Female Police Officers And Soldiers Reduce Everyone’s Safety

When the police and military are subjected to the gender diversity madness of the civilian world, we know something is wrong. And for a long time, the feminists have been getting their way in the security forces. Another good representation of this may be events that occurred this week in France, where a self-proclaimed terrorist successfully disarmed a female soldier at Paris’s Orly Airport and put a gun to her head. He was then shot dead by the woman’s colleagues.

Let’s remember that this latest attack has come despite huge security efforts after the major Paris nightclub gun massacre, accompanied by supplementary suicide bombings, and the Nice truck carnage. Ziyed Ben Belgacem’s father does claim his son was mentally ill. But the 39-year-old was clearly not mentally ill enough to target male soldiers instead of a normally weaker and less capable female soldier.

With France being potentially the most cucked nation in Europe outside Sweden, the nightmare this week begs the question as to whether politicians, policymakers, and rabid academics are grossly endangering public safety by not only pushing for more female police officers and soldiers, but also lowering physical and other requirements for them.

It is worth adding here that I have concerns about a number of men employed to defend our borders, police our streets, and respond to other emergencies. During a geological field trip to the small city of Grafton in Australia, I remember being struck by how unfit many of the dining male prison guards were. As you can guess, they were at McDonald’s. They may have had access to guns in the facility, but I fancied the chances of the inmates if any tried to escape.

Notwithstanding the lax physical fitness of some men, the unfortunate reality is that even many of these overweight chaps would fare better in their jobs than the petite women joining the police and enlisting in the military in record numbers.

Endangerments to public safety, anyone?

How to Fail Your Fitness Test and Still Graduate: The Rebecca Wax Story.

The events in France occurred against of global backdrop of police departments and military arms surrendering to the squawking complaints of aggrieved women. Want some examples? In 2015, Colorado Springs Police Department caved into the demands of 12 female officers after they insisted fitness tests were sexist. The requirement for any fitness test was promptly removed after the empowered women threatened to sue. In 2013, a male feminist academic said it was “unfair” and “sexist” that British male police officers were passing fitness tests more than their female colleagues. Hilariously, he jeered at the fact that overweight men were more likely to pass the test than healthy women.

Still, it gets worse. The Australian Army only insists on female applicants being able to do just eight push-ups, while the Navy and Air Force girls need only six and four respectively. And perhaps most bizarrely of all, a dainty UK police officer received a massive compensation package, worth £35,000, because she had hurt feelings because her hands were too small to hold her gun. By contrast, a UK soldier killed in Afghanistan would receive a pathetic £13,750 if a high-powered bullet fractured his pelvis.

Beyond those with weapons, the standards are being thrown out, too. A long time ago I reported on the bizarre antics of firefighter departments in America, where female rejects are now able to graduate after failing fitness tests. The funny thing is that we’re told that women get their positions based on merit and not simply in fields that traditionally need fitness, like police work, soldiering, or firefighting. To what extent can we say that the worlds of banking and finance, law, bureaucracy, and corporate governance are really promoting women on the basis of expertise and value? If raw numbers like fitness tests are already being fudged, less immediately stark measures like job temperament and dedication are obviously being skewed in favour of women as well.

I could go on and on with these snippets. Together they create a much larger tapestry of neglect and willful endangerment of public safety. Feminists will prattle on about the criminality of men and the soaring numbers of male terrorists, yet they do nothing but heighten this danger by expecting female recruits into both the police and military to have a quarter of the fitness of average men who play social games of football on the weekend. We are already in risky times and the progressive (pardon the pun) cucking of our security forces is going to have terrible repercussions down the track.

When the shit hits the fan, will women finally want men to step up?

Inasmuch as the political and social climates of Western countries, Germany, Sweden, and the United States most of all, have stooped to new lows, things are bound to get worse with the present generation of progressivism. If public order truly collapses, it is fair to say that women may finally rue the “empowering” policies put in place to make their careers much easier–and to give them those careers in the first place.

Moreover, the civilian women who acquiesced to these SJW projects will soon be screaming for men to help them, realizing that many of the women tasked with protecting them are ill-equipped for the job.

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    1. People in the future will look at the “transgenderism fad” of the early 21st century the way we look at lobotomies of the 1930s and 40s.

      1. From what I have seen it’s old white regressive chicks using trans people as a club to hit normal people with. Most trans want to be left alone and pass as what they are presenting.

      2. Something I find amusing is– the same folks claiming a guy/girl with homosexual urges shouldn’t even be able to get counseling assistance to try and shift to a heterosexual lifestyle– are all in on somebody getting radical surgery to force their body to comply with a delusion in their mind.

        1. Aw, let them their dick turned inside out and get their balls cut off. Their confusion isn’t confusion. It’s passion. Something to be proud of. The only thing to be more proud of than being sodomised, is being dry-fucked in your inside-out dick! (As par the course, pardon my vulgarity.)

        2. On a personal level, I don’t care. They’ve got one life, they’re free to make dumb choices.
          I object strenuously however, to them insisting I participate in their delusion by calling a man a woman or vice-versa.

      3. As much as I wish it were so, the direction in which our culture is headed suggests that the acceptance of trends-genderism will be looked back on as a no-brainer.

    2. If men did this all over, do you think it would first make women quit competitive sports, or rebuke “current gender definitions?”

  1. Societies and nations that lower their standards to allow women into dangerous jobs such as firefighting and police, will be overtaken by societies that don’t lower their standards.
    And any society that allows women into combat is either suicidally desperate to survive, or circling the drain and has at most couple more generations left.

    1. Even Israel, which is touted as a leader in having women in combat, had to significantly scale that back because the women in combat couldn’t do the jobs as well as the men, and resultingly were creating more danger for the rest of their troops.

  2. I was a cop for four years and women officers are pathetic. The few of them that can perform at a man’s level are so rare as to be non-existent.
    In the police academy they are coddled and never face a serious opponent in defensive tactics training. If they do face any kind of resistance they fail miserably in mock scenes but are allowed to pass.
    I had one in my class who was afraid of water and birds, couldn’t fight or shoot and somehow graduated. I’m sure she is a lieutenant in Seattle PD by now making six figures.
    On the street they ALWAYS require help to apprehend even the most lightly resisting subject and always seem to be grossly out of shape, but so are most cops, unfortunately.
    Its the 500 pound gorilla in the room every day in police departments; everyone knows that they can’t hang but its illegal to mention it.

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        1. Its like these women learned how to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto games

    1. Same thing when I went through the Corrections Academy. But when we got assigned the women always got Visitation, the front entrance, or the control room. Men got the floor and direct contact with inmates. I worked in Administrative Segregation and we only had one fat chick in the unit who got permanent Unit Control Room operator because she could not bend over to take off leg irons. Best day in the world when I quit!

    2. When I was younger and at Airborne school we had a co-ed training company. The girls got to do the girl pushups (knees on the ground) and the girl pullups (feet on the ground body slightly inclined) during the evaluation phase. There was a lot of sex going on, and some girls just jumped from soldier to soldier almost on a nightly basis. I had a female drill sgt actually fall out of the morning run because she couldn’t run that far. I also learned in that period of my life that you should keep your opinions of women’s performance and conduct to yourself if you don’t want to get into trouble. Even back then the military had its own PC police.

      1. On co-ed runs and forced marches that weren’t simply around the airstrip, there would always be the drop out cart brought along. Guess who were the sole occupants of said cart, 100% of the time? Every single girl that started the run or march.

        1. Staying out of that cart would be all the incentive a man would need to run/march ’til his legs fell off.

        2. Funny, a while back, the first three female Marines reported for duty in the fleet. They made one of them a mortarman. Regardless of whether she is humping the tube, bipod, or the baseplate, I wonder how long it will take for her to end up in the safety vehicle? Another was made a machine gunner. Something tells me that when she has to hump a .50 cal lower receiver, as I did once, she’ll end up there too.

        3. A female mortar maggot??? Please tell me you’re joking.
          If true, she’ll never last…

        4. Why do you presume that she’ll be carrying anything or have to do any work (any of them really)? The men will cover for them, and then USMC Barbie will go out and do interviews on how women are amazing warriors and other assorted bullshit five years down the road.

        5. Yeah. When my buddies and I discussed this, that was our exact conclusion. After she leaves the safety vehicle, they’ll never ask her to carry it again. She’ll be given some other duty, like FAPed out to the rifle range, where she will still eat a billet in her unit so someone else will have to pull her weight. But she’ll still get to claim that she’s some tough infantry warrior, because in some very technical sense she will at least be in the infantry.

