How To Use The “Agree And Amplify” Tactic To Combat Degenerate Leftists

Let’s be honest: it is a fact that Western leftists, progressives, and SJWs harbor a particular hatred towards orthodox Christian believers as well as other traditionalists. Furthermore, such leftists consider orthodox believers and members of the hard political right to be their enemy. They are, in fact, correct in this regard, for traditionalists are indeed a political threat to them and their ideology. Such leftists are a threat to traditionalists in the West, and so this threat is one which traditionalists must deal with if they are to survive in any significant way in the Western world.

In light of these points, it behooves traditionalists to have powerful rhetorical and political tactics at their disposal with which to fight against the left. And one of these tactics is to take leftist lunacy, and then amplify it a hundred-fold; indeed, it is the strategy of embracing the left’s absurdities and then magnifying them to the point where the absurdity is made plain for all to see.

This is in essence, a reductio ad absurdum in rhetorical format. And note that this is a tactic which is, at least in part, inspired by Rule 4 and 5 of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, which argues  that a radical should make the enemy live up to their own rulebook and also that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

Time to use this bastard’s own ideas against his present-day SJW acolytes.

Now, to see what is meant by this tactic of “Embrace, then Amplify,” let us consider the newest item that SJWs and progressives are pushing in the West: namely, the idea that everyone must call individuals by the gender pronoun or designation that the person in question feels that they are, not by the pronoun which relates to their biological sex and objective reality.

It is obvious why they are pushing for this change: controlling language, and being able to potentially convict people for “hate speech,” gives leftists and progressives immense power and control over the general populace. In fact, for many on the left, this “pronoun” issue is not even about the so-called transgendered people that they are claiming to care about, but rather it is about having one more state-sponsored cudgel available to beat traditionalists with.

And so it is clear why this whole topic is a major concern. Thus, the key question becomes:  How can the right embrace and then amplify this particular issue? Well, here are three ways to do so (and note that these three ways can also obviously be used for other subjects as well).

Embrace, maintain, then amplify in frequency  

The look you might get from an SJW who just got a taste of her own medicine.

The first method of embracing leftist absurdity and then amplifying it to the point of ridicule is to maintain whatever idea the left is offering, but then amplify it in frequency. So, for example, some leftists and progressives claim that there are upwards of fifty to a hundred different genders, which, remember, a person can be simply by feeling that he is that gender. Well, why only fifty genders? Why not fifteen hundred? Or five thousand? Surely there are many more genders than we currently think there are, so take the options that we presently have and amplify them exponentially.

At the same time, since all that is required to be a certain gender is to feel that way, then why cannot you feel like you are a different gender every day, or even every hour? Indeed, perhaps you need to create a schedule to inform your leftist friends what gender pronoun they should call you on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and so on and so forth. In fact, maybe you should tell your leftist friends to check-in with you after every conversation just so that they can be sure that they are referring to you with the proper gender pronoun that you feel like you are at that particular moment.

Anyway, you get the idea: embrace the leftist lunacy, maintain it in its current form, but then amplify it in frequency, duration, and so on.

Embrace, shift, then amplify the shift

Being a different gender is so 2016! Time to be a new species!

The second method in this vein is to embrace the absurdity, but then slightly shift the focus of it in a direction that the leftist will not accept. So, for example, if the leftist asks you what gender pronoun you wish him to use for you, recoil in disgust at the fact that the leftist would assume to use a human pronoun for you; after all, that is showing human favoritism, and you actually feel like you are a cat.

Or maybe you feel like an alien, and need to be referred to by your alien designation. Or maybe you feel divine, and thus feel the need to be called ‘O Divine One’. Or maybe you feel like you are of a different race, or age, or height, or whatever. In essence, use the leftist’s own ideals against him by forcing him to call you something which even he knows you are not, but which he cannot object to given his own principles. And if the leftist objects to doing so, then immediately start firing out the standard leftist epithets of ‘racist, bigot, hater, etc.’ Either way, the leftist loses, at least in the rhetorical sense.

Embrace, reverse, then amplify the reversal

How can I be a shitlord today?

The final method to consider is one where the leftist’s own principles are used against him directly. So, for example, the next time a leftist demands that you address him through the gender pronoun of his choice, simply tell him that you cannot. When he asks why, advise him that your gender is as a child of God which necessarily only recognizes two genders, and so it would be a betrayal of your gender to call him by his chosen gender.

