The 4 Most Feminist Songs Of All Time Were Written By Men

Feminists may claim to be strong and independent, but the “girl power” songs they have used for years are mostly or exclusively written by male musicians and songwriters. In most cases, the women just contributed their voices and the ideas and concepts were the domain of men.

Many Return Of Kings readers are familiar with the reality that Victor Svyatski built the supposedly all-female feminist extremist group Femen. We also know that mentally ill (or supreme shitlord) Bruce Jenner won Woman of the Year. The preponderance of men writing feminist songs is simply another addition to the very thick book of “Men just do it better.”

I have based the selection of these four super-feminist songs on two criteria: a) the airtime I remember they were given, particularly when I was a child, and b) their use by feminists and SJWs in spreading their message. At best (or worst, depending on your perspective), these songs were co-written by a man and woman.

Respect – Otis Redding

Respect is almost universally associated with Aretha Franklin, but her version only added the chorus, most notably “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,” and elements like “Sock it to me” (sung by the backup singers, her sisters). Yet Otis Redding really deserves the credit for what Rolling Stone called the fifth greatest song of all time. The Library of Congress even went so far as to put Franklin’s version in the prestigious National Recording Registry.

The feel of the two versions may differ, yet Franklin merely piggybacked off of Redding’s work, “achieving” 1,000 times the acclaim. This is more than ironic given that the song presents her as a strong, confident woman who not only demands respect from men but doesn’t need them. Well, Aretha Franklin clearly needed Otis Redding for the song that made her career.

It’s Raining Men – Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer

In retrospect, this song seems like a prelude to slut culture. And it was actually written by Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer, despite being sung by The Weather Girls (who seem like a prelude to the modern worshipping of obesity). Jabara was gay, so this is not entirely a case of men writing songs that have nothing to do with them. Many will remember Shaffer as David Letterman’s longstanding comedic and musical sidekick on both Late Night with David Letterman and Late Show with David Letterman.

With lyrics like “I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get… Absolutely soaking wet,” It’s Raining Men acted as an exhortation for second wave feminists, not to mention women in general, to go out and spread their legs for cock after cock. Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell’s cover of the song in the 2000s only obscured Jabara and Shaffer’s authorship further.

I Am Woman – Ray Burton and (sort of) Helen Reddy

She gave me lyrics scribbled down on a piece of paper and I went home that Sunday night and wrote the whole song in about three hours. Her lyrics were more in prose or poetic form, so I rewrote a few bits of it.

— Ray Burton recounting how he wrote at least the entire music for I Am Woman, if not a chunk of the lyrics

All Helen Reddy seems to have contributed to I Am Woman are the words. The man who wrote the music, Ray Burton, claims he actually penned a decent part of the lyrics, too. Of course, Reddy would have none of this, saying she wrote all the lyrics. Still, I hope you can see the humor of the matter. With lines like “If I have to, I can do anything… I am strong (strong)… I am invincible (invincible)… I am woman,” why couldn’t Reddy just write the music herself?

The story behind I Am Woman is perhaps the funniest of all of these songs. It had a particular resonance with the “women’s liberation movement,” whereas songs like Franklin’s version of Respect and It’s Raining Men exerted a more common appeal. That the more rabid feminists of the 1970s and 1980s gravitated to this male-written song more than basically any other is a testament to their cluelessness.

I Will Survive – Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris

Gloria Gaynor made something of a career out of taking Dino Fekaris’ work and singing it. For I Will Survive, Fekaris and co-writer Freddie Perren gave an excuse for every maladjusted, dumped woman to fume for months and then pretend that this experience made their character better. “But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong… And I grew strong” is the perfect encapsulation of what many women both try to do and delude themselves over doing.

But it gets worse. “I’ve got all my life to live… And I’ve got all my love to give” from I Will Survive is essentially the paraphrasing of the online dating profiles of every girl who says something like “Men, not boys!”, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” or other solipsisms. Of the four songs I have explored in this article, this one is the worst. It gives a voice to childish and hamstering female behaviors like no other piece of music has or probably ever will.

The men behind these songs are just more talented white knights

I have avoided direct criticism of the men behind these über-feminist songs until the very end. Just as we can point to the vital role of men in every feminist campaign from suffrage demands to tampon-less marches, the songs that make up feminist “musical culture” usually owe their existence to men. Some, like Otis Redding, who died around the time Aretha Franklin used his song, may be harder to excoriate, but others, like Ray Burton, were not only complicit but also overzealous in their support of feminism.

So next time some braindead girls in your vicinity want to play a feminist tune or simply find “girl power” enjoyment in one of them, maybe you should ask, “Hey, wasn’t this song written by a man?”