        6. GI Jane was good in that aspect, that it was all a publicity stunt, rest of the movie notwithstanding.

      2. The fun part is around deployment time and how many of them “accidentally” become pregnant. As a squad leader I never counted the females in my squad for deployment.

        1. So true. So freaking true. Women have no sense of honor or duty or unit loyalty and teamwork. When they get knocked up to avoid deployments, they are fucking over the rest of the unit who now has to pull more weight to cover her spot—no pun intended.

        2. Its been going on for decades. Hell, Warren Farrell talked about it in Myth of Male Power—pregnant Navy syndrome

      3. I’m always amazed that the same people who tell me that we need to do something about the supposed military rape epidemic also tell me that women “like, totes belong in combat.” Because the same women who can’t fight off Sgt. Fatbody’s wandering hands are completely capable of killing Haji McMujahideen in hand to hand combat.
        In the Marines, I was a combat arms officer. Then I did a tour training new lieutenants, and the school was co-ed. On any hump over five miles, the back of a column was a trail of tears and the staff circled like vultures making them sit in the safety vehicle when they finally gave up. Guess which sex comprised all of the hump-drops?
        Yet, occasionally on social media I see one of these talking tough about how she would proudly die for her country or some such. Yeah, sure. Try making it to the fight first!

        1. note how they focus on the dying part rather than fighting,winning,and SURVIVING? because thats exactly what will happen to those women in the fight.
          im not taking any credit away for anybody who died serving our country,if a war is fought,there will of course be casualties. but the focus shouldnt be on dying,it should be on surviving and winning. cant win a fight if you die.

        2. Can you imagine what would those brown boys do with a captured female soldier they can lay their hands on as a prisoner of war? Ugggh… Nothing heroic that would be…

        3. It’s always the dumbest, most worthless bitches spouting off, and being similarly praised too.

        4. Plus, men are motivated by their peers to push through and continue or be mercilessly ridiculed. If a woman starts crying, she doesn’t have to worry about being ridiculed because she’s a girl and girl’s cry. That’s just what they do.
          So even if one of the male recruits wanted to cry and ride in the wagon, he wouldn’t because he’d essentially be ostracized by the other men in the group.

        5. Often see on the news how those bearded guys cower and apologise for their attitude during the Afghanistan SlutWalks…

        6. “Because the same women who can’t fight off Sgt. Fatbody’s wandering hands are completely capable of killing Haji McMujahideen in hand to hand combat”
          Slow clap for you good sir.

      4. I love story time on RoK, especially when it’s time for “This chick was such a huge rampaging slut…” story time.

      5. I went to jump school before the PC police took over. We had about 10 women in my company (A Company) and only one graduated, a second lieutenant who competed in triathlons. Nowadays any pregnant fat chick can pin those silver wings on. Just . . . embarrassing to our armed forces.

      6. We had a SNCO when I was going through training school. Complete cunt-hammer, fell out of every group-run (and everyone knows how pathetic a military group run is, the entire point is to be able to keep everyone together). The CO of the school hated her, would talk about her being a complete embarrassment when he thought none of the school marines were around.

    3. In Greece during the last 5 years we had introduced to a huge amount of women police officers. They are used mostly for menial tasks and kept away from the more serious stuff. In short they are being taken in to be put on the sidelines. They did bring though something very good with them: THEY ARE HOT!!! I haven’t seen more beautiful women in a profession here! The reason is that recruit them from the gymnastic academies, in short they are gymnasts.
      Now the real reason they were recruited was so that they and their families would vote for the current government during the elections…
      To sum it up Greek policewomen bring nothing in the field, besides their good looks. To only make a point about women in the police and the military they can have only office roles, or be military nurses (in fact if there was ever a draft for women they should all be sent there as it would help make them better wives, mothers and patriots), but not field medics.

        1. You’ll be surprised, but writing tickets is not the job of the police here! There is something that is known as municipal police and THAT rights tickets. People who fail to enter the real police go there, they aren’t allowed to even have a gun. This peculiarity has to do mostly with the fact that mayors need to have a way to get people voting for them.

        2. Fail ? so they couldn’t perform 5 pushups right ? yeah we have the same here, everybody laughs at them.

        3. There is a funny, but also a very sad thing about them, many of them beg for a job that gives only 200 euros, without any prospects, while they try to support families! To understand 200 euros here are okay only if you live alone. I can understand one needing a job but not begging for one that befits a loser or a student while having kids to support! Even worse the state employs to such jobs people who have more than 2 children. This means that it prefers to employ people on jobs that DO NOT provide enough for them to sustain their families! It is crazy and the only reason this stands is because the spouse works and that the grandparents help with their pension!

        4. Very sad indeedm, so the govt can brag about the statistics and say unemployment is decreasing.

        5. No it cannot brag for that reason! In fact these jobs are relatively few and are meant to secure the re-election of mayors.
          There is something terryfying considering unemployment in Greece, which with a 25% makes me fathom the real percentage. In short many, I do not know how many, unemployed are counted as such only for half a year. This I knew from a relative who was unemployed (in reality he is just lazy) and was count as one for only half a year. By this way the government paints the situation better than it is, during times when unemployement was low (and mostly a result of laziness) they could do it to the 50% of unemployed, I doubt that it is that much but even if it is the 25% of the 25% this makes real unemployment 32,5%! It is far bigger and means that near 1 in three people do not have any work! The only think that may counteract to that is black labor, as illegal labor is referred to but mostly what it means is that on paper one works 5 hours while he works in reality for 10, plus there are some jobs (plumbers and teacher who offer support lessons as the system of education is disastrous privately) which can hide compeletely their earnings. Still that is not enough to counteract unemployment. In general I fear that Greece, through the stupidity of it’s citizens and the inability of it’s political class will be in a position similar to Moldova after the fall of the USSR which managed to hit a staggering 70% unemployment rate!

        6. Those papercuts and old non-functioning copiers are srs bizness. Salute the brave wimin in blue

        7. No, it is the other way around.
          In reality, it is the EU and international banking destroyed Greece, in cahoots with the Socialist/Communist Greek politicians.

    4. But thats not what i see on the tv or in movie picture shows.
      All the wimmins is super badass and know everything.

      1. No special forces squad could ever defeat a 5’4″, 102 lb women armed with only CGI and a ludicrous script. It’s the ‘Murican Way!

        1. Oh she’d take out the top boxing heavyweight fighters in the world. The 6’6 245 lbs Anthony Joshua would be found crying and shaking under his blanky clutching a teddy bear after witnessing the destruction she rains down on a helpless and frighteningly overmatched Wladimir Klitchsko.

      2. Yeah! Backflips and make 6’5″ men cry with a judo move! White power- excuse me girl power!

      3. And again we see the manifestation of the broader problem of most people not being able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

        1. ‘People’ such as feminists; remember that ‘facts’ and ‘logic’ are weapons and tools of ‘oppression’ created by the evil ‘patriarchy’, used to keep women down.
          ‘Reality’ doesn’t matter, all that matters is ‘the Agenda’.
          When TSHTF, I’m gonna LOVE the schadenfreude.

        2. when the SHTF,and all societies safety nets are collapsed,women will quickly retreat back into their traditional roles of being in the home and being subordinate to men.
          the only question is,when things are restored and order is then brought back to society,will men then allow women to go back to how things were before the fall?

        3. Lots of stupid, testosterone-upped women will die before they fully realize that lesson.

        4. When I was 7, I thought the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers were real and I thought Mortal Kombat was real.
          I also thought that since I could mimic a few kicks I saw on the prior mentioned shows that I could be capable of beating up a full grown man

        5. Actually, when you come right down to it, to libs, reality is the enemy. Reality is racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, patriarchal, oppressive. Libs live in a fantasy world.

      4. And they are always in charge as they huff and puff and lead the men around by their noses.

    5. Watch the actions of the white female officer, and the responses of the black female officer, they rate between useless and less than useless during the entire takedown process

      1. What a mess. I started hearing banjo music. VERBAL JUDO. Should have read VERBAL JUDO.

    6. Its how it is at the jail I work at. I don’t suck anyone’s dick and I’m given shit posts while the 5.2 out of shape ‘hos get positions where they will be killed or get someone else killed due to their incompetence. We don’t carry weapons and during transports there are many who were given guns who don’t know how to use them/refuse to learn/are afraid of them. When I took the job I took 3 different martial arts disciplines and go to the gym in the morning. When shit hit the fan they were completely useless. I was told more than once that I was the only woman worth my shit in the entire institution because I don’t fuck people I do my job and I don’t “try to be in charge” like the rest do. Still doesn’t make me equal to a man, I get that, but I needed money and benefits so I at least made sure I was of some use.

