4 Ways To Combat Body Odor

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During a late evening college classroom session, I was sitting with students, who like me already had a very long day. A cute girl, who was sitting behind me, took away my attention from how extremely boring the class was. I decided to muster up the courage to talk to her. But the moment I turned around to put my arm on her desk, she spoke out saying

”What’s that raw smell? Oh my god, someone smells like onions.”

She looked at me, apparently wondering if the awful scent had reached my nose as well. Since the room was packed with people, she didn’t realize the smell was coming from me as I found out later on. Of course you can imagine the extreme agitation that was running through every cell of my body as I was praying for class to end as soon as possible. I definitely wasn’t going to get any success getting her number at this point. However, had I applied these steps that I’m about to share with you now, I would have been placed in a better situation in that classroom.

We’ve all experienced similar situations to this. It can take a huge shot to your confidence and keep you almost fearful of interacting with people. It’s not a good feeling at all, trust me I know. That’s why I’ve put together a few steps, which have personally worked for me, that will bring back your confidence in any situation, remove the fear of interacting with people, and safely and effectively combat body odor.

1. Wash your armpits daily

This one is quite obvious out of the list, but still becomes the most forgettable when it comes to the importance of it. Washing is essential. Yet still there are those who may skip a shower or two from time to time. This should be avoided, especially if you want to feel and smell clean.
Another thing worth mentioning is how many times one should wash. You should wash no more than two times per day. Ideally, you only need one morning shower daily, especially if you do all your physical activity in the morning. But if you work outdoors in the mud during the daytime or you workout in the evening, then you should take a second shower to avoid transferring mud or body sweat to your bed. Whether you decide to shower once or twice, you should have no raw body odor during all your daily activities between the time you shower in the morning until the time you shower the next day. If you still happen to have even a small raw developing scent coming from your body during the day, then the following steps are essential for you.

I knew a guy who would take more than two showers a day to avoid this problem showering up to four times a day at times. What he failed to understand was that showering multiple times a day does not get rid of body odor problems. Although It’s worth showering at least once daily to wash off your dead skin cells and general accumulated odor, you will still have the same body odor problem after every shower which is why you will need to follow the next step.

2. Shave your armpit hair

If you’re a guy and your friend tells you that if you shave your arm pits, then you’re less of a man; you ought to knock some sense into him. Not literally. But seriously, you might as well tell him that shaving your beard or being clean shaven makes you less of a man as well. Obviously, this is neither the case for both scenarios.

The difference between facial hair and armpit hair is that facial hair is out in the open air, making it easier to clean and maintain fresh as opposed to armpit hair. Armpit hair is not only impractical to maintain as you do with a beard, but it is the most closed off part of your body that grows the most hair.

Supposing that you are not a werewolf, your armpit, out of the hairs on your head and pubic hairs, is the only part of your body that has a second layer of separation from the air. This results in more bacteria buildup and odor that is easily developed more than any other section of your body. When you keep the bush growing under your armpit, it can easily get sweaty under there even after you shower.

Not to mention that the more hair there is, the easier it is for bacteria to make a permanent lodge; because of all the sweat mixed with your deodorant that it’s attracted to. This creates a never ending breeding ground for bad odor. So do yourself a favor and shave your armpits regularly. At least you will be on your way of winning half the battle. This step is paramount to the next step.

3. Replace all your undershirts and T-shirts more often than you regularly do.

A general rule that I follow is to replace my T-shirts every summer. You should not be that guy or girl who is wearing the same T-shirt worn all last summer. Your T-shirt is associated with summer days, sweaty days, work days, and a washing cycle and there is a buildup that happens over time which wears away the durability and freshness of the shirt’s fabric. Every time you wash a shirt, the detergent that you use embeds itself inside the fabric. This results in a buildup that will result in another breeding ground for bad odor. Like the detergent, your current deodorant will do the same thing but at a faster rate. You may notice that when you may buy a brand new T-shirt, it later gets a deodorant stain after the first day of it being worn.

