The Pitfalls Of Dating Intellectual Women

Intellectual curiosity is a trait common in many men. Guys like to figure stuff out and know things. Whether it’s learning the mechanics of the internal combustion engine or analyzing events that led to rise and fall of ancient Rome, intellectual curiosity is the hallmark of any successful man.

So one might suspect that a learned man would also seek out intellectual traits in women when it comes time to look for a mate. On some level, the thinking and reading man yearns for a woman who is a deep-thinker like himself whom he can share philosophical discussions with and create a meaningful bond over their enlightened ideas and conversations.

But at the end of the day, we don’t actually end up seeking out intellectualism in women. Research continues to show that although men will say they value “being smart” in women, we don’t really mean it.

Intellectual Women And Intelligent Women Are Not The Same Thing

An intellectual woman tends to drown herself in progressive ideology, radical liberalism, and feminist dogma. Her young mind is brimming with curiosity at a vulnerable and impressionable age. And like clockwork the education factory and media establishment begin vomiting out propaganda and selling her their false bill of goods.

Taking Salon and Jezebel as the gospel, she describes herself as a “free-spirit” and loathes being objectified for her overt sexuality as she dances topless at EDM festivals in hopes of enticing a famous DJ. She complains to her friends about being viewed as a sexual commodity right before she signs up for her online sugar baby account so can make money as a sexual commodity.

But hey when she’s not slutting it up or filtering through hundreds of DMs on Instagram, maybe she’s watching some interesting documentaries or admiring the prose of her favorite 18th century writer. While she may exceed your wildest expectations in philosophical discussion, the free-spirited thinker likely also has a notch count to exceed your wildest expectations. (And no, it’s not “only” 30 like she says.)

Intellectual women are almost always the sluttiest

When I look back on the women I’ve had the deepest conversations with, almost all of them turned out to be… well, massive sluts with self-destructive tendencies. It seems intellectualism and promiscuity often go hand in hand.

Does she consider herself to be an activist for liberal pet causes, quick to dole out opinions via social media regarding the latest news story? Then it’s probably safe to assume she’s “sexually empowered” to the point that any attempts at monogamy are futile. Did you lay on the grass with her at Bonnaroo and talk about the meaning of life while staring up at the stars? You’re the third guy she’s banged that week while high on molly. So you spent an hour on the first date enthusiastically discussing the wonders of the Cosmos science documentary? You might be getting laid that night but there’s a 50/50 chance her vagina is as wide as the Andromeda galaxy.

The “chill” “free-spirited” “down-to-earth” girls might keep your mind stimulated and interest piqued, but enough experience with them will teach you it is all a Siren song. I’ve seen too many men (myself included) try to turn these women into something they cannot be – loyal committed girlfriends. Enjoy them from an emotional distance if you’d like, but in the end they will be the cause of your greatest suffering if you think they are capable of commitment to one man.

When we say we want a woman who is intelligent, this is not what we had in mind.

Intelligent vs. Intellectual

An intelligent woman is someone who understands her biological nature and on some level, whether conscious or sub-conscious, recognizes the subtle underpinnings of male-female mating dynamics. While she may not be able to articulate it, she has the social intelligence to realize that the more men she gives her sexuality away to, the less value her sexuality commands for winning over a long-term relationship with a high-value self-respecting man.

She sees feminism for the fraud that it is. She doesn’t ignore and put off her natural urges to pursue commitment and motherhood even though she’s “only 23”. And she doesn’t care to experience every flavor of man the world has to offer. She just wants to find a good man and knows what she needs to be in order to land him. Class and standards are of the utmost importance to her. This is the kind of intelligence men value in women.

But finding a woman who is able to combine intellectual curiosity with these kinds of relationship-material qualities is quite the struggle, possibly even a myth. It may not always be as black-and-white as what’s described above. But in your wife-hunting endeavors, it’s much safer and wiser to prioritize discretion, standards, and other wholesome qualities over free-spirited intellectualism.

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259 thoughts on “The Pitfalls Of Dating Intellectual Women”

  1. Women who think they’re “intelligent” can be a massive pain in the ass because they believe they are right more than men on practical matters, and even that they are the equal of men. They are more likely to argue than a woman who knows her role, but since they are still a woman, will not accept defeat or error. It’s like having endless debates with someone who loses, cries, and then blames you for being mean.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      From my experience, “intelligent” women epitomize the Dunning-Kruger effect and actually bring out the worst of womanhood.

      1. I once started writing a detective story where the detective agency was called Dunning and Kruger Private Investigators. If I had the time it would have fleshed out so nicely.

        1. That’s interesting.
          The Case of the Woman who couldn’t find her Pussyhat.
          The Womyn’s Rights Stampede is tomorrow, oh no! What will she do? After searching all over her house, pleading for help on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, she breaks down and finally decides to call D&K PI.
          D&K PI rushes to the scene and finds out that it’s been on her head the entire time.
          Case closed.

      2. An intelligent person wants to be worldly and experience new things and be their own boss and etc. etc. – thats the last thing you need in a woman… imagine hiring an assistant that has designs on being CEO – hopeless.

        1. I think everyone is somewhat ambitious. It’s just that some give up on their dreams. But, truth be told, isn’t ambition a driving factor? Don’t you want an assistant who strives to do the best and strives to be the best that she can? Moreover, shouldn’t job opportunities be based on merit instead of gender? On how much profit an individual can bring in than their physical appearance?

    2. “will not accept defeat or error”
      Or other points of view. With the feminization of science, don’t hold your breath waiting for another Einstein to emerge.

      1. There reason there is no Einstein woman is the same there is no jack the ripper woman, Men have really dumb people in one end of intelligent spectrum and very bright people in the other end, and the majority of women tend to be in the middle of average mediocre intelligence, yes there is less retardation but also less geniuses. And for some reason women applaud this, they are happy to be average at best and mock the dumb men and ignore the existence of the bright ones or mock them to (The big bang theory?), the all men all dumb trope in tv and movie, what a shame. the only source of geniuses is from men.

        1. “There reason there is no Einstein woman is the same there is no jack the ripper woman”
          That’s what Camille Paglia wrote in Sexual Personae. In college, I mentioned to a female instructor that I agreed with some of Paglia’s ideas. She reacted as if I suggested pouring cyanide into a infant formula factory’s main processor.

        2. the best thing with Paglia is to claim that you’re a feminist, and then reveal it’s only because you agree with Paglia or Hoff Sommers. When feminists reject Paglia etc it reveals just how ideologically totalitarian they are

        3. It turns out even that’s not true. The whole lots of very smart/very stupid men with women being in the middle was like so much “science” a lie. This claim came from testing 12 year old children when girls have a slight and temporary advantage from maturing faster. When testing is done on adults. It turns out while there are far more male geniuses even the male average increases, the female average doesn’t. So if your an average or even slightly below average man your almost certainly smarter then any woman you will encounter.

        4. The world was built by dumb men. Hard working grunts, GIs, and laborers. Miners, Fishermen, Farmers etc. – not smart but tough as nails. Think what their wives might have been like and start from there….. can she last a few weeks on her own while you are away – can she hold down an organised home – can she maintain relationships with her and your family and local community – without causing an uproar or dropping her panties.
          When you get home tired and hungry after a week away, will you find a note on the table that shes out at a hen night, cat shit from three adopted strays, a carton of stale milk in the fridge and her unwashed underwear on the bedroom floor….. or will she be waiting to see you, nicely presented, cook you a meal, run you a bath and massage your back ?
          The latter is inteligent team work – the goal keeper doesnt run up the pitch and try to score goals – competing with his own forwards to score a point – no – he holds the fort and takes one for the team and when he fails and the opposition get a goal through he carries on – its a tough job with little credit – thats what a team work is about.

        5. Kate from smalldeadanimals wrote that if women ruled the world we would still live in caves, but with really really nice curtains.
          She says women would never have invented the jet engine because it would never occur to them that they wanted one. It’s not in their nature.

        6. Yes, is a Camille Paglia quote. That´s is what a real feminist should be. In fact third wave feminist hate it if you call her feminist. Third wave feminist are fake feminism, it is a women supremacy movement.

    3. “Intellectual” vs “intelligent” is more like “social studies” vs “physics” or “mathematics”. Just because they *think* they are more intelligent (because they have memorised a few lines from a couple of poets or “poets”) doesn’t make it so. Intelligence comes from applying your brain on things, not using it as a storage device (USB sticks are not computers). Women who use their brains see through feminist ideology, and understand its destructive results.
      All in all, I mostly asociate “intelligence” with “logic”, hence I rest my case.

