-maintenance women and you won’t have to write such cucky drivel. “Give in…give in…give in…”
    You weren’t man enough to stand up to them or next them, so you’re not qualified to write about women other than the high-maintenance narcissists.

    1. Get back to me when you have had three marriages and four kids. It tends to soften you up. I’ll concede that sexbots are getting better all the time, but if you want kids, and the privilege of being around to raise them, you have to make some compromises. PS: Being cuckolded is not one of them.

      1. You’re rationalizing your own weakness. Plenty of men, myself included, have raised our families and haven’t had to suffer from being 3rd class citizens in our own home. You have had 3 marriages because you chose high-maintenance women – you don’t really have a clue about women – and you chose to be a doormat to those women. Still didn’t work, though, did it? You had to go halfway around the world to find #3, and the betting is that she’ll turn out like #s 1, 2. Why? She’ll read you like a book.
        What is it that Sting said, “Every man marries his mother in the end.” Sounds like you keep marrying your mother, and you have learned nothing. You are not qualified to give young men advice about marriage. A little bit of self-reflection might be of assistance to you.

        1. Looks like another column – how to argue with (fill in the blank). Oh, wait. Already been done. Check the link above.

        2. Everyone older has something to share and something we can learn from. Divorce is so common now, if a marriage fell apart after 15 years, Id still be interested in the takeaways.
          My dad got divorce raped by two women. He still believes it was bad luck. Hes wrong, but That doesnt mean I dont learn a shit ton hearing his stories. Men of that generation didnt realize something was disgustingly changing about american women. Now they kind of get it. Go easy on them.

        3. Fair enough…except, he still doesn’t get it, and he’s trying to poison the well for young men by rationalizing away his own failures. He needs to go away and learn something about himself and about women rather than pontificating to young men about things of which he knows little. Life is full of hard truths that must be confronted head on – like a man. The realization of one’s own errors and shortcomings must be done in order to grow as a man.

        1. Right. So two failures and one that presumably hasn’t gone long enough to be considered a success. Personally I wouldn’t take flying lessons from a pilot that had crashed two planes but maybe that’s just me.

  16. When you are about to get into an argument with one, treat them as you would the police. Don’t talk to them. Substitute the line of ‘I want a lawyer’ with ‘what was that babe?’
    Eventually they give up

    1. The silent treatment towards women kills them. I dated a high flying professional for a few years (big mistake), who tried to argue about every-fucking-thing, and the silent treatment turned her psychotic. It is like turning up to a musket duel in an armoured vehicle.

  17. Argue? Don’t.
    Tell them what behavior you expect from them and make the decision that you believe needs to be made and move forward if their is any time-sensitivity. I find that the women I spend time with respect me much more for this and if they have a problem they will respectfully bring up the topic later and give you the opportunity to explain why you wanted that situation to play out the way it did.
    When a woman is disrespecting your space and utilization of the kitchen you paid for and built, you stop their behavior and redirect them, or set a boundary for their use of the space you are currently occupying:
    If you don’t immediately need the pot, tell them to wash the pot and return it to where you had it, immediately after they finish using it. If you do need it very soon, calmly tell them as much and that they may use a different tool or that they may help you so that they can use it sooner.
    Command respect reasonably and calmly of everyone in your life. If someone chooses to withhold their respect from you, then simply remove them from your life, no matter who they are (unless you don’t care about people respecting you, then you simply place different values on other relationship dynamics and are a spineless schlub).

  18. Women only remember crap they WANT to remember. Just like everyone else.
    It’s just that men don’t get all pissy about it.

  19. 4. Disagree with conclusion there. Yes men never remember, and women never forget. But hell no don’t make notes to remember. Then you are entering into her frame and playing by her rules. Its to mans advantage to forget. FIDO (forget it and drive on).

  20. There was a dude at my old job that had a bumper sticker that said “Never argue with a woman, just DICKER” hehe

      1. The law has to enforce women’s subordinate behavior instead of enabling them to hide behind courts.

  21. Women will fuck with you until you have to engage. They will push, push and push until you cant take it anymore. Once you get physical or call her bitch, you lose. Never apologize!

  22. To borrow an analogy from aviation and sailing:
    In a family, Man is the Captain.
    Woman is the First Officer.
    If there are two Captains, a ship or airplane goes in circles.
    No Captain is omniscient, and a good First Officer can tell you things you should be aware of that you otherwise might not be. It is always best to maintain good relations with the crew. If she says it politely, it often pays to listen. If she says it disrespectfully, a dressing down is appropriate.
    But at the end of the day the Captain is the accountable one and must make the final decision. The ship (family) is under his authority and is his ultimate responsibility.

