Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era “Trannies In The Bathroom” Madness

This past week, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era federal order at schools that directed them to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom they pleased; the so-called “Trannies in the Bathrooms” issue of last year. Citing the complexity of the issues involved, the Trump admin offered no replacement for the guideline, and today we are going to talk about why that was precisely the right thing to do and set some guidelines of our own.

The Fed versus the States

Any Constitutionalist worth his salt, and I know we have more than a few here, knows that the answer to “Should the Federal Government do/be involved with X?” is almost always “no.” The USA was not conceived as a monarchy or a centralized government; it was a collection of colonies, started by different countries and commercial ventures, that, after a couple attempts, made a Constitution that preserved the rights of self-governance that the states already had. Basically, if it’s not interstate commerce, money, or military, the Federal government should have no say in the matter.

The Civil Rights Act, among others, has been used to short circuit the states’ rights idea of this nation’s government and has allowed the Federal government to harshly come down on areas of the country that have not fit the definition of proper civil rights treatment as seen by the country as a whole. This has been seen mainly for the benefit of black people after the Civil War and during the 1960s, and later, the gays.

However, the gay rights fight has been fought and is done; now we’re onto the fight for transsexual rights. The typical method for legitimization of an oppressed sex-related group is to politically pressure the psychiatrists to remove your disorder from the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), and then you can cite that as your approval to “be that thing.” This happened in the 70s for gays, and a couple years ago for transsexuals, but the jury is still very much out on the latter, both in medicine, and in society.

This is why there should not be a Federal edict on the issue. The USA is large, and we do not need liberal, urban power centers dictating what parts of the country, thousands of miles away physically, and millions of miles away philosophically, should be doing. This is an issue you leave to the states to decide.

Why different governments in the states are important

I think we, unfortunately, have passed the point of learning from our opponents, and them from us. Nobody wants to change their views on anything, and you usually fall into the conservative, religious, small government, individualist camp, or the progressive, atheist, statist, collectivist camp and nothing anyone can say can change that.

While that is disappointing, one of the many safeguards we have in the American government is that there are 50 states to choose from; if you don’t like the laws of the one you are in, you can move to one that is more to your liking. The states with the really big cities, the ones furthest removed from their frontier roots, and the ones noted for their progressivism have become the gathering places for those with leftist views, and, judging by the electoral map of the last year, everywhere else is on the right.

Progressivism , with its big-government, high-taxes, many laws regulation on peoples’ lives, is causing economic issues in the blue states as people and corporations leave. Similar to a bad workplace, if you cannot make your voice heard and you cannot abide the culture, you pack up and head to greener fields.

The difficulty with this, obviously, lies in when the left short-circuits the natural ways of the American system and claims that civil rights or something else allows them to strong-arm the Federal government into enforcing an edict on the states. You cannot leave the Federal government behind and still remain on American soil, and this is key to liberal politics. You cannot get someone to willingly accept something they know is shit; you have to spring it on everyone at once before they know it is shit by seeing it in a neighboring state.

And it IS shit

Being a transsexual, or a transgender, screws up society for the rest of us. I can get someone being gay. A gay man may like other men, and that’s not the natural way of things, and it may or may not be sometimes  linked to being a pedophile, but he and the rest of us can agree that he is a man. I’ve got gay friends; we’re cool with it, and it’s not a big deal.

However, a transsexual who was a man, had surgery, or is intending to have surgery, to become a woman will always actually be a man. All his DNA will be male, and every bit of his body, including the parts he had surgery done on, will be male. So, what you end up with is a surgically altered man taking part in a woman’s role in society, and there are a whole lot more trans-women (meaning dudes that have a dong-ectomy, to coin a term) than trans-men.

Why that is depends on your philosophical views. The progs over at Quora state everything from male gender bias to being easier for a women to play being a man without surgery, and other reasons, while we here at Return Of Kings have posited that, with the cash and prizes available to women in today’s society, who the hell would voluntarily want to become a guy and get, according to Tim Allen, the same two choices we have always had: work or prison.

The real problem is that it is fucking things up. Men, including penis-less men, are going to be better at sports than women, and if you let a man be a trans-woman and compete, he/she/it is going to win. If society regards a penis-less man as a woman, which is does, you’re going to run into them on the dating scene, and they may not tell you what they are. Since the Bangkok Handshake, in additional to being politically incorrect, only works on transvestites and not post-surgery transsexuals, we even wrote our own guide on this a few years ago.

We need to stop enabling this

Rarely is a solution black and white. I’m an engineer, not a shrink, but I know, in my trade, there is a certain “middle” you take in things. Do you need some precision to make a machine? Sure. Does a hammer need to be as precisely machined as a nuclear reactor? No; there’s a middle ground. Does a machine need some periodic maintenance so it does not die a spectacular death someday soon? Yes. Do you need to daily buff polish, touch up its paint and tell it nice things so it doesn’t die on you? Of course not, there’s a middle ground.