        1. You should have got so many upvotes for this dude. Everyone dropped the ball here. Every.Single.One

      1. Wow, internet insults from the safety of anonymity.
        How edgy.
        How original.

        1. Man, what passes for troll insults these days…
          I read it at first and thought: “It’s that easy?”
          Because it seems no matter how hard I try to avoid such individuals, there’s always some vagina that feels the need to get my notice and to prove its worth with prattling sanctimony and snottiness.

        2. “Hey you , you big poopy head! (run away and close my account…)”
          People just don’t respect their craft these days…

        3. Fail. Somebody’s new around these parts. Guess we should frame this one on the wall with the others that passed before…

        4. Is everyone running scared? Acting like 5-yr olds. That’s not a red pill. It’s a red Kool-Aid. LOL

        5. You’re not particularly original. You should probably try to find an actual style to copy, because free handing it doesn’t seem to be one of your core strengths.

      2. Dont blame others for your failure to make your life not suck.
        The majority of women OPENLY LAUGH at you and you cant even get 20% of anonymous women polled to identify as feminazis.
        You should concetrate on fixing your many failures and stop bothering your betters for attention.
        Fucking fat loser.

    4. Exactly. I’ve said something similar on other threads. They use their intellect to super charge the hamster, nothing more, nothing less. She might be good at practical medicine or chemistry, but when she comes home all of that excess brain power gets dedicated to picking you the hell apart the best she can, and the fights can be epic, bordering on the same level of lunacy as fights with a truly mind numbingly stupid woman.

      1. Agree. I know SMRT women, and some are high-T, narrow hipped fuck-machines, who are raging leftoids, argue about everything, convinced their faux “logic” is impeccable, but really bathed in emotion and histrionics.

    5. For some reason I am reminded of my grandmother’s small sign by the door with the asimov quote, “People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”

    6. You just need to read Darwin again, says it all: Men need to prove themselves physically and “intellectually” superior to other men in competition for woman, where as women only need to prove themselves superior primarily through sexual attraction (Ask yourself what man wants a strong and intelligent woman?). Hence they were never biologically built or have never evolved to be intellectually competent. I sympathise with the fact that it’s a harsh reality for women but the mastery of concept and logos is simply beyond their reach. Look at the examples in History: Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Rousseau, Nietzsche….
      You’re hard pressed to find a female example and it’s not because of the Patriarchal system which held them back. A woman of the upper class or cast always had more privileges to persue what she desired much more so than a man from the lower class. You will realise a women who pretends to be an intellectual can not think outside the box or by herself but will often regurgitate some pop concept she heard from a uni professor. It’s a shame, they would be so much happier and much lovelier if they just acted and lived like women.
      Like my Ukrainian girlfriend for example. She knows what she is and she’s all the more radiant for it.

    7. Yes – this is a great article. The idea that a womam needs to be your best friend is for pussy men that can’t form brotherly bonds with other men. Part of the reason they can’t do this is because they aren’t getting pussy and are repressed sexually and now wondering about sucking each others dicks.
      You are absolutely much better off with a home maker that can also balance her monthly budget and run a credit card and mortage account – than some over educated trollup, that cant manage to change a toilet roll….. Women as wives and mothers need basic, practical, down to earth skills. Thats it. It might sound boring but you’re better off with a well presented working class girl that has energy and drive to make something of herself with a man (and children) in her life – and can hold down a menial adminstrative job if needed. She’s not going to be the highlight of a cocktail party discussion on the meaning of life – but that is what you are for !.
      The woman is the mainstay – the homemaker – the stability and comfort – that gives a man basis to go into the world and be more than himself. She’s not your drinking / party / head trip buddy. It just doesnt work like that.

      1. Judgybitch had a good article on that.
        Her husband kissed her goodbye before a business trip and told her she was his best friend.
        She thought about it for a bit then started texting him all the daily woman’s crap that her and her best friend threw back and forth about the kids and someone’s taste in coffee and the best way to knit a sweater etc etc.
        He called her and asked what in the hell all that crap was, whereupon she explained that he wasn’t her best friend, he was her husband.

      2. This was a very old success model. A woman with no more than her female charm and good domestic engineering skills could hope to marry up. Men could not – they had to work their way. In this model, a woman is a success at seventeen. It may take a man decades in the work force to acquire enough capital to indulge himself with a wife that offers nothing but herself.

      3. Wise words. My wife is the dedicated, hardworking, loyal type with a very sweet temperament. She has a ton of common sense but she’poorly read, uninformed and generally clueless about most things (although she surprises me every now and again). When she was young and hot it never bothered me. After a few years of marriage it started to though. We’d get together with some couple and the other woman would be informed and able to converse intelligently on a range of subjects. My wife would be silent (thankfully she isn’t one of those idiot women who feels the need to talk when she has no clue). Or, we’d get together with a couple that just got back from heli-skiing or something, inviting us to join them next time (to which my wife would shyly demur that she’d be too afraid to go anywhere beyond a well-groomed intermediate hill). Eventually, I decided she was boring and started to resent her. As I hung in there though I started to appreciate the fact that she could cook like no other wife or girlfriend in my social circle, that she kept a really nice home and would very rarely argue with me (and never in front of others). A simple and loyal girl that gave me 3 beautiful kids and no relationship drama in 15 years of marriage.
        In time, it dawned on me that the notion that she had to be my best buddy to wax philosophical and go on wild adventures was utter bullshit. That’s not the nature of the relationship. I now seek that stuff outside of marriage and it’s perfectly fine. In ways, I think the emasculation of men and the fairytales of go-girlism have created the notion that a successful LTR must be built in a foundation of being best friends. Yes, there needs to me a close bond of devotion and sharing but it’s not a friendship in the traditional sense of male friendship.

      1. LOL!
        Says a morbidly obese, perpetually single victim.
        Your standard bearers are madonna and cuckerburgs mentally ill sister.
        Id say your time is better spent making your life less pathetic.

    8. You really need to lose the idiotic polemics. Lots of women ARE superior to many men. Your entire thesis that smart women are a hassle is predicated on the fact that your attitudes are too neanderthal and transparent to impress an intelligent hot successful woman who would sooner go home to her dog that bother with the likes of you.
      I agree with you to the extent that gender roles are written in stone to a certain degree, and than men who try to accomodate feminists will be destroyed eventually.
      Also, the only way men can win against women is to be so successful that all women are permanently at a disadvantage. This is because women are biologically created to attract male sperm, but there is no obligation for them to keep men around afterwards, especially in the modern world. The only response to this is overwhelming success and superiority at the start, which is not easy in a world where corporations now hire women, because women are more pliable and less resistant than men.
      Picking stupid women to date is a guaranteed road to screwing a moron who lies about being on birth control and paying child support to an ugly dumpling and a retarded child for life. Some men also fall in love with stupid women, and then they really are done.

    9. You can’t really have a good argument over any topic unless both parties involved are willing to listen and agree to change their own point of views if the opponent manages to convince them to do so.
      This isn’t the case really if you start off by declaring that women are in all ways inferior and should just adapt a certain role and shut up. No wonder they’ll strike back. What did you honestly expect? You don’t really give any room for women in this argument anyway when you make it very clear from early on that you don’t consider them equal to men intellectually – which puts a shade over everything they say.
      In a good argument there is no winners or losers anyway, there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas between people. But as we all know, arguing to a man who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.
      (I still think that this blog is master troll and a great example of 4D chess in action – and it has definitely sparked a lot of discussion and emotions which is always good. However there are lots of dumb people who can’t get the plot.)

  2. Nice Article. But that aside lets play a game. In the 3rd image, who do you guys think is the most sluttiest?
    I go with the 3rd from the left!

    1. although, unless I am mistaken, the one you picked did rape her infant sister.

      1. Oh so they are celebrities. Never knew it. Just thought they were a random bunch on women

      2. If Lena Dunham qualifies as an intellectual, then the rocks in Arizona she sought guidance from are what?

        1. It is a crime against humanity that the dimwit going to Arizona to listen to rocks was deemed a news event worthy of headline links on various websites.

  3. Biggest downside to dating intellectual women is that your dating pool is reduced to like 3 possible broads .

    1. I wouldn’t want to date Ayn Rand either.
      I have met a few women who thought well of themselves and were good inside their learned subject, but never met an intellectual woman (pseduo intellectual yes).

        1. “Branden married Barbara Weidman in 1953…would later state the marriage was unwise, and troubled from the beginning…Branden and Rand…developed amorous feelings for each other, and, with the reluctant permission of their spouses, began a love affair in 1954…until the publication of Atlas Shrugged in 1957, after which, according to Branden, Rand became depressed…”
          Then shit got real.