      1. I saw that, I wouldn’t react nearly as hysterically as he did, but it does reek of the politicized slacktivism and “muh oppression” that we’ve been seeing in spades recently. The word “equality” in the US has come to mean “white people are all dirtbags and blacks are the only minority”. Definitely produced some distaste from me.

    1. “Equals”…
      What a joke!.
      This coming from a race that never advanced beyond mud and dung huts. If it weren’t for those “evil white slave transporters”, they would still be in Africa where they belong.
      And when I say EVIL I meant it!
      Participating in the African slave trade was THE WORST MISTAKE IN WESTERN HISTORY! The best analogy I can think of would be importing piranhas from Brazil and dumping them in US ponds.

  23. Wait, I thought RoK was against vaccinations?
    I’m just glad to see an RoK article using the argument about refugees giving your children a disease to promote the idea that while big pharma is evil, vaccinating your kids against fucking tetanus is not.

    1. I was not aware of any unified RoK stance against vaccinations. Some people support it, some people don’t. Its a personal choice with risks inherant in either choice.
      “Fucking polio”. Is that the STD variant?

    2. ROK gives us authors a great deal of latitude. They decide to go with an article or not. When they go with it, they don’t muck with it.

  24. Women argue to argue more than half of the time they’re wrong even if we are “better” at arguing which by the way we’re not we’re just prone to jump on the defensive more which leads women to not shut up. Honestly men should not back down just because they argue with women put in her place from the start and watch that stupidity go away. Women are like children stop them in their tracks before they get started. Emotion does not trump logic and it never will and if you have different views on important issues it is a big deal because that will eventually catch up to raising children and unnecessary conflicts ensues. Conflict that wouldn’t have been there had you proved her wrong in the first place. Please men stop letting women win just because they’re women you’re not doing them any favors you’re encouraging stupid and childish behavior. If she really were as strong as she claims to be than she can handle an argument with a man which many women can’t anymore partly due to feminism.

  25. The writer of this article is obviously a novice and dismisses any dark triad psychology on the subject. He is taking way too long to handle the matter.
    Rule #1. Only argue with a woman if you find her presence in your life to worth keeping. If you don’t want her, don’t argue and ignore her.
    Rule #2. When arguing with any woman, only argue over the trivial things. Keep your attention on the smallest detail, then you won’t have to fight on the bigger, more important subjects. Arguing with a woman is a sport to them. They enjoy it. Let them enjoy arguing with you on subjects that don’t matter Their focus is primarily on the sport of argument, rather than the issue argued. Then you run the show on the subjects that really matter without any resistance from her.
    There is no need for rule #3…..move on with your day

    1. I get the impression the author is thinking more about handling women in a long term relationship where there has to be some kind of detente for it to survive. It does sound like he is used to dealing with a bit more old fashioned woman than the loopy crazors we have now. I don’t know if dark triad stuff is applicable to anything longer than 7 days to a month. At least not in any dark triad type I have ever known, male or female. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but psychopathy narcissism and stable relationships don’t generally go together like fish and chips.

  26. When I sense she wants to fight over nothing I do not back down for anything, I escalate and don’t allow her to change the topic of the argument. The last time a woman said she would leave, I opened the door for her. She didn’t want to fight anymore and I told her to never pull that shit on me ever again. Anyone that wants to fight and pick and nag is of no benefit in a relationship.

    1. Last time she threatened to leave I reminded her that the house belongs to her.
      The time before, I checked the oil, radiator and tire pressure of her car. She asked, “What are you doing?”
      I answered, “Checking the oil, radiator and tire pressure.”
      “You said you were leaving. I want you to get where you are going. I don’t want you to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. The kids will be just fine with me.”
      “Aren’t you going to try to convince me not to leave?”
      End of conversation. Five more kids since then.

  27. Women are not irrational. It is just men giving them pussy passes due to pussy loss aversion. Two words: abundance mentality.

  28. 7 Tips For Arguing With Women:
    1. Don’t.
    2. Never.
    3. Refrain.
    4. Avoid.
    5. Desist.
    6. Cease.
    7. Halt.

  29. Women argue the majority of times because they simply love drama and get a kick out of seeing her man react to it if she has little respect for him. Often the reason is so trivial but she will just like to mentally torture him.