I would posit that the same is true for mental disorders, that there’s a middle ground. Starting with monogamous marriage, we can go to sex outside of marriage, then polygamy. After that, there’s being gay, being bi, and being transgender and all the 87 Facebook genders. Moving further along, there’s pedophilia, bestiality, robot love, and even necrophilia. Where precisely does one draw the line on what is a legit sexual preference and what is a mental illness?

My personal take on it is that you are what your hardware is, and you use that bathroom. It is all too easy to claim that you’re a pre-op tranny and get a free pass into the girls’ room; if you’re serious about it, go get your dick cut off so we don’t have to worry about you raping any little girls, and then you can go use the girls’ room all you want.


Like many progressive ideals, sensible people need to simply hold up their hand, let out a “whoa, there, Skippy,” like you’re stopping a kid on a runaway Big Wheel, and let the leftists that want to let anyone be whatever they feel like that day know that not all ideas are good ideas, and they might just want to assume all of theirs are bad until proven otherwise.

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210 thoughts on “Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era “Trannies In The Bathroom” Madness”

  1. I don’t see trannies in the bathrooms as that harmful, but I think it’s the wrong solution to the problem. Unisex bathrooms would be the true solution. All McBeal had it right 20 years ago. But now Calista Flockheart can’t even keep her job as Cat Grant on Supergirl.
    Gender identity wouldn’t matter 1 way or the other if we were all using the same bathrooms.
    This mainly serves to illustrate female hypocrisy, because while women are the most vocal supporters of Jenner and co. they will not organize to actually give the trannies what they’re asking for if it actually inconveniences them and causes them to feel fear in their safe space.

      1. I was gonna post the scene from Jackass where one of the guys takes a dump in a hardware store, but its absolutely disgusting

        1. I once picked up a black chick for a date and this was scene was blaring on the TV as I was introduced to her father….
          (background – I am white)

        2. It wouldn’t have been so bad if you weren’t throwing bananas at him at the time probably

        3. No, I like to commit fully to not giving a fuck on any level. Making a huge whipping noise with a towel while doing the dishes after dinner for example, maybe saying “my name is already Toby” ! if she returns fire for example.

    1. I don’t get why this girl was not disqualified. Are testosterone injections not banned performance-enhancing substances, or is it ok to juice if one is a tranny?

        1. Every month will have its own designation, and once we get beyond twelve, we’ll open up the calendar so noone feels disenfranchised. Except for shitlord white males, who are, like, literally Hitler.

        2. Heard Chris Rock joked about that once. He said you know why February is Black History Month? It’s the shortest month of the year and coldest. Try having a parade in the cold.

      1. Because actions don’t have consequences any more, only feelings and intentions. She injected test not to get stronger and cheat but because she believes she is a male. So injecting test to turn her into a guy is fine.

    2. She should be taken away from her parents and put in the care of someone that will not allow her to continue to hurt herself and get her the mental help she needs.

  2. You would never tell a person suffering from schizophrenia that their delusions are real and they should follow whatever the voices tell them to do, but when someone is suffering from gender dysphoria, you tell them that they should embrace that delusion, and that everyone should embrace your delusions as well or they’re “LITERALLY HITLER!! PUNCH A FASH!!!!!”
    How much do you have to hate someone to tell them that their delusions, which if followed, will harm them and possibly others for the rest of their lives, are real?
    Future doctors are going to view the “transgender fad” of the early 21st century the same way we today view phrenology and lobotomies: Pseudoscience.

    1. “Hey look at me! I’m a bird!” *jumps off cliff to his death*
      “Why didn’t you stop him?”
      “I didn’t want to offend. Besides, who am I to say he isn’t a bird?”

      1. The park police in DC tried to arrest me for loitering once, I told them “Im just a bill, yes Im only a bill; and Im sittin here on capitol hill”- they left me alone after that

        1. What is this loitering bs you have in the US, never heard of anyone getting done for it anywhere else.

        2. basically it is a pass for the police to arrest or fine anyone they want. I have never seen it happen, usually it is just an empty threat to keep hooligans from hanging out in front of the Circle K.

        3. License to rough-up bums, and make them take their stank elsewhere.
          The Conservation of Bums and Stank is a little know law of thermodynamics. At any given time in a city, the levels of Bums and stank are related and constant, just shifting location and concentration.

        4. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve actually heard of Loitering being enforced since at least the 1950’s, and even then I don’t think it was utilized much. Could be wrong, but I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anybody, ever, being arrested or harassed for it.

        5. Probably went out of style along with locking folks up for life for bashing parking meters.

        6. woody allen has a story where he is a burglar. “my whole family was criminals. my brother loitered for 10 years before realizing it wasn’t the kind of crime that paid any money”
          As a side note and more seriously, I don’t know about elsewhere, but they do use the loitering laws here to arrest people during protests. Even if a charge doesn’t stick or winds up with some bs fine they have a law on the book that at least gets cuffs on people and drags them off. They also have a law about groups not being allowed to be masked in public which they used to prevent the klan from marching here many years ago.