Sadly it is an irreversible stain which is tightly imbedded into the fabric. It, along with any detergent soap you use, will be embedded into the fabric of your T-shirt creating breeding grounds for bad odor. You may notice this when you iron near the armpit side of the shirt, a raw smell comes out in the form of steam. This is why I recommend that you replace your shirts frequently.

T-shirts should be replaced every 6 months, but no longer than a year. Undershirts should be replaced every 4 months, however no longer than 6 months. If you don’t wear undershirts, than you will want to change your T-shirt as much as you would an undershirt as recommended.

4. Use some specialized knowledge

All of these highly beneficial steps will reduce your chances of bad odor.

However, if you want to learn how to completely eliminate bad body odor for good and not have to worry about it every day, then you’re going to want to click here to check out my ebook on eliminating body odor. Contrary to alternative solutions to antiperspirants (that usually don’t work at all) ending up as failures, which you cannot afford to have happen, whether at work, at an important event or on a date, the information and methods laid out in my ebook Fresh Fragrance will give you superior results from everything that you have been using beforehand.

To learn about eliminating body odor for good without the use of harmful antiperspirants, or failed alternative solutions, click here to find out more.

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177 thoughts on “4 Ways To Combat Body Odor”

    1. You’re on a roll!
      Hopefully we’ll have an article soon about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor, then you can make it a perfect 4 thread win!

    1. I trim regularly with scissors but even I don’t shave and I am like Senior Faggot McGee when it comes to grooming.

      1. I hear you, I don’t mind cutting short, so long as my wife keeps herself cut short. That’s the deal.

        1. head hair and eye brow hair is wonderful. No other hair acceptable. I mean none. Like so smooth you would think it never grew in the first place.

      2. Same here. By not looking like a slob, you open yourself up to entire markets of poon. Bad part is, it’s at the point where I’m starting to look more gorgeous than the local females.

        1. I understand what you mean but that only means you need to set sights but and standards higher.
          Forget about general bangs, if I put a girl into a rotation she will look and dress and everything else in an incredibly high percentile

      3. I shave with Norelco’s body razor. No itch and relatively close cuts as well. Keeps me relatively balanced. Also bit classic and just use regular deodorant. I thought this article was going to mention something slightly more to the BO since ph really does change how you smell. Maybe eating simple sugars like from fruits.
        Back in my teen years I used Secret since it did what most body deodorants only promised it would. Made sure I could go as hard as I wanted while working out.

        1. I saw the commercial for that….I thought about giving it a try and then kind of never did. I will give a shot to the body razor.

        2. What you eat definitely affects it. For hunting trips, we used to go on an all vegetarian diet for a week or two first, so you don’t smell like a predator.

        1. “The Animals That We Eat”
          How wonderfully pleasant yet horrifying at the same time. I love how people used to talk just all out front and honest and still be perfectly happy and peachy. We need to get that attitude back.

    2. WTF I trim the armpits and privates nearly every 2 weeks! For aerodynamic purposes of course!

        1. Yeah, I once got stung right in the armpit ;by a Sea Wasp, super evil jellyfish. It was bleeding and scabbed up and everything, I had to shave my armpit for a few weeks. It actually felt good, but you would have to shave it every single day. Once it started growing back it was a nightmare for like a month.

    3. I predict that you are now either more truthful or more daring. Can’t get back into that situation again.

      1. Actually what we do play is a variation of that card game “war”. Best of three takes off an article of clothing, win a battle and you get some favor (breakfast in bed, shave your pits, fulfill some fantasy, back rub), win the game and you get to call the shots in bed.

    1. have you seen the commercial for some toilet paper which says that if you use their brand toilet paper you can wear the same underwear a few days in a row? Who is this stuff marketed to? The commercial happens in a bowling alley and they keep using “a clean alley” as a metaphor for yer poopchute

      1. im above toilet paper consumerism… i dont even use toilet paper. i use baby wipes. gets you cleaner(especially if youre hairy),and is more gentle for those of us who have hemorrhoids.

        1. i aint even joking…i even use them at work. lol. to hell with dragging dry,rough toilet paper across my ass.

