A Beginner’s Guide To Dressing Well

Just so we get this out of the way, I am absolutely not going to tell you to “peacock” or “pick an accessory that carries your outfit” or “wear a beaver cock around your neck”, or any of that Mystery Method crap that most intelligent people have realized is a scam.

There are no “ONE SIMPLE TRICK”s in life, and dressing well is no exception. Instead, what I’m going to do is give you a broad framework of how you can choose your own accoutrements to dress well. And yes, “choosing your own” is very important:

The key is to figure out what colors, patterns, and fits are best for YOU. In the long run, this will save you money, since well fitting clothes will never stop fitting you (unless your body drastically changes, which it shouldn’t if you read my other articles on fitness and nutrition).

A man’s style is influenced by three things:

1. His physical person
2. Color and fabric matching and contrasting
3. His personal preferences, the setting he’s going to, etc.

To go into more detail…

Cut And Fit Are The Most Important

Nothing is more important in dress than having the clothes be cut right, and fit properly. You can have the most expensive designer clothes in the world, but if it’s cut too big you’ll look like a child wearing his daddy’s clothes, and if they’re too small you’ll look like a walking package of hot dogs.

Proper fit is defined as clothes that are comfortable but not loose and baggy. Using the men’s suit as the starting point of men’s style, we see that the goal for all men and body types is to create a streamlined silhouette from head to toe, enhancing the masculine traits (namely chest and shoulders) to a proportional extent, while minimizing the belly and legs—again to a proportional extent. You want to avoid looking like Steve Reeves wearing a suit, and muscular men can have their “drop”—which is to say, the difference in chest and waist circumference—downplayed.

Different body types need different cuts, patterns, and fabrics to accent and downplay various traits:

  • Tall, thin people want to wear checked patterns to give the illusion of “meat”, thick “chalk stripes” also work, and wear large pants cuffs.
  • Short and stout men want to wear thin vertical lines and avoid patterns.
  • Large and fat men—defined as a waist bigger than the chest and shoulders—want to wear a jacket that drapes and has padded shoulders, as well as choosing suspenders over a belt as the latter creates a big horizontal line that draws attention to the gut.
  • Muscular men, defined as having a chest that is 10 inches or more than the waist, should downplay their musculature by having minimal shoulder padding, and large lapels to counterbalance the large chest. The waist should not be suppressed, and a jacket can be slightly longer than usual, to hide the thin waist.

And that’s just scratching the surface!


You should take care to dress in a way that enhances your natural complexion. Beyond the old reliable white dress shirt, a man’s skin tone and hair color affect what shirts he should wear. Eye color is a “wild card”, if it contrasts the hair and skin it can introduce shirt colors that otherwise wouldn’t work. It is the relationship between these three factors that determines whether a man is high, low, or medium contrast.

High contrast: Pale skin and dark hair/eyes, or dark skin and light hair/eyes. This color difference should be matched in the clothing, such as the classic black suit and white dress shirt, or a grey suit and blue dress shirt. Dark shirts and white suits can also work.

Low contrast: men with muted appearance: dark skin and dark hair, or light skin and light hair. Also bald men. They should seek a muted color spectrum, such as light gray or tan suits, with light shirts—earth tones are great!

Medium contrast: Swarthy men with dark hair, and white men with grey hair. Most men are not strong medium contrasts, they tend to a high or low. To put it simply, swarthy and dark hair can be outfitted like the high contrast man, and the greying pale man should tend to low contrast.

Color Matching

There’s a lot that can be said about it, and I’ll save that for another time. For now, realize that you can be quite successful with only a rudimentary understanding of color theory:

You want to avoid having all matching colors—i.e., do not wear a blue suit, blue shirt, and blue tie. The key is to choose COMPLIMENTARY colors. Black-white-black works fine.

Similarly, don’t wear all matching fabrics—don’t wear a silk suit, shirt, and tie. Contrast smooth and rough fabrics.

The Setting

Simply put, you have to dress for the occasion—if you’re partying on some guy’s yacht, you don’t wear a tuxedo. And if you’re going to a funeral, you have to dress in a subdued manner. I hope I don’t have to tell you that you shouldn’t rock an orange pocket square when you’re paying your respects to your dead Grandma. Color choices also change depending on the season—darker colors are best worn in cold weather, and lighter colors for warm weather.


Clothes are an issue that can be solved with common sense in most cases, but only to the level of “decent”. This article achieves that, but to truly be well-dressed requires more in-depth study of tailoring, fabric type, color theory, and of course your own body. And those articles will undoubtedly come in the future.

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231 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide To Dressing Well”

    1. A guy with an anime avatar who brags about banging hookers is criticizing me for advocating that men dress halfway decently.
      Well, obviously, sir, you must be a real devil with the ladies!