        7. We’d shoot government officials and hang their quartered corpses from trees if they tried that police state bullshit here. We’ve even recently had stop light cameras removed from use as a tool by the cops because of the Constitutional issues that they create.

        8. Its ok to do that in the middle of no where. It doesn’t fly in the civilized world.

        9. We are the civilized world. Police states, tyrannies and dictatorships are reserved for the unwashed multi-cult masses.

        10. Here is our primary (are really one of our few) disagreements. That big swath of nothing that some people enjoy living in is fine but doesn’t really need much attention paid to it. I get that in Star Wars the forest moon of Endor wound up being important but that’s just a movie

        11. What they mean by loitering is hanging out in a place “just because”… You’re not doing any kind of business, meeting with anyone or attending any kind of event, you’re just there. Why it’s a crime I’m not sure.

        12. I’m not 100% what antifa is but if they believe in anything then they are totally loonies. Beliefs. Lol.

      2. Stop telling bad things to the bird people. They have every rightsd to be birds. I love birds.
        I love hunting ducks. If if see a such a bird in my daughter bathroom, that would be the first time i’d hunt a bird with a 12 gauge. Nice.

    2. Transgenderism is a mental illness. It is barbaric and utterly cruel that we do not get these people the help that they truly need. They are mentally ill and they need our help, but instead they are being used and exploited for political gain.
      The absolute worst are parents who allow their minor children to take drugs and other steps to live as a different gender. These are kids that need to be protected. We would not allow (or actually celebrate) these kids if they were cutting themselves or otherwise harming themselves. Its the same thing.
      Most of the studies that have been conducted, at least the ones that made some effort at being objective and using scientific methods, have found that the (extremely high) rate of suicide and depression among transgender people does -not- decrease at all after sex change operations. In fact, some of those studies show the rates are actually higher after the surgery.

      1. ” In fact, some of those studies show the rates are actually higher after the surgery.”
        Of course it is, because chopping off your junk doesn’t make the problem in your head go away. And once you realize that you just mutilated yourself for no reason, a swan dive off a bridge doesn’t sound so bad.

        1. Exactly. There are mentally ill people who become convinced that one of their arms or their legs doesn’t belong on their body anymore, or some other delusion that makes them think their limb isn’t really theirs or whatever.
          Do we treat that person by amputating the limb? No. If we did, would it cure their mental illness? No.
          It’s the exact same thing.

        2. There are already doctors who amputate limbs of those who suffer from body dysmorphia and think that they would feel better without their hands or legs…

      2. What studies are these? One of my friends studies psychology and is a strong defender of trans being “normal”. I would love to get some actual facts to use when he spews horseshit.

      3. I agree. Parents need to stop endorsing this toxic social engineering.
        I’m glad Trump is bringing common sense back into society.
        As a woman, I do not want anyone with a penis in a public bathroom with me. I don’t care what he thinks he is at that given moment.

      4. Allow their minor children to take drugs ? More like mommy forces the docs to get the kid’s dick cut off, because “she saw him one day play with a doll” and brag about it in social media and magazines , while cucked hubby shuts up and obeys.

      5. Any kind of gender identity s illness. Who the fuck iden tifies with their gender? I identify with interests that often correlate among males but that isn’t the same thing as giving a fuck.

    3. Exactly. If I walk into a doctor’s office and say I’ve always identified as a peg leg pirate and I want him to chop off a perfectly good leg, they would institutionalize me to protect me from myself. But if I want to chop off my junk that’s cool? It’s so fucking retarded that it gives me a migraine.

  3. I find it interesting that the left reveres pop science as a religion, and then decides to omit biology. Science only exists if it doesn’t hurt your feelings. Of course double standards, mental illness, and outright lies are inherent in liberalism, but I’m actually baffled that these people believe their own bullshit while their cultural Marxist overlords laugh their ass off at how stupid they are. It’s so glaringly obvious that transgenderism and even many times homo & bisexuality are a transparent ploy from damaged individuals that crave attention and victim points because they’re too stupid to engage with people off of their own merits. Even in my high school years when I leaned left I saw this ridiculous trans movement for what it was. Complete nonsense.

    1. Science is a product for them; a prepackaged tool, not a system of investigation. They use it as a prop, a punchline…

      1. 1000% correct. No child, you do not “fucking love science”, you love random interesting scientific facts accompanied by pretty photos. Now go back to your gender studies class where you can crusade against non-existent patriarchal oppression from the comfort of your first world home that your parents pay for while you sass them off.

        1. “No child, you do not “fucking love science”, you love random interesting scientific facts accompanied by pretty photos that you still don’t really understand but like to use to virtue signal how supposedly smart you are on social media.”
          Fixed it.