      1. I thought one of the main points of being a prison guard is to be in charge of the inmates, hen…

      1. I’m bedazzled that everyone is supposed to take a fresh out of high school prom queen seriously when she wants to be a soldier when said prom queen would scream bloody murder if a spider or mouse so much as grazes her foot.

    7. LOL at being afraid of water and birds.I never understood why women are afraid of harmless creatures like mice or roaches. My mom and sister refuse to go in their basement or garage because I spotted a mouse in those locations.
      I can see being afraid of an eagle in the sense that you wouldn’t want to go bother it’s nest. But afraid of your average, everyday city bird?

      1. It was worse than you know; we were at academy, in the range and a tiny finch flew in somehow and was flitting among the targets and she darn near had a panic attack. Mind you we were in the PISTOL RANGE and we were SHOOTING REAL GUNS and the bird was NEAR THE TARGETS and this special cadet couldn’t even.

  3. Women can’t do the basic job they get hired to do so they sit back and get easy assignments. Then to make the higher ups look good they get promoted to a supervisor job after never doing grunt work. Men who get hired get the crappiest areas and worst shifts then get to tell their new female supervisor how to do their job so no one gets killed.

  4. Reminds me of that time some guy jumped the White House fence, bulldozed through a couple of *female* secret service agents without breaking a sweat, only to be tackled and apprehended by a male off-duty secret service agent.
    When political correctness compromises the security of the President of the United States, it’s time to call it quits.

    1. I was honestly surprised at how such clearly unqualified agents were charged with protecting the White House. Normally the “important people” get the best of the best in terms of protection, and the mandated hires are left for the rest of us.

      1. My personal experience has taught me that bureaucracy gets the best of even our so-called top security forces, like the SS and DS.

  5. its the same in STEM too.
    I had to carry women thru to the finals – fucking sucks…
    Only been arrested once(mostly) by a massive fem cunt…
    And boy did she enjoy it….
    its all part of the communist “long march thru the institutions”…

  6. Reminds me of a Youtube video I saw years ago where a bunch of fat female bounty hunters failed to catch one guy in a restaurant despite having him surrounded and armed with tazers. A really pathetic sight but pretty funny especially the comments.

    1. Hilarious, the dumb bitch just follows with the fucking taser instead of tackling the guy to the ground. Which she can’t physically do because of her gender.
      I mean, seriously, the fool just stands there pointing the taser at him instead of getting the suspect into a control position.

      1. They probably thought the Taser will take care of the business, the guy will drop to the ground motionlessly, and all they will have to do is put the bracelets on his hands and move him into the back of their car, then go to collect their paychecks. Easy.
        Turned out real life is not a Feminist action movie, where badass, independent and strong single moms kick patriarchy’s ass…

      1. And holding onto the door handle. What idiots.

        1. Seriously that dude just ran i can bet my ass if the fight instinct had been triggered instead there would be a couple of broads getting electrocuted and beaten up my their victim

        2. I would bet all the money in my pockets versus all the money in your pockets that at least one of those incompetent cows got a wet pussy doing this.

        3. that happened while they were still in the air conditioned car.

        4. “And holding onto the door handle.”
          My favorite bit. I’m sure she believed she could hold the car in place and he would just give up then.

      2. If he is 40% fat maybe. But a fit male weighing 170 lbs? No chance he will will up easily. That would be an insult to his manhood. Even 3 women make no chance, unless they are going to sit on him with their fat asses.

        1. I weigh 165lbs and am 6′ tall. It’s all bone and muscle, no fat at all. My local police force had standing instructions not to approach me with less than 3 officers as I was considered extremely dangerous.

        2. The most dangerous people are not the biggest and strongest ones but ones who have little to lose and are too impulsive and dumb to consider the consequences of their actions. That’s why they’ll break the law every day by carrying knives or guns and if they get mad for some retarded reason, they are not afraid to use them. This describes most male gypsies (asian flavour, not irish) in Europe and every year many people die because a 70 IQ beast with the ego of a Hollywood star throws a fit. This racist violence is swept under the rug to the extent possible.

    2. 4 to 1, they’re armed, catch him by surprise and he still gets away.
      Total fucking idiots.

    3. What the fuck on earth they electrocuted him but still he was able to get in his car though it could be even funnier if he landed these bitches a couple of punches.women in military or police is not a good idea unless they are doing the non physical jobs

      1. I’ve heard that military women are the biggest cum dumpsters u’ll ever come across.

        1. I was in MI, so we had what we called Fort Disneyland, where it was co-ed dorms, for AIT. Bed to bed was literal, and it didn’t mean in the course of a year, it meant nightly.

        2. I had a girl from the military school jump on me, I turned her down, she said she was testing to see how faithful I was to my girlfriend. Truth was, I disliked her cone shaped tits.

        3. There was one girl in my unit, this was in Texas, who was actually pretty attractive. She was a decent 1980’s 7.5, which today would be considered an 8.5 by most here. Thin, short, nice titties, pretty symmetrical face, big eyes, blond long hair, etc. Decent little package. She made the rounds to almost every guy there. She tried starting in on me when I arrived there, and before I ever spoke to her I knew her reputation from some other guys that had met her. I turned her down but that just made her gun harder. By the time a month had passed I’d heard every single sexual position, trick and minute detail about how and who she banged from like a bajillion guys. She was for all intents and purposes fuckable, no question, but I was thinking “Nah man, I’ll stand out from the crowd”. I was told that she talked about me a lot because normally she could have her way with guys at will and was really confused why I wouldn’t take her up. She saw me dating other girls so….”can’t be gay….why won’t he fuck me?!?” Silly girl.
          She ended up pregnant, nobody really knew who the father was, and she opted on choosing the guy with the best family connections/wealth back home (surely, a coincidence), got hitched, while pregnant, had the kid a few months later and was divorced shortly after being discharged leaving the beta dude devastated and, as it happened, relieved of a lot of his material wealth and hooked to a kid that probably wasn’t his for the next 17 or so years.
          So yeah, women in the millitary….no.

        4. I had a very ugly, squat body type, shapeless, fat girl with a deep voice, short hair, and terrible personality in the next unit. There were only three girls in the compound, she was one of them.
          During the second year, I became very worried about myself, because I started to find her sexy, and began fantasizing about seducing her.
          Luckily, not so much time later I became a civilian…

      2. Tasers are portrayed as being far more effective than they really are.
        Most available on the open market just sting a little bit.

    4. So, the fat-ass white knight in blue there was quickly like, “Nope. Nevermind.” Stupid bitches of the wall. Not a WB among ’em.

      1. “Not a WB among ’em.”
        Good point. I bet 2 unarmed strippers in heels weighing a buck 20 each could have taken this guy in easy peasy. I think fight or flight kicked in not to keep the guy out of jail but because on a primal level he thought these wildebeests were trying to fuck him.,

    5. What the fuck? If this guy have a knife or gun, these women’s children will be motherless

    6. Dear God these women are living in a fucking fantasy land. They look like groupies for Brett Michaels (currently).

    7. All feminists should be forced to watch this. Another pathetic display of “girl power.” LMAO.

    1. You’re not supposed to put two female officers together, every supervisor knows that.

      1. yeah, that would be a terrible idea. Two women officers together means there is no dick to get sucked.

        1. It’s true either the two girls will get into trouble and require more back up or they won’t do anything because there’s no man around for the muscle.

    2. Fine thing they didn’t book him. Would have turned him into a supervillain.

  7. Less than 1 in 20 female soldiers I encountered were actually worthy of being “United States Soldiers.” The 5% that were, however, had quite a bit of motivation.
    We just need to be more careful who we let in the military. Men can be allowed to join with less vetting than women because they are naturally more inclined to be warriors.

    1. Doesn’t matter if they can pass the tests. In the field they are still women with the same limitations their sex is born with.
      Women do not belong on the battlefield.

      1. 100% agreed. Getting back to the political reality of banning women completely from the military, the least we can do is make them meet the same standards as the men.
        That will disqualify 95% of them off the bat.

    1. The person that wrote:”Warning this video might cause distress” at the beginning of the video should just kill himself/herself.

    2. How many British cops does it require to take down a badass criminal?
      All of ’em.

      1. fortunate that there are no badasses in England, cops or criminals then. I am pretty sure even the most hard core criminals in England are fancy little queers.

