Are Six Pack Abs Really Worth It?

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A great body is great. But a set of shredded six pack abs is the pinnacle of aesthetic achievement when it comes to men’s fitness; and for good reason.

For starters, a six pack has shown to be the ultimate weapon when it comes to slaying the pick-up game (just ask Connor Murphy). However as we’ll uncover in this article, the benefits of having six pack abs go far beyond cracking the code of female attraction.

But let me first make one thing clear; along with great abs, comes great responsibility – If you want to reap the rewards of having a shredded six pack, then you’ll have to withstand the inevitable grind that comes along with achieving them.

Cons Of Having Six Pack Abs As A Man

You Can’t Eat At McDonald’s.

It should come as no surprise that eating off the dollar menu won’t get you McShredded. Not only that, but it also super sizes your chances of suffering from long-term health complications that are linked to eating highly modified fast foods – Hint: You’ll be McDiabetic before you hit the age of retirement.

Now I’m not saying you have to follow some miserably strict diet in order to get a ripped six pack – But what I am saying is that if you have a fast food habit that involves eating anything deep fried, battered, or artificially sweetened – you need to give it a swift McKick. Instead, choose fast foods that are baked, grilled or prepared fresh; like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl or Chick-Fil-A’s Grilled Chicken Wrap.

You Need To Spend Time In The Gym.

Hate to break it to you, but there’s no magic wand for your waistline – A hard midsection takes hard work.

So if you’re going to make getting ripped six pack abs a priority, you’re going to need to manage your free time a bit differently. You’ll need to determine which exercises are best for achieving the sculpted six pack you’re looking for and also lay out a weekly workout schedule, one that you can commit to.

Otherwise you’ll end up like a lot of guys do – aimlessly wandering from machine to machine, hoping that “an honest effort” will pay off (spoiler alert: it never does).

Gym Memberships Ain’t Cheap.

The average cost of a standard gym membership these days is between $80 to $220 a month, and that’s not including the start-up fee, personal training package or group fitness add-ons. Tally that up with the gas fee from traveling to and from the gym every day, and you’re looking at a pretty substantial investment in both money and time – two assets that most guys can’t seem to get enough of.

Now the price of getting ripped six pack abs might appear to be pretty steep – but the price of being out of shape can be even more costly down the road. It can cost you your confidence, your self-image and most notably, your chances of getting laid.

It Can Be Hard To Find A Trainer You Trust.

Social media has reshaped the frontier of fitness. Instead of setting up one of those awkward in-person training consultations, you can just kick back and shop around online for fitness advice – but with so many options, it can be difficult to find the advice you need to get into killer shape.

The reality? Any tool bag with a mediocre six pack and an Instagram account is now “accepting clients” in their DM.

Now don’t get me wrong, many of these self proclaimed fitness gurus may know a thing or two when it comes to taking a mean selfie, but when it comes to helping other guys attain their own selfie-worthy six pack, well – lighting and Adobe Photoshop skills don’t really apply.

It’s like this: Asking a ripped guy (whether it’s at the gym or on social media) how to get ripped without knowing his training background or credentials is like buying a used car from a salesmen without looking at the vehicle history report.

If you don’t get qualified advice that’s scientifically validated and suitable to your personal needs, you could potentially be investing in a huge mistake – a mistake that your health may have to pay for. So don’t write checks that your six pack can’t cash.

Pros Of Having Six Pack Abs As A Man

Six Packs Score Female Attention.

It’s true that some women think that the six pack look is “too extreme”, which is why so many dudes are shamelessly sporting dad bods these days (and are somehow still pulling chicks, regardless of looking like a sack full of sloppy joes).

In my opinion, women don’t actually think dad bods are attractive – Instead, what they really find attractive about the dad bod is the fact that there will be no pressure for her to look a certain way nor will she ever be threatened by other women lusting after him since, well, he’s a slob.

That being said, whether a woman thinks that abs are overkill or she’s a dedicated dad bod devotee, the bottom line is… A six pack will always make her look. Even if she doesn’t consciously mean to, when a girl sees a guy who has ripped six pack abs, she can’t help but notice… And in most cases, stare.

Since it’s harder for women to achieve the same rock hard midsection that men are capable of building (estrogen being the culprit), they instantly feel a psychological attraction to the level of dedication and discipline required to achieving the physical paramount that is a ripped six pack. This means that by simply taking your shirt off, you’ll be the center of attention – can you say confidence boost?

