Two Black Women Start A White Guilt Atonement Fund That Becomes Extremely Profitable

A March 17 article in NYMag,These Women Started a Company to Teach White People How to Be Less Racist,” reports on a new foundation called Safety Pin Box. The founders, Marissa Jenae Johnson and Leslie Mac, believe that the recent trend of wearing a safety pin to show you’re concerned about—well, whatever it’s supposed to mean—simply doesn’t go far enough. As the article puts it:

The monthly subscription service challenges its users to do more with their outrage than display it, and in exchange for $50-$100 a month (depending on the program) receive not a pin, not a pussy hat, but a lesson about racial bias and a task to tackle it.

So what do they do?

Apparently these two used to be 18th Century Portuguese slave ship captains, or did something bad like that.

The article continues:

Plus, their cash contributions fund black-women activists, in an attempt at reparations. Three months later, Safety Pin Box has 800 subscribers and has contributed nearly $21,000 to Black Women Being. Both Johnson and Mac have quit their jobs to focus on the project full time.

Then it explains that the two founders have quit their day jobs to become professional activists. They developed the concept while vacationing together in Jamaica and mulling over current events. They considered the safety pin thing to be an empty gesture (I agree). Then they noticed the trend being commercialized. About that, they stated:

[T]hese things are most likely just going to [benefit] privileged white people. And that’s what brought us to say, if people want to actually do something useful, they can pay us reparations. And we can literally tell them what to do even though we’ve already been telling them, and they haven’t been listening.

What will the penitents receive for their monthly payments? $25 gets you “an electronic form of solidarity, with one emailed task per month and exclusive calls to action.” $50 will allow you to correspond with another penitent and work together toward the monthly atonement activity. But wait! There’s more! “Our $100/month subscription is a premium box and you get three full tasks, access to our biweekly podcast, and quarterly webinars with high-profile black women.”

So December was Radical Compassion month (with a focus on senior citizens, so far so good), January was Not my President month (I’m guessing this isn’t a nonpartisan outfit), February was Black History Month (quite naturally), and March is “to raise funds for the new Marsha P. Johnson institute that will provide awareness of her prominence as a black transgender woman activist.”

Who receives the “reparations”?

As for the funding, it’s not specified what their operating costs are (apparently executive salaries and a website), but the remainder “goes to Black Women Being, that gives straight cash to black women activists. We do fund some other group projects and activist groups on the side, but our main giving every month is through Black Women Being.”

Will any of the guilt money be used to improve the lives of the impoverished in the Black community? Since the article states that it’s going to selected activists, apparently that means executive salaries and more propaganda. It’s not clear what the “group projects” involve, but I have a suggestion: how about entrepreneurship workshops, anti-drug education, or programs to encourage kids to stay in school?

Think that’s a pretty good hustle if you can get it? Well, the good news is that you too can apply to be a beneficiary. If you’re not female, that’s no barrier; transsexuals are notably included. As today’s sociopolitical rhetoric goes, the only criterion is saying you feel like a woman. If you’re not Black, no problem. Like gender, race is only a social construct, right? Just do what Rachel Dolezal did.

A modest proposal

Union soldiers killed in action at Gettysburg. What have today’s “community organizers” done compared to these guys?

I must say, these ladies have inspired me. White people are an underappreciated demographic, because of fifty years of leftist propaganda demonizing us. My own family history inspired me on how we can help fix this problem.

Most of my ancestors came to the USA in the 1880s. However, two were here before then. Both fought in the Civil War under Abraham Lincoln’s banner. One of them didn’t come back; he died of starvation in a POW camp called Andersonville, which made the Hanoi Hilton seem like an actual Hilton.

Did his death affect his family? Quite surely it did. Even the one who survived experienced the horrors of the worst war the USA has endured. Could my life have been affected (and all others on that branch of my extended family) because of that? Well, because of the lingering effects of what happened a century and a half ago… well, you’ve heard all that sort of rhetoric before, so surely you have no need of convincing.

Their efforts, and those of other Union Army soldiers, resulted in the emancipation of all the slaves in the Confederacy. Granted, only 2% of Southerners actually owned any slaves. Even so, the Union Army did a lot more for the Black community than does giving money to random activists. So how about a little payback in recognition of their sacrifice? I can set up a Patreon fund called “Sons of the Liberators”. Any Black person can show his or her gratitude for the Emancipation Proclamation—which came at the price of hundreds of thousands of lives—by donating to this fund.

A $25/month commitment will get the base level membership, including a “Thank You White America” bumper sticker and lapel button. For $50 a month, I’ll send a genuine coin with Abraham Lincoln’s portrait embossed on the front. But wait! There’s more! For $100 a month, I’ll send some YouTube videos for them explaining all the good things Whites did and counteracting false White guilt. I might also create a random annual drawing for a plane ticket to Haiti, for the lucky winner to get some intercultural perspectives on how life in America compares.

As for the rest of the funds, I won’t quit my day job or even keep any of it for myself. Instead, I’ll pick a White activist who will help counter all the negative publicity that our community has been getting. I bet some of the folks over at VDARE have ancestors who were Yankee soldiers.