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88 thoughts on “The 4 Most Feminist Songs Of All Time Were Written By Men”

    1. Schaffer from Its Raining Men is a jew, so technically speaking he’s not betraying us.

  1. Since we evil males created almost every thing on Earth, it is logical that some ‘creative’ [sic] betas wrote some cheesy stupid feminist songs.
    Here are some examples of good songs about women:

    1. Wait, Type O Negative and no “I like Goils”?!?

      1. Totally forgot about that one….from that album my favorite is “I don’t wanna be me” not because of the lyrics but because its catchy as fuck.

  2. “Behind every strong man is a strong woman”.
    No. She’s behind him because that’s where she belongs.

    1. People always say that like it’s some kind of logical theorem. “Because strong woman behind him, therefore strong man.”
      I just started puzzling out a reply along the lines of, “Behind every weak men stands a bitchy woman.” It lacks a certain zing, though.

      1. A few years back, women were proud to be a bitch. They wore it on their clothing, license plate frames, etc. Never could understand why. They were rather repulsive.

    2. Behind a man is a terrible place for a woman. In front is fine, but under is better. With the occasional on top when you don’t feel like putting in any effort.

  3. was the original version of Respect intended to be a feminist song or just made that way by Franklin?

    1. Franklin did it. Redding’s version was hard core. Just sing it in a man’s voice, talking to a woman. The whole world changes.

  4. If men would just be in in the habit of responding in the true spirit of feminist equality, “Do it yourself, bitch.”

  5. That first photo of “it” reminds me that men have gotten pretty good and making post-wall, middle age attention whores from the leftover parts of former Olympic champions.

  6. You didnt mention the most important : “Whats up”, was written and sung by He-Man

  7. Paul Shaffer wrote It’s Raining Men!?
    That is the most important thing I learned today.

    1. Well, it’s a good thing you’ve got many more days in a life left. Just write this one off!

        1. Assuming the assertion in this presentation is acurrate, it would be a good argument to welcome an EMP and see the entire grid world wide go down permanently.

        2. Well, when he called John McCain an “Ass hat” I was thinking never has a truer statement been uttered!

  8. Respect is not “white knight”. He didn’t write it as a woman or from her viewpoint, and if you listen to it as a man talking to a woman, which is how he created it, it’s fucking red pill as hell even for the time it was written in because it exposes the nature of male/female relationships blatantly.

    1. Never looked at it that way. Imagine it sung by someone like Bob Seger (don’t know why, but his voice popped into my head while I read the lyrics), and you have a solid anthem.

      1. He even sang the song, so there’s no “ghostwriter” shit going on. Otis was The Man. It was a “shut up bitch and make me a sandwich” song.

        1. “Hey little girl, you’re sweeter then honey
          And I’m about to give you all of my money
          But all I want you to do
          Is just give it, give it
          Respect when I come home, hey hey now
          Hey hey hey, yeah now”

        2. At the time a perfectly reasonable demand.
          He was more or less telling her to shut up and give him sex. Back then, he had that right if a woman was being a bitch or prude.

          Respect me baby when we”re all alone
          Respect me sugar when you come home
          Respect me baby when you know it”s oh so good
          Respect me baby like I know you could
          Respect me, respect me me
          Respect me, oh I I-I-I

        3. I’m gonna make sure this song makes it into my music library. At the very least, I need it on hand to counterpoint the Franklin version.

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    2. “What you want, honey, you got it
      And what you need, baby, you’ve got it
      All I’m asking
      For a little respect when I come home”
      “Hey little girl, you’re so sweet, little honey
      And I’m about to, just give you all of my money
      And all I’m asking, hey
      A little respect when I come home”
      Definitely a mans POV

    3. the red pill blues brother’s featured the song ‘think’ with aretha franklin which ended with the henpecked husband ripping off his apron and escaping the kitchen. The sequel BB 2000 re-aquainted the two but substituted the feminist friendly Respect. All he does is shuffle and leer, his spirit crushed

  9. Ray Burton said in an interview that I Am Woman was his idea.
    He told Reddy that she should do something with her feminist writings. He looked at what Reddy wrote but he actually wrote the lyrics.
    I like this song. I was very tiny when it came out and of course I didn’t understand the lyrics but I like the song and the arrangement and production.
    My sister used to sing it as…
    “I am strong. I am a vegetable!”

        1. I don’t get the hating on a type of vehicle.
          SUVs are mini-vans for people that can’t handle the truth. I’ve owned both, the only functional differences were the SUV can seat 9 instead of 7 and has a small block V8 with better long term reliability than the mini-van’s V6.
          Other than that, they pretty much do the same thing.