You’ll Have More Energy In The Tank.

When you exercise, your body is using energy (calories). If you’re on a mission to get a ripped six pack and start exercising on a daily basis, your body will automatically increase the amount of energy it produces because it already knows you’ll be burning through tons more energy than normal.

This is the basic science of how your metabolism works.

When we do nothing, our body knows that it won’t be needing energy, so it produces very little. This is why when we lay around and bum it up all day we tend to still feel tired – even if all we did was veg out. However, when we start doing ab shredding workouts, we use a lot more energy than usual. As a result, the body increases its energy output in anticipation for the next workout and uses up a ton of energy.

More Abs, More Money.

We already know that getting a ripped six pack is the ultimate conquest for a head-turn worthy appearance, but what most of us fail to grasp is how having six pack abs can actually earn you more money in the workplace.

And no, I’m not talking about Magic Mike-ing your way to a higher income.

In a new study published in the June issue of the Journal of Labor Research, researchers have found that employees who regularly exercise earn 9% more than their lazier counterparts.

Furthermore, guys who work out regularly, as in at least three times per week, are more productive at work than those who don’t, according to research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Those who get sufficient exercise also miss fewer workdays (bosses really like), according to the same study. Those absences can translate to lost income and lost opportunities for advancement.

Finally, guys who are in incredible shape live longer, so their nest egg will rack up more interest.

Plain and simple… Being in shape gets you ahead in life.

The Conclusion

So as you are now realizing, having six pack abs can really change your life.

They make it much easier to attract women, contribute to a more energetic lifestyle, and can even help you advance your career and your wallet. But the reality is that six pack abs don’t just miraculously appear – For the most part, men have to dedicate time and effort to get abs.

But what if there was a solution that allowed you to get six pack abs, but which did it in the fastest and easiest possible way?

Besides being fast and easy – what if you didn’t need to give up the enjoyment of eating your favorite foods to get ripped?

Plus – can you imagine how shredded you’d be if you could skip through all the trial and error and bypass wasting time on worthless workouts and instead learn the exact training methods for getting six pack abs?

Workouts that only take you 30 minutes or less, just a few days a week? Better yet, workouts that you don’t need a gym membership, personal trainer or any equipment to do but that still give you killer results?

Look no further, the ultimate shortcut to ripped six pack abs already exists – To watch a free video demonstration of how to get abs fast, click below.

VIDEO: See How Easy It Is To Finally Get The Six Pack You’ve Always Wanted

In that video you’ll learn more about the secret to burning fat rapidly – it’s called the Afterburn Effect. Once you understand the simple formula for how to trigger this effect, your body will be able to continue burning calories for up to 48 hours after each of your workouts.

And you can see exactly how to trigger this effect right now. Just watch the video and get started shredding our your six pack today.

VIDEO: The Smart Way To Get Six Pack Abs

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110 thoughts on “Are Six Pack Abs Really Worth It?”

      1. I had to ask at one point….
        Apparently its some Miracle Wonder Supplement of dubious effectiveness.

      2. It’s a supplement that does wonders.
        As one of many Kratom advocates I often get ask “Is Kratom safe?
        Not if you don’t take it.
        We aren’t endorsing the ingestion, we are simply asking you to possess it. Remember, this is a plant placed on the planet by the creator. It is completely free. The cost only reflects the price of harvesting, packing, distribution and marketing. This plant can maximize your strength training and libido simply by researching it.
        I believe Kratom can have a stunning effect on your life with a proper regime of exercise, a healthy diet, positive cash flow, a sound credit history, self-confidence, intellect, an education and a stable of already sane fuckable women. Regardless of the negativity found here. Buying Kratom works. It’s also carbon neutral, gluten free, cage free and recyclable. The plant was harvested during an Equinox in a solemn ceremony by a woman-owned company that’s passionate about heath and an equal opportunity employer.
        With any supplement there are risks, depending on the dosage, altitude, humidity, speed, rate of descent, ego and the lack of any of the additions listed above (exercise, diet, etc.)
        In some rare cases it may cause death, as we’d like to say “Transitioning to a higher plane of existence.” (We have to make this statement because of lawyers.)
        8 out of ten paid actors dressed up in lab coats recommended Kratom.
        Kratom is natural. Like Uranium and fossil fuels, Kratom is a 100% natural product. It comes from the earth like pit vipers and huge spiders. People say fossil fuels are bad but it powers some awesome luxury cars and luxury cars get you laid. How is that bad for you?