        2. Evidently you don’t fuck Ayn Rand; Ayn Rand fucks you. Thanks for the illumination. (Atlas Plugged?)
          Man. Not a strong argument for finding happiness through wanton promiscuity.

  4. Article nails it, I once had the misfortune of working with a woman who despite technically having a PhD, had focused on such a remote and unconnected-to-reality area of the subject, it served no practical purpose whatsoever. She couldn’t even give you a basic “Hello World” in any given language.
    Of course her arrogance was off the scale, and would seek to patronise and undermine anyone who challenged or suggested anything, just for the sheer “muh PhD” of it.
    Fucking nightmare

    1. Those are the worst. I remember a girl who, after finishing her PhD, got her credit cards reprinted so it had her name as First M Last PHD. She went through the trouble just to get it on her credit cards.

      1. Sounds like the same fucking girl, mate. This lady told her utilty suppliers, because heaven forbid British Gas would call her Miss via an algorithm-generated letter.

      2. These broads think we want to fuck their PhD’s and thesis journals. Intellectual yet idiotic in functional matters.

    2. PhD candidates are selected on being docile, obedient serfs who will follow established scientific dogma to the letter.
      I suspect many scientific heavyweights of days past would quickly get the boot if they tried to make it in the modern (toxic) academic environment.
      Besides, PhDs are handed out like candy for the last couple of decades. To say they are overvalued is an understatement.

      1. My husband’s aunt is working towards her PhD. The woman is over 50. She’s also very unattractive and fat. Her daughter is in a wheelchair because her selfish mother waited until her 40s to have a child. My husband’s aunt is married to a beta who also works in education.
        I think she represents the archetype of the kind of woman who seeks certain credentials-completely self centered, feminist, hideous and pompous.

    3. You must have heard the breakdown on the acronyms for degrees, right?
      B.S. – we all know what that means
      M.S. – More of the Same
      PhD. – Piled Higher and Deeper

  5. I find truly intelligent women frustrating because I know that they at least have the mental capacity to think rationally and logically, yet they almost always let the hamster rule.
    The dumb ones… well, the hamster is all they have, so its easier to accept.

  6. I am glad you said “intellectual”, and not “smart”. Intellectuals of either sex are rarely smart. Intellectualism is pridefulness from too many years at college. Your philosophy majors, your math nerds, your “hollier than thou” professors who have little real world experience all have these traits. It is a hubris that comes from not being challenged in their thoughts. Their sluttiness comes from thinking their immoral acts don’t carry any consequence. Is there any surprise that a good proportion of professors are gay?
    Meanwhile, you talk to some old farmer. They are constantly told how they don’t know anything. Anyone that has a successful farming business needs to be a welder, electrician, businessman, mechanic, and crop and animal specialist all wrapped up in one.

    1. My relatives are all farm stock in one form or another. Among other things, they are highly conversant on:
      – Politics, especially as affects them (both local and federal, down to the school board)
      – Philosophy and theology
      – Long-term planning and RoI analysis
      – Financial management (not Wall Street stuff, but practical application of finances)
      – Technology (not just tractors, but half my “hick” cousins can build sound systems or debug computer systems)
      Sure, they have thick drawls and speak plainly, but they’re among the smartest people I’ve ever met. And we’ve never even discussed what any of us do for a living – then we’d have to talk about plumbing, construction, manufacturing, crop plotting, and even engineering and technical trades.
      EDIT: And, unusually, many of the best conversations I’ve had on these topics were with my female relations. They just don’t have the time or resources to be Disney princesses or intellectuals.

    2. Sadly, women who display the kind of intelligence written about in this article are viewed as stupid in today’s world. It’s awful.
      With respect to those with much formal education, it takes very little intelligence to regurgitate facts to suit a professor.

      1. I don’t begrudge anyone getting a good education, so long as it doesn’t go to their head. I am a Civil Engineer, it took a lot of effort in college to get to where I am. But, I got to realize that during those college years, I lost the opportunity to learn some real world things that my brothers learned out working construction.

  7. Women’s Empowerment is the main theme of feminists. It justifies this by asserting that women were/ are oppressed and so they deserve more power–unwilling to note what every great political thinker has understood: power is an unquenchable thirst, (and a strong man must understand this if he is to deal with power effectively). But because of feminism, they interpret their hunger for power as oppression, not what it is: greed. How does this relate to the article? Well, I suppose these ‘intellectual girls’ understand that their sexual dalliances are an insult to a man’s ego. It thrills them, consciously or unconsciously, to hurt men in this way, as it is an expression of power.

  8. One thing I advise all men to do with women is never give them an opportunity to tell you what they think about anything other than the food you buy them and the cock in their throat. Of all the women I have gone out with in the last 12 months, a seriously significant amount, I couldn’t tell you what the politics or opinions of a single one of them was. I intentionally avoid the topic and if they bring it up I shut it down fast. I am always shocked when guys complain about their left wing date. Who the fuck gave them the opportunity to talk about that?

    1. Hey, if we go out, she’s picking up her own bill. I’ll serve her some of my home-cooked food (because I always cook too damn much, anyway) free of charge.
      As to left-wing dates, I usually find they’re like vegans and crossfitters – they bring it up and go on about it without any pretext. It’s all they have.

      1. I respect that. I always pick up the tab. It is part of the date experience. When I go on a date it is about me. The girl is ornamental. When they offer, and most do, to chip in I usually threaten them with violence. I straight up will not date a vegan. Bish needs to eat meat. Shutting down crossfitters is never a problem for me as I am pretty jacked and I tell them that crossfit is a great rest day activity.

        1. Vegan and vegetarian women are crazy.
          They are very compulsive and self righteous types.

        2. Agreed. I don’t really care because I work on short term basis and if a relationship only lasts 4 or 5 dates she is too busy being amazed at how awesome I am to bring up her compulsive self righteous bullshit. By the time she eases in to showing her real self I am already showing her the door.

        3. Like artists, writers, ivy-league alum.,actors, doctors, jews, and people who don’t own television sets: They’re just DYING to tell you….

    2. Once made the mistake of asking a girl in college:
      “So, what are your thoughts on Piaget?”
      “O.M.G, I loooove Pooh!”
      Which, naturally led to the raiding of the honey pot, the temporary predicament of being caught in the hole, a surprise shower, one very timid and haunted looking rabbit, and all capped off by a rather blustery day.

    3. As a friend used to tell the strippers he “dated,” “Since there’s nothing intelligent coming out of your mouth, I’ll just put my dick in there.”

  9. I would describe the intellectual woman as more slatternly than slut in appearance as intellectuals in general tend to be thinking of things other than personal appearance that unless they have a strong phobia in that area they often forget to dress right or even groom their hair. The intellectual’s mind is simply fixed on other things of which food, personal sex and appearance are not among them.

  10. Any guy with any experience with dating women will (or should) quickly realize that ultimately you can not have deep conversations of an intellectual nature with them, in large part because = solipsism. They can’t conceptualize big picture stuff, they personalize everything you talk about and get emotional/offended by anything that doesn’t jibe with their feelings about themselves and/or the Sisterhood©. The only people you can have any kind of deep discussion with are other men. Personally, I keep my conversations with my women superficial and asinine, just the way they like it and refuse to be disappointed by their limited facilities to add anything of value to a conversation aside from blathering about themselves, gossiping, social media whoring, etc.

    1. 100% and whats more….that is ok. That isn’t what women are built for. They have hips to hold on for pumping dick into their bodies. They were meant to be a distraction from the challenges of life. They are pretty. I always laugh when people complain that women are vain or shallow. Of course they are. They ought to be. How they look, speak, date, fuck, what their hair smells like…these are things that are actually important for a woman.
      The only depth I want in a woman is when I smash her cervix and make her scream daddy

      1. There is nothing more to add to what you just conveyed other than to say that your comment was, well, the shit. You pretty much are one of the more inspirational gents here and more guys should adopt your mantra. The world would surely be a better place. Pulling it off in NYC and being congruent means that it is possible virtually anywhere, no? Due to the career women siren song thing out there I mean, but that probably matters not.

        1. I think it is possible anywhere if you are constituted for it, but it is not possible everywhere for every person. I would fail like a fish in the Sahara if I tried other places. I didn’t move to NYC. I was born here. It is part of me. I understand it. To be poetic about it, my very soul is a microcosm of this city. I am horribly out of place anywhere else I go. I am fucking out of place in queens. Other people are constituted for other places and would never make it here. I think it is about understanding who you are and what you truly want and then going to where that is. This picture below I took over the weekend….you have to realize that I look at this and think it is beautiful. Without that, I couldn’t make it here.