A better idea (this time seriously)

Those who nurture resentments about things that happened long ago, instead they should pursue improving their present-day lives. Those who wallow in guilt about things they had no part of, instead they should embrace their own people and educate themselves about their culture’s unique accomplishments. For those feeling charitable, they can donate to a fund countering the effects of poverty no matter what the recipients look like.

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357 thoughts on “Two Black Women Start A White Guilt Atonement Fund That Becomes Extremely Profitable”

  1. Two *FAT* ugly black women.
    Don’t like whitey or the society he built? Go back to your 3rd-world hellhole, cunt

        1. unfair for the guy, he is one of us
          but for joking sake, he would say that he doesn’t need an helicopter because he could fly just by swinging his oversized tail.

        1. lol of course i was not serious. but we have to test it anyway. Where are the so called “fearless” girls when we need one of them ?

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      1. I would not get in that thing, and I can 100% guarantee you it CANNOT fly. It is clearly a scam.

    1. Nice scam they got going.
      I bet they daddy was a preacher man wearing expensive suits and driving a Cadillac.
      Also, these broads are pretty light skinned, they have some white in their family tree.

      1. No no no, lighter or darker black skin is a natural occurrence, it does not indicate any “white” (caucasian) heritage. Especially since for all of history until the last few years, anyone committing miscegenation would be drawn and quartered by the local village and stuck on a spike for the birds and flies to eat the corpses so no one tries it again.

    1. As much as I want to, I can’t say I blame them. I blame the fucking idiots that buy into this bullshit.

        1. Same goes for gamblers. The only industry where you can hand someone your hard earned cash and get literally nothing back. You’re giving these women money, and they give you nothing of value in return. They’re really on to something.

  2. Had a scam like this at a place I used to work. Black Outreach Society, or some sheit. I’m pretty sure the ‘council’ ended up pocketing all the money after their events.

  3. “$50 will allow you to correspond with another penitent and work together toward the monthly atonement activity. But wait! There’s more! “Our $100/month subscription is a premium box and you get three full tasks, access to our biweekly podcast, and quarterly webinars with high-profile black women.”
    so you pay – and have to perform “atonement activity”?
    where can I sign up?
    “A $25/month commitment will get the base level membership, including a “Thank You White America” bumper sticker”
    not to nitpick ->
    “Union soldiers killed in action at Gettysburg.”
    confederate, most likely Pickett’s Division, from final charge up the center…

    1. 600,000+ white men slaughtering each other isnt enough to atone for white guilt, but a $50 donation will clear it right up. Cunts.

        1. One way or another, States Rights, in that context, was about the right to own slaves. The war for union also became the war to free the slaves.

  4. Its amazing how people get tricked into a idea or concept
    This is a movie. This isn’t real
    White people used to enslaved us black people. Why? Well, there is no “Why”. Things just happen. That time period has no why
    Just as there is no “Why” as to why sometimes kids get raped. Men get raped. Babies get raped. Things, just happened
    I say “Things just happen” on a philosophical sense. There is no right or wrong
    Its time for us as black people to stay focus on bettering ourselves and compete. Call out real racism when real racism is involved. Other than that, we need to stop reacting to everything and stay focus
    Back to this shit though. Stupid. Its another hustle. Another game. Get your money. If people are dumb enough to buy into the bullshit than fuck it.
    But at the same time this is why women don’t take us serious at times. Falling for this horseshit like this instead of going caveman style on them
    Point is, this is a hustle. Don’t buy into this shit. This is another way to get money and not do anything

  5. You know, on the one hand, you want to more or less shoot bazookas at these idiots, both the founders and the people who participate.
    But on the other hand, all this is doing is stripping SJW cucks of their resources, for nothing more than Virtue Signaling Points which are redeemable for jack squat.
    So basically, I’m all about them wasting their time and resources on stupid shit like this.
    I rate it a Good Thing(tm) in the long run. It’s not like any of us are going to play along with this foolishness.

    1. Take the emotions out of it, and I think you end up with Gundog’s comment: “I fucking love capitalism.”
      More power to them if they have found a way to fleece stupid bleeding hearts out of the half of their wages that the government lets them keep.

    1. Yep. And further, if you have a job and pay taxes, you automatically get a Get Out Of Guilt Free card, in my opinion. Not a damned one of us had anything to do with slavery on either end of the situation, and we all pay through the nose today to feed and house people who hate us. Screw this whole “guilt” thing.

      1. As long as you don’t have an HR department. Those tend to be headed by ball busting cat collectors.

      1. Never said that. But as far as race goes, all I have done is tell a few off color jokes from time to time.

        1. La’darell is going to show us all how it is done. I am ready to learn. Anything to earn a bit of easy money …

    2. I heard one of my ancestors did. When freed, they continued to live with and work for said ancestors voluntarily.
      Neat, but that was close to 200 years ago.

        1. Oh yeah? Well…my family fought in the 2nd War of Scottish Independence.
          On both sides.
          How mum and dad didn’t take note of that before getting married is anybody’s guess.