  1. […] choose fast foods that are baked, grilled or prepared fresh; like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl […]
    Extra Kratom, hold the salmonella.

  2. The six pack, or eight pack (and if you’re a genetic freak a ten pack) are the epitome of an aesthetic healthy human body. Understandable due to some body types, even if lean and muscular, will not be so vascular or shredded, but to live your whole life without this feature is a waste in the least.

    1. idk about that man… i never did have much of a 6 pack. i was in good shape too,and didnt have hardly any fat. but all i had was a little outline of my abs.

      1. I’m a stocky fellow (not in the overweight way, but in a bone density and spread way). Moreover, I have been a singer for so long that my ribcage flares subtly outward, meaning that at least the top section of my abs is nearly impossibly to make visible.
        And that’s fine. Some of the weakest, least manly guys I’ve ever met had six-packs; I have a beard and the ability to physically pick up chicks.
        …except fatties. I can, but I won’t.

  3. This is among the most interesting sponsored posts so far. Well done.
    A few points, though:
    – You don’t have to go to the gym to get abs. Similar results can be achieved with leg raises, accordion crunches, planks, and other calisthenic exercises. Lifting is just fun and manly.
    – Burning fat is simple, it’s just not easy. Visceral fat is usually the result of fructose and excess carb consumption (different mechanisms, same fat placement). You need to cut these to near zero and bump up your fat consumption.
    – Abs are nice, but until your shirt is off women can’t see it. Broad shoulders and chest serve you better on the attractiveness scale.
    If you want a simple regimen for fat loss, here’s a sample meal plan:
    Breakfast: Black coffee with heavy cream, butter, or coconut oil (cream goes down easier, but the others burn fat better) – no sugar
    Lunch: 3 eggs, scrambled in butter, with bacon or ground beef
    Dinner: Seared pork chops, small portion of mashed potatoes where the liquid content is butter, cream, and/or half-and-half (low glycemic index, very filling)
    Snacks: spoonful of coconut oil, pat of butter, cheese crisps (put cheese in the oven or on a pan and cook until crispy), etc.
    Drinks: coffee, tea, or water (no sweeteners)

    1. The meal plan works because you really have two mechanisms for energy production: one for carbs, and one for fats. Your body readily transitions to carb consumption, but it’s usually slower to transition to fat consumption.
      By virtually eliminating carbs (though not completely – dinner has potatoes, which satisfy cravings while avoiding some of the pitfalls of grains or legumes) and keeping them to one meal per day, you spend the majority of your time consuming fat. The protein provided (particularly the eggs) is sufficient to maintain your body while not so excessive as to force their conversion to carbohydrates (which your body does when it’s got more protein than it can reasonably handle).
      In addition, coffee and tea stimulate your metabolism slightly, as does coconut oil (oddly enough). This helps your body regulate itself more easily.

    2. great…only thing id say is replace the mashed potatoes with some broccoli or something. ive found i cant have carby foods without binging. plus,you reach ketosis if you leave the carbs out.

      1. The carb craving is real. I’m fighting it again after lapsing for a couple of years.
        I find that planning some carbs at the end of my day focuses my craving, and dosing it keeps me from going on a binge (also known as a cheat-forever).

      2. Or use cauliflower (fresh) as as sub for potatoes. Steam-cook, mash or blend with cheeses and cream/milk. Serve alone or as a casserole with doses of bacon and melted cheddar, etc.

        1. i do like some cauliflower… that said,i only eat frozen or canned vegetables.. fresh ones usually go bad before i eat them lol

  4. In all honesty, there comes a point there there are serious diminishing returns to working out. A total gym rat may even have a lower SMV than a guy who works out a less, but spends time and effort establishing SMV through skill development, social networking, and developing intellectual pursuits.

    1. Balance in all things. No one likes the meathead because all he has is muscle, but no one likes the fat neckbeard even if he’s a l33t haxxor.

      1. I have a 4 pack, been that way since I was 21 or 22 (used to have 6 pack). I will do about 1/2 hour of exercise a day. Long term maintenance is key.

