99 thoughts on “Do Girls Who Wear Chokers Want To Be Treated Like Dogs?”

  1. Is it a bad thing? After our third date, without telling her, i wrapped a collar around her neck and with a BDSM type leash and she’s been whipped since.
    Give them what they can’t get elsewhere and they’ll never leave.

    1. i find chokers very sexy – no problem here…
      on the flip side you could say the same thing about a man wearing a tie – talk about collar and lead.

  2. Historically, the choker represents a woman’s sexual promiscuity, or in other words, her sexual “freedom”. As strictly a fashion statement (not intended for BDSM), a choker actually symbolizes the opposite of what Roosh’s implication of it is.

    1. Yes, historically the choker was worn by prostitutes but later on it became popular also with ballerinas and queens.
      It’s really just a fashion trend. I wear delicate choker necklaces fairly often and I haven’t had sex in a year..

        1. Probably, already, the person in question is getting “enough” of what you are offering ! Vegetables, Vibrators, Self Satisfaction !
          No offense to that person; just wanted to mention available “alternatives/options” !

    1. If you’re treating them as such “as long as you allow them to be”, aren’t you therefore encouraging the behavior? I thought the goal was to diminish female promiscuity, since you infer it to be a negative attribute?

      1. My point was in that women are actual whores because we allow them to be like that.

    2. you’re wrong – treat her like a whore behind closed doors, but demand she behave like a lady the rest of the time. that’s the formula. publically breaking open pandora’s box is a bad idea.

      1. that is the magic ticket. too bad the only stabilizing force in history, the patriarchy, is accosted by all sides by sneaky kikes, sand monkeys, cucked numales, and a hundred other fleas.

      2. Oh, but women these days have no problem acting like whores. They feel socially rewarded by telling everyone how much they get laid. I agree with you for an LTR, but I don’t think it really matters taking into account their default behavior.

    1. I’ve seen some celebrities wearing these chokers. And sometimes they come from an abusive household like Rihanna. She is always wearing chokers and locks and a few years ago, she said she likes being submissive in bed and she used to sing that song about sadomasochism.
      So yes definitely a sign about a woman that wants to be controlled.

      1. People like to pretend that Rihanna “forgave” Chris Brown. In reality, she enjoys being abused by him.
        A bit too far for my tastes. I am a dom in bed but I don’t like beating my gf otherwise. But that’s the way it is with Rihanna.

    2. They are desperate for an alpha male. But the failed generation AKA millennials don’t offer many real men at all.

  3. My current gf wears chokers, and I do choke her, very lightly, in the sack. Can’t say she’s too crazy for it though.

        1. That’s true. You can count on any humorous exaggeration to taken literally by the retards.

  4. This is true. My current GF wears chokers and I choke her to the point of near unconsciousness. Its like she has an out of body experience and she comes back to reality with the biggest smile on her face and a look of pure ecstasy for me in her eyes. She says she loves feeling my grip and completely being at my mercy, and her orgasms are more powerful when I choke her.
    Girls want to be dominated. Choking is a great way to do it.

    1. What if you accidentally strangle her too much and she dies…? Think about this…Woman does this to a man – it was an unfortunate accident. Man does this to a woman – do you think the police will buy your story?

      1. Dead woman with bruises all over her neck, or pissed off woman with bruises all over her neck making an assult/rape complaint ………
        I’m thinking he needs a signed and witnessed consent form. Some guys take too many risks.

      2. When you choke a woman properly, you are squeezing the cartoid artery, not attempting to strangle her. That’s Domination 101, man.

        1. yeah…maybe i should have picked vegeta instead… or maybe piccolo since namekians are asexual. lol

  5. personally i’ve always see it like them saying hey “look at me i wear these because not only because i am inferior to you but i want to be owned YOU MOTHERF***** OWN ME!!! PUT YOUR FUCKING LEASH ON ME RIGHT NOW AND TAKE ME WITH YOU” its just their sub-conscious manifesting

  6. Chicks with chokers are usually signalling that they’re into erotic asphyxiation. Maybe its from a childhood experience of gasping for breath in the pool and being rescued by a lifeguard, or sneaking one of her parents cigarettes. Or more likely, they have trouble achieving orgasm, and they need the asphyxiation to drop their serotonin, shoot up their heart rate and give their vaginal and pelvic muscles the shot of endothelial nitric oxide so they can squirt and twitch.

    1. Seriously, If I was out in the woods hunting and saw this I would shoot it out of fear it might attack my kids!

    2. Why do I think people like that deserve summary execution? It’s not like they’re normal humans who should be allowed to roam freely.

  7. Im not into the choking thing, but different strokes for different folks. Maybe if she is ill just buy a shock collar like they have for dogs who try to run away when they get outside.

  8. I’ve seen some celebrities wearing these chokers. And sometimes they come from an abusive household like Rihanna. She is always wearing chokers and locks and a few years ago, she said she likes being submissive in bed and she used to sing that song about sadomasochism. That’s a sign about a woman wanting to be dominated.

  9. 50 Shades of Grey is popular because women want to be dominated by a real man. Especially in an extra cucked world. An alpha dom is a rare commodity now.
    This is probably why feminists hate the book. And try to shame women who like the book. They do not like the truth it reveals.

    1. This isn’t quite true. The reason 50 Shades is disliked is bc it presents a glaring glamorization of abuse that is not present in BDSM. It’s not just feminists who hate it, the BDSM community hates it as well. As someone who is a submissive female/would prefer a BDSM relationship w/ a man, I found 50 Shades very stupid and very dangerous. Christian Grey is not a real Dom. He even says so himself in the story- it was kind of forced upon him since he was molested at age 15.