  30. Why shouldn’t I correct my man if he does something wrong? I want him to correct me if I fail to do sth right. We talk a lot what we want and what we expect from each other and that helps. Men and women should respect each other and be allies, not rivals or, God forbid, enemies.

      1. She has a “mouth” and lips between her thighs specially designed for “sucking” his dick.

    1. Most of us are happy to be corrected when we make a mistake. That’s not an argument, that’s a partnership. We hear you, believe me. Argument comes in at the point where we have expressed our disagreement and the woman doesn’t drop the subject.

      1. Just cut out her tongue so she can’t talk to the police. It will also save you a daily headache if your girl can’t talk 😉

  31. To argue with a woman is never a win situation. I don’t argue at all any more. Just agree to anything they want, but never actually get around to fulfillment, it’s the Asian way ….. and it works.

  32. “Women are simply better at arguing. More verbal. They get a lot of practice arguing with their mothers. They play by different rules.”
    Misleading. Their verbal superiority is wasted on meaningless digressions and guided by histrionics. You just say what’s right like a cold motherfucker and don’t feed into her emotions. She can only reliably out-emote you; we, and especially they, misconstrue this as women winning the argument.

    1. What you say would be true in a jury trial. You would win. But to borrow a title from mystery writer Mickey Spillaine, her reference text is “I, the Jury”

    2. Not quite. What you forget is they are also extremely adept at this game they enjoy. Massively. The game is called Moving The Goalposts. That’s just another reason why men lose. Arguing with a woman you’re having a relationship with is a monumental, colossal waste of time. That should be your starting point. From there, if there needs be some time-wastage, the article here ain’t too bad.

  33. Any time a woman wants to argue the best course of action is to walk away. If she follows you then get in your car and spend the night in a hotel room. Turn off your phone. Have a few drinks. Then come home again after work the next day like nothing happened. If she does the same then repeat. The strategy is the same to not engage an enemy when they have the superior position. Retreat. Send out skirmishers. Retreat. Send out skirmishers. If you are Alpha enough to keep frame she will be begging you to come back after 2-3 rounds.

    1. Good point, but I would argue only come back if you have kids with her. Otherwise, generally speaking, fuck it.

  34. Turn your back on them and walk away. Lack of attention is more hurtful to them than anything you could say. They aren’t as necessary as you might think they are.

  35. We’re often troubled by the notion that we could be doing a lot better. There’s this nagging sensation that had we just studied harder, or made a better impression, we’d have a life that would make both ourselves and our loved ones proud; instead, we’re still living with our parents, making very little money, romantically destitute, etc.
    Are these woes really the sources of our sadness? It sucks to be poor and alone, for sure — I don’t deny that. But what if you abandoned the concept that you could do anything to improve your circumstances in the first place? No more self help books, no more Joel Olsteen, no more free will. Your life just is what it is; you can improve your situation like you can pick yourself up by your own collar.
    “But plenty of people change their lives; rise from rags to riches.” Yes. That’s because they desire to. Your improvement hinges on desire. But you can’t create desire — it just has to be there. If you resolve to lose weight but you don’t desire to work out, you’ll go to the gym two, maybe three times and then quit. Desire is achievement’s gasoline; without it, even a Ferrari is rendered useless.
    You might say that desire is inspired by finding the right environment or maintaining the right frame of mind. But your ability to find the right environment or maintain the right frame of mind is also a byproduct of desire. Any method of self improvement you can devise is at the mercy of your desire to follow through; and unfortunately, you cannot will desire into existence.
    For some, this realization will be profoundly depressing. But why should it be? Your sense of autonomy was just stressing the shit you out and burdening your mind with failure. Once you’ve truly surrendered your illusion of agency, something strange will happen: you’ll no longer feel responsible for any of your shortcomings (You must still be held accountable for them, but that’s something I’ll get into later). Arrogant people will also benefit from this perspective because it revokes their snowflake status. They’re just biologically lucky. An arrogant person would counter that their success comes from how they use their biological luck. But how one uses one’s biological luck is again determined by biology.
    But if one has no autonomy then one can steal, kill, or rape as one wills and chalk it up to determinism! Yeah, you go ahead and try that. Parting with free will won’t create more rapists or murderers. They’re genetic deviants; determinism won’t be what drives them to crime. Sometimes, the aforementioned takes a legislative form: If it’s all luck and no free will, then how can a pedophile be punished for molesting children? He can’t help it; he’s just unlucky. The answer is simple if we define justice as prescriptive rather than vengeful. Those with criminal biologies should be quarantined for the safety of others.
    Abandoning our free will — for which there is no scientific evidence — only disencumbers us. That dude who just cut you off in traffic? Eh, asshole genes. Hitler? Poor fucker was a victim of circumstance. We’re all victims of biology. It’s either a comedy or a tragedy. You choose.