        2. I didn’t think you were joking. I’m going to buy some on my way home tonight. Great thinking

        3. The toilet paper out here in the midwest and “Old West” is sold with a grit rating. Baby wipes?

      2. There is an add that says you can wear your pants without underwear, in other words they claim their toilet paper will clean your ass so good you won’t need underwear. Dry toilet paper never cleans 100 percent, your ass crack is the dirtiest part of your body. Most people use water and soap when they get mud on their hands, but wipe shit away with dry toilet paper. Never made any sense. Now I see bidets and hose sprays even at places like Home Depot, those things really clean the backside.

        1. Japanese use water sprays in addition to toilet paper. Even the French do the same and the French are usually deficient in other areas of hygiene. Many French women give the excuse that daily showering ages the skin.

      1. You only need to wipe your ass once with Krattom to be the proud owner of an immaculate crack, no further wiping is necessary for life. To this day my farts smell like Copenhagen cologne, driving the chicks wild!

    2. Wiping your ass with dry toilet tissue doesn’t completely remove the fecal matter. Some it still remains, that is why many people are using bidets in addition to toilet paper. The Japanese use them, even the French who do not bathe daily, wash their butts with bidets or sprays called “Douchettes”.

  1. do we really need advice on this. Clean your fucking body all the time. That solves the problem of body odor. Is it summer? Use some baby powder. Even if you don’t want to go full fag like me with lotions and creams and cologne etc this shouldn’t be so hard. Get one of those 3.99 scrubbers at your local drug store and some good body wash and clean your fucking body from head to toe at least once a day but, really, twice a day is better. If you have access to a steam or sauna at your gym, go sit in it for 20 minutes a week to get the toxins out. Eat healthy and wash your hands a few times a day.

    1. who cares about body odor in the summer? when i work out in the heat,and somebody has something to say about me smelling bad,i tell them to go fall in a ditch. youre supposed to stink when youve been sweating and working all day. sure,i take a shower after work,but if i stop by the store or something before i get home,i dont think i should be shamed because i smell like sweat,oil,and rubber,and am covered in black grime. its called being a man.

      1. Imnnot worried about it when working out. Working out is sweaty and smelly. But here in the city it gets like 90 and very humid and sticky and if I want to get laid not smelling like I do in the gym is a plus

        1. im in a committed relationship,so i dont have that problem anymore…my wife actually appreciates the manly smell lol

    2. I was also incredulous until I remembered how many grown adults have awful hygiene. It’s unfortunately very common among young people….especially fat feminists. The sweat collects in their rolls and they stink. Because feminists often do not shave their armpits and they take pride in turning off men, smelling like a locker room after a basketball game is a point of pride.
      It sounds far fetched but it’s true.

      1. But…how many fat feminists read this, and of the few that do, how many would not immediately reject the sound advice given because “rape!” or whatever the hell fantasy tape they have rolling in their heads is thinking for them?

        1. LOL Feminists can find rape culture in a box of cereal. It’s one of their mind tricks.
          I’ve noticed a stupid movement which involves not shaving armpits and dyeing the hair instead.
          I guess it wasn’t enough for the feminazis to choose clown colors for the hair on their heads.

        2. I’m so happy that I see “clown” as a reference to their hair. I’ve been using this meme for a few years now and am, as far as I know, the first one to use it. But I’ve been merciless in its application, not just here, but all of the boards I haunt AND real life.
          It’s the little battles that make you grin.

        3. The best is when they dye their armpits clown colors to match their clown hair.
          So progressive!

      2. I agree…in my less picky days I dated a woman that actually had yeast growing in the folds under her breasts. It was disgusting…but on the bright side…her house always smelled like bread!

        1. In one of my Facebook groups, a disgusting fool was complaining about fungus under her breasts.
          She mentioned that she only showered THREE TIMES A WEEK and then ranted at anyone who told her to bathe more often. The moderators said we were “body shaming” her and many women agreed that they do not bathe frequently either. Women are proud to have poor hygiene nowadays.
          I like to shower or have a long hot bath once a day. Workout days and shark week require twice daily showers. Few feelings rival the invigoration of a hot shower or the relaxation of a bath.