      1. Jeans, Liverpool football shirt, flip-flops. What more does a man need…… Apart from Lycra cycling outfits.

    2. I disagree. style makes a man and men are mostly defined by their style.
      This include muscles, hair style AND clothes.
      knowing how to dress with a decent style has nothing to do with what you say.

        1. good for you, that means that military haircut fits your face.
          and Hair style still do matter for other people who don’t have such chance.

        2. Yeah, I have a chiseled face, strong browridges and I am tall and broad, which means military haircut suits me. I am an example of Swedish masculinity.

    3. PJ, I think there is a fat line between being a sweetboy metrosexual, and being a man who takes some level of responsibility for his appearance– among the other things that he take responsibility for. It is one more place for an in-control person to apply intentionality and thought. A random looking appearance is far from manly.

    4. Says the guy that can’t get a girl without buying her.
      Go away, omega.

  1. I will put forward something i realized.
    Guys usually dress well to attract girls, and girls actually dont give much crap about your dressing style /fashion. Physique, muscles, and things which indicate that you are a RICH GUY (your phone, rings, your bike,etc) are all that are important.
    these things being present (most important money), you will be surrounded by bitches even if you dress like a total loser.

    1. I agree that an athletic, muscular body is more important than clothes, but good clothes will give you an edge. I’m tall and I’ve always worked out and had a good body, but when I was single I’d do things like wearing superhero and Star Wars t-shirts in public. A hot Russian girl I know once called me out on that and only now do I realize that she was right. Dressing better is definitely something I would do if I could re-do being single.

      1. I think that you can wear the right designer T-Shirts with superheros and shit but you gotta know where to draw the line.
        -A shirt with Stone Cold Steve Austin or a Transformer on it?
        -A shirt with Pokemon, Star Wars or a goofy movie quote on it?
        Just gotta know where to draw that line.

        1. And a shirt with Hello Kitty? Depending on who you are, could be a chick magnet or a one-way ticket to celibacy.

        1. Style is important, but I would say fit and athletic always trumps style. I’ve seen both men and women who spend tons on great, stylish clothes and accessories, but they’re obese, so it really doesn’t help much.

    2. Bullshit. How you dress is one of the most important indicators of your status. Girls are very adept about noticing even the tiniest details in your fashion and grooming. Considering over 99 percent of the time you have to wear clothes and that you can’t wear your fancy car everywhere you go; it makes sense to learn to dress well.

      1. Speaking of perfume, fragrance is one area where I absolutely will “peacock!” Ladies love catching the scent of a nice cologne, especially if the look you are wearing is reserved or understated.

        1. Try 1 million by Paco Rabanne. I bought it about a month ago and I’ve already received a handful of compliments the couple of times I’ve sprayed up.
          You only need one spray, which is another thing that every guy should be told. There is nothing worse than smelling somebody a mile away because they went heavy on the cologne or perfume.

    3. I completely disagree with what you say for a couple of reasons. I used to be pretty ripped, but in general unless you are at the beach women can’t tell. Now I dress more interesting(not expensive), and I get many more looks, than when I was in my best shape. I’ve also experimented with and observed money. Money doesn’t really turn on women in the way a player can spin a womans mind. I’ve gone on a double date with a rich lawyer who was pretty much my equal in other aspects like looks etc. Both girls wanted me at the end, because of how I made them feel. He looked like the biggest tool, trying to buy them expensive drinks, etc. More than anything, its how you make a woman FEEL that makes her fall head over heels, and there are alot of rich guys that don’t even know how to do that with their money(money can buy interesting experiences).

  2. Good article my man. The old idiom “the clothes make the man” applies now more than ever, given how much the sex appeal train has been ridden by entertainment and media. Having articles about masculine dress that teach hipsters that skinny jeans are wrong is a good addition to this site.

        1. If I wear skinny jeans, I run the risk of looking like the Fruit-of-the-Loom apple dude.

      1. I bet the bitches fall head-over-heals to be with that punk.
        You “playas” here, take a good look at that picture. As you can see, you gotta lotta catchin’ up to do.

        1. Yeah. Probably had it hard just getting away from the Beatle-mania crowd of women so he could take this one, lone picture.

      1. “I think you should just avoid wearing any article of clothing you like seeing girls wear”
        Excellent rule of thumb.

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        2. You mean to tell me that shirtcocking WON’T make the ladies swoon? So what DID cause all that fainting then?

      2. Over the past few years, Skinny came into play as designers started looking for creative ways to minimize fabric use (see costs) while stabilizing profits. Currently, the pendulum is swinging back, but hopefully the garish fat lines of the 90s will never return.