        2. Nailed it. That fb page “I f’ing love science” is trying to be edgy by using the f word in typical liberal fashion. Without a shred of actual substance. Virtue signalin fags

      2. Their heroes are Bill Nye, a guy who isn’t even a scientist, and Michio Kaku, a guy established scientists refer to as Michio Cuckoo

        1. Don’t forget their Token Neil. Liberals are such racists that they need a token (enter ethnicity) poc.

  4. It is insane that it has even come to this point but with pedophilia right around the corner, we needed to curb stomp the trannies early and fiercely. Even more so than the attack on little girls, as if liberals care about them, it was an assault on men. Trannies of all sorts would do what they wished and at any turn, if men disagreed, they would quickly hit with a sexual assault charge, hate crime charge, and would not be without a last bastion of space since it could be a Federal offense to say no to trannies. That shit would have been chaos in a Fruit Loop basket.

    1. I can scarcely believe the establishment thinks it’s a grand old idea that my 7 year old niece should share a bathroom with a mentally ill man that thinks it’s a woman. Yeah go right ahead shitlib, please give me a reason to snuff you out with a metal pipe. These people need to be dealt with in the worst possible way, politicians even more than their misguided cattle.

      1. Worse than that: if your 7yo niece doesn’t want to share a bathroom with a 42yo man in a dress, there is something wrong with your niece. In their eyes, your niece is the one that has the problem and needs to be “enlightened” or reeducated or some shit.

        1. That actually made me laugh my ass off before it made me wanna cry… This is actually what it’s come to and our government no longer represents the interests of the host population that has made them rich and allowed them to contribute to something bigger than themselves. It’s a good thing leftists don’t breed and can’t fight because this is going to get ugly and we’ll be the ones coming out victorious.

    2. When I think about the scene of Sodom and Gamorrah in Genesis, it seems unreal. How do they get to that point?
      The answer is unfolding in America right in front of us. Homosexuality to transexuality to pederasty.
      Once you’ve arrived at pederasty you can reprogram children en-masse to become life long perverts. To reprogram the children is to reprogram society.

      1. Here in Ontario, our lesbian Premier was formerly the Minister for Education. While there, her Deputy Minister helped devise a new “sex ed” program that teaches 10 yr old kids what sodomy and fellatio are. That Deputy Minister was recently jailed on child porn charges, specifically that he counselled an undercover police woman how to ‘groom’ her 12-year old daughter for the woman’s boyfriend. The reprogramming has begun.

  5. when historians compare the Red Terror to Pelosi/Shumer/LGBT Terror
    The 2017 victims would tell the Czar and his kids – “you were lucky”

  6. Considering the queues at Girls toilets are always 3 or 4 times longer than Gents, WTF would you want to use one anyway? Plus you’d have to listen to them whittering on at each other – no thanks!

  7. If a guy tricks a girl into having sex with him, it’s rape/sexual assult.
    So how come a tranny (guy) tricking a guy into having sex with him isn’t rape/sexual assult.

    1. In that case you should be more worried about AIDS or at least the squeaking sound coming from your pelvic region.

    2. The lefties consider it to be bigotry for a guy to refuse to hook up with another guy who identifies as a woman. If some dude decides he is a guy, even if he hasn’t gotten the surgery or anything, we’re supposed to treat him like a girl. Not being attracted to him as a girl is bigotry, according to them. Just like not being attracted to fat girls is evil misogyny.

      1. I really don’t even know the “rules”, as I refuse to enable their mental illness like the Leftists do. It’s cruel to do that, like making fun of retarded kids or something.

        1. Enabling mental illness is exactly what it is.
          On a larger scale, it is replacing fact-based reality with delusion unreality.

      1. The most underrated Tom Hanks movie of all time. I must have watched that movie a hundred times on cable and vhs. (Too young to get into the theater to see it)
        I could practically recite the entire script.haha

  8. Transgendered individuals DO have mental issues despite what the left says. If someone said they always identified as a paraplegic and began jumping off buildings to try and cripple themselves, we’d tell them to seek help. If someone identified as being blind and threw acid in her eyes to blind herself, we’d tell them to seek help.
    So why is it when someone says they want to cut off their genitals, take powerful hormones to alter their body, and stick silicone in their chest to simulate tits, it’s praised as being bold and brave?

    1. Some woman DID cripple herself bc she felt she should be blind. Of course, good ol Dr Phil HAD to have her on his show

        1. Geez, if I had a body like that and had to look at myself in the mirror every morning, I clearly understand why.

    2. and lots of trans commit suicide or regret their decision. The MSM never talks about it, only the glamour matters.