  36. A woman who can’t do shit will bitch and bicker the most. If she can cook, stitch, sew and knit, then she won’t bitch too much about nonsense. CRAFTINESS and BITCHINESS are inversely proportional. If she’s crafty in the home arts, then the most she’ll nag you for are the necessary implements, crock pots, utinsils and the necessary supplies for doing her home crafts. Lavish her with just what she needs, being careful not to over supply her. You don’t want to choke her throttle with a too rich mix of wants, not too much stuff or clutter. Lay before her just the right amount of materials and she’ll buzz and hum away with her woman crafts about the house until you nod at her for kitchen skirt up and snatch facing out.
    And if she can cook? Boy are you lucky if she has the brains to cook. A stupid woman will quarrel about the answer to some stupid question or dilemma because she’s too stupid to get off her stupid duff and get busy crafting a suitably palate friendly seasoned meat pate to spread on bread slices, top with a clean slice of bread over dijon and muenster, cut into quarters, insert toothpics or colored plastic swords and serve.
    IF YOU EVER find yourself hollering back to her “shut your stupid female brain illogic coming out your mouth and make some sandwitches already” then I’m afraid it’s futile. You’re wasting your breath. She’ll never make decent sandwitches because she can’t. She’s either too stupid to craft a tasty snack or she has a mental block that you couldn’t bust with a sledge hammer.
    Sewing and fine needlepoint is quite intricate and is a litmus test whether a woman has temperment and a developmental level that can perform long term without breaking down while employed in a LTR or a typical contract with sliding scale input based return benifits. IF SHE CAN SEW, then she’s good breeding stock too. In the simplest aboriginal and jungle tree monkey cultures, all women must be able to weave baskets, otherwise they’re retarded and aren’t allowed to breed or are thrown to the fish. A bird who can’t thatch a nest dies. That’s nature. Nature always takes a brillopad to the defective genes.
    Some people look at basket weaving as a backward uncivilized activity, but it separates the breeders from the scrough, even with the most advanced western nationalities. Every nation has retards. They’re the ones who CAN’T sew. A woman who is too stupid to sew a rip in a kid’s pants cannot be a mother without shit heaps of outside assistance and is too stupid to survive in the suburbs much less in the wilderness. Getting her a sewing machine should be like getting a Ferrari or a speed boat for a man. It should be her pride and joy and her chief respit when she’s not engaging in her primary function of getting her holes stuffed.

    1. I was married to one who could stitch, sew, knit, cook and clean for 30 years. She also lied, cheated, nagged, bitched, stole and fucked around ……… none of them are any different..

      1. Well my best guess is she wasn’t a virgin wife. The only reason she lasted 30 years is due to her skills and the brains behind it all. Without the domestic skills, she wouldn’t have lasted 2-3 years max. She also had the brains to play her hand on your table long enough and with enough cunning to not draw fire and lose the game. But a stupid woman who can’t sew can be compared to a man who can’t stay out of needless trouble. Like if the stupid woman were a man, she’d be like the guy who’s an incopetent criminal, always in and out of jail or without means. With a woman it would equate to constantly being booted out of scrappy and unstable relationships. Used women have low value regardless. Stupid women never learn but she must have been somewhat smart but not a virgin. At least she cooked for 30 years. The part about her dirty hole sucks though. I would have moved her down the totem pole and made her the bottom dribble catcher slab on a stack of creme pies consisting of increasingly more virtuous sister wives. Yeah that would teach her alright. But no sewing or cooking and her ass would be out the door lickedy split.