        1. From what I understand, she is right about the BDSM community not really caring for 50SOG. Whether or not the main character is an “Alpha Dom” is something I wouldn’t know (nor care to, TBQH).

        2. I don’t mean to overstep, just acknowledging the complexity of the matter. Well within your right to ban my account.

        3. So, nobody admits to liking this movie. Why does it exist then? Why would somebody waste their money and time to see this piece of filth? Reminds me of that Humpback mountain that came out around 2005. You had these “nuanced” hipsters going out to watch this film, It was supported and praised by the leftists for being “edgy”. Why not just call yourself a spade and go watch some gay or BDSM porn if you are into that. It wont be too long until movies glamorizing pedophilia or bestiality are going to come out.

        4. On bestiality, I’m a bit surprised that Toni Morrison’s Beloved (or, as college students might term it, Reviled) hasn’t been made into a movie.

        5. There are thousands of movies people didn’t want that happen to exist. No one “wanted” Human Centipede. No one “wanted” most Adam Sandler movies, and yet they still exist.
          And some people watch bad movies because 1) They’re curious, 2) They actually think it’ll be good, 3) It’s their job to watch and review basically everything that comes out.

      1. Its fiction. It doesn’t have to follow the rules of real life. Talking of life, it seems like you need one

        1. yes and people died falling off tall buildings because they thought they were superman or in the Matrix. Idiots exist everywhere. When you write a story or make a film you don’t have to follow exactly how things are in real life that’s why its called fiction. BRB writing a story where some religious nutter kills people but followers of said religion complain wah wah this story is not following the true path of my religion wah its a story get over it.

      2. the whole bdsm community,as well as that filthy book is nothing but perversion so i could care less what they think…

    2. 50 Shades of Grey is hated by the BDSM community because it doesn’t follow the guidelines of safe, sane and consensual that all BDSM requires… It gives the community a bad name and a unrealistic appearance. Furthermore, it romanticizes abuse and mental disorders, which can cause many problems. Love isn’t something you force onto people. People shouldn’t be forced to be submissive outside of the bedroom because that’s abuse…

    3. Isn’t 50 Shades ultimately about a homely, unremarkable chick being the one to “domesticate” the billionaire bondage playboy?

  10. Great piece. Tremendous insight by Rush. This is the very reason I have always refused to wear a neck tie.

      1. I never understood a woman’s interest in lavish, frivolous gifts. So, your boyfriend/husband is stupid with money. What is the point? Are you trying to show who’s boyfriend is the stupidest?

        1. My husband would never buy me something like that and I would never ask. I would also never buy that for myself. I do agree that stuff like that is frivolous I just thought it was pretty.

    1. Worthless piece of crap.
      Imagine all the great things yhat vould be had for the money spent on shiny trinkets.

  11. this reminds me of a time i saw a girl wearing a choke collar that said “BITCH” on it… i told her “youre a lovely looking woman,why do you choose to wear something that degrades and dehumanizes yourself?” she got all pissy,and was saying it wasnt degrading,etc. so i said “whatever,bitch.” then she got mad because i called her a bitch, and then some captain save-a-ho came defending her.. he said “just because shes wearing jewelry that says shes a bitch doesnt mean you can go calling her one,you asshole!”

  12. why are so many men on here boasting about their women wearing choker collars? not a chance in hell would my wife be wearing one of those. she wouldnt want to anyways,but even if she did want to,id not allow it. what kind of decent man would actually want his wife to dress like some kind of harlot?

    1. What kind of a “decent” woman would actually want to “deprive” her MAN of sex, something that she enjoys as much as her MAN (probably more) and for FREE !?
      What kind of a “decent” woman would actually want to “blame” her MAN for not doing “household chores”, knowing well that her MAN works all day to provide for the family !?
      Many more questions… but no “decent” answers !!

  13. Typical daddy issues slut trying to look artsy and fashionable, when in reality her choker is the equivalent to a prisoner sagging his pants.

  14. I’ve always thought chokers were pretty hot, personally. Certainly doesn’t indicate wife material, but a good bang is probably a safe bet.

  15. According to the Generation Why podcast, women will wear stuff because they think they will look good in them and that they aren’t dressing up for guys, but for themselves and probably for each other since so many of them are into fashion and clothes and stuff: http://thegenerationwhypodcast.com/podcast/category/rape-culture
    This brings up a thought, if a white guy has visible swastika tattoos showing, does that give another person the right to grab an m1 garand and shoot the guy with the swastika tattoo? If a gamer wears a shirt depicting violent knights or warriors from some popular video game title, does that give another person the right to grab a sword or machete and attack the gamer in melee combat?

  16. They will only like being treated like dogs if you offer cash, prizes, freedom from work and a very nice place to live.

  17. I always wondered why women responded or treated you better if you yanked their hair or pulled their bra strap instead of being “respectful”.

  18. I never understood the dog collar thing… Chokers are jewelry but a dog collar is a dog collar. Guess it’s supposed to be a rebel punk thing but it just screams ‘I’m a moron” to me. I could never accept a woman dumb enough to wear a dog collar in public.

  19. On my hierarchy, women are considerably below dogs. Thus, being “treated like a dog” would be a significant promotion.

  20. Where is the strong man to dominate then to give them the fantasy they want?
    Not on their terms. They don’t deserve the high quality man. They barely deserve the weak omega male.

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