        2. Sure, but mum was/is English (well, American technically now).
          Mum’s family on one side, dad’s on the other. It just seems like history was trying to convey to them “Hey, are you sure you want to do this” to me.

        3. I’ve got Cameron and MacDonald of Clanranald in me. Those guys fought everybody, including each other.
          But that was long ago and it was far away, oh God it seems so very far
          And if life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car

        4. I’d say who my relations were, but on one side they had the same last name as I do today and I’m not all into the doxxing thing. Heh.
          And no, it wasn’t Wallace. Just to clear that up from the start.

        5. I getcha. My family name has changed a few times since coming to the Americas, and that was all on my mother’s side.
          My ancestors probably raided yours, and vice versa. Crazy to think about, eh?

        6. All kinds of Scottish families fought in that war, like basically all of them. Most of the names survive to this day. I prefer just to not say. Don’t trust Leftists at all.

    3. And odds are you are not descended from a slave owner, not that that matters.
      In 1860, according to the US Census, only 1.6% of people of all races in the whole of the USA owned slaves. If you look at the South it was just 3.5% of all people.
      The idea that a whole race of individuals must repent for the sins of a tiny handful (less than 350k) of dead assholes who may or may not be of their race is ludicrous.

      1. The only thing more ludicrous than the final statement would be to try to convince someone that millions of people (who even if they opposed slavery) that didn’t regard blacks as people would fight a war and die over them.

        1. Yup, and a far higher percentage of freed blacks owned slaves than whites. Interesting how that isn’t taught in Common Core History, isn’t it.

    4. I’ll go a step further, even if you had owned slaves, why should you feel guilty? Realize that during the time of slavery, slavery was commonly accepted as normal. This attribution shaming is particularly stupid for people who never owned slaves, but I think shaming people for what they once believed is dumb even if they were guilty of it. 20 years ago, the vast majority of people were opposed to gay marriage. Say something along those lines in today’s workplace. I dare you. Times have changed, but that doesn’t mean you have to be ashamed that you held a commonly acceptable view previously. These retards should be happy that we changed our minds rather than continuing to oppress or enslave them.

    5. My family tree’s roots didn’t start growing in America until long after the civil war and subsequent emancipation of slaves. So I don’t feel guilty in the least for what happened several decades prior to our arrival.
      On a more hilarious sidenote, I wonder what’s going to happen to those two hambeasts when the IRS doesn’t get a cut of the money they’re taking in.

      1. Even if you were a multi-generational wealthy class from Alabama, there is no reason to feel guilty. You never owned a slave (even if your 3rd great grandparents did).

  6. It won’t last. One of their boos will spend it on bullshit and bling, the two women will get in a fight, then the IRS will find some fishy stuff. All of it, of course, will be Whitey’s fault.
    ‘N shit.

    1. Or maybe not. They are smart enough to raise the money, they are smart enough to invest the money in commercial real estate and index funds.

      1. Yeah, outright fraud is the same as canny investments.
        Dey beez so SMAAHT n sheeit.

    2. “One of their boos will spend it on bullshit and bling,”…. I doubt it. Black chicks can be quick to tell you they don’t need no man!

  7. Honestly, good for these two women. They are fleecing bleeding-heart sjw’s and getting rich while doing it. Also, now EVERY TIME one of my liberal (especially white) friends bitch about white privilege I can send them the link to donate. THEN I can email them every few weeks with “Did you sign up yet?”

  8. These two could get filthy rich in Germany. Plenty of white guilt over there to take advantage of.

    1. it appears that the US and Russia sandwich that Hitler created wasn’t the final undoing of Germany, it will be the white guilt he created.

      1. Came up with a great alternate timeline the other day:
        Hitler conquers Palestine and deports all Jews to their new home Israel, created not by the UN but the 3rd Reich. Hitler goes down as one of the most beloved men in history for giving Jews back their homeland. White guilt never happens, Islam never overruns Europe.

        1. wouldn’t have happened. If Hitler did that, Israel would have been thought of as an Indian reservation. They would have bemoaned that like the Cherokees and the trail of tears. Hitler did it wrong by being white and not communist.

        2. I know early on, they were planning to ship them to Madagascar or somewhere isolated, but logistics became apparent and so they decided to kill them off instead.

        3. If only they hadn’t killed them off with their renowned Teutonic efficiency. Now we will never know what we’ve missed out on.

  9. “There’s a sucker born every minute ” Barnum.
    Let’s be honnest: it’s a good con. At least, they’ re not selling crack.
    (Or maybe, they could try this: If you don’t try crack…you’re a racist. Genious !)
    The ability of westerners to self destruct never stop to surprise me.

  10. Proposition: If mandating Americans purchase health insurance or face a tax penalty was found constitutional, mandating that Americans engage the services of a “Safety Pin Box” provider or face a tax penalty is also constitutional.

    1. That’s my position on reparations.
      Want compensation for your ancestors being mistreated?
      Fine. Now lets go ahead and deduct every single BENEFIT your family has received living here for the last 150 years…
      Me thinks you’ll owe ME money.

        1. Great, since we’ve spent over 4 trillion on welfare since the 1950’s, that means that blacks owe us a cool 3 trillion.
          Cash only, no cheques please.