  10. On a related note, the song Natural Woman was also written by a man: Gerry Goffin.

  11. Women want to be loved and men want to be respected(Ephesians 5:22-33). That’s why a man wrote Respect. Franklin was(is) a diva, ie. an alpha female. So she co-opted it.

    1. As far as I can tell, men want to be loved, and women just want money.
      To me, it looks like given a free choice most women would choose free government money and a house full of cats.

    1. Even more red pill, ’80s Texas cult band The Judy’s:

      When they were in junior high
      Never wanted to be with the guys
      And now they are going to graduate
      Won’t date anyone under 28
      Well they talk about their friends
      Behind their backs
      And how so and so’s
      Dress looks like a sack
      They claw at each other
      Day after day
      Oh i can’t think
      Of one good thing to say
      About all the pretty girls
      In high school
      All the pretty girls
      In high school
      And all the pretty girls
      Go yak, yak, yak
      And all the pretty girls
      Drive new Cadillacs
      Well they all have
      Athlete boyfriends
      And they all wear
      Designer jeans
      Always putting on
      Too much makeup
      And the prom
      Is their only dream
      Well they get in corners
      And they talk about her
      They vote each other
      For beauty queen
      Always seem to have
      Extra lunch money
      And oh i can’t think
      Of one good thing
      To say about
      All the pretty girls
      In high school
      All the pretty girls
      In high school
      All the pretty girls
      Go yak, yak, yak
      And all the pretty girls
      Drive new Cadillacs
      I say all the pretty girls
      In high school
      …Make me sick!

  12. I always hated, “I’m Every Woman.” I looked it up, and it’s also written by a man… and his wife. I couldn’t help noticing it’s lyrics are–I don’t know–Satanic. It was Oprah’s theme song when my Mom watched it, when I was a kid. A powerful woman and a song about casting spells. Just putting that tin-foil hat out there. Good article, David. Funny subject.

  13. It is ironic for sure, however, I don’t hold it against these guys-at the end of the day, they are just out to make some money. So I don’t buy that it is just white knights at all. Does every ‘artist’ do it out of genuine belief in the product? Of course not. Indeed the very notion that every salesman believes in his product is blue pill as hell. Who here would not write such a song if it netted them millions? It does show, however, how men ARE able to be less solipsistic and write from a woman’s viewpoint-how many women can write from a man’s perspective?
    The worst ‘offender’ is ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ which unlike ‘Respect’ (which is ambiguous in its gender) is clearly a feminist song.

  14. Aretha’s and Otis’ Respect are very different. Mr. Winston S. comments on Youtube explain better:
    “I think the problem I have with the two versions of this song – Otis’ and Aretha’s – is that they send very different messages. And it’s all telling by just looking at the first few lyrics.
    Aretha’s version:
    “What you want. Baby, I got it. What you need. You know I got it.”
    Otis’ version:
    “What you want. Honey, you got it. What you need. Baby, you got it.”
    There is a lot going on in just this simple alteration of the lyrics – more than I have the time to properly examine. I mean, it’s pretty apparent the differences in the message right off the bat. Aretha’s version is self congratulating. Otis’ version is self sacrificial.
    I think what’s even more interesting about this is that you wouldn’t know any better if you’d never heard Otis’ version… which is practically non-existent in in the pop culture these days.
    I think Aretha’s version has a better hook, musically. But, I think Otis’ lyrics are way more pure and demand a higher standard of understanding to the word respect and love.
    Mostrar menos”
    “+Sam Martin
    Well, I’m not going to write an essay about this, because I’d probably be wasting my time.
    All I can say is that I think Otis is singing a song that reflects better how relationships actually correctly work. And Aretha’s version is based on a dysfunctional imaginary delusion of how feminist’s THINK relationships should work… but don’t actually work.
    Otis is saying, “I’ve done this for you, now you do this for me.”
    Aretha is saying, “I’ve done this for myself, now you do this for me.”
    In a relationship, you need cooperation and teamwork – not independence. This is why Otis’ version is correct, and why Aretha’s version isn’t.”
    Plus other good remarks on comments here:

  15. when a man pays taxes to support children he didnt father and women who arent blowing him that makes him a beta male cuck

    1. Ok, I’ll bite. How does one get through life without paying any taxes?
      Seriously, clue us in.

      1. I dont want to incriminate myself, but look to wealthy people to see what kind of loopholes they use to avoid paying taxes (charities, non profits, writeoffs, offshore accounts, investing from tax free savings accounts etc etc).
        I live in Canada so its different here, its a socialist nightmare. In the states at least they don’t use your tax dollars in such a retarded way. In Canada if the road had a pothole they would need to create an advisory board with a 500 million dollar budget to find out why the road has a pothole, then they would need to create another advisory board to discuss ways to fix the pothole, and another to discuss if the pothole wants to be fixed. In the end they’ve spawned a 1.5 billion dollar industry at taxpayer expense to fix something that would have cost a non retard 20 grand to fix. That’s how Canadian socialist government expands and sustains itself. Thats why only cucks pay tax to them.