        2. I see it once a year when I go to the Caribbean. It is like when you have the first drink in a month. My head explodes.

        3. a lovely skyline indeed, but not for me…not to live in…not prior to retirement at least.

        4. again, it is beautiful. I will be in St. Barth and St. Martin in about 6 weeks and there is nothing like it in my opinion. The most beautiful thing in the world. But New York City will always be home to me, it is in me.

        5. See, that is a place that makes me happy for the interwebs. I would never want to be there, but I am glad I can look at the pictures.

        6. Haha. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, for sure…you’d like the women in Banff. Rich snow-bunny sluts of the hypergamous variety. You can always find something of value, no matter where you go. Well, except Jersey or Nebraska, maybe.

        7. I do like that type. I found a few of them in Vail when I went. Yummy.

        8. you may say that. I am a city person though. I absolutely hate the idea of the wide open spaces that some people in this country love. You think my love of the city is a prison whereas I think the love of something like one of the Dakotas is exile into a terrible place. In the end, we all have things in our heart that make us happy. Mine happens to be the concrete jungle.

        9. Both worlds have merit IMHO. It pays to see what is out there before you take up the rocking chair. As a guy who loves the outdoors, I do plan to see NYC and Washington DC before I kick the bucket., If I were single, You can bet I would spend more time traveling.

        10. I was going to visit there once, but I took an arrow to the knee.

        11. I was born in a city (not my choice), lived in a couple of others, and have no use for them. Used to travel a lot, but like where I am now and don’t see any reason to leave other than to get farther out into the woods and farmland. Admittedly that’s not for everybody, but I don’t care what anybody else does as long as they leave me alone.

        12. Do it man, prettiest drive I ever been on. You start in the Bitter roots and go up north from there, clear up through Baniff and Jasper. About a thousand miles of the prettiest country you ever seen.

        13. North Dakotan transplant here. The locals refer to this place as “America’s Siberia”.

        14. ok, that is sweet, but you’ve got the best of both worlds there. 5 days out of 7 I’d prefer to be down below in the city, but a hike in the mountains at the weekends would be the cherry on top

        15. Yup. And two hours away from higher elevations in the summer, to beat the heat (Flagstaff). I think Phoenix/Scottsdale is the fastest-growing area of the USA (either that, or Portland OR, where I lived for 13 years). Love both places. The good thing about Portland is you’re 90 miles from the mountains, directly on rivers and near forests, and 90 miles from the ocean. But it rains all the time. Eh, no place is perfect. You get this, you give up that, etc.

        16. You’re slowly persuading me. I like to be close to nature, but on average I only really feel at home in the city. You have some good looking scenery around you

        17. This place is the shit, man. That’s why everybody moves here. People buy winter places here a lot. I’ll be here on some level for a long, long time. I love it when it’s 70-100 degrees, no humidity, no rain, and women are walking around half-naked (which is like, nine months out of the year). The rest of the time it’s too hot, but you just bolt north for summer. I’ve lived in other cities (L.A., Chicago, Miami, Houston, Detroit). I’ll take the Phoenix area over any other area in the USA – hands-down.

        18. Just keep in mind lolknee that if you do go long term with anything…. most modern women have lost home making and child raising skills…. and not only that but when presented with it after having kids – a.) Have little extended family support (especially in big cities) b.) Go into panic mode and make it 10 times harder c.) Then go into exhaustion / boredom mode and either fat out and give up or start causing endless drama.
          You can man up all you like…. you can find the perfect gal – but you have to look real close to find one that has all the pieces in place (unbroken) – to hold together a home and children. Big difference. Most women are utterly superficial – even the best of them – so that without a load of servants your happy home will soon turn into a nightmare of trivial troubles – and with servants she’ll still cause trouble and get bored – precisely because the modern woman (despite a lot of corporate wank) is not a team player. Its all about her – whereas women of the past understood it was all about her family. BiG FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

        19. I will never go long term … ever. However, if I wanted to I would leave the city, head for some small rural community, become an active member of the local town whatever and part of the church and look for a woman there.
          I think spending more than 3 months with one woman isn’t patently insane. If other guys like it, that’s ok. Just not my thing.

        20. Also: there is no way I ever go back to living a life without a load of servants lol

        21. The trick to living in the city is to leave often for beautiful places….. the trick to living in countryside is to visit the cities often. You cannot just have one on its own. One is not better or worse than the other.
          The real deal is keeping the energy level (and finances) high enough to enjoy both. One guy wants to wake up in peace and can work remotely and enjoy nature – but can thrive having a weeks vacation in the city…. the other thrives in the city and rechages by leaving. Thinking that one location is inferior or superior is a trap. The only thing is that country folk tend to avoid the city and their velocity level drops. Whereas its prbly easier to maintain the high energy in the city and leave on vacations often. Depends what you prefer day to day – but make no mistake i have lived in some of the world biggest cities London NY HK… and some of the most beautiful places full time. Both suck if taken alone for too long. Change is a must.

        22. I only leave NYC 3 times a year. Memorial Day and Christmas eve I spend the day with my family in the country and once a year I spend a week in the Caribbean. Other than that I try to never leave manhattan. I don’t get the whole burned out thing. I know others do but the city energy is something I draw from.

        23. You are right that thinking in terms of superior or inferior is a trap. It boils down to the individual

        24. Fine sub 40-45, but you will find that you slow down a little – not in a bad way, but the hassle of dating and gaming and pulling new women into a circle, gets real old, real quick – even Roosh discovered this. It’s a hazard not just because of the bad ones you have to screen out, the time and energy (and expense), but also because in time, especially post no# 100 – you will see all women as basically the same dull thing. It’s a bit like renting cars at the airport – they do the job, but you never have the chance to take possession of it properly or add any touches of your own, before the term is up and you drop them off again. Living in a holiday inn is a solution to living accommodation, but it’s nothing like having your own place.

        25. I’ll be 45 this year and I’m at the same pace I was at at 25. Some people are just made for this life.

        26. See your primary mistake is thinking that I think like you and so that things that make perfect sense to you also apply to me…they don’t. My entrance into this world is such that I am able to enjoy a solitary life punctuated with many beautiful women all of which I find delightful in their own way and never get burned out. Just like how your experience of being burned out with large cities and getting away from them doesn’t apply to me neither does your understanding of the male female dynamic. It’s not bad. You have your thing. It’s probably more prevalent than mine. I don’t know, having resources also helps my situation almost as much as my mind set and my soul’s general orientation but I do caution you not to make the easy to make mistake of thinking your personal experience is somehow universally valid when everything you say to me as if you are giving me advice sounds rediculous and trite to me. You are giving me directions without knowing where I am or which way I am facing which is criminally arrogant and in the end not particularly helpful

        27. I grew up in Houston and dallas. While it is a different style of urban planning, I get what ya mean about the appeal of city life. However, my dad is country as hell.lives in a town of 200 people and has a cabin in the woods, etc. and got a lot of rural exposure. I have found that as I have gotten older (45), I become more drawn to the country.
          After most of my life spent hustlin and bustlin, now I just want some goddamn peace and quiet. I’m running out of the requisite energy for good urban living. But the fact that you can still maintain the same energy level to grab the city by the balls is admirable. Enviable really because this old horse longs for the pasture.

        28. It is odd, but my energy wanes when I leave the city. My paternal grandfather went into his office every day until 6 months before his death at 98 years old. People always say that if he retired at 70 he never would have seen 71. I am in a symbiotic relationship with this city and our energies are aligned. I know it sounds hokey and new agey, but it is true. It is a strange thing. I think that one day I would like to retire and my current plan is to be somewhere where there is no winter and I am near the water, but I can just as easily picture myself at 80 years old taking my daily walk through central park.

        29. Sounds like paradise. I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, but since I’m in the UK the nearest equivalent (although not very comparable) is probably the French Riviera. I have fond memories of the beaches of Cannes & St Tropez

        30. I would love to have a woman that could handle long term with me, but I have never found one that could handle it. So I just enjoy what comes for as long as it lasts.
          I work pretty damn hard to be a man worth being with, but I recognize also, that I am not easy to be with. They split after a couple or three months because, as has been mentioned before, women tday are not good team players. They want to own the team and coach. I have only known one woman that was an actual asset to my life and who made it her goal to assist me in making my life (and hers by extention) better. It lasted 4 years until her health became terminal.
          So I know what you mean about short term. It’s the only way to go anymore. I have to occasionally deal with the pang of regret for not having kids, but it’s not a big deal for me anymore as it was never an issue with you.
          But I do get a giggle out of people who tell me, “You just haven’t met the right girl”. Hahaha. Ever notice how that is usually said by post wall-but still hot-divorcees with two kids, after her second glass of chardenay?