  11. i think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks to the black community for their great contributions to our society…their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors,lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. real estate values are fueled by the mix of african americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities. an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant “can do” attitude. without their industrious and creative drive,we would be poorer as a nation…

    1. And lets not forget to sing the unending praises of Rap music and its positive and beneficial enrichment of our culture and society by promoting lawfulness, responsibility, encouraging women to lead virtuous and chaste lifestyles while encouraging men to treat women with honor and respect.

      1. The fine line between political rap commenting on a lifestyle (NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy) and modern rap promotion of that lifestyle was crossed a long, long time ago.

    2. No Negroes no 20th century music.
      No Negroes no Olympic dominance
      No Negroes no multitrillion dollar entertainment complex and the media that covers them, stadiums, apparel etc…
      the facts are they are the only remaining native creative force in America and procuders of its largest export after weapons: Pop culture itself.

      1. Lord have mercy! What would we do without Negroes! Leave our front doors unlocked? And I don’t give a shit about sports. Creative! OMG!

      2. So that scores out as one “That’s an utter lie!”, one “Who gives a greasy fuck?”, and one “What a disastrous misallocation of resources!”.
        All in all, points well-made. They’re just not the ones you thought you were making.

    3. I thank the African-American community for Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, and the few black chicks who are pretty. That’s it!

        1. It’s easier to steal other people’s musical hooks, add a beat, and make-up retarded rhymes to accompany it.
          Plenty of white suckers buy that shit and make you rich.
          You can even hate the white fools and they will still buy your shit and make you rich.
          They will watch your movies.
          They will buy over-priced tickets to your concerts (can’t really call it a show).
          Play the guitar?
          Why you gotta work like that?
          Chuck Berry never had it so good!

        2. Because rap takes literally the least talent and effort that you can exert musically, that’s why.

        3. Because those White inventions like stringed instruments and amplifiers are just alien to them. Remember, THEY WUZ KANGZ N SHEEIT.

    4. The negro is a noble race, that comport themselves with a quiet dignity
      Said no one, ever.

  12. I can’t hate on these two women. Stupid people deserve to be preyed on and exploited. Kudos to them for finding these idiots who willingly fork over their hard earned money for this nonsense.

  13. So they have 800 subscribers. At the minimum $25 a month, they are grossing $240k a year. Not bad for sending out an email once a month. These bishes brilliant!

  14. The Civil War shows us that pathological white altruism is not a recent phenomenon. 150 years ago, Whites were volunteering (or accepted their conscription) to lay down their lives to free black slaves. So even then, whites were putting the interests of other races before their own.

  15. i laughed so hard about this scam that I pissed myself. Sending money to a couple of sheboons to “atone” for slavery? What will they think of next? As for me, my family did own slaves and I intend to send the ungrateful descendants of those lazy bastards a bill for all that yummy cornmeal mush and burlap clothes we gave them, while mostly all they did was loaf around the cotton fields and claim they had a misery in their bowels. Don´t know how many of my ancestors got a chunk of lead through the forehead but I do know my great-grandaddy (a mean old cuss) helped burn Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to the ground and nobody ever compensated him for the blisters he got on his fingers! Got some painful boils on his big behind from riding around four years hanging scalawags and runaways. There is no justice in this world.

    1. McCausland’s raid, wow! 2nd Maryland Cavalry was there. Had family in the 2nd Md! What unit was your great granddaddy in?

      1. 37th Virginia Cavalry Battalion. His company was actually from Greenville, South Carolina but they said to hell with walking and deserted en masse to become Partisan Rangers in Virginia. They later became part of the 37th.

  16. Fun fact: 1/3 of all Union troops were fresh off the boat immigrants from Germany or Ireland.
    Can you imagine being a Confederate soldier, your family having been in the South for 100+ years only to be faced with a never ending wave of immigrant fighters who had no connection to the country?
    Sound familiar?
    The United States has a long history of using foreigners as their shock troops to crush domestic dissent (Bavarian immigrants in the Union Army are today’s H1-B visa holders, Mexican anchor babies, and terror-prone Syrian “refugees”).

  17. I actually have thought of something similiar a few years ago. Setting up a a paper non-profit along the lines of “Islamic outreach” or “international progressive learning” centre that is done from a mailbox and a website while hitting up the usual suspects.. .I mean donors. All donations would be just enough to cover my fees and expenses.

  18. Leftism is the modern day religion.
    And these women are like the Catholic Church selling indulgences as a forgiveness for one’s sins.

  19. I can’t wrap my mind around those who fought for the Union. Even those who were conscripted: I mean, I would have been like: “I came to the US for a better life not to march into a volley of musket fire to free slaves … put me back on the boat … I’d rather be poor and alive in Bavaria than slightly less poor and dead in America…”

  20. @Beau
    “I might also create a random annual drawing for a plane ticket to Haiti,..”
    They can ask what happened to all the white people after 1804.

  21. White Americans have a long history of laying down their own lives for people of other races: Civil War, Korean War, Vietnam War.
    The last two are particularly nettling: no one at the time found it odd that in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Americans had just a few years earlier waged a war of extermination against the “evil, slant-eyed, buck-toothed Nips” who were dehumanized in every wartime poster only to be asked to lay down their lives to defend other Asians???