        1. No, they use our tax money for drone strikes,. to support head choppers, to import headchoppers to our country, to support illiterate illegal immigrants, single moms, and most importantly to increase the dindu population by funding everything they could possibly need with government money, because rayciss.

    1. Oh yeah, today’s the day they march so they can be brainwashed by the extremist, pro-sharia law islamist females who took over the march here in the US.

      1. traffic much worse today. Instead of working they’re all driving around, like women, with their heads in their phones and totally unaware of any other vehicles around them except for those directly in their path, which they tailgate mercilessly.
        They drive like toddlers — me here, me go there.
        Roads are better when they’re not on them.

  16. I’m not much to look at
    Nothing to see
    Just glad I’m living
    And lucky to be
    I’ve got a man crazy for me
    He’s funny that way
    I can’t save a dollar
    Ain’t worth a cent
    He doesn’t hollar
    He’d live in a tent
    I’ve got that man crazy for me
    He’s funny that way
    Though he loves to work
    And slave for me everyday
    He’d be so much better off
    If I went away
    But why should I leave him?
    Why should I go?
    He’d be unhappy without me, I know
    I’ve got that man mad about me
    He’s funny that way

    1. Wow — heard of the song, but never read the lyrics before.
      Pure red pill, sung by a woman. You’d never see that nowadays…

  17. Just another way that you are brainwashed from a young age. The constant stream of feminist empowerment lyrics and beta, whiny love songs that you hear on the radio over and over serve to slowly alter your subconcsious and get you thinking like a cuck.
    At least ghetto blacks get something right when it comes to lyrics, you don’t hear any of this whiny feminist shit. Not a fan of rap but after hearing this drivel on TV, radio and wherever else constantly, it’s actually very refreshing to hear such gems as “bitches ain’t nothin’ but ho’s and tricks” and “these ho’s ain’t loyal” to restore the balance.

    1. “not a fan of rap”……..You might look into some old music (pre 1960) Blues, big band, classic country, ragtime. There is lots of decent music before the blue pill reared its ugly head.

      1. Without a doubt, I enjoy classic music and movies as well and can’t believe how different things were on screen and lyrically from today’s trash. I was merely referring to the feeling I get if I happen to be listening to the radio and hear some sappy, beta shit song, how the contrast of switching the station and hearing straight unapologetic misogyny is a nice jolt to reset the senses.

      2. Love the Blues, Zeppelin got me into them.
        Sonny Boy Willamson’s ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’
        Muddy Waters ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ and ‘I Just Want to Make Love To You’ (although I like Foghat’s cover of it more)
        Johnny Lee Hooker’s ‘Whiskey and Women’, ‘Boogie Chillin’, ‘Boom Boom’
        Howlin Wolf’s ‘Killin Floor’ …

    2. I’m not a fan of rap generally, but 2 Live Crew was red pill and pioneers in a sense.

      1. I believe it was the lyric “put your lips on my dick and suck my asshole too” that opened my eyes.

  18. The vast majority of the greatest love songs – even those written from a female’s supposed perspective – were written by men. Which makes sense, because women aren’t capable of loving another human being…

  19. Left out the quintessential “Wind Beneath my Wings,” also written by two dudes, as memory serves…

  20. Let’s not forget that the woman of the year they voted for is responsible for the death of an elderly woman. Someone’s wife, mother, sister, grandmother is dead because he was an irresponsible adult.

  21. Now, I’m Dutch, at work I hear a lot of American/English music coming by. My English is good, but what is sung usually doesn’t really compute until I really listen. Then you hear the degenerate lyrics of so many songs nowadays:
    99% of men in my country won’t even hear why this is a degenerate beta-song. All they hear is melody. Their English isn’t good enough or they are so unwitting, It’s like a trojan horse this music. And soon they are humming along the biggest anti-male crapsongs in recent history:
    I’m not for Islam, but people who make this kind of songs should be stoned.
    Now this beyonce thing is not written by men, but the men who helped in this videoclips are Traitors with a capital letter T

  22. You forgot number 5, Leslie Gore’s “You don’t Own Me,” written by John Madara and David White. Many of you readers are aware of the 60’s song because it’s shown up in a lot of commercials and movies over the past five years. This includes that annoying Toyota commerical for the Corolla that shows angry women getting bossed around and using their car to gain independence. There’s also a recent cover with G-Easy and Grace.

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