        31. JJ is right…some people do get burned out…his mistake, I believe, is thinking that because some do that all will. In truth, I pop out of the bed every morning like a boxer out of the corner

      2. ” How they look, speak, date, fuck, what their hair smells like…these are things that are actually important for a woman.”
        So true and so sad.

        1. Why is it sad though? Really? I mean, all of us here are talking about women being feminine. What the hell does that even mean. Women should prioritize their looks over shit like abstract intellectual notions, their jobs, politics or whatever. I don’t want a girl who has read Kierkegaard or can explain the Reimann Hypothesis, I want a girl who is an expert in making her hair perfect, putting an outfit together that compliments her, applying the correct amount of make up, walking with grace in 5 inch heels and smelling like angel farts. I don’t think it is sad at all. I think vanity is a great quality in women.

        2. Your quote:
          “They were meant to be a distraction from the challenges of life. They are pretty. I always laugh when people complain that women are vain or shallow.”
          You’re right, it’s just I sometimes think there’s more to women than that, maybe they do have a higher purpose other than making a man forget about the hardships of life.
          I believe women are history, as Spengler said, they are the foundation of great men. Whenever I see a woman that is vain and shallow I just know that her kids(if she has any) will be mediocre.

        3. Most people are mediocre…that’s why they call it mediocre. The problem with seeing women the way you do is that you are seeing them as a product of your male mind. It is like when great mathematicians get frustrated with people who can’t understand. It seems simple to them. It is why experts almost never make great teachers. The gift of teaching how to play violin and being an amazing violinist is much different.
          You are looking for qualities in a woman that seem natural to you because your first person perspective is that of a man. You need to adjust your field of vision so you see women as they are and not filtered by a kind of logic that is only in men

        4. I actually had a great female teacher (music), her positions was she couldn’t really teach anyone anything. In reality – the student has to learn it. She could provide a great environment, present the material in multiple ways, try to tailor the method to the student– but she couldn’t just assume they’d learn it because she presented it. If she didn’t motivate them to want to learn it she would fail at teaching- every single time.

        5. Reminds me of a classic Churchill quote.
          The great man was once propositioned by a young lady with the line that wouldn’t their child be amazing with her looks and his mind.
          To which the inimitable Winston replied “Yes Madam, but what if it had my looks and your mind?”

        6. Nah, I still haven’t lost hope on women.
          U say: “You need to adjust your field of vision so you see women as they are and not filtered by a kind of logic that is only in men”
          U belive the values of women differ from those of men, but that’s not true. I also want women to be beautiful, to dance, to put on make-up, to gossip etc. it’s that I want more for them than just that .
          I want women to be truly happy and I don’t think “the liberal progress” is the way to go for them to have true happiness.

        7. yes, I do believe that women and men are inherently different and are judged on a different set of criteria. Men are judged for strength and character and resources while women are judged on beauty, fertility and grace.
          I am not sure why you want to dance and put on make up but by all means, whatever floats your boat. But in the end you will be judged by your strength, character and resources whether you like to wear lipstick or not.

        8. ” Men are judged for strength and character and resources while women are judged on beauty, fertility and grace.”
          Yeah, men & women are measured that way, my question is:
          Is that it all there is to it?
          Should u have your life revolve around these principles?
          It depends on what u’re looking for.

        9. Should your life revolve around these principles? I don’t know man. I am pragmatic. I think it is important to understand how you are judged so you can manipulate the game in your favor. You are right, it always depends on what you are looking for. But if you don’t have strength, character and resources I hope you aren’t looking for anything with quality. How you define your life, what you revolve it around…that really should be about you and not in relation to others around you. However, to think that the rules of society don’t apply to you and that you will be successful without playing the game is just a quick way to shoot yourself in the foot.

        10. A woman’s character is her virtue. That’s the “more to it.” Beauty helps a man forget; virtue helps a man remember.

        11. Impossible, I’ve never trusted anyone in my entire life, especially women, why should I seek an unicorn. I am not needy for true love, I just happened to stumble upon some good women, that’s it. I have no contempt for women(or at least I try not to) so I want true happiness for them(men also), beyond the superficiality of materialism.

        12. You’re right!
          Yeah, a woman’s beauty is mesmerizing, but I never want to forget, never.
          The worst thing possible in my opinion is having a woman trick u into believing that she actually loves u.

        13. The feminists made the idea of a gold digger or a trophy wife or a pretty girl using looks not brains – they made it semi taboo… because they were (are) all ugly trolls that could not compete…. feminism is essentially ugly women bullying pretty women and getting lame men that cant get the pretty girls to join in…. its typical insecurity of the bully.

        14. Yes exactly – dont buy a twin cab V8 4×4 if you want a sleeky sports car. Men just dont ask the right questions about what they want for themselves. Girlfriend only needs to be hot and amenable. Wife needs to be relatively hot and pratical at keeping a home.

        15. Yes exactly right and what the original (ugly) feminists were doing was undermining prettier women and trying to create value where there was none. 100yrs later we have increasing numbers of devalued women because that was the aim of feminism – stop high value women from using natural talents. If there was manism – they would have stopped the tech geeks and the scientists and we’d all still be red necks, ploughing fields and riding horses – ruled by the thugs. The men fought back and won = progress. The pretty and feminine women need to do the same.

      3. Aside from the daddy (prefer sir and master), this is almost verbatim the philosophy I present when I get accused of doing harm or assaulting a sub.
        This is what and who she is, I only affirm and amplify her general aptitude and desire. Even being mildly sadistic is more compassionate because I am not making her deny her nature, but instead feeding it to her for mutual pleasure. In ways, I sometimes feel I am too lenient and sentimental.

        1. I never really did the sub/master sex play stuff. I see all women as subs. Any dominant tendencies in a woman is just a shit test to see if you are strong enough to put them over your knee and make them your little girl (I was recently told something to this effect very odd). I don’t have any sadism in me. It kills me when I am forced to act in a sadistic way. I remember telling a girl once “I don’t want to be the kind of guy who beats the shit out of his woman every day — but I will be. So please, don’t force the issue”

        2. I don’t think I could even act so sadistic. Nothing against you, but I’d kick her to the curb long before that happened.
          I was too close to that edge for too long. The abyss looked into me. Never again.

        3. Of course, so much is sexual in such a pairing as a vibrant male and his fertile female, but sometimes it is as simplistic and fulfilling as leading her around the park by a slender leash while she is wearing a nearly too short skirt and no undergarments.
          As far as sadism, I prefer to keep things at the level of basic contrast until the tandem of pleasure and pain are indistinguishable.
          Almost as if an old-time locomotive is rhythmically pounding down the tracks in a warm rain shower with occasional spritzes of tiny hail or sleet and the stack is puffing out a steady command to release steam only upon the conductor’s command.

        4. Fair enough and I am usually one to kick to the curb very quickly. I tend to go for very type a personality women who need to be demonstratively put in their place. If I have said it once I have said it a million times to a million people: you never actually have to hit a woman….but if she doesn’t believe that you will, without hesitation or scruple, beat the shit out of her if she crosses the line then she will take advantage of you. She will push and poke and prod for where that line is the same way that a guy tries to “sneak” it in her ass. I am very clear that I am here for a good time, some good food, laughs, good sex and we should be able to laugh and joke with each other but there is a line. The thing is, the women I tend to be attracted to are really turned on by this…fucking sick little bitches

        5. Yes – so the way a woman wins with her mind games is to make you surpress that violent part of the relationship – whereas when you bring it out in the open – play fight with her a little in bed – be quite clear you rule and not just by smarts but also if necessary by strength – then you have a sub – and not a wierdo gothic tattoed meth head mess …. rather a sub in the essence of a 1950s housewife or secretary – those women behaved exactly because they knew that at any time they might cop a back hander – thus they never did. A real man oozes the imminent threat of violence – but never uses it – never raises his voice or makes idol threats…. be like a doberman – one quick snarl and they are running for the fence. Not some yapping terrier trying to make up for its inadequacies.

        6. There has to be an equal balance of dread and comfort for a woman to want her man and respect him. Living in fear of being nexted is one thing and her having the knowledge that you will show her the door if need be is fine and healthy, however, putting somebody else in fear of violence is corrosive to a person’s sanity and not to be recommended. I fail to see how there is any comfort in fear, indeed seems a route to being killed with an axe when fear gets too much and the other person snaps.

        7. And those women living in fear of a backhander would have gladly thrown their abusive husbands over a cliff given the chance. They practically dance on their graves. Wanna go back to that? Red pill is about men having the confidence to walk away not be abusive.