    1. If I had been a parent in the 60s, I would have told my son: “No f*cking way are you going over there … you burn that draft card”
      Why would I sacrifice my son for some pointy heads in a rice paddy???

      1. If America wants to defeat the NVA, drop some nukes and be done with it: don’t send Americans to die in a fucking jungle.

        1. well, he coulda fled to Canada. Interestingly, post 9 one one, you could no longer do so if there ever was a draft; the Canucks would send you back

  22. Whites have a long history of putting the interests of other races ahead of themselves. It is by no means a recent phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of white men fought and died for the Union to free the slaves.
    So in the larger scheme of things, giving preferential hiring, affirmative action, quotas to blacks are all keeping with the spirit of things.
    Sort of like how the Mongols would cut their horses and drink their blood while riding across the Eurasian steppe. The white race is the horse. Now open up your veins and let the other races suckle away.

    1. The endeavor these two women are engaged in is simply one facet of a multi-faced die. You need to step back and appreciate the wider prevailing trend.

  23. Dont give any money to non-profits, foundations, whatever- big ol scam- the Wounded Warrior fiasco cemented this in my mind

  24. What drives a man to go so far off the deep end as to give some money to a stranger for doing nothing except be black and whine about it? Is it thirst? From middle school, boys are taught that in order to get laid, they need to be nice, to beg, to basically put their nuts in a lockbox. Of course it doesn’t work, but so many fall into this trap and it doesn’t end until after college.

    1. what drives a man to accept being conscripted and told to march up hill into a fusillade of grapeshot in order to free black slaves who were being fed, looked after by their masters?
      Emancipation wasn’t too well thought out:
      It was like freeing a pet parakeet. Open the cage door, bang on the side of the cage: “Fly bird, you’re free now! Never mind you have no idea how to fend for yourself or survive in a cold climate. Out you go. Freedom!”

      1. When slavery was actually occurring, it was an injustice worth fighting for. However, that is in the past, not amount of apologies, welfare, or hand wringing will change that. Furthermore, these fat black women were never enslaved.

        1. You watched too much Roots.
          Slavery as it was practiced in the South was far from inhumane. Slaves were generally treated well: an injured slave was a slave who could not work. Plantation owners provided food, shelter, medical for their slaves. And during the whole time of slavery, probably only a few hundred slaves were executed for crimes like insurrection.
          Black slaves had more freedom to choose their spouse than did the genteel Plantation owner’s children.

        2. Slavery is still wrong, no matter how utilitarian you find it. Putting human beings into bondage against their will is bad form for any nation, people or race.
          That being said, feeling guilt for shit you didn’t do is the height of silliness.

        3. Did you remember to pay your taxes? If not, into the prison system you go.
          Where’s that freedom I’ve been hearing so much about?
          People today are slaves just as the blacks were.

        4. “feeling guilt for shit you didn’t do” stems directly from class warfare and Marxist theology.

        5. I’m not debating the matter with you. I’m stating a simple fact. Throwing out argumentum tu quoque, or a variation of it, is a fallacy.

        6. So…sociopath then, are you?
          Feeling shame and guilt that you’ve earned through your actions is natural and healthy. It inspires you to remedy the situation that you caused.

        7. No shit Sherlock. Never claimed it wasn’t. Slavery is still wrong.

        8. I meditate sometimes on the nature of man, and I wonder the degree to which slavery is immoral. Now, we can agree that it is immoral to force or trick someone into an entirely unfavorable contract, and slavery can be seen as such. However, when you think about it, slavery may be entirely natural and (at least at times) beneficial.
          Aristotle was among the first recorded to believe there was a “slave nature.” Any man who is demonstrably unable to reason, who consistently makes choices that redound to his personal and social detriment, and who produces little of value voluntarily fits this category. Aristotle argued that such people were “slaves by nature,” because not only does strong authority cause them to produce and sustain their lives, but also these people seem to seek enslavement to one degree or another.
          Cruelty is cruelty. It is immoral and foolish to be cruel to your subordinates and slaves. But in a system in which slaves can achieve freedom and independence (e.g. indentured servitude with binding contract, Year of Jubilee freedom, etc) and cruelty is recognized and punished, is slavery immoral?

        9. Slavery built the pyramids. Monuments that will stand for tens of thousands of years.
          Do you know what we would have left had those Egyptian slaves been free men?
          Nothing. No record of them. Maybe a few pieces of broken pots from drunken parties they partook of when they were alive.

        10. Wrong on the pyramids, that’s been debunked. Read a book chief. They were paid working men who owned homes and had families.
          I’m not debating your utilitarian fetish. I’m telling you that slavery as I defined it is morally wrong. Period. End of discussion. If you feel the need to continue your littler fantasy drooling, do it with somebody else please.

        11. what’s the difference in paying slaves with food and shelter and clothing or paying “freemen” with paper currency and then demanding they turn around and pay you to work the land and buy the tools from you?

        12. I would wager more black children had their father present (intact families) during the times of slavery than do today.