        1. All in all, I spend maybe an hour each week in the gym, or two hours a week when I can’t be assed to get in (so I have to work the heavy bag and do calisthenics). High intensity is my game, because I just don’t like working out.
          I love how I feel when it’s done, though.

        2. It doesn’t take a lot. Eating clean, 3-4 short weight sessions a week, and 2.5 miles walking the dog every day and at 37, I am in the best shape of my life.

        3. I used to be in better shape, I put myself through college by throwing lumber in a sawmill. It was only a couple years ago that I decided to get back on track.

      2. I have really gotten into tabletop gaming (Warhammer 40k) and have recently started going to my local game store to play. While nowhere near the level of unhealthiness as players of D&D or Magic, there is a whole lot of paunch there. Like, damn, go across the street and buy a black coffee instead of sucking down 32 oz. Monster Energies.
        However, I have noticed that having physique even when it comes to board games gives you a good mental advantage over your slovenly opponent.

        1. Especially wargames. There’s a psychological break when they’re pretending to be tough warriors and someone who at least looks like their ideal challenges them.
          Of course, the charismatic advantage of fitness works well in a bunch of other games. I used to play Magic, and it usually wasn’t until the second game that people realized I had shit cards and didn’t really give much of a fuck about winning and losing. That first game sometimes even went my way, because they were so unnerved they missed golden opportunities.

    2. “In all honesty, there comes a point there there are serious diminishing returns to working out. A total gym rat may even have a lower SMV than a guy who works out a less, but spends time and effort establishing SMV through skill development, social networking, and developing intellectual pursuits.”

    3. I know several guys that are in great shape, have abs and muscular arms, but have no idea how to talk to or attract women.

      1. It is not that uncommon. Guys who are relatively shy try to compensate by hitting the gym hard. Nothing against them, but there are better ways to go about it.

  5. Have they came out with injectible Kratom yet? If not, why haven’t we got our nuclear physicists working on it?

        1. I snorted a line of Kratom once and every girl I had ever had sex with at any point in my life all had a simultaneous squirting orgasm.

        2. Some men put potpourri and other smelly shit around the house when ladies come by.
          I just open a bag of Kratom. The seal pops, and her clothes fly off.

        3. Careful if you have sex on kratom then whatever hatches from the girls chestplate is destined to threaten mankind.

    1. injecting kratom would be like hearing the voice of god…no mortal could withstand. Kratom needs to be transmitted through the seraphim that is its powdered form

    2. I just smear Kratom all over my body and let it sink into my pores. Highly effective.

      1. I have my wife smear chocolate syrup all over my body and lick it off. Does that count for anything?

  6. You know what? We need to start making low-budget commercials reflecting the majesty of Kratom!
    Two guys sitting on the couch, one pops Kratom, and the other guy is suddenly replaced with two half-naked 10’s. The couch becomes a bed, his eyes roll up into his head, and cut to black.

    1. Wimpy guy (I’m envisioning Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters) standing outside the gym, tries to get cute girls’ attention and they laugh him off. Pops Kratom, suddenly in the gym deadlifting multiple plates (and clearly just wimpy guy’s face photoshopped on someone else) while girls kneel around him begging for his number.
      Cut to black. “Kratom!”

      1. What Taignobias said, their early sponsored posts were over the top ads for kratom. They were considered so cheesy it became a running joke that kratom was a mixture of super soldier serum and the one ring to rule them all.
        Soon as I saw that it was a sponsored post I immediately skipped to the comments to read kratom jokes.

    1. I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night but, I DID have a hit of Kratom.

  7. Good points made about the cons of six pack abs. The video, while entertaining, let’s be honest, the females in it were somewhat coerced. Ok so the dude was able to weasel some phone numbers from a few skanks, and I’m certain all these bitches immediately blocked his number once the number exchange was made.
    The vast majority of hot bitches I have seen (hotter looking than the females in that video) were with guys who were average to ugly. These men had one or more of what really matters to chicks: fame, status, money, or drugs.
    If you want six pack abs, fine. But do so for yourself – not to impress females.