And again, remember to be immediately ready to play the ‘bigot’ and/or ‘intolerant hater’ card against the leftist the minute that he tries to denigrate your chosen gender. So embrace the left’s ideas, but then reverse them on the leftist in a way that the leftist cannot object to without blatant hypocrisy and inconsistency

And so the long and short of it is this: embracing and amplifying leftist absurdities are an excellent tactic to counter progressives and SJWs, and three of the ways to embrace and amplify are through increasing the frequency of the embraced absurdity, shifting it slightly to something the leftist finds unacceptable, and/or reversing it on the leftist.

Now, will this tactic work on the leftists themselves? Likely not, for their worldview can only survive on incoherence and absurdity, and so they are used to it—although, in fairness, you may convince the odd leftist to change his mind. However, convincing leftists and progressives is not the point. Rather, the point is to rhetorically neuter the leftists while at the same time helping to sway the fence-sitters to be against the leftists, not for them.

And for the purposes of achieving that particular objective, embracing then amplifying leftist absurdities is a good tactic to use.

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227 thoughts on “How To Use The “Agree And Amplify” Tactic To Combat Degenerate Leftists”

  1. Fully agree and endorse “agree and amplify”.
    And given the left are a bunch of statist, weakling, degenerate, suicidal, cuck paedophiles … there’s hardly a shortage of material to go at

      1. I forgot who it was that first said that they identify as an “attack helicopter,” but that is still one of my favorites.

        1. Insulting the royal family or pretending connections to the royal family is 10 years (or more) in military jail.

    1. Statism isn’t bad if said state is responsible and provides a net benefit. No ancaps, the free market isn’t absolute.

      1. Too many people have to be trust worthy to make the old ways work again.
        Thats why universities are idiot factories, keep things from working right.

  2. Υοu have an exelent point… if we were talking about people with common sence… Those dudes lack common sence… I once read somewhere.. you cannot be ironic to cultural marxists… only give them ideas. No matter how much you amplify their wims to prove to them that they are irrational…. their social engineers will try hard to invent a narrative to add your your joke into their arsenal of demands.

  3. “Agree and amplify” is one of the greatest things I learned since taking the Red Pill and learning about game. Not only is it a great tactic useful in a lot of situations, it is also a really freeing concept from sort of a mental aikido perspective.

      1. I wish more men knew this. Improv is king of chatter. If you can make anything funny, you’re 90% of the way to home base.

  4. pic three commentary should be preferably directed at anyone with the individual and reminding them that Bob Barker was right and they need to have their pet spayed or neutered.

  5. serious question, what is the beached whale in the top pic doing, yawning or having a meltdown?
    i see a purple haired nutter to the left so im guessing its a freakazoid convention.

    1. Trigglypuff.
      She became a meme for the lunacy of the SJW Left almost overnight.

        1. Really? You know, if she put half as much effort in to losing weight as she did putting together the ‘workshop’…
          Also, when I become King, remind me to issue a few proclamations regarding who is allowed to use Powerpoint.

        2. I just threw up the churro I ate. I’m now off them-and it was my first in 9 years too.

        3. 4. Address fatphobia in our spaces…
          She’s right since fat cows like her take up MORE space…especially at an all you can eat buffet.

        4. I had to enlarge (no pun) the photo because I couldn’t see what that white thing was on her chest. I truly thought it was a feed bag.
          “Fatness has little or nothing to do with health”. Hahahahahahaahahahahaha. Except when a healthcare worker is wiping your fat, yeasty, lard ass while you are intubated in the ICU.
          “Food Justice”? Huh. I Justice have the fries rather than a salad.

        5. is that her?
          do fit women triggle out at her meetings to prevent her bigotry?
          fat is healthy.
          diabetes is a social construct.

        6. She hates the fact that people call her “fat”, so she will make it a hate crime for men to find fit women attractive. She has to find excuses so that she and her equally fat friends do not have to take responsibility for their lives. It is everyone else’s fault for not finding her appealing.

    2. Cora (((Segal))). Naturally, another kike/kikess involved in the most extreme or degenerate acts of SJW nonsense. She is known on the net as Trigglypuff.