      3. I.e., no skirts, dresses or stockings… that’s a start, but not really all there is to good style. What about bra, for example? (I hate seeing girls wearing bra!)

    1. Really skinny jeans and then the contrast of long toe shoes. I call them “shark shoes” – don’t know why. Looks like you’re wearing skis on your feet.

  3. Waste of money what if your muscles get bigger, what if you lose weight, what if you gain weight? By the way that guys wardrobe in that picture is in the thousands just fucking retarded. If you want hoes you would find it’s cheaper to find a European hooker that probably looks better than the stupid 6/10 american hoes your attracting.

      1. muscle is 5 times bigger than fat everyone on this wants TRT and to shoot up 5 anabolic compounds to get the next girl thinking that helps them. If your doing that with legit gear nothing will fit you anymore and its super easy to tear your shirt. Which women like but at work instead of winning women the 4’11 fat usually black HR lady is going to charge you with sexual harassment and fire you. RIP

      1. No kidding. I worked at GoodWill for a short stint. A guy approached me with his purchase and said, “this is a $4700 suit”. I told him all we could charge for it is $24.95 so enjoy. Dude was planning to take the suit to a tailor and pay about $100 to get it altered.

        1. I remember this one NH thrift store sold a $300 camelhair jacket for $5. Wore it until it needed elbow patches. Still gotta get around to getting ’em, now I think about it.

        2. Working at GW was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Retail is hideous but I learned what people purchase, accumulate and donate is absolutely astounding. Never, ever buy new in children’s clothing.

    1. “Hurr, you wear a sweatshirt and boxer shorts when working out in your own home, obviously you don’t know how to dress in formal situations”.
      Are you really this goddamn stupid?

        1. It is never been claimed that it’s purely jewish conspiracy. Many gentiles and crypto-jews were involved but one must be blind no to notice that jews are at the forefront. Moreover most of the top Nazis were Jewish or part Jewish. AshkeNAZI.
          Sutton for example never mentions any Jews, he talks about the bankers from Wall Str.
          All this scholars have written extensive works on the matter but you aim to debunk it with one page article which took me 2 mins to read. Well, done!

        2. My bad. Apperantly he was afraid of being labeled, so he wrote the short appendix as a safe guard.
          Still one has to be blind (or biased) not to spot a pattern. In the 1917 Central Committee we have:
          Lenin (¼ Jewish)
          Bukharin (Non-Jewish)
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          Trotsky (Jewish)
          (Or fifty percent jewish if we exclude Lenin)
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          Lenin (¼ Jewish)
          Bukharin (Non-Jewish)
          Dzerzhinsky (Non-Jewish)
          Zionviev (Jewish)
          Sverdlov (Jewish)
          Stalin (Non-Jewish)
          Trotsky (Jewish)
          (Or forty-three percent jewish if we exclude Lenin).

  4. Being well dressed makes you more welcome, every single place you find yourself. It is a huge advantage.
    It shows respect for yourself and respect for the people you are with. When i dress professionally, it is to transmit my respect for my colleagues, clients, and the tasks of the day. If somebody (woman or man) meets me out dressed like a slob or dressed for the gym, I take it as an insult.

    1. perfectly summarized.
      a decent style shows good taste for oneself and self respect.
      a man is defined by his style (apart his deeds, of course)

  5. Fortunately, standards are so low in the USA hinterland, just wear decent clothes and you are already better than 80 percent.
    Harder, likely, in some areas.

  6. When I am home and just walk to the supermarket or doing other casual things I often wear addidas hoodies during the autumn/winter-season. What’s wrong with that? During other occasions I have nice masculine shirts or a suit. I don’t care for the current fashion trends which has been destroyed by homosexual Frenchie designers. As long as a man shower he doesn’t need to be a fashion slave, that is for faggots and women!

    1. nobody says that wearing sport hoodies for casual activities was wrong.
      and of course no one is gonna wear a suit everyday.
      have some nice outfits for different circumstances is not being a fashion slave at all.

  7. Wearing a suit certainly attracts the goo-goo eyes. Unless you’re going after some knobby broad, women don’t care about the colors, patterns, or fit unless it is rediculous.
    On Mondays I wear my most clashing assortment (occasionally dusting off my grandfather’s plaid bowtie) to the office in protest of… well… Mondays. I’ve found wearing all black to be pleasantly evil-looking.
    That dude in the last pick looks like a sausage. When you’re standing up the buttons shouldn’t be straining like that.
    Which reminds me, I need to take-in a few of my recent suits.

    1. Unless you have a weird body, you’ll probably be able to find something off the rack that doesn’t need anything outside of the sleeves and hem.