        1. In the mid to late 90’s I worked in a mental institution. I worked with a few tyranny patients. They were in there for depression and suicidal ideation of course. In group therapy sessions when they talked about their issues, “bullying” wasn’t one of them.
          They were there to deal with depression from the fact that they had a hormonal imbalance that made them think they were mentally different than their physical biology. They were depressed because they were weird, knew they were weird, and we’re having difficulty coping with or accepting their own inherent “weirdness”.
          But none of them talked about being depressed because of being “bullied” or “oppressed”. They knew they were weird and part of dealing with it was defending themselves. They actually wished they WEREN’T how they were. Since their problems were most likely hormonal and nothing could be done, it was a real struggle for them. But they didn’t act like “victims”.
          Trannies were a lot tougher back in the day.

    3. I’m surprised that the big pharma hasn’t declared transgenderism as a mental disease and provide a pill to treat it. Maybe there’s not much money to be made because the cases are so rare.

      1. Or maybe they are making their money on the hormones these people are injecting into themselves to change genders. If a girl is changing into a guy, won’t she basically have to be injecting hormones into herself for the rest of her life?

    4. “If someone identified as being blind and threw acid in her eyes to blind herself, we’d tell them to seek help.”
      Eventually, I bet the left will begin to defend behavior like this, and say that it isn’t insanity. The parallels with transgenderism are too close, so they will have to defend amputating your own limbs as legitimate body identification or some shit in order to keep defending transgenderism.

  9. Pointless article. The author has basically stated that he is uncomfortable and has zero idea of what to do about it.

    1. Americans practically live in something like Israel’s overseas colony. If Philip K. Dick lived now, he might write a book titled The Man in the High Shtetl.

  10. “if you’re serious about it, go get your dick cut off so we don’t have to
    worry about you raping any little girls, and then you can go use the
    girls’ room all you want.”
    Exactly. Restrooms and their occupants are dictated by permanent equipment, not the clothes you wear

  11. meh….im for any laws that get me closer to the women’s steam room at Equinox.

  12. As I sit on my porcelain throne taking my morning constitutional, I feel bad for anybody that has to share a bathroom with me.

  13. It’s a political distraction. Trannies in the loo is an incredibly minor issue affecting .00002 % of American society. It’s there to muddy the waters, to distract us from the biggest problems of the 21st century — income inequality and climate change. Those problems affect 100% of us.
    Say what you will about him, but Bernie Sanders was the only candidate in any party yelling about **those** issues. And he hasn’t gone away since losing the nomination either — he’s still out there, banging his drum just as loud, until more of the public hears what he’s saying. He’s a real crusader.

        1. When the pitchforks arrive, be sure to persuade them with that argument. I’m sure they’ll listen closely lol.

        2. So basically to try and make your point, you just declared that a democracy based on meritocracy is no different in any real way economically from a Absolutist Monarchy with a tightly controlled centrally directed economy (you know, like you Leftists want to reinstate across the globe). Great equivocation there, Lou.

    1. Even if the USA went completely green overnight, China is still going to pollute and consume this planet into extinction.

      1. Agreed. Somebody tell Combover Caligula that he has to cooperate with the rest of the world to solve problems — not play turtle by starting trade wars with them.

    2. “..biggest problems of the 21st century — income inequality and climate change.”
      Snort. Al Gore to the courtesy phone. Your ride is here.
      If you consider the above to the biggest problems, then you lead a blessed life.

        1. What do you have against old 1980’s hair bands, dude?

    3. Income inequality is a fantastic thing in a free society, it means that people are being rewarded at differing levels based on their importance and competence, and that money is overall moving efficiently in the economy. Give 10 people $10.00 each, and no other money, and in a month you’ll have one guy with $50.00 who provided some skill or service that the others couldn’t, with the rest of them splitting the difference. It’s the height of hubris and arrogance to suggest that people need “income equality”, who are you (or anybody) to decide how much I’m allowed to earn on my own?
      Climates change, ain’t shit we can do now, or ever, about it. I suggest learning to cope.
      As to the Tranny Fags, the problem with the issue isn’t really them per se, I get that they’re really mentally ill and they no doubt weren’t pushing this as a group, it was done on their behalf by SJW’s. The problem comes in when pervy dudes use it as an excuse to hit the bathroom stalls and slip the camera under the stall to film your 6 year old daughter, which as it happens, has already started to occur.

      1. The average westerner has a lifestyle that would be comparable to, or better, than a king of yesteryear.

      2. If you don’t think a graph like the one below has real world implications — severe ones, like violence — then someone ought to smack you upside the head.
        But we already know you’re a hard-headed unpersuadable rural Appalachian type. So don’t sweat it. Kick back on your rural Ohio property with your shotgun across your knees. The pillaging mobs won’t find you there when SHTF. That’s why those of us who live in the cities are actually trying to correct this Titanic before it leads to disaster.