      1. Yep .. never work out with a female in mind – Its pedestalization. Its also weird. Abs are not going to earn you more money, or turn you from a chump –and working out is not going to give you more energy if you eat like crap. Obsession is a fools errand as well. 40 hours at the Gym .. get a mental grip. Walking around with your shirt off is weird as well. Sure, a chick will look more but there is an entire package and this is just part of the cheese.
        Also, never understood the gym thing— you can buy free weights for a few hundred and a few workout videos/run outside and do just as well.

    1. Yep. Unless you are a perpetually shirtless (“can you tell me which way to the gym?”) bro, she won’t even know you have abs until she puts her hands on you – or clothes are already dropping. IME, once she puts her hand on/around your chest, she’s in the bag. But it is nice to see her eyes light up a bit when she realizes the frame matches the frame.
      Abs are a reflection of low body fat. The actual musculature is not that difficult to attain. Most men already have “abs”, they just happen to be hidden beneath some fat. Generally, less fat, more abs.
      Body fat, particularly the visceral kind that tends to collect around the belly/waist is linked to Type 2, insulin resistance, and heart disease. Probably ED too, though I tend to think that driven more by *her* fat.
      Drop the fat because it feels good. Taignobias has it nailed below. Gotta dial back the simple sugar/alcohol/carbs and mix in some HIIT. Even 30 mins 1x per week makes a difference.
      I skip rope. Its horribly boring. But I can do it anywhere and I do, because I love beer. Also, curls-for-the girls, lotsa curls, like Connor “the Closer” McCurls.

    2. “But do so for yourself – not to impress females”
      Everything we do consciously or subconsciously we do it to better our chances of attracting a partner. Its built into us evolutionary. Even if you do things for yourself you are ultimately doing it for the opposite sex

      1. ” Even if you do things for yourself you are ultimately doing it for the opposite sex”
        My point is that it is NOT the six pack abs that gets the chicks.

  8. a lot of this is not so…find a trainer? not necessary. gym membership? not necessary.
    you can get in shape from stuff in your back yard. i was in my best shape ever from just bodyweight workouts i did at the park. that and a simple diet,very low in carbs.

  9. Ah, yes. It is a sponsored article, ahem, ad.
    The short answer to the question: NO!
    1. Game trumps everything. An old, overweight man can still bang 8’s and 9’s consistently with solid game. Yes, it can be done. Isn’t that the goal of game, to get laid?
    2. More than one study (e.g. survey) reveals that the first thing women check out on a man’s body is his BUTT! She’s going to rate you on many things besides any six-pack, or lack thereof. And if you’ve got your game on, and you’re in reasonable shape (e.g. somewhat of the desired v-profile), then by the time she sees your abs, she’s already in the bag. If she’s DTF, not having a six-pack is not going to be a deal breaker. If you’re not sure about this, get her bra/panties off before your shirt comes off.
    The only exception I can think of to these two points if you’re trolling for 9’s & 10’s in on the beach where guys are both shirtless, and many are rocking six-packs. In other words, your belly is visible and the competition is stiff,, or hard, or whatever you call a six-pack. Don’t know or care as I’m not putting in the effort to get a six-pack.

    1. Old and overweight guys aren’t banging girls with game. Stop lying to yourself keyboard PUA. Some will have hot chicks due to power and money, nothing else.

      1. Ok sphyer6, whatever you say. I’ll pass that along to my harem for an entertaining laugh. I can only speculate you do not possess either sufficient character or charisma, much less cash, to do what I do. I have younger guys less than half my age wanting a crack at some of the girls I bang. And I bang them not because I have money. I certainly don’t spend it on the bitches, even though I do have it. I’m simply better at game at my geriatric age than you could hope to be. But what am I saying. You’re a fucking Casanova now, and always will be, right slick?
        Once again, you show the man-o-sphere to be the boy-o-sphere. Keep up the good work. Unlike the local tribe down here who benefits from my years of experience with not only women, but life in general, you’ll fail to learn from those who’ve gone before you — who accomplished what you hope to accomplish long before “game” was even a monkier for picking up banging chicks.

  10. By the time they’ve seen your six pack, they’ve already stripped you (unless you walk around topless), so it can’t make any difference.

  11. Six pack are faggy in my book. Huge arms , chest and shoulders are what makes you look and feel masculine.

  12. Six pack are faggy in my book. Huge arms , chest and shoulders are what makes you look and feel masculine.

  13. How can not eating McDonald’s be a con of having a six pack? Eating that shit only contributes to piss poor health and tastes like crap, anyway. There’s no pros to eating McDonald’s, whatsoever.