  8. Female police officers are not useless, they can frisk females. But apart from that, they are better put to work in a monitoring station. We here on RoK can think all we want and agree with each other, but the most important thing is that our opinions are expressed offline. So whenever you hear somebody talk about females in the military/police just tell what you think. Point out the obvious: No badge will protect your female ass against a 180+lbs guy who wants to kill you. Muscles however…

        1. I’m not the one digging Inigo Motoya’s ‘sword work’ there chief.
          Funny though, some weeks ago lolknee aptly codified the acceptability of cross-dressing, limiting it to basically British Humor and Bugs Bunny.

        2. Yeah, but he has undergone a medical procedure which….
          ….I…I just can’t go there…

        3. … or is it connected to the furry community? Speaking of cops, a cop I know has been called in to break up a couple of loud furry parties. Including walking in on a ‘fur pile’

        4. That is a subculture of insanity that I really want to know nothing about in real life. Fuckers need medicated.

        5. I could never be a police officer after being around them and listening to some of the degenerate stuff they see.

        6. … another job I couldn’t do. I respect folks like you who can handle that, especially seeing what happens with kids.

    1. it’s a common theme in recent kid movies. Boys are always portrayed as idiots and girls are smart and strong. Glad my daughter prefers old school kung -fu movies and not the leftist propaganda shit.

      1. My kids were raised on a lot of my old movie collection. The first time my son saw The Good, The Bad and the Ugly he made it a point to go out and find an old school pocket watch, because he thought it was so cool. And the daughter adores old Arnold action movies. Many a night when they were older did we sit and watch Predator or Total Recall or Dirty Harry.

        1. Good man! My dad fed me a steady diet of westerns and 80’s action movies. Probably why I live in Colorado now-can’t go anywhere without feeling like I’m in a John Wayne movie.

      2. Yeah, we had to ‘go back in time’ too. My kids were introduced to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” My daughter’s favorite is Tuco.

      3. My daughter loves kung fu movies too. She loves to make popcorn & watch them with me.
        We also watched some of the Ultimate Beastmaster episodes on Netflix for a laugh. She pointed out to me how pathetic the girl contestants were in comparison to their male counterparts. It’s those bonding moments that make it all worth while.

    1. Ugly thought, man. I saw a skinny bee-otch ditching the gym in a lime green 2016 camaro. Racing decals. The works. God save the young couple she plows into running a yellow.

      1. My sister used to cruise the boulevard in a ’69 Pontiac Formula 400 (low profile grey..) . Got a letter from one city claiming they’d clocked her at 150 mph. Cops used to pull her over just because they’d heard a girl drove the car, then they’d show her pictures of their project cars. She ended up getting rid of the car because of the number of tickets. Traded it in on a Chevette, got a ticket for 75mph when she was actually doing better than 90mph. (I was with her and had spotted the CHP moving up…) He was not happy with her.

  9. OT: People who know how to use computers amaze me. It is all magic and legerdemain

      1. depends….what if you are dying from a priapism and need something, anything to make your erection disappear….you will be glad that these little porkers in uniform are there to save the day then won’t you, huh, yeah…so take that.

        1. Even if a little chubby, if she’s naked and slightly bitchy-hisanic, I can’t promise I wouldn’t flutter.

        2. as a side note, I am glad that I am no longer the only one who puts “bitchy” in the list of positive adjectives.

        3. I always though “Priapism” would be a great name for a metal band.

  10. Hey dudes.
    I just started a new endeavor. A blog where I’m going to share stories from my time as an ED nurse. I would appreciate y’all checking it out and letting me know what you think. I want to eventually branch this thing into a podcast and then start doing other stuff but thought this might be a good way to get my ‘name’ out there.
    Again, any feedback is appreciated.

      1. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard that old line “My son, the nurse.” My dad would say that and almost die laughing.

        1. Just a funny line. I’ve been seen to by some excellent nurses of the cok-bearing sex.

    1. uhm, what does an ED nurse do? DO you give hand jobs to people who have a problem getting it up?

        1. its not as funny as if you meant ER and it was a typo damn it. I was so excited thinking I grabbed the funniest typo of the day. Will check the blog. You win reality ——- this time.

    1. Everybody at the time was all about Kathleen Turner and how “hot” she was, but she never did much for me at all really. In fact, I think she may be the first consciously noted “Man, her face seems a bit masculine” that I can remember. That movie never really did much for me.
      Now that chick from Princess Bride, the Princess one, whatever her name was, I would have stuck my dick in that and not pulled out until she went unconscious. And, at the time, what’s her face, the 20 something Kim Katrall, oh yeah, any day of the week, although the current “SATS” one is a post wall crank. And of course, that girl from Croc. Dundee, I don’t think I’d pull my dick out of that until *I* passed out (in her prime).

        1. But consider, even back then, that kind of guy was being mocked. The only chick he could get, was one created by supernatural forces and who really knew no different. Weird Science was the same message. Beginning of the end for the beta male, I think it was signaling.
          That was such a stupid movie, most movies except the action ones were pretty stupid at the time, but that open coat lingerie flash, oh yeah, that was worth the price of the ticket in the age before video porn.

        2. oddly enough, I am pretty sure that anyone who can find her can bang real life kim cattrall for free.

        3. Yeah, but that’s the same as using google to see what they look like now, except with more dire consequences.
          The last I saw her I thought that she was aging well *for a woman her age* but the magic was long, long gone.

      1. I assume you mean either Robin Wright who played princess buttercup or Mandy Pantinkin who played Inigo Montoya

        1. Har!
          Inigo Montoya was a masculine character, almost in the extreme in many ways. But I know you’re being a dick. Heh.
          Yeah, Robin Wright. I’d tap that out until she couldn’t walk, in her day.

        2. Yeah, live the inigo Montoya character. I can see Robin Wright being just your type….at the time of course, it is tacitly agreed upon that when talking about celebrities we mean in their prime unless explicitly mentioned and that under no circumstances will google be used to see what they look like now.

        1. Yeah, I know, she really went down the wrong path.
          But, confirmed a lot about chicks. She went for the violent bad boy, long after it was known that he was violent.
          Pretty, really pretty, but kind of dumb. Fortunately, that’s just the way I like’em.

        1. Look, I’m not above a foursome, ok? I’d take one for the team and do all three chicks in their prime at once. Because I’m just nice that way.

  11. Here, another good video that shows that women not only are weaker and shouldn’t be police officers. They are therefore also less likely to get respected. And, on a primal level, that’s all understandable. No man wants to be taken hostage by someone who is actually weaker. So they rebel like this guy did:

    1. Oh, man. That’s great. Comments says he got three years for it. Put that “officer” in her place, though.

      1. I guess this guy really “dindu nuffin”. For real. He was detained and acted according to his instincts. Can’t blame him however It’s still assault. When I’m watching videos like this I always discover new radical parts of my personality and question what I would do personally. I guess it depends on how much you love your job. Since I’m a teacher, I wouldn’t have done the same, but if I were financially independent, who knows…

        1. I’m public sector. Always have to watch my words and actions. Like Tim Allen said, it’s like 1930’s Germany right now.

        2. Hopefully you keep a level head and think- is this going to make things better for me, or worse for me?
          Call them sir, be polite, take the fifth.

        3. What is taking the fifth? Is that some American slang? What does it mean?
          The rest of the advice I understand and approve. Call them Sir, be polite and civilized.
          I would also add: do not break the law if you can avoid it, and if you can’t, then don’t get caught…

        4. American slang for referring to your rights under the 5th amendment to the US constitution to not testify against yourself. Often referred to as the right to remain silent.

    2. Gosh, she’s just *SOOO* equal! Strong! Empowered!
      A squirrely little guy, in handcuffs, who was seated, put her down hard, and we’re supposed to take this “women are the equals of men” shit seriously? I mean given what the guy was saying and if a friend was being beaten, then fuck this cunt broad, she was being negligent in her duty.
      You reap what you sow, Grrrrl.
      9/10 – would watch again
      And cheer just as much.

      1. You know what’s the problem with the whole scene. A male would just say: “dude, we’ll figure it out for you in a minute, relax”. But a female’s way of thinking is: “do I have this male under control?” Hardly, because he could jump any minute. So, she’s not dealing with the story behind the arrest but only with him. Talking to him in a authoritarian way. No man is going to put up with that. Sorry. He didn’t, because when she said everything is ok, he jumped her.

        1. Yep. Any cop I know would try to de-escalate and at least give some indication that the words were heard and processed. She went the bitch route and put on her little jackboots. I frankly applaud this video, and hope to live the rest of my days seeing this shit get the real consequences it so desperately has coming to it.