      1. Most Jewish names are pretty obvious, but I wasn’t aware that Segal was a Jewish name. Learn something everyday.

        1. Right, I just didn’t know the last name (or she) was Jewish until now. Huh.

    3. Trigglypuff was a UMass SJW who was know for being loud, obnoxious, and just plain unpleasant. She was video taped at a college lecture yelling at the conservative speakers to shut up, and she had an extreme melt down.
      She has become a symbol of the insane university left.

      1. I know people in New York who have run into her, and she always starts arguments with people, and looks for reasons to be offended and to demand freebees from people. She is a con artist and a truly vile excuse for a human being.

  6. It’s racist to say that only white men can become Literally Hitler. After all, aren’t women and nonwhite people good enough to become Literally Hitler as well?

    1. thousands of sjw brain implosions have been reported after this post, too much concentrated logic.

    2. Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Tojo, Saddam Hussein, General Mobuto would all like to object to being called “white”, and would appreciate some recognition for how many people they murdered.
      Even Fidel Castro & Che Guevara would reject being called white… up until the media invented a new classification of white for George Zimmerman.

  7. Good article. I hope no one has repeated this yet: “Socialism? Oh, I love socialism. Hilter was history’s most successful socialst! Long live the legacy of Adalf Hitler! Hitler! Hitler! Hitler! Hooray for Hitler and for Socialism!”

    1. With your comment, you will have all SJW going in to a foetus position with one thumb in the mouth & the other one up their arse ??

        1. more quality trolling:Shia Lebeof’s “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign has moved from NYC to New Mexico to now only being a live stream of a flag with their motto on it. 4chan guys figured out where it was, went there, and replaced the flag with one saying “Make America Great Again”.

        2. The cooperation shown between 8chan and /pol/ proved that people will, in fact, not be divided.
          Just not the way he wanted.

      1. I legitimately laughed out loud.
        Today’s goal is to find a way to work this into a conversation…

      2. You are a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, antisemitic, hateful homonculus of a person.
        So I’m not going to credit you when I use that.

        1. Your right I am all of those things lol. Well except homunculus I had to look that one up. Learn a new thing everyday.

  8. All those feminists who say they support muslims and sharia law, tell them that you as a man agree completely, and are going to sponsor a few imams, both from mecca, and al-azhar university, to come to America for six months or so, to get our legal code in line with islamic values.

    1. hahaha
      You like Islam too!? You can be my laundry wife!!!
      If you’re good I’ll get you a Burka with pockets on the inside.
      Damn this is amazing!!!

      1. The average cool aid leftist doesn’t seem to care. Many of them live in their mother’s basement or live miserable existences but their attitude is that it’s “for the good of the ideology” and suck it up. Naturally, if they have this little concern for their own well being that means they have even less for yours making them the most amoral psychos on the planet. Fortunately, they’re usually pussies (which is why they’re leftists in the first place) making them mostly harmless. One might throw a punch at you if in a mob but they are otherwise timid creatures.
        This is why I think they’re always so hysterical about “facists” coming for them. If there ever is a full blown culture war, it would be over in a matter of minutes.

        1. Rather ironic to hear leftists whine about the “fascism” of Trump, when they applauded the Obama admin. killing LeVoy Finichum, and jailing the Bundy family on trumped up charges.
          When leftists celebrated the Obama administration for suing Christian businesses into bankruptcy for standing up for their beliefs.

        2. Many of those leftists are living it up on our tax dollars. Leftists and liberals got drunk on freebees during the Obama years. Leftists are hardly selfless people. They find ways to get the government to take care of them. Part of the hysterical reaction to Trump is that they know their gravy train will be coming to an end.

    2. Nah, just tell them you agree and are planning on getting married to a 9 year old girl ….. just like Mohammed.

    1. Haha! That’s more or less what happened with me. Whenever a leftist would engage in a strawman by asking me whether I had something in common with those who didn’t think women should be allowed to vote (to shame me as an “extremist”), I considered the merits of that extreme traditionalist position and… found it made sense. Then to shamelessly argue for not just taking us back to the 1950’s but having Marty McFly kick off Mr Fusion into taking us back another half century left them sputtering especially since they had no ready counter arguments to defend the women’s vote including:
      1) Plenty of people are denied voting rights such as children or foreigners. Are they “human?”
      2) Many people waste their vote either by not understanding the positions or simply staying home. So if nearly half of the electorate doesn’t bother to show up, what does that say about the value of the vote as a “human” right?
      This gets them sputtering into insanity. One guy left a party in anger for me making this points which I found immensely satisfying.