        8. I see you like to Tame Shrews as well. I’ve always found it to be a rather interesting sport, but requires a lot of asprin to deal wit the head ache.

        9. Depends on how you define taming. I don’t hold long term. I can usually make them dance to whatever tune I play for a few weeks. I also have the stuff that typical NYC shrews seek out. I find it, for the most part, very rewarding

        10. If that is so, then why did they stay? If that is so, then why do they ONLY go for men like that?
          You are talking complete shit.

        11. I too was never able to commit to the full-on master-sub culture with all its accoutrements and aesthetic oddities. However, prior to settling down in marriage I was increasingly curious about it because I was and always will be naturally disposed to being physically dominant with my women in the realm of sex (albeit gently so with my wife and mother of my children). One thing that has always puzzled me is how a man could possibly seek out a submissive sexual role with a woman. Whether it’s a fair judgement or not, to me, such a man must be severely psychologically disordered. I couldn’t imagine even in a moment of brief playfulness being dominated by a woman in matters sexual. When I see images of some outfitted dominatrix, the only thing that comes to my mind is how, if by some strange set of circumstances I was in a room with such a woman, it would be absolutely necessary to subdue her and it would be the only possible way I could be turned on by interacting with her.

        12. You need to understand the absolute mental paralysis of living in fear of violence from another human being and the crippling effects on the self esteem it has. This is a well-documented occurence. Being a red pill man is about putting a woman in a position where you are so valued she is ‘only’ scared of LOSING you, not fearful in your presence. If you have not grasped that, you are the one talking shit.
          There is NO comfort in the fear of violence. And if you had any fucking clue about the dynamics of successful ‘red pill’ relationships you would know that comfort is necessary as well as dread- yin and yang.

        13. You were extremely good at telling me what I need to understand, and you were also good at insulting me, as well as giving me various assertions over what is or is not right to do.
          The one thing you did not do was explain why women tend to go for men who mistreat them.

        14. I can see why you would thinks so, and for the most part I would agree. However I like it sometimes because despite the head aches, the look on a woman’s face when she finally sees that she cant control you and that you won’t put up with her shit is absolutely priceless. Also, I like to watch them struggle between their desire to submit so you will fuck her real good, and their Empowerment Programming. They want to tell you to fuck off for not jumping through their hoops while simultaneously wanting to fuck you for not jumping through their hoops.
          I think dealing with most women can be a waste of time,and I can see why you would think this is too. I just really really like invoking the “How DARE you!” look that control freak women get.

    2. Pretty much this.
      It’s nearly impossible to flesh out an idea to its fullest when conceptualizing with a woman. Somewhere along the way they will get bored or upset.

      1. I didnt realize Trudeau was your Canadian PM- just thought he was the grand poobah of Ontario. Anyway, he just met with Trump, immmediately went into his feminist spiel….sounds very wimpy, never heard he speak before

        1. Now you understand why i sound so angry all the time lol. I would honestly be happy at this point if TrumpUSA invaded and conquered Canada.
          Trudeau is a national embarrassment and completely incompetent at his job.

        2. Boasting how he took in 40,000 syrian refugees…is he gay? gives off that vibe

        3. I dont think we need to invade btw, I think our military is in charge of yours already…

        4. “In Canada, diversity is our strength”
          “We need to grow the middle class”
          “Because it’s 2016”
          “If we kill our enemies, they win”
          “I am a feminist”
          “The budget will balance itself”
          This is the kind of political rhetoric I’ve had to listen to for about a year now.
          And I’m not sure if he’s gay or not… But I really think Castro might be his real Dad…

        5. ha, I think he said “diversity is our strength”. Considering you only have like 5 cities up there, good luck assimilating 8,000 per city – what could possibly go wrong?

        6. A common trait of the modern socialist is to begrudge excellency. In their endless quest for “equality”, the developers/producers need to be torn down. Hence, you have Obama, Trudeau, and Merkel.

        7. If Trudeau wants to take in some “war refugees”, create some gulag style sawmills in northern BC or Alberta. Let them pay their rent by creating lumber. If they don’t want to work, send them back.

        8. “I think if lil Justin ever grew a Castro beard nobody would have any doubt.”
          I thought he had a beard….named Sophie

        9. Yes funny isnt it…. Canada is traditionally one of the most white and most yokal places on earth. Also lacking in real home grown culture that even the aussies boast more of….. bringing in a ton of muslims…. they did that in Sydney – and they were only lebanese from the 80s wars not hardcore sand niggers. What Canada needs is more of its own culture and its own identity – trust a politican to do the opposite.

    3. Right..agree that the gals are not deep thinkers and is why nearly all philosophers are men. All the heavy hitters e.g Socrates, Kant, Schopenhauer are men…

    4. there are intelligent women, but their intelligence often seems to me to be differently motivated, often functional rather than based on curiosity or on the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself. Men are more goal oriented generally speaking, but women often seem to evaluate knowledge and intellect in a more social way, and these days, as a means to ‘changing the world’. A possible exception here is art and literature which women seem to have an emotional affinity more than an intellectual one perhaps

    5. Even men these days you have to be careful with. Such pussies now. I welcome disagreements but I find I can’t speak my mind like I want to without certain guys getting bent out of shape and giving you the silent treatment.
      I heard a recording of Bill Burr and Patrice O’neal having a full on argument with each other. It damn near brought tears to my eyes hearing two men give each other shit and at the end of the day being completely fine with everything.
      Like in the past when we could fight each other, get up, dust off and shake hands. Men are becoming pathetic wimps. YMMV though, I live in a blue city. Guys from more rural areas tend to be a throwback to my childhood experiences.

  11. You can still find em in Europe – west or east. Maybe not Britain, but elsewhere. I should know. Been married to my east German wife for 10 years in April. 🙂 But I agree with the gist of this.

  12. “An intellectual woman tends to drown herself in progressive ideology, radical liberalism, and feminist dogma.”
    Which is a contradiction indicating they aren’t an intellectual at all. They’ve simply accepted and can regurgitate the ‘hive-mind’. I have two daughters who both entered college on the liberal side of things, and emerged as libertarian/conservative. They both came to the conclusion that the identity politics/liberal hive-mind was irrational and inevitably contradictory and simply ignored basic realities about people and societies. It couldn’t hold up. My daughters are intelligent, I wouldn’t describe them as ‘intellectuals’.
    Most of the time when we refer to ‘intellectuals’ it’s based on people self-identifying as such vice an objective assessment of their nature.

  13. Truly intelligent ones were in the advanced classes in elementary school through high school & had parents that worked for Skunk Works etc. Bitches who got a B in english are not sharp.

    1. I remember back in the day when the split the boys up from the girls that one week for a little bit. They taught the boys how to do math and they taught the girls how to fold those paper things that you would do some rhyme and open and close and then open one box and it would tell you your future. Ahh those was the days.

  14. The problems with female intellectualism:
    1. “Intellectual” usually is code for “overexposure to and socialization to university-directed indoctrination” and everything that comes with that: SJWism, feminism, etc. Spending too much time in those places is almost never a good thing for a woman.
    2. Men don’t find intellectualism in women attractive. Men don’t want to have intellectual debates with their women. They want to have sex with them. When men want intellectual debates, they go to their other male friends.
    3. The other problem is that hyper-intellectualism in a woman undermines her respect for a man. A woman needs to look up to her man. If she feels like she’s superior to him, the relationship’s not going to last.

    1. Why is it that intellectual woman claim to be so smart, yet they can’t figure out basic tasks such as cooking and cleaning?

  15. Have the displeasure to talk to one of those intellectuals, worst debate of my life, They just regurgitate dogmas and buzzwords to appear smart, and they use to much the fallacy “appeal to authority”. Not a single original thought. All her answers were quotation from other authors, it was like talking with a living facebook wall full of paulo coelho quotes. She was more interested in show that she was smart more than the actual issue. “I´m right I have phd and shit”, “I have a 180 IQ” “I read a book” Me me me me and I.

    1. Any woman that claims to have an IQ over 130, pull out a smartphone (online IQ test) and wager big money that she is lying.

  16. I’m going to call a spade a shovel here and just say an “intellectual” woman is really just an egotistical narcissist poser bitch. She will know a handful of buzzwords and pretend to know everything about everything when she really knows fuck all. She will talk about how great she is 24/7 and make every topic in a convo about her and how great she is. This type of woman is very unpleasant to be around and generally not worth being around except for maybe if you can get her to shut up long enough to put your dick in her mouth.
    An intelligent woman is IMO really just a down to earth gal who just gets on with life without tooting her own horn or making mountains out of molehills. Knows how life works and doesn’t pretend otherwise, and is usually much more pleasant to be around.
    The latter is becoming a very rare breed.