        1. The main reason for the different in those two lines has nothing to do with income inequality, government, or the evil patriarchy. That’s because the main reason for that difference is one thing: technology.
          That gap will continue to grow as technology and AI develops. It will not be long before it will be easier and cheaper to replace more than half the people in the work force with robots and computer programs.
          And I don’t just mean low-wage jobs like picking fruits. Already there are initiatives to replace lower-level workers in healthcare, law, insurance, etc., with robots and computers.

        2. Interesting chart, but wages’ disentanglement from productivity started as we shifted from an industrial economy to a more service-based, F.I.R.E economy- is this chart really an apples to apples comparison? How did they quantify “productivity”? Just curious

        3. Yes, data shows 47% of all jobs are susceptible to automation over the next fifteen years. Any job that involves repetition will be lost to software, including radiology and transportation.
          You think income levels are lopsided today? Wait until we’re at 30% unemployment, and 50% unemployment among people under age 30. Then GoJ will finally understand what happens to a society when the “haves” have too much. The have-nots always get make themselves heard–in the boldest possible ways.

        4. I like how I can get you all petty, emotional and snippy in one post. I own you in a debate with little more than a few paragraphs.
          Y’all in the cities aren’t doing anything but making things worse, but you’re too ivory tower in your little protected bubble to see it. And that’s fine.

        5. Yeah, because when folks stopped making buggy whips, the entire economy collapsed because there was no work to be found.
          Please…..try to get your economic theories from places *other* than bubble gum wrappers. Marx was an ignorant ass who got everything wrong, macro and micro, and Keynes was a laughable idiot with a patent leather vocabulary.
          You really need to understand that red pill expands beyond the sexual and divest yourself of the female political mind.

      3. I’m with you save for the fact that our economy is highly manipulated. Illegal immigration for example, it completely sabotages the working class.

        1. All economies have manipulation. At least we have a running chance here to end up better than we started.

        2. Absolutely, and I would trade it for anything. Not all of the security, free healthcare etc etc in the world. I’m merely stating that the meddling and collusion undermines the integrity of the system itself. Entrepreneurship is the foundation for all economies and we simply have taken that for granted to our great detriment.

    4. If climate change turns out to be in fact man-made, then there’s no governmental action on earth that will save us. You can’t out-legislate extinction.
      Income inequality….that’s the wrong symptom. If Col. Sanders can focus on INFLUENCE inequality, ie the revolving door between investment interests and the agencies charged with governing them , then he’ll have my support.

    5. The problem isn’t income inequality. It’s economic mobility that is the problem. Equality is a utopian myth. It is the ability to freely improve one’s individual economic situation writ large that improves an economy. Government makes it much more difficult to achieve economic mobility to to excessive regulation, taxes, and barriers to entry.
      You cannot tax and spend your way to prosperity. Socialism leads to more poverty regardless of how bad Bernie really really wants it to work.

    6. When Bernie said white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor, I realized he was a sham.

  14. I know people who know the transdegenerate “Martine” Rothblatt through my transhumanist connections.*
    Rothblatt hasn’t acted feminine in the least in his life, as Steve Sailer has pointed out repeatedly. Yet Rothblatt and similar misfits want us to believe their propaganda that they have always felt like girls on the inside, which suggests that they suffer from a different kind of disorder than the postulated one about female minds being born in male bodies.
    Rothblatt overdosed on the kind of science fiction popular with Baby Boomer nerds growing up, especially Heinlein’s novels; and he picked up from this literature and probably other sources that allegedly advanced, futuristic beings would live through race mixing, changing sex, having sexual relationships with robots, uploading minds into computers and similar nerd fetishes. He has tried to turn these notions into reality in his own life.
    Ironically it doesn’t seem to have registered with Rothblatt yet that many of his ideas about “the future” have already come and gone; they have become part of the past that the restored traditional, patriarchal and hierarchical society in the balance of this century will repudiate and discourage as signs of weakness and degeneracy. You can make progress in technology by discovering and applying the right principles found in nature; but you can’t make “social progress” happen because man’s nature doesn’t change, at least not through politics, ideology and wishful thinking. And that nature includes the fact that we can’t transform men into women, despite the fantasies to the contrary.
    *Come to think of it, I also know ones who know Peter Thiel, which puts me about two removes away from an introduction to the God Emperor. My cousin Chris Benge is also the chief of staff to Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin. Fallin visited the God Emperor in his Tower for a job interview in his Administration, so I have another potential path to an introduction to the GE through a relative.

  15. On a serious note about Gyms and this nonsense….if they are going to let faggots use the mens locker room why not just combine at some point and have unisex locker rooms.

    1. You’d have to carry a black light with you to scan the benchs, lockers, etc…gross

        1. call me a toilet snob, but whenever I have to go poo at a public place, I will grab a paper towel and some hand soap and run it over the toilet seat first every time.

        2. hey, I am with you 100% (this doesn’t exactly make you not a snob) But I mean full locker room, steam shower, sauna, changing area, who whole place. I avoid dropping the Obama girls off at the pool outside of my home as much as possible, but when necessary I take sanitary percussions as well.