        2. I too have actually heard some Millenial girls go on proudly about not having had a bath or shower for a couple of days. What in the name of Jumping J. Jehoshaphat is that all about?

        3. I think it’s because being ugly is now a point of pride. Poor hygiene is an extension of that.
          The aforementioned woman needed to be shamed. Shame is an excellent motivator. She was clearly very stupid if she couldn’t see that her occasional showers were the reason for her fungus. What made it worse is that that cow was MARRIED.
          I was raised to be sugar and spice and everything nice; my mother started buying scented talc for me when I was 5. It’s so important for parents to instill hygiene. I love body washes, thick and luxurious creams and perfume.

        4. I just can’t believe I am hearing women are PROUD not to bathe!!! That’s vile! Even if you sit there and do nothing all day YOU STILL STINK. A shower can take 5 minutes women FIVE MINUTES

        5. The media encourages women to be ugly and lazy. If you are anywhere between 6 and 9 they jump your ass. I work with cows like this who are single moms and they whine and bitch they don’t have time to shower…don’t have TIME.

        6. There is an silent but constant yearning for masculinity. Once my girlfriend brought her friends up north for a visit, a couple. After two days of being ridiculed for not wearing deodorant smelling “musky” etc etc by the “guy” I decided to let nature take its course for illustrative purposes. By the end of the week I could’ve tapped that like a maple tree and everyone knew it. There are two bands of communication, the primary or superficial one carries the encoded “hidden” one. Women are masters of this, which is why they get along so well with homosexuals while they don’t really like or respect women (they essentially have no use for them). By keeping the primary channel light and charming yet demanding and insistent (never complaining) and the secondary one funky there’s no room for whimps to operate. There’s no societal approval, there’s either split wood or not, warmth or not, meat or no meat. That’s it, there are no options bridging the two. A bath for dinner time and they know you’re good to go. They like being forcefully taken to extremes. It’s about the trip to them I think rather than the destination. No woman has ever said “he’s an animal” in any negative way, only guys do. Too long but, that’s my take. Everything is a shit test or a dare. I dare you to tell me to wash up. “Wash yourself, we’re not animals” “you’re an animal” “you don’t know the half, go wash yourself or make your way with them outside”. She’ll have bows, the prettiest bows in the world in her hair for you. She’ll enjoy picking them out too. The wimp will sit in silent misery as he experiences the dark side of a man making his own reality. Without constant social pressure to do otherwise, she’ll wash that ass in a river and take her time about it for you.

        7. Well, that’s part of the reason they are single moms. No man wants to deal with a nasty woman.
          Showering and moisturizing takes me about 20-30 minutes because I find those rituals very sensual and enjoyable. I like to stand in the hot shower and scrub myself more than once.
          In fact, I’m about to go jump in the shower right now. My hubby has left me a bit ripe after all the Saturday sex.
          Happy bathing sweetie!

      3. Once knew a girl who was very fat, didn’t even SHOWER. She had back hair and uneven boobs not to mention horrible acne and somehow got married

        1. The acne was likely due to her poor hygiene. I guess a woman who doesn’t even bathe isn’t going to bother with hair removal either. Couldn’t be me.

      1. I don’t know if you got this from me or if we are soul brothers but I am passionately opposed to brushing your teeth in the same room that you shit

    3. I almost never wash my hands, and it’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve gotten sick. I also only take a shower a couple of times a week, and have had no issues. Have done this for years. When I am doing long distance trails, it’s once a week, and that is with walking 25 miles a day in all temps and conditions.
      When I take a shower, I use soap, of course. I haven’t used shampoo in years, your scalp and hair naturally adjust over a period of about 6 weeks. Also, most shampoos use a degreaser that is much too strong.
      I do take short “maintenance showers” every couple days, then a full shower about once a week.
      I can’t wear deodorant anymore, worked at Nissan plant in 2012, and for some reason afterwards I was allergic to it, red rashes and such, tried about 10 different brands, even one recommended by my VA dermatologist. No go on all of them, so I said fuck it and just stopped using it. Haven’t had any issues since.
      I have been attending college with 30k people and no one has said anything in years, or even had involuntary reactions which they would if I actually stunk. I do shower every day on campus if I am working out, though, but that is mainly from a comfort issue more than a stink issue.
      I don’t do all the lotions and creams and such because I’m a minimalist and hate owning anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