        1. 19, virgin Christian, man something doesn’t jibe. It seems like a control issue. You couldn’t control her or you didn’t have the beard on. It takes BEARD, BRAINS and BEEFSTICK all working in tandem to control the shebeast. You had the brains but were likely a young man sporting a bare ‘boychin’. Without beard you were like an AM radio with its antenna broken off – all static and squeal with barely intelligible music or voice broadcast coming into your brain. The hair strand acts as a transducer, kind of like a crystal detector radio which is basically a strand of hair connected to a grounded body. It picks up RF! Without your beard (antennae), you were unreceptive to her physio electrical transmissions and you missed the signals when she was contemplating running off shitstupid into the night or bolting for it.
          Keeping a woman under wraps is kind of like owning a horse. A knowledgable owner/rider of a horse will either stickslap the hind quarters to go or grab the mane when the horse even thinks of wiggling out from the master’s control. The owner will in a split second decision say “don’t even think about it” to the horse and it’s either “SWACK” or push the head down by the ears, hair or nose. “SLOOW IT”. The horse knows what it was thinking but the owner could feel it but not verbalize it.
          YOUR BEARD TELLS YOU. The Samson rule! Civil war generals all had big robust beards and the respected generals had the same ‘dressage’ type control over their ‘boychin’ underlings and recruits that a master horse trainer has over his beast.
          And notice today how the western so called ‘generals’ that kowtow to the shills of zion have chins as bare as a baby’s butt. The clefte is visible to all and their mouth looks like a baby’s butthole. They serve the dickchopped minions of screeching princesses worldwide and their shiny butt chinned banksters in shiny silk suits.
          The goal is to have perfect control but to be graceful with a woman in discipline. She reaches optimum development and maturity when she’s perfectly controlled and her soul, mind and body given over to her beloved master and patriarch.
          But you need THE TRIO physiologically working for you. The BEARD, your BRAIN and optimally an uncircumcised BEEFSTICK must all communicate in tandem neurologically, the neuropathways never severed nor broken. And YE BE WHOLE like Adam when the neuro circuit of all three is activated after puberty.
          Circumcision severs 80+% of the nerve endings in the dick. When circumcised, most signals are lost before they ever reach the German army helmet command headquarters in the little control tower. That’s a considerable handicap. WHEN MAN returns to the throne, circumcision will be back in its place as a punishment only metted out to infidels, traitors and slaves. It was intended for peasants only in ancient history. We shant live as bitch whip slaves anymore. THE DICK will rise high and proud. Patriarchs will point their dicks towards the heavens for all the fine fair virgins to behold and FIRE THEM OFF like the 4th of July! Maranatha! Hail!

  37. Choose your battles. The 80/20 rule is a good one. If you’re in a relationship with a woman expect to have drama and nonsense at times. That’s the cost of doing business.
    If it’s minor just say ‘OK’ . Half the time they’ll forget about it soon anyway.
    On the 20%/ big things be calm but firm. If you raise your voice and get emotional you may ‘win’ original argument and start a whole new shitshow over her hurt feelings.
    Also don’t forget: Men think, process then speak. Women talk to figure out what they think/feel. Don’t engage any more than you have to during that process. Usually just seeming to pay attention (lol as if) will get you most of the way through it.

    1. Well said. Just to add, when I woman is trying to get you to commit to something that you know won’t work or is simply a bad idea (married guys know this well), tell her “No, I won’t agree to that. If you calm down, I’ll tell you why.” If she ramps up the drama, just dismiss it and walk away.
      Half the time she will never bring it up again.

      1. Nah, tell her “OK, I’ll agree to that” then never follow through. Works every time and no drama.

  38. Thank God I am gay and I don’t have to argue much with women except my two conniving sisters .
    My mother is a saint though .

  39. I’d say arguying with women is a waste of time…if it was not so damn usefull !
    1. First as said the Mighty Lucain (i strongly advise to see his videos), you don’t have to ‘win’ against a feminist to destroy her arguments. You just have to convince the public that she is batshit crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I9Ld2Gwz88
    2. As women can’t beat the best fighters, but still can beat the crap out ‘normal’ or defenseless men, you (as men) can’t beat the ‘best’ women at their favorite game… but, with serious training, you can beat most of them with dubious, emotional arguments.
    It’s difficult because it’s counter intuitive. You have to overcome your instinct and training for logical facts, to booby trap your argumentation. You have to find flaws in their inner ‘logic’ to make them ‘bug’, to provoque congnitive dissonance.
    3. Must non malevolent women don’t argue to find a solution, but to feel listened to, or to invite you to express your dominance. Think about pick up. Beguin about what they want to hear, end by taking the lead.
    4. Unlike logic, you can’t get better by yourself. You have to practice with people. Think about close fighting. There are exercises you can do by yourself, but you can’t get really better without sparing (or you’re into a Mc Dojo thing)
    5. If they are malevolent, they act like that

    Don’t fall in their trap. Trap them .Whatever you think about him, look at what Milo Yannopoulos does to crush Feminists. Keep calm, stay to the point, show their argument to be bullshit.