        2. As poetic as it was in this case, I still want to see someone on the ground full of holes if they hit a cop.

        3. I’m many things right wing, but I’ve never been one to really go full tits in for cops. They do a job, they serve a purpose, and that purpose is a positive one most of the time, but I’m not for any more or less force being used because of a cop than if it wasn’t a cop.
          Meaning, you don’t get to kill somebody with hugely disproportionate force just because the person he hits has a badge. At least not in cases like this above, the guy just smacked and ran. Capture him, press charges yeah, but death sentence? Not even vaguely proportionate to the act.
          The only equality I ever take seriously is equality before the law. The day I get to plug a dude full of holes for smacking me upside the head and then running is the day that the cops can do it, and not one minute sooner.
          This is not a popular opinion in circles I run in, but, well, there you go.

        4. I know they often abuse it, but the idealist in me still believes an assault on the badge (uniform whatever) is an assault on us all. Or however that goes.

        5. No one of us has any more powers in a group than we have as an individual. Creating a Super Class of people who get better treatment under the law than the rest of us is the exact opposite of the intent of the Founders. Now if you want to even the playing field and get what you want, then make it legal for me, Mr. Joe Concealed Carry to have the same set of rules in place. Then I’m good.

        6. I’m not suggesting better treatment under the law for cops, just that they be obeyed within their duties. If a cop is doing his job and you put him (not her) in danger, theoretically you’re compromising his ability to prevent crime, and putting the public in danger.
          And when Mr. Cop plugs a dindu for taking a swing at him, I’m all for a proper investigation, etc. to legally ensure that it was the only way for the cop to maintain order.

        7. Exactly. They are public servants. Cops getting carveouts/exemptions from limitations on the general public for things like the types of weapons they can own or use infuriates me. It is B.S.
          The cops justification for having weapons is self-defense. Anything good enough for my self-defense is good enough for them. If I can’t have it, they shouldn’t either.

        8. I’m not saying that they can’t use force on somebody resisting arrest or trying to escape arrest. Clearly they have to. But generally the standard today is that if you so much as tip a cop, you’ll find yourself full of holes, or at a minimum, have people calling for you to be plugged until swiss cheese like in consistency. I don’t have that privilege, of killing somebody for shoving me to the ground and running, although I do have the right to self defense in proportion to the act. Same should apply. And if it escalates and then I feel a threat on my life, then sure, deadly force.
          Like I said, not a popular opinion.

        9. Agreed.
          And being able to drink and be armed, and I mean off duty and shit. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

        10. Police are not really there to keep order for you but also to function as a security to government itself. Placing police on top of the social ladder is in reality a fascist belief. Like they can’t do wrong. Some people can’t handle power, with a lot of police officers that’s the case. So please suspicion before unconditional praise.

        11. Ok, look at this piece of shit cop, beating 13,14 y.o kids.

          That is normal? That guy should get that stick where the sun doesn’t shine imho.

        12. As they’re not legally required to respond to any particular person’s situation, no, it’s not an assault on us all. It’s an attack on state power.

        13. No. They are not responsible for responding to any specific incident. If the police fail to respond to your call for help, you have no legal recourse.
          Warren v. District of Columbia
          DeShaney v. Winnebago County
          Castle Rock v. Gonzales

        14. Sir, there is only one type of equality that makes perfect sense: equality before the law, equality in the eyes of the law.
          Nothing else makes sense, no other type of equality even exists or should exist.

        1. Right, skinny little fellow, which I guess is good in the age of Fat Britain, so he has that going for him.

        2. True. But he doesn’t look that weak. And he was intoxicated. If he wasn’t and he wanted to kill her, he could have done it within 5 seconds.

    3. See him looking around to see if he could get away with it, classic pre-attack indicator

  12. I joined the Marines in ’89. Back then females were not allowed in any sort of combat job and all the Women Marine I met seemed fine with that. After Infantry School I went to radio school here we had females training with us. We were shocked at how little physical training they could do.
    Then I was in an infantry unit. We had some women in supply and admin who supported us but they never went to the field and had zero interest in trying to keep up with us on a march. The fact is most of them couldn’t have carried the gear we marched in from the street to the barracks in a single trip.
    Then Saddam invaded Kuwait and our female supply Sgt. immediately got pregnant to avoid that trip.
    Fred Reed has written several times about the lunacy of women in combat units.

    1. Maybe they didn´t want to invade another country that is not a threat to their country and is at the other end of the world.

      1. No. They didn’t give a fuck about your politics. If they did, they wouldn’t have joined the Marines in the first place.
        They wanted that Uncle Sam paycheck without any of the risk the rest of us assumed.

    2. Are females allowed in combat positions now? I could not even imagine something on that level of stupid…

  13. Now guys. Be fair. There every bit as good as their male counterparts (often better) in every movie I’ve seen. And I’ve seen them in action. They write parking tickets like no one’s business!

  14. One early morning at university I headed out for a “dawn patrol” surf with a buddy. The road out of the dorms was completely empty so I rolled through the stop sign to make a right turn. A university patrol car saw it and immediately pulled me over for an infraction. It’s a lady cop, and immediately she starts with the hyperbole, which in retrospect was a shit test. Here’s the dialogue that went down:
    Lady cop: “You could have hit the Captain’s patrol car with that kind of driving!”
    Me: “What? I was going 5 m.p.h. and you’re lying in wait in a bush 2 blocks away…you were nowhere near me.”
    Lady cop: “But it’s clear that if I was driving this way you could have hit the Captain’s vehicle.”
    Me: “Well what are YOU doin’ with the Captain’s car, honey!?”
    I couldn’t help it, it was just instinct. Women “playing” authority for authority’s sake can fuck off. My buddy was cracking up…classic moment. And yes, I got that ticket, but was laughing at her the whole time. She was outwardly bitter and not very cop-like.

    1. Something important you touched on here.
      Women like the authority in their hands, that is why they go to the armed forces.
      They think that authority is a given, not that they have to enforce it…

  15. A good while back I worked a security job and was getting some range time in. In the lane next to me a police officer was working with her service weapon and having a terrible time with it. I watched her and noticed she had to work up the courage to squeeze the trigger of the issued DAO auto.
    part of the problem was she did not have the hand strength to manipulate the trigger nor the hand size to hold the Beretta 92 correctly,granting that the handgun has a larger grip. But after coaching her she was afraid of discharging the weapon. I recommended she transfer to the call center out of concern for her and her comrades.

  16. “Moreover, the civilian women who acquiesced to these SJW projects will soon be screaming for men to help them, realizing that many of the women tasked with protecting them are ill-equipped for the job.”
    Sometimes it’s better to let the decaying building burn down before you rebuild.

  17. The entire concept of having a paid police force is to protect the elites’ power and wealth. Personal safety should be one’s personal responsibility. So having a female/PC/SJW police force is in the long run only going to hurt them. The problem short term is they are forcing us pay for their security.

    1. It would help so much if drugs were decriminalized. And with that I mean all drugs. Maybe not the production because that would cause an environmental disaster, but the possession to start with. Give people who want to take drugs as much as they want. The sooner they overdosed, the faster the rest can go on with the stuff that has to be done.

      1. Only way that works is if they get 0 handouts and put at the end of the line in ER rooms.
        Our gov doesn’t have the balls to do that.

        1. You could indeed do it if you ended the welfare state. Let people get insurance against unemployment. It will cost a lot per month and only hardworking people will be able to get it. It will create competition again, like nature intended life.
          I piss on the whole welfare state ideology. Come visit Europe once I would say. Let yourself be amazed how unfair it is for hardworking people.

        2. I’m all for it being axed at the federal level, and then letting the states decide how big of a net they want to provide.

        3. Yup. That would be best for you in the US. It’s not that people should starve, but nobody who is on welfare should have money to buy cigarettes, alcohol and have multiple dogs, like I see here in the Netherlands. Some also own a car. Me, with my normal job after taxes are barely a couple of hundred euros better of a month than they are, with all their special programs for free stuff (like washing machines and free internet) That’s just injustice.

        4. We have a lot of that over here too. I’ve seen people on welfare who own horses, take vacations, and own nicer phones than I do.
          I’m all about people getting help, but there is no sanity or means testsing based in common sense.
          The poor in our country figured out how to vote themselves raises, and that was the beginning of the end.

        5. The poor (lazy and stupid people generally) are voting that the “rich” (middle class people who did something with their lives) have to pay for them. That socialism in a nutshell.
          I follow the news in the US, but do they already have that $15h pay for Mcd employees?