      1. Yes one person I met had the philosophy that everyone has the right to their own culture but every country had to let people of all creeds and colors in no matter what. When I pointed out that most cultures state that they don’t want other cultures living near them and therefore to have the right to your culture necessitated exlcluding other people & cultures, well the man was shocked.

        1. If you really want to blow their minds, try this one:
          Ask them if “diversity” is a strength and whether that’s better than a boring, evil homogeneous culture and population (hint: I’m setting them up). Ask them to specify why how it’s good to have different opinions, mixed up gene pool, etc.
          Then posit this scenario to them: If in 2 hundred years or so after a country has become some multicultural that it’s a total mix and there are no distinctions culturally or genetically between everyone else… isn’t that just as homogenous as current nations today?
          This hargely has already happened in the USA prior to the last non-white immigration surge of the 1960’s. Most Americans didn’t think of themselves as German, Polish, Italian or other heritage (many now struggle to even know their specific origins) and some are even what I refer to as cultureless and this is why they latched onto shows such as “Star Trek” with hypothetical Klingon and futuristic utopian cultures to adopt because they lacked one of their own beyond pop culture and basic consumption.
          I always marveled that geeky kids spent months learning Klingon but not, say, German, French, or even Japanese or Chinese and went on actual “treks” to foreign places rather than comparitively bland fantasy escapes via books and TV to futuristic places which are boring by comparison.

        2. Yes we pretty much have no culture left in America. People are more or less abstract economic units.

        1. Prisoners shouldnt vote until they have earned freedom. Thats crazy and I dont care if they are black.

      2. ROK should feature this comment ^
        VOTING IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT, IT’S A PRIVILEGE!!! People should definitely have to pass a litteracy test to have the right to vote, and not just a language test, but also a political test (i.e. can you name the candidates, which party they represent and name a few of their policies). Also, people who are on welfare or receive any kind of governement benefit (looking at you single mums that aren’t widows) shouldn’t vote because it gives an unfair advantage to socialist parties because these leeches will just vote for the party that gives them the most money at the expense of hard working men.

        1. The “polling tests” of old were clearly discriminatory because they were applied against african americans attempting to exercise their right to vote. A legitimate polling test should be applied to all legal citizens who support themselves via a job in the private sector without a criminal record.

        2. LOL
          Could not help it👍
          I also agree 100%
          If you cant even read, you dont deserve a vote.

        3. It would be a hard balance to institute what he wants without violations and of course, wailing and gnashing of teeth to your left…….

        4. Yeah, that fucking word “literacy”. My first language is French is we spell every word in this family with two “T”. It’s not the first time I criticise people’s literacy and someone calls me ilettttttterate after lol
          French: Littérature
          English: Literature

        5. People should also have to prove that they pay taxes to vote.
          Too many leeches and free loaders who are swaying elections.

      3. Only property owners should vote. No matter race or gender. Only Americans should be able to have property.

  9. Good, good, good. We have finally stopped trying to be “funny”, like an ROK article said a couple of months ago.

  10. Just tell SJW’s that Hitler was a successful immigrant into Germany. Hey, the U.S. needs more immigrants like him to make our country stronger as well.

    1. Good lord…that’s utter gold. I mean, that’s viral shit right there. Well done!

      1. I think your photo is a hoax. Why would Owens be wearing OHIO rather than the US Olympic team insignia?

      2. >Why do people have a problem with Hitler anyway?>
        I think it has more to do with executing 11 million innocent people.

        1. They recently ADMITTED that they just made up the extra five million. But they didn’t lie about the other six million, they swear, you can trust them.

        2. >>>Why do people have a problem with Hitler anyway?>>>
          >>I think it has more to do with executing 11 million innocent people.>>
          >They recently ADMITTED that they just made up the extra five million. >
          WHO admitted “they just made up” WHAT about “the extra five million?”

        3. The (((ones))) that made up the whole thing. Now (((they))) admit they made up the extra five million, but we should believe them about the 6 gazillion.