  17. It depends. Any woman going for a PhD in the humanities or social sciences has been exposed to a lot of leftiness and probably internalized it. The physical sciences aren’t that bad, but few women want to do that. MDs are all right, but you need an MD yourself to actually get one most times.
    ‘Intelligent’ refers to IQ, ‘intellectual’ to a personality type (high Openness to Experience if you’re going five-factor–it’s complicated but basically this is arts-and-sciences versus sports-and-business, theoretical vs practical). Bright women with low Openness usually pick a practical career and get married. Bright and not-so-bright women with high Openness are what the author is describing.

  18. Women are dogs, men are wolves.
    Dogs are highly capable of training and responding to social queues from people they perceive as their superiors. They can do any task that they are put to after rigorous training, however, independent problem solving skills are usually put off as a result of this. They can solve simple problems, but the more complex problems studies have shown time after time that they look “up to the human” to solve for them. By problem solving I mean solving a problem that is outside of the scope of the dog’s training.
    A wolf on the other hand can be, in the right hands, modestly trainable, but only with special care. However, the wolf has a sharp intelligence and a keen almost unique (outside of primates) ability to solve problems and cooperate with other wolves to accomplish puzzle solving. They are each one independent thinkers. So a wolf can perform the neat little tricks that a dog can (in proper hands and with proper upbringing) but they never stop being far more independent, wild and intellectually superior to dogs in the realm of abstract problem solving.

    1. I was actually about to make a similar point before reading this, but you spelled it out perfectly. “Intellectual” women can read, memorize, and regurgitate very well (I.e. do as they are trained). But when it comes to abstract thought and problem solving outside of their written purview, they’re lost, and oftentimes become emotional when those two things are necessary. When put in these positions, these supposed intellectuals resort to insults and screeching to “win” arguments.

  19. Speaking of intellectual women, I remembered back in my school days when some of friends wanted to set me up with this girl, just because they thought that we are on the same intellectual level. I was glad that it didn’t work out, because I knew back then that she was a complete hardcore liberal nutcase.

  20. You should only keep intellectual women around as fuck buddies or as subs in BDSM relationships. Otherwise, you will never be respected by them, and everything you say will be relentlessly analyzed, debated, challenged and found lacking. You will be in full beta mode for the rest of your life, desperately struggling to defend and justify everything that comes out of your mouth, no matter how casual you intended to be.

  21. I don’t believe there is such a thing as an “intellectual woman”. Intellect, to me, inplies the ability to employ logic and reason to a problem when it has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the female mind is utterly incapable of either logic or reason. She is only intelligent to the extent that it affects her ability to employ irrational emotion as a substitute for logic and reason.

    1. There are certainly a great many smart women out there. I would say the difference between men and women here is less a question of raw processing power (although men have the edge here I believe) as to do with the ways in which women reason and process information. They make different kinds of judgements, and yes, they do seem less capable of keeping emotion out of those judgements. I still think the Kohlberg / Gilligan debate is particularly revealing about the different ways in which women think. Hoff Sommers reviewed this and the surrounding debate and ended up making some very disparaging comments about feminist ideas relating to ‘womens’ ways of knowing’ concluding that there applying the intellect required precisely logic and reason: genuinely smart women emulate male logic and reasoning. Women who are smart in the ways that women are smart….they are a different kind of thing entirely

  22. “An intellectual woman tends to drown herself in progressive ideology, radical liberalism, and feminist dogma.”
    What would you call a woman who reads Von Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard?

  23. You just need to read Darwin again, says it all: Men need to prove themselves physically and “intellectually” superior to other men in competition for woman, where as women only need to prove themselves superior primarily through sexual attraction (Ask yourself what man wants a strong and intelligent woman?). Hence they were never biologically built or have never evolved to be intellectually competent. I sympathise with the fact that it’s a harsh reality for women but the mastery of concept and logos is simply beyond their reach. Look at the examples in History: Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Rousseau, Nietzsche….
    You’re hard pressed to find a female example and it’s not because of the Patriarchal system which held them back. A woman of the upper class or cast always had more privileges to persue what she desired much more so than a man from the lower class. You will realise a women who pretends to be an intellectual can not think outside the box or by herself but will often regurgitate some pop concept she heard from a uni professor. It’s a shame, they would be so much happier and much lovelier if they just acted and lived like women.
    My girlfriend for example: She knows what she is and where she stands and she’s all the more radiant for it.

    1. “Look at the examples in History: Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Rousseau, Nietzsche….”
      Most of them were homos ….. I don’t think they really count as men.

      1. Yeah, but most of these guys could kick ass. Aristotle was a war veteran and Plato was a famous wrestler in his youth. Hell his name is nickname given to him because of his broad shoulders.

      2. If you need a reference there are editions of Plato with pretty illustration for the spastic and cognitively impaired.

  24. Intelligent women “exist”, because men want to believe there exist someone similar to them, to bond with. Women want to think they are intelligent to get the attention of a man(mating), the better she imitates the man, the more likely the man will like her.
    They are followers, they memorize, they repeat. Men see in women a projection of themselves. The woman only needs to be the right stimuli and the man will like her.
    Intelligence is associated with masculinity, emotions with femininity. Dichotomical.

  25. She needs to suck my dick, look after the kids and keep the house clean. That’s all I ask. Is that so god damn complicated?

  26. “On some level, the thinking and reading man yearns for a woman who is a deep-thinker like himself whom he can share philosophical discussions with and create a meaningful bond over their enlightened ideas and conversations.”
    Does he really? Isn’t that what male friends are for?

  27. Maybe I’m late to realize this, but just look at the tell-tale high-T levels exhibited by one of two women (well one is *ostensibly* a woman) via their index/ring finger digit ratios. The lovely Melania Trump, one of the most beautiful women on Earth, vs. the scowling, perpetually angry, ball-busting and masculine ivy league “intellectual” Michelle O.

  28. I have been alive for many decades and never met a intelligent gal yet. I don’t care what level. They are good at Machiavellian but thats about it. This author is babbling

  29. With the amount of thirsty betas out there who constantly kowtow themselves to pussy worship on the daily, it’s any wonder women are behaving with these mannerisms. These cucks enable the poor behavior, along with the ever growing sense of entitlement, attention whoring, narcissism, all topped with a ‘my shit don’t stink’ grin.

      1. One of those sources to a great amount of this is definitely the internet. However, cutting that source would prove an impossible task, as it is only on the rise.

  30. So according to rok a women’s in telligence is not about SAT scores but if she knows which cock to blow.thats like saying tesla was a fuckup just becuase he didnt get laid

  31. Unfortunately, and especially with dumb down marking quotas, you can wrap a shoddy intellect in an attractive educated packaging.

  32. The problem for a pretty girl who wants to experiment with things like sex is simple. It is too easy to get what she wants.

    1. The thing is she doesn’t know what she wants. She is thinking sex but she really wants a relationship. she is taking the cart before the horse and in so doing is signing up for a decade long carousel ride instead

  33. I’m married to someone who thinks she’s intelligent–and it’s a pain in the ass because she’s never wrong (according to her anyway).
    Single fellas, there are only a handful of requirements needed for a good wife: faithful, loyal, kind, love children, keep your belly full, and your balls empty.

  34. I wanted to bring this up in a blog or an article, but I guess I can post a snippet here:
    The coming of the sex droids will be a game changer for men and cause blow back from women!
    1) Men want sex, food, and quiet. These are things women use as a weapon against men. If I want the sex from an attractive female, I have to trade resources; the sexier the female, the more resources I have to trade for it.
    Food and quiet: Most women either don’t cook, or don’t want to… why should they as men take them out to dinner in that pursuit of their vaginas. As for quiet, well you try and find a woman who keeps her mouth shut … just about impossible in the Untied States!
    2) Women rely on the pursuit of their vaginas for staple things such as food and housing. Sex, there are hundreds of stories of women who haven’t bought groceries in years because they are always being asked out on dates (lunch and dinner) in pursuit of their vaginas. Housing: Many women are giving free rent in exchange for their vaginas.
    Now what happens when men who can afford it (Men who otherwise would be spending their disposable cash on a BMW and nice wardrobe to attract the vagina) purchase a sex droid that looks and feels just like a real woman during sex? Answer: Women will see the sex droid as a threat to their bottom line and organize against it! You mark my words!
    Women today have French ticklers, dildos, clit stimulators, butt plugs, and screw machines… and that is OK. Now you wait and see what happens when men have artificial women that we can pull off the shelf, power on, service us, we power off and place back on the shelf (of course there will be some automated cleaning system in the sex droid so we don’t have to deal with it).
    Women are going to chimp out and I will love that day should I be alive to see it!