      1. Also the Shoes. I can’t stress enough how important the shoes are. That’s where women look first believe it or not.

  8. Good place with a bunch of fits, and the best quality for the value is Suit Supply. If you decide to go, make sure you go into one of the stores. Everything sizes 1 off the average (If you’re normally a 42R, you’ll probably be a 40R, 9M shoe, probably an 8.5).
    And never go to places like Jos A Bank or Mens Wearhouse. Pure trash, and high relative prices to boot.

  9. I am so thankful I live in California where we don’t wear idiotic things like a tie. Furthermore if this state has one thing going for it you will never see a moron wearing a blazer and shorts.

    1. “Idiotic things like a tie”? Anybody who doesn’t wear a tie when necessary is an idiot. Remember when men were men before the hippie movement of the 60’s and men wore suits and ties at all times? Hippies said its ok for men to look like slobs. Now look at the men that dress and act like hippie slobs. They are feminists and beta’s. Be a man and put a tie on.

      1. A tie is a cloth necklace. It also serves no purpose which makes it doubly retarded. I get your point about about style and class but a broken clock is still right twice a day.

        1. Well a broken clock can be right 24 times a day. Depends on what time zone you are in! Ya thats a bad joke. Anyway, the tie is part of the ensemble, it looks sharp, its classic, and its an accessory that can turn a dull shirt, or jacket, or suit into something beautiful. If you have 3 suits of the classic black, grey, and blue colors all you need to do is change your tie and shirt and its a brand new suit. I believe a man should not been seen without a tie on. But I do agree no blazer and shorts!

        2. I used to just wear a dress shirt, slacks and decent shoes to work. One day, I added a tie and people at work started asking me why I am all dressed up. I said all I did was add one additional article of clothing and it made that much of an impact.

        3. Imagine if now you are wearing a sharp suit, pocket square and all, you will be looked at and treated better I’d bet.

      2. Where I come from, that wasn’t always the case. You’d wear a tie to church and for trips into town, but out in the fields or the ranch, you wore practical clothing. Cotton shirts, jeans, etc.

    2. I think the whole tie thing needs to go the way of the frilly lace Elizabethan collar.
      I mean look at photographs of well-dressed men since about 1900 or so … very little change in standard men’s business attire (suit and modern tie) in over a hundred years. Despite all the efforts of the late 20th century hipsters and Internet billionaires to popularize the non-tie look (Steve Jobs) it just refuses to perish.

    1. The Hippie movement ruined everything and turned men into beta’s.
      Before that movement men had class and wore suits. Since men stopped
      wearing suits look at the world we live in. Its disgusting.

        1. Same.
          “And we wore an onion on our belt, as was the fashion at the time..”

        2. “I used to be with it, but then they changed what “it” was. Now what I’m with isn’t “it”, and what’s “it” seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you. “

        3. Why i remember back in 19dickity two, we had to call it dickity then cuz the krauts stole our twenties

    2. Definitely so, I have books on the clothes people wore and I must admit from the late sixties forward clothing in quality and style has plummeted. I would love to see young men in suits and girls in bright squaw dresses rather than the t-shirts and grunge of today not to mention a return to the old hair styles not to mention neatness.

        1. It also helps to be able to afford bespoke (tailor made) clothing from the best Bond Street haberdasheries. Not a lot of men have the wherewithal for that today.
          OTOH, I was pleasantly surprised during a visit to Thailand some years ago that you could get a tailor-made suit for about $200. Hell, I couldn’t get away from tailor shops as the taxi drivers kept taking me to them even when I didn’t want to go. It got to the point where I would get into a cab and say “I want to go to such-and-such a place, and please DO NOT take me to a tailor shop first.” (lol)
          (The cab drivers had some sort of kickback deal with certain shops, obviously, sort of like they do with certain hotels.)

        2. (In re: the photo … of course King Edward didn’t have to go to the tailor, the tailor came to him.)

        3. Absolutely, but notice that despite the years, their dress never goes out of style. That’s what style is, timeless.

        4. Classy and timeless. For me the suit is a timeless masterpiece inspired and designed by man.

  10. One question: white and brown hair, but with a shaved head… would it be low or high contrast?
    EDIT Just saw it. It’s in the text. Read too quick.

  11. Dressing well is always look your best. Even cheap clothes look great the first time they’re washed and worn. It’s not so much about the price tag; it’s about how well do you wear it.
    I never wore heavy-metal, head-banger t-shirts, with demons and ugly creatures on them. Because that is not how I feel about myself.
    The look we present to the world is congruent with our inner selves.
    Great article. A topic that needs to be addressed.