  14. Six pack abs are worth it if:
    1) You have the passion to do it for self confidence, not for chicks
    2) You use online game as your primary tool
    Otherwise, no.

  15. You don’t need a six pack. You do need a v-taper, and you can get it in a couple of months simply by lifting and eating only steak and eggs fried in butter. You can get a six pack the same way; it just takes longer.
    Diet is key; eat too many carbs, and you’ll look like a power lifter.

  16. Now the price of getting ripped six pack abs might appear to be pretty
    steep – but the price of being out of shape can be even more costly down
    the road.

    So if you don’t have a six pack then you’re not in shape?
    I find that hard to believe.

  17. You must stay fit, of course, but you have to do it for YOURSELF, not for women. Women are attracted to money, show 6packs on the left and a briefcase full of money on the right, guess where the slut goes first?

    1. “You must stay fit, of course, but you have to do it for YOURSELF, not for women. Women are attracted to money, show 6packs on the left and a briefcase full of money on the right, guess where the slut goes first?”
      You’re a man of letters. This is exactly what I wanted to say, but you did so more efficiently.

    2. One can bang some of the hottest girls on the planet, if one has money. I know this for a fact, first hand. But what I also know for a first hand fact is that they will never, ever DESIRE you because of money. Just the opposite. They will, sooner or later, resent and have disdain for you. 20 years ago I met an escort who wanted out, and at first we got along fine. But after a few months her disdain for me was very obvious. She eventually went back to her puny, lazy, broke, chihuahua like pot smoking/selling ex, a guy whose neck I could have snapped like a twig, and who I could buy and sell about a million times over. I was glad to be rid of her.
      And she is just one example I can give of this type of disdain, there are many more…

      1. That’s why men seek women simply for who they are, women see men as a tool to get what they want. Women real love is for kids, not for you.

  18. The reason to have a six-pack is because it supports your back, torso and lower body; improves your posture; improves circulation; and is overall good for you. The fact that it looks great is a very nice side benefit. Stupid article.

    1. Not true, everyone has a six pack, most of us just have a layer of fat over the top so you can’t see it. Your health and strength are not related to your belly fat.

  19. On the road to a six pack, some men notice another benefit. Your face looks better. I have these chubby cheeks when im above 12% bf. When im under, i see a lot more girls checking me out and hear more compliments.
    Looks dont make a huge difference, but for me this really boosted my confidence.

  20. He seemed to be killing it way before showing the six-pack. It was like a nice cherry on top.
    But with that said, there are plenty of other reasons to be shredded. To feel strong, powerful, energetic and just generally project strength.
    “The average cost of a standard gym membership these days is between $80 to $220 a month”
    Huh? The average cost for that here in Sweden is probably around 30 USD a month (and this is not a cheap country).

  21. Cons:
    1. Yes, you can eat at McDonalds. Only on your WAY to get a sixpack you cannot. After you got it, you can have 2 cheatdays a week if you do enough cardio.
    2. If you think this is a con, you will never get a sixpack or hold it longer than a month.
    3. Actually they are. There are many many cheap gyms.
    4. You don’t need one.
    Don’t start working out just for the pro’s of a sixpack, you will be bored and exhausted really fast. Do it for the sake of doing sport, for the sake of upgrading your body to maximum level. See the sixpack as what it is: A nice bonus.

  22. Most chicks don’t care about abs. They like tall guys with beards. Broad shoulders, big arms, soccer legs, and yeah, no beer gut… but six pack shredded abs are totally overrated. Girls only go gaga for that bs in the movies. Girls want strong viking warriors not a bunch of little bruce lees with six packs… That’s what gay men want:)

  23. What a dumb, gay video.
    As you can see, the vast majority of interaction with girls in public isn’t with your shirt…or your pants off. It’s fully dressed.
    Be charming and look good in your clothes. Anything else is wasted effort, time and money. Especially since girls don’t differentiated between a six pack and a flat stomach.

  24. Sure, having abs is great. But 99% of the time, girls will see you with a shirt on. Having a thick upper back/traps, full round delts, and wide, thick chest is all you need to look ripped with a shirt or jacket on.

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