      Sexbots aren’t even a thing yet, and the feminists are already trying to ban them. Women know that if men can get sex without the clown routine that we will have little desire to have them around.
      The quote I always am reminded of is “if we didn’t want to fuck them, we wouldn’t have anything to do with them.”

        1. Yeah, I remember reading that awhile back. This is the automation that will really cripple the economy. When men can spend, lets say 10K on a sexbot (15K if She can also clean and maybe cook) to not have to deal with the possibility of a false rape allegation or the nagging of a gf/wife the economy drops off a cliff. All the other things men do to attract women like a high paying stressful job, a big house, fast car, designer clothes, and all the other material trappings that women seem geared to look for no longer hold any value beyond utility. Men will buy a good sexbot that lasts forever, never says no, never has a headache and never bitches about being unsatisfied with her station or placement in ones life and call it a done deal. Then men can have all the sex they want and recalibrate to only doing what they want, which for most men I know is pretty minmal. They will enjoy hobbies and leisure travel while working a fairly easy job and live a minimalistic lifestyle.
          Women on the other hand will be left barren, with no relationship, all the stress of an “important job” and herding cats when they get home.
          I look forward to the day this is reality, though I probably won’t see it in my lifetime.

        2. Good article. Women are clueless to the fact most men who aren’t in love, want nothing to do with women once their balls are drained. “(PLEASE LEAVE now), yadda yadda OK, Bye! See you later”
          Our brain wanders into intellectual pursuits and women take a back burner until the ballsac loads up again.
          Having high quality porn at will and basically free online, where the women do stuff the prudish GF won’t, can be more compelling than faking interest in her inane yakking until she strips and the action starts.
          Add VR awesome porn, with high quality synthetics who voice encouragement, don’t have all the nagging and ordering around (“no, not like that, do it like this, owww..”), will inevitably cause men to opt out.

    2. That shit’s fucked up. It’s just too fucked up. Who’s the clown now?
      “Hey cupcake, I’ve got some bungee cords. Wanna go for a ride on the back of my moped through the grocery store parking lot where all the cool people and rednecks hang out with their mud trucks?” “Then I’ll lock you onto the bike rack while I run into Subway and enjoy a tuna sub and cookie by myself. Aaah!”

    3. Even women who have jobs (esp in tech) and “support themselves” got their jobs by selling/having a vagina. Beta hiring managers and engineers fawn over women engineers and go easy on them in interviews. Always thirsty for feminine attention they aren’t getting elsewhere.

  35. i think i would be very disappointed in any kind of intellectual conversation with YOU, brock robinson. “cold reasoning” isn’t reasoning at all. it lacks a reason.

  36. Not all intellectual women are overtly sexual. In fact, learned women also tend to be more dedicated to their intellectual enrichment and future opportunities than in attracting mates. The word “intellectual” is, in fact, in direct contrast to our animalistic needs. Moreover, how can you create an emotional connection with someone less intelligent than you? Even so, I acknowledge that my definition of “intellectual” might differ from the article’s as it was not specified by the author.

    1. Men dont need a woman who is their “equal” – what good would that be for?
      As long as she is dead sexy, keeps our balls drained and can take good care for our children (plural) it is perfectly fine if she is blonde both in hair and spirit.
      On the other hand women.
      Women do need a man who is smarter, bigger and stronger than her. She needs to look up to her husband and captain of the family-ship.
      The higher educated a woman is the smaller her potential mating pool.
      The older a woman is, the lower her value all else beeing equal.
      Education takes time; as a result higher education is a double loss-loss for women.
      No wonder the mainstream media does everything possible to assure young girls the opposite. You have to trap them young to get them into corporate, state and fiscal whoredom. And the stupid masses blindly oblige.
      Dont be stupid.

  37. I’m enjoying these comments. I am a so-called “intellectual” woman, university educated. I was/am a conservative who didn’t buy into the liberal anti-male narrative, which resulted in plenty of blow-back, trust me, being that my higher education occurred in the 1970s. I found a man from a blue collar background at my university studying engineering. My background was well-off. You can imagine my parents response to my desire to marry him, but it’s worked out, 35 years later. I was so impressed he could fix any vehicle, fix a broken toilet, build things, start a vegetable garden. I didn’t know how to cook, and he did! He taught me how, which was a good thing, because after college he worked long hours and traveled frequently while I held down the fort. We’ve always been clear on what “the man” does and what “the woman” does. He has always loved that we can discuss ancient history, world politics, etc., as I am well-read and keep up as much as I can. Before children we had many adventures traveling the globe, weeks backpacking in the mountains, and even lived on our sailboat in the tropics.
    Not all “intellectual” women are liberal man-hating scum, though I do run across them occasionally and dislike them as much as most of you here. My response if they start male-bashing is to tell them: “Believe it or not, men are people, too.” I warn my son to not get involved with these types, but it’s also important to find a woman with half a brain.
    PS my husband IS my best friend. So what?

  38. A friend told me the women at work tried to set him up on a date. They asked, “You like intelligent women, don’t you?” He bit his tongue instead of replying, “Gee, I don’t think I’ve ever met one!”

  39. So true. Still trying to get past the mental block of feeling like I need to like or respect a woman in order to bang her.
    I got very lucky in the past with women who just surprised me with their keen intellect, after I was smitten with their femininity, sensuality and girly ness.

  40. It’s unfortunate that you all feel so intimidated by smart women that you feel the need to insult them.

  41. So why can’t you guys go back to writing articles that are actually insightful and not the same thing that has been published twenty-times before?

  42. This is a stupid premise. All intelligent women realize they have a limited shelf-life, but even stupid women know this. It’s just a question if they have the self-esteem to act on it.
    Most of the women I’ve met that were the least faithful were alcoholics and drug addicts, and then the mercenary type who were out to find the most reliable guy, which I often was not myself when younger. You couldn’t exactly blame them. Sometimes the seemingly stupidest women can look through your lies better than the smart ones, who mistakenly want to see both sides of the story.
    However, some of the stupidest women I’ve ever met were by far the most mercenary, because they didn’t have the depth to look past the most base levels of gender roles. Plus, smarter people understand the world, and then see the contradictions and failings and decide to try to enjoy life on some level, instead of being raw moronic mercenaries out for a pathetic social and economic climb. Not only that, stupid women follow current trends to a tee, which I cannot stand, care more about designer labels, accept being complete drunks, think classical music and art galleries are stupid, etc.
    I have always preferred at least somewhat self-aware women. Intelligence helps immensely. Your premise that stupid women are preferable shows you must look for some real toads. What’s the point of having a stupid woman anyway, once you’ve banged her? Much better to be proud of when your woman opens her mouth in front of your friends and family than embarrassed. This almost matters more than the sex, although yes, some stupid women are great, wild lays. Those ones are usually the most unfaithful, however.

  43. Oh wow. Is this something you and your like-minded male followers will be teaching to you own daughters as well? That female intelligence is measured by her willingness to please a man and be a great mother and wife?
    I think someone has to update himself to the current year. Ironic how this entire blog post makes it sound like as if being a wife to man was the highest level of achievement there is to a woman – as if it was the ultimate source of happiness. Yeah buddy, I’m sure that it would be amazing to be married to a man who basically thinks that you are illogical and just plain stupid and that your main job is to run the household, give birth and look after his offspring. And of course, she should prepare herself for this task from the day she’s born through her younger years. She should save her sexuality for this specific Prince Charming. Just to be disrespected by a man who sees her as a dumb servant taking care of his needs.
    Well, it turns out that you are wrong. It’s us modern women who in fact – can have it all. We don’t have to kneel in front of men anymore since we work and support ourselves. We study in the same universities with men, we compete about the same jobs with men. Hired by men, working side by side with men, even managing men. That’s because we are capable of that. And if we are lucky, we’ll find partners who are mature, loyal and respectful individuals. Who’ll accept us with their past and flaws and we’ll accept them, as the imperfect human beings they are. If there’s no such men on the market, it’s better to be an oldmaid than married to a man who only sees you as convenience – a subject – someone with no own thoughts, hopes, dreams or opinions. Such marriage isn’t a prize, it isn’t a trophy and it’s no where desirable nor should it be a goal for any woman with brain and sense of self-respect.
    I think the writer of this blog should get a dog. Whereas she might be a bitch, you can lawfully keep her in a leash so that she won’t chase other bones.

  44. So very well written. I very much try to impart this wisdom to my nieces and the daughters of friends. Feminism has robbed women of their very nature and has created a global misery.

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