  12. Skinny jeans are ok if you’re skinny. I’m a men’s tailor I do this for a living and I wear skinny jeans.
    If you have the body and the balls for it go ahead and wear what you want.
    If you try to impersonate cam Newton tho you may have issues…

    1. “Skinny jeans are ok if you’re skinny”
      yeah, it just make the skinny guy with frail legs look worse. Good advice.

      1. Worn skinny jeans all my life, 61 now, father of 5, youngest age 5, how much longer do I need to wear them?

  13. Dressing according to the occasion is important. Also, not everyone can afford designer clothes. However, if your clothes fit well, are clean and in good condition and are suitable to the occasion and social environment you are wearing it for – you should be fine.
    As a general advice, try to be conservative with your dress sense. It will help to attract quality women, anywhere in the world.

    1. “As a general advice, try to be conservative with your dress sense. It will help to attract quality women, anywhere in the world.”
      Attract quality women….This is the key. This is why we should look our best. It isn’t everything, but every little bit helps. Looking our best is simply another piece of the puzzle that’s in place.

        1. “There are no quality women.”
          An element of truth to that. Since we work to attract women anyway, what would be the best you would rather attract;
          A 9 or a 5?
          You get to choose.
          So, suit-up-and-show-up!
          Go get her champ.

        2. I usually choose an 8 or 9 mainly because the 5s aren’t any cheaper.
          At over 60 I’m unlikely to attract anything I’d want (for free), no matter how I dress.

  14. Suits are “overdoing it” . No sane male wears this crap anymore and quite frankly; wearing a tie sucks. Whoever invented the tie should be taken out and whipped and hung. …..Male fashion should be around everyday wear. Right shoes, Right pants. Leather choices.. Color matching etc. There is not much out there for men.
    Its either gaydar or some preppy wear. This article “guide” is more of the same faggot garbage.

      1. I know ceo’s who are managing $300 million dollar companies and they are not wearing this trash. Its casual with style. A suit for a wedding maybe. Your not going to the mall or the night club with this.

    1. Remember when all men wore suits at all times? Times were much better for men and the world. Now look, no suits and men are hippie feminist pushovers and the world we live in is disgusting, like mens style. Correlation maybe?

      1. The day we allowed woman to vote was the day of mans demise; not because of a suit. I wore a suit in the early 90’s to work. since then – I rarely see a suit so why stick out?

        1. Sure good point, but the men of the 60’s who took off their suits and let the bra burning feminists really take over. They were the ones that raised the current generation of 45-55 year old men that don’t stick up for them selves and got us into this mess in the first place.
          A man in a sharp suit will always get more respect than a man who is not. Its not about sticking out its about presentation and class, and confidence. So i guess if you want to be a known as a distinguished gentleman then ya don’t wear a suit.

        2. .. It was not having an internet and the church that caused the decline of man of that era. The church pushes through society that you to “man up”, marry etc.. and die for the woman with no female skin in the game.
          The suit is just a symbol of the loss of self esteem when the woman took you to divorce cleaners for cash and prizes. I agree dressing sharp but its no way means you have style. you need to dress with the times – the times are not suits .

        3. I agree with your assessment on modern marriage. Though imo what is happening today has nothing to do with church or the internet. This all happened because men decided not to be men and stopped wearing suits in and around the hippie era. Look at the world before the hippies, it was all about suits, class, and respect. The suit was a symbol of power and manliness not the loss of self esteem. You are right, it is the time of no suits but look at how hetero males are now treated and viewed because we are not wearing suits anymore.

        4. I won’t be wearing a suit – but your free to. Hell, wear one to the local bar and look like bizarre for all I care. …yes, I like the 50’s- the dress, the cars, ballroom dancing, the music.. etc. But it aint’ coming back.We live in Gyno world and each of us has to adapt to it.

        5. Why stick out?
          The point of sticking out is to stick out.
          If everybody is walking around dressed like hourly day labor, dressing in a suit is a huge bonus.

        6. No internet, no foreign holidays, B&W Tv, no personal music, polio, TB, Vietnam war, Korean war, Cold war, threat of Nuclear destruction ……… sounds great.

        7. The threat of nuclear destruction hasn’t gone away, they had record players and the stuff on B&W television was better than what we have now. Folks knew how to dress and the cars were really cool, sounds pretty good to me. I lived for probably 25 years without the Internet and it wasn’t so bad.

        8. I was there, I remember it, and it wasn’t all that great. Today is 1,000 times better.
          PS. my dad generally wore bib top jeans, like all the other working guys, and drove a Ford van which was in no way cool.