        4. >>WHO admitted “they just made up” WHAT about “the extra five million?”>>
          >The (((ones))) that made up the whole thing. >
          And WHO are the (((ones)))?
          >Now (((they))) admit they made up the extra five million, but we should believe them about the 6 gazillion.>
          Who are (((they))) and when did (((they))) admit making up an extra five million on WHAT, exactly?
          Vagueness is the friend of liars.

        1. so me calling a nazi sympathizer a douche makes me a troll i think you’ve got some deep seated issues buddy.

  11. I do this all the time.
    SJW “you’re an asshole you just want women to not vote and get back into the the kitchen”
    Me: “Yes! Yes I do.”
    Actually that reminds me one of my coworkers the other day said: “going to the gym is hard I just want a man to do all my lifting for me”
    Me: “if you don’t go to the gym how are you going to be strong enough to make him sandwiches and do his laundry?”

    1. “I want a man to do all my lifting for me” Oh you should have said “Nope! You wanted independence and you got ‘er!!! Have fun lifting your own stuff.

      1. Yes, use the “equality” and “strong independent woman” lines to make them see the error of their stupidity. My friend the other day stated that her husband needed to “man up”, I told her she needed to “woman up”. There was no response.

        1. Ironic how a woman’s idea of a guy “manning up” plays out as beta-fied servitude…

        2. Ever roll your eyes, when a woman, usually fat and nasty, says “man up” or “you’re not man enough” or “I want a real man?” Whenever I run across this, I always wonder what they could possibly know about being a man?

  12. For those here who didn’t see the video of “Trigglypuff” showcased in the article title. I actually laughed uncontrollably when it started counting calories.

        1. These…. things for lack of a better word, should not exist to begin with. It’s all due to the welfare state.
          I can’t wait for the big upcoming purge.

        2. Yeah, you can dust off the old scary clown costume and hang out under street lights posing, Im hoping for a sudden drop in temps and then a Carrington style event to melt most of humanities electronic toys.
          See you on the other side.

    1. it’s SJWs contribution to the world, an unlimited amount of meme material. Centuries of fun !

  13. I did a version of this yesterday when explaining the internment of the Japanese in the US as enemy aliens rather than “racism” to an old female friend, who happens to be Asian-Canadian. (As students of history may be aware, both German- and Italian-Americans were also interned.) A more recent male acquaintance of said female took me to task for racist insensitivity and asked whether I had ever considered that my old friend’s ancestors might also have been interned. I asked semi-rhetorically whether this guy knew that our mutual friend was CHINESE-Canadian, which totally defused the rant. Funnily enough, this combines truthfulness to historical detail with the attention to ethnic micro-specificity that normally accompanies a leftist attack.

  14. Is doesn’t matter what gender they consider themselves if you don’t talk to them.
    Save your breath, strong, tall, silent and moody is good.

    1. Learn a trade and only snear at them from afar.
      No idea how any of you can cube farm with zealous idiots, Id be climbing the walls.

  15. The ultimate agree and amplify came after Clinton said half of Trump supporters were a basket of deplorables.

  16. They have already done this with “gender fluidity” and claiming that you CAN decide what gender you are with Ruby Rose as their spokeswom…spokesman…spokeswoman tomorrow. But she IS a lesbian at all times. Never a straight man.

  17. This whole gender pronoun and gender fluid idiocy sooner or later is going to open up cans of worms that are literally (Hitler) unseen at this time. How long until some gender fluid men decide they want to compete as women in the olympics or applying for a job opening as a woman? What will they do then? I will laugh.

      1. That’s just the beginning of consequences they haven’t considered that will come about from deserting normalcy, it’s normal for a reason, not just simply arbitrary rules.

      1. That is a girl who was able to juice because she claimed to be a boy.
        The funny thing is had she not made such a claim, she’d most likely been disqualified from the event.

    1. If I’m a coach of women’s basketball at a “lower-tier” college, I would run out five guys with huge beards and hairy chests recruited from the “intramural” league- and win a Championship.
      Any complaints?
      “How DARE you even attempt to ‘police’ how I choose to express my gender!”
      It would be rather ironic to see Title IX regulations lead to the death of women’s athletics at colleges…

    2. Dude don’t know where you been, but they have men competing in women’s sports. As for the difference between “trans” and “gender fluid” means squat to me. Check out Valen Fox in mma.