        3. Few weeks ago I was taking a dump in a hotel. They had a spray in the cubicle that you could squirt onto some tp and wipe the seat…… very sanitary…..

    2. In all seriousness a 3rd unisex locker room with individual changing stalls might be a godsend to parents with opposite-sex kids and non-passing trannies(surely they can’t -all- be obsessed with forcing themselves on people who don’t want them around).

      1. In theory yes, but it takes up space, costs money and would wind up becoming mandatory so places would have to put one in despite it never being used. I say fuck it, one big room.

    3. Yes, I have no problem rubbing my erect schlong up against an 8 or 9 with great tits and aerobicised ass in the shower…… and if she complains I identify as an Apache attack helicopter and it was just my love missile that got mixed up in her lady garden…..

    4. Hate to break it to you, but fags have been using the mens locker room in gyms for decades now.

      1. Of course….that’s kind of my point. If faggots can use the mens locker room then there is no reason we can’t put the women in there too. The reason to separate men and women is because we separate people who want to grind genitals on each other. So what, I have to come out of the steam with some fucking queer staring at me? I am in the gym twice a day 7 days a week. If we are going to say that people who want to fuck each other can share a locker room lets just go all in.

      1. Indeed, one of the more telling episodes of what was generally a Leftist (at the time, which was still benign) show.

  16. Probably the most logical and clear cut argument I have read on this issue of cultural fluidity in a very long time. Mixed with politics, this issue is not something that will be decided in our lifetime, and it is time to move on to resolving matters that can be managed like the economy and national defense.

  17. Being 22 for about my first 18 years trannys were always fair game to criticize. Then gay marriage essentially became either u accept it or ur a fuck so they moved to trannies. Once trannies become a none issue in 5 years, like many said pedophilia is next.same with robot fucking, tjat shit is coming in the next 5 years

    1. I hear ya and it’s so sad that’s all you know, but, it doesn’t have to be this way. I think tranny went too far. You can say gay is born in because no one can enter the mind or body of another to prove otherwise, even though it’s pretty clear that gay is not born in. With tranny there is an absolute objective undeniable observable fact based on settled science, biology and reality itself that says one cannot change ones sex, period. Yes they can say I feel this way and no one can enter thier mind or body to refute, but, we can have them pull thier pants down and confirm thier sex immediately. As far as pedophilia goes, I think they’ll try but it will never happen. That said I see them trying and in doing so people will recoil in horror and that will lead to a much needed reversal on the so called sexual revolution, which will be a good thing because sexually society is out of balance. This will force us also to see homosexaulity’s very clear connection to pedophilia both in it leading to a move to accept as well as the reality of pedophilia that rampantly occurs within gay society. This will finally show people who gays really are. In the end gays will have the same rights as the rest of us i.e. Vote, association, trial by jury etc ( real rights) but they’ll no longer be “champions of society”, which is all the really wanted (selfish and immature). Effectively it will go back to being a sub-culture as its always been i.e. In the closet.

  18. great….now only if he will abolish gay marriage again..possibly even criminalize homosexual propaganda like in russia.

  19. The thing that pissed me off the most about Obama’s directive was the no-questions-asked approach. Any boy could just walk into the girls’ locker room and schools would be forbidden from requiring proof of some basic level of commitment to transitioning like an official diagnosis, a course of hormones, and changing one’s state ID.

    1. Forcing tranny propaganda on children and teens was enough in itself to make me instantly hate Obama more than Dubya, and that’s saying a LOT

      1. I think the transsexual issue was a bridge too far for a lot of us. It also struck me as a dog and pony show to distract Americans from the sketchier stuff Obama was up to: massive refugee resettlement and arming Al-Qaeda affiliated “moderate rebels” in Syria.
        These people are obviously sick. I’ve never met one who wasn’t fucked up in other ways.

  20. Ha ha…..I like that last meme…..anyhoo the best way to show disapproval to these shitty retarded laws is to hit the purveyors of these recommendations where it hurts i.e. their pockets! Recent Target figures showing their stock price down by $15 billion. 62 million Americans voted for Trump. Organised boycotting scares the shit out of CEO’s and politicians. The only reason the sjw’s have any power is they shout the loudest. They are weak and cowardly when faced by any proper resistance. They live in Harry Potter world. Make the Real World Great Again……

  21. Well the issue about the gays is somewhat different than the trans issue. Gays have been around for thousands of years. Even some animals can exhibit homosexual behavior. However, this new trans thing (not cross-dressing, as that has also been around since ancient times) requires the use of technology. A woman wanting to transition will frequently request male hormones. A man wanting to transition will frequently do the same, and even more (i.e. chopping his dick off).
    The ancient Greeks had a good notion on this. Gays were ok to them, but they acknwledged that they are different than male-female relationships.