        1. Not at all. People are so preoccupied with cleanliness that they overdo everything. I mean, literally 20 years or longer I’ve been doing this, have had girlfriends and such, close friends that would tell me if I stunk. Absolutely nothing out of anyone.
          It’s not as noticeable as you would think. I did a food resupply on the Appalachian Trail after a week and a half of doing 26 mile days in 95 degree weather, wearing the same clothes I hiked in. Walked around wal mart talking to customers and employees, no one said shit, mentioned anything, ect.
          I’m going to keep doing what works for me, anyways. It’s worked the last 37 years of my life, never even liked taking showers as a kid, or regular baths. The only time I regularly did was in Basic training when I had daily showers. Skin feels better without being constantly stripped of natural oils, and my hair looks better and healthier than it ever did when I used shampoo regularly.
          I think one thing about this site that I’ve noticed is that there aren’t typical people here, we are all here to learn and we think outside the box, so it’s odd to get this reaction from people.
          Though it does start to get a bit noticeable if I go 2-3 weeks of not showering and wearing the same clothes, as sometimes happens during a period of severe depression.

  2. I will add that you can sometimes save a tee that’s early into the deodorant pit stain phase by soaking the pits in vinegar for an hour before washing it. Replacing ’em after 6 months is definitely a good idea though. Stretched out collars, holes, etc are definitely slovenly looking.
    Cut down on dairy, too. Especially if you’re chasing non-Western women. It’s our equivalent of the infamous Indian curry aroma.

    1. This works with women on all accounts. Soaking in vinegar, replacing after 6 months and stretched out collars, holes, etc being slovenly looking.

    2. After early contact with Europeans, the Japanese began referring to them as “butter stinkers,” among other terms.

    1. just when you are being a good boy the wicked jim peeks his (turtle)head out.

        1. to drop a little Heidegger terminology: Kratom has always-already fucked all girlfriends-in-the-world

        2. I’m Heideggin’ what you’re laying down there bro.

    1. More of a postcard really.
      “Soap and deodorant”
      You can send 100 out to your friends and family for Christmas for the price of stamps.

  3. Go through a car wash …
    … in a convertible!!
    (In next week’s episode, we save money from our own estate by digging our own grave … in advance)

    1. “In next week’s episode, we save money from our own estate by digging our own grave … in advance” – QUOTE OF THE WEEK!!!

  4. You do have to wory about one thing…
    Now scientists call this disease, Brohm-a-drosis
    But us regular folks, who might wear tennis shoes
    or an occasional python boot,
    know this exquisite little inconvenience by the name of
    My python boot is too tight
    I couldn’t get it off last night
    a week went by
    and now it’s july
    I finally got it off
    and my girlfriend she cried YOU GOT STINK-FOOT
    Stink-Foot Darlin!
    Your stink foor
    puts a hurt on my nose
    stink foot stink foot, I ain’t lyin’
    can you rinse it off, do you suppose?

    1. Zappa for the win! His best quote, in my mind, by which I abide, is: “There are only two things to remember: Number one…Don’t Stop, and number two…Keep Going!”

  5. and eat kratom and wash your body and clothes in ammonia.(ammonia btw- kills all acid in clothes- 1 cup . Good on carpets etc as well)

  6. lol This article is hilarious … “when you iron near the armpit side of the shirt, a raw smell comes out in the form of steam” …
    Who ever wrote this crap should do stand up, or as Dave Chappelles anti-perspirant dish rag …

  7. Can I take a moment to bitch about men’s obsession with cologne? You shouldn’t leave a fucking scent trail! It is not making you more attractive. At most one spritz and walk through it.
    Better yet, don’t be ashamed of your man scent! Try a single swipe of a natural deodorant and maybe some essential oils on your beard or hair for a little bit of scent and go forth. I get complemented on my scent fairly regularly.