        6. Not yet in most places. Seattle, Washington does, I think. They’re trying over in Oregon, too. “Poor bastards.” Heh, litterally (Hitler) in this case.

        7. Yep, any tax windfall from legalization will be spent in a few years, and “Now that drugs are legal it’s our (meaning your) responsibility to care for these poor people” will be the rallying cry for spending assloads more money supporting junkies.

        8. At the time of Hitler people did not say no to a job. Everybody who could work did. Fine if one doesn’t want to work, but then don’t be a burden on society. Go live in a shack in the woods or something.

        9. No, but they’re trying to get that raise.
          They’ll just ensure their jobs are automated at a much faster rate.

        10. And once they moved the wage scale up, the drones who wanted for it freaked out because they actually lost money due to being kicked off of welfare.

        11. Saw that just after I posted.
          At least with a computer, I’ll get the right change back.

        12. Give food, give a bed for the night (barracks accommodation), give health care, give education.
          DON’T GIVE MONEY!

        13. Indeed. We don’t have EBT cards here, but we should. It prevents that people will buy stupid stuff like cigarettes and still complain they are hungry. We do have local foodbanks in the NL. But what I find disturbing is that people who have a low income can get help from all sides. People who make just a dollar above the threshold (still not much income) don’t get their waste levy waived (and many other municipal taxes (housing subsidy and a municipal advantage card are just two of them)

      2. I see weed being decriminalize in the future. Maybe Kratom too. However, maybe it is the way society is but maybe most people never had cold reality throw in their face to show what drug overdose looks like or the reality of stds. Maybe I was raised more sternly then the average person.

        1. In an ideal situation they, the junkies, are easy to recognize. They’ll have foam on their mouths and don’t breathe anymore.

      3. You’ve succinctly summarized why I want the WOD abolished.

    2. I get there are some bad apples in the force, but this is a bit of a stretch.
      I can’t be home to protect my family 24/7. If someone snatches my kid off the street, im not putting on a bat suit and tracking them down. We need order, not anarchy. If the cops are just protecting the elite, then we as men need to force a reform.

  18. Another example: The response to a terrorist knife attack in Israel.
    Look at the girl close to the camera! She holds tight an icecream in her hand!! Moves around without purpose, drops her ammunition while her rifle is pointed at her fellow soldiers plenty of times. Probably got
    promoted after this.

        1. hahahahahaha cut and paste I have no idea….but I am making my self laugh so much

        2. According to google translate, it’s ‘A terrorist in Afula’, making it wonderfully discordant.

        3. don’t be absurd. There is not word in French for a bad blowjob.

      1. Yeah, I googled that shit. Took me down some rabbit hole with women getting shot and striping outside prisons.

        1. I didn’t bother googling, I just cut and paste and added the parenthesis. My commitment to the bit is only so much.

        2. yeah, but when it comes to googling vaguely pLOLitical shit

        3. side note, has there ever been anyone named scott who wasn’t a total douche bag?

        4. Scott Baio, check.
          Scott Disick, check.
          Scottrade, check.
          Great Scott! It checks out!

        5. Well damn, I didn’t get any of that.
          Er.. I mean thank goodness.

  19. I saw the disparity at Marine Corps Officer Candidates School when I went.
    Injury rates for female officer candidates were 2x that of guys. Usually 30-40% of guys get sent home with an injury, for women it’s around 65-70%.
    As far as endurance (ruck marches and dealing with injuries) went, guys marched with heavier packs and only got sent home with bad injuries (I tore virtually all of the ligaments on the right side of my right ankle on a ruck march, was sent home 2 weeks later).
    Women had lighter packs, and got sent home for things like shin splints that wouldn’t heal. Pretty sure a good portion of my platoon had splints at some point, but just kept going.
    Sleep deprivation was harder on female candidates too.
    Finally, it’s necessary to remember that as far as the USMC goes OCS is tough, the Basic School (TBS) is even worse, and the fleet/deployments are even harder if you go combat arms as your job choice.

    1. “I tore virtually all of the ligaments on the right side of my right ankle on a ruck march”. I’ve done that in hockey… takes a long time to heal from soft tissue injury. Shin splints don’t compare.

      1. They certainly don’t, and I did my best to hide the injury for fear of getting sent home. I didn’t see much of that from the female candidates.

  20. Really? USAF only asks for 8 pushups for females? In the 5 years since I got out, I am dismayed at how low standards have fallen. I loved my time in the military but I’m glad I got out.

    1. You surely know the pullup and chinup are the best test for upperbody strength. If you can’t do 20, you are just a weak person. period.
      And +95% of people on earth can’t do 20, or deadlift 150 kg. They should have no place in the military. If a woman can do that, sure, join. But 99,9% of women can’t, so go to the kitchen and cook and clean for your man.

    2. yeah but each one has to be done with a different man on her back.

    1. I’ve been reading about Polk. Was thinking of reading on Hitler next, all the Nazi-talk libs keep spitting. You, sir, have convinced me.

    2. Germany nowadays doesn’t have it’s own culture anymore. The country is still owned by the US. Culturally and also deep into state level. The US will never let it’s grip loosen. For they know that when they do, the Germans will go back to what they’re good at: bureaucracy and nationalism. For themselves and for the rest of Europe. So to undermine them now, Germany is raped, by immigrants, by feminism. On decree of the US.

      1. I think the only section that still does is Bavaria, and I think that’s becoming less true each year.

  21. On television female cops are always portrayed as badasses who bring down huge meathead ogres with ease despite weighing 75 percent less. In real life they get put into headlocks or knocked unconscious by teenagers brought in for petty theft.

    1. I turned on the TV the other night and a cop show was on with an Asian chick who might weigh 110 kicking some criminals ass because she was mad at him for kidnapping a girl. She took his sidearm away from him first too. Lol

      1. Are you referring to Walker Texas Ranger? Even for being a Chuck Norris vehicle, the way Nia Peeples just whoops ass on a regular basis is just silly.

        1. No, it was one of the new shows, Hawaii 5-0 maybe?
          She wasn’t near as hot as Nia Peoples.

        2. Haven’t seen it. Then again, haven’t seen most reboots (other than Fembusters, and that one was for free. Piece of shit, but that’s another story). They don’t offend me or steal my childhood but I do find the nostalgxploitation of our generation annoying.
          However, I did see a snippet of Quantico, with that decently hot Indian British chick. I does suck, but at least, on some of these new shows, they still put attractive women and not hambeasts.

      2. In `Person of Interest` lovely Sarah Shahi regularly kicks the asses of men twice her size. Mind, I`d surrender to her. Unconditionally.

  22. Working in the correctional system, you quickly realize how pathetic female CO’s can be. Weak is the word comes to mind. They will kowtow and jump through hoops to avoid any confrontation with inmates. I could just go on forever about how they are constantly calling for items to satisfy the psycho inmates they take care of. I frequently told them to ignore the whining and complaining from inmates. The enabling was incredible and the inmates were well aware of who they could play and not play.

    1. I was a C.O. for twelve years, women C.O.s were mostly just taking up space that should have been reserved for a male who could actually help.

  23. A friend pointed out to me, as they can’t work, the walkie talkie is handed to them and they end up being the boss, as hands on work is not feasible, they can give orders.

  24. I am a prison officer and at 5.9 164 pounds of muscle and years of martial arts training I am not helpless. You need to understand it has everything to do with political correctness and less to do with gender. The average man I work with is about 5.9 and weighs +200 pounds of sloppy fat. The average woman? 5.2-5.4 about the same 200 pounds of slop. I was in 8 fights my first year all of which involved a sprint across the facility first before you can get your hands on the inmate. They need to enforce physical requirements for jobs like this as well as at least a “fight” requirement if they aren’t going to enforce a height requirement. Women wanted equality so be equal!

    1. You are delusional if you think you have the slightest chance against any male no matter how unfit he was.

      1. The number of female prison officers who fucked with hard criminal inmates is sure to be higher than those who beat up one to enforce good behaviour…
        Being in charge of incorrigible “bad boys” must be a pussy-moister for these women…

        1. It wasn’t a real fight.
          Try fighting a guy where no other men are around to back you up in the event of you losing, and he has no downside to killing or raping you, then see what happens.

    2. You sprinted over there to watch the male officers break up the fight.

    3. 164 Pounds? even with you being fat cunt without your fucking gun and radio you are still fucking useless.
      All id need to do is get your head into the wall and then you would lose unless you are on fucking roids.