  18. Hey this just might work. Feminists always call me a cunt and a bitch, that must be human genital and animal favoritism. In actuality I am neither a pussy or a dog, but a witch, and wish to be acknowledged as such. I would like to be addressed as “Sorceress Sam”. If they refuse to respect the fact that I am a witch I will start to scream bigoted, intolerant anti-witch hate monger!!
    Can the world get any more insane?

  19. Jesus, the fat monster picture a the top is like a demonic mountain of jello, Very disturbing indeed.

  20. People like to say that Trump is Hitler. If he is half the man and leader he was, we’ll be in great shape

    1. Wow, how pithy, original and intellectual. A masterstroke of commentary genius. New, fresh and edgy.

      1. did i say i was trying to be edgy,original or intellectual. I’m just pointing out the rise of nazism in the world,so you don’t deny being that way. Your fucked up dude.

        1. I’m sure this will go right over your head but here goes.
          Given that Fascism is a totalitarian/statist form of government were the government controls all: which political party is most likely to become fascist? The party that wants more and more government intrusion and control of all aspects of our lives or the party that wants to greatly reduce government power?

        2. yeah i get that part, but did i say i was for the left I am independent. lmao, so your not denying that the far right is racist. Wow dude that is fucking sad.

  21. You know, I never, ever comment on a person’s looks but….dang, that person at the top of this article…needs some help.

  22. Naw. Too much effort to mimic their idiocy.
    Let them light the fuse and let things run their course.

  23. A really great example of what could be done, is to go to any protest march, then go right up to someone holding a sign supporting communism and scream at them at the top of your lungs for colluding with Trump. Get the other people around you to ask why people who helped hack Trump into office should be allowed in the protest…

  24. Also instead of the “Child of God” technique to not use genders, simply claim you have declared yourself “gender blind” and refuse to use any genders at all out of solidarity. You don’t have to say WHO you are in solidarity with.

  25. …the point is to rhetorically neuter the leftists…
    Sigh. So much easier if we could really neuter them.

    1. Most lefties neuter themselves. Most choose to not have children purportedly for reasons like ‘saving the planet’ however, the real reasons are that children are a money and time suck which would greatly impact their lifestyle.
      Unfortunately, since lefties infest our education system and the media they are adept at corrupting the defenseless minds of our youth.

  26. Make an argument that a Christian might make, but preface it with “My Muslim faith tells me… So, if the subject comes up about transexuals, say something like, ” My Muslim faith tells me, if a man dresses like a women, they should be stoned to death”

  27. I keep trying to self-identify as a billionaire but I can’t get anyone to pilot my imaginary Gulfstream.

  28. I’m pretty sure few SJWs actually believe the crap of the moment but only find it a useful club for beating their enemies. The most Agree and Amplify can do is knock it out of their hands, which is something.

  29. Help Progressives stamp out Cultural Appropriation!
    Insist that non-white, non-Euro-derived cultures recuse themselves from using any electrically-powered device, internal combustion engines, or motorized aircraft of any sort.

  30. Reminds me of the college kid who, when faced with this BS demanded his professors only address him by his preferred title ‘Your Majesty’. Worked like a charm.

  31. this actually accomplishes nothing.
    It does dilute + and devalue the rhetoric that the left employs; but their tools aren’t any good at convincing people of anything anyway.
    It raises the question why you’re bothering to engage them in the first place.

    1. agreed. They are in it to hear themselves. It is a way to stick it to “the man” nothing more. If they got their way, they would make up more stuff to fight against.

  32. Were someone to give me a goofy proproun they insist being called by, I insisting they use the pronoun “Your Majesty” when referring to me.

  33. My fave to use when they throw up any misuse of scripture or quote Jesus out of context or take His silence on a subject as tacit acceptance. Because neither did Jesus ever say anything against murder, rape, spousal abuse, kidnapping, etc….

  34. “Rather, the point is to rhetorically neuter the leftists while at the
    same time helping to sway the fence-sitters to be against the leftists,
    not for them.”
    No lefty is capable of learning anything.

  35. Lauren Southern tells a protester that she is legally a man.
    The youtube comments are pretty good.

  36. I feel that these tactics will be lost on sjw neo liberal regressives. So lost is their sense of reality and logic, they will only refute you while maintaining their position.

  37. Q: What race am I?
    A: I don’t know which fish in the sea decided to grow legs to become my ancestors, how about you?

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