        9. Overalls made good work clothes, if it got hot you could undo the buttons on the side for a little extra air flow.

    2. “Whoever invented the tie should be taken out and whipped and hung”.
      after the grammar nazi, here comes the clothing nazi !
      hail style ! (kidding)

    3. Go one step above. If you are going out where everyone is just wearing ratty stuff, wear a nice tee shirt and jeans. If you are going out in day to day activities, wear a button up shirt, if you are going out to dinner where everyone is wears a button up shirt, wear a suit.

    1. Kane
      “You’d only dress like this to lick windows on the short bus.”
      Funniest comment I have read here in a while!
      I like your entire comment.

    2. Lick windows on the short bus….haha.
      I agree, the guy with the shorts looks like his mom dressed him to attend third grade.

    3. Cunty category includes: indoor beanies; tank-tops (beyond the confines of the city park or weight room); hoodies and blazers; and those sweat pants with the cuffs at the ankle. Actually, any sweat pants. Unless you are running sandbags into the Pacific down on Coronado.
      As for Blazer+Jeans. It’s a bit of a fashion creep, like Biz-Casual Silicon Valley VC DBag uniformity, but its far better than most of what passes as style.
      There is always a relevance and relativity to style, vis a vis locality. E.g. Climate, culture, and class. When I’m in places like Charleston, SC. The style screams faggy. I have a hard time taking those cats seriously. But I reckon where its dogballs hot n humid and class-signaling is paramount, those pastels, shortpants, and sockless loafers go over well. I guess.
      Where I live, which is a landlocked hyper-casual metro-shitlib-Im-with-her-topia, males seem to rock the 15-year old skateboarder/snowboarder, the super-outdoorsy activewear (northface on northface), or the retro lumbersexual gay-masculine paradox getup. Not a lot between. Unless you count the stiff-bill baseball hat thing as a thing.
      Thus, It doesn’t take much to differentiate. A modest collection of seasonally appropriate jackets goes a long way. Vintage Pendleton wool, classic, well tailored cuts, and a couple of unique pieces. Most of mine are second hand. Quality fabrication lasts. It doesn’t take a lot of scratch.
      I’m always slightly overdressed here, but not in a pretentious (blue blazer and brass buttons) manner, but mostly because the local “fashion” is sloppy-casual.
      I wear cowboy boots and a jacket. Comfort and function. Here, that’s enough style to demonstrate you are a man among boys. Women notice. But its not why I do it. It just makes sense to me. Its a comfortable blend of my western/rural roots and my urban yuppie zip code.
      Fashion is for gays and girls. A man has a style, seasonally adjusted, but impervious to the whims of the consumer kulture of feminized sheeple herding.

  15. Men and women used to be much more elegant 70 years ago and above, both rich and poor people.
    Now, most people are sloppy, it shows the decay of our society.
    Today, dressing sharply is now a symbol of rebellion against this messed up world. This is a reversed world !
    As an example, here is the french president in its full glory with the king of Spain :
    Found in a french taillor blog :

  16. Good article although I would question if muscular is defined by a 10 inch drop from the chest to the waist. This is huge (normally athletic is an 8 inch drop). Fighters for example, are muscular but are likely to have smaller chests than bodybuilders (because fighters don’t build their chests) and much wide waists because a thick strong core is necessary for pulling, grappling and kicking strength.

  17. Chris Evans in the second from top photo is an anti-Trump punk ass bitch. He deserves to be put into an oven.

  18. Shoes need to be polished, clothes laundered and pressed, a good maintained haircut with NO dandruff falling, well manicured nails AND! please see a dentist.

    1. This sounds like a comment from a Brit. Here in the States we routinely see dentists at least once or twice a year.

      1. I’m a Canadian. You would be surprised how dental is the new indication of being above the lower orders.

    2. Yes! And for men over fifty, a discreet visit to the beauty salon is in order. Have the ears lasered for hair removal – growing hair on the ears is normal in older men, like hair on the chin in older women. Get rid of it! Have bristling eyebrows permanently trimmed down. Have a pedicure for perfectly clean and scrubbed feet and toe nails.

  19. I have no advice of any value to add to this. None. I dress in shirts that accentuate my shoulders, arms and chest and taper down to the waist, and cowboy/wrangler type jeans and a boot. And a western hat. Nothing more. I’d be the guy that they imported as a novelty clown for a NYC party, the “hey, lookit the hick” dude.
    That said, this article is solid advice for y’all young bucks in deep blue zone cities.