        13. There are reasons a person could be taken in bondage that I find legitimate (criminals, and indentured servants) However, those are due to contracts being exercised, not being taken or from being born into it.
          Slavery in itself, is the redistribution of wealth. What is produced by the slave is taken (ie. stolen) by the taskmaster. There are some forms of slavery (drafted soldiers) that I do find immoral as well, although they are also the beneficiaries of that conscription through compensation and not being overrun by a foreign power.

        14. What part about “need to continue your fantasy” eluded you, home slice?
          We’re through. Take it up with somebody else.
          Slainte mhor.

        15. Interesting. I largely agree with you on these particulars, particularly that one should not be born into slavery. The child of two slaves should himself be a freeman, able to choose at a reasonable age to remain free or enter a slavery contract.
          However, in the question of slavery being redistribution of wealth, I would wonder whether there’s a sort of social contract allowing this. Assuming slaves are still considered humans by their masters, and assuming the absence of cruelty, what we have is a landowning master with resources able to readily sustain slaves, and slaves without resources or land but the ability to labor. The slave exchanges labor and independence for room and board and potentially some legal advantage (perhaps debts are waived or something).
          Of course, the criminal slave has exchanged life and liberty for criminal acts. In this case the dynamic is different to a degree, because the criminal slave has received already his due (that is, his crime).

        16. Still wrong in concept. I mean they figured out to exploit people in the north without removing their freedom entirely.

        17. Don’t think of them as buildings. Think of them as land breasts.
          Then…you’ll come to understand…

        18. They have provided indisputable proof, to a handful of people, that aliens exist. So, there’s that.

        19. What does God require of us because of our sins, repentance and belief. HeII, the blacks want way more than God does, for sins we didn’t commit.

        20. I find it curious in the story of Exodus, how many Israelites wanted to return to Egypt. I suppose it was more of a lack of faith than anything. In their mind, it was either die in the desert, or live as a slave.

        21. It was an odd sort of slavery, to our understanding. They had homes in Hebron, and they apparently had possessions (livestock, that sort of thing). They had some degree of training and skill, as well, as they were able to construct idols in the desert.
          With the exception of the “pharaoh who knew not Joseph,” their lives weren’t so bad. I can understand it, but they were still wrong.

        22. In the early days of the Mormon church, members were asked to work one day out of ten for free building the temple or other meeting houses, sort of a tithing. I wonder if it was like that.
          However, the end of Exodus 2 tells of hardships:
          23 ¶ And it came to pass in process of time, that the king of Egypt died: and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.
          My understanding of the story is that things were decent when Joseph was around, but over the years, the Egyptians became tougher on the Israelites, which is why Moses’ mother sent him down the river.

        23. A theory I’ve heard is that the Egyptians were conquered at some point in there. Historical record tells of several times the pharaoh was from a conquering people, and this could have been one of them.
          Lots of terrible kings have risen and fallen. The pharaoh of Exodus was no different from any of them.

        24. No one is saying it was morally right, that it should return, or that it should never have been abolished, but so much of the stuff regarding it is either pure propaganda, or events from some of the most extreme cases.

        25. That is because the commies don’t have anyone to pay the price of atonement. So, we are to have faith in their stupid ideology, repent of our individualist ideals, be baptized of fire in their SJW riots….and still go through the hell of their unatoned guilt.

        26. Not true: see “War on Drugs” ….there is a book called “The New Jim Crow” – pretty informative.

        27. Slaves DID NOT build the pyramids. That is why they still exist.
          The craftsmanship is top notch…done by highly motivated, disclipined and compensated work force.
          They were built as part of religious devotion.
          go and read man !

        28. more black children had their father present until 1972 when Nixon started the “War on Drugs” specifically to harm blacks.

        29. Great thing is, the answer is “None of the above” so, hey, mystery solved.

        30. It was LBJ’s Great Society that started that actually, and LBJ was up front that it was designed to do that.
          Know you own history, please.

        31. They helped generations far into the future create revenue by offering visits to the pyramids to foreigners who come to Egypt to see them. That’s the good they do!

        32. “Is slavery immoral?”
          The banks, credit card companies and family courts would say “no.”
          People freely enter financial servitude voluntarily under no duress when taking out loans, credit or getting married. The terms are not hidden.

        33. I only feel guilty about my Roman ancestors enslaving the Britons/Frogs, and Greeks…
          Yea they were given 3 hots and a cot…and the best medical care…
          Nowadays minimum wage is not enough for 3 meals, let alone rent. And the medical care is about the worst in the world…
          So slavery is still here — just more voluntary…and far cheaper for the bosses…

        34. Strangely enough, there is NOTHING in any Egyptian history that even mentions the devilspawn ever being slaves. They are not mentioned even once in any way. Huh.

      2. Anyone who thinks blacks have come along way should walk around the UES of Manhattan: nothing but black mammies pushing white tow headed children in strollers. From mammies 200 years ago looking after the plantation owner’s children to looking after the rich Wall Street executive’s children.