    1. Difficult? Very.
      Can you elaborate – youtube?
      “It’s difficult because it’s counter intuitive. You have to overcome your instinct and training for logical facts, to booby trap your argumentation. You have to find flaws in their inner ‘logic’ to make them ‘bug’, to provoque congnitive dissonance.”

      1. Yes, i can explain it, but it would be as usefull as explaining how to shoot with a bow. You need practice on real situations.
        You can find videos of true masters of argumenting with feminists, but you have to really want to study those radioactive waste to get results.
        A few names; Lucian from freedom initiative, Milo yannopoulos, Judgybitch, Karen Straugham etc…

        1. yea I get it. thought you had magic cure.
          There is no solution — only somehow to dominate, and/or avoid.
          Women do not lose arguments, just retreat and retool, and bring up the same argument again, and again. just for fun, cause drama, watch man wriggle in illogical pain…or??? who knows?
          Milo is not winning anything – only causing them to double down on their abuse and insanity.
          He is only preaching to us the choir…there may be other outcomes though…but, it will not be voluntary from ill-liberals…

  40. Sheesh. This is blue-pilled to the max. “If she asks you to clean the kitchen, clean the kitchen.” Uh, no.

    1. Yup, I will clean the kitchen, but never when she asks. Or, if she asks, EVERYONE cleans on the house. If the honeydo’s are some power thing, I won’t play that game.

  41. Six month rule – anything that happened more than six months in the past is beyond the “statutes of limitations” for arguing, especially when her recollection of events always seems to be in her favor.
    I use this more when I’d deal with my family more than in relationships, as these problems don’t come up terribly often in the latter.

      1. You just enforce it. In my own family whenever someone makes a stink about something from beyond 6 months back, I dismiss it, refuse to discuss it, or if they don’t respect that, I leave.

  42. Bickering is a woman’s thing. Don’t even go there. Trying to rationalize a hamster wheel is a difficult job when both are calm.
    1) Show power when you are both in a good mood. Wrestling is fun, and you are very likely to get some action out of it.
    2) Ask yourself if it is ambiguous or unimportant. If so, not worth dealing with.
    3) Give it time, just say “lets talk about this in the morning”, and change the subject.
    4) If you cannot come to an agreement, and it is important. State your decision, and leave it at that. If she wants to bicker more, just repeat your decision.

      1. Have you ever, ever, in your lifetime, got someone to agree with you through argument? It never happens, ever. The only thing it does is solidify your own position on a matter. Best thing to do is to state your opinion, walk away, and talk about it later when rational heads prevail.

  43. I once read some advice to women on a self defense site about how to protect themselves from domestic violence. It made a lot of sense. When a woman (in a relationship) wins an argument with her man, he will often turn around, say nothing and walk away. Unfortunately the vast majority of women don’t realize that they just won and they should just leave him be at this point. No, she “isn’t done yet.” She follows him and continues chewing his a$$ as he’s trying to get away from her. This is typically when he turns around and hits her. The author’s advice to women was to recognize when it’s over and to protect themselves by not getting in that situation to begin with. He’d probably be accused of pre-victim blaming these days…

    1. Correct, the police find a crying women with a black eye, but what you never see or hear, it´s the hour of nagging and scream and physical violence and tantrum those women made. Like 80% of domestic violence is initiated by women aaaand they lose then they cry then the man is in jail. The media portrait the situation as the man being triggered by nothing and start punching his wife for no reason “why the dinner is not ready?! BAAM” I don´t condone violence but for those women being smack in the face is foreplay.

      1. Yeah Duncan you make a good point. My coworker was going through a nasty divorce / child custody case. When he returned his children to their mother, she came out to his vehicle, tried to pick a fight, clawed his face and finally attempted to strangle him. He just pushed her away and left. He didn’t even make it home before he was detained, arrested for assault and spent the night in jail. Fortunately her neighbor saw the whole thing and came forward to testify. That was the only thing that saved his bacon.
        Now, about violent foreplay… One night back in the late eighties I was leaving a convenience store. I heard some commotion and saw this big hairy biker and his ol’ lady (a cute little blond thing in tight jeans complete with chain wallet) literally fighting their way down the sidewalk. There was a cop across the street watching too. She was kicking, cussing and clawing him. The biker finally had enough and smacked her down hard. He grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her down the sidewalk. I kid you not.
        While this is going on, I look at the cop. The cop looks at me. We both look back at the two of them. By now she’s scrambled around, trying to get up, still cussing like a sailor and they disappear around the side of the building. I look at the cop again, he looks at me, shakes his head, gets in his car and drives off in the opposite direction. My buddy, who was waiting the truck asked “Did you see that? Did you see that cop? How come he didn’t do anything?” I said “Jon, any cop will tell you the worst thing you can do is get in the middle of a domestic like that; they’ll both turn on you. Besides, that’s just biker foreplay. Those two’ll go home now and f*&% like two wild animals.” I used to run with some bikers down in Florida. They treated their women like sh!+ and the girls kept coming back for more. Some women are into that…