  20. Unfortunately this is one of the most useless articles on RoK. I get it you have to throw up something on a Sunday to keep the readers clicking, but really this offers no useful advice.
    Fit is king. Wear your size and with that most men wear one size too large. If you are wearing a 40 suit then your size is probably 38, etc. If you are wearing a medium your size is probably small. Pants are the opposite. Just because you squeeze your fat belly into a waist size one smaller or what you used to wear before you starting chugging beer does not make it so. Stop lying to yourself and just wear the right size pant.
    A man does not need that much in his closet. A few suits, dress shirts, jeans, polos, and sweaters (if in the right climate) are more then enough. Get your suits from a made to measure place like Indochino. Same with shirts. Don’t go for anything like trendy skinny pants. That will just make you look like a stupid hipster. Go for classic tailored looks.
    The best look these days for men is a suit without a tie, pocket square, and high end dress shoes. You can go anywhere wearing this. Ten years ago I would say go with a tie but after Mad Men fell out of style that look in over done. If you live in a colder climate layer with a v-neck sweater. On the weekends replace the pants with fitted jeans (and no stupid skinny pants). You will be able to get in anywhere day/night with such a look.
    Also, guys, don’t pretend like spending some money on clothes is a waste. Invest a few grand, if you can spare it, into your wardrobe and it will pay off in terms of respect, ladies, etc. Yeah you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to get any of that, but it definitely helps when you do.
    Look sharp. Stay sharp. Be sharp.

    1. it’s a matter of personality and many other factors. suits, dress shirts and dress shoes sure work for some people. but the same items will make other people look older, boring and stuck up. there’s no one-fit-all advice here.

      1. My prospective is that of an urban middle aged man. Style is of course personal and geographical. But a dress shirt and tailored pants will rarely undersell a man.

        1. I usually do a suit dress shirt and no tie and that will get me from the boardroom in the morning to happy hour at night. Don’t really do late night game anymore but suspect the same style would work.

  21. Every girl is crazy bout a sharp dressed man.
    That being said I rarely go anywhere that I should be dressed up, I have a suit in the closet in case somebody dies or gets married. My standard of dress in the winter time is usually Carhart work pants or jeans, t-shirt, work boots and a coat depending on the weather, in the summertime it’s a pair of Carhart shorts, t-shirt, work boots and of course a cap to keep my cul-de-sac from getting burned.
    Hell sometimes I wish I had somewhere to go where I needed to be dressed well.

    1. “I have a suit in the closet in case somebody dies or gets married.”
      Same here.
      I like suits but weddings and funerals seem to be the only places left where they are appropriate.

      1. If I had somewhere to go where it was appropriate I would enjoy wearing one but there just isn’t a place here bouts.
        I still remember my parents and grandparents “dressing up” if they went anywhere much. If you have ever watched The Andy Griffith Show, even when Andy took his girlfriend to the Diner he had on a tie. Those were the days.

        1. My grandfather wore those when he was working but when he went almost anywhere else he was dressed nice… with a tie.

  22. Closet full of black t-shirts (tight collar), black cargo pants. Black Doc Martins or biker boots. Done.

    1. I like lots of pockets to put various stuff in .. pen & notepad, mp3 player, documents etc. without squashing them. Black you can wear for weeks before having to wash ’em if you try not to sweat too much. In colder climes a turtleneck is a plus (high collars are older men’s friends.)
      Einstein had a closet of all the same clothing so that dressing wouldn’t be a distraction from his brainiosity or whatever.

  23. Looking at the explanation about body types, skin tone, contrast and such, I must be really screwed as I don’t fit in those body types or contrast at all lol. I’m 6-4, I’m heavy but my chest and waist are about the same width and always have been, with light hair blue eyes and dark skin( when I’ve been in the sun which is most of the time). I used to have light hair anyway, now what ain’t turned gray has turned loose.

  24. That last outfit, the one with the shorts, is not working. Shorts are already iffy. Not a very manly look.

    1. The only time a man should wear shorts outside of the home is if he’s going to the gym or doing some physical activity that requires it.

    2. The pictures in this article are a puzzle to me. Except for the first two, they look appalling. Are these examples of how NOT to dress?

  25. I learn about fashion from real men real style youtube channel and their are a few other decent ones. Actual advice for men not just how to look as gay as possible like you get from places like GQ.

  26. where is the Kneeman, i have noticed from his comments on this site over the years he places alot of emphasis on having quite a high standard of dress.

  27. I had a nice designer suit. Gave it to charity as I never wore it. I prefer practical clothes. I’m a man going his own way so I don’t really take much notice of an article suggesting what I should wear.

  28. That last photo made my stomach turn-what a limp-wristed beta cuck look. A grown man wearing shorts and not partaking of an athletic contest or physical labour looks ridiculous to me.
    That being said, I fit the high contrast schema as I have dark hair, a very pale complexion and blue-grey eyes in which case I always tend to opt for the classic black suit and white shirt combination or on occasion sharkskin taking cues from Sean Connery in his 007 days. That and I am very fastidious and always insist on a tailored suit in a French cut, two buttons with a single breast and my shirts are also tailored with side-darts and barrel cuffs-simple is always best.