      1. I don’t carry a gun or a radio, I get a body alarm due to budget cuts. And you’d have to reach my head before I kicked you through the ribs. Or you’d have to get a hold of me before I rammed your testicles into your abdomen. Or you’d have to get a hold of me before I took you to the ground and twisted your elbow out of joint. Or you’d have to get a hold of me before I’ve dislocated your knee.

        1. Body alarms mean you are fucking danger come save me white knight guards from the big bad prisoners.
          When it comes to ramming my testicles in my abdomen that is really the only defense you have here and that can only come if my legs are spread apart.
          So you would try kicking me in the balls and when that fails i kick you in the cunt then bash your head into the wall until you push the body alarm button to get your white knights to save your ass.
          And even if you kicked me in the rib as long as i have access to your neck you are fucked.

    4. I would beat your ass until you couldn’t remember your first name, CO or not. All 5’9 of you. Get fucking real honey. 😉

  25. For fucks sake, my old man can do 10 push ups and he’s septuagenarian alcoholic
    These silly little action dikes really need to piss off

    1. The original Star Wars isn’t a cuck fantasy other than giving Leia a few moments that are reasonably written.
      Episode VII and the disaster from last Christmas on the other hand…

      1. I’d upvote you on the oveall point, but haven’t seen Episode VII or the Christmas disaster.

  26. Is this any different than lowered written testing standards due to “disparate impact”? Of course not. Remember the New Haven Fire Dept?

  27. Being able to restrain a 6’5″ 200 lbs.+ man who is resisting should be part of the entry physical exam.
    If you truly care about law enforcement, you would not be unfit. Being unfit and trying to get into duty screams you don’t care, you just want a badge, authority and a paycheck. That is not police or armed forces material. A person unfit for duty doesn’t run after a suspect they use a gun or taser, something that would make citizens at complete unrest to. Police is not a daycare center for women where they play imaginary cops taking down bad guys.
    Imagine if people could just walk into any licensing office and get a medical license and be a practicing surgeon with no tests. Yeah if you’re against these surgeons you’re sexist give me a break.

  28. Well, i don’t believe so much in the ‘invisible hand’ of the market, it will regulate itself.
    When hundreds of women, facing combat or terroriism will die, their will be a sudden change in the public opinion.
    Not only will the femVet will scream “But they told me we can do everything!” (yep, you can die as men, but you failed)
    But lots of angry moms will freak out for the loss of their precious daughters, or worse, for the loss of the sons died because of useless female soldiers.

  29. The police in general in Australia are nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards, anyway. Whether they be male or female, they work as simply another bureaucratic arm of the government to impinge on people’s rights. They do nothing to catch criminals and sit back while pedos, murderers, robbers, rapists and lunatics do as they please, getting off with light sentences, while those who do 1kmh over the posted speed limit are frequently demonized, and given massive fines, which eventually result in licence disqualification. Further to that, many here also subscribe to the idiom that “if you don’t speed, you won’t get caught.” Living by that mantra is as utterly stupid as it comes, as the speed limits are deliberately set too low to begin with, which cause people to break them. Add to that, the place being peppered with hidden cameras, both mobile and fixed – along with the cops only out doing their radar patrols on a sunny day being proof of it as nothing more than an act of revenue. You’d never see them out on a rainy day where conditions on the road are supposedly far more dangerous, though.
    There is no other organization or group of people which make me feel more unsafe than the police. The fact that they are the only ones allowed to carry guns here makes it all the more worse again. Slavery has been perfected here and it will never change while people are so unaware of it, and most even happy to be a part of this shambolic excuse for a democracy!
    Basically, fuck police! It’s not about breaking the law, it’s about them making laws to clamp your freedoms to suit their agenda.

    1. Sounds like you described the Netherlands, but it’s at the other side of the globe you live. Over here the government also say the police has a “monopoly on violence” which is used as a clincher for the restriction of firearm possession. The police to me is an extension of the tax revenue service. It’s easy cashing from law abiding citizens. It’s the same everywhere on earth. I have more respect for a motorcycle gang. Maybe I should become a member of those since there are few groups who do act to the laws of nature.

      1. You said it perfectly, right there! I, too, have more respect for a bikie gang than I do any police officer. I’ve not once seen a member of a motorcycle gang attack anybody unprovoked, yet I hear of many instances of the police constantly harassing citizens for absolutely no reason, whatsoever. Yes, it’s much the same everywhere, inclusive of whichever countries I’ve been to. I guess I find Australia worse as I live here, but I’m sure if I were to live elsewhere, it would be the same thing. I can’t comment on the Netherlands, since I’ve never been, but your comments clearly speak the truth, as they relate so closely to exactly how a lot of people feel, the world over.
        As you said, it’s far easier to cash in from law abiding citizens as they’re the ones who are less willing to put up a fight and just stand down to the demands of these tyrannical power pigs. They’ve not the guts to take on a real criminal, because that costs money, and the government has a vested interest in milking the cash cow for all its worth.

  30. Consider the change in training of cops since women started in larger numbers. The paranoia of being afraid for their safety and opening fire on people. It simply was not that way when cops were all men. They were trained to de-escalate not to use firearms.
    Now might this be directly related to the fact that the training has to change when the physical strength standards are lowered? That the reliance on weapons and gun play has to increase to compensate?

  31. Someone needs to write another article on ROK on how innocent people are killed all the time due to women but are covered up due to equality bullshit! On going reports should be on ROK about it so people will stop looking the other way!

  32. Men are stronger than women, period.
    In a fight, a man will beat a woman, always, everywhere, period.
    Playing the PC, Feminist make-believe must not be allowed to go so far as to be tested in real life-or-death situations.
    Besides, women in the armed forces destroy the brothers-in-arms dynamics.

  33. When I was in the armed forces of my country, all the women were ugly as hell, but strangely either they were scoring like supermodels, or fucking with the officers only and getting the promotions. Fitness, or any such army-like nonsense they left to the guys…

      1. It is like armies everywhere where they take in females as soldiers.
        The other interesting thing I have noticed, is the behaviour of the wives of army officers.
        Just because she can order around hubby in the household, she thinks she can also order around the men who have hubby as their superior.
        They can not seem to understand that this is not exactly how the army hierarchy works, LOL
        The wife of Lieutenant Smith is less than nobody for the members of the platoon Lieutenant Smith can order around at his whim…

        1. Imagine a remake of Randall Wallace’s excellent “We Were Soldiers” A group of house husbands eagerly waiting for news of their combat Barbie wives on deployment in Afghanistan.

        2. Yeah, sure…:) I can not even dare to imagine what the Taliban would do with a captured female combat soldier as a prisoner of war. Gang-rape, with multiple objects and farm tools inserted into her every orifice, and that is just the first ten to fifteen minutes after capture…
          What is the point of an army that is putting female soldiers on the frontline, into the trenches?
          The whole POINT of having an army is to defend our women and children in the hinterlands.
          If women insist on that they can do soldiering as well as men or even better, right up to hand-to-hand combat in the foxholes, then count me out. Why should I risk my life and limbs then in a war, if they are there?
          Gimme a break.
          As any single man can beat the ass of any single woman, anytime, anywhere, so can an army of men beat the shit out of an army of women, anytime, anywhere.
          Women weaken any army, and that’s a cert.
          If it was up to me, I would not allow a single woman to join the army at all.

        3. It did not work. You did not want to upset your superior by disrespecting his wife if she tried to order you around. So you did not tell her to fuck off. You just pretended she was not there and you did not hear what she said.

    1. A flight instructor (officer) was banging an enlisted female. One day an enlisted male walks by him repeatedly without saluting. Officer calls him on it, and the enlisted guy tells him to go fuck himself. Officer starts in on chewing him out about insubordination–enlisted guy holds up his hand, then says, ‘Sir, you’re banging an enlisted. If that comes out- your career is over, and anybody who knows owns you. She really worth that?’ Then he just turned and walked away.

      1. There is one, and only one acceptable post for a female in any army, and that is the camp-follower position.

        1. Gotta respect the enlisted guy though. He was actually trying to help out the young officer by pointing out how stupid he was being.

  34. I love the Prodigy, and I love the video of Smack my bitch up.
    But it also contains a Feminist fantasy. Petite blonde taking on and battering multiple grown-ass men. Gimme a break…

  35. I am training Brazilian Jiu jitsu now. Even as a brand new blue belt, I find it quite hard to submit a white belt who trained 3 months and is 10kg heavier than me. In my gym, those female blue belts can not beat most of the white belt guys, saved for a couple skinny guys who just started training for 1 month. Even the skinniest guy is much stronger than than the strongest woman. My lesson is WEIGHT and SIZE matters a LOT in a physical confrontation. So I don’t understand why women has this notion that they can subdue a man much larger than him if she wanted to.