        1. Crazy bitch need to attack you with a knife, burn your house or some crazy extreme shit to you be considered as the victim. About the foreplay. Those women like crazy bitch slap in the face while having sex, some of them initiate a fight just because they are horny. In the cases of domestic violence women have half of the blame, they fight with men but they end losing because they are weaker than men, they kick, spit in your face, throw a toaster to your head, break you car windows, burn your stuff. 9 out of 10 of the case are crazy bitch with a crazy dude, but the propaganda tell us that all women are victims, Carol from the walking dead is an example, in the series, the douche husband threat his wife like shit, then another female pick a fight with the husband and the husband put in place all the women, until the white knight came and save them, but in reality the wife will be the one who would probably pick a fight with the husband not the friend of her. In the show the wife is the submissive victim. I know a real few of those, They are madly in love, worked in a hospital (not USA), we see those women kissing and hugging the man who punch their face yesterday, they don´t press charges. The best you can do when you see this crazy stuff is not get involved, guy were killed for being a white knight save a ho. Then the women end fucking the guy that night, is not worth it.

        2. Most any snatch will get wet and dripping from its ass getting a nice spanking or paddling. Not too hard; many light smacks, not a few bruisers.

  44. Introverted Eastern European women will give such long silent treatments that a actual argument is somewhat relieving.

  45. idk about this… part of this seems to be “how to back down and cower when your wife is bitching and nagging at you.” its a sure way to show her that she can get her way by yelling,bitching,and nagging.
    when my wife(live in girlfriend) nags at me,i use one of two phrases “shut the hell up” or “stop being a bitch”..no pussyfooting around,blunt and to the point. it hurts her feelings a lot of times,and i apologize,but i always make sure she understands WHY i said that to her,and that she understands it was merely a response to her being disrespectful to me. afterwards we kiss and make up and everything is ok.
    also,if im the one in the wrong-i admit it. nothing is more beta than having such a fragile ego that you cant admit your own wrongs. but if shes got a nagging attitude when she approaches me,ill apply the above. after the “kiss and make up” part,she can communicate her problem with me,and if i realize shes right ill apologize and correct my own shortcoming where possible.

  46. I haven’t been in an argument with a woman in years…because I haven’t been in a relationship with a woman in years. And, subsequently, I’ve been happy for years.

  47. Frankly, I’m not sure why this article is on ROK. It seems like apologio for bad female behavior. If you even allow her to argue with you about petty shit and things that are not her business, you’re entering her frame. Dealing with her shit shoukdnt even be on the table: your woman should know that if she misbehave, she’ll be homeless and you’ll be balls deep in a hotter woman. And if your woman doesn’t feel that kind of dread, it’s time to end the relationship because you’ve lost the power.

  48. You ever been around one of those little yapping dogs that won’t shut up? How about the little spoiled kid that throws a temper tantrum? Your little brother that starts throwing punches immediately? What do you do?
    They are counting on you rolling your eyes and taking it, or they are counting on you acquiescing. Their fit throwing and screaming does not show superiority, quite the opposite. It shows their dependence on others. If you retaliate, they go tell mommy (the police), like some snotty 2nd grader who picks and picks and then goes to tell the teacher. Outside the court, I have no respect whatsoever to the person who wins an argument. All it shows is they are the most yappy.

  49. I know the author means well and is writing all this as a cautionary tale based on his sincere personal experience; however I have to point out this is a very Americanized and feminist way of thinking about relationships, no doubt enforced on the Western males through a corrupt education and legal system.
    In most parts of the world, a man calls the shots in the vast majority of situations in a relationship, and if you show your woman, just through pure instinct, eg. with body language and natural (but obviously controlled) masculine aggression that you are the boss, most healthy feminine women will quickly become your puppy. If a woman is attracted to you enough to have sex with you, trust me, she has no qualms about becoming your servant in life, and in fact most feminine women will even quickly lose respect for a man who lets her “win 80% of the arguments” or who does unbelievably effete things like “cleaning the kitchen” as the author very naively suggests…
    Obviously, after almost a lifetime of constant feminist propaganda the majority of western males now seem to think that a man should really treat his wife as his absolute equal at the bare minimum; however the readership as well as the author might immensely benefit from a gentle reminder that men naturally dominated every aspect of human civilization since the beginning of history, and that is the most natural order of things in the human species.