    1. For that matter don’t dress like Trump. Hands down worst dressed president ever

      1. Yes! For all his money, you would think that he could find a decent tailor. Those suits are so ill-fitting; they look like something a public defender would wear.

        1. Actually, I know a tailor who explained it. Trump has a big belly and little tiny girlie shoulders. So her gets his suits super padded out on the shoulder to make himself look bigger on top and to hide the fact that he essentially had the body of grimace.
          He wears brioni suits which are very high end. 10k plus each time because he is so incredibly insecure and has such a weak frame and fat gut he over tailors to the point of looking absurd

        2. That’s exactly it! It’s just a shame to fuck-up such a beautifully made suit. Somewhere in Italy, there’s a tailor shaking his head… “che peccato!”

        3. I would guess he wears 10K suits because 10K is nothing to him, not due to insecurity. Sounds like you are jealous of a more successful New Yorker and are attacking said New Yorker in a weak spot, which is probably a strong spot for you, to make yourself feel better about the fact you’ll never be as rich or powerful as him.

        4. Actually no. I think your trump list got in the way of a basic comprehension of the English language.
          No, I’ll never be powerful like him. That is for sure. I’m 10 times the man he is bjt that doesn’t matter. He also isn’t a New Yorker. Her is a b and t cunt. But that doesn’t matter either
          If you could read and connect words to thoughts you would see that I complimented him on the choice of suits. Brioni is a beautiful brand. His problem is that he has little girl shoulders and a big fat belly. He is insecure so he tries to hide this with tailoring which is why he looks like such a joke

        5. This is exactly the problem. He buys the best of the best which I can’t fault anyone for. Of course he does. But he is a very weakly built and over weight man and instead of doing something about it OR just owning it he is trying to hide it. This is very in line with the personality of s person who likes to see his name in 6 foot high gold letters.
          I am not a politics guy and honestly I don’t know if he is good or bad for the country. I leave that to other people. I frankly don’t care. What I do know is that he is a very weak willed, insecure little attention whore and had a body like grimace and really ought not to be a role model for men.
          Politics I don’t understand. Masculinity I do.

        6. He doesn’t have girly shoulders, his shoulders are actually fair to wide. He’s a big man. The thing is, he does have a big belly, so most of the other of what you wrote is correct.

        7. Wrong on the shoulders. He hides them with tailoring but he has tiny little shoulders.

  29. this is ridiculous….what the hell ever happened to jeans and a tshirt??? pretty much the only thing i ever wear besides that is my work uniform,and occasionally i wear a suit/tie for formal stuff. were supposed to be MEN,not metrosexuals!

  30. I saw Mr. Ghetto black guy with multi color leather jacket, gold chains and Lionel Richie hair with a very conservative looking blonde real estate type at the DMV. Shows you do not need much class or style to attract a American Woman.

  31. Get the book Dressed for Success. It shows how to dress well as a man. GQ used to have good ideas a long time ago as well.

  32. When in doubt, simply ask “What Would Cary Grant Do?”. It was the in the 1920s the British led the fashion world for male and female. They provided solutions for men’s clothing that problems that still work today. Through the medium of movies from the Golden Age, these were perfused into popular culture. The 1960s were a disaster, and proof is that the horrible ideas of the period – tie dye, Nehru Jackets, bell bottoms, have mercifully not survived.

  33. I am always amazed at guys who want to bang girls in wild stockings and heels and dresses but go out looking like slobs.
    Good article man. Dressing well is an important part of masculinity often over looked.

    1. Agreed, although there are different levels depending on your situation. You cannot go to a rodeo wearing a suit. But, the same principals apply. Good fit, crisp lines, decent colors…etc.

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  35. Vertical stripes do not make you appear more slim than horizontal stripes. This is a popular misconception. Garment manufacturers have tested this. On average, people estimate weight to be a couple of kgs less if they see a pic of somebody wearing horizontal stripes as opposed to vertical stripes.

  36. Ties are useless in a fight. Dress coats get in the way. Dress pants are too tight. They are also useless in cold weather. Plus they are a pain in the ass to store weapons in for self defense.

  37. I’m just about the last person any designer wants to see wearing his clothes. You have to have an extraordinary presence and charisma to pull off a high end suit. I can ruin a $2,000 suit just by putting it on. It’s said that once the wrong person puts on a good suit, that suit is ruined forever. When I absolutely have to dress up, I just get a jacket from Sears and return it when I’m done. A wise person once said “Clothes don’t make the man. The man makes the clothes.”

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