  8. Drink lots of water and don’t eat crap food or soft drinks. Lay off the sugar.
    Don’t be a hippy and take a damned bath.

    1. You tell us not to eat crap food but you show us a picture of fried chicken … and all our resolve fades away …

    1. Best damned handshake ever. Add in the immediate competition in a friendly rivalry of strength and it’s pure gold (despite the “fart” noises added by the 90 lb hipster dweeb).

  9. White women have a stronger body odour than most women in the world. Their nether regions are particularly pungent. Once you have sampled women from other races with their higher hygiene standards, it’s very hard to go back.
    This story is clearly feminist anti-male propaganda …….. published on RoK …… What The Fuck!

    1. Have to disagree Mr. Clark.
      And disagree vehemently.
      Indians and blacks are by far the worst.
      Not even close.
      I am an IT contractor here in NY. 80% of the IT workforce is Indian and even though there are very few females, the ones that are here are mostly Indians. They stink. Stink like you can’t believe. Just as bad as the men. Not all of them, but a lot. Enough to tear the eyes and make you want to run away.
      I also ride the subway. Many blacks (once again, not all) have that combo BO/Fried Foods/Thunderbird smell that make you want to hurl. Are there white females with BO? Sure, but not nearly as high percentage as the other two. In my experience, NE Asian females have the highest percentage of cleanliness.

      1. You may be right, I have little experience of India (apart from a Friday night curry) and I only know one black person (who doesn’t smell but sweats a lot). They don’t really exist in rural England or Northern Thailand.

        1. “I have little experience of India (apart from a Friday night curry) and I
          only know one black person. They don’t really exist in rural England or
          Northern Thailand.”
          Lucky You!!!
          BTW, I have only been with one SE Asian girl.
          A cute little Laosian who came to my Apt. when I ordered outcall. Was over 20 years ago and I still remember her. A real doll. And clean too.

    2. White women smell more than most women in the world.

      Are you suggesting that they use their noses more often?
      You’re English, I expect a higher standard out of you regarding our language.

    3. My Korean (adopted) wife never smells bad anywhere down there, and I mean anywhere.
      Bad breathe sometimes though but who fucking cares about that?

    4. White women are more pungent than black women !?, Latinas !? You just have a beef with white women obviously. I’m with you that this article is bullsht though.

  10. are there really any men on this site who dont know how to shower and use deodorant? this is stuff you teach per-pubescent boys,not adults…

  11. The only reasonable way to avoid body odor is to dispose of the body of evidence after using it.
    After two days, it’s too late. Problems of odors can happens after a few hours only.
    Don’t be lazy. Dig a convenient place BEFORe meeting your target. It’s good training, and it’s hygienic.

    1. 6 normal sized hogs can devour the entirety of a human corpse in under 24 hours.
      And they say living in Ohio gives you no special knowledge! Pshaw!

      1. Pigs do better, but they are an odor problem by themselves…
        On the good point, they are delicious.

        1. Bacon is the Kratom of meats. It’s the gateway meat that lures vegetarians back into normalcy.

        2. I just saw another ‘article’ on why bacon is bad on the msm.
          So to me that means more healthy nutrition for my family.

        3. Gators eat em much faster, a matter of minutes. And, bonus, they don’t smell at all!
          The teeth will be shat out way out in the Glades where no one will ever find them.

  12. Meanwhile, chicks think it’s cool to have 48 hour deodorant.
    lolknee has already offered a dissertation on this, so I won’t repeat, I’ll just mention that…what in the fucking fuckedy fuck?

  13. That D.O. you put on three months ago for the B.O. ain’t working no mo, wash yo ass…with soap. This ain’t France,it ain’t cool going around smelling like a nut sack.
    Is there really anybody who doesn’t know this stuff? Oh,wait I know him, that dudes BO will peel paint off the wall.