        1. The farmer in Texas was right, they’ve gone backwards since those times, in quality of life.

    2. I have not seen any other type of man except white men who willingly submit themselves to cuckoldry like getting off on other men using their wives and getting off by being abused by dominatri. Usually these men holding positions of power.
      Where’s lolknee when you need him?

        1. There are a few guys that I haven’t seen, like Fatherofthree and Tom Arrow. Some of those nutjobs are fun to converse with.

        2. He’s currently drinking rum on a beach with naked French girls and vacationing Europeans. Occasionally he’ll send our Telegram channel an update and/or pictures. I envy the sonofabitch right now.

        3. Ah. He mentioned a court date, so I assumed the worst after the lengthy radio silence. Good to hear.

        4. Tom was the saddest person i ever met on the internet.
          Total defeatist mentality about everything. Had some weird stuff with his mom.

          But he was interesting to talk to often enough.
          Im still unsure why he got the boot.

  25. Hey Roosh and writers.
    Can you do a story on the planned parenthood activists charged with felonies?
    The talk from the leftist media, and their acolytes is the activists are vile evil domestic terrorists…
    They may be, but as we all know, catching a woman in unethical or illegal behavior is vile. Not the behavior…
    would like a real and objective evaluation….

    1. Every day there’s meat for articles. Get this one, the world’s first ‘girl power’ lone school shooter:
      And she was a ‘criminal justice’ major. I’ve always been weary of the ‘criminal justice’ types. It is known that psychology majors are really trying to figure out their own craziness and pharmacy majors have a seeded inner urge to get high and stay high for life. And not for profit organization managment majors already have the suckers in mind that they intend to bilk massive amounts of tax free donations from. And the rising pions in large churches use the temple bureaucracies to hide their skeletons, their blood satinic lusts or their gay pedophelia – and all while looking their flocks of sheep in the eye.
      So always look sideways at someone who says they want to pursue ‘criminal justice’ as a career. They have some deep inclination or facination with pulling off some morbid psychotic shit and the biggest joke to them is the challenge of being two faced and buffaloing the oblivious people around them. Pieces of shit they are. Let them swim in all the ‘craahm’ (crime) they can stomach – IN HELL. The term ‘criminal justice’ is an oxymoron – – like ‘honest cop’.

  26. White people are morons if they fall for this scam.
    Can’t really blame these two women here, being as there’s a sucker born every minute.
    Capitalism at it’s finest if you ask me.

  27. You know, we need to do this kind of thing too. Find an SJW trigger cause and set up a donation/subscription site to help absolve them of their guilt by relieving them of their cash. Kinda actually being sorta serious here.
    Make a buck off a cuck, I say.

    1. The easiest would be to create a Cisgender Atonement Fund. If called out, you can just claim to be gender-fluid or gender-expressing or whatever fucked up term you can sell.
      The best part is, you wouldn’t actually have to do a damn thing differently.

      1. Hell, I could claim to be cisgendered (because if I understand their verbal salad correctly, I am) and say that I’m trying to help all of my fellow cisgenders get enlightened like I did and repent their privilege.
        They eat up shit like that.

        1. I looked into it. “Cis-” is a Latin prefix meaning “on the right side” or “on this side.” The only way I can parse it is that cisgender basically means “normal.”
          The fun part is, by being not-cisgender, they define themselves as aberrations on “the other side” or on “the wrong side.”

        2. Yeah, they strain language so hard it gives English linguistic hernias.
          I would have to create a fake persona online of course. Can’t be pictures of me, because they wouldn’t believe some big guy like me is one of them. I’d need to get a profile pic from a dweeb or hipster, you know, the kind of guy who doesn’t really control much in his life, like he lets other people dictate even minute shit, like his hairstyle or whatever. Ironic glasses, skinny jeans, 10″ arms, you know the kind. Then construct a written profile around that.
          There’s gold here, I’m tellin’ ya’, gold!

        3. You’re paranoid bro. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  28. Hmmmm….A guilt collection fund run by black women. Until it gets big enough, then they will need a white guy to manage/invest the money.

  29. So, all the taxes that went into all sorts of welfare, free college, plus the disproportionate number of blacks committing crimes, none of that counted?

  30. white people, especially white men should just be ashamed of themselves that they let the US get this pathetic

    1. I was running around in 1920 trying to get Congress to reconsider their foolish decision to give women the vote, but they didn’t listen.

      1. 1920’s seem like some dumb choices were made, i mean women the right to vote, alcohol and weed prohibition, just sad

        1. That whole turn of the century was full of rubbish. This one’s shaping up much the same way, but perhaps we’re finally ready to resist the chaotic nonsense.

        2. affirmative action is the one that just annoys the hell out of me, but you had the ultimate pussy in obama with his women make .77 cent bs along with rape stats he pushed all the time, constantly spewing dumb stuff, im almost alittle suprised he didn’t say minorities and women their vote counts as double of a white mans vote because of reparations for the past

        3. The fascinating thing about that- some women immediately started trying to be like men- dressing like them, short hair cuts, smoking, drinking…only a depression and a war short-circuited that nonsense for a few decades…I dont know much(or care for) Freud, but I really think he nailed it with the whole “penis envy” thing…

        4. Yeah, it was a bad era.
          But it was the era that almost all of the progressivism that has grown into a cancer in our nation, was founded. Generally between 1914 and the mid 1950’s. Point being, it’s not like any of us here let that happen, hell most of our fathers weren’t even born then.