  22. They say that gays and trannies have always been around, they have just been in hiding until the 90’s or so. I am curious, what would be the suicide rate of these so called “closet gays” be compared to the open gays of today? I would bet you, that those who were hiding it years ago fared way better than the flamboyant freaks of today.

  23. 125 years ago these insane fuucks would be tilling soil, digging for vegetables, milking cows, or they’d be dead. Where did this shit come from?

  24. Either the Left is too stupid or too arrogant to notice or care, but there is going to be a major blowback to the Left’s agenda.
    Alt-media will be the new ‘cool’ place, where the sjw prudes warn others not to venture, thus ensuring they will. The globalists and their tools will be forced to either put up or shut up: force their will on the masses, or admit they’re selling sh!t.

    1. Not “will be”, but is. My son is 20 and his vocabulary comes straight from the manosphere, as with his friends as well. Being “alt right” or “manosphere” is now seen as edgy, dangerous, rougish and totally panty wetting. His girlfriend, a shockingly hot blonde little thin girl with big titties, a pretty face and hair down to her ass, who cooks and bakes for fun, is in full rebellion against her leftist parents and digs that my son is everything her parents preach against.
      Gen Z is ours. The Millenials (who are in the mid to late 20’s) are a lost cause though.

  25. What gets me is all this hoopla over what amounts to maybe….maybe .3% of the US population.
    Just read with pleasure about the 10 billion in losses to Target over the past four quarters!! Keep up the pressure. 84 Lumber next.

  26. The only problem I see is that there are trannies who genuinely look like the sex they are trying to portray. So do we really want this woman (see picture below of Buck Angel, a transman porn producer) going in the women’s restroom for example? Because I if were a woman, I would freak the fuck out… I think the tranny issue has gone too far and we have to go in damage control mode and allow some leeway, it’s too late to put a full stop to it.

    1. The thing is I dont believe that more than 1/100 of people claiming to be trapped in the wrong body, actually believe that, it’s just a case of merely being gay isnt enough of an attention-mongering scheme anymore, so now youve got a bunch of fags who up the ante and “come out” as TransTrenders™

      1. Yes, and those people can easily be identified. Case in point: Milo Stewart and Riley Dennis (see below). I also completely agree that people like this just want to feel special or are having a phase, like the infamous “Die cis scum” girl who has now abandonned feminism and is looking like a normal, feminine woman again (
        My question is how are we supposed to enforce a law that forces people to use the restroom according to their biological sex? Sure, it would be easy to prosecute a Transtrender by getting them on CCTV entering the wrong restroom and then any half decent prosecutor could make a 5 minutes Google search and prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are not in fact the sex they pretend to be. But what about the credible trannies like Buck Angel? Are we supposed to have someone check the genitals of every man and woman before they enter the restroom? That’s nonsense.
        Unless you have a genius solution I just cannot see, I think we are going to have to accept the fact that sometimes, in maybe 0.5-1% of cases, a biological man is going to enter the women’s restroom. And I’m pretty confident that nothing bad will happen: trannies are a much bigger danger to themselves than other people (look at the suicide rate). Like I said, it’s too late to put a full stop to it, but we can put a stop to the culture that allows and supports things like transgenderism and homosexual marriage and parenthood, and these things will die off slowly but surely. We just have to be patient and keep up the good fight, on cultural and political grounds.

  27. How is it okay to encourage the delusion that one is the sex they are obviously not? I can see little difference in that & not wanting to ‘offend’ an anorexic by contradicting their delusion that they’re too fat. I heard a statistic that 40% of post-operative trans-sexuals wind up attempting suicide…the operation doesn’t deliver the sense of normalcy they’d hoped it would. That being said, I’m sure that those who pull the fraud off as well as Theryn Meyer, Gigi Gorgeous , or Blaire White encounter no resistance using the ladies room.

  28. A few days ago, I saw a report about a “pre-op” girl taking testosterone as part of her ‘transition’ process. She also wrestles for her high school’s girl team. She won so easily, other teams refused to wrestle with her/him. I’m waiting for the guy who claims he’s a woman and starts to clean up on the LPGA or women’s tennis tours.

  29. > It is all too easy to claim that you’re a pre-op tranny and get a free pass into the girls’ room
    Why do you care, Sir Knight? I think that would be hilarious. Women can do the same to get access to our bathrooms so its all equal.

  30. I know a lot of establishment and cuckseevatives are using the “protect the children/women” argument; this is what I have to say:
    with children, I get it, but they aren’t at high risk. With women, f em. They made their own mental disordered bed, they can lie in it.
    My only and only needed reason for not supporting trans bathroom laws is biology. Oh and gender is not a real thing: people created that term for the very reason they use against us. Sex and only sex is valid science. Therefore: you’re sex is male or female. Hermaphoditics are abnormalities and mess ups – they don’t count.

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