    1. No one EVER used deodorant until the last fifty years or so, it did not exist. HOW did they ever survive for, like, the WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?
      And, I know, I know, those Froggies invented perfume a long time ago, but no one wants to smell like a French whorehouse. It’s not the same thing.

      1. For centuries they went around smelling like sweaty ass. They didn’t have indoor plumbing either and didn’t bathe regularly. We don’t have to do that anymore.

        1. French invented the bidet decades before commercial toilet paper became available. Always thought that was strange about them, they will wash their butts with water after defecating but they do not shower regularly.
          Japanese use a more modern version of the bidet known as a Washlet. Once you start using them, dry toilet paper is not enough. Think of it using a washlet like mopping the floor after you swept it with a broom.

    1. You say that like embarrassing rectal itch is a trivial concern!

  14. I consistently hear from chicks that when they go down on dudes, that most dudes smell like they don’t wipe. That is unsatisfactory. If you’re meeting up with a chick, go #2 before you shower, trim your junk, and then shower. When you get dressed, put baby powder on your undercarriage to stay fresh. Top it off by spraying Armani cologne where your bush used to be. Then, put some mint flavored mouth wash on your tip for 2 reasons: 1) Shell love the taste of it, and it’ll be unexpected and 2) It’ll leave a cooling sensation on her genitals when she’s riding you. Chicks go fucking wild for men who take care of themselves. In these days, that is rare.

    1. Here, girls shower with you before sex.
      White girls are dirty!
      Not to mention, why are you talking to girls about men’s arses?
      Sounds a bit gay to me.

      1. That is true, there is a distinct difference in body odor between White women and Asians. I really think its the diet that makes the difference, but it could be genetics as well. White women tend to consume dairy and animal products, drink coffee and sodas, it makes their bodies acidic so they have more bacteria. Asians tend to eat more alkaline foods, also are very particular with personal hygiene.

      1. My girlfriend gave me a blowjob with a mouthful of toothpaste once. It was..interesting.
        We never did that again.

  15. I remember reading articles that stated one of the modern problems of men attracting women is that they don’t smell like men any more what with all the anti-perspirants, anti-deodorants, etc.
    The pheromones in male sweat attract females. Thus one should not use all these things, but allow their natural scent to smell. This doesn’t mean not bathing, but rather simply washing the armpits when the bacteria begin to change the scent into odor.

  16. Good common sense tips.
    The real problem, western women are far too easily offended. How is a woman that is highly bothered by a man after he works a hard day work going to deal with diapers? Don’t waist your money on men’s grooming and cologne. Stop dealing with these snowflakes if you want to ever start a family.

    1. Ever notice that most Western women have bad body odor? Travel to Asia, Asian women smell like roses compared to European and American women. Most Asians describe the odor of Western women to be like vinegar and cheese. Asians don’t eat much dairy if any at all, also tend to eat more vegetables. Asian women bathe more too and more particular about their personal hygiene.
      The major difference between the West and Asia is dairy. Western people consume milk and other dairy products on a regular basis, Asians don’t. I have frequently heard Japanese say that Westerners smell like milk or cheese.

  17. Wash your clothes. If you live in a small space and cook the odours will permeate your clothing. Wash jackets, jeans etc., use a plastic cover over your clothes to block out cooking smells and yes, for chrissakes, open a window once and a while. Astounding how people wash then put on a stinky onions and fish jacket.
    Here’s another biggie – your finger nails, clean, file etc. No woman wants dirty fingers on her. Hell, spring for manicure once and awhile.

  18. I have to shower twice a day. Start to stink after about 12 hours. Shower before work. Now, I shower before bed as my wife was complaining I smelled bad.
    I do not like to use deodorant. If I smell bad I shower.

  19. Food choices are a big part of body odor, eating a lot of processed food, red meat, dairy and dairy by products, spices, can all make you stink. Also coffee and other acidic beverages. The more alkaline you are the better you tend to smell.
    East Asians tend to eat more alkaline food, notice they tend to smell less than people who eat less alkaline foods, especially Westerners.

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