        5. The kind who openly joined the Progressive Party? (Bull Moose)

        6. Personally he may be a good source of quotes, and even masculine quotes, but he was in the end, a Progressive, which is another word for Fabian Socialist.

        7. You should pen an article about them- the only reason I even know about them is b/c of you

        8. I think he was a cryptocommie. Of them were. They had to call themselves “Progressive” because they couldn’t be too obvious. The decided to become obvious after they torched McCarthy. Once they got rid of McCarty, then they didn’t have to hide their commieness as much.

        9. Somehow, ever since 1913 everything seems to have gone downhill in a big way.
          What could have happened in 1913?

        10. Since women are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the SAME JOB as a man, ALL Fortune 500 companies are 100 percent women, raking in the bucks.

        1. Hey you look here! The booze was hard, the times were fast, the women were in flappers and by God, nobody would stop partying long enough to pay me any heed!

        2. That’s okay…I have my misdeeds as well. I had a clear shot to knock off that lying SOB Mohamed, but I froze. Now we have a billion lunatics to contend with.

      1. that’s the thing once you take the elephant out of the bottle there’s no putting it back for the future generations, giving women the right to vote, all these entitlements. Both will never be able to be changed

        1. They will change, but it will not likely be by our hands. We still desire peace and constrain ourselves from all manner of wickedness.
          It takes hard and powerful men, often without virtue, to do such things.

  31. So, how about a fund for black criminals who committed crimes against whites? Think they would fall for that? Nah, probably not.

      1. Believe me, a lot more blacks robbing, raping and murdering whites than the opposite, I think we can take 5% of the B x W crime and write W x B crimes off with it.

  32. maybe its time that we whiteees start building our fake black sites and gets some cash. A legislator in texas put a black smiling child on a campaign board when he was white in all black almost district and got elected. If you can’t beat them; join em.

    1. Yeah that’s real scary. A bunch of kids who bought guns that they don’t know how to actually use in combat. Ooooh.

        1. That last picture is funny. Gonna shoot me a makeral!
          Open carry is only legal in Florida for fishing and, I think, hunting. Unless a bill just passed otherwise, it’s concealed carry only there.
          That said, your actual point is well made.

        2. Arizona is slightly better on that but no water whatsoever. They’d all turn to lizards if the Colorado River dried up. I think it eventually turns into a stream and vanishes in the desert somewhere.

        1. All they’re doing is buying us replacement parts for our own firearms.

  33. The biggest mistake that we Whites have made is that we have never been sufficiently hateful, racist or violent enough in dealing with cowardly, retarded, ugly, genetically, innately, inherently evil non-white subhuman vermin. In fact, we should have lynched them all! 14/88!!!!

  34. Anybody who falls victim to these shonky, narcissistic cows clearly deserves the embezzlement that they receive for their stupidity. If people didn’t pay credence to this kind of verbal diarrhea which they spew, then they would just fade away and their 15 seconds of fame would be all but forgotten.

  35. If I had known things were going to turn out this way…. I would have picked the damn cotton myself.

    1. ‘Muhammad Ali … upon returning
      to the United States, he was asked by a reporter, “Champ, what did you
      think of Africa?” Ali replied, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that
      The legacy of slavery is a greatly enhanced lifestyle for these people who otherwise would be in the hell of central Africa. Just look at the ongoing violence in the Congo – terrible.

    1. these former guilty white boys did just that
      They were suckered into it. Geez. The next time I see a tranny I’m liable to yell “SUCKER!”. They really are suckers. All trannys are colossal suckers. There needs to be more tranny shaming these days. Amid the dogpile of other issues the west has to shovel itself out of, surely we can find time on the side to shame on the many suckers blocking our path to cultural recovery.

  36. I’ve decided to temporarily ‘identify’ as a black person. Could I also have some free money please?

  37. It’s an absurd argument. If the descendant of slave owners are guilty, most white people aren’t…and most black people are !

  38. So, race is just a social construct but I am supposed to feel guilty because I happen to share the same race with some people before me?

    1. Don’t forget not all Muslim’s are accountable for the actions of a few extremists, but ALL white men are evil & guilty, & rapist’s & literally Hitler.

      1. And all Christians today are somehow accountable for the Crusades (which was all started by Muslims anyway, but let’s not let facts get in the way of their feelings).

  39. I think a fund should be created for victims of Black crime. It seems there is a disproportionate balance of Black induced crime on every race including their own.

  40. $21,000 is plenty enough to quit yo job fo when you gots the section 8 and the EBT. Now just gotta get some Obamacare, and a free phone!

  41. Another race baiting, distraction from the media while getting people to not focus on the bigger issue.
    Blacks and whites can tumble on at each other’s throat all day with victim mentality from both sides… as long as bankers still live comfortably at the expense of the ignorant masses.

  42. 2% of the population owned slaves…wanna guess how much of that 2% were actual European whites?

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