    1. They have this notion for two reasons. 1, the media/entertainment industry has a huge fetish about making women into super powered beings who are always stronger, faster and more intelligent than men and 2. The overwhelming bulk of women have no experience to tell them otherwise. Combine this will idiotic laws that force women into a lot of places where they could not compete naturally utilizing their raw talents, and you have a recipe for disaster.
      Your taking Jiu Jitsu has provided you with that critical experience that informs you that this entire push is a hoax. Glad you came to realize that.

      1. One nice thing about large families– girls growing up with brothers never suffered under the delusion they were physically on a par with a male.

      2. I think this is very dangerous what the Media does with this Grrrl Power BS.
        Girls can be seriously hurt if they confuse the make-believe world the Media projects with reality.

    2. The irony of this is that even in a martial art style that is designed as eliminating size differences as much as possible doesn’t account for the difference in sex.

  36. Women should have a place at all these institutions. But for recreation purposes. When the men come back from a hard days work the women should be there to help remove the stress.

  37. Don’t worry. Officers who can’t perform will never be assigned to protect the powers-that-be. They will always get the best, brightest and most capable officers.

  38. Ex soldier (British Army) here.
    The fitness standards females are held to are so pathetically low that those in the Under-30 age group are allowed to ‘pass’ fitness tests with standards so low that men don’t enjoy anything so easy until they’re in the Over-50 age group.
    The gap in minimum fitness standards on the PFA between Men Under-30 and Women Under-30 is far, far, greater than the gap between the basic standards of your average soldier (be they a Chef, Medic, Clerk or whatever) and those of the Royal Marine Commandos and Parachute Regiment.
    A male soldier under 30 has 10 minutes 30 seconds to run 1.5 miles in the PFA. Meanwhile a female soldier under 30 years old is allowed 13 minutes.
    So a male soldier who runs a 10.31 on the PFA is classed as unfit and faces disciplinary action while a worthless POS female – in same age group, doing same job – who runs the same distance in 12.59 is classed as ‘fit’. Totally disgusting and completely inexcusable.

  39. Ah the good old trope of a 5′ nothing female beating up a group of 10 men twice her size and experience level while doing back flips in a mini skirt. You Mr. Hollywood producer have sold a movie ticket! Sarcasm? Fuck yeah…
    Notice how they’ll push for equality in areas where they know superior men will save their asses, but God forbid we merge male and female UFC or Boxing… LOL! I would pay-per-view the hell out of that shit. Mind you the establishment would probably just fix it in favor of the female anyway.

    1. It is very worrying, that young girls take that Grrrl Power message of the Media as their cue, and talk disrespectfully and agressively with men, sometimes with strangers, sometimes even attacking them. And when the guy is soaking up the abuse and trying to avoid them and is backing out of the conflict, they mistake kindness for weakness, and attack more ferociously… until the guy finally loses it, and gives them a slap. Then they find themselves on their asses on the floor, crying.There are such videos in youtube. A very, very worrying phenomenon.

  40. Timely article, my older sister is currently testing for a law enforcement job. I wish she wouldn’t do it. She might think she’s tough now, but it frightens me to think about her being attacked by a much larger man.

  41. yep… ive been trying to start a career in law enforcement for a while now.. i can say from what ive read and been told by police officers,that female cops are a danger to everybody. not only to fellow officers,but to the public too. why? because their lack of physical ability,requires them to resort to lethal force sooner.
    I also do bjj,and i know first hand,that even girls with way more experience on the mats than ive got get tossed around like a rag doll by me and the other guys if were even remotely trying to resist. sure,they are good at bjj,but they dont have the physical strength to put it into practice. bjj works for smaller,weaker guys,but smaller guys,and old men STILL have more strength than women.

    1. Policewomen expect that their badge, the pistol at their side, and the force and authority of the state behind them will compel everybody to follow their orders…
      But LAW ENFORCEMENT is called that for a reason.
      Police officers must be able to enforce the law.
      And a policewoman can not force a man to do anything – unless the man recognizes the force and authority of the state behind her. But if he says, “screw that”… then the woman can enforce fuck all…

  42. NYC has removed the requirement for female fire fighters to carry a 200 lb dummy to pass their physicals. So your grandpa needs to be carried out and the female ff collapsed trying to pick him up. Is the “white night” ff going to save your grandpa for a chance at vagina?
    I hate this shit. They are NOT our equals. Some wife/family needs to sue a police department for their fallen husband/father for hiring an inferior employee with lower standards to set a precedent.
    They want to be equal? Okay, every female should register at 17. Every female should fight her own fight she starts at bars. Every woman should pay her own way. But…there are too many fuckin pink pill pink knights.

  43. USN warship inport Norfolk had her quarterdeck watchstander easily overpowered, her sidearm taken. A sailor was killed as the result along with the attacker. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  44. I just realised, and I pray to God to prove me wrong, but watching the news about the terrorist attack today in London, at Wesminster Abbey, it dawned on me that there will be war in Europe in the not too far future.
    Not a conventional war, more like a civilian war-type, a city guerilla war and ethnic cleansing combo.
    It will come without warning, and escalate quickly.
    The only good news is, it is straight white males that will do the ethnic cleansing of Europe at the end.
    A “vacation at the Balkans” waits for us in the future of Europe. Just like in Yugoslavia’s Bosnia, the Muslim enclaves will be fighting the white enclaves and vice versa.

  45. I’ve read that women who who successfully enter those professions turn out to be the worst sort of skanks…

  46. I suspect you’re saying what everyone in the police and military knows to be true – but knows they would be fired for saying.

  47. As many pointed out, the female cops often unnecessarily threaten or resort to violence. Because the “threat” of authority via violence isn’t there, since almost any man can take any woman. This puts them in greater danger.
    In OJ Simpsons memiors, he states that he didn’t go to Nicole’s house to kill her, but she answered the door with a knife. He privately told friends, if she didn’t come to the door with a knife she’d be alive today…..

  48. Whenever I see such it is insanely difficult for me not to burst into laughter at them or look at them with a mix of confusion, revulsion and contempt. What a joke society has become.

  49. This is insane, and pathetic. If women want to join the armed forces they should use the exact qualifications as men. If they cannot pass, then too bad

  50. Female + Power = DISASTER.
    Female + Kitchen (limited power) = Better.
    But even then men can do it better.
    Females + submissive + open legs and faithful to one man = BETTER CIVILIZATION!

  51. News From Ireland: State of the Art Coastguard Helicopter crashes into rocks. Apparantly went towards the wrong lighthouse. Were the crew victims of feminism? Pilot was a 40 year old mother of a young child. Can a woman, the mother of a young child, just switch off and focus on the job at hand like a man? Or are women being pushed forward into occupations they are not suited to, just to satisfy our need to signal how “equal” we are?

    1. I’ve always wondered when I see female pilots. My wife likes to complain about that time of the month and how hard it is on her body/how awful she feels for two or three days nonstop.
      And some other chick can just ignore the apparent physical and mental stress and fly the jet I’m on through a thunderstorm with any degree of competency?
      No thanks.

  52. I saw the same things. The absolute majority of women officers were inferior to even the average male cop. In the name of fairness, I worked with one female cop who was actually pretty tough and not completely worthless, but she was the outlier. The majority of them were terrible in their jobs. They cant fight, have no command presence, and require help more often from male cops. EVERY man who has ever been a cop will admit they are personally more inclined to start heading towards a female cop when she calls out something on the radio (like a traffic stop) than they are a male cop who calls out a similar situation. Ability aside, female cops also have a blatantly inferior work ethic to male cops, they have no sense of duty or honor or unit team work. And Im willing to bet EVERY male cop will back me on this. They call out sick more, they take more vacation, they abuse sick leave, they abuse injuries or workers comp, and they will take off a full year for maternity—same thing in military units btw. I have rarely seen this with even the worst male cops. A man might be lazy on duty, but he will generally at least show up more often than the average female cop. In the academies, females are also coddled beyond belief and pushed through—fitness, shooting, fighting, driving, etc. I have personally seen this, and I know most other male cops have too. Women are also promoted off the line faster into special units, for no other reason because they need a vagina.
    These are the truths that EVERY male cop, unless they are a beta cuck, will admit are true.

    1. As always, the exceptions prove the rule.
      Pretty much anything more than a simple traffic stop and the whole shift had to show up to un-fuck the situation our female officers had created.

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