    1. Marriage is a two-way street. If she is busy with the kids, the kitchen needs cleaning and you have the time, you clean the kitchen. If you want and can afford a maid, hire one. If you want to sit in front of the boob tube drinking beer, farting and scratching your tummy while she does all the work, I’m afraid life has some disappointments in store for you.

      1. Kids take almost no time to look after. If she is busy …… it’s a pretense. Lazy women sitting on their arse all day pretending it’s hard work ….. Bill Burr knows how it is.

      2. Don’t try to put words in my mouth to make up for the effeminate confessions in your article bro… There is a million other beautiful things, creative or leisurely, that a man can do instead of your stupid example of sitting and watching tv. If you really need guidance in even that department, pick up some sport, hunting, competing, building, art, just not some mind numbing effeminate house chore that is against the nature of masculinity (and a woman who would refuse to clean up the house if you don’t have a maid has no business being married in the first place…). Needless to say it would be a different story if you occasionally helped out with some repairs or various other physically demanding tasks around the house…
        Don’t come up with weak arguments, just have the balls to admit you were a weak man, and I’m glad if you learnt from and managed to improve upon your loser past. Good Luck

  50. This may sound superficial or sexist.
    Step 1: know when her period is
    Step 2: Find out when PMS occurs
    Step 3: Once PMS days are known. avoid arguments until Monstration is over.
    Expert tip: PMS is when the angry hormones take over.
    If she is taking birth control pills you are screwed.
    You can track periods with calendars you can get on the app store for free.
    I swear if more guys tracked periods it significantly reduces the chances of being trapped via pregnancy and unnecessary arguments.

    1. Only if they were predictable by the calendar. My wife will have two weeks, back to back, then not another for a couple months.
      If I come home and she is particularly crabby, I can tell with a 90% accuracy. I will shrug it off, send her to bed and then put the kids to bed. Hopefully, she will be able to recognize what is going on by morning. Can’t come out and ask if she has PMS, that doesn’t go over well.

      1. It’s a natural occurrence. she’s your wife. It’s only wrong to ask women you are not intimate with.

        1. It isn’t wrong to ask, but it is a bad idea when she will flip out on everything imaginable. Nope, just hand her a cup of warm herbal tea that puts her to sleep and say “Honey, you look tired. Why don’t you go to bed. I’ll take care of the kids tonight.” If she gets her sleep, she will wake up in the morning apologetic (and bleeding). Wait a couple days, and you are good to go again.

  51. Curious. I always thought arguing is usually a prelude to.. more interesting activities.

  52. I get the feeling the author is a bit too passive for my liking. He does clearly have a lot of experience, understands a lot about women and has some good advice. But still, I feel like women ar easier to lead all the time than it appears from what I’m reading.
    Almost all decisions are the mans to make and the man needs to lead at all times. All decisions the wife or kids make need to be from a pre-approved list the man has devised. Women honestly enjoy this anyway. Where will you eat, what will you do this weekend, what about vacation or for your kids birthday. It’s okay for the wife or kids to decide but as a man it’s best to lead by providing them with options you approve of.
    As for things as serious as vaccinations. Do the research and tell your wife how it is going to be. That’s as serious a decision as there is. You don’t need allies. You need to know the research and to let your wife know you’ve come to a decision.
    He is very right about not being afraid to walk away and also about setting ground rules and playing by your rules. Very good advice there. Play to your strengths boys.

  53. Disagree on the mac and cheese in the kitchen , and most particularly, with the vaccination example given. Me, when I am cooking its understood that people stay out unless they have been invited in to help or I am teaching them a recipe. If wife ever pulled that on me, it would be another way of saying “screw you”. If you are marred to a women who refuses to vaccinate your kids, you’ve got bigger problems. If necessary, make the appointment in secret, lie to her, and get them vaccinated.Tell her about it later. If she freaks out, let her leave. Social Services will back you up on this, if in nothing else. This has to do with the health and life of your kids.

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